September 14th, 2010

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The Exorcist finds a way to make more money

The Exorcist Extended Director’s Cut Event

“What an excellent day for an exorcism!” The scariest film of all time is coming back to the big screen for a special one-night event, courtesy of NCM Fathom and Warner Home Video. For the first time in ten years, The Exorcist will be in theatres along with never-before-seen on-set footage from the making of the film and interviews with director William Friedkin, writer William Peter Blatty and members of the original cast and crew. See the classic that still haunts and unsettles like no other, for one night on Thursday, September 30th.

This event will go behind the scenes of The Exorcist in a way you never thought possible. Audiences will be treated to never-before-seen footage shot on the set during production to learn how many legendary scenes were created. This exclusive content shown after the event will also include special interviews with William Friedkin and Linda Blair.

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John Williams back to compose DH Part 2?

According to our friends at Potterish, word has been given by Warner Brothers Brazil, that John Williams, famed composer of the first three Harry Potter films, will return to score the final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2.

We will attempt to verify this information, but it makes sense given his recent Harry Potter involvement with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, as well as popular demand and the tone of the climatic final chapter.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 is being scored by Alexandre Desplat, although he has only been confirmed for this film as of yet, giving this report more plausibility.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on July 15, 2011.

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High praise in first reviews for Keira Knightley's romantic drama 'Last Night'

The magic of storytelling is not in the bare-bones plot. If it was, Hollywood would have bored us to tears by now; basic themes like love and loss have been told time and time again. The magic is in the way that the classic, familiar tale is retold. Last Night is nothing new; at its heart, it's the tale of two people in a struggling marriage who flirt with the idea of cheating over the span of one night. But The Jacket scribe Massy Tadjedin, in her directorial debut, takes this simple premise and infuses it with such subtlety and depth that it should be a guideline for what separates a tired story from an engaging new adventure.

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Ah I'm so excited for this! I didn't have much expectations seeing as how the film's premise seemed so predictable/done before but Guillaume did say he thought it was 'better than Closer' so we'll see! 

Not so surprising really...


Entertainment Weekly broke news that Ryan Buell, the lead in A&E's para-reality show Paranormal State, comes out as bisexual in his new book, Paranormal State: My Journey Into The Unknown, to be released Sept. 21.

Buell's announcement is a non-revelation for many in the paranormal entertainment industry who already knew about his orientation. The show debuted in 2007, and is one of the top-rated paranormal investigative shows on television, trailing Ghost Hunters. Four seasons have aired and a new one begins later this year.

In the past, show producers have admitted to outlining the show and creating character story arcs, and have stated they were hoping for a romantic relationship to emerge between Buell and a female cast member. Moreover, the show does draw a younger, predominantly female audience.

So the big questions: Will Buell's admission affect the show's ratings positively or negatively? Will you be more or less likely to tune in? Will he become more or less relatable as a lead character on the docu-drama? Is this just a stunt to help drive book sales and pick up media attention (which is clearly working)?

What do you think ONTD? Are you surprised or not?



Penelope Cruz is pregnant for real this time

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Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz is expecting a baby, her spokesperson has confirmed.

Following increasing speculation, the 36-year-old has released a statement revealing that she is four-and-a-half months pregnant.

It will be the first child for Penelope and her husband Javier Bardem, who married in a secret Bahamian ceremony back in July.

I knew it after those pictures yesterday!
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AOL Teams Up With Jonas Brothers To "Redesign Internet"

AOL has chosen an unlikely partner as the company attempts to update the look and feel of its properties and also, ambitiously, shape the aesthetics of the internet as a whole: the Jonas Brothers. AOL CEO and Chairman Tim Armstrong said, “Our properties and sites and the company itself will start to represent more of what you see in the runway world -- the creativity and the perfection. It's what we want at AOL: a well-designed and styled version of the internet. That's why we're working with some of the most creative people on the planet -- from Chuck Close to the Jonas Brothers. We want them to help us redesign the Internet.” Or, translated: “This is what happens when you can't get Justin Bieber.”

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Oprah trip "Down Under" surprises Australians - with a bill

SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) - Oprah Winfrey might have surprised her talk show audience Monday by giving them all a free, eight-day trip to Australia but the trip also surprised Australians -- with a A$3 million (US$2.8 million) bill.

Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson said the federal and state New South Wales governments would spend more than $3 million helping to bring "The Oprah Winfrey Show" to Australia as a way to boost tourism.

He said it was money well spent as it would put Australia in the spotlight with the popular TV show watched by 40 million Americans and screened in 145 countries.

"Oprah is a household name and her star power has the potential to life Australia's profile as a premier tourist destination," Ferguson said in a statement Tuesday.

Former federal tourism minister John Brown asked the media not to be "cynical about the cost" at a time when the number of Australian leaving for overseas holidays outstrips the number of tourists coming to Australia for vacations.

"We spent hundreds of millions of dollars over 30 years without much effect, I must say that honestly," he told a news conference. "The publicity that Oprah will bring to Australia around the world is something you couldn't buy."

The trip was announced by Winfrey at the premiere of her 25th and final season Monday.

Some 300 audience members clapped, cried and hugged each other as Winfrey told them they were off to Australia for eight days and seven nights where she will film at least two episodes of her show including one at the Sydney Opera House on December 14.

It is the first time the show will have been filmed with its U.S. audience outside North America.

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Melanie Hamilton Wilkes at 94, still fierce.

Oscar-winning actress Olivia de Havilland, whose memorable performance in "Gone With The Wind" still touches hearts 70 years later, was awarded the Legion of Honor on Thursday by the president of France.

At 94, de Havilland looked radiant as Nicolas Sarkozy pinned her with the insignia of the chevalier, or knight, of the Legion of Honor at a ceremony at the presidential palace.

Sarkozy told de Havilland that "you honor France for having chosen us." The American actress of British origin has lived in Paris since 1953.

De Havilland played the role of fragile southern belle Melanie Wilkes in "Gone With The Wind," and is the last surviving major star of the 1939 classic. Her performance in another movie, "To Each His Own" in 1946, gave her a first Oscar.

Sarkozy praised de Havilland's courage for her lawsuit against Warner Bros.
After demanding more substantial scripts from Warner Bros., de Havilland got to co-star with Bette Davis in "In this Our Life" (1942). But she bulked at being typecast as an ingenue so the studio placed her on suspension. When her contract ended, Warner Bros. said she owed them time. She then sued.
The court's landmark ruling in her favor transformed the studio system's hold on stars, giving them more freedom.

"You are a rebel because you are the only one who dared file a suit against the studios to defend the liberty of actors," Sarkozy said. "You won. It's exceptional."

And for any interested Gone With The Wind fans, a Daily Fail article about the rivalry/feud between Olivia and her actress sister, Joan Fontaine is here

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Al Pacino And Joe Pesci Circling Martin Scorsese And Robert De Niro Mob Movie

It's Goodfellas meets Casino meets Heat. So if you're a fan of those great crime movies, get ready: I'm told Al Pacino and Joe Pesci are now circling The Irishman, the mob drama that Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro have been working on together based on the exploits of mob hitman Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran as chronicled in the book I Heard You Paint Houses. The pic's being developed at Paramount by De Niro and Jane Rosenthal's Tribeca Productions.

Pacino has worked with De Niro in the Michael Mann-directed classic Heat, as well as Righteous Kill. Pesci and De Niro of course teamed with Scorsese on Goodfellas, Casino and Raging Bull. Steve Zaillian wrote the script.

Right now, Scorsese's off directing the 3D Hugh Cabret for GK Films, and this is one of a couple pictures he's considering next. Others include Silence, based on the Shusako Endo novel. Scorsese and GK Films nearly had the pic together with Benicio Del Toro, Daniel Day-Lewis and Gabriel Garcia Bernal in the Jay Cocks-scripted saga of Jesuits who face danger as they preach Christianity and try to find their mentor in 17th Century Japan. Scorsese will be in New York Wednesday as HBO premieres the pilot he directed for Boardwalk Empire, which is superb.

Shaking and crying right now - OH MY GOD! Please let this be true!


pink moon.
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Rosario Dawson & others encourage you to vote

Voto Latino's new United We Win campaign has released a new PSA encouraging people to register and vote. The PSA features Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Blair Underwood, Amy Smart, "La Princesa" Madison De La Garza, Wilmer Valderrama, Trevor Ariza from the Houston Rockets, Common, Lisa Vidal, Carla Gugino, and others.

United We Win is a public awareness, education, and mobilization campaign around the 2010 mid-term elections. The campaign features grassroots voter registration, and the celebrity voices of Common, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Eva Longoria Parker and others uniting for America.

United We Win is a campaign about the American future. We have one main message = Latino issues are American issues, and American issues are Latino issues.

For more information check out for more information on how to register and create change in your community.

Source: and Rosario Dawson Online

Today are the primaries in NYC and other states, be sure to vote :)

LOL added the PSA, whoops
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Lady Gaga Renders Even the Jersey Shore Cast Speechless at the VMA After-Parties

At the VMAs, Kanye’s performance of his blistering comeback song “Runaway” — which he dedicated to all the “douchebags, assholes, and scumbags” in his life — was at first met with boos inside the Nokia Theater. But the Jersey Shore cast stood behind him and his message. “I loved the song,” said Snooki at In Touch's Chateau Marmont after-party. “It's directed at all the jerk-offs in the world who broke my heart.”

But a Shore rave was inevitable; Kanye had the crew in his corner from the moment they all flew to L.A. on the same plane from New York, and he ventured back from first class to visit them in business. “He came up to me, Ronnie, and Nicole on the plane and said he was a big fan,” JWOWW recounted. “That he came up to us speaks for his character as a great person. Then we talked outside the airport for, like, ten minutes. He was the sweetest guy and said he felt really nervous about performing.” As for Kanye’s kiss-off song, it’s a sentiment JWOWW can get behind. “We have a lot of haters, there are a lot of people who want to put our show down,” she explained. “So that’s what we’d say to them.”


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Sofia Vergara: I'm A Natural Blonde!

Sofia Vergara is red hot on the cover of Self magazine’s October 2010 issue!

Here’s what the 38-year-old Modern Family actress had to share:

On her true hair color: “I’m a natural blonde. But when I started acting, I would go to auditions and they didn’t know where to put me because I was voluptuous and had the accent - but I had blonde hair. It was ignorance: They thought every Latin person looks like Salma Hayek. The moment I dyed my hair dark, it was, ‘Oh, she’s the hot Latin girl.’ I loved it. I’d always felt a little ‘too much’ as a blonde, like a big-mouth version of Pamela Anderson. Being brunette toned me down a bit.”

On her voluptuous figure: “When I was 13, I got these ridiculous boobs. I wanted surgery. I told my mom, ‘As soon as I’m older, please take these boobs away.’ She said, ‘Sofía, shut up. When you’re 18, it will be different.’ I was like, ‘Why would I want these huge t—? I’m a 34DD.’ It’s hard to dress. No matter what I wear, I look like a stripper. That said, I’m grateful I have them, and honestly, they’ve helped me a lot in my career. And I’ve always felt sexy.”

FYI: Sofia is wearing a lavender Ralph Lauren Black Label dress inside the magazine!
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How embarrassing, Gaga wears cheap cuts of meat.

Lady Gaga stole the show at the MTV Video Music Awards with her meat dress, so when its designer wouldn't reveal how he made it, the Daily News went to the experts.

"It's all beef," declared Peter Cacioppo, 50, of Yonkers, head butcher at Ottomanelli Brothers on the upper East Side.

"Her bodice looks like the outside of the rib. Over the shoulder looks like it does come from the shoulder."

Cacioppo, a butcher for 35 years, wasn't impressed with Gaga's fleshy frock, which she paired with a hat, shoes and bag made of raw meat.

"There are no expensive cuts here, no real steaks," he said. "The best you've got is the flank steak on top of her head."

His nephew, who works with him behind one of the city's top meat counters, said about 25 pounds of meat went into the carnivore couture.

"It's the cheaper end cuts - not including her. You got about $100 of meat there," said Mark Cacioppo, 30, of Queens.

Do they think it smelled?

"It ain't refrigerated. It's probably stinking bad. She's in the lights: It's cooking," said Peter Cacioppo.

Late Monday, L.A.-based designer Franc Fernandez said it took him two days to stitch the dress out of flank steak - what they call "matambre" in his native Argentina.

"The meat was from my family butcher," he said.

Predictably, PETA had a beef with Lady Gaga taking the notion of skirt steak too far.

"What's next: the family cat made into a hat?" asked Ingrid Newkirk, head of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Gaga said she wasn't making a statement about vegetarians with her slaughterhouse chic. Instead, she explained it was about gay rights in the military... or something.

"If we don't stand up for what we believe in and if we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones," she said. "And I am not a piece of meat."

Gaga's antics helped Sunday's telecast draw an estimated 11.4 million viewers, according to the Nielsen Co., its best showing since 2002.

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Ron Burgundy on Broadway? And sequel.

Will Ferrell has confirmed that he wanted to kick off his Anchorman sequel with a Broadway show.

Speaking to Radio 1, the comedy star admitted that he and co-stars Paul Rudd and Steve Carell were "ready to go" on a follow-up, which would have seen a Broadway stage production lead into a sequel.

He said: "We had this great idea where we would start it, we’d open it - we’d start with a Broadway show, I'm not kidding. We would do Anchorman 2, the musical on Broadway, and then from there into a film."

Commenting on the reasons why Anchorman 2 hasn't happened, Ferrell said: "The sad story is that we finally decided we would love to do a sequel and then we talked to all the guys, and it was lined up to do it, and we presented it to Paramount Pictures and they said 'great', and then it turns out they didn't want to do it."

Anchorman star Christina Applegate recently said that all the main cast are still hoping to appear in the sequel.

Would you see this, ONTD?


I think Heidi needs a bigger top

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From Celebslam:

"Here's some pictures of Heidi Montag in Costa Rica on Saturday (she's back in L.A. today). It looks like she had a really fun day at the beach -- especially when her top almost fell off (picture here). I guess that's what she gets for cheaping out and buying a DD bikini from Victoria's Secret. Heidi, silly, that size is for small-breasted women."

+32 pictures at the source

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GQMF Chris Jacobs interviewing some celebrities at the VMAs 2010

Cameras roll as "The Insider"'s Chris Jacobs finds out Katy Perry's childhood dream job, Usher secrets and more at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards!

"I feel like I'm wearing kind of an ice skater's dress," Katy Perry told Chris. Then, revealing that maybe singing wasn't her only ambition when she was younger, Katy added, "I wanted to be an ice skater growing up."

Chris also found out what Selena Gomez thinks about Eminem and Rihanna's song "Love the Way You Lie." "That song is amazing," Selena Gomez told Chris. The young actress was obviously excited to hear the hit single performed later that night.

Usher dished on his new tour that starts in November. The singer's opening acts include R&B singers Trey Songz and Miguel.
Speaking of Usher… "I brought Usher as my date," joked Justin Bieber. "I filed a restraining order against Kim Kardashian."

And new "Dancing With The Stars" contestant Audrina Patridge is "loving every second" of her experience on the show.

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I aim to become the offical Chris Jacobs stan of ontd XD

It's time to appreciate the man behind the wives

Why do you think the 'Jersey' show is the most popular?
I think people love the women, the drama and the family dynamic.

Who is your favorite housewife. Who do you hang out with?
I really don't have a favorite. I love them all and see them all out and about. (LIES, HE LOVES SONJA)

How do you decide whom to invite back. Is it all focus groups?
It is dictated usually by what they have going on in their lives and with each other.

The 'Housewives of DC' doesn't seem to have the same buzz as the others. What's your honest take on it?
I am so excited about the 'DC Housewives.' It surprises me every week because it touches on issues previously unseen in the franchise -- race, politics, genealogy, DC society and hierarchy. There's a really compelling and surprising debate about gay marriage coming up.

Some people complain there are too many 'Housewife' franchises out there, and that Bravo is diluting the brand. What would you say?
Actually, the brand has never been more popular, and we are very careful about where and how we expand it.

Why did Bravo pass on the gay housewife idea that another network (Logo) has picked up on?

It didn't interest us.

Which housewife calls you to complain the most?
I take the fifth.  (JILL ZARIN)

Are you team Jill or Bethenny?
I am team everybody. They're both amazing.

Which housewife do you think leaks the most stories to the press?
I think the New York women run the leakiest ship in town, but they live and breathe in the center of the media universe, so they're way more exposed to the press on a daily basis.

Do all the housewives earn the same? How much?
They all do well for themselves. (BANKRUPTCY IS DOING WELL?)

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It is my dream to be Andy Cohen. Spokesperson, Vice President, he basically IS BRAVO

Cher Lloyd has 'Got it together' says Simon.

Simon Cowell has predicted big things for X Factor hopeful Cher Lloyd.

The reality TV judge claimed that the young singer, who impressed the panel with her rendition of 'Turn My Swag On', is a perfect match for the ITV1 series.

Speaking in the first ever edition of X magazine, he said: "Cher Lloyd, well, you've seen the pick-up on this girl. There are a lot of people her age who would love her and that's what we're looking for. Someone who's got it together themselves."

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She's going to win. Deal with it.
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Rachel Zoe films cameo for "Gossip Girl"

"Gossip Girl" has no dearth of fashion, but it's about to up the glam ante this season.

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe will make a cameo in one of the show's upcoming episodes, as part of a storyline based on Blair Waldorf's (Leighton Meester) 20th birthday party, a source confirms to the Daily News.

"Rachel plays herself in the scene and has a handful of lines to remember,” the insider said, adding that designer Cynthia Rowley and Elle magazine's creative director, Joe Zee, will also make guests appearances in the same episode.

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What were your thoughts on last night's premiere episode, ONTD? And I'm REALLY excited for the FNO episodes of GG, tbqh.
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Teresa Giudice Dishes on Danielle Staub, Her Own Future and Gay Rights

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Do you have any regrets about getting involved with The Real Housewives of New Jersey?
"Nothing could prepare you for being instantly famous. Being on the show was the best thing I ever did -- and the worst thing. Yeah, the paparazzi and the fake stories about my family are aggravating, but we choose to concentrate on the blessings--the great things that came out of it, like my New York Times best-selling cookbook, Skinny Italian, meeting so many wonderful fans, things like that."

All of your fans are very concerned about your, Joe's and the girls' well-being. Is your family really $11 million in debt?
"I really appreciate everyone's concern. I get the sweetest, most uplifting letters from people. And yes, Joe and me and the girls are all happy and healthy. We're in God's hands. What more could I ask?"

Do you think that you will have to sell your gorgeous house? Or will you have to get a job?
"I have a job! I have four jobs actually. My first and most important job is being a mommy. But I'm also an author, I run an online boutique, and I make appearances around the country. I think I'm the only New Jersey Housewife that actually went to college. I have a fashion degree and worked as a buyer for Calvin Klein and Macy's before I had kids.
I've always worked. I love to work. But my family comes first."
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'90210' and 'Gossip Girl' return with decent ratings on CW

The CW premiered new seasons of 90210 and Gossip Girl on Monday and earned some decent numbers for the fifth network. For 90210, it was the network’s best performance among adults 18-34 (1.2 rating/4 share) and total viewers (2 million) since December 2009. The show aired on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. last season. 90210′s ratings were up over its final episodes in May by 21% among women 18-34 and 31% in total viewers.

Gossip Girl built on its 90210 lead-in by 18% in women 18-34 and 18% among females 12 to 34 yet the episode only averaged 1.85 million viewers. The season opener was virtually flat with the drama’s season ending in May.

Originals on the CW aired against reruns of comedies on CBS and the finales of Bachelor Pad and Dating in the Dark on ABC. Pad was down 10% from last week among adults 18-49 and was the series’  lowest rated telecast ever, but the two-hour finale won its timeslot in viewers (5.80 million). Dating was up 8% in the 18-49 demo versus last week and averaged 3.50 million. 

NBC aired a repeat of America’s Got Talent.


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Danielle Staub Says Her Spin-Off Will Be Better Than Bethenny's

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Danielle Staub may have been bullied on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she’s no longer the outcast. Soon launching her own spin-off, she’s included among the elite two Housewives to go solo. In an exclusive interview with, Danielle promised to give Bethenny Frankel a run for her money.

“It's going to be better because it's actually going to keep people awake and on the edge of their seats,” Danielle told exclusively. “They're going to want to see what I'm doing, where I'm going, who I'm wearing, what I'm wearing, who I'm chewing up and spitting out, maybe who I’m dating, maybe who I'm not, what is going on in my real life … and the one thing people say, love me or hate me, I keep it real and you're paying attention.

“I already did the kid and get married before I was a housewife, no offense,”
she said with a chuckle. “…I've been told recently, ‘You're not a housewife because you're not married.’ Well, yeah, I was married and I think there is a house.”

Does she think Bethenny- who has a successful spinoff following her run on the Real Housewives of New York- will give it a thumbs up or thumbs down?
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Lily Allen: 'I feel like an elephant'

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Lily Allen has revealed that she is concerned she will not be able to lose her baby fat after she gives birth to her first child.

The singer admitted to Grazia that most of the time she "feels like an elephant".

She said: "I still think I'm fat. Right now I'm worrying about how I'm going to lose weight after the pregnancy.

"I feel like an elephant, but I do get the occasional sexy pregnant day where I think I look great."

The 25-year-old also added that she wants to marry boyfriend Sam Cooper in the future but is currently concentrating on her pregnancy and fashion store Lucy in Disguise.

Allen explained: "The idea was to get Lucy up and running and then get pregnant but it all happened at once."


Katy Perry To 'Engage All Your Senses' On Tour Next Year


Katy Perry is still riding high off the successes of her first two Teenage Dream singles: the VMA-nominated "California Gurls" and "Teenage Dream." Now fans are hankering to know what she might release next from the album, but Perry is keeping that detail under wraps.

"The third single I can't reveal yet, because I'm too happy about 'Teenage Dream,' " she told MTV News on the VMA white carpet. "And I love secrets."

But she did leave fans with a hint, describing the video for the next single as "touching."

With an emotional track lined up, Perry also has some plans to tour sometime next year. "I hope that it's going to engage all of your senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch," she explained, adding that she had a warning for anyone who has been trying to take a bite out of her scented cotton-candy album cover. "It smells good, but you can't eat the album. I've had people eating the album, and I can't take responsibility for that."

Perry also revealed how excited she's been with the response to the album and its singles. "There's not many more places to go than #1," she said. "There's number zero, but that could be a Catch-22."

Perry seemed most excited for her next big goal, which she intended to address right after the VMAs: "[I need] some sleep, because I'm really sick," she said. "Nursing that cold!"
george jetson

Kardashian: 'Bieber threats were insane'

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Kim Kardashian has revealed that the death threats she received from Justin Bieber fans when they were photographed together in the sea were "insane".

The pair were doing a secret photo shoot but when images of them leaked, Bieber followers, nicknamed "The Bliebers", concluded that they were an item.

Kardashian told Radio 1: "'The Bliebers', they threatened to kill me. I really got death threats, it was insane. But he told them to back off and they did. I think it was all like a joke."

The socialite added that she thought it was "ridiculous" that people actually believed they were a couple.

She explained: "Is that not ridiculous that people thought that Justin Bieber and I were on vacation together, on a romantic vacation, in the Bahamas and I just happened to wear a gown as my swimsuit, and red lips and he's dressed in a suit in the ocean?

"There's another shot where I was wearing a full trench coat with lingerie on underneath, thigh highs and heels walking to the beach. Seriously, who would walk to the beach like that?"

The 29-year-old admitted that things had been blown out of proportion.

She said: "The Biebs and I are cool. We have met a few times for all that work stuff, and I think it's just got taken way out of context. But he's a really nice kid."

george jetson

Maher: 'Emmys will never honour atheists'

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Comedian Bill Maher has said that he has never won an Emmy award because he is an "outspoken atheist".

The Real Time With Bill Maher host asserted that awards committees will never acknowledge him because he made the documentary Religulous that openly challenged organised religion, according to Reuters.

"A panel of, like, ten people watches one tape. If half of those people are religious, that probably eliminates me right there," he said. "A lot of people wouldn't vote for such an outspoken atheist, someone who made Religulous."

Maher also stated that he plans to continue to criticise religion on his talkshow, but he will not release a new documentary on the subject.

He explained: "I have no desire to make another [documentary]. I had one subject that I wanted to paint on a bigger canvas than I could in television and in a place that would live in a more permanent way.

"It took me ten years to finally get a studio crazy enough to make the movie and the right director, and having made it I feel I have harpooned my Moby Dick."

Real Time With Bill Maher will return for its eighth season on HBO on September 17.

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Gaga's Handcuffs -- TSA Approved

Lady Gaga cleared security at LAX yesterday with handcuffs, and it turns out she's nobody special ... because TSA doesn't prohibit them.

We were pretty shocked ... but a TSA spokesperson tells TMZ handcuffs are not on the "Prohibited Items List."

As for what you're not allowed to carry on ... the list includes: billy clubs, brass knuckles, kubatons, nightsticks, nunchakus, dynamite, flares, cattle prods, drills and gas torches.

I would actually love to see her go through security. I wonder how long it takes her.

george jetson

Pratt: 'Montag and I are soulmates'

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Spencer Pratt has reportedly said that he hopes to work things out with his estranged wife Heidi Montag following the pair's recent detainment on suspicion of illegal arms possession in Costa Rica.

The couple were stopped at the airport on Saturday and authorities discovered two unloaded handguns among their luggage.

It was then discovered that the Hills stars did not have the necessary authorisation to have the weapons in Costa Rica and had not declared them, although they were allowed to continue with their journey after questioning.

Speaking to The AP on his return to Los Angeles, Pratt reportedly said that he is hoping Montag will give their relationship another chance, adding: "It was clear we're soulmates. I don't see any reason we can't get back on track."

He also explained that he had taken the guns to Costa Rica for protection because he had been on a remote retreat and said he had flown by private jet, insisting that he would never take the weapons on a public flight.

Montag added in a separate statement: "As far as I'm concerned the last thing in the world after everything we have just been through is to go through with this divorce. But we are just taking life second by second."

The couple - who split earlier this year - sparked rumors of a reconciliation at the weekend when they were photographed together at a cancer fundraising event in California. Pratt told the news agency that he had asked Montag if he could accompany her and she had agreed.

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Way to Waste a Perfectly Good Burrito

The mansluts of Motley Crue were way ahead of their time. Long before the "Smell Yo Dick" method came along, Motley Crue went to great lengths to keep the skank cloud on their peens from wafting into their girlfriend's noses. Vince Neil tells Hustler (via Contact Music) that they would hide the rank scent of herp pus, wart scabs, snatch jelly and dried man chowder by rubbing egg burritos all over their crotches. Who ordered the egg and spoiled chorizo burrito? Just in time for breakfast! Bon appebarf!

Vince tells Hustler, "We were always fucking other chicks at the studio and backstage... We would take Tommy Lee's van to a restaurant called Noggles to buy these egg burritos and then rub them on our crotches to cover the smell of the girls we had just fucked. So our dicks smelled of eggs... We would tell our girlfriends, 'Oh, we dropped the burritos in our laps.' The girlfriends thought we were a bunch of clumsy slobs. We never thought about going into the restroom and just washing our dicks."

Why stick your dick under the faucet in the bathroom at Noggles when you can fuck a tortilla vagina filled with scrambled eggs! That's more fun! Stupid fucks! Unless Vince Neil was dating Jessica Simpson's brain twin, there's no way that she bought his shit story every time. I mean, why wasn't he wearing pants while eating a burrito? Why was there also an underline scent of rotten kipper boiling under the sun in a plastic tub full of clam juice?

Besides, I'm sure Vince's natural sex scent smells like scrambled eggs, hot sauce and sausage, so he wasted a delicious breakfast burrito. That's the saddest part.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers music will never be on Glee

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ lead singer, Anthony Kiedis, admits to he’s barely heard of Glee and isn’t interested at all in letting the cast sing his songs!
They may be one of the most popular bands in the country, but don’t expect to hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the uber-popular Fox show, Glee, any time soon! Not only is the lead singer, Anthony Kiedis, completely against the idea, but he doesn’t even know what Glee really IS. Ouch!

“Honestly, I don’t know about Glee,” the 47-year-old lead singer told exclusively at the Surfrider Foundation fundraiser in Malibu, Calif. Sept. 11. “I’ve seen a picture of the Glee thing, but I don’t know what it is really.”

After we described the award-winning musical show to him, Anthony STILL wasn’t into the idea of letting Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison & co. sing his tunes.

“Generally speaking, that doesn’t excite me,” he admitted. “Nothing against Glee or any of those American Idol type shows, but you know … music that is near and dear to our hearts and the people we wrote it for and play it for, it doesn’t make sense to be seen in a television format. It seems emotionally displaced.”

Anthony isn’t the first one to say no to being on the hit Fox show — Kings of Leon very publicly “refused to sell out” to Glee as well. Lady Gaga, Madonna and Queen have all lent their work…do YOU think RHCP is making a mistake?


I would only want them to change their minds if it meant Puck had to wear a cock sock
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Ravishing teen beauty Miley Cyrus busted in West Hollywood

Miley Cyrus may get away with a lot for a 17-year-old: pole dancing, racy outfits, public makeout sessions with on-again boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. But Los Angeles police aren’t letting Miley get away with breaking ALL the rules; the former Hannah Montana star was pulled over in West Hollywood yesterday for driving while talking on her cell phone.
Despite the significantly cooled down Los Angeles weather, Miley Cyrus rocked short shorts as she visited a Studio City, CA Panera Bread with her younger brother Braison Cyrus on September 10, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Using a cell phone behind the wheel is against the law in the state of California. Did Miley’s handlers forget to give her the memo? The singer and actress was driving herself to a West Hollywood beauty salon for a hair appointment Monday and allegedly gabbing on her phone when cops pulled her over for breaking the law, according to the Toronto Sun.

Being a major celeb may have helped Miley Cyrus out at least a little bit: the cops released her with a stern warning. Will she heed their advice and wait until she’s off the road to carry on her conversations? Or maybe invest some of that hard-earned cash in decent hands-free device…Still, if this the worst run-in with the law Miley Cyrus has, she’s doing pretty well compared to some of her young Hollywood peers.



Cyrus, who was recently spotted making out with Liam Hemsworth in a parked car, was also parked when she was snapped on Monday.

And she had not been “pulled over” by police for chatting.

A rep for Cyrus tells Gossip Cop that she was calling her security team because paparazzi were mobbing her, and that the cops came to her assistance.


Some nobody thinks Christina Aguilera lost her 'mojo'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shontelle has claimed that Christina Aguilera "lost her mojo" on her latest album.

The 'Impossible' singer said that Aguilera's latest LP Bionic was not her greatest effort, but insisted that most artists will eventually experience an album that "didn't work".

"I feel like Christina lost her mojo," she told That Grape Juice.

"But every artist goes through that. Everyone has that album that just didn't work, like, everyone."

Asked if she had heard Aguilera and Britney Spears's latest records, she said: "I didn't even listen to [Bionic] (OIC) but I've been a fan of Britney's new stuff."

Shontelle also revealed that she will feature on Rihanna's upcoming album Loud.

She said: "I'm so excited because... we've finally been in the studio together working on some stuff that's going to be on her next up and coming album Loud."

Asked if she featured as a co-writer or in a duet, she teased: "Stay tuned for further details!"


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Jay-Z and Eminem Run This Town

I come bearing videos! All were taken by me and can be seen on my youtube account, Firerosearien

The photos are from my own camera. You can view my Flickr account at Firerosearien (I'm really creative, aren't I?)

Oh, I apologize for the excessive bounciness of the video, but they kept telling me to bounce!

Concert Opening

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The Jay-Z/Eminem concert was AWESOME, for multiple reasons. Among them:

a) When I bought tickets, I bought the first tickets that ticketmaster gave me for my selected price bracket. We ended up in the Delta Sky Suite, which is a private (repeat, private) half level behind home plate. We had, perhaps, the best view in the entire Stadium. And seats with padding, our own bar and private bathroom...

b) Eminem played a lot of his older stuff--things I actually remember.

c) Fifty Cent, Kanye, Beyonce, Drake, Dr. Dre (!!) Nicky Minaj and Chris Martin were there! All performed, and hell, Chris Martin even gave us some Viva la Vida.

d) The atmosphere was amazing. Hell, I've seen Yankee Stadium during the World Series, and it wasn't the same as this.
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Nadine Coyle and Cheryl Cole make peace.

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NADINE Coyle has made peace with former friend and bandmate Cheryl Cole.

The Girls Aloud sasspot, 25, made the first move and picked up the phone to offer Cheryl, 27, an olive branch.

The Irish singer, who’s been enjoying life in Los Angeles for the past year, wants to bury the hatchet on a series of alleged snubs and accusations and start afresh.

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'The Office' Purrs at the Kitten Rescue's Third Annual Fur Ball

Jenna Fischer, best known for her role on the American version of The Office, and a few of her costars came out to support the Kitten Rescue's Third Annual Fur Ball at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Among them were Angela Kinsey, Ellie Kemper, Oscar Nunez, Kate Flannery, Zach Woods and other kitten lovers to raise funds for felines in need. Fischer's supported the organization since 2001.

"I wanted to work with animals more intimately than just having a pet. I got to actually find them homes," Fischer told guests about two cats she rescued from beneath her wardrobe trailer last year aptly named Dunder and Mifflin. "I still get updates from the girl who adopted them!"

It was an eventful night with live entertainment, a film on Kitten Rescue, a silent auction, an award ceremony and a delicious vegetarian dinner. All the money raised went to support Kitten Rescue’s programs and their Kitten Rescue Sanctuary.

View photos from the event here.


Galactica's Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff were also there.

Thursdays About to Get Brighter: Interview with Glenn Howerton of 'Always Sunny'

The sun will come out Thursday, so get out your bottom dollars and head over to Paddy’s Pub — it could really use some customers. For those who can’t make the trip (or are still working off this weekend's hangovers), grab your remote and watch as “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" returns for its sixth season on FX.

You might even want to DVR the episodes for instant replay because it looks like the twisted lives of Mac, Dennis, Charlie and Dee — and even Frank — are about to get "more twisted."

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I hope you all got your Season 5 DVD, which came out today!
Hey Arnold; Arnold & Helga

Castle Scoop: A Trip to Los Angeles and a Jennifer Love Hewitt Guest Spot?

Most Castle fans already know that when the mystery drama checks in for Season 3, our favorite crime-solving odd couple will still be dancing around their feelings for one another. More surprising is that viewers will also see Castle on the other side of the law after he returns from his romantic Hamptons getaway. "It's one of those things — be careful what you wish for," star Nathan Fillion tells about his character's arrest in Monday's season opener.
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Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along Event on the Big Screen

NCM Fathom and Walt Disney Studios invite fans young and old to "be our guest" as Belle, the Beast and their friends return to the big screen for a very special two-day Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along Event on Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 6:30 p.m. local time and Saturday, Oct. 2 at Noon local time. After nearly two decades, "Beauty and the Beast" will be released on the big screen to treat audiences to the magic, music and spectacle of this treasured story in more than 500 theaters across the country. The special in-theater Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along Event will feature an audience sing-along to songs like "Be Our Guest," "Beauty and The Beast," "Belle," "Gaston" and all the film favorites.

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Taylor Momsen + John Galliano + Ellen von Unwerth = SEX

We met The Momsen in Paris yesterday for the release of John Galliano's brand-new fragrance, Parlez-Moi D'Amour. Taylor is the muse of the fragrance, and stars in the raunchy Ellen von Unwerth-shot ad campaign and video, (which her rock band, The Pretty Reckless, also provided the soundtrack for). She brought her band to Paris too - for the launch party, that was held at Laperouse restaurant (a former brothel) in the 6th arrondissement.

Last night, Taylor and the boys gave an unforgettable surprise street concert, pulling up in a truck with a stage inside, in front of hundreds of fans (and Momsen-alikes). Wearing a pale pink corset "dress" (essentially, just a corset), her trademark stockings with garter belt and self-proclaimed "stripper shoes", Taylor performed three songs - Factory Girl, Make Me Want to Die and Since You're Gone. The street gig actually started a little early; which, let's face it, is not very rock n'roll - except that Taylor herself tweeted the incorrect start time; a perversely rebellious thing to do.
The designer said that Momsen was a great inspiration and that he thought up a narrative “where she’s been traveling around the world gigging everywhere, going from one gig to another, and she finds herself in Berlin, stranded.” Galliano imagined that the actress-turned-rocker had no Internet access and had lost contact with everyone. “She finds herself having to pour her heart out longhand on paper to this guy that she has just fallen in love with,” he said.
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Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Emmanuelle Chriqui at TIFF’s ‘Black Swan’ Premiere

Jenna Dewan-Tatum is currently in Toronto to visit hubby Channing Tatum while he's filming the romantic drama 'The Vow' and to attend the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival (aka TIFF).

Since Chan is on night shoots right now and could not attend, we have some gorgeous new pics of the starlet spending a little quality time with good friend Emmanuelle Chriqui (aka Sloan from "Entourage") on the red carpet at the premiere of Natalie Portman's dark drama 'Black Swan,' which was held at Toronto's Roy Thomson Hall last night.

After the event, Jenna (who is a PETA spokesperson and is against wearing exotic skins) tweeted...

Went to see Black Swan with my girl Emmanuelle Chriqui..we somehow color coordinated our outfits. Hilarious. Oh and Black Swan is pretty incredible!! So intense, so thought provoking, and Natalie P really is amazing in it. Rockin the fake python at Black Swan last night!

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30STM Plans on Sexiness In "Hurricane" Video

30 Seconds To Mars Say ‘Hurricane’ Video Will Be ‘Sexual’

Roughly an hour before 30 Seconds To Mars strode onto the VMA stage to humbly accept their award for Best Rock Video, they walked the white carpet outside the Nokia Theatre, where they were just as humble, if not slightly agog by everything happening around them.Collapse )

This post is dedicated to both sjc_jackson and nuclearsex for their dedication and superior stanning of Dorian Gray and his boys.

Sessy Jared thanks you for your time. You can go change your panties now.

EDITED to include the sauce!


Diehard Supernatural fans worried that series creator Eric Kripke’s reduced role this season would trigger a devastating creative collapse can collectively simmah down now. If the electrifying trailer for Supe‘s post-apocalyptic sixth season (debuting Friday, Sept. 24) is any indication, the show won’t be going to hell in a handbasket under new boss lady Sera Gamble. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself after the jump. Oh, and one more thing: WARNING—MAJOR SPOILER ALERT.


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TBS cancels "My Boys", 4 people care

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Hope you enjoyed the fourth season finale of My Boys, because it turns out, that was the last episode you’re ever gonna get: According to my sources, TBS has broken up with the romcom.
For series lead Jordana Spiro, this could be good news. You’ll recall that she was forced to give up a role on NBC’s upcoming Love Bites due to Boys’ uncertain future. Now, theoretically, she could reclaim that lost part. I’ll keep you posted.

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Teaser trailer for "Wicker Man" sequel released

Who can forget the gargling bee-filled gasps of Nic Cage's Wicker Man remake? But this new sequel, The Wicker Tree, written and directed by the original film-maker Robin Hardy and starring original leading man Christopher Lee, might help us heal.

Here's the official synopsis — nothing says fry me up pagans like a couple of unsuspecting missionaries!

Young Christians Beth and Steve, a gospel singer and her cowboy boyfriend, leave Texas to preach door-to-door in Scotland . When, after initial abuse, they are welcomed with joy and elation to Tressock, the border fiefdom of Sir Lachlan Morrison, they assume their hosts simply want to hear more about Jesus. How innocent and wrong they are.

Right now, the film has no release date in the US — but when we find out, you will be the first to know.


The movie is a sequel to the original film, not the remake.

Rihanna's nominated for a MOBO Award!

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Rihanna has bagged a nomination for the Music of Black Origin (MOBO) awards, a British music prize. She is competing in the best international act category, a large category with 15 nominees:

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All of this year’s categories will be voted for by the public, except for best jazz and gospel act, which are juried awards. The MOBO winners will be announced in Liverpool Oct. 20.


MOBO Memory Lane!

Watch Rihanna winning her first MOBO award in 2006:

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Source 1, 2, 3, & 4

"Dancing with the Stars'' Rick Fox is at a Height Disadvantage with Cheryl Burke

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke DWTS Rehearsal

At 6-feet 7-inches, former NBA star Rick Fox towers over his 5-feet 4-inches "Dancing with the Stars" partner, Cheryl Burke, which can make doing the Viennese Waltz a bit difficult. ET's Niecy Nash checked in with the couple to find out how they are making it work.

"My arms. My neck. I feel like I've grown two inches just dancing with him," Cheryl tells Niecy, who is inside the partners' private rehearsal for the upcoming premiere night.

"Are you dancing in higher heels now?" Niecy asks.

To which Cheryl responds, "Check out these suckers. Four inches."

Despite the height difference, Rick is having a ball learning ballroom.

"It's effortless. It is fun to be around. I am learning a lot about ballroom dancing so far, but we have fun," he tells Niecy.

That said, he is prepared for harsh criticism from judges Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli. He reveals his strategy, saying, "I am going to keep it inside, I am going to think positive and then I am going to cry on Cheryl Burke's shoulder."

For more dancing hijinks with Rick, Niecy and Cheryl, check out the video above. Then tune in when "Dancing with the Stars" premieres Monday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. on ABC.


Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen Welcome Baby No. 2

And baby makes four... It looks like congratulations are in order for Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen! The newlyweds were spotted out and about in London, England on Friday with their 2 1/2-year-old daughter Olive as well as a new addition to the family (September 11).

There's been no word yet from either Isla or Sacha on the new baby - not surprising seeing as the very private couple rarely comment on their personal lives. In fact, despite her obvious bump the 34-year-old Confessions of a Shopaholic star never even confirmed her second pregnancy.

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Critics And Fans Unimpressed By Host Chelsea Handler's Racial Humor

People are talking...and they are not saying great things about Chelsea Handler's hosting skills and her off-color racial humor (which seems to center on making fun of black rappers). See what people are saying when you go inside...

If you watch Chelsea's show on E!, you already know that she loves rappers and they love her. And she does really funny interviews. But the MTV VMAs started out with her walking down the hall and being "sexually harassed" by a bunch of black men (mainly rappers) who all wished her well about hosting the show, before smacking her butt. This bit would have worked on her show.....but many found it uncomfortable.
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Electronic/Dance music posts are back! With some Kaskade and Tiesto remixes

Kaskade ft. Dragonette - Fire In Your New Shoes (Sultan & Ned Shepard Electric Remix)

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This is a special post because it's my birthday! It would be a bigger post except I have to get ready for a Giants Vs Dodgers game really soon. I'll make a big ass post this weekend. In the meantime, this post is dedicated to the Giants in honor that hopefully they will win tonight
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How about a Lauren Graham/Parenthood post?

 If ya'll aren't watching Parenthood, what the fuck is wrong with you? Parenthood is a glorious hour long family drama on NBC that starts it's second season tonight. The cast includes Lorelai Gilmore, Nate Fisher, that guy from Punk'd, and the scientologist chick from Swimfan. Really though, it's fantastic and was wrongly snubbed at the Emmy's.

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Sources: 1 2 3

how do you like my little boat?

Keri Russell Strips Down For Esquire

Keri Russell Gets 'Wilde' in Esquire

From "Felicity" to femme fatale! "Running Wilde" star Keri Russell poses nearly naked in the new issue of Esquire, and we have a sneak peek!

Keri stars in the new FOX show "Running Wilde" -- from "Arrested Development" creator Mitch Hurwitz -- as the object of affection for Will Arnett's wealthy "man-child." The show premieres the same day the new Esquire hits newsstands: Tuesday, September 21.

"I think I was willing to bet on the unknown, even if it fails," says the former "Felicity" star about her return to the small screen. "At least it would be fun and invigorating instead of me playing another nice mom in some sappy movie."

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Lee Pace, Uma Thurman, the Fonz and KStew's ex at a TIFF premiere

Uma Thurman, Lee Pace, Michael Arangano, Jason Reitman and Henry Winkler all turned up yesterday for the premiere of "Ceremony" at the Isabel Bader Theatre located in the University of Toronto campus. The film was written and directed by Max Winkler.

IMDB synopsis:
A young guy looks to crash the wedding of a thirty-something woman with whom he's infatuated.

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Ned thanks you for your time.

+ my amateur stalkerazzi skills
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Reggie Bush to forfeit his Heisman

 Last week, I posted an ESPN article saying that the Heisman trust decided to take back Reggie's Heisman. This was later denied by the committee as they hadn't met yet. Original post here. They were supposed to meet soon for their regular meeting, and discuss Reggie. However, today, Reggie announced that he will return the Heisman. 

Running back Reggie Bush has decided to hand over the Heisman.

Under pressure since his award winning 2005 campaign at USC was vacated, Bush said in a statement on Tuesday that he will forfeit the Heisman Trophy.

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Stan and Roger, American Dad!
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Spartacus: Blood and Sand DVD/Blu-ray extra: "The Hole"

Excited about SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND (Season 1) coming to DVD & Blu-ray? Here is a sneak peak at a brand new clip from the DVD/Blu-ray featurette "The Hole". Spartacus star Andy Whitfield and Jai Courtney (Varro) prep for a scene where they are punished by being sent to "The Hole" with real cockroaches and all!

Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing SPARTACUS: BLOOD and SAND Season 1 on Blu-ray and DVD in the US next Tuesday, September 21st.


Gilmore Girls movie ACTUALLY in the works? Lauren Graham Talks

Lauren Graham has confirmed that a Gilmore Girls film is still a possibility.

The actress told Vanity Fair that Hollywood producers have shown new interest in the project.

"It might [happen]," she said. "What's funny to me is that in all these years, no-one ever talked about [a film] except the fans. But now people... who could actually make it happen are talking about it."

However, she expressed concern that some of the show's cast could be too old to reprise their original roles.

"I think it could be good, but I wonder if we've waited too long," she admitted. "I don't want to be walking around the town square with a cane."

Graham also admitted that she has no idea what kind of storyline would feature in a potential movie version.

"It's hard to say because the show was never very plot driven," she suggested. "That is what might be uncovered in a two-hour movie."

Her former co-star Scott Patterson (Luke Danes) previously admitted that he is eager to star in a Gilmore Girls film.

The series originally aired on The WB and later The CW from 2000 to 2007.


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Bieb Is All Smiles After Last Night

J Bieb gives a big hug to a fan in your first look at his new music video, “U Smile,” which was filmed in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (September 13).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Still on high from his MTV VMA win, the 16-year-old musician tweeted last night after accepting his award, “Wooohoooooo!!! Can’t stop smiling! Biggest THANK U in the WORLD to the Greatest Fans in the World!! We Did It 2Gether and We are Just getting Started!!! I LOVE U!! Thank U!!”

Buddy Jaden Smith and girlfriend Alanna Raben also stopped by the video shoot to say hi and hang out.

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Talk About Attention Whoring

Danny McFly Claims That Bandmate Harry Turned Lindsay Lohan Lesbian

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Lindsay Lohan has been on a pretty rough ride these past few years including a stint in jail and an on-off relationship with Samantha Ronson.

Many people might choose to blame the fact she found fame very young or even that her parents seem, how shall we put this? A bit mad.

But no, Danny from McFly seems to believe it was his band mate Harry who sent Lindsay on her wild way after they hooked up whilst filming a movie together.

Speaking about their time with Lohan on the set of uber-shit rom com Just My Luck, Danny said "She was lovely but pretty crazy."

Danny went on to explain that the band and actress are no longer in contact and that a certain drumming friend of his might be to blame. "We lost touch. Harry turned her into a lesbian." he is quouted by Holy Moly as saying.

lol Danny shut up talking about lilo won't help your record sales

p.s I want to say thanks to the assfuck who pretended to be me on ONTDradio. It was hilarious seeing me portrayed as a 12 year old valley girl from Florida. try harder next time bitch!

Meet the New John and Yoko

On a sticky August night at Noho record shop Other Music, Sean Lennon takes the microphone, guitar in hand, with an affable, slightly apologetic air. His girlfriend, the model Charlotte Kemp Muhl, sits inches away from him, a large accordian teetering on her lap. "Look, we have one fan," jokes Charlotte in her breathy voice, pointing to a wiry fellow at the side of the small riser. "I'm going to try not to forget the words," Sean responds. "We've never played this song, except alone in our living room."

Soon after Sean turns 35 next month, he and Charlotte, a 23-year-old beauty from Atlanta, will release their first album together as a folk duo.


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tldr the rest at the source


Sean whines to Howard Stern

Atwood fuck yeah

Pleasantville Director To Helm Hunger Games Movie

EXCLUSIVE: Gary Ross is in early talks to direct The Hunger Games, the first installment of the novel trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The film is a joint production between Lionsgate and Color Force’s Nina Jacobson. Filming will start next year with a script by Billy Ray, who rewrote a draft by the author. The huge sales of the trilogy make the film adaptations a potential game-changer for Lionsgate, the way that Twilight was for Summit Entertainment. It has been a coveted job among directors (Three More Directors Circle 'The Hunger Games'), and Lionsgate picture chief Joe Drake and Jacobson spent the past two weeks meeting candidates that included Sam Mendes, David Slade (also a contender for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 job), Andrew Adamson, Rupert Sanders, and Nanny McPhee Returns helmer Susanna White. There was also talk about Francis Lawrence. It’s unclear who stayed in or out as Lionsgate focused on Ross, who directed Pleasantville and Seabiscuit. He isn’t set yet, but he is the choice. Let the negotiating games begin. Mendes, for instance, bowed out of contention last Friday, and I’m told it was because the MGM picture is clearing up and it looks like production on 007 could begin by late summer or early fall, 2011 with Mendes at the helm and Daniel Craig back in the Aston Martin.

The Hunger Games takes place in the futuristic ruins of North America, which crumbled and was replaced by a Capitol and 12 districts. Each district is forced to supply 2 teenagers, between 12 and 18. They participate in The Hunger Games, a televised reality series that pits the contestants against one another in a battle to the death. The heroine is 16-year old Katniss Everdeen, a skilled hunter who’s adept with a bow and arrow. 'The subject matter is dark, but book has become a juggernaut: the final installment, Mockingjay, has sold over 450,000 since being published August 24 by Scholastic.

Justin suit

perfection in teen vogue

selena gomez: empire state of mind

I first bonded with Selena Gomez two years ago at Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood Party, when we spontaneously joined forces to fix her dress after an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet. Her spunk and poise that night moved the starlet to the top of S.B.'s A-list. So, recently, when she invited yours truly to chill out in Manhattan's iconic Rockefeller Center after her Today show appearance, I happily cleared my schedule.

On the morning of our date, I arrive to find Selena amidst a sea of young ladies--no entourage, bodyguards, or oversize sunglasses in sight. "Kids never get a shot at talking to me because they're always being trampled by older people, so I try to pull them aside and make time," the gracious star says. After all, the girls who emulate Selena's fresh style are the inspiration for her new affordable fashion label, Dream Out Loud for Kmart. "I love Marchesa and Christian Cota, but my everyday look is really casual," she says. "I want my fans to know that these are the kinds of pieces I genuinely wear." The line has also given Selena the perfect opportunity to expand her good works as a UNICEF Ambassador (a position once held by icon Audrey Hepburn): She's arranged for all proceeds from certain pieces in the collection go to the charity.

This fall also marks the release of Selena's second album, A Year Without Rain. "People will be surprised. It's an older and more powerful sound," she explains.

Despite her glam life as a Disney Teen Queen, movie star, singer, and now entrepreneur, the eighteen-year-old has somehow managed to stay grounded. "I still go through what every normal teenager goes through: I am growing up, falling in love, having heartbreak, dealing with friendships. I just don't get a locker or go to prom," she says as we take in the New York City skyline at the Top of the Rock observation deck. "I would love to have those two things."

Sexy Squidward

Blake Lively In 'Allure': I Want Lots Of Babies!

Blake Lively covers the October issue of 'Allure,' and in the interview she talks about having a life outside of acting, not wanting to be famous and her new Ben Affleck movie, 'The Town,' out Friday.

On her role in 'The Town':
This part was originally supposed to be for a 37-year-old woman--she's a mother--but when I read the script, I knew I had to have the part. It was selfish of me. I worried I would ruin it for other people. But I had to try it.

On wanting a family:
I want babies. Lots of babies. Of course!

On being insecure about her acting ability:
You make your mistakes on a bigger screen for everyone to see. I'd look at what we shot on a day and it was like, 'Oh, gosh, I'm terrible.'

On her goals beyond acting:
I want to have a brunch place, a bakery, and a Southern restaurant--because my family's from Georgia--and then I want a place that is all-over-the-world cuisine... I take a cooking class everywhere I travel. I find it's the best way to get to know a culture. It's what people bring to the family every day, what they break bread over--it's a very intimate thing.

On boyfriend Penn Badgley:
Yeah, I don't comment on my relationships, so you can skip that one! My anonymity is something I treasure. Wanting to be an actor and wanting to be famous are different.

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