November 6th, 2010

hardyva the destroyer

this post is dedicated to my bb ~egads

Tom Hardy and Chris Pine get into a brawl while filming scenes for This Means War on Thursday (November 4) in Vancouver, Canada.

The co-stars were involved in a fist fight for a scene and sported fake bruises and blood!

Earlier this week, Tom filmed a scene with Reese Witherspoon where they were kissing in a car.

In the film, Tom and Chris play best buds that go into a war against each other when they both fall for Reese’s character.
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gingerslam we have a bone to pick. first you spoil projrun for me on twitter and then you go and do a fool thing like post the chris pine pictures without any tom hardy. and you had the audacity to use his tag? for shame. for. shame. with that said, however:

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Nadine Coyle is downplaying her flop

Nadine Coyle has dismissed the modest sales of her debut single 'Insatiable'.

PA quotes the Girls Aloud singer as saying that she is more concerned about securing "a big show" to perform her new album of the same name.

She reportedly explained: "Realistically, now that it's a business and I'm heading up the label, you have to watch costs and stuff in marketing and manufacturing. You don't want to over-mix something when you don't sell hard copies of CDs.

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if she hears about it she'll feel bad

Time for the grownups to talk

Rachel Maddow Reacts to Keith Olbermann's Suspension

“Hey there — anything crazy happen where you work today?” said Rachel Maddow at the start of her MSNBC show on Friday night. She was referring, of course, to the suspension of her prime-time neighbor, Keith Olbermann, for making donations to three Democratic congressional candidates.

According to NBC News policy cited by MSNBC president Phil Griffin, its employees cannot do that unless they have prior permission. Griffin put out the usual boilerplate: that “these activities jeopardize his [...] standing as an impartial journalist because they may create the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

Come on: Does anyone think Keith Olbermann is an impartial journalist? His show Countdown is intended as a presentation of the day’s news as recalibrated from a liberal point of view; his “special comments” are editorials. Over on Fox News in the same time period, Bill O’Reilly is doing the same thing, but from a conservative point of view. Does the idea that a liberal or a conservative opinion-giver is also a money-giver to campaigns he or she endorses really sully your sense of journalistic integrity? We’re not talking about Brian Williams or Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric taking to the air with ringing hosannas for Michele Bachmann or Barney Frank, and writing them big checks. It’s Keith Olbermann. It’s MSNBC.

And as Rachel Maddow pointed out in the final segment of her show this night, Fox News show hosts such as Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee have donated money and appeared at fund-raisers for politicians whose politics they praise on their shows.

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Also lots of other cable news hosts have given money to politicans, read the article here

Mariah Carey Doesn’t Believe In Celebrating Her Birthday

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I think I’m gonna try this! Mariah Carey has sworn off having a birthday. Sounds like a wonderful idea to me! The pregnant singer told the Independent newspaper that;

“I don’t have birthdays. Literally. If anyone wished me happy birthday, I’d be like, ‘Who are you talking to?’ It’s about not being tied down to anything.”

“Honestly I don’t think I’m normal. I don’t think my life has been quite normal. I disregard time, you don’t see me wear a watch. I don’t adhere to modern rules or the normal rules of time.”

I wonder if Mariah understands that her entire life is about to change once she has that baby. I don’t know but she doesn’t strike me as the type of star who will let the Nannies take care of her baby – she seems like she’ll be more hands on to me. Does that sound crazy?
lol yeah .. rite

GQ Styling Tips from David Beckham

He is the exception to every rule: the well-dressed, articulate footballer turned ambassador who made LA Galaxy worth watching and emerged unscathed from England's World Cup debacle in South Africa. To mark the release of his new fragrance Initimately Yours For Him, David Beckham exclusively reveals to his own sartorial rules, grooming regime and his worst style mistake (and it wasn't a haircut)…

My most important style rule? Be comfortable. But if you're buying a suit, the cut and fit have to be perfect.

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Victoria posted on her Twitter, "School project! We made this pilgrim doll. Amazing what you can do with a toilet paper roll! x VB x"

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Lamebook legal battle

Lamebook, a parody site that makes fun of Facebook content, received a threat from the popular social networking site over trademark infringement and, in response, decided to preemptively sue Facebook first, according to a statement on their website.

"Unlike the Facebook website, the Lamebook website does not offer social-networking services or functionality to its users and, therefore, does not compete with Facebook," the lawsuit read, according to CNET. 
Lamebook is a blog that allows users to submit ridiculous status updates and pictures from Facebook.

On its front page, Lamebook said it is “fending off threats of trademark infringement litigation from the multi-billion dollar giant by preemptively filing suit” in Texas.
The logo for the site looks similar to the “Like” thumbs-up icon on Facebook News Feeds, but it is turned upside down. The “Lamebook” logo font and color scheme is similar to Facebook’s logo as well.

Techcrunch reported that Facebook first contacted Lamebook in March and told them to stop using the “Lamebook” moniker and change their website’s look.

Lamebook, which was created by three Texas-based designers, argued that their site’s look and logo are protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.



Nope, we’re not talking about her notorious Hermés collection. Fashion icon, Victoria Beckham, is designing handbags among other things, and this intrigues us. The lady with impeccable taste in handbags is coming out with her own handbag line? She better delivers high-quality stuff.

When Victoria finally launched her Spring 2011 handbags at the New York Fashion Week back in September, our questions are answered. Posh lived up to her name, creating classy handbags, structured and clean in design.

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Jessica Simpson Reacts To Nick Lachey's Engagement

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo's engagement news on Thursday came as a surprise for everyone except ex-wife Jessica Simpson, who knew the day would come when the man she let get away would propose to another woman.

"Even though Jessica wants to be happy for Nick, this is a very difficult time for her," a friend of Simpson's tells me. "Nick was the love of her life then, man, and he was her first, so she will always have a very special place in her heart for him. She's deeply saddened."

The happy couple told Us Weekly that they were excited and incredibly happy about their engagement and look forward to a wonderful future together. Classy Nick got down on one knee and popped the question with an Asscher-cut diamond.

It was merely months after his ugly divorce from Jessica that Nick and Vanessa started dating in 2006, and although they briefly separated last summer, they got back together very quickly.

"Nick knows what it's like to lose someone that you love and wasn't going to let it happen again," a friend of the crooner tells me. "He never thought he would ever get married again after Jessica broke his heart. He never thought he would ever allow himself to be vulnerable again, but after dating for a long time he trusts Vanessa and knows she's the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with."

A Simpson insider tells me Jessica has yet to contact Nick to say congrats, and that it's possible it may stay that way for a while, for fear she may not come off as sincere.

"If you can't say something nice, it's better to say nothing at all."

Miley Cyrus -- Bilingual Underage Drinking ... Sorta

With her parents in the middle of a divorce, underage Disney pop princess Miley Cyrus, 17, threw back a Corona cerveza at a club in Madrid, Spain last night ... where the legal drinking age is technically 18 -- but there's a catch.

TMZ contacted several Spanish authorities who each confirmed the law ... and then made it clear that underage drinking is simply no big deal in their country.

One police officer told us ... people as young as 16 are cool to consume "certain" beverages in Madrid -- but the cop refused to explain what those beverages are. 

In that case: Salud!

Body Found Near Playboy Mansion

A body was found this afternoon within a few feet of the famous Playboy Mansion ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us the body of a transient man was found on the ground of a golf course that shares a fence with the Playboy Mansion. 

We're told there was a hole in the fence right near where the body was found. Sources at the mansion tell us they think he may have been trying to get on the grounds during an event there last night.

The L.A. County Coroner has already picked up the body.


Report: Cameron & A-Rod Split!

Well, it looks like Cameron Diaz and hunky Alex Rodriguez are back on the market! According to Life & Style magazine, the actress and the yummy New York Yankees slugger have called it quits after dating for seven months.

"Cameron and A-Rod are no longer dating and have definitely parted ways," a source tells the magazine. "He just doesn't like her anymore. That's honestly the reason they split."

New of the split comes as no surprise to gossip hounds, whose tongues were wagging when Diaz was spotted leaving a London club last month with a mystery man, reports Life & Style. Then, a few days later, she was seen leaving L.A.'s Bardot nightclub with Glee's Matthew Morrison.

Katherine Jackson releases New, Free Michael song

Michael Jackson's mother has decided to let the world listen to a brand new unreleased MJ song -- and, taking a shot at Sony, one she claims is 100% authentic.

The song -- "Opis None" -- was pulled from the archives of ... a company in which Katherine Jackson is a partner. The company owns nearly 300 unreleased MJ tracks ... along with never-before-seen video and memorabilia.

Howard Mann, Katherine's partner in the company, tells TMZ, "In an effort to overcome the confusion as to the authenticity of the track the estate has recently released we want to give an actual authentic Michael Jackson track to the world ... for free."

Sony released a teaser of an upcoming MJ album, which various experts have authenticated as the real deal.


i think THIS song just confuses people more.. 

Cause I'm Country Strong, Hard to Break

New stills ft. Garrett and Leighton

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Tim McGraw Lends a Hand to Help Feed America
With a greatest hits compilation due in stores November 30 and his latest major movie set to hit theaters on December 22, Tim McGraw is closing out 2010 with a bang. 'Number One Hits,' featuring 24 tracks ranging from his first No. 1 song to his latest hit, 'Felt Good on My Lips,' is a double-disc celebrating his illustrious musical career. His second career as an actor is on fire, as his new film, 'Country Strong,' puts Tim in arguably his biggest role ever, playing the husband of Oscar-winning actress and newly-minted country singer herself, Gwyneth Paltrow. Collapse )

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Leighton Meester to Be Face of Vera Wang's Next Scent

“Gossip Girl” star Leighton Meester has signed on as the face of Vera Wang’s next fragrance, WWD has learned. The advertising campaign, which will be shot by Carter Smith this weekend in Manhattan, will break summer 2011 in fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines. The fragrance will be available in department stores next summer. The designer noted that she believes Meester’s “beauty, talent and spirit will inspire all the young women that I hope will enjoy this passionate, new young fragrance.”

And Gwyneth will be performing live at the CMAs next week!

The Queen B aka Lil Kim Responds To Nicki Minaj

Although Nicki denied dissing Kimberly on her recent tune, the Queen Bee got things buzzin in Nicki’s hometown last night and RTNY got some footage. Kimberly’s Revenge?

“I will erase this b!tch’s social security number, first of all I don’t even need a record right now and I’d kill that b!tch with my old sh!t. My records ain’t just enter the charts, they made history. WTF is this bullsh!t, this sh!t come and go.”

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Disney Stars Gone Wild

Good girls are getting wild — young Hollywood seems to be following the train wreck trend and trading their innocent reputations for a life of wild partying! Growing up is hard to do, especially when you are a Disney starlet. Girls who were once the freshest faces of Hollywood have had their squeaky-clean reputations spoiled by scandals. Many have fallen victim of giving into temptation and transforming from Disney sweethearts into Hollywood wild girls. takes a look at the top five Disney starlets who have lost their innocence.

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Misha new hat

A Tron article that really tells us nothing we don't already know

Disney was nice enough to invite Moviefone to a sneak peek of 'Tron: Legacy,' which is set to open in theaters in mid-December. Since the film is currently unfinished, Disney was only able to show us 23 minutes of the film; we saw snippets of several scenes from the movie. It bodes well for 'Tron: Legacy' that even though we saw such brief footage, our jaws were on the floor and we were completely engaged. So imagine what it'll be like when we know the whole story and all of the characters?

Here are a few things we can share with you 'Tron'-heads out there.

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Trailer for Jumping The Broom starring Angela Bassett and Paula Patton

The film stars Angela Bassett (Notorious, Meet The Browns), Paula Patton (Precious, Deja Vu), Laz Alonso (Just Wright, Avatar), Mike Epps (The Hangover, Resident Evil: Extinction), Loretta Devine ( Death at a Funeral, First Sunday), Meagan Good (Stomp The Yard), Tasha Smith (Couples Retreat, Why Did I Get Married ?), DeRay Davis (Old Dogs, Semi-Pro), Julie Bowen (Modern Family), Romeo Miller (Honey), Gary Dourdan (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Perfect Stranger), Pooch Hall (The Game), Brian Stokes Mitchell (The Prince of Egypt), and Valarie Pettiford (Why Did I Get Married?, Stomp The Yard).

Source 1, 2

Ann Coulter LOL

ONTD's Fertility Deity Hates the New Batman Title

This is just a video made by one of the fans...Would this be the reaction of Tom Hardy (who will be acting in a unknown role in Batman 3 movie) on knowing the title that Nolan announced recently...This is just a joke :) Do share your views.I am sure that Nolan has kept this title with some meaning.Lets hope for the best!!


LOL no really what were they thinking when they named it? I liked "Gotham City" better.


Florence at the Voodoo Festival

By Luke McCormick; Photo by Noah Abrams

During the recent Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans, artists stopped by the American Express® ZYNC ZONE, to chat with SPIN about their 2010 festival experiences and much more, among them Florence & The Machine -- watch our video interview, plus performance footage below!

Florence Welch, aka Florence & the Machine, has always wanted to visit New Orleans so she arrived for Voodoo with her band three days early.

"We wanted to come and get a sense of the place, I've always fantasized about coming to New Orleans," she said. "We've been to jazz clubs and blues bars and soaking up the music."

Concerning her Voodoo Fest debut and her band's live show, Welch just wants the crowd to enjoy themselves. "You want people to dance and feel that they're involved," she said. "It feels like a group thing, not just be up there like, 'Hey look at me!'"

Ani: Amazon Warrior

Interview with Christopher Mark Lawrence of NBC's Chuck

You know him as Big Mike on NBC’s current hit dramedy Chuck. You know him as a standup comedian and brilliant character actor. Here is a look at an actor’s career that has spanned over twenty years and several genres of performance, and a rare look at the man behind the scenes and off stage. He can take a few minutes of screen time and make memorable magic. I’m certain you know the face, if not the name. Meet Mark Christopher Lawrence: actor, comic, humanitarian, music and food connoisseur.

TR: How did you get started in stand up in high school?
MCL: My best friend, he was like a big brother to me, sort of talked me into it, and he and I wrote an act together. The first time I performed, it was he and I together.

TR: How did he coerce you?
MCL: Just scared me. I mean I am very competitive.

TR: Did the performance ever become a solo act?
MCL: Yeah. We performed together for about a year together and then I went to college. He stopped doing comedy. And then I started doing it (comedy) again.

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David Duchovny says X-Files 3 being written

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

French website TVMag caught up with David Duchovny and asked him for an update on the third "X-Files" movie, which the actor previously said would focus on December 2012, an important date in the franchise.

"It is being written," said the actor, adding: "We're waiting for the green light from 20th Century Fox, which is a little disappointed by the relatively poor reception of the second film. The mistake, in my opinion, is that the writers strayed too far from the roots of the series. Plus the film was released in the summer. The third movie will be much closer to what the fans are used to, which is government conspiracies, etc..."

Both Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have expressed interest in returning for the third film, which is likely aiming to hit theaters at the end of 2012 to match up with the rumored "end of the world" storyline.


rupert wants a girlfriend.

Rupert Grint has revealed his determination to find love now that the Harry Potter film series has come to an end.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The 22-year-old, who has played Ron Weasley in the hit franchise since 2001, expressed his delight at finally having time to meet potential lovers since Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows finally wrapped in June.

Speaking to The Times, Grint confessed that he found it "quite difficult to sustain a relationship" because he was so busy.

"I went out with people, but never anything too serious. It wasn’t that easy. Now it’s something I’m really looking forward to," he said.

Despite the estimated $20 million he is believed to have earned from the role, Grint insisted that he will not be flaunting his wealth in order to attract women.

"I’ve never fancied that footballer lifestyle. I suppose I could live that kind of flash life. People stereotype child actors and kind of expect you to go off the rails a bit, be a bit crazy, but that’s not really happened yet," he said.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part One is due for release in UK and US cinemas on November 19.


i will date him.

First Look at Taylor Lautner in 'Abduction'!

He's so cute!

Synopsis of the film:

What would you do if you found your own picture on a missing persons website? Teen Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) finds himself facing this very dilemma. Setting out to uncover his real identity, Nathan quickly learns his parents are far from who they say they are. When the police, government agents and shadowy figures start to pursue him, Nathan’s quest for the truth erupts into a full-blown “Bourne”-likeman-on-the-run thriller.

Source: JIVID
boyd smile

The Playlist's Favourite Road Movies

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What is it about the road trip that lends itself so well to cinema? Looking down the entries to the genre, some of our very favorite films of all time qualify as part of one of the oldest tropes in the movies, and today’s release of Todd Phillips’ “Due Date” confirms, if confirmation was needed, that the style is still alive and kicking. It’s partly that the filmmaker gets to include as many cinematic locations as they can get their protagonists to visit, it’s partly that the nature of a chase, or a journey, is inherently filmic, and it’s partly that there are few better ways to create drama than sticking a group of characters together and forcing them to travel in the same direction.
In honor of Phillips’ movie (which as we’ll see, is dividing the staff here as much as it’s dividing critics around the world), we’ve picked over twenty of our favorite big-screen journeys. Not all are perfect, but all are worth adding to the Netflix queue.
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The Playlist

What do you think, ONTD? It's a pretty great list, but I would add Alexander Payne's 'Sideways' and 'About Schmidt', and Sean Penn's 'Into the Wild'. Any others that they missed?

Simon Pegg: 'I hate running zombies!'

Simon Pegg has said he is disappointed with the recent crop of zombie films – because the creatures move too fast. The actor, who has just released his memoir Nerd Do Well, told NME that he's been disappointed with a lot of recent zombie movies, because the undead are not moving right.

"In a lot of the most recent zombie films they’ve all been running around. I've got a long history with fast zombies – I hate them," he declared. "I'd like to see more slow zombies. I went to see Resident Evil 4: Afterlife and they're fast."

He added: "Zombies running is as bad as Daleks going upstairs. It's something very particular about zombies and not many people have got it right. Only really George Romero and, I like to think, us [in Shaun Of The Dead]."

Pegg explained that his complaint is based on what he believes it would be like to be one of the undead.

"The thing is, when you're a zombie you're dead. It's not like you've drunk a fucking can of Red Bull. You're dead, it hurts!" he joked. "You're slowly rotting away but you're still moving so it's going to be slightly debilitating, it's going to be worse than two pulled hamstrings. I like it as well because it makes you feel sorry for them. They don't have any moral agenda. They just do what they do and you can kind of feel sorry for them. That's why I find them so interesting."

King K

the world's best supermodels in one magazine

The December 2010 issue of British Vogue brings together super photographer Mario Testino and some of the world's most famous and beloved supermodels. The editorial is aptly titled, Super Girls.

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Who is the best?


Final nail in coffin for Net neutrality?

NEW YORK ( -- Before Tuesday's midterm elections, there were 95 House and Senate candidates who pledged support for Net neutrality, a bill that would force Internet providers to not charge users more for certain kinds of Web content.

All of them lost -- and that could mean the contentious proposal may now be all but dead.

The Federal Communications Commission tried to implement Net neutrality rules but got smacked down in April by a court ruling saying it did not have the authority to do so. As a result, it is preparing a proposal asking Congress to give it new authority to regulate broadband Internet service.

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i know this isn't technically celebrity news, but it's 100% important to all of us here in the States who currently access the internet. Take the time to write to your congressman in support of net neutrality :(

Kimba Simba :)

Taylor Momsen doing what she does best

 Stepping out for a night of gaming fun, Taylor Momsen was on-hand for the exclusive Call Of Duty: Black Ops Launch Party in Santa Monica, California on Thursday (November 4).

The "Gossip Girl" star turned up at Barker Hangar in a revealing bra-baring outfit while celebrating of the new war-based game, which is set to hit store shelves on November 9, 2010.
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terry richardson

Did Ke$ha go too far referencing Jeffrey Dahmer in new song?

Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer who blooded his hands with the murder of 14 men has been dug up from his grave after 20 years in Kesha’s new album release, “Cannibal”. The upcoming album is due on the 22nd of November and the boisterous song featuring Dahmer is named ‘Kesha is a Feisty Man-eater’.

The song clips and videos are already making news. The lyrics are all rowdy and exemplify violence. The inclusion of Dahmer in her song has already raised eyebrows. How could a man who took pleasure in killing men be an elemental aspect of a track? With the lyrics so distrubing, it’s unclear what Kesha wanted to derive through this song. It has even found critics in her loyal fan base. People wanted to forget Jeffrey and Kesha’s act has revived the old memories. It’s time singers think twice on the subject they choose to highlight in their songs.

“Cannibal” is her second album released this year.


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Cheryl Cole arrives back in London to find her girls at war...

Cheryl Cole returned to London yesterday to find her four acts emblazoned in a war, accusing the judges of favourtism towards Cher Lloyd.

While the singer was away, Simon Cowell had to step in to diffuse the rows between Cher, Katie Waissel, Treyc Cohen and Rebecca Ferguson.

He promised them a day off from their intense rehearsal schedule next week if they behaved more civilly to each other.

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Marion Cotillard: BAFTA Britannia Presenter

Marion Cotillard presents at the 2010 BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia Awards held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel on Thursday (November 4) in Los Angeles.


The 35-year-old Inception actress wore a powder blue cocktail dress with a draped sleeve detail inspired by the Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-to-wear collection.

The award show honored Jeff Bridges, Christopher Nolan, Scott Free Productions (Ridley Scott and Tony Scott), Michael Sheen and Betty White for their outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry.
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First Look: Michael Jackson's New Album (Teaser Video)

Three days before it was supposed to debut, Sony is giving fans of the "Gloved One" a peek at the first single from his posthumous album "Michael."
That track, entitled "Breaking News," continues the pop star's obsession and anger with being the focus of persistent media attention.
The album featuring "newly completed recordings," will hit stores on Dec. 14.


The teaser video is giving me a Tabloid Junkie vibe. I'm so excited for new Michael music!
David G. "smiling"

Judi Dench Cameo in Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Dame Judi Dench is to share screen time with Johnny Depp again, having landed a cameo role in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, it has been reported.

The Oscar-winning actress was apparently asked by director Rob Marshall, who she worked with on Nine, if she would like to have a brief appearance in the opening scene of the fourth instalment of the swashbuckling franchise, reports the Daily Mail.

If her scenes make the final cut, Dame Judi plays a noblewoman who gets robbed by Captain Jack Sparrow, portrayed by Johnny, whom she previously starred with in Chocolat ten years ago.

The duo apparently enjoyed their reunion and were in fits of giggles most of the time.

Dame Judi has recently completed shooting scenes for My Week With Marilyn alongside Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh, and is in India filming John Madden's The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with Maggie Smith.



Rihanna & Nicki Minaj's "Raining Men"

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Check out a preview of Rihanna's song Raining Men which features Nicki Minaj!

The track below is a preview of some parts of the full song, off her upcoming album Loud.

There isn't much of a chorus but Ri sings falling like a rainfall we ain't runnin out multiple times throughout the song.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj's new song?

Ani: Amazon Warrior

Tangled Interviews: The Cast of "Tangled" Gets Unraveled

November 24th sees the release of Disney’s 50th full-length animated film Tangled, based loosely on the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, and starring Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Ron Perlman, and a loaded cast of talented actors.

I had an opportunity to screen the film recently at the Disney AMC 12 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California — and sit down with cast members Zachary Levi (Chuck), Donna Murphy (The Fountain, The Nanny Diaries), as well as directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, to talk about the process of making an animated film, and a bit more.

Zachary Levi on the difference between being brought onto an animated film as opposed to live-action

Well, when my manager told me they were casting for a new Disney animated film, being a huge Dis-nerd, I was like, “Yes, please…whatever you can do, please get me into that.” I didn’t really think I had a chance, honestly. I mean, a lot of animated films these days have big A-list actors attached to them, so I didn’t expect to get the part. I came in, did my best, prepared a song — James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James, and they seemed to like that. They gave me the music for Tangled and had me sing that — and a couple of days later they called and let me know I had the job. It was totally surreal. It’s dream-come-true stuff.

The process is very interesting. I think Mandy [Moore, who plays Rapunzel] and I thought we’d be in this big recording booth together saying our lines, but we only saw each other once for a bit when we did that short duet. Otherwise, I didn’t work with her once. I did all of my dialogue by myself, she did all of hers alone — as far as I know, Mandy and Donna have still yet to meet, which I think is sort of fascinating.

It all took the better part of a year, and we recorded dialogue months apart.

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Hello Good Morning (Grime Remix)- Dirty Money and Skepta

A couple of months back, P Diddy asked UK fans to help him chose a British MC to jump on a Grime remix of Hello Good Morning, they chose East London based MC Skepta. The song premiered in August, but video was only released last night
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I was going to throw in some Wiley, but I don't think ONTD is ready for the God that is Richard Kylea Cowie aka the UK's Kanye West.

ETA: What happened to Skepta he used to be hot, he's not looking too good in the vid.

RIP Hot Skepta

zooey umm

Don't sing J. Lo's songs At An American Idol Audition

As if you weren’t taking your life in your hands by trying out in the first place, now J. Lo warns American Idol contestants against auditioning with one of her songs…or else. “It was cute, super entertaining and flattering, but no,” says Jennifer Lopez of fools who’ve already dared mangle classic gems like “Waiting For Tonight” with their braying donkey voices. We bet J.Lo must have been sweating in her Louboutins listening to her own songs, afraid that America would realize other people don’t need Auto-tune, eight producers, backing vocals and varsity lip synching skills to make most of her tunes listenable. Which has us thinking negotiations to hire J.Lo as a judge took so long because she kept demanding a trap-door that would open over a pit of ‘gators when the opening bars of “Jenny From The Block” started to play.

“They know we’re not out to cut them down or make a joke of them,” J.Lo says of the auditioning masses, “We’re trying to mentor them to the next step.” We’ve all seen the audition shows, Jenny; they are 95% about cutting delusional people down. Cutting people down and occasionally making fat guys in Princess Leia costumes get their backs waxed. It’s actually a blessing in disguise contestants can’t sing Jenny’s tunes. Humiliating yourself on national TV is one thing, but adding “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” to the mix? Sometimes you have to protect people from themselves.

Fab Life
She's probably afraid they'll sing them better than her
zooey umm

127 Hours May Cause Fainting, Seizures, And Nausea

Usually when people say a movie made them vomit, it’s just a figure of speech. Sadly, for James Franco, these complaints seem scarily real. Apparently his latest film 127 Hours has been causing some audience members to become physically sick!

What on earth could have caused all the fuss? Well, 127 Hours tells the true story of rock-climber Aron Ralston, who was pinned beneath a bolder for five days in 2003. Eventually the climber was forced to amputate is own arm to survive. According to The Daily Mail, Franco’s performance as Ralston is graphic, to say the least. Reviewer Chris Tookey describes the scene in question as “the most harrowing bone-breaking and amputation scene in the history of cinema.” Move over, Requiem For A Dream.

The London Sun has reported that when the Danny Boyle directed feature closed the London Film Festival last week, medics had to be called to manage cases of nausea, fainting, and even seizures. “Boyle looked on as paramedics treated fans struggling to cope with the gruesome scenes.” Clearly this movie isn’t for the faint of heart.

Fab Life
zooey umm

Gossip Girl's Sam Page Shirtless For People Magazine

Sam Page takes off his shirt for a recent People shoot where he was named Sexy Man of the Week!

The 35-year-old Gossip Girl star opened up about one requirement for potential relationships,

“I watch football all day on Sunday,” Sam, a Green Bay Packers fan, told the magazine.

“It’s a dealbreaker if [a date] doesn’t understand, but a [relationship] would be cemented if she wants to cheer for them!”

FYI: People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue hits newsstands November 19. Also, don’t forget to vote for the Sexiest Man Alive on Facebook until next Wednesday (November 10)!

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How MTV Plans To Resurrect Music Videos (Hint: By Financing Them)

In the new video for LCD Soundsystem's song "Pow Pow," Oscar-nominated Up in the Air star Anna Kendrick struts, flirts, preens, and may or may not be a soul-taking deity. It's the kind of music video you have to watch more than once to really understand, the kind of esoteric-but-expensive-looking clip you used to see all the time on MTV but haven't in years. Now, though, the network hopes to bring back the format in a big way, and "Pow Wow" is the first volley in what MTV hopes will be a groundbreaking new series of videos utilizing A-list talent that the channel is actually going to finance itself.

Entitled "Supervideo," the series is the brainchild of Mean magazine publisher Kashy Khaledi, a 33-year-old who grew up obsessed with music videos and thinks the recent, YouTube-aided rise of Lady Gaga means that it's high time for a revival of the format. "It says a lot," Khaledi told Vulture. "It says that there's a certain nostalgia, that there's a sort of excitement for the music video again."

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I love LCD Soundsystem and I like music videos that are like films (not unnecessary Gaga videos but videos that are interesting).
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Ke$ha On Cannibal And Her Haters


After making her album debut with January's Animal — which featured chart-toppers like "Tik Tok" and "Your Love Is My Drug" — Ke$ha is back on November 22 with a new nine-song deluxe EP, Cannibal. Vulture spoke with the 23-year-old recently about her haters, her singing voice, and whether she'll ever drop the dollar sign.

Why did you name your new album “Cannibal”?
I think that this year has been just totally insane, and I think that there’s been a little bit of self-devouring. It’s gotten a little intense, and I’m going a little crazy. And I just took Animal a little left, and a little darker, and just a little crazier.

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Kanye West -- I 'Spawned' Taylor Swift's Success


Kanye West can't seem to avoid talking about Taylor Swift, as the rapper is now assuming partial credit for her being "the most popular artist in the world," according to his most recent interview with radio show Mojo in the Morning.

"I feel like when Taylor was getting all those magazine covers, she was all good then. I feel completely empathetic and sympathize with that moment of her feeling bad, that spawned her to have one million magazine covers and be the most popular artist in the world, but in that moment of her feeling bad, I do feel bad about being the cause of that."

In related Kanye news, a federal judge dismissed a $1,000,000 lawsuit from 2005 by rap kingpin Suge Knight that blamed the "Runaway" hit-maker for not providing enough security at a party he hosted at which Suge was shot in the leg. The ruling declared that West could not have predicted a shooting would occur, and that the event was merely unfortunate.


Black Swan: Stylish Oscar Promo & Website Easter Egg

Oscar Promo Is for the a Good Way

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It’s not useful, like the screeners that arrive in the mail every few days. Or informative, like the lists of awards-season screenings detailing all the many ways I can catch up with each and every contender. Or fancy like the “How to Train Your Dragon” coffee table book, or useful like the “Tron” USB hub, or cute like the stuffed Woody from “Toy Story 3.”

The envelope that arrived on Wednesday in a plain black envelope was, instead, odd and minimalist and at least initially inexplicable.

It appeared to be handwritten, from a “Nina Sayers” with a Beverly Hills post office box.

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If you want to discuss spoilers for the film my only request is that you put "SPOILERS" in the subject of your comment so people who want to remain unspoiled (like me) don't accidentally read it! Thanks! :)