September 23rd, 2010

Ashley Greene being basic

Indulging her sexy side, Ashley Greene was spotted leaving Coco de Mer, an erotic luxury boutique in West Hollywood, yesterday afternoon (September 21).
The "Eclipse" hottie was snapped sporting a grey sweater with jeans and sunglasses.

Ashley has also sparked rumor she is cozying up to her "Twilight Saga" co-star Xavier Samuel.

Eyewitnesses claimed when attending Lavo's grand opening in New York City recently, the twosome were attached at the hip throughout the entire night.

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Basic bitch/Fierce bitch
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Interview with The Whole Truth's Anthony Ruivivar

Television is all about firsts, and starting Wednesday night, Third Watch star Anthony Ruivivar has a chance to log his own. Ruivivar stars as multiracial, openly gay attorney Alejo Salazar — with a high-ranking D.C. political figure as a partner — in the new Jerry Bruckheimer legal drama The Whole Truth. Costarring Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney, the show takes an in-depth look at the legal process, from the points of view of both the prosecution and the defense.

Ruivivar says he’s thrilled at the chance to play such a high-profile gay character who is also an ethnic minority, but even more excited that Salazar doesn’t wear his sexuality on his sleeve. Even so, his personal life, the actor assures, won’t be left on the cutting room floor.

The Advocate: The Whole Truth is a legal drama, but with a twist, kind of like The Good Wife turned the genre on its ear last season. Is that what drew you to the project?
Anthony Ruivivar: Yeah – I think The Whole Truth is just comfort food enough that people understand the formula, but we tweak it enough that it starts to feel different. Unlike, let’s say, a Law & Order, we’re law 24/7. We really dive into the law and the workings of it, kind of like ER did with medicine. Our tech advisers are spot-on. Our scripts are spot-on. We painstakingly prep as actors to understand what we’re saying and what it means and what the ramifications are, so I think you’re going to get a full helping of what goes on in a trial, the whole nine yards. If you’re interested in law at all, it’s going to be a wild ride.

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If you missed the first episode and still want to see it, ABC is airing it again this Friday at 9pm.

Violent J Shares Insight On The Wrestler. Wait, What?

Say what you will about their fans being only a minuscule step above carnies on the evolutionary chart, I’m convinced that the guys from Insane Clown Posse are actually comedic geniuses. They mix earnestness with clown rap in a way that slays me every time. And the funniest parts of it usually aren’t the “insane” parts, they’re the part where it’s actually kind of true. Holy crap, the fat rap clown speaks the truth. When you think about it, a yellow-ass, long-neck giraffe, really is a miracle.. Anyway, Violent J recently sat down with the Onion A/V Club for a ridiculously thorough interview, and among other things, he had an interesting take on The Wrestler. Yes, I do realize that is a preposterous sentence. Just go with it.

VJ: You know, we still wrestle. And a lot of our friends, a lot of my best friends are wrestlers. And I know the wrestling world super-tough, I know it inside and out. And that movie, as great as it was, for me personally, it even had a little tint of boring, and I’ll tell you why. Because it was that dead-on.

AVC: How so?
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The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and their fine ass selves dirty gritty rock and roll were invited to help re-open NYC's Don Hill's, newest outfit of Nur Khan and Paul Sevigny.
Also in attendance: Chloe Sevigny, Josh Hartnett, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Erin Wasson, and the esteemed Cobrasnake.

(it wood appear the videos aren't embedding so click cap please!!!!)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Beat the Devils Tattoo"
from DeLeón Tequila on Vimeo.

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the boys are currently on tour (but when are they not) opening for stone temple pilots and playing some headliner shows here and there GO SEE THEM!!!!!

peter h. christ for your time


KID CUDI: Rolling Stone Fall Music Preview: MOTM II

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In the Sept. 30 issue of Rolling Stone they preview some of the hottest upcoming albums including Cudi’s “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager”. Nothing new information wise besides the fact that Mary J. Blige is also on a song titled “These Worries”. Hit the jump to read the preview.

Kid Cudi’s 2009 debut was a Top Five hit, but the MC says there was a downside to success: constant paranoia and a nasty cocaine habit. “This album is me closing that chapter.” he says. “I’m moving on in a positive light.” The Rapper cut most of his second LP in Hawaii, at the same studios that mentor Kanye West was using. “We;d meet up and talk about what we created,” says Cudi. “It was magic.” The two team up on “Wylin’ Cause I’m Young,” a haunted electro cut, and Mary J. Blige – whom Cudi cornered at the airport – sings on “These Worries.” “At the Studio, I told her what I was going through,” he says. “Mary helped me get my shit together.”

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Jenny Boom Boom Interviews Ciara

Ciara calls into Jenny Boom Boom to talk about her new album Basic Instinct, that she could not give a date in November when it will drop. At this point, I am wondering if this album is ever coming out. Leave your thoughts below.

Side note:
I am starting to feel sorry for Ciara, Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland and any other chick in the music industry that is not Rihanna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga because they really don’t get the PR opportunities that undeserving :cough: Rihanna:cough: their peers receive. Either way, Rihanna is dropping again this November….does Ciara and Kelly Rowland stand a chance?

Kim Zolciak's Boob Job Revision:

Nipple Moved, Torn

Kim Zolciak talks about her recent boob job correction in the new issue of In Touch.

"I had my nipple moved up half an inch, so my boobs were lifted without having a scar from the nipple to underneath the breast," she tells the magazine. A week later she went to the Bahamas and tore her nipple stitches on a water slide.

"I felt a sharp pain in my left breast but didn't realize how serious it was until the bandages came off and there was a tear around my nipple," Kim says. She went back to the doctor to get it sewn back on.

Danielle Staub has also gone public about her boob job revision, allowing cameras to follow her into the doctor's office.

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Charlie Hunnam Covers 'Men's Fitness' November 2010

Charlie Hunnam shows off his ripped physique on the November 2010 cover of Men’s Fitness!

The 30-year-old Sons of Anarchy actor recently spoke with Collider about his work on the show. Here’s what he had to say:

On the show’s lack of Emmy recognition: “I personally was really happy. I don’t subscribe to Emmys or awards, or any of that sh*t. I think it’s all a crock of sh*t, and I think it’s corrupting. I was happy that we weren’t on the receiving end of a force that could change the dynamic that we have because I think it’s working.”

On Jax’s journey this season: “It’s a darker Jax than we’ve seen so far. The coolest thing about this season, for me, as an audience member and a fan of this subculture, is that we get to explore a little bit more of the international sense of these clubs.”

The third season of Sons of Anarchy is currently airing on FX on Tuesdays at 10pm!

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Ali Lohan, 16, Models Skimpy Dress for Lindsay's Clothing Line

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Kendall Jenner isn't the only star sibling looking to make a splash in the modeling world!

Lindsay Lohan's younger sister Ali stars in a racy new ad campaign for 6126's spring/summer 2011 collection, where the 16-year-old dons a cleavage-baring coral dress and a skimpy lace number.

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, the line "salutes modern women who understand that confidence can be bewitching and classic sophistication is always in vogue."

Tell Us: Does Ali make a good model?

New M.I.A. Song

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Remember when M.I.A. told Lynn Hirschberg that she was just a singer after that NY Times feature? Forget that one, here's finally the response we all been waiting for after Diplo called M.I.A.'s latest album "/\/\/\Y/\" a turd!

M.I.A.'s keeping herself busy and just bought another crazy web-address:, and when you click it a magic .gif pops up along with a stream of 'U Can't Have Me':

The message is crystal clear:


And just when I though that I couldn't love M.I.A. more than I already do, this penetrates my heart like a stapler.



Madonna: Macy's 'Material Girl' Launch with Lourdes & Taylor Momsen

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Madonna walks the pink carpet with daughter Lourdes Leon at the collection launch of their new fashion line, Material Girl, at Macy’s Herald Square on Wednesday (September 22) in New York City.
The mother-daughter duo was accompanied by the face of the line, Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen.

Material Girl was designed by Madonna and Lola along with Iconix Brand Group’s in-house fashion department. The collection includes apparel, footwear and accessories including handbags and jewelry!

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Taylor looks like she truly wants to die.
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Inception: The video game?

Christopher Nolan might have the Midas touch when it comes to making movies, but he hasn’t had a lot of luck in the videogame arena. But that’s not dissuading the writer/director/producer, who plans to bring his hit film “Inception” to a console near you.

"We are looking at developing a videogame based on the world of the film, which has all kinds of ideas that you can't fit into a feature film," Nolan told reporters at a press conference in Rome, according to a report in Variety. "That's something we've been talking about and are looking at doing long term, in a couple of years."

The move makes sense. “Inception” has grossed over $750 million dollars at the box office since its release – and the film’s target audience lines up perfectly with the core gaming demographic.

But Nolan has tried to bring one of his movies to the gaming space before – 2008’s “The Dark Knight” – and it didn’t go well.

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Matt LeBlanc Caught in Foul-Mouthed 'Friends' Rant

 Matt LeBlanc is not joking around when he says he wants to put his 'Friends' past behind him. On Tuesday evening, a UK Mirror reporter called him Joey, the character he played on the hit TV series, and LeBlanc went crazy.

The incident started when the 43-year-old actor clumsily knocked into the reporter's table, sending glasses flying. "You all right, Joey? How YOU do-in?" the reporter joked. But LeBlanc wasn't laughing and allegedly raged, "I'm not Joey. Don't you dare call me Joey. The papers say I'm finished, so don't call me f**king Joey. I want to leave that all behind. I'm moving on."

And he didn't stop there. "I'm not Joey. For the last time. I'm not f**king Joey. It's Matt. Matt LeBlanc. Joey's in the past. I'm trying to do something new," he yelled.

In a recent interview, LeBlanc insisted he didn't mind still being linked with his famous 'Friends' alter-ego, saying, "If people really believe me as that character, I have done my job. I don't look on it as a negative thing. I take it as a compliment."

Personally, Joey was always my least favorite of the Friends. I'm a Chandler girl.

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The Best On-Set Romances

From Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart’s legendary love affair to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s scandalous romance, see which star couples kicked their professional relationships up a notch.
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ontd, who are your fave celeb couples?

veronique 2

Joaquin’s full Letterman interview + Roger Ebert interviews Casey Affleck

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There’s some nice pictures and a bit more of Ebert’s thoughts at the source, if anyone wants to check that out. I know we're getting tired of this, but it's an interesting interview. Kinda funny how they seemed to goad people to get a specific reaction so they could later complain about it.

Still wanna see the movie.

SOURCE : Ebert’s website ; Youtube

Have A Seat Beyonce

This video is old as hell but its dope so in honor of her appearance on Glee, here's some vintage Charice footage. 

From the source: 

On the season 2 premiere of Glee, Charice Pempengco ended the episode in an awesome cover of "Listen" from the Dreamgirl's soundtrack. We've been following Charice for years now, and think her live version of the song blows the Glee version out of the water. Fourteen-year-old Charice kills it!

Source | DREW

EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Drank, "Giggled" as She Tweeted Drug Confession

Lindsay Lohan certainly sounded contrite in her confessional Sept. 17 Tweet, in which she admitted to failing a drug test. ("I'm taking responsibility for my actions and am prepared to face the consequences," Lohan, 24, wrote.)

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Seems pretty believable to me, tbh.
Life on Mars rooftop
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Disappointing: Waltz, Winslet and Jodie Foster work with Polanski

EXCLUSIVE: Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) and Matt Dillon (Crash) will play their husbands in Polanski’s adaptation of Yasmina Reza’s Tony-winning play. Shooting begins in Paris in February for 12 weeks. Although the film is set in Brooklyn, Polanski’s legal troubles mean that he has to shoot in France. The Academy Award-winning director cannot enter the US due to allegations a conviction against him for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor in 1977.

The film is being co-produced by French producer SBS and Constantin Film of Germany. Said Ben Said of SBS recently produced Reza’s feature directing debut Chicas, which starred Polanski’s wife Emmanuelle Seigner. Jeff Berg of ICM has been packaging the project since Reza first disclosed she was adapting her play with the Academy Award-winning director this summer. I’m told that Pathe and UGC are both vying to be French distributor. God of Carnage tells the story of two sets of parents who meet after their sons are involved in a schoolyard fight. The meeting goes disastrously wrong as each pair attacks the other’s parenting skills before turning on each other about problems in their own marriages. The show ran for 452 performances on Broadway before closing in June. James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeff Daniels and Hope Davis originally starred. God of Carnage won three Tony awards, including Best Play.

charlie brown; <3 snoopy

Jackie Burroughs of Road to Avonlea dies

Jackie Burroughs, the stage and screen actress best known for her role as schoolteacher Hetty King on TV's Road to Avonlea, has died at the age of 71.

The British-born Canadian actor died at home in Toronto Wednesday afternoon, CBC News has confirmed. She had been suffering from stomach cancer.

As the stiff but kindly Hetty King, Burroughs brought both dignity and comedy to Road to Avonlea. The CBC family series, adapted from Lucy Maud Montgomery's books, ran from 1990 to 1996 in Canada and the U.S.

She worked with Canadian actress Sarah Polley, then just a teen, on the program. Polley played Hetty's niece Sara Stanley, who moved in with her aunt after the death of her mother.

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RIP, there's got to be other ONTDers that are fans of Road to Avonlea and Anne of Green Gables?

Cory Monteith Sings Backwards on Jimmy Fallon!

Cory Monteith drops by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to chat about the second season of Glee on Monday (September 20).

The 28-year-old actor revealed he’s getting a solo! Cory will be performing R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” on an upcoming episode — and he had to sing it backwards!

“They take the film magazine and they put it on backwards on the camera … and all the extras on the set go normally, and we go backwards so when they flip it around, everything is backwards and we’re going forward,” he explained.

FYI: Cory wore a shawl collar blazer from No Excess.


Source --

Ugh, he's so cute!!!

Wednesday TV Ratings: Modern Family Premieres HUGE

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ignore that other post, wtf livejournal

The Middle had a 6.0/10 (household rating/share) that’s up from last year’s premiere when it aired at 8:30 after the failed Hank. Better With You premiered with a 5.2/8 at 8:30 and another case of “you have to wait for the demos” because on the surface that’s less than The Middle premiered with last year (5.4) and The Middle had a worse lead in.

Modern Family scored an 8.8/14 household/rating share up from last year’s 7.8/12. Cougar Town slipped to a 6.1, but again, wait for the demos. Same for the two hour premiere of Hell’s Kitchen on Fox which scored a 4.3/7 but was still up from last year’s combo of So You Think You Dance and Glee. HK usually does fine with the ad coveted adults 18-49 though, we’ll see.

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Congratulations Portia Degeneres

LOS ANGELES — Portia (POR'-shuh) de Rossi has officially taken wife Ellen Degeneres' last name.

A Los Angeles Superior Court commissioner granted De Rossi's request to take the last name of her partner during a closed hearing Thursday. The television star will now legally be known as Portia Lee James DeGeneres.

The couple was married in August 2008. The 37-year-old Australian-born actress asked for the name change last month.

Neither woman attended the hearing. They married during the five-month window in which gay marriage was legal in California.

Portia DeGeneres is well-known for her roles on several television series, including "Ally McBeal," "Arrested Development" and "Better Off Ted."

Leeloo (T)

Madonna tries to ruin Ween concert

Madonna is currently directing a film called W.E., which has some scenes in Central Park. Unfortunately, some of the filming took place September 17, the same day as a Ween concert, and the director found their soundcheck distracting. According to Hidden Track via Gene Ween’s Facebook (where these photos were posted), Madonna herself ran up to the stage and demanded to speak to the band. They didn’t come out.

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I don't care how fucking famous this bitch is, this is uncool. Ween > Madonna anyway. (Yeah, HIT ME! I love Madonna for fun but this is ridic...)

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'Sister Wives': TLC's Polygamist Family Asks Us To 'Rethink Marriage'

Kody Brown married his first wife, Meri, 20 years ago. Three years later he married Janelle, and a year after that he married Christine.

"I just fell in love. Then I fell in love again, and I fell in love again," he says in the opening episode of 'Sister Wives,' TLC's latest reality series about an excessively large family. This one is set in Utah with a polygamist twist.

The Browns and their 12 children are members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), which, as Kody says, likes to "reward good behavior." Why stop with one good marriage when you could have four? (Kody is courting a fourth wife, whose assimilation into the tight-knit circle of sister wives provides the only conflict in a family that keeps reminding us how happy they are.)

"I never wanted to just be married to a man," says Christine, who is pregnant with Kody's 13th child. She's glad to be his third wife because she never wanted to be alone with a husband and the third wife balances out the tension between the first two.

"I always wanted sister wives," she says. "There's too many things I wanted to do, to be free for."

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Criminal Minds 6x02 "J.J." Promo

While JJ attempts to reunite a family whose daughter has mysteriously disappeared, her BAU family braces for the loss of one of their own, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Sept. 29 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Gil Bellows ("Ally McBeal") and his real-life wife, Rya Kihlstedt, guest star as Jeff and Patty Joyce, the distraught parents of the missing girl.

What does everyone think? What will the show be like without JJ? How about last night's episode?


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Donates $100 Million To Fix Newark New Jersey Public Schools

By Henry Blodget

Mark Zuckerberg is starting an education foundation. The first gift, a breathtaking $100 million, is going to improve Newark, New Jersey's perennially crappy public schools.

It's hard to applaud this move loudly enough.

Yes, Mark's net worth was just estimated at $7 billion. But that's mostly private paper wealth. And the man is only 25 years old.

(And he's not even from New Jersey).

And, sure, the move is probably timed to counteract the repellant image of Mark in the fictional Facebook movie.  But whatever.  It's a huge gift, one he didn't have to make.

Well done, Mark!

Here's hoping the state doesn't just piss your money away.


Say what you want about MZ and the hellhole that is Newark, but it's my little hellhole and NPS really needs this. Our libraries have already been downsized. D:

Casting Notes

Over the last couple of weeks, The Hollywood Cog has given me a few scoops that fall in the “interested” category, which is to say: The actors are “interested” in these particular projects, but they are not attached, they are not signed, and the projects themselves — while in development — have not even been greenlit. When an actors marks himself down as “interested,” it basically means he or she is saying, “Hey! The pitch sounds cool. Send my agent the script when it’s finished, and I’ll take a look.” One of those “interested” stories was Sandra Bullock and Steve Carell being interested in Tom Perotta’s Abstinence Teacher, which has already been reported elsewhere. These potential casting notes fall under that same category — they’re iffy, at best. So, if you must label, then label the following as rumors, though interesting ones:

# Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are producing a Peter Craig scripted flick Little America, which is bizarrely being described as a cross between Black Dog and Speed. It’s about a 16-year-old prostitute who inadvertently kills a gang member, and then must go on the run. She hitches a ride with a truck driver who is hauling a lethal toxin. The truck driver and the prostitute bond during the chase. Kristen Stewart is interested in the role of prostitute, while Josh Brolin is interested in the role of the truck driver.

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Drake and Justin Timberlake to appear on MTV's the SEVEN

MTV's new live show "The Seven" really knows how to kick off it's premiere episode! Not only will superstar Justin Timberlake be making an appearance to talk about his new film, "The Social Network," but the hottest recording artist on the charts, Drake, will also be appearing in the Times Square studio. Hosts Kevin Manno and Julie Alexandria give the latest scoop on your favorite entertainment news every weekday afternoon at 5/4pm Central. You too can be part of the excitement of a live studio show! Contact “The Seven” for a chance to be a part of the The Seven’s studio audience. Send an email to Please include your name, age, email, phone, number of tickets, and the date you’d like to attend. Must be between the ages of 16-24. Starting next week you can check the website for information on which celebrity guests will be on the show. Catch Justin and Drake live on The Seven this Monday 9/27 at 5/4c.


HBIC Wants Lohan In Jail

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

TV star Judge Judy Sheindlin has called for Lindsay Lohan to be thrown back in jail, insisting the troubled actress needs a "dose of reality".

Sheindlin, a former family court judge and the star of Judge Judy, has blasted the decision to release Lohan from prison after serving just 14 days of her 90-day sentence for violating her probation.

The star has since failed a court-ordered drug test and will discover on Friday if she will be sent back to jail.

And the TV judge insists Lohan will never recover until she spends a prolonged period of time behind bars.

Sheindlin says, "When the justice system says it's going to do something and it doesn't follow through with it, it sends out a dangerous message.

"Lindsay Lohan, I think has to be given a dose of reality I don't think she has been living in the real world for a long time.

"Most people stop using drugs in jail. If you're in jail for three months, nobody is going to get Lindsay Lohan drugs in jail. And there is help there."


Paris Hilton not coming to Malaysia. Awesome.

Paris Hilton may have avoided jail time in the United States but she could not get past Japanese immigration for her drug conviction.

With that, her Asia tour, including a 24-hour stop in Kuala Lumpur, has been cancelled.

The American socialite was scheduled to fly in from Tokyo this evening.

All that changed when she was denied entry at Japan’s Narita Inter­national Airport.

Tokyo was supposed to have been the first stop on Hilton’s Asia tour, during which she planned to open a new retail store in Jakarta after her Kuala Lumpur stop.

Just before taking off from Tokyo, Hilton tweeted a message to her fans. “Going home now. So disappointed to miss my fans in Asia. I promise to come back soon. I love you all! Love Paris xoxo.”

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The Star

Do people even go to her shop and buy her bags?
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This Is England '86 viewers left stunned by 'sick' scene

TV viewers reacted with shock last night after a 'sick' rape scene on Channel 4's controversial This Is England '86 prompted a wave of reaction on Twitter and online forums.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The third episode of This Is England '86 was the first of the four episodes to be directed by show creator Shane Meadows. Before the episode had even ended, its depiction of the harrowing rape of Trev by Lol and Kelly's 'evil dad', Mick, had prompted a flood of shocked reactions via Twitter, Facebook and numerous TV forums.

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-- I know quite a few of you have been watching This Is England '86, so I was wondering what you thought? The episode in general was a strong one, I feel, and had some great moments but the last ten or so minutes were incredibly uncomfortable and awful to watch. This one definitely had the shock value/tone of the film & it took me quite a while to get my head round it. Am extremely interested to see how the final part pans out with all the characters, especially with this development. The final episode of This Is England '86 will be shown on Channel 4 at 10pm this coming Tuesday. All aired episodes can be seen on 4od and I'd highly recommend both to those of you who haven't seen it.

(sorry about that mods, knew there was something I'd forgotten)

Fans Will Be Protesting Friday Outside Atlantic Records for New Lupe Fiasco Album

Lupe Fiasco has announced that he will be joining his fans for a protest against his record label which is scheduled to take place on October 15.

Dubbed "Fiasco Friday," the demonstration will take place outside of Atlantic Records' New York offices in an attempt to speed up the release of Lupe's highly-anticipated new album, 'Lasers.' Lupe revealed that 'Lasers' was finished back in early July, but the album, his third, has yet to receive a release date.

"It's one of the sadder parts of being on a major record label. At a certain point it's out of your hands," Lupe said. "About a date for 'Lasers,' it's truly on them. I have no idea what they're going to do."

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Do You Want To Buy Hilary Duff's House, It's Only $7 Mil

*Sorry mods forgot to say that it's Hilary's house and she just put it up for sale also this post features her tv appearances! Thanks!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Welcome to this unique Mediterranean dream home situated on the prestigious Toluca Lake. This one of a kind jewel sits behind a grand gate and is extremely private and secure. As you walk through the home you feel an inviting warmth and an easy flow from the well laid out floor plan. This masterpiece boasts a den/office, library, billiard room, cognac room, wine cellar, gym, gift wrapping room(for real), chef~s kitchen, a game room and so much more. The master suite is a true retreat complete with his and hers walk-in closets and bathrooms. Each custom made master bath includes heated floors and custom made finishes from the stonework to the Murano… lighting fixtures. The floors of this magnificent estate are blanketed with antique French oak floors. Additional custom features include soaring cathedral ceilings, triple stacked deep base moldings, black marble countertops, waterworks tiles utilized in the kitchen and bathrooms, pool and spa. Also included, is an electric boat that seats 8!!

Est. payment:$41,158/mo
Bathrooms:6 full, 1 partial

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hilary will also appear on The Today Show (Ocotber 11th) and Regis and Kelly (October 12th) to promote her first ever book 'Elixir' which comes out Ocotber 12th. It's getting rave reviews btw!

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Guess what?! I'm going to Jamaica in May!! My two good friends are getting married and my parents just bought my plane ticket woo! Has anyone her been to Jamaica? How was it? Oh and I know like never to leave my resort!

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Parks and Recreation moves to a new home at Vulture...

While on Break at NBC, Parks and Recreation Brings the Show to Vulture 
 You're thrilled that the NBC Thursday-night comedies are back, but it just won't be the same without the hilarious Parks and Recreation, will it? While it waits on deck as a mid-season replacement, it feels like Jeff Winger, Liz Lemon, and Michael Scott without Leslie Knope is like John, Paul, and George without Ringo. (Or is Leslie more of a Paul? Never mind, the analogy stands!) But weep not, because Vulture is working with the Parks and Rec crew to make sure you still get your weekly hit of Pawnee. Every Thursday until the show comes back on the air, we'll be presenting an original photo essay shot by the cast and writers, so you can feel like all is right with your Thursday. Today's inaugural story is called "Becoming Ron Swanson" and shows how, at the beginning of shooting each new season, Nick Offerman is wrangled back to society. But before the "show" begins, make sure to check out the special video message from the mustachioed one himself after the jump! (To catch up on past P&R episodes and webisodes, visit


To view video and slideshow click on the source. The video wouldn't embed. 

Dear NBC please cancel Outsourced early so I can get my Park and Rec fix. Aslo, Ontd who is excited about Community premier tonight !

Aguilera helped raise record breaking 22.5 million for WFP

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yum! Brands announced today the launch of World Hunger Relief featuring global spokesperson and new World Food Programme (WFP) Ambassador Against Hunger, Christina Aguilera. According to the United Nations, there are approximately 1 billion people around the world who are hungry today.

World Hunger Relief is the world’s largest private sector hunger relief effort, spanning 110 countries, 37,000 KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s and A&W All-American Food restaurants and more than 1 million employees and franchise associates. The campaign raises awareness, volunteerism and funds for WFP and other hunger relief agencies.
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Yeah... no.

A Goodfellas TV show: What, is this news funny? Does it amuse you?

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As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to headline a post with this line from Goodfellas. Now I can, thanks to news from Deadline that a television series based on the classic mob movie appears to be in the works, and just in time for the film’s 20th anniversary. Nicholas Pileggi, the movie’s screenwriter and the author of Wiseguy, the book it’s based on, will likely be back to write the pilot, but the it’s unclear whether legendary director Martin Scorsese will have a hand in the production.

It seems as if everybody’s getting their shine box these days, between this, the premiere of Boardwalk Empire, and news that John Gotti Jr., the son of the notorious mob boss, is trying to get a movie made about his relationship with his father, the Teflon don. I really hope it’s called My Gotti and Me or, at the very least, You Gotti Be Kidding Me. So what’s with all the mobbery? Well, it’s already been three years since The Sopranos came to an — [CUT TO BLACK]. And maybe after the swell of Boston-Irish mahbstahs that populated the interim, America is aching for some good ol’ fashioned mafia-types with vowels at the end of their names. Gangsters have long held a tommy gun to the heart of pop culture, from Howard Hawks’ Scarface to Brian De Palma’s, The Public Enemy to The Departed, so it’s not like the genre has ever left for good. It just occasionally goes into witness protection for a while. I don’t know how a Goodfellas TV show might end up, seeing how iconic the movie is. I still can’t listen to “Layla” without seeing a parade of dead bodies, and I expect all clowns to go into a Joe Pesci routine. But judging from how much I enjoyed the pilot of Boardwalk Empire — although I must admit I was a little disappointed that the Atlantic City hotels weren’t red, box-shaped, and cost $200 to build — I’d welcome a pop culture comeback with a kiss on both cheeks.


A Guide to Thursday TV

There's So Much To Watch On TV Tonight - Here's What One Bitch Thinks You NEED To See!
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Get your DVRs set! From Vampire Diaries to Grey’s Anatomy, Thursday nights are the biggest night on television!

With both old AND new shows premiering tonight, Sept. 23, your DVRs are going to be working on overdrive. Luckily, if the thought of traversing the TV universe on the biggest night of the week makes you queasy, I’ve narrowed it down to the top MUST see dramas and comedies of the evening.


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What are you guys watching tonight?

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Pop Legend Christina Aguilera Makes It To Matsuhisa

Christina Aguilera flashes a smile as she heads back to her car after getting dinner at Matsuhisa on Wednesday (September 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer was joined by her husband, Jordan Bratman!

Christina is back in town after spending the weekend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - she and Samantha Ronson spent time with pal Nicole Richie for Nic’s bachelorette party!

According to People, the ladies enjoyed manicures and pedicures, a group dinner with margaritas and relaxing by the pool together.
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Matt Smith | Hair

the most flawless event of the year is near!

Les Misérables - 25th Anniversary Celebration LIVE on the Big Screen

A special 25th Anniversary performance of Les Miserables is to be shown live at cinema screens across the globe on October 3rd to allow fans of the hit musical to take part in the celebrations.
The performance will be beamed from London’s O2 where a host of internationally renowned performers including Matt Lucas, Alfie Boe, Nick Jonas and Samantha Barks will be taking part in the special performance.

Fans across the UK and throughout Europe, North America, Japan and Australia will be able to enjoy the screening which is being produced by Cameron Mackintosh in association with Universal Pictures.
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Full listings for participating cinemas and ticket information is available from
They are showing this in my city, omg I am going. Lea Salona and Nick Jonas!
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Taylor Momsen is a better person than Tim Gunn

Attention, Tim Gunn; Taylor Momsen has no time for your acid-tongued criticism.Project Runway fashion guru Gunn—who recently filmed a guest spot for Momsen's hit show Gossip Girl—went on record about his experience working with Momsen on the show earlier this month, calling her a pathetic "brat" who was more interested in fiddling with her BlackBerry during her break than memorizing her lines. But if the 17-year-old actress-turned-rocker was wounded by Gunn's critique, she sure isn't letting on.

Questioned about Gunn's attack at the launch of the Material Girl clothing line at Macy's in New York on Wednesday night, Momsen sniffed,
"I don't respond to that."
Wise choice, Taylor; sometimes, silence really is golden.

The "Make Me Wanna Die" singer did, however, have something to say about her detractors in general:

“It’s about owning it no matter what anyone says. This is who I am and this is who I am going to be. It’s about every girl being true to themselves.”

A rather mature perspective, for a so-called "brat."

Do you think that Momsen handled the Gunn controversy properly? Let us know in the comments section.

kiss kiss bitch!
kitty gwen


1. Some catty behavior behind the scenes of a recent awards show. Rude Girl and Bad Girl and Cold Girl spent their time backstage mocking another performer behind her padded backside. Rather ironic considering that all three have had their own extreme (and sometimes unflattering) looks in the past.
Blind Gossip
My Guess: Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Ke$sha making fun of Nicki Minaj (jealous bitches)

2. This female A list tween star has an eating disorder of epic proportions. She rarely eats and when she does eat to make her parents happy she immediately gets rid of it. Painfully thin she has had to have a doctor come to three different hotel rooms in the past few months because she has passed out from weakness. One time she even cut her head on the corner of a table when she passed out.
My Guess: Miranda Cosgrove

3. This singer is probably A list. He has had number one albums including one album that holds lots of records for sales. Anyway, he is always trying to be Mr. Straight and recently he even has been pretending to date this B- list actress. Oh, she has done some television but even her biggest series no one apparently watched because it was over in the blink of an eye. OK, well our singer goes through this charade despite the fact that everyone in town knows he just ended an affair with a male publicist.
My Guess: Kanye West and Selita Ebanks

Hope your days going well, ontd. It's going to take me like, 5 years to get home because of the UN General Assembly and let's just say I am in NO MOOD to deal with bitch ass polce officers telling me I can't walk on my own damn street. I got a whole lot of sitting around in my underwear on the couch to do, so it's in their best interest to leave me the hell alone.

Ed Norton discusses his film Leaves of Grass in New York

Edward Norton's film Leaves of Grass was released this weekend in New York and he did a Q&A with the director Tim Blake Nelson at the Village East Cinema in New York. Pretty funny and interesting interview posted on the theatre's website and there is a contest to win the autograph movie poster. Did anyone else go to the Q&A this past weekend?

Interview with Tim Blake Nelson and Edward Norton

WATCH THE INTERVIEW :Edward Norton and Tim Blake Nelson Interview for Leaves of Grass from Angelika Film Center on Vimeo.

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Sex and the City Lead: the Franchise is 'Dead'

We hope he’s kidding, but Chris Noth went on a rant last night at the premiere of Jack Goes Boating about his thoughts on Sex and the City that lead to his conclusion that “the franchise is dead.”

Although he isn’t in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s directorial debut, Chris spoke with New York Magazine and shared his thoughts on Sex and the City.

“It’s over. The franchise is dead,” Chris said. “The press killed it.”

“Your magazine f***ing killed it. New York Magazine. It’s like all the critics got together and said, ‘This franchise must die.’ Because they all had the exact same review. It’s like they didn’t see the movie. Got any more gum?”

And, yes, Chris really did then ask for a piece of gum. So perhaps that means he was just kidding around, but there sounds like there may be some hurt with how Sex and the City 2 did in the box office.


Stock; Starbucks

Weezer Announce First Blue/Pinkerton Dates

Weezer's Memories Tour may be named after their new single, but it's actually centered around their first two albums, which just about everyone agrees remain their best. As previously reported, the tour will stop for two nights in every city, playing their self-titled 1994 "Blue Album" in full the first night, and 1996's cult fave Pinkerton the second. (They'll also play some "greatest hits" on both nights, so if you thought you'd get out of a 2010 Weezer show without hearing "Beverly Hills", sorry.)

Yesterday, Weezer announced announced the first four dates of the Memories Tour on their website (Right now, just L.A. and San Fran is listed).

In further Weezer news, the long-rumored Pinkerton deluxe reissue seems to be coming along nicely. That same Weezer website update mentions that mastering for the quadruple (!) vinyl set is currently in progress.

I'm not sure how many people on ONTD are Weezer fans and I'm horribly paranoid now about having one of those boring posts.

King Kismet ty Screaml0ud

Britney Writing Camp

Britney Spears has invited songwriters to a 'writing camp' to work on her forthcoming LP.

The singer, who is working on the follow-up to her 2008 chart-topping album Circus, has enlisted a host of top songwriters to pen tracks for the record at an intensive 'camp'.

Singer-songwriter Neon Hitch, who has co-written and provided backing vocals on songs for Ke$ha and 3OH!3, tweeted: "I hate flying, but the reward of writing for Britney in Texas makes it all worth it..!! C u in a few days LA! :)"

She later posted a picture of a small plane with the message: "Just arrived at the Britney writing camp And they have their own plane!! ..I'm NOT gettin in."

Spears's new album is slated for release early next year.


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Katherine Heigl pledges $1 million to spay and neuter animals

Television and film actress Katherine Heigl announced Thursday at a press conference in Los Angeles that she would be pledging $1 million to spay and neuter programs in the city and county of Los Angeles.

The star of Warner Bros.' upcoming film "Life As We Know It" is kicking off a pet initiative, in association with the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, to increase awareness and help curb the pet population crisis.

"What's happening is not only inhumane and morally reprehensible, it's economically irresponsible," Heigl said. "Killing is not a solution."

In addition to the contribution to spay and neuter programs, the JDHF will continue to support Learn to be a Best Friend (a training and education obedience program); transport programs moving animals from local shelters where they would be euthanized to humane societies, rescue organizations and "no kill" shelters; and continue to promote pet adoption.
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This is completely awesome. Go Katherine!
The oppposite of ordinary

Maroon 5 number 1?

close race for No. 1 may by followed by another, as both Maroon 5's "Hands All Over" and Zac Brown Band's "You Get What You Give" are aiming for the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart next week.


Industry insiders suggest that each album could sell around 150,000 by week's end on Sunday, Sept. 26. Maroon 5's last effort, 2007's "It Won't Be Soon Before Long," debuted at No. 1 with 429,000 according to Nielsen SoundScan.
It was led by the single "Makes Me Wonder," which spent three weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart previous to the album's arrival. "Hands All Over's" first single, "Misery," has so far peaked at No. 17. It drops one rung to No. 20 on this week's Hot 100. (It does, however, reach No. 1 on the Adult Pop Songs tally.)


Zac Brown Band is in the hunt for its first No. 1 album, as its major label debut, "The Foundation," topped out at No. 9 on the Billboard 200. For ZBB, an arrival in the range of 150,000 would easily mark the act's best sales frame. Its highest sales week came when "Foundation" shifted 62,000 over Christmas in 2009. The group's new album was preceded by the single "As She's Walking Away" (featuring Alan Jackson), which vaults 72-56 on the Hot 100. Over on the Country Songs chart, it rises three slots to No. 13.


Other albums looking to debut in the top 10 next week include John Legend and the Roots' "Wake Up!," Santana's "Guitar Heaven," Selena Gomez & the Scene's "A Year Without Rain" and Billy Currington's "Enjoy Yourself."


pecan pies
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Retired Bob Hoskins To Star In The Sequel To 'Roger Rabbit' Film

Last year the British actor claimed he had "no plans" to make any more movies, but now Hoskins has confirmed reports he will be reprising his role as detective Eddie Valiant in the cartoon film. It reportedly already has the original director, Robert Zemeckis, on board. Zemeckis also directed Hoskins in 'A Christmas Carol.'

"I don't know how it's going to work out," Hoskins. "The format they want to do is the same as we did for 'A Christmas Carol '. The thing is, it looks like a cartoon, so how do you put a cartoon in the middle of a cartoon? I can't figure out how they are going to do it."

'A Christmas Carol' was produced through the process of performance capture, a technique Zemeckis has previously used in his films The Polar Express and Beowulf.

Hoskins agrees that the whole point of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' was the way that the cartoon characters seamlessly interacted with the humans. On the face of it, he feels that the cartoon-on-cartoon idea sounds "a bit soft".

he adds that he will give the film his best shot.


Fat Betty Draper

The Best Part of The Office Talks About Romantic Comedies

Vulture Watches You’ve Got Mail With Mindy Kaling


Mindy Kaling — best known for her work on NBC's The Office (as writer, producer, director, and actor) — has a humble dream: to write the definitive romantic comedy for her generation. Her favorite is You’ve Got Mail, Nora Ephron's 1998 classic about Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan finding love on the Internet — or AOL, as the Internet was called in 1998. Kaling, who is in the midst of working on her own romantic comedy, The Low Self-Esteem of Lizzie Gillespie, agreed to watch the movie with us, which led to discussions about everything from the genius of Woody Allen to Nancy Meyers movies to the perfect rom-com stars (her Office co-star, Ed Helms, will be very happy).

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Dina's Older Sister Shows Off, What Her Doctor & Photoshop Gave Her

Branching out and making a name for herself at the young age of 16, new modeling pictures of Ali Lohan have just recently been released.

The “Living Lohan” star teamed up with her older sister for a new ad campaign for Lindsay’s 6126 spring/summer 2011 collection.

In the photos, Ali dons short, cleavage-bearing dresses all the while posing rather seductively for the photographer. The line - which is Marilyn Monroe inspired - “salutes modern women who understand that confidence can be bewitching and classic sophistication is always in vogue.

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nmtb  | simon amstell

Spider-Man female leads: they're getting closer

Spider-Man female leads: they're getting closer


Some new names are popping up surrounding the casting of Spider-Man’s love interest in the reboot of the webbed superhero starring Andrew Garfield. Sony and director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) continue to test actresses, but, as it turns out, it’s not for one female lead but two. So attention all you comic book fans out there: It looks like this Spider-Man, which is set in high school, will feature both of Spidey’s most prominent love interests, the red-headed Mary Jane Watson, played in the last three movies by Kirsten Dunst, and blonde Gwen Stacy, which Bryce Dallas Howard played in Spider-Man 3, say sources close to the production.

As such, the studio is casting a rather wide net.

It flew Mia Wasikowska, best known as Alice from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, in from New York to meet with Webb and Garfield. While, most recently, Easy A’s Emma Stone read with Garfield for the role.
The studio is being very mum as to who could possibly be the front runners for the two parts and declined to comment for this story. Other names are also said to be circling the high-profile project.

Yet it’s easy to imagine that the two roles could go to both Stone and Wasikowska. The red-headed Stone has starred in four movies for the studio and is said to have a great relationship with Sony head Amy Pascal. Stone has come on strong ever since last year’s Zombieland and only solidified her place as a go-to young actress with the success of Easy A, which bowed last weekend to just under $18 million. Stone is currently filming The Help for DreamWorks, where she stars as the lead character Skeeter Phelan in the period piece based on Kathryn Stockett’s best-selling novel.

I’m told that Wasikowska’s interest in the film has been more ambivalent. While she was an integral part to the huge 3-D spectacle that was Alice in Wonderland, the Australian actress might be more rooted in indie films. She’s recently received kudos for her part in Lisa Cholodenko’s The Kids are All Right and also wrapped Jane Eyre for Focus Features and BBC Films. It’s not clear who else the studio is interested in. Lily Collins, the daughter in The Blind Side is said to have meet with the studio, too.

This rebooted Spider-Man is supposed to begin filming by the end of the year and is already scheduled for release in Summer 2012.

- Source

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Madonna’s stalker arrested

A 59-year-old retired FDNY firefighter yesterday was busted for the second time in four days outside Madonna’s Upper West Side apartment, where he displayed signs professing his love for the pop icon.


Madonna, I need you,” said a sign strapped to the top of Robert Linhart’s SUV. “Tell me yes or no,” another sign said. “If it’s yes, my dream will come true. If it’s no, I will go. XXX.
The answer conveyed by Madonna’s security people was a definite no. Cops wound up handcuffing Linhart and hauling him to the 20th Precinct station house.
He’s charged with criminal weapons possession — a Leatherman knife and a pocket knife — as well as disorderly conduct, making graffiti, possessing a graffiti instrument and resisting arrest. Linhart had been stalking Madonna’s apartment for several days, witnesses said. Cops on Saturday busted him on charges of obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and resisting arrest.
“We thought he was homeless. But then we saw he had a car,” said Angel Melendez, a security guard in the neighborhood.
The Toyota SUV contained artist equipment, a firefighters’ uniform and a Paris tour guide. One of Linhart’s signs suggested he has traveled widely to stalk to the aging pop star. It said he’d seen Madonna “this year” in Prague — she gave a concert there in 2009 — and added, “Meet me, please.”
Linhart retired from the FDNY in 1998, a department spokesman said. For at least the past decade, he has lived in Huletts Landing, NY, a rural town on Lake George.
He’s only the latest in a long line of wacky Madonna-wannabe beaus.

A bodyguard in the 1990s shot and wounded Robert Hoskins, who stalked her in California and threatened to slice her “from ear to ear” if she didn’t become his wife.
Madonna testified at Hoskins’ trial in 1996, despite admitting that being in the same room with him made her “sick to my stomach.” Hoskins was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
When Madonna performed in Madison Square Garden in 2004, security guards ejected an alleged stalker who had bought a ticket to the show. And in 2000, her then-boyfriend, movie director Guy Ritchie, was accused of assault in London for slugging a stalker who admitted he was “a bit obsessed” with the star.

Source: NY Post
guti WEAH

God Pumps Everyone Up; Makes Us All Proud To Be Americans (For Those Who Are)

Morgan Freeman  GOD
narrated a promotional video for the US Bid for the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup™. Bring it to Our Country represents how soccer has the power to bring people together, stoke their passion and realize their dreams. Watch the video:

With Cameos by Spike Lee, Bill Clinton, and Mia Hamm

God's voice is very pleasant to hear.

y u mad tho?

Ciara recently sat down with XXL and discussed whether one of her hometown peers, Keri Hilson, had taken her place:

“There’s a very, very strong difference between myself and Keri. So I’m not even in that space to go there. I’m way past that mentally and creatively… It’s best that I give my fans what they want,” Ciara told XXL in their October issue when asked if Hilson had jacked her swag. “It would be crazy to say I haven’t heard that question before, but mentally I’m not even there…”

I honestly don’t feel like my spot has ever been taken. If you place Rihanna and Beyoncé aside of each other, you would be able to see clearly that there’s a difference…I’m just pushing to be the best in my own world.’


Lifetime renews Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives

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Lifetime has renewed its flagship series, Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva. Army Wives has been picked up for a fifth season, while Drop Dead Diva has been renewed for a third season. Both series have received 13-episode orders for a 2011 premiere.

"Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva have lead Lifetime’s charge in scripted programming and are key components to our success," said Nancy Dubuc, president and GM of Lifetime and History, adding that series' renewal "allows us to launch our next generation of scripted series." Under Dubuc, who took over Lifetime in the spring, the cable network has ordered 3 pilots, Against the Wall, Exit 13 and an untitled cop drama from Drop Dead Diva creator Josh Berman. The network will certainly use Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva as launching pads for any of the 3 that are picked up to series.

While it has slipped from the blockbuster ratings of its first couple of seasons, Army Wives still remains Lifetime's highest-rated series ever. Its most recent fourth season averaged 3.2 viewers, with its finale (3.9 million) hitting season highs in total viewers and all key demographics. Season 4 also included a planted spinoff episode, but the network recently passed on it.

Comedic drama Drop Dead Diva, from Sony TV, opened its second season with 3.1 million viewers, up 11% from its series debut.

YES for Army Wives! I don't watch Drop Dead Diva, but yay for that, too.
Sexy Squidward


Yesterday, we posted video of a model falling at the Burberry fashion show, and the the fall itself wasn't the most horrible part of the video but the singer in the background shrieking, "SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN! SEVEN-TEEN AGAIN!!" as the poor model tried to get back on her feet.

So who was that singer, anyway?

Well, it was none other than Miss Annie Lennox herself from the Eurythmics. Yikes!

The show used an acoustic soundtrack of Seventeen Again where Annie can be heard at her loudest.

If you feel like bleeding out of your ears today, you can listen to the track here:

Source 1, 2

Wicked Lovely Movie Has a Director

Kimberly Peirce to helm 'Wicked Lovely'
Caroline Thompson to adapt from original novel


Universal has tapped Kimberly Peirce to direct fantasy vehicle "Wicked Lovely," a Wild West Picture Show Prods. project.

Vince Vaughn, Valeri Vaughn and Peter Billingsley will produce for Wild West. Caroline Thompson is adapting the Melissa Marr novel.

Story centers on a teenaged girl who has seen dangerous faeries her entire life must suddenly go against everything she was taught in order to confront a world she was raised to fear.

"Wicked Lovely," published by Harper Collins, is New York Times bestseller and has been published in 18 languages. Other books in the series include "Ink Exchange" and "Fragile Eternity" with the fourth book, "Radiant Shadows," to be published later this year.

Kristin Lowe and Kiska Higgs will oversee the project for the studio.

Peirce's credits include "Boys Don't Cry" and "Stop-Loss."

CAA represented the book's motion picture rights on behalf of Marr. Peirce is repped by CAA and Thompson by ICM.


Boring news is boring. But still news. It means the project could possibly be moving forward.
hectic like a smoke bomb

Hard as hell and don't give a damn

Halle Berry: 'Cloud Atlas' with Wachowskis?

Halle Berry pampers herself at the Batia & Aleeza Beauty & Hair Salon on Thursday (September 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 44-year-old actress has been busy shooting her new movie, Dark Tide, with her on-and-off-screen lover Olivier Martinez.

Halle’s other movie Cloud Atlas has been getting some buzz lately because Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run) is writing the screenplay, and the Wachowski brothers producing and possibly directing. And Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman are all attached too!

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More on the Bishop Eddie Long Case: "Damaging" Pics + New Allegations

For those who have no idea what's going on: Bishop Eddie Long, one of the most powerful men in the black megachurch movement, faces allegations of taking sexual advantage of two teenage boys. (I would've referred you to the original post but I can't find it)

Bishop Eddie Long canceled his "Tom Joyner Morning Show" interview this morning after a third young man came forward on Wednesday night with more allegations of sexual abuse. That same day attorney, B.J. Bernstein, representing the three plaintiffs, released cell phone pictures the young men say were sent to them by pastor Eddie Long. Dude is like the alleged Tiger Woods of the pulpit.

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Lindsay Lohan Will Dodge Jail Bullet

Lindsay Lohan will not have to spend the next 30 days in jail ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

There was a buzz in the case that Judge Elden Fox would have Lindsay jailed tomorrow -- without giving her bail -- and make her sit behind bars for 30 days until the next hearing. The danger for Lindsay -- she would have to serve the full 30 days and would not be released early because of jail overcrowding.

But insiders tell TMZ ... if Judge Fox remands Lindsay into custody he must set bail, because the underlying offenses are all misdemeanors.

So here's the way it will go down ... Our sources say tomorrow's hearing will be extremely short. There won't be any arguments over the case. Judge Fox will schedule the formal probation violation hearing, and almost certainly remand Lindsay into custody and then set bail. But you can bet a bail bondsman will be right there in the courtroom to take care of business on the spot. So Lindsay will walk out a free woman tomorrow.

When the probation violation hearing is held next month, it's likely Judge Fox will sentence Lindsay to 30 days in jail based on the failed drug test for cocaine. As we first reported, the Probation Department will not recommend jail time for the second failed drug test because of an ambiguity in the paperwork.

But this 30-day sentence would be subject to the realities of jail overcrowding, which means Lindsay would go to jail for booking and probably be released an hour or two later.

The upshot -- looks like Lindsay will dodge another bullet.

Christian Bale

Lindsay Lohan has alter egos

Friend says multiple personalities may be agitating the actress, who at times goes by 'Diane' or 'Margot'

A longtime Lindsay Lohan associate says she thinks the actress may have multiple personality disorder -- perhaps one reason she continues to have trouble keeping her addictions in check.

''Some of us had wondered if Lindsay was bipolar, given her mood swings, but I'm thinking it's more than that,'' said the source, who claims LiLo has on occasion called herself ''Diane'' or ''Margot.''

According to the insider, Lohan has explained the odd behavior as her way of ''getting into and out of character'' as an actress -- ''pretending to be other people.''

Supposedly, friends have urged Lohan to seek professional counseling for this issue, but to no avail.

• In various statements and tweets over the weekend, Lohan herself said battling addiction is an ongoing process that can only be accomplished over a long period of time. After failing two drug tests last week -- including one for cocaine -- Lohan was seen attending at least two AA meetings over the weekend in Los Angeles.

• While sympathetic to her fight with the disease of addiction, several top Hollywood execs told me this weekend that Lohan's career is likely over -- at least for now. ''No one will insure her for a film,'' said a veteran studio honcho. ''It's a big shame, coming after that great bit she did on the VMA's with Chelsea Handler -- and the news she's landed that hosting gig on 'Saturday Night Live.' ... Those are opportunities for Lindsay to use comedy to be honest with what is a very serious problem.''


Extract from Booky Wook 2

I really loved Booky Wook 1
However, while love drunk Russell is somewhat sweet, I still need someone to pass me the bucket after reading this. :)

Spoilers, etc

"YOU have my word as an Englishman, I shall not seduce Miss Perry till after the show."

I was secretly thrilled that my manager Nik thought I'd so easily enchant her, as I'd maintained a flickering curiosity since our kiss the previous year.

The next day at rehearsals for the 2009 MTV video music awards in Radio City it was confirmed that Katy Perry would indeed be doing the "We Will Rock You" intro and the entire MTV top brass were frantic with worry that I'd jeopardise the show's opening with my philandering.

"Please, Russell," they begged, "do not unleash your fierce charisma," as if it were the Kraken. Rather enjoying the attention I surveyed my nails.

"Gentleman, I promise nothing, for the force that dwells within me is not of this Earth and will not do my bidding."

By now we were in the auditorium, which the day before the show was a crackling inferno of activity with lights and sets being rigged and crews bustling and the entourages of the many stars, present to rehearse, fretting. Mine laughed at my dopey boasting.

"The thing about me is ..." I announced to the assembly, "is I'm a sorcerer with the birds, an alchemist, you put a dame in front of me and I will hypnotise her with my sheer magne ..."

I was planning to say magnetism, in fact I had a whole brilliant speech to give on the subject of my supernatural ability with women but I had to stop to observe the bottle that was arcing towards my head at some pace from the other side of the room.

Thud. Ouch. The bottle hit me right on the head and although it was plastic, it was half full, or half empty, depending on your perspective, and it hurt.

Everyone laughed.

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Lady Gaga's Born This Way Is Her 'Freedom Album,' Producer Says

RedOne says the upcoming Born This Way is 'too good to talk about.'

Why will Lady Gaga's forthcoming Born This Way album "piss people off"?

Gaga's main man, producer and songwriter RedOne, thinks it might be because the album is all about the artist's liberation. "I think it's more of her freedom album. It's like freedom this album ... it's her album!" he told MTV News.

But trying to squeeze any more details out of the "Bad Romance" producer proved difficult. He remained tight-lipped about details, mostly because he feels the album, which Gaga has noted will veer toward bitter and political, isn't ready for everyday talk just yet.

"To be honest with you, I think that this album that she's making is too precious to talk about. When it comes out you'll hear and you'll make your choice," he said. "I think you're gonna love it. But I think it's too precious for me to talk about it. It's crazy."

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Chloe Moretz Cast as Emily the Strange

In honor of Emily the Strange’s 17th 13th birthday, the beloved cartoon character is getting a physical manifestation in young actress Chloë Moretz. The 13-year old actress will play Emily the Strange for Universal Pictures and Dark Horse Comics. Rob Reger created Emily the Strange in 1993. Since then, the character has been licensed and distributed into 35 countries around the world.

Said Reger of Moretz, “When I first met Chloë, I knew I found my Emily. She really identifies and understands the character, and has what it takes to bring her to life.”

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Back to Back Sequels Planned for Oz’s Tomorrow When the War Began

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I know there are a lot of fans of Stuart Beattie’s movie version of John Marsden’s “Tomorrow, When the War Began” novels, so this should be good news to them: Stuart Beattie will write and direct not just a sequel to “Tomorrow”, but two sequels, set to be made back-to-back. And if you happen to think Beattie didn’t do a very good job on the adaptation, sucks to be you, then, cause he’s doing two more.

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R.I.P. Eddie Fisher

R.I.P. Eddie Fisher
By Nikki Finke | Thursday September 23, 2010 @ 5:41pm PDT

Reliable sources tell me that Eddie Fisher has died. He was 82. The singer and entertainer and TV star of his own show and co-star of films Bundle Of Joy and Butterfield 8 had his heyday in the 1950s. In 1953 Fisher was given his own 15-minute TV show called Coke Time, sponsored by the Coca-Cola company; it was so popular that Coke then offered Eddie an unprecedented $1 million contract to be their national spokesperson. But Fisher is best known for having been married to Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, and Connie Stevens and for fathering multitalent Carrie Fisher and TV actress Joely Fisher. He created quite the worldwide scandal when he dumped his first wife, America's sweetheart Reynolds, to marry his best friend's widow, America's sex symbol Taylor, who then dumped him for Richard Burton. Fisher became reviled and his career never recovered. (The two women later mocked Fisher in a thinly veiled TV movie about their relationship.) Fisher wrote two autobiographies which prompted Carrie to declare: "That's it. I'm having my DNA fumigated."

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SOURCE Confirmation from the LA Times
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People hate the new AI judges!

american idol

The folks over at "American Idol" officially announced their new Season 10 judging panel Wednesday, surprising the precisely seven people in the country who hadn't already read the rumors that it would consist of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler. However, despite the utter lack of shock or awe here, "Idol" presented this news in the splashiest way possible: in front of thousands of screaming auditioners at L.A.'s Forum arena, live-streamed on the Internet. Fans both inside the Forum and on the Web kept waiting for a surprise to justify all this fanfare. Maybe Paula Abdul would return? Maybe Elton John or Howard Stern had signed on after all? Maybe David Hasselhoff, prematurely freed from his "Dancing With The Stars" obligations, had come onboard? Maybe Simon Cowell had been lured back with an eight-figure salary? But no.
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Bring back Paula!!

Snooki offered $100,000 to shill for FleshDrive

Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been offered $100,000 to appear in commercials for FleshDrive.

They sell USB drives that come pre-loaded with porn, in case you were wondering. A company spokesperson said, “We know that Snooki makes a big impression wherever she goes, and that is why her tiny figure and incredible attitude will fit perfectly within the FleshDrive world.”

Page Six reports:
According to the letter sent by FleshDrive, Polizzi’s deal is for three years, and she will have to shoot three commercials and appear at three events per year to promote the technology.

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On The Set Of Arthur!

I recently moved to Manhattan for college and one night after popping my ass at the gay club, my friends and I walked onto the set of the remake of Arthur starring Russel Brand and HBIC Hellen Mirren. They were shooting a cop chase where the batmobile runs into bulls or something like that.

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This was me + the alcohol the whole time

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Is Winona Ryder Ready for a Comeback?


Winona Ryder has been absent from the limelight for some time now. Ever since her infamous shoplifting charges, she has been hiding at the corners of fame without really stepping back in with a bang. Enough years have gone by that her past indiscretions have been put aside and directors and producers are ready to take a chance on the now older and more mature star. Her only recent role was a bit part in Star Trek the Movie when she played the mother of Spock.

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OP's opinion: No shit. I've only been waiting for her epic comeback moment for years now. Get with it. (Also couldn't figure out what to tag this, lack of Winona Ryder tag and all.)
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Lauren Conrad Style book preview

Are you a teen? Do you look a hot ass mess? Well, Lauren's going to help you. Harperteen's "Lauren Conrad Style" comes out October 5th. You can preview the 1st three chapters here

From beauty advice and hair secrets to how to shop vintage or find the perfect T-shirt, Lauren Conrad Style unlocks the mysteries of being effortlessly chic. With Lauren's guidance, you'll look and feel stylish every day.

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Hopefully she will have some advice for dressing for job interviews. Seriously, WTF is up with teens showing up for interviews in tank tops and flip-flops?

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Disney Princess: Urban Outfitter Lover!

Demi Lovato puts money into the meter before heading into Urban Outfitters in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (September 22).

The 18-year-old Sonny starlet headed to the popular shop after stopping at a salon for a quick tanning session.

Demi recently shared in an interview that she’s taking her cue from Dakota Fanning when it comes to acting. She shared, “I feel like I don’t want to go too edgy, I don’t want to go too family friendly – I’d rather just play normal teenage roles. I think Dakota Fanning does a really good job at the roles that she picks, so I kind of want to go down that route.”

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On Godric and Lærkevej

Recently, was given an exclusive interview with actor Allan Hyde who plays, among others, the role of 2,000 year old vampire Godric on the HBO series True Blood. Although the character was killed off in the second season of the series, the writers have come up with some rather ingenious ways to bring Godric back to "life" in the third year, including in the rather stunning finale.

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Magazine covers of the year

GQ and Sports Illustrated were the big winners in the American Society of Magazine Editors Best Cover contest--they secured two victories apiece.

When the nominees were announced last month in 12 categories (everything from Sexiest to Best Vampire Cover), (best, worst, and most puzzling inclusions and snubs).

The winners were chosen by an online vote on; here's a quick take on the best and worst winner, as well as a rundown of the rest of the victors (including The Atlantic's "Fat Nation" in the News & Business category).

You can view all the winners at, and vote for which of the 12 should win the all-encompassing Magazine Cover of the Year prize

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Which is your favorite ONTD? More at the source. These were just a few nominees.