June 10th, 2010

Tara Reid split with fiance over pre-nup

Tara Reid split from her fiancé because she refused to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, it has been reported.

Businessman Siegfried Axtmann, whose son and employee Michael was scheduled to marry the American Pie actress in May, said that he insisted on the contract in order to protect their family business.

Siegfried told a German TV channel: "I didn't want an American court disdaining our family business and have a cuckoo's egg laid in our nest."

Michael has previously claimed that he and 34-year-old Reid split because of "legal reasons".

Megan Fox- Jennifer's Body

Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson: 'No Black Girls on My Show!'

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The drama with Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson's VH1 reality dating show has already begun. They started filming "The Ultimate Catch" very recently, and we received an interesting letter from a contestant who has already been sent home.

Apparently, Mr. Ocho Cinco is not a fan of having black girls on his show. We received emails from both a contestant and an employee of the production company stating that Chad is demanding that all the black girls be "cut", except for 1. He wants to keep the Latina and brunette white girls who he says are "better" for him.
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[bbm] ennis - smoking

Cillian Murphy's iPod Playlist

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The Sunshine star tells us the current soundtrack of his life:

John Lennon - Mother
The Beatles are my favourite band, but it’s Lennon’s solo stuff that makes the list. I hadn’t heard Mother in years, but I’ve rediscovered it and can’t get enough. It’s so beautiful – a classic that’s so lyrically devastating. I think it’s Lennon’s finest solo work and still under-appreciated. Having your mother die by the time you’re 18 is harrowing, and he always used music as a way of dealing with things.
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i'm not sure how to tag this.
can we have a Cillian Murphy tag please?

Deftones Chi Cheng 'Showing Signs Of Improvement' After Being In Coma Since 2008

Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who has been in a coma since his involvement in a car accident in 2008, is apparently showing “marked improvement” in his condition according to an article on Blabbermouth.net.

The article states that Dr. Joseph Nguyen, who has followed Chi Cheng’s progress for the past eight months, confirmed during a routine checkup on May 19, 2010 that Cheng is "showing signs of improved neuro function and improved alertness at this time. Increased response to verbal stimuli. Directed movement, with purpose, seen and observed."

Doctors have been treating Cheng with a “groundbreaking protocol that applies already approved medications, electrical stimulation and nutraceuticals to the patient as a virtual cocktail”, which has an 84 percent success rate in waking up patients from minimally conscious states or vegetative state comas.

Those close to Cheng have commented on the protocol’s positive effect on his health.

He has been on their new protocol for a few weeks now and has been showing some great progress,” Gina Blackmore from OneLoveForChi.com said. “(He’s) more alert, trying to talk, trying to push himself up out of his chair and more”.

Blackmore created the website OneLoveForChi.com to raise money for Cheng’s medical treatment.

Deftones released their most recent album, Diamond Eyes, with long-time friend Sergio Vega on bass. The band had been working on an album titled Eros, but shelved it when they realised they could not complete it with bassist Chi Cheng.

Fans can read the entire article regarding Cheng’s health here.


Vanity Fair: The Top Ten Most Stunning French Actresses

In the movies at least, French women tend to both say less and wear less than their American counterparts. They walk alone in Paris streets like Jeanne Moreau, or along deserted beaches like Brigitte Bardot. They’re more often temptresses than girls next door. Jean-Luc Godard said that all one needs to make a film is a gun and a girl. But with the 10 actresses listed here, no need for a gun—they’re fatale enough on their own.

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Name: Eva Green.
Age: 29.
At her most stunning ... in Bernardo Bertolucci’s "The Dreamers" (2003), loafing around a fabulous Parisian apartment naked, embroiled in an incestuous threesome as the May 68 riots rage in the streets below. Ah, Paris...

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oui, c'est la source

Princess Diana's dress fetches more than $276,000 at auction

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Princess Diana may be gone, but she’s certainly not forgotten. The daring black taffeta gown that she wore for her first public appearance as Prince Charles fiancée, fetched a whopping £192,000 (about $276,621) at Kerry Taylor Auctions in London yesterday. Bought by Chilean fashion museum Fundación Museo De La Moda, the dress–designed by Elizabeth Emanuel and David Emanuel–was sold along with an original copy of the invoice, fashion sketches, and photographs of Di wearing it. “As the weeks before her wedding progressed, Diana lost so much weight that she returned the gown to the Emanuels to have it taken in,” explained auctioneer Kerry Taylor at yesterday’s sale. “The alterations required were so drastic that they decided it would be easier to re-make a smaller version for her. They kept the original and forgot about it only re-discovering it quite recently.” A bold choice at the time for its color–which was reserved for funerals in royal circles–and its somewhat revealing nature, the strapless dress established Princess Diana as a budding fashion icon. Jorge Yarur, founder of the museum that bought the dress, said that upon his death, Princess Diana’s dress will be returned home, donated to Kensington Palace. –Marissa Patlingrao Cooley

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Meg: diamonds; Miami nights

People Banned For Life From Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live's producers, especially Lorne Michaels, have famously and dramatically banned for life several celebrities from ever appearing on the television show. Reasons for these bans vary, as sometimes they can be seen as a rational response to a star's grossly inappropriate on-stage behavior, while at other times the reasons are harder to understand as they stem from far more mild, or even superficial transgressions.

Louise Lasser, who hosted at the end of the first season on July 24, 1976, was the first host banned by the producers . Lasser was said to be going through personal problems at the time and was reportedly nearly incoherent throughout the broadcast.

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Pictures provided by the first page of Google image results of searched subject.

So who do you think should be banned from rocking out/acting out with the SNL cast, ONTD?


Katherine Heigl shows off a short new do at the European Premiere of her new movie, Killers at London’s Odeon West End on Wednesday (June 9).
The 31-year-old actress supported former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham by wearing a piece from her collection.
Katherine has said that the past six months have been life-altering, but “I still laugh at the same things and get angry at the same things. I’m a sappy mom now.”

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lynch is judging you.

sharpay don't know when to quit.

Ashley Tisdale has begun filming of "Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure"

Ashley Tisdale will reprise her role as Sharpay Evans in the upcoming Disney Channel original movie, set to air sometime in 2011.

"Tisdale will star and executive produce in the movie, which features a Broadway-bound Sharpay hitting the Great White Way to achieve her dreams of stardom. But the doors are opening for her dog Boi instead and Sharpay sets out to make him the biggest little star on Broadway yet.

Also starring alongside Tisdale is Disney Channel star Bradley Steven Perry as her young nemesis, Austin Butler as a film student she befriends, Cameron Goodman as a Broadway star, Alec Mapa as the show’s eccentric director, and Jack Plotnick as the show’s scribe" a bunch of Disney's bitches that you've probs never heard of.


More about the original songs in the movie, and whether Ryan will make an appearance @ the sauce.

now, i'm all for more sharpay, as everyone knows she the fiercest bitch around, but srsly, she names her dog "Boi"?! that better be a reference to LGBT sub-culture, or i will be major disappoint.
Jeremy :)

CraigyFerg breaks in Tom Felton on Late Late Show

Tom Felton was on CraigyFerg last night, and gets broken into the US late night chat show experience.  

A Summary:
Tom and Craig talk about the difference between American and UK slang definitions of the word "fanny" and whether Tom has slapped one lately. Craig smells Tom there for a bit after they discover Craig was in the same cab after Tom in Las Vegas. Craig declared Tom smelt quite good.  They discuss the World Cup and picking a team - Tom is not a football fan so he always just says England. They then go on to discuss bringing animals to the US to live, how Tom is seriously considering moving here (presumably to LA), and American sports that he likes. Craig was very kind in correcting him that Golf is not an original American sport.

Now imagine that a lot funnier than my pedestrian summary and that would be what you would see below. 

if she hears about it she'll feel bad

I still find her so hot :/

How low can she go? Courtney Love posts provocative photos of herself on Facebook

She's become a controversial figure thanks to her inane internet ramblings, her apparent drug habit and, of course, the fallout after the death of ex-partner Kurt Cobain.

So this provocative photoshoot starring Courtney Love should come as little surprise considering her carefully cultivated outrageous image.

The 45-year-old rock musician posted a series of near-the-knuckle photographs - which we have edited for reasons of taste - from the shoot on her Facebook page.

Courtney proudly poses topless in the shock pictures which are thought to be from a few years ago - hence the absence of her more recent body art.

In one particularly bizarre shot, she is seen crouching on all fours dressed in leopard print underwear, with a matching hat and stockings as famous U.S. transexual shouldn't it be transgender? Amanda Lepore prepares to whip her behind.

Lepore, who was born Armand Lepore beh, is well-known for her extreme cosmetic surgery, resulting in large breasts and her plumped up lips.

In another photo Courtney appears to adopt Michael Jackson's infamous crotch grabbing move in a revealing black dress.

Other shots show the Hole singer sitting on a swing, her make-up seemingly inspired by the 'heroin-chic' era that became popular in the fashion industry during the mid-Nineties.

She is also seen nude, but for a pair of frilly knickers, posing in a deserted warehouse.

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And wtf, how did Amanda Lepore randomly get there. Sorry but I haven't found the actual nudes yet, if someone can give me a link I'll add it to the post
george jetson

Bankrupt 'Housewife' Teresa Giudice Speaks Out

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This week, the news came out that 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Teresa Giudice owes a whopping $11 million in various debts. Having made a name for herself on the show as someone with a very lavish lifestyle, this came as a shock to everyone. Now, Teresa is speaking out exclusively to Naughty But Nice, giving her version of how things got so out of hand, and what she's doing to dig herself out of financial ruin.

According to papers filed in Newark Federal Court, the free-spending Guidices claim to only make $79,000 a year between the two of them, and are unable to handle the foreclosures and hefty credit card bills.

The court document lists their money woes in detail:

The bank has moved to foreclose on their $1.8 million home in Towaco, NJ.
► Banks have taken their Jersey Shore house along with another home in Lincoln Park, NJ.

► Teresa owes $12,000 to a fertility clinic.
► They've defaulted on payments for their Escalade.
Joe personally owes $5 million to former partners of real estate deals.
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george jetson

Bethenny Frankel reveals secret first marriage to Peter Sussman: 'I got married too young'

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Bethenny Frankel may be a first time mom, but she's not a first time bride.

The "Real Housewives of New York" star, who wed Jason Hoppy earlier this year, reveals to Life & Style that her recent walk down the aisle wasn't her first.

Frankel's first experience with marriage was in 1996, when she wed her former best friend, Peter Sussman.

"We were best friends for five years, and he always wanted to be more,"
the natural-foods chef tells the mag.

Frankel, 39, says she eventually gave in to Sussman's unrelenting advances and dated him for two years before they tied the knot in front of more than 150 friends and family members at the posh Four Seasons in Los Angeles. Though she felt secure in the marriage, Frankel admits there was a lack of passion in their relationship.

"I felt like, 'This is really it? This is the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with?'" she says. "You can't go to bed with a piece of 8-by-10 paper."

She adds, "I loved him because of how much he loved me. I got married too young. I didn't wait for the great love of my life."

Now, over a decade later, Frankel has learned that finding her future husband was worth the wait.

After a whirlwind romance with Hoppy, the couple became husband and wife in March and welcomed daughter Bryn on May 8. Frankel next stars in her new Bravo reality show, "Bethenny Getting Married?," premiering June 10.

Despite her hidden past, Frankel is content with finally finding her happy ending.

"Until you find it, you're not really sure it's even possible," she says. "You don't know how the story can end."


What Is This- I Can't Even...

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This news always comes around and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all hope the gossip is wrong. I'm sorry, guys- prayer circle time.

Damn, you'll never believe us in 10,000 years, but this originated as a draft in January, 7, 2010 that we never published and eventually had to walk away from when the news seemed very up in the air.

And then it just seemed to fade away. And now it's back. Tony Gilroy has been hired to write what is now being called "The Bourne Legacy" according to Deadline, but their report is very unclear whether this is the "Bourne" reboot that Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass have discussed at length, or simply the fourth iteration in the series. Either way, Universal studios are pegging this one for a release sometime in 2012 (lots of development time, lots of time to lure Damon back).

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So with or without Matt Damon, this new Bourne movie will be made. God dammit, Hollywood...

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Also, WHY isn't there a Matt Damon tag? Al Roker has a tag. THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR have a tag. FREE MATT DAMON!

The Funniest Women on Television Plus Courtney Cox Discuss Being Funny

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We usually review the Emmy roundtable videos once or twice to make sure everyone's comments are quoted accurately in the transcription. But this year, comedy actress panelist Sofia Vergara's heavy Colombian accent required what might be the first triple-review in Hollywood Reporter roundtable history. We're pretty sure we got everything right.

The Hollywood Reporter: We asked the men who's the funniest man alive. So who's the funniest woman?

Sofia Vergara:

Jane Lynch:
She's dead! (Laughs.)

Vergara: Well, she's alive for me, anyways.

Wanda Sykes: I would say Mo'Nique. Have you seen "Precious"? She was hilarious! (Laughs.)

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Emma | Practicing

New Holly Brook EP Released (plus bonus video)

Holly Brook, 24, the female vocalist from the 2006 Fort Minor hit "Where'd You Go," has released a new seven-track EP entitled O'Dark: Thirty. This is a major accomplishment for the young chanteuse, who has been dealing with the rough ups-and-downs of major record labels for the last few years. Her first album "Like Blood, Like Honey" was an amazing acoustically-driven ride through some much deeper issues than one would expect from a 20-year old (no mixing up Romeo & Juliet and The Scarlett Letter here!). This new EP, released on Bandcamp and produced by 90s hitmaker turned Broadway-musical writer Duncan Sheik (with whom Brook starred in his newest musical Whisper House earlier this year), is a bit more pop-tinged than its predecessor, the first track "It's Raining Again" especially being an interesting blend of harp strings and a drum machine, creating the effect of falling raindrops. Brook's lovely, breathy voice is a perfect mach for her songwriting. "Haunted," a track that was briefly released three years ago (though at the time much less produced), is a melodically simple song made complicated by its profound lyrics as well as its performers vocal arpeggios. The hard rock-tinged "Ordinary Tune" is probably Brook's farthest departure from the sound of her first album, an almost-gothic love song with a pervading ocean metaphor.

Brook's other project is the band Deep Deep Sleep with the brother David and Adam Iscove; together they will also be releasing a seven-track EP this summer, which is now being mixed, according to their Facebook page. Their first music video "Erase You" was released earlier this week.

Source 1 | Source 2

I had the privilege of meeting both her and Duncan Sheik last fall during the Whisper House tour, and she was truly amazing. If you're as tired of mindless pop as I am, I truly recommend her.

Miley films a music video, no bird theme this time.

Miley Cyrus brushes back her windblown hair as she heads back to her trailer after a video shoot in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (June 9).

The 17-year-old actress had the pleasure of riding in the passenger seat of a red Tesla roadster electric car which has a pricetag of over $129,000! Actor Kevin Zegers was behind the steering wheel and was seen kissing Miley. For the cameras, of course!
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...as long as this isn't for Every Rose Has Its Thorn I'm good.
source & source
Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

An Interview With: Keith Murray Of We Are Scientists

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I have been a fan of We Are Scientists since I was only 14 years old back in ‘05 when With Love And Squalor came out. So you can imagine that it was surreal for me to have the chance to interview the bands frontman, Keith Murray. Not only was he as funny as people say he is, he was also incredibly kind and easy to talk to. I’m a pretty shy guy, but I was able to talk to Keith very easily. This was my first phone interview for my blog (all past ones have been via e-mail or a chat) but overall I think it went pretty well. It’s more of a conversational interview, which I thought gave it extra life. Keith spoke to me about his new album Barbara, and what went into the album.

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Download We Are Scientists' World Cup-themed song "Goal! England" for free here.

If you've heard Barbara, what do you think? Alternatively, what's your favorite beer?
lynch is judging you.

because there can never be enough jane lynch posts.

MTV breaks down Sue Sylvester's top ten one-liners

Left: You’re a child swallowing a spoonful of medicine that your mom promised would taste good, and now she’s telling you that if it didn’t taste awful it wouldn’t work. Center: You’re at a social dinner with your work colleagues and their spouses, desperately trying to signal your partner to stop talking so freely about your shared sex life. Right: You’re a bunny-level skier who has decided to try a black-diamond slope, and now, with no idea how to stop, you’re headed straight for a tree.

1. "Oh hey there, William, I thought I'd smell cookies wafting from the ovens of your little elves that live in your hair"
-Sue to Will, Episode 15 “The Power of Madonna”

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mtv's season one recap.

what's your favorite glee quote, ontd?
  • preeho

Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kaling, and the Sudden Rise of Indians on TV

Beyond Apu: Why are there suddenly so many Indians on television?
By Nina Shen Rastogi

Do you remember the butt-dialer?In early 2009, T-Mobile began airing a commercial for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip. In the spot, a woman chastises her husband for his annoying habit of sitting on his phone and inadvertently calling her. The husband was gangly and brown-skinned, with a proud, prominent nose. I called my best friend. "Dude," I said. "I think the butt-dialer is Indian!"

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Bolded for the tl;dr. I know we got lots of desis & desilovers on ONTD!

Source, Yaar.


Lots of Glee merchandise to hit stores this fall!

NEW YORK -- "Gleeks" around the world will be able to enjoy more "Glee" with merchandise tied to the Fox hit show starting this fall.

Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products on Thursday unveiled plans for its merchandising launch for the freshman TV show at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas. The News Corp. unit said the global licensing program will tap into key attributes of the show -- music, dance, self-expression and comedy -– and focus on several categories, including video games, games, apparel, accessories and books.

"Glee has hit a high note as one of the most attractive entertainment properties in the market today and 'Gleeks' are embracing the show into all aspects of their lives," said Robert Marick, executive vp of Fox Consumer Products. "The merchandise launch will allow fans to continue to engage and express themselves in ways that are core to the essence of the show."

He said the company has held back the launch to create an event feel at retail stores.

Here's a look at select "Glee" merchandise planned for the fall: 

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wtf were you thinking making kid rock the host

Young stars lead CMT Music Awards

Collapse )i love country awards shows but this was one of the worst ones i've ever seen. kid rock was absolutely awful, SO many technical difficulties and unfunny skits in between. the highlight for me was nascar driver richard petty not understanding how to read a teleprompter and his awkward exchange with luke bryan.
britney - grapes

Aubrey O'Day, D.Woods, and Talib Kweli Respond to Slim Thug

slim thug is color struck and celebs of questionable relevancy respond to his blog via Vibe mag.

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Aubrey O.Day:

“Successful black men are extinct. We’re important.”

Please. Drop the delusions of grandeur, gents. We see right through you! This paper-thin layer of unjustifiable ‘swagger’ and pseudo-confidence is simply masquerading the vulnerability and self-doubt of the modern day man. The subtext is clear… spineless men of all creeds are waving the proverbial white flag of defeat. Unable to cope with the demands of a new class of empowered, strong-willed and fiercely independent women, they’ve resorted to projecting their insecurities on those that, god forbid, expect them to live up to their potential.

Let’s be clear. This is not a race issue. It’s yet another twist on the age-old enigma that is gender relationships. Despite what you may have read, I’m a White girl that couldn’t cook to save her life, treats no man like a king and certainly doesn’t obey dictatorial male ego, even if it means my job… but I certainly can cater to deserving men who are secure enough to take on the challenge of a strong woman. We can be loud, opinionated, and rebellious, and we make no apologies for it. It’s not a Black thing, or a White thing. It’s a women thing, and trust me when I say that the sooner you men come to realize it, the better off you’ll be.

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The comments Slim Thug made were undoubtably chauvinistic and very dated-straight out of the 1950's- but unfortunately not surprising in the least. His idealizaton of white women and evidence of an all around "white is right" mentality has been plaguing the African American community for centuries, and even in the age of Obama and achieving the near impossible realization of Dr. King's dream, we as a racial group still find ways to revert back to the conditioning that was forced into our people's subconscious through enslavement and colonization.

Now don't get me wrong...Im not attacking Slim at all. I like him as a person and we have been cool since the days I was dancing for his then girlfriend Letoya Luckett. But one thing I learned about Ms. Letoya, and something I know about myself, we shoot from the hip! Something I'm proud of in this breed of African American women- and African descended women throughout the diaspora- we are empowered, educated, entrepreneurs, and unapologetic for the excellence we demand of ourselves and the partners we choose. But we didn't just come up with this idea in our generation, in one way or another this head strong, no nonsense, sometimes sassy, tell it like it is attitude has been passed down in the female head of household environments many black women- and men- have been raised in for generations! These same house holds where women are taking on both male and female roles in and outside the home, where mothers are loving their sons and raising their daughters, and where girls are only learning male/female relationship tactics through movies, song lyrics, and a combination of trial and errors: fuck ups-getting fucked over-fuck niggas!

I look at it as survival. Protecting one's self emotionally and those around them by any means. To really understand the psychology I'd like to site the section of "The Willie Lynch Proclaimation" written in 1712 titled "The Breaking Process of Slave Women" (www.thetalkingdrum.com/wil.html). In this document published for all slave owners, you cant help but to find a connection in character traits today and the practices of breaking up of slave families, breeding of slaves, the physical torture of slave men by masters in front of the slave women, the rape of slave women in front their mate, emasculating the men in the eyes of the women and leaving them to only prepare their daughters for the hard times ahead and discourage any strong willed behavior in their sons for fear of loosing them violently, all described in words written almost 300 years ago.

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Talib Kweli:

I’m the type of person who is always defending artists and what people’s expectations of them are because of the type of artist I am, and the type of stuff that I put out, because people expect certain things from me and sometimes I don’t meet my fans’ expectations and that’s something I’m sensitive to. When I saw how big of a deal that everybody is making over this blog—I know Slim Thug he’s a good guy—my initial comments were a comment to him and Marc Lamont Hill because I read Marc Lamont Hill’s response to him. I think Marc Lamont Hill’s response was very on point but that’s what someone like him is supposed to do, it’s not my job as a rapper to be checking my peers.

As far as what [Slim Thug] actually said, I think it’s a mistake for him to chalk it up to he was just joking because I don’t see the joke. I’m sure he was saying some of it in a funny way but I think that it’s more about the fact that—when something bothers you, you may not know the cause of what’s bothering you but just because you don’t know the cause doesn’t mean you can’t say how you feel. And the point he was making about black women and black men and certain points about relationships, particularly when it comes to money—these are very valid points. But his justification where a white woman would treat their man like a king and this and that, these are statements that you can’t make unless you’re ready to defend them. And with him being someone who doesn’t really blog—his name is Slim Thug, he’s not claiming to be an intellectual, he’s only telling it how it his from the perspective of a young black person growing up in Houston, and the points that he made were underserved and underrepresented because of the generalizations that he made.

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talib, i am disappoint
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source 2</>

H.Duff Post

Yesterday the caps of the finally released Dignity Tour DVD were posted, well here is the full trailer for it!! You can purchase it HERE for only $9.99

Also, recently engaged couple, Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie, forked over a reported $3, 850 million dollars (hey only a little more than what her engagement ring cost lol!) for an elegant Georgian Colonial mansion in Beverly Hills. I will post more pics when they come in!

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The latest 'Glee' debate: Is it even a comedy?

Even though it has tackled such heavy topics as homophobia and teen pregnancy, Glee will follow in the footsteps of one-hour series Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty by vying for Outstanding Comedy at the Emmys.

Eleven years after Ally McBeal became the first dramedy to score a win in the category, Glee is considered a lock to earn a nomination July 8, and it may well win the trophy Aug. 29. But comedy purists are asking: Do hour-long shows — which mix lighthearted moments with full-on tearjerkers — really belong in a category that usually honors traditional sitcoms? A handful of comedy writers polled by EW have their doubts.

“We bust our asses trying to get as many laughs into the shows as possible,” gripes one veteran scribe. “Dramedies don’t do that.” Adds another: “I’ve seen Glee a couple times, and I like it okay. But it has never, not even once, made me laugh, which seems like something any comedy should do.” Still, that writer points out, “I don’t know that a show like Glee should be competing against, say, The Wire, either.”

The Emmy brass recognizes the issue, but is understandably reluctant to create a new award for dramedies. “To [add] another category just to take care of the odd ducks would dilute the meaning of each one,” says John Leverence, the academy’s senior VP of awards. Still, the pressure is on Glee to submit comedic episodes that can go toe-to-toe with three-time winner 30 Rock and this year’s breakout, Modern Family. (Glee plans to offer its pilot and the Madonna episode for consideration.)

But other than the musical numbers, creator Ryan Murphy argues, Glee isn’t that different. “People get caught up on that ‘dramedy’ label. But every time I watch 30 Rock or Modern Family, I am moved,” he says. “The more heart that a show has, the bigger laugh you get in the payoff. All in the Family had a rape episode. Just because it’s a sitcom doesn’t mean it’s not moving. And just because it’s a one-hour [show] doesn’t mean it’s not funny.”

Glee aired its first season finale on Tuesday; it averaged nearly 11 million viewers. The episode was the highest-rated season finale for all freshman series this year.


Britney goes to Starbucks & some exciting rumors!

From the blogger at PoorBritney:

A little birdie has given me a few tidbits that I can share with you about what Britney’s been up to. This information is being passed onto you, but I cannot confirm or deny anything unless I see it with mah own beady eyes.

1.) I’ve seen the Cosmo pic and Britney is wearing black tank - gorgeous wavy/curled hair and looks beautiful (I’ve seen only one pic)

2.) The rumor I posted about a poss leak of the circus footage last week looks like it will likely leak- according to my source

3.) Britney will not perform at TCA according to what I was told

4.) I’ve seen the new Candies pic with black and fedora and she looks cute- but it looks very “candies” unlike the Cosmo shot

5.) Rolling Stone shoot may leak from 2007

6.) Album is set for November and Britney has been writing and producing a lot

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Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

'Scott Pilgrim' Director Edgar Wright Breaks Down Exclusive Chris Evans Clip

During the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" director Edgar Wright introduced an exclusive new clip from his much-anticipated comic book adaptation.

And while the footage of Michael Cera's Scott Pilgrim throwing down with skateboarder-turned-actor Lucas Lee (Chris Evans) was impressive on its own, Wright took some time out to explain the clip a little better to MTV readers — and offer a little behind-the-scenes information about the scene too.

"[It's] a clip of ex number two, who is Lucas Lee, pro skateboarder-turned-action star played by Chris Evans, and he's making a new film in Toronto," Wright explained. "Rather unwisely, Scott Pilgrim stumbles across the set and is about to get his ass handed to him."

As Wright said, it's only the second of seven battles Scott Pilgrim must wage against the evil ex-lovers of his girlfriend, Ramona Flowers. But when Scott ends up on the wrong side of a beating in the clip, it isn't delivered by Evans' character. As you see in the clip (if you haven't watched it, do it now!), Lucas Lee's stunt team gets in on the action, forcing Scott to fight off not one, but a whole crew of Lucas look-alikes.

According to Wright, the stunt team also happens to be a real group of stunt actors who double for Evans.

"They are his stunt guys," Wright told MTV News. "And the joke is that, as they fan out, they look less and less like Chris Evans. So the main one looks very much like Chris Evans, two and three are pretty good, [but] five, six and seven, not so good."


New 'True Blood' Star Joe Manganiello Talks Werewolves & Shirtless Scenes to TV Squad

Chances are you aren't familiar with the name Joe Manganiello yet, but rest assured, once the new season of 'True Blood' starts airing, that name is going to be splashed over every Hot List from CNN to TMZ.

The 33-year old Pittsburgh native is no stranger to our screens, having enjoyed recurring stints on 'One Tree Hill' and 'How I Met Your Mother,' but it is his role as brooding werewolf Alcide Herveaux that has break-out potential written all over it.

In an exclusive interview with TV Squad, Manganiello dished the dirt on his character's juicy relationship with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), the story behind Alcide's homicidal ex, and why those 'Twilight' werewolves better "bring it on."

Spoilers ahead! Collapse )
Source: TV Squad
never waste no time on a played out ego


Stephen Hawking On Religion: 'Science Will Win'

Stephen Hawking, known for his groundbreaking work in physics, told Diane Sawyer that when it comes to reconciling science and religion, there is only one outcome: "science will win because it works." He also elaborated on his views about God.

"What could define God [is thinking of God] as the embodiment of the laws of nature. However, this is not what most people would think of that God," Hawking told Sawyer. "They made a human-like being with whom one can have a personal relationship. When you look at the vast size of the universe and how insignificant an accidental human life is in it, that seems most impossible."

When Sawyer asked if there was a way to reconcile religion and science, Hawking said, "There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, [and] science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works."


Let's do this, ONTD!

EDIT: I just want to say that I am very impressed with the comments here. A lot of really intelligent debate and different points of view. No crazy wank or dumbfuck trolls, and only a few people being idiots. Even heathfan2008 was comparatively restrained, for them. Good job, ONTD!
Vampire Weekend;  Ezra as Lucille Bluth

Director's Cut: Vampire Weekend: "Holiday" and "Giving Up the Gun"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The video for Vampire Weekend's sunny ska lark "Holiday", from veteran directing duo the Malloys, is either a "Monkees"-esque absurdist romp or a sly send-up of the band's well-heeled image. Maybe it's both. In the clip, the Vampire Weekend kids don royal-court finery and lamp around L.A., beating up surfers, chowing down on lavish deserts, and generally wreaking havoc like true elites. The video has a dizzy California energy that the Malloys have previously brought to videos from MTV mainstays like Blink-182 and Avril Lavigne.

The Malloys are true music video O.G.s; they've worked with everyone from the White Stripes (Emmett Malloy directed their documentary Under Great White Northern Lights) and the Shins to Crazy Town and Alien Ant Farm. You've probably seen their videos millions of times without knowing it. When co-director Emmett Malloy calls VW a "video band", he knows what he's talking about.

The Malloys also helmed Vampire Weekend's all-star video for "Giving Up the Gun", starring RZA, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lil Jon, and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. As Emmett says of the logistics behind the clip, "it was a little bit of connections, luck, and a band having their moment."

We recently chatted with Emmett Malloy about both videos, getting the stories behind the powdered wigs and tennis whites.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm still hoping for a super gay video for "Diplomat's Son" with M.I.A. and Jason Schwartzman cameos.
Hey Arnold; Arnold &amp; Helga

Michael Jackson's doctor may lose medical license

The California medical board is once again lobbying for the judge overseeing the trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray to revoke his medical license. Previously, the court ruled that Murray cannot administer sedatives to his patients while awaiting trial on involuntary manslaughter charges; Jackson died of "acute Propofol intoxication" on June 25th, 2009 and his death was later ruled a homicide. Even though Murray doesn't practice medicine in California, "there is no legal bar to him changing his mind and engaging in practice in this state," the California Attorney General wrote in a legal filing, the AP reports. The issue will be addressed at Murray's next hearing on June 14th.

Collapse )

amy beehive

Christina Aguilera Has Delusions Of Grandeur And Suffers From Depression

“I do battle with depression. It’s something that is always right below the surface. And it’s almost seductive to go to a place of sadness and darkness.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic TV REVIEW: The second in our continuing series of notable, and often absurd, quotables from upcoming Behind the Music eps

Last week, we debuted a recurring feature in which we unveil some notable (and ideally, insane) soundbites from upcoming new episodes of VH1's uber-self-aware Behind the Music series. And while we stand by our skewering of DMX's out-of-context tangents, his installment turned out to be significantly less formulaic and self-promotional than most.

So does that mean we're pre-emptively singling out choice Christina Aguilera snippets from her cable mini-doc (airing on VH1 this Sunday at 9 p.m.)? Maybe. Do the below excerpts have us considering X-Tina's primetime retrospective instead of True Blood's premiere? You gotta be kidding.

Nonetheless, here are the five Aguilera one-liners that have us wondering if the recently maligned vocal powerhouse needs to check herself before she what-the-heck's herself (who refers to their spouse in the possessive, anyway?):

Collapse )


O M G I hope there is footage of her ugly crying!!!
hanson: 1440 hours in my day

Who the hell is Paula Cole?!

Hanson interviewed and perform on Lopez Tonight on June 8 -- they talk about the Grammys and writing MMMBop while drunk.

Collapse )

Source: YouTube

I know these are a few days old but I just found good video of them. Since then, Hanson have been up to a lot -- they did some hilarious flash mobs the same day in LA, an interview on E! News, and a secret show last night with Siobhan Magnus sitting in. Also, the little matter of a top 20 album on iTunes.


Jennifer Aniston dating Jason Sudeikis?

Jennifer Aniston has a new man in her life!

The unlucky in love actress, 41, is reportedly dating 30 Rock actor Jason Sudeikis.

Jen has apparently enjoyed a series of secret dates with Jason, who she met last year when they appeared in The Bounty Hunter together. (fuck that movie.)

During filming, Jen and Jason’s relationship was strictly platonic because Sudeikis was still married.

However, now the actor is divorced and Jen’s helping him deal with the split, the pair have taken things to the next level.

“When Jen found out he was going through a break-up late last year, she made the effort to invite Jason over for dinner in case he was feeling lonely or down,” said one insider. (fuck dinner.)

“They talked for hours and really opened up to each other. After a while, Jen realized she missed him in-between dates.

“She finds him hilarious. He is just what Jen needs — a solid, low key, funny man. It’s early days, but she’s quietly thrilled.” (fuck emotions.)

I am currently tying a noose around my neck at this maybe-news. I don't know what the fuck this source even is, but seriously.

Me right now.

Angelina being considered for Cleopatra

Legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra is one of those subjects that always seem to cause trouble whenever Hollywood dips her into the milky bath of filmmaking. Back in 1963, Joseph L Mankiewicz’ version all but emptied the coffers of 20th Century Fox and became more famous for its troubles than its release. More recently, Steven Soderbergh has been trying to get an epic musical version on its feet, going as far as locking in Hugh Jackman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ray Winstone to star with members of popular indie rock combo Guided By Voices linked to the score. But that’s been shoved aside in favour of the 17 other projects he’s juggling at the moment and seems no closer to making his To Do list just yet. So producer Scott Rudin will be hoping he has more luck with his own take on Cleo’s story, which he’s developing “for and with” Angelina Jolie.

According to author Stacy Schiff, who talked to USA Today (via The Playlist), Rudin is pushing ahead on the project, based on her book Cleopatra: A Life, which he optioned for Sony back in 2006 when it was just a young, 10-page proposal.
Now the tome is actually on the shelves, and while Schiff was out on the rounds promoting it, she dropped Jolie’s name as a likely star for the adaption, with Rudin confirming that she’s involved in developing the film.
Of course, whether it actually comes to fruition is another matter, especially since Jolie is a woman in demand, and she’s involved with any number of films that have little chance of ever making it out of limbo.

Still, she’s not a bad choice for Cleopatra – she proved she could do the ancient queen shtick in Oliver Stone’s Alexander (whether or not you think the movie worked, she looked the part), so it’s not exactly outside the realms of possibility. When asked who she’d pick as Marc Anthony, Schiff sparked to the distinctly unimaginative choice of Brad Pitt, but surely you lot can do better? Have at it…

people | conan o&#39;brien

Wave for Peace*

Last night, Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon tried to 'end the late-night wars'.

Two nights ago, Craig Ferguson put on a big white Mickey Mouse hand and started musing about how "if everyone wore a Mickey Mouse hand for one night" maybe it could "end the late night war madness." Ferguson added, "I'm reachin' out to you, direct-competitor Jimmy Fallon. Craig's impassioned plea occurs about one minute into this clip:

Well, last night, Fallon didn't take the glove as a slap, but as a gesture of friendship. And so, last night, after his monologue, Fallon put on The Glove That Heals All Wars:

Collapse )

Source and direct link to Jimmy's video or YouTube in case embedding doesn't work
* Jimmy's tweet

This was adorable on both counts.
drink ya juice shelby

Madame Tussauds Hollywood unveils Judy Garland wax figure

Madame Tussauds Hollywood unveils singer and actress Judy Garland official wax figure.

The event ceremony was held at 11:00 am on June 8th at Madame Tussauds Hollywood 6933 Hollywood Boulevard., Hollywood, CA 90028 next to Grauman Chinese Theatre.

Jack Allen, writer and historian, was the Master of Ceremony. Special appearances: Joey Luft, (son of Judy Garland), Margaret O'Brien (co-star of Garland's in Meet Me in St. Louis), Jerry & Elizabeth Maren (Original Munchkin).

The event media and public relations was coordinated by Jerry Brown of Solters & Digney PR.

Collapse )


Lady Gaga Throws Fit, Flips The Bird At Mets Game

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lady Gaga is currently at Citi Field, sitting in a luxury suite, and giving the middle finger to the paparazzi/crowd. She showed up—with "very little makeup and a skimpy outfit"—during the fifth inning, according to my dad.

After her fashionably-late arrival, the singer became visibly upset when all of the photographers—there to shoot the game—turned from the field and focused on her. She and her entourage left their seats behind the dugout, and popped up in the window of a luxury suite, where they were all seen giving the finger.

Pictures — and, hopefully, video — to come.

world&#39;s best boss

it squeaks when you bang it. that's what she said.

Alfred Hitchcock was way ahead of his time.

In this rare sound test recording for Hitchcock's 1929 film "Blackmail" he makes the first ever known recording of the joke "that's what she said." Well, his joke is actually the "as the girl said" version, but the joke has evolved, like all the great ones do.

So, Michael Scott, meet Alfred Hitchcock, who did it before you. That's what she said.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Hey Arnold; Arnold &amp; Helga

Stana Katic and Odette Yustman Join Spy Thriller THE DOUBLE

Michael Brandt’s The Double has gotten a double-dose of hotness. Heat Vision Blog reports that Stana Katic (ABC’s Castle) and Odette Yustman (The Unborn) have joined the cast of the upcoming spy thriller. Per HVB, “The story follows a retired CIA operative (Richard Gere) who partners with a young FBI agent (Topher Grace) to track down the killer of a senator.” Stephen Moyer (True Blood) signed on to the project earlier this week.

According to Heat Vision, Katic will play “a feisty Russian prostitute who fiercely protects key information.” You had me at “feisty Russian prostitute.” As for Yustman, she’ll being playing “Grace’s character’s wife, a strong woman who raises a family while coping with her husband’s Bureau career.” Filming is set to begin June 21st in Detroit. Hit the jump for images of these two actresses being all sexy and stuff.

Bethenny Frankel MEGAPOST

'The View': Bethenny Frankel reveals spinoff caused 'Real Housewives' rift with Jill Zarin

"Bethenny Getting Married?" chronicles many of Bethenny Frankel's causes for celebration: Tying the knot, having a first child and making a successful brand for herself.

Unfortunately, it's this "Real Housewives of New York City" spinoff show that's at the heart of why her friendship dissolved with fellow NYC housewife Jill Zarin.

"What really was the impetus was she told my castmates not to film with me on 'Housewives' because why help me out on my new show, in order to spin out," she tells the ladies on "The View" Thursday, June 10. "For me, that was messing around with my livelihood, and I took that really personally."

She adds, "I really do wish Jill the best and you never know what will happen in the future, but right now there are so many positive, pure things going on in my life that I don't want to dig up that [skeleton]."

Frankel, in a cute polkadot dress and red shoes, seems to identify with Elisabeth Hasselbeck the most during the interview since they're both young career moms.
Other highlights of the interview:

On returning to "Real Housewives" Season 4:

"It is really ugly and it's why I may not come back if it were this same cast. Truthfully my own show is not like that. It's humorous and it's emotional but it's not because I walk into a party in a ballgown and slap somebody in the face. I think intelligent shows don't have to be such a train wreck."

About baby Bryn's personality:

"She's unbelievable and really sweet. I think she has her father's personality."

About Bryn's future involvement on "Bethenny Getting Married?":

"It's her choice in life if she wants to be on it. This isn't 'Jon & Kate.'"

Collapse )

'Glee' exclusive season 2 preview

(EW) -- It's going to be hard for Gleeks to face the long, hot summer without any new "Glee" episodes, now that the first season has sadly come to an end.

But those rabid fans are in luck: EW has some scoop on what we'll be seeing next year.

"We're plotting the first 11 and we already know the first six of them and they're really big fun, moving episodes," says co-creator Ryan Murphy. "We always go back to the idea of how does our society treat and feel about funding for the arts, and the answer is not very good."
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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant -- I QUIT!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lindsay Lohan needs all the assistance she can get ... no, really ... her assistant just quit.
Sources tell TMZ Lindsay's right-hand woman, Elinore, quit Wednesday. Elinore only lasted a few months and we're told she was "exhausted" and "had enough of Lindsay's demands."

We're also told Elinore never had any time to herself and Lindsay would often force her to stay with her for days on end ... and then blame her when things went wrong.

Just one last warning for anyone interested in the gig -- we're told the job didn't pay much either. So here's how we're guessing the help wanted ad might look ...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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Moviefone is Giving Away Passes to Advanced Screenings of 'Toy Story 3' in 11 Cities!

 is giving away passes to advanced screenings of Toy Story 3 in 11 different cities:

The excitement for 'Toy Story 3' has reached a fever pitch. It might not just be the most anticipated film of this summer, but it may shape up to be one of the biggest summer movies of all time.

The Moviefone Movie Club will be discussing 'Toy Story 3' on June 22, and we invite you to chime in with your thoughts. So instead of making you wait for the movie to hit theaters on June 18, we're giving away 5 pairs of passes to early screenings in the cities listed below.


To qualify to win a pair of tickets, leave a comment on [
the original Moviefone post here], using a valid email address, specifying the city where you'd like to attend a screening. These screenings will be held this Monday and Tuesday, June 14 and 15 -- so clear your schedule for those dates and hurry, as this contest will close at 12:00PM ET (noon) on Friday, June 11.

Screening passes do not guarantee admission. Admission is on a first come, first served basis. Please arrive early so you don't miss out!

For full rules and to enter go here...or click on the pic above.

Source: Moviefone

Guess who be broke?

Taco Bell is great if you’re on a lean budget. Gorditas on Monday, Mexican pizza on Tuesday.…etc

After announcing a separation, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt may not have each other anymore — and to make matters worse, they may not have any money, either! “They are completely broke,” an insider tells In Touch, noting that their dwindling popularity is to blame. “Their income has dropped — but their spending habits have not,” explains the insider. And they buy things for no reason whatsoever. “Heidi has never met a designer bag that she didn’t have to have,” says a source. “And Spencer spends all of his money on gadgets, including professional night vision equipment and telescopes.” Because of their irresponsible spending habits, Spencer, who made about $65,000 per episode on The Hills, and Heidi, who raked in a cool $100,000 per episode, are now reportedly living on credit until they find new ways to make money. So how did Heidi and Spencer squander a fortune?

Collapse )

If all else fails they can continue their lucrative career staging photo-ops like this.

Did you ever want to see a ranking of all their cheesy photo ops? Well, fuck you cause here it is anyway.

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article source

pic source 1
pic source 2
Body language with Ariel

Cleveland Show renewed for third season

Viewers will be seeing even more of Cleveland Brown’s “happy mustache face” and hearing more from Mike Henry, the actor and producer who provides that animated character’s voice. On Thursday, the Fox network said that it had ordered a third season of “The Cleveland Show,” the cartoon comedy spun off from its animated hit “Family Guy.”

Created by Mr. Henry, Rich Appel and Seth MacFarlane, the “Family Guy” creator and producer, “The Cleveland Show” drew upon an eclectic mix of celebrity voices for its debut season, from the director David Lynch (who plays Gus, a local bartender) to the hip-hop performer Kanye West (who plays a cocky young rapper named Kenny West).

Mr. Henry said that Season 2 of the series, which is just now wrapping up production,will feature a roster of stars that includes Justin Timberlake, will.i.am, T-Pain, Michael Stipe, Fred Schneider of the B-52’s and Larry Mullen Jr. of U2. “Musicians love to do our show, for some reason,” Mr. Henry said in a telephone interview. “It’s such an easy gig that everybody wants to do it.”

For Season 3, Mr. Henry said, the goal is to “take things to the next level. Now that we’ve established our form, we want to break the form. More guest stars, more music, more high energy. We just want to pack more into our shows.”

Not that Mr. Henry is seeking to challenge the mogul status of Mr. MacFarlane, who has a hand in three-fourths of Fox’s Sunday animation lineup. “I just hope he invites me on his plane from time to time,” Mr. Henry said.

George pray

Funny or Die: Wax On, F*ck Off with Ralph Macchio

In his new movie, Ralph Macchio faces his toughest challenge yet; to become a Hollywood bad boy. With Karate Kid returning to the big screen, his career fading his friends and family are forced to stage an intervention. In order to re-establish himself in the entertainment industry he hits the streets of Los Angeles to show everyone how tough he can be.



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Mean Girls 2 (Direct to DVD )


Paramount Pictures has not announced an official sequel to Mark Waters‘ 2004 teen comedy Mean Girls, but we’ve been hearing rumblings that production was set to begin on a sequel in Atlanta. And today we came across a press release announcing an open casting call, so that confirms it. But will it be a theatrical sequel or just another one of those direct to dvd sequel? Well, it is being produced by “Paramount Famous Productions“, which has previously produced Van Wilder: Freshman Year and Wrong Turn At Tahoe — so you have your answer. And don’t say we didn’t predict a direct to DVD Mean Girls sequel in 2008, because we did.

57-year old Primetime Emmy award winner Melanie Mayron will helm the movie. Mayron is a television vetran who some of you will remember as Melissa Steadman on thirtysomething, but she has since gone behind the camera, directing episodes of New York Undercover, Dawson’s Creek, Arli$$, In Treatment, The Naked Brothers Band, 90210, Greek and the 10 Things I Hate About You television series. She also directed the 1995 film The Baby-sitters Club, Slap Her… She’s French, and Zeyda and the Hitman.

So what is the movie about? Here is the official plot synopsis:

The story revolves around a new high school student, Jo, who agrees to befriend an outcast, Abby, at the urging of Abby’s wealthy father in exchange for paying all of Jo’s costs for the college of her dreams. Jo and Abby team up to take on the school’s “mean girls,” the Plastics. The story becomes a high stakes battle of loyalty that ultimately comes to a head when one of our heroines finds out that her friendship has been bought and paid for.

Sounds basically like a rehash of the first film.

guti WEAH

For The Soda Stereo Fans On ONTD

Rocker Gustavo Cerati Hospitalized in Argentina with 'Extensive Brain Damage'
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Argentine rocker Gustavo Cerati was flown to his native Argentina June 7 and is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit of FLENI, a center that specializes in neurological disorders.

Physical exams revealed "extensive brain damage. The patient is unconscious. He breaths on his own, but still requires respiratory assistance," read a statement from FLENI's Medical Director, published on Cerati's website. According to the site, a brain CatScan showed an extensive stroke on the artist's left cerebral hemisphere.

Updates on Cerati's condition will be provided when available, but change is expected to be slow.

The 50-year-old Cerati, who was long the frontman of Soda Stereo (with whom he reunited to tour in 2007), suffered cerebral ischemia and collapsed following a concert in Caracas, Venezuela.

Cerati performed May 15 as part of his "Fuerza Natural" tour, named for the album released last year on Sony Music. Cerati has been hospitalized in Caracas since then, with his website providing updates about his medical condition.

As a member of Soda Stereo, Cerati fronted one of the most successful rock groups in Latin America before launching a successful solo career in 1999.
Cerati's "Fuerza Natural" tour had already taken him to eight countries, including the United States and Mexico, prior to his Venezuela stop.

Last December, Sony tested its Music Ticket + program with a Dec. 19 Cerati show in Buenos Aires, where fans who bought tickets received a card with a special code that enabled them to download the album for free. According to a Billboard report, of the approximately 15,000 fans who attended the show, 47% of them downloaded the album, underscoring the loyalty of Cerati's fanbase.
This is seriously one of my favorite childhood rock en espanol bands and hearing about Gustavo's current state is heartbreaking.
90's rock en espanol nostalgia time
pink moon.
  • dawson

Rosario Dawson writes an article on the situation in Arizona with U.S. Rep

Rosario Dawson and Rep. Michael Honda (D-Calif.) on on how Arizona immigration law harms reform efforts.

Nation, Arizona has a choice to make
by Rosario Dawson and Rep Michael Honda

Much has been said about Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, allowing state law enforcement officials to stop, question, detain and report individuals based on suspicion of undocumented status. Outrage against this bill is pervasive. Some say it hearkens back to Jim Crow, others say it legalizes racial profiling.

We understand Arizona’s itch to initiate immigration reform given its estimated 460,000 undocumented immigrants, exposure to cross-border drug and gun traffic and frustration with feds foregoing legislation for decades. There are four glaring reasons, however, why this approach is grossly misguided.

Collapse )

Source: Rosario Dawson Online

Rep. Michael Honda and Rosario Dawson encourage you to discuss and share your views via their twitters or at TheHill.com

http://twitter.com/RosarioDawson & http://twitter.com/RepMikeHonda


What ONTD needs: A Golden Girls Porn Parody

As tv-show porn parodies go, this one actually makes a lot of sense. Golden Girls was, in essence, a show about four women obsessed with sex; it’s not like they’re just taking the names from M*A*S*H and having a bunch of people in army fatigues randomly hooking up on wounded soldiers. Plus it’s four ladies, so the hookup combinations are endless! And with Rue McClanahan’s death, the Golden Girls are back in the headlines! One man’s insensitivity is another man’s pornpportunity…

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Lindsay - grrr

Reggie Bush Loses Heisman

lol just kidding, but Reggie and USC lose a shitload of other things.

The NCAA has ruled that the University of Southern California athletic department exhibited a lack of institutional control from 2004 to 2009 for a wide array of rules violations committed in its football, men’s basketball and women’s tennis programs.

“I have a great love for the University of Southern California and I very much regret the turn that this matter has taken, not only for USC, but for the fans and players,” it read. “I am disappointed by today’s decision and disagree with the NCAA’s findings. If the University decides to appeal, I will continue to cooperate with the NCAA and USC, as I did during the investigation. In the meantime, I will continue to focus on making a positive impact for the University and for the community where I live.”

Collapse )

Tomorrow, there will be an announcement on whether or not Reggie gets to keep the Trophy.
  • lori22

Katherine Heigl, When In Doubt About What to Say, Asks Herself, "W.W.S.B.D?"


Everybody should be believe in something, and Katherine Heigl believes in the church of Sandra Bullock.

"Whenever I'm about to do or say something," the actress told me recently, "I first think W.W.S.B.D., which stands for What Would Sandra Bullock Do?

"I don't know her personally," she added, "but from what I've seen of her and what I've read about her, she seems to be one of the most well-spoken, gracious, charming and funny women in Hollywood. If I could get there, I would like to be just like her."

The 31-year-old Heigl, star of the current film "Killers" and an Emmy winner from her time on the TV series "Grey's Anatomy," said she has always admired the 45-year-old Bullock, but became a serious believer after the latter's ordeal following her Oscar win as best actress.

Collapse )

Not surprisingly, Bullock's woes became fodder for the tabloid media, and the so-called mainstream media was not far behind in covering this story.

Heigl said she was particularly impressed with how Bullock handled herself during this media firestorm, and what the Oscar-winning actress had to say about the paparazzi in a People magazine interview in its May 10 edition.

Collapse )


[misc] shannyn coffee

Breaking: Joran Van Der Sloot to Reveal Location of Natalee Holloway's Body

Since there have been several posts on this story...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

LIMA, Peru - As prosecutors in Peru prepared charges against Joran van der Sloot in the strangling death of a 21-year-old woman, police told NBC News on Thursday the Dutch man admits knowing the location of the remains of missing U.S. teen Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

Van der Sloot remains the lone suspect in Holloway’s disappearance — exactly five years to the day before Stephany Flores was killed in Peru.

Police sources told NBC News van der Sloot is now willing to tell authorities in Aruba where to find the Alabama teenager’s remains.

Van der Sloot was moved to a cell at the prosecutor's office in advance of filing charges in what police called a remarkably complete confession in the killing of Flores, the daughter of a circus promoter and former race car driver whom he met playing poker at a casino.

"We've practically closed the case," criminal police chief Gen. Cesar Guardia told The Associated Press.

Collapse )


Hopefully this bitch isn't lying again.
crazy britbrit

Sterling Knight talks "StarStruck," Zac Efron

Sterling Knight was at the release party for the Disney Channel original movie “StarStruck” that premiered on the Disney Channel back in February 2010 and had a chance to talk with Jake Whetter from Radio Disney. Jake and Sterling talked about everything from “StarStruck” to the new season of popular Disney Channel show “Sonny With A Chance” that also stars Demi Lovato. Plus the two also talked about a phone call from Zac Efron and Sterling’s summer plans that might include a possible trip to Europe?

Check out the Radio Disney interview below,


To summarize for you tl;dw people, he was being interviewed and Zac called him to tell Sterling he saw his face on a billboard. Also, his middle name is Sandmann, which is German and a family name. He hopes to take a long European trip this summer if his schedule allows and puts on a hilarious Italian accent.

If you're unfamiliar with him, he plays Chad Dylan Cooper on Sonny with a Chance and manages to make even Demi look good. He also played Zac's character's son in 17 Again. And he's adorable.

Oops, forgot to mention he's a great musician and singer:

madge frozen

Nicole Richie: "I had no idea who that Cheryl girl was"

CHERYL COLE may have won Glamour's most covetable award this week but NICOLE RICHIE hasn't got a clue who she is.

"I had no idea who that Cheryl girl was," she told us. "I heard her accent and thought she must be Irish. She's not big in the US."

Nicole Richie and MY-WARDROBE.COM last night hosted a dinner to launch her much celebrated House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate autumn/winter 2010- 11 collections.

"I'm a busy working mother," she told us, "I'm all for what's comfortable but I don't think people today make enough effort with what they wear. At the same time I don't want to have to get out of bed early to decide what to put on. My jackets are my favourite part of my collection because you can just throw one on over jeans and a vest and it looks like you've made an effort."

Collapse )

madge frozen

Madge not Gaga for rival

If her act is unique, how could there be a 'new Madonna'?

Not everyone thinks "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

Apparently that's the case with Madonna, who reportedly sees Lady Gaga as quite the copycat, and is often irritated when she sees a clip of her performing.

Despite telling folks she finds Gaga "really annoying," the veteran superstar does admit her younger rival is a talented pianist and musician.

"It just bugs Madonna that Lady Gaga uses fashion and her performance style in a way that has so many people calling her 'the new Madonna.' ... Madonna thinks she is unique and there cannot be a younger version of something that is unique."

"I know," added the source with a laugh. "Ego, ego, ego."

Glee - Kurt

New Supernatural anime details emerge

Madhouse Makes Anime Series for Warners' Supernatural TV Show

The Cinema Today website reports that MADHOUSE is the acclaimed anime studio (Death Note, Paprika, Vampire Hunter D, Summer Wars) that is producing the previously announced Supernatural the Animation project for Warner Brothers. According to the website, this is the world's first animated project from a Japanese anime studio that is based on a popular overseas drama series. Shigeyuki Miya (Lupin III: Green vs Red, Aoi Bungaku Series, Buzzer Beater) and Atsuko Ishizuka (Aoi Bungaku Series) are co-directing the project.

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The Today Show Gets A Double Visit From The C-Word.

Normally when the Shakespearean word "cunt" pivots and leaps off of someone's tongue on live TV, I get all warm instead because I know that it will land on the ears of people who have never heard it before. And that's a beautiful thing. But this morning's cunt bomb on Today was bittersweet, because it came from a 13-year-old girl who is a possible accomplice to a brutal beating of another girl over text messages. And the girl didn't namedrop Heather Mills just once. Girl did it twice!

So yeah, a 13-year-old girl blows out the cunt word like they taught it to her in school (which they should) while talking about her involvement in a beating. Obviously, this girl was expelled from Latarian Milton's Hood Rat Stuff Academy, because she took doing bad things to a whole new scary level.

Why oh why couldn't this cunt bomb from a different 13-year-old girl? You know, I'm going to blame Meredith Vieira for this. She's the one who should've done the cunt bomb honors. It should've come out of her mouth! She knew it was coming and she should've taken care of it herself. Damn you, Meredith! And yes, that's my final answer.

lord i lift my hands

Lindsay <3

Good evening, and welcome to my Lindsay Lohan mega-post!!!  
I haven't posted in a VERY long time, but in light of Lindsay needing a new assistant, I thought I'd get back into the habit of publicly supporting my one & only so that she can see that I am truly the best fit for the job: I am not ashamed to love her, and I have not once abandoned her!!
So go grab a water bottle and a positive attitude, and enjoy my post!

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This post is dedicated to larrylurker