May 29th, 2010

Ani: Amazon Warrior

Zach Levi Interview re: Chuck

The current holder of the title "funniest spy drama starring Zachary Levi" is back for a third season. The last we saw of Chuck, our eponymous hero had destroyed the upgraded Intersect, not before downloading its contents into his head. Now he's keen to become an actual, proper spy - but it's not going to be an easy path. Naturally. Keen for the latest intel, we called up Mr. Bartowski to find out more.

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TVD post

IF THE VIDEO DOES NOT LOAD/EMBED, pls watch it here k thanks.
in the video..
-nina has shitty hair.
- kristin (the interviewer) tries to hit on my Ian.
- nina talks about how she loves playing 'crazy Katherine'
- paul reveals that he originally auditioned for Damon ( NO ONE CAN PLAY DAMON BETTER THAN IAN SO I'M GLAD!)
- paul has the same expression most of the time.
- ashlee simpson was rumored to originally play Elena before Nina auditioned. (LOL WTF)
- they talk about the Damon-Elena kiss

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LISTEN: Travis McCoy's New Single About Katy Perry

With a line like "inside I'm a mess by someone before" it's easy to make the obvious connection -- that the tune is about ex-girlfriend Katy Perry.

"But it's not a stab in any way," says McCoy, 28. "And I haven't been sitting around for a year waiting for her to call me. She's moved on and I'm doing my thing."

"Need You," a personal tune exhibiting McCoy's singing skills, is sure to strike a chord as well. "Its about how tough it is to move on and explain to someone that you're bruised and not really ready to pursue something," explains the singer, who wants to assure fans that Gym Class Heroes have not broken up.


sheeit, sorry mods I fixed the tags! Had to edit like 50 times, accidentally submitted a few times before it was ready :O
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AD-Buster wtf?!:me

Lindsay Lohan wants a Chanel alcohol tag

This bitch...

Lindsay Lohan wants to use her SCRAM bracelet to make a fashion statement -- with a little help from Chanel ... problem is, the move would be a serious risk to her freedom.

In a midnight Twitter session, Lohan wrote, "can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my scram bracelet so that i can at least wear a chic dress?! maybe!?"

But TMZ has learned there could be serious consequences if she glams it up -- the people at SCRAM have told us that the person wearing the device is not allowed to alter it in any way.

If LiLo does mess with the SCRAM, we're told she may have to pay for it -- and we're not just talkin' cash.

If SCRAM determines that she altered the device, Judge Marsha Revel could decide Lindsay violated her bail condition and then throw her butt in jail.

So the big question -- is fashion worth the risk?


Lady Bar Bar pops into British pub

LADY GAGA gave elderly locals quite a shock by turning up for a drinks session in a Birmingham boozer.
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That girl would stand out anywhere - let alone a Midlands pub. But oddball GaGa quickly won the regulars over by picking up the tab for the whole bar - and leaving a massive tip.

She rocked up to The Prince Of Wales, near the city centre, on Wednesday evening and settled in for two hours.

As my picture shows, the New Yorker - in black leather jacket and shades - downed whisky and Diet Cokes while penning new lyrics.

While there, she Tweeted: In a pub in England ruining bar napkins with lyrics and memories. Dreams are never weak like we are, drunk or sober.

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btw, I took the top picture when I met her, so ONTD exclusive~

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LOL at the reporters calling him "Colin James." That's his married name and he'd like to keep it private, please! Also would like to thank rose_of_love for allowing me to repost here.

Colin and Bradley would like to thank you for your time by lip-syncing their favorite 80s ballad for you:

Slave to the Rhythm

Sex(ism) and the City

Can Women Simply Invalidate a Male Critic's Review Just Because He Has a P33N?

In the new film Sex and the City 2, heroine Carrie Bradshaw suffers a crippling blow to her ego as she discovers her brand new book – a book about married life and wedding vows – is utterly destroyed by a review in the New Yorker. Distraught, she turns to her three best friends and over drinks it is decided that the reviewer, a man, simply cannot stand the thought of a powerful, liberated woman. Problem solved. No, really. That’s the last we hear of that subplot. It is actually the first of three subplots (out of five total) that are resolved this way in the new film. Men are sexist pigs that are the root of all of our problems. Drink up ladies!

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ONTD, what do you think? Is Carrie Bradshaw SEXIST?

u guys saying SJP looks like a horse is ~sexist~. watch out!!11!

'Model' contestant arrested in Houston

Brandy Rusher, 25, was charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A finalist from the reality TV competition, "America's Next Top Model," was charged with resisting arrest following an altercation in the Houston area Thursday.

Brandy Rusher, 25, was arrested Thursday, accused of pushing and shoving a Houston police officer.

Rusher competed on the fourth edition of "America's Next Top Model." She was often noted for the bright red afro she sported during the competition. The aspiring model lives in Houston.

Rusher faces a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest. Bail was set at $1,000.


Her on the show. ^^

Spencer Held Me Hostage!

Sources tell TMZ Heidi Montag is pulling the plug on her marriage mainly because Spencer Pratt has taken away her friends and family.

TMZ broke the story yesterday that Heidi has separated from Spence. We're told she has been complaining bitterly that Spencer is so controlling he isolated her from all her friends.

The final straw, however, was earlier this month, when Spencer called the cops on Heidi's mom when she came a callin'.

And, Heidi is saying, she wants to break into acting but says people in Hollywood don't want to work with her because she has "a loose cannon of a husband."

We're told Heidi will be renting a Malibu beach house with Jennifer Bunney (right), one of her best friends. As Heidi herself puts it, "I want more girl time."

Bunney tells TMZ ... "Heidi has spent so much time with Spencer and now she wants to be able to spend more time with herself and friendships."

And Bunney says ... she and Heidi will be doing their very own reality show which begins filming in July, which will focus on their relationship struggles and ... of course ... plastic surgery.


Why Miley is more 'inappropriate' than Taylor Momsen

Why is it Miley Cyrus gets trashed for inappropriate fashion, but Taylor Momsen, who is a year younger, gets called a fashionista?

Really? Fashionista? Go ahead and Google "Taylor Momsen" along with—and don't forget the quotes—"hot mess." You'll get about 78,000 results. And having that many associations with the term "hot mess," even if you are on Gossip Girl, does not a true fashionista make.

But, yes, the two are treated differently, and the reason is all about Miley Cyrus:

There is not a single reliable reference out there—not one—of Momsen even trying to cultivate a religious good-girl image.

You will find nary one report indicating that Momsen loves Jesus or reads the Bible in her spare time or is a family-type girl.

You will find many, many such references surrounding Miley Cyrus.

So when Cyrus spends a few seconds with a stripper pole, or poses in a Vanity Fair shoot that makes her look half-nekkid, or does a video in little more than a black rubber leotard-looking thing and some bird feathers, people are going to call her out.

Not for being a teenage slut, either, but for being a hypocrite.

For the record, by the way, Momsen does get flack for her goth-lite image.

"It just depends on what you consider dark, you know?" she said in a recent Associated Press interview. "I think some people think I'm a Satan worshipper or something."


the part about miley not being a slut but being a HYPOCRITE is right on the money.

Oh Whatever, He Should Be Happy He Was That Close to Greatness

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recent court documents show that a certain ‘Philip Markowitz’ filed a lawsuit seeking $25,000 yesterday in Los Angeles against Beyonce, her production coordinator Dina Ciccotello and a liability company.

Mr. Markowitz is a neighbour in the Los Angelos community where Beyonce recorded her latest music video for ‘Why Dont You Love Me’. He says the singer and her crew violated his privacy on the morning of March 26th and didn’t leave until 11 p.m. He has also complained about his driveway being repeatedly blocked, as well as the loud disturbances and damages that were inflicted.


Usher rules US singles chart, Miley Cyrus makes a fast track entry

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Hip-hop star Usher clings on to the No. 1 position on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chard for the third week in a row. His latest single “OMG” regained the No. 1 spot after three weeks on the Digital Songs tally with 236,000 downloads according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Katy Perry who was at No. 2 last week slipped to No.3 with “California Gurls” and consequently “Airplanes” by B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams which held the third spot climbed up to No.2 .

On the other hand Taio Cruz’s “Break Your Heart,” featuring Ludacris, took the No. 4 spot which pushed down B.o.B’s “Nothin’ On You” to No.5.

Lady Gaga jumped to No.6 from No.8 with “Alejandro” while Kesha stays put at No.7 with “Your Love Is My Drug”.

Miley Cyrus made a fast track entry at No.8 with her single “Cant Be Tamed”. It is her third highest debut on Hot 100 charts after “Party in the U.S.A.” which debut at No.2 in August last year and “The Climb” which entered at No.6 in March 2009.

The last two positions are held by the former No1 singles, “Not Afraid” by Eminem and “Rude Boy” by Rihanna respectively.


Does anyone have any douche stories about Usher or any celebrity for that matter. I'm bored, I need gossip.
Also anyone want to share blogs/tumblrs etc? Heres
so f''ing bored


Looks Like Ryan Tedder Told a Lie, Y'all

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Pop fans were shocked this week when singer-songwriter Ryan Tedder told the Denver Post that he was working with Kelly Clarkson again for her next album, despite the feud that the pair had which was recently revisited when a song by Kelly “Wash, Rinse, Repeat” leaked online, dissing both Tedder and her record label in the lyrics.

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Casting Call for J.J. Abrams "Super 8"?

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I'm not sure if this was accidentally sent to us or what (you never know with J.J. Abrams and his viral urges), but we received a casting call for an unnamed movie that we believe is for J.J. Abrams' Super 8, the Steven Spielberg/Amblin 70's/80's homage that is said to follow a bunch of kids who are shooting a movie with a Super 8 camera in the seventies or eighties. When they develop the film, they notice that there's an alien creature in the frame. Now, the sides provided with the casting call tell us that the film will follow two brothers and a sister as the protagonists. They all find out that their parents are getting a divorce. There are also references to the station wagon in the teaser and Reno.

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I'm 99.9% of all of us are too old so send your little brothers and sisters.
britney qt smile

Cheryl Cole Post

Heart broken Cheryl Cole removing ‘Mrs C’ tattoo

X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole is reportedly removing her ‘Mrs C’ tattoo on her neck after filing for divorce earlier this week.
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CHERYL Cole has cashed in on her single status by dropping her surname on her merchandise. Singer Cheryl Cole unveiled her new stock on the day she filed for divorce at the High Court. The T-shirts, posters and bags send a clear message to love-rat husband Ashley, 29, with the logo just saying “Cheryl”. The branded items were revealed on the singer’s website this week and fans can pre-order them. The 26-year-old’s official logo on her website is an arty scrawl of her married name Cheryl Cole. It is still visible on her site and she has carried on using the name this year for her solo career, despite announcing her split from Ashley in February. But on the official Cheryl Cole tote bags launched this week, the word Cole is not there. Instead there is a big blank space next to her first name. Sources say that the logo was changed just before the goods hit the printers.

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Source 1
Source 2

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Ben Affleck picks up daughter Violet

Violet Affleck smiles ear to ear as she gets picked up by her dad, Ben Affleck on Thursday (May 27) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Looks like Ben is giving Jen a break from picking up Violet!

The 4-year-old cutie was carrying one of her favorite books: Fancy Nancy - Let’s Get Fancy Together! The book also includes butterfly barrettes, a butterfly fan and glittery sunglasses!

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this is what you get when you mess w/us

It's Adriana Lima looking hot, what else do you need

I Am Not Even Repeating Just Jared's Stupid Titles Anymore

Adriana Lima blows a kiss to photographers as she helps open up the new Swarovski Crystal store in Madrid, Spain on Thursday (May 27).

The 28-year-old Victoria’s secret model recently gave birth to her daughter, Valentina, 6 months ago and she looks fabulous!

Earlier this month, Adriana and husband/professional basketball player Marko Jaric showed off their cute little girl!

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ONTD, How was your Friday Night?

I went to see Prince of Persia last night, and while Jakey was delicious, the movie was just a video game that I would much rather play. Also, sat in D-Box (moving) seats for the first time, and it was so distracting and annoying.
vm 74

Emma Stone is many things

Emma Stone gives a great big growl as she spots the paparazzi during downtime on the set of her latest film in Pasadena, Calif., on Friday afternoon (May 28).

The 21-year-old actress made several funny faces while sitting on the grass — she waved, growled, and even did a little dance. Emma was also seen giving a tip to costar Kevin Bacon to do the same. LOL!

Emma’s other film, Easy A, is coming out this fall and JJJ can’t wait! The flick follows Emma’s Olive, a clean-cut high school student who relies on the school’s rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing.
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Tommy Lee Jones Confirmed for Captain America
by SuperHeroHype
May 27th, 2010
Hayley Atwell confirms the rumors

As rumored, Tommy Lee Jones will act in Captain America: The First Avenger in a still-unknown role. Hayley Atwell, who plays Peggy Carter in the Joe Johnston-directed comic book adaptation, confirmed the news to LeicesterSquareTV. You can watch their interview with Atwell using the player below. They start talking about "Captain America" around the 2:20 mark.

Rumors place the "Men in Black" star in the part of General Chester Phillips, the military officer who chooses Steve Rogers for the super soldier program and who aided in his training soon after the serum took effect.(i like)

Phillips was retconned into continuity in "Tales of Suspense #63" in 1965, just two years after Captain America was brought to Marvel's forefront as the leader of the Avengers. Phillips remained a character in the Marvel universe until 2003 when he (now retired) was killed by assassins from the underwater rival-to-Atlantis continent Lemuria.

In addition to Atwell, Jones is joining Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Sebastian Stan, Toby Jones, Samuel L. Jackson and Dominic Cooper in the July 22, 2011 release.

I'm aryt with this. it's gonna be awesome.

Nick Swisher's Soon-To-Be Wife Is A Scientologist?

so, following the engagement post...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This news of potential matrimonial conflict is brought to you byBob's Blitz, which points out that Swisher's fiancée, actress Joanna Garcia, has some ties to L.Ron Hubbard's Hollywood weirdo community.

Garcia, seen above, dressed like a beheaded penguin for the Church of Scientology's annual Christmas Stories Play, has been seeing Swisher for almost a year (publicly). TV nerds might remember Garcia from "Freaks and Geeks," where she played bubbly Vicki Appleby for five episodes.

So will Swisher convert? You know those greedy Scientologists would love to have some Yankee money pumped into their UFO cult. That means a possible Jenna Elfman sighting at The Stadium before this season's over, which would be fantastic because I loved her work in Krippendorf's Tribe. And did you know Elfman has, like, size 18 feet?

If this is true, and he converts, I'm burning my Swisher shirt.
sourcey mcsourcesource:

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DM; all

Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor Trailer

Synopsis: During a visit to an art gallery, the Doctor's interest is caught by a painting of the Church At Auvers by Vincent Van Gogh, where there's a face in the window of the church, a curious, shadowed creepy face, nasty eyes. The Doctor is worried, he is sure he has seen it somewhere before, but how?

Broadcast: 5 June 2010


Spoilers in comments. Omfg this week's episode. :'(

Sir Ben Kingsley Auditions for Michael Bay

Sir Ben Kingsley spoofs Heidi Montag, knows who Heidi Montag is

It was a banner day for Sir Ben Kingsley yesterday -- although when you're a Sir, I'd imagine most days are great ones. In addition to receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his indelible contribution to cinema over the last three decades, he put Heidi Montag on blast.

Don't get me wrong, Sir Ben spoofing Speidi's audition tape for "Transformers 3" is cheeky and charming, but the simple fact that a man of his stature knows who Heidi Montag is hurts my feelings.

they're taking shots?

MTE Jarett Wieselman
ANF (Halsey)

Patrick Stump has a bassist, y'all! And a way overdue SXSW picture

Former Taking Back Sunday bassist Matt Rubano revealed on Friends Or Enemies Radio that he is working with Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump as he prepares to release his solo album. Rubano said, "We've been talking about helping to put the band together to go on tour for his record."

Rubano said that Stump is "a mountain of talent" and that the pair get along because "we're both kind of these weird secret jazz fans that ended up in rock bands."

Rubano was in TBS from 2003 until this past March when both Rubano and guitarist Matt Fazzi were let go from the band so that original members John Nolan and Shaun Cooper (formerly of Straylight Run) could re-join.


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Bauer BAMF
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A post that should've been made 5 days ago

24 Series Finale: The 10 Best Moments
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It is hard to believe that after 192 episodes, the show that redefined serialized dramas (and Kiefer Sutherland’s career) is no more. No more terrorist threats. No more CTU moles. Yup, we’ve heard the 24 clock tick for the last time (at least until the rumored movie hits theaters) and it’s with a heavy heart that we bid it adieu.

It’s unfortunate that talk of the movie somewhat depressurized the finale - viewers knew going in that this wouldn’t be the “end-end”. Further, it’s a simple exercise to pick apart the show for all of its shortcomings and plot holes. In fact, it would be easy to argue that Season 8 wasn’t a proper send off for the show. But forget all of that. If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you’ve stuck with it to the end and 24, in your mind, will be remembered for being unique, revolutionary, unapologetic and just all-around awesome.

And for that reason, we list some of the best moments of the two hour series send-off:

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I love this show sfm. 24 fans lets hug it out
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What did you guys think of the finale? BTW do you like my formatting? :D
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Can it be?...It's an The 'IT' Crowd Post!!!!

Channel 4's Bafta-winning sitcom The IT Crowd is to get a fifth series, its creator and director Graham Linehan announced last night.
Speaking at preview screening of the show's fourth season – which will be broadcast this summer – Linehan said that a fifth series had already been commissioned.
Linehan, who also wrote Father Ted with Arthur Mathews and Black Books with Dylan Moran, said that after four seasons of writing The IT Crowd alone, he intended to put together a team of writers to work on the fifth series.
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Hollywood hellraiser Dennis Hopper dead at 74

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper, best known for directing and starring in the 1969 cult classic “Easy Rider,” died Saturday at his home in Venice, California, from complications of prostate cancer, a friend told Reuters. Hopper was 74.

The hard-living screen icon died at 8:15 a.m. PDT , surrounded by family and friends, said the friend, Alex Hitz.

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RIP :(

Who's Gaga gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Lady Gaga has spent £3,000 on ­ghostbusting gear ­because she's convinced evil ­spirits are haunting her. The pop diva got aides to buy the specialist kit, including ­electro-­magnetic field readers, ­before her Monster's Ball tour gig at ­London's O2 arena tonight.

She told them she was ­terrified of 'bad energy' - and ordered them to do a spirit-seeking sweep of the ­backstage area. Her ­request came to light after an aide phoned Dan Webb's ghost-busting firm. He said: "When I took the order for the kit I had no idea who it was for. But then I checked the listings and saw who was playing the O2. Her aide said the gear had to be robust as they were ­taking it on the road - so they must be doing this every­where Lady Gaga is performing."

lol the mirror

John Travolta Sued for $14million by Former Manager

John Travolta's former manager wants a lot of $$ from the pop sensation.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, David Sonenberg says the "Blah Blah Blah" singer reneged on their contract -- and should pay his company $14 million.

The action also seeks $12 million from Travolta's songwriting partner and the man who "induced, intimidated and convinced" her to exit the deal, Lukasz Gottwald, a k a Dr. Luke.

The suit says Sonenberg's firm, DAS Communications, signed an agreement to manage the artist then known as Kesha Rose Sebert in January 2006. They hooked her up with "American Idol" judge Karen (lol) DioGuardi in 2008, who got her a deal at Warner Bros., the suit says.

Travolta's lawyer, Charles Ortner, said the suit is off-key. He said his client's contract allowed her to can DAS at will.


Miley Confesses "Full Circle" is about Nick Jonas

Oh God, who wants to bet against Niley trending on Twitter tonight??

Miley Cyrus reveals that her track Full Circle is about one of the Jonas Brothers.

The video, believed to have been recorded at Rock In Rio, in Portugal last night, shows Miley introducing the song.

Miley says of the song: “It’s about two people, no matter what, they’re always gonna come back together, no matter what anyone says or the bad people that try to keep you apart.”

The 17-year-old adds: “It’s a personal story.”, before instructing the band to start playing.

As the band prepares to go into the song Miley says: “Surprise surprise”, before adding almost under her breath “It’s about a Jonas brother.”

Could she, perhaps, be referring to her ex boyfriend Nick Jonas?

Check out the video below.


marion ★ omigosh

this is a Chad Michael Murray round up post

Here is a collection of the latest Chad Michael Murray photos from the past week or so.

Chad Michael Murray and friend leave a birthday party at Pinz Bowling Alley (5/21/10)

Chad and a friend were spotted leaving a birthday party at Pinz Bowling Alley, last Friday (May 21st, 2010). There's also a TMZ video from this night...
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thank you for your time

Chad appreciates it :)
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Madonna saves Malawian gays

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The president of Malawi has pardoned two gay men who were sentenced to 14 years in prison this month for gross indecency and unnatural acts, the country's solicitor general, Anthony Kamanga, said Saturday.

President Bingu wa Mutharika announced his pardon of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga after meeting with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Kamanga said. High-profile figures who spoke out in support of them include the singer Elton John and the pop star Madonna, who adopted a child from Malawi.

“These boys committed a crime against our culture, our religion and our laws,” Mutharika said after the meeting, at the southern African country’s State House. “However, as the head of state, I hereby pardon them and therefore ask for their immediate release with no conditions.

“I have done this on humanitarian grounds, but this does not mean that I support this.”

source :

Lil Wayne Feat Nicki Minaj - Knockout (Music Video)

Lil Tunechi Weekend is in full effect. To kick off this Memorial Day holiday, MTV2 and MTV Jams have already delivered video premieres of Lil Wayne's "Da Da Da" (featuring rockers ¡Mayday!) and "Runnin'," with Young Money songstress Shanell. Now, the much-anticipated "Knockout" is finally here.

Directed by Jeffrey Panzer and Lil Wayne, the Nicki Minaj-assisted clip premiered premiered Saturday (May 29). The video is similar in look to Wayne's "Runnin' " visuals, likely owing to the fact that both were shot using a green screen. Panzer is a music-video veteran whose nearly three-decade career includes clip credits for the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Erykah Badu, among many others. In "Knockout," Wayne and Nicki are transported from a pink (and alternately blue) locker room to the center of a ring on fight night. The two are seen playfully flirting, and then Weezy poses a rather bold question to Minaj.


RedOne: "Gaga Loves Christina!"

We here at HipHollywood remember the pre-Lady Gaga days when Christina Aguilera wore platinum blonde hair, risque outfits and sang raunchy lyrics..."Dirrty" anyone?  But, these youngin's clearly think X-tina is biting off of Lady Gaga and have even gone as far to say that they hate each other.  So, what do you think, do Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera really have a feud?  Or is it just media hype?  We talked to Gaga's producer, RedOne, and he gaves us the real deal on Gaga vs. X-tina...
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T.I. on Aunty Wendy's show

-He is comfortable but very stiff in the interview with Aunt Wendy.
-Says there is no date set to get married to his fiancee of 8 years, Tiny.
-Talks about his gun arrest, where he got a year of prison and trying to give back to the community.
-Mentions his newest album and upcoming movie "Takers".


The National on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

Brooklyn-based rock band The National performed on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson this week. The band performed a song called "Anyone's Ghost" which is off their latest album High Violet. Check out video below:

They were also recently on The Late Show with David Letterman to perform another song called "Afraid of Everyone". Collapse )

Source, Source, and Press Photo

Much MUSIC Formally Requests To Reduce Music Video Programming, Remove French Programming

"MuchMusic never shows videos anymore."

That's the common complaint from Canadians who grew up in the '80s and '90s, and saw our version of MTV — which we said we looked on with pride because it actually played music videos — gradually decrease the amount of videos it aired to the point of it playing... well... very few.

On May 21, CTV Limited, which owns MuchMusic, applied to the Canadian Radio-television And Communications Commission (CRTC) to have MuchMusic's license changed so that it plays even less music videos. Under the proposed terms, the station's French programming would also be removed.

MuchMusic's license currently stipulates that it has to provide programming consisting of music videos or music-related items for 50 per cent of each broadcasting week. Much wants to amend that to 25 per cent of the broadcasting week. Why?

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Professor Chaos

Disneyland: What's Really Behind The Magic Kingdom!

Professor's Comments:

1) Apparently this info has been out a few weeks on Cracked, Facebook and other sites as far as I know per my Googling. I did  not see a post about this on ONTD and I looked back to the beginning of the year. I thought it was a pretty funny article and people who hadn't seen it might get some amusement from it. I also thought it was a pretty appropriate time to post it so I took the chance

2) This is a tl/dr post. There are more than 2 paragraphs so if you're not up to some actual reading then feel free to pass on by. I could not have formatted it much better than I did. I attempted to replicate the information as identical to the way it was in the article I read it from as possible. It took me some time and I'm proud of it. If this does get approved and go through than by all means enjoy!

6 True Stories About Disneyland They Don't Want You to Know

This summer, hundreds of thousands of happy children will beg, plead and, if resourceful enough, blackmail their parents into taking them to Disneyland. And it's little wonder why: To children, Disneyland is the combination of the only three things that matter: cartoons, rides and thinly concealed evil.

What's that? You don't typically associate the Happiest Place on Earth with crippling depression, rabies, discrimination and hate crimes?
We can fix that!

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Lady Gaga 101

Forget biology and political science. I want to major in Lady Gaga. Not that I actually understand her. She's just incredibly entertaining. And now, the phenomenon of Lady Gaga has invaded the world of academia.

The Huffington Post today highlighted a interview with doctoral student Meghan Vicks and author/performer Kate Durbin about their online academic journal Gaga Stigmata. According to Durbin, Lady Gaga is worth studying because pop matters.

"What we hear in the mall, in our cars, on YouTube, makes the world around us, which is to say that it makes us," said Durbin to "I believe Lady Gaga's art pioneers awareness and liberation at such a massive cultural scale that it would be ignorant, and potentially even destructive, not to take it seriously."

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Bill Amend Releaes New Comic Book, Has Conan O'Brien Themed Strip

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Last month cartoonist Bill Amend (@billamend) released a new book for is comic strip "FoxTrot".

His book FoxTrot Sundaes is a cool treat that follows the amusingly chaotic lives of the Fox family--Jason, Peter, Paige, and their parents, Roger and Andy--since FoxTrot became a Sunday-only comic strip.

In this anthology, Amend gathers all the color Sunday comic strips since FoxTrot went weekly and delivers a concentrated dose of his irreverent take on teen and family life.

And speaking of comic strips, tomorrows comic strip makes a mention of Conan O'Brien. Here's the strip:

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Source, Source


Gabourey Sidibe: 'I use any event to hit on a young man! [I'll do it] at the gas station!'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Gabourey Sidibe has admitted that she enjoys flirting with Hollywood hunks.

In an interview with Jonathan Ross, the Precious star, who was nominated for a 'Best Actress' Academy Award earlier this year, has insisted that she loves meeting actors at Hollywood events.

The 27-year-old said: "I use any event to hit on a young man! [I'll do it] at the gas station! I just like hitting on people, I'm into boys! Recently, Sex And The City, the guy that plays Smith - Jason Lewis, I believe his name is - he's hot! I hit on him for four straight minutes the other night!

"Here's how I open up: 'Hi, you are hot! What's up with that? Take down these digits!' He was very, very, very nice. I'm sure I scared him off a little bit, I can be quite aggressive. It hasn't slowed me down though!"

Last month, Sidibe joked that she thinks Gerard Butler is "kinda sexy".

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Jackie Brown Prequel & Kill Bill 3

Jackie Brown prequel titled "The Switch" is ready to take off but Tarantino is not involved

Quentin Tarantino’s 1997 Elmore Leonard adaptation Jackie Brown is receiving the prequel treatment, although not by the spaztastic director himself. Instead, Tarantino has given his blessing to writer Dan Schechter and producer Michael Siegel for The Switch, which shares the name of Leonard’s original novel. Schechter previously wrote and directed Goodbye Baby, while Siegel already has experience with Leonard’s work. He produced Be Cool, so this should be a peach.

Tarantino was initially approached to pen The Switch, as to keep consistency with “Rum Punch,” the novel that Jackie Brown was based on. Tarantino turned down the opportunity, possibly because of a recent announcement that he is working on a third installment of the Kill Bill franchise. But he wishes the new crew the best on the difficult undertaking of translating a Leonard novel to film. After all, Siegel’s already shown that it’s terribly difficult.

“The Switch” originated the characters Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson) and Louis Gara (Robert De Niro), who were friends and partners in crime in “Jackie Brown.”

Although Tarantino will not be involved with the project, the legendary director hasn’t hesitated to share his adoration for Leonard’s work.

“He was probably the biggest influence on my life: I have been reading Leonard since I was 14 and got caught stealing his novel ‘The Switch’ from K-Mart,” he told The Telegraph in February.

Tarantino will also be taking the stage in October as the next subject of the Friars’ Club’s legendary roasts. On October 1, he will take the spotlight with comedy stars such as Jeffrey Ross, Lisa Lampanelli, Nick DiPaolo, and Greg Giraldo. Last year’s roastee was Matt Lauer and the Roastmaster was Al Roker. It is an absolute wonder why Comedy Central didn’t show that one.

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Vanessa Hudgens Is Apparently Handicapped

Vanessa Hudgens was caught parking in a handicapped spot yesterday.

Oooooo, bad Vanessa. Last time I checked she was quite the opposite of handicapable (super advantaged). Vanessa Hudgens shamefully made her way back to her illegally parked as the paparazzi gleefully click photos.

Shame on you for thinking the same people who take pictures of you just walking down the street aren't going to catch you doing something you shouldn't. You can't catch a break with these guys.

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