June 16th, 2010


Janelle Monáe, So Hot Right Now

Janelle Monae, a neo-soul/hip-hop songstress from Wyandotte County, wears a strictly regimented outfit to all public appearances. Part Yves St. Laurent, part James Brown, she dons a tuxedo, saddle shoes and bow tie and wears her hair styled into a towering cliff-like pompadour.

Before her performance last month at New York’s Highline Ballroom, the first of back-to-back-to-back sold-out shows in the city, a man in similar dress — tails and a top hat — walked to the microphone.

“This is an emotion picture, produced, directed and performed … ” he announced, pausing dramatically, “ … by Janelle Monae.”

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Christian Dior Is Now Making Contact Lenses

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but only when the beholder has shiny gold Christian Dior contact lenses in their eye! To us they say more “middle school Halloween” than “grown-up fashion statement” but the gold flakes are pretty cool. Still, given that we’re wary of wearing monogram on our clothing, I’m not sure we really want the CD logo on our sclera.

FIRST PHOTO: Coco Rocha’s Wedding Dress

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We were thrilled that Coco Rocha felt close enough to her twitter followers — us being one of them — to let them in on the details of her wedding. Her invite was gorgeous, and when we found out Zac Posen was designing her wedding dress, we anxiously awaiting photos of fittings.

Like any good bride, though, she saved the precious details of her dress for the big day, even if she did tease us with this photo. Well the day finally came, and on June 9th, Coco got married. We’re still sitting on the edges of our seats for some more wedding pictures to surface, but here’s a glimpse of the gorgeous model bride in dress and up-do that make Lara Stone’s wedding seem so last season.

don't wear free shit

  • If you were in the Netherlands pre-FIFA, and you bought a Bavaria Beer pack - you got a free dress.

  • A group of Dutch chicks wore them to the game.

  • And were suddenly surrounded by police, forced out of the stadium and interrogated by South African police.
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Gemma Joins Jack Sparrow!

IT'S been a while since we've heard from supermodel turned actor Gemma Ward, but rest assured, her career is definitely on the up.

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We can reveal exclusively the stunning blonde has signed on for a role in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Starring Johnny Depp, Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz and Geoffrey Rush, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides begins filming in Hawaii this week.

Ward won't shoot her scenes until August, playing a mermaid in the blockbuster action adventure.

It's a small speaking part for Ward
, but provides a clear indication of where she is heading with her career. "Gemma's focus is definitely on acting," said a friend, who did not want to be named.

"She's spent the past year studying the craft full time in New York."

With no new developments in her modelling life, Perth-born Ward was keen to point out last year she hadn't written off that side of her career.

"I haven't quit modelling and my fans back home can expect to see me back at work modelling - and acting - in the new year," she said.

At the time, Ward's mother, Claire, said the Vogue cover girl had decided to remain based in the US and was considering enrolling at Yale University to study drama.

Ward, 22, began modelling at 14, discovered by a scout for her wide-eyed look and doll-like features.

She enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of the business and remains one of Australia's most successful models, having appeared on the cover of more than 30 issues of Vogue magazine around the world and starred in campaigns for high-profile brands including Prada, Balenciaga, Hermes, Jil Sander and Louis Vuitton.

But she turned her main focus to acting in 2008, starring in the critically acclaimed Aussie film The Black Balloon, alongside Toni Collette, Rhys Wakefield and Erik Thomson. She subsequently appeared in the US horror flick The Strangers, with Liv Tyler.

Last year, Ward was rumoured to have been flagged by The Black Balloon writer Jimmy Jack to star in the film Zombie: Sex, Brains And Rock'n'Roll, based on his screenplay, but there has been no further mention of her involvement in the project.

We can't wait to see Ward back in the spotlight again.
this is the crisis I knew had to come

Moar Katy Perry for you lucky ONTDers

Katy Perry Likes Rubber Dresses, Volkswagen

Katy Perry is back from a few days in Europe, and Tuesday she spent part of the day in Times Square, singing from the hood of a Jetta in a pastel rubber-like dress.

Perry sang I Kissed A Girl (and I liked it) and new single California Gurls at the press event, but the hood singing was limited.

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I love her so much. Judge away, ONTD!
040 // Keira ~ Stripey Beauty, 40

"Never Let Me Go" Trailer.

As children, Ruth (Knightley), Kathy (Mulligan) and Tommy (Garfield), spend their childhood at a seemingly idyllic English boarding school. As they grow into young adults, they find that they have to come to terms with the strength of the love they feel for each other, while preparing themselves for the haunting reality that awaits them.

Nevet Let Me Go opens October 1st in UK. More on the book, but beware of SPOILERS: HERE.

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Twilight Sues Over Bella Swan Jacket

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So much for a big break!

Summit Entertainment, the studio behind Twilight, is suing clothing company BB Dakota over their Bella Swan jacket.

Summit is accusing BB Dakota of copyright and trademark infringement and if they get their way the jacket will be no longer. On top of wanting them to stop selling the jacket, the studio is asking for all profits made and for BB Dakota to deliver all the unsold jackets so they can destroy them.
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Holy crap, it's THE SMURFS!

Hey look, it's THE SMURFS!

I’m not going to lie, this first image from the live-action adaptation of THE SMURFS doesn’t look that bad. Granted, the film might be as awful as SCOOBY-DOO (it’s directed by the same guy) or, god forbid, ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS (shudder to think) but I can’t deny the cuteness of these little blue guys. We all loved the TV series didn’t we? Some of that charm might have rubbed off right?

USA Today has our first look at the film which opens August 2011. In the movie, The Smurfs get transported to modern day New York and have to find a way home to their magical village in the Middle Ages. All the while, they are being threatened by the evil wizard Gargamel (Hank Azaria) and his pesky cat Azrael.

I wonder if they’ll continue the tradition of replacing words with “smurf”. “New York City? What the smurf is that?”

The fish-out-of-water story is sure to have many visual and slapstick gags to please the youngsters in the audience but will it have anything to keep the parents happy? Will this be the first CG/live-action film that is worth our time or just another cheap attempt at making some money on an aging property? We’ll know more when the trailer debuts this Thursday.

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Rihanna Wants An Album Like 'Thriller'

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According to Akon's brother, who does A&R at Def Jam:

Rihanna is coming along incredibly. I’m trying to push her to where every song will be a hit from 1 to 12. I’m talking about NO album fillers. Our bar for this album is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. We got smashes from Stargate, Ester Dean, Mel & Mus and Rock City. We’re definitely going in with Ne-Yo, The-Dream and other writers and producers that have always been a part of her creative process since day one. She’s great to work with and very hands on with every song that’s being written and produced. She has visual concepts for just about every song. It’s already giving me the feel of a timeless album, and right now is her time.


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what does fail look like?

The teaser for 'I Kissed A Vampire' starring none other than gay kid from High School Musical and the Drew Seeley guy that starred opposite Selena Gomez in 'Another Cinderella Story' and sang Zac Efron's part in HSM1.

It's supposed to be a mix of Glee & High School Musical jumping on the vampire bandwagon.



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Lady Gaga's Stage At Lollapalooza Will Be Huge

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"I actually said, 'Who's the chick with all the clothes, because this is my festival and she's got [a lot of clothes racks]. We've got one rack.' I gotta follow this chick and see what's going on. But she had this sweet smile. And she was real mischievous, so I liked her. She asked for a giant stage, so we spent like $100,000 to give her a giant stage. We spent close to $150,000 to house the production she's gonna do. And I say yeah, let's do it."

-Lollapalooza founder and Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell, speaking to MTV News about meeting Lady Gaga for the first time and the elaborate plans she has for this summer's festival. Gaga will be headlining one of the nights of this year's Lollapalooza, which will once again be held in Grant Park, right in the middle of downtown Chicago. The festival will take place on August 6-8 and will also feature Soundgarden, Green Day, Arcade Fire, the Strokes, MGMT and Phoenix, among dozens of others.

Farrell spoke to MTV News on the red carpet of Monday night's (June 14) Activision event at the annual E3 conference in Los Angeles. He first met Gaga when she performed on a side stage at Lollapalooza in 2007. Still a brunette and wearing little more than a bikini during her afternoon set, Gaga managed to impress the small crowd and left an impression with her very early work. Three years later, she is headlining the same festival — which is expected to draw over 75,000 people per day to Grant Park.

Summer-Bennett by melissa_pbfan

Queen of Young Hollywood(tm) Dakota Fanning graces us with her presence, went on Kimmel

Joining up with her castmates for promotional efforts, Dakota Fanning was all smiles while out in Los Angeles, California on Monday evening (June 14).

The "Twilight" cutie was escorted inside the Jimmy Kimmel Theatre as she met her "Eclipse" pals for an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

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Royalty bestowed by henryevil :D
Sports Night: Bored and Waiting

Pogo Releases New Mix

Just a few days ago, brenden notified us that a Mix at Disney's World of Color, which was thought to be made by Pogo, had not been.

Even though Pogo has expressed his feelings towards Disney, stating "I wouldn't call my relationship with Disney a partnership. They've swept me under the rug more than anything else," he has released a new mix, featuring Disney*Pixar's "Toy Story."

The video was released to hype "Toy Story 3", which opens on Friday nationwide.

Video Source
Information Source

What do you think ONTD? Do you think this one of Pogo's greatest mixes? Or should he not have made something for Disney again?

ETA: Another mix has been released by Pogo.

marina † primadonna

ANOTHER Glee guest star for season 2...

Leona Lewis to have 'Glee' cameo?

Leona Lewis has reportedly landed a guest spot in Glee.

According to The Mirror, the singer will appear in the next season of the show.

Lewis allegedly celebrated the news with Glee star Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Schuester, in London club Mahiki last night.

Matt Lucas and Susan Boyle are also expected to have appearances on future episodes of the programme.


The National to Appear on Next Sufjan Stevens Album

Sufjan Stevens has finally headed back into the studio, and in this case, it’s the National’s studio, in Brooklyn. “We’ve played on some of the tracks and been listening to some of the stuff as he’s been working on it,” National guitarist Bryce Dessner recently told Exclaim!. Dessner was pretty tight-lipped about the details out of respect for his comrade’s artistic privacy, although when asked if the new Stevens material was bearing much resemblance to previous releases, Dessner was unequivocal in his response of “No.”

“It’s going to be incredible,” Dessner stated. “It’s going to probably blow people’s minds.” The National have been blowing some minds lately, too, both on record and on stages. They’re currently headlong into an extensive summer tour of the US and Europe, which included a stop at Bonnaroo. That set can be heard in its entirety via NPR, and below, a tasty bit of the webcast.


so exciting, even though i still wish he'd make an album for my state!
Kurt and Sue
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Glee: Turns Out Sue's 'Kitty Cat' Quote Was Much More Gruesome

Ahh, one of my favorite lines from Glee, courtesy of Sue Sylvester. Remember this one during "Mash-Up"?

"I'll need to see the set list for sectionals, after all. I want them on my desk warm from the laminator at 5pm. If it is one minute late, I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then on some dark cold night I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face."

Apparently, that line isn't what they originally planned to do.

Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that this wasn't supposed to end with Sue punching Will in the face. Come to think of it, it doesn't really make much sense, starting with a kitty cat and ending with a black eye -- but that's all because of Jane Lynch's little edit.

"I only allow them to change the script if they have trouble with animal cruelty," Murphy said. "That's the rule. (In one show, actress) Jane Lynch was going to get a cat and give it to someone as a present -- but then sneak in and kill the cat. And she was like, "I'm not going to say that. I work for PETA. I can't say, 'Kill the cat.' " So I said, "OK, you can change it to 'Smash them in the face.' " (Laughs.) The joke then made no sense."

Well, Mr. Murphy, the joke still made sense, because it highlighted Sue's irrational anger of Will Schuester. And it gave us one of our favorite Sue zingers ever.

Now, for the other cat in Glee folklore -- Brittany's diary-reading kitty...


The goddess of pop auctions a piece of history to benefit lupus

WHAT: A necklace designed by Brian Lichtenberg and worn by Lady Gaga in the music video for her #1 single “Poker Face” will be auctioned off to thelowest, unique bidder on Winnit.com, a reverse-auction website co-founded by Nick Lachey. All proceeds from the auction will go to Lady Gaga’s charity of choice, The Lupus Foundation of America.

To participate in an auction on Winnit.com, users must pay a fee ($1 for the Lady Gaga auction) each time a bid for the lowest, unique amount is placed. At the close of an auction on Winnit.com, the user who holds the bid closest to zero – and is the only person to hold that exact bid – wins!

WHERE: http://www.winnit.com

  • Start Date: June 15, 2010 | 12:00AM
  • End Date: June 24, 2010 | 11:59PM
About Winnit
Winnit.com is a reverse auction website where users bid to win items from brands including Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Apple, Sony, Porsche and many more. To participate in an auction, users pay a $1 fee per bid. At the close of an auction on Winnit.com, the user who has bid the lowest, unmatched amount wins.

About The Lupus Foundation of America
The Lupus Foundation of America (www.lupus.org) is the nation’s foremost nonprofit voluntary health organization dedicated to finding the causes of and cure for lupus, and providing support, services, and hope to all people affected by lupus. The Lupus Foundation of America and its network of chapters, branches, and support groups conduct programs of research, education, and advocacy.


CUNT BE TAMED- Miley responds

Days after celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton posted to Twitter a controversial photo of Miley Cyrus stepping out of a car, the teen superstar is speaking out about the photo and how it's impacted her efforts to promote her new album.

In a phone interview on Ryan's radio show Tuesday, Miley said of the tweet, "that's some idiot being an idiot."

Perez has come under fire in recent days for posting an image of what was rumored to be Miley not wearing any underwear. If that were so, Perez could've faced legal action from the 17-year-old star's camp as the photo could be considered child pornography.

Frequently the aim of criticism for her adult outfits and performances, Miley has taken the critiques in stride as she travels the world promoting her new album "Can't Be Tamed."

"Isn't it funny things like that, that are so negative, have to come out right before my record?" asked Miley. "It's like, no one can just let a positive thing happen."

Today, Perez was on the defensive in a video posted to his blog, saying "Miley was clearly wearing underwear. Do you think Miley is that stupid to be out in public without panties?"

Perez went on to say, "Do you think I'm stupid enough to post a photo of Miley if she's not wearing any underwear down there?" he said. "Sure I like to be controversial, but I don't want to go to jail."


Justin Long is All About the WooHoo

“There were parts about certain... well, ACTS that men supposedly don’t like performing on women that I have very strong feelings against. I would very much argue the opposite.”

—Justin Long on Neil LaBute’s play “Filthy Talk for Troubled Times,” in which he played a sleazy misogynist who hates giving cunnilingus. Justin, apparently, does not!

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Sources: 1, 2

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halos black hands plantains

Erin O’Connor: I Won’t Retire

Erin O’Connor says she “hates the idea” that women have to retire when they get past their “sell-by date”.

The 32-year-old is one of Britain’s most successful supermodels with a runway career spanning 15 years. Erin has modelled for international designers including Christian Dior and Versace, as well as gracing the cover of fashion bibles such as Vogue and Elle on numerous occasions.

The model adores her job and admits to being an “outrageous poser,” saying she can never see herself giving up.

“I hate that idea of retirement or ‘you’re past your sell-by-date’. That is very odd, because, for me, it is about moving, showcasing and being an outrageous poser,” she told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

Unlike other models including Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson, who gave up regular sashays down the runway a long time ago, Erin is still passionate about the catwalk, revealing she loves the performance aspect.

“You’d think after 15 years I would be bored, but I’m not. The catwalk is like liberation, because there is a bit of performance involved, a bit of skill thrown in, so it doesn’t matter what age you are,” she said.


I don't see nearly enough of her anymore. Picspam anyone? And lol idk about the pic, it was the one from the source so

Bruce Springsteen Concert Film Debuts to Benefit Melanoma





If I was tasked with the responsibility of explaining the true definition of a rock star to the disenfranchised youths, I have a fair guess at how I’d start out the lecture:

“Any rock singer who is equipped with the rare ability to reach through the canvas of a movie screen, in a performance taped months prior, and touch an audience, to rise them from the conformity of their foamed-cushioned seats in a damp, dark theater, to make them dance and shout without hesitation, nothing short of ‘rock star’ would you dare call that performer.”

London Calling: Live in Hyde Park is the new concert film by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, recorded last summer at the Hard Rock Calling Festival in London. Its two-week limited engagement concludes this Friday at Beach Theatre in St. Pete Beach. Any chance to see New Jersey’s most successful bar band is a treat in itself, but to catch the legendary band on the big screen for a great cause provided a rare opportunity to dance down E Street.

[After the jump, uncover The Rabid One’s review of the film, as well as further details about showings in your area…]


Miley Cyrus To Perform Can't Be Tamed Show For MTV Live Stream

Miley Cyrus is going global. The "Party in the U.S.A." singer will celebrate the release of her new album, Can't Be Tamed, with a free global live stream of a concert across a number of MTV Networks' Music and Logo Group websites on Monday, June 21 (the day the album hits stores).

The show from the House of Blues Sunset Strip in Los Angeles will be available on Miley.mtv.com, Miley.vh1.com, Miley.cmt.com, Miley.logotv.com and more than 30 websites across Europe, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Cyrus will debut songs from the album, and in addition to the live stream, a special widget will allow for live chatting with fans from around the world.

"I'm so excited to perform my new music live in concert on the night of my album release," Cyrus said in a press release announcing the show. "Thanks to MTV Networks, my fans from all around the world have the opportunity to be a part of it and experience it with me."

The Can't Be Tamed World Premiere Live concert will be live streamed to nearly 160 countries, but fans can take a shot at buying tickets to see it in person on Wednesday (June 16) beginning at 10 a.m. PT on Ticketmaster. The live-stream event will begin around 10:30 p.m. ET/7:30 p.m. PT. The next day (June 22), the concert will be archived and made available for on-demand viewing, allowing fans to access the full concert and to view specific performances.

The day after the concert will also mark Cyrus' "Rock Band" debut, with five songs made available for download in the "Rock Band" music store. The Miley Cyrus Pack 01 will feature five of Miley's fan favorites, including "Can't Be Tamed" from her new album, as well as "7 Things," "Fly on the Wall" and "See You Again" from  2008's Breakout, and "See You Again" from her 2007 debut, Meet Miley Cyrus.

"I can't wait for my fans to be able to download and play five of my songs in 'Rock Band,' " said Cyrus. "I love that people can rock out with me and play my new song 'Can't Be Tamed'!"

Isabella Blow's Wardrobe Sells To Daphne Guinness

Isabella Blow's Wardrobe Sells To Daphne Guinness:

The clothing collection of fashion icon Isabella Blow won't be heading to auction after all. Last month I mentioned that her wardrobe was going up for sale at at Christie's in London on September 15. The collection, a treasury of vintage McQueen and featuring 50 hats by milliner Philip Treacy, has sold to a private bidder.

The NY Times reports that Daphne Guinness, a fashionable lady in her own right (we covered the auction of her own couture collection in 2008), has picked up the full collection. Blow's wardrobe was more than just what she wore, it was, as Guinness put it, "her DNA." Although Blow's career in fashion included a stint as Anna Wintour's assistant as well as consulting jobs for top fashion brands her claim to fame was really what she wore and the way she wore it. Her uniquely quirky style was avant garde but never cartoonish. Designers adored her for the sharpness of her taste and her willingness to embrace the unexpected. Guinness too has a similar fashion fearlessness. By preserving the collection as a single entity she saves not just Blow's legacy but also Alexander McQueen's, keeping the relationship between muse and designer intact.

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Megan Fox Was Shooting Guns by Age 5

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Megan Fox learned a thing or two about shooting long before playing gun-wielding beauty Leila in Jonah Hex.

"When I was 5 and 6 years old, [my dad and I] went target shooting with shotguns," she tells MTV News. "So I've handled a gun before – an enormous shotgun – when I was a little kid.

Guns were a way of life. "I grew up in Tennessee, and my dad, as a hobby, is a duck hunter," Fox explains. "He used to go kill ducks and bring them home, and we would eat them for the dinner ... We would barbecue them."

But the interest in guns didn't last. "As a grown adult, I don't mess around with guns at all," she says. "I have a fear of them."

Zach Woods promoted to series regular on "The Office"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Who says there’s no room for advancement in The Office? Sources confirm to me exclusively that the NBC hitcom has just promoted Zach Woods — aka Sabre VIP (Very Insecure Person) Gabe — to series regular for season 7.

The way I see it, that’s ace news: The actor meshes beautifully with the existing Dunder-Mifflin staff — which is to say, incredibly awkwardly. And if we can’t have Kathy Bates every week as Jo, he’s pretty close to the next best thing.

Yay! I love Gabe.

Oliver Phelps and Rupert Grint sing Karaoke

Last night at Universal Orlando CityWalk's Rising Star karaoke club, Rupert Grint and James Phelps took the stage to sing to some fans and tourists.

The two are in Orlando for the Grand Opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park.  You can see video of them performing at this link!

Nice job guys!

Oliver and Rupert
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Rupert and his double.

Adorable. The opening is really soon you guys!

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Body talk pt 1 Reviews

Sponsored by a live performance of "Dancing on my own"

According to metacritic | 80

90 | musicOMH.com

With Body Talk Pt 1 she's ready to finally take her place at pop's top table of greats. For once, the sequel can't some soon enough.

Read Full Review >

85 | Pitchfork

Immaculately produced, fantastically sung, and loaded with memorable choruses, this eight-song effort has plenty to please everyone from post-dubstep crate diggers to teen tweeters-- often at the same time.

Read Full Review >
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source source
Cillian So Pretty

Black Book Interviews Cillian Murphy and Ken Watanabe for "Inception"

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been interested in finding a way to make a movie about dreams,” director Christopher Nolan says of the genesis for his upcoming sure-to-be-blockbuster, Inception. “I’m interested in the fact that it’s both a universal experience and a subjective one.” The film hinges on what transpires in the unconscious mind while sleeping. “There’s an interesting relationship between dreaming and watching movies, the way we absorb these worlds that are created for us,” he says. Paradoxically, Inception is also an action film.

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I can't wait to see this! And I adore this interview.

Kyra Sedgwick Avoids Scales after Struggle with Weight Issues

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Like many other women who have struggled with weight and food issues, Kyra Sedwick admits that she too had a body image problem when she first started out in the business.

Playing a Holocaust survivor in the 1985 film War and Love, where the slender-framed actress dropped 20 lbs., started what she says was a year-long battle.
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I ♥ her. I ♥ her husband. I adore The Closer!
gaga smize

meet the DC housewives

Meet the new Real Housewives of DC!

Bravo touts the series as portraying "connected D.C. power players" navigating "the unwritten social rules of the Beltway." But none of these women works in government or politics; for the most part, neither do their husbands. Friends tell us most of the cast didn't know each other before taping began last year. Bravo gave serious consideration to a lobbyist and a fundraiser, but both dropped out, because their jobs either required discretion or were too boring.

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+ tedlasso ; i appreciate you

Winslet To Play Austrian Kidnap Victim?

KATE WINSLET is in talks to bring the true story of an Austrian kidnap victim to the bigscreen in an upcoming movie, according to reports.

The Titanic star, 34, is said to be in talks to tackle the real-life story of 22-year-old Natascha Kampusch, who was snatched as a child and held captive in a cellar for eight years.

Wolfgang Priklopil kidnapped Kampusch when she was walking home from school aged 10 and committed suicide after her escape in 2006.

Winslet has been named as the favourite to portray Kampusch in the film, which will be directed by Fantastic Four producer Bernd Eichinger, reports Britain's Daily Express.

Meanwhile Inglourious Basterds actor CHRISTOPH WALTZ is rumoured to be taking on the role of Priklopil.

Speaking about the currently untitled movie, which is scheduled for a 2012 release, Eichinger tells the Austrian Times, "Natascha Kampusch trusts us and I appreciate that."

Kampusch adds, "Many kind letters convinced me to pursue plans to turn my story into a film."


GTFO, Eichinger. Don't this, Christoph bb!
a sad communication

The influence of the patriarchy goes unaddressed, part #52338e

Jewel In A Bikini On 'Shape' Talks Being 'The Chubby Renee Zellweger'

Jewel covers the July issue of Shape in a bikini and in the interview she talks about dealing with teasing about her body and how she stays positive.

On being called "the chubby Renee Zellweger" in the media years ago:
"My feelings were so hurt by that story, I ended up bingeing on an entire cake. Afterward, I actually tried to throw it all up, but thankfully I couldn't do it. It made me think, 'I can't go down this road.' I had seen so many performers develop eating disorders or try to control their weight with drugs, and I decided I would do no harm to my body."

Her advice to women:
"We should be more like men, God bless 'em. They can take their shirts off and show their man boobs, and they don't give a hoot. But women are so critical of themselves. We can be gorgeous and hot and still be embarrassed to wear a tank top. So if you can't stop looking in the mirror, at least try to not think badly about yourself when you do."


Hoo boy
halos black hands plantains

Sorry ONTD, our soulmate has left us

Megan Fox Engaged To Brian Austin Green Again: Report

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are engaged again, Us Weekly reports.

Her on-again-off-again boyfriend proposed on the beach at the Four Seasons Hualalai hotel on the Big Island in Hawaii, sources tell Us, but Megan lost the ring in the sand.

"I saw her jumping up and down," a witness said. "Later, I saw a half dozen staff sifting through the sand."

The search was reportedly unsuccessful.

"Security and maintenance staff spent a couple of hours looking for it," another source told Us. "No one found it."

Megan and Brian began dating in 2004. They were engaged from 2007 to 2009 and rekindled their relationship last year.

Megan claims to have only ever slept with two men: Brian and her childhood sweetheart. well that's really relevant She even has a tattoo of Brian's name on her pelvis.



The Craziest Part of Breaking Dawn Might Not Be in Breaking Dawn

For those of us who couldn’t give a toss about Twilight, there has still been some reason to anticipate one of the two halves of Breaking Dawn, the adaptation of the final book in the series. Specifically, there’s a fairly crazy scene where Bella (Kristen Stewart) gives birth to her half-vampire baby. Suffice to say that rendering the scene as it takes place on the page would finally put the series into actual horror mode, which has led many to wonder how it will be filmed at all for a PG-13 film. (Revisit Devin Faraci’s rundown of the book’s insanity at CHUD if this is all new to you.)

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has the easiest answer: don’t shoot it at all.

Speaking to the LA Times, she said, “On the fan site, on Facebook, all the comments are “It has to be R rated! You have to show the childbirth! Gore and guts and sex!” For me it’s actually more interesting to not see it. You know, you can do childbirth without seeing childbirth … it doesn’t mean it’s any less evocative of an experience.” Which is another way of saying “I’ll save you ten bucks.”

welp. no reason to see it, in that case
Hey Arnold; Arnold & Helga

MJ stage clothes, Hendrix guitar up for auction

LAS VEGAS – Michael Jackson memorabilia, including furniture, stage clothes and handwritten lyrics, are up for sale as part of a celebrity auction planned in Las Vegas this month.
Julien’s Auction also plans to auction guitars played onstage by Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley at the four-day auction at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.
The June 24-27 auction includes a Mercedes car owned by Anna Nicole Smith, as well as dozens of personal items from Cher, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and others.
The auction will also feature items from “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry’s estate.

amy beehive

Pretty Reckless EP Background + EP Sampler!

Here is a bio about how Taylor Momsen's band, The Pretty Reckless came about.

One night several years ago, Taylor Momsen’s father took his daughter to a White Stripes show. “Before that, the only concert I’d been to was Britney Spears,” says the singer, songwriter, and guitarist. “But once I saw Jack White onstage, that was it. I grew up as a dancer and I thought you had to dance to be a girl in the music industry. Then I saw the White Stripes and I was like, ‘No, you don’t. I can do that.’” Momsen was nine.

Collapse )

The EP tracklisting is:

1) Make Me Wanna Die
2) My Medicine
3) Goin' Down
4) Zombie - exclusive track for physical EP!


ALSO Exclusive: Hear The Pretty Reckless EP
, thanks waxandstrings :*

Audrina Patridge 2 right Buk

Audrina Patridge: Aspiring Author

She’s coming to the end of her run on “The Hills,” and it seems Audrina Patridge may have a writing career in the works.

The “Into the Blue 2” babe contributed to a new book about relationships, and it sounds like she knows what she’s talking about.

In “The Frisky 30-Day Breakup Guide,” Audrina explains how to survive a breakup, having herself recently split with singer Ryan Cabrera.

She writes, "Surround yourself with loved ones and give yourself a few things to look forward to. It's important to have fun things planned when you're going through a breakup, because it's pretty easy to wallow in your sorrow and feed your depression."


What ever happened to her show?

All this amuses Miss Lauren Conrad who is reported to have a net worth of $12 million

Stan Lee Wants Leonardo DiCaprio to Portray Superhero

After some Marvel Comics were turned into big screen projects, many stars such as Tobey Maguire and Robert Downey Jr. have had their chances to portray superheroes.

But the comic books' creator, Stan Lee, has one actor whom he wants to see slipping into a superhero costume, proposing Leonardo DiCaprio's name.

"I want Leo. Leo DiCaprio should be a superhero," the 87-year-old told Hollywood Life when met at Activision E-3's concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on June 14. Adamant on his wish, Lee added, "Leo needs to be a superhero."

DiCaprio, in fact, was briefly rumored to play of Captain America in "Captain America: The First Avenger". However, the report did not turn out to be true since Chris Evans is the one who is lucky to get the role in the upcoming movie, which is aimed for July 22, 2011 release in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old actor has starred in Oscar-nominated movie "Blood Diamond", as well as several Oscar-winning movies, including "Titanic", "The Aviator", "The Departed" and "Revolutionary Road". DiCaprio has wrapped Christopher Nolan's "Inception" which is due in the U.S. on July 16.


What do you think, ONTD? Wanna see Leo don some tights and a cape to play a superhero? If so, who? I can see him as Aquaman....
jbj smile

Bradley Cooper bruised by A-Team

Bradley Cooper got so “banged up” filming his latest movie he would discover new bruises every time he got undressed at night.

The 35-year-old star plays war veteran Face in action film The A-Team.

Bradley loved every second of shooting, but admits his extreme stunts took their toll on his body.

“I got banged up,” he said.

“In one scene, a Hummer blew up and I tore my hamstring. I kept discovering new bruises every time I came home at night. Epsom salts were my saviour.”

Bradley bulked up dramatically for the film. He was impressed with his buff body, but horrified at just how difficult it was to achieve.

“Training for this role was brutal,” he told Us Weekly magazine.

“Kate Hudson’s old trainer Ashley Conrad trained me and she came out to the set in Vancouver so it didn’t really matter where I was – hell travelled with me!

“I was on a regimen of 2,000 calories a day and I had to work out hard as well. It was harsh.”


I think it was worth it considering people tell me his chest was the star of the film. Sadly, haven't seen the movie for myself yet.

Scientists to test Ozzy Osbourne's body to see how he is still alive

Ozzy Osbourne is set to undergo tests to see how he is still alive after years of abusing his body with drugs and alcohol. The former Black Sabbath frontman will be one of only a few people in the world to have his full genome analysed by scientists, reports Sky News.

Using a blood sample, the US company Knome are hoping to improve their understanding of why some people can live a life of excess and others can not. The cost of the research will be £27,000, with the results of the tests expected to take three months.

"Sequencing and analysing individuals with extreme medical histories provides the greatest potential scientific value," Nathan Pearson, director of research at Knome, said.

Notorious for his wild rock'n'roll lifestyle, the legendary frontman recently described himself as a "medical miracle" after going on a "bender" for "40 years".

go on living our own way of living

Well oh dear.

Cameron Diaz: 'I'm Always Traveling For Cock"

Cameron Diaz opens up about her love life, working with ex Justin Timberlake and her love of rough sex in a new Playboy interview. Here are some excerpts:

On traveling for love:
"Oh gosh, I can't even count how many times I've gotten on a plane for love. It's not unusual in this business; my lifestyle demands it. I'm always traveling for [whispers] cock. You've got to go where it is."

On whether she is dating Alex Rodriguez:
"No, no, no. I've been in relationships since I was 16 years old. In the past three years I've made a conscious decision not to be in a relationship for as long as I want. I've stayed away from all the traps out there for me to just fall into something that will potentially lead me down the same road...I want to have a relationship with myself right now."

On her famous booty:
"My booty has been on hiatus from film but certainly not from everyday life, where it doesn't stop moving. It's in constant sway and has a mind of its own. On camera, though, there just hasn't been an opportunity for it to assert itself lately."

On primal sex:
"I'm primal on an animalistic level, kind of like, 'Bonk me over the head, throw me over your shoulder. You man, me woman.' Not everybody has the right kind of primal thing for me...I love physical contact. I have to be touching my lover, like, always. It's not optional."


This is gonna get ugly quick
gina lash

Skins USA's Maxxie is a Cheerleading Lesbian

When MTV announced they’d be shooting a remake of the British series Skins, the response was a mix of fear and excitement. In April, Racialicious debated Skins USA’s potential, mentioning that the gay character Maxxie would become a “Latino named Teo.” Furthermore:

Skins runs on Channel 4’s subscription channel E4 and contains a fair amount of nudity, including full frontal and rear for women and, rarely, men as well. That’s not to forget the almost constant parade of drugs on the show. The first few episodes, really the first season, is downright dirty — in probably half the episodes a character vomits from inebriation or intoxication. Don’t watch it while eating.

Can MTV handle all this? Perhaps. For me, the most classic primetime guilty pleasure from MTV was Undressed, but by Skins standards, Undressed is about as racy as Grey’s Anatomy.

MTV shot the U.S. version of the pilot in Baltimore in February, which MTV picked up for ten episodes. The series will begin shooting “in earnest” in late July. According to “Sides” obtained by AfterElton.com, SKINS US Tumblr reported the following about Maxxie/Teo character:

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I was never a big fan of Maxxie. I felt he was underdeveloped and that Mitch Hewer was one of the weakest actors on the show. However I felt the character had a lot of potential and I'm disappointed that we won't get to see an American adaptation of his and Tony's friendship:

Hey Arnold; Arnold & Helga

Stana Katic Interview

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk to the very charming and witty Stana Katic, one of the Emmy hopefuls this year, who plays Detective Kate Beckett on the hit ABC show Castle. She talked about the Castle season 2 cliffhanger, her approach to her character, acting tips from Nathan Fillion, whether or not Castle will be at Comic Con this year and also what TV show she would like to guest star on. Check out her interview below and enjoy!

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Source: http://www.daemonstv.com/2010/06/16/stana-katic-castle-exclusive-interview/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed:+daemonstv+(Daemon's+TV)&utm_content=Twitter#ixzz0r3M0SUim
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A group of familiar faces speaking nine different languages from all over the world came together for our third NOH8 PSA to share their one simple message: I am human.

No matter what language you speak or what country you live in, everybody everywhere speaks the universal language of love. We are all human, and we deserve to be treated equally.

Our diverse cast of Familiar Faces include Amber Rose (English), George Takei (Japanese), Kimberley Locke (English), Louis van Amstel (Dutch), Marlee Matlin (American Sign Language), Mayim Bialik (Hebrew), Selene Luna (Spanish), Vassy (Greek & French), and Vida Ghaffari (Farsi).


‘Lie to Me’ Promo Pics: ‘Dollhouse’s’ Enver Gjokaj Guest Stars

Apparently, there are three qualifications to be a guest star on Fox’s Lie to Me: 1.) You must have starred in a cult series. 2.) You must currently not be a regular on a TV series, thus disappointing cult series fans. 3.) Vlada must love you. A couple of weeks ago, Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars) guested on the series as a sociopath, forcing me to rave on EW.com’s PopWatch blog about how great he was and lament the fact that he doesn’t have a show of his own. In the June 28 episode, “React to Contact,” the show will feature two more actors who have been missing from the TV screen: Enver Gjokaj (terrific on Dollhouse) and Alona Tal (Veronica Mars, Supernatural). Gjokaj plays Sgt. Jeff Turley, an Iraq war veteran, and Tal is Becky Turley. An official episode description follows:

Lightman and the team use cutting-edge science and virtual-reality technology to save the life of an Iraq war veteran and his family. In doing so, Lightman confronts unsettling truths about his own past in the all-new “React to Contact” episode of LIE TO ME airing Monday, June 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Didn’t he learn to stay away from tech on Dollhouse?!

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  • drbat

"Ad Campaign Causes Disappointment for Splice Audiences"

Since we live in the age of advanced screenings, studio leaks, and bloggers with inside information, moviegoers sometimes need to make an extra effort to avoid learning too much about films before they see them. Some fans who took these steps to avoid spoilers for Splice, though, wound up seeing a movie quite different than what they were expecting.

The TV Spots and Trailers

The trailers and TV commercials for Splice show biochemists Elsa (Sarah Polley) and Clive (Adrien Brody) creating a new life form. Shocking moments like Elsa's arm getting pulled into an incubator and a victim being whisked off by an unseen creature also make appearances in all the TV ads and trailers. Music in the spots is ominous and the film's title and release date appear in red lettering on a black background.

Anyone who saw these ads would invariably conclude that Splice is a monster movie, one that is loaded with scares.

Visions of Horror

A quick sampling of moviegoers who attended a recent screening of Splice in Mississauga, Ontario, suggests that the ad campaign did entice some horror aficionados to see the film.

Oksana, an avid fan of horror films, felt let down. "I saw the commercials and thought this was going to be an awesome horror movie," she said. "But it wasn't. I wouldn't call it a horror. Don't know what you'd call it, actually. "

Engineering student Miguel, another horror film buff, concurred. "I thought it was going to be like Alien or [the Cronenberg version of] The Fly. It turned to be not that scary and just...weird."

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Haters gonna hate.

Rumor: Kim Kardashian dating Miles Austin?

Tony Romo is out of the celebrity dating game, but his favorite receiver is reportedly romancing a Hollywood diva.

According to the National Enquirer, Miles Austin is dating Kim Kardashian, who apparently has a fondness for skill players. Kardashian, a well-rounded woman who is basically famous for being pretty and coming from a reality-show family, used to date Reggie Bush.

The Enquirer stretches the truth about as often as Austin stretches the field, so we can't say for sure whether the report is accurate. But it wouldn't exactly be stunning if a good-looking wide receiver who will soon have an eight-figure contract hooked up with a beautiful Hollywood starlet.

It's well known that Austin loves LA, spending a lot of his free time there. That included the first two weeks of the Cowboys' strength and conditioning program this spring.

There's no question that Austin at least has some interest in Kardashian. She's one of the 15 people he follows on Twitter. The favor has yet to be returned, so maybe Miles has work to do to win over Ms. Kardashian.


Edit: Here is the man in question:

lol at them calling her well-rounded. k i know their source is the national enquirer but this is big news in dallas today! what do you guys think? true/false?
ramming speed

California socialite arrested with pot at airport



DEA finds 13 suitcases filled with more than 500 pounds of marijuana

Still wearing dark false eyelashes after a night in the Franklin County jail, a Beverly Hills, Calif., woman accused of bringing 23 bales of marijuana to Columbus faced charges in U.S. District Court yesterday.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents picked up Lisette Lee, 28, at Port Columbus on Monday night after she arrived on a chartered jet from Van Nuys, Calif., with a bodyguard, two assistants and 13 large suitcases.
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drink ya juice shelby

Graceland clone to be built in Denmark

Builders in Denmark laid the first brick Tuesday of a copy of Elvis Presley's famous estate Graceland, to open next year as part of a museum devoted to the "King" of rock'n roll, organisers said.

More than 8,000 kilometres (5,000 miles) from Elvis's estate in Memphis, Tennessee, the Danish Graceland is being built in the small western town of Randers, as a star addition to the town's prized Elvis museum. "This exact copy of Graceland will include some 6,000 original possessions of the King like clothing, boots, guitars, letters, contracts and other diverse objects," museum director Henrik Knudsen, 46, told AFP.

When Randers' original Elvis museum opened 15 years ago it was "the only permanent museum on the King outside the United States," said Knudsen, who says he "became an Elvis fan at the age of eight after hearing 'Burning Love'." It now receives around 25,000 visitors a year.

The Graceland look-a-like will display "thousands of Elvis artifacts currently on show at the museum in town, in addition to a large number of other items that are being stored in the cellar due to lacking space," Knudsen said. It will also feature a shop, a restaurant and a cinema screening films about Elvis on a loop. Set to open in April next year, it will be financed by three private investors and a local bank and is expected to cost a total of 26 million kroner (3.5 million euros, 4.3 million dollars).

The town's tourist office expects the Danish Graceland to attract between 75,000 and 125,000 visitors each year, mainly from Europe.

ONTD, have you ever pilgrimaged to a famous site like graceland?

Aphrodite Available for Pre-Order

This came into my email today

"The divine new album "Aphrodite"
A pop masterpiece heralding Kylie's triumphant return to the dancefloor

Available July 6

Pre-order the iTunes LP with exclusive audio tracks, live concert video, behind-the scenes footage and photo gallery."

The concert videos are from her North American tour (include White Diamond, Confide Me and several others).

Source: Me and my email

Jennifer Love Hewitt Loves Her Body, Unless There's A Supermodel Nearby

Image and video hosting by TinyPicJennifer Love Hewitt has had a rough couple of years. She’s recently single, her show, 'The Ghost Whisperer' has seen better days, her new book, 'The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello My Name Is Jennifer Love Hewitt, I’m a Love-aholic' has been panned by critics, and she’s also battled against the media’s intense and often cruel obsession over her weight. And apparently, Love isn’t immune to Hollywood’s most rampant disease, Celebrities-Say-Stupid-Stuff-itis, so it looks like the good times are going to keep on coming for her. Yes, more common than Hit-Bottom-junctis, Love has contracted Celebrities-Say-Stupid-Stuff-itis and as a result, she finds herself with another huge target on her back after a regrettable interview with People Magazine for their “Hottest Bodies 2010”.

In her interview with People Magazine, Love discusses her crusade to get woman to love their bodies and to focus on their health instead of the scale. She tells the magazine, “when I meet young girls, I'm always like, 'Just do me one favor,' love what you look like right now”. The interview also covered how she put down the junk food in exchange for trips to the gym and her efforts to change how she viewed her body. "I just really worked on my mental part for a couple of weeks, got myself in a really good mindset," reports People Magazine.

Even though Love’s interview isn’t exactly original - everyone from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian have echoed similar sentiments - it’s still great advice and a very healthy approach to getting in shape. Unfortunately for Love, while she was saying how much she loves herself and her body, she also picks out which celebrity bodies she would love to have. "I'd want to have Gisele Bundchen's body. Even though she's tall and skinny, she does have curves ... and I think that's hot," she said. "Halle Berry also is kind of amazing." Wait, What?!?! So in an interview about body acceptance and loving yourself, Love discusses how she would like to have the body of a supermodel and an A list star. Insert befuddled facial expression and long pause here.

Those two statements seem to kind of contradictory and it makes it hard to fully embrace your body if it is being placed on a scale of comparison. It’s like she’s saying, love your body but the best body you can have is the body of a supermodel. To quote the title of a story the Huffington Post ran about Love’s People magazine interview, “Jennifer Love Hewitt Loves Her Body, Wants a Different One.”

If Jennifer Love Hewitt wants to join the fight against society’s obsession with weight and encourage people to accept their bodies, then maybe she should rethink comparing her body to that of a supermodel or an A List Star. The idea of embracing one’s uniqueness and individuality comes with the understanding that there’s no room for measuring yourself against another person and there’s no such thing as assigning values to physical features. Unless it’s giving out generic dating advice, Love is a little too far out of your comfort zone. Next time she should just think - What would Wonder Woman say?

Han Solo and Ally McBeal got married

TMZ has learned Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were married yesterday and Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico performed the ceremony.

We got the tip from Lisa Stanley at K-Earth 101in L.A. and just confirmed it ourselves.

We're told the couple was married in the Governor's mansion in Santa Fe.

Harrison and Calista have been together for almost 8 years, and they got engaged over Valentine's weekend in 2009.

Harrison is filming "Cowboys and Aliens" in New Mexico right now.


2Pac & Biggie -- Together at Last

Madame Tussauds in D.C. is bridging the gap between Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Starting today, for the first time ever, the wax versions of the rival East Coast (Biggie) and West Coast (2Pac) rappers will be housed at the same museum -- so fans can take photos with them together.

The figures will be on display in D.C. for three months.

-- 2Pac would have turned 39 today.

The Jonas Brothers Are World Travelers

The Jonas Brothers have been hopping all over the world recently.

Joe Jonas have been in Africa where he was spotted hanging with the Prince of England:

Joe shakes hands with Prince William at a soccer coaching event at Maun Stadium in Botswana, South Africa.

The duo have paired up to show their support for an innovative conservation project being run in Botswana called Coaching For Conservation, which blends football (soccer) skills to wildlife protection.

The innovative project run by the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust also teaches youngsters self respect and awareness of the environment around them.

William is also trying to pitch a bid for England to host the 2018 World Cup to the Football Association. He won Joe over too! Joe shared, “He won me over so yeah, definitely.”


Collapse )

Meanwhile Nick Jonas has been working hard in London, preparing for his West End debut in Les Mis. It should come as no surprise that tons of teenage girls have been stalking his every move:

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Source #2

This post is brought to you by the crazy fans girls who made this picture:


Gravity; Another "Next Avatar"

Framestore is about to embark on one of its greatest challenges yet, Gravity is the next Avatar in terms of ambition. There are many innovative and visually stunning aims for this project.

The entire film will be made here at Framestore. In effect the film, as Avatar was, is 60% CG feature animation with the balance being hybrid CG and live action elements.

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Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence... and FML I have to watch this movie even though movies about space give me anxiety.

(No RDJ signal on purpose sry2say)

  • drbat

Nicollette Sheridan says ABC dismissed 'Housewives' assault as 'light tap'

Fired "Desperate Housewives" co-star Nicollette Sheridan has updated her lawsuit against series creator Marc Cherry and ABC, alleging for the first time that the network investigated her claim of physical abuse on the set and told her it was merely a "light tap on the side of the head."
Sheridan's lawyers have quietly filed an amended complaint in her $20 million, seven-count lawsuit for wrongful termination, assault and battery, and discrimination. We tracked it down, and while it nearly mirrors the original (some language has been cleaned up and a few of the claims are more clearly stated), two interesting paragraphs have been added. 

In the wake of Sheridan's bombshell April 5 lawsuit alleging that Cherry struck her on the "Housewives" set and engaged in a pattern of abusive behavior, ABC said only that "we investigated similar claims last year by Ms. Sheridan and found them to be without merit." At the time, we heard that Cherry and ABC execs were telling people the "incident" was merely Cherry rehearsing a scene with Sheridan involving a slap.   

Now Sheridan confirms that was exactly ABC's excuse to her. She also says she was told to go back to work and finish the season "in the spirit of professionalism" but was instead unprofessionally terminated two months later and forced to put on a happy face for the press. Here are the two graphs added the amended lawsuit:
  • In December 2008, Sheridan was informed that ABC had fully investigated her complaint and had concluded that she was not mistreated. In fact, the Executive Vice President of ABC Studios, Howard Davine, claimed that "Marc [Cherry] simply gave her a light tap on the side of her head for the sole purpose of providing direction for a scene they were rehearsing." With that, ABC decided to take no further action and closed the investigation, informing Sheridan that "we will finish off the season in the spirit of professionalism and courtesy that has been the normal course for Desperate Housewives."
  • However, rather than a season of "professionalism and courtesy," Sheridan was informed in February 2009 that her employment on the Show was going to be terminated and that her character, Edie Britt, was being killed off the Show. She was to film her final episode the last week of February 2009 and first week of March. Sheridan was given a strict publicity plan to follow to "break the story" that her character Edie Britt was leaving the Show.

Why did Sheridan's lawyers amend the complaint to add two paragraphs claiming ABC looked into the claim and found it meritless? Neither Sheridan's deal lawyer Neil Meyer nor her litigators Mark Baute and Patrick Maloney have called us back. ABC declined to comment on the amended complaint, filed May 20 in Los Angeles Superior Court. 



MTV - Christina Aguilera: What Should Her Next Move Be?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Between the unexpectedly soft first-week sales for her comeback album, Bionic, constant criticism from Perez Hilton and a barrage of Lady Gaga comparisons, it hasn't been an easy few weeks for Christina Aguilera.

While the negative press is nothing new (remember the public outcry over her explicit "Dirrty" video?), the less-than-stellar album sales, controversy over her sexed-up "Not Myself Tonight" video and the recent postponement of her tour are not adding up well. So what should she do next?

We decided to pose the question to some experts, all of whom seem to agree that Aguilera has bucketloads of talent — but also has her work cut out for her.

"She's still under 30, she still has a fantastic voice, but I think her time has passed. I don't know if it's because she went away for a while, or because she tried to do something different with this project, but it feels a little crass and calculated," Entertainment Weekly music critic Leah Greenblatt said. "From her choice of collaborators [The-Dream, Polow Da Don, Le Tigre] to her first single, it doesn't feel fully organic. What's missing so much with her this time out is that, while she can still sing the crap out of her songs, you don't get a sense of vulnerability, or even really know who she is."

"She just seems a little confused, and that's not like her, and it's not what we want from her," Julianne Shepherd, executive editor of The Fader magazine, added. "The image she's been projecting, she just doesn't seem comfortable doing it. She's always done vamping, but now it's like 'I'm wearing these insane PVC outfits and singing to this music that I don't relate to.' No matter what she says, I don't see her sitting around listening to old trance records."

Both agreed that Aguilera should essentially do her — focus on putting out the kind of songs that showcase her strengths — and stop chasing her competitors.

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hanson: 1440 hours in my day

Hanson wants to perform with Drake (again)

Not since a Justin Bieber show has there been such a pre-concert riot. On Tuesday night, when Drake and Hanson were scheduled to play a free show in New York, the crowd got a bit too overzealous for security, prompting the concert to be canceled.

"It was still a big show; there was just no music involved, and instead of throwing out the rock sign, it was more of a 'let's throw chairs and some potted plants and anything else we can get our hands on,' " Zac Hanson told MTV News on Wednesday (June 16). "It was unexpected. There wasn't enough security and organization, and everyone was just so surprised by the turnout, and with that many people, it got out of hand. They canceled it just in time, I think."

Taylor Hanson said the artists still wanted to put on the show, but the NYPD decided it was too dangerous to even try. "I will say simply that, since last night happened, it's been all over the place, and there's been all kinds of different comments," he said. "And I know that Drake's people, [concert organizer] Paper magazine, everyone in our camp totally wanted it to happen. And it really came down to the city going, 'Hey, this is not safe.' "

The guys said they have yet to catch up with Drake since it all went down. "Everybody has been a little bit shocked at the fact that things went down last night the way they did," Taylor said. "We've already thrown it out there that we should get the Drake/Hanson combination happening with more [preparation]."

Source: MTV

The video is pretty short and basically just says exactly what's in the article. IDK if it's a good idea to try this again, maybe with a different combination of artists that actually have similar fanbases?
Joe [Roaddogs]

it's a yillenhoolahay post.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Beverly Hills Business

Jake Gyllenhaal drops his car off at valet on his way into a business meeting on Wednesday (June 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Earlier in the morning, the 29-year-old Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time actor was seen getting in another intense work-out.

Last week, Jake and pal Adam Levine were seen at Hollywood hotspot Las Palmas. For most of the night, the pair was spotted having a good time dancing at their table under the brass elephant

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he never fails to bring the unf.


In Case You Missed the Feed! (Now with more pics/video)

Here are some images that have surfaced from the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that took place tonight!

Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright, Tom Felton, Michael Gambon, Matt Lewis, James Phelps, Oliver Phelps, and Warwick Davis were all in attendance. Composer John Williams performed a selection of songs at the event as well. Emma was not in attendance.

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Accio, Sourcery!
More sourcery

Man with cerebral palsy leading Oprah's search for the next TV star

Oprah is in search of the next big TV star. This could be your BIG BREAK - the chance of a lifetime to host your own TALK show...on your OWN. If you think you have "IT" - upload your video audition or go to an open casting call. You can also help decide who wins - keep coming back right here to view auditions and vote for your favorites.

Zach's oprah deal from Zach Anner on Vimeo.

Meet Zach. He's a wheel-chair bound bad-ass with cerebral palsy. With little expectations, he sent in a tape about his idea for TV show designed to inspire people who never thought they could travel. As it turns out, his tape was charming and hilarious, and people mightily responded, having in just a few days made him the #1 vote getter with 2,680,173 votes.

His family is extremely grateful for the support, with his mom commenting on Oprah's site: "Hi Everyone-This is Zach's mom and I just wanted to thank you all for voting and supporting my son. I'd also like to thank Oprah and her team for giving Zach this forum for sharing himself and his ideas with so many wonderful people. We're all feeling a little overwhelmed right now but look forward to all the good things that will and have already come from this experience. Again, my heartfelt and humble thanks! ~Susan"

Watch his tape above, and then click here to vote for him!
a life less ordinary

Hey y'all, its a Darren Hayes post!

Darren Hayes - Making The Album Episode 7:

The 7th in a series of (let's face it) amateur video blogs documenting the making of my 4th studio album to be released in 2011 (I'm aware I just changed the release date via a youtube video description. I'm slick.)

Ngl, I only made this post cos Darren doesn't get enough love on ONTD...and I wanted to see who is a Darren/Savage Garden fan :D

Sucks we have to wait so long for the next album!



Eastbound & Down Season 2 Teaser Trailer

HBO has released a quick brief teaser trailer for Eastbound & Down Season 2. The hilarious comedy, which stars Danny McBride as washed-up baseball pitcher Kenny Powers, returns with a vengeance this September. The second season will focus on Danny McBride’s character, Kenny Powers, moving from North Carolina to Mexico. Michael Pena and Ana de la Reguera have recently joined the cast.

In the first season finale, former professional baseball pitcher Kenny Powers (McBride) quit his physical ed teaching job for an offer to join the Tampa Bay Rays but, after the offer fell through, he dumped his girlfriend and was last seen driving away with a worried look on his face. In Season 2, hiding from his problems, Kenny finds himself in Mexico where he joins a local baseball team. Crash co-star Pena will play Kenny’s friend and owner of the baseball team he joins. De la Reguera will play Kenny’s love interest in Mexico.


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Meg: diamonds; Miami nights

DeShawn Snow, from Real Housewives of ATL, is getting a divorce...

Former NBA player Eric Snow has filed for divorce from his wife DeShawn Graves Snow, a former star of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Eric Snow filed divorce papers in Fulton County Superior Court on Wednesday. The two have been married for 12 years but are currently separated. They live in Alpharetta.

There is "no hope of reconciliation," the court papers state.

In the documents, Eric Snow has requested that he and DeShawn Snow have joint custody of their three children, Eric Javon Snow; Darius Michael Snow; and Jarren Christopher Snow.

On her website, DeShawn Snow refers to Eric Snow as her college sweetheart. She also lists attending a National Basketball Wives Association and All-star Gospel Brunch event during NBA All-star weekend in Dallas in February.

Eric Snow was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in 1995. He played for several teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is now an analyst for NBA-TV.

The first season of RHOA started with Eric Snow as one of the captains of the Cavaliers and DeShawn Snow as an extremely active Atlanta socialite, sitting on the board of three different charities and running her own non-profit that focused on improving self-esteem in teenage girls.

She hosted two charity benefits -- one in front of RHOA cameras -- to little success.

After being criticized for failing to get in the middle of the show's dramatic muck, she was replaced by Kandi Burruss for the second season.

In an interview with Essence magazine, Snow said " [One of the producers] called and said that I was "too human for a circus show" and that because the show did so well, they are about to pump up the drama and they didn't think that I would fit in.  ... I'm fine with the decision. It wasn't my decision. They let me go and there are no hard feelings. I am thankful for the opportunity."

RHOA currently is taping its third season.

Meanwhile, DeShawn Snow is a minister at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and is currently seeking her Master of Divinity Degree at Regent University.


They seemed like a good couple. :(  No hopefullies.


Ian Somerhalder "Shaken" by Lack of Hollywood Support While Visiting Gulf Region

Have you heard of the latest Louisiana hot spot, the "Prius cabana suite"?

It's what Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder calls the place he just spent the night.

"That would be my rental car that I had to sleep in," Ian explains. "I couldn't find anywhere to stay. There's so many people here trying to tame this beast."

That "beast" is the devastating BP oil spill affecting a vast area that includes Ian's home state of Louisiana, which he is visiting now in an effort to help. Our E! News cameras just caught up with him exclusively...
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Can She Not....

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Christina Aguilera will be bringing her good luck back to the Lakers!

JustJared.com can exclusively confirm that Christina will be performing the National Anthem at the Thursday (June 17) evening game at the Staples Center, just like she did on Tuesday night.

The Los Angeles Lakers took Game 6 with a score of 89-67 on Tuesday night. They’ll take on the Boston Celtics for the title for NBA champs!

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Perez Hilton fails at life

Perez Hilton, aka Mario Lavandeira,aka little piggie, might not yet be facing legal action after tweeting a provocative picture of teen star Miley Cyrus, but he is facing repercussions from advertisers. A rep for ABC Daytime confirms that a rotating banner ad promoting “The View” was pulled from the celebrity blogger’s website, PerezHilton.com.

At press time, earlier reports that MTV pulled ads for TV Land were confirmed to be untrue, but one well-placed source within ABC said that it’s not out of the realm of possibility that more advertisers could follow the ABC’s lead.

“It’s not a matter of whether you like (Lavandeira) or not, it has to do with the morality of the issue. Miley is a minor, period. There are ethics involved in running an ad on a site that potentially violated the rights of a minor, and that is what the conversation is about at the network level,” said the source.

Lavandeira did not respond to requests for comment.



Margaret Cho to Release Musical Comedy Album

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If you can’t make it to see Margaret Cho in the comedy tent at this year’s Bonnaroo, never fear: the comedienne has a musical comedy album on the way.

Although it has been in the works since last year, Cho Dependent now has a release date and supporting tour announced. The album drops on Aug. 24, the first date of the official Cho Dependent tour that will feature new stand up in addition to some musical pieces.

The album is all about sex, drugs and rock ’n roll, with gems among the songs like “Asian Adjacent” and “Gimme Your Seed.” Cho enlisted several musical guests to collaborate both with writing and performing the songs, including Tegan & Sara, Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco and Andrew Bird.

Check out the (somewhat explicit) track list below:

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release your own album, fiona

Teaser Trailer for 'Les Schtroumpfs'

Starring: Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, Sofia Vergara and Anton Yelchin.

Synopsis: When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours -- in fact, smack dab in the middle of Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down.

Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

We Are Scientists talk business

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"Obviously, it's no secret that labels have not done great financially in the last couple of years," says We Are Scientists' Chris Cain, "and to give them the benefit of the doubt, may be entirely due to the MP3, piracy and theft, [which] may have to do with their failure to adapt to those things and take advantage of opportunities, but let's just say it was not their fault."

So begins the tale of the indie-rock outfit's departure from Virgin Records and its parent company, EMI, in the fall of 2009. In "dire financial straits," says Cain, the label, like many others sporting financial black-eyes, had a hard time supporting their years-old contracts, attempting to hold back the cash while trying to cash in - and this was enough to make the Brooklyn (by way of California) act jump ship. "It's a combination of them not wanting to cough up the money that our contract entitled us to and them wanting more from us - wanting a piece of merch, wanting a piece of touring, the ‘360-deal'," says the 33-year old, Utah-born bassist. "And they wanted it in perpetuity after we fought the label for something like three years. So it was just all kinds of crazy plans."

Their reason for leaving their label shouldn't come as a surprise to those following the current anemic condition of the music industry. With labels seemingly unaware of how to coexist monetarily in this heavy digital age, the increasingly frequent contractual inclusion of the "360-deal" (aka "Multiple Rights Deals") that Cain mentioned is leaving a bitter taste in artists' mouths. And while labels assert these deals allow the signing of various artists instead on focusing on insta-hits and larger profits alone, it's not iniquitous to say it seems more like a reaction to their pecuniary woes, is it?

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I would totally be down for them doing more TV work. They're smart guys, and I wish the best of luck to them.
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Kathy VS Ryan = Hell Freezez Over!

Kathy Griffin does "On Air with Ryan Seacrest."
She talks about her show, the D-List, her special 'Kathy Griffin does the bible belt', her book and of course owns Ryan Seacrest in every single way possible.

omg, this is my first post (If you don't count the layout I did a few years ago, love you if you loved it.... bitch if you didn't!) & The mods at ONTD seem to be team seacrest cuz this post doesn't seem to happen even though the preview button and test-posting shows everything's fine!

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The Good Girl - Reilly Humiliated By Aniston Sex Scene

Actor JOHN C. REILLY was left red-faced on the set of romantic comedy THE GOOD GIRL when he had to simulate sex with a clearly-uncomfortable JENNIFER ANISTON.

The pair star as husband and wife in the 2002 film and one scene sees the odd movie couple get intimate in the bedroom.

But Reilly admits what was meant to be a sexy scene was far from steamy because Aniston insisted on covering up from head-to-toe and using a prop cushion to ensure the stars didn't get too close for comfort.

He says, "It's all dark and she's a little tense 'cause a sex scene is going to happen. So I get there and she's under the covers and I'm like, 'OK, I guess they just want me to get in position here.' So I climb into the bed, she opens up the sheet and I swear, she had two pairs of sweatpants on, winter socks, a long-sleeved T-shirt. Her body is basically like a burqa from the neck down.

"And I go, 'OK, I guess I'll just get on top of you now', and she's like, 'Can I get the chastity pillow please?' I'm like what the hell is a chastity pillow? And they bring out this big black pillow that she puts between her legs. And from that moment on, I went from Robert Palmer to the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. 'I'm sorry, I guess I'll just hump the pillow!'"