August 7th, 2010

Venture Bros


However you call it, be prepared for a thrilling new season of The Venture Bros., returning to Adult Swim Sunday, September 12 at 11:30p ET/PT. We promise you old characters, new characters and maybe even dead characters. And genital formalwear.
Sorry, woodenvagina
Happy to see a lot of Shore Leave and Pete White
Needed moar Hank and Dean though. I can't be the only one who loves those two crazy kids
Oh and also

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R.I.P Long haired!Hank

Vanessa Hudgens as Rent's Mimi

Vanessa Hudgens looks like quite the sex kitten during the Hollywood Bowl production of the hit musical Rent on Friday (August 6) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 21-year-old actress played the drug-addicted club dancer Mimi, played be Rosario Dawson in the film adaptation. Watch a clip of Van rocking out below!

The show was directed by Neil Patrick Harris and also starred Wayne Brady and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. Mimi’s love interest, Roger, played by Aaron Tveit is also pictured below!

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Pretty Little Liars beats Glee

Keeps Britney's hair on while doing so.

Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell are bringing in the numbers for ABC Family!

Their new series, Pretty Little Liars, claimed the No. 1 show on TV in Female Teens, topping the season finale of FOX’s Glee.

PLL now stands as cable’s No. 1 original series debut of the 2009/10 season in Females 12-34, topping MTV’s Teen Mom and Hard Times of RJ Berger in the key demo.

ETA: I only posted this since Shay Mitchell tweeted it last night, idc about the article date.

Jonas Bulges All Over This Post!

Joe Jonas stretches it out as he prepares to hit the ball out of the park at Silver Cross Field Stadium in Joliet, Ill., on Friday afternoon (August 6).

Joined by brothers Nick, Kevin and his Road Dogs baseball team hosted a .game which was open to the public

The game raised teen awareness in the Chicago area about the dangers of texting while driving and encouraging young people and their families to join them in taking the “X the TXT” pledge not to text and drive.

The Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam kicks off TOMORROW NIGHT! Are you excited? [Shut the fuck up]
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9 Celebrities Living with STDs

Because celebrities are just like us, it’s safe to assume that 25-35% of them are currently carrying an STD, just like us. But because it’s not really the type of thing one would like to bring up, especially if you’re on the cover of a magazine, finding EVERY celeb that has an STD isn’t as easy as doing a Google search. But for some celebrities, it is that easy. Below is a list of 9 celebrities who either weren’t able to or didn’t want to keep their infections secret.

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Tom Hardy Is Dreamy and Frank for Men’s Health

One of the stars who is now gaining mainstream acceptance in Hollywood is critically acclaimed British actor Tom Hardy, now seen as The Forger in the blockbuster “Inception.” Riding the wave, Men’s Health magazine is running an interview and a stunning photospread with the actor in its latest issue – and it’s a must-read by all counts.
Though his fans must certainly know a lot about Tom, larger audiences may not, which is precisely why all those who liked him in Nolan’s film should not miss out on this interview. In it, Hardy talks about anything and everything, from his life as a young man having just found fame and money, to why he believes hard work counts more than talent in his line of work, and his son.

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Seth MacFarlane set to record album, amount I want to fuck him set to increase exponentially

It's no joke: "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane has signed a record deal to release his debut album.

MacFarlane has joined forces with Universal Republic Records to deliver an album of 1940s and '50s show tunes paying tribute to Broadway classics.

Unlike the songs on his animated Fox hits, these aren't spoofs, but straight-up renditions of songs by Rodgers and Hammerstein and Lerner and Loewe, among other talents.

"It's rare in this day and age to have the opportunity to create an album that celebrates the classic, sophisticated sound of rich, lush swing orchestrations," MacFarlane said. "It will be an absolute joy to sing this music, and I look forward to working with the entire team at Universal Republic on what we intend to make an exceptional project."

MacFarlane frequently sings the parody songs from his shows at live events, and he received an Emmy nomination for music and lyrics this year. The album will be produced using vintage techniques, and MacFarlane will be backed by a live orchestra and a big band.

Brb, fangirling like hell. I'd listen to him read the fucking phone book. Proof that he can sing:

F U I'm Paul McCartney

Jackie O's Fake Pearl Necklace Is Predicted To Sell For $47,000

Jackie O's Fake Pearl Necklace Is Predicted To Sell For $47,000

By: Jessica Minkoff

So we all know that diamonds are a girl's best friend—but pearls sure come in close second. Maybe that is why lovely lady Jackie O never left the White House without her pearls, which are about to be auctioned at Bonhams' "Pioneers of Popular Culture" sale on August 15, predicted to go for a cool $47,000. The three-strand pearl necklace with an emerald and diamond clasp was worn by the iconic first lady in the early '60s as a symbol of her American royalty. Yet, insider sources said that Mrs. Kennedy's neck candy actually may not the real thing! Surprisingly, the pearls are only worth about a few hundred bucks, and it's been rumored that the First Lady chose to wear cheapie pearls since she was prone to misplacing them. It's Jackie O's legacy that seems to have seriously increased the price. So if you care for a little bit of historical glamor, now's the time to empty those savings.


My reaction:
Jackie O is iconic, but I would never pay that much for fake pearls regardless of who wore them.

Justin Bieber Blesses Us With His Presence

Justin Bieber preforming at the Bank Atlantic Center

Biebs fending off the haters!

Justin Bieber and Shaquille O’Neal get into the groove on stage as they perform a song together at Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday night (August 4).

You can catch a video below where the 16-year-old musician is actually teaching the NBA basketball legend a dance!

ABC announced eaerlier that Justin will also be one of the many facing off against Shaq on his ABC series, Shaq VS. Shaq is expected to join in a dance crew competition with Justin.
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Gaga gets epic; Strokes shrug it off

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For 19 years now (off and on), the basic theme of Lollapalooza has always seemed to be that there was no theme, that Perry Farrell could take as many incongruous bands as he wanted, throw them all on a bill, and let the chips fall where they may. And by that standard, Lollapalooza 2010 is shaping up to be a real classic.

Because for every streamlined, pneumonic tune by Devo on Friday (August 6), there was an equally rusted-out, hairy one by the Black Keys. For every smooth, soulful moment by Raphael Saadiq, there was a spastic, shameless one by Foxy Shazam. It was basically opposite day. And that was perhaps best exemplified — and amplified — by the night's headliners, Lady Gaga and the Strokes, who duked it out across Grant Park with sets that were as drastically different as they could possibly be.
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gaga was incredible you guys <3 and starlight is cute in real life. I KNOW.

and my pictures :)

Taylor Momsen on Justin Bieber: 'I have no idea who he is'

First, it was Miley, and now it's Justin's turn!

"Gossip Girl" star, John Galliano fragrance face and Madonna's Material Girl model Taylor Momsen is nothing if not shockingly open and brutally honest about some pretty personal topics.

Promoting her Pretty Reckless debut album, "Light Me Up," she did a very candid interview about priests, her tampax, her vibrator and Justin Bieber with a New Zealand radio show.

Her song "Goin' Down" and the Catholic church's sexual abuse scandal: "I was raised Catholic. I f***ed a priest once. Just kidding."

Intrusive media coverage and her panty-flashing photos on the Web: "I don't take [any of the stories about me] to heart; I just look at it this way: My f***ing tampon's on the g**d**** Internet."

Dubbing her vibrator her best friend: "It doesn't talk back to me, so it's really not a best friend ... I think women should equally be allowed to f*** you if you call me one."

Whew. So should we should take her on her word about her complete lack of knowledge about Justin Bieber,only an international singing sensation and most popular Twitter topic in the universe?

"I don't know who Justin Bieber is. I only know his name because it keeps being brought up to me. I listen to Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, so I have no idea who he is. That's not a dis; I just don't know."
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Guess who wants to play 'The Riddler' in the next Batman movie?

The Twilight star tells us about his next projects – and what roles he’s dying to play!

Nothing is official until you sign on the dotted line, which is why Joseph Gordon-Levitt might need to do some serious campaigning for the role of The Riddler in director Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film. Twilight hunk Jackson Rathbone confides that he’d love to play the part – and we think he’d be perfect!

“Are you kidding me? I would do that at the drop of a hat!” the 25-year-old actor told exclusively at Melanie Segal’s T.J. Maxx-sponsored Celebrity Retreat August 5. “I’m not going to take my hat off now,” he joked, “but that would be awesome. That is the kind of role I like. I like character parts.”

Sorry BFFs, but this means you’ll never see Jackson playing a romantic lead like his Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson! “The only roles I don’t like are the romantic leading man parts,” he said. “You know, at the end of the day, I like playing the stranger character. I like playing to the extremes of the human psyche and like to expand myself through art.”

Currently, his arty plans include directing and performing with his band, 100 Monkeys. “[My band] worked on the score for a movie I am doing called Girlfriend,” he told us, adding, “I also acted in it. I also plan on directing a short film that wrote that I will be filming next year.”

Although he has all these new plans, Jackson isn’t going to forget the series that made him a household name! In fact, he even tells us that he’d like his Twilight character, Jasper Hale, get his own movie! “I’d like to see Twilight Origins: the Jasper Story!” he declared. “That is is what I am pitching. I want to get back to the civil war vampire army mode. That was so much fun to film in Eclipse. It will be very sad because every time we get to film another Twilight film, it’s honestly a family reunion. I’ve grown up with all these actors, as artists and as people. It is so lovely to see all their careers take off and they all deserve it. I am blessed to be one of them.”


Snooki snuggles with a new guy on Jersey Shore date

Getting close: Snooki enjoyed a date at the Muscle Maker Grill in Seaside Hieghts, NJ, today

In Jersey Shore speak, he looks like a perfect 'gorilla juicehead'.

So it's little wonder Snooki wasted no time snuggling up to her buff and suitably tanned male companion while at Muscle Maker Grill in Seaside Heights, NJ, today.

The reality TV star, who was arrested last week for disorderly conduct, was joined on her double date by new recruit Deena Cortese.
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I started watching the show yesterday, and I was surprised how cute the boys were(in terms of personality, idk about looks yet. But I'm a whore, so I'd probably fuck half of them.)

Also, Pauly D's hair looks like the bristles of a shoe brush

The Human Centipede....PORN!?

Lee Roy Myers to Direct 'The Human Sex-ipede'

LOS ANGELES — Director Lee Roy Myers will direct the darkest, most twisted parody of his career this week when he shoots “The Human Sex-ipede” for Tom Byron Pictures.

The project will mark the first collaboration between Myers and Tom Byron Pictures and will also be the first parody for Byron’s production company, which specializes in gonzo fare.

“The most talked about movie of 2010 so far is a horror film by the name of ‘The Human Centipede,’” Myers said. “It’s being talked about because of how disgusting the concept is. That movie has been talked about on every major mainstream show and has been the butt of a lot of jokes. It is very popular.

“The actual movie is about a German mad scientist that sews three people together, anus to mouth. I thought, ‘you know what, this is the perfect concept to base a parody around. Anything putting human faces that close to genitals deserves the porn treatment.’

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hank lawson

Jonathan Rhys Meyers's 'epic battle with the bottle'

Is Jonathan Rhys Meyers drunk again, or has he gone all Hollywood on us? One minute he is talking about his birthday - he's just turned 33 - and the next, he's waxing lyrical about, erm, butterflies.

'It's time to start thinking seriously about things,' insists the star of The Tudors. 'I wouldn't want to do the 20s again, you know? You go through your 20s sort of like a chrysalis in many ways, stretching into your own skin and trying to bust out of a cocoon.

'You want to be a butterfly and you just think of everything as, "Ooh, what fun can I have here?"

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Source: Daily Fail (I know, I know... I'm sorry guys!)

Also, on the risky assumption this gets accepted, this is my first post - so everybody put on your pointy party hats and give me a big, sarcastic round of applause!

It's the big day! Hours before Robbie Williams ties the knot to Ayda Field details begin to emerge!

In a matter of hours Robbie Williams will reportedly marry long-term girlfriend Ayda Field and details are starting to emerge about exactly how they will celebrate their big day.
In previous reports, it was thought the couple - who have been together for three years would tie the knot on Santa Catalina island. However, it is now believed the intimate ceremony will take place in Williams's £12million Beverley Hills home.
In addition, the 36-year-old is in for a tear-jerking surprise gift from his bandmates Take That.
The singer, who recently reunited with Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald, will no doubt be touched by a touching video the four have made him. Unable to attend due to prior commitments, the four still wanted to have a presence on the couple's wedding day and talk about how much they love Williams's and how happy they are to be reunited in the short film.
A source close to the band told the Daily Mirror: "Robbie is keeping it a small affair for family and close friends. But the Take That lads thought it would be a nice gesture. Robbie is like a brother to them."
Meanwhile, one person who is sure to be getting nervous round about now is Williams's best friend and best man Jonathan Wilkes.
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madge frozen


Cheryl misses divorce deadline

Cheryl Cole's hope of getting a quickie divorce from Ashley has failed after she was forced to put proceedings on hold while she battled malaria.

The Fight For This Love singer was out of action for six weeks while she fought the disease; it could now take months to finalise her divorce from the Chelsea footballer. Cheryl cited Ashley's 'unreasonable behaviour' when she filed divorce papers in London's High Court on 26 May.

According to The Mirror, the 27-year-old is holding off on going public with rumoured boyfriend Derek Hough until the divorce has come through. (REFUSE/DNW TO BELIEVE HE'S STRAIGHT/WITH CHERYL)

"Cheryl is remaining upbeat and hopeful [her lawyers] can get a result for her soon," a friend is quoted as saying. "She's still hopeful it can be resolved quickly. Every time they go out they can't hold hands or kiss and cuddle openly like normal couples. (BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT A COUPLE HOPEFULLY)

"She and Ashley have had contact recently and things are cordial between them. In her eyes it would be disrespectful to behave like that so soon," the source explained. "When the divorce is through – or at least when things have progressed more – fine. But in the meantime she's dead against it. In spite of what's gone on between them, she believes she has to do things by the book.

"She feels sorry for Derek that the impending divorce is overshadowing their relationship and the way they can behave."

Cheryl and the American dancer have been in Los Angeles for over a week as she resumes work on her second solo album.

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1 2 3

Pop Songstress Selena Gomez top spot with Round and Round

Selena Gomez and The Scene keep the number one spot on Radio Disney after taking it last week. The top five spots are rounded out with Carrie Underwood (Undo It), Allstar Weekend (Dance Forever), Taio Cruz (Dynamite), and Miley Cyrus (Ordinary Girl).

I am glad that Selena got to take the top spot as I think this is probably her best song she has sung. You can check out her performace of Round and Round on America’s Got Talent. Do you think this is Selena’s best song and have you seen her perform it live yet? I know with her troubles lately with her vocal chords, this is some welcome news. You can also check out the video for Round and Round below. I think the video is also pretty awesome, I like that spy angle.

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talk soup

Jennifer Capriati is full of booger sugar

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Former tennis star Jennifer Capriati has a nose full of unused cocaine! In these pictures, you can clearly see that Capriati has coke residue in and around her nostrils. The tennis star made headlines back in June when she was rushed to the hospital for an overdose... of course her family denied the claims that Jennifer overdosed and said it was an attempted suicide.

There is nothing worse than talking to someone that has powder donut nose, cocaine residue around their nostrils-- You don't want to embarrass them and say,"Hey, you got half a line of coke that didn't make it in... "

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bigger pics at source.
Angry Hubert

Snooki gets the Shakes

SOUSED: "Jersey Shore" darling Snooki was busted (inset, top) last weekend onthe beach. MTV cameras captured most of the events on July 30, which will end up as part of an upcoming episode, she says.

'Bust'ed Snooki: No day drinking
Last Updated: 8:47 AM, August 7, 2010
Posted: 4:34 AM, August 7, 2010

Snooki says it's time to slow down.

The gorilla-huntin' guidette from MTV's "Jersey Shore" plans to curb her boozing after last week's arrest for disorderly conduct while filming in Seaside Heights.

"I need to calm down with drinking," she tells The Post. "I can't be drinking in the middle of the day."

The bust "definitely embarrassed my family. I don't want to end up like that. That's not a good image. My dad was very, very pissed. He was like, 'I didn't raise you like this.' "

The eternally tan Snookster -- real name Nicole Polizzi -- says she tossed back her first adult beverage at noon that day and doesn't remember most of what happened next.

Meanwhile, she's working on two books, including a "Snooktionary" -- "so people can understand what the hell I'm saying [on the show] cause nobody knows."

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hello from the illuminati - interview with the artist behind power

Kanye West’s ‘Power’: What the Video Really Means

Artist/director Marco Brambilla and rapper/producer Kayne West recently released West’s video “Power,” a 1:15 minute clip that places the musician in the center of a moving painting.
Speakeasy chatted with Brambilla about his historical inspirations, working with West and what the video really means.

The Wall Street Journal: There are a lot of allusions and historical references in the “Power” video that you directed. Where did you draw our inspiration and what does it all mean?
Marco Brambilla: I think the visual inspiration for me was definitely the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel; they are kind of bombastic and iconic. Then the tonal reference was really “How do you visualize a symbol of power that’s almost timeless?” This video is almost like a portrait, a video portrait of Kanye as this symbol of power. The video is actually one continuous shot – it comes out from a close up of Kanye and gradually reveals this decadence and sexuality around him. Once we come to the wide shot, we challenge that position of power.
The narrative within it is a moment of transition. It’s almost like the precarious nature of power, the epic portrait of power. In one sense it’s both the rise and fall of a celebrity in a way and that’s one of the things that interested me about working with Kanye. I wanted to use some of his baggage in terms of the year he’s had coming into this and releasing his first single in a long time. I wanted to use the kind of public perception of him and have fun with that and the concept of him being a celebrity and what he’s gone through recently.

What was it like corresponding and working with Kanye?
I think we’re fairly similar in terms of the fact that we are both perfectionists and we are both fairly hyperactive people. The set was quite energetic, but there was a seamless communication.

I like to improve quite a bit onset and I went into it with a photomontage; I shot all the models and the positions in which I thought I’d need them for the composition at the casting sessions ahead of time. Once I had those shots I also improvised with a lot of different variations.
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F U I&#39;m Paul McCartney

Nikki Reed Photoshoot with Brother.

Keep it in the Family by Nikki

Most of the time when actresses/models do photo shoots, they show up, and get told what to do. It’s a relatively thoughtless process for me, and I’ve always felt like I wanted to contribute, in some way, to the theme of the shoot.
My older brother is an unbelievable photographer.  Some people can take amazing photographs of things, but not necessarily of people.  Nathan has this ability to capture human emotion through the lens like nothing I have ever seen before (Most of what I am talking about is apparent in his photos taken while he traveled Europe and South America).  We decided a few weeks back that we wanted to do a shoot together.  Why haven’t we done this before? I don’t know.  It seems like it would satisfy both of our artistic desires right?  I suppose it can be viewed as very narcissistic that I want my brother to take pictures of me, but its good practice for him to learn to photograph an actress (an art of its own believe me) and I get to take pictures that actually appeal to me.  At the very least its tons of fun, and because working with a family member can be challenging, we end up strengthening our bond through every creative endeavor that we do together.  With the help of a few friends 5 Sundays ago (Kristin Ess who does hair and contributed theme ideas, and Samuel Paul who does makeup ), we took some rather fun/stylized pictures….
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KH - PS; Pose

Nicki Minaj Q&A

Nicki Minaj sat down with yesterday for a live chat, check out the videos below.

Q&A Part 1: Nicki Minaj talks about new "Pink Friday" album and what inspires her music.

Q&A Part 2: The Harajuku Barbie explains the biggest lesson she's learned since making it big.

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F U I&#39;m Paul McCartney

Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood) & the issue she supports hits close to the heart.

There are people who live with this all the time who don’t play vampires…

Written on July 28, 2010 by Nikki Reed
If you’re a Twilight fan, its possible that you’ve heard/read about the cast complaining that we have no peripheral vision due to the lenses we wear in the films. The claustrophobia that comes from having limited vision is indescribable, and it makes every move/interaction more challenging. Unlike EJ Scott, a man who I have recently become friends with, I get to take those lenses out everyday and I can see normally again.
Deborah Ann Woll is one of the most gifted actresses of our time. (You may know her from her brilliant portrayal of Jessica on “True Blood.”) I recently had the privilege of playing her little sister in a movie called Catch 44. There are many layers to Deb and she does a very good job of protecting her personal life. But a few days ago she opened up to me about something very serious happening to someone she loved. She told me that in a couple of weeks her boyfriend was going to be doing a half marathon - blindfolded. I smirked, not understanding the weight of what I assumed was a joke, and she explained that the blindfold was a metaphor, because her boyfriend EJ is actually going blind.
Although she doesn’t want any recognition in this situation, as an outsider I have to say that she has a very apparent strength, which is beyond inspiring to those around her, and her beauty both inside and out is something otherworldly. I will leave it at that. EJ flew in to Shreveport, to visit us while shooting. They both asked if I would post something about his disease, as not many people know about it, and awareness is the key to making a change. From the moment I met EJ I could see why she loved him so much. Aside from being incredibly handsome, he has a brilliant sense of humor, and manners that give the word ”gentleman” a whole new meaning. Even with the challenge of his limited eyesight, he still manages to open every door and pull out a chair for all of us girls. He is just a generally pleasant man and is truly a joy to be around. We sat and talked for a while before coming up with the idea of talking about it on my site. Who knows, he told me, maybe someone somewhere will read it and feel less alone. I asked him to tell me a little bit more about the disease and his journey over the last seven years after finding out that he had it…
Deborah Ann Wolf & EJ Scott
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Clive Owen Looking To Catch A Predator

Clive Owen has a strange career. He's not interested in a character like Bond but thinks playing a Dad out to get the guy who sexually assaults his daughter is a "meatier" role. He never actually said that, I'm just imagining the pitch given to him over dinner:

"So Clive, you play a father who loves his family. Your daughter falls prey to an online sexual predator. The cops can't catch him. The FBI can't catch him. But you can. I'm telling you Clive, this might be your meatiest role yet!"

Yawn. Another movie about a dad out to avenge his daughter. Here is the synopsis which makes the movie sound like it belongs on the Oxygen channel.

David Schwimmer departs from his comedic roots in this harrowing drama that examines the build-up and aftermath of a teenager's (Liana Liberato) seduction by an online sexual predator. Clive Owen and Catherine Keener are perfectly cast as the grieving parents, but relative newcomer Liberato's slow-burning self-realization and climactic breakdown is undeniably heartrending.

Slow burning self-realization and climactic breakdown is undeniably heartrending. $50 some jerkwad fresh out of college wrote that synopsis. They don't even say her first name (It's Liana).

Anyway, here's the trailer. Try not to get too excited.

Mods, I know that the trailer was posted but I don't think this article was.
Thank you theactualworst for the trailer

RiRi Is Charging $10 For Concert Tixs!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

August 04, 2010. Rihanna's star if dropping FASTER THAN AMBER ROSE'S DRAWERS . . . Today, the MTV Awards nominations came out, and Rihanna DIDN'T GET ANY (except one fort he editing on one of her videos).

And she's been UNABLE to sell tickets to most of her shows. So she's resorted to a new trick - giving fans $10 TICKETS!!!

Wow, Rih - time to shake up your team OR SOMETHING. Cause whatever you're doing, just ain't working . . . .

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Fantasia Barrino Named in Divorce/Sex Tape Scandal

Court documents filed this week by a woman in North Carolina allege her husband had an affair with former "American Idol" champ Fantasia Barrino -- and that the two made a sex tape.

According to docs obtained by WCNC, Paula Cook filed for child support against her estranged husband Antwaun Cook last week and cited an alleged affair between Cook and Barrino. She claims the two met at a T-Mobile store and, beginning in August 2009, began their "covert adulterous affair."

Cook goes on to claim, "Throughout the course of their adulterous affair ... Defendant/Husband and Ms. Barrino have at times recorded their illicit activity."

Rumors of an affair between Barrino and Cook have been around for months -- and Barrino has always denied them.

Calls to Fantasia's management were not immediately returned.



Snooki’s Pal Deena Cortese Talks About Moving to Jersey Shore

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi may swear by pickles, but her season 3 Jersey Shore costar Deena Cortese says her must-have at all times is CVS-purchased lip gloss. Despite a difference in favorite things, Cortese says she and her pint-sized partner-in-crime are “two peas in a pod.” PEOPLE caught up with MTV’s newest reality vixen at the Beverly Hilton for MTV’s Television Critics Association panel to ask her about clubbing, being sorry for using a racial slur in a MySpace video and her “sexy” housemate Ronnie Magro. –Dahvi Shira

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HQ stills from The Tempest

Dame Helen Mirren stands in the middle of a fire ring in this first picture from the big-screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s mystical thriller

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While Russell Brand looks frightened for his virtue as Alfred Molina chases him.

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The Tempest, which was directed by Julie Taymor, opens in NY/LA on December 10

Still waiting on Ariel pics. x


Robyn: Swedish Pop With International Appeal

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Back in the '90s, Swedish singer Robyn climbed the U.S. Billboard charts with singles such as "Do You Know What It Takes" and "Show Me Love." In the years that followed, she remained popular in Europe but stayed under the mainstream music radar in the U.S. That's all changing now with her latest album, Body Talk Pt. 1 — the first in a three-part series of records coming out this year.

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Oh Snap -- Wyclef Has Some Choice Words For Sean Penn

Musician Wyclef Jean lashed out at actor Sean Penn for questioning his motivation behind running for president of Haiti.

Penn, who spent the last 6 months helping out in a Port-au-Prince refugee camp filled with earthquake survivors, told CNN that he hasn’t seen Jean in 6 months.

In an interview with Oprah’s bff Gayle King today, Wyclef Jean defended his absence in Haiti, saying “I have sweat in my blood.”


“He hasn’t seen me for six months—I’ve been going to Haiti for over five years. I am not absent in Haiti, maybe the tent city you’re in, maybe I’m absent in that.

My country is not a city of tents, meaning I can’t use the excuse of people living in tents to say that I’m going to make Haiti a better place. I would like to tell Sean Penn I do not react on emotions when it comes to the Haitian people.

I do not have to sacrifice my life and live inside of the tents to prove I am for the Haitian people.


Wyclef opens his mouth and removes all doubt that he’s ignorant. I guess you don’t have to be in Haiti or help out in refugee tents — or even speak the native language to run for president of Haiti?

Maybe Sean Penn should run for president since he’s clearly doing more for the Haitian people than Wyclef who is all mouth and little action.

via SandraRose

PS, ONTD's tag shit when trying to post entries  is so fucked up, it kinda pisses me off. Get your shit together ONTD.
(SW) leia

Allison talks about her encounter with Don (yes, we DO always need a Mad Men post)

On last week's Mad Men, Don Draper, emotionally wrecked by his divorce, hit a new low: He slept with his secretary, Allison, and then coldly ignored her the next day. We reached Alexa Alemanni, who plays Allison, to talk to about the eventful episode (and get hints about what's coming on Sunday!).

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I really did like Allison, but then this happened. Cut Dick's dick off plz
also ok mods the gif is behind the cut. sorry about that



Ben McKenzie goes for a walk with his dog

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Ben McKenzie takes his pet pooch Oscar for a walk around his home in Los Angeles on Saturday morning (August 7).

Last week, the 31-year-old Southland star taped an upcoming Guest Programmer segment for Turner Classic Movies (TCM) where he’ll present some of his favorite classic films. Check out some pictures of Ben with some of the TCM staff on Facebook!

The new season of Southland returns January 2011!

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Get swabbed!

50 Cent Registers As Bone Marrow Donor To Help 11-Year-Old 'Lion King' Star

See, hip-hop mogul 50 Cent is a nice guy after all. Just don't tell his nemeses Rick Ross and Fat Joe.

The tough-guy rapper, who just premiered his new film Twelve last week, recently registered as a bone marrow donor in an effort to help a young actress diagnosed with leukemia.

When 50 Cent heard that 11-year-old Shannon Tavarez needed a bone marrow transplant, he and G-Unit member Tony Yayo registered with DKMS and were added to the Be The Match Registry.

Before she was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia, Tavarez had a co-starring role as young Nala in the Broadway production of The Lion King.

Tavarez's story made 50 Cent think about his own child. "My son is just a couple years older than Shannon and I can't imagine if his life was needlessly cut short when there is someone out there that could save him," the rap star said in a statement.

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Harry Potter Wrap Party

As The Daily Mail reports, a big wrap party was thrown earlier today to mark the end of filming for the Harry Potter franchise at Leavesden Studios (where all eight Potter films have been primarily shot). Many Potter stars were in attendance, including JK Rowling, Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Jim Broadbent, and David Thewlis. We guess anyone who has been related to the series over the years was present.

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Radcliffe, 21, joined a host of his co-stars, including Rupert Grint, Jim Broadbent and Tom Felton for the bash.

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Ciara With Some Irrelevant Douche

Get away from him, Ciara! You're so much better than that. You guest starred on ANTM, for God's sake!

Justin Bieber suits up nicely next to Ciara as they attend the New Look Foundation’s First Annual World Leadership Awards at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta on Friday night (August 6).

The 16-year-old musician received the UNL Honoree: Global Youth Leader Award.

The World Leadership Awards, which will bring together heads of state, civic and community leaders, philanthropists, and celebrities, will honor eight individuals for their commitment to supporting youth as leaders and change agents of some of our world’s most pressing issues.
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Richard E. Grant & Gillian Anderson Cast in the BBC Adaptation of "The Crimson Petal And The White"

Richard E. Grant & Gillian Anderson in new BBC drama to be filmed in Liverpool

A RAUNCHY TV drama starring actor Richard E Grant and X-Files star Gillian Anderson will be shot in Liverpool. The city’s Georgian Quarter is to be transformed into 1870s London for the BBC Victorian period drama, The Crimson Petal and The White.

A young prostitute and a prominent businessman embark on a dangerous relationship with epic consequences in this four-part adaptation of Michel Faber's international best-selling novel, which reveals the true underbelly of Victorian underground life in a way never seen before on screen.

The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber is a 2002 epic postmodern novel set in Victorian-era England. The main characters include William Rackham, the unwilling heir to a perfume business; Agnes, William's brittle, long-suffering "mad wife in the attic"; and Sugar, a decidedly unconventional and strong-willed young prostitute whose intense affair with William gives her the opportunity to climb to a higher perch in the rigidly stratified class system of the time. Evocative and sexually charged, the story plunges the viewer into a hidden world. In the words of the heroine, Sugar: "If you dare enter this world, you had better tread carefully."

A bold and original serial for BBC Two, The Crimson Petal And The White is adapted by acclaimed playwright and screenwriter Lucinda Coxon, directed by Marc Munden (The Devil's Whore, The Mark Of Cain) and executive produced by David Thompson.

An intimate psychological thriller lifting the lid on the dark side of Victorian London, this is a provocative and rivetingly emotional tale of love, lust, desire and revenge in a world seething with vitality, sexuality, ambition and emotion.

drink ya juice shelby

Elvis Presley is running for governor of Arkansas

No, not that Elvis.

Elvis D. Presley of Star City filed papers with the secretary of state's office on Wednesday to run as a write-in candidate for governor.

Presley indicated in the paperwork that he wants to "supply the people with a broader array of employment and newer chain of state government."

He declined to tell The Associated Press how he got his name but says he is an Elvis impersonator in his spare time.

Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe is seeking re-election in November. He faces Republican Jim Keet and Green Party nominee Jim Lendall in November. Two other candidates have filed to run as write-ins for governor.

Presley must still file with each of the state's 75 counties. Coincidentally or not, the King would have celebrated his 75th birthday this year.


'America's Next Top Model': Meet Ann, 6'2 and roughly 98 pounds

Meet "America's Next Top Model" contestant Ann -- she's 6'2 and appears to weigh about 98 lbs (if you count her chunky jewelry). No seriously, she has like an 18-inch waist. Tyra is going to have quite the love-hate relationship with this one.

Ann is probably just what they're looking for this season -- an impossibly thin, freaky-looking girl who will take amazing pictures. Perfect for Italian Vogue, which is the prize for this cycle's winner.

We hope they do a safari-themed shoot and make Ann a giraffe -- and we say this as a tall woman, so nothin' but love for you, Ann! "America's Next Top Model" premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 8 at 8 p.m. ET.

lord byron

Ben Whishaw Lands Role In HBO Pilot, remains sexually ambiguous

Ben Whishaw, seen Off-Broadway last season in The Pride, will star in Alan Ball's HBO pilot "All Signs of Death."

The drama is based on Charlie Huston's 2009 crime noir novel The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death. Whishaw will play Webster Filmore Goodhue, a crime scene cleaner, who becomes entangled in a murder mystery. Ball is executive producing and directing the pilot, which was written by Huston. Filming is expected to begin in August in Los Angeles.


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Jared Leto 1 - Glasses.

JGL asks you to join him on stage in New York.

Today, Joseph Gordon-Levitt blogged this on his Tumblr:

Calling all artists in the NYC area! As you might know, hitRECord putting on a series of live events this summer and I’m looking for some live acts to share the stage with me: Bands, Comedians, Poets, Clowns…anything! Show us and the hitRECord community what you got. Upload a video of you performing, and contribute it to this collaboration.

(Also, we don’t have a budget for travel/accommodation, unfortunately. So we need to keep it local.)

Shows are at PIANOS on the Lower East Side: August 16, 30 and September 6.


'Sanctuary' Execs Urge Shows To Help Charity

(Tapping, far left, Kindler, far right. Martin Wood in the middle.)

Two of the Vancouver-based principals behind Sanctuary for Kids, the not-for-profit foundation associated with the Syfy series Sanctuary, are calling upon other producers in the city to join them in supporting charities. Sanctuary creator and executive producer Damian Kindler and star and executive producer Amanda Tapping are urging other shows to give back to the community. Their call came at the recent San Diego Comic-Con shortly before Sanctuary for Kids received $90,500 from a fan convention in Vancouver .

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For the TL;DR club: Queen T and co. believe that all shows on TV at the moment should join up with a charity because of how easy it is for them to reach large audiences.


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and the new 5 syllable Kings of Leon album title is..

Come Around Sundown

Kings of Leon have finished the follow-up to their 2008 U.S. breakthrough Only by the Night. The brotherly band announced on Wednesday (August 4) that they would release Come Around Sundown on October 19.

The band's fifth album was produced by their trusted team of Angelo Petraglia and Jacquire King and was described in a press release as "yet another bold and expansive statement" from the Nashville-based quartet. Six million copies of Night, which also nabbed them four Grammy awards in February, have been sold worldwide.

The Kings finished a nearly two-year stint touring in support of Night in October 2009, and in February they began work on Sundown. They capped off the sessions in June, when they played to one of the largest U.S. audiences of their careers at the Bonnaroo festival.

Though they haven't talked much about how the new album will sound, drummer Nathan Followill said in May that Sundown might have a "darker" feel because it was recorded in New York. "And I'll be damned if we didn't go in there and make a fun record! It's got songs that are beachy, it's got songs that are a little more like our [debut full-length] Youth and Young Manhood days. ... We're super excited," he added.

Conan Gunn

NPR's 50 Great Voices: Björk

The rest of the series is here.

Björk: A Celestial Voice

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Björk, as widely known for her eccentric outfits and behavior as she is for her voice, is easily the most famous Icelander in the world. There's something celestial about that voice, as if it comes from a fantastic and colorful utopian world. Björk compares her voice to her country, describing it as stark.

"Like in Iceland," she says. "You have the lava, almost no trees, almost no animals and almost no people, so things are very stripped down. It's very naked."

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Enjoy these Björk Libs!

My love for Björk's music is indescribable. When the beat drops on __(your favorite Björk song)__ I __(verb)__ my __(noun)__ with glee. Her __(adverb)__ __(adjective)__ voice is like a __(noun)__ __(verb ending in -ing)__ a __(noun)__ -- but in a GOOD way. I'm not talking about that __(adjective)__ cacophony you get in a __(female singer you hate)__ song. Björk could kill that heffa without dropping her __(noun)__. It's just a fact. When she was in __(your hometown)__ for the __(your favorite Björk album)__ tour, she __(verb ending in -ed)__ some dude for __(verb ending in -ing)__ __(preposition)__ her __(noun)__ without written consent. And this was WHILE she was singing __(another Björk song)__ while wearing a __(noun)__-shaped headdress. It was fucking awesome.

The Incredible Shrinking Women

The skinny on TV's size ZERO culture

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There are two inextricably linked trends in television right now: our screens are getting larger and larger, turning living rooms into high-definition home cinemas, while – conversely and rather more worryingly – the women who appear on them, in glossy dramas and ‘reality’ shows, are getting smaller and smaller. These days you need a 47-inch, wall-mounted, wide-screen-HD-ready plasma TV just to be able to see the shrinking female stars of Desperate Housewives, The Hills, Gossip Girl and a dozen other high-rated shows.

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Exclusive Pic from Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s Charity Photo Shoot for The Beauty Book

On Thursday, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and hubby Channing Tatum (along with Ryan Phillippe and Rachel Bilson) participated in a charity photo shoot with celebrity photographer Darren Tieste for a project called "The Beauty Book". During and after the shoot, Jenna tweeted...

"At a photo shoot for a brain cancer charity book...with the hottie-oops I mean hubby...Go to and check out the brain cancer charity book!"

Brain Cancer is the leading cause in cancer-related death’s in patients younger than 35. 17,000 Americans, 2000 Australians and 280,000 worldwide are diagnosed with brain tumors every year.

"The Beauty Book" is a hard cover coffee table book that will be released later this year with images of your favorite celebrities, musicians, and top models. The goal of the book is to raise awareness and money to help support people fighting the awful disease.

Tieste is executive producing, and became personally involved with the project when he lost a close friend to brain cancer in 2008. All the monies raised, will go directly to Brain Cancer research via the Sydney Neurology Oncology Group (SNOG) and the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) charities. Both of the charitable organizations are non-profit and rely on donations and fundraising. If you're interested in helping with the cause, you can CLICK HERE to make a donation and CLICK HERE to get involved.

"The Beauty Book" has the support of some of the biggest identities in the world who have all been photographed for this cause. In addition to Chan and Jenna, you will find celebs like Hugh Jackman, Fergie, Anna Paquin,, Emily Blunt, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Ryan Seacrest, Rosario Dawson, Leighton Meester, Selma Blair, Christina Hendricks, Ashley Greene, Josh Duhamel, Justin Chambers, Chelsea Handler, Eric Dane, Kate Walsh, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Rodriguez, Dominic Monaghan, Minnie Driver, Rachel Hunter, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Denise Richards, Brooklyn Decker, Maggie Grace, Marlon Wayans, Eliza Dushku, and Sophie Monk in the book when it launches later this year.


Celeb Buzz links to ONTD, throws subliminal shade

Want to see some vintage Megan Fox? Check out this photo of Megan in 7th grade at the John Hopkins Middle School in Florida. Isn't she adorable?

These days, the Transformers star may be known as one the most beautiful women in the world, but things weren't so easy for the tween Megan. The 24-year-old actress has talked about getting bullied in middle school and allegedly getting pelted with ketchup packets by the popular kids.

The picture was posted by a member of Oh No They Didn't!, who claims that they went to middle school with the stunning beauty. Unfortunately, the poster couldn't remember much about Megan, but they did have photographic evidence of her adorableness.

Megan was most recently in the news for getting married to longtime boyfriend Brian Austin Green in a private ceremony in Hawaii. She also recently starred in Eminem's new music video, "Love the Way You Lie," with Lost actor Dominic Monaghan.

Source: Celeb Buzz


Joe Jonas Takes Us Backdoo-..stage!

Joe Jonas stops by to say hi to sister-in-law Danielle and her pup Riley as he gives fans an up-close and personal tour of the Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam tour.

The 20-year-old musician introduces to Billboard, “We’re getting geared up for our 2010 summer tour and I’m going to show you the backstage area and a little bit of my style of our crib backstage.”

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ONTD Highlights:
First Video:
Joe kisses and barks at Dani's dog.
I'll make you bark, bitch.
Joe: "It smells delicious in here."
The only time you'll ever hear a straight man say that is when they're in between the legs of a woman, and you, sir, are in a dark room surrounded by scented candles, YOU BIG FRUITCAKE!
Joe: "Kevin has a lot of clothes. I'm not trying to call him out, but he got a lot of clothes."
No surprise here.
Joe holds a Unicorn doll of some sort and declares that he dubbed it 'Blueberry.'

Second Video:
The boys talk about the tour and their television show. Rather boring.

Third Video:
This is Demi's portion and I ain't watching this buttchinned bitch.


Mini Sharlto Copley [and Rampage] Post

Sharlto Copley Has ‘Sporty’ Cat

The 37-year-old South African actor plays Captain ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock in the recent film remake of The A-Team. Sharlto’s character is the craziest in the film but in real life, the star prefers a quieter existence.

He likes nothing more than spending time at home with his girlfriend and their two cats, and talks about the felines to whoever will listen. Sharlto can’t believe how different the cats’ personalities are, and marvels over the athleticism of one of the creatures.

My favourite animal is probably cats. I was a dog person until I met my girlfriend ten years ago,” he explained to Empire magazine.

“She introduced me to cats and I totally fell in love with them. I’ve got one that’s like a real teddy bear that you just pick up and she wants to be loved and cuddled all the time.

“The other one is much more sporty and cool, she does her own thing. She does ridiculous jumps, nine times her height from a standing position!”

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