August 20th, 2010

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Wyclef Jean not on official list of approved candidates in Haiti's presidential election

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Wyclef Jean's presidential hopes appear to have been killed softly.

The Haitian hip-hop star's name does not appear on the list of approved candidates for the country's upcoming election, Reuters reported Thursday, quoting a source.

"He is not on the list as I speak," said an election council official who had seen the list that is set to be made public Friday.

Jean, 40, filed papers this month stating his intention to run for president of his earthquake-ravaged homeland.

But questions were quickly raised about whether Jean met the country residency requirements.

He was born in Haiti, but left the country when he was 9 and grew up in New York and New Jersey.

Others also pointed to many irregularities in the accounting for Jean's charity Yele.


yay for Haiti, I guess?

The Beatles unpublished photos

After these photos of The Beatles sat in an attic for over fifty years, the set of 38 black and white photos will go on display for the viewing public.

The pictures were taken by Paul Berriff, who, at 16-years-old was an editorial assistant at the Yorkshire Evening Post. These photographs were taken when The Beatles were still little known, in 1963.

Berriff said, “When I took those pictures, the Beatles were at the bottom of the bill. But I knew they were going to be successful because they had an aura, and months later they were world famous.”

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Sarah Palin Defends Dr. Laura Again, Offends Rappers While Doing So

Does anyone seriously believe that Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a racist? Anyone, I mean, who isn’t already accusing all conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party Americans, etc., etc., etc. of being racists?

Adversaries who have been trying to silence Dr. Laura for years seized on her recent use of the n-word on her show as she subsequently suggested that rap “artists” and other creative types like those producing HBO shows who regularly use the n-word could be questioned for doing so. Her intention in discussing the issue with a caller seeking advice was not to be hateful or bigoted. Though she did not mean to insult the caller, she did, and she apologized for it. Still, those who oppose her seized upon her mistake in using the word (though she didn’t call anyone the derogatory term) to paint her as something that she’s not. I can understand how she could feel “shackled” by those who would parse a single word out of decades of on-air commentary. I understand what she meant when she declared that she was “taking back my First Amendment rights” by turning to a new venue that will not allow others the ability to silence her by going after her stations, sponsors, and supporters.

I, and obviously many others, have been “shackled” too by people who play games with false accusations, threats, frivolous lawsuits, misreporting, etc., in an effort to silence those with whom they disagree. That’s why I tend to defend people who call it like they see it while others stop at nothing to shut them up. I learned this valuable lesson when the partisan obstructionists in my state tried to shackle, bankrupt, and destroy my family and supporters, and my record, with endless frivolous litigation when I returned from the Vice Presidential campaign trail. In order to shake off the shackles they wanted to paralyze us with, I handed the reins to another, much like Dr. Laura is doing, so that these obstructionists who hated a Commonsense Conservative agenda wouldn’t win. I didn’t retreat; I reloaded in order to fight for what is right on a fairer battlefield. So, more power to someone with good intentions who refuses to be shackled by their detractors when they are falsely accused of being racist.

Dr. Laura did not call anyone or any group of people the n-word. Curiously, the same criers over this issue didn’t utter a word when White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel called a group protesting the Obama Administration’s actions, “f***ing retards.” When this presidential spokesman uttered this term I commented that the President would be better off not including Emmanuel in his circle of advisers, and my opinion was based not just on the crude and disrespectful term Emmanuel used to label people, but because he too often gives the President very poor advice. I was called intolerant and narrow-minded by many on the Left for commenting on that issue. Many of these same Leftists are now spinning the Dr. Laura issue into something it is not. As usual, their hypocrisy and double standard applications are glaring.

- Sarah Palin
Oh they're "artists" now? Now who's being an elitist asshole?
Mary-Kate: Smile

Vanessa Marcil's Return Interview on Good Day LA

Highlights include Vanessa discussing:
  • what a nerd she is
  • making out with Maurice Benard (complete with clips from Puerto Rico '94)
  • her son, Kassius
  • her name change from Ortiz to Marcil to Giovinazzo


i grew up worshiping/idolizing vanessa, then i got to meet the girl twice in LA and she is easily one of the sweetest/kindest/lovey celebrities i've ever met.
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100 Sexiest Women in Science Fiction

Whenever I put the word "sexy" in a post title, I've got Google hits for life. This is an investment. But seriously, folks... The present list started out as a regular Top 10 or 20, and then ballooned into a 100+ monster list, even after I narrowed down the criteria for inclusion. There are just too many gorgeous, smart, self-possessed female characters in science fiction to do them justice in a Top 20, and even at a 100, I had to cut a few personal favorites. No boys, I'm afraid, but I invite bloggers playing for the other team to do their own.

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<a href="">SOURCE</a>

And what do you think? Who should/shouldn't be on this list?


One of the best film speech makers to grace students with his presence

Legendary actor Al Pacino to speak at RIT Oct. 16

One of the highlights of Rochester Institute of Technology’s Brick City Homecoming & Family Weekend this year will be a talk by Hollywood film legend and Academy Award winner Al Pacino.

Pacino is scheduled to speak to students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests as the Horton Distinguished Speaker at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 16, in RIT’s Gordon Field House and Activities Center.

Pacino is best known for playing Michael Corleone in The Godfather trilogy, Tony Montana in Scarface and Frank Serpico in Serpico.

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Yeah, no clue what to tag this...
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WE HAVE (Probably Flaccid, But Still!) 3D PENIS

Jerry O'Connell Talks About His 3D Full Frontal Nude Scene

Jerry O'Connell talked with Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night about his new film, Piranha 3D. Jimmy cut to the chase and asked him about his nude scene.

"I show frontal," Jerry replied. "I show my (he whistled). I play a soft core pornography mogul who videotapes girls on Spring Break, and that's what this is about."

He later talked about some "issues between the piranha and my member" that occur during the nude scene and the "below freezing" temperature of the water.

"It's not like when you see me, Jimmy, at the saunas here in Hollywood and you're like, 'Jerry! Whoa, Jerry!'" he joked.

He later talked about some "issues between the piranha and my member"

Do they...bite it off? PASS! 'Teeth' has already traumatized me enough for a life time.
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Montana Fishburne Threatens Sex Tape Partner

Montana Fishburne claims she got screwed by her sex tape partner ... over footage of some eXXXtra-curricular work they did on the side -- and now she's hired some lawyers to clean up the mess.

TMZ has obtained several letters that Fishburne's legal team fired off to a porn star named Brian Pumper -- demanding that his production company immediately stop all sales of "Phattys Rhymes & Dimes 14" ... which features a scene between Montana and Brian.

According to the letters, Montana never signed a release for Brian to use the X-rated material in his video.

As for why Montana agreed to engage in coitus in front of Pumper's cameras in the first place -- Fishburne tells us Brian offered to help her "practice" for her big debut with Vivid Entertainment ... and the footage wasn't supposed to be sold.

So far, we're told Pumper has not responded to the letters.


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Continue Scrolling - This Is an Ashley Greene Post

Ashley Greene show some affection towards rumored boyfriend Joe Jonas as she watches him play a baseball game with the Road Dogs at MCU field in Coney Island, New York on Thursday afternoon (August 19).

Joe, 21, and his brothers Nick and Kevin played against the Marquis Jet Flyers.

Ashley, on break from filming L.O.L. with Miley Cyrus, was there to cheer and dance for the Road Dogs.
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Legend in the making proves shes classy and better than a certain media whore.

The movie was enough of a treat, but the lucky Jonas Brothers fans who attended the Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam premiere in New York Wednesday got a whole lot more than that.

Following the screening at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato emerged for a surprise performance of the romantic duet "Wouldn't Change a Thing," from the movie's soundtrack, with Joe's brothers Kevin and Nick playing backup.

The impromptu concert was a hit, judging by the number of girls in the audience shrieking at the top of their lungs.

Earlier in the event, on the red carpet, Lovato talked about how it's been working with Joe Jonas since their breakup in May. "We've obviously had our ups and downs, but no matter what, we'll be best friends for a long time," she told PEOPLE.

Lovato, who turns 18 on Friday, also expressed her gratitude to Joe, 21, for recently threatening legal action against a blogger who posted a story with alleged falsehoods about their relationship.

"All three of them will defend me, because they're my brothers, they have my back," Lovato said. "And I'll defend them any day, too."

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam will premiere on the Disney Chanel on Sept. 3 at 8 p.m. ET and air the following three nights at the same time.


also its offically the 20th here so...


People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!


"People think pop is rock, and the lines are getting blurred. Now Rihanna's wearing f– leather jackets, and it's really annoying."

– Taylor Momsen, dissing the pop star and her style, to Spin magazine


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Poll #1608097 Which celeb had the

Blah blah blah

Taylor Momsen
Katy Perry
Jennifer Aniston
Kim Kardashian
Conan O'Brien
Chelsea Handler
Eric Stonestreet
Courteney Cox
Alexander Skarsgard
Jimmy Fallon




Our favorite android, Janelle Monae rocked San Francisco's Outside Lands Festival yesterday (August 15th). Though limited to a brief 25-minute set, the always dapper songbird gave fans 100 percent. The Of Montreal collaborator thrilled festivalgoers with her hits like “Cold War" and “Tightrope” as well as a cover of Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile". Flip through to see Janelle complete with a cape that would make James Brown jealous.

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Swell Season Fans Witness Man Leap To Death

Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová of the Swell Season and their crew have issued a statement following a bizarre incident in which a man died at their show last night (Aug. 19) at Saratoga Mountain Winery, California.

The audience watched in horror when the man deliberately threw himself from the roof of a building near the lighting rig, according to local reports. Many in the audience were shaken and in tears.

"The band, crew and all involved with them are shocked and saddened by the unfortunate events of last night," said the band's statement issued to Hot Press. "Their hearts go out to the victim and his friends and family."

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Hansard had just finished a song and was indulging in some banter with the crowd and guitar player when the man jumped.

"I saw him standing there on the edge of the roof, I thought it was a part of the act, and then he took off running and jumped, did a couple of flips and landed on the stage," audience member Kyle Rivers told the paper. "It was pretty traumatic."

Hansard put down his guitar and walked over to the man on the stage, while doctors in attendance attempted to revive him. Sheriff's authorities and paramedics attended the scene.

Santa Clara County officials confirmed to the paper that an incident occurred at the venue but did not disclose details. However, various witnesses have posted details on Twitter.

"Swell Season at Mountain Winery was amazing until someone decided it was time 2 end their life & made an entire audience unwilling witnesses," wrote one audience member.


EDIT: there's more info here if you're interested. it says the man came with a friend and left his belonging with him and then climbed onto the roof.

The Office - set photos

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It’s just another day at The Office for Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute! Actors Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson were photographed on the set of the NBC workplace comedy in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, August 19th, 2010.

Carell is sporting a band aid on his left cheek. Is this a job injury or has he recently become a fan of rapper Nelly, who wore a band aid on his face for awhile as a trend?!

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HIMYM Scoop: New details on the mother of all twists!

From Ausiello: 

That noise you hear is the plot of How I Met Your Mother‘s top secret, game-changing sixth-season premiere thickening as we speak.

Although a Mother rep declined to comment, sources confirm that the Sept. 20 opener will feature—prepare to clutch your pearls—a wedding! The who-what-where-when-why of said nuptials remain under the tightest of wraps, but I strongly suggest you go back and comb our July 29 interview with exec producers Craig Thomas and Carter Bays for clues. I also urge you to come back here when you’re done and start spewing theories in the comments section.What are you waiting for? Get crackin’!

lindsay hipster

Lindsay Lohan's 'Machete' Co-Stars Offer Support

"Extra's" Lauren Sanchez caught up with Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo, who all co-star with Lindsay Lohan in the new film "Machete" -- and they're wishing LiLo the best.

When asked if Lindsay can recover from her recent problems, Rodriguez, who also has a troubled past, said, "I think everybody should leave everybody to their own growth."

Check out what Lindsay's other co-stars are saying. Lohan was unable to promote the film as she's in court-ordered rehab.

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Full list of fall season premiere dates!

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It's August, and you know what that means: Time to unpack the snuggee and set the DVR for all your fave fall TV shows!

What, too hot? Fine. Ditch the snuggee but get in here for this handy printable calender of fall premiere dates that you totally need because...

It's an embarrassment of riches and you gotta figure out what to watch!

Note: All showtimes are ET/PT. The season's new shows—and there are a ton of 'em—are marked with an asterisk (*). Also, don't forget to check out our summer calendar.

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Courtney Love tweets to her daughter, Frances Bean, for her 18th birthday

Maybe next time Courtney Love will just send a card?

In what may have been a Hallmark moment from hell, Frances Bean Cobain was publicly blistered by her rocker mom on Thursday—a day after the spawn of Love and late grunge god Kurt Cobain turned 18.

Instead of baking cupcakes, Courtney's been busy posting a string of rambling verbal attacks against her estranged daughter, culminating with Frances being warned by Mommy Dearest that Love could "ruiinher."

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Oh Courtney Love, you bat shit crazy fierce bitch. IDGAF I love her. **BUT I do feel terrible for Frances. Hope she had a great birthday anyway!

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Christina Aguilera forced to perform at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs

Christina Aguilera has been forced to accept private gigs at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs following the cancellation of her US tour and poor sales of her album 'Bionic', according to reports.

'Bionic' was critically panned and flopped in the UK where it became the lowest-selling number one album for eight years and soon dropped out of the charts. The disc fared little better elsewhere and failed to reach the gold and platinum certifications of her previous releases.

Aguilera also came under fire for blatantly copying Lady Gaga's visual and sonic style. Responding to the allegations, Aguilera issued a message to fans on her website saying ""This is not the first time I have been unfairly pitted against another female artist, but it will be the last time I comment on the matter."

Speaking to Now magazine, a source said: "Christina's performing at Bar Mitzvahs and weddings. She wanted to charge £1.3 million a time but her hubby Jordan Bratman convinced her to lower it to £157,000 so she'll get more gigs."


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On Wednesday's Big Brother, evicted Las Vegas cocktail waitress Rachel was released back into the house (for 24 hours) and stirred up some major drama with gay professor Ragan, asking, "Do you have to be the biggest bitch because you're gay?"

Ragan and Rachel then went at it in the bitchiest ten minutes of the season so far (the whole thing will probably be interesting to BB fans, but it really gets going around 6:15).


Ragan is so classy, it hurts. Not one word of his ownage of Rachel was censored. How dare anybody say he's a bad representation of us gays on TV.
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Blind Items

1. We’ve talked about this celebrity before. She gave some odd reasons as to why she was moving overseas, and then she moved. So the story is over, right? Oh, no. She and Mother totally brawled before the move. As you may recall, Daughter is writing a “Mommie Dearest” tell-all, much to her mother’s chagrin. To make things even worse, she told some people about her mother’s earlier promiscuous behavior. Her mother responded by sending a note to the daughter that read “You no longer exist in my life”.
Blind Gossip
My Guess: Lisa Marie Presley

2. This A+ movie star and Academy Award winner/nominee is a do gooder. He is considered extremely straight laced. No swearing and no cheating rumors. You barely even see pictures of him drinking. Well, in his backyard he grows his own pot and loves nothing more than spending a day sitting and smoking all day long. He even encourages his kids to do the same thing.
My guess: omg I wanna toke up with Tom Hanks

3. This D Lister just got his big break by getting on board in one of the biggest films of next year. The film has some big names signed on and so this pathetic actor better watch his step. Instead, he’s been irritating cast members by taking pictures of all the females on set and their chests with his cell phone. We know, very mature. He takes the photos and then shows them to everyone and anyone who will look.
My Guess: Chris Hemsworth in "The Avengers"

4. Which half of a Hollywood couple was acting nutso at a recent NYC party? He roamed around the room, collecting helium balloons, releasing them, and then gathering them up again. ‘Strange,’ says a source.
My Guess: David Arquette

5. This married Academy Award winner/nominee for Best Actor is sleeping with this A list pro tennis player’s wife. Guess all the visits to watch him were so he could sit next to the wife in the box.
My Guess: the tennis player is Andy Roddick, the wife is Brooklyn Decker, and the actor is idk

I need this weekend so badly.... praise be to Godney that it's almost here

Actors Aniston, Bateman have no off switch in their friendship

By Donna Freydkin, USA Today

Jennifer Aniston loves to let loose.

But then again, who doesn't?

Apparently, Jason Bateman.

Back in February, the actress flew her pals, including Courteney Cox, Sheryl Crow, and Bateman and wife Amanda, to Los Cabos to ring in her 41st birthday at the swank One & Only Palmilla resort. And yes, they partied. Hard.

"We danced for hours, seven hours," Aniston confirms.

Except for one MIA guest, recalls Aniston, turning to Bateman. "At my birthday party in Mexico it was 10 p.m., and I said to Amanda, 'Where's Jason?' We're in Mexico. Everyone's dancing. And he went to bed." Aniston laughs. "I couldn't get you out on the dance floor."

Replies Bateman, 41, a little sheepishly: "I'm never happier than in the bed."

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In Box Office news, The Switch is predicted for a $5 million opening weekend. Miramax buyout mess + narrow release + Nobody wanting to see Rachel Green and Michael Bluth get it on = bomb. Ouch. Ironic that what appears to be the most halfway decent Aniston flick in ages will do the worst.

USA Today Box Office Guru
Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is UK male drivers' guilty favourite

Robbie Williams is streets ahead - after being named male motorists' secret pleasure.

Tracks by the singer, who is rejoining Take That, are the top choice for men to secretly sing when they are alone at the wheel.

Second choice as a guilty pleasure which they would not sing in company were the songs of Abba, according to a survey by Spanish car firm Seat. Other top choices for male drivers were songs by Kylie Minogue and the Spice Girls.

The study of nearly 3,000 drivers found 14 per cent of men and 11 per cent of women admit to having embarrassing closet musical tastes which they indulge only in their cars. More than half of those polled (55 per cent) said they saw their car as a "personal sanctuary".

Former editor of both NME and Top Gear magazine Conor McNicholas said: "Let's face it, many of us fancy ourselves as a bit of a lead singer and turn our cars into our own personal karaoke booths. Who hasn't given their all to a classic fist-in-the-air ballad whilst waiting for the lights to change?"

The poll was commissioned to tie in with Channel Five's online TV show Seat Sex Drive which pits the men and women against each other behind the wheel.


I love a good singalong to Robbie. I'll belt out his stuff any day of the week.

guti WEAH

Cuban Wannabe Brad Pitt Sued For Giving An STD To A Minor EWW!

William Levy Sued for Sex Abuse Case

william levy Pictures, Images and Photos
Telenovela actor William Levy is reportedly getting slapped with a $2.5 million dollar lawsuit.

17-year-old Karla Alvarez claims Levy forced her to perform oral sex on him at a Glendale, California hotel on July 19, 2010.

The plaintiff claims the 29-year-old actor took advantage of the fact she admired him and invited her to a room where he forced her to have sex. According to the lawsuit, Levy choked the girl during the act and ejaculated in her mouth, which resulted in her getting a STD.

Apparently Alvarez's mother was also in the room and was physically and verbally attacked by the actor.

Levy's publicist says the lawsuit is a serious act of defamation

according to El Gordo Y La Flaca the chick and her mom were extorting William for monies and since he didn't pay up they went public with this all.
Dude is an utter douchenozzle but the chick is even dumber for claiming to be 19 if she indeed is 17 and WTF was she doing with him at 4am?
David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Kids interview 'Scott Pilgrim' cast

'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' is one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer, and Filmclub the nationwide after-school initiative and experts in films for young people, took two junior reporters to interview the cast and director to get the low-down on the next big movie hit, before attending the star-studded European Premiere.

13-year-old Victoria Bowes from Rawlett Community Sports College in Tamworth Staffordshire, and 13-year-old Ben Angus from The Boswells School in Chelmsford who are members of Filmclub, quizzed the film’s cast, including Oscar-nominated Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air, Twilight), Michael Cera (Youth In Revolt, Juno), Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination 3), Kieran Culkin (Igby Goes Down), Ellen Wong, Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Satya Bhadha (Fair Game) and the film’s director Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun Of The Dead).

The teenagers were the only junior reporters to interview the cast and director during their UK press trip to promote the movie, and asked them a variety of questions that particularly appealed to cinema-goers in their age range and included some questions that seasoned reporters wouldn’t dare to ask!

The stars and director were very impressed with the junior reporters interviewing techniques, with Jason Schwartzman commenting, “That was the best interview of the day by far, truly by far the best one. They made mince meat out of all the other interviewers. They were amazing.” and leading man Michael Cera said, “They were great.”

The film’s director Edgar Wright also said that the junior reporters had ‘Good questions’ and were ‘Very professional!’

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Teresa Giudice Blames Bravo for Financial Woes

Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe owe creditors nearly $11 million in various
debts, and the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star blames her fame for why
she's still bankrupt.

"If she wasn't on the show, this all would be much easier," a friend of Teresa's
tells PopEater.

"Everything would be settled by now, but because she is now famous everyone is
using the situation to get press for themselves and humiliate her and her
family. It's honestly got to the point where she's not sure if she wants to come
back for another season."

A few days ago, new evidence proved the couple went on a $60,000 shopping spree
not long after they filed for bankruptcy.

Teresa and Joe bought $8,800 curtains and spent $45,000 on wall hangings,
mirrors, frames, tables and chairs, while at the same time trying to convince a
Newark federal bankruptcy judge to stop the August 22 auction of their personal
belongings. Judge Morris Stern refused to stop the auction, but postponed it
until Oct. 3.

"Teresa is sick of everyone knowing all her private financial business," an
insider tells me. "She didn't sign up to be on 'Housewives' so that everyone
could look into her bank account. Millions of couples go through what they are
going through, except no one knows about it. It's just not fair."

thumbs up
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Stephen Colbert = true patriot

The comedian will broadcast two special episodes of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" to celebrate the end of combat operations in Iraq and to honor returning troops.
n Sept. 8 and 9, the show will fill its audience with Iraq War veterans and active duty service men and women. Others will be beamed in via satellite from Iraq, Afghanistan and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

"The Report," which likes to parody over-the-top cable news graphics, is calling the episodes "Been There: Won That: The Returnification of the American-Do Troopscape."

Guests will include Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. Sen. Jim Webb and the U.S. military commander in Iraq, Gen. Ray Odierno.

Read more:

grease sandy blow smoke
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New Cee-Lo: "Fuck You"

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Helium-voiced Atlanta rap/soul eminence and Goodie Mob/Gnarls Barkley member Cee-Lo has posted a new track, charmingly titled "Fuck You", on his YouTube channel. And even though Cee-Lo says the title phrase about a million times during the song, it's not the furious banger you'd expect. Rather, it's a sunny take on classic soul-- way more Gnarls than Goodie. Check it out below.

According to its YouTube page, the song will get a full video next week, and it'll be for sale in the U.S. and UK on October 4. "Fuck You" is from Cee-Lo's new solo album The Ladykiller, which also includes "Georgia" and the Band of Horses cover "No One's Gonna Love You".

This is my end of summer anthem. I can so relate to it.
[glee] kurt sweet prince.

The Three Musketeers photo call

Milla Jovovich, Orlando Bloom, Mads Mikkelsen, and Christoph Waltz on hand at The Three Musketeers photo call in Munich

The Paul W.S. Anderson (not Wes Anderson) picture will be filmed in Germany. A full cast list is located at since there's too many cast members to name. No, Orlando Bloom is not one of the three musketeers.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Milla also tweeted photos from the cast party last night, which are located at her TweetPhoto. Including this one with Orlando Bloom (where she inadvertently spilled the beans that he's expecting a baby in Jan):

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


ONTD, what's your favorite musketeers movie?

Gossip Girl: Win the Complete Third Season DVD + GAG REEL!

Gossip Girl premiered on September 19, 2007 and is based on the novel series by Cecily von Ziegesar. Airing on The CW, episodes are set in New York City and feature Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, and their affluent peers at the Constance Billard School for Girls.

The third season of Gossip Girl finds the elite group heading for college. There are new characters and familiar faces embroiled in stories featuring love, new problems, and a few old secrets.

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Megan is not happy

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Megan was photographed out yesterday (August 19) as she was leaving the gym in Hollywood, California. Seen wearing her Late Night With With Jimmy Fallon shirt & Fish Without A Bicycle cap, Megan didn’t look too happy to see the paps as she came out. From the looks of it, Megan looked to be arguing with the paparazzi. Also joining Megan at the gym was step-son Kassius. He was photographed wearing a karate outfit, getting himself a little work out as well."

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This may be the closest thing to a Michael Rosenbaum comeback we get, so enjoy it people: John Glover has signed on to reprise his role as Lex’s late pa, Lionel, for multiple episodes during Smallville‘s 10th and final season, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Glover last graced the Smallville canvas at the end of season 7 when Lex pushed his father out a window to his death. (He appeared briefly in season 8 via archival footage.) The actor is booked for at least two episodes, both of which are expected to air in November.

Glover joins a growing list of Smallville alums rejoining the show in its final season. That list includes John Schneider (Pa Kent), Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl), James Marsters (Brainiac), and Michael Shanks (Hawkman).

Thoughts? Theories as to how Lionel will be brought back from the dead? Still holding out hope for a father/son reunion before The End? Hit the comments!

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Hugh Jackman & John Palmero are OVAH!

Wheels fall off Jackman's film production vehicle
From: The Daily Telegraph
August 20, 2010 12:00AM
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
THE business relationship between Hugh Jackman and John Palermo is over, with the partners deciding to dissolve their fledgling Sydney-based production company.

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Juanes calls for softer drug laws
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Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes supports Mexican President Felipe Calderon's call for a debate on legalizing drugs.

"It is great that this debate is starting to come to life, really the only option is to depenalize [marijuana]," the 38-year-old said.

"Legalization is a very strong word and has lots of difficult connotations, but the depenalization of marijuana, for example, is a more viable path to begin with."

The singer, who was promoting his single "Yerbatero" on a visit to Mexico, welcomed the Mexican leader's comments and said that there was a need for a leader with the courage to put the topic up for debate. "Let's hope that this person can be the president of Mexico, or whoever else," Juanes declared. "The former head of state Vincente Fox also made a proposition to legalize drugs, so when Calderon says the same, it seems to be very important."

His comments follow previous declarations that he is in favor of the depenalization of "natural drugs," because he thinks it would help stamp out violence between drug gangs in Mexico.

I'm not surprised by any of this like my mom is because well his song is called "Yerbatero'"
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God has answered our prayers: Sufjan Stevens releases unexpected new EP.

It’s been a while. Today Sufjan Stevens released a new, eight-song EP, titled All Delighted People, on Bandcamp. You can stream the tracks for free below, or download the whole thing for $5. According to Asthmatic Kitty, the album will be on other digital retail sites on August 23, and will be out in physical form later on. The title track was the centerpiece of Stevens’s fall 2009 tour — it’s the lengthy epic that gently references Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound Of Silence.”


All Delighted People is built around two different versions of Sufjan’s long-form epic ballad "All Delighted People," a dramatic homage to the Apocalypse, existential ennui, and Paul Simon’s "Sounds of Silence." Sounds delightful, yes! The song was originally workshopped on Sufjan’s previous tour in the fall of 2009. Other songs on the EP include the 17-minute guitar jam-for-single-mothers "Djohariah," and the gothic piano ballad "The Owl and the Tanager," a live-show mainstay (and Debbie Downer if you ask us; what’s it doing on a "Delighted" EP?).

Sources: one and two

OMG shaking and crying, i am listening to it right now and it's beautiful! definitely worth $5.
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Barcelona may fine Shakira for YouTube video

Barcelona authorities are deciding whether to fine Colombian pop princess Shakira after footage of her dancing with fans in a fountain and riding a motorbike without a helmet in the Spanish city was posted on YouTube.

The incidents occurred while the Colombian singer was filming the videoclip for "Loca," which will be first single of her next album "Sale el sol," due to be released November 2.

According to Barcelona authorities, Shakira "did not even ask for permission to film" and "does not lead by example," despite being "a public person." Authorities said that if permission is sought, "you can take this kind of footage without problems."

Authorities said they will analyze footage that fans posted on You Tube "to detect infringements that have been committed during the recording."

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Jupiter's cock!

Interview with Spartacus' John Hannah

John Hannah returns to Spartacus: Blood and Sand in the season 2 prequel that documents Lentulus Batiatus' early conflicts with this father and the rise of champion gladiators like Crixus and the fall of would-be champion, Asher. In this interview, Hannah provides a glimpse into the second season of this groundbreaking epic series.

Quite a bloody ending to a violent first season. People getting hacked, impaled and chopped up like sushi. How did you react when you saw that in the script?

John Hannah: As for my demise in the first season, I thought it was morally kind of right that it should end that way. It's part of the genre, the whole concept. The idea was to follow the historical fact of Spartacus, and we all know that happened. There's no real way in which I could have survived.

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Danielle to claw onto the RH of NYC?

The internet went bananas at the news Danielle Staub, everyone's favorite felon and 'prostitutionwhore' was fired from the Real Housewives of New Jersey and will not return next season.

I so called this, like 3 months ago, so I'd like my money now, people.

Now let me begin this with a big fat ALLEGEDLY incase anyone gets any ideas about sending their lawyers after me to give me a big scare... this is all ALLEGEDLY...

Ok, that's out of the way, I can say what I want now...

So, way back when I heard rumblings about the powers that be at Bravo being more than a little pee'd off about the whole Dina thing and Danielle's having a hand in that hot mess. They were really hoping to give her a good edit and get people not to be so skeeved out by her.

Then there was a little thing called, Danielle Staub Raw, that glorious adventure in fiction, "The Naked Truth", and well just Danielle being Danielle....if ya know what I mean. This isn't news, she's been looking for condos in New York for a long time, and put her house up for sale.

If you buy it, make them bleach it...just sayin'....

I even had half a heart attack when I got a text from a source very close to the Bravo Cirque De Freakshow, saying 'don't be surprised if Danielle ends up on RHONY'

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I think Danielle in NYC would be all sorts of epic, I hate her, but it would be insane.

It's a Julian Lennon Post!

Julian Lennon’s edited collection of portraiture and landscape photography debuts at The Morrison Hotel Gallery Bowery, 313 Bowery (Bowery & Bleecker Street) New York, NY, September 16, 2010.

This premiere exhibition and sale of Julian Lennon’s stunning collection of limited edition and hand signed portraiture and landscape photography, entitled Timeless, is curated by one of the most sought after celebrity photographers, Timothy White and sponsored by Lennon’s charity, The White Feather Foundation, Duggal Visual Solutions, Inc. and Canson Inc., creators of the world’s finest Fine Art and Photo Papers: Canson Infinity.

Lennon developed a love for photography at a very young age and over the years has been perfecting his work. The exhibit will showcase Lennon’s landscape work, and also take us into his studio where he recently photographed U2 as they recorded their newest album. In addition, Lennon takes us behind the scenes for a photographic look at the Sean Lennon tour.

“I have always felt that I have observed life, in a different way than others; probably because my life has been very different than most. Music has always been one creative outlet for me, but now I’m happy to add another one too, that being photography.”
– Julian Lennon

Lennon has enjoyed an accomplished music career, including multiple awards from 1985 onward. His much anticipated sixth album, Everything Changes, will be released in early 2011.

Lennon has been focused on making a difference in what has become a rather sensitively-balanced world. The White Feather Foundation embraces environmental and humanitarian issues in conjunction with partners from around the world and works to raise funds for the betterment of all life, and to honor those who have truly made a difference.

Peter Blachley, co-owner of the Morrison Hotel Gallery says, "Timothy White has captured the essence of Julian’s style as we witness the emergence of a fine new photographer. We are very excited about working with Julian's photography and being the first gallery in the world to present his artwork."

The Morrison Hotel Gallery ( was founded in 2001 by Peter Blachley, a former record company executive, producer Rich Horowitz, a former independent record store owner, and Henry Diltz, a legendary music photographer. The gallery has since grown to become a major brand in fine art music photography and is respected amongst peers and artists alike.

Lennon’s photos on display are printed exclusively on Canson Infinity’s Edition Etching Rag and BFK Rives papers, two museum-quality papers hand selected by Julian Lennon for this exhibition. Canson Infinity, crafted in the Canson and Arches mills in France, recently won the prestigious Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) award for their Baryta Photographique, selected by TIPA as the Best Fine Art Ink Jet Paper of 2010.

“We are delighted that Julian Lennon selected our fine art papers for his new exhibit ‘Timeless’,” said Robert Toth, Vice President of Marketing at Canson. “Julian’s photography has left us with a lasting impression and we are thrilled to be a part of this exhibition at the Morrison Hotel Gallery.”

Also sponsoring this exhibit is Duggal Visual Solutions, Inc., one of the nation’s top photo/imaging facilities, and supplier of printing, imaging, wide format graphics, and display services. Duggal was incorporated in 1963 and is based in New York City.



fans caught roaming around robsten's nest, more proof that twihards are nuts

As we've told you, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been shacking up together in Rob's rented five-bedroom, five-bath home (that Stewart helped pick out) whenever the two are in Los Angeles. And that's apparently straight where they went after they landed at LAX Tuesday!

Here are some peeks of the gated abode with a guest house, and no we did not take them. (They were on the original listing from earlier this summer.)

The listing boasted how perfect the "one kind of hideaway" is for those desiring "privacy and serenity," but unfortunately, that's not exactly the case...

You know we protect out dear Robsten and wouldn't want to out where they've been hiding (some new pics of the pad hit the Internet today, taken while Rob was home at the time, super creepy, and US Weekly months ago), so that's exactly what we're not doing.

But some crazy (or maybe they prefer the term curious?) fans have discovered Rob's address and have attempted to scope out the scene for themselves.

We're told by sources in the Bel Air community that fans have found the property and have been caught roaming around the premises. Luckily neither babe has been home while fans were literally lurking around in the bushes. No joke, we're told the gate leading to the house is usually left wide open, leaving the home totally exposed to paps and curious Twi-hards.

Rob rented this place before he started filming Water for Elephants, but it's not his main hideout with Stewart. Oh, no. Those two are much craftier and have another secret spot for their rendezvous, which we, of course, would never reveal.

Time to pack up and get out, Robsten! Or else just keep this place for party time. Sure is fab enough.

In order to satisfy your curiosity, and so you to keep your distance, below are a few more shots that were featured on the listing (so don't give us s--t about it; they're public photos, people).

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A white cracker jelly ass bitch round-up

Cheryl Cole: officially single by October

Cheryl Cole will be officially divorced by the time she returns to the X-Factor.

The Girls Aloud singer will be free of Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole when she returns to the talent show to join fellow judges Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh, according to the Daily Mail.

Her appearance will mark eight months since it was first announced that Cheryl was separating from her husband amid revelations of his infidelity in February.

The beautiful brunette was forced to abandon her role as judge on the X-Factor after being struck down by malaria.

The moment she collapsed during auditions will be screened on Saturday night on the show's return to ITV, where an estimated 11 million viewers will witness her misfortune.

Moments before, she is seen telling the other judges: "I don't feel well at all. I am definitely coming down with something."

She contracted the disease on a trip to Tanzania, Africa with rumoured new love Derek Hough.

Cheryl will also squeeze a revealing interview with a fellow judge into her hectic schedule, detailing her tumultuous year on Piers Morgan's ITV show, Life Stories.

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guti WEAH

Cron's Baby Momma Not American

Does Cristiano Ronaldo's Baby Have An English Mother?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Speculation over the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby, whose name is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., has spread like wildfire after a claim that she is a 19-year-old student from London who now lives in the United States of America.

This claim was made by the soccer star’s ex-girlfriend, Nereida Gallardo, on Spanish television. She said that she was contacted by the child’s mother on Facebook before Ronaldo announced the baby’s existence.

Gallardo and Ronaldo dated in 2008 and she said that he was not ready for a child at all. The baby was born on June 17, 2010, and is being brought up by his mother, Dolores Aveiro, as well as his sisters, Elma and Katia, in Portugal.

The identity of the child’s mother is rumored to be a waitress in the United States or a paid surrogate. He has exclusive guardianship over the child and has asked for privacy for the sake of the child and his mother.

lol @ his ex gf.

neytiri animated

ONE WEEK BITCHES!!! (Half of this post is about Titanic for all you salties out there)

Cameron talks Avatar & Titanic Re-Releases & Hiroshima Biopic

Though it’s looking very likely that James Cameron might set up a pair of back-to-back Avatar sequels as his next project, there are still a couple of other items on his slate clamoring for his attention. In fact, there’s only one Cameron-directed film that’s actually on the books: the Titanic rerelease, coming out in April of 2012. Since Cameron has inserted several new minutes into his Avatar special edition, can we expect Titanic to feature a similar handful of never-before-seen scenes?

“No,” he told Movieline. “As of right now, the plan is to do a 3D conversion and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic with a rerelease of the film, and to show it on the big screen to a whole new generation that has never seen the film theatrically.”

Still, I wondered: If Cameron was already upgrading the film to run in 3D, would he consider tweaking the 1999 special effects?

“I don’t think so,” he said, then paused. “The only thing — and this is a little bit of [me] being a rivet-counting nerd, after dissing the font nerd — is that we might correct a couple things that were factually inaccurate on the [boat] model, digitally. Things that just slipped by us when we were making the film, so that if people were to look at the movie a hundred years from now, they’d say, ‘That’s what Titanic looked like.’”

Still, he promises that those changes will be almost negligible to the actual viewer — in fact, Cameron says, there are a lot of interior sets he could change if he really wanted to be a stickler for accuracy.

“We’re not going to go as far as [correcting] things that we found on the expeditions exploring inside the real ship with robots, where we found that our reference was wrong and we’d actually built the sets incorrectly because the reference photos were not from that ship, they were from a sister ship,” he said. “There were things that were actually built differently in Titanic, but we’re not going to change those.”

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Is Justin Bieber the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Proactiv?

The zit erasing medicine Proactiv realized a long time ago that celebrities make us want to buy things. Somehow they were able to convince a stable of celebs to shill for their skin cleansing line, despite the fact that most famous folks shy away from being attached to products that can be seen as embarrassing (laxatives, tampons, etc.).

Formerly pimply celebs who have appeared in Proactiv ads include Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Mandy Moore, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Alicia Keys.

Proactiv's most recent coup is teen sensation Justin Bieber, who recently signed on as a spokesperson for the brand. But did the acne company have any idea of the awesomeness they were tapping into when they brought on the Biebs? If they didn't before they certainly do now, and you can bet a bunch of suits with really great skin have been high-fiving each other this week.

On the day it was unveiled, Bieber's endorsement clip received 125,000 views on YouTube and another 500,000 views on Proactiv's website, Billboard magazine reveals in its upcoming issue.


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Khloé Kardashian's Blog Hacked!

It turns out Khloé Kardashian isn't the only prankster in the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Little sis Kendall Jenner proved that today when she stole the password to Khloé's site and began doing a little blogging of her own.

Kendall wrote, "I'm hijacking Khloe's blog people!! She's in Spain with Lamar right now so I thought it would be fun to take over for a bit, stole her password and everything lol. She might get mad but I can pretty much get away with anything when it comes to Khloe. She's going to get so confused when she looks at her blog and sees all these random posts on here haha!!"

It took Khloé about an hour to notice what her baby sister had done after Kendall tweeted, "sorry @khloekardashian :) hope you dont mind that i took over you blog :)" to which Khloé responded, "OMG Kendall!!!!!! hahahaha."



Fun. release “Walking The Dog” video.

Fun. have released the music video for "Walking The Dog" off 2009's Aim And Ignite. You can view the clip below. Fun. will be embarking on a US headlining tour this fall. All the group's current tour information can be found here.


Great song, but not so crazy about the video. Still think that Nate Reuss looks alarmingly like Beel from True Blood.

Real Housewives Daily Tossdown


There’s going to be a Real Housewives of New Jersey showdown!

When the feuding stars got together for the upcoming reunion, things got heated right away between Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice, a source tells PEOPLE.

At one point host Andy Cohen and the ladies’ costar Caroline Manzo had to intervene when Teresa got up out of her chair and started for Danielle, who was sitting across the room.

“You could feel the tension,” the source says of the mood at the taping. “They were ready to go and they were ready to put it all out on the table.”

And they did, according to the source, who described the early drama as “tame” compared to what happened later in the show.

“This might be the best reunion we’ve ever done,” Cohen tells PEOPLE. “You won’t believe how it starts and you won’t believe how it ends.”

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Ok. Now I am excited.

Lady Gaga: queen of pop (dealwithit.gif), now also the queen of Twitter!

Lady Gaga has shaken up the music world with her chart-topping singles, outrageous outfits and perfectly choreographed music videos. And now, the 24-year-old singer will dominate another forum: Twitter.

Gaga is set to usurp Britney Spears' Twitter throne by becoming the top user on the popular social networking site, reported Reuters.

According to social media statistics service, the internationally acclaimed singer is slated to pass Spears' more than 5.6 million Twitter followers by Friday.

After reaching her 5 million milestone in July, Gaga tweeted, "Here's to monsters, music, and 5 million of my closest friends! Cheers! I officially declare this institution 'Tweeterland!'"

Spears only reigned supreme for three months, after overtaking Twitter enthusiast Ashton Kutcher for the most followers.


Since the story was posted, Gaga has overtaken Britney and is now the most popular user on Twitter!

Gaga: 5,667,998
Britney: 5,667,331

We Knew It Was Coming... SPEIDI SEX TAPE

The fame hungry lunatic has contacted Vivid, the same company who released Kendra Wilkinson’s tape, to sell a tape he made with estranged wife Heidi!

Having exhausted every other possible route to restore his reality fame, Spencer Pratt has finally taken the lowest road possible — releasing a sex tape of himself and ex Heidi Montag. TMZ reports, “We’re told Spencer has contacted the Rolls-Royce of porn — Vivid Entertainment — and is asking for a meeting.”

As for what the tape depicts, one pal of Spencer’s said the fleshbearded whack job told him Heidi “makes Kim Kardashian look like an amateur.”

This all comes just days after Spencer’s announcement that he would be writing a tell-all book that he guaranteed would be a New York Times bestseller.

Maybe if we wish really, really hard he will finally go away.



As much as I hate them... I will watch this, my curiousity always wins out.
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Hugh Jackman and "Business Partner" to dissolve Production Company

THE business relationship between Hugh Jackman and John Palermo is over, with the partners deciding to dissolve their fledgling Sydney-based production company.

A spokeswoman for the Australia heart-throb yesterday confirmed to Confidential that Seed Productions, which produced the likes of X-Men: The Last Stand, Deception and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is no more. Jackman, who is in Detroit filming boxing drama Real Steel, intends to focus on his acting while Palermo is inking a new deal with 20th Century Fox. The ever-flamboyant Palermo was once the third wheel of Jackman and his wife, Deborra Lee-Furness.

Hughman, beard and "business partner"


Shontelle talks recording with Rihanna & Rihanna has dinner with her little brother

Shontelle teases studio time with Rihanna

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shontelle has revealed that she has been in the recording studio with Rihanna. The ‘T-Shirt’ singer is currently gearing up for the UK release of her new track ‘Impossible’, the lead single from her second album No Gravity. In an interview with Digital Spy, the 25-year-old put rumours of a rivalry with her fellow Barbadian star to rest.

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Rihanna and her brother Rajad go out and about

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Janice Dickinson: Tyra Is a Big Fat Liar!

Snap! Janice Calls Foul Over Tyra’s Apology


Janice Dickinson isn’t buying Tyra Banks’ apology over the skinny-waist “America’s Next Top Model” promo scandal.

On Monday, days after a spot promoting Cycle 15 of “ANTM” prompted headlines over a 19-year-old 6’2” model from Dallas who stunned the judges with her miniscule waist — a midsection so tiny Miss J Alexander could touch his two hands around it — Tyra issued an apology. She added that it was “impossible” for her to “see everything that’s created before it’s released.”

Janice, who spent some time herself behind the “ANTM” judges’ table, told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson on Thursday that she isn’t buying Tyra’s excuse.

”[Ex]cuse me, but Tyra is the executive producer of that show,” Janice told Shaun. “She has her finger on everything. No, I don’t believe it.”

“You don’t buy her apology?” Shaun asked.

“What? Please!” Janice said.

“I’m here to say that Tyra Banks has her finger on everything,” Janice continued. “It’s her show. She’s very controlling. She’s the hardest working woman on that show. She has her finger on that pulse – trust me.”

Janice said the show shoots things for a reason.

“Everything they shoot is intentional,” Janice added. “Don’t tell me different. I did it for five seasons. Snap,” the former supermodel declared.

When asked by Shaun if she wanted to keep the picture of the skinny-waisted model, Janice suggested that women should have healthier frames.

“No, I do not. I think this picture should be burned, you know, along with the concept that women should be too thin. Women should be healthy,” she said.
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Megan Fox Wears Stepson's Shirts

Megan Fox obviously isn't ashamed of hand-me-downs. The actress has taken to transforming her wardrobe by borrowing T-shirts from hubby Brian Austin Green's 8-year-old son, Kassius. And she's been doing it for years, according to the Daily Mail. Earlier this month, the 'Jonah Hex' star showed off her taut tummy in Kassius's green "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" shirt. But this isn't the first time.
Fox also bared her belly back in 2008, proving herself a force to be reckoned with, in the boy's snug white 'Star Wars' tee.

You gotta hand it to Fox -- she sure knows how to make being a sci-fi nerd look sexy. And if Kassius were smart, he'd put those Fox-worn shirts on eBay, pronto!
Poll #1608102 Megan Fox

Megan Wearing Stepson's Shirts: Cute or Creepy?

no1curr! I'm a bland and boring person who likes to use this abortion of a meme. no1curr~
[Mariah] Idc

Nuhdeen is back in the UK to launch her first solo album

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

GIRLS Aloud fans around the world must be jumping for joy.

AWOL member Nadine Coyle, who’s been living it up in Los Angeles for the last year, has finally returned to the UK.

The Irish songbird flew into Heathrow looking tanned and happy, though nothing could detract from her worryingly skinny body.

Nadine, 25, is back in the motherland to launch her solo career, with fans hoping she’ll take time out of her busy schedule to meet up with bandmates Cheryl Cole, 27, Sarah Harding, 28, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts.

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Jones &amp; Lundgren
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N-Dubz drummer Fagan guilty of sex charge

The drummer of the band N-Dubz has been convicted of sexually assaulting two women.

Aaron Fagan, 25, from London, will be sentenced next month after being found guilty of groping the women at Strathclyde University students' union last October. He was placed on the sex offenders register by Sheriff Joanna Johnston at Glasgow sheriff court.

Speaking following the verdict at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Fagan said he had been "convicted with no facts" by "a white jury".

Fagan was convicted by Sheriff Joanna Johnston and not a jury.

N-Dubz had been performing at the students' union in Glasgow on 1 October last year, a day after the Mobo awards, where they won best album and best UK act, the court heard.

One of Fagan's victims alleged he approached her and asked if she wanted to attend an after-party. She said he put his hand on her bottom and started "grabbing at it", before touching her breasts, the court heard. He also hit her friend on the bottom, the 20-year-old told the court.

The women, who cannot be named, told Fagan they were not going to the party and left, the trial heard. After they alerted a bouncer, the police were called and Fagan was arrested at the union.

The musician said in his testimony that he was like "honey to a swarm of bees" for female fans, and accused the women of lying.

He claimed that he had been touring all over Europe for years and would not have suddenly done something like this in Glasgow, which was "hardly a haven for models".

As he left the dock following the verdict, Fagan shouted: "This wasn't justice today."

Outside court he said: "I'm a black man and I have been tried by a white jury. It's pretty clear what happened in that court and it's the opposite of justice. Tell me how many people could have been convicted for squeezing a girl's arse, nearly every guy could be up for that."

Source 1 and Source 2

First the hat guy sending death threats, now this? I've never seen a more lovely, friendly, talented band!

lana shoot

Cheryl's malaria collapse to be shown on X Factor + X Factor previews

The X Factor is to broadcast the moment during filming in which Cheryl Cole, one of the judges, collapsed with malaria.

Miss Cole contracted malaria after going to Tanzania on holiday in June but it was only discovered after she collapsed while working on the new series, the seventh in the show’s run.

Millions of viewers will see the moment she lies down on a row of chairs and complains of not feeling well.

The footage will show her saying: “I am definitely coming down with something.”

In a video to fans ahead of the new series, Miss Cole said she was “absolutely gutted that I missed the last auditions and boot camp but I’m really excited to see what Simon, Louis and Nicole have chosen”.

It has also been reported that Miss Cole, 27, is likely to have completed her divorce from the footballer Ashley Cole by the time she appears on screen.

Her malaria kept her out of filming for the entire stages of the auditions and boot camp. At one point she was said to be close to death with the condition.

Aaaw Chezza :( <3



XFactor Preview clips!
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Batman Beyond: Complete Series Coming to DVD




Warner Bros. Animation’s breakthrough series Batman Beyond comes to DVD for the first time in its entirety. Featuring DC Comics’ iconic hero, Batman, Batman Beyond: The Complete Series presents nearly 20 hours of animated action spread over 52 episodes, as well as all-new bonus featurettes and a 24-page, 8”x 12” collectible booklet. Batman Beyond: The Complete Series will be distributed by Warner Home Video on November 23, 2010 as a nine-disc limited edition DVD set for $99.98 (SRP).

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Ned Flanders Purple Drapes

Is There Anyone You Haven't Dated Yet!?

Jennifer Aniston & Jon Stewart Remember 90's Date


Jennifer Aniston and Jon Stewart had a mid-90's dinner date at an Italian restaurant on 10th Street in New York, the pair recalled on 'The Daily Show' Thursday night. He brought it up as soon as she sat down.

Stewart told how he'd asked her to dinner during the first season of 'Friends' and thought he had a real date, as he liked her. Then she showed up with a bunch of friends, wrecked his vision and made it a platonic night.

You gotta hand it to her, though. She has a good taste in men!


Whoops! Never mind.
Professor Chaos

10 Films You Need To See Twice To Wrap Your Head Around

Some movies simply demand repeat viewings, and a second watch often reveals new details you’d missed the first time. Here’s our pick of ten movies that deserve to be watched twice

The vast majority of films produced are made purely for money, and this isn't really all that surprising when cash is still very much considered king in Hollywood. Nevertheless, every now and then a film comes out that commands your attention, engages your senses, and stays with you for quite sometime after it's finished.

Some call it art, others proclaim it the work of a genius and some, rather more simply, refer to it as a decent film. Either way, it doesn't really matter how you label them, one simple fact unites them all: some films are so good you have to see them at least twice, whether it's to understand the complexities of the plot, or just to fully get your head around how good they are. Here are ten films that fall into those categories...

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Gackt smile
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Ayumi Hamasaki To Release 2 Singles In A Row, Challenges Record Of 24 Consecutive #1 Singles

Pop starlet Ayumi Hamasaki, has already announced the release of her new single “crossroad” for September 22nd, but now it seems she will follow it up with another single titled “L“, just one week later.

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With the release of these singles, Ayumi Hamasaki will be challenging the long standing record set by Matsuuda Seiko, for 24 consecutive number one singles. Although this has been causing some friction in the Japanese pop world as Koda Kumi is also set to release her new single on the same day as “crossroads.” Ayu will definitely be taking on quite the challenge with her single releases, but fans will be sure to cheer for her in her record setting endeavor.


Belle turns


The Renaissance Disney Trivia Post. IT'S HEREEEEEEEEEE! Probably the only trivia post out of the four (possibly five) worth reading. Contains everything from The Little Mermaid to The Nightmare Before Christmas to The Hunchback of Notredame. Also, plz read the commentary at the bottom of the post. I need input on the final post(s). Get ready, comfy, whatever. There are videos, gifs, posters. Turn this into one giant Disney party. Basically, go relive your childhood.

Part One
Part Two

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I'm ending this part with Tarzan. Input: Before I go on with the other posts: Does ONTD want trivia about the other Pixar movies in the final post(s) (ie Toy Story 2 & 3, Finding Nemo etc)? I included Toy Story because it was the first Disney-Pixar etc.

Angie icon
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Cowell, Cole and Walsh stunned by Geri Halliwell’s X Factor rants

We all know that Geri Halliwell enjoys the sound of her own voice, but even her loud and proud fellow X Factor judges were stunned into silence by the former Spice Girl’s level of banter when she stood in for pregnant Dannii Minogue at the Glasgow auditions.

As well as the usual mix of sublime and ridiculous vocal talents, episode one of series seven, which starts on Saturday night, pays tribute to Ms. Halliwell’s relentless vocal talents in a short film montage of her best rants.

Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole are pictured in shock (and then boredom) as they attempt to get a word in edgeways before giving up and watching Ginger Spice do her thing.

Louis tells the cameras, “Geri talks and she talks … some of it makes sense, not all of it.”

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Justin Bieber Finally Does the Thing We Were Hoping He Would Do

Justin Bieber Throws Himself Off a Cliff

Justin Bieber tempted fate at an exclusive resort in Barbados on Wednesday -- because for some terrifying reason ... the 16-year-old singer decided to throw himself off an enormous cliff.

Click to watch!

Okay, so the cliff was barely 10 feet above the water -- but still ... pretty bad ass.

Though it doesn't change the fact that the Biebster seriously needs some boogie-boarding lessons.


Sharon Osbourne hates on the Jersey Shore; remains an ancient fossil from hell

She wants to know why any adult would watch it...

Jersey Shore has a lot of fans, but Sharon Osbourne is not among them. The matriarch of the Osbourne clan had this to say about the show:

"There's a bunch of kids that love to party, let's watch 'em. F**k, no. Why would anybody watch that as an adult? Why would an adult watch Jersey Shore? (But) it's great for kids… and they get paid for it, so God bless them."


seriously does she have any room to talk??? Im sorry but The Osbournes was not based on an intelligent family living being mature etc...

another reason to love her

Demi Lovato Wishes She'd Kept Relationship with Joe Jonas a Secret

Silence is golden: That's one lesson Demi Lovato has taken away from her brief high-profile romance with Joe Jonas.

After going through a very public breakup last spring, Lovato now says she wishes she'd kept her relationship with her Camp Rock 2 costar quiet.

"I learned my lesson," Lovato, 17, tells PEOPLE. "It's not very much fun when you break up in a public relationship. So, maybe next time keep a secret."

Though the Jonas Brothers member has been portrayed as a heartbreaker, following his split from other young stars like Taylor Swift, Lovato defends him.

"I know that he has the best intentions," she says. "Definitely most guys don't have the same intentions that he does."

'Want to Shout from Rooftops'

Still, Lovato admits it was tough to keep her feelings to herself once she started dating Jonas, 21, after they finished filming Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. (It premieres on the Disney Channel Sept. 3 and airs through the Labor Day weekend.)

"You want to say to your fans, 'Guess what, I'm so in love with somebody.' You want to shout it from the rooftops. That's what you do when you fall in love," she says. "At the same time, I learned my lesson. You know, I'll go public when I marry someone one day."

While Jonas has been spotted out with Twilight star Ashley Greene – he declined to comment on whether or not they're dating – Lovato says she isn't in a rush to start a new love connection. "No new romances. I'm perfectly happy with being single. I feel like also if I was going to have a new romance, I'd keep it private," she says.

In the meantime, Lovato is touring with the Jonas Brothers and members of the Camp Rock 2 cast – and she and Jonas are back to being friends. "Working with [Joe] has been fine," she adds. "It's been really great."


This Is The First IMAX 3D Porn Movie (Yes, IMAX 3D Porn)

I can understand 3D porn movies at home, but IMAX 3D porn? Who wants to sit through two hours of explicit 18m-tall 3D sex scenes, no matter how engrossing the plot could be? With other people around, I mean.

But that’s exactly what Stephen Shiu is proposing for his 3-D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, the first IMAX 3D pornographic film. An erotic fantasia set in a subterranean sex lair from ancient China. It’s based on a classic Chinese erotic story called The Carnal Prayer Mat, the tale of a man who meets a duke that introduces him to a world of luxurious orgies.
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Google: The Movie

Ken Auletta's bestseller Googled: The End of the World as we Know it is being planned for adaptation into a feature film, reports Deadline.

Rights to the book, which saw release late last year, have been purchased by Groundswell Productions (Milk, The Informant!) for development in partnership with producer John Morris.

The book tells the biographical story of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the famously private founders of Google, and their meteoric rise to becoming two of the most powerful men on the planet.


Myspace next, y/y? I'd like a Tom biopic please.

First review for The Social Network is in...and it's high praise indeed

"This is very rich material for a movie on such timeless subjects as power and privilege, and such intrinsically 21st-century ones as the migration of society itself from the real to the virtual sphere—and David Fincher’s The Social Network is big and brash and brilliant enough to encompass them all. It is nominally the story of the founding of Facebook, yes, and how something that began among friends quickly descended into acrimony and litigation once billions of dollars were at stake. But just as All the President’s Men—a seminal film for Fincher and a huge influence on his Zodiac—was less interested by the Watergate case than by its zeitgeist-altering ripples, so too is The Social Network devoted to larger patterns of meaning. It is a movie that sees how any social microcosm, if viewed from the proper angle, is no different from another—thus the seemingly hermetic codes of Harvard University become the foundation for a global online community that is itself but a reflection of the all-encompassing high-school cafeteria from which we can never escape. And it owes something to The Great Gatsby, too, in its portrait of a self-made outsider marking his territory in the WASP jungle." -- Scott Foundas

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Shh all you who doubted a writing/directing duo of Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher

Jordan Tortures Her Boobs (And Us) In iPod Launch Party

Katie Price Launches Custom iPod Dressed In Nanos

Steve Jobs must be so proud!

Playmate, author and perfumer Katie Price, formerly known just as the British topless model Jordan, launched her own range of iPod accessories in London on Friday, and she dressed the part.

Check out the photos below for her crown of iPods, her iPod earrings and even an iPod shuffle nestled in her cleavage.

The iPods, should you wish to buy one, are emblazoned with butterflies, stars and hearts, and are based on her tattoos.
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