August 4th, 2010


Contrary to popular belief, Tila Tequila Montana Fishburne's debut in porn isn't just with VIVID ! Wow!

Many sites are assuming that popular porn star Brian Pumper is the man that will be co-starring in the Vivid video with Laurence Fishburne's oldest daughter, but as we reported earlier it's her boyfriend "J Pipes" aka Jeremy Greene that will be the sacrificial peen for VIVID.

Before Vivid, Miss Montana was brought to Brian Pumper by J-Pipes to star in his soft core rap video! The end result? This cover of B. Pumper's "Phattys Rhymes and Dimes 14" and some hardcore scenes with the man himself!

Word is Mr. Pumper is already and shipping his "Phatty's" DVD to the stores this week, almost TWO weeks ahead of Chippy-D's debut with VIVID!

Click here for screenshots of the video.

Click below for the uncensored exclusive look at the "Phatty's Rhymes and Dimes"  DVD cover!

SOURCE: Carlton

Lost Post: break out your wallets...

Feeling a little LOST lately? Don’t worry… your favorite show is back for only two days, Saturday, August 21, and Sunday, August 22. Celebrate the LOST weekend at LOST: The Official Show Auction & Exhibit.

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Barker Hangar
3021 Airport Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Plus, get a chance to view a sneak peek of exclusive Season 6 DVD/Blu-ray bonus material before it goes on sale on August 24.

Exhibit hours: 9 am - 1 pm.

Auction will begin at 1:00 p.m. Separate registration is required.

Can't be there in person? Participate in the auction online and via phone. Information and registration for the auction is available at



Bristol Palin Breaks Up With Our Hick Boyfriend

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have broken off their engagement after announcing their intention to marry just three weeks ago.

“It’s over,” Bristol, 19, told People. “I broke up with him.”

Bristol said that the relationship took a turn for the worse on July 14, the same day they announced their engagement to Us Weekly.

Levi reportedly told Bristol he may have fathered another baby with another teenager - the report has since been refuted.

“The final straw was him flying to Hollywood for what he told me was to see some hunting show but come to find out it was that music video mocking my family,” Bristol said. “He’s just obsessed with the limelight and I got played.”

Everyone chant with me porn - Gay porn - GAY PORN!

Jesus F**king Christ Amy

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SMASHED AMY WINEHOUSE lies flaked out on a pub table at 9.30am yesterday after falling off the wagon following a row with her new boyfriend. The Back to Black singer, who has famously battled drink and drugs, was snapped outside the boozer owned by her film producer fella REG TRAVISS's parents.

When she woke up, she was nearly run over as she stumbled across a street on the way to her nearby home, where she sat talking into her phone. Amy, 26, took a taxi to Inn 1888 in London's Marylebone after a session with pals that began at 5pm Monday.
During the 16-hour marathon she had visited two other pubs and two restaurants - at one point kissing model MISCHA BARTON and at another strolling with comic RUSSELL BRAND's dad Ron.

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F U I'm Paul McCartney

Douchebaggery at its worst from Ed Hardy - It is a tragic mess.

Bad Ed Hardy, Bad!
By: Connie Wang & Kate Mulling

There's something so abjectly horrific about Ed Hardy that makes it completely repulsive, and yet so compelling we can't look away (Train wreck? Meet sartorial nightmare!). The sailor tattoo motifs, the flourish-y fonts, the melding of tacky '90s Chinese dragons with rhinestones, camo, and airbrushed skulls... no matter if you're from L.A., N.Y., Minneapolis, or Austin, the Christian Audigier empire has infected all four corners of the nation, and brought with it an onslaught of cargo pants, skin-tight jersey, metallic suede boots, and other horrors of horrors that we can't help but present to you, if only as a warning of the extent of the Hardy-epidemic. From a bottle of Ed-branded Merlot to an iPad cover odious enough to make you barf from your eyes, here are the most offensive Ed Hardy products we could find.

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Rob Pattinson Was 100% Faithful To Kristen Stewart While Filming In The South!

Robert Pattinson remained completely faithful to girlfriend Kristen Stewart while filming Water For Elephants in Chattanooga, Tennessee – even during a night on the town!

When the girlfriend’s away, Robert Pattinson does NOT play. can confirm that the British hunk is actually a completely faithful boyfriend and didn’t hit on other women while filming his latest movie, Water For Elephants, in the south!

He was not flirting or carrying on with any girls,” Erica, the floor manager at Tennessee’s Chattanooga Billiard Club confirmed exclusively to of Rob’s July 31 night out on the town.   She added with a laugh,  “I was trying my best to tell him about my daughter, and maybe set up a marriage.”

Can’t say we blame her – we’d love to say ‘I do’ to R-Patz, too. Clearly, though, K-Stew has her man in check.

“He was relaxing with his cast and crew, drinking and not eating – and he didn’t play billiards,” Erica tells us, adding that she snuck him out the back door so he wasn’t bothered when he left.

What a relief for you, Kristen! You don’t have to worry about your man misbehaving – even though you’ll be apart for the next three months!


They arent even an official couple, Hollywood Life makes more shit up than the National Enquirer. Maybe he wasn't flirting with the girls for another reason????
her big ugly butt., as in

cheno might finally get what she deserves.

'Glee' Creator Confirms New Musical Series with Kristin Chenoweth

flawless bitch is flawless.

"'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy confirmed at the TCA panel for his hit series that he's working on a new musical series for Emmy-winner Kristin Chenoweth.

Put away those outraged faces, 'Glee' is not getting a spin-off -- yet. According to Zap2It, the new TV project will be separate from the Fox series and more adult, Murphy said.

"I've always wanted to do something for Kristin, and Kristin is a good, close friend of mine obviously, so I'm writing a half-hour musical comedy specifically for Kristin because if you can sing like that, I want her to be the star of her own show where she sings," Murphy told TV critics. "I can't say too much about it yet. Kristin is so funny. I want it to be adult."

Murphy said he is looking forward to doing something along the lines of 'Nip/Tuck,' something "dark and procedural."

Chenoweth became a household name after starring in Broadway's 'Wicked' alongside another 'Glee' guest star, Idina Menzel. In 2009 she won an Emmy for her work on the cult-favorite 'Pushing Daisies.' The actress received another Emmy nomination for her work as April Rhodes on 'Glee.' Audiences can currently see her back on Broadway starring opposite Sean Hayes in 'Promises, Promises.'

Murphy could be biting off more than he can chew by planning another musical series, albeit one with a more dark and adult vibe."



"Don't mess with the Pie Ho's!"

ITS A CAUCASIAN RAP! Eminem does his sexy walk for u!

Mods I forgot the source in my last post :( sorryyyyy! This was never posted btw...they are releasing the behind the scenes shit in pieces...dont ask me. second part to his recovery shoot...first part can be found here:

And anyone who thinks Em is always ~serious business ~ needs to watch this. He is ADORABLE and hilarious in it. :P

FOX buys Diablo Cody pilot


The writer of the indie hit "Juno" and Showtime's "United States of Tara" has sold a comedy pilot to Fox.

The network has made a put-pilot deal (where a pilot will be shot and the network will incur penalty if it's not aired) for a Warner Bros.-produced project written by Cody. 
The title is "The Breadwinner."

Beyond that, script details are being kept closely under wraps.

Cody will executive produce "The Breadwinner" along with Mason Novick.

Since becoming a breakout writer with 2007's "Juno," Cody has successfully launched "Tara" on Showtime, took a big swing with horror flick "Jennifer's Body" and is re-teaming with Jason Reitman on the dark comedy “Young Adult,” which will star Charlize Theron and will go before cameras this October.

Fox and Warner Bros. had no comment.


I like Diablo, AND I liked Juno, AND TO ALL THE HATERZ:



Cloris Leachman SLAMS Betty White!

Cloris Leachman: 'I'm so sick of Betty White'
While promoting her new fall series "Raising Hope" at the Televisions Critics Association gathering in L.A., co-star Cloris Leachman was asked about the current adulation Betty White is enjoying. "I'm so sick of Betty White," Leachman snapped, to laughs and a few gasps. "Never liked her."

Leachman was kidding, of course. "We're co-starring in a new movie, called 'You Again,'" she noted, softening her tone. Still, Leachman really knew how to take over a press conference. She frequently answered questions that had been directed at "Raising Hope" creator Greg Garcia or co-star Martha Plimpton. She commanded that any reporter asking her a question stand and say his or her name before she answered. It was all in good, mock-grumpy fun, much like the battle-axe she plays in "Raising Hope."

"Now you see why we work extra-long hours," quipped Garcia, referring to Leachman's barrage of one-liners and jovial insults. Informed by one reporter that she'd won more Emmys than any other woman and asked whether such things still mattered to her, she said, "You bet! And I'd better win one for this show!"

She just might end up deserving one

I can't believe she said that! What a miserable old bitch!

Carol Burnett is Sue Sylvester's mom!!!!!

This is so utterly perfect, I’m shocked we didn’t think of it first: Comedy legend Carol Burnett has been tapped to play Sue Sylvester’s Nazi-hunting mother on Glee, sources confirm to me exclusively.

I’ll give you a moment to process the sheer brilliance of that casting before continuing…

Sue referenced her adventurous parents in an episode of the Fox phenom last season. Details of Mama Sylvester’s arrival are being kept under wraps, but I’m told Sue’s father will not be accompanying her.

The six-time Emmy-winning Burnett has made only a handful of TV appearances in recent years, most notably playing Bree’s evil stepmother on Desperate Housewives in 2006 and a Rockette-turned-strip-club owner on Law & Order: SVU (for which she was nominated for an Emmy) in 2009.

Burnett’s episode is slated to air in October or November.

Stan and Roger, American Dad!
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Sneak peek for Bloody Bloody Bible Camp! (NSFW)

The film stars 2001 Maniacs director Tim Sullivan as Sister Mary Chopper, a killer transvestite nun (talk about having us at hello). Said Sullivan of the project, "Vito Tribuco’s horror comedy BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP, which Vito wrote with his partner Shelby McIntyre, is infused with the same splatstick soul as FIELD OF SCREAMS. I knew I had to get involved the minute producers Reggie and Gigi Bannister rang me up and asked me to hop on board. Did I mention Reggie plays a priest with whom I do battle? Oh, yeah. And Ron Jeremy plays Jesus. It’s a total knock-out gore/comedy/boob fest that doesn’t just cross the line - it gleefully leaps over it! I don't want to spoil the rest of the plot here, but let's just say this is going to be one outrageous slice of debauchery."



This is for their song "Wishing He Was Dead." Their album is out now and was produced by Mark Ronson. Words.

source, who?
Though I love their new album, I think I might dislike this band as a group of people. They were great when they opened for the Futureheads, but then they moshed/spilled beer all over everyone during the Sunderboys's last few songs. I wanted to pull their hair, collectively.

Also, if the video doesn't work (because I don't think it is), just go to the source and it'll be the first one under New Music Videos at the top right. If you care enough.

Eliza Dushku in Japan for Dollhouse promotion

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Here's some of her tweets about her trip so far:

@elizadushku: Konnichiwa! JAPAN COUNTDOWN! Nate-y, I hope you're ready, big bro, let's ROCK it OUT! Domo arigato ;)

@elizadushku: Tokyo is amazing! Even just the last 3hrs we've been here! WOW.

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She is sooo pretty.

Well, the New Lil Wayne Phone Call From Prison Sure Is Depressing

To his great credit, Lil Wayne's done a spectacular job of keeping this whole Rikers thing lighthearted. There's the grateful blog posts, the ready-for-radio leaks, the truly insightful sports analysis, and a steady stream of cheery phone calls (e.g., "I got the penthouse suite up here at Rikers"). His team promised there would be a plan to maintain Weezy's visibility while locked up, and they've executed it impressively as they work up to his fall release and a new EP, I'm Not a Human Being. Of course, the dude is still in jail, which means conversations like the one he had with Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 last night are inevitable. After running through all the support he's been getting from his fans, Wayne talks about staying in touch with the outside world:

"I call Drake at least once a week, but I actually call three or four times a week, but he only picks up for me once a week," the MC said with a laugh ... "Put in this position, I just feel like every time I pick up the phone to dial a number, I feel like I'm a bother, because I'm in jail. I don't have nothing else to do but talk to you, and that might not be what you want to do at the time. I don't know if that's just a conscious thing, but ... I always feel like I'm bothering. I call Mack Maine every single day, and I know I get on his nerves, but he answers every single time.

There's nothing tragic about it, but Wayne sketching out some of the minor details of his isolated everyday life is pretty crushing nonetheless. Drake, pick up the damn phone! SOURCE
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Trailer For "Man At Bath" Francois Sagat’s First Mainstream Film

Yet another thing to love about France's #1 pornstar/art fag, Francois Sagat: He's talented enough to land a starring role in a respectable upcoming French indie film, but cool enough to take his clothes off in it-a lot.

"Man at Bath" is the latest film from director Christophe Honoré, who's made French New Wave-influenced gay cinema like "Love Songs" and "Dans Paris." Sagat stars as Emmanuel, one half of a cute gay couple who spend the entire movie trying to prove that they're not in love with one another. Already we're having a hard time believing that anyone would leave his hunky, pornstar (or prostitute? we're not totally sure) boyfriend to go find himself in some lame film program in New York. Thankfully the film looks interesting enough (and filled with enough male nudity) that we're willing to forgive this small logical error.


WARNING: There's a lot of quick shots of nudity in the trailer. It's kind of NSFW.

Ryan Murphy Shares Details On Britney Spears’ ‘Glee’ Episode "She wants to be on the show."

“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy reveals to Access’ Billy Bush how a Britney Spears episode came to be. Could Britney appear in the episode? Plus, did Matthew Morrison really say that he didn’t want to do a Britney episode?

Aretha Franklin cancels concerts because of fractured ribs, pain

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Legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin has canceled two free concerts in New York because of an injury, according to a statement issued by her publicists Wednesday.

"Due to fractured ribs and pain in the abdomen, it was necessary for Ms. Franklin to cancel and reschedule the two concerts," said the statement from spokeswoman Gwendolyn Quinn. Franklin's doctors have advised her to come in for tests immediately, the statement said.

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Get better soon, Aretha! ONTD loves you! <3

Wyclef confirms Presidential run

Days before the Aug. 7 deadline, Haitian-American superstar Wyclef Jean has confirmed to that he will run for President of Haiti in this year’s Nov. 28 election. “If not for the earthquake, I probably would have waited another 10 years before doing this,” Jean said. “If I can’t take five years out to serve my country as President…then everything I’ve been singing about, like equal rights, doesn’t mean anything.” Jean may announce his candidacy on Thursday’s Larry King Live once he has arrived in Port-au-Prince from New York.

george jetson

Dina Manzo talks about the drama, the rumors, and her return to the show

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So tonight you’re back for Teresa’s daughter Audriana’s christening. Did you have any concerns with appearing on the show after you had left?
DINA MANZO: Well, obviously I knew it was going to be filmed. I did it because I am her godmother, and what am I supposed to do? Not show up? But I was against the church being filmed and I lost that battle big time. I just felt that something so sacred as a baptism shouldn’t be in the same episode as some crazy stuff that goes down in the show. If you can see in the previews, there’s a fight between Kim G. and Danielle that’s [pretty crazy], and then we’re baptizing beautiful Audriana. So for me, I’m super sensitive to that sort of thing because I take it super seriously. So maybe the world may not see a problem with that but I was kind of against the church being filmed. It was a beautiful ceremony, and the party was outrageous, and my company [Designer Affair] did design it, so I’m pretty excited to debut.

Would you say your idea of what Real Housewives of New Jersey was changed from when you began filming the series to when you left the show?
Absolutely. I don’t blame Bravo, because people love drama. They love to see that sort of thing. Especially because my family was involved, and we’re certainly not the normal family. We do a bunch of crazy things. But we’re good crazy — there’s a difference between good crazy and bad crazy. We’re fun crazy. But I felt it was going to be a really fun, family-type show, and especially with season 2, it went in a totally different direction and I felt it wasn’t what I signed on for.
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george jetson

Katy Perry goes topless in Rolling Stone but says mixing sex and religion makes 'bad things happen'

Katy Perry may be cool with stripping down to her skivvies for Rolling Stone, but the pop star says she takes her religion very seriously.

"I am sensitive to Russell taking the Lord's name in vain and to Lady Gaga putting a rosary in her mouth," the pop star, 25, told Rolling Stone about her fiancé Russell Brand's often dirty mouth and Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video. "I think when you put sex and spirituality in the same bottle and shake it up, bad things happen."

But the pop princess isn't exactly known for keeping things PG.

In the pages of Rolling Stone, Perry sits topless on a beach in nothing but fishnet stockings in one picture and poses in Daisy Dukes and a bikini top in several others.

Perry says she has no problem being sexy, though, as long as it's in good taste.
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'Love The Way You Lie' Video Premieres Thursday On MTV

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Hot on the heels of Eminem's eight VMA nominations, it was announced Tuesday (August 3) that the highly anticipated video for his latest chart-topper, "Love the Way You Lie," will premiere Thursday on MTV at 9 p.m. ET/PT before "Jersey Shore."
Directed by Joseph Kahn (who has worked with Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, 50 Cent and many other superstars), the video was recently filmed in L.A. and features Rihanna, who sings the hook, along with actors Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan. Despite the photos that leaked online last week of Fox and Monaghan happily locking lips, they play "a couple going through the extremes of an abusive relationship" — a sensitive subject matter for Em and Rihanna.

"Joseph and I worked pretty closely together to make sure we got this right," Eminem said in a press release. "Trying to make this tough subject work visually is a challenge. It was great to have Rihanna, Megan and Dominic on board for this. ... They really brought it and made this video super-powerful."

Rihanna — whose very public assault at the hands of then-boyfriend Chris Brown made the topic especially sensitive for her — recently told "Access Hollywood" this was something she "needed" to do. "It's something that, you know, [Eminem and I have] both experienced, you know, on different sides, different ends of the table," she said. "It just was authentic. It was real. It was believable for us to do a record like that, but it was also something that needed to be done, and the way he did it was so clever. He pretty much just broke down the cycle of domestic violence, and it's something that a lot people don't have a lot of insight on, so this song is a really, really powerful song, and it touches a lot of people."

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Matt Boner, AnnaLynn McCord, etc. win an award

White Collar
hunk Matt Bomer will be honored with the “Breakthrough Actor in TV” award on Sunday (August 15) in Los Angeles at the 2010 Breakthrough of the Year Awards presented by Crest 3D White.

The Breakthrough of the Year Awards is a red carpet event celebrating a diverse range of extraordinary talent in multiple fields of excellence including film, TV, sport, music, the arts, technology, philanthropy and social media.

Check out the full list of winners below:


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Mischa Barton Is Not Moving To London.

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Enjoying the beautiful sunshine, Mischa Barton was spotted out and about in Central London earlier today (August 4).

The “Beautiful Life” babe made her way around down, sporting a funky multi-patterned getup with a black handbag.

And despite reports that she’s moving in with her new English deejay boyfriend, it turns out Miss Barton is staying put in LA.

Her rep told GossipCop that the rumors are “not accurate,” and that Mischa is just enjoying her new love.

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scott evans

Pictures from the GLAAD Manhattan Summer Rooftop Event Featuring My BF, Ex Soap Star Scott Evans

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) held their annual Summer Rooftop Event last night in Manhattan to celebrate and highlight the organization's work and accomplishments. Here are some pics from the event.

Actor/Brother of Chris Evans/My Boyfriend SCOTT EVANS

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HBIC MJB ON HSN: Sells 60K+ of New Perfume, Breaks Records, Inspires Us All, etc

Mary J. Blige is used to topping the music charts as the "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul." But the singer broke ground in unfamiliar territory over the weekend as she sold a whopping 60,000+ bottles of her debut fragrance, My Life, in about six hours of air time on HSN.

That makes the scent the most popular and fastest-selling fragrance in the 24-hour shopping network's history.

She took to Twitter to express her appreciation, saying, "Fam!! We did it!!! We broke records with the My Life fragrance on HSN!!! and made history once again!!! 50K sold!!!"

The previous record holder was none other than Sean "Diddy" Combs, who sold his Sean John fragrances for men and women on HSN back in December. But Blige outdid the flashy mogul in both sales and revenue, grossing an estimated $2.7 million.

As the first celebrity fragrance developed by Carol's Daughter, My Life is an eau de parfum inspired by the artist's life experiences, which she melodically poured into a 1994 album of the same name. The sophisticated scent is a lyrical blend of fruit, floral and wood notes, including gardenia petals, white freesia, tuberose, apricot blossom, sesame and incense.

While the 39-year-old singer's first foray into the fragrance industry marked her success as an entrepreneur, My Life has a far greater purpose, as $1 from each sale will benefit the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now. The organization, created by Blige and Steve Stoute, chairman and lead investor of Carol's Daughter, provides programs that foster education, career development, strong self-esteem and personal growth.


  • bobius

Tarantino directing The Shadow? Wha wha whaaaaa?

Is Tarantino directing THE SHADOW?

The less said about 1994's THE SHADOW starring Alec Baldwin, the better. If you can get past that god awful film, you might remember that The Shadow is actually a really fun, dark character and one that hasn't been properly portrayed in years. I'd say it's a property that definitely needs some TLC from the right director.

For awhile now, we've known a new adaptation of THE SHADOW was in the works. First, Sam Raimi was in talks to direct. Then David Slade was reportedly in charge. Now, Pajiba is reporting that Quentin Tarantino is in talks to write and direct a new film based on the old radio show. It would definitely be a darker, more violent reincarnation of The Shadow, that's for sure.

Pajiba's source is apparently pretty reliable but this is still surprising news. Nothing in Tarantino's past has suggested he'd be a candidate to write and direct THE SHADOW but the man is student of film and fiction and THE SHADOW oddly seems right up his alley. I'd much rather prefer he work on this than the KILL BILL or INGLORIOUS BASTERDS sequels and prequels he's planning.

Still, as Pajiba says, take this with a grain of salt. For now.


Lindsay Lohan Hologram in Marc Ecko New Ad Campaign

Lindsay Lohan may be in court-ordered rehab, but tonight she’ll make her first post-jail appearanceas a digital hologram, anyway — at Milk Studios, when Marc Ecko "unveils her" as the muse for his Cut & Sew line. Before heading into the slammer, Lohan shot four film-noir-inspired skits with photography team Markus Klinko and Indrani, stars of the Bravo reality series Double Exposure. (Indrani is also rumored to have had an intense, possibly romantic relationship with Lohan, naturally.) Klinko and Indrani filmed Lohan using high-def cameras and “augmented reality” technology. All of Ecko’s advertisements will contain a glyph that, when held up to a webcam, projects a hologram of a digital Lohan dressed in vintage costumes and, presciently, horizontally striped leggings.
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MADE: The Movie

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MTV is picking up its pompoms and heading to try-outs in its latest original TV film “MADE: The Movie” premiering Tuesday, August 24 at 10p.m. ET/PT. Inspired by the Emmy Awarding-winning reality series, “MADE,” the two hour scripted feature tells the story of an unpopular high school student as she pursues her dream of attaining a coveted spot on the cheerleading team. This marks the third premiere from the new slate of original movies produced in association with MTV. Beginning August 25, 2010, “MADE: The Movie” will also be available on iTunes at $3.99 per download.

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this looks REALLY cute. it has ellie from degrassi and the lead girl hooks up with a hot black guy! win/win
george jetson

No Blacks or Latins Make Forbes Highest-Paid Actresses List

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Forbes released their list of the highest-paid actresses from June 2009 to June 2010. There was a lil’ something missing in the top 10 — some color. No Kerry Washington, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, or even Zoe Saldana. One would think times are getting easier for Black women in Hollywood, but in 2010 women of color are still competing for financial respect in the same ways Hattie McDaniel and Dorothy Dandridge had to back in the day.

I give a big congratulations to the ladies who are the highest paid, but I can’t ignore the fact that many of these actresses haven’t had a hit movie in years — by no fault of their own, but they’re still being paid $27 million a movie?
Jennifer Aniston ranks number 4 on the list but has made critical and box office flops for years (2009’s Love Happens and 2010’s The Bounty Hunter are great examples).
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(SW) leia

Another sneak peek video of Mad Men 4.03

Give us two minutes, and we’ll tell you something really private about Joanie.

Maybe that’s what AMC was thinking when the powers-that-be released this two-minute preview clip for this Sunday’s new episode of ‘Mad Men‘ (10 p.m./9c). In the clip, Sterling Cooper office manager Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) is seen just finishing up a check-up at her gynecologist’s office.

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Source (with video)

Mods (and everyone else) the video's not embedding but it's at the source.

1. At least our Joanie's not dying! 2. Now I'm REALLY intrigued with what's going on, and 3. DNW her spawning with that rapist


Why The Media's Not Talking About Alicia Keys' Shady Husband

You won't see any discussion of that in any major media outlet — because in the world of gossip, not all black gossip is equal.

Alicia Keys married producer Swizz Beatz this weekend and gossip column Page Six covered it with blissful excitement. In an article titled "Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz make beautiful music," The New York Post article describes the dress (Vera Wang) and how spiritualist Deepak Chopra officiated. But as anyone who follows black gossip sites and blogs there is a giant, grumpy 800 lbs gorilla in the room named "infidelity" and "controversy" and "scandal" and "divorce" and "outside children."

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LOS ANGELES, CA (July 28, 2010) – Chris Brown has signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the leading entertainment and sports agency, for representation in all areas.

Brown, a five-time Grammy nominee and three-time American Music Award winner, has sold more than six million albums worldwide. His self-titled debut album was certified double-platinum and featured the smash hit "Run It!" and included two top ten hits, "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" and "Gimme That." His follow up album, the platinum Exclusive, ranked as one of the biggest-selling albums of 2008, with more than three million copies sold worldwide. Brown's most recent release, Graffiti, debuted in 2009 and marked his third consecutive top ten debut.

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is a full-service entertainment and sports agency that represents many of the most successful professionals working in film, television, music, sports, video games, theatre, and the Internet, and provides a range of strategic marketing and consulting services to corporate clients.


omg bb boy is doing such big things. a movie premiere today, signing major business deals and his song is doing amazing on the radio rn =')

according to wiki CAA represents A-list and emerging stars in movies, television, music, and sports. It is often cited as the leading talent agency [1] and its clients include: Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, Will Smith, Derek Jeter, David Letterman and Chris Brown.


Real Housewives Daily Roast


Joy and Sherri go after the infamous White House Party crasher during The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C. visit to The View this morning. Tareq Salahi did not appear because of an incident with the other wives.


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This makes me 10% more excited about DC... maybe it gets better as it gets going...

LOST post, with no new information

LOST’s Man in Black’s Name Finally Confirmed?

I always thought this was one of those really stupid questions Lost fanatics obsess over. Does it really matter what the man in black’s name was? But Lost fanatics like to look for mystery in places where sometimes a mystery doesn’t actually exist. Well, for those of you Lost fanatics, we finally have confirmed the man in black’s official human character name.

His name is…

ready for it?

are you sure?




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I guess some people were wondering this...
double g

Cristal Connors joins Hannah Montana and others in LOL

Broadway veteran Gina Gershon has joined the cast of LOL an English-language remake of Gallic hit LOL: Laughing Out Loud, according to a report in Variety. Lisa Azuelos, who directed the original movie, will direct the remake from her own screenplay.

The movie focuses on a 15-year-old (to be played by Miley Cyrus) who, after being dumped by her boyfriend, sets her sights on his best friend.

The film will also feature Demi Moore, Marlo Thomas, Ashley Greene, Thomas Jane, Adam Sevani, Jay Hernandez, Austin Nichols, Nora Dunn, Fisher Stevens, Ashley Hinshaw, Lina Esco, George Finn, and Douglas Booth.

Gershon starred in the Roundabout Theatre Company's production of Bye Bye Birdie and in the Tony Award-winning revival of Boeing-Boeing.


True Blood Hits Season High

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The vampires on True Blood aren't getting any warmer, but the ratings for HBO's supernatural soap have boiled over. True Blood hit a season high this weekend achieving 5.2 million warm blooded viewers. Ironically, as Sookie clung to life in a coma, True Blood also went on to dominate the 18-49 year old demo for the night most coveted by advertisers – a hoot since HBO does not sell advertising during the program.

Various outlets have reported that it was Jersey Shore that actually won the most individual 'sectors', but the faux tanned 'reality' program was neck and neck with True Blood in total viewers, despite an availability advantage that arguably gives True Blood a win after handicapping.

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*it was also the highest rated show in the 18-49 demo for ALL of broadcast television last week.

Xtina: QT Glasses

A Kelendria Rowlegend post!!!

Thoughts on Adam Lambert:
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Meeting the "American Idol" singer at Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney earlier this year, Rowland raved about him, "He's the most genuine, talented spirit I think I've seen in this industry.

I love Adam and I love how he expresses himself through music, and I love how passionate and powerful he is. We'll definitely be doing something together.

Rose Colored Glasses:
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Kelly Rowland has posted on her official website a picture taken during the filming of her new single "Rose Colored Glasses". The former member of Destiny's Child is seen wearing a tube dress and putting on a huge smile.

The video shoot went into production starting the end of July. Rowland wrote on Twitter on the second day of the filming, "Things are turning out BEAUTIFULLY!" But, she did not mention when she plans to premiere it.


relevant to my interests (aka jgl-related news)

Stephen Sommers Returning to Direct G.I. Joe Sequel

Last we heard about the G.I. Joe sequel, Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were hired to pen the screenplay. It was also assumed that the main cast would be returning, seeing as how they’re contractually obligated to do so. Director Stephen Sommers, meanwhile, was not contracted to return, and after rumors that he had been fired off the first film following a disastrous test screening, there was a lingering question of whether the studio would even want him back at the helm.

Well, perhaps those rumors really were bogus. Stephen Sommers will be back for the next G.I. Joe.

The news comes from The Wrap, who also claim that the studio is pleased with the draft that writers Reese and Wernick whipped up. That’s nice to hear, but I can’t imagine it being too difficult to come up with a serviceable follow-up to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. As much as I enjoyed the Saturday morning cartoonishness of that movie, it didn’t exactly set the bench very high in terms of creative storytelling and complex characters. As long as they found a fun way to top the absurdity of the first film, I’ll be satisfied.

As for Stephen Sommers, he may not be a great filmmaker, but he’s perfectly suited to the goofy world of G.I. Joe, and I look forward him dishing out another round of ninja combat, ridiculous gadgetry and costumed special agents spouting off silly lines like “Deploy the SHARCs!” And of course, more scenery-chewing hamminess from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who after being set up in the first film to have a much larger role in the sequel, is by far the best justification for the existence of another G.I. Joe movie.

The Fame

A7X debuts at #1, Recovery falls to #2

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Avenged Sevenfold garners its first No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart as "Nightmare" arrives atop the list, bumping Eminem's "Recovery" to No. 2 after a five week reign at No. 1. Avenged begins with 163,000 according to Nielsen SoundScan, trumping "Recovery" (159,000; down 15%) by less than 4,000 units.

"Nightmare" is the rock band's highest charting set, surpassing the No. 4 debut and peak of its 2007 self-titled effort. That album also earned the group's previous best sales week of 94,000 when it arrived.

The new album easily beat initial sales projections, as some industry prognosticators thought it would move somewhere in the range of 120,000 to 130,000 copies. But those early forecasts were tossed aside by late last Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, when it seemed like the "Nightmare" album had a solid shot at No. 1 with a much larger sales number.

Mods - This was posted, but it wasn't clear who was #1.


Tim Kasher of Cursive sets release date for his debut solo album on Saddle Creek

Album: The Game of Monogamy
Release Date: October 5
Label: Saddle Creek


01 Monogamy Overture
02 A Grown Man
03 I'm Afraid I'm Gonna Die Here
04 Strays
05 Cold Love
06 Surprise, Surprise
07 There Must Be Something I've Lost
08 Bad, Bad Dreams
09 No Fireworks
10 The Prodigal Husband
11 Monogamy


Ali Fedotowsky's Shocking Secret Diary

Before she accepted a ring from Roberto Martinez, The Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky's life was a whirl of alcohol, drugs and sex — and Star has all the shocking details and photos!

In our Aug. 19 issue, on sale now, we report that Ali seems like the classic all-American sweetheart, but we have the X-rated proof that image is a sham! Star exclusively obtained the Williamstown, Mass., native's secret diary of letters, detailing booze benders, marijuana and ecstasy hazes — as well as kinky sex desires.

Plus, we have photos of her partying — including one of her smoking out of a bong!

In one of the diary entries that you’ll read only in Star, Ali details a shocking drug overdose scare she had after taking the illegal drug MDMA, better known as ecstasy.

“It was really fun at first,” Ali writes of her night of pill-popping. “I went downstairs to sleep at 4:30 and sat there until 6:30. I was completely freaking out. I really thought I was supposed to die. I really thought I would... I was so scared."

Pick up the new Star today for the full story of the real Ali, complete with pages from her diary and the party photos she doesn't want you to see.


They should have given her drugs on the show, maybe she wouldn't have been the most boring Bachelorette ever.

One Dumbass Calls Out Another Dumbass

Whoopi Goldberg tells Jake Pavelka he’s full of garbage

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Jake Pavelka told “The View” that he did “The Bachelor” to find love.

But Whoopi Goldberg saw his stint differently. “This was not your first acting job, ‘The Bachelor’ right?” she asked. “You were on ‘Walker, Texas Ranger.’ ”

Pavelka said, ” ‘The Bachelor’ is not acting.”

Goldberg shot back, “Darling, I’m afraid to tell you, you’re full of garbage. That is an acting job.”

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BWW TV: RENT in Rehearsal at the Hollywood Bowl!

BroadwayWorld TV’s Los Angeles correspondent Michael Sterling, got up close and personal today with the cast of RENT at rehearsals for the Hollywood Bowl presentation of the groundbreaking musical August 6 through 8, 2010. Sterling spoke in detail with the show’s star-studded cast and director about the upcoming performances at one of the world’s most renowned venues.

flag shouting

this means they'll get even *more* awards

Breaking Dawn announces one year

gap between last movies.

Twilight. Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. Edward. Bella. Jacob… Sorry, got a little Google link-happy there… Anyway, there is news today about the final instalment(s) of the sparkly vampire franchise. If you’re at all excited by the idea of Breaking Dawn finally reaching cinemas, get ready for a bit of a wait. Because Summit Entertainment has just announced that while The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part One will arrive as planned on November 18 next year, Part Two won’t hit screens until November 16, 2012, a full year later.
Yes, that sound you hear is Twi-Hards scrambling to stock up on camping supplies so that they can spend the months between movies queuing for the next one.
Director Bill Condon must have finally put his foot down and demanded that Summit stop pushing for the movies to come out so quickly, realising that even if Melissa Rosenberg’s scripts don’t include all the out-there madness of the book, it’s still a big task. And chances are there is also the increasingly busy schedule of the cast to be considered when booking in the publicity tours.
And the big question of course, is… at what point will the story be broken up? Will fans be left on tenterhooks wondering what happens next? Er… Doubtful, since the book has long since been on shelves. But still, it’s a heck of a break, longer even than that between the two last Harry Potter movies. Chances are that the break will come somewhere around the [SPOILER] birth of Bella's baby, and that the extra time on Part Two is to allow for the CG-assisted creation of a half-vampire infant who grows almost visibly. [END SPOILER]
And if you care not a jot for anything to do with Stephenie Meyer’s vampire world? Then at the very least, this means you now have a solid date to scribble in your calendar for when the whole thing might actually calm down. Followed, of course, by the end of the world, sponsored by Roland Emmerich.


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god damn twilight.


Marcia Cross on the set of Desperate Housewives.

"Marcia Cross gives a wave as she is walked to the set of "Desperate Housewives", filming in Hollywood. Cross, who was wearing a low cut black dress, tried to hold her jacket closed to stay covered up. Her dress also had a long slit up the right leg,
showed off some cellulite and wrinkles.

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Aw, he's um, cute! ....Pointing at her and stuff ;)
george jetson

'Real Housewives' Tired of Being 'Used' By Bravo

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If you think being the star of a hit TV series with millions of viewers will make you rich, think again. Just ask the ladies of Bravo's 'Real Housewives' franchise.

"All the ladies have had enough of being used by Bravo and plan to start fighting back," a friend of one 'Housewife' tells me. "They are pissed that they only get paid $3,000 to tape each episode and are furious that they get paid nothing to tape the reunion episode. It's two full days of their lives with no lunch breaks and no pay. Everyone on the set is getting a paycheck except the stars. How can that be right?"

And it's not just the reunion shows that Bravo has added to the ladies taping schedule with no extra pay. Last week, executives decided that in order to breathe new life into its troubled 'Project Runway' parrot, 'The Fashion Show,' the 'Housewives' from New Jersey should make an appearance.

"None of the housewives wanted to be on 'The Fashion Show,'" one insider tells me. "However, the network insisted they film all week for hours and hours, and to add insult to injury, they got nothing in return. Not even a thank you."
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F U I&#39;m Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney sends music to Glee!!!

'Glee' Fan Paul McCartney Offers Tunes to Show

Beatle woos creator Ryan Murphy with a mixtape

By  Daniel Kreps
Aug 03, 2010 1:50 PM EDT

Madonna isn't the only huge star impressed with Fox's hit show Glee: Paul McCartney sent a mixtape featuring his music to Glee creator Ryan Murphy in an attempt to convince Murphy to include some of the songs in the upcoming season. "I received some fantastic mixtapes from Paul McCartney a couple of weeks ago. I thought I was being punked!" Murphy said at yesterday's Television Critics Association panel in Los Angeles. "It came out of blue in a package, handwritten, and it had two CDs and it said, 'Hi Ryan, I hope you will consider some of these songs for Glee' ... I had heard that he is a fan of the show. I was gob-smacked ... so of course we are going to do something with him." Murphy didn't elaborate whether he'd just feature McCartney's music or recruit the Beatle for a guest appearance, Reuters reports.
Meet Glee's season two guest stars.
One Brit who will definitely appear next season, however, is Britain's Got Talent phenom Susan Boyle, who will guest as a singing lunch lady on next season's Christmas-themed episode. Boyle will join a group of Glee Season Two guest stars that already includes John Stamos, Idina Menzel, Charice Pempengco and possibly Britney Spears, who might appear in an episode that focuses entirely on her pop discography.

Glee has previously dedicated episodes to the music of the Material Girl — a sequel to "The Power of Madonna" is rumored to be in the works — as well as Lady Gaga, and Murphy says that a Season Two episode next February might focus on a "musical artist that we are in negotiation for" who experts believe is Michael Jackson.


Woohoo!! Hope they use his music! :) & a little JGL for your time.



Janelle Monae Visits The Recording Academy Headquarters

The inifitely talented Janelle Monae recently stopped by the offices of The Recording Academy in Santa Monica, CA to treat guests to a very special acoustic performance. Monae performed the touching “Smile” and “Sincerely, Jane,” two tracks taken from her debut EP. The artists also sits down to briefly answer five questions, including her take on the overwhelmingly positive response to her debut LP “The ArchAndroid” and the impact of musical theatre on her style and delivery.

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Alannah Hill holds sale to say 'sorry' for sex assault gaffe

Fashion designer Alannah Hill says she is a "stupid little fool" after making light of a sexual harassment scandal which has engulfed David Jones and its former CEO.

The style maestro was being interviewed on the red carpet at the department store's spring/summer collection launch yesterday when she said she wished ex-CEO David McInnes had "touched her up".

Hill was referring to former David Jones publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk's $37 million lawsuit, which alleges McInnes inappropriately touched her, kissed her and sent unwanted text messages.

During an interview on Melbourne's FoxFM this morning, Hill said she felt "so bad ... I'm here with a priest, I'm on my knees, I'm doing my confession". "You know when you're at a funeral and you're meant to be crying and sometimes you laugh," she said. "I know what I’m like as soon as someone asks me those questions I’m going to go the other way and act ridiculous.

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Oh dear :/ :/


Caroline Giuliani, Daughter of Ex-NYC Mayor, Arrested for Shoplifting Rudy Giuliani's Daughter Allegedly Stole From Sephora Store

Aug. 4, 2010

"NEW YORK - Rudy Giuliani's daughter was arrested Wednesday on a misdemeanor shoplifting charge at a beauty supplies store after she was seen on security video pocketing makeup, police said.

Caroline Giuliani, a 20-year-old Harvard University student, was seen taking five items worth more than $100 at a Sephora store in Manhattan, New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said.

Store managers, after calling police, said they didn't want to press charges against her, Browne said. But police arrested her on a petty larceny charge, he said.

Giuliani, wearing black pants and a red sweater and with her arms folded, exited a police precinct Wednesday evening and quickly got into an SUV with a man and two women. She did not respond to reporters' questions.

The Manhattan district attorney's office had not decided whether to file formal charges against Giuliani, spokeswoman Erin Duggan said."

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RM - pink lips

Rachel McAdams Spends Her Afternoon on Midnight

Rachel McAdams was on the set of Midnight in Paris this afternoon in the French capital with director Woody Allen. She was first spotted working on the film last week, when she shared a late night in front of the cameras with costar Owen Wilson. Rachel and Owen reunited on Woody's latest movie after they shared the big screen in Wedding Crashers, and this time they're teaming up with Marion Cotillard and the French first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

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Jersey Shore's Sammi Is An Outcast On The Show

Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola is hardly seen as sweet by her fellow Jersey Shore guidettes, in fact has learned that after two seasons together the other girls have had enough.

"Sammi and the girls had a huge fight during season two and now they won't even talk to her," an insider exclusively told

According to our source, the girls have tried to support Sammi in her relationship with Ronnie, even tipping her off to his cheating ways. In the second season promos, Ronnie can be seen locking lips with other women, but Sammi has still stood by her man.

Things started heating up while in Miami when the girls tried to get her to face the truth and got frustrated when Sammi stood by her man.

The promos also reveal Sammi getting socked by J-Woww and our insider says matters haven't been resolved. "The girls just can't seem to get past what happened," said the source.

A rep for the show did not respond to a request for comment.


Vinnys booty can show her the door

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Supernatural and One Tree Hill may continue past next seasons

One Tree Hill and Supernatural may continue beyond their current season order according to The CW president Dawn Ostroff. Supernatural was renewed for a sixth season by the broadcaster despite earlier statements by creator and producer Eric Kripke that the drama was devised to run for five years - a five year arc had been constructed. This prompted many fans to believe that Supernatural’s fifth season would be its last however, over the course of the season it became apparent that a sixth season was on the cards and this was later confirmed by Ostroff who ordered a new year.

“Everybody on the show feels there’s a lot of juice left in the characters. We hope it goes on for more than one season” Dawn Ostroff quoted on Entertainment Weekly.

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Jared Leto 1 - Glasses.

"Inception" passes $200MIL on Tuesday; stands at $373MIL Worldwide.


Inception, the current no. 1 movie at the North American box office, crossed the $200m milestone on Tuesday, August 3, its 19th day out. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Nolan‘s thriller/sci-fier earned $4.12m for a cume of $201.7m, according to Box Office Mojo.

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Desus and Mero

Video: From Civilization To Power: The Making of Kanye West’s “Power” Music Video

The Director of the video gives us his take on the vision, plus a sample of what's gonna be in there...

The video premieres tommorrow night at 11pm ET on all MTV Networks (after Jersey Shore no less ROFL) . This video looks like its gonna upstage the Eminem/Rhianna video debut tommorrow (and rightfully so)


Monsters Inc. 2 gets a new release date!

According to Box Office Mojo, Monsters, Inc. 2 has been pushed ‘forward’ two weeks from its originally announced date to:

November 2nd, 2012.

This move is in direct response to the recent announcement that the final Twilight film would debut on November 16th, 2012 — on the same day as Pixar’s sequel. Much needed breathing room has now been restored!

Let’s be honest, as popular as Monsters, Inc. is/was, its sequel would have certainly suffered against the rabid Edward vs. Jacob fans. Although Twilight movies have big opening booms and then tend to flounder, Disney/Pixar is very aware that a non #1 opening for ‘Monsters’ should not be risked.

Observation: The original Monsters, Inc. was released on November 2nd, 2001 so the sequel will premiere exactly 11 years later!


So excited!!!
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Amy Winehouse. Still a mess.

Oh Amy :(

Amy Winehouse and boyfriend Reg Traviss attend the launch of the new African restaurant Shaka Zulu in Camden Market.

Amy Winehouse and boyfriend Reg Traviss attend a South African-themed restaurant bar called Shaka Zulu which recently opened in Camden which was hosted by King Goodwill Zwelithini of South Africa. Amy looked a little wobbly on her feet and she was struggling to keep her eyes open as Reg guided her in. On the way out of the party Amy had trouble getting into the car and need a bit of help from Reg as he lifter her up and into the back seat of the car.

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Will.I.Am doesn't like the idea of a new MJ album

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Finally, one man has the moral fortitude to turn down big money and protect Michael Jackson's legacy – and it's the auteur behind I Gotta Feeling. Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am, who collaborated with Jackson before his death, has criticised plans to release the singer's unfinished music. "He wouldn't have wanted it that way," Will.I.Am said. "Freaking parasites!"

"I don't think that should ever come out," the musician, producer and songwriter told the Associated Press this week. "How you gonna release Michael Jackson when Michael Jackson ain't here to bless it? ... That's bad." Referring to Jackson as his friend, Will.I.Am said the late singer was a perfectionist who oversaw every aspect of his recordings. "Now that he is not part of the process, what are they doing? Why would you put a record out like that?"

Will.I.Am first collaborated with Jackson on 2008's 25th-anniversary reissue of Thriller, producing remixes of The Girl Is Mine, Beat It and Pretty Young Thing. The Black Eyed Peas frontman later joined R Kelly, Ne-Yo and Akon as one of several musicians contributing to Jackson's comeback album. Frank DiLeo, Jackson's manager, recently cited Will.I.Am's songs among the list of unreleased tracks that could appear on a new Jackson compilation, due in November. If included on the posthumous release, Will.I.Am would earn a fortune in royalties.

"So what?" Will.I.Am said. "How much can you suck from [Michael's] energy? ... What's wrong with what he already contributed to the world?"


I'm conflicted now too. I'd like to hear what Michael was working on, but on the other hand, he was a perfectionist. I'm not sure if he'd want people to hear what he hasn't completed.

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jared; gif


Jared Leto 'Blown Away' By 30 Seconds To Mars' VMA Noms
'We're so proud that a video that was an epic experience for us was recognized,' Leto tells MTV News.

Jared Leto was probably the last person to learn about 30 Seconds to Mars' Video Music Award nominations. After all, it was already Wednesday morning in New Zealand (16 hours ahead of us here in the U.S.) when he got the news.

"I was in Auckland, and I woke up after a long slumber, looked over to my BlackBerry, and noticed that the red light seemed to be flashing with an added urgency," Leto laughed. "So I reached over and quickly found out that this was a day that would go down in history for this little band of ours."

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New Looney Tunes Theatrical Short “Coyote Falls”

Earlier this year, Warner Bros announced plans to bring back Looney Tunes in a new series of theatrical animated short films. Three new 3D short films feature Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote (and three more are in development). The first short, “Coyote Falls,” premiered in front of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore this past weekend. Two more shorts will premiere this year: “Fur of the flying” is attached to Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, and “Rabid Rider” is being attached to Yogi Bear. Here is a 26 second clip from “Coyote Falls”.

(SW) leia

Jimmy Fallon talks Emmy Awards and doing movies

At last year's Emmy Awards, Jimmy Fallon fell on his butt — literally, in a planned comic bit as a presenter — so this year he's not taking any chances.

Even with weeks to go before he reports to work for his biggest gig yet — hosting the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards — the former "Saturday Night Live" cast member claims he's more than ready.

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I'm so excited, he'll be so adorable and energetic

"And there came a day...." - The Avengers Teaser Trailer

The first trailer for The Avengers has popped out online, from the video's description:

"Here is the teaser trailer for Marvel's upcoming Avengers movie, which was shown at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

It's amazing how something that only shows letters for 40 seconds, be as epic as this. The Avengers stars Samuel L. Jacksonn (Nick Fury), Chris Evans (Captain America), Robert Downey Jr.(Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Jeremy Renner( Hawkeye), and Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson).

The movie hits theaters May 4, 2012, next summer.

Credit goes to Paramount Pictures. And this teaser was directed by Ahmet Ahmet & Peter Frankfurt."

(I found this as a news post on my FB feed, so this would be the source, this too)
Parineeta, Saif, train

Bollywood: Superstar Vivek Oberoi agrees to arranged marriage to girl of his parents' choice.

Who doesn’t love a good-ol-B-town wedding where the paparazzi go crazy and the tabloid writers get busy writing about everything from the food to the clothes to the actual ceremony? Looks like we’ll be getting just all this and so much more this October when one of B-town’s most eligible bachelor, Vivek Oberoi, finally gets hitched to Priyanka Alva of Bangalore.

Priyanka is daughter of philanthropist and well known danseuse Nandini Alva and the late Janata Dal leader Dr. Jeevaraj Alva. She was chosen by Vivek’s parents who are both overjoyed at the prospect of seeing their son finally settle down after much upheaval in his personal life in recent years. VO’s mother in particular thinks Priyanka is the ideal girl as she has the perfect balance of traditional values and modern thinking.

The Alva daughter is said to have done a Business Administration degree from the University of London, non-certified course at the Martha Graham School of Dance in New York and also has completed a course in Administration and Fund Raising of NPOs from NYU. She also is said to take a special interest in environmental awareness and social change. One recalls that Vivek Oberoi himself as well as his family are quite the philanthropists.

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Vivek's known as quite the playboy, having most famously romanced Aishwarya Rai after her breakup with Salman Khan (shudder.) He's had a couple of lean years, but he made a comeback with the film "Prince" earlier this year. He's also really famous for his role in the Bollywood adaptation of Shakespeare's "Othello," called "Omkara." He played Cassio (Kesu Firangi.)

Sneak in your Chicken Tetrazzini and come see Joel live at Carnegie Hall!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Joel McHale will be performing on Friday, November 5th at Carnegie Hall as part of the NY Comedy Festival!

You can purchase tickets from Carnegie Hall's site by clicking here

Giddy Britta tyfyt
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


I already have my tickets! :) You can order your tickets through the site, however if you take the effort and call, better seats await you.
Alan Davies vagina doom qi

Andrew McMahon (aka the love of my life) did an interview.

Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate Talks Its Reunion, the Future and If It'll Influence Jack's Mannequin

​During Something Corporate's original time as a band -- roughly the years between 1998 and 2004 -- it never received its proper due. The piano-driven group didn't quite fit in with prevailing trends (although it was on then-pop-punk mecca Drive-Thru Records and toured with bands in the genre) and vocalist/ivory-tickler Andrew McMahon's lyrics were wise beyond his years. "I Woke Up in a Car" distilled road-borne homesickness, and the sugary pogo "Punk Rock Princess" should have been a soundtrack staple of every teen movie released a decade ago. But in the time since SoCo took a break, McMahon found greater fame with Jack's Mannequin -- and anticipation for a reunion continued to grow. In late 2009, the band announced reunion shows; a greatest-hits album, Played in Space: The Best of Something Corporate, and nationwide tour dates have followed. On Monday, the day SoCo started the tour, we caught up with vocalist/pianist Andrew McMahon in Minneapolis. The band's St. Louis show is tonight at the Pageant; tickets are $27.50.

Are you nervous [about the first night of the tour]?
I'm pretty nervous. [laughs] We just had a little yoga session back here, which sort of helped calm the nerves a little bit, chilled me out for a minute. I'm feeling a little more grounded than I did when I woke up this morning. We'll see how it goes, I'm pretty excited.

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Is anyone else going to the reunion tour? Idgaf, I'm so excited - Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin are some of my all-time favorite music and Andrew McMahon is one of my heroes - regardless of whether or not you like his music, his story is pretty fucking inspirational.

Feel free to spam with Andrew pictures. Believe me, they are appreciated. 

ETA: I'm in love with the amount of SoCo/JM/Andrew love in here. Keep it up. 



Jillian Michaels Sued Again

"Biggest Loser" star Jillian Michaels was just slapped with another multi-million dollar lawsuit over her weight loss products -- and this time, it's about a detox supplement that allegedly "might kill you."

The class action lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, was filed today in L.A. County Superior Court by a woman who only wants to be known by her initials -- R.D. -- due to her "very real fear of retaliation OR harassment by Defendants."

In the lawsuit, R.D. claims Jillian's "Triple Process Total Body Detox & Cleanse" diet supplement contains a "potentially lethal combination of toxic ingredients" ... and it "might kill you."

In the suit, R.D. lays out what she considers to be the risks associated with various ingredients in Jillian's product, including:

-- Irish Moss Powder ... "causes gastrointestinal ulcers" and is "so toxic that it is the gel commonly applied to aircraft wings to dissolve ice"
-- Bearberry ... "known to cause nausea and vomiting"
-- Yarrow ... "a toxic lawn weed that causes dermatitis"
-- Chinese Rhubarb ... "a harsh laxative and dangerous diuretic that can cause sever dehydration and may cause irreversible liver damage"
-- Fenugreek Seed ... "interferes with digestion and causes both diarrhea and gas"

R.D. is suing Jillian and Thin Care International for more than $10 million for "actively and fraudulently" conspiring to hide the alleged dangers of their product.

If this story sounds familiar, it's not the first ... second ... or even the third time Jillian has been sued by people who claim her diet products are potentially toxic.

No comment from Jillian Michaels' camp

Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Gelato, bitch. It's a Scott Pilgrim post!

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – Interactive Trailer
Featuring bonus information and trivia.

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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Apple Store: The Showdown in SoHo!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Last night at the Apple Store in SoHo, NY, a press event was held for "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World," the upcoming film based on Bryan Lee O’Malley's popular graphic novels. Speaking before press and fans were director Edgar Wright and actors Jason Schwartzman, Anna Kendrick, and Michael Cera.

To win over the crowd of the Apple Store, actor Michael Cera, who plays the titular character, greeted the audience with the declaration "F--- PCs!" He later claimed ignorance when a film clip showed Scott Pilgrim using a PC instead of a Mac, much to the laughter of the others on the panel.

“When I read the first book... it reminded me a little bit of the television show 'Spaced' I’d done with Simon Pegg,” Edgar Wright explained. “'Spaced' was a show where there were lots of dream sequences and flashbacks. But this film, and the books, felt like the dream sequence that never ends.”

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Interview: Bryan Lee O'Malley

On a Monday evening in July, on Markham Street in Toronto, I witnessed something pretty amazing. Over 2,500 comics fans enthusiastically and peacefully gathered for one purpose: to be one of the first to purchase the sixth and final volume of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour.

While over 150 comic shops across North America hosted midnight release parties that night, only one shop, The Beguiling had a very special guest in attendance: comics creator and former Toronto resident Bryan Lee O'Malley. There were costume contests, video game demos and live bands performing that night, and even Ellen Wong, the actress who plays Knives Chau in the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World movie was there too. But for the fans who came out that night, the main attraction was O'Malley, who signed books and posters and posed for photos at two autograph sessions, one earlier in the evening and another after midnight when the book was officially released to the public. To his credit, O'Malley signed items for over 1,250 fans that night, and stayed up until almost 3:45 am to make sure that no one went away disappointed.

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