July 19th, 2010


Hot Pocket Jailbait in Entertainment Weekly


Hutcherson, 17, appeared in 2007's Bridge to Terabithia and in 2008's Journey to the Center of the Earth as the nephew of Brendan Fraser's volcanologist.

Cast as the teenage son of lesbian parents in this summer's acclaimed indie The Kids Are All Right, he admits he was initially intimidated by A-list co-stars like Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffalo. "Crap, how am I going to stack up?" he recalls thinking. Then the cameras rolled. "I would be doing a scene," he says, "and they'd just be listening, but they were really listening."

Growing up in Union, Ky, he had early dreams of a showbiz career. "An acting coach said we should go out to California for pilot season," he says. "My mom had just taken a leave of absence from Delta Airlines, and we were so confused. We didn't know what a [TV] pilot was."

He stars in the remake of 1984's Russian-invasion film Red Dawn, due next year, and plays an art prodigy opposite Alfred Molina in the indie Carmel.

Source: Scanned and copied from this week's Print Edition of Entertainment Weekly
selena :)

It's Impossible to Hate Her - Selena Gomez

As much as you may try, you just can't hate Selena Gomez. Why? Because she's flawless and down-to-earth and beautiful and PERFECTION INCARNATE.

Inside are pictures of her and Joey arriving at Miami and at a book signing at Borders.


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The stars of "Ramona and Beezus" on family, fun, and facing down fear

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Source two

How did the same dress end up on three different high-fashion magazine covers?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

That’s what we — and Guardian reporter Imogen Fox — really want to know.

The dress, an appliqued Miu Miu creation, is on W, British Vogue and Elle UK. To be fair, we should mention that the dress Lily Allen wears on the cover of Elle is done in a muted lilac lace, while Eva Mendes (on W’s cover) and Swedish model Freja Beha Erichsen (on British Vogue) are both seen in the yellow version.

So how did it happen? We’re flabbergasted, and, well, so is Fox:

Surprisingly, this sort of cover multiplicity is rare. Actors frequently chalk up multiple dresses in the same month, but not magazine covers. There are good reasons for this. Fashion press officers work hard to achieve a delicate UN-style political balance between glossies to make sure that these kinds of overlaps don’t happen. “Usually press offices are pretty good at making sure we don’t get the same dress as our rivals,” says Lorraine Candy, Elle’s editor.

So we have to wonder what happened here — could Miu Miu be so hard up for publicity that it would need to trick three magazines into using its dress? Do we really believe Miuccia Prada is capable of doing something so schemey? No. She’s a sweetheart. And she makes really good clothes — good clothes that, clearly, beg to be photographed.


Gaga, Moss and Campbell Row Over i-D’s September Cover

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It’s no secret that some of the world’s most beautiful models are also some of the world’s snootiest people, but we never expected Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell to be mean to fellow fashion royalty member Lady Gaga.

But it turns out we were wrong. The Daily Mail reports that the two supermodels were gung ho to shoot a spread for i-D magazine’s September issue, but were miffed to learn that Gaga had been added to the shooting schedule at the last minute.

“Naomi and Kate refused to play second fiddle to Gaga and insisted on having their own retouching done, so they were all shot separately,” an unnamed source told the Mail.

“The issue now has a special pullout so there are technically three covers from three separate shoots.”

Ouch. This really wasn’t Gaga’s fault — what fashion editor adds someone to a highly produced September cover shoot at the last minute? Still, it sounds like the good Lady hasn’t fully ingratiated herself with the fashion set. Especially if she gets more attention than they do. We’ll have to see which cover sells the most issues to see who gets the last laugh.

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Last.fm post (now moved to Sunday nights!)

Last.fm claims more than 40 million active users based in more than 200 countries. Available in 12 languages, the site's radio service is free for users in the UK, the US, and Germany; elsewhere, a subscription costs €3.00 per month. Last.fm's charts measure everything its users listen to through the Last.fm website as well as hundreds of other music sites and services, including iTunes, Spotify, and The Hype Machine.

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Taylor Swift → Wildest Dreams
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Jennifer Love Hewitt: Mom Is "So Proud" I'm Playing a Prostitute

Jennifer Love Hewitt has some unlikely support for her racy new role in Lifetime movie The Client List.

"My mom's like, 'I'm so proud. You're pole dancing and you're going to play a prostitute. Awesome!'" Hewitt, 31, tells Entertainment Tonight. "It's like, 'Yeah, what you always dreamed about, mama!' But you know, it's a great part."

Hewitt plays Samantha Horton in the drama, premiering tonight at 9 p.m./ET on Lifetime, about a former homecoming queen who resorts to prostitution to support her family through the recession. Cybill Shepherd stars as Samantha's mother, Cassie.

"Given where we are economically, it's an interesting story... this is the most recession-proof business there is!" says Hewitt, who starred in CBS' Ghost Whisper until it was canceled in May. "It's really a movie about the human condition, and the heart, and where life can take you."

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source: usmagazine.com

Jennifer Love Hewitt as a mom-turned-prostitute in Lifetime movie 'The Client list'

In 'The Client List," Jennifer Love Hewitt plays a Texas mom who turns tricks to pay the rent and buy her kids stuffed animals. But my favorite moment comes when one of her young associates blames her hooker life on "American Idol."

Emma, who is barely legal, explains to Hewitt's Samantha Horton that she left her home and her strict Pentecostal family to pursue her dream and try out for "Idol."

When she didn't pass the audition, she knew her family wouldn't take her back, so she went to work at the Kind Touch massage parlor.

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source: nydailynews

The Client List premieres tonight @ 9pm et/pt on Lifetime!

Taylor Swift → Wildest Dreams
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Jennifer Aniston wore only a skirt in the new promotional photos for her scent Lolavie. She was similarly undressed in the fragrance's first image, which was released earlier this year — Jen then wore only a towel! Lolavie is close to Jen's heart, and she even said the story behind its name is too personal to tell. Jen has also shared about how this project in particular caught her eye, as she's involved in everything from formulating the smell to the ad campaign. She'll have more work to do for Lolavie this week, with an expected appearance at London's Harrod's department store for the official launch on Wednesday.

source: popsugar.com
Taylor Swift → Wildest Dreams
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a compilation of JLH's interviews for her soon to be hit movie, THE CLIENT LIST (airing tonight @ 9pm et/pt on your favorite movie network, Lifetime)

Late Show with Jimmy Fallon on July 15th

JLH talks about her new movie, singing in pig barns as a child in Texas, and closes by singing Patsy Cline's "Crazy" with Jimmy, live!

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Kurt and Sue
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Teenage singer Charice gets Botox for 'Glee' debut

Filipino teenage singer Charice Pempengco says she prepared for her debut on the hit TV show "Glee" by getting Botox and an anti-aging procedure "to look fresh on camera."

The 18-year-old Charice, whose singing career rocketed after appearing on Ellen DeGeneres' and Oprah Winfrey's talk shows, underwent a 30-minute Thermage skin-tightening procedure and Botox to make her "naturally round face" more narrow, celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo told ABS-CBN television.

Charice, in the same interview, said last week's face makeover was part of her big preparations for her appearance on the hit show's second season. She starts filming at the end of this month.

"All people will be anticipating 'How will Charice look? Is she good enough to pit against Rachel Berry?' So of course there is tremendous pressure," Charice said.

In an earlier TV interview, she said she auditioned for "Glee" in mid-June in Los Angeles and was thankful to have been accepted.

"It's really a blessing," she said, adding she was "very proud to be an Asian, very proud to be Filipino."

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Also, here's the original article from ABS-CBN.

UPDATE: Charice's rep has told E! News that "Charice received some Botox shots in her jaw due to muscle pain and she had a facial. She already looks fresh. This has been so blown out of proportion."
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R-Pattz talks of how wonderful Kristen is, but we already knew that.

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With the third installment of his hit vampire series still raking in the bucks at the box office, "Eclipse" star Robert Pattinson continues to be one of the biggest draws in Tinseltown.

Currently working on a new movie called "Water For Elephants," the Edward Cullen stud showed off his handsome looks during a recent photo shoot for TV Week with acclaimed photographer Carter Smith.

Aside from work related duties, Robert recently chatted with press about his "Twilight" lady friend Kristen Stewart - doting compliments while also unwilling to go further than saying that "we are just very good friends!”

He tells, “Kristen and I have lived a great adventure together with the ‘Twilight’ films. We are very close and no one can understand what we’ve gone through together the last few years. When we’re together, we understand each other so well that we don’t have to say a lot to explain what we’re thinking. Kristen is a wonderful girl.”


Larry Keith, Broadway Musical Actor and Original All My Children Star, Dies at 79

Larry Keith, who had supporting roles in Broadway shows ranging from the original production of My Fair Lady to Titanic and Caroline, or Change, died of cancer on July 18, according to soapcentral.com. He was 79.
In addition to his stage career, Keith was an original cast member of the ABC soap opera All My Children as Nick Davis, remaining with the show from 1970 to 1978 and earning two Daytime Emmy nominations. In the early 1970s, his much older character was involved in an affair with teenage Erica Kane, played by Susan Lucci. Keith recently appeared in an episode of Damages.

Trio Trio

HBIC Miranda Cosgrove performing at Mega Jam .

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Enjoying the beautiful summer weather while tending to work obligations, Miranda Cosgrove was spotted performing at the Country Fair Entertainment Park in Medford, New York on Saturday (July 17).

There as part of the Mega Jam 2010 lineup, the “iCarly” actress looked to be having a blast as she took the stage in a pink top with black shorts and black studded high-heeled boots.

As for her new album Sparks Fly, Miranda told press it was definitely a process to find her own voice and bring it to the surface.

"I wanted to make an album so people could see what I'm really like because with ‘iCarly’ I'm playing a character. It took me a long time to find my own sound. I worked on it for two years. I recorded about 30 songs and ended up narrowing it down to 12 for the album."

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David Duchovny and Tea Leoni spend some time together

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Making the most of the summer sunshine, David Duchovny and Tea Leoni were spotted on the beach in Malibu yesterday afternoon (July 18).

Joined by their kids and some friends, the “Californication” actor and the “Spanglish” babe looked to be having a blast together.

David took to the sea in hopes of catching some waves on his surfboard while Tea laid out a beach towel and showed off a bit more of her backside than she planned.
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Celebrities with/without Makeup!

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From Celebslam:

"Time for another edition of "Celebrities without Makeup" . . . or as I'll be calling it in the future: "Why I Now Sleep with the Lights On -- Thanks Alicia Silverstone!" Seriously, she scares me with makeup on, so you can imagine how I feel seeing her without makeup. Screw you Mom for making me throw away my blankie in high school! I need its reassuring comfort more than ever right now."

+21 more pics at the source
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Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic Episode One Out Today!

This is for the 2 of you that actually enjoy the Season 8 comics.

Proving once and for all that you can't keep a good Slayer down, Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight picks up where the smash hit TV show left off! Based on the award winning Dark Horse comic book series, these eye-popping motion comic adventures breath new life into the Buffyverse for long-time fans and new "watchers" alike.

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Download the trailer for free here at iTunes. The first "episode" will be out sometime today.


I know most of you all hate the Season 8 comics with a fiery passion, but idgaf I love them because I'm just glad I have something new and Buffy-like to read and watch.

Your daily fix of Cheryl Tweedy Queen of England

Cheryl to film X Factor ‘judges houses’ in Britain
Cheryl Cole may be forced to film the ‘judges houses’ segment of the X Factor in Britain – as she could still be too poorly to travel.

The judges – Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl and Dannii Minogue – normally jet away to somewhere exotic to whittle down their finalists.

However, as the fragile star continues to recover at home after battling Malaria, it has become clear that producers may have to amend their plans. A show source told the Mail: ‘At this stage we are looking at different ways to make things as easy as possible for Cheryl.’

Last year, Mrs Cole, 27, who mentored the boys, whittled down her finalists in in Marrakech, Morocco, with the help of Will Young. While Miss Minogue, 38, who was mentoring the Girls, was joined by her sister, pop star Kylie, in Dubai.

Simon Cowell took his Over 25 hopefuls to his house in Hollywood, with the help of Sinitta. And Louis Walsh, who mentored the Groups, went to Tuscany, Italy, with Boyzone star Ronan Keating.

A source close to Mrs Cole added: ‘No decision has been made yet about judges homes. It’s still some way off so we will see closer to the time.’

New mum Minogue, who gave birth to son Ethan earlier this month, is expecting to rejoin the show for the judges house at the end of August following her maternity leave.

Last week, Cowell, 50, admitted that the petite brunette was keen to return to work. She missed the final X Factor auditions in Manchester – and will miss the boot camp auditions this week.

But Cowell said: ‘I think she is keen to get back to work. I just want to make sure she doesn’t rush back too early.

‘We’re going to have a conversation about that.’

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M. Night Shyamalan tells reporter: "If I thought like you I would kill myself"

These videos are from Mexico city's press conference for The Last Airbender with Jackson Rathbone (<3) and M. Night Shyamalan taken by a fansite. The above video is a MUST WATCH. Basically Shyamalan rips a reporter a new one after she asks him if he's selling out in order to win back the audience he lost with his previous flops because they have lost their faith in him. He goes off saying "If I thought like you I would kill myself" and goes on to tell her that her point of view is crass, dismissive and cynic.
My bb Jackson butts in in the end and defends him, he looks very angry.

More cool/tough questions after the jump. Neither seem very confortable with some of the reporters. And neither of them disguised their feelings, especially Jackson.

Also, Shyamalan talks about being close to directing Harry Potter.

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Source: http://en.twilightpoison.com/2010/07/19/full-videos-the-last-airbender-press-conference-in-mexico-city-with-jackson-rathbone-part-1/
http://en.twilightpoison.com/2010/07/19/full-videos-the-last-airbender-press-conference-in-mexico-city-with-jackson-rathbone-part-2/ (a couple more videos there).

You'd think that by now he would be used to people bringing up race issues and he'd understand where people come from when they say audiences lost their faith in him. Either way, it seemed awkward... And Jackson defends him like he's his father or something... Anyway, did anyone see the film yet? (lol).
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'RPF' = real person fiction

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Top Ten Celebrities written into Fanfic: Ian Somerhalder isn’t first?

If you’re writing fanfiction, there’s a good chance it involves Ian Somerhalder. And don’t lie about it, ’cause we have proof.

We don’t write fanfic, but we’ve certainly read some. There are some who write material only involving fictional characters, and other people write “RPF” which is real person fiction.

According to WattPad lots of celebrity-based stories are being penned, and they’ve made a list of the top ten. Ian Somerhalder clocks in at number five. Apparently Taylor Lautner’s abs are winning this thing.

Top Ten Celebrities in Fan Stories:

01. Taylor Lautner
02. Selena Gomez
03. Chace Crawford
04. Megan Fox
05. Ian Somerhalder
06. Dakota Fanning
07. Ashley Greene
08. Logan Lerman
09. Taylor Swift
10. Zac Efron

george jetson

Frankel: 'I'm really done with Housewives'

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Bethenny Frankel has suggested that she is "really done" with Real Housewives Of New York City.

The reality star - who has her own spinoff show Bethenny Getting Married? - was asked by Fox & Friends whether she will be returning to the Bravo franchise.

"Given the cast and the way that it was, I really think I'm done," she replied. "There's no reason... We beat it to death. We laughed, we cried, we cursed each other out and it's over."

The new mother - who married husband Jason Hoppy in March - was also asked whether her solo reality show had caused friction among the rest of the cast.

"There was definitely friction. It was like the elephant in the room, the underlying tension," she said. "It was never discussed between myself and my castmates. I've moved on and it's amazing and the show is doing incredibly well."

She continued: "It shows an intelligent and witty show can do well without people slapping each other and cursing each other out and flipping tables."

Bethenny Getting Married? - which follows preparations for Frankel's wedding and the impending arrival of daughter Bryn - airs on Bravo.

Joohyuk - Snuggle

Leonardo DiCaprio + Joseph Gordon-Levitt Interview

Though Leonardo DiCaprio tends to be the more action-oriented tough guy in movies as opposed to emotionally intense thesp Joseph Gordon-Levitt, they seemed to be switching sides during this meet for Christopher Nolan’s Inception. And while JGL related the thrill of getting banged up doing his own stunts, Leo kept it in the clouds, discussing Freudian analysis of fantasy worlds and flight-of-fancy scenarios penetrating subconscious celeb minds, that at times made it hard to distinguish between the script and a therapy session. Though the biggest challenge of all for Leo, may have been a momentary imaginary incarceration inside a Moroccan vending machine.


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Angela Kinsey joins campaign to help feral cats

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Alley Cat Allies, the national advocate for stray and feral cats, today launched a print Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign featuring Angela Kinsey, star of the NBC comedy “The Office.”

In the ad, Kinsey declares herself an “Alley Cat Ally,” and a supporter of Alley Cat Allies’ major campaign to raise awareness about the millions of Americans who care for stray and feral cats in their communities.

“We are delighted to have Angela Kinsey on board to represent the individuals from all walks of life who share compassion for these cats,” said Becky Robinson, president of Alley Cat Allies, the recognized authority on feral cats and Trap-Neuter-Return.

“Kinsey’s character on The Office, Angela, exemplifies a stereotype sometimes associated with cat lovers,” said Robinson. “But the truth is millions of Americans have opened their hearts and wallets to stray and feral cats.”

A national survey by the respected research organization Harris Interactive found that over 40 percent of Americans have fed a stray cat in their lives, and one out of five has done so in the past year.

Feral cats are the same species as domestic cats, but they are not socialized to people and prefer to live in family groups called colonies. Because they are not adoptable, they are almost always killed in animal shelters.

Robinson noted that many progressive communities across the country have adopted a lifesaving program called Trap-Neuter-Return, in which feral cats are humanely trapped, brought to a veterinarian to be neutered and vaccinated and returned to their outdoor home. Trap-Neuter-Return is the best course of action for feral cats because it ends the breeding cycle, stabilizes populations and improves the cats’ health, Robinson said.

Picture source
Good for her! That seems like a really good charity to be a part of.
tom hardy bb

Fernando Torres and wife Olalla Dominguez Liste expecting second child

Fernando Torres has been just as busy off the pitch as he has been on by the looks of his wife, who showed off her baby bump while out with the Liverpool striker.

After celebrating Spain’s victory in the World Cup, Torres, 26, will soon be celebrating another child with his wife of one year.
Olalla Dominguez Liste, 25, was spotted with her Spanish beau and their 12-month-old daughter Nora, while strolling along the streets of A Coruna in North West Spain.

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Anyone else think she's the luckiest woman on the planet? Cause I sure think so.
Party Poison

Because ONTD needs more Bruce.

The Billboard Musician's Guide interviews ~THE BOSS~

"Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band have been on a global tour since 2007, a trek that includes two album cycles, performances at both the Super Bowl and presidential inauguration and first-time appearances at several major festivals. Even for an artist who has largely built his career on epic shows, in the past year, Springsteen and the E Streeters have found another gear."

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it&#39;s going to be raining outdoors

History Channel irresponsibly stokes doomsday fears

Apocalypse Soonish

As the time drew near, survivors were faced with painful decisions. How should they deal with the coming difficulties? Many asked if there were steps they could take to weather the impending disaster. Some wondered if it wasn't best to simply avoid the agonies ahead by committing suicide. More than one suggested that they owed it to their children to kill them quickly, mercifully, to save them from having to endure through such horrendous times.

The people facing these unthinkable choices were not behind the walls at Masada or cowering under the ash clouds of Vesuvius. They were Americans who phoned NASA in just the last few months, terrified by the approach of doomsday on December 21, 2012. Even two years in advance of the date, both teenagers and adults called to talk to researchers and astronomers, looking for information on what they might expect as the planets assembled in an unprecedented cosmic alignment, as predicted by the ancient Mayans, and the world drew to an end.

The idea of someone proclaiming the approaching end of the world is so common that it's become a long standing joke -- the shaggy, ill-kept madman with his rope-belted robe and sign announcing "The End Is Nigh." But even as we make fun of such characters there are dozens of apocalyptic threads running through the public discourse at any moment. There are strategic visionaries who foretell approaching war; scientists who worry over resource shortages, population growth, and climate change; self-proclaimed mystics who declare their exclusive knowledge of devastation to be brought on by everything from impending earthquakes to alien invasion, and always there are preachers and religious "experts" who warn that the Day of Judgment is fast approaching.

Most of the time these fears remain in the background of our conversation, staying little more than the subject of chain emails or late night filler on cable stations. But with some regularity these predictions of doom bubble up and become prominent in public thought. It happened in 2000 as fears of the "Y2K" bug brought on forecasts of money disappearing from banks and airliners plunging from the sky. It happened in the 1950s as fear of nuclear annihilation drove the construction of basement fallout shelters and taught a generation to "duck and cover." It happened in 1844, when tens of thousands of Americans stood on hillsides and rooftops, certain that the Great Day of the Lord was at hand.

The "Ancient Mayan Prediction" of the world's end in 2012 seems typical of a threat that captures the public attention. It comes complete with a star-studded theatrical film and a spate of TV specials. Not only has NASA received sobbing phone calls, but the modern markers of a disaster prediction -- hysterical emails and garish web sites -- are present in abundance. If any of these have reached your screen you may be a bit comforted by this...

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Swizz Beatz To Manage Alicia Keys?

This past weekend, Alicia Keys announced that she had decided to part ways with her long-time manager Jeff Robinson of MBK Entertainment. According to the press release, the split was “mutually agreed upon” and Alicia Keys will now “oversee all aspects of her personal career”. Since Alicia and Jeff have been business partners since she was 15, the news left a lot of room to speculate whether the split had anything to do with her current relationship with producer Swizz Beatz.

According to a source, Alicia Keys split with her manager had partially to do with her relationship with Swizz Beatz. The source tells NecoleBitchie.com:

Over the past few weeks, Its been pretty tense in house. Swizz Beatz has been there and has been taking a pretty active role of being a manager. He has been pitching her to people and he’s becoming very vocal in the direction of her career”.

According to another source, Alicia Keys also axed her entire glam squad. “Swizz Beatz is trying to remove anyone from the team that appears to be a threat because of his own insecurities” says the source.
The source also reveals that no one approved of Alicia’s relationship with Swizz Beatz because of the drama and baggage that revolve around the relationship. “Some are questioning his motives“. Case in point, Swizz Beatz pushed for the release of “Put It In A Love Song” featuring Beyonce even though the song received mediocre reviews. He not only produced the song but he co-directed the video. As of right now, the release of the video has been put on hold and they aren’t sure what to do with the video.

The Source goes on to reveal that although Alicia and Swizz Beatz announced their engagement in June, the two have been engaged for about 9 months. Both left their previous relationships to be with each other.

If you noticed, Swizz Beatz was hit with a $2.2 million dollar tax lien immediately after his divorce was finalized with MaShonda. Could that be the reason it took so long for them to finalize the divorce? Without the proper arrangements, MaShonda would have been responsible for that debt as well since they were married at the time.

From what we gather from the press release, it seems as though Jeff Robinson will still be executive producing her new album so hopefully the direction of her music won’t change.

Britney » 2001 VMAs

Living Legend™ has officially sold over 100 million records.

Britney Spears has officially sold over 100 million records, all being certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Her debut album …Baby One More Time sold more that 28 million copies within a year and her 2nd album Oops!… I Did It Again sold over 20 million copies and debuted at #1 with sales of 1,319,193 million in the 1st week.

Britney also became an international pop culture icon immediately after her career was launched and is the best selling female artist of the 2000s, as well as the 5th overall.

Britney joins the ranks of Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey who have also sold over 100 million albums within their careers.

Huge feat for la leyenda viviente! BRITNEY PARTY!


Kelly Rowland and Ciara push back their albums.

Fans waiting to hear from Kelly Rowland have to wait awhile because the record has been pushed back until later this year.

Rowland’s self-titled debut with Universal/Motown Records was originally due for release on September 21 but the singer needs more time to complete the project.

And she predicts the record will be ready for a mid-autumn release.
Rowland confirmed the delay to the Big Tigger Morning Show last week saying, “I’m just making sure everything is going to be absolutely perfect… I’m still recording.”

The album will be Rowland’s third solo record since Destiny’s Child announced its split in 2005.


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Magneto puppet
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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Talks Shakespeare, 'Modern Family,' And His Emmys Date

If there’s one thing theatrical producers love, it’s a well-known television or film actor who also happens to have serious stage-acting chops and likes to face the footlights whenever possible. Enter Jesse Tyler Ferguson — critically acclaimed, loved by audiences, and Emmy-nominated this year for his role as Mitchell — the more uptight of two dads raising an adopted daughter amid an eccentric L.A. clan — on Modern Family.

But before he became known to the masses via that hit ABC series, he had already amassed an impressive list of theater credits, ranging from summer Central Park stagings of On the Town and A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the New York Shakespeare Festival to his hilarious turn as Leaf Coneybear in Broadway’s The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Now he’s back in the park, appearing in both The Merchant of Venice and The Winter’s Tale, in the company of such actors as Al Pacino, Lily Rabe, Hamish Linklater, and another terrific Jesse (L. Martin). Ferguson and I recently chatted between shows.

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First Teaser Poster for ‘Hansel & Gretel’!

Kalliope Films and The Institute have unveiled the first teaser poster for their 3D adaptation of HANSEL AND GRETEL, the classic fairytale from the Brothers Grimm. In addition to the infamous witch in the gingerbread house, the film showcases the legendary creatures of German mythology.

The movie is being produced by The Institute and Kalliope Films. The Institute was co-founded by Michael Bay and Scott Gardenhour. Kalliope Films was founded by Kira Madallo Sesay. The movie is scheduled for a spring 2011 shoot on location in Germany.



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It looks like Doctor Who is going to have to be patient if he wants to move girlfriend DAISY LOWE into his Tardis.

The actor asked the model to move in with him but she turned him down - because she was planning to get a place with best pal, actress JAIME WINSTONE.

The girls haven't wasted any time. They've already snapped up a flat in the plush London area of Westbourne Park.

A source said: "Matt has had his nose put severely out of joint. He's smitten with Daisy and wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

"She's told him she's not ready yet and is going to live with Jaime.

"He's older and is ready to start settling down but she still wants a good time with the girls."

Daisy is only 21 so I don't blame her...


he's fucking lucky she even looks at him

though i love him on doctor who and think he's a sexy doctor

Two more versions of the new Girlicious song "Drank", on iTunes July 20th

The fine as hell Girlicious girls uploaded a video diary of the Jersey Shore soundtrack release party and the video features a version of their song "Drank" with rapper Spose. Spose was named Maine’s “Best HipHop Act” for both 2008 and 2009 at the prestigious WePushButtons Awards, and his major-label debut album is due out in September, while the Jersey Shore soundtrack is out Tuesday!

Girlicious Jersey Shore Album Release Party Diary

The girls have also recorded a fun Spanish version of "Drank" for all their die hard Spanish speaking fans.

Girlicious "Drank" (Spanglish Version).mov

The Hills Finale Better Than Lost Finale

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Finally caught the vaunted series finale of "the Hills" with an ending some were decrying but I found brilliant - a rabbit in a hat trick that either bolstered those who thought it was fake all the time or just made fun of those who did.

In the final moments of the series, in one of those impossibly glossy and swirling shots of a couple departing, in this case Kristin Cavaleri saying goodbye to Brody Jenner on her way to Paris, the Hollywood sign behind them, suddenly the camera pans way back, the scrim with the Hollywood sign is moved out of the way and they are shown to be on the Paramount lot, surrounded by directors, cameras, lights and the cast. Cavalieri, who hadn't left for Paris at all!, runs up and gives him another more genuine wrap party kind of hug. And bam, the series is over: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

As a game-changer and a surprise, it proved a better series finale than "Lost."

"We both couldn't have beene happier with the ending," Cavalieri said in the after show, suspiciously titled "The Hills: A Hollywood Finale."

" When we filmed it, we were both speechless because we were so excited and we just didn't know what to make of it," she told the clueless interviewers who didn't even press on the subject.

Nonetheless, Jenner brought it up as well independently.

"As you saw in the end: What's real and what's fake? You don't know," Jenner says. "Our relationship the entire time could have been fake. You don't know, you don't know. It's one of those things."

Jenner, whose dad is in his own reality show, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," playing the hapless paterfamilias went on to say, "That's one of the questions what was always asked of the show: Is it real or is it fake? And we kind of wleft everybody with: Well you never know what was real or what was fake."

"It's your own inerpretation," Cavalieri says.

"Exactly," Jenner says.

From where I sat, it looked like the slight of hand ending was an afterthought -- the edges around Jenner are kind of prominent as if they added the studio stuff by green screen at the last minute and then topped it with a retake by the couple on the set.

But the Canadian interviewers didn't pursue any of this, going on to jabber on about who was dating who still, as if they were real characters. It is Hollywood, after all.


ANF (Halsey)

Patrick is a man of his word, won't be using twitter recreationally

Patrick Stump has never really been the most tech-savvy dude — his social networking presence isn't exactly what you would call robust — so, when he took to his Twitter account late Friday (July 16), it was clearly because he had something important to say.

"This is the first tweet I'm typing myself," he wrote on the page, which, up until this point, had been maintained/updated by someone else. "Gonna clear up some misinformation."

At issue were stories about his upcoming solo album, several of which seemed to insinuate that he'd no longer be playing every instrument on the disc (something he's long maintained), but would be joined on the album by former Taking Back Sunday bassist Matt Rubano and drummer Mike Fasano.

"Matt Rubano is playing in my band, he's a genius, but he is not playing on the record," Stump wrote. "Mike Fasano isn't playing on the record either, he's my drum tech, and a damn good one ... I'm still playing everything on the record and it's almost done."

Considering that the Rubano stuff had been circulating since late May, you get a pretty good idea of how often Stump checks in online. But, since he had momentum, he also used his Twitter to address a Washington Post blog post that quoted him as saying his debut disc would feature "outsider folk."

" 'Outsider folk' was a misquote. I said, 'Outsider funk,' but it's not even really that anymore," he wrote. "It's basically an R&B album, but as they say, 'Talking about music is like dancing about architecture ...' You'll have to just hear yourself."

He closed by promising that fans would be hearing his much-discussed solo debut very soon, writing, "Patience will be rewarded. I guarantee no Chinese Democracy."

MTV News sent Stump an e-mail to see if he had anything to add to his, uh, addendums, and, somewhat surprisingly, we got a response — one that hinted, in a very funny way, that fans probably shouldn't expect another outpouring of Tweets like this any time soon.

"The only thing I have to add: I still don't dig Twitter. To paraphrase Lee Marvin, 'I know my career must be doing great 'cause I'm getting quoted incorrectly,' " Stump wrote. "I was tempted out of my cave by misinformation. But you'll never see me tweet what I had for lunch."


Snooki -- Out of Touch with Reality During Strike

Snooki made contract negotiations practically impossible yesterday during the "Jersey Shore" strike -- as soon as the crap hit the fan, she accidentally tweeted her BlackBerry Messenger PIN and had to trash her phone.

Snooks accidentally posted her BBM to her Twitter account -- which has over 310,000 followers -- and we're told her phone exploded nearly instantly with the torrential wave of messages she received from fans.

According to sources close to the reality star, Snooks had to ditch her phone and get a new one -- making her completely unreachable for hours.



I mostly just wanted to post the picture, it made me LMAO

Oksana Signed, Then Rejected $15 Mil Deal

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva signed an agreement with Mel Gibson for a $15 million package, which would have kept the Mel tapes secret, but she ultimately walked away from it.

Sources tell TMZ, during the child custody mediation in May, lawyers for Mel and Oksana worked out a financial deal for Oksana -- she would get a total of $15 mil, which included child support, a house and other assets. 

But sources intimately familiar with the mediation tell us Oksana promised something in return -- that all "evidence" associated with the case remain confidential.

We've learned the "evidence" includes the tapes. Oksana's lawyers had played some, but not all of the tapes for Mel's lawyers.  We're told Oksana's lawyers did not play the tape in which Gibson used the N word and made a reference to "wetbacks."

As one source put it, "The tapes loomed large in the mediation.  The word 'tapes' was never used in the agreement, but it was central to the deal."

Oksana and Mel both signed a "short form agreement" -- a bare-bones contract outlining the broad strokes of the deal. The lawyers then drafted a long form agreement which contained specifics of the deal, but we're told Oksana refused to sign the long form, claiming she felt coerced. 

We're told Mel never paid Oksana under the deal because the short form didn't spell out the specifics of payment and Oksana refused to sign the longer agreement which contained the details.


Kim Kardashian is flattered to be Demi Lovato's style icon

Kim Kardashian took to her blog today when she heard that Demi Lovato had named her her fashion and style icon.

"Demi is one of the few young stars who manages to show off her own unique style and sense of self while still keeping her looks age-appropriate," says Kim.

"I think when young girls look up to you, it’s important to set a good example, and that’s exactly what Demi is doing with her style. Keep it up, girl, you look fab! :)"

If you look at recent pics of Demi, it's clear that she's been taking style tips from Kim.... and she does look amazing!


Danielle Staub: I Alone Brought Attention to N.J.

Although Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub has been portrayed in an unflattering light, she doesn’t let that get her down.   

“What I’ve learned about myself is to watch more carefully what I do say, and what I do,” the divorced mom of two, 47, tells me. “I try to set a good example for my children through what they’re learning when I’m living.”

Now that shows like Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious are also bringing the spotlight to the Garden State, Danielle is ready to take credit.

“It’s the Jersification of the world,” she says. “I’d like to think it started with yours truly. I brought enough to bring a lot of attention to New Jersey, and I’m going to hold it and keep it.”

What’s the biggest misconception about the state?

“The biggest misconceptions about New Jersey would be that we are filled with gossip,” she explains. “We do not mirror ourselves after the other four women on our show. It’s about being real, being good to one another and family-oriented. I think people are missing it when they think we’re all into shopping. I cook. I cook every day for my kids, and I think they’re missing it. The biggest misconception is we do not spend family time together, but we’re all about family.”

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go ah ra doesn&#39;t get it


Keegan Allen may play the creepy Toby Cavanaugh on "Pretty Little Liars" -- but in real life, he is utterly sweet and charming. Watch this on-set interview where he tells Zap2it all about his summertime fun activities.

And keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for more in Zap2it's series "The Guys of 'Pretty Little Liars'" -- Chuck Hittinger (Sean) and Bryce Johnson (Officer Wilden) are on the way, in addition to the hotties we've already featured -- Ian Harding, Diego Boneta and Keegan.

"I'm a huge beach nerd. I like to skateboard, I like to long board at the beach. That's like my favorite thing to do, hit the water," Keegan reveals. When pressed for what kind of swimwear he favors, he says "I'm a big fan of the board shorts. I've always wanted to wear a speedo, but I don't think I can pull it off. At all."

He says that his family has a cabin up north where they go a lot -- big fans of hiking, mountain biking and climbing.

When it comes to summertime treats, Keegan is "an ice cream man." And the favorite flavor is chocolate -- "I'm a chocolate boy."

And finally, it turns out Keegan and his colleague Diego Boneta have something in common -- a love of Arnold Palmers, which is a mix of lemonade and iced tea. "We're both on the same page. Diego. There ya go," laughs Keegan.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC Family. Be sure to tune in to "The Homecoming Hangover" on Tuesday, July 20 to find out what when down with Keegan and Shay Mitchell -- we lost saw his character Toby chasing Shay's Emily through the halls of the high school.

Video at the SAUCE

Ngl, I'd bang him just once, maybe more if he was any good

Hayley Williams claims her first UK #1

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Paramore front woman Hayley Williams has claimed her first U.K. number one single her collaboration with rapper B.o.B has climbed to the top spot in the rundown.

"Airplanes" entered the chart at number 23 seven weeks ago but has slowly been moving up the list, reaching third place last week.

The track has now topped the chart, while Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP's "We No Speak Americano" moved up to second position and Eminem's track with Rihanna, "Love the Way You Lie", dropped from number one to the third slot. Katy Perry's collaboration with Snoop Dogg, "CaliforniaGurls", took fourth place, while Professor Green rounded out the top five with his Lily Allen duet "Just Be Good to Green".

In the British album chart Eminem returned to the top with "Recovery", after Kylie Minogue's "Aphrodite" pushed the rapper from the number one spot last week.

The Australian pop star is now in second place, while Eliza Doolittle scored the highest debut with her self-titled record "Eliza Doolittle". Plan B's "The Defamation of Strickland Banks" and Lady GaGa's "The Fame" were also in the top five albums.


Wooo go Hayley! I mainly just posted this so I could share my love for Paramore lol.
edit: would people calm the fuck down? she's in the song too, so yes, it would be her number 1 too.

Marriage in the Movies: National Museum Scotland's Costume Exhibition

The Exhibition

The wedding dress is probably the most poignant symbol of the start of a marriage. Woven with symbolism and tradition, wedding dresses reflect not only the tastes and style of the bride but the social customs and attitudes of society.

This exhibition takes you through two centuries of bridal fashion, from the 1740s to 1930s, refracted through the lens of the film or TV camera.

Also on display are a selection of bridal accessories from our collection, and a small gallery of photos of brides from the Stewart family, who own Shambellie House. Together, the dresses, accessories and pictures tell the story of wedding customs in Scotland and beyond.

The dresses in this exhibition were all designed and made for the screen but adhere closely to the period they are set in. In addition, they are charged with telling and reflecting the story they represent.  From Keira Knightley’s magnificent gown from The Duchess to the elegant costume worn by Joely Richardson as Wallis Simpson, all these dresses have a tale to tell.

Check below the cut to see a just sampling of the wedding dresses on exhibition!


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Lead singer of Warrant gets 120 days in jail for DUI

TMZ has learned former Warrant singer Jani Lane just plead no contest to DUI stemming from his most recent arrest back in May -- and has been ordered to serve 120 days in jail.

As we first reported, the '80s rocker -- who was also busted for DUI in 2009 -- was arrested in Woodland Hills, CA on May 9 after crashing into a parked car ... and then blowing twice the legal limit during a breathalyzer test.

Besides the jail time -- Lane will lose his license for three years and will have to complete a 30-month alcohol education program.

We're told Jani is scheduled to surrender on July 27.


IDK if anyone cares about this but it's a good excuse for an 80's music party post? Y/n? PLEASE?!

Lauryn Hill's Daughter Sings Some Justin Bieber

looks like her mom!
We’ll its certainly in her genes. Selah, daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley takes to YouTube to sing a cover of Justin Beiber’s “Up.” 12-year-old Selah says on her page, “I want to sign to Island Records so badly and do a duet with Justin Bieber! I’m afraid to ask my mom to sign me and she’s already signed!” The budding singer has a slew of uploaded videos showing her pipes over tracks by Beiber– she is clearly a big fan! Selah is too cute, and with some growth, and nourishment she might give her mom a run for her money one day!


Ummm........Pretty girl but I can't figure out if she can't sing or if she needs a ton of vocal lessons.

L Boogie Sparks thanks you for your time:

Lindsay Lohan -- No Daily Shower in Jail

Lindsay Lohan's gonna have a hard time staying clean behind bars -- TMZ has learned she will only be allowed to shower every other day once she checks into Lynwood Correctional Facility tomorrow.

Law enforcement sources tell us the jail is all prepared for Lindsay's arrival -- where she'll be staying in her own cell ... in a special module where solitary inmates are held.

We're told Lindsay will not be allowed to interact with other inmates while she's inside her cell -- which could be as much as 20 hours per day. She will be allowed to exercise three times per week.

As far as her diet, we're told Lindsay will get two cold meals and one hot meal every day. Today, inmates had chicken stir fry for lunch ... so it's not too bad.

We're told there's no guarantee that Lindsay will be allowed to take all of the medication she's been prescribed -- and jail officials will determine what she can take after she arrives.



Bill Murray Tries To Explain Away Garfield

Be thankful for Bill Murray. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but every time he does an interview, Murray seems to give answers that are actually honest and thoughtful, as opposed to spitting out a party line. Not that I’d expect much different from a guy who goes against the Hollywood grain. But refreshing nonetheless.

What’s Murray talking about this time? Well, Garfield, for one, and the reason he did the film. And Ghostbusters 3, which he continues to dismiss as “a crock.”

fuck yeah, cartoon Bill Murray

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Awesome GQ article that I didn't post because it's long and I didn't want to read you whining like a motherbitch about it.

Pam Grier opens up on her career, life and loves in her new book 'Foxy: My Life in Three Acts'

You may remember her as "Foxy Brown." Pam Grier's movie career has spanned four decades. She's remembered as the first female action hero. She's recently written a memoir called "Foxy: My Life in Three Acts."

CNN's Fredricka Whitefield sat down with Pam Grier to talk about her remarkable life and career.

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Dollhouse comic coming with season 2 DVD/BD

Why it's Felicia Day on the cover of a comic book! Fancy that! Here's a peek at the cover of the new limited edition Dollhouse comic book by Dark Horse Comics, which comes with the season 2 DVD and Blu-ray, set for release on October 12th. The book, which is exclusive to the DVD/BD set, was written by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, who will be doing a signing at Comic-Con on Friday, 7/23 11:00am to 12:00 noon. The book will only be shipped with the first run of DVD/BD's so make sure you've pre-ordered your copy or you pick it up right on October 12th in retail.

Here's the official synopsis of the book, titled "Epitaphs"

"Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, joined by longtime Buffy the Vampire Slayer artist Cliff Richards, take us on an intricate trip through the precise moment when the Active technology went global, and how the protagonists from Epitaph One and Two narrowly avoided death, and worse. Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen wrote the Epitaph episodes of Dollhouse Seasons One and Two, and currently write for the Starz series Spartacus. This is their first work in comics. Artist Cliff Richards has drawn more Joss Whedon-related comics than any other artist, including issues of Buffy Season Eight."


~shaking and crying~ rn

Pixar's Ratatouille Coming to Theaters in 3D

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July 19, 2010

Pixar’s Stereoscopic supervisor Bob Whitehill spilled the deets on a new project Pixar is working on while doing an interview recently with HeyUGuys.co.uk – turns out Pixar is working on a new version of Ratatouille in 3D!

We’re assuming this means that Ratatouille will hit theaters in the next year or two in 3D
– which makes us wonder if there is a Ratatouille 2 in the works since this is the same thing that Disney/Pixar did when they announced the upcoming Toy Story 3 movie, and quickly put Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in theaters in 3D to get fans of the films excited for the new movie.

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OMG Ratatouille is my favorite Pixar film ♥

Danielle Calls Cops After Man Who Was Arrested With Her Demands $100K

Danielle Staub’s past has come back to haunt her and now the police are involved, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Danny Aguilar, a convicted felon who was once charged as Staub’s co-defendant, called the Real Housewives of New Jersey star on Sunday night demanding $100,000 he says she still owes him for bailing her out years ago with some big time drug dealers.

Aguilar told RadarOnline.com “My money got her out of trouble with these drug dealers. They wanted her dead and I didn’t want them to kill her.  I paid for it.  We all got popped, everyone went to jail and she snitched.”

Staub was arrested in Miami in 1986 along with Aguilar for extortion and intent to distribute cocaine. Staub entered into a plea bargain with prosecutors and agreed to testify against Aguilar and others in exchange for five years probation and mandatory cocaine testing. Aguliar went to prison.

Aguilar told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview that his conversation with Staub on Sunday night quickly turned ugly, with Staub calling Aguilar a “celebrity stalker.” She threatened to sue him for defamation of character. Aguilar says he told Staub “I’m the ‘Real McCoy, I’m the one that did 15 years in a federal penitentiary over you. I’m no stalker.”

Staub contacted police, RadarOnline.com learned. And 15 minutes after they hung up the phone, Aguilar claims a detective from the Wayne, NJ police department called him and told him stalking is a crime in New Jersey.

We spoke with Captain James Clark from the Wayne Police Department who confirmed that Staub was at the station this morning but would not disclose additional information, saying the matter is still under investigation.

Danielles Appearance on ALL MY CHILDREN: HERE

PS. Bethenny is co-hosting The View tomorrow instead of thursday



'Damages' renewed (or uncancelled; it depends on who you talk to)

This just in: Patty Hewes will live to fight another day—and we have DirecTV to thank!

After months of negotiations, DirecTV has reached a deal with Sony Pictures Television to acquire Damages from FX. Under the terms of the pact, DirecTV’s 101 network will air two additional seasons of the drama—each consisting of 10 episodes—beginning in 2011.

Unlike DirecTV’s arrangement with NBC for Friday Night Lights, Damages will only air on DirecTV.

“We’re excited to partner with Sony Pictures Television as we breathe new life into this outstanding drama,” said Patty Ishimoto, general manager of The 101 Network and vice president of entertainment for DirecTV. “It’s a win for our customers because only they will be able to see these new episodes and another great step forward for DirecTV as we continue to build our growing portfolio of exclusive, award winning programming.“

Added FX president John Landgraf: “FX was very proud to have developed one of the best scripted series on television, but, in order to have a future, the show needed DIRECTV and we are thrilled they stepped in. Sony Pictures Television is a great production partner and we at FX Productions are excited for these next two seasons.”

DirecTV saves the day again!

miguel  ⁄ ⁄

Interpol's new album, track by track

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True to form, Interpol have given fans only partial, contradictory clues about what to expect from their forthcoming album.

One half of the band suggested the new album would be more orchestral and bits of it were like "nothing they'd done before", while the half other alluded to the album "falling back" to the atmospherics and scope of their debut.

The bassist recorded his parts then departed, while a Secret Machine, among others, has joined the live show.

Well, the dark swirling clouds (which let's face it, you'd miss if they weren't there) have parted and finally we have the light: a copy of Interpol's fourth album in our grasp. Here is our initial, first-listen reaction to 'Interpol'.

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'Interpol' is released in September

source| NME

"Wes Craven NABBED" so saeth the overdramatic press

Famed horror movie director Wes Craven is part of a growing film industry spurring economic activity in Washtenaw County and across southeast Michigan.

Now it appears the “Scream 4” director will be leaving a little extra money of his own behind in traffic court.

Craven, 70, was pulled over by officers with the University of Michigan Department of Public Safety July 10 after he failed to use a signal while turning onto a street near Central Campus, records show. He has a scheduled hearing in 15th District Court in downtown Ann Arbor July 26.

Court records show he handed officers a valid California driver’s license after he was stopped in a 2010 Toyota with a Michigan license plate at about 8 p.m. He faces a $130 fine.

According to Craven’s Twitter.com account, the famed director/producer thought he was stopped by Ann Arbor police and made it known he felt a warning was more appropriate.\

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I'm from MI, and I got my only ticket the first (and only) time I was pulled over, for doing 27 in a 25. Certain towns have meaner cops, but if you're familiar with driving tactics in different areas you can usually avoid them.


Sorry, modsters. fail. -.-;
credit youthrillme

Daniel Radcliffe talks new movie role in "The Woman in Black"

Dan Radcliffe and the filmakers of The Woman In Black, including director James Watkins (Eden Lake), talk about Dan's role in the haunting thriller. The press release also contains quotes from Simon Oakes, who talks about their high hopes for the film with Dan playing the leading character:

“’When I met Dan, it was quite uncanny how closely our thoughts on the story mirrored each other: I can’t wait to get down to work with him to fashion a compelling character and a classy ghost story that tugs at the heart and chills to the bone,” says James Watkins.

Simon Oakes continues, “We’re thrilled to have Daniel on board, I can think of no better actor to play the role of Arthur Kipps. I’m confident that under the direction of James Watkins, he’ll take Jane Goldman’s script and deliver an utterly intense and compelling performance.”

Daniel Radcliffe said, “I am incredibly excited to be part of The Woman In Black. Jane Goldman’s script is beautifully written – both tender and terrifying in equal measure. It is thrilling to be working with James Watkins. From his brilliant work on Eden Lake and also having met him and heard his vision for the film, I know he will make a fantastic film.”

Filming is slated to begin this autumn, with a provisional release date of June 2011 in the UK.

Iker copa

Mike The Situation to write self-help book...

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino
is writing a self-help book. The "Jersey Shore" star landed a deal to pen "Here's the Situation," a guide to ripped abs, grooming, and how to keep up with your GTL (gym, tan, laundry). Sources said it will be published by Gotham Books this November in a deal brokered by Jarred Weisfeld of Objective Entertainment and Sorrentino's manager, Michael Petolino. The Sitch is already cashing in with a workout video and health supplements.


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"Lost" star Matthew Fox saddles up for country life

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On the heels of his first-ever Emmy nomination and his much-buzzed-about departure from television after 18 years, Matthew Fox is finally getting lost.

Together with his wife, Margherita, and their two children, the 44-year-old actor is settling into a 10-acre ranch in Oregon -- a world away from his former life shooting the series in the Aloha state. He discussed his Emmy nomination, his plans for a post-"Lost" future and, of course, that final episode.


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Jared Leto 1 - Glasses.

JGL to get his Riddler on?

Rumor has it that Christopher Nolan is seriously considering Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role of The Riddler for the third Batman film.

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This would be a dream come true. As the writer of the article said, JGL certainly is a great actor. Plus, he has the advantage considering Christ Nolan loves him. What do you think, ONTD? JGL as The Riddler? Or would you like to see someone else?

Julia Stiles talks Dexter

Showtime remains tight-lipped about what's going down in the upcoming season of "Dexter," but recently cast Julia Stiles ("10 Things I Hate About You") opened up -- if only a tad -- about her new role and what drew her to the series.

"I watch a lot of shows on HBO and Showtime," Stiles tells the New York Times, "but I was sort of reluctant about working on one -- until 'Dexter' came along, because I also really love the way that they've set up these guest actors. There's always a really interesting arc that a guest needs to do."

It doesn't hurt that she comes on the heels of the series' most-praised guest to date. John Lithgow took home a Golden Globe for his supporting turn as the trinity killer, and that same role recently earned him an Emmy nomination for guest actor.

So will Stiles follow in his serial killer footsteps or might she provide some post-Rita love interest for newly widowed Dexter? It's still up in the air. But what we do know is that the character's name is Lumen, and she's described as "psychologically and physically damaged." Her introduction to the cast presents Dexter with a dilemma -- which sounds like it has love interest written all over it.

For now, the TV newbie just seems excited by the idea of playing a character over the course of a season. "In a weird way it reminds me of the making of the 'Bourne' movies," she says. "The script is always changing, so you might shoot a scene and then all of a sudden you are handed pages, and you have to memorize your lines really quickly. It's like acting in a vacuum a little bit. There's a different kind of challenge, but part of me really likes it."

You can catch Julia on "Dexter" when season 5 premieres September 26.



Irina Shayk: Missing Boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo

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She’s been playing coy about her relationship with multi-millionaire soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo, but Irina Shayk has cut her trip to Miami short to be with her beau.

According to a report, the Russian model ditched the Fashion Week Swim festivities in order to jet to Europe to see Ronaldo.

During her Ocean Drive cover party at the Gansevoort Miami Beach, Irina avoided questions about her romance with Cristiano.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ronaldo still has not announced the identity of his babymama after revealing he has a newborn son.


she is super gorg! lucky girl.

kris allen's underrated hot self arrives at LAX & gets talked about by keith urban

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kris Allen lands at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday (July 18).

The 25-year-old American Idol champ just returned from Bessemer, Alabama, where he performed a concert.

Kris tweeted, “Thanks Alabama Adventure [theme park] for hangin out in the rain for the show. You guys were a blast! See ya soon.”

Country superstar Keith Urban recently had some very kind things to say about Kris. Keith said, “We’ve done a few shows, and we have a couple more coming up. [Kris] is great! I love him. He’s just got a good, real singer-songwriter vibe about him, and he’s really finding his own way. He has a great voice and a good heart, and I like him immensely.”So nice!

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mods i resized the pic

Rachel Uchitel is saying hello to Dr.Pinsky

Donald Trump Fires Rachel Uchitel for Entering Rehab

Guess Donald Trump didn't want Dr. Drew Pinsky's sloppy seconds.

Just a day after Rachel Uchitel signed on for the upcoming edition of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, the Donald has dropped the erstwhile Tiger Woods mistress from consideration of the next round of Celebrity Apprentice.

"We no longer have interest in Rachel," Trump's camp said in a statement.

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It's not clear why Uchitel is joining the likes of heroin-hooked 70's heartthrob Leif Garrett and "Hills" party boy Jason Wahler on the fourth season of Dr. Drew Pinsky's series, but a show spokesman shot down reports that her problem is "love addiction."

"We can't discuss medical histories until cast members start revealing things in the 21-day program. But the show is about drug and alcohol addiction. It's not sex rehab. As far as I know, nobody has checked in for love addiction," the spokesman said.

Source, 2
Jared Leto 1 - Glasses.

PopWatch: Best scene in "Inception"?


 Small article on EW.com asks you what the best scene in Inception was. Beware: Spoilers may await you.

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What's your take, ONTD? Did Arthur's scene truly steal the show? That's what I voted for aside from the obvious end. Or is there a different scene you loved that didn't even make it on the poll? And to correct this article a bit.. Inception actually brought in $63MIL as opposed to the originally reported $60MIL.
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"Aisha" (the Bollywood adaptation of Austen's "Emma") megapost

Couture goes haute in Bollywood’s Aisha

Christian Dior and Salvatore Ferragamo aren’t the kind of labels typically associated with Bollywood. But the couture is going unabashedly haute with Aisha, co-produced by Anil Kapoor Films Co. Pvt. Ltd and PVR Pictures.

The female lead Sonam Kapoor and the rest of the cast will be swathed in as many as 60 Dior dresses and accessories in the movie produced by sister Rhea and co-starring Abhay Deol, according to Kalyani Chawla, vice-president (marketing and communications) at Christian Dior Couture. The film releases on 6 August.

It’s the first time that brand integration has shifted from mass market products to high-end fashion brands. The Rs20 crore film also showcases L’Oreal Paris, Portico and posh shopping destination DLF Emporio.

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Dedicated to my Bollywood babies: wasabi_girl1, digitalanathema, peruvianjew, amanda_aces, and the other lovers of brown cinema who hi-jack these posts to share rather random pictures of SRK. :P

Get ‘Buried’ at Comic-Con! (Literally)

Film promotion has hit an all new level. In honor of the upcoming thriller BURIED starring Ryan Reynolds, Lionsgate will conduct a mass burial at San Diego Comic Con 2010!

Starting this Wednesday, Comic Con attendees will get the chance to become part of a terrifying virtual interactive experience at the San Diego Convention Center.

At Lionsgate Booth #3729 fans will have a chance to literally find themselves 6 feet under, while footage of them kicking and screaming will be shared with viewers stalking the film’s official website!

What will you do when you’re buried alive?

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Christopher Hitchens: Mel Gibson Isn't Just An Angry Narcissist

Mel Gibson Isn't Just an Angry Narcissist. His tirades are the distilled violence, cruelty, and bigotry of right-wing Catholic ideology.

By Christopher Hitchens Posted Monday, July 19, 2010, at 11:03 AM ET

Every time Mel Gibson unburdens himself of a tirade against Jews or "n______s" or uncooperative females, there are commentators on hand to create a mystery where none exists. When he produced The Passion of the Christ, which lovingly and in detail recycled the bloody myth that all Jews are historically and collectively responsible for the murder of Jesus, it was argued by many mainstream Christians that his zeal for the faith might be a touch lurid but that the film itself was mainly devotional. When he was arrested on the Malibu freeway and screamed abuse at a police officer to the effect that Jews were responsible for all the wars in the world, pundits convened on page and screen to speculate whether our Mel had too much to drink that evening. Not long ago, I watched him go completely bug-eyed on television at a Jewish interviewer who asked him about the latter incident. "You've got a dog in this fight, haven't you?" he hissed. And now, in the wake of a Niagara of cloacal abuse directed at the mother of his youngest child, in which we were spared nothing by way of obscenity and menace and nothing by way of paranoid and sexualized racism, there have been those who diagnose Gibson's problem as a lack of anger management skills, combined perhaps with a touch of narcissistic personality disorder.

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The Case is Closed!

The L.A. Children’s Services has officially closed the child abuse allegations made against Britney Spears by her former bodyguard Fernando Flores.
Radar reports that the children’s pediatrician submitted proof that the children are happy and healthy and not abused.
Following the facts submitted, the case was officially closed and Britney has been cleared of the allegations. Wonder where that skeezer is today.
Not counting his Britney money, for sure.


Justin Bieber Is The New Confucius!

Justin’s more than just a pretty face — the 16-year-old is tweeting words of wisdom to his millions of fans!

Justin Bieber is handing out sage advice left and right! The popstar won’t stop posting Bieberisms on his Twitter.
The Biebs tweeted his most recent proverb July 17 about the importance of not caring what other people think of you. “If you cant laugh at yourself and be a total idiot with your friends sometimes then you are just missing out,” he tweeted. “Life is too short. Laugh. HAHA.”
Well said, Biebs! We hope you keep tweeting more of your poetic little Bieber bits!

He's completely right! You should always be able to laugh at yourself.

Oh wait.

ha ha ha ...

Inception party!

Inception's Dileep Rao Answers All Your Questions About Inception

Over the weekend, Christopher Nolan's mind-bending Inception extracted $60.4 million from moviegoers, leaving many in a limbolike state of confusion. Where to turn for answers? Today, Vulture had the pleasure of speaking with Dileep Rao, who plays Yusuf the chemist in the film (he was also in Avatar, which makes him, in terms of box-office bankability, the Indian Will Smith). Rao helpfully revealed everything he knows — and thinks he knows — about Inception's mechanics. ***SPOILERS*** ahead, obviously.

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Modern Family's Two Dads Split Up

There's been a divorce in the Modern Family: Vulture hears that Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, the creators and showrunners of ABC's hit comedy, have decided to dissolve the four-year old business partnership that led to the creation of the show. Neither man is leaving Family, but Levitan and Lloyd will now manage the series as single parents rather than as a couple. So why the split?

While there have been rumors of some professional tension between the two for some time — mostly dealing with differences in style rather than anything juicy — the bottom line behind the separation probably has more to do with, well, the bottom line. Levitan and Lloyd first hooked up in 2006, at a time when TV comedy was struggling mightily and even big-name producers with resumes as impressive as those of Levitan (Just Shoot Me) and Lloyd (Frasier) were having trouble landing big deals. By teaming, the two men hoped to become more attractive to studios, and that's exactly what happened: 20th Century Fox Television signed the newly-minted duo to a very lucrative multiyear deal.

The first few years of the partnership produced only the ill-fated Kelsey Grammer-Patricia Heaton comedy Back to You, which was canceled by the Fox network after one season. But then last fall, Levitan and Lloyd's Family became an instant hit; within months, syndicated repeats of the series had been sold to USA Network for a reported $1.5 million per episode. The odor of Back to You has now been erased and replaced with the sweet smell of success, signaling both a recovery in the TV comedy economy and a big upswing for Levitan and Lloyd's respective careers. In other words, the two men (along with their agents at UTA and ICM) realized they no longer really needed to stay attached.

They'll still work together writing and running Family, but they're also in talks with 20th about continuing at the studio under new, separate deals. Given the fact that Family figures to be around a lot longer, and likely make a lot more money than 20th's other big hit from last season, Glee, don't be surprised if Levitan and Lloyd's new agreements end up in the same range as the big bucks Ryan Murphy is supposedly now making for his services.

No word yet on how the Family kids are taking this, though we hear Rico Rodriguez (Manny!) is already relishing the prospect of separate Christmas presents from his behind-the-scenes TV dads.

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Sandra Bullock renews restraining order against Stalker

FYI, Sandra's *other* stalker still is under a restraining order. In 2007, that stalker managed to gain access to Sandra's driveway in Sunset Beach and tried to knock Jesse James down with a Mercedes as Sandra and his daughter watched.

Man believes he has talked to actress telepathically, doctor states

LOS ANGELES - Sandra Bullock obtained a temporary restraining order Monday against a 41-year-old man accused of stalking the Oscar-winning actress since 2003.

Bullock's attorney obtained the protective order on her behalf against Thomas James Weldon, who has been the subject of previous court orders to stay away from the 45-year-old actress.

A hearing for a three-year order against Weldon was scheduled for Aug. 6.

Bullock first obtained a restraining order in California against Weldon in 2003, but that order expired in 2009. He voluntarily entered a mental institution in Tennessee, and the actress sued the state in 2006 to require them to notify her of his release.

According to the court filing, Weldon turned up in a Wyoming emergency room last month complaining of anxiety and sleeplessness. He later told hospital staff that he had driven from Tennessee in an attempt to meet Bullock at her home in Jackson Hole, Wyo. 

Declarations from a doctor who interviewed Weldon in Wyoming said that Weldon believes he has communicated with Bullock telepathically. He told doctors that he has not been taking his medications.

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Conan O'Brien's Emmy Category Won't Be Televised

I recall the day the Emmy nominations were announced quite fondly, mainly because Conan O'Brien was nominated for hosting an "Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series." It was a delightful morning: daisies stood up a little taller and dogs only pooped on the streets when their owners had baggies to pick it up. We were all excited to watch Conan win the category, mostly because we knew his acceptance speech would be epic, and even though Stewart and Colbert are great too, Conan got shafted and the only thing that can make him feel better is a winged lady in a flowy dress. And, because the two jabs he'd make at Jay Leno (Conan's too classy for more than that) while he was onstage would prevent the entire award show from being the same monstrous waste of time that it always is.

And now, it is with great displeasure that I stick a sewing needle in your balloon and tell you that category will not be televised. The Emmy producers (who have quite a lot of unordered pizzas headed their way) have decided against airing the announcement of the nominees and then the winner of the late night category. One of Conan's writers (Dean Cole) tweeted, "NOT 'NBC' but the powers that be has sent us an email saying that the category we are nominated for will not be televised this year! really?"

I'm desperately trying to remain calm. Do we think Jay Leno did this? He's made the occasional "woe is me" joke about not being nominated, but behind the scenes he could be really miffed about it! If this is his doing, he's worse than the Wizard of Oz: he's more demanding, unafraid of bribing people, and whines and whines until we submit to him and his big face. How is this NOT something he's orchestrating?

Source: Dean Cole Twitter

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Robert Shapiro Quits Lindsay Lohan!

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TMZ has learned Bob Shapiro informed the judge in Lindsay Lohan's case, he's no longer representing her.

It is unclear who will represent Lindsay tomorrow when she will turn herself in.

We do not know why Shapiro has left the case. He said publicly he would represent Lindsay only if she agreed to jail and followed his instructions.

Interestingly, Shawn Chapman Holley never signed the substitution of attorney form last Friday to get out of the case. So Shawn may be on the hook.

We're told tomorrow is going to be crazy!

she just tweeted Image and video hosting by TinyPic


this crazy bitch better not turn herself in when I'm sleeping.
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Gerard Butler wears a Chicago Blackhawks hat in Redwings territory

Gerard Butler walks and talks on his cell phone while out and about on Sunday afternoon (July 18) in Detroit, Mich.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud was taking a quick break from shooting his latest movie, Machine Gun Preacher. (He plays a former gang biker and drug dealer who becomes a member of the Assembly of God church.)

Gerry wore a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions hat as well as a t-shirt with the word “REBEL” emblazoned on the front of it paired with PRPS Barracuda Jeans.

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Wearing hockey merchandise is definitely one way to squeeze your way back into my heart, Gerry. Make sure it's Pens stuff next time.
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'Score: A Hockey Musical' will open this year's Toronto International Film Festival

It’s appropriate that the Toronto International Film Festival — Canada’s biggest event of its kind and ground zero for Hollywood’s annual Oscar race — should begin with a hockey film. Better than that, a hockey musical.

“Score: A Hockey Musical,” directed by Canadian filmmaker Michael McGowan, will open the 35th annual Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 9. The homage to hockey, with 19 original songs, stars Olivia Newton-John and Nelly Furtado as a hockey zealot.

“I can’t think of a better way to kick off our 35th anniversary Festival than with Score: A Hockey Musical,” said Cameron Bailey, TIFF’s co-director. “It continues our tradition of launching the very best in Canadian filmmaking — although in 35 years this is our first musical romance about hockey. Plan for a fun night on September 9.”

The movie’s ensemble cast includes Allie MacDonald, Stephen McHattie and Dave Bidini of the rock band Rheostatics. McGowan brought the road movie “One Week” to TIFF in 2008, but this is the first time one of his films will launch the fest.

More films scheduled to play this year’s TIFF will be announced in the coming week. Toronto runs Sept. 9 – 19.

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I can't wait to see this! Any movie that name drops Sidney Crosby is awesome in my books.

10 Mad Men Stars Before They Were Famous

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Most of the stars of Mad Men didn’t have the most impressive resumes before they were hired to work at Sterling Cooper — or rather, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. As struggling actors, they took on roles that weren’t nearly as glamorous as the decadent ad men (and significant others!) whom they now play. Click through to view 10 of your favorite characters before they rose to greatness, and leave links to any early acting gigs we’ve missed in the comments.

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