September 12th, 2010

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Taryn Manning (Remember Her?) Talks About Her 'Hawaii Five-0' Role

Taryn Manning may play the less crime-savvy sister of Det. Steve McGarrett on "Hawaii Five-O" (debuting Monday, Sept. 20th on CBS), but she's prepping to expand her role should duty call.

The actress said she's been hard at work on the Hawaiian set of the heavily promoted CBS show and her producers are attempting to give her character a bit more depth beyond emotional ballast.

"They are establishing her with a skill set," Manning told PopcornBiz. "We're starting to see that she's really good on computers."

"She's off on her own Nancy Drew little mission to figure out stuff about her own family."

Manning jetted off the Hawaiian set of "5-0" to speak to us from the premiere of her heart-wrenching drama "Love's Rain," where she plays the victim of a terrible crime. But back in Hawaii, she's all about the new CBS crime-fighting show that premieres on Sept. 20.

So could the "5-0" show's producers have a greater plan for her character? Perhaps make her part of the crime busting team as the season progresses? "I think she could be," Manning said. "She's got the skills."

The actress will be introduced to the series as McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin) estranged sister brought into the scene due to a family drama. Sister for now, perhaps more in the future.

To answer the inevitable follow-up, Manning replies, "Yes, I'm good with a gun."


I thought she might have gotten dropped from the show since she's not in any of the promos, but I'm glad she'll still be on it. I've loved her ever since "Crossroads." (IDGAF, I love that movie in all of its cheesiness.) However, I really just wanted to make this post so I could have an excuse to share this picture I found in this week's Entertainment Weekly.

Hey, hey, hey daddy....

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belle de jour

Daniel Brühl to open a tapas bar in Berlin

Daniel Brühl is opening his first tapas bar in the heart of Berlin's trendy Kreuzberg district.

Why Daniel decided to open a Spanish tapas restaurant? "We Spaniards do not like the Spanish food in Berlin. Since everything is made far too touristy. We want to offer the best tapas in all of Berlin." the handsome new restaurateur told in an interview with the Berliner Kurier. Brühl was incidentally born in Catalonia and knows what he's talking about.

His tapas bar is called "Raval" after a district in Barcelona and Daniel promises to be at the Raval as often as possible.

Raval will open its gates on December 1st.

meshed info from here & here + google translate and my common sense to edit the translation(though it still sounds funny, i know).

no word yet if he is planning on taking his bff August Diehl to a dinner date at Raval

Stephen Fry news roundup

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Stephen Fry's New Book/Autobiography

Islington's Vue Cinema will screen a special live broadcast of the renowned raconteur and comedian Stephen Fry as he regales chapters from his new book: The Fry Chronicles.

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Source 1
Source 2: FryLive

Quote of the Year

Stephen Fry: “I know there are people who don’t vomit at the sight of me so that’s at least something.”
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It's Love, Apparently

Another piece of gossip concerning Stephen Fry's boytoy. I am a stalker and an insomniac (it's a case of chicken/egg, really). Do not judge me, just enjoy the drama.

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Why would you hope its not true? That someone got out of a bad relationship and
then met someone and fell in love? Do you know the reason for the split? Well I can assure you you would hope it was true of you did…They did not split up because Fry met Steven Webb, they met after the split…Facts first

Source: I am the splendid source of all this bullcrap.
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Lauren Graham is not afraid to hump a chair to get a movie role

Eric Spitznagel: You play a character on Parenthood named Sarah Braverman. How does it feel to have the most pretentious last name in the history of television?

Lauren Graham: I know, right? It sounds like bragging. The Bravermans. Braver men. It’s a name that says, “We’re braver than your family.”

Does she fight crime with her best pal, Johnny B. Courageous?

The last time I did a character like that—with a name that made it feel impossible to fill her shoes—was Molly Davenport (from the 1998 sitcom Conrad Bloom). She just sounded like an old-timey reporter on the beat, with a hat that said PRESS.

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flawless, beautiful underrated comedic actress

fuck me santa

Pictures from the Toronto premiere of "The Town"

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Debuting their new movie north of the border, the stars of "The Town" were out at the 35th Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada on Saturday night (September 11).

Held at the Roy Thomson Hall, the film's director and star Ben Affleck worked the red carpet while his actress wife Jennifer Garner showed up to lend a little support.

Also on hand were "Gossip Girl" babe Blake Lively and "Twilight" hottie Rachelle Lefevre, as well as "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm and his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt.

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All Hail Denis O’Hare, the Vampire King of True Blood

Denis O’Hare, who plays Russell Edgington, the 3,000-year-old vampire king of Mississippi, galloped into this season of True Blood on horseback in a crested blazer, charming us with his luscious accent, old-world manners, and mercurial megalomania. With only days remaining until the season finale, Vulture talked to O’Hare about how Haley Barbour inspired his accent, why Sookie should take a page from Queen Victoria, and why Edgington is the show's true hero.

How did you get involved with True Blood?
Funnily enough, I was a big fan of the show and had been watching it —
along with everybody else — and had never imagined that I would be on it. You kind of look at shows and think, Oh, I wish I had done that one. But I didn’t really see myself on True Blood. Sam [Trammell] has that [Sam Merlotte] part taken, he’s great at that. I can’t play Ryan's [Kwanten] part. The Magister is a friend of mine, Zeljko Ivanek. I was like, I could play that part, but Zeljko’s doing it. I was in Budapest doing a movie called The Eagle when I got a phone call from my agent. He said, ‘How would you like to play the vampire king of Mississippi?’ I said, ‘Yes! Yes.’

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Team Russell all the way!

A.C. Slater becomes a dad

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Mario Lopez will now answer to a new title: daddy.

The actor-TV host and girlfriend Courtney Mazza welcomed their first child, a daughter, Gia Francesca Lopez, in Burbank, Calif., on Saturday, his show, Extra, is reporting. The baby weighed 6 lbs., 4 oz., and mother and daughter are reportedly doing well.

"We are so overjoyed," Lopez, 36, told Extra. "What an amazing, wonderful and overwhelming experience to welcome our daughter into the world."

I like the name!
britney qt smile

Celebrities discuss how amazing Suri Cruise is

Suri Cruise Charms Romantics Cast and Crew

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Suri Cruise‘s fan following just got a little bigger: the cast and crew of The Romantics have been won over by her charm!

The 4-year-old — who was a regular on the set while Katie Holmes was filming — had no problem making friends, Mom’s costars reveal.

“We all shared her,” jokes Malin Akerman at the movie’s New York City premiere on Tuesday. “We drew, we played hide and seek, we played dogs and cats, ate cupcakes together.”

Actors Elijah Wood and Adam Brody were equally captured by Suri’s outgoing personality. “Adorable, super sweet,” Wood raves, with Brody adding, “She’s a charmer!”

And while some spent time playing with Suri — including producer Ron Stein who “brought her Silly Bandz … cars, dinosaurs, and princesses” — others like Rebecca Lawrence took the opportunity to sneak a peek at her sense of style.

“She’s very creative,” Lawrence says. “She had great little outfits, like she had this beautiful red coat that fit her perfectly, and it was so stylish. And I wanted one in my size.”

However, despite all of the attention Suri receives, actor Josh Duhamel insists she is no different from any other little girl.

“She’s very sweet. She just wants to play, what is she? Four, five?” he explains. “They make her out to be this girl who’s much older than she is. But she’s a four or five year-old girl, she’s just fun.”


LOL at someone actually asking all of these people about Suri. 
Gackt-Uesugi Icon-Green
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Bunraku - TIFF 10 Midnight Madness Premier Party Photos


Actors Josh Hartnett, Kevin McKidd, Woody Harrelson, Gackt and Ron Perlman attend the "Bunraku" cocktail party at Grey Goose Soho House Club during the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.

Several more photos and official plot description below, and at the source.

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I cannot wait to see this movie!

ETA - Full Q&A with the cast (including Gackt speaking English!) -

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Source - Source
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Nadine Coyle tells friend she's quit Girls Aloud

Sad news for Girls Aloud fans – it appears lead singer Nadine Coyle has ended that chapter in her life.

I hear the star is now referring to her time in the band as “the past” and has vowed never to perform as part of the chart-topping fivesome again.

My source reveals it’s a Whole Lotta History for Nads, 25: “Nadine’s moved on. She loved her time but feels lately things changed dramatically.

“She doesn’t intend to perform with them again and is openly telling pals she’s no longer part of the band. She talks about being with them in the past tense. It’s like a new chapter in her life is beginning – the future is her solo career.”

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She’ll do fine without the Girls!



Lindsay Lohan to Make a Cameo at the VMAs

Lindsay Lohan may make her first formal return to the public eye since being released from jail on August 2.

According to E!’s Marc Malkin, the troubled starlet, who was sentenced to a 90-day jail sentence in July for repeatedly violating the terms of her parole stemming from a 2007 DUI case (of which she served 13 days), was reportedly seen at the Nokia Theatre on Friday during rehearsals for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

The “Machete” star’s VMA appearance will reportedly address Lindsay’s recent troubles, according to an E! source.

Reps for MTV were not immediately available for comment on a possible LiLo cameo when contacted by Access Hollywood.

Dream a little bigger

Roger Ebert reviews Joaquin Phoenix's Craaaazy Documentary

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. The tragedy of Joaquin Phoenix's self-destruction has been made into "I'm Still Here," a sad and painful documentary that serves little useful purpose other than to pound another nail into the coffin. Here is a gifted actor who apparently by his own decision has brought desolation upon his head. He was serious when he said he would never act again. He was serious when he announced a career as a hip hop artist. He wasn't goofing when he was on the Letterman show. He was flying into pieces.

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The best secretary Don Draper's ever had is interviewed

Has Don Draper met his match in his cranky, incompetent new secretary? Gina Piccalo talks to actress Randee Heller about becoming a Web phenomenon at age 63.

Mad Men, AMC’s melancholy period drama, has always been a stylish and sobering experience occasionally disrupted by illicit sex. But this season, a mouthy old broad in cat-eye glasses and an itchy wig named Ida Blankenship started goosing fans with a bracing shot of comic relief.

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Love this bitch

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Womynist Icon Camille Paglia On Gaga

Lady Gaga is the first major star of the digital age. Since her rise, she has remained almost continually on tour. Hence, she is a moving target who has escaped serious scrutiny. She is often pictured tottering down the street in some outlandish get-up and fright wig. Most of what she has said about herself has not been independently corroborated… “Music is a lie”, “Art is a lie”, “Gaga is a lie”, and “I profusely lie” have been among Gaga’s pronouncements, but her fans swallow her line whole…Collapse )

Hayley Williams and B.O.B Meet For the First Time

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The two stars behind the summer it "Airplanes," have finally officially met for the first time in person. These days with technology they were able to continue their busy schedules while finishing up the track, that later featured Eminem on the remix. Interesting how the MTV 2010 VMA's have been the first to bring these two together, watch their performance Tonight at 9 p.m. on MTV.

oldboy box

Prolific actor Kevin McCarthy, best known for 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers,' dies at 96

McCarthy's show-business career spanned more than 70 years and included a Golden Globe for his role in the 1951 'Death of a Salesman' film. But his most famous lines include 'Can't you see? Everyone! They're here already. You're next!'

By Dennis McLellan, Los Angeles Times

September 12, 2010|11:14 a.m.

Kevin McCarthy, the veteran stage and screen actor best known for his starring role as the panicked doctor who tried to warn the world about the alien "pod people" who were taking over in the 1956 science-fiction suspense classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," died Saturday. He was 96.

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SOURCE Obit LA Times
Sexy Squidward

VMAs producers rule out a 'Kanye West, Taylor Swift moment'

Kanye West and Taylor Swift are not planning to do anything to mark the anniversary of their stand-off at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, say the producers of the event.

VMAs host Chelsea Handler has urged to pair to stage a show of love, but the event's executive producer, Jesse Ignjatovic, insists there's no chance of Swift and West doing anything.

He feels West, who is billed to perform at the event in Los Angeles, won't be interrupting anyone this time, reports the Daily Star.

"The beautiful thing about Kanye is he's not one to repeat himself," he said.

Swift is again nominated for a Best Female Video prize, but she isn't confirmed to attend the show.

West shocked everyone in 2009 when he took the stage as Swift was about to accept her first-ever VMA honour for Best Female Video and protested her win, insisting the award belonged to his pal Beyonce.

The rapper has since apologised for his actions and recently revealed he had written a track he hoped Swift would record to finally put their awkward moment behind them.

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Claude Chabrol, 80, Director, Dies

Claude Chabrol, the director and critic who helped give rise to the French New Wave and who went on to make a series of stylish, suspense-filled films like “Le Boucher” (“The Butcher”) and “La Femme Infidèle” (“The Unfaithful Wife”) that were often compared to those of Alfred Hitchcock, died Sunday in Paris. He was 80.

The death was announced by Christophe Girard, the chief cultural affairs official in Paris and confirmed by his press agent, Eva Simonet, who said he had been hospitalized for “severe anemia.” President Nicolas Sarkozy of France said on television that Mr. Chabrol “took the finesse of his social depictions from Balzac” and “his humor and vividness he got from Rabelais.”

Mr. Sarkozy added, “But he was most of all himself in his films, as in life, and I’m certain that everyone will miss him.”

Mr. Chabrol was a young film critic working for the magazine Les Cahiers du Cinema alongside François Truffaut, Jacques Rivette, Eric Rohmer and Jean-Luc Godard when a family inheritance allowed him to form his own production company. In 1956, he produced and wrote the screenplay for the short film “Le Coup de Berger,” which was directed by Mr. Rivette, then used his own money to finance “Le Beau Serge” (1957).

“Le Beau Serge” and a subsequent Chabrol film, “Les Cousins” (1958), are often cited as the opening volley of the French New Wave.

“Le Beau Serge” (“Handsome Serge”) is an acerbic study of a smug Parisian, François (Jean-Claude Brialy), who returns to the provincial village of his youth and attempts to rescue his former best friend, Serge (Gérard Blain), from a seemingly pointless, working-class existence. The film established the piercing antibourgeois themes that would shape much of the rest of Mr. Chabrol’s career. It also demonstrated, to a professionally closed and aesthetically conservative French film industry, that an outsider could break into the system and make a commercially successful, critically acclaimed film.
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Lindsay Lohan is back in New York -- and for the first time since she got sprung from jail/rehab ... she spent time with her family.

Lindsay hasn't seen her sister Ali, mother Dina or brother Cody since she's been a free woman. We're told Lindsay is in town for Dina's birthday, which is next Wednesday.

She posed for this pic -- which we got -- on Friday after she arrived from Los Angeles.

Missing from the family reunion photo: Lohan, Michael (father).



odds on dina walking her down the VMA red carpet?

Shantel VanSanten talks about co-star Robert Buckley

Backstage at the Jill Stuart runway show during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week on Sept. 11 we got to catch up with One Tree Hill’s Shantel VanSanten who dished on her on-set and real life BFF, cutie co-star Robert Buckley!

When asked who her BFF on set is, she quickly said Rob! “Rob and I are like butt buddies, he’s my best friend!”

So, how do the pair of pals spend their time? “We read comics and watch Arrested Development and The Office, we’re inseparable in real life!”

Considering co-stars Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols found love on set, does that mean romance is in the air?

Apparently not! “Um, in real life? He’s my best friend, no no no! I mean we sleep in the same bed and nap together and to have that friendship to me is so important,” she said.

The star also said their connection definitely adds to their on-screen love connection. “Our chemistry is so much better because of it, because most romances come from a friendship so when you have that base in real life it only helps on screen.”

Although Rob’s still available, interested females may have some trouble answering to Shantel who admits to being super protective of her best guy friend!

“I cut them [girls] away I’m pretty much like, ‘Not good enough, that’s not gonna happen, I don’t like her!’ He always laughs at me. he’s like ‘You are a [cock] blocker,’ and I’m like ‘Yea, kind of’.”

Their relationship may be strictly platonic, but either way their connection but on and off screen is super strong — and I’m sure so many gals would die to be in her shoes!


aww how cute

An update on the sequel to Waiting to Exhale

Note: An article was previously posted on "Getting To Happy". In this article, Terry confirms she's cowriting a screenplay, and speaks on bringing back the original cast.

Port Huron native Terry McMillan had long insisted there would be no sequel to her 1992 breakout novel, "Waiting to Exhale."

Even after it became a runaway best-seller and its multidimensional portrayal of African-American women was cited as a turning point in American literature. Even after it was turned into the blockbuster movie starring Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett. And even after the movie went on to become one of the top-grossing films of 1995.

But she changed her mind.

The happy result for fans is "Getting to Happy," which catches up with best friends Savannah, Bernadine, Robin and Gloria some 15 years after "Waiting to Exhale."

McMillan says she initially set out to create four new characters. "But as I thought about the issues I wanted these characters to react to -- bad marriages, betrayal, loneliness, disappointment, a sense of giving up -- I realized that Savannah, Gloria, Robin and Bernadine were now at an age that they'd be facing these things in their lives. It just made sense to use the characters I'd already created."

In "Exhale," set in Phoenix in the late '80s, the girlfriends searched for comfort, success and fulfillment. The key was some combination of professional success and a relationship with the right man.

Mostly, they thought, it was about the right man.

In "Getting to Happy," they're older and wiser, but things aren't much sunnier.

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Emma Watson at Heathrow - 9/12

Continuing to work on her short-haired look, Emma Watson was spotted gearing up for an overseas flight out of Heathrow Airport in London on Sunday (September 12).

The Hemione Granger hottie was all smiles as she passed through the terminal en route to the east coast of the States for another school year at Brown university.

As for her shorter hairstyle, Emma chatted with Life Singapore, saying, "I've been wanting to do this since I was 16. But I couldn't because of the films. I couldn't wear a wig. It wouldn't look natural on someone my age."

Now finished with her "Harry Potter" duties, Emma's quite pleased with her new look, telling, "I think it's rather gamine actually, rather feminine. I've never felt sexier. I love it, this new hair. It's funny how everyone thinks of you differently now, and of course, you do feel different."

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Stephen Fry in Radio Times

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"The BBC needs someone absolutely, positively to stand up for it with style and panache."

As hit series QI returns for an eighth run celebrating the letter H, we bring you a really quite interesting interview: Eddie Mair chats to the inimitable Stephen Fry (QI, Fridays, BBC1).

The genial host - and man you'd most like to have dinner with - talks about his whirlwind life, self-loathing and defending the corporation's core values. Plus, don't miss our fun quiz - how many objects can you spot beginning with H..?

The first person to say that they spotted a homo will get shot in the face with a large caliber hedgehog.

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This post pleases our king.

(classic) jimmy

Carey Mulligan sings with Belle & Sebastian, attends premiere with Andrew Garfield

Tending to her red carpet duties, Carey Mulligan showed off a new look while attending the "Never Let Me Go" premiere held during the 35th Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto on Saturday night (September 11).
Held at the Riyerson Theatre, the "Wall Street 2" actress joined director Mark Romanek and co-star Andrew Garfield for the Canadian movie showcase.
Talking with press about falling in love with the female lead role, Carey said, "My agent said to me last year, 'You should only ever take roles that you can't bear the idea of anyone else taking and I can't bear the idea of anyone else playing Kathy."

Carey Mulligan Jumps Behind the Mic with Belle & Sebastian

Do you need another reason to love Carey Mulligan? Or, more argue-power behind why she should headline My Fair Lady if it ever comes to be? Just to continue the ever-brightening spotlight, Mulligan has grabbed the mic to sing with Belle & Sebastian in their new single, "Write About Love," from their CD of the same name.

The song, which you can download for free right here (and should, because it's pretty great), definitely proves Mulligan's singing talents, although it also makes me wish that if My Fair Lady gets cooking again, it could be a modern or '60s retro pop version with new songs. Lady isn't the original story anyway -- it's ripped from Pygmalion -- so one can dream.

Don't think Glee. It seems she told Vogue that she wants to pop by the popular show, "but I'm told I'm not famous enough to be a cameo."

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The Post to End all Diva Wars: a scientific approach to HBIC

Who is the Greatest Diva of the Last 25 Years? We Offer Scientific Proof!
by Jay Caspian Kang

By way of eulogy to the dying animal that is the Diva, my crack team of consultants, statisticians and graphic designers have assembled DIVA-OFF 2010, a highly scientific (we used computers!) evaluation of the greatest divas of the past twenty-five years.

A list of divas was evaluated on eleven levels of diva-ness, and, because each diva characteristic is not created equal, we scaled the values in the hopes of creating an aggregate diva number that will serve as a reference point for future generations.

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LOL. some of these "levels" are biased (i.e. wearing insane hats), but i thought this was a funny idea/different approach to the same shit we say. For the record, though, i love Beyonce. 

EDIT: Yeah this post is long, i know. But in it, it says Jordin is there as a control, because everyone knows she sucks. And according to them Christina eliminated herself. Also thanks all for reminding me about the diva that is CHER


Sam Lutfi being investigated by the FBI

It’s being reported that the latest restraining order against Sam Lutfi by Samuel Barth has been turned over to the FBI.

Radaronline is reporting that Lutfi used electronic communications to impersonate members of Barth’s family along with the “psychotic threats”, and that he gained unauthroized access to Barth’s facebook and twitter accounts which were used to make further threats.

The FBI is involved at this point probably because its considered “terroristic threats” because the allegations that Lutfi harassed the entire family.

The FBI being involved may hurt Sam in more ways than one. He has claimed that Lynne Spears tarnished his reputation and the fact that he has seemingly done the same thing to yet another person will certainly help in Lynne’s case.

What’s the old sayin’… give a person enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.

Apparently this is the SIXTH restraining order against Sam Lutfi since 2004,  Britney's was his fourth.

To read Lynne Spears official legal declaration detailing what he did to Britney during 2007 (drugging, removing car batteries, controlling paparazzi, threatening her life), click here:

Just throw him in jail already!

Sources:  PoorBritney, RadarOnline, ABCNews.
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LIVE from the VMAs!

 Make sure you follow @ONTD for fun photos and updates from Brenden and Liz (ecctv.)! They are already on the press line and will be tweeting throughout the night!

Our discussion post will be up closer to showtime. Enjoy!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Source: ME.

Alexis Bledel attempts to be the new Mary Jane Watson?

While at the Toronto Film festival to promote her new movie, The Conspirator, Alexis Bledel showed up with a brand new hair color. The strawberry blonde is a far cry from her days as Rory Gilmore. Frankly, I think it makes her look a dime a dozen, as the dark brown hair she had before really made her blue eyes pop.

Only a few days ago at Fashion Week, Alexis's hair was much darker, which makes you wonder why she made such a radical change. Whatever, the girl got to kiss James McAvoy in her latest flick, she can do what she wants.

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pecan pies
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Another White Girl Gets Added To The Cast Of 'Scream 4'

'Scream 4' is having some #whitegirlproblems


Aimee Teegarden from "Friday Night Lights" and the upcoming Disney feature, "Prom." source

Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox-Arquette, Adam Brody, Marley Shelton, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, Nico Tortorella, Marielle Jaffe, Mary McDonnell, Erik Knudsen, Alison Brie, Britt Robertson, Shenae Grimes, Lucy Hale, Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell

Anthony Anderson

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Becks in glasses

He’s already got an array of lavish cars parked in his garage, so David Beckham decided to splash out on a bicycle instead of adding another to his collection.
Becks took his three boys out bike shopping in Santa Monica and sported a new geek chic look in some Clark Kent-inspired spectacles.
The former England captain, 35, decided on a red and black single speed race bike, while Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, seven, and Cruz, five, chose brightly coloured BMXs.

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King K

beyonce is now a legit fashion model

Beyonce and Victoria Beckham Modelling For Tom Ford TONIGHT*

The former Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent designer's return to womenswear after six years concentrating on menswear and film directing, is the most-anticipated moment of the Spring 2011 season.

So it's not that surprising to hear that, following news that Ford has cast French starlet Lou Doillon to walk in his clothes, he has also persuaded some rather more A-list celebrities to model his first own label collection - namely, fellow designer Victoria Beckham and superstar Beyonce Knowles. Not only that, but The Daily blog reports that "every model is a celebrity", and that the designer himself will "walk [read: "talk"] the audience through each look personally" - a fabulously retro technique most recently employed by Beckham for her own fashion presentations.

Ford's highly-secretive, high-security showcase will take place later today at New York Fashion Week, and is expected to be shown before a very select audience. Details are leaking out tantalisingly slowly. And don't expect to be any the wiser once the show has finished. Reports suggest that all those present will have to sign confidentiality agreements and there will only be one official in-house photographer allowed to snap the looks on all those A-listers - and even those images won't be released until January 2011 when the clothes hit the rails, to prevent copying.

So now you know; the first trend emerging for Spring 2011 is: hush-hush is the new hype.


*that means there will be no surprise Beyonce at the VMAs :( I'm pissed
Stock; Starbucks

Spencer Pratt Arrested in Costa Rica

After Spencer Pratt insisted in a dubious missive to TMZ that he'd been apprehended south of the border, legal paperwork now apparently proves that he was indeed arrested in Costa Rica over the weekend, as he was making his way back to the U.S.

His crime? Felony possession of a firearm.

Before news even reached the States, Heidi Montag's estranged hubby reached out to TMZ earlier today with the following statement:

"As part of my spiritual cleansing I've spent the last week living alone in the jungle, reflecting on my past transgressions, and working to become a better person. I had to live off the land, and hunt to survive. As I departed the country this morning to continue my spiritual journey, I mistakenly brought my hunting weapons to the airport. It was an honest mistake, and they sent me on my way."

But wait a sec, what was that about living alone in the jungle? Last month, Pratt was spotted in Costa Rica with Montag, although the couple are reportedly proceeding with their divorce.

Skeptics suspect that the publicity-hungry twosome are toying with the press, but Pratt said in August he went to visit Montag in Costa Rica because he simply had nowhere else to go: "I have nothing in Malibu, I'm homeless, I'm nothing without her."

TMZ reports that, following his arrest, Pratt was booked and processed at a local jail and later released after turning over the weapons and signing a confession.

(SW) leia


"Mad Men" Costume Designer has her own fashion line and discusses her favorite styles

“Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant is in town for the New York shows, where she promoted her QVC line “Janie Bryant MOD” at pop-up store in Rockefeller Center. The capsule collection features faux fur coats and hats, necklaces and colorful brooches that can be turned into pendants.

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Ok MM fans, what is your favorite outfit on the show?

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 Take a shot every time you see brenden or ecctv 

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Shit show begins @9:00pmEST

Follow @ONTD for live updates from the white carpet!



Cheryl Cole would hate living your life

Cheryl Cole: 'I'd hate a normal life'

Cheryl Cole has said that she would hate to lead a normal life.

The 'Fight For This Love' singer told Vogue that she is grateful for her fame as it saved her from having to make a living through a menial job.

"Oh, my motivation is absolutely being in the public eye," she confessed. "Like I totally get it when people who sit in offices with nine-to-five jobs can't be bothered. What would be their motivation?"

"I would never give up what I do. I love what I do, I love my music, I love being a judge on The X Factor."

Despite claiming to relish her hectic workload, it has been rumoured that Cole is considering quitting her role as a judge on the UK version of The X Factor.


Kendra Wilkinson Barely Legal Boob Job Photos Uncovered

We all know that Kendra Wilkinson isn’t shy about showing off her naked body to camers, hell she’s even starred in her very own sex tape. But here is some photos from her past that I bet she never wanted to come out.

These photos of Kendra are when she was 18-years-old and they were taken right after she got her boob job done so she could start working in a strip club. You may also be seeing that her nose looks a bit different, I’m guessing she got a nose job done as well right before she became Hugh Hefner‘s girlfriend.

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2010 VMAs Discussion Post

*Apologies for the tech difficulties. My internet was down, and apparently no one else is around, so you can stop the hate mail now.

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With the holiday release lineups for Xbox 360 and PS3 largely laid out, you may have been waiting to hear from Nintendo before you finalized you purchase plan. Well, today the scrimping and saving can officially begin because the Big N has detailed many first and third-party releases for the rest of 2010.

The two you’re most likely to scour the list for is Kirby’s Epic Yarn (October 17) and Donkey Kong Country Returns (November 21), but also included notable are titles like Goldeneye 007 (November) and Wii Party (October 3).

DS and WiiWare games are also detailed to the anticipated Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (September 12), to the long overdue Super Meat Boy (Holidays).

Check out the full list below to see when your favourite game is coming out.



Samurai Warriors 3 (Sep 27)
Wii Party (Oct 3)
Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Oct 17)
PokePark Wii: Pickachu’s Adventure (Nov 1)
FlingSmash (Nov 7)
Donkey Kong Country Returns (Nov 21)

3rd Party

New Carnival Games (Sep 21) (2K)
NBA JAM (Oct 5) (EA)
Just Dance 2 (Oct 12) (Ubisoft)
Goldeneye 007 (Nov) (Activision)
Sonic Colors (Nov 16) (Sega)
Epic Mickey (Holiday) (Disney)



Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (Sep 12)
Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Oct 4)
Art Academy (Oct 25)
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! (Nov 14)

3rd Party

Super Scribblenauts (Oct) (Warner Bros)
Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light (Oct 5) (Square Enix)
Rock Band 3 (Oct 29) (EA/MTV)


3rd Party
Super Meat Boy (Holiday)


3rd Party

Need For Speed Nitro-X (Sep 20)
Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (Holiday)

Source ETA: The one I'm most looking forward too.....
lindsay lohan - she&#39;s got poison lips

Lindsay Lohan skit at the VMAs

Young and talented actress Lindsay Lohan made a guest appearance for a skit with host Chelsea Handler during the VMAs as predicted. In a pre-taped clip, Chelsea makes her way to the stage (and gets slapped on the butt a couple of times along the way). She meets up with Lindsay, who pokes fun at her own struggles with sobriety before giving Handler a bit of advice: "Don't embarrass me."

2010 MTV Video Music Awards
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Lady Gaga sweeps VMAs with 8 awards

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MTV officials in Los Angeles now say Lady Gaga's eight-win sweep at Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards was not a VMA record. Peter Gabriel previously won 10 for "Sledgehammer" in 1987. (amazing song/vid)

The outrageous singer picked up the biggest prize of the night, video of the year, wearing an outfit sure to anger the PETA-crowd: a dress and chapeau that appeared to be made of cuts of meat.

Another larger-than-life diva from another generation presented Gaga with her trophy — Cher.

Gaga's eight wins ties with A-ha's "Take on Me" (amazing song/vid) in 1986 for the 2nd highest number of wins in one night. MTV officials had initially told backstage media Gaga's sweep was a record.

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Rave Review of 'Let Me In' by a skeptic, Chloe Moretz watches The Vampire Diaries

Toronto: 'Let Me In' is exceptional, with two brilliant young leads at their best

There is no one who feels more protective of “Let The Right One In” than I do.

I was skeptical all the way up to the moment the screening actually began, and I got pulled in by the quiet precision of this film by Matt Reeves.

I’m sure some people will be unwilling to invite this film in, but for those who take the shot, there are such rewards waiting for them.  “Let Me In” may be, technically speaking, a remake, but even so, it’s a commanding experience, and one of the strongest films of 2010.

I had no idea the cinematographer was the guy from Bright Star (BRILLIANT WORK) and the composer was Michael Giacchino from 'Up'. Even more impressed and excited to see the film.

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Chloe Moretz reacts to premiere of Vampire Diaries, is she Team Stefan or Team Damon?
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Florence and the Machine's FLAWLESS VMA performance has postively impacted the band's single and album sales on US iTunes.

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Florence and the Machine - Dog Days Are Over VMA
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