September 29th, 2010


Want to win a Harley? How about Adam Levine's Harley?

Win Adam’s Harley / Help Maroon 5 Debut at #1!

Adam announced he is adding to the recent excitement surrounding the release of the new album HANDS ALL OVER - with a Harley.

He is giving fans the chance to win his Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight® motorcycle if HANDS ALL OVER debuts at #1 on the Billboard charts.

Fans should go to

To compliment the grand prize, Harley-Davidson Motor Company will give a full set of riding gear and new MotorClothes to the winner. Also, if the winning fan doesn’t know how to ride, Harley-Davidson is going to enroll them in their ‘Rider’s Edge’® course so they can learn and get their official license to hit the open road.
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The Saturdays take the underwear as outerwear trend a step too far

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By the looks of The Saturdays’ latest outfits you’d think that they were modelling for a lingerie advert, but in fact they were on their way to perform their latest gig.

The girl band seems to have taken the underwear as outerwear trend a tad too literally and had their bras on full show.

Their candy coloured ensembles were made from a mixture of spandex, satin and tutu-like skirts that were so low cut at the front that their bras were hanging out for the world to see.

The girls obviously didn’t want to follow the classic rule of either cleavage or leg and opted for both during their gig.

But although their latest cry for attention might win them some more male admirers, the garish outfits were anything but flattering.
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Trashy and basic. They are the British version of Girlicious. 

It is time....To talk about the Grammys.

Is This Week’s Cut-Off Date for Grammy Eligibility Bringing in a Flood of New Albums by Old People?

It would seem so! As Vulture has previously noted, the voting members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences frickin' love music from old people. It's an appreciation that runs deep and far and wide: In the past decade alone, releases from noted old people Carlos Santana, Steely Dan, U2, Herbie Hancock, and Robert Plant have all won the Grammy for Album of the Year. (Also, Ray Charles, who was so old when he won he was actually dead.) Presumably the 2011 Grammys, to be held in February, will be no different, which is why it makes a lot of sense that today — just two days before the cut-off date for the Grammy eligibility release period — a gang of albums from old people are seeing release.

And the top possible nominees released today are:

Eric Clapton, Clapton. It's the dude's nineteenth studio album, and it features a guest spot from Steve Winwood. This is a potent combination: A live album from Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton was nominated for Best Rock Album last year, even though it was a live album from Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton.

**Liza Minnelli, Confessions**. Perhaps looking to capitalize on her recent Sex and the City 2 shine, Minnelli drops her first non-cast recording in fifteen years today. It's a covers album, but unfortunately none of the covers are of Usher's “Confessions,” neither part one nor two.

Phil Collins, Going Back. Hey, another covers album! Here, Phil takes on Motown. Of course, an excellent strategy for appealing to the NARAS: Old people singing even older songs.

Doobie Brothers, World Gone Crazy. Featured guests: Willie Nelson, former Doobie and solo star Michael McDonald. That kind of veteran lineup may just be too much for Grammy voters to resist.

Old person Neil Young is also releasing an album today (the solo effort Le Noise), but when is Neil Young not releasing an album? And Lil Wayne seems to have purposely sneaked in just under the cut-off period with yesterday's digital release of I Am Not a Human Being (it gets a physical release October 12). So does Weezy have a chance on Grammy night against this late rush of old people? No, of course not!

How do you want to see nominated? How many Grammys are your favs gonna take home? How shouldn't be nominated?

Behind the scenes pictures of The Social Network filming at Royal Henley

Armie Hammer, Josh Pence, Max Minghella and their real-life counterparts filming the final scenes of The Social Network at the Royal Henley Regatta in Henley-Upon-Thames, England this past July. The pictures are a few months old, but I thought it was appropriate timing for the release of the film. Looks like Armie Hammer and Josh Pence (who play the Winklevoss twins) really learned how to row, good for them.

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Britney Who?

Charice wants to cover CHRISTGUILERA on Glee!

Sunshine Corazon, aka Charice, made her first appearance as an exchange student on last week’s episode of “Glee.” Her throaty arrangements immediately served as foil to Rachel’s Broadway-ish song stylings –- and prompted a musical catfight that will no doubt extend the rest of the season (until, in true “Full House” style, Sunshine and Rachel make up, become best friends and battle evil with high notes). Charice, the 18-year-old belter who has earned comparisons to Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, was discovered on YouTube and then featured on “Ellen” and Oprah.” Speakeasy caught up with her to chat about Sunshine’s arc for the season.

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last night was pretty POINTLESS without my bbgurl charice. only my other boo got to sing (rachel) and she was AMAZING. per usual.
David G. "smiling"

Keira Knightley may return to London stage

Knightley has a huge fan in the shape of Christopher Hampton, who hopes she will collaborate with him on his new play at the National.
Keira Knightley impressed Christopher Hampton with her stage presence in The MIsanthrope.

Praised for her stage presence when she appeared in The Misanthrope in the West End earlier this year, Keira Knightley may be about to make a return to the capital's boards.

Christopher Hampton, who wrote the script for the film Atonement in which the actress starred, is working on a new play for the National and has the young actress in his sights.

"I think Keira is magnificent on stage," Hampton tells me. "I would love to have her involved."

Certainly Knightley doesn't seem to do much these days without Hampton. Her next film, A Dangerous Method, which is about the relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, is also written by him.


I just got done watching 'Atonement.' I'm a mess. That movie always makes me cry so much. I love it, though.. And I love James.

Billie Joe Armstrong makes his Broadway debut, has time of his life while doing so.

Tonight Billie Joe Armstrong replaced American Idiot's Tony Vincent on stage in the role of St. Jimmy (Vincent is taking a two week leave). Luckily, I was in the audience tonight and managed to snag a few video clips of Billie's standout performance. You know it's going to be a goodnight when your trip to the theater doubles as a Green Day concert.

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The cast thanks you for your time!

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Misha new hat

Treasure of modern cinema outdraws Mad Men and Dexter

It's a good day to be a half-shark, half-octopus killing machine. The ratings are in for Syfy's brilliantly silly Sharktopus, and the original TV movie earned the network a whopping 2.5 million viewers; for perspective's sake, that's a better rating than either the most recent episode of Mad Men (which netted 2.1 million viewers) or the season premiere of Dexter (which earned a comparatively slim 1.77 million viewers, still a premiere record for the series). Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, your Mega Python vs. Gatoroid catfight has a lot to live up to next year.

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GLAAD: 'True Blood' has most gay characters

"True Blood" is the show with the most gay characters on TV.

The HBO drama topped the annual survey by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which tallied the number of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters.

The "True Blood" score (six) is part of an overall rebounding by cable networks in the 15th annual study, which found the number of gay characters off-broadcast increasing after a two-year decline.

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ONTD, who is your personal favorite gay character on television?

RM - pink lips

McAdams, Pine, Streep To Star In Kurtzman’s WELCOME TO PEOPLE?

Production Weekly heard that Chris Pine, Rachel McAdams & Meryl Streep might be considered to star in WELCOME TO PEOPLE which is the feature directorial debut of scribe Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek). You first heard about this project about a month ago…
Kurtzman, with the help of Spielberg’s DreamWorks, will direct his first movie, WELCOME TO PEOPLE which he co-wrote with Orci and Jody Lambert about six year ago.
It’s the story about “a struggling twenty-something man who, after flying home to L.A. for the funeral of his estranged record-producer father, discovers that the will stipulates that he must deliver $150,000 in cash to a 30-year-old alcoholic sister he never knew existed, and her troubled 12-year-old son. Determined to keep the money to solve his own problems, he’s nonetheless fascinated by his unknown kin and makes contact with the two without revealing who he really is.”

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Pete Campbell To Play Amanda Seyfried's Dad

Vincent Kartheiser ("Mad Men") has joined the cast of Andrew Niccol's untitled Justin Timberlake-Amanda Seyfried thriller about a society where no one ages beyond 25, except for those rich enough to buy time. Cillian Murphy also stars in the New Regency pic, which 20th Century Fox will distribute. Kartheiser plays the father of Seyfried's character, who is forced to choose between the daughter he loves and the oppressive time system that has made him rich.

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oldboy box

Arthur Penn, Director of ‘Bonnie and Clyde,’ Is Dead

Arthur Penn, left, with the actors Warren Beatty and Alexandra Stewart, during rehearsals for the film “Mickey One” in 1964.


Published: September 29, 2010

Arthur Penn, the stage, television and motion picture director whose revolutionary treatment of sex and violence in the 1967 film “Bonnie and Clyde” transformed the American film industry, died Tuesday night, the day after he turned 88.

His death was confirmed by Evan Bell, a friend and accountant for Mr. Penn for 25 years. No other details were immediately provided.

A pioneering director of live television drama in the 1950s and a Broadway powerhouse in the 1960s, Mr. Penn developed an intimate, spontaneous and physically oriented method of directing actors that allowed their work to register across a range of mediums.

In 1957, he directed Walter Gibson’s television play “The Miracle Worker” for the CBS series “Playhouse 90” and earned Emmy nominations for himself, his writer and his star, Teresa Wright. In 1959, he restaged “The Miracle Worker” for Broadway and won Tony Awards for himself, his writer and his star, Anne Bancroft. And in 1962, he directed the film version of Gibson’s text, which won the best actress Oscar for Bancroft and the best supporting actress Oscar for her co-star, Patty Duke, as well as earning nominations for writing and directing.

Mr. Penn’s direction may also have changed the course of American history. He advised Senator John F. Kennedy during his watershed television debates with Richard M. Nixon in 1960 (and directed the broadcast of the third debate). Mr. Penn’s instructions to Kennedy — to look directly into the lens of the camera and keep his responses brief and pithy — helped give the candidate an aura of confidence and calm that created a vivid contrast to his more experienced but less telegenic Republican rival.

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Slideshow of His Work


Laila Ali expecting second child

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Laila Ali is expecting: The former Dancing With the Stars contestant and American Gladiator host exclusively shares the news with PEOPLE in a video message.

"I am pregnant again! I'm three months, and I'm so excited, my family is excited," says a beaming Ali. "I'm hoping it's a girl this time!"

Due in early April 2011, this will be the second child together for Ali, 32, and husband Curtis Conway, 39, who married in July 2007. Their first child, son Curtis Jr., is 2.

Laila says her father, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, is excited about becoming a grandfather again.

"My dad is an excellent grandfather," she says. "He loves kids. He loves to kiss them to death."

Source (Video there)
Congratulations to her.

Ask 'Red' Stars a Question for Unscripted!


Moviefone is looking for fans to submit questions for an upcoming Unscripted for 'Red' starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman. If you're unfamiliar with Unscripteds, they are when stars of a movie interview one another with fan questions:

In 'Red,' Robert Schwentke's adaptation of the popular graphic novel, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis play three former CIA agents on the run after being framed for assassination.

To prove their innocence, the group embarks on a cross-country journey to break into CIA headquarters, where they come face-to-face with a major government conspiracy and cover-up -- all this while trying to stay alive.

In preparation for the film, in theaters Oct. 15, Freeman, Malkovich and Willis will stop by Moviefone studios for a new episode of Unscripted, during which they will answer questions from our readers.

To take part in the event, submit your best questions in the comments [on the original Moviefone post here] by this Friday, Oct. 1, then check back in a few weeks for the full episode. Be sure to include your name and location.

To ask a question go here (or click on the pic above).

source: Moviefone

Hayden Christensen: Canadian Cavaliers Fan

Hayden Christensen shows his love for his home country of Canada and the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team while getting takeout on Tuesday (September 28) in Studio City, Calif.

The 29-year-old Takers actor grabbed some take out from Padero Restaurant before heading back home.

On Monday (September 27), Hayden sat on a bench at LAX while waiting to be picked up from the airport after returning from Toronto, Canada. He was there to support The Rally For Kids with Cancer with Eva Longoria.
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Source --

He's wearing better shoes for a change! How about a Hayden tag, mods?? This is such a joke! Even Justin Bieber has one.
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Film - The Old Guard

Talented bitch; deserves Emmy: MCH talks Dexter season 5

'Dexter' premiered this weekend to killer ratings -- its highest yet with 2.3 million viewers. Star Michael C. Hall, who triumphed over Hodgkin's lymphoma earlier this year, spoke with PopEater about his health, being married to his onscreen sister, actress Jennifer Carpenter, and what it's like playing a serial killer.

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I spent my summer catching up on this show, and ugh, I ADORE him. He broke my heart in the premiere. (But I was like TAKE THE DAMN EARS OFF, MAN.)

ABC Family orders three new pilots!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ABC Family greenlighted three pilots Tuesday.

"Adding depth to the network's original programming slate is one of our biggest priorities going into next year," said Michael Riley, president of ABC Family.

Nine Lives is based on the Celia Thomson novel The Nine Lives of Chloe King. The series, produced by Dan Berendsen (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), follows a girl who discovers she has catlike abilities.

Switched at Birth, produced by Lizzy Weiss (Blue Crush), centers on two teenage girls who discover they were accidentally switched at birth. One comes from a well-off family, while the other lost her hearing as a child and grew up in a poor neighborhood.

Strut focuses on a showgirl named Roxy, who marries a stranger after a crazy night and ends up in Texas coaching a struggling drill team. The series will be executive-produced by Karey Burke (Miss Guided).

"These pilots offer a great mix of heartfelt and compelling storytelling that our audience has come to expect from us," said Kate Juergens, ABC Family's executive vice president of original programming and development.

The three one-hour dramas are scheduled to go into production this fall.

These all sound interesting.

Film - The Old Guard

Steve Carell to sing in upcoming movie "Of All the Things;" no word on dancing

He’s played clueless bosses, idiot weathermen, and 40-year-old virgins. Now Steve Carell is about to add singer-songwriter to his onscreen menagerie of characters. According to Variety, "The Office" star has signed on to produce and star in Warner Bros.’ feature film adaptation of the 2008 music documentary Of All the Things – the unusual and unlikely story of Dennis Lambert. In the ’70s and ’80s, Lambert achieved a sort of semi-fame in music circles as the man behind such FM radio staples as “Baby Come Back”, “Rhinestone Cowboy”, and “Ain’t No Woman Like the One I Got”. After his moment in the sun was over, Lambert moved to Florida to sell real estate, only then realizing that he was still huge in the Philippines, where he then went on tour. The Lambert documentary was shown at the South by Southwest Film Festival and AFI Fest and won the audience award at the Nantucket Film Fest in 2008. It was directed by Lambert’s son, Jody. The new script will be written by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who recently penned another Carell flick, Burt Wonderstone.

Well, if his "Your Body is a Wonderland" duet with Andy is anything to go from, this should be...interesting.
a single man

Brad and Rachel Call it Quits

“Bananas!” Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe and her bow-tie clad assistant Brad Goreski have sadly decided to go their separate ways, effective
Oct. 1.

“I love Rachel and she’s taught me everything I know,” Goreski, 33, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “But there’s a point where either I do it now or I’ll never know what it’s like to spread my wings and soar.”

Breaking the news to Zoe about a month ago was nothing short of “major.” “We couldn’t stop hugging and we couldn’t stop crying,” she says. “He did this with such class and elegance. And I get it. I just told him, ‘I’m here for you always.’”

Goreski is counting on that. “I hope she’ll continue to teach me more and more,” he says. And while the dynamic duo’s frenzied pace has been constant fodder for Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project, filling Goreski’s designer shoes will be no easy feat.

“We have a relationship that’s not normal. I jump into bed with him and wake him up and we have these pow wows and he’s like, ‘Wow, I haven’t brushed my teeth,’” Zoe says. “I don’t want to hire somebody for the purpose of the show, we just got lucky. No one’s ever going to be Brad to me.”

For more of Zoe and Goreski’s exclusive interview, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE on newsstands Oct. 1.


I AM DEVASTATED*. I love both of them so much, and they make a great team, but I'm glad there's no bad blood between them. I can't wait to see what both of them do after this

SNL spoofs gay weddings

Saturday Night Live jump-started its new season last night and did so by airing an entertaining bit about the proposed mosque at Ground Zero as a gay wedding venue. They also delivered on a skit starring Kristen Wig as anti-masturbation advocate Christine O'Donnell.

I only wish that one day we are able to hear the real O'Donnell proudly make the the following declaration: "I masturbate constantly!"
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Snooki's first novel to be published; unpublished, struggling authors weep into their notebooks

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you were either excited or dismayed at the news that Justin Bieber is publishing a memoir, just wait and see how you feel when you digest the news that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of MTV’s Jersey Shore will publish a novel in January 2011 with Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Press imprint.

The novel, tentatively titled A Shore Thing–ugh? double-ugh? double-ugh full on, all the way?–will trace the plight of “a girl looking for love on the boardwalk (one full of big hair, dark tans, and fights galore),” according to a press release.

It’s worth noting, too, that Polizzi told Cathy Horyn in the New York Times that she had only read two books in her life, Twilight and Dear John.

As to the quality of Polizzi’s novel, one can’t be certain, but one thing’s for shore–it’ll sell a lot of copies.


**resubmitted for tags**

Well. I just can't. At least it's not YA, or it doesn't seem like it. I don't think the Gallery Press imprint puts out YA.

Google Instant blacklists Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, among other celebs

After checking out this link on HammerOfTruth, I was curious. If you’ve used Google Instant before, then you know that it instantly gives you search results as you are typing. Pretty nifty idea, if you think about it. It auto-fills in your search as you go. It’s almost as if Google is reading our minds. (Are they?)

While perusing the list of blacklisted terms on this handy website, I found the names Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. This caused me to wonder who else that got famous for having a sex tape that was blacklisted, so I went to straight to the source.

Paris Hilton has been blacklisted, but her sex tape partner, Rick Salomon is not. Weird, in fact, is how you can Google Instant Search “Rick Salomon” and it auto-fills “size” and you get instant results:

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Porn Star Shopping Alleged Tiger Woods Sex Tape To XXX Company Vivid

Tiger Woods' porn star mistress Devon James is meeting porn star producer Vivid in the hope of selling an ‘explosive' sex tape of the golfer, has exclusively learned.

"The tape is 62 minutes long and 37 minutes of it is us having sex," James told, before boarding a flight from Tampa Bay to Los Angeles, Wednesday.

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An official photo from Emily Deschanel and David Hornsby's wedding

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's their wedded bliss, caught on camera.

After becoming man and wife in a quiet evening ceremony Saturday, actress Emily Deschanel and writer-actor David Hornsby mingled with family and friends, including her Bones costar David Boreanaz, at their wedding in the Pacific Palisades.

The bride is wearing 10-carat diamond drop earrings and two platinum-and-diamond scroll hairpins by Neil Lane.
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Emily's dress is so pretty! Also, LOL at the gag reel and the F&G mentions!
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If ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Isn’t Acting, Lock That Psycho Up & Keep Her Away From Baby Leah!

On Sept. 28’s Teen Mom, Amber attacked Gary and mishandled Leah, screaming, ‘B*tch, this is MY house!’ Of course, we have photos of her rampage.

Plain and simple: psycho Amber should lose all custody of baby Leah and Gary should take her far, far away. I put together a photo gallery chronicling Amber’s outrageous behavior, which included punching and slapping Gary, picking Leah up off the floor by her arms, swearing and screaming in front of Leah, etc. Also, read on if you want to hear about the other teen moms… you know, the sane ones.

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scarlett o'hara

R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" is Voted Most Likely to Make Men Cry

R.E.M’s 1992 single ‘ Everybody Hurts ‘, taken from their classic album ‘Automatic For The People‘, is the track most likely to cause a few tears amongst male music lovers, according to a new survey.

Eric Clapton’s ‘ Tears From Heaven ‘, written after the death of his young son in 1991, is in second place in the survey which was undertaken by 1,700 people for PRS for Music, the institution which collects and pays royalties to 70,000 songwriters, who’s chairman Ellis Rich said: “A well-written tear-jerker is one that people can relate to and empathise with. It is this lyrical connection that can reach deep down emotionally and move even the strongest of men.”

In third place is Leonard Cohen’s classic ‘ Hallelujah ‘, which was given an equally emotional take by Jeff Buckley on his 1994 album ‘Grace‘. Also featured in the top ten is The Verve’s 1997 single ‘ The Drugs Don’t Work ‘, taken from their landmark album ‘Urban Hymns‘.

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What do you think, ONTD? What song makes you weep like a baby? Personally, anytime I hear John Legend's "Ordinary People", Etta James' "Stormy Weather", Ray Charles' "Georgia on My Mind" and Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable", I can get a little ra-motional, ngl.
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Doctor Who Post!

The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011, set to be released tomorrow in the U.K. and on Oct. 19 in North America, contains "everything you need to know about the Eleventh Doctor's first year," including exclusive interviews with the cast and crew as well as the teasers that were scanned here.

MAJOR Teasers for Series Six of Doctor Who under the cut!

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Win Tickets to Advanced Screenings of 'Life As We Know It' in 13 Cities from Moviefone

Moviefone is giving away tickets to advanced screenings of 'Life As We Know It' in 13 different cities:

Want to catch Katherine's Heigl's new romantic comedy 'Life As We Know It' before it opens in theaters? Then look no further, because Moviefone is giving away advance screening passes to this film about two people who despise each other (Heigl and Josh Duhamel) and are suddenly faced with raising a child together. We don't want to give anything away, but we're guessing they don't necessarily despise each other by the end of the movie.

Five lucky winners will be selected for each of the following cities:

Los Angeles
New York City
San Francisco
Washington, D.C.
San Diego

To qualify to win a pair of tickets, leave a comment on [the original Moviefone post here], using
a valid e-mail address, specifying the city where you'd like to attend a screening. These screenings will be held Monday, Oct. 4 through Wednesday, Oct. 6, so clear your schedule for those dates and hurry -- this contest will close at 5pm ET on Thursday, September 30th.

To enter, go to Moviefone here or click on the pic above.

Atlanta Housewives' Kim Comes Face-to-Face With NeNe



A year after The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak filed a police report against NeNe Leakes, alleging that her Bravo reality costar "strangled" her, the pair agree to meet up on the Bravo show's third season premiere (airing Oct. 4).

In the above clip, Zolciak pops by Leakes' place. "I was a little nervous," Zolciak admits as she first steps foot in Leakes' house.

How does the reunion go? Watch above.





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Utah police are investigating the Brown family on suspicion of polygamy, but TLC tells this will NOT cause them to cancel the show!

The star of TLC’s Sister Wives, 41-year-old Kody Brown, could be thrown in jail if he’s found guilty of  practicing polygamy in his hometown of Lehi, Utah. But even if the husband with four wives is put behind bars, TLC won’t pull the show. contacted a spokesperson for the show, who revealed that in spite of the investigation into the lives of Kody and his four wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – they will continue airing the show.

Sister Wives, a seven-part documentary series following the lives of Kody and his wives, brought in 2.3 million viewers during its Sept. 26 premiere. Despite the hype surrounding the show, however, polygamy is illegal in all statesl. In the Browns’ home state of Utah, it’s a felony that could land Kody and his wives in jail for up to five years.

The Browns released the following statement in the midst of all the criticism, saying they don’t regret the decision to air their lives for all the world to see:

“We are disappointed in the announcement of an investigation, but when we decided to do this show, we knew there would be risks. But, for the sake of our family, and most importantly, our kids, we felt it was a risk worth taking.”


THANK GOD, we're only getting started with these people... Third wife for the win!

Hot nik

Snooki jumps on the Entrepreneur Bandwagon..Writes a book.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Turns Writer, Announces Novel Plans


In what's sure to be a captivating literary work, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has jumped on the trend of trying her hand at becoming an author.

The "Jersey Shore" star has revealed plans to publish her first novel in the beginning of 2011 through her publisher, Simon and Schuster.

According to Simon and Schuster, the book is currently expected to be titled "A Shore Thing" - though this is not set in stone.

Hoping to rake in big sales, Snooki will be writing about "a girl looking for love on the boardwalk (one full of big hair, dark tans, and fights galore)."

Of her attempt at novelist success, the 22-year-old said, "I'm pumped to announce to my fans a project that I've been working on for some time. This book will have you falling in love at the shore. It's 'A Shore Thing!'"



Christopher Nolan confirming what we all knew..

Christopher Nolan Confirms Batman 3
Nolan says he's set to direct

You may have guessed, you may have assumed it, but until now we hadn't had confirmation from the studio or the man himself that Christopher Nolan would be back to direct Batman 3 / The Dark Knight 2 (or whatever we're calling it). But our Dan Jolin talked to the man himself earlier today, and got it straight from Nolan himself.

"It’s becoming inevitable, I’ll put it that way," says Nolan. "I feel myself falling into it, I guess. And getting it all figured out and I’m pretty excited about what we’re doing so… If I haven’t announced it, I think that people probably all know at this point that I’m doing it."

Hang on, that's not 100% clear: so we can safely assume you're directing?

"I think you can at this point, yes."

So as of right now, Nolan will return. You may also have spotted the "getting it all figured out" there: when we asked Nolan what he was busy with as we called, the answer was that he's working on Jonathan Nolan's script for the film. In other words, there is a script! Things are slowly taking shape!

Bringing Up . Swingin' Door Suzie

Upcoming BBC Programing Featuring 3 Doctors

Here is the BBC Drama Autumn/Winter show-reel, including the first glimpses of the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special, guest starring Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins.

Also popping in the trail are Christopher Eccleston (Accused), David Tennant (Single Father), Matt Smith again (Christopher & His Kind) and Mark Gatiss (First Men in the Moon). [It also features an insane amount of awesome British people.]

Featured Programs: Accused, Aurelio Zen, Christopher and His Kind, The Crimson Petal and the White, Doctor Who Christmas Special, The First Men in the Moon, Hattie, Lip Service, The Nativity, Outcasts, The Shadow Line, Silk, Single Father, The Song of Lunch, South Riding, Toast, Upstairs Downstairs, When Harvey Met Bob, and Women in Love

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crustine pickle

duchess of pop kylie minogue performs a live set for bbc radio 1

none of the links embed sorry

Get Outta My Way

All the Lovers

Can't get You Out of My Head

Wonderful Life (Hurts cover)

sourced: the links are all included

oh and stans, don't worry because gomy isn't flopping

Caprica Returns Tuesday!

It’s great that Caprica wants to distinguish itself from the show that gave it life, Battlestar Galactica, but would it kill them to toss in a few more toasters? Apparently not, since the second half of the prequel series’ first season (premiering Tuesday, Oct. 5, at 10 p.m.) will feature a major uptick in Cylon activity—as evidenced by the first-look image above and exec producer David Eick’s exclusive quotes below.

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(I'm so excited about the return!)
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Keri Hilson has really been in a Girl Power mood. After rallying with her ladies about hitting their “Breaking Point” with men, Keri is showing some love to the “Pretty Girls.”

Keri’s second single from No Boys Allowed, her long-awaited sophomore album, will hit the internet next week, but in the meantime, Keri is getting fans prepared by revealing the single’s cover art.

Keri does her blonde hair up in soft curls, while the graffiti font and brick background play to her tomboy-chic style. Pretty indeed!


Rihanna who?
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'I Am Number Four' Teaser Trailer: Dianna Agron And Alex Pettyfer Flee The Enemy

With her Cheerios uniform tucked safely in her locker, Dianna Agron has traded in the secure confines of William McKinley High for alien territory in the 2011 sci-fi flick "I Am Number Four." The first teaser trailer released today is light on actual footage (hence the "tease"), but it gives us our first glimpse at the movie that brought adorable towheaded couple Dianna and Alex Pettyfer together.

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Totally seeing this for the hot blonde people (Jake Abel is in it too). I refuse to use the term towheaded.

Gwen Stefani Talks Harajuku Lovers Fragrances & Being A Working Mom

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Gwen Stefani will launch five more Harajuku Lovers fragrances, called Wicked Style, Nov. 1. This time around, G and the Harajuku Girls—Love, Lil Angel, Music, and Baby—are back in Tokyo on Takeshita-Dori, a pedestrian-only street where fashionable people go to chill, and are dressed in fashions that originated in Japan—gothic Lolita, sweet Lolita, visual Kei, Kawaii, and Omotesandō girl. Gwen loves building a story for her Harajuku Girls perfumes as much as she enjoys creating perfume bottles that double as works of art. But what’s it like to create five fragrances at a time when it takes other celebrities years to create just one? Frisky had the chance to chat with Gwen backstage at her L.A.M.B. Spring 2011 fashion show, where she talked about the new Wicked Style fragrances, being a mom and designer, and her personal beauty choices.

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jashley out being attention whores

Looking ever the blissful duo, Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas continued to provide more evidence that they are serious about each other while out in Los Feliz, CA on Wednesday morning (September 29).

Leaving the JoBros hunk's abode after a possible sleepover, the "Twilight" beauty and her "Camp Rock" beau headed out to Coffee Bean for their caffeine fix.

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Oprah Christ shows love to her Canadian peeps, considers them worthy of receving OWN

TORONTO -- Canadian broadcaster Corus Entertainment is to launch OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada early next year.

The licensing deal is the latest for Corus as it looks to dominate female-skewing TV programming in Canada to target advertisers in search of women viewers.

Toronto-based Corus, which already runs W, Canada's cable women's channel, and niche off-shoots Cosmo and Viva, will launch OWN north of the border soon after its Jan. 1, 2011 stateside launch.

"Corus has a great track record launching channels, and we're excited to join them in bringing OWN and Oprah Winfrey's vision to Canada," Christina Norman, CEO of OWN, said in a statement.

And with Corus-parent Shaw Communications set to acquire rival broadcaster Canwest Global Communications Corp. and its stable of cable services, more female-skewing channels are expected to land in the Corus camp, including Food Network Canada and HGTV Canada.

Corus already owns a 20% stake in Food Network Canada.

The Canadian broadcaster said OWN will target adults 18 – 54, and a core of women 25 – 54, with over 1,200 hours of original and acquired programming.

Buzzworthy Interview: Florence + The Machine On Getting Tongue Tied Around Lady Gaga And Nicki Minaj

After watching what could reasonably be considered a star-making performance at the 2010 MTV VMAs, everybody wants to know a little bit more about Florence + The Machine frontwoman Florence Welch. Lucky for everybody we have this exclusive Buzzworthy interview with the "Dog Days Are Over" singer, right here.

In this chat, Florence talks about her show-stopping performance of "Dog Days Are Over" at the VMAs. According to the Brit vocalist, her live turn at the award show was about "capturing the essence" of the "Dog Days Are Over" video. Florence jokingly laments not being able to have people explode onstage and calls the performance "Busby Berkeley on acid."

Though she looked like a pro onstage, Florence was nervous when it came to interacting with her celebrity peers. She adorably recounts getting tongue tied around the likes of Drake and Nicki Minaj, and recounts how Lady Gaga asked her if she was nervous about performing. She also reveals one of the consequences of hugging Gaga at the VMAs: meat dress grease!

Check out this wonderful interview with Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine, as well as her jaw-dropping 2010 MTV VMAs performance of "Dog Days Are Over," both below.

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There is now a fanmail address according to her facebook page. Tell her how epic she is.

FATM Fan Mail
PO Box 67541




Multiple incredible reports claim Farrah might have a second baby on the way with new boyfriend Tony — who once stabbed a man to death!

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham could be in serious danger! She appeared as a hair model (LMAO) Sept. 18 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and the audience couldn’t stop staring at her apparent baby bump.  Even her friends are noticing a change in her behavior! “She’s started covering up a lot more in baggy clothing, like she’s trying not to show her stomach,” one friend tells OK! Magazine. “She’s normally so proud of her figure.” And who could be the father of baby #2? This week’s Star magazine claims things are heating up between Farrah and bad-boy Tony Lovato, who was arrested for stabbing his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend to death in 2007. It was ultimately decided he acted in self-defense.


Since you probably don’t know a lot about Tony, here are a few quick facts you should have for reference:

  • He’s the former lead singer of punk rock band Mest.
  • He allegedly began seeing Farrah in July, after the two met… on Twitter!
  • He was 15 when he was forced to raise his own nephew, so he’s no stranger to children. 

“Farrah’s mom keeps asking her if she’s seeing anyone, but Farrah refuses to let her know anything about her private life,”
an insider tells OK! Well, I think Debra Danielson would DEFINITELY like to know if her daughter was involved with a killer!

Even if Farrah ISN’T dating Tony, Dr. Drew Pinsky says a second baby could prove disastrous to Farrah. “[She'd] be busy again trying to survive,” he tells OK! “That’d be a huge step back.” It’s important to note that MTV denies Farrah’s pregnancy, but even if EITHER of these claims turn out to be true, Farrah’s got a tough road ahead of her.

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Tonights Premiere Of Law & Order Los Angeles Is All About Lindsay Lohans Life!

While visiting the set of Law & Order: Los Angeles (LOLA), I got all the dirt on what to expect from the new series – and what you WON’T be seeing (sorry, Justin Bieber)!

Law & Order is NOT just a show your parents might watch, especially with the content you’re about to see this season on the series’ latest installment, which is set in Los Angeles. The L&O crew is shooting for a younger demographic – and they’re going to get it if the show’s premiere is any indication – it revolves around a hard-partying starlet with an overly involved mama. Smells like Lindsay and Dina Lohan to me!

“Actually, the first episode is kind of that, but we are not going to be a celebrity of the week type show,” Executive Producer Rene Balcer reassured me of the Lindsay-inspired show when I visited the LA set Sept. 22, adding, “After the first episode, we’ll have stories about real people. I hate to say it that way, but it will be much more relatable-type folks after the first episode.”


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Sexy Lance Gross

Pepperoni Nipples Is Still Relevant... Gets a Job

Chad Michael Murray (House of Wax, "One Tree Hill") has been signed to star in "The Haunting in Connecticut" sequel, called "The Haunting in Georgia."

Plot: Shortly after moving into their ideal new home, a couple grows concerned when their young daughter begins encountering mysterious strangers that no one else can see. The couple's greatest fear is realized when they themselves begin to witness terrifying phenomena in and around the house, providing clues that could unlock a chilling mystery that has remained a closely guarded secret for generations.

The new movie also stars Emily Alyn Lind (The Secret Life of Bees) and is directed by Tom Elkins, who will begin filming this November in Louisiana. It is supposed to be part of a "Haunting" trilogy, which will also include a third part called "The Haunting in New York." The third film will focus on a beautiful but mute teen-aged girl in a wheelchair who sees visions of angels and demons.

Idgaf, he could STILL get the business. Also, this is my first post. Be nice. Or be mean. I really don't care.
it really, really could happen, really

just an excuse to post and talk about the beastie boys...

Rolling Stone has posted the list of 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees.
First-time nominees include Tom Waits, Bon Jovi, Donovan and Neil Diamond.
Previously appearing nominees include Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, J. Geils Band, Donna Summer, Chic, Dr. John, Laura Nyro, Joe Tex, Darlene Love and Chuck Willis. Nominees must have released their first single before 1985 to qualify for the 2011 induction.
The winners will be announced in December, and formally inducted on March 14th 2011 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

*this post is dedicated to laurie_springs  xoxo

*Also, I think it's interesting and awesome that both the Beastie Boys AND Donovan are nominated, since Adrock was once married to Donovan's daughter.
*MODS: Sorry, but why isn't there a Beastie Boys tag on here?! They are musical geniuses!

hot sauce
Stock; Starbucks

50 Cent Feels Like A 'Fat Boy,' 'Blimp' After Gaining Weight Back

50 Cent lost more than fifty pounds earlier this year for a movie role, and he put the weight back on over the summer.

Now it seems the rapper is feeling fat.

"I'm going to the gym I'm not but I feel like a fat boy I'm so use to training. When I take a few days of I start thinking I'm a blimp lol," he tweeted on Tuesday. "I watch people over train all the time I only work out 45min my diet changes everything you have to do both."

50's current workout routine sounds moderate compared to what he went through to play a cancer patient in 'Things Fall Apart.' He dropped from 214 pounds to 160 in just nine weeks by running on a treadmill three hours a day and sticking to a liquid diet.


Nicki Minaj to be on Rihanna's new album!

Jared of posted on twitter that he just heard Rihanna's latest album "LOUD" and was answering questions on twitter about it. He tweeted Just heard @rihanna's LOUD album in LA Reid's office. It was amaaaaaazing. So many club bangers!!! Lots of island flava. More to come!!
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He also said that there will be two ballads, no katy perry, there are so many #1 singles on it, it's not even funny. All pop. Mostly island, lots of dance. No hip hop. Some reggae?, and "it's her best work to date. And very her."

EDIT: The song title is "Raining Men"

Natalie Portman post

Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis Used Tequila To Ease Into Black Swan Sex Scene

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Real-life friends Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis had the help of tequila to shoot a sex scene, the film's director has revealed.

The actresses play rival ballerinas in the upcoming drama Black Swan, with Portman having reportedly suggested Kunis for her role. But they may have got more than they bargained for when they had to shoot a graphic sex scene. In a new interview, director Darren Aronofsky said the friends felt they needed a couple of drinks to help them through the awkward scene.

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Tila Tequila Sex Tape War!!!

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Tila Tequila is so crazy ... just one sex tape isn't enough.  We've learned there are two tapes, two different partners with two different sexes, and two porn companies bidding for both.

One of the companies, Vivid Entertainment, wants both the girl-on-girl and guy-on-girl configurations -- but another company has already gotten a hold of one of the tapes and is angling for the second.

A source close to the negotiations tells us it's an all-out porn war to sign Tila and distribute the tapes.

Of course neither company can do anything without Tila's permission.  We're guessing that won't be a problem.

But Tila just told TMZ, "If anyone out there is trying to leak a private and personal sex tape of me that was not meant for the public, I will swiftly deal with my lawyers!"


Another Delusional Mortal Claims to Have "Discovered" Goddess of Pop


Singer-songwriter Wendy Starland is suing GaGa’s former producer Rob Fusari, claiming she’s the one who’s responsible for GaGa’s success. As you may recall, Fusari sued GaGa earlier this year, claiming he was entitled to some of her millions for launching her career. Just last month, they settled for a disclosed amount.

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prod wot

Gilbert Gottfried Roasts Greg Giraldo -- Too Soon?!

Just hours after Greg Giraldo passed away, one of his former Roast-mates -- Gilbert Gottfried -- was already making a joke out of the situation ... but did he go too far?!

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Earlier today, Gottfried went to his Twitter page and wrote, "If Greg Giraldo is cremated, will that be the 'Greg Giraldo Roast'?"

We spoke to Gilbert about the tweet ... who told us he has problems expressing his emotions -- but noted, "Greg can't say anything about it now ... I'm not worried about him calling and complaining."

Too soon ontd?


Comedian Greg Giraldo Is Dead

TMZ reports..

Comedian Greg Giraldo died today at the age of 44 -- five days after he was hospitalized for an overdose.

Greg had been hospitalized in New Brunswick, NJ after he overdosed on prescription pills last weekend. His rep said the overdose was not a suicide attempt.

Giraldo was best known for his celebrity roast appearances. He had also been a judge on "Last Comic Standing."

A source close to Greg tells us, "Greg passed away today at the hospital in New Brunswick as a result of an accidental overdose. His family was by his side."

We're told plans are being made for a public memorial service.


Rowling and Collins win some kind of canadian teenlit award for some reason

According to Indigo, sales of teen literature has jumped by 150% over the last five years. It only makes sense, then, that Canada’s largest bookseller harnessed the popularity, launching a brand-new award specifically for the teen market. On Saturday night, the winners of the first-ever Teen Read Awards were announced.

The categories may be silly (Best Hottie; Best Lip Lock) but, really, we’re all for kids reading. And there was definitely some interest in the awards: over 334,000 votes were cast, and 500 young readers attended the awards ceremony, which was hosted by MTV personalities Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank. Trevor Dayton, the VP Kids and Entertainment for Indigo, said he was “blown away” by the response. Kelly Armstrong won Best Canadian Read for The Reckoning, while Suzanne Collins took home Best Read for Catching Fire. And, of course, you can’t have fete teen lit without throwing a bone to J.K. Rowling, who won Best Book-to-Flick for Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince and Best All Time Fave for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everybody who voted,” said Rowling. “I’m thrilled, honoured and humbled to receive the awards, especially from Canada, where I have spent many happy hours with some of Harry’s most devoted and knowledgeable fans.”


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But who the fuck cares about them? They'd be nowhere without Rowling and Potter, it's just truth. Still, I'm sorry but best 'hottie' and best 'lip-lock' is a little fucking stupid.

'Big Bang Theory' stars split (Wait, they were together?)

If you're a celebrity complaining about privacy in your relationships, you might want to talk to Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco. She'll probably have some words of wisdom for you, seeing as she kept a two-year relationship with costar Johnny Galecki completely under wraps.

Until today, that is…

In the October issue of CBS Watch! Magazine, Kaley opens up about dating Johnny, who was her real-life boyfriend while he played her onscreen boyfriend.

"It was such a huge part of my life and no one knew about it," Cuoco tells the mag in an article accompanied by a steamy photo shoot. "It was a wonderful relationship but we never spoke a word about it and never went anywhere together." In case you were wondering where they got their onscreen chemistry, there is your answer.

However, they managed to keep the onscreen fire burning, even after their offscreen flame flickered out.

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World's Most Beautiful Man in the Most Beautiful Commercial

Diplo's in the new commercial for the Blackberry Torch 9800

Oh, and Diplo posted a free remix on his twitter of a Deerhunter song that he and Lunice did; you can download it HERE.

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Diplo's Tweet



MTV Remote Control Blog can officially respond that the rumors are false: Farrah is NOT pregnant. To set the record straight, we got Farrah on the phone today to answer some questions and tell her truth...

Remote Control: So let's get down to it. Are you pregnant?
No, I am not. I have no clue how anyone could think that. I don't understand where it comes from because I don't have sex! From the episode that was aired last night, it shows I can't find a guy, and I don't have time to date. I'm just not ready to be intimate with someone. It's a time in my life where I'm just kind of shut down.

Remote Control: What did your mom say when she found out about the rumors?
As soon as I told her, she just laughed. She didn't even question me, which I'm so thankful for. I've been working on my parents' trust for a while.

Remote Control: What about the magazine's sources that claimed you have a baby bump, and that you've been wearing baggy clothes more often?
Right before I modeled in the hair show they talked about, I had an allergic reaction to medicine I was taking. I got bloated. None of the women I was modeling with said anything to me about having a bump. I still had a great time [at the show], regardless of my body not being the way I wanted it to be. And the only clothes I'm wearing lately are baggy! They're sweats for cooking and working out all the time, and going to the park with my daughter. I feel like I have no one to impress. I'm not going to dress up for anybody, I'm comfortable with myself. GO, FARRAH!

Remote Control: And the stuff about you staying home to avoid being seen?
I am home a lot because I love being at home with my daughter. I'm also studying. I have a lot to do this [college] quarter, so I can't be out as much with my friends. I'm just being responsible--it's where I'm supposed to be right now.

Remote Control: OK, that about does it. Anything else you want to put out there?
I am all about helping girls make the right choices in relationships. I definitely would not put myself in that situation again. I just want people to know that I am very knowledgeable about what to do for my life and how to be a good mother, and how to use precautions if I do have sex. I don't want anyone to be confused about that.

Farrah's Twitter

This is my first post. I'm kind of ashamed it's about Teen Mom. lol

Tim Roth is sad that his show is replacing Lone Star

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I know. Fox killed and buried Lone Star so quickly that it’s almost hard to be happy that its demise has led to the third season premiere of Lie to Me being bumped up from Nov. 10 to…um, Monday (when it assumes the DOA drama’s time slot). But try to be happy, anyway, Okay? Series lead Tim Roth and I have even come up with five excellent reasons why you should forgive his show for jumping into Lone Star‘s grave.

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Rihanna's Subliminal Advertising

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Rihanna was every bit the lady in red for her trip out on the town last night in New York City.

The 22-year-old matched her bright red blazer to her flaming hair and red lipstick, pairing her look with a tight black and white striped dress and silver high heels.

Ever the R & B star (WHAT??? NO SHE'S NOT, STOP IT), Rihanna made sure to finish off her outfit with some oversized black Rayban sunglasses - despite it being dark outside.

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"MTV Jersey Shore  - the New Jersey Life of Macaroni Rascals"

America's national embarrassment (or treasure, depending on who you ask) has made its way over to the magical land of Japan, because there's a whole group of people there who have yet to experience herpes of the eyes and the pharmaceutical companies have bills to pay, dammit! So, of course, they can't call that mess Jersey Shore, because the Japanese have no idea what that is. And I guess Syphilis Shore and Jacuzzi Full of Kamikaze Barf doesn't really translate, so they went with, "MTV Jersey Shore〜マカロニ野郎のニュージャージー・ライフ〜" which translates into "MTV Jersey Shore -- the New Jersey life of macaroni rascals." MACARONI RASCALS!

This is the best thing to come out of Jersey Shore since the duck phone! CNNGo explains the name:

Our only guess is that the folks at MTV were looking for a way to translate the Italian-American epithet 'guido' and stumbled upon something more Japanese but equally un-PC. Since this is a family website, we translated 'yaro' (野郎) as 'rascals' but the pejorative word can take on much more R-rated nuances.


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mblaq: lee joon sunflower

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon's History of Rap

When Justin Timberlake stops by to visit Jimmy Fallon on 'Late Night' (weeknights, 12:37AM on NBC) later tonight, they dispense a history lesson -- on the history of rap.

Together with the Roots, Fallon and Timberlake -- who stars in the upcoming 'The Social Network' movie -- sing a medley of famous rap stars, impersonating everybody from Snoop Dogg to Eminem as they school the audience.

Watch a sneak peek preview:

It's from, so if the embed doesn't work, watch at the source.


The Situation's Pinky-Sized Situation

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino may dazzle the ladies with his amazing abs, but another area of his anatomy is much less impressive! In the Oct. 11 issue of Star, on sale now, one of his conquests dishes about her not-so-hot night with Dancing with the Stars and Jersey Shore star — complete with details about his, um, tiny manbits.

"I wouldn't even call it a one-night stand, because he only lasted a few minutes," Florida club promoter Melody Eckerson tells Star about their tryst in the Jersey Shore cast's Miami Beach party pad. Things started out normal enough and Melody admits she was even imagining what it would be like to be his girlfriend. But she got a huge surprise when the reality TV star dropped his pants and revealed — a very tiny Situation!

"Let's just say, I'm thinking of my pinky," Melody tells Star.


Shocking development.

What Beats A Michael Jackson Video game?

Nothing! Or at least that’s what SEE Virtual Worlds is hoping, as they’re planning to release Planet Michael, a Michael Jackson-themed 3-D massively multiplayer online game boasting the slogan “The Ultimate Michael Jackson Online Game.” Phew!

Set to launch late next year, SEE says the game “will be an immersive virtual space themed after iconic visuals drawn from Michael’s music, his life and the global issues that concerned him. Entire continents will be created that will celebrate Michael’s unique genius in a way that underscores his place as the greatest artist of all time.”

In other words, see you on the Billie Jean peninsula, y’all!


Michael Lohan Makes Move for Conservatorship

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Michael Lohan will ask a judge to establish a conservatorship for Lindsay Lohan ... TMZ has learned.

Michael met with attorney David Chon (left) today and will hire him to file conservatorship papers ... Chon specializes in trusts and estates.

We're told Michael has enough sense to know the judge isn't going to make him the conservator, so he has two other people in mind ... though he's not saying who.

Michael is saying, he doesn't want Dina Lohan or Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, to handle Lindsay's affairs because "they're in it for themselves."

Our sources say Michael plans on filing a petition for conservatorship "within days."


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a flawless beauty aka riallah post


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 in honor of princess riri unveiling the new cover art for "LOUD," i'd like to know your fav riri album cover !!


fav riallah album cover

Music of the Sun
A Girl Like Me
Good Girl Gone Bad
Rated R
1, 2
Ani: Amazon Warrior

Alan Sepinwall reviews Chuck Episode 4.02

"You're my home." -Sarah (possibly quoting Billy Joel)

The second episode of season three, "Chuck vs. the Three Words," spent a lot of time on Chuck trying to apologize to Sarah for a personal issue in the middle of a mission. At the time, it was frustrating - even Chuck shouldn't be that oblivious after several years in spy world - and a harbinger of things to come in a season that contorted itself this way and that to keep Sarah and Chuck apart for as long as possible . 

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What did everybody else think?



Amber 'Teen Mom' being investigated for assault

ANDERSON, Ind. — Local police have begun an investigation into an apparent assault that appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “Teen Mom,” an MTV reality show featuring Anderson residents Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley.
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Did Glee Out-Britney Britney? (YES)

What shot Glee's ratings to its highest peak yet? It's Britney, bitch. With 13.3 million gleeks tuning in for last night's episode, Glee proved that Brit still has top pop power -- more than even Madonna or Lady Gaga. Perhaps Ms. Spears' TV allure had something to do with her (tragically brief) cameos throughout the episode, appearing in the "Me Against The Music" cover and as a big-blonde-haired cheerleader.

One Out staffer suggested Britney's guest appearance was so short because, "they probably had to prop her up the whole time." All we know is the real Brit at the center of the episode was Brittany S. Pierce, the deliciously dim-witted blonde played by Heather Morris. The video re-interpretations of Britney classics featured Morris' vocals and dance moves. And, hello, girl can move. We still can't decide which was better, Brittany in the nude diamond-embellished unitard (writhing around John Stamos no less) or Brittany in the red pleather "Oops!" catsuit with bumpit-worthy hair. Or maybe, just maybe, we like Brittany as Brittany, for saying things like, "Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?"

Nick continues to be the best Jonas--London Edition

Having recently made his way back overseas, Nick Jonas stepped out for a night of theatrical fun in London, England on Monday night (September 27).

The Jonas Brothers rocker looked to be in a cheerful mood for the Les Miserables reunion show at Barbican Theatre before leaving in a van with co-star (and rumored girlfriend) Samantha Barks.

The trip to the UK comes just as Nick wrapped up tour duties and charity baseball efforts in the States.


Nick Jonas is set to guest star as a pop singer on the new ABC series Mr. Sunshine, starring Matthew Perry, reports USA TODAY'S Cindy Clark.

Jonas will play Eli White, an up-and-coming singer who wants everything his way before he performs at the Sunshine Center. Perry plays Ben, who runs the Sunshine Center, a landmark sports arena in San Diego. Ben finds himself scrambling to do everything he can to attend to the needy singer in the hopes that he'll keep his commitment to perform at the sold-out show. The series also stars Allison Janney, Andrea Anders, James Lesure and Nate Torrence. A premiere date has not been set.

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Fans that went to the show said that Selena was there that night to cheer him on. A fan that was there that night got a picture with each of them and said she seemed to be in a really good mood.

It's cute that they're still friends :)

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