September 24th, 2010

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Latest Prize in Celebrity Auctions Is a Tweet, Not a Meet-and-Greet

TV Stars Can Help Haiti With a Keystroke and Avoid Awkward Dinners With Donors

The top bidder so far in an online charity auction to raise money for a Haitian orphanage is willing to pay $14,900 for access to Zachary Levi, star of the TV series "Chuck." And bids are mounting.

But not the sort of access you might expect. Mr. Levi's fans aren't bidding to have dinner with him, or even to talk with him on the phone. All Mr. Levi will have to do is follow the winning bidder's thoughts and insights on Twitter, then repeat the Twitter messages, or tweets, and mention the winner in tweets Mr. Levi sends out. "I'm just as shocked as anyone," Mr. Levi said of the bidding frenzy.

The charity auction, launched last week by an Atlanta church, has fans bidding between $50 and $15,000 to win virtual relationships with major and minor celebrities.

It's a new twist on an old formula: well-known people agreeing to meet fans in return for cash contributions to charity. This time all the celebrities need to do is tap out a 140-character message, or get someone to do it for them.


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David to demand front-page retraction from In Touch magazine

Mods, i didn't quite get what exactly "lj-text/gif" reason was supposed to mean, but i put some text and the gif under the cut in case that's what you wanted.

David Beckham sent legal warnings to Bauer Media before In Touch magazine was published.

David Beckham is to demand a front-page retraction from US celebrity gossip magazine In Touch over allegations that he slept with a prostitute.

Beckham is understood to be planning legal action against the Bauer Media-owned title for defamation and slander. His lawyers will demand that the magazine does not repeat the allegations and prints a retraction on its front page.

The legal action is believed to be imminent, with the documents still awaiting Beckham's signature. His representative sent legal warnings to Bauer before the magazine was published warning that if the allegations were made in print, he would take legal action.

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Joe Jonas Working With Tom Hanks on TV Show

A casting news comes straight from the horse's mouth, Joe Jonas is working with Tom Hanks on a TV show. During a backstage interview with Ryan Seacrest's reporter at "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" tour, Joe revealed that he was coming out of a studio to work on the secret project, not on his solo album.

"That day you spotted me, I saw the photo [of me leaving the recording studio]. I was actually doing something with Tom Hanks that day. A little bit of a different studio something," he revealed. "He's working on a new TV show, so you'll see that pretty soon, and he asked me to be a part of it."

Joe is indeed in the middle of expanding his acting resume. Beside having his own show "JONAS L.A." on Disney Channel, the Jonas Brothers star was a guest on "Hot in Cleveland" and will appear in an upcoming episode of "90210". He almost landed a role on "Brothers & Sisters" but due to scheduling conflict, he had to pull out.

As for the extent of "JONAS L.A.", Joe admitted to not knowing whether there would be another season. "We're keeping it open until people let us know," he said in the interview. "We've got lots of other stuff going for us right now, but we'll keep you guys updated."



Keith Urban helped his two-year-old daughter record her first songs.

The country music singer – who is married to Nicole Kidman –
says he was keen to get little Sunday Rose behind the microphone when he took her to his studio recently and was thrilled when she showcased her vocal talent.

He said:
“She came down to the studio the other day, and I put little headphones on her, and she came to the mic and she did two songs. She did ABC and she did Twinkle Twinkle, beginning to end. It was so cute to see the little headphones on her. It was cool.”

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geo gif smiling cup

Sean Lennon to Raise the Dead, Then Make Them Kill Themselves

It’s apropos that Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl would pick the Hollywood Forever Cemetery as the place to make the L.A. debut of their folk project Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger. The album in haunted by all sorts of things – Syd Barrett’s sun-scarred psych and pastoral English folk; a lyrical world of hope glimmering in corners of apocalypse; Lennon’s uncannily familiar vocal lilt and way with unexpected guitar runs.

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Sexy Squidward

And So, Gay Men Across the Nation Wept

Adam Levine: Jake Gyllenhaal Is Not Gay!

Jake Gyllenhaal dated Reese Witherspoon until earlier this year and was in a relationship with Kirsten Dunst when they were in their early 20s, and now Adam Levine, his good buddy and the frontman of Maroon 5, wants to put any gay rumors to rest.

Levine tells Out magazine:
Will everyone stop thinking that dude is gay? Seriously guys. How immature is it of the media to perceive this guy -- it has to be because of Brokeback, right? I've known this dude forever. He's one of my oldest friends, and it's very weird that they have this -- it's very immature and infantile the way they treat his whole situation. If him hanging out with his bros means he's gay, it's like further perpetuating that weird homophobia that exists in our culture, which is just stupid. So, yeah, he's my buddy. I fuckin' love the guy.

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30 Rock season premiere recap!

This recap assumes you watched 30 Rock instead of $#*! My Dad Says. That you chose NBC -- "the engorged whitehead on the otherwise flawless face of Universal Media" -- over a tote bag that says The Mentalist.

The gang is back for season 5 and couldn't be more self-aware. "I know, season 5. We were supposed to get canceled," Tina Fey winks at us.

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Thoughts? Hopes for the series? Shaking and crying? Disgust at rapey Pete?
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Jersey Shore’s Vinny Tells Why He’s Giving Up His Dreams of Being a Lawyer for an Acting Career

 When people first started talking about MTV’s Jersey Shore, it was always about Snooki or The Situation. And floating around in the background, getting little attention, was Vinny. What kind of nickname is that? A former political aide who spoke of law school, Vinny Guadagnino came off like he was possibly too smart to fit in on this show. But he seems to have solved that brains/brew dichotomy this season, jumping headlong into the antics and hedonism with everyone else. Fresh off of filming season three (back at the Jersey Shore), Vinny spoke to us about how he got comfortable, and why he’s shelved that whole law-school plan.

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Vinny has always been my favorite but...


Nancy Wilson Divorcing Cameron Crowe

Director Cameron Crowe and his musician wife, Nancy Wilson, are pulling the plug on their 22-year marriage.

Wilson, a singer and songwriter from the rock band Heart, filed divorce papers Thursday in L.A. County Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences. She lists June 15, 2008, as the date of their separation.

Crowe, who directed Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous, married Wilson July 23, 1986. The couple have 10-year-old twin boys, William and Curtis.

Wilson is seeking joint physical and legal custody of the children and has also asked the court for spousal support.


Aw, I thought they were forever x_x

Sorry mods, the post was locked because I am a moron, tyvm lol

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PopEater's 'Nominate Justin Timberlake for an Oscar' Campaign

Critics are raving about David Fincher's 'The Social Network.' Word on the street is that the combination of Fincher's stellar direction, Aaron Sorkin's powerhouse script and epic performances by Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and, most importantly, Justin Timberlake make it a lock for a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards. No, that wasn't a typo. This is the performance of Timberlake's brief career as an actor, and it couldn't have come with a more game-changing movie.

As Napster co-founder Sean Parker, Timberlake is Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg's puppeteer and mentor. JT steps up his game in 'Network,' injecting a cool and sinister confidence into his portrayal of Parker. And as longtime fans of the singer-songwriter-producer, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to help turn JT into an even bigger superstar. We simply couldn't. We knew he had the pop music chops, but before 'Network,' he'd never really been able to translate his charisma into cinematic gold. Now, Timberlake is primed for major Hollywood stardom, and with that in mind, we officially launch our very own Facebook campaign to nominate Justin Timberlake for an Oscar this year. But we need a little help reminding the Academy that JT is the hidden gem in the best movie of the year. Join our group now and spread the word. Let's make it happen!

I'm at work right now so Facebook is blocked so I couldn't check this out for myself and there was no link in the article.  


People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!


"I was in dirty diapers when she did Dirty Dancing."

– Jennifer Grey's Dancing with the Stars partner Derek Hough, to PEOPLE


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Which celeb had the BEST quote this week?

Derek Hough
Nigel Lythgoe
Eric Dane
Kathy Lee Gifford
Megan Fox
Nathan Lane
Kenny Chesney
David Letterman


HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!  :-)  Anyone going to Oktoberfest in San Francisco this weekend? 

The Beginning of the End of Jersey Shore

Pauly D Breaks Out From Jersey Shore; Gets A Spin-Off Show!

It's official: DJ Pauly D is no longer The Situation's wingman! The Jersey Shore reality star is getting his own spin-off television show, has learned exclusively.

"They have already chosen a name and of course it will be deejay-related," a source told

Paul DelVecchio had a passion for spinning long before he was cast as a guido on the MTV hit. When the 28-year old isn't shooting the Jersey Shore, he's traveling the country and Canada doing his favorite thing, spinning tunes. But now that the show's wrapped it's third season, he has the opportunity to do both.

"It's another MTV reality show and he'll be DJ-ing and of course doing things his fans love to watch," the source laughed, referring to Pauly's way with the ladies.

"It's scheduled to begin shooting within the month."


I'm surprised he's the first one, but we all knew this was coming.
Snooki/JWOW Simple Life PLEASE


Haters gotta find another reason to hate Bono!

So, LOLed at this article by the geniuses at Daily Mail and responded:


Sept. 23, 2010

Recently, there have been some confusing and inaccurate stories about ONE's work. So we wanted to set the record straight.

ONE does not fundraise from the general public and we do not receive any government funding. We are funded almost entirely by a handful of philanthropists on our board of directors to raise awareness and pressure political leaders to fight extreme poverty through smart and effective policies and programs.

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Sam Page: Bad Guys Have Much More Fun!

Sam Page shows off a bit of his chest in a Ralph Lauren Black Label shirt in this shot for August Man magazine’s October 2010 issue!

The 33-year-old actor is currently filming a story arc on Gossip Girl - Sam was spotted smooching Blake Lively on the set last week! Here’s what Sam had to share:

On playing the bad guy: “Playing bad guys is a new thing for me, and I have found that it is true, bad guys have much more fun. They don’t get the girl, and usually end up dead or doing a stretch in prison, but they do have more fun on camera. I like playing them especially because the real me is quite the opposite. It’s always more fun to play something that is a departure from who you really are. It’s more fun filling out the character form a completely creative place, and to allow a glimpse into the dark side of yourself, one that we all have.”

On his fashion style: “I am a total sneaker-phile. T-shirts and jeans and some dope kicks. However, I do absolutely love to wear a beautiful suit. There’s nothing better than a crisp, well tailored suit. I guess I would describe my fashion style as classic, as I tend to stay away from trends, trendy being the opposite of classic, by definition. Why would one want to dress diametrically as opposed to classically?”
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Source --

IDC about Gossip Girl but he's hot!!
David G. "smiling"

Anna Kendrick in West Hollywood

Treating herself to an enjoyable evening, Anna Kendrick was spotted out at a party in West Hollywood last night (September 23).

The “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” actress looked a bit worn out as she made her exit, sporting a black dress, black heels, and a black handbag.

In a recent interview, Anna noted that apart from her “Twilight” gig, she’d love to get back to her Broadway musical roots.

“The truth is, I desperately want to do a movie musical but I have to be careful because desperation doesn't always lead to good choices. I want to do a musical for the right reasons and not just because I'm anxious to perform in one.”

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VH1 Reality Duo Have A Sex Tape

Charm Rice Brittian AKA “Sh*t Talkin’ Tool” (seriously) of Tool Academy 2, a boot camp for bad boyfriends competition series, and Taylor Royce of Tough Love, another relationship boot camp series, are in a sex tape together that recently leaked to the interwebs. WorldStarHipHop obtained “teaser” footage that shows the VH1 reality stars in a doggy style romp.


pics at the source

Bieber Fever Takes Over CSI

Justin Bieber on 'CSI?' We'll admit that when we think of Justin Bieber, our next thought isn't usually "grisly murders and explosions."

The young heartthrob is known more for his floppy hair and his ability to turn crowds of young girls into a sobbing, screaming mass. But tonight on 'CSI' (Thu., 9PM ET on CBS), the 16-year-old singer made his network TV dramatic acting debut -- on a crime series known for its violence and gritty realism. Would "The Bieb" be able to make the transition to the world of serious acting?
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Source: TV Squad

Catfish and Rihalla records new song

Drake and Rihanna may have gone their separate ways when it comes to love, but the pair has reunited for a new collaboration. The Young Money rapper spilled the beans about their secret duet during a recent interview.

“I just did this great song with Rihanna so I hope we get to shoot a video for that too,” he revealed to MTV News backstage at his Miami tour kick-off this week. “I’m really excited about that song.”

Drake had reportedly written for Rihanna in the past, but the material did not make her album. He was careful not to give away too much about their latest collabo, which will likely appear on Rihanna’s new album Loud, due November 16. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to talk about that actually.”

The young stars were rumored to have dated in the past, but their brief relationship left Drizzy brokenhearted. “I was a pawn,” he told The New York Times. “You know what she was doing to me? She was doing exactly what I’ve done to so many women throughout my life, which is show them quality time, then disappear. I was like, ‘Wow, this feels terrible.’”

When asked earlier this year who she would like to work with, RiRi said Drake was at the top of her list. “He’s really, really talented, and I think he’s one of the illest lyricists out there right now, so I would love to work with him,” she told E!’s Ben Lyons.

Loud has already produced a hit with lead single “Only Girl (In the World),” which jumped 75-3 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100, selling 249,000 downloads in its first week.


World's Best Boss Don Draper + Jonathan Ames on CraigyFerg (bonus Betty White)


- Jon and Craig pretend to be Bond villians through puppets
- Talks about his new movie Howl
- Jon explains an iPhone game app
- Jon explains why he would not want a pet pig and jokes about his last name

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OMG Craig was so happy that Jon initiated a hug! Don Draper loves my bb <3
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Peggy Olson speaks, is not Margaret Mead and has actually heard of Mad Men

Elisabeth Moss has certainly been a topic of conversation lately, possibly because of her acting work, which earned her a second consecutive Emmy Award-nomination for her performance on “Mad Men,” or possibly because of articles like this one. This particular interview is going to address only one of those two topics; before a recent conversation with ArtsBeat, Ms. Moss let us know she would not discuss her personal life. But hey, why let 15 minutes of telephone time go to waste? Ms. Moss was still game to talk about her recent role in the comedy “Get Him to the Greek,” in which she played the long-suffering girlfriend of a hapless record-label flunky played by Jonah Hill (and which will receive a DVD release on Tuesday). And of course she was open to discussing Peggy Olson, her “Mad Men” alter ego, who in just four seasons has gone from a timid new hire to an ambitious, pot-smoking, clothes-shedding, lesbian-befriending, dead-executive-secretary-poking young copywriter.

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Lindsay Lohan in Court.

We're live at the Beverly Hills courthouse where Lindsay Lohan will face Judge Elden Fox after failing two drug tests.
We're pretty sure ... the hearing will be short and sweet. Judge Fox will remand Lindsay, set bail, a bail bondsman will immediately post bail and Lindsay will walk out -- free for now.

We expect Judge Fox will set a formal hearing for next month.


UPDATE 9:08 AM PT -- Lindsay Lohan has been taken into custody and the judge has denied bail. Story developing ...

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Source + live feed

Lindsay Lohan -- In Custody, No Bail

Lindsay Lohan is in custody ... after Judge Elden Fox shockingly denied her bail ... and Lindsay could be sitting there until October 22 Lindsay was in court because she failed two drug tests -- in one she tested positive for cocaine and the other for Adderall. Judge Fox did not hear any argument from the lawyers before making his ruling.

Lindsay was handcuffed in court before being taken into custody. It's shocking because the underlying offense is a misdemeanor, and people connected with the case were telling us the judge had to offer Lindsay bail. As for Lindsay's reaction ... she was shocked when the judge remanded her into custody. Lindsay looked at her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holly, before being taken out of the courtroom.


In a hearing Friday, the judge in her DUI case denied bail for the actress and ordered her held in custody until an Oct. 22 hearing.


Heavy in Your Arms To Be Single & Lungs Re-release

Florence & The Machine has announced plans to re-release her debut album, 'Lungs'.

The record will be released on November 15 as a two-disc special edition alongside the single 'Heavy In Your Arms'.

The track, produced by Paul Epworth, was included on the soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

“'Heavy In Your Arms' I suppose is about the weight of love, and how sometimes it can be a burden between two people,” singer Florence Welch said.

“I felt a strong theme in the Twilight series was someone being rescued or being condemned, and is the love you carry bringing you down.”

The album re-issue, dubbed 'Between Two Lungs',  will feature new cover art, sleeve notes by the singer and exclusive images.

A 10-track second disc will also include Welch's new single, as well her recent collaboration with Dizzee Rascal, ‘You Got The Dirtee Love’.

The 'Between Two Lungs' tracklisting is:

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kitty gwen

Blind Items for your Almost Weekend

Brought to you by Maru in a raincoat

1. The public relations team behind a cheating male celebrity believes that the best defense is a good offense. The team is reaching out to every media contact to suggest they use words like “promiscuous”, “liar”, “alcohol”, “drugs”, “tattoo” and “golddigger” in every article to describe the girl involved in the affair. They are also encouraging media to use the words “committed”, “united”, “devoted”, “happy”, and “generous” (?) to describe the couple. Their objective is to distract attention from their boy’s bad behavior and shaky relationship by destroying any remaining shreds of the girl’s reputation. Nice.
Blind Gossip
My Guess: maybe Ashton wouldn't cheat on Demi if she copy and pasted her head onto a model's body and passed it off as her own irl.

2. This B/C list rapper is always careful to mention the plight of those trapped in poverty, but was shooting very expensive Cristal out of water guns at party guests at a recent house party. Nothing too salacious, but a little wasteful don’t you think?
My Guess: Wyclef Jean

3. This aging B list television actor had some requests in his most recent contract. One was that the producers pay about $100K a year to a woman who is by our actor’s side all the time. Everyone thought it was a woman he was sleeping with but it turns out she is his professional toupee handler. She is in charge of making sure his hair is never out of place and carries a suitcase which contains ten other rugs all in different shades for different weather and his moods.
My Guess: For $100K, I would totally style and bedazzle William Shatner's toupes.

Queen Coco thanks you for your time and forgives you for your sins. May the asscheeks cleavage be with you.

it was only just a dreammmmmmmmmm

Nelly goes sky high in the dramatic black-and-white video for his top 10 hit “Just a Dream,” the lead single off his album 5.0. Sitting in his Mustang floating high above the ocean, Nelly looks down on his girl as she runs along the California shore, later hitting the ground to take a trip to the club on the dolo. Watch the Sanji-directed clip below and look out for the St. Louis rapper’s sixth album dropping November 16.

Basic bitch/Fierce bitch
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Glee’s back, and Terri is ready to sing

“Everything starts to have Glee potential when you hear it. It sort of transforms your relationship with music,” says Jessalyn Gilsig when she tries to come up with what song she’d like to make her singing debut on the hit series, which returns Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Global and Fox.

The Montreal-born actress — who plays Terri Schuester, a.k.a. Mrs. Shue, a.k.a. the pregnancy-faking shrew who cuckolded Matthew Morrison’s Glee club leader last year — doesn’t know when she’ll get the chance to show off her own pipes, but series mastermind Ryan Murphy promises her it’s coming.

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Terri should sing Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know." It'd be perfect for her.


We already fully gushed over the snippet of Chris Brown‘s latest single, “Yeah 3X,” but now the full, high quality version of the song has made its internet premiere, and we’re still beyond pleased with it.

Produced by DJ Frank E, “Yeah 3X” is a high energy pop track that places Breezy firmly back in the dance clubs and hopefully back in the good graces of pop radio where he rightfully belongs.

“Yeah 3X” is just one of the lead singles Breezy is offering from his forthcoming fourth studio album, FAME. The second will be the more urban-leaning “Calypso,” produced by frequent collaborator Polow Da Don.


mods only a radio rip was posted and not the full version
personally, i'm not a huge fan. i wasn't gushing over forever at first either though. way too generic, mediocre, and lame like the rest of the stuff on the radio today but i'm sure it will fit right in with the garbage

Stephen Colbert Testifies Before Congress

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert testified before Congress today about immigration during a hearing called "Protecting America's Harvest."

Colbert appeared with United Farm Workers (UFW) President Arturo S. Rodriguez before the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law. In August, the comedian spent a day working at a corn and vegetable farm in New York state after Rodriguez appeared on his show to discuss UFW's "Take Our Jobs" campaign.

The effort is intended to debunk the theory that undocumented immigrants are taking jobs away from American citizens and highlight the fact the nation's food supply is dependent on these farm workers.

Watch Colbert's opening testimony today:
best in show - meg starbucks

Jesus Khrist Rowling to appear on Titan of Everything's TV show, aka the Oprah Show!

Oprah's website has been updated with word that Harry Potter author JK Rowling will be on her show this Friday, October 1st.

The interview will be a hour long and take place at Jo's home. She's expected to discuss her success with the Harry Potter series.

A few weeks ago we first told you that Oprah was looking for fans of the series to share their stories. We expect those who Oprah selects will be involved with this episode.

We'll let you know more as we receive it! Thanks to everyone who emailed with the tip.



You Bore Me share_credit

Emma Watson lands grown-up role in Marilyn Monroe flick


Ex-Burberry beauty Emma Watson's
set to join Michelle Williams, Dominic Cooper and Judi Dench in the star-studded new flick My Week With Marilyn, in what will be her first post-Harry Potter film role.

After filming eight movies for the famous wizard franchise, the 20-year-old actress - who's currently studying at US college, Brown - will take on a grown-up new role in the movie, leaving Hogwarts' Hermione Granger  firmly behind her. 

Our favourite fashionista's set to play young wardrobe assistant Lucy in the film - based on a book by Colin Clark, Laurence Olivier’s assistant - which will follow Clark's experience of working with screen siren, Marilyn Monroe.

We'll also get to see Em indulge  in a little on-screen romance, when her character Lucy dates leading man Colin in the anticipated new flick. 

But before you get too excited, we won't be seeing Miss Watson in her new role for a while yet. Shooting starts at Pinewood Studios in October.

Emma's kept a relatively low profile recently,
after jetting back to the US for the start of term at her Brown.

But we're sure to see her back on promotional duty during the build up to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,  which hits screens on November 19.

Leeloo (T)

This is a Star Trek Alumni Post

I thought about posting these separately but I'm not sure how that would fly here, so I'm going to make a compilation of the latest on these HBIC/GQMF's. 


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I love them so much. IDC what anyone says, Kate Mulgrew was amazing in Voy and that show got so much better after season 2 (and seriously, TNG was a stinkfest in season 1 too!)
David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

'Big Bang Theory': 15 Reasons We Love It

"The Pancake Batter Anomaly." "The Panty Piñata Polarization." "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis." "The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition.""The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary." "The Pants Alternative." Who says science isn't fun?

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pikachu: stumble

breaking news: Mark Ronson plays with dolls.

Check out this cuteness:
Promo for Mark Ronson's new album with the Business INTL - Record Collection

Featuring the singles 'Bang Bang Bang' and 'Bike Song', with collaborations from artists such as Q-Tip, Kyle Falconer, Wylie, MNDR, Spank Rock, Simon Le Bon, Boy George and more...

Mark Ronson and the Business International's new album Record Collection is out 27th September 2010.

Source: Official Youtube Channel
(SW) leia

oh look, 3 new stills from Mad Men 4.10, bitches

Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of MAD MEN “Hands and Knees” Season 4 Episode 10 which airs on Sunday September 26 at 10pm on AMC. Episode Synopsis of Mad Men “The Beautiful Girls” Season 4 Episode 9 um wtf it's Episode 10 "Hands and Knees": An unannounced visitor at the Francis home rattles Betty.

Season 4 Summary: The consequences of the shattering secrets exposed in season three will continue to reverberate in “Mad Men’s” fourth season, as the lives of the men and women of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce continue to evolve. As relationships are redefined and people are forced to face themselves and the world around them in new ways, the series will continue to question the traditional norms and the simmering societal frustrations between women and men with compelling storylines and resonant moments that are sure to enthrall as the new season unfolds.

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There is a sneak peek at the source too, but it's the one that was already posted here last week. Kthx.


This Is Why I Love Bethenny

Bethenny shows off her (and Bryn's) closets and makes jabs at the way the other NYC Housewives dress!

Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel just filmed one of those "Closet Confessions" for, and because she's Bethenny Frankel, this episode is especially entertaining.

In the video, Bethenny reveals that red is her power color, holds up a shiny number and says "This would be Kelly [Bensimon] because it is a shirt," and finds bird excrement on a Chanel clutch. Frankel then goes into newborn daughter Bryn's closet, holds up a tutu and says "she'll wear this to the the frozen food section." Finally the reality star goes into her enviable kitchen pantry-turned-shoe closet and says "My toe is hideous: it looks like E.T.'s finger, so it can only be a peep-toe."


Such a cute little video

"This screams Ramona, cause its so short, your cooch is right on the edge."

Diggy Simmons: General of the Youth Movement

OK, so he is not from “the streets”. Thanks to “Run’s House” he is not a relative unknown. He's 15 years old. And thanks to his father, Run, of the legendary and possibly most meaningful contribution to Hip-Hop, RUN DMC, he was bred into an undeniable legacy that was seemingly impossible to appear from under the shadow of...

In 2009, Diggy Simmons caught everybody off guard- everybody. Diggy stepped on the scene with his first mixtape “The First Flight” and bent concrete; his delivery, fearless; his cadence, sleekly polished; and his lyrical content, sculpted from the finest of Queens DNA. Immediately upon his appearance, debates of whether Diggy should be rapping or not spread throughout the blogosphere and even reached credible websites such as But the more attention Diggy received, the more he impressed. His remix to “Made You Look”, was not only the exclamation point to his rising credibility, he displayed his history of the game by paying homage to Queens native, Nas, a man that paid homage to Diggy’s Uncle Russell when he Ether’d Brooklyn native, Jay-Z almost 10 years ago.

So why is Diggy Simmons the General of the Youth Movement, you ask? When was the last time you took an emcee under the age of 18 as seriously as we are now? Think about that before you answer. Times up! Who else in Hip-Hop History had the same go hard delivery, a cadence built for Hip-Hop and lyrical penmanship around Diggy’s age; yes, another Queens native, LL Cool J. And while ladies of all ages are “whipping their hair back and forth” to Willow Smith’s debut single, they’ve realized that she’s only 9 and it doesn’t matter. Why? Because subconsciously, Diggy laid the groundwork over the past year and a half that no matter the age, good music is good music.

With that being said, Diggy Simmons took a moment from his Friday night writing to talk with about his new mixtape Airborne, working with his favorite emcee Lupe Fiasco and whether there’s a possibility of collaborating with his father.
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Gael Garcia Bernal is going to be a dad again!

Looks like the family may be growing!!

The latest chisme is that Gael Garcia Bernal and Dolores Fonzi are expecting their second child!!

Up to now, they haven’t confirmed or denied but it’s speculated big time that their song Lazaro will have a little sibling to play with soon.

UPDATE: CONFIRMED! Gael Garcia Bernal will be a daddy again!!

  • nami86

Plus-Size Elena Miro Fashion Show Dropped From Milan Calendar

While it seems that plus-size fashion and curvier, more realistic bodies have been on the rise of late (size 12 model Crystal Renn has starred in recent Chanel and Gaultier ads), the plus-size industry suffered a setback this week in Milan.

According to Agence France Presse, the plus-size Elena Miro show, which has opened Milan Fashion Week for the past five years, was kicked off the official fashion week schedule this season.

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  • pi_lady

The Internet is not dead!

So tinypic saw the mess that they created and it's back up and running. Their announcement:

We heard from many of our users in regards to these changes and we appreciate your feedback. Tinypic has restored linking to your images and enabled uploading. Please rest assured no content was removed from the site. We tried to notify users on Tinypic and requested they move their content to Photobucket. Unfortunately this messaging was insufficient and has taken many of our users by surprise and we apologize. Our intent was to begin combining some of the best features of Tinypic and Photobucket, thereby offering users a better experience. Any changes in the future will be better communicated. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

LMAO at them thinking restricting tinypic to 4 countries would be a good idea, they must have gotten some angry feedback. LOL I wonder if they will return to the restrictions but for now:

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Ani: Amazon Warrior

Zachary Levi launches new Website "THE NERD MACHINE"

Remember those neat Nerd t-shirts you saw Zachary Levi and some of the other cast members wearing at Comic Con? I wore one in a recent podcast, too, and fans have been asking what they were all about. It’s finally time for the big reveal! Zac has launched a new website,, with a vision to make it a hub for nerds featuring all kinds of goodies, beginning with NERD apparel.

Go take a look, watch Zac’s intro video, buy a shirt, then send him your feedback on what YOU would like to see on the site. Nerds, it’s time to take over the world.

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SOURCE (and the website itself obv!)
Also Zac will be on JAY LENO tonight so he will probably talk about this and the twitter campaign he is winning - and of course, Chuck!

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Ready, set, stilettos, run! AnnaLynne McCord and Kelly Ripa take part in the High-Heel-A-Thon in NYC

These ladies are taking their love of wearing high heels to a whole new level.

AnnaLynne McCord joined Kelly Ripa and Kristin Chenoweth on the starting line at the annual High-Heel-A-Thon in Central Park, New York yesterdayCollapse )
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Eva Longoria Parker's 25th Annual Padres Contra El Cancer Gala

Stepping out for a good cause, Eva Longoria and Demi Lovato were spotted at the 25th Annual Padres Contra El Cancer Gala in Hollywood last night (September 23).

The “Desperate Housewives” actress and the “Sonny with a Chance” chick both looked lovely as they posed for the paparazzi outside the Hollywood Palladium.

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RedOne is not working with Blowhan, also talks about the album that will define 2011

According to the Wikipedia page for RedOne — whose credits include songs for none other than Lady Gaga — the producer is at work on a track for Lindsay Lohan, who was sent back to jail on Friday (September 24). But the "Bad Romance" producer tells MTV News you can't believe everything you read on the Internet. It turns out RedOne has never worked with the actress, and he also wanted to clear the air about another rumored collaboration with a certain reality-TV star.

"That's not true. It's a lot of lies out there," he emphasized. "They said I worked with Lindsay. They said Heidi Montag — all of these are just lies. Same thing with Lady Gaga: [Other people] say, 'I'm collaborating with Lady Gaga,' just to get headlines and I think the same thing for me when it comes to the producer."

So how does his name get linked to celebrities like Lohan and Montag? "I have no idea," RedOne said. "I heard somebody [said I was working with] Lindsay and I'm like, 'Not that I know,' " he explained. "The same thing with Heidi Montag. I see that everywhere. It's not true. I'm not working on her album."

The producer added that there's a reason why he's quick to shoot down the gossip. "I don't want to work with everybody," he said. "I don't believe in fast food. I believe in a body of work, like focus on something and do it good instead of doing everything and just be on the charts. [Make] classics: That's my goal."

One person that RedOne can confirm he's working with is Gaga, and he teased that her next LP will be her "freedom" album. "I think it's more of her freedom album. It's like freedom this album ... it's her album!" he told us. "To be honest with you, I think that this album that she's making is too precious to talk about. When it comes out you'll hear and you'll make your choice. I think you're gonna love it. But I think it's too precious for me to talk about it. It's crazy."

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'Chuck' Cutie Zachary Levi: Twitter's Top Celeb?


"Chuck" star Zachary Levi is among the leaders of the pack in a new Twitter auction. Find out how you can bid!

"Eva [Longoria Parker] asked me to be a part of it and I said sure. I didn't quite even understand the concept ... [it's] a charity auction where you're auctioning off celebrities on Twitter ... it's through eBay," "Chuck" star Levi tells ET of the auction.

The success of the campaign has surprised him, he says, explaining, "Sure enough I found myself in the top 10, like, right off the bat, among the Justin Biebers of the world. I was like, 'I don't know how this is happening, but this is pretty cool.'"

Now he's battling it out for first place!

All funds raised from the auction event will go to and will be used to rebuild the Miriam Center, which cares for children suffering from autism, cerebral palsy and other major life challenges.

There is only one day left to bid, check out  to choose your favorite celeb up on the block!

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Triple Goddess Post

Where's your manners? Cynthia Nixon displays some questionable on street etiquette

Lick it clean: Sex And The City star Cynthia Nixon relished every morsel of whatever she had just eaten as she walked around New York

Yummy! Looks like Cynthia Nixon really enjoyed her snack on the go yesterday. The actress was spotted in New York chowing down as she waited for a taxi with her partner, Christine Marinoni.

Nixon was obviously enjoying what ever it was that she was eating, as she made sure to finish up every last bit, even going so far as to lick the spoon clean.

The 44-year-old was dressed in a green T-shirt, multi coloured, striped mid calf skirt and brown boots.
Nixon, who has two children from her marriage to English professor Danny Mozes, has been dating Marinoni since splitting from her husband in 2003.

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Born to be mild: Gwyneth Paltrow scoots around London on a silver moped

Easy rider: Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow chose an unusual method of transport, ditching the limousines and private jets for a moped in central London yesterday

Gwyneth Paltrow may well be used to travelling first class on private jets, and in limousines. But it appears she also likes to be the captain of her own ship.

The 37-year-old Iron Man actress was spotted zipping around town on an unassuming silver moped, merging seamlessly into the busy street scene.

Dressed down in a sleeveless khaki gilet, jeans, and leather gaiters, her celebrity status was betrayed only by the expensive silver Gucci helmet she was wearing.

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Kirstie Alley: I've lost 50 pounds

Kirstie Alley took to Twitter yesterday to address a very weighty issue: "I've lost over 50 lbs... and I'm having the time of my of my life," she wrote, adding, "30 more to go."

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Gaga has a multimillion dollar deal with Giorgio Armani

Expect to see Lady Gaga in a lot more Armani from here on out. She has entered into a multimillion dollar partnership with the Italian designer who provided her Grammy outfits and "Alejandro" music video costumes.

Normally, celebrities who wish to be clad in Armani choose from the designer's runway collections. The designer's sleek style isn't exactly up Gaga's alley, however. His niece, Roberta, says:

"It wouldn't be possible to give Gaga a look from the collection because she wears pieces of art. It's theatrical."

The collaboration began last year when Giorgio's niece Roberta got in touch with Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti to ask about the singer's interest in wearing Armani for the Grammy Awards. Giorgio created three outfits for Gaga to wear, and instead of picking just one, she wore all three! The rest is history.

Armani will be designing the costumes for Lady Gaga's next tour in December. Keep an eye out for more fantastical creations then!

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Queen Sandra to Help Holocaust Survivors in "Never Forget"

Screen Gems is currently in talks with Sandra Bullock to star in their "Never Forget" film, which is loosely based on the documentary "On Moral Grounds," which depicts one woman's quest to reimburse Holocaust survivors who were swindle out of their heir's insurance policies by a European insurance company.

There is no guarantee that Bullock will take the role, since she has recently passed on New Line's "Our Wild Life," about an animal conservationist in Kenya who devoted her life to preventing the extinction of elephants. She also passed on Disney's "The Odd Life" about a family whose lives are touched by an unexpected child.

At this point, the only movie she is actually attached to is the adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer's 9/11 novel "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," which co-stars Tom Hanks and is about a young boy who finds a key that belonged to his late father who died in the World Trace Center attacks.


Beginners premiere: Melanie Laurent, Christopher Plummer, Ewan McGregor

Christopher Plummer reads a message from Ewan McGregor at the premiere of "Beginners" at TIFF

- Christopher calls Ewan a "poor baby"
- Ewan proud to play Christopher's son
- Ewan says it was easy to fall head over heels for Melanie and that he loves and misses her

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The film is based on the director's own father who came out at age 75

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Just in case a throwaway mention of a streaming-only subscription for US customers wasn't enough, an agreement adding plenty of recognizable content from NBC to its Watch Instantly service might help Netflix distract from a recent string of PR gaffes.

Starting next week, cable shows from the media giant's stable like Psych, Battlestar Galactica and others, episodes from the most recent seasons of NBC shows including The Office and 30 Rock will be available. Not good enough? Why not throw in every season of Friday Night Lights and Saturday Night Live, with new eps of SNL added the day after they air for the next three years.

Seems like a win/win to us, with many hours of new content for Netflix while NBC cashes a fat check for old seasons of Monk and Law & Order:SVU -- as much as we love Tony Shalhoub as a neurotic private investigator, those DVD boxed sets just weren't moving like they used to. The only question left is whether HD streaming for any of these is on deck, until we hear back just check out the full press release after the break.

Say Yes To The Dress: BIG BLISS

'Say Yes to the Dress' Goes Plus-Size

Plus size bride Laura Duran Say Yes to the Dress Big Bliss TLC

Plus-size bride Laura Duran on "Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss." Photo courtesy of TLC

TLC's popular "Say Yes to the Dress" will bring fans more to love next month, when it unveils its "Big Bliss" series featuring curvaceous brides-to-be in search of their perfect gown.

The plus-size version of "Say Yes" will be set at the iconic Kleinfeld bridal emporium in New York City, where the original series has been filmed for five seasons.

Earlier this year, TLC also added a southern-style edition of "Say Yes" set at bustling Bridals by Lori in Atlanta.

"Big Bliss," which premieres Oct. 1, will include six half-hour episodes that focus on women who have struggled with weight their whole lives. Each week, viewers will follow the "emotional journey of these plus-size brides as they shop to fulfill their dream-dress fantasy," according to TLC.

Proving bridezillas come in all shapes and sizes, the featured "sassy and confident" brides include a full-figured girl who professes a desire to look "trashy" on her wedding day. (StyleList has our ring fingers crossed that Kleinfeld's persuasive fashion director, Randy Fenoli, will stage an intervention.)

We'll also meet a plus-size aspiring bride who scores a big, romantic proposal on the same day she finds her dream dress. ("We do" look forward to getting the dish on that dress-before-the-proposal episode!)

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Is ethnic beauty the new 'it' factor?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Women who desire a more "exotic" appearance are looking to the fashion world's growing multi-culturalism for inspiration.

There was a time when the Caucasian girl-next-door looks of Christie Brinkley, Cindy Crawford and more recently Kate Moss dominated the fashion pages. Then came new fashion icons: Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce - and then Giselle, Kim Kardashian and Shakira.

More voluptuous figures, fuller lips and darker skin, features traditionally associated with women of African, Latin and Asian cultures, are "in." Over the past decade, an appreciation for ethnic beauty has been on the rise, and these natural features are becoming popular among Caucasian women who desire to look more "exotic."

Dr. Nancy Etcoff, a Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital psychologist who studies the science behind the brain and beauty, believes that the shift in our perception of beauty is a sign of the times.

"Our standards of beauty are changing and ethnic women are at the forefront today," she said. "It emulates our growing sense of cultural awareness."

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Eleven Awesome, Epic, Terrible and Hilarious Rap Movie Theme Songs.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

The rap theme for A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master could either be seen as a nail in Freddy’s coffin signifying the series’s fall into mediocrity or the one of the most awesome shark jumping events of all time. The guest verse from Freddy Krueger himself puts us firmly on the side of awesome.

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David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Gibson's Top 10 Guitar Solos of All Time

What makes for a great guitar solo? Is it mind-melting precision or bone-chilling soul? Is it the way it can leave you slack-jawed, wondering, “How did he do that?” Or is it something that you can sing from memory, a melodic passage that weaves itself into the DNA of the song? Or are the greatest solos ever played the ones that somehow manage to do all of the above? is on a mission to find out, so we polled a panel of rock and roll experts (Gibson editorial staff and writers, some of our favorite musicians and, most importantly, our fans), asking for everyone to name the greatest guitar solos in music history.

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Sigur Rós "Why da fuck is dem bitches copyin' us"

As some of you may know Sigur rós have spent the decade since they were thrust into the spotlight saying 'no' to their music being used in advertising. Yes, they've done movies, TV and given music to charity "synchs" (as it is called when you "synchronise" music to picture), but despite rumours to the contrary they have never allowed their music to be used to sell anything. And they get asked A Lot. Sometimes they get asked, say 'no' and then a few months later an ad will suddenly appear that sounds strangely familiar.

Here's a typical exchange from Aug 2006:

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BIG Lone Star Post

Lone Star Creator Kyle Killen on the Show’s Uncertain Future and Mel Gibson’s ‘Arresting’ Beaver Performance

It's been a tumultuous year for Kyle Killen. The young writer's critically adored con man drama Lone Star earned the full support of the Fox network and landed a cushy, post-House time slot, yet debuted so low in the ratings this past week that Killen wrote an open letter to fans to drum up support for the show's second (and potentially final) airing this Monday. That would be enough for any writer to have to deal with, except that Killen already went through a similar set of ups and downs earlier this year when Jodie Foster's dark comedy The Beaver (based on Killen's well-regarded Black List script) was suddenly spun off into limbo after damaging audiotapes of star Mel Gibson surfaced in the press. Killen called up Vulture today to discuss his reaction to the ratings, his future plans for Lone Star, and his thoughts on The Beaver (and Gibson's performance).

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‘Lone Star’ Producer Amy Lippman on Her Low-Rated Drama: ‘Just Try It’

Texas-based drama “Lone Star” has one more week to prove itself. The soapy prime-time series only attracted 4.1 million viewers for its Monday night premiere, and quickly went from critical darling to D.O.A.

Executive producer Amy Lippman says it’s not a matter of convincing Fox to keep the show, which stars newcomer James Wolk as a conman with a double life, but convincing viewers who face an onslaught of new TV shows. “It wasn’t like people were rejecting the content or the cast or the concept. They just weren’t coming to it to begin with,” Lippman says.

She likens it to making dinner for her young son. “I always say you don’t have to eat it but at least try it before you reject it. Just try it.”

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'Lone Star' creator Kyle Killen calls Austin home

Kyle Killen is creator of the new Fox series 'Lone Star,' a drama about an oil businessman who lives dual lives in Midland and Houston. Killen grew up in North Texas and now lives in Austin.
oolery to Texas

Kyle Killen lives in Austin but works in Los Angeles on a show that's set in Midland and Houston, but filmed in Dallas. So it's fitting that his first network television effort, Fox's new fall drama, "Lone Star," is about a man with a dual life.

The 34-year-old writer was born in Chicago but moved with his family to Burleson at the age of 3. He studied at the University of Southern California, where he "stayed long enough to get started," he says, and to meet some key people. But Killen got burned out on L.A. and returned to Texas. He has lived in Austin with his wife and three children for the past four years.

"I quit, but I never really quit," he says. "I took a lot of horrible, crazy jobs, but I always ended up writing about them or writing things that came out of them."

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