July 5th, 2010

Tom Cruise & Jake T. Austin meet at Dodgers/Yankees game

Jake T. Austin snaps a pic with Tom Cruise just before he throws out the first pitch at the New York Yankees and L.A. Dodgers baseball game at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (June 27).

Even if he came close to pitching the perfect game in The Perfect Game, Jake was still a bit nervous. He tweeted, “gettin pumped for the dodger vs yankees gamee, hopefully I dont screw up the first pitch.”

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The curse of Mick Jagger

Felipe Melo, a Brazilian midfielder, gave the ball a glancing touch as it headed into his own net, then got sent off with a red card for a petulant stamp on a Holland player. And then there were Dutch attackers Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben, who both reduced Brazil's defense to a quivering wreck.

Alternatively, angry Brazilians could blame Mick Jagger.

The 67-year-old Rolling Stones frontman has become something of a World Cup jinx, with each of the three teams he supported underachieving, often in spectacular fashion.

First, it was the United States. On Saturday, Jagger was in the stands supporting the U.S. team, along with President Bill Clinton. But the rock star and the president were disappointed as the Americans were undone by Ghana.

On Sunday, Jagger's native England fared even worse: a 4-1 hammering at the hands of its mortal rival, Germany.

And Brazil, whom Jagger supports out of affection for his half-Brazilian son, has managed to throw away a 1-0 lead against an underperforming Dutch team. For a country that's soccer-obsessed and expects to win every tournament, that's a disaster -- but we're betting Jagger himself will take it in stride.

"This is my third World Cup," he said in an interview with FIFA.com on Thursday. "I'm really having a good time."


oh LMAO so that's why he's trending on Twitter
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omg my poor baby!

BREAKING NEWS: Jedward star Edward Grimes breaks leg on live TV.
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They are famous for their energetic dance routines, but Edward Grimes of The X Factor favourite duo Jedward found there are some drawbacks to their exuberant moves as he fell over while performing Ghostbusters at T4 On The Beach today.

The 18-year-old singer was bounding around the stage with his twin brother John when he twisted his leg during a particularly difficult move. He was then taken to a local hospital where he was being treated for his injuries - believed to either be a broken leg or twisted knee ligaments.

Jedward’s manager Louis Walsh said he was concerned for the singer's health, but couldn’t confirm how serious the injury was.

He told the Daily Mail: ‘It was live TV and that’s what can happen on live TV. They were excited to be performing in front of 70,000 people and we hope he’s alright.'

After the fall, Edward clutched his leg in agony and struggled to get up as he tried to continue the routine.

However, ever the professional, Edward performed the rest of the routine either on his knees or hopping around the stage.

Clearly in pain, he finished the performance before giving twin John a huge high five as he completed the routine.

After coming off stage, an ambulance was called for the teen singer, who looked upset and worried as he was taken to hospital.

And he wasn't the only one concerned about his injuries - John was right behind his twin as he was loaded into the ambulance and rushed to hospital.

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sou rce
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labeouf & pitt offered for riptide

Brad Pitt Offered RiptideThe producers of watery whodunit Riptide would appear to be reaching for the stars in terms of casting. Or at least, reaching for the Big Book of Star Names What People Have Heard Of. According to Pajiba, offers for the boat-set thriller are out to Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf.
Boasting a script originated by Spooks scribe Richard McBrien, but recently given a thorough polish by The Queen’s Peter Morgan, Riptide follows the mystery of what happens to a group of people aboard a ship called the Nautica. A handyman, a young stock broker and the financial guru’s girlfriend are all involved in an incident that leaves one of the men dead and the woman relocated to a hotel nearby. Cue the theme music to Poirot/Miss Marple etc and an investigator arriving on board to untangle the various stories as to what actually happened.
Little is known about who might play what just yet, though the site believes Pitt is being sought to play the investigator, while LaBeouf could channel all that research he did for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps as the stock broker. There’s no director attached just yet, though Summit Entertainment is hunting one down right now.

That Pitt and LaBeouf are in the filmmakers’ sights is no real surprise: just about every project going reaches out to the biggest/hottest names first, before eventually tumbling down the list of possible thesps until someone bites. So don’t go thinking that either actor is attached just yet. 


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lol daft cow

Samantha Fox bitten by stray cat, catches rabies

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Former popstar and now reality TV star Samantha Fox is being treated for the potentially fatal disease rabies after being savaged by a cat.

The star - most recently on our screens last year on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here - was bitten while holidaying on the paradise island of Koh Samui in Thailand with her partner and manager Myra Stratton.

Sam, 44, explained that she'd been feeding the stray cats that gathered around a restaurant they ate at, when one attacked her.

She told the Sunday Express: 'I love animals, especially cats, but over there they're treated like rats and are left to fend for themselves. I ended up feeding a lot of them, giving them bits of shellfish after dinner.

'This one was laying on my feet and I thought we were getting on really well so I went to stroke him, but he bit me so hard, it went down to the bone.'

Sam continued that when she'd told the restaurant owner what had happened, she was told that the tabby and white feline - which she took a picture of - was known locally as a 'crazy cat', meaning it had rabies.

The star explained she was then immediately given anti-rabies jabs at the island's Lamai Medical Clinic and is still getting injections, despite having flown back to the UK 10 days ago.

She added: 'The treatment for rabies makes you feel sick and horrible, though, really fluey and shaky.'

However, Sam, who lives in North London with Myra and their four cats, insists the experience hasn't put her off animals.

She said: 'I'm still potty about animals, cats, dogs, foxes, whatever.'

The last recorded death from rabies in the UK was a woman in Northern Ireland who was bitten by a rabid dog in South Africa in 2008.


Girls Gone Wild' Creator Joe Francis Engaged

Lady-loving "Girls Gone Wild" tycoon Joe Francis is getting hitched, the New York Post reported Friday.

Francis, 37, proposed to Los Angeles' CBS News entertainment
reporter Christina McLarty -- niece of Mack McLarty, former White House chief of staff to Bill Clinton -- while vacationing in St. Tropez. But it will not be a traditional wedding.

"We have chosen to have a civil domestic partnership because we don't believe it's appropriate to be married until our gay and lesbian friends are afforded the same rights as us to legally marry in the United States," Francis told the Post.

The couple were dating on and off for nearly four years, during which Francis -- who spent 339 days in jail battling various charges in Florida and Nevada -- also went to court against casino developer Steve Wynn over a $2 million gambling debt, and the IRS, which seized $100 million from his bank accounts.

The proposal to McLarty was obviously made on impulse. When asked about the ring, Francis said, "We're having one made."

The happy lovebirds were giddily planning the ceremony with 200 guests for sometime in September at Casa Aramara, Francis' lavish beach front estate in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Francis revealed, "The weekend will be fun, luxurious and filled with lots of surprises." Quincy Jones, his longtime neighbor in L.A.'s upscale Bel Air, will serve as best man.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2010/07/02/girls-gone-wild-creator-joe-francis-engaged-cbs-entertainment-reporter/
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nadal reigns wimbledon and remains hot while doing so

Rafael Nadal Wins Wimbledon, Claims Eighth Grand Slam Title

Rafael Nadal takes a bite of his gold trophy after winning the Men’s Singles Final match against Czech Republic’s Tomas Berdych at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships held at London’s All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on Sunday (July 4)

The 24-year-old Spanish tennis champ beat Berdych in straight sets, 6-3, 7-5, 6-4, to reclaim the Wimbledon title he first won in 2008. This is Nadal’s eighth major title and just eight more away from Roger Federer's men’s record of 16!


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Jessica Simpson's New Man -- A Real Tight End

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Jessica Simpson has a new boyfriend and he is not a current NFL player -- he's a former one.

Sources tell TMZ Jessica is dating ex San Francisco 49ers tight end Eric Johnson. He last played for the New Orleans Saints back in 2008. Johnson split from his wife earlier this year, filing for divorce in February.

Simpson -- whose show, "The Price of Beauty," returns to VH1 in 2011 -- began dating Johnson in May.

A source tells us they are "very happy."

Miley Cyrus Spends $24,000 on New Hair Extensions

It's been said that it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, and apparently Miley Cyrus is no exception.

Last week we reported (and applauded) that the 17-year-old pop star had ditched her lengthy hair extensions and was sporting a chic -- and much more natural -- 'do.

But maybe we were the only ones who loved it because industry insiders now say Cyrus has returned to her hip-length locks. Not only that, but you won't believe how much she paid for them!

A cool $24,000. (Nearly as much as her "Can't Be Tamed" corset!)

Sources told InTouch Weekly that "Miley bought the best hair possible, and then had it dyed to match hers exactly. Her hair is an investment."

For that amount of dough, is it any surprise that Miley reportedly had the extensions flown in from Italy to New York? She then had them delivered to hairstylist Kristina Barricelli at New York City's expensive Gemini 14 salon (which also services Brandi Irwin, the woman who spends $47,000 per year on her hair). From there, Miley's new hair -- and her hairstylist -- were flown to L.A., where it was put on.

Whew. Those must be some locks.

But really Miley, we liked your shorter 'do better.

Meanwhile, in other former Hannah Montana news, take a look at what she wore to the Canadian music video awards!
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'Glee': Katie Holmes will not guest star, says rep


Katie Holmes is not negotiating a five-episode stint on "Glee," the actress's rep tells Zap2it.

Reports hit the web over the Fourth of July weekend that Mrs. Tom Cruise was brushing up on her singing and dancing to prep for an arc on the FOX phenomenon, but the rumors are false.

Holmes does regularly take dance lessons with her friend, "So You Think You Can Dance" choreographer Tyce Diorio, and she's always been a singer -- in fact, she's sung on everything from "Dawson's Creek" to "Eli Stone."

While it looks like she won't be romancing Mr. Schuester or going toe-to-toe with Sue Sylvester any time soon, there's always YouTube to witness her always fascinating performances for yourself. You don't want to miss Katie's performance of "I Hate Myself For Loving You" from "Dawson's Creek." (And no, before you ask... that's not Chad Michael Murray's real voice. Obviously.)


Robyn's new music video had $5 budget; still better than that other blonde's

Swedish singer Robyn has opted for a minimal yet effective interactive 3D web video for her subtly titled album track ‘Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do’.

Watch Video at Robyn's Site

The full screen video – which has been created entirely in code – is a hybrid of 80s arcade favorite Asteroids and the sort of manic screen saver you may have had on you PC twenty years ago. However, it’s not the epilepsy inducing, in your face visuals that are the most interest part of this production. What really sets it apart from other videos is both its simplicity and the fact that it is tied into Twitter, offering up the ability for user generated interaction with the video itself.

Words depicting the various things that are ‘killing’ Robyn appear on screen as the track plays out. However, in the later half the wording stems from Twitter updates tagged by users with the #killingme hashtag. Thereby making the copy as random as the imagery.

A smart interactive touch that probably uses a mere fraction of the Mascara budget of Lady Gaga’s video for ‘Telephone’ [or Christina's "Not Myself Tonight," IMO] and puts fans at the core of the message.

This makes me wish I had 3D glasses. ONTD: what's killing you?

See the video at http://www.robyn.com/killingme/
Article by Giles Fitzgerald at Fruktsource: Source
Also, watch an unrelated interview w/Robyn and I Blame Coco here at NME.

vampire eric and someone who's not me celebrate 4th of july together

Kate Bosworth walks hand-in-hand with a pint-sized friend as she heads into a Fourth of July party at a friend’s house in Hollywood on Sunday.

The 27-year-old actress was a few steps behind her boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, who was seen carrying in a case of Heineken beer.

Before the celebration, the happy couple was spotted picking up snacks from Bristol Farms supermarket.

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Sherlock - Sherlock laptop
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Leafs GM Burke Marches in Toronto Pride Parade


TORONTO — On the 156th day of the rest of his life, Brian Burke woke up and he tried to keep another promise. He would march, he said. So he marched.

And marching was easier, in a way. Not that it was easy. As Brian Burke walked the streets of Toronto, sweating in the sun and waving at the sea of people at one of the world's grandest Pride Parades, he thought about his son. He thought about Brendan, his beautiful boy. How could he not? Brendan was why he was here.

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I thought it was fitting to post this as both the stories of Brendan Burke coming out and his death were on here.
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stephanie pratt to star in "The City"?

STEPHANIE Pratt is heading to New York — according to a new report.

Insiders say The Hills star is bound for the Big Apple so she can join MTV reality show The City.

Stephanie — the sister of psycho Spencer Pratt — has been talking to producers of the show, which stars Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo, reports New York Post gossip column Page Six.

“Now that The Hills is over, Stephanie has been talking about moving to New York for The City,” a source said.

“There would be a lot of drama there because her ex-best friend, Roxy Olin, is a regular on the show — and there’s bad blood because Roxy just dropped Stephanie for Whitney Port.”


this makes sense. Maybe it will follow her starting her handbag line.

6 Music saved from closure


BBC Trust says that 'the case has not been made' for digital station's closure – but no reprieve for Asian Network

A vocal campaign to save BBC 6 Music from closure was rewarded today when the BBC Trust said the digital music station will stay open.

The trust said it was opposed to a proposal put forward in March by the director general, Mark Thompson, as part of a wide-ranging strategy review.
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Source: Guardian  

What about the Asian Network? I guess when it comes down to it the middle class voice is loudest. Good news for Good music.


Eclipse wanes, remains number one

LOS ANGELES - "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" is waning at the box office but still has gotten off to a blockbuster start with $161 million in its first five days, according to studio estimates Sunday.

The third chapter in Summit Entertainment's vampire romance fell off sharply after debuting last Wednesday with $68.5 million. That was the second-best opening-day haul ever, behind its predecessor, last year's "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," which opened with $72.7 million.

After that huge first day, "Eclipse" averaged about $23 million daily over the next four days. That includes an estimate for a slow Sunday as people turned their attention to Fourth of July activities.

"Weather has a lot to do with a Fourth of July opening. I'm not looking to make excuses, but between barbecues and fireworks, we have a lot of competition," said Richie Fay, head of distribution for Summit. "I do think people will come back to the movie."

Its total through Sunday came in well short of the $200 million mark set last year by "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," the record-holder for best five-day start for movies opening on Wednesday.

"Eclipse" easily held the No. 1 spot for the weekend, though its $69 million Friday-to-Sunday total was only a fraction more than what the movie took in just on opening day. "New Moon" took in $142.8 million in its first weekend last November, though the movie opened on Friday and the figure includes its record opening-day gross.

Summit estimates "Eclipse" will climb to around $181 million domestically by Monday. The movie also has added $100.2 million in 42 overseas markets.

"Eclipse" has found a wider fan base than "New Moon," with a bigger percentage of males turning out for the latest installment. Female fans accounted for 80 percent of the audience on "New Moon" but only 65 percent of crowds for "Eclipse," Summit reported.

The latest adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling novels, "Eclipse" continues the love triangle involving a broody teen (Kristen Stewart), her vampire sweetheart (Robert Pattinson) and her werewolf pal (Taylor Lautner).

The weekend's other new wide release, Paramount's "The Last Airbender," opened well with $40.7 million to finish at No. 2 for the three-day weekend. The movie took in $53.2 million since debuting Thursday.

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan ("The Sixth Sense"), "The Last Airbender" is based on the cartoon series about a youth with mythical powers who can unite four warring nations.

"The Last Airbender" found a solid audience despite dreadful reviews from critics, who found the plot muddled and the dialogue stilted.

Disney's animated smash "Toy Story 3," which had been No. 1 the previous two weekends, slipped to third-place with $30.2 million, raising its total to $289 million.

"Toy Story 3" is about to pass last year's "Up" at $293 million to become No. 2 on the chart of Pixar Animation's blockbusters. The Disney unit's top-grossing film is "Finding Nemo" at $339.7 million.

Hollywood's overall business rose, helping to shore up this summer's sliding box office. Total revenues came in at about $193 million from Friday to Sunday, up 19 percent from the Fourth of July weekend last year, according to box-office tracker Hollywood.com.

Revenues this season are running at $2.16 billion, down a fraction from summer 2009. Factoring in higher ticket prices, though, movie attendance this summer is down 6.7 percent, according to Hollywood.com.

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breaking news: New York Times & family trash Sandra Lee's lasagna

On Tuesday, the Food Network star Sandra Lee’s cooking — specifically her lasagna — took a public knock from her possible future mother-in-law, Matilda Cuomo, mother of the New York State attorney general and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo.

Ms. Lee’s lasagna recipe calls for two cans of condensed Campbell’s tomato soup and a container of cottage cheese. When a reporter from the news channel NY1 asked Mrs. Cuomo whether her son might prefer the tomato-soup version to his mother’s own, she dismissed the idea.

“That’s not how you make a lasagna,” Mrs. Cuomo said, gently (but firmly).

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omg I can't get this story out of my head. So controversial, her future mother-in-law should not be talking like that to the press. I can't believe she's engaged to him.
I can tell this marriage might now work tbh
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cheryl cole collapses & takes x factor break; fought too hard for this love

Cheryl Cole has withdrawn from filming The X Factor after allegedly collapsing at a photoshoot this weekend.

The Fight For This Love singer is believed to have been diagnosed with exhaustion and gastroenteritis after she reportedly fainted at a north London photoshoot on Saturday.

The Sun newspaper reports Cole insisted on completing the promotional work at the weekend despite studio staff expressing concern over her pale appearance.

And after she reputedly fainted soon after photography began under the studio lights, her representatives have confirmed she will be absent from filming auditions for The X Factor until further notice.

amy beehive

She's A Lady

Despite her outrageous persona, Lady GaGa has admitted she isn’t that gaga after all.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The 24-year-old singer, famed for her crazy outfits and headgear, revealed that away from the cameras she is a 'lady with a strong moral code’.

Speaking after performing her Monster Ball show in Boston, she told the Daily Star: “I am Lady GaGa because in private I am a lady.“Don’t be fooled by the way I look, underneath all this I know exactly who I am and what my boundaries are. They are all important to me.

As a performer I’m outrageous and wild but as a person I have a very strong moral code. I would never cheat on a man. I believe in honesty and integrity.“My greatest sacrifice is love. I’ve only ever been in love once and I had to walk away because I had to put my career first.”

The Bad Romance star, who has been known to drench herself in blood on stage, added: “I dress to get people to stare."I say a lot of things for shock value and I do a lot of things to deliberately unsettle people, like going around in my underwear in the middle of winter. It gets a big reaction.

“I am Lady GaGa 24/7, I have no day off. Even in bed I wear my pearls and high heels. You either have it or you don’t and I was definitely born a star.”



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Prince: "The internet's completely over."

Prince: "The internet's completely over."

Xeni Jardin at 10:59 AM Monday, Jul 5, 2010

It takes a lot to get me to link to noted shitrag The Daily Mirror. One of my favorite musical artists and Highly Eccentric Persons declaring the entirety of networked communication "over"? Fine. I'll take the bait. Snip:

"You must come and listen to the album," he says. "I hope you like it. It's great that it will be free to readers of your newspaper. I really believe in finding new ways to distribute my music." He explains that he decided the album will be released in CD format only in the Mirror. There'll be no downloads anywhere in the world because of his ongoing battles against internet abuses. Unlike most other rock stars, he has banned YouTube and iTunes from using any of his music and has even closed down his own official website.

He says: "The internet's completely over. I don't see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else. They won't pay me an advance for it and then they get angry when they can't get it. The internet's like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can't be good for you."

Taken from one of my favorite blogs, Boing Boing. Really Prince? The Internet is OVER? Huh...

Source One
Source Two
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Shabby has walked out of Big Brother

Several other housemates expected to walk this afternoon
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SHABBY has just walked out of Big Brother.

After spending 27 days in the BB house, Shabby Katchadourian, 24, has decided to quit the show.
She made her exit through the diary room and didn't say goodbye to her fellow housemates.

Last night, the squatter and her best pal Caoimhe Guilfoyle asked to leave together after an argument with Ife Kuku.

Shabby has requested to leave the series a few times in the past two weeks.
She escaped eviction on Friday, and Sunshine was evicted.

However she was sure that she would be nominated again this week if she stayed in the house.
The lesbian was known for her intense crush on Caoimhe, out of control tantrums and love for too much black eyeliner.

According to the BB forums, Caoihme/Keeva has already walked out and can't be seen on the live feed. Apparently they agreed to walk out together.
It's all stemmed from some pretty srs bsns arguments that took place last night and this afternoon, and now basically everyone is saying they want to walk out...

source / live feed
prince eric, disney smiling approval

live-action Disney princesses, anyone?


It's just a rumor for now, but word on the blogosphere is that Amanda Seyfried may play Cinderella in a live-action adaptation of the Disney film. It makes sense, considering the box office bonanza that was Alice in Wonderland, not to mention Enchanted, which was basically about a Disney Princess who comes to life. And since you know that a live-action Cinderella will make a mint, the rest of the princesses can't be too far behind, which is why we're looking at the young actresses of Hollywood to see who could play the rest of the royal family. Here are our choices.

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some of the comments back at the castle source are great, but I'm sure ONTD can do better.
edit: the list is pretty fail-tastic but hilarious. also, thank you to everyone posting live-action Disney Villain casting.
Xtina: QT Glasses

Kelly Rowland won't rule out cosmetic surgery in the future

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Kelly Rowland refuses to rule out surgery in the future - but would avoid Botox for fear of permanently freezing her face.

The former Destiny's Child star underwent breast enhancement surgery in 2007 and admits she's open to more cosmetic operations.

But Rowland would steer clear of the facial-freezing injections as she's worried about the damage it may cause.

She tells Britain's Closer magazine, "If my butt is falling I'm going to pick it up. I'm not against it."

"I'd never have Botox though - no way. I don't want needles stuck in my face, that's going to hurt. And I like to have expressions!"

Would you consider cosmetic surgery ONTD? What would you change? Botox in your future?

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Kingston & Zuma Shopping with MILF Gwen yesterday

Gwen Rossdale and
her boys.  Leaving a Party City in Ca.

Looks like Gwen will not be getting krunk at
this 4th party- not with an grover ELMO balloon.

What happened to Zuma?!
That is some benjamin button shit right there!

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Classy, Flawless, fantastical, etc.

my 1st post!!
eta: it is better than I imagined.


Johnathon Schaech & Jana Kramer’s Fourth of July Nuptials

Engaged since 2009, actor Johnathon Schaech married Jana Kramer on Independence Day weekend in Michigan and OK! has all of the exclusive details.

“Jana and Johnathon were married in an intimate outdoor ceremony in Glen Arbor, MI to the witness of 100 close friends and family,” a rep for the That Thing You Do star revealed exclusively to OK!.

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress looked stunning as she said her vows on Sunday in, “a custom-made Jim Hjelm wedding gown.”

Keeping true to Jana’s dress designer, “her bridesmaids wore Jim Hjelm, as well.”

Johnathon was previously married to Anchorman actress Christina Applegate, but the pair divorced in 2007.
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Bieber might get waxed and leaves Canada behind


Rumor has it that Justin Bieber is the next celebrity up for getting the wax treatment at the Madame Tussauds location in either New York or Los Angeles, California.
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Although he is a Canadian and doesn't celebrate independence day on July 4, Justin Bieber is more than happy to take the stage and entertain his fans on the U.S. big day over the weekend.
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Kurt and Sue
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First Look at Keir Gilchrist and Zach Galifianakis in "It’s Kind of a Funny Story"

The first photo of Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) and Keir Gilchrist (United States of Tara) in Half Nelson writer/directors Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck’s new film It’s Kind of a Funny Story has been sent to us by /Film reader Matt S.

The comedy-drama has been adapted from Ned Vizzini’s 2006 novel of the same name; “16-year-old Craig (Gilchrist), stressed out from the demands of being a teenager, checks himself into a mental health clinic. There he learns that the youth ward is closed – and finds himself stuck in the adult ward. One of the patients, Bobby (Galifianakis), soon becomes both Craig’s mentor and protégé. Craig is also quickly drawn to another 16-year-old, Noelle (Emma Roberts). With a minimum five days’ stay imposed on him, Craig is sustained by friendships on both the inside and the outside as he learns more about life, love, and the pressures of growing up. Academy Award nominee Viola Davis (Doubt) plays Dr. Minerva, the adult ward’s staff psychiatrist; Zoe Kravitz (The Brave One) portrays Nia, Craig’s longtime crush; Aasif Mandvi (The Proposal) is cast as Dr. Mahmoud, a hospital psychiatrist; and Lauren Graham (Parenthood) and Jim Gaffigan (of Focus’ Away We Go) play Craig’s parents, Lynn and George.

The movie is the third feature from the filmmaking team of Boden and Fleck, following Half Nelson (2006), for which lead actor Ryan Gosling received an Academy Award nomination, and Sugar.

I expect to see a trailer released sometime in the coming weeks.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story
is scheduled to be released by Focus Features on September 24th 2010.


EDIT: It looks like the photo is from Entertainment Weekly.
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this is a kitty purry post.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Last week, Katy Perry's California Gurls replaced Ke$ha's Tik Tok as the all-time Mediabase Top 40 airplay record holder with 12,794 spins in one week. Being Perry's seventh week on the chart andhaving the strongest bullet of any other song, it appeared as though California Gurls could break its own airplay record the following week. For the second consecutive week, Katy Perry has done just that.

Mediabase Top 40 Charts can be found here. For June 27 to July 3 of 2010, California Gurls amassed 13,167 spins. An average of 92 spins per week, radio stations are playing California Gurls at a pace exceeding 13 times per day. With summer having just gotten underway, it seems like California Gurls could be destined for a lengthy tenure at #1 on Mediabase Top 40 and Billboard.
Until 2010, it'd been nearly a decade before weekly airplay records were being broken.

This year, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, Ke$ha's Tik Tok, and now Katy Perry's California Gurls have all broken airplay records in an era that's exposing radio stations for becoming too redundant with their playlists.

With a bullet of 373, summertime, and limited competition, could California Gurls be in position to break its own airplay record for a second consecutive week?

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Vienna Girardi: Jake Pavelka was emotionally abusive, lied, didn't want sex, etc etc w/e w/e

Vienna Girardi: Jake Pavelka and I lied, made up wedding plans

Vienna Girardi stated that she "definitely" would wed Jake Pavelka after they got engaged during The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love's finale, however she claims the two never actually discussed marriage.

"From the moment we got engaged, we never talked about the future, about a wedding, ever again," Girardi told Star in a cover-story interview in the magazine's July 5 issue.

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I've never watched his season of The Bachelor or followed them but this article came up on Yahoo and it was too lols not to post. LOLOLOL "forcing her to get rid of her dog due to shedding issues"

Wat pomp ONTD?

Hollywood Beckons for SA Rapper

In what clearly looks like a stroke of genius, Fight Club filmmaker David Fincher has shed some light on a possibility that tiny Yo-Landi Vi$$er of the South African rave and rhyme crew Die Antwoord could be cast in his new movie.

The director, whose previous work The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was nominated for numerous Oscars, apparently envisioned the title character from his upcoming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo after the gangsta-trash-punk stylings of Miss Vi$$er. The character in question is Lisbeth Salander, an Asperger's ridden hacker girl who transforms her way into a private detective.

Although, it's unclear if Fincher had the character modeled after Vi$$er or if he wanted her to actually play the part, she joins the ranks of previous hopefuls including Carey Mulligan and Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame. In addition to Fincher, other filmmakers have expressed interest in the bleached appearance and apparent acting skills of the young star.

Vi$$er confirmed that she had been approached for the film role, speaking from Poland, where Die Antwoord was currently on tour.

She said she wasn’t interested, however, as Die Antwoord was “her life”.  She said she didn’t know the book “but a few people have told me of the main character and said that I remind them of her.”

Meanwhile, Die Antwoord have a film project of their own in the works. The Answer is being described as “District 9, but with more rave and more rap."
Source 1, 2

I want these guys to come play New Zealand so fucking bad.

Review of Inception

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Bottom Line: A devilishly complicated, fiendishly enjoyable sci-fi voyage across a dreamscape that is thoroughly compelling. In a summer of remakes, reboots and sequels comes "Inception," easily the most original movie idea in ages.

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Not as spoilery as I thought but I only read some of it so I can know as little as possible. I can't wait for this movie, I'm so excited I even made one of the banners my phone's background.

Lil Kim "I'm still relevant!"

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Kim recently talked about changing with the times and maintaining her relevancy as a hip-hop veteran.

Speaking on the changes hip-hop has undergone over the past decade, Kim claims she is still able to reinvent herself.

"I'm constantly growing, my album came out in '97 but I started doing music in the early '90s. One reason that I'm still here and I'm still relevant to this day - probably even more relevant than a lot of new people who come into the industry - is because I know how to reinvent myself, I know how to change with the times. I think that, no matter who you are these days - you could be young, you could be old, you could be new, you could be an artist that's been in the industry for a minute - I think it's all about a hot record these days, it's different. I think that's the only difference I could point out - you know, you could have a hot song back in the day but it may not break through. But now if you have a hot song - it doesn't have to have a lot of thought behind it, it doesn't have to be a deep record, you don't even have to be very talented as long as you come up with something that's catchy and, you know, something that is now." (The Vine)

Recently, Drake talked about the importance of relevancy and cited Kim for being jealous of Nicki Minaj.

"Yeah I think the main thing for me was - and the reason I lashed out in that situation - was, because it wasn't about me. And there are a lot of stupid things that other of rappers are going to try and rope me into. But at the end of the day, unfortunately, that's not what pushes my buttons. You can say anything to me and I will not react to it. And even in that specific situation [with Lil Kim] when things start getting said about me, it lost its thrill. You know what I mean? My biggest thing was I don't like when you talk about people I love. People that I know for a fact are working very hard and are very respectful people. I don't like that. That pushes my buttons more than anything you can say about me. It was wrong for ever saying anything in regards to that situation and, as you can see, I left it alone. Its over at this point. You know, I'm not going to give somebody a "look" off that. The fact is, I see Nicki pay a lot of respect to a lot of emcees in the game and she's just working hard, doing her thing. Other individuals who aren't relevant get jealous." (All Hip Hop)


the kardashians out w/ their men

Up after a late night party cruise, Kim Kardashian and new boyfriend Miles Austin were spotted doing a bit of morning shopping in New York City on Sunday (July 4).

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Living it up on the east coast, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were spotted out at Georgica Restaurant & Lounge in East Hampton, New York on Sunday (July 4)

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Spending the holiday in the Big Apple, Khloe Kardashian and husband Lamar Odom were spotted side-by-side in New York City on Sunday (July 4).

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flag shouting

tron covers latest EMPIRE

pick of two covers both with mr.hedlund!
Empire Tron Legacy CoverEmpire Tron Legacy Cover
It was ahead of its time in 1983, but the original Tron is getting a heck of a tribute in the form of big-budget, gorgeously designed sequel Tron Legacy. The film isn't due until December, but we have a report from the Vancouver set and exclusive interviews with all the key cast and crew to bring you everything you need to know on this latest tale of lightcycles, neon and gladiator games. Step through Flynn's Arcade into a whole new and completely stunning world in the latest issue.

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Cristiano Ronaldo DILFs it up in NYC

Cristiano Ronaldo: Da Silvano Lunch with Irina Shayk!

New dad Cristiano Ronaldo lunches with two gorgeous female friends - including his girlfriend, model Irina Shayk - at Da Silvano restaurant in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City on a hot Monday afternoon (July 5).

The 25-year-old soccer star waited until both gal pals were inside his waiting SUV until he exited the restaurant.

Yesterday, Cristiano announced that he the proud father of a new baby boy but would not reveal the baby mama';s identity. Tabloids are reporting that he paid a surrogate mother to have his baby but his rep hasn't commented on the rumor.

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I do not buy that a 25 year old man in the prime of his career had a baby via surrogate, idk what they are covering up but they are. At least his girlfriend didn't strangle him to death during their lunch, that's good news for him I guess.

New Fox Series Lonestar: New Trailer, News Articles, Reviews & Pictures

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I am somehow really looking forward to this. It's the only network pilot that I'm really looking forward to, but I fear it might have worked better on cable. Well, whatever, the lead guy looks really hot and could be my second celebrity crush right after Lee Pace. What do you think, ONTD? Also, sadly there is another ad before the actual promo video, couldn't rip it from the website so that there is just the actual video.

Comic-Con's Most Wanted

Will Brad Pitt, True Blood, and Harry Potter Rule San Diego?

Is it the same without Robert Downey, Jr. and "Twilight"?

Every year Comic-Con somehow manages to top itself with sheer starpower and legitimate surprises. Last year, Johnny Depp showed up out of the blue, "Kick-Ass" wowed the crowd, "Avatar" died under the hype (who knew) and "True Blood" had a line of people around the convention center who couldn't get in. Oh, and did we mention the "New Moon" fans who waited in line for days to attend that film's panel?

2010 may not have Robert Pattinson or Robert Downey, Jr. in attendance, but the HitFix staff has a wish list that burns just as bright. Just for fun, here's a sampling of who couldn't make the top 25 of our most wanted but may be at the con anyway: Vanessa Hudgens and the "Suckerpunch" cast, Michael Cera, Chloe Moretz for "Let Me In," Chris Pine for "Unstoppable," the cast of "Glee," the cast of "Futurama," Channing Tatum for "The Eagle of the Ninth," James Franco and Natalie Portman for "Your Highness," Nic Cage for "Drive Angry" and Tom Welling for the final season of "Smallville." Has that peaked your curiosity of who made our cut? Click on the tabs above and then tell us who you want to see patrolling the Gaslamp district next month in two weeks.

Sadly, if you don't have passes for Comic Con yet you're out of luck. Comic Con International runs July 22-25 but is officially sold out. Don't fret though, you can find complete coverage of both the worlds of movies and TV on HitFix during the entire event.


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I'm looking forward to Supernatural, True Blood and Harry Potter the most. I swear, WB better send the HP cast because this is their last chance to come. If Twilight gets its chance to shine at Comic-Con and HP doesn't, Imma be pissed. And praise baby Jesus that Twilight won't be there this year.

it&#39;s tough to live alone

Roger Ebert Apologizes: 'I Was A Fool For Mentioning Video Games'

Okay, kids, play on my lawn

I was a fool for mentioning video games in the first place. I would never express an opinion on a movie I hadn't seen. Yet I declared as an axiom that video games can never be Art. I still believe this, but I should never have said so. Some opinions are best kept to yourself.

At this moment, 4,547 comments have rained down upon me for that blog entry. I'm informed by Wayne Hepner, who turned them into a text file: "It's more than Anna Karenina, David Copperfield and The Brothers Karamazov." I would rather have reread all three than vet that thread. Still, they were a good set of comments for the most part. Perhaps 300 supported my position. The rest were united in opposition.

If you assume I received a lot of cretinous comments from gamers, you would be wrong. I probably killed no more than a dozen. What you see now posted are almost all of the comments sent in. They are mostly intelligent, well-written, and right about one thing in particular:

I should not have written that entry without being more familiar with the actual experience of video games.

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IDG why he keeps capitalizing "art". Just makes me think of the janitor from Night Court.

Best Costume Design: 1948 to the present

A look back on the Academy Award winners for Best Costume Design!

This award wasn't introduced until 1948 (in case you're wondering, "Where is *insert gorgeously costumed film from before 1948 here*?")  and it initially was given to two winners - a black-and-white film, and a color film. The Academy combined the award in the 1950s, reverted to the original format soon after, and finally combined the award for the last time in the late 1960s.

It would've been crazy to post pictures for every film for such a long list, but I've put together a small sampling of photos that I hope will be enjoyable. Not dial-up friendly!

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An Omar Broadway Film Trailer

HBO is premiering the documentary July 14th


I really question though, how he kept the camera hidden for so long, how (if) he was able to charge it, etc

PS- It took him THREE YEARS to plan this out

'Glee' vs. 'Popular'

Is creator Ryan Murphy's wildly successful 'Glee' just 'Popular 2.0'?

By Michael O'Connell, Special to Metromix

Sure, everyone is over the moon for "Glee," but does it ever give you that oh-so-distinct feeling of TV déjà vu? There's a reason for that.

Ten years ago, in the glory days of the WB, "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy had another high school dramedy called "Popular." The similarities between the two series—particularly among their main characters—are, let's say, "questionable." But is "Glee" really just a TV vet's musically infused recycled material? Take a look at the evidence and judge for yourself.

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Which is it for you, ONTD? Glee or Popular? Leslie Grossman guest appearance in Glee season 2 plz.

am: sailor moon - hotaru

Debra and Dexter Planning a Family

MICHAEL C. Hall and his wife Jennifer Carpenter are ready to start a family.

Sources say the couple — who married in December 2008 — are planning to have kids together.

The pair were forced to put their baby plans on hold when doctors told Michael, 39, he had cancer. But now the actor is on the mend, they’re getting back to business!

“They’re all set to start trying,” a source told In Touch Weekly magazine.

“Jen is taking prenatal vitamins and reading every book about babies she can get her hands on.”


there are not enough acting awards for this man. and they are adorable together.
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Sandra Bullock with her son in Austin & Julia Roberts with her kids in Toronto

Sandra Bullock goes furniture shopping with son, Louis Brado Bullock, over the 4th of July weekend in Austin, Texas. Bullock will celebrate her 46th birthday later this month.

She may have been busy working, but that didn't stop Julia Roberts from making the 4th of July a family affair. The actress took her three children along to the set of her new movie, the family comedy, Jesus Henry Christ.

The 42-year-old is not starring in the film, but has taken on the role of producer through her production company Red Om. Her husband Danny Moder also joined 5-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and 3-year-old son Henry on location in Toronto, Canada.

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Sources: http://showbiz.sky.com/celeb-diary-in-pics-209; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1292183/4th-July-Julia-Roberts-takes-children-set-new-film.html#ixzz0srJcya4d

I never realized that Julia Roberts was this thin. She looks fine, but I am just a bit surprised.
James Franco

WTF: Glee Exclusive Javier Bardem to rock out with Artie

Forget Emmy. Glee is generating some serious Oscar buzz.

Academy Award winner Javier Bardem is expected to appear this coming season as a rock star who befriends Artie (Kevin McHale).

Bardem pitched the idea to Glee boss Ryan Murphy, with whom he worked with on this summer’s Julia Roberts starrer Eat Pray Love.

“We’re going to rock the house,” enthuses Bardem, who became an unabashed Gleek after watching the entire first season in one week. “We’re going to do some heavy metal — Spanish heavy metal, which is the worst.”

Source | EW

Alexander Skarsgard: Ready for Take-Off!

Alexander Skarsgard: Ready for Take-Off!

A solo Alexander Skarsgard catches a departing flight out of LAX airport on Monday (July 5) in Los Angeles.

When the 33-year-old True Blood stud was recently asked why he thinks his vampire series is so popular, he told EW, “It’s very entertaining. It’s sexy, funny, smart. I think what makes it popular is it’s not too lightweight. You believe in the characters even though some of them are thousands of years old. You can also draw parallels to our society, which makes it quite updated.”

Yesterday, Alex and girlfriend Kate Bosworth attended a Fourth of July party together.

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Everything looked good until those ugly boots showed up.



Zachary Quinto grabs lunch with a fruit fly hag gal pal at Sant Ambroeus restaurant in the West Village neighborhood of New York City on a hot Monday afternoon (July 5).

The 33-year-old actor celebrated the Fourth of July from the Big Apple (SHOULDN'T IT BE IN THE BIG APPLE? NO? YES?). Zach and his friends watched the fireworks go off from the 42nd floor of a West Side building.

Earlier in the day, ZQ was seen hanging out with Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson. (HE WOULD. HOMEWRECKER.)

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rupert attends wireless festival.

RUPERT GRINT has impressed directors including MARTIN SCORSESE but isn't starting any new films yet - the Harry Potter actor wants the summer off to go to a few festivals.

He started by watching JAY-Z at the Barclaycard Wireless festival on Sunday - wearing a T-shirt tribute to NEW YORK DOLLS hellraiser ARTHUR KANE.

That's a statement of intent.

He told me: "I want to take some time to think about what I'm doing next. I'm not into rap but I thought I'd give Jay-Z a go. I'm more into rock so I've got tickets for Reading and V Festival later in the year."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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idk about those sunglasses.
gaga smize

New York Times calls Kylie a blander Madonna

Kylie Minogue still sounds like Madonna’s nicer, blander kid sister on her 11th studio album, “Aphrodite,” which starts with the airy declaration, “Dance — it’s all I want to do.” In her long, buoyantly superficial career, her songs have rarely had much more than that in mind.

Through ups and downs and an arty moment or two, Ms. Minogue, 42, has been a pop presence worldwide since the late 1980s, particularly in her native Australia and Britain. Her elfin voice, the body she’s proud to flaunt and her decent average in finding catchy songs and hopping on bandwagons have sold her tens of millions of albums, though mostly outside the United States. She made her first North American headlining tour only last year.

She has joined Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Kelis and even Miley Cyrus in latching onto club sounds; only Ms. Cyrus sounds less dangerous. Even in “Get Outta My Way,” which stages a voyeuristic ménage à trois — “see me with him and it’s turning you on” — the music goes bounding along, chipper and indifferent.

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Which is your favorite?

DW: 10: the doctor up

Kelsey Grammer blogs about his divorce and tabloid rumors

For those of you who have expressed your concern, I have had a very interesting week to say the least. I would like to start out by saying that both Camille and I have sworn to avoid any public forum as we go through what is bound to be a difficult process. However, when faced with malicious and unfounded rumors, I will defend myself. Some comments have surfaced about Father's Day. I don't know who is generating them but the truth is that I did call my kids that evening. Frankly, I was surprised that they did not call me in the morning but I was thousands of miles away and working that day so I didn't give it a second thought. I had texted Camille that morning to wish her Dad a Happy Father's Day. I hoped that might serve as a reminder. I love my kids and I miss them terribly. Camille and I had actually discussed bringing the kids out for that weekend but the family was scheduled to come out the following week for the month of July. I thought: why have them fly to NY twice in the same week? Anyway, after the matinee, I and two of my old buddies drove up-state to spend a little time in the mountains. We stopped for dinner and when we got to the house (which has no cell service, by the way), I called them to see how they were doing as I do almost every night at around the same time, 11PM my time--8PM their time, just before they go to bed. Apparently, Mason had been upset earlier that day because she was missing me. I spoke to her for some time and reassured her that I loved her and that I would be seeing her soon. I have spoken to her and her brother Jude every day since and had called them every day before; perhaps it was foolish of me to expect a call on Father's Day, but frankly I did.

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I love Kelsey sfm. He's being super classy about the whole thing. He's suffered a lot in his personal life, I just want him to be happy!

PS go see him in La Cage, he and the whole cast are top notch.