November 9th, 2010

Tim Allen Returns to TELEVISION!!!

ABC Lands 'Man Up' Comedy From Writer Jack Burditt Which May Star Tim Allen

After a heated bidding between ABC and CBS, that stretch over the weekend, Man Up, a new half-hour project from veteran comedy writer-producer Jack Burditt (30 Rock) and a potential starring vehicle for Tim Allen, has landed at ABC with a put pilot commitment. Word is new ABC programming chief Paul Lee was personally involved in the network's efforts to get the comedy that would bring Allen back to ABC where he toplined one of the network's biggest comedies, Home Improvement.

Man Up, from 20th TV and studio-based 21 Laps/Adelstein, is a multi-camera family comedy about a guy fighting for his manhood in a world of women. Burditt is writing as well as executive producing along with Marty Adelstein, Shawn Levy and Becky Clements. Allen has been looking to return to TV and met with a number of writers in the past few months.

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she's an animal----lover!! Stephanie Pratt attends charity event

Animal lover Stephanie Pratt ended a busy week by attending the Best Friends Animal Society adoption event at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles on Sunday. Stephanie is a great animal lover, and attends many animal-related charities as part of her busy life.

Follow her week under the cut.

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Who is your favorite Hills girl?



Madonna makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show via satellite to speak out against bullying.

Here’s what the 52-year-old pop icon had to share for an episode airing Tuesday (November 9).

On bullying: “I’m incredibly disturbed and saddened by the overwhelming number of teen suicides that have been reported lately because of bullying … to hear that teenagers are taking their lives because they are being bullied in schools and dormitories, what have you, is kind of unfathomable.”

On talking to her kids about this issue: “We talk a lot about the importance of not judging people who are different. Not judging people who don’t fit into our expected view of what’s cool and what isn’t. Think about it across the board.”

On fixing the problem: “If you want to talk about solutions or how can we solve this problem, try to get through the day each and everyone of us without gossiping about somebody. And not only that. Not even listening to gossip. Walking away from it. Can you imagine what your day would be like? How much more free time you’d have? I also feel like you’d feel about better about yourself.”

Sophie and Calcifer

Ian McKellan reenacts his encounter with the Balrog

When Sir Ian McKellen attended the Savannah Film Festival, he gave the audience a behind-the-scenes taste of what it had REALLY been like to film the famous Bridge of Khazad-dum sequence from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. Until now, we never suspected the creation of such a tense scene could actually be FUNNY.

The one Source to rule them all

Hilarious! If I'd known Ian was going to be in Savannah AND talking after a screening of Gods & Monsters, I would have found a way to be there. Fantastic movie. I will see you perform live one day, Sir Ian!

Actor for Kratos (God of War) has been selected..

.. and has been revealed in the form of a blind item. (oh btw, i guess this video also confirms a God of War movie)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

" ...According to Jaffe:

Around the 8 minute mark.

He says the actor starred in a film with a few sequels. The latest sequel that just came out recently bombed, though this actor was only in the original.

Any ideas? "


I seriously have NO idea where to begin. I'm not even sure what to look for. Kratos is Greek, but he's literally white, and he's voiced by a black man. Also lol that it was offered to Daniel Craig who turned it down.

so the guy starred in the first movie,
it's had a few sequels which he wasn't a part of,
and the last sequel that came out recently bombed.

ONTD, Thoughts?

Taylor Squints talks about living forever alone for the first time

As Taylor Swift is preparing to turn 21 soon, she is also adapting to the big change of living on her own for the first time.

So far, she admits she is enjoying having her own place that she can decorate in any style she wants, states TooFab. Swift also loves being able to have her "friends "over whenever she wants and being able to let them stay with her.

However, there is one thing that Swift is still adjusting to: “I have an incredibly loud ice maker, that sounds like a person is trying to break in!”

What do you think the worst part of living alone would be?

daniel darren savage garden

Darren Hayes talks about important stuff, remains flawless while doing so

The singer and former member of Savage Garden chats about his return to pop, coming out, and why he's so passionate about speaking out against bullying.

Bolded for the teal deers. Oh and he's Australian, not a Brit like the article claims. Currently living in the UK, though. :)

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Source, photos googled and added by me
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'Harry Potter' Headquarters Coming to the UK


Potter-heads in America have their own Harry Potter place of worship with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Florida, but now UK fans will get a shrine of their own.

The sets where all eight of the movies were filmed will soon be expanded for fans to tour. According to Deadline, the studio is spending $161 million to make sure there's enough room for all the sets to be properly be displayed.

The tours should commence in 2012.

Would you head out to the UK to see the Harry Potter sets? Or would you rather visit the Florida theme park?

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Darren Aronofsky, Rachel Weisz Split After 9 Years


Darren Aronofsky and Rachel Weisz have split ... TMZ has learned.

Aronofsky -- who directed "The Wrestler," "Requiem for a Dream" and "Pi" -- and Weisz -- who starred in "The Mummy," "The Constant Gardner" and "The Fountain" -- were together for nine years. They never married.

Reps for the former couple tell TMZ, "Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky have been separated for some months. They remain close friends and are committed to raising their son together in NYC."

Sources tell us the couple will seek joint custody of their 4-year-old Henry Chance.

And sources tell TMZ Rachel has been linked to "James Bond" star Daniel Craig for months. They worked together on the upcoming flick, "Dream House," in February and March of 2010.

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'Dragon Tattoo' Director Takes a Shot at David Fincher's In-the-Works American Remake

Niels Arden Oplev, who directed The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, has unleashed
some serious skepticism about the American remake that David Fincher is
currently directing for Columbia. The pointed words and spirited defense of
original Girl Noomi Rapace comes in an interview he gave to Word & Film, a cool
new website that explores the cross-section of Hollywood and books that Random
House just launched.

Here's what Oplev had to say:

The only thing that’s annoying to me is that the Sony PR machine is
trying to make their Lisbeth Salander the lead Lisbeth Salander. That’s highly
unfair because Noomi has captured this part and it should always be all her.
That’s her legacy in a way I can’t see anyone competing with. I hope she gets
nominated for an Oscar. I know a lot of Academy members have seen the film and
liked it because every time I go to LA I meet so many people who have seen my
version of it. Even in Hollywood there seems to be a kind of anger about the
remake, like, ‘Why would they remake something when they can just go see the
original?’ Everybody who loves film will go see the original one. It’s like,
what do you want to see, the French version of “La Femme Nikita” or the American
one? You can hope that Fincher does a better job.

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Bed Intruder still not caught, Antoine Dodson remains awesome regardless

Attempted rape of sister launches man's Internet celebrity

The Internet was always a sampler of hasty amusement. Kids biting people, drunks eating cheeseburgers, adorable animals playing music. We watched, chortled and moved on, reducing the quasi-celebs to word association.

Double Rainbow. Pants On the Ground. Chocolate Rain.

But then, the Lord bequeathed unto us a glorious enigma named Antoine Dodson. Dodson, a 24-year-old hairdresser from the housing projects of Huntsville, Ala., was interviewed on local news in July after someone allegedly tried to rape his sister, Kelly. He wore a red bandana and a black tank top. He waved a rolled-up bus schedule.

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'Resident Evil Afterlife' now the highest grossing Canadian movie ever (until Degrassi 3D comes out)

Fourth time’s a charm when it comes to box office gold.

The latest entry in the Resident Evil franchise has grossed more than $280 million at the box office internationally, making it the most successful production in Canadian film history.

Resident Evil: Afterlife, starring Mila Jovovich and shot in stereoscopic 3-D, debuted earlier this year to positive reviews and strong audiences. The film, like its predecessors, was shot entirely in Toronto and the GTA.

Based originally on a video game, the movie was produced by film veteran Don Carmody, who held the record for the previous top box office grossing Canadian movie, the 1981 teen sex comedy Porky’s.

Carmody, co-producer of the Oscar-winning musical Chicago, is a longtime supporter of Canadian film.

“We had a terrific experience making and posting this latest in the Resident Evil series. The local Toronto cast and crew were exceptional as always and proved themselves to be world class in mastering the complicated 3-D technology,” Carmody said in a statement.

The Ontario Media Development Corporation noted the Canadian-German co-production helped boost film and television production to $946.4 million in 2009, a 41 per cent increase over the previous year.
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Schwarzenegger: 'No One Cares If You Smoke a Joint'

Soon-to-be-former governor of Kaleefornia Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't have been more blunt on the topic of weed last night -- telling Jay Leno that in CA, "No one cares if you smoke a joint or not."

Ahnald hit "The Tonight Show" to talk about the recent elections, when Leno brought up a pro-pot bill the gov just signed, making cannabis possession "like a speeding ticket."

Arnold went on to explain that Prop 19 -- which would have sorta-legalized the recreational use of weed -- wasn't defeated in Kaleefornia because it was a bad idea ... but because it was written poorly.

It ain't the first time Arnold's spoken out in support of weed -- dude famously puffed on a joint in the 1977 documentary, "Pumping Iron."

Conan - Don't Make Me Come Up There

The Boston Globe Reviews Conan's New Show - 'Conan': More of same

In short, meh.

The subtitle for Conan O’Brien’s new TBS talk show, “Conan,” ought to be “More of Same.” Tonight’s premiere was notable primarily for giving us Conan as he was and, probably, always will be -- tense, ironic, kind of a nice guy, sometimes clever, sometimes funny, sometimes not. His months of intense bonding with his fan base in theaters and online -- pushing the role of talk-show host into some new areas of intimacy with audiences -- have not changed his essential comic DNA.

Also, the premiere made it clear that the new show will be sticking to the dated Late Night TV 101 formula -- the monologue, occasional video sketches, and, alas, the banal desk interviews. Tonight’s deadly guests were Seth Rogen and Lea Michele, both of whom awkwardly made their way through prefab material about being, nothingness, and more nothingness. There were no attempts during the hour to tweak the tiresome late-night moves for cable, to expand beyond what late night TV means on the networks.

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X-Factor: A Dramatic Retelling of the Katie Waissel and Cheryl Cole story, feat others.

X Factor bosses fly in Mary Byrne's family in bid to stop her quitting 

Frantic X Factor bosses are flying in Mary Byrne's family in a lastditch bid to stop her quittingartying have brought the 50-year-old mum to the edge.

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X Factor's Katie Waissel Declares Her Love For Matt?

While Cardle apparently has a crush on fellow finalist, Rebecca Ferguson...

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X Factor Fans Calling For Cheryl To Be Sacked

Angry The X Factor fans have urged bosses to sack judge Cheryl Cole, after she failed to chose between her acts Katie Waissel and Treyc Cohen on Sunday's results show.

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X Factor host Dermot O'Leary defends Cheryl Cole
Dermot O'Leary says his producers told him what would be happening

X Factor host Dermot O'Leary has defended Cheryl Cole's refusal to vote on Sunday's results show.
She wouldn't choose between her two acts, Treyc Cohen and Katie Waissel, who faced elimination.

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Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4
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Katie Waissel was on the bottom of X Factor viewers votes

X Factor fans, prepare for yet another round of conspiracy theories with the news that Katie Waissel was reportedly the least popular contestant last week, according to the votes cast by viewers. That, of course, means that if Cheryl Cole had been allowed to vote - taking the show to X Factor deadlock - then Katie Waissel would have lost and that she would have been sent home.

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Bob Saget attend Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine Gala

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen sandwich in their Full House dad Bob Saget at the Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine Gala on Monday (November 8) in New York City.

Bob hosted the bash, which raised funds for the Scleroderma Research Foundation and featured comedy by Jerry Seinfeld and NBC anchorman Brian Williams.

Also pictured at the event, held at Caroline’s on Broadway: Saturday Night Live funnyman Seth Meyers.
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Lauren Conrad at the VH1 Save the Music Foundation Gala

When Audrina Patridge was ousted from “Dancing with the Stars” her mother freaked out and called Lauren Conrad a “b**ch.” But LC isn’t about to continue the drama.

The “LA Candy” bestselling author told press that she’s not threatened by Mama Patridge, and doesn’t view Audrina as a competitor in the media market.

Conrad explained, “I think it’s good for her [to develop her own reality show]. And no, I don’t really think about it like that at all.”

As for Mrs. Patridge’s drunken rant, Lauren shared, "I really don't have a comment on that right now, thanks."

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NEW Leak: KanYe West Feat John Legend – ‘Blame Game’

Been waiting to hear this song in full since seeing Yeezy’s ‘Runaway’ film, thanks to the guys over at YAF who have dropped it in full (mildly tagged) we now can.

Love this song, the production is beautiful – the keys, the cello, the percussion in the back – everything works. It’s understated but encompassing. John Legend sounds real good over it too. I love the different sections towards the end too. The (real) end is straight jokes.

11 Blame Game Feat John Legend (no tags) by


features a special guest appearance by a very funny comedian at the end.

but FUCK, why is it the clean version??!!

Why wasn't I invited?

As part of her farewell season, Oprah Winfrey sits down with those who came before — and beside — her on the talk show circuit.

Among the guests on tomorrow’s “Oprah Winfrey Show”: Phil Donahue, who went on to host a short-lived show on MSNBC in the timeslot now occupied by Keith Olbermann. And Geraldo Rivera who, after leaving daytime, went on to host a primetime show on CNBC and is now a mainstay of the Fox News weekend primetime. Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricki Lake and Montel Williams also joined Winfrey to talk about their experiences in daytime television.
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Cheryl Cole 'secretly meets Nadine Coyle'

Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle have reportedly had a secret reunion behind closed doors.

According to Closer, sources have claimed that the Girls Aloud singers "ironed out a few differences" after meeting over a glass of wine.

One supposed friend said: "Nadine was sick of the fighting and said it had been going on for too long, so she made the first move after seeing pictures of the rest of the band together at The X Factor.

"All the other girls were invited to Cheryl's house, but they couldn't make it so it was just Cheryl and Nadine. It was awkward at first, but Cheryl couldn't have been more welcoming.

"They both had a lot to say. But after a few hours they both admitted things had been totally blown out of proportion."

The source continued: "Nadine feels she's been made a scapegoat, but Cheryl wasn't letting her off the hook that easily. Cheryl said that she was sick of being made to look like a 'monster' for excluding and ganging up on Nadine.

"They talked a lot, and Nadine has spoken to Nicola [Roberts] and Sarah [Harding] on the phone, too. Things have improved, but there's still some way to go until things are back to the way they were."

Cole and Coyle were previously reported to have reconciled in September, though there have been repeated claims that their respective solo careers have driven a wedge between the pair.

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A Porno Based On Taylor Swift & Kanye West Is Being Considered

Do you wish long-time rivals Kanye and Taylor would kiss and make up already?

The good people at Vivid Entertainment want the same thing, though they’d like to see Kanye West, 33, and Taylor Swift, 20, do a whole lot more than just kiss. The adult video giant confirms to exclusively that an adult film based on Kanye and Taylor’s ongoing war of words might not be far off. “Vivid is definitely considering the situation between Taylor and Kanye for a movie,” reveals Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment. “Of course, our take would be in parody form and could heat up the relationship between the two.”

Jared Icon

Fierce ageless mofo(s).

New Thirty Seconds to Mars photos, shot by Terry Richardson Dale May... The photos will be featured in an upcoming issue of YRB magazine:

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*because he seems to own no fucking shirts anymore. Seriously. We get it, Leto, nice abs, hurts like satan, young virgins blood, Dorian Gray. Yadda yadda yadda. But seriously, you're gonna catch a cold. Put a fucking shirt on :)

tyfyt ;)


Source (via ONTD_30STM) | Hurts Like Satan story | That hot picture of JLeto shirtless walking.
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Actors: the secrets of their success

Few of us get through life without a little help along the way. It may come from a mentor, a friend or a perfect stranger. Actors are no different, though they’ve chosen a field where the chances of success are milliliters thin.

Ben Affleck ("The Town") says it was filmmaker Kevin Smith who helped him. "Kevin is the reason ’Good Will Hunting’ got made," says Affleck of the film he and Matt Damonwrote and starred in. "Kevin is the reason I have a career and am playing meatier roles and not being stalked by obnoxious bad guys, bullies," says Affleck. "Kevin believed in me. When we were doing ’Chasing Amy’ he told Miramax - who’d already passed on ’Good Will Hunting’ initially - that they should read the script. And that’s the reason we got it made. He’s always been a big believer in me; I owe the guy a big part of my career if not the whole thing ..."



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Thank God for Kevin Smith. And yay, Kyle Chandler! :)
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The Event episode about the least hottest but most talented cast member

MODS: There are 3 LJ-cuts for the article, I test-posted this on my own LJ to make sure they worked. It isn't all one big thing, don't worry.

Besides m'boy I wasn't feeling the plot of this ep all that much but check it, makin' a post anyway

'The Event' returned tonight, picking up moments after the climatic events of last episode. In addition, it carried over all the strengths and weaknesses of that previous hour. 'I Know Who You Are' continued to actually strengthen some of the show's core elements, even while its worst parts keep dragging the whole endeavor down. There's a potentially good show in here, buried under an unnecessarily tangled narrative. Streamlining the show's focus should yield increasingly stronger results, but for now, it's saddled with about one story line too many.

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Source: NBC
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The Fashion Show still sucks; no one is shocked

Iman, Isaac Mizrahi and Harper's Bazaar editor Laura Brown judge 'The Fashion Show,' but even big names can't save the boringly familiar fashion formula.

Reality shows, like fashion shows, should never feel like we saw them last year.

Credit Bravo's "The Fashion Show" with trying to find a new way to frame a fashion design competition. It puts the exotic model Iman out front with designer Isaac Mizrahi and rounds up 12 contestants who are asked to create a professional fashion show pretty much on the spot.

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I liked Iman in PR Canada, so I'll give this crapfest another shot. Maybe this time I'll make it though the whole hour.
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Grab Your Glitter – Ke$ha’s Going On Tour!

Get your glitter, body paint and Indian headdresses ready – Ke$ha is going on tour!!! Everyone’s favorite electro-pop party girl is set to hit the road in February and tickets go on sale Friday, November 19th! Can’t wait that long? Live Nation is offering you a chance to get tix starting on November 10th if you pre-order her new album Cannibal before Nov 22nd. Pre-order and get the code at! Check out the 14 tour dates below and find out if she’s coming to a city near you!

Saturday, February 19, 2011 | Denver, CO | The Fillmore

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 | St. Louis, MO | The Pageant

Thursday, February 24, 2011 | Chicago, IL | House of Blues

Saturday, February 26, 2011 | Detroit, MI | The Fillmore

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 | Toronto, ON | Kool Haus

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 | Boston, MA | House of Blues

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | New York, NY | Roseland Ballroom

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 | Charlotte, NC | The Fillmore

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 | Atlanta, GA | Tabernacle

Friday, April 22, 2011 | Orlando, FL | House of Blues

Saturday, April 23, 2011 | Orlando, FL | House of Blues

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | Dallas, TX | House of Blues

Friday, April 29, 2011 | Houston, TX | Verizon Wireless

Friday, May 6, 2011 | Los Angeles, CA | The Wiltern

David G. "smiling"

'Conan' Premiere Beats Leno, Letterman, Colbert and Stewart

Conan O'Brien is enjoying a sweet, sweet victory in the ratings.

The TBS premiere of Conan has soundly beaten NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday night.

Conan drew 4.2 million viewers, which is very impressive. What's more: 3.3 million of them were adults 18-49.

By comparison Tonight had 3.5 million viewers, with only 950,000 of his audience in the demo.

Late Show with David Letterman had 3.4 million and 1.3 million.

O'Brien also trounced Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, as expected.

As rivals are sure to point out, the series premiere of a new late-night program is almost always victorious, people want to check out the new show. O'Brien's Tonight on NBC dropped more than 50% from his premiere within a week. It's still an accomplishment, however, anytime a cable show beats broadcast.



jessie j x "do it like a dude"

She stole our heart in Los Angeles, now Jessie J mans up in the video for “Do It Like a Dude,” the U.K. single from her debut album Who You Are. Outfitted with spiky black diamonds on her lips and her signature bob, the British singer-songwriter mean mugs in an underground club while dancing with a gang of boyish dancers. Get acquainted with the U.K.’s hottest new export.

LOVE.  THIS.  BITCH.  if you don't know about this fierce goddess, click here.


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Demi Lovato Attending Suburban Treatment Center

Following over a week of searching and speculation, Demi Lovato’s treatment center has finally been located in a suburb, whose name and location we are withholding for the actress and singer’s safety.
A source confirmed the location to and told us, “Demi is dealing with different challenges everyday, she knows she needs help and she is committed to her treatment. There is no time frame on treatment at this point.”

The private center she is attending specifically deals with eating disorders, drug addiction, trauma, mood disorders and alcohol treatment.

The center’s website said this of their programs, “Residential treatment provides women with a supportive and powerful peer group who understand the emotional challenges of recovering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia or binge eating disorders. By living together with continuous therapeutic support, residents learn to practice making healthy decisions when they experience feelings that accompany their eating disorder. A woman will learn to be mindful of feelings like anxiety, fear or shame, and to experience them in ways that won’t compromise the joy in her life. Long-term immersion in this recovering community builds a woman’s confidence that she can practice recovery skills when she returns to her home, or to another less structured living environment. Like a person in recovery from substance abuse, drug addiction or alcoholism, a woman with an eating disorder can realize the full joy and beauty life has to offer.”

It was announced Demi would be seeking treatment Nov. 1 for problems dealing with a weight disorder and cutting. She immediately left the South American tour she was on with the Jonas Brothers to return to the states.

It looks like she has chosen the perfect location to get well.

amanda lepore

This Post Is Dedicated To KEWLKIDV and SeanB814...

Negative Roger Ebert Quote Used On Asian DVD of The Perfect Man

Roger Ebert
posted a picture on his blog of an Asian DVD cover for Hilary Duff's movie The Perfect Man in which they used a very negative quote on the front cover of the DVD. It reads:

"The Perfect Man takes its idiotic plot and uses it as the excuse for scenes of awesome stupidity"

Ebert, who posted the image on his blog, simply remarked with "I love it when I'm quoted correctly."

To read the rest of Ebert's one star review, visit his website here.

Mr. A-Z wants his money back.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Did the Jonas Brothers steal Jason Mraz's tune? Well, it sure sounds like it. Even Mraz admits the 'Camp Rock 2' tune 'Introducing Me' sounds a lot like his 'I'm Yours,' but the Bros can rest easy because he's not planning to sue. He just wants his iTunes money back! "I heard the song, and it was just a tremendous, tremendous horror of a tune. I noticed a few similarities in the melody, but it wasn't enough to pick up the phone and argue with somebody about it. If anything, I just wanted my $1.29 back that I spent on iTunes," Mraz told PopEater at the VH1 Save The Music Gala. Listen to both tunes and decide for yourself.

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"You are going to prison for being abusive.”

Amber Portwood, one of the star’s of MTV’s Teen Mom, spat those words at her baby’s father Gary Shirley while calling 911 and has exclusively obtained the audio of the call.

The  just-released 911 call was made in August by Amber after she had a late-night argument with Gary.

Cops arrived at a house in Anderson, Indiana, after Amber claimed on-and-off again boyfriend Gary Shirley kicked her out of their home.

This is how the August 29 call went down: Amber, 20, tells authorities "my ex just threw all of my stuff everywhere and cussed me out and ran up on me like ... I can't breathe right now."

We then hear sharp words between the parents, who continued arguing, as Amber tried to communicate with the authorities.

"He's been a very abusive person," she said. "I just have to say that up front."


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Film - The Old Guard

Fierce, Classy Diva Takes Some Stranger Bitch to Task For Dissing Wonder Woman

We all have our sacred cows. For statuesque beauty Lynda Carter -- and, we might add, millions of fan boys around the world -- it's Wonder Woman, the character she played so memorably on television for three seasons in the 1970s. It may have been many years since she donned the red, white and blue costume, but she still feels defensive about the Amazon superheroine and any who may dare to mock her. So when she was asked about the possibility of Megan Fox playing Wonder Woman in a new TV series under development, she pointed out that the young actress "actually kind of trashed Wonder Woman" last year. "She said she thought it was dumb, like 'what's the big whoop making people tell the truth.' I like her, I just thought she shouldn't trash Wonder Woman."

Carter, 59, made her comments while appearing on TV program 'Fox and Friends' to promote her new album. She has a good memory; Fox expressed her disdain for Wonder Woman in these words: "Wonder Woman is a lame superhero. She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don't get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role but I don't want to do it."

Fox's career is going nowhere in particular right now, especially after the box office disaster of 'Jonah Hex' this summer, but at least Carter didn't jump on the bandwagon and trash her personally. Carter has every right to be defending Wonder Woman, of course, since the series made her a megastar in the late 70s and is still the highlight of her acting career.

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GTFO, Megan Fox. You wish you were half as badass as Lynda.
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Chris Fine raves about Tom Hardy in interview

Yesterday posted an interview with Chris Pine in which he raves about This Means War co-star Tom Hardy.

The italics are my added thoughts and what I'm sure C-Fine was also thinking.

You’re shooting This Means War right now with McG directing and Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy joining you in front of the camera. Have you and Tom Hardy shared Star Trek stories yet?

Pine: You know, we haven’t, actually. We just talked about it briefly for the first time the other day (after we had sex). But, man, is he a hell of an actor (and lover). I don’t need to tell anyone this, but he’s going to be around for a long time (he can go all night). He’s already been around for a long time, but he’s going to explode (all over my face). He’s just tremendous (in bed).

In the interview he also talks Star Trek (duh), working with Denzel and other stuff I didn't bother to read. But you can do so at the SOURCE.

Let the party begin.

Bitter bitch Kevin Sorbo disses Lucy Lawless...again

You may remember this very old ONTD post from a long time ago. Well apparently Kevin Sorbo seems to still be upset.

How does it feel to be the illegitimate son of Zeus?

“You know what, we’re all bastards – we’re guys.”

You mentioned the Xena spin-off. “Yeah, the lesbian spin-off.” Did you get along with the Warrior Princess? “She was okay, but you know…” Wait, she’s gay? “I don’t know. She’d never admit one way or another, trust me. She didn’t wanna lose that crowd. She did end up marrying the executive producer, which I think is how she got the role. They had another actress slated for the part.”

Really? Who was the other actress?

“Vanessa Angel, she was on that series Weird Science. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that show. She played the platinum blonde in that movie Kingpin.”

Leave it to good guy Sorbo to stick up for an angel and let rip on the lawless. I tell ya, if the real Hercules had been as charming as the man who played him on TV, his wife Deianeira would’ve never poisoned him, whether he was being unfaithful or not. Of course, her moves did pave the way for Zeus to make his son immortal, but hey, Sorbo’s immortal too, and he didn’t have to die to get that way.

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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Are Dating Again

After calling off their engagement in August, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are giving their romance another shot.

"They're dating again," a friend of the actress tells PEOPLE.

And they're not hiding, either.

Last week, Christensen was seen leaving Bilson's house in Los Feliz, Calif. With Bilson based in Los Angeles and Christensen living in Canada, distance was reportedly one of the main reasons for the split.

Christensen, 29, and Bilson, 29, met on the set of Jumper in 2007, and got engaged in December 2008.
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THE VOICE™ to perform at Richie’s wedding

Iconic Pop Diva Christina Aguilera will reportedly sing at Nicole Richie’s wedding!!

The 29-year-old star is engaged to rocker Joel Madden, and recently confirmed their wedding will take place soon. It has now been claimed Nicole is planning a winter wedding and will tie the knot over the first weekend of December. Nicole has asked her close friend Christina to perform during the ceremony and the singer was thrilled to accept.

The pair partied at Soho House in Hollywood over the weekend with Joel and Matthew Rutler, a set assistant from Christina’s new movie Burlesque. Throughout the evening, Nicole and Christina were overheard excitedly discussing wedding plans.

"Nicole and Christina were chatting non-stop about Nicole's upcoming nuptials,” a source told X17online. “And I even overheard Nicole talking to Christina about possibly singing a song at Nicole's wedding!"

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Vulture Gets Personal With Zachary Quinto (YOU WILL FIND THIS TITLE TO BE IRONIC)

Last night, the Signature Theatre Company feted Tony Kushner at its 20th-anniversary gala at Espace. There to celebrate the playwright was Mr. Spock himself, Zachary Quinto — star of the STC's current Off Broadway revival of Kushner's Angels in America — whom we managed to snag for a brief but extremely personal interview. How personal? You might be surprised!

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Someone needs to take a Xanax and maintain

mods i know this is a pathetically pathetic short post but it was too weird not to try....
Misha new hat

Top 10 death monologues in film

Ah, death. The end of the line. The last good night. The final trip to Uncle Vinnie’s Fish Shack in the sky. But whatever you call it, death is a significant life event for almost everyone who goes through it. But as we shuffle off this mortal coil, what better opportunity to let everyone who’s staying behind know what we really think. Without giving them the right of reply. Your children a disappointment? Now’s your chance! Have always thought present day Helen Mirren was a bit of alright? Tell your wife! Secretly an alien from the Beta planet of Sargasso 5? Tell your wife! Whatever horrible secrets you harbour, death is your chance to get them out, free of charge.

So, what has cinema made of this opportunity to have your say in the most final, moving and occasionally hilarious way? Here’s ten of the best.

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geesus way

Flawless Rock Saviors to stream live performance on AND SING video release date!!!

You're either with My Chemical Romance, or you're some kind of evil drac. And we're gonna assume you're with My Chemical Romance. So set your Ray-Gun to stun, get your jazz hands up, and get ready for “Live In L.A.: My Chemical Romance" on Monday, Nov. 22, when My Chemical Romance will take over L.A.'s The House Of Blues Sunset Strip to celebrate their new album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, with a live concert that MTV will stream throughout the world. “Live In L.A.: My Chemical Romance" will be streamed live on at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT.

But we've got even more Killjoy news for you, straight from the front page of the Battery City Times: My Chemical Romance's "Sing" video will premiere on Thursday, Nov. 18, at 7:56pm ET/PT on MTV and And, My Chemical Romance will take over MTV and as the featured PUSH artist of the week starting Monday, Nov. 29.

Watch “Live In L.A.: My Chemical Romance" to see My Chemical Romance live at the House Of Blues Sunset Strip on Monday, Nov. 22, 7pm PT/10pm ET on


haters stay ignorant, Praise Geesus, shaking and crying, 13 days left, etc!

Sports Night: Bored and Waiting

csi/90210 plans crossover... kind of

'CSI' casts '90210's' Trevor Donovan as a sexy Spartan

Trevor Donovan has been missing in action from a few episodes of "90210" this season as his character, Teddy, struggles to come to terms with his sexuality. Donovan isn't having any trouble finding ways to spend his free time, though --Zap2it confirms that the Beverly Hills hottie has been cast in an upcoming episode of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

The episode is titled "Man Up" and is expected to air in early January. The team investigates a seemingly staged online photo of a hooker who has been strangled to death in a dumpster. They're surprised to find that the woman has actually been murdered.

Donovan's character is an actor who plays a Spartan in one of the casino's extravaganzas. The network describes the character as "a handsome beefcake with a great body, a male model." We'd say that's about accurate.

The Spartan eagerly tells Nick (George Eads) that he was attacked in one of the Casino bathrooms. The assailant made off with
his sword, breastplate and helmet, which is a major bummer, since he has to pay for them out of his own salary.

Also starring in the episode is Carrot Top, as himself.


why didn't they just hire carrot top for the spartan role? ;)

Vampire Cap

Susan Sarandon defends Rocky Horror episode of Glee

Susan Sarandon has no patience for the P.C. brigade - or TV. "Glee" recently took on her 1975 cult hit "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," only to come under fire from GLAAD for using the word "tranny." When we caught up with Sarandon, she said the controversy puzzled her. "What should they have said?" she asked, adding that she knew plenty of people who proudly called themselves "trannies." GLAAD, she said, was "getting like PETA - way out of control." (Not that Sarandon is invested in "Glee" and its dramas. "Now that my kids are gone," she said, "I don't watch TV at all.")

GLAAD spokesman Richard Ferraro responded by reiterating his organization's objections. "The word 'tra—y' has become an easy punch line in popular culture," he wrote in an email, "and many still don't realize that using the term is hurtful, dehumanizing and associated with violence."


Batman's Christopher Nolan has his own Robin

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

 As Batman has his trusted and loyal valet Alfred, director Christopher Nolan has his go-to cinematographer Wally Pfister.

As the director readies “The Dark Knight Rises,” the third installment of his revered reboot of the Batman film franchise, it’s a fait accompli that his longtime director of photography Pfister, who’s made six films with Nolan, will be fighting the good fight at his side.

“I really follow Chris,” Pfister, who’s camera has created emblematic images for each of Nolan’s feature films, tells PopcornBiz. “He could go marching off a cliff and I'd be right there with him. He's just such an exceptionally talented director and writer, and so really I just kind of roll with it from one picture to the next. He gives us something amazing as the audience, whether it's a Batman picture or 'The Prestige' or 'Insomnia' or 'Inception.’ It's something completely different every time and I'm always there for the ride.”

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Indie Artist "Steph Jones" Challenges the Standards of "Beautiful" with New Video

Indie singer and straight ally Steph Jones has released the video for his infectious single 'Beautiful' and is staying true to form by challenging the Hollywood definition of beauty and gender.

A scantily clad and buff Jones surrounds himself with beautiful women of all sizes and colors in 'Beautiful', but his LGBT fans may appreciate the fact that he continues to be inclusive by his decision to include YouTube favorite DollFace Barbie, a beautiful androgynous man.

Steph Jones is an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights and according to some took a risk by publicly stating his support earlier this year in this YouTube video.


I'm gettin some how yew dewin vibes from him, but I can't really tell. Song is catchy though.

Also he gets bonus points for using the phrase "Is this real life?" in a song.

Get it chubby girls.

Needs more ______ ?

First Trailer For "Jane Eyre"

Focus Features has debuted the trailer for Jane Eyre, directed by Cary Fukunaga and starring Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell, Judi Dench, Holliday Grainger, Sally Hawkins, Tamzin Merchant and Imogen Poots.

(Once I find a YT link, I'll embedd it)

In the March 11 release, based on Charlotte Brontë's classic novel, Jane Eyre (Wasikowska) flees Thornfield House, where she works as a governess for wealthy Edward Rochester. The isolated and imposing residence – and Mr. Rochester's coldness – have sorely tested the young woman's resilience, forged years earlier when she was orphaned. As Jane reflects upon her past and recovers her natural curiosity, she will return to Mr. Rochester – and the terrible secret that he is hiding...



Rolling Stone gives 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' a perfect five-star rating

When Kanye West sings about "jerk-offs that’ll never take work off," you’d best believe he means himself. Being crazy is this guy’s job, and judging from the sound of his music, business is booming. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is his most maniacally inspired music yet, coasting on heroic levels of dementia, pimping on top of Mount Olympus. Yeezy goes for the grandeur of stadium rock, the all-devouring sonics of hip-hop, the erotic gloss of disco, and he goes for all of it, all the time. Nobody halfway sane could have made this album.

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Yesus always swears off all questions about Bush/Taylor

  • jkc800

Date is set!! Christina Aguilera to receive star on Walk of Fame - Nov. 15!!!


WHO: Christina Aguilera
Emcee: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, President/CEO Leron Gubler
WHAT: 2,423rd Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the Category of Recording
WHERE: 6901 Hollywood Boulevard in front of Hard Rock Café Hollywood
WHEN: Monday, November 15, 2010 at 11:30 a.m.

Singer, songwriter, performer, producer, director and actress —is there anything Christina Aguilera hasn’t done? One of the most accomplished performers of the last decade, she has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, achieved four #1 singles on the Billboard hot 100 chart, and has won five Grammy Awards, and achieved three Top-Five albums in the United States. She has collaborated with other legendary artists including Herbie Hancock, Andrea Bocelli, Tony Bennett, Elton John and The Rolling Stones. Aguilera was also the only artist under 30 to make Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of 100 greatest singers of all time.



Tweet from the VP Media Relations/Producer of Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies:

wofstargirl Ana Martinez:
Press area for Christina Aguilera star ceremony closed in about 20 minutes! A record! I am very unpopular at the moment!

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The 18 Dirty Words You Shouldn't Say on TV

Parents TV Council claims profanity is up a shocking percentage in primetime. (In fact, they say it's up 69% ... snicker). While I don't think the PTC would intentionally cook their numbers, they're not exactly an unbiased organization about this stuff, so you have to be a tad skeptical when any activist group presents in-house research.

Most interesting is the PTC's list of words they're objecting to (their chart, below), which expands mightily on George Carlin's famous list of seven words you can never say on TV.

Wondering: Does the Bible-based "hell" and "damn" really seem like profanity? What about "suck" and "screw"? Is bleeped profanity the same as profanity that you actually hear? (Perhaps ... you do sort of get the point). And is anybody else curious what the euphemisms were for "fuck"? And what does "other breasts" mean, exactly?


Legend of Korra: Avatar

Harry Potter Premiere streaming live! Also, surprise: more new clips.

The World Premiere of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS - PART 1 in London will be streaming LIVE on Facebook and Youtube:

Thursday, November 11th at 5pm GMT / 9am PST / 12pm EST!

Be a part of the premiere by chatting with fans from across the globe as you watch your favorite stars arrive in Leicester Square. Submit your questions for the cast during the event and there’s a
chance they may be asked live on the red carpet!

There's a new Harry Potter exclusive Youtube page collecting many of the promos already released.

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9 days!
Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Chromeo to release duet with some ignorant satsuma

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Unless you are mental or an idiot you would surely agree that there are no possible circumstances under which news of a NEW SONG WITH LA 'ELLY JACKSON' ROUX SINGING ON IT is not cause to hang out the bunting.

So get the bunting ready, for Elly is the guest vocalist on the new Chromeo single. The song is called 'Hot Mess' - it's a new version of the tune that's on Chromeo's current album - and it is out on January 17.

We have heard it. In fact we have been hearing it quite a lot. And it is very good. In news that will come as a surprise to precisely nobody it sounds, er, like a Chromeo track with La Roux on it. If you've got the album version of the song, what you need to imagine is that after the chorus (ie at 0:46 on the album version) and whole new chorus - the La Roux bit - excitingly appears.

Collapse )


I'd really prefer to hear an extended cut of "When The Night Falls" with a full verse for Solange.
chad smiling

Film Icon Hayden Christensen cuts his own hair!

In a revealing new interview, Hayden opens up and reveals that he cuts his own hair and also played the keyboard in his #1 film "Takers."

For such a nice, well-mannered guy, Hayden Christensen has made quite a career out of pretending to be anything but, playing liars (Shattered Glass), crooks (Jumper), and the personification of evil (Anakin Skywalker in two of the Star Wars prequels).

The 29-year-old Vancouver native continues his march of mayhem in the new film Takers (out November 18), which features fellow hunks Matt Dillon and Paul Walker. In the fast-paced, stunt-laden flick, Christensen is A.J., the bomb builder in an expert crew of bank robbers who are out for the last big score before going on the straight and narrow. “I wanted to do a traditional action movie,” he says of his latest choice. “I personally really enjoy those types of films.” Given his history, we should have guessed.

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ATTENTION EVERYONE: Hayden's fantastic film "Jumper," which can best be described as The Bourne Identity meets Mission: Impossible meets Star Trek meets Transformers meets The River Wild, will be on FX tonight at 8. Be sure to watch!
tom hardy bb

Ed Westwick: Something to Gossip About

FIRST AND FOREMOST, Ed Westwick is not a scumbag—he just plays one on TV. He’s probably not hurting for beer money, but he isn’t carrying around Chuck Bass coin. And he’s British. Essentially, Ed Westwick is not his Gossip Girl alter ego. (LOL at this statement)

“I think there have been a couple of fans that were a little bit let down,” says Westwick, 23, of people’s reaction to meeting him and not hearing that distinct Chuck Bass voice. “I guess sometimes people are a little freaked out that I am not a meanie completely. I mean, I can be bad at times. I can have my mood swings.”

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The first picture of him? UNFF
Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who Reinventor Steven Moffat on the Doctor’s Sex Life

When the British sci-fi series Doctor Who was revamped in 2005, Steven Moffat quickly emerged as the long-running show’s finest writer, surprising British TV fans who knew him primarily as the creator of the naughty BBC sitcom Coupling. The prolific Scottish television scribe has emerged as the go-to writer for updating classic characters such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2007’s Jekyll) and Sherlock Holmes (2010’s Sherlock) for British television, and wrote a movie script for Steven Spielberg's animated The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (a project he had to drop in order to run Doctor Who). With both Season 1 of Sherlock and Doctor Who's Series 5 coming to DVD this week, we called Moffat to talk about his updates to the good Doctor, such as the radical choice of actually showing him attracted to women.
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Because It's Been Forever Since We've Had an Illuminati Post....

Michael Jackson’s New Album Cover: Rife with Symbolism

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Since Michael Jackson’s untimely death, we have observed some rather insidious “tributes” to him, which, once decoded, were in fact thinly veiled references to his ritual sacrifice. His memory has indeed been hijacked by those who, in my humble opinion, killed him. This fact becomes obvious when looking at his posthumous releases. His latest album cover is another striking proof.

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5 things you need to know about Emzy!

Today 1:25 PM PST by Marianne Garvey

We are happy to introduce Eminem into our Celebrity Oversharers Club.

Thanks to his new interview in Rolling Stone, we now know more than we ever cared to about the monster-selling rapper. There's his possible OCD. His crazy (former) desire to look like the emaciated Christian Bale in The Machinist. And neither of those even makes our cut.

So without further ado, here are five things we think you should know about Mr. Slim Shady.

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Lindsay Lohan at her sober living house

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Continuing her substance abuse treatment, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving the sober living house where she’s currently residing today (November 9). The “Georgia Rule” actress looked to be carrying a compact disc as she made her exit, sporting a black top and black trousers. LiLo has made the transition from the Betty Ford inpatient clinic to the outpatient halfway house as she slowly gets back to normal life. Her mother Dina told press that Lindsay “spent the 30 days in [inpatient care] and now she’s in a home,” according to Gossip Cop.

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Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Reason for Her New Playboy Cover

Kendra Wilkinson is back in the pages of Playboy – but still hasn't gone back on her word to husband Hank Baskett not to pose nude again for the magazine.

The star of Kendra on E! – and the former star of The Girls Next Door, about life with Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion – explains the situation on her blog.

"I AM on the December cover of Playboy," she writes, "but it wasn't from a recent shoot. The photos are from a shoot I did 2 years ago when I was still living in the mansion."

She adds: "I'm flattered to be on the cover again and as you all know Playboy has a very special place in my heart! I just wanted you guys to know I didn't recently pose."

Wilkinson, 25, says she wanted to clear up any confusion for fans who had seen her struggling on her show with the decision of whether or not to pose again.

After she got engaged in 2009, Wilkinson decided not to pose nude for Playboy again. "He gets really mad when I do stuff like that," she said at the time of her husband.
crustine pickle

best x factor winner Shayne Ward tells Joe Tweedy to chillax

Shayne Ward: 'McElderry shouldn't worry'

Shayne Ward has said that last year's X Factor winner Joe McElderry should not worry about his future in the music industry.

The 2005 champion returned to the reality talent show on Sunday to perform Nickelback cover 'Gotta Be Somebody', the lead single from his upcoming Obsessions album.

McElderry missed out on the Christmas number one slot to Rage Against The Machine last year and his recent single 'Ambitions' peaked at number 6 in the charts last month.

Speaking to Metro, Ward said of McElderry: "He shouldn't be worried because he is part of SyCo, which is a great record label. To have Simon [Cowell] as your boss - he knows the music industry through and through."

Of McElderry's failure to reach the top of the charts with his release, he added: "The music industry is changing all the time. It is not as easy to get a No.1 album or single anymore."

Ward claimed of his own career: "I was never worried because I always had assurances from Simon and from Sony that they are fully committed to me."

Gotta Be Somebody is around 4/5 in the midweeks :)
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New Cell Phone STD Test App


When I was born, the only thing the telephone was good for, sexually speaking, was calling 1-900 numbers to engage in phone sex. Today, I can use my phone to watch pornography, look up the nearest brothels, and navigate to strangers’ homes for Craigslist Causal encounters. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Soon, our phones will help us in an even more impressive way: by testing our urine for STDs. What an age we live in!

Everyone wants the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re STD free. Unfortunately, no one likes the embarrassing visit to the doctor and the painful urethral swabbing that entails. But now, thanks to doctors and tech experts in the U.K., you’ll be able to test yourself for an STD from the comfort of your own home just by pissing on your mobile phone!

According to The Guardian, users “will be able to put urine or saliva on to a computer chip about the size of a USB chip, plug it into their phone or computer and receive a diagnosis within minutes, telling them which, if any, sexually transmitted infection (STI) they have.”
If all goes according to plan, the device will retail for under $2 USD, and will be available in vending machines, pharmacies, nightclubs, nursing homes and anywhere else people go to hook up.

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Demi Lovato 'clung to Wilmer Valderrama after Joe Jonas split'

Following a breakup with Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato clung to an older actor, Wilmer Valderrama. Before the Disney star entered a facility for "emotional and physical" issues, sources said Lovato, 18, introduced pals to the "That '70s Show" star as her boyfriend.

Valderrama, 30, first connected with Lovato when they filmed a public-service spot together in Chile for earthquake relief in March, around the time she announced her relationship with Jonas.

"The two started seeing each other in May right after her breakup with Jonas," a source on the tour said. "She would show us pictures of them together." Another source said Valderrama has been a big part of Lovato's life leading right up to her decision to seek treatment. Meanwhile, Jonas has been dating "Twilight" star Ashley Greene.

Lovato's rep had no comment while Valderrama's rep denied a relationship.


Natalie Portman: Empire magazine article, Fangoria cover, & Black Swan reviews

Empire Magazine has an interview/article with Natalie in their December issue.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

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Once again, if you want to discuss spoilers for Black Swan my only request is that you put "SPOILERS" in the subject of your comment so people who want to remain unspoiled (like me) don't accidentally read it! Thanks! :)
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Jake and Anne arrive at London Heathrow

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal flashed smiles this morning when they touched down at London's Heathrow airport. They're abroad ready to start showing off their Love and Other Drugs in Britain after a premiere in LA and press events in NYC.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Jake and Anne talk about Silly Bandz,and why Jake is wearing a pink one

source, video1, video2

Miranda Kerr: Nude Baby Bump for 'W' Magazine!

Miranda Kerr poses nude for Patrick Demarchelier in this shot from W magazine’s family issue, featuring cover girls Katherine Heigl and daughter Naleigh!

The 27-year-old model and mommy-to-be is expecting her first child with husband Orlando Bloom early next year.The 27-year-old model and mommy-to-be is expecting her first child with husband Orlando Bloom early next year.
Miranda also recently showed up in a PSA to fight fistula, a childbearing injury that can cause death to babies and incontinence to mothers. 

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Christmas - Twinkle Trees

Shannen Doherty's dad, her 'Dancing' inspiration, passes away...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

LOS ANGELES – Actress Shannen Doherty appeared on "Dancing With the Stars" last season to honor her father, who had recently suffered a stroke.

On Sunday, she issued a statement saying John Thomas Doherty died Friday at age 66 after a series of health issues.

Shannen Doherty was eliminated from "Dancing" in March after just one week of competition. But she considered her stint on the show a success because her father was in the audience, watching her perform.

"I did it for my dad," she said at the time.

In the statement, issued through her publicist, Shannen Doherty called her father the "greatest man in the world."

She added: "I love him with every inch of my being and cannot imagine life without him."


This must be absolutely heartbreaking for her...she loved him so so so much. He'd been having severe health problems since she was on Beverly Hills 90210 and her sadness over that was a big part of the reason why she was a ~bad girl~. =( I hope she'll be okay.
Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Diplo Works With Passion Pit Frontman, drinks Pedialyte

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We don't know what, exactly, they're up to, but world-dominating DJ/producer Diplo and impressively maned Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos are working on something together.
On his Twitter, Diplo posted this yesterday: "Me and @mangelakos cooked up some meth + some hits this weekend btwn jails visits to @maddecent employees and baby raves". And while the idea of Diplo and Angelakos cooking meth and visiting baby raves would probably make a great TV show, it's the "hits" that has us most interested.

A publicist confirms that the two are working on music together. They recently spent three days together in Los Angeles, "writing songs for other artists and drinking Pedialyte."


Diplo's Twitter is a gold mine. "Everytime the bb torch ad airs on tv an angel gets his wings and rides a segway down rainbow highway with luigi" is one of my personal favorites.
summer roberts

Tom Felton gives a tour of Harry Potter props


One of the nicest people in the “Potter” cast plays one of the nastiest characters. I first sat down with Tom Felton , who portrays Draco Malfoy with memorable sneer, back when he was filming the sixth movie in the franchise and I had the honor of interviewing him this past summer on stage at Comic-Con International in front of more than 6,000 fans. When I heard he would be in Los Angeles last week I lined up a special treat for you Hogwarts fans, a guided tour of the “Potter” props and costumes, which you can watch below. Check back here at Hero Complex, too, for an article on Felton’s bright future and the multiple projects he has lined up already as he looks to life beyond Slytherin.

If you’d like to check out those “Potter” artifacts in person, you can get more info at the Warner VIP Tour website.

9 more days

sailor moon - chibi

courtney love bids 17000 usd for a date with adrien brody

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rocker Courtney Love seems to have set her sights on a new man. Despite recent complaints of money woes, she bid USD 17,000 for tea with Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody.

The 46-year-old widow of Kurt Cobain dished out the sum at Paul Haggis` Artists for Peace and Justice fund-raiser for Haitian schools Friday night, reported New York Post.

Sources said that Love got into a fierce bidding war with Gerard Butler over Brody at the bash. She also scooped up a walk-on part in Haggis` next movie.

Actors like Russell Crowe and Susan Sarandon, Edward Norton, Trudie Styler, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Andre Balazs and writer Salman Rushdie were also present at the auction.

Ani: Amazon Warrior

Zachary Levi Talks Tangled

Actor Zachary Levi began his path towards a career in entertainment while he was in high school, living in Ventura, California, performing in regional musical theater productions like "Grease" and "Big River." Levi eventually went onto co-star on the popular sitcom Less Than Perfect, but didn't become a household name until his starring role on the hit NBC spy-comedy, Chuck. Since then he's appeared in last year's extremely successful family film, Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakuel, and has even recorded a duet with former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee. Now, the actor finally has an opportunity to bridge his love for music together with his talent for acting in the new Disney animated musical feature film, Tangled, which opens in theaters on November 24th.

Tangled is the 50th animated feature film from Walt Disney Pictures and the last of their planned princess themed movies, based on the classic "Rapunzel" fairy tale. Levi stars as Flynn, a thief who ends up helping the beautiful but stranded Rapunzel escape her fate of being locked up in a tower. The film gives Levi an opportunity to reintroduce himself to the world as an accomplished singer on top of being a successful actor and comedian. We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Zachary Levi and talk to the actor candidly about his new movie, his character, singing on screen, and how it feels to be part of the classic Disney tradition. Here is what he had to say:

Collapse )


I really like this interview because he talks about singing, his background, and ad-libbing opportunities during Tangled.  I think he's right when he says its harder for actors to become singers rather than the other way around.

Tatum and Hill For "21 Jump Street"...?

Channing Tatum has jumped to the top of the list for the lead of Sony Pictures Entertainment's 21 Jump Street. I'm told that Tatum will soon be in negotiations to star alongside Jonah Hill. Production will begin in the spring.

Based on the 1987 Stephen J. Cannell series that was one of the Fox Network's early successes and launched Johnny Depp, the movie was scripted by Michael Bacall based on a story he hatched with Hill. The film will be directed by Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs helmers Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

I'm told that the studio has met with a bunch of potential leading men and that Tatum and Hill matched up well. Both look youthful, which helps since the film is about undercover officers who infiltrate schools to fight crime.

UTA-repped Tatum's creating some pre-release buzz for his comic turn as the other man in the Ron Howard-directed The Dilemma, which Universal released on January 14. He'll follow in a dramatic turn as a Roman soldier trying to reclaim his family honor in the Kevin Macdonald-directed The Eagle for Focus Features.


zooey umm

Heidi's Mom Can't Pay Her Bills

It's been a year of challenges for Heidi Montag's mom Darlene Egelhoff.

Aside from her estranged relationship with Montag since February, the mother of three and her husband, Tim, also now face an immense financial hurdle.

Timberlines, a popular restaurant featured on The Hills and owned by Egelhoff and her husband in Montag's hometown of Crested Butte, Colo., recently went out of business after a 21-year run.

"We're a tourist town, so our business department was dependent on the economy," Egelhoff tells PEOPLE. "Business started declining. We tried to make the necessary adjustments, but we were just not quite in time. We were forced to close because of the economy."

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wf. vessels of a donor look

Romola Garai, Dominic West, and Ben Whishaw to star in the British Mad Men

It’s a stylish 1950s-set drama series that explores the changing social and sexual politics of the era through the mass media’s emerging power.

BBC Two is hoping that The Hour, set in the pivotal year of 1956, with a television newsroom backdrop, will satisfy those calling for homegrown drama to match the quality and impact of Mad Men.

Like the US series, The Hour is set in a competitive environment where women are beginning to break through and the polite facade of the era masks deep tensions which will ultimately produce a social revolution.

But The Hour, written by Abi Morgan (Brick Lane, Sex Traffic), which runs to six initial episodes, unlike Mad Men’s generous thirteen, also promises to be a pacy thriller with a murder at its heart. A top-notch cast has been assembled for the series, which should answer some of the BBC Trust’s criticisms that BBC Two needs more creative ambition in prime-time.

Set at the launch of a topical news TV show (could it be inspired by Panorama which began in 1953?), The Hour follows a sharp-witted and passionate love triangle centred on the ambitious yet enigmatic Bel (Romola Garai) and her two rivals. Ben Whishaw plays Freddie Lyon, a brilliant and outspoken journalist, whose passion, inevitably, lands him in trouble. Dominic West of The Wire legend, plays Hector Madden, a charming, charismatic presenter, whose family connections get him the job as front man on The Hour.

Collapse )

Would watch for the cast alone. And, better Romola picture for you all: