June 13th, 2010

combing his hair!

Jay-Z Rolling Stone Cover

Jay-Z Talks Beyonce in New Rolling StoneJay-Z is typically a tough nut to crack when it comes to his wife, Beyonce, but he's finally opening up a bit in Rolling Stone's new cover story.

"Sometimes on creative stuff, one of us will ask, 'Do you think this is cool?'" Jay-Z, 40, says of his wife of two years, 28. "She's a magnificent A&R, if she ever decides to do that, for things like pitch. So I defer to her on those sort of questions."

PEOPLE notes Jay-Z "raves" about Beyonce's stellar performance in Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' music video, but the participation was her own choice. "[We] pretty much stay out of each other's business," the hip-hop mogul says.

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BONUS video of his and Kanye's performance at the Isle of Wright Festival
gaga smize

bethenny frankel breaks record

Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel's new spinoff became the most-watched series premiere in Bravo's history, according to the network.

More than 2 million viewers tuned in for Thursday's debut of Bethenny Getting Married?, with 1.35 million viewers in the 18-to-49 demo.

The series premiere immediately followed the Real Housewives of New York City reunion, the first of three parts, which drew 2.24 million viewers. Last week's Season 3 finale also broke records for the cable channel, attracting 2.64 million viewers and become the highest-rated finale in series history.


i love this show & her cute assistant

Jay-Z joined on stage by Kanye at Isle Of Wight Festival

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Jay-Z was joined by Kanye West tonight (June 11) as he headlined the first night of this year's Isle Of Wight Festival.

The rapper played for around an hour and twenty minutes for his show and, as well as West, was joined by Mr Hudson during the performance.

After playing hits including '99 Problems', 'Empire State Of Mind' and 'Thank You', Jay-Z was joined by Mr Hudson, who performed vocals on 'Young Forever'.

Following the song Kanye West emerged to huge cheers and rapped on 'Run This Town'. Jay-Z then ended his set with a version of his Linkin Park collaboration 'Numb'.

Earlier in the show, Jay-Z, sporting black shorts, shirt and sunglasses, introduced rapper Memphis Black to guest on various songs and also asked security guards to go easy on fans surging to the front of the arena.

He also led shout-outs for the late rappers Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG and Eazy E, as well as Jimi Hendrix.

Barack Obama also got a mention, with Jay-Z noting: "After 44 tries we've got a black president, we changed the world. And somebody in this field will change the world."

He exited the stage to enormous cheers, finding time to praise Florence And The Machine, who had played before him, closing the first night of the festival for 2010.

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Simon Monjack's Secret -- Kids

TMZ has learned ...a laptop computer has unearthed a secret Simon Monjack carried to his death -- he had two kids.

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Simon's mom, brother and therapist stayed at Simon's home last week with Brittany Murphy's mom, Sharon Murphy. We're told when they left they took Simon's laptop.

At some point they went through the computer and found emails from two women who wanted money from Simon for child support. According to people who have reviewed the emails, Simon had a son by one baby mama and a daughter by another.

Also in the computer ... wire transfers of large amounts of money -- as much as $48,000 in a single transfer. Simon was sending the money to lawyers, as well as someone in Europe for some sort of settlement.

We're told Simon's mom and brother felt the coroner should have the computer and handed it over. The coroner's office is currently reviewing the contents.

Sharon went ballistic and filed a theft report with cops.

Snooki: Tanning -- Pants on Fire!

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Snooki wasn't telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when she said she didn't use tanning beds anymore because of President Barack Obama's harsh comments.

Our "Jersey Shore" spies tell us Snooki is now doing what's called a cocktail -- she goes in a high pressure tanning bed, and then tops it off with a spray tan.

That's all the space we want to devote to this.

Bob Dylan rides a bike. Remains Forever Young while doing so (+Festival date)

69-year-old Bob Dylan continues his never-ending tour schedule and was photographed keeping in shape by doing a little bicycling on the streets of Bratislava in The Slovak Republic Tuesday. Bob’s Tour de Slovakia came on his day off before playing a show at Icheba Expo Arena on June 9.

The gruff and glum legend was sporting a Brooklyn Vinders Motorcycle Club, NY jacket, a ski hat, shades, some racing-striped sweat pants and… combat boots?

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Dylan will also be headlining the Hop Farm Festival on Saturday, July 3rd at Paddock Wood, Kent (which I sadly found out was in England, so I hope you guys enjoy seeing him across the pond). Tickets are still available.

Source 1, source 2.
Hey Arnold; Arnold & Helga

Joe Jackson blames Katherine Jackson for King of Pop’s death

As the first anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death approaches, a British tabloid reports that the King of Pop’s father, Joe Jackson, 80, blames his mother, Katherine Jackson, for their son’s death.

News of the World interviewed Joe, who said he told Katherine only hours after the singer’s death, “If you had listened to me Michael would be living now.”

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grammy mike

Rob Green: Britain's National Villian. Football is SRS BZNS here.

After yesterday's lulzy(!) football match between England and U.S.A., the UK tabloids are working overtime to crucify their latest scapegoat, Rob Green. Being a West Ham player, let's hope that the (in)infamous Green Street Hooligans would not try to bash each other's heads against a brick wall after yesterday's gaffe by their beloved goalie.

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In typical British fashion after a disasterous football match, the entire country had ONE night to decide if they would forgive their poor goalie or turn him into a national traitor.

Will Britain decide to crucify or defend Rob Green? The tabloid headlines say, CRUCIFY.

I say, give the poor bloke a break. Have a cup of tea and a fresh buttered scone. Cut him some slack. Football is too SRS BZNS here.

Here, as promised to all of you, as well as a couple of friends from shamone_mj, here's the round-up of SRS BZNS Green-centred headlines from the UK tabloids today.

24 years after Maradona's infamous 'Hand of God' goal against England, the English is still butthurt about the incident. Now, it's Green's Hand of Clod.
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Laughter is the best medicine. If you can't cry at something, laugh at it. All of us need a good dose of dry British humour.

Disclaimer: I ain't a Yank. I'm a Brit.

ETA 1: DAMN. Third Degree Burn.

ETA 2: Looks like U.S.A. newspapers are catching the sensational tabloid fever.

The Sun, News of the World, Sunday Mirror, Metro London, Sunday Express.


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KICK OFF: 19:30 GMT.


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My friend and I were at the Dodgers game the other night and were sitting behind the guy pictured here:

and the worst part is that we didn't know who he was.  I thought ONTD could help identify this celebrity.

Here's what we know

1. he was at the dodgers game Wednesday night
2. he had REALLY good seats, like behind home plate
3. he had a trophy wife
4. he didn't have a british accent
5. other celebs were ALL around, so we KNOW THIS DUDE IS A CELEB
6. he's not in bon jovi (we looked that shit up)

ETA: Here's who has been ruled out: Rod Stewart, David Cassidy (wtf guys, come on), and Dakota Fanning


WHAT DO YOU THINK, IS IT DAVE AMATO OF REO SPEEDWAGON?? (i never got a great look at the front of him, so i'm doing my best to figure it out too) thank you for your detective work beloved_juno 

source: my friend's camera

MYSTERY SOLVED THANK YOU EVERYONE. pls have some decency, don't harass him. this post was justice enough. stop emailing him, or i'll delete, i swear i will
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Hold on to your vaginas

Brandon Flowers of the Killers' Solo Single "Crossfire" Unveiled

While The Killers are on a break, lead vocalist Brandon Flowers is putting together a solo album. The collection titled Flamingo is expected in September 2010. The first single "Crossfire" just emerged on the radio, but apparently it was an unauthorized leak. Try to catch the song below before it disappears. For those familiar with the Killers, they will recognize the big, anthemic sound of "Crossfire." Stuart Price has been confirmed as the primary producer for the Flamingo project.


Jaleel White: 'I'm More Than Just a Guy Who Was in Suspenders'

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Jaleel White, who won fans over with his iconic character Steve Urkel in the '90s, is now starring in the web series Fake It Til You Make It on Hulu.com. The 33-year-old Family Matters alum stars as Reggie Culkin, a former child star who now mentors three Hollywood wannabes.

White, who also wrote and produced the series, is taking a chance to prove that he's much more than that lovable geek.

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Stars to attend Wizarding World Grand Opening


Central Florida on Demand, your local entertainment channel, has confirmed that Daniel Radcliff, Harry Potter himself, along with James and Oliver Phelps (the Weasley twins), Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) will be at the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.

We are working to confirm that the actors who played Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley (among others) will be there as well.

One star who will not be there, according to her agent, Helana Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange) will remain in London with her children during the opening celebration June 18.

We've also learned something shocking about the main attraction: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Universal Guest Services told us that when the queue line is at capacity the wait time is five and a half hours!
Thankfully, last week we zipped through in about 45 minutes.

However, the queue line contains entertaining moments as you walk through Dumbledore's office and then the Defense Against The Dark Art's classroom.

That was one of the coolest parts: Harry, Hermoine and Ron appear from beneath the invisibility cloak and coax you to take a ride on the Forbidden Journey.

We also obtained some other exclusive video from inside Hogsmeade: This is a girl throwing up inside Zonko's.

Zonko's has all kinds of practical jokes. These are some of the frogs from the movies. If you don't want a $29 wooden wand, we found a chocolate one inside Honeydukes.

We went into every shop they had inside Hogsmeade Village. Check it out right now in our special Wizarding World section on Channel 300, Central Florida on Demand.

Coming up on News 13, In our On The Town report, Saturday night and all day Sunday we'll tell you whether tickets for opening day are sold out. You may be surprised by the answer.

<img src="http://www.cfnews13.com/Entertainment/HeyJohn/2010/6/11/wwohp_stars_confirmed.html">

I'm going opening day so I'll make a post filled with pictures afterwards.

Glee: Kurt *OH!*

Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt have launched a new Mighty Boosh film in New York.

Journey Of The Children is a tour film, based around the duo’s Future Sailors show and focuses on the devotion they inspire in their fans.
Two screenings at the 92YTribeca NY cinema sold out last night, even before it was revealed that Barratt and Fielding would be there for a Q&A session.

The 82-minute film from director Oliver Ralfe has previously been screened in a number of UK film festivals. Ralfe has previously appeared as a fisherman in The Legend of Old Gregg episode of the Boosh TV show, and some of his writings and drawings are included in The Mighty Book of Boosh.


This makes me

i will commit no acts of violence

I am stanning for this girl so hard now it's disturbing

Katy Perry Says She Followed Her 'Gut' On Teenage Dream

'I was telling the record executives, 'Listen don't tell me when it's over,' Perry tells MTV News of recording her album.

Katy Perry's upcoming Teenage Dream album isn't exactly the follow-up to her breakthrough One of the Boys — it's more like a continuation. The fact is Perry has never really been out of the spotlight long enough for it to be anything else.

"I don't really feel like I'm back, I feel like I never really went away, because things were kind of continuing," Perry told MTV News. "I just got off tour last year, and I started the record in October!"

Of course, the album has gotten a roaring ramp-up from its lead single, "California Gurls," which Perry performed at the MTV Movie Awardslast weekend andtopped the Billboard singles chart this week (the song's videowill premiere on MTV on Tuesday). And though Perry has been front-and-center on the pop stage for more than two years now, things have changed a great deal for her: Her every move is documented and her relationship with comedian Russell Brand has been the subject of much media speculation. While she freely admitted that all of these things are true, there's one thing that hasn't changed: the way she goes about making music.

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Christina Aguilera: I'm Proud to Be a Diva

Others may mean it as a put-down, but Christina Aguilera is a diva, and she's proud.

The "Not Myself Tonight" singer -- who has a two-year-old son, Max, with husband Jordan Bratman -- insists she has only been branded demanding because she isn't afraid to express her opinions.

She said: "As for a diva, I'm not the type of woman who can be told what to do. I have my own mind, my own ideas and my own visions. I wouldn't say I'm difficult. I'd say assertive and sometimes that means I get the 'b---h card.' But if having an opinion makes me a diva then I wear my badge with honor."

The 29-year-old pop beauty admits motherhood has made her much calmer, but insists she has never been an extrovert and is uncomfortable in social situations.

She added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: "Motherhood has definitely made me more chilled out. But I also think people had me wrong. I'm actually quite shy. When I first meet people it takes me a moment to warm up. I'm not the social butterfly who can walk into a room or be at a party and start a random conversation. I'm sort of awkward with that sort of thing."

Under Brows

Hello Cruel World

Siobhan Fahey will take a significant step back into the limelight tonight when she appears on the same bill as Paul McCartney and Jay-Z at the Isle of Wight Festival.

A founding member of girl-group Bananarama and a global star with Shakespears Sister, Fahey is tentatively shaking off her unwanted tag as one of pop's forgotten women.
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DW: 10: the doctor up

Weezer Release Song For U.S. World Cup Soccer Team(FREE DOWNLOAD)

Weezer released an unofficial theme song for the United States' FIFA World Cup soccer team on Friday (June 11), a day before the U.S. took on England in the round robin part of the tournament.

"Represent" began streaming on Radio Weezer at 9 a.m. PT on Friday, and will be available as a free download on iTunes for a week beginning at midnight.

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A few old songs are also posted at the source (+ youtube 1 2, 3)

This year's theme:

What's your favorite World Cup song(team or tournament, official or unofficial) ONTD? I'm particularly fond of France's 'Allez Ola Olé'.

Elisabeth Moss: Mad Men, Russell and me

She plays Peggy, one of the great feminist role models. So what is she doing in a threesome with Russell Brand?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Every so often a TV show comes along that changes the game. Mad Men, the critically adored story of a 1960s Manhattan advertising agency, is one of them; arguably it is the biggest breakthrough American hit this decade. And in a show full of brilliant writing and surprising characters, there is perhaps none more surprising than Peggy Olson. Some people get excited about Lady Gaga. My friends and I get excited about Peggy.

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Times Online

Amy Winehouse Wants to Be an Actress

Amy Winehouse is reportedly hoping to make the transition from music to movies, and has even signed up for acting lessons to help her achieve her Hollywood dream.

A family friend told the Daily Star newspaper: “Amy has enrolled for acting lessons at the Central School of Speech and Drama in north London. Everyone close to her thinks it’s a great idea and believes she could make the transition from singer to actress quite easily.”

The troubled star’s obsession with Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe is said to have partly inspired the potential career move, and 26-year-old Amy is even considering emulating the tragic screen legend’s famous look.

Amy keeps talking about Marilyn Monroe," the unnamed source said. "She’s obsessed with her and everything she stands for. Amy keeps saying she wants to die her hair blonde, so she can be as sexy as Marilyn.”

In 2008, Marilyn’s films were said to have helped struggling Amy deal with her spell in rehab, where she was battling drug addiction.

At the time, her father Mitch Winehouse said: “One thing helping Amy is her Marilyn Monroe films. Amy loves ‘Some Like It Hot’. She's a huge fan of Monroe and thinks she's wonderful.”

As well as eyeing a movie career, Amy is also working on the follow-up to her hugely successful 2006 album ‘Back to Black’, with Mitch saying the new LP will hopefully be released by this December.


Mischa Barton being perfect.

Edit 2: sorry again, mods. I'm such a newbie...
Edit 1: sorry mods, I forgot write the source in the other post!

So, my girl Mischa went out for lunch at Oak Fire Pizzeria & Pub in West Hollywood, yesterday, and she looked beautiful as always.

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In a recent interview (newest issue of ASOS amagazine) she said "I’m off the hippie shit for summer. My style now is preppy and laid-back.". Nice!

Sweet Mischa ftw!

source 1 | source 2


In a piece based on discussions with Lee Unkrich and production designer Bob Pauley, The New York Times takes a look at the design process on five of the new characters appearing in Toy Story 3: Lotso, Dolly, Big Baby, Mr. Pricklepants, and Ken.

When it came to adding new characters to the Toy Story universe, "My primary goal was to not screw it up,” Unkrich says. “I really wanted to stay true to the world and the characters. It was very important to me that this new film still feel very much of a piece of the first two."

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5 days, ONTD!

Omarosa and Bethenny battle to the death...sort of

Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel is once again in the press, but not because her new television show, Bethenny Getting Married?, premiered last night.

Apprentice contender Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth has alleged Frankel had plastic surgery after giving birth and claimed Frankel's husband is gay.

Manigault-Stallworth released a statement Thursday to Perez Hilton in response to comments Frankel made when The View cohosts made comparisons between the two reality-television stars.

The blog post said, "I have never once said a bad word about her or all of the [rumors] swirling around Jason and his sexuality. Everyone knows he's gay, but we never said anything — because she was happy. When she got a tummy tuck with her C-section after the baby and pretended that she just lost the baby weight naturally, none of us said anything, because she was happy. "

Manigault-Stallworth ends her statement by calling Frankel names ("Bethenny Karma is a BITCH and so are you!!") and by saying that she is insulting her Real Housewives co-stars.


Fantasia Gets Her GED

This weekend when R&B singer Fantasia Barrino hit the stage in North Carolina, it was not to sing, but to accept her honorary degree and become apart of Andrews High School graduation ceremony. After passing her GED, the school allowed her to walk across the stage with their students.What a great accomplishment for Barrino! Just a few years ago her reading abilities were on a junior high school level, she has now crossed that hurdle and is a proud graduate. Fantasia dropped out of high school several years prior but came back to do things right. This goes to show that it is never too late. Congratulations Fantasia.

get it tasia


Bethenny Frankel: Baby Bryn Is 'the Greatest Gift of My Life'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Being a brand new, first-time mom is like juggling a clowder of cats. The amazing thing is not that you can do it well, but that you can do it at all!

Bethenny Frankel and New York businessman Jason Hoppy, who wed on Sunday, March 28th, welcomed a baby girl, Bryn, on Saturday, May 8th. Here's how the new Mrs.-and-Mama was faring in the frontiers of nascent motherhood.

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kacey musgraves

Rupert Grint brings ice cream truck to final day of filming

We reported yesterday that the cast and crew had finished filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We found out thanks to actor Warwick Davis, who plays Flitwick and Griphook.
Today, Warwick took to his Twitter again to reveal some other cool information about the final day on set - Rupert Grint brought his ice cream truck for the cast and crew to enjoy.
Warwick says:
For the last day on 'HP', Rupert 'Mr Whippy' Grint arrived in his ice cream van & served up 99s for cast & crew. It brought a smile to everyones face on what was a very emotional day. It was a thrill to see a teaser for 'Deathly Hallows' too. :)
We wonder what teaser Warwick is referring to? Our guess it was either the MTV Movie Awards montage or the new trailer we expect will arrive in theaters later this month.


lol awesome.
can't believe it's all over, tbh. :( end of an era.
HP party post plz, ty.
Say Anything

Kate Hudson Steps Out in Paris with British Rocker

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Is Kate Hudson dating another rock star?

The actress hopped a plane to Paris over the weekend and attended the second of two sold-out shows for the British rock band Muse Saturday, standing in an audio tent amid a crowd of 80,000 at the Stade de France.

The next day, she was spotted around town with the band's frontman, Matthew Bellamy, who is a singer, guitarist and songwriter.

The pair were seen strolling through the Place Vendome, a square in the center of Paris. "They seemed very much a couple," a witness tells PEOPLE. "Just walking together, enjoying the sunshine." Later that afternoon, Hudson and Bellamy opted for a late lunch on the Left Bank at the celebrated Brasserie Lipp, leaving through a rear exit of the eatery when photographers turned up outside.

Bellamy isn't the first musician to catch Hudson's eye. She was previously married to Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, with whom she has a son Ryder, 6. Hudson and Robinson split in 2006

Hudson was most recently linked to the New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez, but their relationship ended late last year.


Cher's son Chaz Bono treats girlfriend Jennifer Elia to celebratory dinner

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Cher's son Chaz Bono treated his long-term girlfriend to dinner last night, as they marked the completion of her graduate studies.

It was a double celebration for the pair - Chaz, 41, officially changed his name and gender in court last month, one year after beginning the medical process to become a man.

Last night he and Jennifer Eila, his girlfriend of four years, visited the upmarket Italian restaurant Madeo in Beverly Hills.


Peaches Geldof Puts On Her Big Girl Pants

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Given her short-lived career as an underwear model, Peaches Geldof should know how to make a pair of pants look good.

But it's unlikely her latest look will be much in demand.

The 21-year-old daughter of Sir Bob Geldof wore this unflattering pair of gigantic knickers for a trip to a California water park at the weekend.

They looked like a pair of control pants – an elasticated undergarment designed to hold in the stomach.

But unfortunately, they weren't able to cover up the nasty gash on her leg.

It is not known where the painful-looking wound came from.

Colombia: Hand

Colombian Beauty Queen Attacked by Man who Threw Acid in her Face

A Colombian beauty pageant contestant was the victim of a vicious attack by a stranger who threw acid in her face, causing serious injuries, reports EFE.

María Fernanda Nuñez, who was competing to represent her home town Cucuta in the Miss Colombia beauty competition, was attacked near her house on Thursday evening by a man on a motorbike.

The 22-year-old was returning home with her parents when the assault occurred.  Patricia Fernandez, an organizer of the beauty contest, said that the young woman suffered "serious injuries" to her face.

"A man showed no mercy to her and attacked with acid in the face," Fernandez told press.  The beauty contest, scheduled for Friday, has been suspended.


pobrecita :(

update: I found this article which has a quote from her about the accident
"Todavía tengo la cara vendada. Mis labios están inflamados y uno de mis ojos está bastante lastimado. El sábado me vi por primera vez al espejo y aunque pudo haber sido peor, no pude contener el llanto. Le di gracias a Dios porque al contrario de lo que se está diciendo, no estoy desfigurada, pero cuando me miré al espejo me puse a llorar"."

-- "I still have a bandaged face. My lips are inflamed and one of my eyes is hurt a lot. Saturday I saw myself the mirror for the first time and although it could have been worse, I could not contain the weeping. I gave thanks to God because unlike what's being said, I am not disfigured, but when I look in the mirror I start to cry".

GRABBIN&#39; PEELZ default 4evr


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Dresden Dolls always intriguing frontwoman Amanda Palmer is apparently on a creative high aftering her countless attempts and finally succession of ditching her former label, Roadrunner Records. She's taken the Radiohead method to heart in more ways than one.

Her upcoming EP is a ukulele-driven string of cover songs by Radiohead and will be sold in the now famous pay-what-you-want methods via In Rainbows fashion.

The EP, entitled Amanda Palmer Plays the Popular Hits of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele features minimalist and bare-bones covers of songs like the techno-tinged “Idioteque”, the moving “Fake Plastic Trees” and perhaps their only real radio hit, “Creep”.

The minimum download exchange is 40 cents, yet there will also be limited-edition vinyl pressings of the album as well, complete with ornately designed ukuleles hand-decorated by Palmer herself. The EP comes out this July.

Read Amanda's blog about it here
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LADY GAGA→ bad romance white

'Bam Margera Beaten to a Pulp'

When we broke the story yesterday -- that Bam Margera was taken to the hospital after being attacked with a bat -- we had no idea it was this bad.

The photos were taken immediately after the incident, as the "Jackass" star was being loaded into an ambulance.

His condition is unknown.

We talked to Steve-O, who says Bam was holed up in the intensive care unit after the incident ... but has already been released from the hospital.

Steve-O also said, "I think he's gonna be okay."

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Phillies Ryan Howard & Chase Utley to guest star on It's Always Sunny

From its base in L.A., the FX comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia peppers itself with hometown images. Phillies stars Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, I hear, will be part of the action when the gang and crew come to Philly for their annual visit to shoot exteriors. This year, Always Sunny will work only two shooting days: June 21, when the Phils have a scheduled off-day, and June 22. Last season on the show, Mac (Rob McElhenney) writes a gushy love letter to Utley, who was not shown. Also on the Philly agenda for McElhenney, wife/costar Kaitlin Olson, Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, and Danny DeVito is a stop June 23 at the invitation-only grand-opening party for Mac's Tavern at 226 Market St., in which McElhenney and Olson are investors.

if she hears about it she&#39;ll feel bad

Gorgeousness 4 U ONTD

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Model Workout

Victoria’s Secret model-turned-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gets in a good workout at a private training studio in Los Angeles on Saturday morning (June 12).

The 23-year-old British beauty, who replaced Megan Fox in Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise, is training for all of the intense action sequences in her debut movie.

Of course, Rosie toted around her favorite brown Alexander Wang Coco Duffel Bag.

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A Videogame Post -- Microsoft E3 Spoiler

An alleged Italian Microsoft ad, originally found on Console Tribe, seems to have revealed a slim Xbox 360 alongside a renamed Project Natal, touting a 250GB HDD, built-in WiFi (it's the future!), and compatibility with "Kinect" -- presumably the new name for Natal. The advertisement leads back to the Italian Microsoft site and the source of the page tells us that Atlas Solutions -- a Microsoft-owned ad company -- pushed the image automatically to the site.

We've checked in with Microsoft to see if the news is legit, but we're not expecting much before tonight's Project Natal Cirque du Soleil "spectacular."SOURCE

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Thanks to brad4815 for the pointing these stories out.
snooki pops up


Jimmy Dean, a country music legend for his smash hit about a workingman hero, "Big Bad John," and an entrepreneur known for his sausage brand, has died. He was 81.

His wife, Donna Meade Dean, says her husband died at 7:54 p.m. Sunday at their Henrico County, Va., home, south of Richmond.

She tells The Associated Press that he had some health problems but was still functioning well, so his death came as a shock.

Born in 1928, Dean was raised in poverty in Plainview, Texas, and dropped out of high school after the ninth grade. But he went on to a successful entertainment career in the '50s and '60s.

In 1969, Dean went into the sausage business, starting the Jimmy Dean Meat Co. He sold the company to Sara Lee Corp. in 1984.

I fell in love with a mexican girl

My love for her grows exponentially by the moment

January Jones steps out in Los Angeles

After a bizarre accident, January Jones emerged in Los Angeles this afternoon. The Mad Man star crashed into an unconfirmed number of vehicles, (the total varies from 2-4 depending what story you read) that were parked feet away from her home on the evening of Thursday, June 10th.

She reportedly left her drivers license with a witness as she ran home to call the police. Minutes later, celebrity chef Bobby Flay appeared on the scene, and no one has any idea why?

The duo met earlier that evening while both were at the same party in Los Angeles. It is reported that Ms. Jones got Bobby’s number because she was looking to have her kitchen remodeled.

Who knew Flay was a part time contractor and/or designer?! This news of course has the rumor mill working over time with rumors of a potential hook up between the two.

No one was cited in the accident, January claims she crashed because she was being followed by the paparazzi.

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jbj smile

'A-Team's' Bradley Cooper, Renee Zellweger: We're not engaged

'A-Team's' Bradley Cooper, Renee Zellweger: We're not engaged

Just in case you were wondering: "A-Team" star Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger aren't engaged.

This breaking news bulletin comes courtesy of the two actors' publicists, who assure People that the couple haven't taken the next step in their relationship.

They've been dating -- more or less under the celeb-industrial complex radar -- for about a year after meeting on the Paramount movie "Case 39" (from which the above picture is taken). Rumors of a pending wedding started flying recently when Zellweger and Cooper dined with her parents and she was reportedly seen looking at wedding dresses.

But whether or not those things are true, the engagement rumors aren't, their reps say.

Now that that's all cleared up, you may resume your normal Sunday activities.


Well, thank god. For a second there, I thought all hope was lost of ME marrying B-Coop.