September 26th, 2010

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Actress Emily Deschanel Weds

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Actress Emily Deschanel,33, and writer-actor David Hornsby tied the knot in a quiet evening ceremony in front of family and friends in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles on Saturday, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Deschanel is currently starring in the sixth season of Bones, while Hornsby is best known for his work on FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Heather Morris Pre-Glee and possibly at her fiercest

Glee's Heather Morris shows us a much better Video Phone performance than Beysus or Godga ever could.

This is obviously pre-Glee and I'm almost positive that most of these dancers are the same that were on the Beyonce Experience tour. Mods I wasn't sure how to change the video size so if it's too big for the layout I'm hoping it just resizes itself. Whoops in advance?


Rachel Bilson Kisses Another Girl

My girlfriend came up with this 'romantic' notion that if we abstain from making the sexy for 90 days, it will make us appreciate each other even more when we resume. I think she read a book or something, which, by the way, she knows is forbidden. Who comes up with these inane ideas anyhow? Should we force starvation ourselves for three weeks so that our 7-Eleven microwave burritos will suddenly taste better? Should we caffeinate ourselves painfully awake for 172 straight hour so we can learn to appreciate sleep again? So I ask her, despite this ban on the very healthy and necessary human habit of boot knocking, if kissing remains okay. She smiles widely and says, 'Of course'. So I say, 'Great', and spend the next hour watching this -- super sexy Rachel Bilson kissing another girl on How I Met Your Mother this past week. 89 days left to go.

Rachel Bilson Kisses Another Girl on TV (**video only available in Quicktime format currently**)
^ Click to watch video

bttf guitar

New Delusional Father for Blanket Jackson

Dude who worked with Michael for 2 days back in 2001 claims he's the baby daddy

MICHAEL Jackson's former British bodyguard Matt Fiddes will this week claim he is the biological father of the dead star's youngest son Blanket.

Fiddes, of Barnstaple, Devon, will tell Australian TV he fathered the eight-year-old by sperm donation for nothing - turning down a £500,000 offer from the superstar. He has told pals he will fight for custody if anything happens to Jacko's mum Katherine.

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and FYI Mr Fiddes: Ponytails aren't genetic

News of The World obviously


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'I already have tattoos and piercings. I have one [tattoo] behind my ear and one on my ribs. The other day I pierced my ear; I got my cartilage pierced. It’s not that cool or whatever but I decided I really wanted to do it, so it was the first time I didn’t need anybody there like a parent. But I want more [tattoos] and I’m excited to be able to just like call a friend and be like, ‘I want a tattoo, let’s go.’

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David G. "smiling"

Katy Perry to guest star on 'The Simpsons'

It looks like Katy Perry will get to sing with a puppet on TV after all. Although Sesame Street has decided that Perry’s “Hot N Cold” duet with Elmo is too hot for TV, The Simpsons is rolling out the yellow carpet for the pop star. has learned that Perry will guest in a Christmas-themed episode of the animated comedy—and in an unusual way: She appears as herself in a live-action segment that features Simpsons characters as puppets.

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Max Weinberg not returning for Conan O'Brien's TBS show 'Conan'

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It seems that Max Weinberg is no longer a member of Team Coco. Reportedly, the longtime band leader for Conan O'Brien won't be following him over to his new TBS show "Conan," premiering this Nov.

Weinberg, also the drummer for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, was with Conan all through his "Late Night" days, extending to his recent ill-fated stint as host of the "Tonight Show." However, Weinberg's role on the show gradually diminished after the return of sidekick/announcer Andy Richter.

Earlier this year, Max Weinberg was the only member of the band not to go on Conan's "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television," tour opting instead to form the Max Weinberg Big Band and go on his own tour. Back in April, after the "Late Night Wars" erupted which resulted in Conan O'Brien stepping down from his hosting duties, it was also rumored that Max would be joining Jay Leno once Kevin Eubanks left the show, although that never seemed to materialize.

It's unclear what caused the split, but perhaps his rumored diva-like behavior had something to do with it. Still, he was often credited by Conan himself for helping the show stay on the air the first few years, being that at the time he was a big name draw that lent credibility to the struggling program.

So who will take Max's place when the show premieres this Nov.? The band's guitarist Jimmy Vivino told The Riverfront Times of St. Louis that he will be stepping in as band leader, with James Wormworth on drums. Both Vivino and Wormworth subbed for Weinberg when he went on the road with the E Street Band on the previous shows.

So far a spokesperson from the O'Brien camp has declined to comment on the story. Also, no word yet on whether fan favorites such as the Masturbating Bear will be making a return for Conan's new show.


South Korean Fashion Brand Glamorizes Suicide

Daul Kim, Lucy Gordon, Tom Nicon, Hayley Kohle, Ruslana Korshunova, and Ambrose Olson are just a few of the models who have recently committed suicide. Now Abbey Lee Kershaw has killed herself in a video for a clothing company.

A South Korean brand called Lewitt recently launched its latest campaign with a video of Kershaw, a prominent Australian model, shot by the art photographer Ryan McGinley, who often moonlights in fashion.

In the three-minute clip, which is potentially disturbing though technically SFW, Kershaw is filmed running through streets and alleyways, looking nervous and despondent in a variety of different outfits to the accompaniment of a jangly soundtrack. She's framed through the bars of fire escapes and fences — it's as if even the architecture wants to enclose her. Then she enters a darkened building, curls up in the fetal position, runs some more, and climbs onto the roof. She rushes to the edge. There's a close-up of her feet on the ledge. Then she jumps. Her fall is depicted in slow-motion, but the video fades to black before Kershaw's body lands.

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culkin megamix

Rain and Joaquin Phoenix attend PETA's 30th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards

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Actress Rain Phoenix and actor Joaquin Phoenix arrive at PETA's 30th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards at The Hollywood Palladium on September 25, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

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I'm looking forward to him winning my affections back, now that he's done being ridic. Also, I ADORE sibling hand-holding. So cute.
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Alec Baldwin: Learn from Lively, not Lohan

Alec Baldwin has praised Gossip Girl star Blake Lively for acting as a positive role model for young girls and slammed Lindsay Lohan for wasting this opportunity.

Speaking at a gala commemorating 30 years of PETA, the 30 Rock actor confessed that he would like to see Lively pose for one of the charity's famous naked campaigns, but for strictly legitimate reasons.
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Green Day Star Will Join ‘American Idiot’

This should boost ticket sales for the musical “American Idiot” during Broadway’s traditional September doldrums: Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman and lead guitarist of the rock band Green Day, will step into the role of St. Jimmy in the musical for eight performances from this Tuesday through Sunday evening, the producers have announced.

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Ice Cube: 'Dre forgot about me'

Ice Cube has revealed that Dr Dre abandoned him when the pair were halfway through recording a collaboration.

The Death Certificate rapper claimed that he was forced to drop plans to include a track with Dre on his next album after the hip-hop producer disappeared during recording sessions.

Ice Cube told Rap-Up that he still does not know where Dre went, adding: "Dre went M.I.A.; I don't know where he at. If y'all find him, tell him to give me a call."

Ice Cube also said that his friendship with Dre was not as close as it used to be in the N.W.A. days of the late 1980s.

He said: "It's a distant relationship. It's been distant ever since I left N.W.A., so I don't expect that to change. We all went our separate ways back then, we was youngsters. We're grown now.

"That is what it is. It reminds me of, like, somebody I hung out [with] in high school a lot, but now that you grown, you talk to every now and then. That's kind of how I look at it."

Ice Cube's new album I Am The West is released on September 28.

Full Story At Source
Desus and Mero

I came.

Pete Rock, Q-Tip and possibly Madlib to do production on Jay-Z/Kanye West EP Watch the Throne!

Bonus: Pete Rock, Q-Tip and RZA contributions to upcoming Jay-Z, Nas and Kanye West solo LP's part of GOOD Friday movement?


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I dont wanna get too hyped up, because all of this can be speculation or be dissapointing. But if even a 1/10th of this is true like this EP:

Source: 1 2 3
oldboy box

Did SNL Steal Idea From Tim and Eric's Awesome Show for Ladies Who Lunch Sketch?

Coincidence? of the Day: I knew SNL’s “Tiny Hats” (AKA “Ladies Who Lunch”) sketch looked familiar! Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are rightfully pissed. vs. #war

SOURCE The Daily

SOURCE Tim Heidecker Twitter

SOURCE Eric Wareheim Twitter


Susan Boyle 'being targeted by stalker'

Susan Boyle is reportedly being targeted by a stalker.

According to her older brother Gerry, the 49-year-old Britain's Got Talent star has been harassed by a fan who managed to obtain her phone number.

Gerry told the New of the World: "He is calling Susan and pretending to be me or other relatives. It's been going on for a while. Susan knows who I am when I get on the phone. She never mistakes me for him.

"There are some weird people around. But this one is stalking her and has got her number. It is serious. Stalkers can become dangerous."

A source close to Simon Cowell told the newspaper: "Simon has always wanted the best security for Susan. If there is concern for her safety because of a stalker, he would encourage everyone to ensure it is resolved."

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Jersey Shore's JWoww Shows-off New Look

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The girls on MTV reality show Jersey Shore are known for their voluptuous, fuller figures.

And cast member JWoww (real name Jenni Farley) has never been shy about displaying her curves.

But it looks like the 23-year-old is more confident than ever as she displayed a much slimmer look yesterday in Las Vegas.

And the thigh-high leather boots and tiny shorts she was wearing revealed her newly-toned and tight body to perfection.

According to internet reports, the Guidette has been offered $400,000 to pose nude for Playboy magazine.

Full story at the source

Matt Bellamy takes Kate Hudson's son on ice cream run

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Muse frontman Matt Bellamy indulges his girlfriend Kate Hudson's son with a trip to the ice cream parlour.

Bellamy has been dating the Hollywood actress for a few months now and it seems things are going from strength to strength for the couple.

Kate waited in the car while Matt and seven-year-old Ryder went to pick up a sweet treat in Pacific Palisades in California yesterday.

Ryder is Kate's son from her marriage to Chris Robinson but they divorced 2007 after six years together.

New love Bellamy is clearly trying to stay around for a while as it's been revealed that he's been giving Kate's stepdad Kurt Russell guitar lessons.

The singer has been helping Goldie Hawn's long term boyfriend brush up on his chord skills.

A source close to the couple claim: 'Both Kurt and Goldie think really highly of him. They're now talking about a holiday in Hawaii when their schedules allow.'

Full Story At Source

Watch KROQ Epicenter 2010 Online: Blink 182, Bad Religion, Rise Against, and More

This weekend is the second annual Epicenter festival in Fontana.

The bands and artists that will be playing include Eminem, KISS, Blink 182, Bush, Rise Against  and bad religion.

Follow KROQ on Twitter ( and check the KROQ Epicenter 2010 page ( for up-to-the-minute coverage up to and throughout the festival.

Below are bands and times that will appear on the live web stream (times are Pacific):

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

1:05 PM The Academy Is…
1:40 PM Biffy Clyro
2:15 PM A Day to Remember
2:50 PM Black Veil Brides
3:25 PM Against Me!
4:00 PM New Politics
4:35 PM Bad Religion
5:30 PM Black Pacific
6:05 PM The Academy Is…* (tape delay)
7:00 PM Suicidal Tendencies
7:40 PM Rise Against
9:20 PM blink-182

More details at the source:


Sexy Squidward


Endhiran, Rajni plays dual roles. One is a scientist and the other is a Robot. Scientist Rajni creates a Robot with artificial intelligence – like that of sixth sense in humans – to help human beings and to the development of the country.

But its silicon heart falls in love with Aishwarya Rai. Writes romantic poems and the Robot behave just like a human being. Knowing about the extra ordinary intelligence of the Robot the villains try to get control of the Robot.

Scientist Rajni fights to save the Robot falling into the hand of the enemies and destroys the evil forces using the Robot itself.


omg, when will this end??

X Factor hooker Chloe Mafia caught on camera snorting cocaine

X Factor prostitute Chloe ­Mafia is caught on camera snorting line after line of cocaine – before ­going to meet a client for sex.

Our shocking footage shows the single mother hoovering up huge quantities of the drug, three days before an estimated 13m viewers watched her on last night’s show.

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White-sprinkled source

Anyone really surprised?

Kurt and Sue
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Out Magazine: Catching Up With Mike O'Malley

has broken the television mold in more ways than one. Its portrayal of what at first appeared to be a homophobic father (named Burt) rejecting his musical-loving gay son (yep, named Kurt) ultimately painted a picture of unconditional parental love. On the cusp of the September 21 second season premiere, we caught up with Mike O’Malley, the Emmy-nominated actor who plays the anything-but-stereotypical father tugging at our heart.

Out: What inspired you when you were creating this character. Do you know men like Burt?
Mike O’Malley: I grew up in New Hampshire, which is a very American place to grow up in the sense that people raise families and they go to their jobs and participate in their community. It wasn’t foreign to transport my experience in New England to Ohio. Burt went to McKinley High -- actually, I don’t know if that’s established in the script anywhere…

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Also, here's an interview with MTV where Mike talks about his 'Nickelodeon GUTS' days.

george jetson

Nicki Minaj featured in Ebony magazine

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ON WHY SHE’S SO HOT RIGHT: People gravitate toward good music and l like to think that the majority of what I’ve put out falls into that category.

You can be a new person every day. That’s how I feel. I feel like when I change my hair, I’m a different person.

ON WHY SHE KEEPS IT –KIND OF- CLEAN: My fans seem to get younger and younger. So it’s very important for me to speak to a child differently than I would speak to an adult.
And when all a child can hear is your music and see the way you dress, that’s the only thing you can really use to kind of steer [him or her] in the right direction. So I toned it down a bit. The music will always remain authentic. So taking out a few curse words every now and then doesn’t make you less credible of a rapper.
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Return of Sunday Night TV

Will the Housewives stop being so Desperate? Will the Walkers ever shut up and talk one at a time? Will Peter or Homer doing anything right? NO, NO and NO.

Shows returning tonight:

Desperate Housewives (ABC)

Brothers & Sisters (ABC)

The Simpsons (FOX)

The Cleveland Show (FOX)

Family Guy (FOX)

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)

60 Minutes (CBS)
The Amazing Race 17 (CBS)

Undercover Boss (CBS)

Dexter (Showtime)




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What are you watching tonight ONTD?

Most Powerful People in Film:

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"Let's start with the basics: what do you have to do to get into the ­inaugural Film Power 100? It's not a guide to the richest people in film, or the ones with the greatest green-lighting power, or the most prolific. It's Film&Music's ­attempt to determine who wields the greatest influence on which films you get to see when you go to the cinema on a Saturday evening, or turn on the TV to catch a movie. Our definition of power is this: the ability to shape the exper­ience of film viewing in the UK. That means it's not just a list of British film figures. Nor is it a run-through of Hollywood moguls: everyone on our list has to have demonstrable influence within the UK.

We had help drawing up our 100: a group of British film-industry experts wrangled long and hard over which names merited ­inclusion. We discussed actors and writers, directors and distributors, agents and exhibitors, studio bosses and festival programmers, ­critics and bloggers – because our idea of power isn't just dependent on the ability to get something done, it includes the power to shape tastes, and one person with a computer and a broadband connection can sometimes do that more forcefully than a mogul with a billion-dollar budget.
Our list is just a starting point, of course. It's not definitive. There'll be people we've missed, people we've rated too high, ­people we've rated too low." --

Top 10:

10- Ed Vaizey
9- George Clooney
8- Quentin Tarantino

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<3 Leo most powerful actor
David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Watch a Live Webcast for “The Social Network” On MySpace

Talk about a perfect idea. Columbia Pictures is having a live webcast on Sunday, September 26th (tomorrow!) for The Social Network, and it will be on the film’s MySpace page. This is quite the jab at Facebook, as the film is a dramatization of the sordid rise of the 2nd biggest website in the world, and it usurped MySpace as the go-to place for social networking.

The webcast starts at 6:30pm Eastern (3:30pm Pacific), and will have stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer, and Justin Timberlake along with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. They’ll be doing a Q&A hosted by Olivia Munn, so it should be worth checking out.

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New racy lesbian show on BBC causes fury

A new racy drama on BBC has come under fire for its graphic lesbian content. Lip Service, which will broadcast on BBC Three next month, has already set tongues wagging thanks to its sexplicit girl-on-girl bedroom scenes. The controversial series stars Vanilla Sky star Laura Fraser and former Hollyoaks beauty Roxanne McKee.


"Lip Service has the same buzz as Queer As Folk but might prove too edgy. There are a lot of naked sex scenes between women. Bosses think it's too explicit for BBC1 - so they're starting it on Three," News of the World quoted an insider as saying.
"Is this an attempt by the BBC to try and gain ratings?" added the insider. Talking about an orgasm she has in a lesbian scene, Roxanne said: "It turns into a When Harry Met Sally moment. I was encouraged to make it a lot louder than it would ever be in real life."

batman, bruce wayne

Edward Norton Wants To Be Evil in ‘Batman 3′

Edward Norton discusses his ‘incredible’ departure from ‘The Avengers’ as well as his desire to play a villain in a Christopher Nolan film – perhaps the Riddler in ‘Batman 3.’

Batman 3 news is hard to come by these days. Very little is known about the highly-anticipated film, besides who’s directing, writing, and starring—Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer and Jonathon Nolan, and Christian Bale, respectively. In fact, the last bit of official “news” regarding the sequel to The Dark Knight was less news and more a confirmation of what—or who—we wouldn’t be seeing in the film: The Joker.

Recently, Edward Norton was discussing his much ballyhooed departure from an altogether different superhero role and property (the Incredible Hulk in Marvel’s The Avengers), when the topic switched to Batman 3 – and Norton’s interest in the franchise.
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ngl, I'd love to see him share the screen with Christian Bale & Co. in the next Batman movie, it'd be a feast for my eyes.
also, why doesn't ed norton have a tag?


Fall is known for its gorgeous colors, but many of us are partial to one in particular: Red. Yes, it’s time for America’s most intriguing serial killer to break out the knives again as Dexter returns for season 5 (9 p.m. tonight, Showtime). Questions abound: How will Dexter (Michael C. Hall) rebound after—SPOILER ALERT!—discovering that Trinity killed his loving wife, Rita? What kind of fresh evil will Dex encounter? And how many f-bombs will Deb drop this season? We give you some bloody good information on the dark drama in our Fall TV Preview issue, but here are some choice cuts that didn’t make it into print...

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so freakin exciteddd
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Brothers & Sisters' executive producer talks about what's in store for the new season.

For the storytellers of Brothers & Sisters, jumping ahead a year in time offers a jolt of creative energy, but also poses a challenge for the season premiere.

"There are a lot of things we need to catch the audience up on, and there's a lot of closure we need to acknowledge and let the audience share in," executive producer David Marshall Grant tells "We are doing a lot to deal with that finale and get us into a place where we feel that we understand what happened and move beyond it, just as the Walkers are beginning to move beyond it."

Season 4 ended with a massive car crash that seemed to seal the fate of departing cast member Rob Lowe's Robert McCallister and left William Walker's ex-mistress Holly (Patricia Wettig) in similarly critical condition. Plus, Saul (Ron Rifkin) revealed that he was HIV-positive and Justin (Dave Annable) and Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) came to a crossroads in their young marriage.

The events of the finale are still very fresh in the minds' of the characters, but Grant says the jump in time will quickly allow them to move on and grow. "We are starting these characters in new worlds," he says. "These characters are really trying to reinvent themselves or to get through some really significant hurdles," he says. "I think we're going to really hold these characters' feet to the fire in terms of figuring out what they need to deal with and what they need to get past."

So, how will that reinvention work? Let's break it down character-by-character.

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Fans will get to see former Bachelorette Jillian Harris in her new job this week.
She's one of the designers on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which kicks off a new season with a two-hour episode on Sunday at 7 p.m. on ABC.

Working with the team on the premiere project will be celebrity volunteers Katy Perry, Raven-Symoné, Shaquille O'Neal and the kids from ABC's Modern Family. They all helped renovate a Baltimore building that houses an organization devoted to providing a safe environment for at-risk children.

Also joining Harris on the team will be Leigh Anne Tuohy, the Memphis mom portrayed by Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side.

"There really are no words to describe this opportunity," says Jillian in a release, adding that the viewers who tune in remind her that "kindness, humility, compassion and love are still desperately needed on TV."


Im watching it now. Raven pouring cement was priceless.

tina dance

5 Absurd (But Mind Blowing) Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's hard enough to make a good movie or TV show, but apparently some of the stuff you watch or listen to also contains secret hidden messages that only close examination will reveal. Or, at least, that's what countless conspiracy theorists around the internet would have us believe. The strange thing is, sometimes they'll produce a piece of evidence so eerily convincing, it's like they've waved their hands and made your sanity disappear. Here are five of pop culture conspiracy theorist's most convincing nuggets, and a look behind the curtain at how they get you ...

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UPDATE: Pictures fixed :)
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Ani: Amazon Warrior

Chuck vs. the Suitcase: Article, Picture, and NEW Promo!

sure is pretty for a show about a Nerd Herd! Not only does it star Yvonne Strahovski, but supermodel Karolina Kurkova guests this week, and this photograph right here is your first look at the battle of the babes. We were on the set of Chuck for the filming of this ep, and Karolina herself filled us in on her villainous character:

Good news Sarah Walker fans! When Kurkova moves in on her man, Sarah doesn't take it lying down. As Karolina told us on the set, "I have to admit I got beat up by a girl. Yeah, that's what happened. See this is what happens when you hang out with girls. Girls beat you up."

So what goes down? According to Karolina, "We're gonna be in a fashion show, on a fashion runway. I throw her onto the runway and I start beating her up like seriously beating her up—there's a whole choreography. I'm gonna have a knife, and it's serious girl fight."

But wait, kids, there's more! Karolina's going to be nekkid too! Or at least semi-nekkid. She told us, "There's some sexy scenes. I'm not wearing much also. And there's some wet scenes."


source and source

Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

CNN anchor Don Lemon makes personal revelation while discussing alledged church molestation claims

CNN anchor Don Lemon made a very personal admission in the most public of ways — during his live newscast. Lemon was discussing the sexual abuse cases against Bishop Eddie Long with three members of Long’s church who continue to support him. Collapse )


Let me tell you what got my attention about this and I have never admitted this on television. I’m a victim of a pedophile when I was a kid. Someone who was much older than me.


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Conan Gunn

Fashion designer Catherine Walker dies

The fashion designer Catherine Walker, whose clothes were favoured by Diana, Princess of Wales, has died at the age of 65, her family has said.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She passed away at a hospital near her Sussex home on Thursday, following a battle with cancer.

She provided Diana with many of her iconic outfits, and the princess was buried in a black Walker dress.

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Sister Wives Cometh

Air date: Sunday 9/26

Us rating: FOUR STARS

Big Love goes reality in this provocative, utterly fascinating look at truelife polygamists. Meet Kody Brown, an ad salesman and fundamentalist Mormon who cheers, "I have three awesome wives!" Actually, he's only legally wed to Meri, but he lives with Janelle and Christine too. All of them are bright and generous about revealing the details of their lives (separate apartments in one house, date nights, etc.). They're also honest: When the gang takes on a new wife, Meri admits to some jealousy. And did we mention the 13 kids?! (TLC, 10 P.M.)


Source  2
sandra oscar

Ryan Reynolds Wants to Work With Sandra Bullock Again

After working with Sandra Bullock on the 2009 film 'The Proposal' and Virgin Media, Ryan Reynolds wants to make more films with the actress. Bullock has obviously made a lasting impression on the actor.

Digital Spy reports that the Green Lantern star would love to work with Bullock again. Reynolds hinted that there might be a film in development, but really hasn't let any details slip out.

The Canadian actor talked about working with Bullock again and said: ""Me and Sandra have been friends for a long time and I'd love to make that happen. Look, there could be something in development, but there's no script yet."

A spokesperson for Bullock said that currently there are no projects reuniting the two actors in the works at the moment.

Reynolds is currently starring in the thriller 'Buried' and will be donning green tights as he takes on the role of superhero 'The Green Lantern'.

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This Bitch!

Ann Coulter: Marriage "Is Not A Civil Right – You’re Not Black"
ann coulter man hands Pictures, Images and Photos
Politico reports on Ann Coulter's appearance at Homocon in New York City last night. The event was put on by the conservative gay group GOProud, whom writer Ben Smith apty describes as "the tea party of the gay rights movement."
So what did Coulter have to say?

Marriage “is not a civil right – you’re not black,” Coulter said to nervous laughter. She went on to note that gays are among the wealthiest demographic groups in the country.

“Blacks must be looking at the gays saying, ‘Why can’t we be oppressed like that?’”

I'm Gay and Black, IDK what to say to this bitch except for:
kill urself gif Pictures, Images and Photos
Wendy Peffercorn

J.J. Abrams' "Super 8" News Roundup

Featuring the latest casting news, teaser trailer, facts, and location photos.

Since May, when the trailer for the J.J. Abrams directed, Steven Spielberg film Super 8 was released with Iron Man 2, the whole movie blogosphere has been clamoring for additional information. Last week, news broke that Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning had been cast in the film and today, spy photos have surfaced from Marland Heights area of Weirton, West Virginia that will be posing for Lillian, Ohio circa 1979 when the film stars shooting this week.

While the cast is starting to be known we still don’t know much at all about the story of the film beyond the following basics:

“…a group of kids in 1979 are playing around making movies with their Super 8 cameras (as Abrams and Spielberg did as kids) and accidentally capture something … sinister, possibly alien, on film.”

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Garden State music

Elwood shaves off beard officially

Orlando Bloom is enjoying married life, after tying the knot with the lingerie model Miranda Kerr in July, but Elijah Wood, his co-star in The Lord of the Rings, is less fortunate.

Mandrake hears that Wood, 29, has split up with his girlfriend, Pamela Racine, after more than five years. "Elijah just didn't want to settle down," claims a friend of the American actor. "The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Pamela, but she's pretty cut up about the break-up."

Racine, 32, a former model, is a drummer and dancer with the "gipsy punk" band Gogol Bordello. She met Wood during the shooting of the adventure film Everything Is Illuminated, on which her group performed.



'Spartacus': Recast or 'close up'

Although Starz execs have yet to decide how Andy Whitfield’s cancer relapse will impact the future of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, exec producer Steven S. DeKnight reveals that one of two things will likely happen: a new actor will be brought in to replace Whitfield or the series will end.

“The two main options are to close up shop or recast,” says DeKnight. “I want to talk to Andy and find out how he feels about the options. That’s obviously very important to us.

“We’re still absorbing what’s happened,” adds DeKnight. “I think it’s going to be a little while before we reach any conclusions.” (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, a prequel to the series, will still air as scheduled in January 2011.)

DeKnight says his primary concern remains Whitfield, who bowed out of the show’s second season after doctors advised him to resume “aggressive treatment” for Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. “He’s a trooper,” marvels DeKnight. “He has a very positive outlook.”


Lindsay Lohan Chooses Intense Rehab

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan is about to re-enter rehab ... and it's her decision.

Sources with direct and specific knowledge of the situation tell TMZ Lindsay will enter a live-in facility outside of Los Angeles within days. Lindsay is now agonizingly aware she has an addiction problem and also acknowledges the reality -- addicts often backslide before they get better.

We're told Lindsay is telling people she doesn't want this type of life anymore. She says she wants to get better and wants to do whatever it takes at this point ... irrespective of what Judge Elden Fox does to her.


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Katy Perry Interview .. Has a duck in her magic box

Katy Perry awaits us for a video interview at noon at the Westin Palace in Paris, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Before entering the arena, only a few journalists are present, visibly stressed ... What if Katy Perry was not that bubbly? Comic Sans MS Font Finally our turn, we enter a beautiful suite, a press officer, a hairdresser and a makeup artist are waiting too. She arrives, wearing a black dress bordered with lace.  SUBLIME!

And here we go with a 15 minutes interview~ The first questions are about her private life ... Katy is uncomfortable, and frankly, so are we. We were brief. But Katy wouldn't quit evoking her love for fiance Russell Brand, AWKWARDNESS, we promised the press officer not to broadcast footage in which the brunette loses bits of answers. Not so spontaneous Katy ...  

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a single man

Skins: The Movie Coming in 2011?

SKINS, the sex, drink and drug-fuelled television serial that represents teenage life laid bare is to journey to the silver screen!

Scripted by Skins writer Jack Thorne and Skins creator Bryan Elsley, the film is scheduled to go into production later this month after open auditions were held nationwide.

This news follows four hugely successful seasons on E4; the latest of these finishing with the highest ratings of any series so far.

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I just started getting into this series, and my GOD the first season is amazing/wonderful. I think it could be interesting based on what I've seen so far. Your thoughts, ONTD?

St. Angie Has Found Her Leading Woman

Angelina Jolie has finally started casting for her Bosnian war love epic, and has found her lead actress in the form of Zana Marjanovic, according to the Associated Press. Marjanovic will play a Bosnian woman who is love with a Serbian man in the middle of the Bosnian war.

When she previously talked about the film, Jolie said she would only cast actors in her directorial debut that are from the Bosnian region. Marjanovic is a native Bosnian, and is currently en route to Hungary to prepare for the film, which will begin filming later this year in Hungary and Bosnia.

The Associated Press were able to catch Marjanovic in a brief interview, and she told them that she found Jolie's screenplay to be "fabulous" and said she was eager to begin filming with a "great actress and humanist" like Jolie.

Marjanovic starred in the award-winning 2008 Bosnian drama, "Snow." This seems like a good first step for Jolie, who has been taking the film incredibly seriously and visited the country twice this year -- once as a UNHCR good will ambassador and once to scout for the movie. It is said to tell the tale of the Bosnian war through the eyes of a Bosnian woman and Serbian man who fall in love despite their ethnic differences.

Taylor Swift → Wildest Dreams
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Lindsay Lohan Visits Homeless & Teens at LA Shelter

Two days after getting out of jail, Lindsay Lohan has emerged from hiding.

Accompanied by two friends, sister Ali and mother Dina, the troubled starlet, who will be heading back to rehab possibly as soon as Monday morning, spent part of Sunday evening visitng the Dream Center, a mission and outreach center connected to the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles' Echo Park neighborhood.

What brought her there?

According to a source, LiLo's business manager Lou Taylor, who also was part of her group, is a supporter of the facility and encouraged her to visit.

While at the facility, Lindsay met with children and families, signing autographs and handing out purses to some of the teen girls.

"What a great place The Dream Center is here in LA... had a nice time there today, it's so important to give back. I feel blessed," Lohan later tweeted.

The source said Lohan wanted to make a return visit to see some of the young women housed there, but one thing was clear: She would not be checking there herself.

Lohan plans to check in to rehab Monday, but that it would not be at the Dream Center facility, said the source.

source @ Eonline

Brothers & Sisters Premiere Talk

omething's wrong when Justin is the voice of reason

In the season premiere of "Brothers & Sisters," we saw very little of what would realistically occur during the much-ballyhooed one-year time jump. In essence, we're not even sure it was necessary. 
For example, "Grey's Anatomy" jumped just a few months and the changes after its bloody finale are palpable - an unforeseen marriage, a resignation, and a few breakdowns. 
Where is the fresh new landscape that the executive producers have been promising for the Walkers? We understand that a huge accident like the one they experienced can change a person, but to this extent? In the end, not only did it make very little sense, but we felt they did a disservice to some of our favorite characters.
Collapse )I thought it was decent. Some things were really mental though.

Taylor Swift to replace Lindsay Lohan in romantic comedy

Lindsay Lohan's legal woes appear to have given Taylor Swift her big movie break - the country sweetheart is the new favourite to replace the Mean Girls actress in a new film about a former child star finding success on a reality TV dating show.

Writer/producer Richard O'Sullivan initially offered Lohan the lead in his new film One Night With You after writing it with her in mind.

He told WENN, "It is ready-made for Lindsay... but we're proceeding with extreme caution while the Lohan family sorts through their issues during a very trying time."

Lohan has since served two stints in jail - the latest a 10-hour stay on Friday - and spent time in a court-ordered lockdown rehab. And now it looks as if producers have moved on from the troubled star.

A source says, "It appears the romantic comedy may finally be off the table for Lindsay Lohan. The producers had actually talked to Taylor Swift's agent a few months back about replacing Lindsay, but Taylor was in the middle of her tour.

"Now that Lindsay can't conquer her troubles, they're taking the offer back to Taylor."

It's the second major role Lohan has lost this year - in April, she was dropped from new movie The Other Side.

It won't be Swift's first acting gig - the Love Story singer has appeared on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and in the film Valentine's Day.


Hilary Duff's 'Bloodworth' World Premiere Austin Film Festival

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Always one of the most enjoyable events of the year, the 17th Austin Film Festival is gearing up to kick-off next month.

The annual event takes place from October 21-28 in Austin, Texas.

"Bloodworth" stars Kris Kristofferson, Val Kilmer, Hilary Duff, and Reece Thompson. It was directed by Shane Dax Taylor and the Music Producer is T. Bone Burnett. (Crazy Heart)

The movie has been shown before but not before completion, it will now have a world premiere in it's full entirety and completely finished. Some people who saw the rough edit said that the film was a must see.