September 3rd, 2010


2010 Fall Movie Preview: November is Harry Potter Month

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There's no mistaking it, November 2010 is the month of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (11/19). No other film comes close to it in terms of anticipation and/or expectation. There may be a few people with little interest in the Harry Potter franchise, but certainly they are in the minority when it comes to audience members that will be checking out the first part of the final two chapters in the Harry Potter saga. This is a franchise that has grossed over $1.7 billion domestically plus an additional $3.7 billion from international markets. I think it's safe to say a $5.4 billion franchise coming to a close is a bit of a big deal.

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Which films are you guys most excited to see this fall? 


and the world rejoices

Cheryl and Ashley 'divorcing' today

Ashley and Cheryl Cole's marriage will reportedly be over, with a 'quickie divorce' at the High Court later.

It is believed their decree nisi will be announced on Friday morning in London. Neither Cheryl or Ashley are expected to attend the hearing.

The X Factor judge wed the England footballer in July 2006 in Hertfordshire, but announced their split in February this year.
The news came after continued press speculation about his rumoured infedelity. Cheryl, 27, filed divorce papers citing is "unreasonable behaviour".
It is thought they will split their property assets 50-50, with the singer getting custody of their dogs.


oh get it gurl

Jessica Alba Sizzles At The Venice Film Festival

Jessica Alba showed a little leg at the "Machete" premiere during the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday. She turned heads with her short, black strapless dress with a long train in back. The way we see it, she couldn't possibly look better if she was naked!

The actress recently confessed that her daughter Honor was chubby as an infant. She told
David Letterman, "(Honor was) overfed (as a baby). She weighed just as much at six months as she does now. She was really chubby."

However, the toddler now enjoys a healthy diet after the actress cut out sugar from her food:
"She doesn't have sugar at all; she doesn't even have fruit juice.''


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Kate Gosselin's Link To Discovery Channel Gunman


Silver Springs, MD -- "Kate Plus 8" is one of the shows that drove James Lee to take three hostages at the Discovery Channel's headquarters, where he was eventually killed by members of a SWAT team. Lee had said he hated "Kate Plus 8" and "19 Kids and Counting" because he felt they promoted population growth.

He wrote on his website that "humans are the most destructive, filthy, pollutive creatures around and are wrecking what's left of the planet with their false morals and breeding cultures." He also didn't like Discovery's environmental programming like "Planet Green," which he said was more about making money than solving environmental problems.


People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!


"I had 20 years to show off my abs. Those days are over."

– Dancing with the Stars' season 11 contestant David Hasselhoff, on his plan to keep his shirt on in the ballroom, to PEOPLE


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HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!  :-)  Enjoy the last unofficial weekend of Summer

Which celeb had the BEST quote this week?

David Hasselhoff
January Jones
Conan O'Brien
Paris Hilton
Robert Downey, Jr.
Sandra Bullock
Sofia Vergara
Katy Petty
Jane Lynch

Prince Harry accused of animal cruelty

Prince Harry faces animal cruelty claim over polo pony's stab wound from his spur.


Prince Harry was accused of animal cruelty yesterday after his horse suffered a bloody injury during a polo match.

He was photographed riding a pony that appeared to have been stabbed in the flank by his spurs.

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Kate Bosworth Cheated on Alexander Skarsgard

Kate has been tapping the assets of Alexander Skarsgard (he is rumored to like his tricks frail). Us Weekly (print edition) is reporting that Bosworth cheated on Skarsgard last month while visiting her family in Massachusetts. The rag claims she heard the news of Orlando’s engagement to Miranda Kerr and sought comfort in some familiar peen. Instead of being grateful she dodged that baby bullet, Kate jumped on an old high school boyfriend.

Reps are saying “they are just good friends” and no sexy times took place between Kate and her old boyfriend. I believe the reps. I’m sure it was unsexy times that ended with her crying in the bathroom and calling Orly and hanging up as soon as he answered as the ex boyfriend knocked on the door and told her he had to get back to work the late shift at Taco Bell.

I was never a Kate Bosworth fan. She always looks hungry and probably nibbles on napkins at dinner parties….and she got to ride Orlando Bloom around like a pony at the fair when he was hot.


**Fixed Cut Issue, Deeply Apologetic Mods. =)

Bar Refaeli speaks out against skinny models

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Bar Refaeli for Agua Bendita Swimwear

From CS:

Bar Refaeli -- who makes a living off of her looks -- is speaking out against other models who also make a living off of their looks. It's about damn time someone said something. From the San Francisco Chronicle:
Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli has spoken out about the worrying trend of super-skinny models walking the runways - insisting she "gets so sad" when she sees girls looking "all shaky and hungry."

In a post on her Twitter page, she writes, "I get so sad when I see 15-year-old pale extremely skinny models at the agency looking all shaky and hungry... when will it end?!?!?"
Refaeli -- who is perfect in every possible way -- also criticized women who yearn to be perfect in every possible way:
She adds, "Seriously... Plastic surgery is not helping your impact on young women or your looks!... Some people are addicted to drugs and others addicted to alcohol. Me? I'm addicted to pomegranate juice."
Bar needs to do what she's paid to do: shut up and look pretty. If I wanted to hear beautiful women speak nonsensically, I'd just watch FOX News. Besides, it's easy for Bar to lambaste cosmetic surgery because she doesn't need any. She might feel differently about it if she looked like a repugnant, obese troll Snooki.

+31 Bar pics at the source

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ABC renews "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution"

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - On the heels of winning the Emmy for outstanding reality series, ABC has given a second-season order to "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution."

ABC has picked up six new episodes of the show from the Ryan Seacrest-produced series, which will begin production this winter for a midseason or summer run.

The first season of the show echoed Oliver's original UK hit, chronicling his overhaul of a West Virginia school lunch program. For the second season, the show will move to Los Angeles and broaden out, helping people of all ages improve their eating habits in schools, homes, workplaces and even restaurants.

The informative and altruistic series drew critical raves during its midseason run, and averaged 5.5 million viewers during a tough Friday time period. Seacrest and Oliver serve as executive producers.

This year both top reality Emmy winners were food shows, with "Food Revolution" taking home the outstanding reality series award and Bravo's "Top Chef" ending the "Amazing Race" monopoly of best competition series.

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Fall Network TV Preview Post, handcrafted from the finest quality HTML

Mods, cuts are all in place now.

Strategically selected interviews from networks' new fall shows that I will consider watching.

First is Hawaii 5-0 simply because the scenery is gorgeous. I don't mean that as a reference to Scott Caan, DDK and Alex O'Loughlin, btw. I am actually talking about the landscape.

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next is Undercovers and The Event.

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some stunning, amazing, flawless, talented, 5-language-speaking, nonevil actor and Scott Patterson outside the cut, deal with it. Actually, I honestly have not seen nor heard of Scott Patterson since Gilmore Girls ended. What happened to him? Where did he go? How did is he turning 52 already? I thought he was like 44?

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FOX seems to consider itself too good for direct embedding. I am forced to provide a link, as if this is 2002 or something, to a video with Garret Dillahunt who is on Raising Hope. Tsk, FOX. Tsk.

I actually am not especially interested in anything on ABC, it just felt rude not to include them.

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feel free to discuss any show(s) you will be watching in the fall. And yes, yes, I know, these shows sound terrible, NBC sucks, too many remakes, bring back (name of show), I can't believe they canceled Firefly, etc, etc.

more videos and info, of course, at the sources.

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Wentworth Miller Premieres 'Resident Evil' In Japan

Wentworth Miller keeps it sleek in a suit the red carpet during the world premiere of Resident Evil: Afterlife at Roppongi Hills on Thursday (September 2) in Tokyo, Japan.

WATCH: “Resident Evil: Afterlife” Trailer

The 38-year-old former Prison Break star was joined by co-stars Mika Nakashima, Milla Jovovich, and expectant mom Ali Larter.

Resident Evil: Afterlife opens worldwide on September 10.Collapse )
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I missed you, Michael Scofield!
AD . Self-Portrait

A Dearth of Daleks (THANK GOD) and Spoilers

Moffat: 'No Daleks in next Who series'

Steven Moffat has given a strong hint that The Daleks will not be appearing in the next series of Doctor Who.

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, the Who showrunner admitted that there are currently no plans for the famous aliens to reappear, although work on the 2011 series is not yet complete.

He said: "There will be a Dalek story when we've got a good idea for a Dalek story. [When that happens], there will be lots of different kinds of Daleks."

Moffat also confirmed today that next year's episodes will be split into two series, one airing in spring and the other screening in the autumn.

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Regina King is not a happy camper

The Emmys: As White As Ever

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Since the Emmy ceremony, I have been going back and forth about whether or not I should compose this letter. I try hard in my daily life not to engage in uncomfortable situations regarding race. But sometimes it's very difficult to find other reasons that better explain why certain events play out the way they do. It is impossible for me to ignore the published statistics regarding the number of people of color mentioned, celebrated or honored in the history of the televised Emmys. Up to and including this year, there have been only 53 non-white actors nominated for emmys out of nearly 1,000 possible nominations in the top four acting categories for drama and comedy.

I've worked in television nearly all of my professional life, and that statistic is quite sobering to me. And to add injury to my already sensitive nerve endings a picture of Rutina Wesley from True Blood, who attended this year's Emmys, had a caption that read: "Regina King enters the 62nd Emmys." No, I wasn't there. Mistakes happen, right? Well after a few "mistakes" of how people of color are portrayed in the Hollywood media, I decided it was important to say something about how things go down in Hollywood.

The initial pull on my heart strings was not seeing the veteran Sesame Street actress Alaina Reed Hall included in this year's memoriam. I know I am taking it somewhat personally because of the history I shared with her, but then I stopped to think about the fact that she was on Sesame Street for 12 years, a show that is an American institution. People of all ages and generations have seen and enjoyed this highly influential television show. You have to admit, to not recognize her contribution to television baffles the mind. I first wondered, maybe I had turned my head quickly and missed seeing Alaina's picture scroll past the screen or she was mentioned later. But no such luck.

I am assuming other actors have lost someone close to them who weren't recognized during that segment of previous Emmy telecasts. So I will take the stats about people of color out of my complaint and pose an essential question on behalf of any television artist of note working in our business. What is the process in determining who will and will not be recognized during the Emmy memoriam?

Mary-Kate: Smile

Another Lizzie Olsen Post! It must be our lucky day!

Elizabeth Olsen Steps Out, To Star in Film

While famous twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen haven't been acting much lately, another sister has caught the bug.

The twins' younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, will appear in Sean Durkin's indie drama "Martha Marcy May Marlene," reported . The movie follows a young woman who escapes a cult led by actor John Hawkes' character and goes to live with her sister. Production is underway in upstate New York.

The 21-year-old Olsen will also appear in Bruce Beresford's "Peace, Love & Understanding." noted that in her last film "The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission" released 1996, she played herself.

Elizabeth has acted in three movies and played herself in four of her sisters' videos. Her acting debut came when she was 5 years old, when she played "girl in car" in "How the West Was Fun."

Her existence, though, was a shock to some.

"WHAA???? There's another Olsen????" Defamer blogger Richard Lawson wrote. He said while the movie sounds interesting, it's "not as interesting as the sheer fact of this mysterious and shadowy Olsen sister ... ."

Lawson stated that he has written several biographies of the Olsen twins and did not know about Elizabeth.

Film - The Old Guard

James McAvoy and Tom Cruise Consider Trip to 'Mountains of Madness'

Few people were more excited than me when it was announced back in July that Guillermo Del Toro would finally be making his version of HP Lovecraft's creepy novella At the Mountains of Madness. The tale focuses on an Antarctic expedition that uncovers some truly chilling things lurking in a mountain range that dwarfs the Himalayas. Having read the novella several times, I can tell you that it should make for a really spooky movie -- something akin to John Carpenter's The Thing.

Del Toro's set to direct the project for Universal, with James Cameron producing. Now there's news of potential casting for the film -- and the first possible standoff between the filmmaker and the studio.

Universal has their sights set on James McAvoy to play the lead role, while Del Toro wants Tom Cruise. Speculation is that Del Toro wants Cruise because the two had talked about doing a reboot of Van Helsing and had a liking for each other. I'm okay with either actor taking on the part (Chris Pine was reportedly also in the mix, but his schedule is apparently too busy for another project), but all things being equal, I'd rather McAvoy get the role. Cruise is such a big name that no matter what he does in a film, he's always just Tom Cruise. I'd rather see someone with a more average Joe quality in the in the lead.

As Collider mentions, filming isn't set to start until May of next year, so neither actor may land the part. McAvoy's set to tackle the role of the young Professor X in X-Men: First Class while Cruise has Mission: Impossible 4 starting next month and the Les Grossman spinoff at some point after that.

Yay, James! Yay, Guillermo! But James Cameron + HP Lovecraft + Tom Cruise sounds like a crazypants disaster. Anyone read it?
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Ne-Yo says T.I. makes a lot of poor decisions

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Ne-Yo says T.I. has had many chances — and it's time he gets his act together.

Ne-Yo told the Associated Press the fellow performer makes a lot of poor decisions when it comes to the people that he surrounds himself with.

T.I., who is on three years' probation, was taken into custody with wife, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, on suspicion of possessing methamphetamines after police pulled them over in West Hollywood. They were released on $10,000 bail early Thursday.

Ne-Yo says he's not familiar with the company T.I. surrounds himself with, but says "nine times out of 10 when he gets in trouble, it's not him, it's the people that he's with."

Ne-Yo says it's time for T.I. to get his life together.

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Chris Brown Knocks Rihanna off Number One

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Chris Brown is back. After a rough couple of years, the singer finally has a No. 1 song on the radio. His song “Deuces” is currently at the top spot on the Billboard charts, according to the AP.

The track is on his latest mixtape Fan of a Fan, about a breakup with a cold-hearted woman, featuring rappers Tyga and Kevin McCall.

This is his first number one single since 2007’s “Kiss Kiss.” So is this finally the turning point Brown has been waiting for since the infamous night he beat up Rihanna? Maybe so.

Just last week, an LA judge complimented Brown on his progress with probation. He’s also starring in a movie called Takers. And there’s even talk about a prequel happening.

"I think it would be good," Brown told MTV. "There's more stuff we can add, be hands on with it. For me, I think this movie is going to be great. It's more of a story you can tell, a lot more action. You know, when you do prequels, they always bring more stuff than the last one. That's what make people want to see it."

The irony in all this is that Brown’s song “Deuces” knocked Rihanna and Eminem’s hit “Love the Way You Lie” off as the new number one.


BRB Ordering Flyers Vs. Penguins Tickets

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The Pittsburgh Penguins announced the signing of centre Mike Comrie to a one-year, $500,000 deal Friday, adding a veteran scorer who will likely shift to left wing for the team.

Comrie, who will turn 30 in one week, is a bargain for the team. Typically a centre, he said he was looking for a role on a winning team with a shot at a Stanley Cup, and was willing to sign for the league minimum to earn such a spot.

“I think the biggest thing for me is that I'm excited to join a team like that , that has some great players. Hopefully I can come in and complement them and be a guy that can help score and create some depth,” Comrie told The Globe Friday.

“I'm excited. it was definitely a hockey decision. I think that, you know, there's times in your career where you make a decision about - depends, every guys situations is different... for me this was, I wanted to go to a great team and be a part of an organization like Pittsburgh and be able to compete for a Stanley Cup.”

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For a couple that people said sure wasn't doing a lot, well now Mike is signed to the Penguins and Hilary is filming two movies in the next few months and has her first book coming out!

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Jerseylicious Star Blasts Housewives' Danielle: "Needs to be Locked in a Padded Room!"

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Warning to Jerseylicious star Tracy DiMarco!

If you see Lesbian Superstar Lori Michaels coming your way, you better kick off your stilettos and run...

DiMarco doesn't have the nicest things to say about Michaels' maybe-girlfriend, Real Housewives of New Jersey vixen Danielle Staub.

"I am friends with Dina [Manzo] and I'm also really close with Jacqueline's daughter Ashley and Caroline's daughter, Lauren," DiMarco tells me.

In other words, she's totally Team Manzo. "She needs to be locked in a padded room," DiMarco says of Staub, "with a straight jacket on!"

Meanwhile, Jerseylicious costar Olivia Blois Sharpe says she met Housewives' Teresa Giudice before they were cast on reality television. "She's such a sweetheart," she says. "All her little girls were in cheetah shirts and lips gloss. I was like, 'Oh, my God, this is my life. This is my future." (Let's just hope she doesn't have the same financial future as the bankrupt Giudices.)

As for Jersey Shore, we learned last night via a stripclub brawl in New York City that DiMarco is friendly with the MTV series' not-so-liked former roomie Angelina Pivarnick.

The others? Maybe not so much. DiMarco and Sharpe ran into some of the Shore gang earlier this year in an airport, where they were unexpectedly taking the same flight to Los Angeles. "I went up to them and I was like, 'I just want to be the bigger person and say, 'Congratulations,'" DiMarco said. "And Ronnie was like, 'I don't even know you are.' And I was like, 'Yeah, right. You just tweeted about me.'"

Can't we all just get along—or at least fist-pump together?

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PEOPLE: Kat Von D and Jesse James are "In Love" and "Happy"

Kat Von D: I'm in Love with Jesse James

It's love for Jesse James, 41, and Kat Von D, 28, according to the LA Ink star.

"Jesse is only my ninth boyfriend. I don't hang out with anybody unless I am in love," Kat told PEOPLE at the opening of her Wonderland gallery in West Hollywood on Thursday.

Asked if she thinks the motorcycle mogul, who accompanied Von D to the gallery opening, is "The One" for her, she answered, "I believe he is, so yeah."

As for how and when she first knew her feelings for James were so strong, she said, "Was it when we were playing Scrabble? I don't remember. But it was something like that – when we both realized how nerdy we were."

And although James recently finalized his divorce from Sandra Bullock , 46, after he admitted to cheating on her, Von D says the drama of his personal life didn't cause her to hesitate.

"I stayed away from that as much as possible, and when we connected recently, it was such a positive thing," she says. "It was just like, 'Wow, I can't believe I haven't spent this much time with you the entire time I've known you.' Now I'm just embracing it and enjoying it."

James was a tad less verbose about the romance, but when asked if he's happy, he replied, "Yes."

So, what does he like best about Von D? "Everything," said James.


It's been 6 months since the cheating scandal began (March).
Film - The Old Guard

Tom Hardy Replaces Fassbender in "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"

The Daily Mail reports that filming is about to start in London for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, the adaptation of John Le Carre's seminal cold war best-seller to be directed by Tomas Alfredson (Let the Right One In). The article mentions that Inception star Tom Hardy will now play Ricky Tarr, who was going to be played by Michael Fassbender. Fassbender had to drop out because he just started filming X-Men: First Class.

Gary Oldman is starring as George Smiley, the spy charged with unearthing a mole who has embedded himself in the highest echelons of the secret service. Also joining Oldman will be Ciaran Hinds, Jared Harris, Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch as British operatives.

The script for the thriller was written by Bridget O'Connor and Peter Straughan.

(OK, I know it's the Daily Fail, but still.) Oh God, Fassy vs. Tom? pants do not know how to feel about this. Such a hard choice! But Gary Oldman + Colin Firth + Cumberbatch + either of those guys sounds AMAAAAZING. DO WANT.
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Producer denies shunning Girls Aloud's Nadine

Labrinth denies shunning Nadine Coyle

Labrinth has dismissed claims that he turned down the chance to work with Nadine Coyle.

The singer and producer was quoted in The Mirror saying that he would rather work with Cheryl Cole or Girls Aloud as a whole group than Coyle as a solo artist.

In a message to Coyle on his Twitter page he wrote: "Was a bit shallow of em using me to have a shot at you Got nothing against you or Cheryl we should shut em up with a hit (sic)."

It was recently reported that the Girls Aloud singer has recorded a track for her LP originally intended for Sugababe Jade Ewen's solo album, prior to her joining the band.

Coyle's as-yet-untitled album is slated for a November release.

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T.I. and Tiny -- His and Hers Mug Shots

TMZ has obtained the mug shots taken by T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle -- right after they were arrested on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood late Wednesday night.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As we first reported, the newlyweds were arrested around 10:18 PM after cops say they were in possession of a controlled substance. We're told the substance in question is ecstasy.


Are Dior's 'Shanghai Dreamers' Photos Racist?

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Have you seen the new Christian Dior images everyone's buzzing about? Creatively, the photographs are genius. They are striking. They have a hazy, ethereal feel -- like family photos that have been dusted off after decades to reveal an era long gone.

They're also causing quite a stir, with many people calling them racist.

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dedicated to the resurrection of nicknotned 

Lindsay Lohan runs over a baby

The Crackhead has her license back, and we‘ve been warning you LA bitches to stay out of her way. Actually, scratch that, I have no idea if she actually has her license back or if she just thinks she’s allowed to drive now, in her crack-addled mind. In the less than two weeks that Lindsay has been out of her jail & rehab, she’s already been stopped by the cops once for failing to stop for a stop sign, and she’s already been back to her crackhead haunts like the Chateau Marmont. So what was next on Lindsay’s agenda? Some typical crack shenanigans - like hitting a baby. Lindsay was ALLEGEDLY driving her fancy Maserati when she was too crackheaded to LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE TURNING ON A RED. And thus, Lindsay hit a stroller that was carrying a baby. Radar has video of what happened afterward - the nanny (I’m assuming) pushing the stroller and the baby crying and people asking the woman if she was okay. And Lindsay’s Maserati driving off in the background. The video is here, and here’s Radar’s report on the incident:

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Why does Disney hate parents? Ever noticed your favourite films always kill off Mum and Dad

*I know it's very "BRAND NEW INFORMATION" but they bring up some good points about Walt Disney's life*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bitches get shot

Last week, as the rain lashed outside, my daughter and I settled down for an afternoon of family nostalgia. The type that Walt Disney films excel at.

The kind that has given Disney a special position in our house. To us, the brand suggests a world of family values and bygone traditions. A place where, no matter the adversity faced, good WILL triumph over evil.

Disney films speak to our heart and embroider the lives of our children with a sense of security in an uncertain world.

So it was, this rain-soaked day, we laughed and cried our way through a hat trick of Disney favourites: the heart-rendingly beautiful Bambi, the gloriously regal Lion King and the eternally charming Finding Nemo.

But later, I realised something else that binds Disney films, other than good old nostalgic charm: an absence of parents.

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'Hunger Games' Director Derby Down To 3

EXCLUSIVE: The next big film directing job in Hollywood will be decided late next week,. That's when Lionsgate chooses a filmmaker for The Hunger Games, the first installment of a trilogy based on the Suzanne Collins novel series that many feel could be the next Twilight. I'm told that Lionsgate has gotten Billy Ray's rewrite, and will meet with three elite directors next week before making a decision. Gary Ross, Sam Mendes and David Slade have emerged as the favorites. The script has become one of those closely guarded documents which do not leave the production company's headquarters. I've also heard Andrew Adamson's name in the mix, but it appears to be down to the three I mentioned.

Hunger Games is likened to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels because the books developed a wide following in both the youth and adult demographics, which makes studios salivate because the films could reach multiple audience quadrants. But Hunger Games is really dark: the heroine is Katniss Everdeen, an enterprising 16-year old from a poor territory that was once Appalachia, who becomes a teen gladiator in a reality show event that is a battle to the death against other teens from the 12 districts that make up what is left of the USA, which is run by a cruel totalitarian government. Despite that bleak premise, the book has become a publishing phenomenon and the last novel in the trilogy, Mockingjay, has sold 450,000 since its August 24 debut by Scholastic, and the publisher's rushing back to print more books. Nina Jacobson is producing.

The town is closely watching who'll get the job. If it's Slade--who just directed The Twilight Saga: Eclipse--what does that do to X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2, a job which Slade is a frontrunner to win? The other intrigue has to do with Lionsgate. With Carl Icahn breathing down the company's necks, and higher-ups watching every dime spent, does Lionsgate step up and make a pricey deal with a big name director and commit a budget between $60 million to $80 million for a film that stars a bunch of teenaged unknowns?

never waste no time on a played out ego

Mega Sofia Coppola post, you lucky dogs

Sofia Coppola Brings 'Somewhere' To Venice

Sofia Coppola gives audiences an insider's look into two worlds she knows intimately in her latest film: hotels and Hollywood.

"Somewhere," which made its world premiere Friday at the Venice Film Festival, is the story of a movie star, played by Stephen Dorff, who comes to see the emptiness of his existence through the eyes of his 11-year-old daughter, a role performed by Elle Fanning.

Like "Lost in Translation," which Coppola also premiered in Venice in 2003, "Somewhere" takes place nearly entirely in hotels, mostly the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, one of the places the director remembers staying with her famous father, Frances Ford Coppola.

"We spent a lot of time growing up living in hotels when we were on location with my Dad. I always like when you are living in hotels; it's like a world unto itself," Coppola said.

"Also it is an impermanent place. A lot of the characters I am interested in with are in a moment transition, so it seems fitting they would be in an impermanent setting."

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Sofia Coppola's Menswear Look In Venice

Director Sofia Coppola stepped out to the "Somewhere" photo call in Venice and the subtle stylista took on menswear for the occasion. She donned a button down shirt, long shorts and black wedge pumps and carried a large bag, all Louis Vuitton. Check out Sofia's ensemble and tell us what you think.

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Love love her so much, she is fierce and creative and she has this kind of gawky coltish beauty that is just so sexy

Battleship post

Rihanna Battleship set photos

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Alexander Skarsgard believes ‘Battleship’ will be “quite different” to the board game.

The ‘True Blood’ actor confesses there is little connection between the game and the film – which also stars pop star Rihanna in her debut movie performance – but he admits he is looking forward to shooting it.

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David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Anna Kendrick interview + 'Garbage Truck' video

Twilight fans have known about Anna Kendrick since day one of the franchise (she plays Bella's school pal, Jessica) but the rest of the world is now catching on.

Last year, she delivered an Oscar-nominated turn opposite George Clooney in 'Up in the Air'; this week we'll see her in Edgar Wright's cult feature, 'Scott Pilgrim Vs the World'. Now 25, the actress is clearly destined for the big time, with many A-list actors lining up to work with her. Not bad for someone whose dream as a young girl was simply to sing and dance...

Michael Doherty: First of all, belated happy birthday, Anna. Having just reached 25, it must be very gratifying that you're still able to convincingly pull off teenage roles?

Anna Kendrick: Thank you very much and yes, it is very gratifying! I actually got downgraded from 19 to 18 for this film, so I don't quite know what that says about me! I feel a little silly but as long as people can still buy me as a teenager, then I'm flattered.

In Scott Pilgrim . . . your character is modelled on the writer's own sister, Stacy, whom you met before shooting started. Was that a bit weird or a bit daunting?

No, it was really cool. I was a bit nervous about meeting her but she is so lovely. She basically told me that the relationship between Stacy and Scott in the books is the real relationship she has with her own brother. She gave me her Stacy badge to wear from when she worked in The Second Cup, the coffee shop in the movie, so that was cool.

Edgar [Wright, director] is known for his many takes and you were also working on a movie with a heightened, comic-book sensibility Did that make Scott Pilgrim... a demanding movie to work on?

Well, for my first scene I had to turn my head, react, say my line and then wait for the crash zoom and I did that 20 times and it wasn't quite right. I was getting embarrassed because there were so many takes, but Mary Elizabeth [Winstead], who plays Ramona, basically leaned in to me and said, 'don't worry, this is a rite of passage. You aren't a real Scott Pilgrim cast member unless you have done 20 takes of one scene!' So yes, it was really challenging, but very satisfying when you see it all come together.

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garbage truck | sex bob-omb ~ music video

“GARBAGE TRUCK” by Sex Bob-Omb

Written by Beck Hansen
Performed by Mark Webber, Beck, Brian LeBarton, Michael Cera
From Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
ABKCO Records

Sources: 1, 2.

Fever Ray Continue To Scare The Shit Out Of Fans

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fever Ray has some tour dates coming up, and Karin Dreijer worked with director Andreas Nilsson (who’s directed videos for Fever Ray, as well as MGMT and Yeasayer) on a look for her live show. Here’s a peak at the new makeup and costuming: (see above)

The Fever Ray bus is coming:
09/05 – Dublin, Ireland @ Electric Picnic
09/06 – Glasgow, Scotland @ O2 ABC
09/08 – London @ Brixton Academy
09/09 – Paris, France @ Olympia
09/10 – Berlin, Germany (Berlin Festival)
09/12 – Isle of Wight @ Bestival


Come to America, Fever Ray!
direwolf (captain)

concept art from pixar's cancelled NEWT; still better than any dreamworks movie

as most of you already know, "newt" is no longer in development at pixar. they released some concept art from production to ease the pain from the cancellation. check the concept art below the cut!

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tbh, this only makes me miss the movie even more. it looks so good! i wonder if fox's rio had anything to do with the demise of newt... they are pretty similar in concept (ie, two rare animals of the same species with opposite personalities must stick together to survive and end up falling for each other, etc). i will miss that fat salamander the most!

sorry mods! i think i messed up with the layout and not adding tags... i fixed it and it should be all good now.
Ayumi Hamasaki - Wearing Gaga Glasses 2

Toy Story 3 returning to 1500+ theatres - this weekend only!

Don’t miss (what could be) your final opportunity to catch Toy Story 3 in US theatres!

Lee Unkrich tweeted Tuesday: "Hey, America! Want one last chance to see Toy Story 3 on the big screen? We’ll be back in over 1500 theaters for Labor Day Weekend!"

Before the expansion (which begins today and ends Monday), Toy Story 3 was down to <600 venues nationwide. This upgrade brings back a significant chunk of over 4,000 theatres that originally ran Pixar’s widest opening to date — since then, the film has grossed more than $1 billion dollars worldwide!

After the holiday weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised if Buzz and Woody were harder to find than (get ready for a cheesy Pixar joke) the Pizza Planet truck in The Incredibles. That is, until the Blu-ray and DVD release hits store shelves on November 2nd.

Check your local movie times to see if Pixar’s 11th is playing near you!


Jailbait Jonas Proves to Reporter the Jonas Brothers have Talent...Joe Jonas, not so much

Arriving to a truly ear-splitting roar, the perfectly pompadoured Jonas Brothers rip into a string of bangers including “Hold On,” which prompts me to wonder: are these guys actually playing guitar? Their singing is definitely performed live, which I appreciate, so I decide to reserve judgment and let them prove their axes aren’t just props. A few songs later, little brother Nick debunks the conspiracy theories with an acoustic jam from Camp Rock 2, "Introducing Me." Not only can he play, he barely flinches when a mosquito flies straight into his eye. (LOL)

Showing off his tanned, hairless chest in a deep v-neck, middle brother Joe is the cute Jonas. Which is Disney code for “Joe is talentless.”

Collapse )

LOL I love Joe, but I found this article so give him the benifit of the doubt, Nick can be just as hit and miss with his voice as Joe can



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When it comes to brilliantly scripted, emotionally acted dramatic series deconstructing the strange union of American family life and high stakes drug dealing, there is no better example than Breaking Bad. And that includes The Soup.

But even we must bow down to the show starring Emmy winner Aaron Paul, who dropped by to give Joel a taste of a ham and cheese sandwich. And what it's like being brutally beaten with a real Emmy award.

Dig this and so much more on a new Soup tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT!


Aaron is right, I hope Community is even better this season so it will get some Emmys next year. TYFYT Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Katy Perry's Album Sales Spark New Worries in Industry Execs

title or description

By most measures, Katy Perry's new album, "Teenage Dream" (Capitol), has been a resounding success.  The album bows this week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, thanks to first-week sales of 192,000 units in the United States, the ninth-best debut week so far this year, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

 The album's first single, "California Gurls" (featuring Snoop Dogg), has scanned 3.6 million downloads, while all individual digital tracks from the album have sold a combined 5 million units, according to SoundScan. Put another way, sales of albums and track-equivalent albums (where 10 digital tracks equal an album) for "Teenage Dream" totaled 689,000, according to SoundScan.

 "It's a thrilling accomplishment from our perspective," says EMI Music Services executive VP Dominic Pandiscia, who oversees the company's North American sales operations. "The magnitude of the marketing plan is about driving overall revenue around the project, including track downloads, ringtones and video sales. Album scans is one component of it."

 Yet "Teenage Dream" fell short in one key area: It didn't meet first-week sales projections in the industry. And that, in turn, has sparked worries that the album's performance may affect retail orders for other superstar releases due later this year.
 Executives at other major labels say they expected Perry's sophomore album to debut with sales of anywhere from 300,000 to 700,000 units, with most figuring the album would scan about 400,000.

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guti WEAH


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Even though he has never admitted to being gay, Juan Gabriel announce his engagement to Spanish singer Jaz Bael after two years of dating.

According to Joaquin Munoz, ex assistant to the KING MIDAS OF SONGS, Juan is "happy as can be" with his partner who was introduced to him through singer Isabel Pantoja

Regarding the possible marriage of Juan and Jaz Munoz said "it's hard to believe, but they told me that due to the legalization of gay marriage (in Mexico City) they were going to surprised everyone with this engagement."

According to the Mexican press, since 2008 Bael became inseparable from Juanga and confessed that he learned to much from him.



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campaign - Stephen Colbert - Glenn Beckish rally

A grassroots campaign has begun to get Stephen Colbert to hold a rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to counter Glenn Beck's recent "Restoring Honor" event. The would-be rally has been dubbed "Restoring Truthiness" and was inspired by a recent post on Reddit, where a young woman wondered if the only way to point out the absurdity of the Tea Party's rally would be if Colbert mirrored it with his own "Colbert Nation."

Now with its own website and Facebook group with over 8,000 members, the call for Colbert to hold a rally is spreading through the Internet like wildfire. Aside from being a satire of Beck's rally, the petition claims the rally is necessary because, "Recently our nation has suffered a truthiness drain."

The website gives a history of the newly founded movement, with links to news stories and a poster for the rally, which proposes the date "10/10/10." The website also states:

"Restoring Truthiness is a true grassroots movement propelled by YOU, the citizens of the internetz. Our goal is simple: Petition Stephen Colbert to hold a Restoring Truthiness Rally for the American people."

Given Colbert's love for his "Nation" and ability to satirize the Right so effectively, this almost seems like something Colbert would have thought of himself. While he is on vacation at the moment, it will be interesting to see if he addresses the petition when he returns to host "The Colbert Report" next week.

Those interested in furthering the movement have been asked to join the Facebook group, spread the word, or email for more information.
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Theater Fall Preview: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Pee-Wee Herman, & More

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Three actresses in 'Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown': left to right, Sherie Rene Scott, Patti Lupone and Laura Benanti

This stage version of Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar's Oscar-nominated 1988 film is full of kinky and quirky characters, starting with an actress who puts crushed sleeping pills into her gazpacho after being jilted by her lover.

Composer-lyricist David Yazbek and book writer Jeffrey Lane, who collaborated on Broadway's "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," spent two years securing the stage rights. To turn the movie into a musical, members of the creative team met with Mr. Almodóvar repeatedly, spending hours with him as he rewatched the movie and analyzed key scenes. The resulting production, directed by Bartlett Sher, will include at least 40 set changes—highly unusual for a musical. The new score attempts to capture the emotions of the story rather than specific plot points (there is no gazpacho song).

The show features a 25-member cast of stage veterans (Patti LuPone plays Lucia, the nutty ex-wife) and newcomers ("American Idol" alum Justin Guarini). Mr. Yazbek says he didn't know of Mr. Guarini's TV past when the singer auditioned. "I hate 'American Idol' as an institution," he says. "I think I watched it maybe once."

—Oct. 2 (all dates are for previews), Belasco Theatre, New York

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Sexy Squidward

The Most Amazing Interview With the Jonas Brothers!

Interviewer: I understand that one of you is married.
Kevin: Yes.
Interviewer: I guess my question is, why?
Kevin: [GAYEST LAUGH EVER] Why not?

Interviewer[Asking who they would work with]: Mel Gibson?
Nick: We met Mel Gibson. He's awesome!


Interviewer: The guy who directed Human Centipede?
Joe: The Human what?

The interviewer goes on to explain what the Human Centipede is about and their reaction is PRICELESS

"Kevin: Can I be in the middle?"

Interviewer: Did you know that Justin Bieber choked on a cock?
Kevin: When did this happen?


Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls” moving up to November release date Lionsgate and Tyler Perry appear to be tossing their hat into this year’s Oscar race.

The studio announced this morning that Perry’s next picture, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf,” will premiere on Nov. 5 … and not in 2011 as was expected.

The star-studded film, an adaptation of Ntozake Shange’s landmark 1975 stage study of the African-American female experience, packs Anika Noni Rose, Kerry Washington, Janet Jackson, Kimberly Elise, Phylicia Rashad, Loretta Devine, Tessa Thompson and Thandie Newton into its ensemble.

Clearly, the studio feels Perry’s drama can compete in the annual awards race. Perry had success just last year as a producer for Lee Daniels’ “Precious,” which won two Oscars (for screenplay and co-star Mo’Nique).

More on “Colored Girls” as it begins to screen, but this is a very good sign for Lionsgate, a vote of confidence for Perry, and a shakeup for the still forming Oscar picture.


So excited for this :)

Janet to sign with an Indie Label?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Janet Jackson has revealed that she is considering signing with an independent music label to handle her future releases.

The singer, who ended her contract with Island Records in 2008, insisted that she wants to be in control of the material she produces.

"All the major labels have called and they want to sit down and talk about me signing," she told The Mirror.

"But I need to figure out if that's the route I want to take or if I want to do something more independent."

She added that she is still weighing her options to decide what would be best for her career.

"The latter might be better, where I'd be able to call the shots when creating my own album. I haven't decided," she explained.

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Chelsea Handler and Dave Salmoni Call It Quits

Late night talk show host Chelsea Handler and Animal Planet TV personality Dave Salmoni have ended their relationship. Handler, who will host this year's MTV Video Music Awards, used the opening monologue of her show "Chelsea Lately" to make the announcement on Wednesday. Although she didn't name Salmoni or refer to their relationship directly in the opening, it wasn't hard to decipher the meaning of her statment. Check out the clip below, starting at 20 seconds in.

When rumors that Handler and Salmoni were dating began to surface earlier this summer, she confirmed it (albeit in a humorous manner) on her show. I guess it's fitting that she did the same for their breakup.


I always thought it was an odd pairing, so I'm meh about the breakup. But I do know that if I ever had this hot piece of ass to call mine, I would lock that shit down hardcore.
it&#39;s tough to live alone

Heyo it's a list post

Best Celebrity Pranks
Find out which celebs have been known to pull a fast one on their pals and co-stars.

Celebs have to keep things interesting in between takes, and often that means playing jokes on their fellow Hollywoodites. Keep clicking to read about some of the funniest on-set pranks pulled by A-listers.

Taylor Swift is one girl who doesn't take herself too seriously. She was scheduled to make a guest appearance at a Keith Urban concert in Missouri last year, where was singing "Kiss a Girl," so Taylor and her band came out onstage dressed in full KISS makeup (à la Gene Simmons). She got a good laugh out of Urban for that one.

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The credit for the Zac picture said "Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, co-star in Disney's 'High School Musical 3: Senior Year' on the set during the shooting." IDK.
like a killer through the curtain

Majestic beauty enters new city, instantly enraptures populace

Katy Perry brings London to a halt in figure hugging polka dot dress

Show stopper: Katy Perry squeezed into a skintight Wheels & Doll Baby polka dot blue dress as she walked around London yesterday

In her skintight polka dot dress, Katy Perry was certainly an arresting sight. But it was hard to even spot the petite American singer, amongst the huge crowds gathered in the street to see her.

The 25-year-old caused chaos as she stepped out in London yesterday, with fans and paparazzi crowding round.

Her Wheels & Doll Baby blue dress, red belt, and peep toe Mary Janes, gave a 50s-style to her outfit.

It was certainly a different look to the previous evening, when she showed her underwear in a transparent knitted skirt with a T-shirt bearing the slogan 'HAPPY'.

Katy, who is currently getting ready for her wedding to Russell Brand in October, said she doesn't mind so much about her fashion slip-ups, because she knows fiancé Russell Brand will love her no matter what.

She said recently: 'It’s weird, you know, when you fall in love and have someone that really kind of supports you, you stop really worrying about like, all this make-up you have to wear or what everybody thinks about you, because the person that you love, loves you back.'

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I don't do thumbnails. Sigh, she is so beautiful.
Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Peaches Geldof out for dinner...with Jeremy Kyle

She can most often be found going out with friends or spending time with boyfriend Eli Roth.

So it was quite a surprise to see Peaches Geldof meeting up with a very different dinner guest last night - in the form of Jeremy Kyle.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

While it was not clear exactly why Peaches was meeting with the ITV talk show host, it was reported earlier this year she had been asked to film a pilot for a show which would see her talk to teenagers about their problems.

So it may be that she decided to ask Kyle and Stanier for advice on how she should go about approaching delicate issues with her guests.


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Which Celebrities sold the most magazine covers? Take a guess

Can you guess which celeb covers sold the most for these magazines?

People Stylewatch: Taylor Swift, Jen Aniston, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Simpson, Kim K and Kate Hudson

Highlight Paragraph for result and details: Winner: Lauren Conrad
The magazine’s June-July issue, with Lauren Conrad on the cover, proved to be the first-half bestseller (with 621,000 copies sold at the newsstand

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article & pic source 1
pic source 2

if you answer this riddle

Juliette Binoche turned down Bill Clinton

Juliette Binoche: The sexy French star who said 'Non merci' when Bill Clinton and Francois Mitterand tried to woo her

Juliette Binoche is the most glamorous, the highest paid and the best-loved actress in France. She is so revered that newspapers now simply refer to her by her surname.

Binoche has made the giant leap from being a sexy star of art-house cinema to big mainstream films like the English Patient, for which she won an Oscar, The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Chocolat. Yet she turned down the leading roles in Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible and an Indiana Jones movie, explaining with undisguised disdain that she refused to let Hollywood take over her life.

Now she is gathering plaudits for her new film, Certified Copy, which won her the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival this year and is released in the UK today.

She plays an art gallery owner in a small Tuscan village who meets a stiff English writer (portrayed by opera singer William Shimell) and for 90 erotically-charged minutes audiences are left to guess the exact nature of their relationship.

La Binoche uses her dark, soulful eyes to emphasise her sex appeal. The merest hint of heavy cleavage even below layers of clothing is enough to set the pulses racing.

Yet nothing actually happens between them - even though the air is heavy with expectation. 'Imagination and anticipation,' she tells me, 'are the greatest aphrodisiacs.' With a full, throaty laugh, she adds: 'Sometimes to take things further is to invite disappointment.'

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Aussie Jessica McNamee Joins Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in 'The Vow'

THR is reporting that Australian actress Jessica McNamee will join Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams, and Scott Speedman in their new film 'The Vow'. Jessica (who looks like Rachel's brown-haired doppelganger in my opinion) is set to play McAdams' estranged younger sister in the romantic drama.

The film is based on a true story about a young woman (played by Rachel) who loses all recent memory in a car accident and struggles to rebuild her identity and remember her husband (played by Chan). Speedman will potentially play McAdams' former fiance, with whom she begins to rekindle a romance in her amnesiac state.

'The Vow' is the real-life story of Arizona couple Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, which is chronicled in a book called "The Vow: The Kim and Krickitt Carpenter Story' and dates from 1993, two months after their marriage, when their car was hit from behind by a truck.

Here's a description of the book that the film is based on... Collapse )


New DH promos featuring Lucius, Bellatrix, Scabior, Fenrir, and Bathila Bagshot.

Several new high-resolution studio shots and promotional images from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have been released on the Harry Potter Wall Art site, including: Lucius Malfoy, Scabior, Death Eater, Bathilda Bagshot, and Bellatrix Lestrange full-body shots; Scabior running through a forest with another Snatcher; and Fenrir Greyback running through a forest, presumably chasing Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

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Emzy promo for the VMAs

OH HEYYY! Eminem cool stuff!

Dancing Em invites you in! 

First the making of his VMA promo:


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Leeloo (T)

The importance of David Bowie

By Paul Morley
Published: September 3 2010 21:59 | Last updated: September 3 2010 21:59

How much do you like David Bowie? You will have to like him a lot to want to spend more than £80 ($149.99 US on, $189.99 CAD at on a deluxe box set edition of his 10th studio album Station to Station (1976), an ostentatious souvenir collection of memorabilia, outtakes, live concerts, photography, essays, remastered versions, exclusive mixes and heavyweight vinyl inspired by the mere six tracks that made up the original record.

It is a mesmerising album, one of Bowie’s best, which is saying something, as he made many, most of them during the 1970s, that were sold as entertainment but contained the moving detail and mysterious, transformative depth of art.
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Will you guys buy this? I'm kind of torn. I have the STS vinyl (and all the other vinyls except Earthling which is too fucking expensive...guess I'll settle for the CD) and I generally prefer just the main albums, so the bonus features almost always end up being watched/listened to once. But at the same time this does look like a sweet collection. Ugh....maybe I'm just saying this cause I miss running to a store to buy NEW DB material. :(((( Come back Mr. Bowie. :(((( 

Mods, this is technically new material...just sayin' (tag pls). ILY <3


Meanest celebrity photos

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Sure they're the most beautiful people in the world, but with the paparazzi following them 24/7, celebs are bound to slip up once in a while. From bad hair days to sweaty pit stains, take a look at the pics Hollywood's hottest never wanted us to see ...

Ohh, Britney! You were improving so much! We've been over this, long shirts don't work as dresses ...

Published: 09/01/2010 16:28:58

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madge frozen

Girls Aloud/Cheryl Cole round-up

All over in sixty seconds

CHERYL'S divorce was over in 60 seconds yesterday - and she revealed cheating Ashley's womanising was STILL going on.

The Geordie beauty won a quickie divorce on the grounds of the soccer star's admitted "unreasonable behaviour" and that the marriage had "irretrievably broken down".

Asked in court papers if Ashley's behaviour was continuing, Cheryl answered "Yes".

Judge Christopher Simmonds said: "Cheryl Cole cannot reasonably be expected to live with Ashley Cole."

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Stranger b**** finally leaving (fired) AI

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Great "American Idol" Judge Shake-Up continues. Kara DioGuardi has been announced as the latest talent critic to exit the show in recent months. After joining "Idol" in its eighth season, the songwriter said in a statement on Friday (September 3) that she won't be returning for season 10.

"I felt like I won the lottery when I joined 'American Idol' two years ago, but I feel like now is the best time to leave 'Idol,' " DioGuardi said. "I am very proud to have been associated with 'American Idol' — it has truly been an amazing experience. I am grateful to Fox, FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment, as well as the cast, crew and contestants, for all they have given to me. I look forward to my next challenge, and want to thank everyone who has supported me. All the best to everyone on season 10!"

DioGuardi didn't elaborate on her next step, but "Idol" producers wished the songwriter well in her future projects.

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*Mods, this is the official confirmation
Sexy Squidward

The Black Crowes Frontman: Taylor Swift is horrible!

Grumpy rocker CHRIS ROBINSON has become the latest star to attack country sweetheart TAYLOR SWIFT - almost a year after KANYE WEST ruined her big night at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards by protesting her first-ever win at the event.

Unprovoked, the Black Crowes frontman has taken issue with Swift over claims she's one of the most talented singers in the industry today. He's not a fan.

Robinson tells Nylon Guys magazine, "I find it embarrassing that adults are like, 'Taylor Swift is very talented.' She's not. She might be cute, but she's horrible."

The rocker insists there are very few modern artists he enjoys listening to - because most acts are little more than products of a computer.

He explains, "They have stylists who dress them, they make records with producers who play a chord into the computer and it all comes out the same... When you have computers doing it all for you... there's no individuality. Singing isn't always about being on key; it's about emotionality (sic)."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kourtney OK

Kourtney and Scott remain happy and in love, receive the key to Beverley Hills.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kourtney, Scott and some people no one cares about attended the Taste of Beverly Hills Wine & Food Festival's opening night yesterday and were given the key to Beverley Hills. Kourtney blogged:

"Last night Scott and I attended the Taste of Beverly Hills Wine & Food Festival’s opening night with the family, which was perfectly fitting since it was 09.02.10! We were honored with the key to the city… which I’m taking to mean I can unlock any store on Rodeo Drive in the middle of the night and take whatever I want lol.

I’m wearing an H&M dress, vintage Chanel clutch and Christian Louboutin pumps. Scott is wearing Astor and Black.

I usually wear my hair down at red carpet events, but this time I went for a loose up-do. Do you guys like this look?"

She looked flawless, obv.

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More pics at the source
tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

New Balls, Please - A Vanity Fair Shoot

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and the Williams sisters might dominate tennis headlines, but the men’s and women’s tennis tours have hundreds of worthy competitors. From the players’ lounge at this year’s U.S. Open, in New York City, has invited title seekers from the tournament’s field of 384 singles players—and contenders in doubles and wheelchair draw too—to share the spotlight.

Produced and written by Jessica Flint • Photographs by Justin Bishop

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Who's the Newest RHONJ Housewife? Bonus: Teresa and Her Troll Hubby Deny Cheating Rumors

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1 2

Interesting about Teresa's SIL, especially considering they dont get along. I think it'd make for good drama but idk I still feel danielle is irreplaceable because without her there to stir the pot, wtf is everyone gonna bitch about?? Also, why hasnt KIM G been asked on lmao poor thing...all those histrionics and no offer at the end of the day?

Also, as if it's not bad enough having to hear Teresa constantly talk about doing it with her troll of a hubby, we now have to hear HIM talk about it? PASS.

Mods, I think I fixed the hotlinking problem! Hope this one is right and goes through. Happy Friday everyone!! =D

RHODC marathon tomorrow on Bravo - good opp for people who havent been watching to catch up!
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4th Best Member of Nsync Shows off Charitable Side

 Since his illustrious days with the famous boy band NSYNC, Dr. Phillips resident Joey Fatone, has remained busy and blessed doing what he loves best—entertaining. As an actor, TV host, and celebrity dancer, Fatone continues to showcase his talent and land in the spotlight.

In early 2010, Billboard Magazine gave NSYNC’s “No Strings Attached” album a No. 1 spot on their list of top albums of the past decade (hell yeah bitchez). In May, Fatone made a special appearance on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” reality TV show after being voted by fans to perform a tango with Season 8 contestant, Melissa Rycroft.

Not one to forego a challenge, Fatone enjoys the excitement of new opportunities along with the risks and rewards of the entertainment business. “I just love the game,” says Fatone, “and the fact that in this business you can be broke on Friday, and rich on Monday.”

Fatone’s greatest joy as an entertainer comes from having fun with people while doing whatever project he is involved with. According to former NSYNC band mate Lance Bass, “Joey made life on the road so much fun. There was and never is a dull moment with him. He is a multi-talented brother of mine. I cherish our past and look forward to our working together in the future.

For Fatone, 2010 has been filled with rewarding activities such as the launch of his first solo single, a fun pop-rock tune called “Radio.” Recent acting roles include an appearance in the musical “The Producers,” and a part in a horror film starring Robert Englund.

Fatone’s schedule also remains active with numerous charity functions. “I feel like life has gotten crazy again,” Fatone says. “But I welcome it with open arms and really just appreciate the position I’m in.”

Fatone’s success has not gone to his head, but rather to his heart. His passion for music and his generosity have dovetailed to bring a music therapy program to hospitalized children called “My Healing Harmony.”

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Poll #1614771 Favorite Member of Nsync

Favorite member of Nsync?


Britney not marrying Jason anytime soon/ he helps her mature

Does Britney Spears have marriage on her mind?

In addition to soaking up the sun with boyfriend Jason Trawick during their recent Hawaiian getaway, the pop star toured a wedding chapel at Maui's Grand Wailea resort on Thursday and, two days later, teared up while watching a wedding below their hotel room balcony.

While the couple, who've been dating for more than a year, are going strong, they don't have any immediate plans to tie the knot just yet, a source tells PEOPLE.

"They're really taking things day by day and really enjoying their time," says the source, adding that Spears, who turns 29 in December, and Trawick, 38, "of course" talk about the future.

Another source credits the couple's relationship for helping the singer – who was previously married to Kevin Federline – to mature.

Trawick, who was previously Spears's agent, "really cares for her, deeply cares for the kids and loves her," says the second source.


Eminem wants to be The Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The rumors surrounding Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film have been incessant ever since The Dark Knight came out and blew everybody away. At various times, it seems like the next “villain” would be Catwoman, and the casting for that was extremely messy. But then the rumors swung over to the idea that the new villain would be The Riddler. Nolan’s association with (Heath Ledger-esque) Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Inception seemed to lead people to think that Nolan was considering JGL for a role. This may be true - it’s one of the most recent rumors, and I think it might have the most weight. But, according to The National Enquirer,

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According to retailer information, Christopher Nolan's mindbending thriller Inception will be released on Blu-ray in the UK on December 6, in a "triple play" (BD/DVD/Digital Copy) combo pack.

Special features will reportedly include WB's Maximum Movie Mode, a first for a Nolan film. Also available will be a very enticing Limited Edition Briefcase with five movie art cards, a spinning top and a booklet – which is actually the user manual for the PASIV (Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous) device used in the movie.

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MTV's Skins: Teen series won't be set in Baltimore

It is surely not as hard a slap in the face to Baltimore's sense of media identity as the makers of John Waters' "Hairspray" filming the movie version in Toronto. But now comes official word from the producers of MTV's "Skins" that this American version of the Brit teen hit won't be filmed in Baltimore — nor will it even be set here.

It will be filmed in Toronto instead — and set in a "general eastern seaboard" city, according to Bryan Elsley, the co-creator and executive producer of both the BBC series and its American spinoff, which debuts early next year.

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