November 11th, 2010

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BATTLE ROYALE finally coming to America

Ten years after its blockbuster hit Japanese theatrical premiere, the cult favorite Japanese action/drama film Battle Royale is finally coming to America. Anchor Bay Entertainment has secured US distribution rights to the forthcoming 3D conversion of the 2000 film and its 2003 sequel Battle Royale II: Requiem. The 3D version of Battle Royale will hit Japanese theaters later this month, on the 20th. Anchor Bay expects to release the films in America next year.

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marina loves britney!

On the one hand it’s cutesy and commercial, at the same time it walks the line of the weird and left-field. A little riot-girrrl and a little Britney Spear-ish, Marina And The Diamonds is proving to be quite a brain-fuck for industry types trying to neatly box in this latest UK alt-pop sensation. Nevertheless, come Australia’s summer festival season, we’ll get to make up our own minds about the elusive Marina Diamandis and her eclectic treasure-chest of finger-snapping tunes.

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Jon Bon Jovi says Rihanna's EMA pre-party performance was amazing

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Jon Bon Jovi told Daily Star and PEOPLE:

Rihanna was amazing. We didn’t rehearse, she just came in for the soundcheck and nailed the song first time. I hear she’s learning the guitar but who needs to play the guitar when you can sing like that? It was so beautiful. She sang great, she’s a sweetheart of a girl. She’s a big fan too. It was great.”

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Ani: Amazon Warrior

Tangled Interview: Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore


They talk about how doing the film was a "bucket list" opportunity, how they got into character, how it's surreal to see their characters at disneyland, etc.  mandy says "what little girl doesn't want to be a disney princess?"  mandy is so adorbs!

Love it when Zach loves when the interviewer says "your character is a han solo type" - I can see his inner nerd squee! 

It's so weird when Zach STARES OFF AND DOESN'T MOVE from 3:34-4:05 while Mandy is all animated and talking - anyone else notice? so awkward.

oh also - true story - I met Mandy at a Qdoba where I told her that I used her song as my wedding song... but I was so nervous I forgot to tell her which song haha but she was really sweet and smiled and thanked me.
[bbm] ennis - smoking

Jake and Anne get serious in an interview for once...for a while

they talk about
-why it wasn't that uncomfortable getting naked
-4 good things about each other ("Anne has a really crazy,awesome,crude sense of humour.She is open to love and super in love with the man in her life" (aw sorry, Jake/Anne shippers) "Jake is one the most curious people i've ever met, better than being curious he follows through on that curiosity" orly )

that interviewer was kind of awkward.
Jake and Anne are adorable.
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Liam Neeson: Mel Gibson's 'Cool' with Me Taking Hangover 2 Role

It's not going to be the clash of the Hollywood titans some may have expected.

According to Liam Neeson, Mel Gibson doesn't harbor any hard feelings about being replaced by Neeson in a Hangover 2 cameo.

When he was offered a shot at the role, which was first reported to be that of a Bangkok tattoo artist, Neeson says he "didn't realize" it had originally gone to Gibson but eventually had a "very pleasant" conversation with his fellow actor about it.

"I spoke to Mel," he told Access Hollywood Tuesday at the premiere for his new film The Next Three Days. "Mel's cool about it. We're all cool."

Neeson also pointed out he has a history with Gibson, with whom he worked on the 1984 film The Bounty.

"Mel and I did a movie together about 20 or 25 years ago," Neeson, 58, said. "It was a long time ago. So, we know each other."

Neeson revealed his part is being filmed at a movie studio in Los Angeles and shot down rumors he'll play a tattoo artist – but would not reveal what his role will actually be.
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Another Duggar Baby Is On The Way

Another day, another Duggar: Come next summer, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will double their number of grandchildren.

Josh Duggar, the eldest Duggar offspring in the reality-show family on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, and his wife, Anna, 22, will welcome their second child in June 2011.

"It was awesome to get the news," says Josh, also 22. He and Anna already have a daughter, Mackynzie, who turned a year old on Oct. 8.

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Official Statement on Behalf of Giada De Laurentiis

In response to STAR magazine story (November 22, 2010 issue)

“It is a shame a media outlet such as Star needs to rely on disgraceful lies and hide behind false anonymous “sources” in order to entertain their readers. When the Star reporter approached Giada De Laurentiis on Sunday, while she was co-hosting a children’s cancer fundraiser, Giada responded unequivocally that she did not see John Mayer when she was in New York for the Food and Wine Festival. Furthermore, contrary to the claims of an anonymous “source,” at no time did Giada step foot in the Gansevoort Hotel. Giada indeed met John Mayer briefly at a charity event in 2007 but has not seen him since. To be clear, they are not friends and cannot even go so far as to call John Mayer an acquaintance. There is not a sliver of truth to Starmagazine’s story. It is unfortunate Star would publish these malicious untruths without reporting the fact that Giada was with her husband Todd that weekend in New York, along with their family and friends. Giada De Laurentiis and her family deserve an apology and we demand an immediate retraction.”


Some dude hacked the Kinect and won $3000

As many of you may know, a $3000 bounty was offered to the first person able to successfully hack the Microsoft Kinect and share the code as an oper source for the world.

The NUI Group posted its Kinect motion controller hacking results first, and is now working on an SDK and Windows drivers to enable all the capabilities of the peripheral. That will all be released as open source once the group's $10,000 donation fund is filled up. In the meantime, hacker Hector Martin has coded his own drivers (three hours after the European launch of the Kinect) and has released his results and code over on Marcansoft. He's simply displaying the pulled data from the IR and RGB cameras, but it still means you can plug your Kinect into your PC and have some fun (assuming you understand the raw code). Bill gates would be proud. The video below shows Martin's work, which he pulled off without even owning an Xbox 360:

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This is relevant because everyone's talking about the Kinect rn etc
Trio Trio

Taylor Lautner out & about in LA.

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Taking care of his growling tummy, Taylor Lautner was spotted at a restaurant in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon (November 10).

Joined by his “Abduction” costar Lily Collins (daughter of Phil Collins), the “New Moon” hunk looked cool and casual in a plaid button-up shirt and grey jeans.

In related news, Taylor and his “Twilight Saga” cohorts Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are on the cover of a new graphic novel from Bluewater Productions.

“Fame: The Cast of Twilight” will hit stores at the end of this month and feature the biographies of Taylor, Kristen, Rob, and Stephenie Meyer.

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so happy to see him!

When the apocalypse comes, all that will be left are cockroaches, Cher & The Simpsons

Vulture has learned that Fox has renewed The Simpsons for a 23rd season of animated adventures, taking it through its landmark 500th episode (specifically, it takes the show up to episode 515). Word of the show's continued production comes as The Simpsons is having a particularly buzzworthy season, what with that recent Banksy open, a Mark Zuckerberg cameo, and an upcoming Katy Perry segment with the Muppets. Longtime Simpsons show-runner Al Jean, while psyched about the renewal, said he can't claim to be the most excited one about the good news: "The happiest of all was the unicorn who pokes in all our DVDs," Jean told us. "He's getting extra hay out of this."

Fox's last Simpsons renewal, which was for two seasons, came back in February 2009. The show needs the extra lead time owing to its long production timetable, and with the new pickup, it will have enough episodes to air though at least spring 2012; Jean expects the 500th episode to be broadcast in February 2012. "We'll actually have enough episodes to go into a 24th season," even if Fox doesn't officially order that season. However, with the series so tantalizingly close to season 25, it seems hard to imagine the show not surviving that long. (For TV geeks keeping track, Lassie and Gunsmoke are the only prime-time shows that have produced more episodes, with 588 and 635, respectively.)

Ratings for The Simpsons remain solid: Factoring in DVR usage, the show is drawing around 8.5 million viewers overall and averages a 3.9 rating in adults 18 to 49, ranking it among Fox's biggest hits. As for the show's continued pop-culture pulse, Jean agrees that the Internet has helped the citizens of Springfield stay viral. "When we started it was before the computer had even been invented," he jokes. "But we've really grown up with the Internet. And we're a show that rewards repeated viewing."

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"NIKITA" - Michael & Nikita's Relationship Spoiler

E! Exclusive

Sneak Peek: Nikita Fans Have Been Dying for a Kiss...Did They Get It?

Warning: You might not want to look directly at stars Maggie Q and Shane West in the Nikita sneak peek video above, as their hotness may scorch your retinas.

But do they/will they kiss? Get the answer:

Although there is clearly some serious chemistry between ex-lovahs Michael (Shane) and Nikita (Maggie), and we're pretty sure they know precisely what kind of toothpaste the other uses after shooting the scene above (could they get any closer to kissing?!),Collapse )

Read more:

Episode airs Thursday (tonight) at 9pm on the CW.

lana shoot

Chezza to perform at the Royal Variety Performance

The cream of music, comedy and theatre will come together in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, at the iconic London Palladium, for the 82nd annual Royal Variety Performance.

Introducing the acts in his own inimitable style will be this year’s host, award-winning comedian Michael McIntyre.

Commenting on the star-studded line-up, Michael said: “I am unbelievably excited to be hosting The Royal Variety Performance this year at the London Palladium in its centenary year. It is a dream come true to be introducing the likes of Take That, Cheryl Cole and Prince Charles’s own personal booking, N-Dubz.”

Singing sensation Cheryl Cole will take to the stage with an exclusive performance of The Flood, taken from her second number one solo album.

And urban trio N-Dubz will be rapping for the Royals, as they make their Variety Performance debut.

The Royal Variety Performance is an annual charity event in aid of the Entertainment Artistes’ Benevolent Fund. It will be shown on BBC One in December.


Feelin a lot of haters gonna come in here to slate her singing, but whatevs haters gonna hate.

dw | carbon prevails

SyFy / NBC Universal hates us. Releases Caprica 1.5 before the rest airs in America

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has released the details for the Caprica Season 1.5 DVD, which you can pre-order on Amazon. Release date is still December 21, 2010. Details below.

OVERVIEW: The critically acclaimed drama from executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick comes to a thrilling climax in "Caprica" Season 1.5. Fifty-eight years before the events of Battlestar Galactica, mankind is wrestling with the question of what makes one human, and sealing its own fate of certain destruction. Alliances are made, secrets are revealed and lives are forever changed while the conflict between man and machine takes shape. As the season races towards its stunning conclusion the seeds are sown for the inevitable, brutal clash between the newly-born Cylon race and its human creators.

"Caprica" Season 1.5 stars Golden Globe®-nominee, Eric Stoltz (Pulp Fiction), Esai Morales ("NYPD Blue"), Paula Malcomson ("Deadwood"), Alessandra Torresani ("Happy Campers"), Magda Apanowicz ("Kyle XY"), Sasha Roiz ("In Plain Sight"), Brian Markinson ("The L Word") and Polly Walker (Clash of the Titans). Debuting on DVD on December 21, 2010 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment, "Caprica" Season 1.5 features the series' final five episodes, yet-to-be aired in the U.S., as well as video blogs, podcasts and commentaries.

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Caprica TV

mhm 1.14 and 1.15 were so good. In fact, this entire half of this series has been perfect, and I am a huge fan of the first nine episodes. :(

4Music Video Honours has Nominated a Certain Ethereal Redhead

Florence's eye-popping video for 'The Dog Days Are Over' has been nominated for Best Video at this year's 4music Video Honours.

And you get to decide who wins.

Click here to head over to the 4music site and get voting for Florence now.

The results show will be aired on 4music on Saturday 27th November.


Other nominees include Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cee-Lo, Glee, and a fetus.

Porpoises rescue Dick Van Dyke


On screen, Dick Van Dyke has been rescued from untimely death by flying cars and magical nannies. Off screen, the veteran star of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins had to rely on the help of a pod of porpoises after apparently dozing off aboard his surfboard. "I'm not kidding," he said afterwards.

Van Dyke's ordeal began during an ill-fated trip to his local beach. "I woke up out of sight of land," the 84-year-old actor told reporters. "I started paddling with the swells and I started seeing fins swimming around me and I thought 'I'm dead!'"

Van Dyke was wrong. "They turned out to be porpoises," he said. "And they pushed me all the way to shore." The porpoises were unavailable for comment.

Van Dyke made his screen debut on the Phil Silvers Show before bagging his own TV sitcom in 1961. His film credits include Bye Bye Birdie, Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Dick Tracy, while his TV drama Diagnosis: Murder ran from 1993 to 2001. In recent years he has appeared on screen in Night at the Museum and its 2009 sequel.


David G. "smiling"

11 Celebs Who Gave Babies Up for Adoption


It's one act that's rife with controversy. It's selfless, some say. Selfish, say the others. And nine times out of 10, the decision to give your child up for adoption is made when you're just a kid.

So what happens next? The biological parents have lives to live too. As the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reminds birth parents, "Moving forward does not mean that you will ever forget your baby, just that you are ready to accept the adoption and move on to a new part of your life."

As National Adoption Awareness Month kicks off, here are some amazing people who didn't let a harrowing ordeal in their past stop them:

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David G. "smiling"

'Winnie the Pooh' Trailer Showcases Classic Disney Animation

'Winnie the Pooh' is getting a 21st century upgrade from Disney next summer (July 15th, 2011 to be precise), but judging from the first trailer for the film (embedded below), this news shouldn't alarm any 'Pooh' purists. Sure, 'The Smurfs' are going CGI and Scooby Doo has already gone the digital route, but Disney has taken a refreshingly traditional approach to reviving this classic childhood series. Not only will this be a 2D animated film, but the production will be supervised by Disney's animation honcho John Lasseter.

Jim Cummings will provide the voice of the inquisitive little bear (and his rambunctious pal Tigger), as he has for over 22 years in various Winnie the Pooh movies, TV specials, and even video games. Peter Cullen will provide the voice of Eeyore, while Craig Ferguson will be stepping in the role of Owl. Better yet, Zooey Deschanel will be singing the theme song for directors Stephen J. Anderson ('Meet the Robinsons') and Don Hall ('The Princess and the Frog').

As for the story, it will be culled together from five of creator A.A. Milne's original 'Winnie the Pooh' stories and will revolve primarily around the gang of Hundred Acre Wood taking on a quest to save their human friend Christopher Robin. Check out the trailer and let us know if it warms your heart to see some old-school animation as much as it does ours.

crustine pickle

Mini Viva has officially split up :(

Pop band Mini Viva split saying 'time was up'

Pop duo Mini Viva who released tracks I Left My Heart In Tokyo, One Touch and I Wish have split up, saying the "time was up".

Announcing their parting, singers Britt Love and Frankee Connolly, 21, said "sometimes things don't work out how you'd like them to".

They thanked fans for their encouragement, asking them to "support us along our different paths".

The manufactured band were put together by production team Xenomania in 2008.

I Left My Heart In Tokyo was a top 10 hit for the pair in 2009 and they also toured with The Saturdays and dance-troop Diversity.

After a series of delays the band have yet to release their debut album.


But I Thought Kim Was The Actress In The Family..?

A rep for Kourtney Kardashian, 31, confirms that the reality TV star will make a guest appearance on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live in March.

“I grew up watching One Life to Live,” Kardashian told E! Online. “I hear I get into some trouble and I am looking forward to it. This may be my acting debut, but the Kardashians know a thing or two about drama.”


Kodak Pulls Degrassi Sponsorship for "spreading gay propaganda"

The Florida Family Association (FFA) claimed another victory on Wednesday when David Caten announced that, after receiving e-mails from FFA members, Kodak pulled the plug on sponsoring “DeGrassi: The Next Generation” on Teen Nick. The FFA targeted DeGrassi due to, as Caten put it in an e-mail sent out on Oct. 27 to his supporters, the show “targets teens with gay propaganda and other immoral behavior.”

“Teen Nick boasted that Kodak was the sponsor of their show 'DeGrassi: The Next Generation' and aired dozens of their advertisements just before Kodak received thousands of e-mails regarding the program’s irresponsible content,” wrote Caten on Wednesday. “Kodak was the most frequent advertiser on DeGrassi just before Florida Family Association’s Oct. 27 e-mail alert was released. Additionally, Teen Nick labeled Kodak as a ‘sponsor’ of several episodes during that same time.

“Kodak officials received thousands of e-mails,” continued Caten. “Kodak has not advertised during the past week. Clearly it appears that Kodak pulled their advertisements from this program after receiving thousands of e-mails from Florida Family Association supporters.”



Actors Who Really Can't Sing

Welcome to my first post to ONTD. I figured this occasion is best marked by the bitter vitriol I normally spew in my comments, so I bring you an accompaniment to this lovely post, actors who really can sing. I call it Actors Who Really Can't Sing.

Put on your rabid-cat faces, pour yourself a glass of haterade, and get ready to criticize some horrible singing.

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Who is on your list, ONTD?

Sources: Me

'Glee' Rethinking Super Bowl Strategy

Glee is showing symptoms of tribute fatigue. Despite talk that the Fox hit’s post-Super Bowl episode would be a love letter to either Bruce Springsteen or Michael Jackson, I’m hearing producers are strongly reconsidering the single-singer route.

Word is Ryan Murphy & Co. are leaning toward staging a “regular” episode of Glee after SB XLV featuring music from a variety of artists rather than a stunt-heavy hour, a-la Britney and Madonna.

Of course, given that Glee will likely draw its biggest audience in its two-year history, you can bet there will be at least a few bells and whistles.

A Glee rep declined to comment.

Thank God! Don't need anymore tribute episodes, thanks!

gina - messy

Amazon Pulls Pedophile Book

(Reuters) - Amazon has pulled an electronic book about pedophilia from its online store after complaints and a boycott threat, according to media reports on Thursday.

The book, "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct," by Philip R. Greaves II, went on sale on October 28 and cost $4.79 to download, the reports said.

Amazon initially defended the book's publication in a statement but later withdrew it from its online store after a campaign against it spread on Twitter, Facebook and other media. Some people said they planned to boycott the store in protest, the reports said.

The book title appeared on the company's website on Thursday but a subsequent message read: "We're sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site."

There was no immediate comment on the reports from Amazon, which is based in Seattle, despite various requests by Reuters.


Miley Cyrus To Perform @ AMA's

During the CMAs on Wednesday it was revealed that pop sensations Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus will join the star-studded list of stars that will perform at this year's American Music Awards.

The young singers will be thrown in with Kid Rock, Pink, Usher, Diddy, Ne-Yo and Rihanna who are also set to rock the AMA stage.

Taylor became the youngest person to win Country Songwriter of the Year at the BMIs Tuesday night, and Miley will star as a private investigator in her upcoming movie 'So Undercover.'

The 2010 AMAs will air live on Sunday, November 21 on ABC.

Misha new hat

Top 5 alien invasion movies

In just a few short days the much anticipated alien invasion flick SKYLINE will open in theaters to a horde of intrigued moviegoers looking to see if the insane teaser trailers and special effects equal a worthwhile and fun movie experience. I started looking back at other alien invasion movies in order to make a short list of some of my favorites while also researching many that I may not have seen. I did however come up with a list that I was pretty satisfied with of alien movies that I watch on a regular basis as well as a couple newcomers that will be in regular rotation for years to come.

It remains to be seen if SKYLINE is going to be a contender on such a list, and by looking at the special effects it without a doubt has the visual flair to make it, but from the brief glimpses of dialogue between characters I have a pit in my stomach that is telling me it also has the possibility to disappoint on a large scale, but I will hold off on judgment until I’ve had a chance to see it in all its glory. Anyway, enough with the stalling and on to my choices for my five favorite alien invasion movies!

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Source 1 and 2

Carrie Prejean Is Pregnant

Beauty queen Carrie Prejean will soon have her own little prince or princess.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The former Miss California USA is expecting her first child with husband Kyle Boller, the Oakland Raiders quarterback, she confirms to Fox News.

"We are just so excited," says Prejean, 23. "I'm due in May on my grandmother's birthday. She recently passed away, so that's very special to us."

The couple, who got married this summer, will find out the sex of the child next week, and are already thinking about names – though they're keeping their ideas under wraps so far.

For now, Prejean is just trying to deal with the pregnancy symptoms. "I'm trying to stay healthy, but it has been tough," she says. "I've been getting night sickness."

For his part, Boller, 29, says he's ecstatic. "I have the most beautiful pregnant wife ever, we are so in love, and this was just the best news when we found out a couple of weeks ago," he says.

Prejean shot to fame in 2009, when she voiced her opposition to gay marriage during the Miss USA pageant. She ended up as the first runner-up, but was later stripped of her Miss California title for allegedly violating her contract.


Lady Gaga is selling out

Lady Gaga and Coty Announce Fragrance Deal
Today, Coty Inc. officially announced the signing of Lady Gaga to develop and market her first-ever signature fragrance. Bernd Beetz, CEO of Coty, said in a statement:

“Lady Gaga’s universal appeal makes her a subject of fascination. A force like no other, Lady Gaga is explosive, provocative and sexy, three traits which pave the way for an extraordinary fragrance experience for consumers.

“Coty is recognized as a world leader in celebrity fragrance. Globally, Coty‘s leadership in celebrity fragrance is undisputed. We welcome Lady Gaga to the Coty family and look forward to breaking boundaries that will allow people to experience beauty in a different and unique way.”

The yet-to-be-named fragrance is expected to launch in spring 2012. Distributed worldwide, it will be managed by Coty Beauty in close collaboration with Lady Gaga, who will be Creative Director, and her Haus of Gaga team. Stephen Mormoris, senior vice president of marketing for Coty Beauty says:

“The marketing behind Lady Gaga’s fragrance will be unprecedented and groundbreaking. We are working toward distilling the brilliance of Lady Gaga into a fragrance that delivers a breathtaking olfactory experience and a timeless, enduring packaging design that is part of Gaga’s overall artistic sensibility.”

I thought she was against this type of shit.

Poster For Steve McQueen's "Shame"

Brandon (Michael Fassbender, Inglourious Basterds, Hunger, A Dangerous Method) is a 30-something man living in New York who is unable to manage his sex life. After his wayward younger sister moves into his apartment, Brandon’s world spirals out of control.

From director Steve McQueen (Hunger), Shame is a compelling and timely examination of the nature of need, how we live our lives and the experiences that shape us.


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(Michael Fassbender tag...please? :])

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December Vogue: Angelina Jolie


Here is the preview to the editorial shots for the December 2010 issue of Vogue featuring Angelina Jolie. I'm too tired for commentary after writing a 7-page paper in 2 hours, a job interview, and a hectic class, so just know that this mother will be shitting on you haters, stealing your men, saving the world, and always being flawless. 

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Misha new hat

Katie Waissel to sing The Bitch Is Back... but will anyone be voting this week?

Keep me in! Katie, pictured heading to rehearsals yesterday wearing a I Love The 80s T-shirt, will sing Elton John's The Bitch Is Back on Saturday

TV sources confirm Treyc received THREE times more votes of support than Katie

Katie Waissel has been the most unpopular act on this year's The X Factor, which was compounded when she was saved over Treyc Cohen on last week's show.

But the 24-year-old is hoping to show her critics she doesn't take herself too seriously by singing The Bitch Is Back for Elton John Week on Saturday.

But after the furore surrounding judge Cheryl Cole's refusal to vote between Waissel and Cohen, many fans are threatening to boycott voting this weekend.

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Any Guesses On How They'll Incoporate Joe's Purity Ring???

This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is Vivid Entertainment cooking up a  ridiculous porno based on  Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s ongoing feud, but now a source at the adult video giant reveals to exclusively that Taylor’s current (and former) squeezes will also be incorporated! Yes, Jake GyllenhaalJoe Jonas,  John Mayer and  Taylor Lautner (look-alikes) will all get screen-time in the XXX masterpiece.


Between John’s previous  "sexual napalm" comments, Joe’s infamous purity ring and Taylor’s trademark boyish awkwardness, the creative possibilities are truly endless. (And yes, I’m officially getting too excited about this. … Did I get into the wrong industry?)


Lollllllllll omg......I kinda want to see this...although Kanye West and Taylor Swift look-a-likes having hate sex might make me want to gouge my eyes out

Lady Gaga Gets Restraining Order Against Fan

Lady Gaga has taken out a restraining order against an obsessed student who allegedly threatened to shoot her in the head so they could ''die together''.

Lady Gaga has obtained a restraining order against a fan who allegedly sent her a death threat.

The 'Alejandro' singer took action against Russian Anastasia Obukhova, 26, who had threatened to shoot her in the head.

In a letter obtained by the star's management, the New York-based student wrote: "You come to my dreams. I want to die and I want to die together with you."

The letter continues with Obukhova referencing Mark Chapman, who murdered Beatles legend John Lennon in 1980 by shooting him four times outside his New York apartment.

She wrote: "I am not Mark Chapman. It is not only you who will die. I will shoot a bullet through my head too."

Under the terms of the restraining order, Obukhova is banned from going within 500 metres of Lady Gaga but the eccentric singer - real name Stefani Germanotta - has stepped up her security in the wake of the alleged death threat.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Security is always tight around her but even more so now she's on tour. Her team won't take any chances."



Herbal Essences Won't Make Your Hair Fall Out Anymore!

Leighton Meester being lovely as usual post :)

- acting and singing are her passions. she couldn't be happier doing something else.
- she's been writing more acoustic music and has written enough songs for 10 albums. she is still releasing an album.
- her inspirations
- her favorite male co-star
- if she weren't in the business, she'd be a therapist

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Bieber "Killed" By Cthulhu

On last night’s new episode of South Park — the thrilling conclusion of the Coon & Friends trilogy — Cartman and the dark lord Cthulhu teamed up to rid the world of (Cartman’s version) of evil: the inhabitants of San Francisco, Burning Man’s hippies, Whole Foods, and, their “most challenging and most evil opponent,” Justin Bieber.

“In order to save the Earth,” said Cartman as the Coon, “this little butthole had to be stopped.”


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mblaq: lee joon sunflower

Why Is Parks and Recreation Still Gone?! Show Boss Talks Delayed Return & When to Expect Season 3

Sigh. Another dark, dank Thursday is upon us. And a night that was once filled with Amy Poehler's bright blond locks and Nick Offerman's manly-man 'stache is now, well, not.

But fret not, because Parks and Recreation's show runner Mike Schur (Mose!) tells us a return date is expected soon...

So when will Parks and Recreation be back on the air. C'mon, Mike, you can tell us!
It's pretty safe to say that the show will be on in January or February. We've been given every indication that the show is coming on soon, [but] we really don't know when we're returning yet. My gut says we're going to know something [from NBC] within the next few days.

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NIKITA - "Like A Michael Bay Movie - Only With Good Acting!"

Someone grab a mop and a bucket. I’m going to spill my guts. I simply love this show! Honestly, I want to be Nikita. I want the cool spy toys, the “off the grid” life, the couture fashion, and the hot guys in suits. Stop and ask yourself this question. Other than Mad Men, what other show has sexy guys in suits and ties? Nikita has it all – sexual tension, adrenaline rushes, and awesome eye candy. Why can’t my life be more like Nikita’s?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. We’ve seen this before. Girl assassin seeks to destroy the organization that’s made her a monster. But with this Nikita, it’s not what we’ve seen but what’s fresh that make it unique.

First and foremost – it’s the acting. Maggie Q excels at pulling off the rogue assassin Nikita. She helps us feel Nikita’s personal challenges to protect the recruits facing a similar fate as her, as well as, her sometimes irrational need for revenge against the man that owns this world; a world known as Division that even after her escape still controls her life.
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Amerie/Ameriie Is Over the Blonde Look

I refuse to spell Amerie’s name with two “I’s”, because it doesn’t make any damn sense and I refuse to co-sign that mess. Anyway the singer stepped out from underneath Patrick’s rock again and showed up at the LA premiere of Skyline with the return of her jet black locks.

Thumbs up, Ame! You must have been reading the blog/Twitter reaction to your blonde makeover. That hairdo was simply going to have you look a fool and eat your edges into dust, so good choice here. I think you look better with dark hair anyway.

More pictures of this beautiful woman at atlnightsports


ONTD, do you think she looked better with the blonde or the natural brunette color?

MTV to Live Stream Harry Potter NYC Premiere/Looking for Questions for the Cast via Twitter

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" may not hit a theater near you until November 19, but all of your favorite Hogwarts students are gathering in New York City on Monday (November 15) to celebrate the film's American premiere. And you know who else will be there? MTV, of course! We'll be LIVESTREAMING the Lincoln Center red carpet starting at 6 p.m. (ET), and you won't want to miss it. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, No. 1 hottie Tom Felton and Ralph Fiennes will all be on hand for what is sure to be a magical night.

Make sure to stick close to Hollywood Crush throughout the premiere evening as we breakdown the stars' fashions, the red carpet run-ins and chat all things Potter. In the meantime, tweet your questions for the "Harry Potter" cast using the hash tag #askPotter.

You in?

Source: MTV
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Does This Google Veterans Day Logo Look Muslim to You?


Boy howdy, Google has done it now! The company's special Veterans Day logo this year, you see, features a mysterious crescent shape. And you know who loves crescent shapes? The Muslims. Yeah, some people are actually upset about this.

As you can see, Google's American flag graphic covers the top part of the "e" in "Google," leaving a little crescent shape exposed underneath. A lot of people would see this and proceed to not give a shit. But then there's Twitter, the blue idiot-typing website.

William Browning of Associated Content — owned by Yahoo! Hmm! — has written what we believe is a non-satirical article about this great controversy, and has some harsh words for those wiseass Allah-coddling Osamas running the show at Google:

In a civilized society we need to show respect. We show respect by opening the door for the elderly. We show respect by thanking a solider for fighting for us. We show respect by saluting the flag when in uniform. We show respect by not desecrating someone's sacred symbol.

Hear that, Alta Vista? Bing? "Excite"? Learn from Google's fatal error: no red "e" tails near American flags on your search engine holiday logos. Don't like that rule? Tough. Move to outer space or something.


Katy Perry: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Performer!

Katy Perry slips into three colorful outfits for the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday (November 10) at NYC’s Lexington Avenue Armory.

The 26-year-old singer performed her hit song “Firework” right before the VS models strutted down the runway during the “Game On” scene.

Also hitting the stage: Akon, who sang his song “Angel” during the “Heavenly Bodies” section.

Vin Diesel was standing the whole time, pumping his arms in the air and clapping!

FYI: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs November 30 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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Trio Trio

Everything Harry Potter's Been Accused of Ripping Off

When Harry Potter first became one of the world's most famous heroes, some complained that J.K. Rowling had lifted chunks of the Potterverse from other sources. How true is this? We sort through all the alleged prototypes for Harry Potter. Before we get started, let's be clear here — we're not saying that any of these accusations are true. If anything, when people point out similarities between two fantasy books, they're often simply pointing out that they both belong to the same genre. But with Harry Potter about to rule our worlds yet again thanks to the new movie, it's a safe bet that the cries of "unoriginal" will start up yet again — so it's worth examining them ahead of time to see if they hold any water.
So here goes:

Everything Harry Potter's Been Accused of Ripping Off

Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

Similarities: It's hard to imagine a modern fantasy book that doesn't owe a great deal to this classic. But there are a few parallels that can't be ignored. Use of rhyming verse to illuminate themes? Check. Giant man eating spiders that must be faced by best friends before they have to fight the big bad? Check. Occasionally disembodied Dark Lord? Check. An evil article of jewelry that not only contains part of the Dark Lord's soul, but needs to be destroyed to finish him off? Check. Creepy sycophant intent on destroying the good guys from the inside (who has worm in his name)? Check. Kindly old wizard with a beard who has powers that are only hinted at until revealed explosively? Check. Mobile and violent trees? Check.
Of course, in the game of who would beat who in a fight, your money should be on the medieval guys with armor and swords. For instance, Rowling's black-cloaked Dementors are clearly the Oprah generation version of the Nazgul. Dementors cause depression and unconsciousness that are dispelled with chocolate. Morgul-blade wielding Nazgul cause unconsciousness and utter terror that are dispelled with athelas herb. On the other hand, Dementors can be defeated with magical happy thoughts while the Witch King of the Nazgul has to be taken out by a Hobbit with an enchanted sword and shieldmaiden of Rohan.
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kate ♪ giggle

Actress and humanitarian, Jayma Mays, helps raise money for pediatric cancer research!

Jayma is part of a charity organization called Cookies for Kids Cancer, which raises money for pediatric cancer research. Jayma held a live, online 'bake sale' to help raise money for the cause.

Visit Glad to Give and Cookies for Kids Cancer to learn about how you can donate and raise money for this wonderful cause.


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DILF: 'Arrested Development movie is "hilarious" (as if any sane person has ever doubted it)

Will Arnett has suggested that a movie version of Arrested Development is close to fruition.

The actor told Gawker that creator Mitch Hurwitz would begin work on a film adaptation of the axed Fox sitcom "sooner rather than later".

"[Mitch and I are] in the midst of Running Wilde and we're unable to focus on anything else, but it is something we plan on doing," he insisted. "I can't really speak to Mitch's timetable but I would suspect that it's going to be [soon]."

Arnett refused to confirm any details of the film's storyline, but claimed that the plot was "hilarious".

"There's some really funny stuff, some really funny ideas being kicked around," he said. "It's Mitch's call on how anything goes. I really can't [reveal anything], it would be far too premature."

The final episode of Arrested Development aired on Fox in February 2006.


zooey umm

Trailer: Basketball Wives Season 2

This show was never truly my cup of tea and I’ll give you a few reasons why.

Only one of these women is married (and on the verge of divorce), yet the show is called Basketball Wives. I would like to move that they change the title to For Semi-Colored Girls Who Hang On To Alimony and Cameras When Spam and Chek Soda Aren’t Enough.

All of these girls are pathetic in their own special ways, minus Royce: The Coochie Poppin’ Rockstar. The supposed romance between Evelyn and Chad Johnson is a set-up pulled by VH1 for ratings.

The girls are only interesting when they’re arguing with each other and that is tired, seeing as how none of these women bring any sort of substance to the world off-camera. If I do watch this, it will only be to see the new-comer Tami Roman smack the hell out of these chicks.

The Fury
Omg the commentary about this bootleg Real Housewives is A+
harry potter YAY
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perfection talks about the hobbit and sherlock

Martin Freeman on upcoming plans:

“I know my work plan” says Freeman. “I start in January, then I’ll have a break in the summer so I can shoot the second season of Sherlock, the BBC show where I portray Watson, and then I’ll be back in New Zealand in September in order to finish the movie by the end of the year”. The Englishman says summer because he’s thinking about the northern hemisphere seasons, but it will be winter in New Zealand.

“I wasn’t a fan of Tolkien before, I am now. A couple of weeks ago, I tried Bilbo’s hairy feet for the first time, and also the ears, although mine are big enough already, and the hair too. Moreover, they made molds out of those parts of my body since I’m going to be using prosthetics for many months. How did I look? Really different… but I’m ready to be Bilbo.”

Xtina: QT Glasses

Call of Duty makes $360 million in 24 hours: outsells any form of entertainment etc.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Call of Duty: Black Ops" blasted entertainment records this week by raking in $360 million in its first 24 hours on sale, a dramatic and lucrative indication that video games have cemented their place as mainstream entertainment on a par with movies, books and music.

Activision Blizzard Inc. sold 5.6 million units the day "Call of Duty" went on sale, according to the company. Its predecessor, "Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2," sold 4.7 million copies in 24 hours to reap $310 million on its first day of sale last year. Within a week, it made $550 million.

"Not too many years back it would have been unfathomable that the biggest entertainment launch would be a video game two years in a row," said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing.

"Black Ops" went on sale Tuesday in North America and the U.K. It costs $60 and works on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gaming consoles, and PCs. With that cost, games have an easier time setting dollar sales records than much less expensive movies or music.

The latest "Call of Duty" game broke records set by its predecessor a year ago. The $360 million in North American and U.K. sales on the first day is higher than any other form of entertainment — even beating box office sales of top movies in those markets over the entire opening weekend.


Shiloh Jolie-Pitt likes dead animals.

Apparently, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (seen above zip-lining @ a park last week while father Brad Pitt looks on) has inherited her mother Angelina Jolie's gothic ways. In the Decemeber issue of US Vogue, Jolie explains the four year old's interest in dead animals:

"Shiloh found a dead bird, so she came in and said, ‘Can I have a dead pet?’ And I’m . . . ‘Uh-uh, I don’t think it’s healthy, honey. I think they have to put him in a box,’ and I had to run out to find, like, a taxidermy bird. I just worked it out for her.”

Did Shiloh know about taxidermy? “No. But I figured that I couldn’t keep the actual dead bird from the yard, so I swayed her toward one that had been cleaned, at least.”

interview source & picture source.

mods please accept this as i share names with Shiloh thus i feel i'm the best person to bring this wonderful news apropos the fascinating morbidity of a toddler. it's a Shiloh thing.

Is this the new ice cream truck ?

Ukrainian boyband Kazaky released their début music video,directed by Yevgeniy Timokhin. Titled "In the middle". Oleg, Arthur, Stas and Cyril are the sexy guys of this hot hot posse showing a great combination of fashion conscience and dance ability.

This video is genius! The guys are dancing in heels at one point and they are amazing. I also thought the silhouette guy was a girl at first and then I had to stop and look closely. But it is amazing how they break the boundaries between femininity and masculinity. There's no such thing saying that femininity and masculinity are subject to just one gender. And these boys have definitely mixed them up quite tastefully. At least it appeals to my taste! YOU GO GUYS!!!!!

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'Lake Shore' Vs. 'Jersey Shore': How Do Canada's Crazy Kids Measure Up?

In response to this post:

God bless our frozen neighbors to the north. They try so hard to copy our awesome cultural institutions but there's always something a little too Canadian about the result. Case in point: CFL Football (no sports fan should have to say "the Alouttes scored a rouge"), Molson Beer, Mounties, and "DeGrassi High."

Now those kooky Canucks are at it again, with their own maple syrup soaked version of "Jersey Shore" set in Toronto. Called "Lake Shore," it focuses on the exploits of eight spray-tanned, gym-loving, twenty-somethings, who spend their nights haunting Toronto's clubs. Sound familiar? What the show lacks in originality, it completely makes up for in casting. These people look totally bonkers in the same lovable way as our own homegrown heroes. But how do they match up with the JWOWW's and Pauly D's of the world? We found out.

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Kristen Stewart Gives a Lap Dance

Sometimes work really can be a grind, huh, Kristen Stewart?

A new clip from Twilight beauty's new movie, Welcome to the Rileys, has been released, and boy, it's a steamy one.

Watch below to see Stewart, as underage stripper Mallory, gives her co-star James Gandolfini (as traveling businessman Doug Riley) a lap dance—or at least tries to. (WARNING: NSFW language, as Stewart also swears like a drunken sailor in the clip.)

Welcome to the Rileys is currently in limited release. Will you go see it if it opens near you?


LOL of the day

 TMZ has finally obtained a snippet of Angelina's highly anticipated RAP song "I'm Hot" -- and if you like tone-deaf, non-rhymes about boozing and punching women ... you're gonna LOVE THIS!!!!

Among the lyrical gems in this instant classic: 

"I take a shot ...
It hits the spot ...
Then dance a lot ...
Until i drop ...
I shop ...
And shop ...
I just can't stop ..."

The masterpiece continues:

"You can't replace ...
Or crowd my space ...
So step off bitch ...
Or I'll punch your face ... "

David G. "smiling"

Fox Pulls 'Running Wilde' For Sweeps

Fox has pulled Running Wilde from Tuesday nights for the next two weeks.

Raising Hope repeats will fill the spot instead, with Fox planning to return Wilde to air on Nov. 30. The move gets Wilde out of the way of November sweeps (which ends the 24th). The comedy only pulled only a 1.3 in the adult demo this week. With that number, the bigger question may be why the show is coming back.


Fox Eyes Midseason Order For 'Breaking In'

EXCLUSIVE: Last season's Fox comedy pilot Breaking In may make it to the air after all. I hear the network is in negotiations with Sony Pictures TV to pick up the project starring Christian Slater to series for midseason. The single-camera workplace comedy set at a digital security firm, is rumored as a possible replacement for underperforming fall comedy Running Wilde, which has not received a back order. Fox's midseason schedule announced in May has Running Wilde airing after American Idol's 90-minute performance show on Tuesday, sharing the 9:30 PM slot with midseason comedy Mixed Signals.

Hope for the Sony TV/Happy Madison-produced Breaking In never faded away. The pilot, written by Adam F. Goldberg and directed by Seth Gordon, had buzz and tested very well but ultimately missed the cut for a series pickup at Fox in May. In June, the network gave it a new lease of life with an order for 2 additional scripts, leading to Sony TV's decision to extend the options on the cast, which is led by Slater and also includes Reaper star Bret Harrison.

Sources: 1, 2.

I'm so glad 'Raising Hope' is doing well. I love that show.


An R rating for three F words? REALLY, MPAA?

After losing its appeal to overturn an R-rating, Columbia Pictures will recut James L. Brooks' "How Do You Know" to eliminate certain language.

Studio wants the romantic comedy film to be released with the less restrictive PG-13 rating. Pic unspools in theaters Dec. 17.

The R-rating was assigned specifically because the word "fuck" is used three times in the film, which stars Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson. Normally, only one occurrence of the word is acceptable in a PG-13 rated film.

On Thursday, the Classification and Rating Appeals Board upheld the R-rating.

When a rating is upheld, filmmakers have the option of making the changes needed to secure a less restrictive rating and resubmitting the film to CARA.
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BAMFs Walking Post

Looking ever the happy couple, Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy enjoyed a walk together in New York City on Wednesday morning (November 10).

Bundled up for the chilly weather, the "Almost Famous" actress and her Muse rocker beau lovingly held hands as they meandered about Kate's West Village neighborhood.

And while she's known for short-term romances with many fellas, reports tell that things are getting quite serious between Kate and Matthew.

Apparently, Matt's parents, George and Marilyn, will be flying in to the States spend the Christmas holiday in Santa Monica with Kate, Matthew and Kate's parents, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

A source told The Sun: "It will be the first meeting of both sets of parents. Things are getting serious between Kate and Matt and it's the obvious next step. Christmas is the only time they can get everyone together and the festive season is also the best time to do it."

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Chilli Brings New Man To The Soul Train Awards

R&B Singer Chilli filmed two seasons of a VH1 Reality Show to find the perfect catch and it looks like she has met her match. She showed up to the Soul Train Awards last night in Atlanta with “Something New” on her arm. We are hearing that he is a part of Season 2 of her reality show “What Chilli Wants”.

Go on Girl!

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something about the way they're posing and looking at each other makes it look like dude was "hired"...i'd ride it tho