July 31st, 2010


Paris Hilton Not Partying in St. Tropez for Pay

Paris Hilton denies she's been paid $1 million to party with mysterious billionaire Jho Low in St. Tropez. Despite rampant rumors on the French Riviera that the big-spending Malaysian was paying Hilton to have her lounge topless on his yacht and spray champagne with him at spots including exclusive club Les Caves du Roy, her rep said: "They are friends. Jho has invited Paris and her sister, Nicky, out to St. Tropez as friends. He has not paid her in any way, although he is extremely generous."

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A Sonic Youth Post

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Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, and Steve Shelley ganged up for this Criterion top ten—or twelve, as it turned out. The New York–based no wavers have been making music together since 1981. Their albums include Daydream Nation, Goo, Dirty, Rather Ripped, and this year’s The Eternal, their first not on a major label in more than twenty years.

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Clicking the pics will take you to their individual Criterion pages.


Creepy post? Anybody have any clue what this is about?

Watch the Trailer for Mysterious Documentary Catfish

From New York reporter Bilge Ebiri's Sundance 2010 review: "Saying too much about Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman's documentary, which follows Schulman's photographer brother, Nev, and his odd online relationship with a family in Michigan, could easily ruin the experience of this heartbreaking glimpse into the mercurial nature of identity in the social-networking age." (Out September 17.) SOURCE
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white fashionista dannii minogue declares war on uggs

Aussie pop singer Dannii Minogue has hit out at Ugg boots and said they're nothing more than slippers.

The 38-year-old new mum recently gave birth to baby Ethan and speaking on her new reality show, Dannii Minogue: Style Queen, she said she can't understand why people wear the Australian footwear in public.

She said: 'For me Uggs are slippers or wearing to the gym. In England everyone wears them out, which is quite disturbing.'

Minogue is currently in Australia with partner Kris Smith and their new baby son and she made her boyfriend blush on the show when she revealed her breasts have got much bigger since having their son.


DANNII IS ALSO RECORDING A NEW ALBUM!! She is working with Ruth Lorenzo, a contestant from a past season of the X Factor.

Jedward sing to BBUK housemates, set off fire alarm while doing so

Tonight X-Factor sensations Jedward entered the house as part of the housemates Ignore the Obvious task related to this weeks shopping task. They caused ultimate havoc!

John and Edward have literary brought the house to a stand-still after their performance of Blink 182′s All The Small Things in the garden.

Big Brother instructed them to leave several times and on their way out, they broke the table in the living room as they jumped over the sofa’s.

Soon after, the pair were waiting to leave through the front doors, and eagerly pressed a big white button trying to get out of the house.

NO! Jedward, that was the fire alarm, which immediately sounded throughout the whole house.
Within a matter of minutes the fire brigade had arrived at the Elstree studios, ready to rescue the famous housemates. However, they were disappointed that they would not be able to rescue any housemates this time as it was a ‘false alarm’.

While the singing stars were trying to leave the house, they tried to force the glass doors open – and as a result, they won’t close.

The boys have created a real stir this evening. Good going Jedward!


"Oh, put a phallic thing in my mouth? Sure!"

Zac Efron Eats Worms And Other Critters On George Lopez

Zac’s eXXXotic [I did not write this shit] taste in women is nothing compared to his taste in food – check him out eating bugs at George Lopez’ request!

Zac Efron may not have been fearless when it came to visiting a strip club (he asked girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens’ permission first) but he’s a downright daredevil when it comes to trying new food. In fact, George Lopez even got the Charlie St. Cloud star to eat WORMS on his TBS talk show July 29!

“If there is something strange and everyone’s sort of afraid to eat it, I’m usually the guy to go for it,” the 22-year-old ab-tastic star said. He added, “I’m not afraid to try new things….when I was in Mexico I ate live larva…it tastes like cream of corn.”


Check out Zac sample Scorpion Toast, Taiwanese Crickets and a Super Worm Cocktail in this video clip. You may never look at Zac the same way again!


Casey Affleck Can't Keep His Hands To Himself

YIKES! Casey Affleck Is Getting Sued By ANOTHER Former Female Employee For Sexual Harassment!
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Two of Casey Affleck’s former employees from his upcoming documentary about Joaquin Phoenix claim the actor made inappropriate sexual advances toward them and are suing him for sexual harassment
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He crawled into bed with her? Casey, have you been to Huntsville lately?
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Cheryl Cole publicly thanks doctors for saving her life.

CHERYL Cole has paid an emotional tribute to the doctors who she says saved her life.
Before flying out to Los Angeles with her dancer pal Derek Hough, Cheryl publicly thanked the medical team in the tropical diseases unit at University College London Hospital who treated her for malaria.

She said: "I want to say how grateful I am for everything you guys have done. I wouldn't be here now, if it wasn't for you."

Cheryl was treated at UCL by specialist Professor Peter Chiodini. The X Factor judge is reported to be planning to make a donation towards the specialist team's unit.

Last night Cheryl flew to LA with Dancing With The Stars' Derek Hough, who she had been holidaying with in Tanzania, East Africa, where she picked up the bug - and who has been by her side throughout her illness.

She is hoping to be well enough to return to X Factor in time for the judges' houses stage.


Ed Westwick Airs Out His Beautiful Furry Chest

Ed Westwick grabs lunch with a mystery male at Cafe Med along Sunset Plaza on Friday afternoon (July 30) in West Hollywood.

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actor wore his favorite shirt with a plungning neckline. (He wore the same shirt at a party two days before.)

What has Ed’s co-stars said about his chest hair? Penn Badgley has said, “I envy his chest hair, ’cause they make me shave my chest for the show.”

Chace Crawford has jokingly called it a “Velcro patch of chest-hair.” Ha!
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ONTD, what is your opinion about chest hair? Love it? Hate it? Tell us!
madge frozen


Multiplatinum recording artist, X Factor judge, style icon, reformed chav, golden Geordie girl, nation's sweetheart, and People's Princess OUR HOLY SAINT, QUEEN CHERYL OF COLE returns to studio

CHERYL COLE is refusing to let her recent battle with malaria slow her down - she's heading into the studio to work on her next album during her vacation in Los Angeles, according to a U.K. report.

The Girls Aloud star was treated in an intensive care unit earlier this month after she fell sick with the deadly tropical disease, which she is believed to have picked up on a trip to Tanzania.

Cole cancelled all of her imminent work commitments, including her judging role on Simon Cowell's TV talent show The X Factor, to give her time to recover from the illness and she has been resting at her home in Surrey, England for the last two weeks.

The star showed her health had improved by jetting off to L.A. this week for a break with her dancer pal Derek Hough to aid her recuperation.

But the trip is a working holiday for Cole, according to Britain's The Sun.

A source tells the newspaper, "Cheryl couldn't sit around any longer. She feels 100 times better and wants to get some normality back. She was going crazy sitting around at home.

"She wants a change of scenery so has decided to go to Los Angeles and get back into the studio. But it's still nowhere near the work schedule she had before she fell ill."


[actress] Grace Kelly

Halle Berry in 'Dark Tide' set

Halle Berry shows off her sexy curves in a bright bikini top while shooting scenes for her upcoming movie, Dark Tide, at Seal Island, False Bay in South Africa on Friday (July 30).
The 42-year-old actress also kept warm in a wetsuit while shooting aboard the boat named Volante.
Dark Tide is a thriller centered on a diving instructor who returns to deep waters after a near-fatal encounter with a Great White shark.

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Joe Jonas: Haters Gonna Hate!

Joe Jonas has dated so many female celebs. From Camilla Belle to Demi Lovato, we can also remember that nasty breakup between Taylor Swift and him. Now, he says he's the victim.

Poor Joe Jonas. So many pretty girls, so little time. The steamy JoBro talked to The Toronto Star about the real heartbreaking situation and he's not guilty.

I know there's people out there who say I've been breaking hearts, but listen to our songs. They speak the truth. If hearts have been broken, they're usually ours. What happens in our relationships winds up in our songs and haters will be haters.

Remember when Taylor Swift said Joe Jonas broke up with her over a 27-second phone call. Yea, we are sure it was heartbreaking for him.

As for his fidelity coming into question, Joe says he's always been faithful.

'I never cheated on a girlfriend. It might make someone feel better to assume or imply I have been unfaithful but it is simply not true. Maybe there were reasons for a breakup. Maybe the heart moved on. Perhaps feelings changed. I am truly saddened that anything would potentially cause [my fans] to think less of me.'

Do you think Joe Jonas is as nice a guy as he says he is?

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Queen of Pop Madonna is in need of a 'Holiday'


Maybe she needs a Holiday? Madonna feels the strain as she films in France

These days, we are more used to seeing her gyrating in a leotard and looking far younger than her 51 years.

But Madonna seemed to be feeling the strain as she oversaw filming of W.E - the dramatisation of the love affair between King Edward and American divorcée Wallis Simpson.

The singer, wearing a floppy brimmed hat pulled down over her head, baggy tracksuit bottoms and a long-sleeved white top under a loose spotty T-shirt, looked exhausted on set in France.

She was spotted yawning, clutching her head as if suffering from a painful headache and at one point appeared to be screaming with her fingers in her ears.

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Sexi Squidward fall

First Two Minutes Of "The Waterman Movie" Starring Leslie Nielsen"

For those who don't know who Waterman is, I've been watching his cartoons since 2004 or something like that and this movie has been in production for 2 years but HE NEEDS HELP! He doesn't have the man power for a movie as intense and awesome as this. And seriously LESLIE NIELSEN even wanted a part so you know it's gonna be hilarious and amazing!

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Hagdonna and Jesus plan Paris pilgrimage

You couldn't make it up... As an, er, testament to his love for Madonna, Jesus Luz is whisking her off to Paris - with a trip to Lourdes thrown in.

The Brazilian male model is treating the veteran singer to a short break in the romantic capital to celebrate her 52nd birthday on August 16.

And he's also arranging for them to make a daytrip to the small market town of Lourdes - famous for its visitations from Our Lady, and the name Madonna gave to her daughter.

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Teresa's Sizzle Tans Commercial!


Lying down on a tanning bad that somebody else put their crotch on is "skeevy and gross", but The Real (Foreclosed) Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice obviously got over that for a quick check! Teresa, who is thisclose to being Miss September in the Beauties of the IRS' Most Wanted List calendar, showed off her orange Fruit Roll-up complexion in this commercial for Sizzle Tans.

Sizzle Tans originally wanted Teresa's husband Juicy Delicious to star in the commercial, but he couldn't get on the tanning bed without using a step ladder so they thought that might kill the mood. Speaking of Juicy Delicious, why isn't he out getting new jobs since he's the one who get them into this bankruptcy mess? It's Disney World's busiest season right now, so I'm sure they are looking for a little nugget who can fit into the King Louie costume. Get on that, Juicy Delicious!

1. She will be on THE VIEW on Monday to maybe confirm Dancing with the Stars.
2. Her auction is going global because of the amount of coverage it got, bidding can now be done online...


SO embarrassing... everything including her beds are being sold at auction and now this... girl....

Kelly Brook promoting Piranha 3D on Attack of the Show

There's only one thing worse than a sharp toothed fish hungry for human flesh, and that's piranhas in 3D! Star Kelly Brook is in studio with Kevin Pereira to talk about her new film, Piranha 3D, working with comedians like Adam Scott and Paul Scheer, and her Comic-Con experience.

She could not possibly be any hotter. I would go straight for her.


Gossip Girl Going Chinese?

Gossip Girl producers have reportedly been contacted about creating original Gossip Girl episodes in China, featuring Chinese actors, for broadcast in Asia. "100 percent we would love to do that," [Josh] Schwartz tells the Post. On one hand, they really like their Gossip Girl in China: "They estimate that more people watch us online in China than watch us in all forms of viewing combined in the United States,” executive producer Stephanie Savage said. "We are not streaming it. They are watching it illegally." But Josh Schwartz added, "I assume there would be a little bit of censorship [in the Chinese Gossip Girl]." Well, now that they're allowing Internet porn in China, what's a little racy, brilliant teen soap going to do?


This would be kind of cool but new york city is a character itself & I dont see how they can capture that.

Eliza Dushku heads to Japan for Dollhouse season 2 promotion

Eliza Dushku, star of sci-fi hits Dollhouse, Tru Calling, and Buffy, will be heading to Japan this Saturday to lead promotions for the Dollhouse season 2 DVD release. It will be the first time the actress has visited Japan and she is quite excited for the events. Her promotions will take her to Tokyo and Osaka and are bound to drum up interest in the unfortunately short lived television series.

Dushku is quite the avid twitter user (@elizadusku) and has already tweeted her excitement about the trip:

Will be heading to Japan on Saturday for final Season 2 DH press/adventures! Tokyo & Osaka, can’t wait to meet & thank you ALL! ;) xx

The actress is sure to tweet more about her adventures in Japan, so fans should check back this weekend to her account to see how her trip goes.


Does anyone on ONTD living in Japan know how Dollhouse was received there?
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uffie uffie uffie uffie uffie of course post!

the first images from uffie and diesel's new collaboration

Diesel announces a partnership with musician Uffie for a limited edition capsule collection consisting of 12 pieces combining leather and denim with intriguing cuts and mixed materials. These collectable items will be available at Diesel stores and selected contemporary stores worldwide beginning of November 2010. To celebrate this partnership, Uffie will also be performing at special Diesel events globally starting with Hong Kong on August 6 and Tokyo on August 9.”

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(SW) leia

Winnifred Sanderson speaks again- loves Youtube, is a Beyonce stan...and a cat

LOS ANGELES – Even Bette Midler, the Divine Miss M, was captivated by the viral video featuring Cebu prison inmates dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Bette, asked in a recent interview at the InterContinental Hotel how she thinks the Internet has changed the entertainment industry, answered: “YouTube is an extraordinary resource. You can see the best and worst amateurs. You can see creative people, who normally don’t have a shot, suddenly get a shot. You can also see the finest professionals in any of the entertainment arenas. You can see 2,000 prisoners doing ‘Thriller.’ It’s a library of information.”

Later in our chat, the Honolulu native told me that she was amazed at the sight of the prisoners executing mass precision choreography.

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Favorite Bette movie, ONTD? I'm quite partial to "The First Wives' Club" myself, and of course "Hocus Pocus".


kstew talks about double standard in hollywood, gets mad that strong women are called bitches

The actress is best known for her portrayal of Bella Swan in the Twilight film franchise. She has spoken frequently of how unprepared for fame she was when the first movie came out, as she didn’t expect them to be such a hit.

Kristen often seems uncomfortable in interviews, and has been pictured making obscene gestures at paparazzi when she grows tired of them following her. She knows she can come across as aloof, but thinks no-one would care if a man behaved as she does.

“Being a public figure, I’m supposed to present myself in a certain way, but it’s hard and you’re never going to be able to tell people who you are properly,” she said. “It’s sort of impossible. It’s much easier for a guy to say what he wants and not to be cute and funny all the time, but, if you’re a strong sort of woman, you’re just, for lack of a better word, a bitch.

“But I’ve been really lucky for a long time, and I’ve worked with amazing people, and I just hope that that continues. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this.”

Kristen doesn’t answer questions about her personal life, including whether she is dating her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. The star doesn’t understand why she should have to share all of herself with her fans, explaining she wouldn’t be able to even if she thought it was a good idea. Kristen is still learning what she likes and hates, and deciding on her views about the world.

“I’m asked all the time in interviews about who I am, and I know a few people my age who have a strong sense of self, but I couldn’t say I know myself and sum it up and give it to you in a little package,” she told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. “I don’t know myself at all yet.”

u tell em stew
culkin megamix

Saturday CULKIN POST whoop whoo!

Rory, at the premiere of Twelve, talks... kinda... about Scream 4.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

KIERAN CULKIN recently had a revelation. It happened at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in Manhattan: “I was going up and down the magazine aisles and I couldn’t find anything to read. I had this moment, this epiphany, ‘Oh my God, I have no interests!’ I just have nothing that grabs my attention,” he said.

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Can I get a "culkin" tag up in here?

Real Housewives Daily Post

Stephen Colbert and Andy Cohen Read Transcript of Kelly Vs. Bethenny

Stephen Colbert and Andy Cohen Reenact Kelly and Bethenny's Epic Real Housewives Fight

On tonight's Colbert Report, Bravo SuperExecutive Andy Cohen and Stephen let out their own cattiness with a table read of Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Bensimon's classically dramatic fight from season 2.

Both of these men are hurting the world by not doing this more often.

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ke$ha reaches #1

Ke$ha banks her first No. 1 on Dance/Club Play Songs, as “Your Love Is My Drug” rises 3-1.

The singer previously reached No. 11 on the list with her maiden entry “TiK ToK” and No. 37 with “Blah Blah Blah,” featuring 3OH!3.

“Your Love Is My Drug” is the third song this year to crown Dance/Club Play Songs and Mainstream Top 40 (where it reigned for two weeks in June). Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” featuring Beyonce, ascended to No. 1 in February and Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” reached the summit in May.

Six songs topped both lists in 2009 after just one title – Rihanna’s “Disturbia” – led Dance/Club Play Songs and Mainstream Top 40 in 2008. The elevated total of shared No. 1s in 2009-10 thus suggests a surge in popularity for dance music on pop radio.

drunk bey

Love Parade Memorial held in Duisburg, Germany

A memorial service has taken place today (July 31) to honour the lives of the victims of last weekend’s Love Parade disaster.

Memorial candles were lit in Duisburg, Germany, where 21 revellers were crushed to death at the techno festival held on the streets of the city.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Christian Wulff were amongst the thousands present at the memorial service which took place at Salvator Church.

The service was also broadcast at a football stadium and on screens in churches across the city, showing a speech made at the ceremony by Hannelore Kraft, the governor of North Rhine-Westphalia.

“There are many thousands who survived but whose souls were injured,” said Kraft. “They are suffering in silence.”

In addition to the 21 dead, 500 people were injured and 25 are reportedly still in hospital.

A reported 1.4 million people attended the festival, which will never be held again.


So tragic :(  I hope the organisers don't get away with this. There's more some photographs of the memorial service here on the BBC website. (I can't save the images to post them here.)
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Should Girls Aloud throw in the towel?

The future of Girls Aloud is on shaky ground after rumours surfaced earlier in the week that Nadine Coyle will not be rejoining the band.

Although a source close to the group has denied the reports, it's hard to understand how Nadine, who now lives with her family in Los Angeles, would fit into their future plans.

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Kylie Jenner: Sears Sweetheart

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie, is taking a step in her famous sisters’ direction and becoming a model too!

The 13-year-old tween has been tapped by Sears to star in a series of fall TV ads to promote their “Crush Your Style–The Search for America’s Top Style Crush” contest.

Kylie will join other fashion experts — Diamond, Blair and Elle — on the Style Crush Panel to issue the contest’s tween applicants fashion challenges and more.

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New Internet Celebrity Antoine Dodson Reacts to Fame

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville Police are working to identify a suspect who broke into a woman's apartment, crawled in bed with her, and tried to rape her. Officers are waiting on fingerprint evidence to determine who the suspect is.

The break-in happened early Wednesday morning in the 500 block of Webster drive in Huntsville.

Kelly Dodson says she was sleeping when the man broke in. Her brother, Antoine rushed in to help but the suspect got away.

The Dodson story became an instant internet sensation. It's the number one watched video on WAFF.com and Youtube. Antoine Dodson now has a Facebook fan page, t-shirt line, even a ring tone.

Some viewers question the decision to let Antoine and his sister tell their story. No one could have anticipated this kind of attention. The Dodsons welcomed the news crew on their property and approached us to do an interview.

Some do not agree with what Dodson said in his interview, but the fact is, the Dodsons are victims. Like any victim, they have the right to speak out.

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The original video:

He's an internet sensation, but the man is also a hero. I SALUTE YOU, ANTOINE DODSON.

Ben Affleck and Jen Garner take the girls out; are adorable

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Making for quite the enjoyable family outing, Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck were out at the park with their daughters in Los Angeles, California on Saturday morning (July 31).

Finding the perfect spot to set up shop, the "Juno" actress and her "State of Play" hubby tended to little Seraphina as they watched eldest daughter Violet and her pals participate in a kiddie soccer match.

Doting affection onto one another after quite the busy past few weeks, Jen lovingly kissed Ben throughout the course of the on-field action.

Once Violet's match came to and end, the family of four played around on the playground equipment before loading into the car and heading home.

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VH1 lists Lady Gaga's top ten craziest outfits

Since Lady Gaga popped on the scene a few years ago, she’s been known for her epic songs and sense of style. Last night, VH1 premiered its latest season of The Short List focusing on the pop star’s gift of outrageous garb, called 10 Craziest Lady Gaga Fashion Moments.

“That girl is on fashion crack,” proclaimed Barneys creative directer Simon Doonan as they counted down Gaga’s wildest outfits. No. 1o was the platinum lobster headpiece and chicken claw bracelet she wore to dinner at Mr. Chow in London earlier this year. No. 8 was her staple bubble dress. She’s worn different versions of it to perform and once on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

When Gaga was scheduled to meet Queen Elizabeth last December, most people thought she’d arrive in something more casual. Those people were sadly mistaken. Gaga shook the Queen’s hand in a red latex gown, coming in at No. 6 on the list. No. 3 was personally my No. 1. Last July, Jim Henson was rolling in his grave, as Gaga wore a smock-like top made of Kermit frog heads. That fit was nuts.

No. 1. was the coned bra spitting fiery sparks she wore to 2009′s Much Music Awards. But really, ten outfits just aren’t enough to chronicle Gaga’s abundance of awe-inspiring costumes. What are your favorite Gaga outfits? Do you think VH1 placed their selection properly? Let us know.


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What are your favorite Gaga outfits, ONTD?

Lady Gaga homewrecks, remains better than you while doing so

Lady Gaga’s boyfriend Luc Carl dumped his girlfriend to get back together with the pop star.

New York-barman Luc has been close to Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, for four years, and the pair rekindled their romance after she returned to the ‘Big Apple’ to visit him last month. The ‘Alejandro’ singer was unaware Luc was dating someone else when she went to see him and the hunk ditched his other love when he knew Gaga was interested in him again.

A friend of the ‘Poker Face’ singer’s said, “Luc was like the cat that got the cream. He had the most famous woman in the world vying for his attention and a hot young blonde waiting in the wings. “It could have ended really badly, but the other girl melted into the background. She knows what Luc’s like – he has women all over the place… Gaga has convinced herself that this time she’s got Luc back for good. She says it’s serious and that, after a few false starts, she thinks they are back on for good.”

Gaga first met Luc when she was working in New York club St. Jerome’s in 2006, but rekindled their friendship when she invited him to a New York Mets baseball game in June. Since then the pair have been “together”, with Gaga even flying Luc out to join her on her ‘Monster Ball’ tour in Houston, Texas.

However, Luc’s mother Melinda is not over-enthusiastic about their reunion, because the relationship ended badly last time. She told the Daily Mirror newspaper, “They had a very nasty break-up last time. And I have no idea how this will end. I deliberately haven’t talked to him about what’s going on. With those two, you never know.”


Deadmau5 In Hospital, Remaining Festival Dates Cancelled


Last night, whilst performing onstage at the 9:30 club in Washington DC, deadmau5 collapsed, suffering exhaustion and vomiting. Medics at the venue took him directly to hospital where he is now under supervision

deadmau5 is sad to advise his fans that on the strict advice of the doctors, he now has no choice but to cancel the next 9 shows of his Summer tour schedule to allow for his recovery. The dates affected are listed below.

Deadmau5 hopes to reschedule appearing in these cities in due course but in the meantime thanks all his fans for their understanding and support.

Dates that have to be CANCELLED:

August 1st Osheaga Music & Arts Festival, Montreal Canada
August 7th Summersonic Osaka Japan
August 8th Summersonic Tokyo Japan
August 12th Cream at Amnesia Ibiza
August 13th Cocorico Riccione Italy
August 14th Papaya Summer Festival Croatia
August 15th Sziget Festival Budapest Hungary
August 17th Cavo Paradiso Mykonos Greece
August 18th Opium Mar Barcelona Spain


Liam Neeson bows out of Abe Lincoln Biopic. Steven Spielberg officially sucks.

There will be no Evian on the set of the long-delayed Abraham Lincoln Biography. Tired of being strung along by Spielberg, Liam has given up:(

Whatdya think? Liam + Weight loss +prosthetic ears+ beard /hairpiece = perfect Abe

Neeson was on This Morning, a daily magazine show with director Joe Carnahan discussing his 80’s television show adaptation (The A-Team) when he was asked about the Spielberg film. The Irish actor had this to say:

“I’m not actually playing Lincoln now. I was attached to it for a while, but it’s now - I’m past my sell-by date.”

For a while it appeared that there was a chance that Lincoln might be Spielberg’s next film, alongside Harvey, but instead he opted for an adaptation of War Horse, which is currently being prepped in London and LA.

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Okay this sucks for a variety of reasons:

1) Liam had already invested several years researching the part. Damn Spielberg for making Liam his back-burner bitch causing him to give up hope.

2) The role was pure Oscar bait. Liam got robbed for Schindler’s List. An Abe bio would have been a great shot at redemption.

3) Seriously, who else could possibly pull off the role? Liam is the only actor in Hollywood tall enough and talented enough to play Abe. Sadly we will likely end up watching Tom Cruise on stilts delivering the Emancipation Proclamation.

Can you think of another actor who could convincingly play Lincoln?

article source
Jared Leto 1 - Glasses.

Another badass JGL post in which he shows off his bloody elbow.


If you guys feel like clicking on the Source, there is a video. I'd embed it here, but sadly, there is no code.

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From JGL's Tumblr:
"My first real wreck today. Busted through the rear window of a cab. Luckily got my elbows up. Coulda been way worse. No, but it was my fault, I was going too fast. The director, Dave Koepp, was extremely concerned for my well-being, but I made him RECord the wound. Anyway, Premium Rush is gonna be awesome. Gratuitous ER footage to follow, stay tuned…"


Kind. Of. Sexy. TBH.

Snooki's Mug Shot

TMZ has obtained Snooki's mug shot -- taken moments after the Seaside Heights PD arrested the "Jersey Shore" star for disorderly conduct Friday afternoon.

Snooki -- aka Nicole Polizzi -- was in held in custody for several hours ... before she was released on her own recognizance.

As we previously reported, Snooki had been partying on the boardwalk earlier in the day with a beer bong ... and at one point, she fell off of a bicycle.

Sources tell us Snooki went out to dinner with one of her cast members after the incident last night.

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Joe Slaughter (I have no idea either) Is Shirtless!


Joe Slaughter climbs out of a pool in this shot from his shirtless spread for Da Man magazine. Here’s what the sexy Step Up 3D dancer had to share:

On his role in the film:
I play the role of Julien, Natalie’s brother and Luke’s arch nemesis. I guess you could say I am the villain or ‘bad boy’ of the film, my character likes to stir up all of the trouble.

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An Excuse for a George Harrison Post

CHICAGO, IL--August 14, 2010 marks the exact 50th Anniversary of the day that The Beatles adopted their famous moniker after having played for four years under the name The Quarrymen. In celebration of the historic occasion, synthesizer pioneer Gary Wright, a long-time friend of Ringo Starr and George Harrison, will perform the song “To Discover Yourself," a composition co-written with George Harrison in 1971. Collapse )

George thanks you for your time.


Chelsea Clinton weds longtime beau in New York

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Rhinebeck, New York (CNN) -- Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton and longtime beau Marc Mezvinsky were wed Saturday "in a beautiful ceremony at Astor Courts," a 50-acre estate in Rhinebeck, New York, according to a joint statement issued by her parents, former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"We could not have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate the beginning of their life together, and we are so happy to welcome Marc into our family," the statement said. "On behalf of the newlyweds, we want to give special thanks to the people of Rhinebeck for welcoming us and to everyone for their well-wishes on this special day."
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