September 4th, 2010

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99 Most Desirable Women - According to ONTD

Many of you took part in the 99 Most Desirable Men posts that have been created over the summer, and recently I have been receiving many requests to arrange a 99 Most Desirable Women Post. So, because the majority of the people have said they wanted it I have decided to arrange it this month.
Voting will take place on Friday September the 10th (i.e. next Friday) and the Voting post will be left up for 72 hours before I shut it down so no one else can vote. Over September I'll count up the votes and I will post the results on Sunday the 10th of October - I know that seems like a while but since I've gone back to having to do work etc. I won't be able to count up the votes as quickly.

Now that everyone understands how the voting for this works, I recommend you really think hard about who you vote for, as I am aware many of you said you voted for the wrong people. The word 'Desirable' means to greatly desire someone, so who would you Desire to have as a partner? Or desire to look like? Or desire to be? These all have to be taken into account when voting.
I understand stan wars are inevitable when it comes to female voting, but please try to keep them to a minimum. If huge stan wars persist, people will be banned from voting/being voted for. (Not really, I'm just trying to lay down 'rules')
So, yeah. I hope you have fun the results to this one more than you liked the results to the mens post.

p.s - I'm sorry to people who sent me Private Messages regarding the 'horrible' picture I used for Adam Lambert in the Most Desirable Men post, I honestly thought it was a nice picture. And I'm also sorry about the 'Jensen Ackles' situation, he was on my original list but somehow when I copied and pasted he missed out.
p.p.s - These post will always be tagged under 'list' and 'ONTD' and the title will always be the same - ish. I'm sure if these two go down well we can see more 'Desirable' posts on the way - Fictional Characters, Old Hollywood, Celebrity Couples, Least Desirable etc.
p.p.p.s - I'm sorry these posts are always so ugly and boring. If anyone feels like making me a nice graphic to put at the top of the page, feel free to. My work on M.S Paint is unfortunately limited *See Icon.
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the ~*~harajuku barbie's~*~ VMA promo.

The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards are getting a double dose of Nicki Minaj. Earlier today, the network announced that the Young Money raptress would be performing during the pre-show broadcast, and now, the Best New Artist nominee is getting her swerve on in a new promo clip for the ceremony.

Set to the tune of her hit “Your Love,” a young Nicki poses in the mirror, dreaming of one day ruling rap. But as the clip progresses, Minaj is shown dolled up like a classic ’50s debutante and zooms into the present as she hops on a motorcycle and speeds through the California streets.

“Ever since she was little, she dreamed of dominating the world of rap,” says the announcer. “Now the world—and every man in it—is beneath her stilettos.”

Debuting tonight on MTV’s 10 spot, the promo clip is an early taste of what Minaj will bring during her performance at the pre-show event, airing on Sunday, Sept. 12, at 8 p.m. The award show, hosted by Chelsea Handler, will follow at 9 p.m.

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Celebrities can try and design their own fashion line. Some successful in the market, some flops. But getting a nod, a recognition from the fashion community is a hard thing, and Victoria Beckham proved to the world that she is serious in the fashion biz. Her brand as been selected as one of four nominations of the Designer Brand award at the 2010 British Fashion Awards, facing some tight competitions such as Burberry, Mulberry and Pringle.

The two year-old brand has been showing its consistency in the business and has been worn by Hollywood A-lister such as Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum, Leighton Meester and many more. Although many Americans love the brand, Victoria made sure every single fashion item is produced in England.

We’re proud of Mrs. Beckham and we do hope she wins in this prestigious award. The winners and the two people chosen for BFC Outstanding Achievement in Fashion and the British Style ‘crown’ will be announced at the British Fashion Awards gala evening, on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010.

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One of the most lucrative celebrities, Celine Dion, releases her eighth U.S. launch of this September with her newest fragrance, Pure Brilliance. The Canadian singer has been known for her fragrances for years. Dion says the new fragrance’s inspiration is her vacation.

“Probably because I’m carrying babies and I’ve been on vacation and I’m breathing great beach air and I’m with my family, it’s all about vacation and life.”

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Dion also stated that the fragrance is about women’s inner beauty.

“Pure Brilliance is about the radiance and beauty at the heart of every woman. It’s the energy within that makes every woman unique.”

Pure Brilliance features fruity fresh notes of pear, apple, green leaves, freesia and honeysuckle. If you’re a die-hard fan of Dion, get your own Pure Brilliance fragrance this month. The fragrance line includes eaux de toilette in three sizes — 15 ml. for $16, 30 ml. for $27 and 50 ml. for $33.50. There will also be a body lotion ($12.50).


Any time Tony Scott and Denzel Washington team up on a film, moviegoers can count on blockbuster-scale action sequences, serious acting and a thrilling plot. Their latest effort, and fourth film together overall, is "Unstoppable," and with "Star Trek" star Chris Pine thrown into the mix, the film has all the makings of a box-office hit when it opens on November 12.</div>The story, which is loosely based on real events(!), revolves around seasoned train engineer Frank Barnes (Washington) and newly hired operator Will Colson (Pine). While out doing a training run, they hear a warning of an out-of-control train(!!) full of hazardous chemicals(!!!) careening down the rails on a path toward massive destruction (ALSO CHILDREN!!!!). Barnes and Colson set out on a suicide mission to stop the train before it's too late.
When MTV News caught up with Pine, we talked about the technicalities and dangers of train operation, his out-of-body experience  during his first meeting with Scott and Washington, and the inevitable "Speed" comparisons.

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Sexy Squidward

Kendra Wilkinson Thinks Montana Fishburne's Sex Tape is Normal

Kendra Wilkinson may be a happily married wife and mother, but just a few years ago, she was still a kinky Playmate!

Kendra did a radio interview today to express her feelings on Montana Fishbourne’s sex tape, and she doesn’t think there’s much of a problem with it.

Hey that’s what happens when a girl turns 18,” Kendra said. “When someone turns 18, they have the freedom to do and choose what they want to. It's your job as a parent to at least have them be a good person.

Yeah we’re pretty sure the “parenting” is over for Laurence Fishburne and his daughter. But Kendra insists “has to be there for her. He has to say "F" all, "F" Hollywood. And he has to learn to be there for his daughter.”

She added, “Just because she does what she does that porn, he has to get back down to earth and realize who my daughter really is. Is she a good person?"

All in all, Kendra thinks Montana is just going through a phase. “For Laurence Fishburne's daughter, she'll probably end up doing what I did and that's waking up, and finding out what's real in her life,” said Kendra.

Somehow we don’t see Montana having the same outcome as Kendra…


first look at duncan jones's source code

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The first image from Source Code, the new film from Moon director Duncan Jones, has appeared online. It’s not a staggeringly exciting photo, but it does show Jake Gyllenhaal in character and dual-wielding a gun and cell phone. What’s really going on there? No idea. We know the actor plays a soldier who is brought into a government program designed to investigate terrorism; Gyllenhaal’s consciousness is placed into the body of a civilian who experienced a terrorist bombing, and he must live through repetitions of the event to find out who was responsible.

The image is scanned from the latest issue of Empire which also reveals that a March 11, 2011 release date has been set for the film, at least in the UK. Jones recently said that his edit was complete and the visual effects were underway and a composer being chosen. He estimated a release early next year, so this March 11 date fits right in with what we expected.


Duncan Jones tells Empire 'On this one I've got four really talented actors - Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright. It's a new test, a new experience ... '

Jake Gyllenhaal was apparently the one 'who pushed him to board the sci-fi thriller'.

Duncan describes Jake Gyllenhaal's character briefly as 'a military man who wakes up on a train not knowing how he got there. Before he gets a chance to work it out, things change in such a dramatic way, he doesn't know whether the train's real or not ... When it was brought to me it was serious, quite cerebral, dark and depressing, My take was, "This could actually be quite fun ... "'


Coco Beckham: Victoria Beckham's Cute Dog!

Check out Victoria Beckham’s pet bulldog!

“Introducing Coco Beckham!” Vicky B tweeted on Friday afternoon (September 3). “Check out the red nails!! in love and light,vb xxxx.” Adorable!

Yesterday, Victoria expressed her excitement for being nominated by the BFC. She wrote, “So honoured to be nominated for designer brand of the year from the British Fashion Council!!!!”

Source --

Aww, so cute!!
son of a father&#39;s son yes I know I&#39;m one

Asia Argento is still crazy and really beautiful

Victims (They Know So Well) by Asia Argento

For Haider Ackermann’s A#3, Italian born actress and director Asia Argento presents a collection of her personal breakup letters addressed to her by lost loves in different cities. Asia labels the heartfelt confessions of each archetypal male companion, with the ‘relentless slave’, the ‘A.D.D kid’, ‘petulant and obnoxious’, the ‘paternal type’, ‘pain in the ass’ and ‘pretty cool guy’, each presented with their letters and the respective cities of her romances.

Their individual texts, either in english or french, are paired with Asia’s snapshots with each man in which she has scratched out their likenesses and painted them over – turning each photo into a disturbing self-portrait, coupled with each demonic ex-partners rendered as a dark, comic character.

A telling insight into the effect of a talented and beautiful young woman on men the world over, and her graphic representation of their idiosyncrasies.

“We used to love each other so much. You seemed to be the man of my dreams. The one and only. My soul mate. The true love. I hate you for proving me wrong.”

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Weeping Angel
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Comedian Robert Schimmel dies after car accident

PHOENIX -- Standup comic Robert Schimmel, a frequent guest on Howard Stern's radio show, has died after suffering serious injuries in a car accident. He was 60.

Schimmel's spokesman, Howard Bragman, says Schimmel died Friday evening in a Phoenix hospital.

Schimmel was a passenger Thursday in a car driven by his 19-year-old daughter Aliyah. Bragman says Aliyah Schimmel swerved to avoid another car and the vehicle she was driving rolled to the side of the freeway. Bragman says she is hospitalized in stable condition.

Robert Schimmel lived in Scottsdale. The 60-year-old comedian has been a frequent guest on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and on Howard Stern's radio show. His 2008 memoir, "Cancer on $5 a Day," chronicles his battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.


Taylor Lautner Settles RV Lawsuit Dispute

Unwilling to cave into an absurd push-up challenge, Taylor Lautner has ended up reaching an amicable agreement in regards to his lawsuit against an RV dealer.

Stemming from a snafu in which the "Twilight" hunk's customized trailer wasn't delivered by the expected date of June 21, Lautner has accepted a charitable donation to call off legal proceedings against McMahon's RV.

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Australian singer/actress Natalie Imbruglia joins the celebrity fashion designer bandwagon, as she teams up with Australian fashion label Banjo & Matilda for a collection of knitwear. Banjo & Matilda is no stranger to collaborate with celebrities, as last year they tapped supermodel Elle MacPherson to collaborate.

Natalie Imbruglia who’s famous in the 90s with her hit song “Torn”, is doing the fashion line for charity, which will benefit her chosen charity: the End Fistula Campaign, which is a compelling women’s rights issue that’s prevalent to poor countries of the world.

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The knitwear collection gets its inspiration from the singer’s tattoo, a four-leaved clover on her wrist, to remind herself about how lucky she is. She stated:

“The four-leaf clover is a powerful symbol to me, so much so that I have it tattooed on the inside of my wrist. My sister and I both have the design to remind us of not only one another, but also of how grateful we are to be living great lives”.
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MTV’s Real World Shows Its First Penis

MTV’s Real World Dailies blog (an uncensored behind-the-scenes look at the series) posted two new clips featuring peen: one is soft and one is HARD! Just to add some perspective, it’s more like a soft peen shaft and a raging morning wood playing peek-a-boo in undies. But you’ll take what you can get, right?
I can't get the clips to embed, so there's links & pictures instead

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more pics at source
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'Airbender' tops overseas box office

The international box office continues to make headway with rollouts of domestic summer holdovers in major overseas markets, even as Labor Day weekend signals the official end of the domestic B.O. season.

Paramount's 3D film "The Last Airbender," which expanded to Mexico and China over the Aug. 27-29 weekend, claimed the top spot at foreign wickets. Pic's weekend take of $20.3 million was enough to knock Warner Bros.' "Inception" from the chart-topping position it had occupied for four straight weeks.

"Inception" still held well, posting an additional $17 million, boosting overseas totals to $387 million as of Aug. 29. "Airbender" reached $122.2 million in foreign B.O. receipts.

Screening in 51 territories at 5,843 locations, "Airbender's" top take marks the second straight week of sizable grosses due to gusty expansions. In Mexico, the film debuted in the No. 1 spot with $4 million at 812. Pic's bow outpaced Par's similar fanboy pic "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" by a whopping 71% in that market.

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Serena Supports Big Sis Venus At The US Open

Since Serena couldn't compete in the US Open because of her injured right foot, she stopped by to support her big sis Venus. Venus beat Mandy Minella in the 3rd round at Arthur Ashe Stadium. More pics of the Williams sisters when you read on...

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Serena's obvious nose job is AMAZING. She looks 10x better. I love it.


"With Love" Voted #1 Best Smelling Celeb Perfume

Image and video hosting by TinyPic average reader rating: 9.8*

Why: Readers say to "give it a shot." "I love this scent! It's a wonderful honey, vanilla, woodsy scent. It's very feminine and not too strong -- just right. My boyfriend and myself love this perfume so I will continue buying it." One woman says, "You would never associate this scent with a teen star. It's fruity, light and not overbearing." Another woman says she found this perfume in "one of those inserts in a magazine. I saw the name of whose scent it was and as a 30-year-old woman, I crinkled my nose. But, it smelled sweet, so I opened the flap, inhaled and I was hooked. Instantly I got in the car, took a little trip to the local Target and snatched up the nearest bottle I could get my hands on. It is my go-to scent." Another reader said she was "pleasantly surprised. This is SO not like other celeb fragrances. It smells sophisticated -- like an actual perfume should, not like a tween spray!"

Plus pics of Hil yesterday arriving at her daily pilates class.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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[Mariah] Idc

Girls Aloud News Post!

Kimberley Walsh: Girls Aloud's girl power secret

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

KIMBERLEY Walsh has revealed the secret to Girls Aloud's success.

And, following in the footsteps of pop legends The Spice Girls, it's all down to a bit of good, old-fashioned girl power.

Kimberley Walsh, 28, says that the girls support each other through any problems, and it's this close friendship that keeps Girls Aloud so grounded.

Kimberley says that she, Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle all help one another cope, making fame easier to handle than if they'd been solo artists.

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Xtina: QT Glasses

Is Kelly Rowlegend no longer on the market?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A new report claims Kelly Rowland is dating Kenyon Martin. While Kelly Rowland and Kenyon Martin, linked to Trina, are not confirming the news report, Rowland does open up to local news that she is dating a new man.

“When I do find boyfriends or go on a date, they get sick of me pretty quick.” Rowland blames her career. Kelly says that long times on the road turn men’s interests away. “It’s because I’m always gone away so long. I stay focused on work – it’s my main priority”. She adds that she has turned to Beyonce to advice on dating. “Heartbreak moulds and makes you stronger. It makes you aware of what you want and don’t want in love. I actually got that from Beyonce. I remember I called her crying about some guy and Michelle Williams was rubbing my back while I was talking about it and Bee said, ‘Well at least you know what you want and don’t want!’”

She said conversation with Beyonce and Michelle caused her to write down the items she looks for in a man. She tells news that now that she has her man-list, she’s good.

So is she dating Martin? When asked by the Houston Chronicle the vague question “Are you dating?”, Rowland responded “I’m happy.” Reportedly, the man is Kenyon Martin (Denver Nuggets). “I’m excited to be a woman, and I’m feeling empowered at this time in my life. I’m in my own space.”

David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Sofia Coppola's 'Somewhere'

There are spoilers in this post.. You have been warned.

Venice Film Festival: Sofia Coppola on ‘Somewhere’

From left, director Sofia Coppola, actress Elle Fanning and actor Stephen Dorff attend
the ‘Somewhere’ premiere at the Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy.
The movie world got its first look at Sofia Coppola’s eagerly-awaited new film at the Venice International Film Festival on Friday. “Somewhere,” which Coppola wrote and directed, is about a Hollywood star living in the fast lane and reaching a crossroads in his life.

Amid a mid-afternoon Mediterranean rainstorm, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker received a standing ovation at a press conference packed with hundreds of journalists following a morning press screening and just hours before the premiere gala on Friday night.

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Sofia Coppola's 'Somewhere' Features "Breakthrough Performance" from Stephen Dorff.

Indiewire's Anne Thompson has an early report from the Venice Film Festival on Sofia Coppola's new movie, Somewhere, and boy does it sound promising. Though Thompson's piece is mostly an account of Coppola's career to present, she is astute enough to provide us with a thematic link between Lost in Translation -- which, as Thompson champions, is probably Coppola's best -- Marie Antoinette -- a very satisfying little-big film if you can embrace its affect -- and Somewhere: they all star "wealthy, pampered and sequestered celebrity who is trapped and bored." (Thompson's article is included in this post)

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Early 'Somewhere' Reviews: Sofia Coppola's Still Got It!

Sofia Coppola's upcoming film Somewhere, starring Stephen Dorff as a hard-partying actor visited by his eleven year-old daughter, isn't quite a Michael Bay movie, say early reviews. Of course, anyone familiar with Coppola's work already knows to expect affecting, pretty, and subtle storytelling, without a particularly complex guiding plot or obvious character developments. Mostly, that's what makes viewers either love or dislike her films. Well, early reviews of Somewhere, out today after the film premiered at the Venice Film Festival, reiterate that it is no Machete, but everyone seems to like it.

The Guardian:

Somewhere stars Stephen Dorff as Johnny Marco, a Hollywood actor living in the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles. The question is, with his black Ferrari, pills, booze, room service and sex on demand, is he living the high life or trapped in a depressing cocoon? The appearance of his 11-year-old daughter, played by Elle Fanning, helps him grope towards an answer ... Coppola asked Dorff to stay at [the Chateau Marmont] every night during the shoot rather than go home every night ... but in Coppola's portrayal, the celebrity life is also quite boring ... still ... the feeling among critics is that [Coppola] is in with a chance [for the Golden Lion].

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I think Elle Fanning is so lovely.

Goddess Kylie Minogue voted most inspirational breast cancer star

Pop star Kylie Minogue has been voted the most inspirational breast cancer star for her willingness to speak openly and honestly about dealing with the disease.

The Australian singer, 42, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and underwent surgery and hair-losing chemotherapy.

But Minogue, whose career began on the TV soap opera "Neighbours," returned to the stage within a year and continues to perform. She toured 21 countries last year, and just released her 11th studio album, "Aphrodite."

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You can now get Christina's Bionic for free

Sony has been flogging Aguilera’s latest album ‘Bionic’ heavily. So much so that consumers have a chance to get their hands on the album for free.

Sony Korea’s promotional deal has a catch for sure; pay just $50 for a Sony MP3 player and get headphones set and Christina Aguilera’s Bionic album free. What say? Steal of a deal?

Maybe an embarrassing one for Christina who had been phenomenal success at American Idol, but her fans overseas would be waiting for such a bait and a chance that can give more overseas exposure to singing sensation called Christina Aguilera.

So if you are not in the US, go for the Bionic album and get an MP3 player and headphones set for free.


ONTD, let us have a moment of silence for Xtincta's career. RIP 1999-2010

no but srsly LO-fucking-L

music » bflow bw

Brandon Flowers talks/sings, world listens.

Brandon Flowers desperately wanted to be hip when he was young,
but struggled as he liked the same music as his mother.

The Killers frontman has a brother called Shane who is 12 years his senior. Shane introduced Brandon to many of his favourite bands, such as The Smiths and The Cure, but the problem was the boys’ mother Jean already knew many of the tracks. Brandon liked the idea of listening to the same songs as his brother, but he was embarrassed when Jean would sing along too.

“One of the weirdest things was that I was listening to the same music as my brother did 12 years before me. Shane was long gone out of the house but I’m listening to his music and my parents already know it,” Brandon explained. “That’s the last thing anybody wants when you’re that age. I had a chance to be a real outsider and my mom’s whistling The Smiths’ Girlfriend In A Coma while doing the dishes.”
The Killers released their debut album Hot Fuss in 2004, and Brandon was totally unprepared for how successful it would be. He is more used to life in the limelight now he is 29, but it took him a long time to adapt to the way his life had altered.

“When The Killers started I was very aware that I wasn’t ready and it was scary. I was on these famous stages I’d read about as a kid and I started to feel I was getting too big for my britches,” he told Q magazine. “It made me want to learn to try and be better. Now it’s starting to feel like we belong.”

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 sources: 1, 23 

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Ke$ha to re-release her 9 month old album.

Lukasz Gottwald -- the writer/producer better-known to the explosive-chorus-loving world as Dr. Luke -- has booked all three rooms at Conway for the entire month of September. He's told his manager to cancel all meetings, and you might have to excuse him if your call goes to voice mail. The deadline task at hand: Coming up with enough new songs for his protégée, Ke$ha, to get a deluxe repackaging of her debut album out in time for the holiday buying season.

Nothing is remotely done yet, and Ke$ha is only available for a three-week stretch, so he and fellow producers Benny Blanco and Ammo are hard at work coming up with rough tracks for the singer to put her stamp on. How many songs are they planning on adding to the "Animal" reissue?

"I'd like as many as eight, if possible," Gottwald says. "But I'll be happy if I got four or five great ones. And a lot depends on the next two weeks.

Huge article at the source.
Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Imma let you finish, but this is the best apology of ALL TIME!

Kanye West has spoken in depth for the first time about his outburst at 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

The rapper faced a backlash last September when he
stormed the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to complain that Beyonce should have won the Best Female Video award instead.

The incident saw West called a
“jackass” by President Barack Obama and face widespread public criticism.

apologised on TV before announcing a break from music, which included cancelling a co-headlining tour with Lady Gaga.

In a series of tweets on Twitter today (September 4), West acknowledged that his actions had been “extremely distasteful & bad timing”.

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Joohyuk - Snuggle

10 Blind Items

1. This B+ movie actress from a hit franchise series has always been rumored to be in a heterosexual relationship. True. She is. She is also involved with a female costume designer she met on the set of a different movie other than the franchise. CDAN
Most popular guess is: Kristen Stewart

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Christina: Marriage "Didn't Change Our Relationship"

Though she's been married to Jordan Bratman for nearly five years, Christina Aguilera says not much has changed since she first began dating the music exec in 2002.

"Marriage unites you and makes you official, but it didn't change our relationship. All the things like wanting to work hard and play hard -- they were always important to us," she tells the October issue of Cosmopolitan UK. "We've been married for five years now, and I think the secret is in always keeping it interesting. You have to make time for yourselves."

So how does Aguilera let her man know she cares?

"I leave little lipstick marks on the bathroom mirror for when he wakes up, and little notes written in lipstick on the mirror and in the shower," she says. "Little notes, little cards, little 'I love yous' here and there, just to keep things fun and alive."

Still, the "Not Myself Tonight" singer admits that even the most loving marriages require effort -- and a lot of patience.

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Billy pleasant smile kitsons

More Billy Boyd news!! Cuz he's quickly becoming an ONTD fan fave!

The Dundee Rep just released a trailer to Sunshine on Leith the musical starring the  incredible talented and cute as a button, Billy Boyd!!

Any one living in the UK will have plenty of opportunity to see this as they are touring all through the UK!  I asked at their Facebook if it would ever come to the States and they told me
“Hi Penny – we’d love to take the show to the States and there is a lot of interest in it but these things take a while to set up, so watch this space”

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Who's up for a peen post????

10 of the most memorable moments of MALE FRONTAL NUDITY in film.

It's become a cliché for conservative critics to argue that our society is hypersexualized. From Miss USA's topless photo scandal to "True Blood's" steamy sex scenes, we certainly see plenty of naked people these days. But in popular culture, and movies in particular, there's been a rather conspicuous double standard. Sure, boobs and vaginas are great, but where, egalitarians might ask, are all the penises?

Male nudity is so verboten in film that even one that centers on its exposure -- "The Full Monty" -- didn't have the (excuse us) balls to live up to its name. Mr. Skin, an online database of movie nude scenes, doesn't feature male nudity at all. We joke all the time about the mighty John Thomas, but rarely does it get any real screen time. As film scholar Laura Mulvey argued in her famous essay "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema," it probably has something to do with men's discomfort seeing other men's bodies on a movie screen -- a discomfort that "Brüno," Sacha Baron Cohen's follow-up to the penis-y "Borat," aims to exploit. Cohen's floppy member practically gets its own billing.

To mark the release of "Brüno," we've assembled our list of the best moments in male full-frontal nudity -- ranked in terms of cultural significance and our, well, personal appreciation. Of course, there were many that didn't make the cut: Richard Gere in "American Gigolo," Gerard Depardieu's numerous erections in "The Last Woman," approximately one-third of "The Dreamers," Kevin Bacon's shower scene in "Wild Things," "Eastern Promises'" naked knife fight and "The Hangover's" somewhat, er, unexpected closing credits. Here, in descending order, are the big wieners.

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So, this is the deal, you can click on SOME of the pics to see actual nudes. Also Mods, I know we've been trying to stay AWAY from list posts, but OMG PLEASE LET THIS ONE THROUGH! IT'S SATURDAY and some of us are stuck inside broke and bored. PLEASE BE KIND! 0:)

This is all relevant to Joe's interests, ok?

ETA: The POINT, ladies and gentlemen of ONTD, was to make a post about peen then DO WHATEVER YOU LIKE PENIS-WISE IN THE COMMENTS. Yes is sucks that we can't post real nudes, but thems the rules and I don't want to get banned. Thank you.

Mashonda Says Alicia Keys Asked Her Son And Swizzy’s Daughter To Call Her "Mommy"

Mashonda covers the new October issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine and spills even more surprises — including how Swizz was still sleeping with her when he was dating Alicia, why she’s still talking about their messy divorce and how Alicia had the nerve to ask her son to call her Mommy!
On Alicia Asking Kasseem Jr. to call her ‘Mommy’:

S2S: You said that Alicia wanted your baby to call her “mommy”. How do you know that she said that?

Mashonda: My son told me.

S2S: And you told her that is not going to happen?

Mashonda: Yeah. I sent her an email and asked her to please respect what I am to him and it’s not right for her to think that is okay. She never replied. She doesn’t reply to me. She has never given me that respect.

S2S: What does Swizz say?

Mashonda: He said okay, he would stop it. He wouldn’t let her do it.

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ONTD, How do you feel about step parents asking their step children to call them "Mommy?"
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Swirl it Up: 20 Hottest Mixed Couples

Ebony and Ivory… together in perfect harmony. Yeah, we talk about swirling a lot and even have been accused of being borderline obsessed. But let’s be honest, y’all know we got plenty of love for all the celebrity swirl folks.

So we figured this Friday Saturday we’d put Swirl Love on blast, but in a good way… with a celebration of all the folks whose swirly love has lasted the test of time.
Check out our top 20 Celebrity Mixed Couples:

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Who did they miss ONTD? OT sort of but did Meagan Good ever go out with JGL?
madge frozen

Nadine Coyle's bar blues: Girls Aloud seeing red tape that could end her dream of US-wide pub chain

She was long tipped as the one most likely to succeed a post-Girls Aloud career. But it looks like Nadine Coyle’s next hit could be financial.

Her bar, Nadine’s Irish Mist, in Sunset Beach, California, owes the local Orange County tax authorities some $40,000 (about €31,000) – a sum that is increasing daily thanks to punitive interest rates.

And to cap it all, the Coyle family business may be operating illegally, according to Orange County officials.

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poor nuhdeen can't catch a break! i'd lol if they were deported though.


Rappers Who Made The Jump To Hollywood Successfully

Hop has always been the field that everyone from athletes to actors want try their hand at.

Although most of the crossovers into Hip-Hop prove to be unsuccessful, it's not always the same the other way around.

With many MCs and rappers wanting to expand their portfolio, many have stepped into the realm of acting, although few have truly had a successful career. is taking some time to countdown the best Hip-Hop to acting transition by an MC.
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kc - OMG :D

the one who doesn't quite fit in, under dressed, under your skin, oh a walking disaster

Remember 8 years ago today when that silly girl with skunk streaks in her hair cried on television, squeaked through a song and won American Idol? ...she's rad :)

Today marks the 8th anniversary of the day American Idol's HBIC, Kelly Clarkson, was crowned the first ever winner.

...more after the cut....
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Do you remember where you were when she won? You know you cried with the rest of America while watching, don't lie.




i didn't see this posted :(

gaga rolled up in an escalade to a small dive-y rock club staple in SP after her second show this past tuesday. word is she got drunk, bought drinks for people, danced, and then took these photobooth pics!

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i guess herez pilton posted this shit a few days back but OF COURSE he didn't credit the source so holla @ LOLOMG
Sexy Squidward


3450 people died that day
Lindsay Admits She Saw Stroller She Hit With Car

A photographer on the scene says Lindsay not only saw the stroller, she admitted to hitting it!

It looks like Lindsay Lohan may be in hot water, yet again, after a photographer has come forward and said the starlet admitted to hitting a baby and their stroller on Sept. 1! Austin Visschedyk told Radar Online that Lindsay said to him following the accident, “Well, I saw them, but they didn’t move out of the way.” She is still out of control!

Lindsay was out in her new Maserati when the incident happened, going between 10 – 15 miles an hour according to a bystander. The impace of the accident caused the stroller to almost tip over and scared nearby witnesses.

It is unsure what will happen next with Lindsay but maybe she should just learn and stay home as much as possible or put some of the money she keeps blowing on Red Bull and hair extensions towards a driver!

Baby I'll run over you
You better get out of the way of my

britney qt smile

Yes, this show is still on the air

Will Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton return for Brooke's wedding?


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When Brooke accepted Julian's proposal in the "One Tree Hill" finale, long-time fans of the show couldn't help but feel there was something missing when she didn't immediately pick up the phone to call Peyton (Hilarie Burton).

Brooke and Peyton's friendship was one of the foundations of the show when it began, and Burton's abrupt departure with co-star Chad Michael Murray left an awkward space to fill.

"It was the first thing that ran through my mind when Brooke and Julian got engaged," executive producer Mark Schwahn tells Zap2it. "Brooke's wedding would be a really organic, kind of poignant way to bring Peyton and Lucas back. It's my hope that we'll see them at the wedding. I'm a fan of that."

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Mark Schwahn Talks Season 8

"One Tree Hill" executive producer Mark Schwahn has never shied away from cliffhangers, as evidenced by his Season 7 finale, which ended with two characters shot and bleeding despite a still uncertain Season 8 pickup.

This season, Schwahn may be a little more cautious. "I'm not a fan of ending our series on a cliffhanger," he assures Zap2it. "I don't intend to do that. Do I think that this is our final season? Right now, my instinct says yes, but anything can happen. We still love making this show, and if the network wants us back, we'll keep going."

In the meantime, the "One Tree Hill" team awaits word from The CW on whether or not they'll receive a full 22-episode order. Reports have been conflicting. "Right now, we're already talking about Episode 11 in the writers' room," Schwahn says. "We're trying not to let the 'will-we-get-picked-up' question impact the way that we tell our stories, but it's coming down to the wire."

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Source 1 and 2

LOL at Sophia pretty much saying she doesn't want Chad to come back. And I'm glad that they're preparing for this to be the last season. I used to love this show so hard, but it's time to end. Who do you guys want to see come back? I'd say Andy, but that doesn't really make sense since Lucas is gone. I'd also say Bevin and Tim, but that was ruined when they said they married each other. I liked Tim/Nathan's bromance.

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Fashion: Sugar in the forest

Peaches Geldof writes Harry Potter fanfiction, is in love with Ron Weasley.

Peaches Geldof has confessed to a secret love of Harry Potter character, Ron Weasley.

The socialite posted a snapshot online of herself kissing a photo of actor
Rupert Grint, who plays Weasley on the big screen.

The pic appeared to have been torn from a magazine.

She wrote: 'Love you Ronster...'

Earlier Peaches, 21, took to her Twitter page claiming she pens so-called Harry Potter fan fiction.

She wrote: 'Little known fact about me: I've been writing Harry Potter fan fiction under a pseudonym for quite a while now. I'm never revealing myself!!'

And she wrote a POEM dedicated to the Ron Weasley character.

She added: 'Now...a poem for Ron.

'Ron: The Ginger Hero, by Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof. 'Ron, ron, your name - a song, your hair, a flame, your eyes of green...'

''Ron, Ron, it wont be long, til you and Hermoine, can finally be happy. The whole world is ready, for you to go steady, so cast a spell'.'

She then urged her Twitter followers: 'Please tweet me your Harry Potter inspired poems so I can read them & subsequently quench my bout of Potter fever that's raging right now.'


I wonder if she writes R/Hr smut. C'mon, which one of you bitches is Peaches?!