October 29th, 2010

Conan O'brien to NBC: Sue me, bitches!

Conan O'Brien has promised that he will use characters on his new TBS talkshow that were originated during his stints as host of NBC's Late Night and The Tonight Show.

The comic told Rolling Stone that he would be pleased if NBC tried to sue him over intellectual property rights regarding popular characters such as the Masturbating Bear, Pimpbot 5000, and Preparation H Raymond.

"If there's something we did for a long time that we've established as ours, we'll figure out a way to do it," he said. "I won't be denied my Masturbating Bear!"

He continued: "What I really wanna do is be sued over the bear and then appear in court with the Masturbating Bear. 'Your Honour, this bear can't help himself!'"

O'Brien previously admitted that he was shell-shocked following his sacking as host of NBC's Tonight Show in January.

and speaking of his rolling stone interview...

Conan O'Brien Comes Clean

In July, shortly after his Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour wrapped up, Conan O'Brien began visiting the set of his new talk show, at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. For various reasons, the show had not been staffed yet, nor had the set been built, so on those days, O'Brien would occasionally pause en route to his office and stand alone in a giant, empty warehouse. As career meta phors go, one could do worse: At least the warehouse wasn't on fire, or dripping blood from the ceiling, or filled, floor to rafters, with an existentially crushing number of identical wooden crates, like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
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PETA has reportedly offered to pay part of Lindsay Lohan's rehab bill if she becomes a vegan.

According to E! Online, the organisation promises to fund up to $20,000 (£12,546) of the star's $50,000 (£31,366) bill for her three-month stay at the Betty Ford clinic.

Collapse )Collapse )Lohan is scheduled to leave rehab on January 3, 2011.

SOURCE: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/news/a284838/peta-wants-to-pay-lohans-rehab-bill.html
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TRON: Legacy sneak-peek summary

I saw the 20 minute TRON: Legacy sneak peek tonight at the movie
theater. It was a bunch of selected scenes, not a continuous 20-minute
clip. Here's a summary of what was shown. Spoiler warning I
guess, but all the footage was from the first half of the movie and
there was nothing huge, so you shouldn't be too worried.
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All the tickets were "sold" (it was free, but you had to reserve your
ticket beforehand) out, but the theater was half-empty! They didn't
even bother to turn up! SMH at the people in my country. Ugh.
Also this is my first post on ONTD D: I hope I did everything
lmao so sorry, excuse my epic amounts of fail, dear mods

Source: Me and my local movie theater.
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This is a Yvonne Strahovski (of NBC's "Chuck") Post! - Interview + Video Plea

Q: Sarah Walker, especially for the first season, is pretty mysterious. Since the writers don't tell you details much in advance of an episode, how much of SW's past did you make up on your own to flush out the character? And have you adapted that as more is revealed?

Yvonne: I adapt to everything that is revealed in each script. Those pieces of information on my character that come from the writers are like little golden nuggets! But yes, I did have to create my own past at first. The main thing that I held onto for the beginning of the series, when I didn't know all that much about where they were going to take Sarah Walker, was that she was a spy, first and foremost. But that she was capable of love, because of Bryce Larkin, her old partner and lover. There is nothing normal about being a spy, but to Sarah Walker, being a spy WAS normal. Everything else was unfamiliar territory. Including relationships and love. But I knew that she always WANTED to have love and relationships. She just had to figure out how. And here we are - season four. 

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Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski wants YOU to vote for Chuck to get on the cover of TV Guide:


Danielle Staub's Halloween Treat -- 'You Got Served'

Danielle Staub just got tricked and then treated -- with a lawsuit from a process server who gave the former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star a serious shock at a Halloween party.


A TMZ photog saw the whole thing go down just minutes ago -- as Danielle was served for a defamation lawsuit her ex-boyfriend Steve Zalewski is bringing against her.

Danielle was just starting down the red carpet at a Halloween event in Woodridge, NJ when the process server walked up with an envelope and said, "Here, Danielle ... you've been served."

Danielle was stunned, but didn't miss a beat -- she simply handed the envelope to her publicist and continued down the red carpet into the party.

According to sources, Zalewski is suing Danielle for defamation because
she has repeatedly accused him of secretly shooting a sex tape of her --
which he denies doing.


Kim Kardashian Says NYC Guys Have A 'Different Vibe'

Reality siren and California girl Kim Kardashian has ditched the West Coast to romp through the streets of New York, big sis in tow, for her upcoming TV show "Kourtney and Kim Take Manhattan." The starlet recently said she's feeling her new digs — despite not finding a lot success on the dating scene.

"I haven't really met a lot of East Coast guys, but the energy here is such a different vibe," Kardashian said during a sit-down with MTV's "The Seven," which aired Thursday (October 28). "I really love it here on the East Coast."

The bicoastal socialite, who chatted with reporters at New York City's Macy's store for an event promoting her fragrance, did admit that she's run into some trouble since she took up residence in the Big Apple. Kardashian recalled her encounter with a fan — and his unhinged lady friend — at one of the city's hot spots that left her doused with a cocktail and sparked the ire of her protective friends and family.

"A fan came up and wanted a picture with me, and he was a little drunk, but I took the picture. [Then] his drunk, crazy girlfriend walked up and went crazy and totally thought that he was flirting with me, and it just wasn't the case," she said.

The drink-flinging girlfriend's antics caught the attention of some key members of Kardashian's entourage.

"She threw a drink on me, and [sister] Khloé saw, like, from a distance, and went crazy. Then Scott, my sister [Kourtney]'s boyfriend, got involved," she said. "We just all left, it was so crazy."

Kardashian pegged the incident as a uniquely NYC experience.

"As crazy as it is at home in L.A., that's never happened," she said.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian moving to New York? Let us know in the comments!

Don't miss "The Seven" every weekday at 5 p.m. ET on MTV.


Michael Caine on Second Acts, Heath Ledger and His Worst Movie

Michael Caine has penned a memoir called 'Elephant to Hollywood,' so called because he grew up in the rough and tumble Elephant and Castle section of London. If you're scratching your heading thinking, 'Didn't he already do this?' it's because he did, in 1992. But since then, the actor, who had every intention of retiring after the first memoir, has actually turned getting older into career gold. "I've had the best twenty years I've ever had right up until today so I wrote about it," he tells PopEater in an interview to promote the book. The two-time Oscar winner spoke to us about his switch from romantic leading man to versatile character actor, his least favorite movie, waking up with Peter O'Toole, and his makeup-skewed memories of Heath Ledger.

Why did you write this book?

It was rather like being an actor in a one act play and suddenly you realize you're actually in a two act play. My life took a big change when I was about 57. You become too old to play the romantic lead and you have to make a decision, what are you going to do with your life? Are you going to be a character actor in movies and stay in it? I left it but then suddenly I came back and I've had the best twenty years I've ever had right up until today so I wrote about it.

What was your movie comeback?

I started again because of Jack Nicholson and a movie we did called 'Blood and Wine.' It was such a pleasure. The picture wasn't a big hit or anything but then I did a picture called 'Little Voice' where I won the British Academy Award and the Golden Globe and that set me off again and I was away and running.

What's your favorite movie?

'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.' It was shot in the south of France, it was a comedy and they gave me a villa between two of my best friends. It was in the summer in my favorite place to go on holiday which is the French Riviera so it was great. I couldn't have made it any better myself.

What was the worst?

I think was 'The Swarm.' I was a young actor in Hollywood and the producer who did it had just done 'The Towering Inferno' with the two biggest movie stars in the world, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen and I was really impressed. I was a young actor in Hollywood and he offered me the lead of this movie which was basically special effects led, you know you had to be terrified of the bees.

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Anna Nicole Smith's Mother 'Not Disappointed' In Verdict

Howard K. Stern was found guilty Friday of two counts of conspiracy for funneling prescription medication to Anna Nicole Smith and there is one person who is pleased with the verdict – Anna Nicole’s mother, Virgie Arthur.

COURT DOCUMENTS: Read The Verdict Forms

Speaking exclusively to RadarOnline.com, Neil McCabe – who represents Virgie Arthur – says, “Ms. Arthur is not disappointed to see there were convictions today - especially Mr. Stern - and she’s waiting to see what the sentencing will show us.”

Arthur, who made an appearance in court during the course of the trial against the three defendants, was particularly interested in the outcome of Mr. Stern given the history of the pair.

PHOTOS: Anna Nicole Smith’s Doctor Snorting A White Powder

At a press conference following the verdict, Howard K. Stern told reporters on the courthouse steps, “The jury found me not guilty on seven counts - everything related to the appropriateness of the medication, I was acquitted of. Contact my lawyer for any further comments.”

Stern was acquitted of seven other charges and will remain a free man pending appeal.

The one-time attorney is due back in court on January 6 for sentencing.

Anna Nicole died of an overdose in 2007 in a Florida hotel room.




WAGNER Carrilho gets shirty with another X Factor finalist - as he slips on a T-shirt supporting rival act Rebecca Ferguson.

The Brazilian - who previously had a slanging match with axed John Adeleye over excessive deodorant use - was mobbed by fans in London's Covent Garden after wearing the T-shirt with the slogan "Vote Rebecca" last night.

TV Biz revealed this week that a Facebook campaign backing 54-year-old Wagner has been started - reducing his odds to win the show from 100/1 to 25/1.

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the chin welcomes you.

Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/tv/x_factor/3201039/Wagner-Carrilho-gets-shirty-with-Rebecca-Ferguson.html#ixzz13hZ7xBDW
Source: http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk/celebrity-news/tv-news/504486/x-factor-s-rebecca-ferguson-i-got-pregnant-at-17-and-gave-up-my-dreams/1/
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Rihanna Says Now-Iconic Haircut Was 'Really Liberating'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The word "icon" gets tossed around a lot in pop music. So if multiplatinum pop&B star Rihanna is not yet an icon, then she's arguably exhibiting the DNA of an icon-in-the-making, including a trend-shifting haircut that has become one of the most requested styles in salons from Brooklyn to Baltimore. And everyone knows that a look worthy of pop royalty begins with the crown — just ask Madonna.

On Wednesday, MTV News caught up with Rihanna at a New York book signing for her self-titled photography collection, and the "Only Girl (In the World)" singer said it was "exciting" that she'd inspired so many girls to chop their tresses.

"For me, when I cut my hair, it was really, really liberating," Rihanna told us, just weeks before her hotly anticipated LP Loud is due. "And I always like to do something daring with my hair, something fun, something unexpected and something not typical."
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Courtney Love Upskirt Pictures Are Halloween Horror Show (VIEWER WARNING ADVISORY)

For those with a questionable strength of stomach, look away, look away now. We were torn whether or not to post these Courtney Love upskirt pictures, but, as the site of record for all things celebrity and upskirt, we felt obliged. And, at the cost of Cousin Jonathan losing his lunch here on the floor of our offices. What lies up under this ridiculously short dress on Courtney Love can only be described as nightmarish. Consider yourselves warned.

Click if you dare!

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Genuine Ken®: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend!

The Barbie® brand, in partnership with Hudsun Media, announces “Genuine Ken®: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend,” a digital competition reality series hosted by Whitney Port. In eight, 22-minute episodes, eight guys ages 21-30 will compete for the title of “The Great American Boyfriend” – a Genuine Ken®. The series will premiere on Hulu beginning January 18, 2011, and will be featured on the homepage’s main carousel.

“What we are doing with Mattel and 'Genuine Ken' is a complete game changer. We have created a wildly compelling, network-quality reality show that, for the first time, can be distributed directly to the viewer in a non-traditional but very effective way”

The original series will put contestants through a series of elimination challenges to determine if they, like Ken®, have the qualities of the “ultimate boyfriend for every occasion.” From a surfing competition to talent show to fashion challenge to demonstrating their romantic side, the episodes will be shot in Los Angeles and New York and judged by a line-up of various celebrity guest judges.

In addition to Hulu, the series will be distributed through the Barbie® brand’s social channels, including Facebook, where the Barbie® page, currently with 760,000 “likes”, grows at a rate of 10,000 fans per day, as well as YouTube and female-targeted digital sites. The series leverages the popularity ignited by the appearance of Ken® in Disney Pixar’s “Toy Story 3” and invites consumers to experience the Barbie® brand in a whole new way through the development of original and engaging content. With the series’ launch, the Barbie® brand extends its digital presence and demonstrates its innovation in marketing the brand in break frame ways to consumers of all ages.

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Capri Anderson Revealed (NSFW Style) As 'Actress' in Charlie Sheen's Hotel Room Blowout

Well, turns out the woman hiding in the bathroom during the Charlie Sheen coke-and-crazy hotel room marathon was not actually a hooker, she was a mature-themed 'actress' by the name of Capri Anderson. (Though at age 22, not so mature herself). Thanks to our friends at The Superficial and ClubCapriAnderson for providing us with the lowdown on the hotel ho'-down and the naked pictures of this lovely young 'actress' who got to witness what only like 1,500 women in this world have ever seen before -- Charlie Sheen whacked out on drugs, half-naked, breaking shit. Based upon his recent track record of adding weapons to his psychotropic moondances, hard to blame Capri Anderson for locking herself in the bathroom and calling for big dudes with big guns to come save her.

Oh, did we also mention she has sweet boobs and a bodacious body? Hate to lose focus on that key element to this celeb-gone-coke-binging story. And what a shame too. Back in my day, when you had a sexy young adult film star in your hotel room, the only thing you threw out was your back. Enjoy.

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Draco Loves Harry: The Epic Bromance


VOLDEMORT is "sweet" and BELLATRIX is quite "lovely" and PROF SNAPE is one of my "heroes... but terrifying" says young Malfoy.

‘He is an endless inspiration to me,’ he says of his friend. ‘Professionally, he is a phenomenal actor and he doesn’t take anything as a given. In between films he is doing ­acting classes, anything he can to improve himself.

‘He is exceptionally polite, terrifically good with names and he hates people who are rude.

‘But more than anything else he is exceptionally passionate. I can be on set for two weeks and be bored of going over the same scenes. He will have been there nearly two months solid and still be over the moon about filming the next day.

‘He is so passionate about the film and the franchise that he will be on set even on the days he is not needed.

‘People think there must be jealousy but there honestly isn’t, because no one could touch the part that he plays; not just for the acting but all the other stuff he has to deal with. He has been working almost solidly for ten years but it is his passion and he absolutely loves it.’

Tom talks about the downside of fame and fortune and having to "grow up fast"; the wonders of working with Alan Rickman, Dame Maggie Smith, Ralph Fiennes, HBC; how lovely Dan and Rupert are; not being able to tan his pale arse and frying his hair for ten years; how the HP crew didn't put up with any shenanigans from it's young stars; 'frosty' about Emma; terrified at the MTV Movie Awards.

Probably tl;dr for most but overall I thought it was a good interview!

I have to agree with Tom about Dan. They really couldn't have picked a better man to head this franchise. He clearly loves HP so much and is so passionate about everything that comes with it.  Tom's really a cool bloke and I hope he is successful.

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Plunging ratings. Tense negotiations. A bewildered, increasingly outraged
Conan O’Brien and an anxiously pragmatic Jay Leno. In this excerpt from his new book, Bill Carter unfurls the behind-the-scenes story of late night’s explosive 2010 showdown.

Published by Vanity Fair - Excerpted from The War for Late Night by Bill Carter, to be published in November.

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People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!


"I'm about to play an emaciated pregnant vampire, so I've stopped using as much butter as Paula Deen – just until Breaking Dawn is over."

– Twilight star Kristen Stewart, who's cutting out recipes from the Southern cooking diva to prepare for the franchise's fourth film, to PEOPLE

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Which celeb had THE BEST quote this week?

Kristen Stewart
Mariah Carey
David Beckham
Willow Smith
Bethenny Frankel
Wendy Williams
LeBron James
Robert Downey Jr.
Kendra Wilkinson



HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!  :-)  Have a boo-tiful weekend!
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Heidi Montag is Apparently a Bad Daughter


The drama never ends with this family! Heidi Montag’s estranged mom, Darlene Egelhoff, opened up to Inside Edition Oct. 28 about her tough financial plight.

Apparently, while her 24-year-old daughter was bringing in at least $65,000 an episode starring on The Hills, she was forced to clean houses to make ends meet. However, the Colorado mom tries to keep an upbeat attitude, and even talked about how it feels when her clients recognize her from her appearances on the reality show.

“That’s very humbling for me and I very much appreciate that experience because I don’t ever want to get full of myself and think I’m too good to do anything,” she said.

Darlene and Heidi stopped talking almost a year ago after Darlene criticized Heidi for getting too much plastic surgery. According to Darlene, she never told Heidi about her financial issues. 

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Anderson Cooper Calls Out Another Fully Grown Gay Bully

Horrible homophobic person Clint McCance resigned from an Arkansas school board tonight on AC360 after writing awful things on Facebook regarding last Wednesday's "Wear Purple Day,"
when educators and students were intended to show support for homosexuals and fight gay bullying by wearing purple. McCance had updated his status to say: "Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I cant believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed therselves because of their sin." (Sic throughout, obviously.) In the comments of his Facebook status, McCance promised to disown his own children if they are gay and stated that he enjoys "the fact that [gay people] give each other AIDS and die." But on CNN this evening, Anderson Cooper set him straight, and the ostensibly embarrassed and regretful homophobe said, "I'm sorry I've hurt people with my comments. I'm sorry I made those ignorant comments and hurt people on a broad spectrum. I would never support suicide for any kids. I don't support bullying of any kids." And then he resigned on air. So, there are some positives from a negative here:

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I have family in Little Rock and this man does not represent Arkansas.


Pink's fine ass husband, Carey Hart, at Universal CityWalk in Orlando tonight!

Motocross champion and co-owner of Hart & Huntington Tattoo Carey Hart found himself held captive to the Queen of Hearts at Halloween Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear at Universal Orlando Resort on Oct. 28. Hart is in Orlando to celebrate the launch of the new website for Hart & Huntington Tattoo's Orlando location in Universal CityWalk. Hart will sign autographs for fans on Oct. 29 at the Hart and Huntington Tattoo in Universal CityWalk from 5-7pm ET.

Univeral Orlando Resort's Official FB page
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Rihanna's Loud Preview: Eminem Gets Dark On Otherwise Light LP

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Forget the morose tone of Rihanna's Rated R; her album Loud, due November 16, certainly lives up to its name. A mixture of soft ballads, island party anthems and empowering love songs, Loud may go down as Rihanna's best album yet.

When MTV News got an early listen of the album, we were treated to six unreleased songs, including Rihanna's duet with Eminem, "Love the Way You Lie (Part II)," a sequel to their smash single released earlier this year. On the song, Rihanna tells her part of the story. The song opens with just her voice and the piano as she sings, "On the first page of our story, the future seemed so bright/ Then this thing turned so evil."

When the chorus kicks in, the hook from the original track is bigger and more cinematic than ever before, but it's Em's seething anger when he delivers his verse that will have fans going bananas. He raps about the pain she causes him just as much as he causes her, spitting rhymes about trading punches with his lady love.

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Taylor Swift talks about Jake Gyllenhaal on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Taylor Swift is hooking up with Jake Gyllenhaal, as proven by pictures of the twosome floating around the internet, on a date. Last weekend, they went on a date apple picking and Jake picked up the $3.00 tab.

Taylor is set to appear on the Monday, November 1st episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show where she is promoting her new album, Speak Now. When asked by Ellen if she is optimistic about love right now, she added, "Especially if your boyfriend is Jake Gyllenhaal because he is very handsome. Y'all are just hanging out though right?"

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A Public Service Announcement not approved by AJWS

This AJWS public service announcement, created by uber-producer/director/writer Judd Apatow, shows a funnier, edgier side of global justice and features some big-name stars: Lindsay Lohan, Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, Jerry Seinfeld, John Mayer, Susan Sarandon, Sir Patrick Stewart, Danny Trejo, Dane Cook, Lisa Edelstein, Andy Samberg, Kiefer Sutherland, Ken Jeong, Tracy Morgan, Helen Hunt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gilbert Gottfried, Brian Williams, Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog and others. The PSA premiered at AJWS's 25th anniversary celebration on October 28, 2010.

This things pay well right?



Bethenny’s been replaced by Cindy Barshop on Real Housewives! Will YOU miss her next season?

“You know what, we don’t really miss [Bethenny],” Ramona Singer told HollywoodLife.com exclusively Oct. 28 at Hearts of Gold ’s 14th Annual Fall Fundraising Gala in NYC. “We got enough going on, trust me.”

Ramona, who was one of the only two housewives besides Alex McCord to attend Bethenny’s wedding back in March, said she doesn’t even see Bethenny anymore now that she’s got her own show, Bethenny Getting Married? “She’s filming now and we’re filming now, so we speak and we text, you know,” Ramona told us.

“I miss her as a person, but it’s all going to be good [now that Cindy has joined the cast],” Ramona continued. “It’s going to be our best season ever, it really is!”

From what we can tell, new gal Cindy has filled Bethenny’s shoes perfectly. With cameras rolling, Cindy attended the gala and mingled with the other housewives in attendance — Kelly Bensimon, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and Jill Zarin. It looked like the gals have found their new BFF in Bethenny’s replacement!


There is no replacing Bethenny... lets be real. I dunno how they can top last season either, esp without Bethenny.

E! Online Asks: "Why Aren't There More Republicans In Hollywood?"

Just saw a new video with Olivia Wilde urging people to vote progressive, and it got me to thinking: Why is Hollywood so darned liberal?

Brenda, San Antonio, via the inbox

You speak of the MoveOn.org video featuring Wilde as a hard-bitten activist from the future who berates you—you specifically, thanks to some Facebook-aided personalization—for not voting in the upcoming election.

It's certainly not the kind of message you'd see from, say, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Here's why:

Indeed, Wilde and Romany Malco, he of The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, jokingly warn that without your vote, President Palin will, among other things, declare an "ultrawar" against the Pacific Ocean and "whatever country Björk is from."

Now, I talked to Ed Rampell, author of Progressive Hollywood, about this. Rampell offers three very interesting reasons why the entertainment business is so full of non-Republicans.


"Creative people in general, but in particular actors, rely upon empathy as a tool of their trade," Rampell explains.

"Their ability to empathize with others, to put themselves in another person's shoes, is very essential to being an actor, and this empathy leads for many of them to have a broader compassion with humanity in general and in particular with the underdog, with the oppressed."


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I can't think of any republicans.... I would be fine if they were republicans, as long as they weren't so damn stupid about their conservativeness.... looking at you Elisabitch Hassleblacks.

Zach Braff to appear on Cougar Town

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

How do you get Zach Braff on ‘Scrubs‘ creator Bill Lawrence’s ‘Cougar Town‘? There’s an app for that!

No, I’m being quite literal. Fancast has learned that Braff will play a role in the Thanksgiving-themed episode of the ABC comedy when Laurie (played by Busy Phillips) busts out a cell phone “app” that features the ‘Scrubs’ alum.

Specifically, the Zach Braff Appetizer App generates ideas for, well, appetizers. So as Laurie repeatedly works the widget, an animated Braff will be seen and heard offering menu suggestions.

Braff’s admitted unusual app-earance (yeah, I had to use that gem again), which is set to air November 24, fulfills a promise Bill Lawrence made this summer, when he told E! Online that “either Sarah Chalke, Zach Braff, John C. McGinley, Donald Faison or Judy Reyes will be on ['Cougar Town'] this year.” Neil Flynn (aka Janitor) isn’t in play, of course, because he currently stars as Mike on ABC’s ‘The Middle.’

Already, ‘Cougar Town’ of course stars onetime ‘Scrubs’ guest Courteney Cox and recurring player Christa Miller, and just this week Ken Jenkins (aka Dr. Kelso) turned up as Jules’ father. The medical comedy also played in the background of a Season 1 episode.

Picture source
I loved this week's episode so much. Also, Laurie and Travis would be awesome together.


Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

On Friday's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, the show's host and her BFF Gayle King travel to Yosemite National Park for an overnight camping trip, and worry about furry friends tagging along.

"We've got to get our bear talk," says Winfrey, as a California park ranger instructs the pair on how to hide their food and cosmetics in the 1,200-square mile forest. (Watch an exclusive clip above)

While Winfrey was excited to have "the talk," her pal was less enthused

"I really had no interest in meeting a bear, but Oprah acted like she wanted to meet the bear. No thank you!" says King.

The first installment of Oprah and Gayle's Big Yosemite Camping Adventure airs on The Oprah Winfrey Show RIGHT NOW, with a second episode airing Nov. 3




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Jordan Bratman rumored to have told THE VOICE™ "Stop bringing lesbians home"

Christina Aguilegend's Soon-to-Be Ex-Husband Demands She Stop Bringing Lesbians Home; Threatens to Take Away Son!!

Christina Aguilera likes both men and women, but her lesbian flights apparently got to be a little too much for husband Jordan Bratman. The couple are in the midst of a divorce, and things aren't looking pretty. While Bratman was said to have known about the flings with girls during the marriage, he's now issued an ultimatum: stop bringing girls back home or he'll take away their son.

Aguilera and Bratman have been married for five years. Despite their split, the two are still living together in their Beverly Hills home, and it looks like neither has any plans to move.

Aguilera has asked for joint legal and physical custody of their two-year-old son Max, but Jordan is threatening to seek sole custody because he's fed up with his wife's lesbian lifestyle, reports the National Enquirer.

A source told the Enquirer:

"Now he's put his foot down. He told Christina no more bringing lesbian girlfriends to their house - or else he's going to court and ask for sole custody of Max."

amber glasses

Katy Perry: 'I'm A Ten Out of Ten In Bed'

Katy Perry’s childhood may have been a bit sheltered, but as an adult, the singer has no qualms about her wild ways in the bedroom with husband Russell Brand. RadarOnline.com can report the singer takes inspiration from another musician when it comes to her sex life.

"Like Ludacris rapped, 'I'm a lady in the street and a freak in the bed,'" she told Now Magazine.

"I can't rate myself, but if you ask Russell I'm sure he'd give me a ten out of ten."

The pair said, 'I do' in India last week and Perry isn't worried about her new husband straying, despite his past history of skirt-chasing.

"He's made no secret of what his life was like before me, but that's then and this is the future," she said.

"He's cheated in the past but he knows how good he has it with me and I know he'd never do anything to jeopardize that. I trust him 100 percent."

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In Defense of Slutty Halloween Costumes

Why do people who normally defend a woman’s right to wear whatever she wants suddenly label her a bimbo when she opts for the naughty nurse costume on Halloween?

Halloween is here, and it’s making monsters out of my favorite news publications and blogs.

Yes, it’s that time of year, when the journalistic ritual known as The Shaming of the Sexy Halloween Costume rears its smug head, chastising Raggedy Anns who dare show too much cleavage. All month, articles like Happy Slut-o-Ween, 2010 Edition and Sexy Costumes Get Even More Horrifying have been popping up left and right. This, even while there are more of us opting for sexy costumes than ever before, according to the National Retail Federation.

There’s also the usual crop of “Hide your daughters!” editorials , bemoaning the immodest options parents face when costume shopping for their little Emilys and Madisons. Never mind that the media seems to have no problem with the overwhelmingly violent crop of costume selections for young boys—everything from Freddy Krueger to machete-wielding convicts. Apparently teen pregnancy is still a threat but aggression in teenage boys has been handily resolved.

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Happy Halloween, ONTD!

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Does Jeremy Renner Have A Crush On Tom Cruise?

A few weeks ago, we had new photos of Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner working at night on the Prague set of Mission: Impossible IV. I made some jokes about Tom Cruise making sure that he got to work with a damp Jeremy Renner, and some of you were offended. I don’t apologize. Tom Cruise is helming the third sequel in one of his most popular franchises, and he made sure to surround himself with some of the prettiest, and most interesting actors out there - in addition to Renner, Cruise also made sure that Josh Holloway was cast. I mean… come on. The homoerotic fairy tales are going to be written. Anyway, The National Enquirer has a new take on the homoeroticism taking place on set. According to their sources, Jeremy Renner is the one with the crush. On Tom. Of course, The Enquirer is basing this on the idea that Renner is gay, which they claimed several months ago.

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I didn't even know Jeremy's sexuality was confirmed

Julia Louis-Dreyfus may star in HBO comedy

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

HBO has ordered a political comedy pilot titled Veep from satirist Armando Ianucci, with Seinfeld veteran Julia Louis-Dreyfus in talks to star.

Veep follows a female senator who becomes vice president of the United States and finds the job is "nothing like she expected and everything everyone ever warned about."

Ianucci will write (along with Simon Blackwell), direct and executive produce (along with Chris Godsick and Frank Rich).

Dreyfus is in negotiations to star in the project, but there's no deal yet.

Picture source
Sounds interesting.
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Another Harry Potter post for you!

There was a break in the action — the cast and crew of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” were milling about waiting for the next set-up on a summer day outside London in 2009 — and Daniel Radcliffe sat back in his seat and admired the life of a fugitive. “Everybody is after us,” the actor said of his on-screen persona, Harry Potter, and his partners in magic. “We’re to the point in the story where it’s a lot of action and we’re on the run. And that’s brilliant.”

When Part 1 of the two-part “Harry Potter” franchise finale reaches theaters Nov. 19, it will do so without one of its signature characters. But the missing star is not a wizard, Muggle, goblin or troll, it’s a place. The seventh “Potter” film is the first without any notable screen time spent inside the stone corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the castle that has become synonymous with the magical epic.

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Johnny Depp to replace Tom Hardy in 'Snow White'?

Producer Joe Roth is looking to re-team with his "Alice in Wonderland" star Johnny Depp. The Oscar-nominated actor has been offered the male lead in Universal's upcoming tentpole "Snow White and the Huntsman," an individual familiar with the project has told TheWrap.

When pressed for comment, Depp's representation at UTA referred TheWrap to Universal, which refused to comment on casting rumors/offers.
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Lady GaGa ♪ Highway Unicorn

Grey's Anatomy 7.07/Private Practice 4.7 Promos + Sneak Peeks

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There are hardly any Private Practice/Grey's Anatomy posts so I figured that I would contribute. And say what you want about Private Practice this season, but next week's episode is going to be fucking epic.

Also, this is my first time posting to ONTD so be gentle with me okay? lol

EDIT: I've noticed that no one really posts the previews/sneak peeks for GA or PP anymore really to ONTD and I was thinking of doing it regularly. What do you think ONTD? Y/Y?

SOURCES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

LOST producers sell pilot to ABC

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

“Lost” exec producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have sold their hour-long drama script “Once Upon a Time” to ABC.

Pilot, from ABC Studios, is a mix of sci-fi and fantasy with a strong mystery element. Premise is a modern-day take on fairy tales, with a female protagonist who comes from a unique background. Show takes place in a small Maine town during the present time.

Despite the fairy tale premise, show will have a strong human emotional center. Similar to “Lost,” there will be a large ensemble.

“Lost” exec producer Damon Lindelof will consult.

Horowitz and Kitsis had the idea for the show seven years ago, prior to coming aboard “Lost.” The pair, who are longtime writing partners, didn’t approach ABC with the pitch until “Lost” finished its run in May.

Besides exec producing and writing “Lost,” Horowitz and Kitsis wrote the upcoming pic “Tron: Legacy” as well as the “Tron” sequel. They’re also penning “Ouija,” the Universal pic based on the Hasbro property.


Can we get an ABC tag please?

ONTD's grandmother in Men in Black 3

The third Men In Black movie is coming together just fine, thankyouverymuch.

Nicole Scherzinger has just confirmed that…

She and Betty White have signed on to appear in the upcoming Will Smith flick. The Pussycat Dolls singer told us at last night's Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute benefiting the Painted Turtle that she begins rehearsals next week followed by a December shoot.

Scherzinger didn't have deets on White's part, but said of her own role, "My name is Lilly. She's like a small villain role. I'm so excited because I get to die. I make an appearance. I say a couple of lines and then I die."


Shape editor says apology for LeAnn Rimes cover taken out of context

Shape magazine readers were fit to be tied when country singer LeAnn Rimes appeared on the October cover, and while the magazine's editor-in-chief did send an apology to some readers who wrote in about the cover story, she says her words have been taken out of context.

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The original post, with the full letter.

I say bullshit. Even if you were emailing the few people that complained, you shouldn't have used the term 'husband stealer'. It just makes it seem like it's okay for those few haters to keep on using it.
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Robert Pattinson's $48,000 Halloween Party

Robert Pattinson rose to superstardom by playing the world's sexiest vampire, so it only makes sense that he would be filled with the Halloween spirit.

According to reports, the 24-year-old heartthrob—who portrays bloodsucker Edward Cullen in the Twilight series—is treating his castmates and crew to a lavish Halloween bash this weekend while they're on break from filming the Twilight finale Breaking Dawn in Louisiana.

Sources say that Pattinson has shelled out a little over $48,000 for the lavish party. One insider notes,

"Rob's organizing a huge soiree to celebrate Halloween, he thinks it is going to be hilarious for them all to dress up in scary costumes. The crew are huge fans of Rob and are really looking forward to it. Rob knows how much they all love Halloween so has really gone to town. He's asked a couple of costume designers he knows to make special ghoul costumes for his guests."

The party will also reportedly feature cauldrons full of booze and soup.

One source notes that R-Pattz has picked out a special present for his co-star and lady-love, Kristen Stewart:

"Rob brought a special vintage gold ring with a red heart for Kristen. He's planning to give it to her just before the bash starts."

But it's a secret, so shhh—don't tell anybody, okay?

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Jersey Shore's Angelina Claims She Was Attacked At The Mall

Angelina Pivarnick -- the sometimes cast member on "Jersey Shore" -- has told police she was attacked at a mall in Staten Island today ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Angelina tell us the reality star was inside Hot Topic at the Staten Island Mall when she was approached by a "rowdy group" of young people.

Angelina claims somebody attacked her from behind -- striking her in the back of the head. We're told she immediately called police for help.

But mall security paints a slightly less dramatic tale -- they tell us a few people were filming Angelina and her friend when the crowd got chaotic and somebody accidentally smacked her in the face.

Security quickly arrived to the Hot Topic and ordered the kids to leave the store.

But sources close to Angelina tell us the reality star has a welt on the back of the head which proves her story. We're told Angelina is still talking to police to figure out her next move.


Taylor Swift seems incapable of much more than childish diatribes against exes

Three albums into her wildly popular, multiplatinum and globally successful career, Taylor Swift is still settling scores.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Either the 20-year-old singer-songwriter is terrifically thin-skinned, or she can't bring herself to write about anything aside from her romantic travails, but the "woman scorned" shtick is becoming quite tired.

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Taylor Swift Also Breaks Another Record

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Sings with Tom Cruise
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And Tailgates for College Football

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Andy Dick's Son Discusses His Dad's Demons

Comedian Andy Dick's son is speaking exclusively to RumorFix about his father's flashing incident at a Hollywood cafe Monday afternoon.

"He's so hilarious," Lucas Dick tells RumorFix.

The former star of NewsRadio was drinking alcohol and created quite a scene at Cafe Audrey in Hollywood, RumorFix has confirmed. A source tells us that Andy brought his own 12-pack of Budweiser to the cafe and started spilling the beer all over himself. Andy then irritated some customers and reportedly said, "I have to take a p*ss," and unzipped his pants to let his genitals hang out.

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Rumor Fix
David G. "smiling"

Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd Get Comic Treatment

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics”, was a popular staple on the newsstands in the 90′s. Now the title will be receiving an encore as newly packaged graphic novels through Bluewater Productions in partnership with the original creators Revolutionary Comics.

“Great ideas, like the marriage of rock ‘n’ roll and comics, have the half-life of uranium and will always be popular,” says Jay Allen Sanford of Revolutionary Comics.

“Pink Floyd Experience” is in stores now while the “Led Zeppelin” graphic novel is in stores in late November.

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Whole lotta loach - new fish named after Led Zeppelin

A newly-described species of cobitid loach discovered in Thailand and Vietnam has been named Lepidocephalichthys zeppelini in honour of the rock band Led Zeppelin.

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Fellow music geeks, you're welcome.
The Golden God is excited about this too..
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Glee's Jessalyn Gilsig talks about the return of Terri

It has been a wild year for Jessalyn Gilsig. The Glee star — who you also know from Heroes, Friday Night Lights and Ryan Murphy’s Nip/Tuck — was Public Enemy No. 1 for most of last season because of her portrayal as pregnancy faking Terri Schuester on the hit Fox series. The outrage has gradually changed, but it has also unfortunately coincided with less Terri than ever before; despite being a series regular, Gilsig has only appeared once this season. Fear not though, burgeoning Terri fans: That’s all about to change.

Gilsig rang up Movieline from her home last week to discuss the rollercoaster ride that is playing Terri Schuester, the infamous GQ photo shoot and which artist she’d most like to see featured during the Super Bowl episode.

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george jetson

T.I.'s Wife -- Charged with Possession of Ecstasy

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
TMZ has learned the L.A. County District Attorney has charged T.I.'s wife -- Tameka Cottle -- for possessing the drug ecstasy when the couple was arrested on Sunset Strip last month.

If convicted, Tameka could face up to a year behind bars.

As we previously reported, the D.A. has elected not to prosecute T.I. for charges stemming from the incident, noting that the rapper will already be serving time in Georgia for a probation violation stemming from the L.A. arrest.

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Justin Bieber on NBC's 'Today' Show

Just kidding, it's actually "Today" co-host Natalie Morales! The whole gang at "Today" dressed up this morning for their annual Halloween episode, including Meredith Vieira taking on Lady Gaga and Al Roker as Superman. Will Ferrell and Tina Fey also stopped by, dressed as their characters from the upcoming animated flick "Megamind." Check out the pics under the cut.

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george jetson

Rihanna Initially Against 'Love The Way You Lie (Part II)' With Eminem

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Fans seemed pumped to hear "Love the Way You Lie (Part II)," the follow-up to the smash Rihanna/Eminem collaboration. The track, which is Rihanna's answer to the original version, will appear on her forthcoming November release, Loud, but Rihanna admits she had some hesitation about trying to re-create the magic of that first song.

"When I first heard the idea about doing a part two, I was just completely against it," she revealed to MTV News. "I just felt like you couldn't beat the original. There's no way you can outdo that, so why compete with it?"

However, after trying out several versions of a sequel track to the 2010 song off Em's Recovery LP, she knew the magic from the first cut was still in the air.
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Evil Booth on BONES

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Onetime 24 terror mastermind Arnold Vosloo is taking his evildoer act over to Bones. The actor has been cast as this season’s Big Bad — an elite sniper named Jacob Ripkin Broadsky who is accused of assassinating a pivotal recurring character.

“We’ve got someone worse than the Gravedigger coming,” Bones creator Hart Hanson told me over the summer. “And if the Gravedigger is Evil Brennan, this [guy] is Evil Booth. Remember, Booth was a sniper.”

Vosloo — who also played the title role in the Darkman films as well as Brendan Fraser’s nemesis in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns — is slated to appear in at least three episodes beginning in early ’11.



Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson might be out of the hospital, but that doesn't mean she's feeling any better.

The Bravo reality star tells E! News exclusively that she was experiencing internal bleeding Thursday night due to ulcers in her colon.

 Despite rumors that the hospital visit was caused by anxiety over her recent divorce filing, Gunvalson says this is a purely biological condition.

"It's not due to anxiety," says Gunvalson. "It's not due to a divorce. I'm very sick. I was hemorrhaging. It was very scary. I have internal bleeding in my colon and they fixed it."

 Gunvalson, who is currently in a wheelchair, tells E! she had surgery two hours ago and is now headed home with her daughter and required to be on bed rest for a while.

 "I'm not feeling good," says Gunvalson. "They said I'll be ok. It could flare up again, but I'm very healthy and I didn't do anything to cause this. People just get sick. I'm going to be ok."

 And despite her recent spilt, Gunvalson's soon-to-be ex-husband Don came to the hospital to visit her.

 "It's amicable," says Gunvalson of the divorce. "We're perfect. We're not fighting. "

Darth Vader: Just Some British Guy?

Before George Lucas cast James Earl Jones as the ominous voice of Darth Vader, actor David Prowse provided all the Sith Lord’s original dialogue. Although Lucas planned on using voice-over all along, Prowse still delivered his lines like a pro.

It’s funny to imagine Vader as an intergalactic Brit, politely pillaging the galaxy for The Empire, but it just doesn’t deliver the sense of fear and terror projected by James Earl Jones.

For all the horrible things he’s done to the “Star Wars” franchise, it’s nice to know there was once some good in George Lucas. Nice move, Lucas. Nice move…


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Jon Stewart is America's last hope, no?

Red Tape vs. Sanity at Jon Stewart's Rally

It was very nearly the Rally to Nowhere. For months, Jon Stewart had been planning to stage a parody of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally, even putting down a deposit on the Lincoln Memorial. But a paperwork glitch threatened to derail the entire project.

“We got a call back yesterday: ‘Yeah, the lady who did your permit application, she didn’t realize — the Lincoln Memorial is closed, starting October 1,’” a panicked-sounding Stewart told me in early September. He considered asking to use the U.S. Capitol steps, but that would mean enlisting the help of politicians. Days later the location crisis was solved, with Stewart landing a spot at the east end of the National Mall (a spokeswoman for the National Parks Service says the agency dealt only with Daily Show representatives).

So this Saturday, the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear will … well, even Stewart is still figuring out exactly what it will be. How big a crowd will show up is anybody’s guess — though Stewart and Colbert are considering having the crowd count off one-by-one, kindergarten style, as a goof on the arguments over crowd estimates at conventional rallies.

Will the event energize the millions of younger, Democrat-leaning fans of Stewart and Stephen Colbert? Or will it dilute get-out-the-vote efforts three days before the midterm elections? The hand-wringing over “real-world impact” is pretty silly; if a couple of comedians change the results on Election Day, then the country really is in deep trouble. disagree, that would actually give me more hope tbh

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Composer Hans Zimmer Talks 'Superman' Reboot And 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Though Hans Zimmer has yet to officially sign on to score Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, he does have a meeting scheduled with the director to discuss it. That’s just one of the tidbits revealed in a new interview with the composer who is also scheduled to write music for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes 2, Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. In addition, Zimmer discusses his working relationship with Nolan – one that’s different from most other director/composer relationships - as well as what he would do if asked to score Zack Snyder’s Superman, which Nolan is also producing.

Read Zimmer’s thoughts Collapse )


Kimora Launches New Skin Care Line and Now Needs YOU!


Model, mogul, mom and all-around fab fashion icon, Kimora Lee Simmons, needs YOU!  The style icon is launching a new skincare line and is on the hunt for real women to star in the ad campaign. 

Kimora is looking for women over 18, with radiant skin and a healthy glow -- so if you want to show off your fabulosity, enter NOW!   Applicants must be able to be in Los Angeles November 16-19.

Kimora tells Celebuzz, "This new skincare line is very important to me. This is my newest venture with all the amazing women that have supported me throughout the years...I'm looking for REAL women who can show off their fabulosity to make this launch the huge success I know it will be!"

Think you got what it takes to be Kimora's Ultimate Goddess?



5 Awesome actors from 'The Wire' who still need a TV home

Gbenga Akinnagbe, who played Chris on "The Wire," just landed a major recurring gig on "Nurse Jackie," according to EW.

It's been almost three years since "The Wire" went off the air, and in that time, Stringer Bell (Idris Elba) snagged his own show ("Luther"), Omar (Michael K. Williams) is keeping things gangster on "Boardwalk Empire" and a good portion of the Baltimore P.D. has relocated to "Treme."

Basically, the cast is thriving. But there are still a few stand-out players who really deserve a vehicle to get back on the tube. We took a look at the most underused and underappreciated and assembled a dream list of five who casting directors should really keep in mind when next pilot season rolls around:

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Dr. Luke: Feeling The Pressure Of New Britney Spears Album

Dr Luke has worked with artist like Katy Perry and Ke$ha, but coming up next is perhaps his most stressful gig yet: as co-executive producer on Britney Spears’ forthcoming seventh studio album. Luke’s partner? Swedish hitmaker Max Martin, who’s been both a mentor and collaborator and has worked with Spears on and off since her 1999 Jive Records debut, …Baby One More Time. Dr. Luke contributed several tracks to 2008’s Circus. A dream team, no doubt, but with Sony Music seeing a 10 percent drop in sales last quarter, and that’s including Usher’s platinum-plus Raymond v. Raymond under the LaFace banner, the pressure is most certainly on. “She’s such an icon, I don’t want to let anyone down,” Dr. Luke told THR. “But most importantly, I want to make good music.” The LA-based Luke, who’s just coming off a repackage of Ke$ha’s Animal, says he’s just starting to wrap his head around the Britney album now. He anticipates it will be out in early 2011, while an insider tells THR, it will definitely hit stores before March 31, the end of Sony’s fiscal year. A Jive Records rep would not comment on a release date or confirm a timeline. Other producer-songwriters said to be working on it include Darkchild and, according to Luke, Montreal newcomer Billboard (listen to a remix Billboard did of Britney’s 2009 track “3″ at his Myspace page). When asked if he could tell us a little more about Britney’s upcoming album he said, “Just that I’m excited to be co-executive producing with Max Martin, the person who kind of invented Britney, and to make good music. And she’s such an amazing vehicle to getting that music out to a lot of people in every country.”

OK, so he’s officially the Executive producer on Britney’s upcoming album (What the hell) and it seems that the album is scheduled for early 2011 release. I don’t mind the release date as much as I mind Dr Luke and Max taking over the album. No Blackout V2 I see. Kind of bumped.

Source Source

Apple Told To Stop Selling iPad

Company claims it owns iPad name
Demands Apple cease sales, or else
Name worth US$800 million, claims company

US high-tech giant Apple has been accused in China of copyright infringement, with a computer screen maker saying it owns the rights to the iPad name in the country. Proview Technology Co, Ltd, which is based in the southern city of Shenzhen, registered the iPad trademark in January 2000 and still owns the rights to its use in China, the Beijing News said, citing government archives.

Apple started selling its sleek iPad tablet computer in China last month, after months of grey-market action among avid buyers unwilling to wait for the official launch.

Li Su, a shareholder of Proview Technology, has demanded the California-based Apple "immediately stop its rights infringement activities" and hold fresh negotiations with the Chinese firm, according to the report.

Li threatened that the company would otherwise ask authorities to "seize relevant Apple products", it added.

The two companies held talks previously over the transfer of the trademark but had failed to reach an agreement, the report said.

Li said the reasonable price of the iPad trademark now stood at $US800 million ($A814.17 million).

Yang Rongshan, chairman of Proview Technology's parent company, said that Apple's decision to sell iPad in China was illegal and "arrogant", it said.

Spokesmen at Apple China were not immediately available to comment on the report when contacted by AFP on Wednesday.

Apple in May brought Proview Technology, its parent and affiliate companies as well as Yang to court, demanding that they be forbidden to transfer or sell the trademark to a third party, the Beijing News said.


Modern Family Offends Peruvians

Peruvians are miffed over a "Modern Family" episode in which a character suggests that the Andean nation is full of backward, violent people.

The offending dialogue comes during an argument between Jay, played by Ed O'Neill, and his Colombian wife Gloria, played by Sofia Vergara.

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they're kinda missing the whole point of the joke...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Celine Dion was expecting triplets, lost one.

Now that her new twins are finally home from the hospital, Céline Dion is currently experiencing a mother's elated joy.

But sadly, that wasn't always the case during her well-documented pregnancy.

The singer's rep confirms to E! News that Dion and hubby René Angelil were originally expecting triplets, but devastatingly lost one early on in the pregnancy.

The news was first revealed by Dion herself during an obviously extensive and in-depth interview with a French news station given prior to the births of new sons Eddy and Nelson on Saturday.

At the start of the interview, she reportedly revealed the news, saying that just a few days after learning she was expecting triplets, one of their hearts stopped beating.

"He chose to let go to give space to his brothers to grow," she said of the loss.

It worked: the twins, along with their mom, were released from the hospital Wednesday night.

Obligatory picture of Celine whippin' her hair. No Celine tag. :(
veronique 2

James Franco on 127 Hours, Persona and Why His Life’s No Performance

James Franco is someone I’ve never wanted to interview. As an admirer of his media persona, I never wanted to get too close — to see what’s going on behind the curtain. Indeed, when I finally did sit down with him last week to discuss his new film, things were going swell until raising that question — a question met with a pause that felt like it lasted, oh, about 127 hours.

In the end, as Franco describes it, it’s all an extension of his job to “serve the director’s vision” — a mission accomplished with aplomb in Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours. The 32-year-old actor stars as Aron Ralston, the mountain climber who famously severed his right arm to escape a boulder that pinned him in a Utah canyon for five days in 2003. It’s 100 percent Franco’s movie, from his monologues into a portable video recorder — filing everything from his goodbyes to loved ones to recording an impromptu (and fictional) talk show segment compete with a laugh track — to his ready compliance with Boyle’s imagery and style. The result is work that has Franco’s name on the shortlist for Oscar gold come February.

Movieline spoke with Franco about the audience reactions to 127 Hours, why his personal life is definitely not performance art (I think?) and why, in the end, he’s perfectly fine that there’s a picture circulating of him sleeping in a lecture.

This part is always weird, the initial “Hello, my name is Mike. Now I’m going to ask you personal questions.”
Yeah, it’s weird, right? Is it weird for you?

It is, but I would assume more so for you.
Danny [Boyle] has taught me a lot. He’s got a good approach to all of this. And it helps when you’re talking about a movie that you’re really proud of.

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I would also like to recommend this super long interview MovieCityNews did with James - it's like, 34 minutes long but very interesting. Enjoy:

Fixed the source links mods! Sorry!

Source 1: Movieline

Source 2: MCN

New TV spot for Jolie and Depp's 'The Tourist'

The film, directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck also stars Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell, Timothy Dalton, and Steven Berkoff.

'The Tourist' hits screens across the United States from December 10th. 'The Tourist' revolves around Frank (Johnny Depp), an American tourist visiting Italy to mend a broken heart. While on his trip he meets Elise (Angelina Jolie), an mysterious woman who deliberately crosses his path. Frank follows Elise in the quest of love, but finds himself caught up in a whole lot of trouble.

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Where Do Mel Gibson, Roman Polanski and Others Fall in Movieline’s Guide to Hollywood Morality


More cameo fun for The Hangover 2! After Mel Gibson was replaced by Liam Neeson because co-star Zach Galifianakis thought he was insane, many understandably wondered why Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, was kosher for the first film while an alcoholic racist with anger-management problems was unacceptable for the second. Well, here’s some salt in the wound: Todd Phillips revealed in a Details interview that Mike Tyson will appear in the sequel as well. Between this and Charlie Sheen’s meltdown, you may be asking who fits where in Hollywood’s morality guidebook?

Granted, a comprehensive guide to what is and is not forgivable in Hollywood would likely be as long as the Bible and read like a Marcel Proust novel with the words rearranged. But let’s try to establish some sort of clarity by looking at what stars have and have not gotten away with in the past (when they were actually caught).

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pink flowers & a book


As if keeping your job in this economy wasn't hard enough, Eva La Rue's character Natalia Boa Vista puts her entire career on the line when she takes aim at Horatio (David Caruso) on Sunday's episode of CSI: Miami (10/9c, CBS).

When Boa Vista doubts the story of a murder suspect (guest star Shawn Hatosy) who suffers from gruesome visions, but has no recollection of killing the victim, she goes undercover to see if he could possibly be telling the truth. "It's a very different episode from what we normally do," says La Rue. "This opens up in Shawn's [character's] nightmare. Blood is all over the walls. You're trying to figure out what's going on."

To make sense of his visions, Boa Vista visits the psychic (The Daily Show's Beth Littleford) he blames for the murder he supposedly committed, and becomes drugged, herself. "The drug is a weed derivative, and erases your memory. You hallucinate like crazy on it," says La Rue. "One recurring theme is that you see a glowing orb for a face. So people become very faceless, and you either think they're monsters, or they're aliens. So I think that it's my ex‑husband coming back to kill me."

Unfortunately for Horatio, he's at the other end of the imagined attack. "She's in a lot of trouble," says Caruso. "Firing at your cohorts is tricky business and difficult to explain if there were to be an inquiry." But Boa Vista isn't likely to get fired for taking pot shots at her boss. "Horatio, true to his spectacular form, keeps it quiet," says La Rue. "But it can't mean a big promotion any time soon for Natalia."


And HERE is a sneak peek at one of the intense scenes in the ep!

I am so, so, so excited for this episode. CSI: Miami might hold the world record for shark jumping, but they still do have some gems in their arsenal, Eva La Rue for one!
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Director's Cut: Die Antwoord: "Evil Boy"

When we chatted with Ninja on the phone, he was at an L.A. cafe marveling at a limited edition figurine of the well-endowed Evil Boy drawing that helped inspire the subsequent song and video. The figurine is one of many multi-media projects the crew are currently working on-- action figures, a video game, a feature film, a short film with director Harmony Korine, and a video for "Rich Bitch" are all in the works, according to Ninja. He speaks about as fast as he raps (which is very fast), his thoughts pinging around like a jet-fueled bouncy ball. He's got a lot to say-- about America's cultural hegemony, South African monsters, penis-cutting rituals, Diplo's hair, and more-- and we pretty much let him say it.

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This is so fascinating.
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Can the Indie-Minded Kristen Stewart Become a Box-Office Star After Twilight Fades?


Kristen Stewart is the lead actress in one of the biggest Hollywood franchises ever, and if she seems caught off guard by her massive fame (and she does, often), she's not as shocked as Jodie Foster. "I am surprised she is an actress," Foster recently told E!. When Stewart was just 11, she played Foster's daughter in the David Fincher thriller Panic Room, and "I didn't think [stardom was] where she was headed," Foster confessed. "And even though her mom said, 'No, she really, really wants to be an actress,' I felt like, 'Nah, she won't because she really doesn't have the stereotypical personality.'"

What Foster means, of course, is that we're used to seeing our female movie stars a certain way: bubbly, ambitious, and willing to do hard time in run-of-the-mill romantic comedies if it eventually leads to eight-figure paychecks and one prestige picture that nets them an Oscar nod. To say the least, the 20-year-old Stewart has circumvented that route on her path to the top, but what comes next for such an unconventional starlet? Does Kristen Stewart actually want to be a movie star, and what kind of post-Twilight prospects does she have? Vulture asked industry insiders those questions to answer that Star Market perennial: If Kristen Stewart were a stock, should you buy, sell, or hold?

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What do you think, ONTD? Will Kristen be a star after Twilight?

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Black Eyed Peas Accused Of Stealing Music (Again)

The Black Eyed Peas were slapped with two separate copyright infringement lawsuits Thursday in California by musicians who claim the group stole material for hit songs “I Gotta Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow."

Texas songwriter Bryan Pringle alleges members of the group intentionally copied his song “Take a Dive” when they co-wrote their Grammy-award winning “I Gotta Feeling,” according to the lawsuit filed at the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Pringle, who says he copyrighted his single in 1998, also claims he submitted demo CDs to Interscope Records, UMG Recordings and EMI over a period of 10 years, which they admitted they had received but had no interest in signing him as an artist.

The other complaint is a re-filing in Los Angeles federal court of a lawsuit brought in January by Chicago artist Ebony Latrice Batts, aka Phoenix Phenom, and her producer and co-songwriter, Manfred "Manny" Mohr.

The lawsuit, first filed in Chicago, alleges the Black Eyed Peas copied their track "Boom Dynamite" for the group’s hit "Boom Boom Pow."

Both plaintiffs are being represented by law firm Miller Canfield, which published legal documents on its website.

The two lawsuits allege that UMG Recordings, Interscope Records and members of the Black Eyed Peas engaged in "a pattern and practice of intentional copyright infringement with respect to the unlawful copying of songs of unknown or lesser-known artists," according to plaintiffs' attorney Dean A. Dickie of Miller Canfield.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages of all net profits received by the Black Eyed Peas as well as future credits and royalty payments.

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Because It's a Slow Night

Ashanti and Nelly stay close at listening session

Ashanti only had eyes for Nelly Tuesday night at a private listening session for his album, "5.0." The rumored on-again couple walked into Meatpacking lounge The Griffin and left together, a witness said. "Ashanti sat by his side the entire night and smiled while [Universal Motown President] Sylvia Rhone read Nelly's accomplishments," our spy said. "They seemed to be enjoying each other." Ashanti and the hip-hop star, who split last year, denied a reconciliation after they were spotted together again in August. Ashanti's and Nelly's reps had no comment.

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Karl Pilkington's orange head goes to Brazil

My Life In Travel: Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington: 'If you're somewhere touristy, the restaurants have menus like the Domesday Book'

First holiday memory?

Somewhere in Cornwall with a caravan, mum, dad, brother, sister and some cousins who I don't think I've seen since. It was a battered old caravan that we couldn't all sit in at one end at once, because it would tip up. It was like the end of The Italian Job. It was good, because some evenings you'd be at the front end, and others you'd be at the back playing cards with someone else.

Best holiday?

For me, a good holiday is about value for money rather than things to see. Therefore my best holiday was either on Mallorca or Menorca – I can't remember which one. We got a four-bedroom villa with a pool for a week for £250. It was in the middle of nowhere, near some shops selling dinghies and postcards and an annoying family from Scotland next door who were really loud.

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In the latest episode of 'An Idiot Abroad,' Karl travels to Rio de Janeiro where he gets to experience a back wax and Brazil’s famous beaches.

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What can I say?.. The man's a genius.

'Sesame Street' Muppets Get Clingy with Jude Law

Take a look at Jude Law dropping by Sesame Street!

The 37-year-old Sherlock Holmes actor visited the famous children’s show to teach kids all about the word “cling.”

“Now, the word cling means to stick to and I’d love to show you the word cling, but I have nothing here that I can cling to,” he says, before a monkey, mouse, and octopus grab a tight hold on him!

When he asks the muppets why they’re clinging to him, they all respond, “Because we love you Jude Law!”