September 8th, 2010



Sean Maher joins the cast of "Make It or Break It", a television drama series that focuses on the lives of teen gymnasts who strive to make it to the Olympic Games.

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Never heard of this show tbh, but who cares, Firefly post anyone? Also, remember when Sean was in that gay movie with John Stamos? LOL good times

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this is what you get when you mess w/us

Mega 90s indie post (this should keep the insomniacs busy)

A Feature About Nothing: The 1990s in Lists

We've taken a look at the decade's best videos and songs, and now we're wrapping up our look back at the 1990s by focusing on everything else in musical pop culture that defined the time period. This feature zooms in on some of era's highs, lows, and head-scratching curiosities. Enjoy, and feel free to take another look at our countdown of the 90s' best videos and tracks as well. It's been fun!

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I think I broke tinypic
Mary-Kate: Smile

Would You Go Nude Like Gemma Arterton?

Gemma Arterton rocked the red carpet at last night's Tamara Drewe opening in London, sporting a chic white Gucci gown. The look was accentuated by an ultra-simple nude makeup finish. Gemma appeared to be wearing not a stitch of product, opting for eau naturelle instead with dewy glowing skin. It looked fabulous, especially with her sleek centre-parted updo. There's no doubt that there was some behind-the-scenes work to create Gemma's flawless finish. (My bets are on a fab facial a week before, illuminating foundation, concealer and the gentlest touch of blush on her cheeks.) But it was so refreshing to see something so simple done well. So often on the red carpet starlets over-do it and this was the antithesis of that approach.

Poll #1616337 Would you go nude on the red carpet?

Would you go nude on the red carpet?

Yes! Definitely!
No way!

Mary-Kate: Smile

Couples come out to watch tennis at US Open

Lots of celebrities headed to the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center to watch the US Open in NYC yesterday.

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani looked loved up as they supported their friend Roger Federer once again. They sat with Roger's wife Mirka and celebrated his win over Jurgen Melzer.

Gavin's fellow Gulf telethon fundraiser Pete Wentz also took in the tennis with Ashlee Simpson.

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez were there too, after celebrating her 38th birthday a week ago, but the couple didn't sit next together.

More photos at the Source.

German gymnast Fabian Hambuechen: My mom walked in on me having sex

The 22-year-old German gymnast divulges intimate details of his private life in his new autobiography. For example the moment when his mother walked in on him having sex with his girlfriend.

"Sarah became integrated into our family so well, one almost forgot that she was my girlfriend and that we didn't just watch gymnastics videos together. That's the only way I can explain the fact that my mother once came into my room with a laundry basket without knocking beforehand. And she caught me and Sarah in the act. Unfortunately the lock was broken, so we could't have locked the door. My mom was visibly embarrassed by the whole thing. She quicky closed the door behind herself, her head scarlet-red."

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Has Russell Brand found Jesus?

KATY PERRY's parents think her fiancé RUSSELL BRAND is becoming "a great man of GOD".

The singer, 25, said her devout Christian folks believe the former sex and drug addict is going through a religious "transition".

Katy, who has an "I Love Jesus" tattoo, added: "It's happening - but it won't be exactly specific to what my parents think.

"Imagine where he's come from to where he is now. There's got to be a reason."

Katy, who admits she sleeps with the light on if comic Russ, 35, is away, said: "Evil things go on in the dark."


Yeah...I'm skeptical
(classic) jimmy

Carey Mulligan covers US Vogue, is talented and gorgeous

Carey Mulligan is picture perfect in Chanel on the October 2010 cover of Vogue, on stands September 14.

Somehow the 25-year-old British actress has gone from indie darling to Hollywood’s hottest face!

Carey stars in Never Let Me Go, which opens in limited release on Sept. 15 and co-stars Keira Knightley and Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield. Her other movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps opens Sept. 24 and co-stars boyfriend Shia LaBeouf!

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below from the photoshoot styled by Grace Coddington under the cut, which took place in the South of France. Gorgeous, Gorgeous shoot!

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george jetson

Teresa Giudice likely gone from 'Housewives'

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Don't expect Teresa Giudice to return for Season 3 of "Real Housewives of New Jersey," according to a friend of hers.

Giudice struck a bad deal with Bravo over royalties from her best-selling cookbook, "Skinny Italian." The bankrupt babe is the only housewife in the franchise to give the network 10 percent of royalties from her book sales. In exchange, Bravo said it would make up the difference by promoting her book on the show. She filmed several scenes with the book, cooking and testing recipes -- but the footage never aired. The book was mentioned once during the reunion episode.

Her friend told us Bravo is trying to hardball Giudice by moving to hire her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, whom she hates, as a possible replacement. Although Giudice is $11 million in debt, her friend said, "Teresa is done with Bravo, I don't think any amount of money will make her come back." A rep for Bravo didn't get back to us.

george jetson

Danielle Staub: Why I Left Real Housewives

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As previously announced, Danielle Staub is officially gone -- but not forgotten -- from Real Housewives of New Jersey after two seriously drama-packed seasons.

The reality star, author and budding singer told about her departure from the Bravo hit that made her famous.

"I'm way too good for this," Staub, 48, tells Us. "They have used me about as much as I can be used."

Since the moment the Garden State version of the franchise debuted last year, Staub clashed with the four other housewives, despite an initial friendship with Jacqueline Laurita.

"I think it's time for me to move on and upward," says Staub. "I don't see any interest for me to be attacked like that." (Staub's extensions were ripped out by Laurita's daughter Ashley Holmes, and she was threatened by Teresa Giudice during the second season's shocking finale, among many other memorable battles.)
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george jetson

Lady Gaga’s on-off boyfriend Luc Carl doesn’t like pop music

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The ‘Bad Romance’ hitmaker’s former friend DJ Brendan Sullivan claims her relationship with Luc was volatile because of his disrespect of her sound and the singer realised putting her career first would make her personal life suffer.

Brendan said: “Luc didn’t like pop music, so he basically didn’t respect anything she did.

“The concept she came up with is she’s working hard on her music to impress this guy, but the harder she works on the music, the more it will take her away from this guy. She wins and loses either way.”

Although the pair stayed together, Luc came to realise having a famous girlfriend was not an instant ticket to fame for himself.

Brendan explained in Maureen Callahan’s new book ‘Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga’: “He thought having a girlfriend with a record deal would be all VIP shows and instant status.

“He didn’t know that music was an actual profession and he would have a busy girlfriend who was always out of town or on her Blackberry.”

Despite their troubles, Gaga’s former tour manager David Ciemmy believes the pair will always be involved.

He said: “She just has always had a thing for him, and he knows it and he took advantage of it.”

george jetson

Sofia Coppola Calls 'Breaking Dawn' Love Story 'So Romantic'

While the "Breaking Dawn" director's chair for both parts 1 and 2 is officially occupied by Bill Condon, "Twilight" fans know that there were several other high-profile names attached to the project before Condon signed on.

Among them was "Lost in Translation" and "Marie Antoinette" director Sofia Coppola. When we caught up with the writer/director to discuss her upcoming Chateau Marmont-set film, "Somewhere," we asked her if there was any truth to the "Dawn" director rumors.

"Yeah, yeah, I talked to them about that," Coppola revealed to MTV News. "I was interested in doing something but I didn't end up doing it. But I love, I'm impressed by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison pulling it off in that whole story," she said. "And my friend's kids love the story so much that I thought it would be fun to make something that they love so much."

Asked what she liked best about the blockbuster vampire franchise, Coppola admitted she goes weak in the knees for romance.

"I just love that it's so romantic," she told us. "I'm always a sucker for a love story and also to do something for teenagers, because I feel like, why not have beautiful cinematography and all these things in a kid movie? Usually it looks like it's not crafted very sophisticated, and I feel like it'd be nice to bring that kind of style into a younger film."

Perhaps the studio heads can line up Coppola for the talked-about film version of the "Eclipse" novella, "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner"?

george jetson

Lindsay Still Blaming Daddy for Her Problems

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Lindsay Lohan always has been and always will be that celebrity that blames everyone else for her problems. She has an excuse for everything and refuses to take responsibility for anything.

So it should come as no surprise that she's blaming her dad Michael Lohan for all her problems...again.

Lindsay said, "He's put myself and my mother and my mom's parents through so much hell. From the death threats to throwing shoes at my grandfather's head and giving him a concussion to threatening to kill my mother in front of my little brother Dakota.

"I grew up really fast just because of the situations I was subjected to because of my father. My mom would try to shield me from that as much as possible, but I chose to get in the middle of my parents my entire life."

And him talking to the press about his daughter makes her feel sorry for him. She added to Vanity Fair magazine: "I feel sorry for him. Obviously, it shows a far cry for attention in so many ways. He's not happy with himself. Therefore, he has to project it onto others."

Maybe Michael wasn't the greatest parent, but neither is Dina. They're both equally responsible for the hot mess that is Lindsay. And come on Linds, you're old enough to take responsibility for her own f**k ups at this point.


RPattz is on a road trip...

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After spending a guys' night out in L.A. last Friday, Robert Pattinson packed up and hit the road with a few of his pals, stopping first in Arizona on Saturday night and continuing on to New Mexico..

There was a bearded sighting of Rob in Santa Fe, where he told a restaurant patron he was road tripping with some guy friends.

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video by one of the girls outside the bar in Lubbock:

</a>. -

Tl;dr: Rob's been on a road trip this week with his BFFs Tom Sturridge and Sam Bradley. They were apparently on the Route 66 trail for awhile, to Sante Fe and then on to Lubbock, TX.


britney → stages (underworld)

Godney Jean blesses us with the voice of an Angel

Songwriter-and-producer Steve Anderson has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names, including Kylie Minogue. He recently collaborated with Britney on a single called Grow, and says rumours the star can’t sing without the help of auto-tune technology are ridiculous.

“I adore Grow. It’s so gorgeous. Lisa Greene was in America with Britney writing new songs, I was supposed to go but was working on a Kylie tour”, Steve told. “One night she called and was in the studio with Britney. They had come up with an idea which they sang down the phone to me, and I got to work on a track idea for it to help them get to the next stage with the song.”

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source (original source is from an interview with do_somethin!)

Our Lord and Saviour Godney Jean has blessed this unholy world with many givings. Let us pray that this year, we receive more Beautiful Scriptures from our Holy Spearit.

Paul Wesley: Vanity Fair Gorgeous


A tank-top-clad Paul Wesley shows off his fit figure in the October 2010 issue of Vanity Fair Italia.

Exec producer Kevin Williamson was recently asked about the upcoming season of Vampire Diaries.

He shared, “Well, Katherine being back in Mystic Falls is a bit of a game changer for the show. It’s about, ‘How is that going to affect Damon and Stefan, in terms of Katherine now being back in town?’ It’s so hard to talk about it without giving anything away because it seems like everything is a surprise and everything is a twist. But, Katherine comes back and pretty much states why she’s back. It will be fun to watch that play out. If you’ve watched our show in the past, you know that there’s always more than one reason why someone is there. It’s a huge journey.”

Source --

Carey Mulligan Sings With Belle and Sebastian

Carey Mulligan - our favorite Oscar-nominated Doctor Who alum - has lent her vocals to the latest Belle & Sebastian single. The tune's called "Write About Love," and in typical B&S fashion, it's charming '60s-influenced pop. And it's available as a free download. Who knew that lovely Sally Sparrow from Doctor Who's "Blink" could also sing like one? (Which is great - Mulligan has been a longtime candidate to play Eliza Doolittle in a film adaptation of the musical My Fair Lady.)

Mulligan was Oscar-nominated and won a BAFTA for An Education this past winter, and the busy actress has Never Let Me Go and Wall Street 2 coming up this month.


Walker - AIDS
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Piers Morgan to replace Larry King

British TV host Piers Morgan will take over Larry King's prime-time hour with "a candid, in-depth newsmaker interview program" starting in January, CNN announced Wednesday.

Morgan, best known to American viewers as a judge on NBC's "America's Got Talent," has most recently hosted "Piers Morgan's Life Stories" on television in the United Kingdom.

"Piers has made his name posing tough questions to public figures, holding them accountable for their words and deeds," said CNN-US President Jon Klein. "He is able to look at all aspects of the news with style and humor with an occasional good laugh in the process."

Morgan's show, which was not named in the CNN news release, will air live on CNN-US at 9 p.m. ET and will air worldwide on CNN-International in more than 200 countries, the network said. Morgan will be based in New York, but also will work from Los Angeles and London, CNN said.

King announced this summer that he was stepping aside from CNN's "Larry King Live," a show he began hosting in 1985.

"I have watched 'Larry King Live' for much of the last 25 years, and dreamed of one day filling the legendary suspenders of the man I consider to be the greatest TV interviewer of them all," Morgan said.

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Lady GaGa is interviewed by Vogue Hommes Japan (with pictures!!!!)

‘So I wake up in the morning and I feel black on the inside so I will wear black, have my hair high above my head with a puppet lobster stuck in the centre of it. If I feel really light, happy and beautiful I’ll wear something very colourful with rainbows and sparkles and have messy eyeliner and wear my hair like Peggy Moffitt. It really depends on what the day is...

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I was at the Monster Ball and Terry Richardson was talking pictures of the audience and managed a picture of my brother and I. I'd hope I was in a Monster Ball book, but idk with him.
Louis Garrel Dans Paris


Hunger's Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender Reunite for Shame

British artist-turned-director Steve McQueen is reteaming with actor Michael Fassbender for Shame, which would mark the director's second directorial effort, after 2009's Hunger.

According to Variety, Shame will star Michael Fassbender as Brandon, a 30-something man living in New York, who is unable to manage his sex life. The drama, penned by Steve McQueen and Brick Lane scribe Abi Morgan, will examine the nature of need, how people live their lives and react to the experiences that shape them.

Production will begin in January.


bruno mars x "just the way you are"

We knew Bruno Mars had many talents, but he reveals his latest and strangest one yet in the Ethan Lader-directed video for “Just the Way You Are,” the lead single from his full-length debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans (due Oct. 5). The 23-year-old singer-songwriter makes portraits come to life using cassette tape string in the clip, which was inspired by artist Erika Iris Simmons.

The island boy scored a coveted spot performing at this Sunday’s VMAs. With credits that include B.o.B’s “Nothin on You,” Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire,” and Cee Lo’s latest sensation “F**k You,” we’re not surprised.


omg, he and this song are so perfect.  *swoons*

[OUAT] Hook

Best Viral Marketing Campaigns

The rise of social networks like Twitter and Facebook make it much easier for a quirky story or embarrassing stunt to spread like wildfire.

We take a look at some of our favourite examples of viral marketing campaigns.

Old Spice Guy

Former American Football player Isaiah Mustafa shot to fame in a viral web phenomenon as "the man your man could smell like".

The promotion took on a life of its own with numerous parodies and Mustafa posting YouTube responses to questions from Ellen Degeneres, Alyssa Milano, and anonymous tweeters on the web in real time.

Mustafa has since scored a Hollywood movie role alongside Jennifer Aniston in the film Horrible Bosses.

Old Spice: The man your man could smell like

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Do you have any favourites ONTD?

Fair shake of the sauce bottle, mate.
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Jane Fonda doesn't care what you think

Jane Fonda Talks About Her Plastic Surgery, Diet

Jane Fonda has been open about her plastic surgery since she had her eyes, chin and neck done earlier this year and now she tells Entertainment Tonight more about the procedures.

"I recently had plastic surgery," she said. "It was a hard decision to make, and I decided if I'm going to do it, I'm going to tell the truth. I'm writing a book about aging, so I can't write that book and not say I've had plastic surgery. And you know, I just decided it was for me -- I don't want to have bags under my eyes that make me look tired, and so forth and so on."

Fonda, 72, has struggled with bulimia and admits her workouts have been excessive but she is trying to find moderation in walking hills, lifting weights and swimming.

"I have, in my life, been obsessive about exercise, about most everything," she said. "But one of the good things that happens when you get older is everything comes into perspective. I don't want to get hurt."

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usher kicks off "omg" tour

New York, NY: Multi-platinum recording artist Usher officially announces his OMG Tour. The highly anticipated 25-date trek across North America is presented by AEG Live and will kick off November 10th in Seattle, WA at Key Arena.

On the heels of his recent release Versus, an extension of his platinum album Raymond V. Raymond, Usher is preparing to bring all of his hits to the stage including his current pop chart smash "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love".

"Songs like 'OMG', 'DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love', 'There Goes My Baby', 'Papers', 'Daddy's Home', 'Lil Freak with Nicki Minaj' and 'Hot Tottie with Jay Z' have dominated the airwaves since last February", says Randy Phillips, President & CEO of AEG Live. "Now is the time for one of our greatest entertainers to go live and we are thrilled to be part of the ultimate Usher experience. Usher is bringing his fans an evening they will not soon forget. This will be the 'Must See' concert tour of 2010!"

Fans will be able purchase tickets beginning September 17th and for up to the minute tour information and news they can visit

Usher's sixth studio album Raymond V. Raymond debuted at No.1 on Pop and R&B albums charts and spawned five hit singles including "Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)," "Lil Freak" featuring Nicki Minaj, "There Goes My Baby" and "OMG" featuring He was recently confirmed to perform at the upcoming MTV 2010 Video Music Awards on September 12th.

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Allison Iraheta parts ways with Jive records

Allison Iraheta, fourth-place finisher on season 8 of American Idol, has parted ways with her label, Jive Records, has learned. Rumors began to swirl in the blogosphere over Labor Day weekend, when fans of the red-headed rocker noticed she was no longer listed under the roster of artists on Jive’s official Web site.

“Allison Iraheta has parted ways with Jive Records, however she remains signed to 19 Recordings. Allison is currently on the road in the U.S. opening for Adam Lambert on the Glam Nation Tour,” a 19 spokesperson told EW.

19 Recordings is the label arm of 19 Entertainment, which produces Idol. The company has traditionally signed the winner and runner-up of each season of Idol (and occasionally one or two other finalists), then licensed their albums to a Sony Music label (Jive or RCA) for release; in August, 19 announced it would replace Sony Music with Universal Music Group as the label for artists from Idol‘s upcoming tenth season.

Iraheta, who rose to fame on Fox’s reality singing competition thanks to her raspy voice and emotional delivery, released her debut album Just Like You in December 2009, but lead single “Friday I’ll Be Over U,” which favored a more teen-centric sound than the majority of her set, failed to garner much radio play. Subsequent singles “Scars” and “Don’t Waste the Pretty,” the latter which was re-recorded to feature guitar work by Orianthi, didn’t fare any better.

it&#39;s going to be raining outdoors

Angelina has had enough of your shit

Angelina Jolie Condemns Planned Quran Burning

Angelina Jolie on Wednesday condemned a Florida church's threat to burn copies of the Muslim holy book to mark the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The 35-year-old actress spoke out against the proposed burning during a trip to Pakistan to raise awareness about the floods that have devastated the largely Muslim country over the last six weeks. She visited in her capacity as a goodwill ambassador for the U.N.'s refugee agency.

Jolie's criticism echoed that of top U.S. officials, who have described the church's plan as a disgraceful act and have even warned that it could endanger U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Americans worldwide.

"I have hardly the words that somebody would do that to somebody's religious book," Jolie told reporters in Islamabad after visiting refugees camps in northwestern Pakistan – one of the areas of the country hit hardest by the floods.

The Christian minister organizing the Quran burning, Pastor Terry Jones, has said he plans to go ahead in spite of concerns. He is part of the Dove World Outreach Center, a tiny, evangelical Christian church in Gainesville, Florida, with an anti-Islam philosophy.

The issue has not gotten much attention in Pakistan, where officials and residents have been trying to cope with the devastation caused by floods that first hit the country at the end of July following extremely heavy monsoon rains. The floodwaters have killed more than 1,700 people and have affected over 18 million others.

"I was shocked especially by how high the floodwaters went," said Jolie, who wore a long dress and covered her hair with a black scarf in keeping with local Muslim custom. "In some of the people's houses, it was nine feet (three meters) high."

U.N. officials have expressed hope that Jolie's visit would help spark the fundraising campaign to help Pakistan, which has stalled in recent days. The U.N. issued an appeal for $460 million in emergency funds on Aug. 11, but only $294 million, or 64 percent, has been received so far even though it is one of the worst natural disasters in recent years.

"There's lots of speculation about why this one has not gotten the attention it deserves," Jolie said. "Even all of the wonderful coverage ... is not getting the response that usually it's able to get."


Insert appropriate gif of Angie shooting/kicking people here

Also, information on donating to Pakistan here
I will talk to anyone

Aw jeez

Anna Nicole's Last Days: Lists Of Drugs, Bloody Syringes, Burnt Spoons

A second nanny testifying at the drug conspiracy trial of Anna Nicole Smith's two doctors and lawyer-boyfriend said Tuesday that she kept a list of drugs given to the model and that it numbered 18 at one point.

Nadine Alexie told the jury that she was vigilant about the medications Smith was taking because she was then studying to be a pharmacy technician. wat She made lists of drugs Smith was taking, she said, and one such list displayed in court Tuesday showed 18 different medications that included multiple sedatives and opiates.

She said Smith's boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich told her Smith was sick, but she remembered times when Smith was not medicated and seemed fine.

"She would be talking to you and smiling. She would dance," sounds like she's talking about an Alzheimer's patient Alexie recalled. "... We would talk and watch TV and read the Bible together."

She also remembered a time when Smith was so involved in making a baby book for her newborn daughter that she refused Stern's orders to take her medication.

Alexie said Stern regularly prompted Smith to take an array of pills left by Eroshevich. After taking the drugs, Smith "would be groggy and drowsy, her speech would be slurred," Alexie said.

Sometimes, she said, Smith became too weak to hold her baby.

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Shannen Doherty cast in movie "Growing The Big One"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is one title we’ll enjoy adding to the “city girl needs to move to the country to find a man” genre: Growing the Big One, starring Shannen Doherty and Stargate: Atlantis’ Kavan Smith, premieres Oct. 23 on the Hallmark Channel.

The synopsis: “Radio DJ Emma Silver (Doherty) leads a chic city life in Seattle until she finds out her beloved grandfather has died. Traveling to his farm in quaint Valleyville, Washington to take care of the details, she is stunned to learn her grandfather has left her his farm, along with a sizable amount of debt. To keep the bank from foreclosing, Emma must find a way to raise the money, or face seeing her grandfather’s precious land end up as a parking lot. Following her grandfather’s famed legacy, Emma decides to enter Valleyville’s annual pumpkin growing contest with his prized seeds and grow the world-record biggest gourd. If she can win the grand prize of $50,000, she can save the farm. But farming isn’t Emma’s forte, and she soon realizes she has traded in the glamorous city lights to find herself knee-deep in manure. The pressure to win is even greater when the vicious new radio station manager, Kate (Sarah-Jane Redmond, Smallville), revamps Emma’s show to include complete coverage from the pumpkin patch.

Then, Emma’s annoying neighbor, Seth (Smith), cons Emma into becoming partners to get a share of the prize money. But as the two spend the summer nurturing their pumpkin plants, they grow closer and a romance develops. Finally feeling at home, Emma begins to carve out a simpler life in the country, but her relationship with Seth is threatened when her radio show becomes a hit and she gets a job offer in New York. Will Emma be able to grow the biggest pumpkin and win the money to save her grandfather’s farm, or is the greatest prize one she just can’t put a price on?“

Yeah, I'll be watching. Cheesy Hallmark movies are cheesy and awesome.

Lady GaGa Stops Show in Washington D.C. to Stop a Fight

During the performance of Monster, Lady GaGa stopped the show to break up a fight between two people on the floor.


SMH DC. Anyways i was there great show, but the floor area was half empty i thought they said it was sold-out and the production/stage just looked a bit low-budget compared to The circus tour.

Britney Spears Suit Alleges Sexual Harassment, Abuse

TMZ has learned ... a bodyguard who claims to have been sexually harassed by Britney Spears is filing a lawsuit today, claiming Britney repeatedly exposed herself to him and abused her children.

According to the suit, a copy of which TMZ has obtained, Fernando Flores claims Britney made "repeated unwanted sexual advances" toward him by exposing herself in front of him in her home.

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Kurt and Sue
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Interview with Glee's HBIC Terri Schuester

TV Fanatic Talks to Glee Star Jessalyn Gilsig!

Jessalyn Gilsig has starred on two TV Fanatic favorites: Friday Night Lights and Glee.

While her character of Terri Schuester on the latter isn't exactly beloved by all viewers, the actress was kind enough to sit and discuss season two with a staff writer. We thank her for her time and have posted interview snippets below...

What kind of reactions have you gotten from fans about your character Terri?
It’s been really varied actually, and it’s operated at two extremes. People have been very vocal about how much they don’t like her, I mean really vocal. And there have been people who have said, “I really get her and feel this empathy for her and I feel like she’s lost and I understand why she made the choices she did." I feel like the fans have been divided on those lines of those who feel like they have an understanding of how she operates out of fear, and those people who just can’t stand her.

Everyone has a reason for being the way they are, including Terri.
Right, and I felt that was my job. I knew on one level that you had to want Emma and Will to be together and the only way that you really sympathize with a guy who’s flirting with a woman who’s not his wife is to not believe in his marriage. I knew that Terri was a sacrificial character to get those two together, but I didn’t want her to just be a shrew. I wanted it to come from, like you said, there are all of these moment that make us who we are and certainly make us not always the most attractive choices.

I made this decision early on-and the writers were very supportive-that she would be motivated by love. She’s not looking for power or money and she’s not malicious, she just doesn’t know how to express her fear and her fear of losing him. Some relationships operate by keeping their partner down so they can keep them around.

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Mini Twin Peaks reunion, needs moar Agent Dale Cooper.

'Psych' Exclusive: 'Twin Peaks' homage nabs Sherilyn Fenn, Sheryl Lee, and the Log Lady!

Diane: 5:35 pm, third floor, Time Inc. headquarters here in New York. I just got my hands on a red-hot scoop regarding Psych‘s forthcoming Twin Peaks-inspired episode.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that two of Peaks‘ most iconic faces, Sheryl Lee (Laura/Maddy) and Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey), will appear in the episode alongside previously announced guest star Dana Ashbrook (Bobby). All three will play residents of Dual Spires (get it?), a quirky Northern California town that has been rocked by the death of a high school student.

But wait, there’s more…

Peaks‘ enigmatic Log Lady, Catherine Coulson, has signed on to make a cameo as—get this—the mysterious Woman with Wood, and Ray Wise (Leland) will reprise his season 4 Psych role as Father Westley. Also popping up in cameos will be Peaks alums Lenny Von Dohlen (a.k.a. agoraphobic horticulturist Harold) and Robyn Lively (a.k.a. seductress Lana).

The episode—co-written by self-professed Peaks addict Roday—will air during Psych‘s fall run. The show’s summer finale airs tomorrow night.


I finally got myself to watch Twin Peaks and I love it! I haven't finished the series yet, they just revealed who killed Laura. I cannot wait to watch the rest of it.

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'Terriers' Premieres on FX tonight

Since you might not know much about the series, due to its bizarre (yet effective) marketing campaign, the show stars Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James (Rene from True Blood) as ex-cop Hank Dolworth and ex-criminal Britt Pollack, two longtime friends who decide to become unlicensed private detectives and, in doing so, become embroiled in an intriguing conspiracy.

The series was created by Ocean's Eleven screenwriter Ted Griffin and also has The Shield creator Shawn Ryan on board as an executive producer and writer, with Craig Brewer directing the pilot. That's one hell of a TV trifecta, folks.

The show debuts on Wednesday, September 8 at 10 PM ET on FX.


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chris brown 'frolics' with female friends on miami beach


Looking to catch a few rays, Chris Brown was spotted out on the beach in Miami, Florida yesterday afternoon (September 7).

The “Kiss Kiss” crooner looked fit and fine as he walked out of the water, though he seemed to be having a bathing suit malfunction.

The singer was photographed enjoying himself on a jet ski and playing in the sea with friends, including two women.

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Matt Smith on GT Cover and at GQ Men of the Year Awards

The new issue of GT Magazine features Matt Smith on the cover for the second time, this time in a pair of trunks.

Inside, as well as talking to Smith, the magazine goes behind the scenes on his new BBC movie based on the memoirs of Christopher Isherwood, Christopher and His Kind as well as talking to Lindsay Duncan, who played Adelaide Brooke in The Waters of Mars and who co-stars with Smith in the biopic, due to be shown on BBC Two this Autumn.

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Only Girl (In the World) premieres to positive reviews

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Since “Only Girl (In The World)” premiered, hundreds of websites from all over the world can’t stop posting positive reviews about the song — and also talking about “Loud”, Rihanna’s upcoming album name that she revealed right here on RD. Check what some of them have to say: “On the high-energy track, Rihanna yearns for her lover to keep her at the center of his attention over a pulsing electro beat. The singer’s voice remains silky on the verses, then bursts out on the song’s monstrous chorus.”

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I love the song, ridiculous verses included, her voice on the chorus is fab & I think the bridge kind of sounds a bit like Blue Monday/Shut Up and Drive.
[Actor] Henry Cavill

Guy Ritchie, Jude Law make inane Dior film

Guy Ritchie directed Jude Law (and Slovak model Michaela Kocianová) in this new short film for Dior Homme, which gets high marks for perfecting some of the high-end fragrance category's most well-worn tropes: stilted dialogue, idle sexual tension and the lack of anything actually happening whatsoever. Our favorite piece of dialogue:

Kocianová: There might be two of us.
Law: What, two of you?
Kocianová: Me ... and naughty me.
Law: Ooooh.


Normally I like these stylized perfume/fashion ads but I found this one quite boring. Scorsese's Bleu de Chanel was better imo.
[Mariah] Idc

Nadine Coyle poses provocatively in artwork for new single Insatiable

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nadine Coyle has got some tough competition as she prepares to release her debut solo single.

With Girls Aloud bandmate Cheryl Cole having proved a huge hit with her own solo career, the pressure is on Nadine to follow in Ms Cole's multi-talented footsteps.

But the 25-year-old singer is determined to give it her best shot, and has released artwork for her new single Insatiable which shows her posing provocatively.
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Sons of Anarchy - 3x02 promo & photos

Ratings: Sons of Anarchy Gets Off to Fast Start

The Season 3 premiere of Sons of Anarchy roared out of the gate, according to early Nielsen estimates.

Tuesday's episode drew 4.12 million viewers, ranking as the series' third most-watched episode just behind the Season 2 finale (4.33 million viewers) and the Season 2 premiere (4.29 million viewers). The show also drew 2.81 million viewers in the coveted adults-18-to-49 demographic, making it basic cable's highest-rated episode of scripted TV in 2010.


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how about that season premiere?
(SW) leia

GQMF cast in new Call of Duty

With the popularity of the Call of Duty franchise rivaling that of most Hollywoody blockbusters, it shouldn't come as any surprise that publisher Activision would like to further that connection a bit more. While recent editions of what's become the world's most popular first-person shooter franchise have brought in major Hollywood talent in the past (most notably with stars like Kiefer Sutherland Kevin McKidd, Barry Pepper and composer Hans Zimmer), it looks like the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops just got a lot more prestigious.

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Can we just have a picspam of this beautiful man?





Beverly Hills, CA – Oscar fans will soon have a chance to vie for seats on the most coveted and glamorous spot on Hollywood Boulevard.

Beginning on Monday, September 13, at noon ET/9 a.m. PT, and continuing for only one week, fans from around world may apply online to take part in a random drawing for seats on the 83rd Academy Awards® red carpet.
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Secrets of a Baby Vampire

Do you think sex is something that will ever become pleasurable for Jessica, since she has an intact hymen?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jessica, the 17-year-old “baby vampire,” is one of the few characters that Alan Ball added to "True Blood’s" script from Charlaine Harris’ original book series. She was a virgin when Bill Compton “made” her in Season One, which means that sex is always going to be painful for her: Vampire wounds heal immediately, so her hymen can’t stay permanently torn. Deborah Ann Woll, a Brooklyn-born actress, shares some of the secret vampire knowledge she’s gained from performing the role.

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McfineasHale to Star in Spy Kids?

Joel McHale ("Community," "The Soup") is in final negotiations to star opposite Jessica Alba in Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, reports Variety.

He will star as a spy-hunting reporter married to Alba's character, the stepmother to his kids. Alba plays a retired spy who has been reactivated. The actors cast in the preteen roles will be the new "Spy Kids." They will face the villain, known as the Time Keeper, whose goal it is to stop time.

Dimension Films is targeting an August 19, 2011 release for Spy Kids: All the Time in the World


(He's getting all these new jobs. I wouldn't be surprised if he parts ways with "The Soup")

Sexy Squidward

Olly Murs Set to Pose Naked After Topping Charts with Debut Single

He may not have won the show but Olly Murs proved yesterday that he's still an X Factor success story.

The 26-year-old singer from Essex reached number one yesterday after the release of his debut single, Please Don't Let Me Go.

The X Factor runner up showed his delight by posing for pictures and signing autographs after leaving the Radio 1 studio, and will now have to pose nude as he promised he would if he hit the top spot.

'If my single gets to number one, I'll pose naked,' he told Heat magazine in August.

'I am telling you. I'm being serious. If I get to number one, I will do a naked shoot for Heat.'

I have no idea who this is, I just want to see some penis!

Vampire Diaries Bad Moon Rising 2x03 stills

STEFAN FACES A NEW DANGER — Elena, Damon and Alaric take a road trip to Duke University and search through Isobel’s research on folklore and paranormal phenomena to see if they can uncover any clues to the mystery surrounding the Lockwood family. Isobel’s former student, Vanessa, offers to guide them through the research and ends up getting quite an education herself. Stefan comes face to face with a terrifying new danger in the woods, and Tyler makes a shocking discovery about Mason.
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Aretha hat!

Cher given 'extra care'

The production team will give Cher Lloyd "extra special attention" if she reaches the X Factor live shows, say reports.

According to the Daily Mail, show staff have expressed concerns about whether she is prepared for the strains of appearing in the latter stages of the competition after watching her at Boot Camp.

"Everyone was worried about Cher, she was extremely nervous and shaking at some points," said a source.

"She is quite bolshy on stage, but she sat by herself at lunch. She didn't eat much and looked frail and vulnerable as she was accompanied by a member of production. If she gets through to the live shows next month - which she is a shoo-in for - she will have to be given a bit of extra special attention. She is very young."

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Schwentke To Director Reynolds In R.I.P.D.

Universal Pictures has hired Red helmer Robert Schwentke to direct the supernatural action film R.I.P.D. (short for "Rest In Peace Department"), based on Peter Lenkov's Dark Horse comic about a police department of the dead.

Ryan Reynolds signed last spring to star in the film, centered on two officers -- one recently dead and one who's been dead for hundreds of years.

Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi are writing the screenplay.

Mike Richardson, founder and President of Dark Horse, and Lawrence Gordon will produce for Dark Horse Entertainment. Neal Moritz is producing through his Original Film.

credit youthrillme

Daniel Radcliffe talks new movie; Ciaran Hinds and Janet McTeer cast alongside him

Daniel Radcliffe spoke exclusively to Total Film magazine about his first post-Potter foray onto the big screen, in Hammer Film's adaptation of The Woman in Black. Filming is set to begin on September 26 at the world-renowned Pinewood Studios.

Daniel Radcliffe on The Woman in Black

Harry Potter
star Daniel Radcliffe is bidding farewell to the character what made him an icon the world over next year.

But he’s not resting on his laurels – he’s about to start shooting an adaptation of Susan Hill’s 1983 novel The Woman In Black for the newly-resurrected Hammer Studios.

Scripted by Jane Kick-Ass Goldman and directed by Eden Lake’s James Watkins, the film marks a graduation of sorts for Radcliffe in a number of ways.

“We were doing auditions for my son yesterday which was bizarre,” the actor exclusively tells Total Film. “But it’s very exciting and James Watkins is fantastic. He might kill me for telling you this, but he’s actually started working with an acting coach to give him a better idea of how to approach stuff with actors.

“Which is a brilliant thing – I don’t know of any other directors doing that. He’s inspired and we’re uncannily on the same page about the film. We met and we agreed that this film is not a scary movie but a film about loss and family and grief.”

Hinds and McTeer Board The Woman in Black

Meanwhile, it's been announced that Irish actor Ciaran Hinds (Munich, The Debt)  will star alongside Radcliffe. English actress Janet McTeer will play Hinds' wife.

Deadline reports that Ciaran Hinds and Janet McTeer are joining "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe in the James Watkins-directed supernatural thriller Hinds and Radcliffe just starred together in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

According to the site, "Hinds will play the local landowner who counsels Daniel Radcliffe as he investigates this Victorian mystery... McTeer will play Hinds' on-screen wife, Mrs Daily."

Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass) adapted the novel, which follows a young lawyer, Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe), who is ordered to travel to a remote corner of the UK and sort out a recently deceased client's papers. As he works alone in an old and isolated house, Kipps begins to uncover its tragic secrets, and his unease grows when he discovers that the local village is held hostage by the ghost of a scorned woman set on vengeance.

Source 1
Source 2

For those wondering who Hinds plays in Deathly Hallows... the goat-fucker is your answer.
brit yeah ya did

9 Most Unsettling Things About Joaquin Phoenix’s Mock-Documentary, 'I’m Still Here'

Onscreen defecation. Back hair removal. Gay-shaming Newsweek reporter Ramin Setoodeh. Britney Spears’s vagina. What do they all have in common? They’re all featured in the insane Joaquin Phoenix documentary I’m Still Here, and if you can believe it, there are some things in it that are even weirder. Here are the 9 most unsettling things about the movie:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Alice in Chains Luv

Alice in Chains hasn't started writing or set firm recording plans for a followup to 2009's "Black Gives Way to Blue," the group's first new release in 14 years. But as the group prepares to embark on its fall BlackDiamondSkye tour, singer and guitarist William DuVall tells he can't imagine that there won't be another album.

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Sara Bareilles returns this week with her second Epic album, Kaleidoscope Heart, the follow-up to her 2007 Gold-certified Little Voice and its hit, Grammy-nominated single, “Love Song.” Based on first-day reports from those retailers who haven’t fled to Vermont to start a bed-and-breakfast, Bareilles’ sophomore release will be the week’s top debut at 80-90k, which will put it in direct competition with Eminem’s Recovery for the #1 spot on next Tuesday’s HITS Top 50 Album sales chart.

Longtime Roadrunner metal band Stone Sour, formed by Slipknot lead singer Corey Taylor, release their third album, Audio Secrecy, after earning three Grammy nominations on their previous two efforts. The new album looks to be on target for between 40-45k in first-week sales.

Winter Haven, FL, Christian alternative rock band Anberlin’s new Universal Republic album, Dark is the Way. Light is the Place, their second for the major and fifth overall, is looking to be in the 35-40k range. The group, featured on Amazon’s $3.99 Daily Special, is, predictably, nowhere to be found on iTunes.

Veteran N.Y. downtown PoMo rockers Interpol return to indie Matador for their fourth, this one self-titled, album after a pair of releases on Capitol, with a projected first-week total of 30-35k.

The market was up 2% vs. last week, down 17% vs. same week last year and still down 12% year to date.

If that’s not reason enough for repentance, we don’t know what is.

omg, i'm so happy for her.  werq gurl.

hits daily double
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Jonathan Rhys Meyers is having an affair

Clearly spending time nearly getting blown up in From Paris with Love hasn’t turned Jonathan Rhys-Meyers off to all things French, though for his next European adventure, he’s sticking with something a little more romantic, if still dangerous. The actor has signed on to the lead role in the adaptation of Albert Cohen’s novel Belle Du Seigneur.

Glenio Bonder is behind the camera for the first time, directing the tale of a Jewish diplomat (Rhys-Meyers) who falls for, and starts an affair with, a married Swiss woman as World War Two kicks off. And his love interest? Model Natalia Vodianova, last seen in monstrous form providing the performance for Medusa in Clash of the Titans.

Marianne Faithfull has also signed on to the movie, which has been co-written by James Dearden (no stranger to forbidden lust after his work on Fatal Attraction) and Life is Beautiful’s Vincenzo Cerami. French novelist Cohen’s work has been the subject of several adaptation attempts before, with Olivier Martinez and Ludivine Sagnier rumoured for the leads, but the film never quite worked out.

Bonder, best know for commercials work, will be hoping he has more luck when he kicks off shooting later next month in Geneva.


Honestly I'm just excited about Marianne starring in a costume drama (?) movie. Hope she will be on screen more than 5 minutes.

Single Cover: Rihanna – ‘Only Girl (In the World)’

Rihanna disrobes on the red-hot cover of her brand new single “Only Girl (In the World).” has your first look at the revealing artwork, which portrays a long-haired RiRi naked in a field clutching her red rose dress. The Stargate-produced dance record goes to iTunes on Sept. 21, while her fifth studio album LOUD! is due in November.

"The Dark Tower" Movie And TV Show In The Works

Universal announced today that it has acquired the rights to produce three films and an NBC series based on the seven novels, short stories and comic books from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Ron Howard will direct the first film and the first season of the TV show, which will be written by Akiva Goldsman (The Da Vinci Code).

“I’ve been waiting for the right team to bring the characters and stories in these books to film and TV viewers around the world,” said King, in a statement. “Ron, Akiva, Brian along with Universal and NBC have a deep interest and passion for the The Dark Tower series and I know that will translate into an intriguing series of films and TV shows that respect the origins and the characters in The Dark Tower that fans have come to love.”

More than 30 million copies of The Dark Tower have been sold in 40 countries. After the series of seven books was completed, a prequel of comic books based on one of the characters was also published.

“The worlds of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series are richly detailed, inter-locking and deeply connected,” said Goldsman in a statement.  “By telling this story across media platforms and over multiple hours—and with a view to telling it completely—we have our best chance of translating Roland’s quest to reach The Dark Tower onto screen.  We are proceeding with tremendous excitement, fidelity to the source material and, quite frankly, no small amount of awe at this opportunity.”


(Let the fan-wank casting begin!)
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New clip from Never Let Me Go

Bestselling books don't always translate to the big screen, but the movie version of "Never Let Me Go," the dystopian relationship drama based on Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, is already generating high expectations and significant buzz.

As the movie begins to roll out on the fall festival circuit, Mark Romanek's mood piece is eliciting favorable responses for both its rich ideas and subtle performances (the film's actors include Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley) as it explores themes as diverse as loneliness, love, cloning and the ethics of a particular kind of organ donation. (Yes, it's ambitious.)

In a new clip provided exclusively to 24 Frames, the two main protagonists (Mulligan and Garfield) chase down an elusive woman they believe can offer an exemption to the cruel fate that awaits them. It's one more example of a movie that tries to strike just the right note -- on the screen and with filmgoers and awards voters.

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Is America finally tired of Keeping up with the Kardashians?

After exploding in popularity the past year it looks like the party may be over for your favorite big-bootied trollups.

Check out the ratings trajectory the past three weeks.

08-22-10 (Season Premiere)
- 4.678 million viewers
- 3.0/5 HH
- 2.5/7 A18-49

Sunday 08-29-10
- 3.574 million viewers
- 2.4/4 HH
- 1.9/5 A18-49

Sunday 09-05-10
- 2.877 million viewers
- 1.9/4 HH
- 1.4/5 A18-49

Whatdya think? Are their 15 minutes winding down or will Kim leak another sex tape or get pregnant by (insert random athlete’s name here) to get the ratings back up?

Ratings Source
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ONTD goes to the VMAS

Dear ohnotheydidnt

You all were expecting the worst yesterday when we said there was a surprise, but believe me, it is the BEST.

Brenden and I will be representing ONTD at the Video Music Awards this year!! We have gotten press access and will be in the press line on the red carpet. So along side ET and Access Hollywood, will be us asking YOUR questions! But more on that later. Brenden and I will be flying to LA this Saturday from our respective homes (me, Kansas, him, SanFran) to meet and plan for this insane opportunity. Don't worry, we won't be dressed up like fools and embarrass the community. On the press line, Brenden will have his phone and we'll do our best to liveblog the event. We don't know who we will get to talk to yet, but we need to plan for anyone and everyone.

We have a few questions that we are planning to ask, but we also want your help. In another post, we want you to post YOUR questions for celebrities! The comments will be screened so it doesn't turn into a FFA post, but ask as many as you want to whomever you think we might see. We're still deciding if we want to play hardball with questions (Asking Ke$ha why nearly every one of her songs deals with being totally hammered) or go easy (What's it like being at the vmas! ^_^) so submit any kind of question you want.

We don't have clearance to have a giant camera there, so we won't be getting professional quality photos but we'll do the best we can with an iphone and my little digital camera. Neither brenden nor I have ever been to an event like this but we are going to do the best we can to get as much of the experience online and back to the community.

Guys, this is an insane opportunity and will be so amazing. I mean, even for me, I've never been to LA before, never met Brenden before, and never been to Disney Land before (oh yeah, we're gonna do that lol) so I am so excited and I hope you all are too. I give you my WORD that Brenden and I will present a good image for the community and keep you all up to date with what we're doing.

Love always,
ecctv and brenden

jc strings bye bye bye

Best member of Nsync continues to spread his talent to those in need

'Glee' Star Matthew Morrison Teams With JC Chasez For Solo Album

 It's no Acafellas reunion, but "Glee" star Matthew Morrison says he hooked up with former boy bander JC Chasez for one of the tracks on his solo album, which he plans to release next year.

"I wrote about half the album so far, but I've definitely co-wrote. I've definitely teamed up with some great producers, some great songwriters," he teased MTV News at the "Glee" season two premiere party on Tuesday night in Los Angeles. "And yeah, I just did this great song last week with JC Chasez that was very, very cool. It turned out really well. He's such a good songwriter."
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And while Morrison's co-stars may be presenting an award at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, he's got even bigger plans following his album's release. "I'm hoping to perform at the VMAs next year!


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Damnit JC. Start writing for yourself and get back in the studio

ETA: Boyband truce in this post if the news is true about Rich Cronin :(

Molly Shannon joins the cast of 'Promises, Promises' on Broadway

"SNL" Star Molly Shannon to Succeed Katie Finneran in Broadway's Promises, Promises

"Saturday Night Live" veteran Molly Shannon will wrap herself in owl feathers this October. The Emmy Award-nominated comedienne will succeed Tony Award-winning actress Katie Finneran in the Broadway revival of Promises, Promises.

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Pratt to Montag: Sorry for my outrageous behavior

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Former "The Hills" star Spencer Pratt is apologizing to his estranged wife, Heidi Montag, for acting out in their breakup.

The two starred on the MTV reality soap, which ended in July. They separated last May after one year of marriage.

Montag cited irreconcilable differences when she filed for separation from Pratt in June. Pratt said he would release a sex tape featuring Montag.

The 27-year-old Pratt tells The Associated Press in an e-mail sent Wednesday the demise of their relationship was so painful he wanted to lash out. He admits making "certain private issues public" and "horribly embarrassing the one person who meant the world to me." He says his behavior was "outrageous and infantile."

Pratt now says he's failed at handling his divorce with dignity and maturity and vows to work on himself.

marina † primadonna

Rich Cronin passes away

It's been reported all over twitter and facebook that Rich Cronin, a major part of ONTD history and man of LFO fame has passed away, presumably from his battle with leukemia.

While it's yet to be reported by any outlet, Chris Kirkpatrick as well as a number of his friends and people in the music industry have posted about it.

Chris Kirkpatrick's Facebook

I'll edit this post when official word comes out.


EDIT: Lance Bass just confirmed via verified twitter account.


96.1 KISS Morning Freak Show now also reporting


TMZ now reporting Rich Cronin's death

Rich Cronin from the '90s boy band LFO died today after a long fight with leukemia ... TMZ has learned.

Rich -- who wrote LFO's hit "Summer Girls" in 1999 -- suffered a stroke after a lengthy battle with leukemia, according to his brother. We're told he passed away in a hospital this afternoon.

Cronin was 35.


Thanks jjuunniiee, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society if anyone's interested in more information, how to help, and so forth.



@TheRealLFO's Brad & Devin are distraught over the passing of our brother Rich Cronin. May he rest in peace in the comfort our Lord in Heaven.

@backstreetboys We r so sad 2 hear the news bout Rich Cronin. He was an awesome guy. Our hearts go out 2 his friends, family + fans. Rest in peace brother.

@skulleeroz (AJ Mclean from BSB) Rip rich cronin! You were a very talented man and great friend! You will be missed bro!

@joeymcintyre (NKOTB) Our prayers and thoughts 2 Rich Cronin and his family. A good kid with a warm heart. We had some good laughs back in the day. God bless you.

@realjoeyfatone ('N SYNC) My heart goes out to a great guy and his family, Rich you shall be missed R.I.P. Had great times on the road in Europe! Will never forget!

on behalf of the Cronin family and all at the Hope Foundation and Orange Freeze, thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. Continue to post them as a tribute to a great man, a better artist and the best friend I could ever have. ~Melissa Holland (manager)
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‘Jersey Shore’s’ Snooki Sentenced Over July Arrest

“Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been sentenced to two days of community service consisting of working with animals, and a $500 fine on Wednesday after pleading guilty in a Seaside Heights, New Jersey, courtroom to disturbing the quiet enjoyment of the beach.

The “Jersey Shore” star appeared serious in the courtroom on Wednesday afternoon, as she offered an apology to the Seaside Heights “cops,” as she called them, who arrested her in July on disorderly conduct charges of being a public nuisance and annoying others on the beach.

“I’m very embarrassed,” Snooki told the judge, who condemned the behavior that lead to her July arrest.

“You seem to be acting like a Lindsay Lohan wannabe,” the judge told Snooki who was flanked in the courtroom by her legal team.


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crustine pickle


Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” Ends Eminem And Rihanna Billboard Hot 100 Reign
Eminem relinquished his Billboard 200 albums chart crown when to Katy Perry last week when she released her sophomore album, Teenage Dream, and now he’ll have to do the same on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Katy’s new single, “Teenage Dream,” will knock Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna from No. 1 after a seven-week reign when the chart is updated tomorrow, reports.

“Teenage Dream” is Katy’s second No. 1 single from her sophomore album. She spent six weeks at No. 1 with “California Gurls” featuring Snoop Dogg before Eminem and Rihanna bumped her from the top spot.

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Lauren Conrad pulls a cover hat trick

While her former Hills co-stars –including Whitney Port— are fighting each other for Maxim/FHM spreads, Lauren graces her third Cosmo cover in 3 years.

Lauren wears Zac Posen on the October 2010 cover

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Quotables from the article

On leaving The Hills: “The show started out very aspirational,” she said. “But by the time I left, it was becoming something else, and I knew it was the right time to walk away.”

On marriage: "The only camera at my wedding will be my parents' camcorder," she said. "It'll be a home video. Just for us."


AD . Self-Portrait

People Trying to Make Mad Men-Themed Sad Keanu Ripoff Happen

Sad Don Draper, Internet Star

Sunday's episode of Mad Men showed a rare side of its emotionally rock-solid protagonist, as suave Don Draper was reduced to tears near the end of the episode.

When I was a kid, such images would be left to untrustworthy memory. But in this day and age, a few cables and a computer that can screengrab makes that moment last for an eternity. And when done right, makes that moment absolutely hysterical. 

Draper's depressed display is being immortalized on the Web by pasting his visage in a variety of other scenes, from Robocop to the infamous puppy thrower, and they're all being collected on the user-fueled Web site Sad Don Draper.

Sad Don Draper isn't the first Mad Men-related Internet craze. Pete Campbell has been immortalized in Pete Campbell's Bitchface [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED], a collection of images featuring the annoying expressions of the snooty account executive.

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If you'd like to make your own, there's a template here
pink flowers &amp; a book

HELLCATS Debuts Tonight on CW; Cheerleaders Everywhere Prepare to Cringe at the Potential Suck

The new cheerleading series Hellcats premieres tonight at 9pm ET on the CW. The show is drawing comparisons to Fox's musical series Glee – not all of them favorable.

The show is about pre-law student named Marti Perkins (played by Aly Michalka of the criminally under-appreciated movie "Bandslam") who joins her university's cheer squad in order to win a scholarship. The head of the squad, named the Hellcats, is played by Ashley Tisdale (of the not-at-all overlooked franchise High School Musical).

So far, most critics say that the show isn't as smart or as much fun as Glee – but that there's a chance the program could turn into something worthwhile.

A sampling of critical opinions:

"Starring Disney alums Alyson Michalka and Ashley Tisdale, Hellcats, which premieres on Wednesday, is an energetic and occasionally sophisticated fish-out-of-water mash-up of Glee and "Bring It On" with top notes of "Flashdance", aimed squarely at audiences perhaps too young for Gossip Girl but seriously too old for Hannah Montana." - Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times

"Played partly tongue in cheek, the show's premiere isn't quite unabashedly trashy enough to completely qualify as a guilty pleasure, but one can see it developing into that — as well as posting reasonably impressive scores by CW standards, even if the execution doesn't quite nail the landing." - Brian Lowry, Variety

"Glee has proved that there is plenty of room for innovation and wit in the youthful-angst genre, but Hellcats, inspired by the 2000 movie "Bring It On," doesn't even try." - Alessandra Stanley, New York Times


For your time, an epically awesome all star cheerleading squad:

  • drbat

The Room as a Point and Click, 8-Bit Adventure Game

Although the mostly NSFW Flash game site Newgrounds is absolutely awesome, sometimes they have a way of topping themselves. Case in point: a new game based loosely on the cult film The Room.

The game was created by Newgrounds founder Tom Fulp (who also did amazing work on Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid) and artist Jeff Bandelin. It lets players to experience a point and click adventure game set in Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 film in a 8-bit world. Check it out, and if you haven't ever been to, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the great games over there.


For a walkthrough of the game, click here.
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Why Eminem Needs to Find Something New to Rap About

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I don't want to disrespect Eminem here, especially considering this site already has beef with several prominent rappers (which is probably at least partially my fault). And we never win rap rivalries because there are simply too many harsh things that rhyme with Cracked (hacked, jacked, sacked... has anybody used "frak" in a rap song yet?). But here's the thing:

Eminem appears to be displaying signs of what's known in the realms of psychology as "a pattern of behavior" and what's known in the realms of this website as "being utterly full of shit."

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as a former eminem stan, iawt article completely. plus 'not afraid' is seriously like the lamest song i've ever heard. i still can't believe he legit flies in the video.

Nicole Richie Dishes on Spring Winter Kate Collection

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Interviews Nicole Richie about her upcoming Winter Kate Collection. Preview Image Behind the Cut!

Nicole Richie has her hands full fashion-wise, with two successful collections to her name: Winter Kate, a contemporary ready-to-wear collection, and House of Harlow 1960, a line of costume jewelry and shoes. We sat down with Richie to get the scoop on her new spring collections, her styling tricks and the plausibility of a children’s line in the near future. (Plus, check out our exclusive preview of the Winter Kate lookbook, above!)

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i like what i'm seeing of the new collection..i wasn't really feeling the recent one.

50 Craziest VMA Outfits

Most awards shows find movie stars, singers, and other entertainers trying to top each other with the most glamorous, classic dresses and tuxes in the world. But MTV's annual Video Music Awards have always been a showdown of outre apparel. From Outkast in shaggy Snuffleupagus pants and Wonka-orange lederhosen to Christina Aguilera using a scarf-like apparatus to, uh, lift and separate; to Mudvayne in formal white dinner jackets with bloody bulletholes in their foreheads: MTV's red carpet has hosted it all. And no one will soon forget Lady Gaga's red lace face-covering, undies-showing dress.

With this year's VMA's just around the corner on Sept. 12, there's no better time to look back at 50 of the most daring, bear-all, wacky and way-out costumes of music's hottest stars from the VMAs' 26 year history.

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Lion Attacks Trainer at MGM Grand

One batch of tourists got more than an eyeful at the MGM Grand while witnessing a 400 pound lion attacking a trainer and biting his leg.  The trainer is not severely harmed and in recovery.   Despite the attack he is planning to return to work and the lion is already back on display.

Even after the killer whale attack at Sea World resulting in death, and an elephant attack that caused life threatening injuries on its trainer, the shock and awe factor doesn't simmer down from these cases.  A couple was able to capture the attack on video and was broadcast on Good Morning America.

nate berkus
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Small talk: Nate Berkus

By Kevin Aeh

How’s the show going?
It’s going well. Really, really well. I’m just excited for everybody to see it.

We know it’s a talk show. But is it with celebrity guests? Serious topics?
It is a talk show, but it’s also an art show. The focus is “living well,” so it’s going to be a lot of design because that’s one of my huge passions. It’s also going to be people I’ve met with compelling stories. There’s going to be people facing different challenges. There’s going to be celebrities popping in and out of the show. But you’re going to see them in different ways, not just coming on to promote their movie or book. For instance, Julianne Moore is booked on the show. She’s super passionate about design. I met her backstage at the Oscars last year. We had a too long conversation about furniture, when I was supposed to be working. And we’re also having news makers on, like Elizabeth Edwards, which I already taped.

What’s been your favorite topic so far?

You know what? It’s hard for me to say that. I don’t have a favorite. I kind of have a short attention span, so the idea of being able to dig into something new everyday, take people on a journey for an hour…it’d be really hard for me to single out one experience so far.

Who’s a dream guest who’s not booked yet but you really want on the show?
The truth is, every single person we’ve approached has said yes.

Such as?
Well, I don’t want to tell you everybody. I’ll you Julianne Moore. Jamie Lee Curtis is coming on the show. Joan Rivers.

That’s an exciting one. I just saw her documentary.
Wasn’t that amazing? I loved that. I’ve always loved her, I read her book when I was 12 years old.

Your show is affiliated with Oprah. Are you going to have a “favorite things” episode, too?
That’s not on the books right now, but people always seem to ask me about my favorite things, so we’ll see.

So what are some of your favorite things?
Vintage furniture, photography, pottery, uh, wow, lots of stuff. Sports cars. Great coffee-table books.

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Oscar time is upon us!

Toronto's Top 10 Oscar Contenders

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I’m headed up north tomorrow for the Toronto International Film Festival, which usually manages to clarify the awards season a bit. Though many of this year’s potential big guns (How Do You Know, True Grit, Love and Other Drugs, The Fighter, The Social Network) are skipping the festival, there are still a bunch of possible nominees screening. Now that I’ve seen 20 of the Toronto entries (a couple of which I’m not allowed to say), here are my top 10 films to look out for.

The King’s Speech The true story of King George VI (Colin Firth) and his struggle to overcome an embarrassing stutter, the Weinstein Co.’s delightful and ultimately moving drama (directed by John Adams‘ Tom Hooper) is a showcase for Firth, who will easily become a back-to-back Best Actor nominee. I expect the movie to snag a Best Picture slot as well.

Black Swan Darren Aronofsky and Natalie Portman’s collaboration received raves out of Venice last week. Portman seems like the best bet to challenge The Kids Are All Right‘s Annette Bening for Best Actress.

Hereafter This one’s a mystery, and I’ve been guilty of overhyping Clint Eastwood dramas sight unseen in the past. But any movie that earns comparisons to Babel (and costars Matt Damon to boot) piques my interest.

Rabbit Hole I’m hearing good things about Nicole Kidman’s performance as a grieving mother in John Cameron Mitchell’s adaptation of the 2007 play. The role won Cynthia Nixon a Tony so it clearly has potential. As of now the film has no distributor, but it seems like one of the hottest acquisition properties of the festival.

Blue Valentine It’s been four months since I saw this movie in Cannes and I still can’t shake it. Finally more critics and pundits will get to see the recut version (which is shorter than what showed at Sundance). If there’s any justice, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams will each earn their second career nods.

Another Year I’m also curious to see what North American audiences think of Mike Leigh’s latest look at everyday Londoners, particularly Lesley Manville’s arresting performance as an oft-drunk receptionist. She’s another reason why the Best Actress race seems especially crowded this year.

127 Hours Conversely, there’s not too much to talk about in the Best Actor category so far. But since James Franco’s dominating performance (directed by Danny Boyle) was very well received at Telluride, he could score his first nomination after certainly coming close for Milk.

The Town Ben Affleck’s testosterone-heavy bank heist drama is rightly being compared to The Departed and it delivers in every department: acting, writing, and directing. It’s coming out awfully early in the fall (Sept. 17) but has the necessary early reviews to earn a spot in the conversation. If it does some business, it could last.

Biutiful Perhaps Cannes’ most polarizing film, it still features an undeniably strong performance by Javier Bardem, who’s clearly an Academy favorite. It’s dark as hell, but I’d never count him out.

Waiting for “Superman” The already hot documentary race will get a jolt when Davis Guggenheim’s emotional look at a bunch of low-income students navigating the charter-school lottery system plays its second major festival. It’s a must see whether you have kids or not.


Fashion's Night Out 2010 Celebrity Appearance Guide

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This Friday is the second annual Fashion's Night Out event in NYC where many celebrities and designers will be having in-store appearances. I thought I'd compile Racked NYC's list of attendees and events for ONTD if any of you guys are going!

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more info on FNO events can be found HERE. a HUGE list, and i didn't even include half of the events!

WHO'S GOING WHERE? any other events not mentioned above that shouldn't be missed? i definitely want to hit bergdorf's and barneys, but i know they're going to be madhouses. i need to make my itinerary!


stunning angel LO BOSWORTH at FASHION'S NIGHT OUT... FASHION ISLAND? (orange county)

Fashion Island is celebrating Fashion’s Night Out in a big way!

Meet TV Personality Lo Bosworth as she kicks off the festivities from 5-6pm. Shop your favorite stores from 5-9pm and enjoy an array of specials, sweet stations and live DJs throughout the center. Plus, the first 1000 shoppers to stop by the Concierge Desk in Atrium Court and show a receipt from any purchase made at a participating FNO retailer during the event will receive a limited edition Fashion Island tote bag! (Limit one per person, while supplies last, no minimum spend required.)

More details on the night’s events will be announced soon, so keep checking back with us!

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i work at fashion island so this should be interesting. also, LOLOL LO BOSWORTH.
first post yay! it only took me 3 tries herp derpppp this shit is hard


15 Parenting Dont's: The RHONJ Edition

Lesson 15: Don't force your children to do things they don't want to do

(''Youth Will Be Served,'' season 2, episode 12)
Jillian may be an aspiring singer-songwriter, but that doesn't mean that at 12 years old she's ready or willing to perform in front of an audience. When she expressed fears about singing at Christine's Sweet 16, Danielle, ever the supportive mother, told her that performing was the only option: ''You have to do this!''

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