November 7th, 2010


Prince Hot Ginge Wears Pink Panties

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Don't look down! Prince Harry looked delighted with himself yesterday as he helped Scouts scale a wall at the Imperial War Museum at the launch of a forces charity campaign. But what comes up, must come down, so the saying goes, and Harry's trousers certainly looked like they could do with a heave-up as the prince revealed he was wearing a very pink pair of pants.

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David Beckham to host SNL??????????

David Beckham is taking another shot at comedy - after being offered a guest slot on Saturday Night Live.
Producers usually reserve places on the leading US sketch show for established comics. But they approached the LA Galaxy star after seeing his hilarious stint on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last week.

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if it happens, i'll shit bricks
also, Iker should make a cameo Y/Y?
zooey umm

Katy Perry For Cosmo UK

Katy Perry isn’t just getting covered on Glee, she’s covering next month’s Cosmo UK, too. From the waist up, the “Teenage Dream” is looking festive for the snow flake-y, holiday-themed cover, but from the waist down the singer is a bit underdressed for winter in her hot pink hot pants! We guess you just can’t take the Cali out of a California Gurl.

boyd smile

Toby Regbo aka young Dumbledore does Interview Magazine

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It's a good thing that 18-year-old actor Toby Regbo was a quick study-he had an allergic reaction to his first drama class. "They had us stand in front of a mirror and pretend to be a plant," he recalls. "I thought, ‘Oh, shit. Is this what drama is going to be like?' " Impatience paid off for the London teen, who found another theater group run by an agent who got him into auditions. Two guest spots on British TV helped him get cast as the young Dumbledore in the highly anticipated final two Harry Potter films--a.k.a. one of the rare golden tickets in the cinematic lottery. Part one lands in theaters this month. "The part I play means so much to certain people," he reflects. "They send you very intense mail, saying everything from ‘I hope it goes well for you' to ‘Don't mess it up or I'll kill you.' " Having played overburdened adolescents in both the 2009 film Mr. Nobody and the West End play Tusk Tusk, Regbo seems to be cornering the market on young alienated types. He will star alongside Ellen Burstyn and Marcia Gay Harden in the upcoming comedy Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You. In the movie, Regbo plays James Sveck, a sexually confused high school senior who rejects just about everything. "It's searingly accurate about what it's like to be this age," says Regbo. "Because James is so self-aware, he can never invest himself in anything fun." Aside from overinvested Harry Potter fans, Regbo is also acclimating to the online scrutiny that has come with his father's tendency to google him. "I was at the BFI London Film Festival and this photo of me got put up online," he says. "My father sent me a link to the article, which was from a website called something like It was analyzing my haircut. And it had been cut by my grandmother about 20 minutes before I got to the premiere."

The haircut in question:

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Source Source 2

From what I've seen, he's a phenomenal actor, especially considering that's he's still a teenager. I CANNOT WAIT for 'Someday this Pain be Useful to You'; it's one of my favourite novels and Toby is perfect for James TBH.

The Situation Shows Off His New Book

Here’s one of ‘Jersey Shore’s most notorious cast members, Mike The Situation, showing off his book and his bling at this book signing at a Borders in New York City. His book is called ‘Here’s the Situation,’ interestingly enough (I kid, I kid ).
After his short stint on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ it looks like The Situation isn’t wasting any time moving on to other ventures. Good for him!

‘Fess up: do you have even the tinsiest bit of interest (or just curiosity) about his book, ‘Here’s the Situation’?

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Lil Wayne Hits Stage With Drake In Las Vegas

Weezy performs with Drake for first time since prison release

LAS VEGAS — The recently freed rapper hit the stage for the time since his release as he joined Drake during the finale of his "Light Dreams and Nightmares" tour.

Drake teased the appearance throughout his set, telling fans about his first phone call with Lil Wayne since the Cash Money superstar left prison and later asking fans to fill in the words for Wayne's verse in "Right Above It."

But then Lil Wayne stormed the stage midway through "Miss Me" causing the capacity crowd to erupt in cheers.

"I was gone 'til November, but I didn't trip cause I know he was gonna get 'em," Wayne rapped, tweaking his lyrcs and pointing to Drake.

Wayne wore black jeans, white sneakers, a black skully hat and was shirtless as he stopped after his performance to address the audience.

"I'm back," he said. "It feels good to be back. If you love me like I love you, please make some motherf---ing noise."

The Young Money/Cash Money camp was also on stage, as the Birdman, Mack Maine, Tyga, and company stood to the left of the stage when Wayne arrived.

Drake told the audience he was completely unaware of Weezy's plans to perform during his set.

"Weezy's home," Drake said, excitedly. "We back!"

"I'm fresh home from my vacation and ain't nothing, nothing, nothing like home," Wayne said.

The buffer-than-usual star left after the one song.

Drake continued on with his set, while Wayne, Birdman, and the rest of the crew celebrated in the elevator on the way back stage. He later left the venue before the show ended. The crowd cheered throughout the rest of Drake's set and chanted "Weezy" over and over again as the lights dimmed and the Toronto lyricist ended his set.

Earlier in his set, Drake told the audience about his first conversation with Wayne since his was released from Rikers Island earlier this week.

"Yesterday, I was at the hotel. I got this call from a number I never seen in my life. I picked it up. All I hear was, 'Yo', " Drake said, imitating Wayne's voice. "I said, I got a new number, who the f--k is this? And I heard was, it's Weezy."

"And I said, man," Drake continued. "It is great to hear your voice on a regular line."

Kirsten Dunst Topless Pictures Are All Good Things (VIDEO)

Kirsten Dunst Topless in All Good Things

Is this boob heaven? It feels like it today. Capped off perhaps with my crazy/beautiful long time object d' lust, Kirsten Dunst, who has certainly gone through her frumpy periods of late, but her boobs and body make a stellar return in All Good Things. I love boobs. I love Alba boobs. Denning boobs. I lust Kirsten Dunst boobs. A sudden appearance of Kirsten Dunst topless pictures -- this is heavenly. Enjoy.

Kirsten Dunst Topless in All Good ThingsWatch the Video:

Kirsten Dunst Topless in All Good Things


A long overdue (but totally worth it) Florence & The Machine encounter post

So tonight I saw Flo at The Wiltern in LA and she was incredible as always. I saw her last year at The Troubadour and it was the most mind blowing show I'd ever seen. I was going to post this but back then not many people here knew Flo but I'm jazzed about all the lovin' she's been gettin on ONTD lately so I figured now is as good a time as any.

(from when I snagged her set list from a different show in New York)

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Coolest model on earth - Freja Beha Erichsen's post

After Fashion Weeks, "rebel girl" Freja Beha Erichsen keeps herself busy with bunch of top fashion magazine editorials and ad campaigna. Take a look at her recent works.

Vogue Paris November 2010
(nudity warning - but it's Freja, so never mind)

Freja Beha Erichsen makes yet another appearance in the November issue of Vogue Paris and this time around, makes a stunning blonde in front of Hedi Slimane’s lens. Styled by Carine Roitfeld, Freja dons a mix of the delicate and tough pieces from leather to chiffon in Temps Libre.

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Lauren Conrad, Rachel Bilson and Krysten Ritter on 'BFF & Baby' set.

Yesterday, Krysten Ritter, Lauren Conrad, and Rachel Bilson were all spotted on the L.A. set of BFF & Baby.

Krysten spent her down time playing with a fluffy friend, her pet cat!

We make a motion that taking your cats out in public replace yip yappy in-purse dogs as a new celebrity trend.
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Michael Ealy on ‘Good Wife,’ ‘Colored Girls’, and Doing Laundry

Ealy plays brutal Beau Willie, a vet who’s “really in a bad way, struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder,” Ealy says. “In the play, he’s back from Vietnam. In the movie, it’s Afghanistan.”

Whatever the war, Ealy stresses, “He’s just not the same. Some people will think he’s just a bad black man. My goal was to play him as someone who’s suffering from severe PTSD. It was the only way I could humanize him. He was a good guy before he went to war.”

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the sauce

So ONTD, who saw Colored Girls? What did you think of the film? I think there was some really good performances from the guy that played Janet's husband, Phylicia Rashad, Thandie Newton and the girl that played Newton's sister. I don't know if my seats were too close but Tyler Perry had way too many close ups. Oh yeah, I think we need a Tyler Perry tag.
zooey umm

For Gays, New Songs of Survival

AT first listen, “We R Who We R,” the current single from the pop singer Ke$ha, sounds like just another entry in her glitter-caked catalog of dance hits. Eccentrically spelled song title? Check. Effervescent electro-pop production courtesy of the megaproducer Dr. Luke? Check. Ample use of Auto Tune? Double check.

But “We R Who We R” has a subtext: It is intended as a response to the recent rash of suicides by gay teenagers and young adults, several of whom were close to Ke$ha’s age. (She is 23.) “It’s heartbreaking,” said the singer, who has sold upward of 29 million tracks worldwide since her first album, “Animal,” made its debut at No. 1 in January, with lyrics about brushing her teeth with whiskey. She called her latest single an anthem for those “who haven’t felt accepted because of their sexuality,” a torch song for “people being themselves unapologetically.”

In the wake of the continued legal wrangling over the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and same-sex marriage; harassment of gay youth in schools; and anger over the use of a gay joke in the trailer for the Vince Vaughn film “The Dilemma,” the top of the pop music charts has become a refuge of unambiguous support for gay rights.

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NY Times
Idk if I agree with this entire article, but it's still a good message
David G. "smiling"

Ricky Gervais Gets in Character: Exclusive Video

In order to explore the creative process, Howard Schatz directs and photographs actors as they respond to his situational prompts. Initially shot for Schatz’s book, In Character: Actors Acting (Bulfinch, 2006), this collaborative project has continued in V.F., where the sessions regularly appear as photo triptychs in the Vanities section. For the December issue, Schatz sat down with Ricky Gervais, creator of The Office and reigning king of cringe comedy, who, when he wasn’t cracking up the photographer, opened up about his specific breed of humor.

Left: You’re the office toady, having a dutiful laugh over your boss’s latest racist joke—and all too aware that everyone else at work hates you.
Center: You’re a Miss Universe finalist in the nanosecond between being named fifth runner-up and remembering to flash your best I’m-so-happy smile.
Right: You’re the school doofus, blissfully unaware that your having just been named prom king is a cruel, Carrie-style stunt by your classmates.

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John Travolta and Kelly Preston have chosen a name for their unborn son

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John Travolta and Kelly Preston have chosen a name for their soon-to-be born baby boy: It's Benjamin!

In a world exclusive interview, John revealed to Star the baby's name and said that Kelly, 48, is due to give birth in three weeks. As Star has reported, John is in Australia to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Qantas airline. John flew his personal Boeing 707 to Sydney for the event.

I like it. And John, really, you're going away for ten days when your wife is so close to giving birth? At least he has his own jet and can get back really fast if she does go into labor.

Cher-L is a Vodka Girl?

Cheryl Cole has read the riot act to X Factor hopeful Cher Lloyd after discovering the young wannabe was smuggling vodka into her room.

The star takes her role as a mentor on the ITV1 show very seriously and she has forbidden her acts from drinking.

Cheryl, 27, told her contestants Katie Waissel, Treyc Cohen, Rebecca Ferguson and Cher that they must quit booze if they want to win the show.

‘But Cheryl was told Cher was holding a drink at a Tinie Tempah gig and has been sneaking vodka into her room. She hit the roof and told Cher – who is 17 – that she’s not as grown-up as she thinks she is,’ says my X Factor insider.

Billionaire Barbie Flashing the New and Improved Cleavage

Billionaire Barbie claims that there's been no enhancement to her original anatomical structure, but looking at these Paris Hilton cleavage pictures and similarly recent photos, I think the lady's new big boobs protest too much. Either Paris Hilton has had a team of engineers locked in her basement working on a true miracle bra, or the heiress had interaction with a Beverly Hills doctor in the past calendar year. This is a real CSI type mystery! A boobstery! Enjoy.

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"For Colored Girls" cast covers Essence Magazine

For Colored Girls writer and director Tyler Perry and his cast are Essence magazine's cover stars for the newest December issue.

(l-r)Richard Lawson, Hill Harper, Omari Hardwick, Khalil Kain (aka Jabari's dad from Girlfriends), Michael Ealy and Tyler Perry.

(l-r) Thandie Newton, Kimberly Elise, Phylicia Rashad, Anika Noni Rose, Kerry Washington, Loretta Devine (luv her), Janet Jackson, Whoopie Goldberg and Tessa Thompson.

For Colored Girls is in theaters and this issue of Essence is out on newsstands.

lipstick alley

Sherlock: The Great Game Finale Sneak Peek

Sherlock wraps up its too-brief, three-episode run tonight on PBS’  Masterpiece Mystery! with another strong entry, “The Great Game.” Based on an Arthur Conan Doyle short story, the adventure has Benedict Cumberbatch’s Holmes chasing after a terrorist who straps explosives to innocent people and has them deliver cryptic messages to our hero, with deadlines for him to solve the clues before the victims go ker-blooey.

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(Can't wait to watch this episode again because it was my favorite out the three)
zooey umm

Adam Carolla's a Republican, Hates Gay Parents, Women, and Minorities

Adam Carolla's new book, 'In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks,' is -- we mean this -- laugh-out-loud funny. The former 'Loveline' and 'The Man Show' co-host writes about plenty of hot button topics, including immigration and gay marriage, and many other less serious topics like the size of ketchup packets. His invective-filled screed is often completely politically incorrect, and always completely hilarious.

Here, he talks with PopEater about his juxtaposition of political views (birth control for all students, but no soda in schools; maybe Republican, but hoping for legalized marijuana), his takes on gay parents and racial profiling, and why he did 'Dancing With the Stars.'

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breaking and the making of the soul

...we came in?

Backstage with Roger Waters as he prepares for The Wall spectacular $60 million live show

Roger Waters on stage in Toronto. His father's death inspired many of the songs he wrote for Pink Floyd, most notably on the 1979 album The Wall

The way his son tells it, Eric Waters died on a battlefield in Italy on February 18 1944 because of the foolishness of the generals he served.

‘It was just before dawn one miserable morning in black ’44,’ sings Roger Waters, former member of Pink Floyd, in When The Tigers Broke Free, the song he wrote about that day.

‘The Anzio bridgehead was held for the price of a few hundred ordinary lives.’

Eric Fletcher Waters was the son of a County Durham coal miner and Labour Party activist. He won a scholarship to Durham University and became a schoolteacher. In 1939 he was a Communist and a committed pacifist and refused to take up arms, driving an ambulance during the Blitz instead. But he was changed by the nature and scale of the unfolding conflict. He signed up to fight against fascism.

That was how he came to be a second lieutenant in 8th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers, part of a force that landed on the beaches at Anzio in February 1944 and was told to hold the town.

The 31-year-old’s name is one of 4,000 listed on a memorial to those who were killed in action at Anzio but whose bodies were never found. His youngest son Roger was four months old when it happened; just old enough to have appeared in a family picture with his father, taken shortly before Eric’s deployment to Italy.

Waters - on the knee of his mother, Mary - with his father, Eric and brother John, shortly before his father was killed

By the late Forties, at school in Cambridge, Roger was becoming aware of the pain of his loss: ‘When men in uniform came to collect their children, that’s when I realised I didn’t have a father any more. I was very angry. It took me years to come to terms with it. Because he was missing in action, presumed killed, until quite recently I expected him to come home. The sacrifice of his life has been a great gift and a great burden to me.’

He means it has informed a huge amount of his work. His father’s death inspired many of the songs Waters, now 67, wrote for Pink Floyd, most notably on the 1979 album The Wall, which charts the decline and fall of a rock star so emotionally scarred by the loss of his father during the war that he retreats ever further behind a psychological barrier. lol there's a little bit more to it than that

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Did anyone else see the New York show last night? I thought it was awesome. As goofy as the overall story is, I really appreciated the antiwar focus he gave it. And the special effects were really amazing, there was one part where the movie on the screen showed the wall parting and then this freaky creature ran right towards the audience and went splat, covering the wall with blood. I actually jumped. But mostly it was just great to hear Roger actually sing the songs live, and he seemed really into it and having a good time. I highly recommend checking it out if you're a Floyd fan.
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Can MTV Return to the Glory Days of Music Videos?


When people talk MTV, they make it sound like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tale. Jekyll was the 1980s-to-late-1990s MTV, when it was still called "music television" and was about one thing only -- music. The impact it had on musicians' careers was revolutionary, and it made artists like Michael Jackson transform from pop star to legend.

Mr. Hyde is what you see today, a network without an identity and invested more in teenage humor, publicity stunts and 'Jersey Shore.' If you grew up watching MTV in the '90s, you probably don't watch MTV today because music videos and 'TRL' ('Total Request Live,' yeah, the days of Carson Daly) have been replaced by pregnant teenagers and indie redheads from Texas.

Now MTV wants us to believe that's all changing, that they can move back to the glory days of music videos. Read on.

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MTV's Andrew Jenks: Take A Look Inside My Dop Kit

A shirtless Andrew Jenks gets drenched in water for a recent spread in the November 2010 issue of Men’s Fitness.
The 24-year-old filmmaker and star of MTV’s World of Jenks, a series where he immerses himself in the lives of different professionals, opens up about his grooming and exercise habits:

On what’s in his dop kit
“A Colgate toothbrush. My Gillette razor. And, people will roll their eyes at this, but I still get compliments on my cologne. [It's] Abercrombie & Fitch. Gets the girl, every time.”
On keeping fit and staying in shape
 “I swim every morning. You definitely get a good workout and I like it because it isn’t that hard on your body. I also put a pull-up bar in my bathroom doorway. That way, every time I enter or leave the bathroom, I do 15, 30, 50 pull-ups. That’ll keep your upper body pretty strong.” 
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David G. "smiling"

Warner Bros. Buys Leavesden Studios

Opening Harry Potter museum

Ten days ago Warner Bros. provided a boost to the New Zealand film industry by confirming that The Hobbit will stay in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Today was the turn of the small grey one, with the studio announcing that it has bought Leavesden Studios and will be spending £100m redeveloping the Hertfordshire site into a state-of-the-art filmmaking hub.

The design below gives some idea of the scale of Warners' plans for the new Leavesden. Says Barry Meyer, the studio's chairman and CEO: "Our multi-million pound investment in creating a state-of-the-art, permanent UK film production base further demonstrates our long-term commitment to the skills and creativity of the UK film industry."

It's significant fillip for UK filmmaking, creating 300 new jobs and transforming Leavesden into one of Europe's biggest back-lots. Leavesden has, of course, been home to many of Warners' UK productions in recent years, including The Dark Knight, Inception and all eight Harry Potter films.

The purchase will mean that there's a part of Blighty that is forever Hogwarts: two new soundstages will be build to house a wealth of movie memorabilia, including sets from Harry Potter. Warner Bros. will be opening the stages to the public for behind-the-scenes tours, which, with any luck, will be conducted by a full-time staff of Death Eaters. Pencil in Easter 2012, the tentative opening date, for your tour.


Tom Selleck Is Still The Man

Tom Selleck doesn't casually sit down at a table; he takes ownership. At a larger-than-life 6 foot 4, absurdly handsome in a corduroy shirt, jeans, and boots, he looks like a cowboy trimmed and tidied for a day off from the ranch. When he pulls up a chair at a Los Angeles bistro, everything from the silverware to the stemware appears to shrink. But it's more than just a physical impression--there's a warmth, a presence, a glow of easy confidence.

The truth is, the 65-year-old star with the 1000-kilowatt Thomas Magnum smile is indeed spending a day away from his ranch. When he's not acting, Selleck kicks back--and clears brush--on the 63-acre spread near Santa Barbara he shares with his wife of 23 years, British actress Jillie Mack. With its 1920s Spanish-style house, 20-acre avocado grove, and barns housing five horses--including 25-year-old Spike, from Selleck's 1990 film Quigley Down Under--it's the perfect retreat for a gentleman rancher with a lifelong love of Westerns, a place to "dig a hole or plant a tree and get my mind off stuff," the actor says.
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Rick Fox was spotted leaving dinner with his girlfriend actress Eliza Dushku earlier this week following his elimination from Dancing with the Stars.

Although the former NBA star and actor was never in the bottom two, he offered some insight as to why he was eliminated: “Jennifer and Brandy are great dancers, so that’s easy to see why they are still around. I know that Kyle gets the young vote, Bristol has her huge following and it’s possible Kurt and I split the athletic vote. I know he wins in the ‘number of kids’ department. But I know I won all the ‘tall’ votes.”

The 41-year-old 6-foot-7 Canadian native is considering applying for U.S. citizenship: “I’ve lived more than half my life in this country and I still can’t vote. My kids are talking about politics and I want that experience.”

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Source 1, 2
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Porn Industry Is Back In Action

After less than a four-week shut-down brought on by the discovery that an actor had tested HIV-positive, porn industry cameras are rolling again
, has learned.

Two of the biggest companies began shooting again last week and Vivid Entertainment announced it will resume on Monday. All the companies involved have their studios in LA's San Fernando Valley and it is not uncommon for porn stars to work for multiple producers.

The shut down began October 12 after an actor, referred to as Patient Zeta, tested positive for HIV. The situation was called a "time bomb" by former porn superstar Jenna Jameson in an exclusive interview with

"We can now confirm that all performers who were on the quarantine list as a result of being exposed to the HIV positive performer have gone through two rounds of testing and the results are negative," said Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch.

But guidelines from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation indicate the porn studios should wait at least another month before putting exposed performers back on the job. "It could be anywhere from 12 weeks to six months that an HIV infection could appear," explained communications director Ged Kenslea.

First story about it posted here:
Second story about it posted here:


X-Files 3 update: David Duchovny did not confirm script

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Something was lost in translation.

LatinoReview was in contact with David Duchovny’s public relations representative and she said the interview was simply misconstrued on France’s TVMag about a possible “X-Files 3” film.

She said Duchovny is not aware of any working script for “X-Files 3.”

In addition, she clarified to LatinoReview that Duchovny actually said he would not mind working on another X-Files film and with actress Gillian Anderson again. And he was very proud of the previous two X-Files films.

It was previously reported that Duchovny said an X-Files 3 script was in the works and the second film strayed too far from the roots of the series. The interview in France’s TVMag was not a fake interview, but the French reporter misunderstood on what David Duchovny said to her.

The question remains—would you like to see a third X-Files movie?

Nooooooooooo, desperately want X-FIles 3! Mulder/Scully married and William being back and it being revealed that Monica is Samantha Mulder, because I"m 100% convinced of that!
conan white teeth
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who owns MY HEART


I hate when there are a zillion posts from one event of each celeb so HERE THEY ALL ARE!

Katy Perry, Kesha, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Bon Jovi, Jon Bovi

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Lazy Sunday: Top Viral Videos of the Week

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The makers of the hugely popular video game, "Call of Duty," have released their latest commercial, featuring Kobe Bryant, Jimmy Kimmel and other everyday folk appearing in a real life shoot 'em up scenario.

While it's promoting the idea that everyone uses their game (with its tagline, "There's a Soldier in All of Us"), it also glamorizes violence in an all-too-real way. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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lmfao at the last one, oh man that little girl screaming while she's trying to sing a karaoke ~classic. anyway, what's your favorite viral video, ontd?

also, before anyone asks, the date on my icon was a part of ontd history when ans died and we killed ontd/lj for the first time.
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Twelve Buzziest Fall Movies

The weather's cooling down, but some of the hottest fall movies haven't even hit the theaters yet. From Natalie Portman's turn as an unhinged ballerina to the beginning of the end of Harry Potter, here are 12 films you won't want to miss.

'127 Hours'
James Franco is already earning raves for his turn as Aron Ralston, the hiker who was forced to hack off his own arm after getting trapped under a boulder while hiking through a remote cavern. A.O. Scott of The New York Times says, “There are scenes in 127 Hours that are hard to bear—the cracking of a bone, the severing of a nerve, the desperate consumption of a water bag filled with urine—but what these moments communicate is more than worth a jolt of discomfort or a spasm of revulsion. To say that this movie gets under your skin is only barely a figure of speech. It pins you down, shakes you up and leaves you glad to be alive.” “Hard to bear” might, however, be a minor understatement—several audience members fainted during recent screenings. (November 5)


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I actually want to see most of these. What about you, ONTD?


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New record "Horses And High Heels" by British Rock Icon Marianne Faithfull

Two years after the release of "Easy Come, Easy Go", Marianne Faithfull went back to the studio with the very talented and long-time collaborator Hal Willner and will reveal her new album "Horses And High Heels" in January 2011.

This album stands for Marianne Faithfull's comeback for song-writing, as she wrote five of the six original songs of the album which also includes eight covers. Combining rock, soul and pop sounds, "Horses And High Heels" unveils a new feature in Marianne’s discography. The preliminary cover art was created by Jim Warren. Collapse )


For the 5 people that care. Please spread the news to anybody who might be interested as Marianne's promo folks are shit. I hear that Lou Reed is on the album too. Sooo excited the album. I wasn't sure about the cover art at first, but now I like its surreal retro-kitschyness.

Harvey Levin is a MJ stan/ Loves the new song

Harvey got a preview of the new Michael Jackson song that's to premiere at 12 am tonight.

He loves it and he's given a preview to the lyrics.
It premieres TONIGHT at 12 on!

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FECK! I can't wait! I'm literally biting my nails and typing with one hand


2010 ARIA Awards arrivals

So yesterday in Australia it was the 2010 ARIA Awards at the Sydney Opera House. I'mma be straight with you all. Idk who the hell 98% of these people are or what the awards are for (although some of you Aussie's might) but we need something to do between now and X-Factor so come on in.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Christina Aguilera's "mystery man" is Matthew D. Rutler

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Christina Aguilera's "mystery man" for her evening out at SoHo in Los Angeles Friday night was Matthew D. Rutler, a set assistant from the production of Burlesque, has learned.

Christina and Rutler doubled-dated with her friends Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, and they did their best to keep Matthew hidden. Some websites even incorrectly reported that it was Benji Madden in the back seat with Christina!

The tall, good-looking Rutler is also a guitarist for the Nate Mott Band, according to his imdb listing. He and Christina also reportedly went out together on Halloween.
Aguilera shocked fans last month when she announced she and husband Jordan Bratman had separated after five years of marriage. They have a son, Max.

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Katy Perry: 2010 MTV EMAs with Russell Brand!

aty Perry and husband Russell Brand arrive at the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday (November 7) in Madrid, Spain.

The 26-year-old “Firework” singer is tied with Lady Gaga as the most nominated artist at tonight’s celebration!

Katy is no stranger to the EMAs - she’s hosted the event the past two years it’s taken place!

This year’s host is Eva Longoria.

The two-hour show will premiere on MTV2 at 9:00 PM ET/PT Sunday, November 7th, and a one-hour special highlighting the 2010 EMAs performances will air on MTV at 9:00PM ET/PT Friday, November 12th.
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MICHAEL PITT'S HOTNESS LIVES (and has taken some new pix). REJOICE!

Michael Pitt gets down and dirty in these shots from the winter issue of VMAN magazine, on newsstands November 11th 2010.

Here is what the 29-year-old Boardwalk Empire (HBO) star had to share with the mag:

On his audition process with Martin Scorsese: “I went in and we talked and I did this scene, and he said, ‘That’s good, but you should do it angrier,’ so I did, but he said, again, ‘That’s good, but I think a bit more angry,’ so I did it again even angrier and asked, ‘So is that good?’ and he said ‘Yeah, more angry!’ So I went to the corner of the room and started screaming at the top of my lungs.”

On working with co-star Steve Buscemi: “Steve’s great. He lives in Park Slope in Brooklyn, which is not far from where I am. It’s great because we don’t have to get to know each other and we can just start working.”

On his character in Boardwalk Empire: “He’s damaged when he comes back [from World War II]. He’s hurt his leg and and he can’t really get a job and he’s seen all his peers who didn’t go away excel. So he decides to start bootlegging for money.”


SEXY AS ALL HELL (Funny Games, The Dreamers, Murder by Numbers, etc. etc.). Unfortunately, also underrated as all hell...
RM - pink lips

'Morning Glory' premiere: Rachel McAdams shines and more

"Morning Glory" premiered Sunday night (Nov. 7) in New York City and all of the film's stars were on hand. Rachel McAdams was beautiful in a gray strapless dress, while Diane Keaton looked sassy and fabulous in glasses and a black number.

 The movie features McAdams as aspiring news producer Becky Fuller who tries to save the failing morning show "Daybreak" by getting control of its feuding veteran anchors (Harrison Ford and Keaton).

 "Morning Glory" also features Jeff Goldblum and "Modern Family's" Ty Burrell, plus rapper 50 Cent as himself. It opens nationwide on Friday, Nov. 10.

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amber glasses

Even More Photos From The "We R Who We R" Video

Just when we think we've got Ke$ha's look all figured out — torn shirts, fishnets, and massive amounts of glitter — she takes her style in a new direction ... darker! The first images of the singer on the set of her new 'We R Who We R' music video, off her upcoming album Cannibal, just dropped, and Ke$ha looks pretty insane/cool in these new behind-the-scenes photos. For the video, Ke$ha rocks a leotard embellished with glass, ripped leggings and platform boots, and she's dripping in chains. She's also trying a new beauty routine by putting a metal chain in her hair, wearing gray and black makeup, and getting a manicure with mini cross and gun charms on her fingernails. It's like she mixed Taylor Momsen's makeup with Rihanna's leotards and added some of Lady Gaga over-the-top ways. But with so much going on in this outrageous outfit, let's take a closer look.
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David G. "smiling"

Chilean Miner Completes NYC Marathon

It is, quite simply, the classic plot of every fish-out-of-water film, hitting all of the cliches along the way with the enthusiasm of a 1980s comedy: the unlikely outsider arrives in New York, after some initial translation difficulties the city falls gleefully in love with this eccentric newcomer, he then accomplishes some incredible feat, the city cheers, cue end credits, over a rendition of – in this particular case – Elvis.

Ever since Edison Peña, one of the 33 miners who had been trapped underground in Chile for 69 days, arrived in New York on Thursday on his first trip abroad to compete in the New York Marathon – which he ran today – this Crocodile Dundee with a pickaxe has been on the kind of high-profile media tour that would make Paris Hilton envious.

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This guy's a star. He does Elvis and runs a marathon shortly after being trapped underground for 69 days?! That's amazing.
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Taylor Swift Is No Better Than John Mayer or Kanye West


Taylor Swift’s third album Speak Now was released to record breaking numbers and as America goes crazy over her sparkly dresses and good girl persona, the masses continue to talk about the songs and who they are about. However, instead of getting caught up in all that, I think it’s time to call Nashville’s country pop-princess out.

Enough with the good girl, doe-eyed “who me?” act, Taylor – you’re no better than anyone you write about!

Taylor’s career has been built upon writing songs about her encounters with other people, revealing facts about her relationships, and candidly exposing her side of the story. This is something that many people have done in their music and through their interviews. However, they get a lot of crap for it – while Taylor seems to get the thumbs up.

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This person is not a Taylor fan.


Keith Olbermann will return to Countdown on Tuesday


From Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC:

After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night’s program is an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy. We look forward to having him back on the air Tuesday night.

Miley's replacement?

Disney Channel Tries For New Miley Tonight

The last time the Disney Channel bet on a 13-year-old Southern starlet, it was Miley Cyrus. So now that Miley is all grown up (turning 18 in 2 weeks), I hear that The Powers That Be are putting the Southern starlet Bella Thorne on the same fast-track teen career path. Tennessee native Miley shared the sitcom spotlight with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. The brass are counting on Floridian Bella to be the breakout star of the new Disney Channel buddy comedy series Shake It Up which premieres tonight at 8:30 PM in a no-lose slot after the one-hour Hannah Montana Forever special "I'll Always Remember You". Miley's character lived her dream singing while navigating school.
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Merry Christmas!

Selena Gomez raises her hand high as she performs “Winter Wonderland” during the taping of the 2010 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., on Sunday morning (November 6).

The 18-year-old “Round and Round” singer even caught up with everyone’s favorite chipmunks, Chip and Dale after her performance.

The 2010 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade will air on Christmas Day (December 25) on ABC.

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How the King of Sweden enjoyed wild sex parties with strippers

To the world at large, King Carl Gustaf of Sweden is the ­perfect 21st-century ­monarch. A charming man of quiet ­dignity, loved by his people as an ordinary family man, his main hobby is Scouting. 

His only acknowledgement of a racier world is the stable of fast cars he enjoys driving. As for his 34 years of marriage with Queen ­Silvia, this is held up in ­libidinous Sweden as a ­wonderful example of what ­marriage should be.

At least, that’s how it was. But suddenly the 64-year-old King’s bespectacled image of almost dull respectability has undergone a remarkable transformation.

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OchocincO's Now In Sex-free Flavour

Last month, the breakfast cereal industry received a huge blow when it was learned that Chad Ochocinco’s cereal, OchocincO’s, had accidentally misprinted the number to the charity Feed the Children, which was the intended recipient of proceeds from sales and donations, on the cereal boxes. Instead, the packaging featured a number for a 1-800 sex line, which many people, adult and children, ended up calling while trying to make donations. Or so they told their wives.

The cereal was immediately pulled from shelves, undoubtedly a huge blow to the efforts by the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver to help this quality organization. However, it was great news for a Persian guy with a warehouse full of telephones and fat Midwestern women. But now the cereal has returned to grocery stores throughout Cinnci and many other cities, so people can go back to enjoying a nutritious breakfast and cursing Ochocinco’s inconsistent fantasy numbers *shakes fist in general direction of Ohio*.
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Rihanna at EMAs

Rihanna hits the red carpet in Marchesa at the 2010 MTV EMAs held at La Caja Magica in Madrid, Spain.

The 22-year-old Bajan beauty will be performing at the celebration! Ri is up for three awards by herself - and two for her collaboration with Eminem on “Love The Way You Lie”!

Last night, Ri rocked out with Bon Jovi during a surprise duet of “Livin’ On A Prayer”.
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Danielle Jonas Throws Kevin A Surprise Birthday Party!

Check out Kevin Jonas’s reaction as he walks into his surprise birthday party!

Kevin’s wife Danielle, his Jonas Brothers bandmates, and his friends helped organize the bash, which featured a ceiling full of blue, gold, and white balloons!

Kevin turned 23 on Friday (November 5). Happy birthday, Kevin !!!
After entering the room with his brothers Joe and Nick, Kevin gave Danielle a kiss, then blew the candles on his neon green cake.

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zooey umm

Kellan Lutz Running With His Dogs

Kellan Lutz shows off his amazing arms in a black sleeveless shirt as he goes out for a run on Saturday (November 6) in L.A.

The 25-year-old actor and model was joined by a friend as well as his beloved rescue dogs, Kevin and Kola!

On Friday, Kellan ran into his ex, AnnaLynne McCord at a party in Santa Monica.

Looks like it was an amicable split, though - Kellan and AnnaLynne shared a smile and a hug when they saw each other at the soiree.

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Just Jared
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Lindsay Lohan Out On A Shopping And Movie "Date"

Lindsay Lohan had another field trip back into the real world, has learned. Accompanied by at least two other women from the Betty Ford Center, Lilo went to a book store and the movies, reports

Trying her best to be low-key and wearing a hooded sweatshirt, Lindsay was spotted at The River shopping center in Rancho Mirage, CA. The Betty Ford Center is located just a few minutes away.

She browsed for a bit and then bought some magazine, an eyewitness said.

As Border's closed, the group walked across the mall to the Century Theatres multiplex where the new weekend hits Megamind 3D and Due Date had opened earlier in the day.

As reported, on Tuesday Lindsay made what is believed to have been her first trip off the grounds at Betty Ford.

She hit up the Forever 21 store in nearby Palm Desert. In an exclusive interview with, store manager Tiffany Bennett described the actress as looking "really, really good."

Managers at Borders and Century Theatres declined to comment about Lindsay when contacted by on Sunday.

Lindsay's mother, Dina Lohan, no doubt will be doing a lot more talking when she appears on Today Monday morning for another interview with Matt Lauer.

Why is she even in rehab?
zooey umm

Susan Boyle's Very First Music Video

For her first-ever music video, 'Britain's Got Talent' break-out star Susan Boyle offers a cinematic journey through stunning natural settings for her cover of rocker Lou Reed's 1972 classic 'Perfect Day' -- one of the tracks featured on her new album, 'The Gift,' in stores November 9.

Directed by Reed himself, the video was a way of showing support for the Scottish siren after his not-so-favorable reaction over her version of his trademark track in September. Reed says of the project, "I wanted to create a beautiful and intimate piece shot in Susan's native Scotland and she quickly agreed." And that's just what he did. Expect sweeping shots of lush forests and gorgeous sunrises.

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Girl Talk announces North American tour

The disposable nature of pop music is a double-edged sword for Gregg Gillis’ Girl Talk. On one end, it puts an instant expiration date on his hyperactive mash-ups. (Don’t believe us? Give 2008’s Feed The Animals a spin, and let us know how stale those Rich Boy and Flo Rida samples sound.) Then again, with so many artists coming and going (and coming back again) into the public’s favor, the dude’s concerts are allowed space to be an ever-evolving panoply of chart hits, underground favorites, dance-floor classics, and guilty pleasures. This lends an air of mystery to Gillis’ infamous “everybody get onstage and act a fool” roadshow, which will hit most of the continental United States (and hell, why not a couple of South American venues as well?) through March 2011, including a Jan. 14 date at the Austin Music Hall. What indie darling will he smash into “Like A G6”? Is it possible to make Ke$ha likable by laying her Auto-Tuned vocals over, say, the piano riff from an old Elton John single and the beat from Big Boi’s “Shutterbugg”? In the time since he last released a full-length, Gillis has missed out on Lady Gaga, “Empire State Of Mind,” and Glee—hopefully only the first two get admission to his big, transcontinental dance party.

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Hobos break into hotel room, mock security from balcony

Chronic mumbler and embarassment to Britain Robert "Footface" Pattinson and his partner in grime non talent, meth head style twitcher Kristen "Beefstew" Stewart pictured here waving to confused strangers fans from a hotel balcony today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after eating cheetos, getting high and braiding each others chest hairs.

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Reba serves as model for young acts' success

Think of this as the Reba McEntire edition of the Country Music Association Awards.

Country music's most recognizable woman is up for just one award, but she inspired and led the way for the new generation of female talent that swept through nominations this year.

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I just freakin' love her... I've never heard anyone say an unkind word about her, her duets make every partner sound incredible, her tv show rocked, and I kinda just wanna hang out with her!

Who are YOUR favorite country singers, ONTD? Favorite country songs?

Stephen Fry + Udo Kier = New-ish film

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"The House of Boys" (the Jean-Claude Schlim film that brought Stephen Fry and his boytoy together) has finally been given a release date. The film has had a notoriously difficult birth, but it looks like it's going to hit the screens outside of Luxembourg after all. The film stars Udo Kier, Stephen Fry and is lead by a young British cast (amongst them, Stephen Fry's midlife crisis). "The House of Boys" will come into the world on the 2d of December 2010, more than a year after it's premier.

House of boys trailer (NSFW)

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