October 9th, 2010


Mariah's Final Tracklisting for Christmas Album; Duet with her MOM!!!

Have yourself a Merrier Christmas with MC!  Mariah announces the official tracklisting to Merry Christmas II You her new holiday album in-stores November 2.

1. Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Intro)


2. Oh Santa!

3. O Little Town of Bethlehem / Little Drummer Boy Medley

4. Christmas Time Is In The Air Again

5. The First Noel / Born is the King (Interlude)

6. When Christmas Comes

7. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) / Housetop Celebration

8. Charlie Brown Christmas

9. O Come All Ye Faithful / Hallelujah Chorus feat. Patricia Carey

10. O Holy Night - Live from WPC in South Central Los Angeles

11. One Child

12. All I Want for Christmas is You - Extra Festive

13. Auld Lang Syne - The New Year's Anthem

Source: http://mariahcarey.com/news/news.php?uid=2962

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New 'The Tourist' Trailer

A few weeks back, the first trailer for The Tourist, starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, came online. Though it seemed somewhat generic and wannabe Hitchcock, it was saved by Depp's seemingly endless amount of charisma. It was something they were smart not to ignore in the second trailer either.

Posted on the film's official YouTube channel, the new trailer clocks in at just over a minute long, less than half the length of the first look that arrived in September. Also, sadly, the newest video doesn't offer much in the way of new footage either. Then again, I'm not sure I've ever heard a guy complain about looking at Angelina Jolie or a girl complain about looking at Johnny Depp, so don't question my motives for posting this.

Sources: 1, 2.
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Awesome indie music news roundup mega post, can't be tamed, will forever burn on, etc.

Janet Weiss Talks New Supergroup Wild Flag
"I forgot what an intense language we have together."

Sleater-Kinney fans received some very, very good news two weeks ago, when we learned that two of that band's three members had formed a new group. Singer/guitarist Carrie Brownstein and drummer Janet Weiss are now in the new band Wild Flag, alongside former Helium leader Mary Timony and ex-Minders keyboardist Rebecca Cole. We still haven't heard a note of music from the new group, but the fact that they exist is enough to generate excitement.

Wild Flag tour the West Coast in November, and they plan to release their not-yet-recorded debut album on Merge next year. We caught up with Weiss-- also a member of Quasi and Stephen Malkmus' Jicks-- to talk about Wild Flag's formation, the amped-up reception for the new band, and her beloved Portland Trail Blazers.

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Deerhoof Sign to Polyvinyl for New Album

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Grizzly Bear-Biting Ad Yanked
Ad agency explains what happened with Troy University commercial

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Photos: Arcade Fire, Los Angeles, CA; 10/07/10

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Video: Crystal Castles: "Baptism"
Digital effects, houses on fire-- you know, the usual

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New Stereolab Album: "Sun Demon"

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Karissa Shannon & ‘Smallville’ Actor Sam Jones III Sex Tape Hit The Interwebs.

Playmate Karissa Shannon’s sex tape with Smallville actor boyfriend Sam Jones III has hit the Internet.

The former Hugh Hefner girlfriend and reality star reached an agreement with Vivid Entertainment last month to release the sex tape after she accused Hills star Spencer Pratt of stealing the tape and handing it off to the adult entertainment distributor, according to reports. Karissa also made a sex tape with Specer’s wife, Heidi Montag, that was also taken.

Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch says Karissa and Sam received a deal in the “six-figure range” for their endorsement, after agreeing to drop legal action to block the tape.
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JADE Goody’s big-spending mum is back on benefits after blowing £1million.

Jobless grandmother Jackiey Budden is living off £91.70 a week of taxpayers’ cash, despite raking in piles of money in recent years. It has gone on partying, shopping and a luxury round-the-world trip. And she does not regret a thing, saying: “Money is there to spend and that’s what I did.”

Jackiey, 52, was awarded £750,000 compensation for her injuries in a motorcycle crash.

On top of that, the former druggie has also been paid thousands for a string of magazine interviews and TV shows about her tragic daughter.

She also won £13,000 on the Lottery as well as pocketing £10,000 in Jade’s will.

Jade also gave her cash from the family’s ill-fated appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2007.

And last month, Jackiey bragged that she is set to rake in more than Jade managed from her three books with her new autobiography.

Speaking from her council flat in Bermondsey, south London, she said: “I had a motorbike accident. In the end I got three quarters of a million pounds for my accident. That just made life easier for me and Jade basically. It was really weird because me and her did not have a pint of milk in the house or a toilet roll. Then this big lump of money come. I was so angry I screwed it up and threw it because we did not even have toilet roll and it takes nine days for the cheque to clear. There was no-one in the world we could borrow money from. We were just roasting for nine days then the first day we got the money, nutty mummy, we jumped on a plane and went to Nigeria for a year and then we went to Egypt and then we just never came back. We went everywhere. The money went everywhere, on clothes and a caravan and that was it. Every country but here.”

Asked if she regretted blowing the mammoth payout she said: “No, not at all, not at all. From all the money I’ve earned and from what Jade gave me from I’m A Celebrity (sic) and whatever. Anything can happen to anyone and money is there to spend and that’s what I did. I was not on drugs or anything like that in them times."

"None of that money never ever went on drugs.”

She could just never seem to pronounce Shilpa Shetty's name properly.
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First Trailer for Peter Weir's Survival Film 'The Way Back'

Peter Weir is back! And he's back with a film titled The Way Back! An early low res official trailer for the film has debuted today and can be seen below. The Way Back is an epic survival movie starring Colin Farrell, Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Mark Strong and Saoirse Ronan. Inspired by a true story, it tells the tale of a group of prisoners who escaped the Soviet Gulag in 1940 and traveled over 4000 miles across some of the most dangerous terrain in the world. I missed this in Telluride and I regret it as it looks like it's right down my alley. I love his style and the epic but intimate feel to the story. Check this out!

Watch the first international trailer for Peter Weir's The Way Back:

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EXCLUSIVE: Joseph Gordon Levitt's Brother Took Drugs Before Death, Say Neighbors

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Neighbors of Dan Gordon-Levitt say he had been taking drugs before his death, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.
Dan - the older brother of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt - had been staying with his girlfriend and a friend at an apartment in Hollywood, California.

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Died Young

His body was discovered Monday, October 4th at 3:58 a.m. He was 36-years-old.

A neighbor told RadarOnline.com, "They ( Dan and his friends) had been partying, and we were woken up with the girl screaming.
PHOTOS: Celebs We Lost In 2010

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Kerry Washington Covers 'Essence' November 2010

Kerry Washington looks beyond fierce on the cover of Essence magazine’s November 2010 issue, on newsstands Tuesday, October 12!

The 33-year-old Night Catches Us and For Colored Girls actress dished on loving who she is…but not letting it be the only unique thing about her!

“I don’t want to ignore my Blackness,” Kerry shared. “I just want to get to the point where my racial identity is simply a part of what makes me unique.”

For more from Kerry, visit Essence.com!


Kim Kardashian Speaks Out About "Bar Fight"

After a female fan threw a drink on Kim Kardashian during a boozy night at NYC's Juliet Supper Club on Thursday, the reality star is sharing her side of the story.

"I want to address this because everyone has been asking me if I'm ok after the bar fight last night," Kim, 29, blogged Friday. "I'm totally fine, guys!"

So what led to the fan altercation?

"A drunk male fan came up to me and asked to take a picture, and I obliged, but his girlfriend, who was also drunk, got a little out of hand," she explained. "Luckily I had Scott [Disick] and Khloe there to protect me."

But an eyewitness tells UsMagazine.com that the male fan wanted more than just a picture from the E! star.

"He was groping her, trying to pull her close," the source told Us. "Scott got really defensive of Kim when the guy groped her...things escalated and Scott punched him. Security came and broke it up."

According to Kim, none of the Kardashians consumed any alcohol while at the club, though a source told Us that Disick, 27, "had a little vodka, but he seemed completely sober."

"We wanted a fun family night out, but when people see the cameras rolling, they try to get attention," Kim complained. "I guess that's what happened when the drunk girl saw that we were filming Kim and Kourtney Take New York."

For now, the reality star is happy to put the incident behind her.

"I always take the high road, so we all left straight after and didn't feed into their drama," Kim said. "Moving on!"

Jessica Alba Pictures From GQ Are Unfairly Hot

As a follow up to this post

These are the ridiculously sexy Jessica Alba pictures from our friends at GQ UK magazine that we saw screen capped earlier in the week from the smoking hot promotional video. Yeah, that video. Perhaps the sexiest we've ever seen Jessica Alba, and certainly showing that this MILFtastic actress is fully on her hot body and pouty lips game. Enjoy.


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Helen Mirren’s Nude Scene in a Love Ranch

Helen Mirren has a sex scene in some movie called Love Ranch that is going straight to DVD in the UK because it failed in the USA and maybe it had something to do with showing off her 63 year old big granny titty…

She is like the opposite of a Miley Cyrus…you know getting naked cuz it’s the bad decision for your career drawing negative attention to yourself, only in Helen Mirren’s it’s not fun to watch or jerk off to…

There comes an age in every woman’s life where it’s just smartest to save your tits for your miserable husband, the guy you are having an affair with to feel young and the ladies at your aquarobics class…That age hapeened 10 years ago for Helen Mirren…I guess no one told her….


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No Cursing In The House Of Eminem

Eminem's songs are stuffed with more curse words than a 6th grader's Facebook page, but he'll make you bite the Irish Spring and put a dollar in the jar if you so much as launch a "shit" off your tongue in his house. Em, who is raising three girls, tells The Silver Fox in a 60 Minutes interview:

"I'm a parent. I have daughters. I mean, how would I really sound, as a person...walking around my house [saying] 'Bitch, pick this up,' you know what I mean?...I don't cuss. Profanity around my house? No."

Well, that's that. If you ever receive an Evite for a tea party at Eminem's house, you now know to politely return the RSVP card with the "Will Not Attend" box checked off. The only reason to go to his house is for him to tell you to "pick this up, BITCH."

Die Antwoord talk their new video 'Evil Boy' - homophobic?

Prior to February, Afrikaner "zef" rappers Die Antwoord were virtually unknown outside of South Africa. Then, practically overnight, their video Enter the Ninja became an internet sensation (nearly 8 million views to date), launching a bidding war by major labels. The most common reaction to Enter the Ninja may well have been, What the fokk? (See my initial reaction here.) Bumping a South African ghetto style known as zef—which is vaguely akin to our "bling"—rappers Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er have created an insanely weird, high-energy chemistry. They push the creative envelope with an absurdist gangsta sexuality, laden with heavy doses of profane slang in their native tongue.

Die Antwoord arrives in America next week to tour in support of $O$ (SOS), their debut CD on Interscope, which, fittingly, is also home to Lady Gaga and Eminem. Just yesterday, Die Antwoord released the video for their song "Evil Boy." Watch it below, but make sure your boss isn't looking, because it may well be one of the most risqué music videos ever recorded. This morning, I spoke with Ninja, who was chilling at a friend's place in Johanesburg prior to the tour. I'll publish the full interview soon. But here's an excerpt in which we talk about Die Antwoord's roller-coaster ride, its recent deal with Interscope, and the story behind "Evil Boy."

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i think the story ninja tells at the end about xhosa culture and circumcision (pretty much the inspiration behind the song 'evil boy') is quite interesting and worth the read. idgaf, i love these dudes.
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Flawless January Jones makes Jason Sudeikis feel fat and ugly

January Jones has cut into her boyfriend’s confidence.

A source tells the new Us Weekly (on newsstands now) that the Mad Men actress’ beau, Saturday Night Live’s Jason Sudeikis, 35, has been doing the BluePrint Cleanse -- a diet consisting of six bottles of juice per day -- because he thinks he looks too puffy when posing for photos next to the slim starlet, 32.

"He put on a few pounds this summer," says the insider."January is so gorgeous and thin, it’s hard to look good next to her."

And he seems determined to stick with the 1,100-calorie-a-day plan: At an NYC Westville Sept. 29, he met a pal for lunch and drank two bottles of BluePrint Cleanse juices — while the friend ate regular food!


geo gif smiling cup

John Lennon's Subpar Sperm Covers Beatles Tunes

The public's first impression of Sean Lennon was as the precocious young progeny of music's most infamous pairing. Two critically acclaimed solo albums and nearly 35 years later, he's given up fighting the inexorably long shadow cast on him by his father, John Lennon -- who would have turned 70 this Saturday, a birthday he shares with his son.

Choosing instead to focus his abundant creative energy towards projects that embrace the women in his life, the younger Lennon has devoted the last year to both rectifying his mother's legacy as a visual and musical artist with a series of all-star
Plastic Ono Band tribute shows in New York (with the original line-up), Los Angeles (with the likes of Perry Ferrell and Lady Gaga) and Iceland as well as forming a new band with his girlfriend, Charlotte Kemp-Muhl, under the loquacious moniker the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (their debut album, 'The Acoustic Sessions,' is due October 26). Lennon and Kemp-Muhl sat down with Spinner for a candid conversation about his heritage, the new musical landscape and the importance of Yoko Ono.

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Happy birthday, John and Sean!
Buck Swagga Jackin Selleck

A Humanizing Interview With Insane Clown Posse (lol not really tho)

Insane Clown Posse: And God Created controversy

America's nastiest rappers in shocking revelation – they've been evangelical Christians all along

Scary clown make-up, obscene lyrics, violent fans. But, hey, God is on their side. Photograph: Jim Newberry

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Bolded for the TL;DR crowd but I suggest reading the whole thing. Jon Ronson is a genius and quite frankly...


Stan Lee to write sci-fi 'Romeo and Juliet'

Stan Lee's Pow! Entertainment has teamed up with 1821 Pictures to publish three sci-fi graphic novels based on Romeo and Juliet.

The story's synopsis reads: "Two groups of superhuman soldiers turn the Empire of Verona into the most powerful territory on earth. The Montagues (powerful cyborgs made of artificial DNA) team with the Capulets (genetically enhanced humans with super speed and agility) to destroy all threats to Verona.

"When they succeed, they turn on one another in a race for total dominance. In this volatile backdrop, a young Montague boy and Capulet girl fall in love and plan to marry in secret."

Romeo and Juliet: The War will arrive next spring.



'Shoeaholic' Kylie Minogue Steps Out In Fuzzy Shoes, Boots

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Another day, another pair of flamboyant footwear for Kylie Minogue.

Just 24 hours after sporting a £1,250 pair Christian Louboutin Armony Ankle Boots with removable cuffs, the Australian singer stepped out today in a striking pair of furry high heels.

The diminutive star, 42, teetered along in a £640 pair of black suede Yves Saint Laurent Mohawk pumps as she ran errands in London.

With her hair scrapped back in a loose ponytail, Kylie looked sleek in a sheer pink dress, black cardigan and tights.

The Armony boots were just the second pair of Christian Louboutins Kylie had worn is as many days.

Posting a photo of her boots on her Twitter page on Thursday, Kylie enthused: 'OMG....gorgeous!'


Jersey Shore's Mike Sorrentino looks furious after assistant crashes his beloved Mustang convertible

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino found himself in a sticky situation yesterday when his sports car crashed in Hollywood.

The reality star is extremely proud of his mustard-coloured Ford Mustang convertible.

And he was clearly not happy when his hapless assistant reversed the car into a parked truck, causing the bumper to fall off.

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Stock; Starbucks

Josh Duhamel Does Not Want to Use His Body to Sell Movies

By now, even if you haven't seen the actual movie, which came out last night, you've probably passed an ad for Life As We Know it, and noted Josh Duhamel's tan, toned body. On billboards and in magazines, the ad features Katherine Heigl chasing after a baby while Duhamel walks by drinking beer, in nothing but his skivvies, for seemingly no reason at all. Now Heigl claims Duhamel is pretty embarrassed by the image.

The actress says Duhamel is "pissed" about the embarrassing promo, because the underwear scene wasn't in the original script and now it's the movie's most recognizable scene. She says, "Unfortunately they threw that at him. In the movie there's a scene where he's walking around in his underwear chasing the baby and they kind of threw it in last minute because they thought it would be funny. But poor kid, he's pissed."

Typically, women have sometimes bemoaned this treatment from movie studios: Keira Knightley's famously-sudden bust in the Pirates of the Caribbean ads come to mind. Then there's the equal-opportunity nakedness that is the recently sexed-up promo for Love & Other Drugs.

So does Duhamel have a right to be pissed? The studios are indeed using his body to sell this movie, in that ad, and he didn't even got a say in it! But at least it works: Life as We Know It is a surprising early front-runner to take the holiday weekend, bringing in over $5 million on its opening night, racing ahead of the less-sexy-looking Secretariat.


No Joke: Kathy Griffin Goes Out Make-Up Free

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American comedienne Kathy Griffin is rarely seen without a full face of make-up.

While other reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian are incredulously seen wearing their warpaint at the gym, thankfully down-to-earth Griffin was spotted jogging au natural yesterday.

But without her signature bright lipstick and heavy eyeshadow, the 49-year-old was virtually unrecognisable as she ran in the Hollywood Hills.


Please Do Not Swear:Davina McCall to host 'The Biggest Loser' (UK)

Davina McCall (of Big Brother UK fame) has been named as the new host of The Biggest Loser.

According to The Sun, the presenter has already started filming the ITV1 weight-loss show, which will move to a prime-time slot when it returns.

Speaking of her new appointment, McCall said: "I'm so chuffed to be hosting the show as it offers contestants the opportunity to change their lives for the better. I love it."

McCall replaces Kate Garraway on the show, while trainers Richard Callender and Angie Dowds will return for the new series.


Tina Knowles on Miss Tina Line at Walmart and the Importance of Plus-Size Clothing

From Stylelist: Tina Knowles wants to dress all of us, regardless of size.

The House of Deréon and Deréon designer, and mother of superstar Beyoncé, just introduced her newest fashion line Miss Tina by Tina Knowles exclusively at Walmart.

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The 30-piece collection -- which includes everything from dresses to track suits, most items under $20 -- is available in sizes 2 to 20, something Knowles is passionate about.

"My frustration in shopping was always trying to find sizes," Knowles tells StyleList.


PTC criticizes Miley's new video

Miley Cyrus' new single, "Who Owns My Heart," may question who the pop star's latest boy toy is but the video certainly declares that the teen singer is embracing a sexier persona. However, some believe the 17-year-old singer's racy image is damaging to her legions of young fans.

In the clip, a scantily-clad Cyrus gets dolled up in her room and shows a lot of leg while grooving in the backseat of a car on her way to a rager at a mansion. The teen starlet then spends most of the video dancing in tiny shorts, a revealing halter, big hair and heels and partying until the wee hours.

Tim Winter, who serves as president of the Parents Television Council, told TMZ that the "Hannah Montana" star's sexed-up clip relays the wrong message to her teen following.

"It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one," Winter said. "It sends messages to her fanbase that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point. Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fanbase so rapidly."

The group has also recently slammed the Britney/Brittany "Glee" episode.


Fashion Designer Creates 'Meow-wear', To Appear At New York City Event

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Talk about the cat's pajamas. Pet fashionista Carla Reiss actually designs them!

Her company called "Meow-Wear" makes and sells ready-to-wear and couture feline fashions and accessories. The line offers everything from stretchy collars to special occasion harnesses to kitty jewelry. There's even a "Supercat" cape.

"I'm not advocating that animals habitually wear clothing," Reiss tells Paw Nation. "It's more for a photo opportunity. It's a chance to put some fashionable elements on your pet for special events, photographic moments, the family holiday card, whatever suits your fancy. But I'm not suggesting that the clothing be used 24/7."

That goes for the cat's pajamas, a top seller that Reiss says will keep a hairless cat warm, but she doesn't recommend a cat actually sleep in it. "I think it's funny enough that people just want to photograph their cat and put it on their Christmas cards," says Reiss. "When the photo session is over, the pajamas come off."

You can meet Reiss and see her Meow-Wear designs at the upcoming Meet the Breeds event in New York City on October 16–17.

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Mad Max: Fury Road Delayed… Again

Filming on Mad Max: Fury Road has already been subject to delays. The six-month $100 million shoot was meant to kick off August 2010 with stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron in New South Wales, before the start date was revised to February of next year. The production has been pushed back again, this time a full year to February 2012.

Even worse, The Australian reports that “the high Australian dollar could ultimately kill the film as its budget grows.” The first delay was for meteorological reasons, but the report doesn’t specify the nature of this postponement. Is an ever-bloating budget to blame? Hit the jump for a brief recap of what we know about the Mad Max reboot.

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The For Colored Girls soundtrack is the musical companion for the upcoming Tyler Perry film which has been adapted from Ntozake Shange’s 1975 Obie & Tony Award-winning play, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf - The soundtrack features all new and unreleased music from such artists as Nina Simone, Gladys Knight, Leona Lewis, Estelle, Laura Izibor, Macy Gray, Janelle Monae and Lalah Hathaway. The Soundtrack sets the many stories of struggle told within the film’s chore poem to music to reflect women’s ongoing battle with love, abandonment and the finding of self.

UrbanBridgez.com has learned there will not be a single released from the album, however Laura Izibor’s ‘What More Can They Do’ will be the focus track from the soundtrack!

First Look: Official Tracklisting!

1 Main Title – By Loretta Devine, Kimberly Elise, Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton, Phylicia Rashad, Anika Noni Rose, Tessa Thompson, Kerry Washington with Joshua Bell, Aaron Zigman & The Hollywood Studio
2 Longer & Stronger – By Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
3 All Day Long (Blue Skies) – By Estelle
4 What More Can They Do – By Laura Izibor
5 Sun – By Lalah Hathaway
6 Ansomnia – By Zaki Ibrahim
7 Settle – By Gladys Knight
8 La Donna In Viola – By Karen Slack, Andrea Jones-Sojola & The Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra
9 Sechita (A Senhora em Amarelo) – By Anika Noni Rose & Carondelet Percussion Ensemble
10 Stand Up – By Macy Gray
11 Without A Fight – By Janelle Monàe
12 Four Women – By Nina Simone, Simone, Laura Izibor & Ledisi
13 I Know Who I Am – By Leona Lewis

Soundtrack In Stores & Online November 2nd – Film In Theaters November 5th!

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Sarah Streeter The Rod Stewart Offspring you rarely hear about!

The love child he had in the 60's when he was 18, and gave up for adoption.
Sarah had no idea who her birth father was until she was 18. She is now almost 47!

The only kids of Rod's you see or hear about are: Kim, Sean, Ruby, Renee, Liam, Alastair and the unborn son.

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Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1318967/Rod-Stewart-love-child-fathered-18.html

**Rod will be performing on HSN tonight 8pm Eastern/5PM Western time tonight**

Kelsey Grammer's girlfriend miscarries

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It was devastating news the couple had not been ready to reveal for weeks.

But on Saturday, Kelsey Grammer and girlfriend Kayte Walsh said she had a miscarriage.

"We lost our unborn child about six weeks ago," they tell PEOPLE in a statement. "
We would like to thank all of those who expressed kindness and concern 
but we needed a little time to heal, time to find some solace before we
 publicly acknowledged our loss."

That's so sad.
Inbetweeners- Neil's ass

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'Sister Wives' Hubby Marries Wife #4

Kody Brown officially has 21 mouths to feed ... TMZ has learned the "Sister Wives" polygamist has married his latest fiancée Robyn Sullivan ... increasing his total number of wives to FOUR.

Sources close to the "Sister Wives" stars tell us the two were married "a few months ago" at a private religious ceremony in Utah.

Robyn isn't entering the family by herself -- she has three kids from a previous marriage who will join Kody's 13 kids and three other wives.

We're told TLC cameras were not allowed to capture the actual ceremony -- but the reception WILL be featured on the reality show. We're told some of the drama leading up to the wedding will be featured on this Sunday's episode.

With 21 total members, Kody can literally split the family in half and hold a regulation football game ... as long as he plays all-time quarterback. 


Ugh, Robyn needs to gtfo
Xtina: QT Glasses

Lily Allen wins libel damages over fake interview

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Singer Lily Allen accepted damages yesterday over allegations that she made offensive remarks about David and Victoria Beckham and Ashley and Cheryl Cole.

A judge at the High Court in London was told the case arose from an article in So Foot in May last year.

Allen's solicitor-advocate Mark Thomson told Mr Justice Eady that the publishers of the French football magazine now accepted that she had not made the comments attributed to her.

He added that they had agreed to apologize and pay damages and legal costs.

The article, published in May 2009, featured an interview with Allen in which she called Victoria Beckham "a monster" and Cheryl Cole "stupid and superficial."

Thompson said the magazine now accepted that "no interview in fact took place with the claimant."



ONTD doesn't allow MP3 posts anymore so I'm doing this here since I couldn't find anything against this on the userinfo.

1. I cannot reveal my source under any circumstances, so don't even ask. That's why this is an exclusive.

2. My link will likely be removed soon, so get it while you can!

I have just received and uploaded what I can reveal as "The Last Rites Of Albus Dumbledore", confirmed the first track off the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part I) soundtrack composed by Alexandre Desplat. I have not seen the film, and I am not an official source to any sort of information, just a regular person who had a few reliable contacts. Based on my listening experience alone, I think it's pretty safe to say this is what is to be played during Dumbledore's funeral in the upcoming film.

Because ONTD doesn't allow MP3s and I don't want my YouTube account to be violated if/when it gets removed, I have decided to post temporarily on my journal located here:


And yes, feel free to laugh at my ghetto-ass journal, because I don't know anything about HTML formatting and stuff like that.

Locked to friends-only as asked by some commentators.

ETA: Sorry everyone. Like I said, I'm not in the know on anything that goes with the movie, etc. aside from some stray contacts that I know, so it's disheartening for me to find out that the music isn't real too. :(

On the other hand, I do like it, and I prefer to keep thinking of this as Dumbledore's song until the time we DO get official music, so I'm happy I got something anyway, and I hope you guys can appreciate my intentions for what they were.
quinn okay

So I guess this is becoming routine or something??

 Robert Pattinson takes Kristen Stewart out on the town after Leno

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and their good friend Tom Sturridge ducked into their car after having drinks together on the roof of The Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills last night.

Kristen was still all done up from her appearance on Leno earlier in the evening to promote Welcome to the Rileys. Rob and Kristen have been taking advantage of their time in LA by hitting up all the hotspots during a string of date nights this week. Robert also took care of a wardrobe fitting on his own as they put in the final preparations before shooting Breaking Dawn on location in a few weeks. 

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ke$ha's new album title

the re-release of ke$ha's chart topping and genre defining album Animal has finally received a title. CANNIBAL will feature 5-8 new tracks penned by ke$ha with production from dr. luke and co. can't fucking wait!!!

Since its release in January, ‘Animal‘ has topped the Billboard charts, been certified Platinum and sold over 2 million copies worldwide. It’s also spawned four consecutive top ten hits, all of which have been certified Platinum or multi-Platinum.

amber glasses

Top 5 Rap Songs That Sample The Beatles

With today marking late Beatles' member John Lennon's 70th birthday, SOHH provides a list of the top five rap songs which sampled the band's renowned hits.

1. Lil Wayne - "Help"

In 2007, Lil Wayne's Carter 3 Sessions mixtape sampled the Beatles' 1965 film/soundtrack, Help!

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it's nice hearing a Pitbull verse that doesn't have anything to do with numbers or hotel rooms. Talib's is the best tho. #freeweezy #freetrashic etc

Rihanna in Paris, looks pretty

lol whats this part at the end Rihanna walks out of her hotel wearing a sweater with owls and birds on it while in Paris, France for Fashion Week on Friday (October 8).

                 NOTE FOR MODS :  rejection reasons : Idgi, what part of it looks weird?

The 22-year-old singer went to the Jean Paul Gaultier headquarters the day before for a meeting. On Wednesday, Rihanna wore socks with her heels on a date night dinner with her boyfriend Matt Kemp.

Rihanna, who has a self-titled photography book coming out later this month, will be in NYC to sign copies of the book on October 27th at the Barnes and Noble 5th Avenue at 12:00pm!
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Taylor Candids and GG news.

Taylor Momsen returns to Gossip Girl October 25, and guest star Tim Gunn will also appear that week. Taylor could not be more thrilled to be back on set!

In the episode, Blair permits aspiring designer Jenny to temporarily return to the paradise of Manhattan to meet with Tim Gunn (as Tim Gunn) about a job opportunity.

J’s supposedly leaving again until winter afterward, so it’s possible their encounters on Gossip Girl go as badly as their real-life exchanges.

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Like oil and water, Tori Spelling and H20 just don't mix.

"I hate water!" the actress and reality star, 37, tells Access Hollywood Live. "I'm never thirsty actually. I don't drink water."  As a result, "I don't sweat," says Spelling. "Isn't that weird?"

Even after not working up a sweat during a hard workout, the Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood star says she'll only take a sip of her homemade sparkling water – "If I have to."  And as adamant as she is about her distaste for water, Spelling is also firm about something else – expanding her family.

Already mom to Liam, 3, and Stella, 2, Spelling, who recently debuted her children's picture book, Presenting … Talllulah!, says she and husband Dean McDermott think they'll "go for another one."  Though she likes the idea of having three kids, "There ain't nothing in there yet!"

Magneto puppet
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Trailer for short film "The Candy Shop" released

Doug Jones is no stranger to horror, but he often plays either a heroic or at least neutral character, often under heavy makeup and prosthetics. For the short film "The Candy Shop", he steps out from behind the makeup and into a role of pure evil.

Shot in Atlanta, home city to production company Whitestone Pictures, "The Candy Shop" is a 30-minute fairytale/parable about the child sex trade. According to Whitestone, over 500 children a month are trafficked into Atlanta, making it the top city in this country for the child sex trade.

Director Brandon McCormick spins the tale of a candy shop in a time resembling the 1930's where a candyman (Jones) lures little girls into The Candy Shop...and they don't come out.

The full film is due to be released in November. Look for more about "The Candy Shop" in the future here on Dread Central. In the meantime check out the official "The Candy Shop" website and find out what you can do to STOP The Candy Shop!


pickles jacking off

international boytoy and his newest prey under the starlight in paris


as reported by BILD

Sparks flying between Pop-Icon Bill Kaulitz (21) and Fashion-Designer Wolfgang Joop (65). In the city of love. For a TV-Documentation they made a tour together trough the nightly Paris.

Dinner with the german ambassador Reinhard Schäfer (60), "One for the road" in the "Café de Flore" and on the Eiffel-Tower. Joop: "I am blown away by this boy."

The day after the huge "Wunderkind"-Fashion Show. Actually Kaulitz should also walk on the catwalk as a "Wunderkind"-model.

Joop: "If, I would have sent him on the catwalk with women's clothes. He's the most beautiful girl of the whole Fashion Week."

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this is so romantic you guys! true love doesn't care for age nor gender :')
Cecil B. Demented

NYCC: 7 Reasons Why 'Hanna' Should Be On Your Radar

Until this afternoon, all we really knew about Joe Wright's new film 'Hanna' is that it stars the suddenly precocious Saoirse Ronan as a teenage assassin. That was enough to get me interested, but the wealth of details that Wright, Ronan, and co-star Eric Bana revealed to the New York Comic Con crowd this afternoon - in addition to the two brief clips they brought in tow - have me somewhat convinced that 'Hanna' is going to be one of the spring's most exciting movies when Focus Features release it on April 8, 2011. So here's what we know now:

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David G. "smiling"

Julian is the HBIC of the Lennon family

They say it's his birthday, to paraphrase an old pop song.

It's not easy to fathom, but John Lennon, who was born in Liverpool, England, on Oct. 9, 1940, would be 70 years old today.

To celebrate the milestone, a new monument was unveiled in Liverpool today to honor the singer-songwriter.

"We come here with our hearts to honor Dad and to pray for peace and say 'thank you' to each and every one of you," said Julian Lennon, 47. He attended with his 71-year-old mum (Lennon's first wife), Cynthia Lennon, who first met John Lennon at Liverpool Art College.

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Julian Lennon talked about the special event in this CBS News clip:

Sources: 1, 2.
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Family Circus headed to the big screen

20th Century Fox has teamed with Walden Media to buy rights to Bil Keane's venerable syndicated comic strip The Family Circus, and they've hired Bob Hilgenberg & Rob Muir to script a live action feature. John Baldecchi and Stacy Maes are producing. Bil Keane started the strip in 1960 and continues to generate the single-panel script with his son Jeff. It is the most widely syndicated strip in the world, according to King Features.

A number of studios competed for the rights for what is envisioned as a multiple quadrant family franchise. Though several members of the Keane clan have become film animators, Bil Keane resisted making a film deal all these years. Producer Baldecchi spent two years trying to track them down. He got Keane's number, but never had his messages returned.

One day, Baldecchi called and Keane picked up the phone. He made enough of an impression that Keane introduced the producer to his son Jeff. Soon they had an agreement to move forward and then studios got involved. I'm told the deal was six figures against seven-figures and went to Fox and Walden, which are partnered in the upcoming The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Among other projects, the writers worked with Baldecchi on their comedy script Scared Guys, about a couple of agoraphobic roommates who have to venture out of their building and across the street to prevent a murder.


Emma Stone complains about being a natural blonde

ACTRESS EMMA STONE was so sick of playing ditzy cheerleaders she dyed her blonde hair dark.

And it turned out to be a shrewd move - one week later she landed her first serious acting role.

When she first started out in the industry, Emma - who's recently scored the role of Spider-Man's new bit of stuff - was limited to playing dumb airheads.

But it all changed for the Superbad star after a trip to the hair salon.

She recalled: "When I first moved to LA, I had this agent who thought, because I was blonde, that I only wanted to play cheerleaders. So she'd send me out for all these parts where they thought: 'What a weird 15-year-old. It's not going to work out!'

"I don't know if anyone necessarily underestimated me as a blonde - I think I just had a crappy agent.

"So one day, in a fit of trying to do something different, I just dyed my hair dark brown and got my first role a week later, after which I thought: 'People are close-minded, man! Like a different hair colour changes everything!'"

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the uk's SEXIEST boyband The Wanted to get ever SEXIER?

The Wanted To Get Sex Toys Range?

Not ones to be outdone by their rivals JLS, boyband of the moment The Wanted have revealed they want their own range of sex toys.

As we reported last week, the Jack the Lad Swing boys have been given their own range of condoms and it seems to have inspired the All Time Low singers to go one better, and put their faces to sex toys. Tom told the Daily Star: "We were thinking of doing some sort of contraception pill or Viagra or something."

"We also discussed a sex toy, you know, like a cast of your own member or something." He added: "We think that would be a goer. Whose would be the most popular? Definitely not Nathan's - he's only 17."

The lads, who are gearing up to release their second single Heart Vacancy also added that since they hit the big-time they often receive dirty messages from fans on Twitter. Jay claimed: "We get sent some proper smutty filth. The one I can which is no swearing is just three words. 'Get in me'"

Max continued: "We do get some hate mail as well though. We find it quite funny. One letter was addressed to Nathan saying that he looked like Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. That was mint."

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haters don't appreciate Talent, said Talent cries

Booing audience reduces Cher Lloyd to tears!

X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd was reportedly in floods of tears last night, before she even had a chance to perform on the first live show.

An insider told The Daily Star that the 17 year old was devastated, when audience members began to boo loudly as soon as her name was mentioned by the warm up man.

The source said: “The audience were being warmed up and her name was mentioned and the boos rang out. “Cher was shocked and burst into tears backstage. She faces a huge fight.”

However, Cher managed to compose herself and took to the stage later in the evening to perform ‘Just Be Good To Me’ for the panel.

We didn’t enjoy her rendition at all but the judges couldn’t stop raving about her unique style. Simon Cowell enthused: Any doubts anyone had on why Cheryl picked you have just been totally utterly blown away. You are a exactly what we were looking for, which is a new little star. And you should be unpredictable, that’s what pop music is all about. You are part of a new generation, I loved it.

it's really sad that we live in a society where genuine young talent is something to be ashamed of
damn right its better then yours

5 things you need to know about Andrew Garfield

(and probably already know if youre a stan)

If you're a die-hard Robert Pattinson fan (which we're sure you are), then one of the breakout stars of fall's biggest movie—The Social Network—was already a familiar face. Of course, we're talking about Andrew Garfield, aka one of R.Pattz's besties.

Before the dude becomes a megastar—what with Oscar talk for his Facebook flick performance as well as Never Let Me Go and an entire superhero franchise reboot resting on his capable shoulders—we decided to let you in on five facts about this total babe:

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These days the ladies he’s lusting after are pure Southern California glitz. Beginning on Thursday night at 10 “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” will induct six new women into the franchise: Taylor Armstrong, a businesswoman who relies on facial fillers to keep her marriage to a venture capitalist intact; Camille Grammer, a former dancer — Club MTV, vintage 1988 — perhaps best known as the soon-to-be-ex of the actor Kelsey Grammer; Adrienne Maloof, part of a family dynasty that owns the Sacramento Kings, the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and the Maloof Money Cup, the world’s largest skateboarding competition; Kim and Kyle Richards, quarreling sisters, onetime child stars and aunts of Paris Hilton; and Lisa Vanderpump, a restaurant owner and, according to her husband, sex object. “Every time he wants sex, I object,” Ms. Vanderpump explains in her husky British purr.

“I love the franchise, and I love these women so much,” Mr. Cohen said recently, while driving to his weekend home in Sag Harbor on Long Island. His voice nearly beamed. “They all make me smile.”

In these excerpts from an interview with Kathryn Shattuck, Mr. Cohen talked about choosing the show’s newest locale, casting the right mix of housewives and perfecting the proper balance of tension and camaraderie.


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Simpsons; Q-Tip

MTV Creating New Gang of Comic-Book Heroes

Former Marvel president Stan Lee and MTV are teaming up to create a crew of comic-book superheroes, dubbed the Seekers. MTV will hold a contest for "undiscovered talent," and the winner will write and illustrate the series, which will have "a very high-concept plot and span centuries," premiering digitally on the MTV Geek website and then becoming a TV series or film. Sounds promising, and a bit like MTV's still trying to re-brand itself and talk to hip teens again.


pink moon.
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Rosario Dawson in Total Film Magazine + Bonus Photos from GQ Shoot

The gorgeous and talented Rosario Dawson graces the pages of the November 2010 issue of Total Film Magazine and discusses her upcoming film Unstoppable starring Denzel Washington & Chris Pine, beauty standards in Hollywood, and much more:

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BONUS More photos from her hot cover shoot of German GQ and an article summarizing the German translation:

Rosario Dawson is smaller than she appears in movies like “Death Proof – Grindhouse,” “Sin City” and “Alexander,” according to the German edition of GQ magazine. But there is no denying she is a powerhouse performer and super sexy to boot, judging by her latest photos.

Dawson is making the rounds promoting her latest film, the railway thriller “Unstoppable” by Tony Scott, opposite Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, and shows why she is considered one of Hollywood’s bankable stars in a GQ photo shoot.Collapse )

Sources: 1, 2

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