May 22nd, 2010

How to Gain from ' How To Train Your Dragon'

How To Train Your Dragon has been an enduring yet unlikely success since its launch on Mar. 26. Enduring in the longevity of its box office run, and unlikely due to its genre and how it strayed from the DreamWorks Animation norm.

With close to $209 million through its eighth week, Dragon has grossed nearly five times what it did on its opening weekend, which is the biggest multiplier of any 2010 nationwide release thus far and, among major animated releases, the biggest multiplier since Finding Nemo. Its average weekend drop-off rate has been a slim 26 percent. When it led the April 23-25 weekend, it was the first movie in over four years to reclaim the weekend top spot, and it's been in the Top Five since it opened. The last animated feature to spend that much time in the Top Five was Toy Story in 1995.

When How to Train Your Dragon drew $43.7 million on its opening weekend, it was unfairly maligned. The media and the industry had some random, largely unfounded expectations that the picture didn't live up to (as they often do). Sure, Dragon had an enormous release of 4,055 theaters, and it had a ubiquitous marketing campaign, which had some questionable elements like renaming the picture "DreamWorks' Dragons" and interstitials that interrupted the Winter Olympics. Its start also paled compared to Monsters Vs. Aliens' $59.3 million debut on the same weekend in 2009.

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Tokio Hotel in Oberhausen, Germany May 21, 2010 at the VIVA Comet Awards.

The band wins "Best Live Act" beating out Rammstein, Silbermond, and others.

Tom addresses the Viagra rumor, sort of.

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For serious, if he really had overdosed on Viagra and had a 48-hour erection without going to the hospital,
he would no longer have a penis. This shit is ridic.

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Hey Arnold; Arnold & Helga

Stana Katic interview

There's something about women in uniform that grabs eyeballs. And Star World's latest crime drama series, “Castle” has already stumped the audience, thanks to Stana Katic, the gorgeous Canadian-born actor who essays the role of New York Police Department (NYPD) Detective Kate Beckett.

The plot revolves around mystery writer Richard Castle, and Beckett, who work together in solving bloodcurdling crimes. It is in this process that a love story develops between the two.
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george jetson

Kelly Bensimon Tells Her Side of The Real Housewives’ Crazy Kelly Episode

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"I was asked to go on this trip and I was very anxious about it, because I was asked by women who don’t like me at all. I always have positive expectations of people, and I always think the best, and you know, that’s my Achilles' heel, is that I’m positive and feel like people are going to be nice. But the nature of the show isn’t that, we’re not a PC show: We’re not supposed to walk out of a situation that’s confrontation; we’re supposed to react. And when someone's jabbing you constantly, on and off camera, to be honest with you, I’m a real person, and I don’t take this as a reality-TV star person. I go into situations as Kelly Killoren Bensimon, I’m me, I’m the same person I am on the show with you or any of my friends. And these women get a rise out of me."
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george jetson

Going Gaga for a Lady: No Bad Romance as star cavorts on Saint Tropez love boat

There was no sign of Bad Romance as this Lady proved she goes Gaga for girls. And with her endless schedule of performances across the globe, it's no wonder Lady Gaga has decided to take a well-earned break.

On a yacht off the French coast, the admittedly bisexual star, could barely contain her Poker Face as she rolled around with a mystery brunette companion.

According to one onlooker, the couple appeared to be playing a LoveGame on her break in Saint Tropez, seemingly not fussed by the attentions of the Paparazzi.
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Wale's Homophobic, Bears Are Catholic

According to DC Black Gay Pride organizers, rapper Wale has abruptly pulled out of a Gay Pride concert as headliner

Apparently, Wale asked the organizers to hide the fact that the event was part of the Black Gay Pride festivities going on in DC that weekend.

It seems Wale didn’t mind taking the organizer’s cash, he just didn’t want it publicized that he was participating in a “gay” event. But I thought Wale was gay?

Earl Fowlkes, the DC Black Pride board member acting as spokesperson for the nonprofit organization, said Wale’s decision to cancel his appearance was due to homophobia.

”Basically we had an agreement, and we were very clear to the different parties and agents involved that this was an LGBT event,” Fowlkes says. ”What happened is that when the first blast went out that Wale was going to be at Black Pride he got cold feet, and his agent first said Wale wasn’t available because he had to do family stuff. Then we got another e-mail saying he didn’t know what kind of event this was when he agreed to it.”

According to an e-mail from Jesse Kirshbaum, a talent agent representing Wale… his client took the [gig] because it was a local Washington event, but that he was ”mislead.”

”All of the facts of the event were not disclosed with the offer and therefore, he feels mislead and regretfully declines.”
Fowlkes says that is not true. ”We said, ‘We told you up front, how could we hide that DC Black Pride is LGBT?”’ Fowlkes says. ”They just said he couldn’t do it. So it basically is homophobia rearing its ugly head once again, and on our 20th anniversary, it’s really sad.”


DC Black Pride is sort of a big deal, speaking as someone who lives in the area and has been. It's fucked up that he's a homophobic piece of shit, but we'll be fine with or without him.

But considering you had a GAY ICON in one of your videos.... umm.... I don't see why you all of a sudden have problems with gays.

Michael Jackson's Resting Place Covered In Sunflowers

1500 Sunflowers (30 buckets containing 50 flowers each) delivered to Michael Jackson at resting place at Forest Lawn, Great Mausoleum Holly Terrace, in Glendale, Calif., courtesy of Jason Levin ( in response to Lisa Marie Presley's suggestion that fans bring/send sunflowers to brighten his final resting place.

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After Lisa Marie Presley made a plea for more flowers at MJ's final resting place, a flower shop delivered about 1,500 sunflowers (Jackson's fav) to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA.

Along with the delivery, there appear to be several individual arrangements ... with cards and all.

Lisa Marie -- mission accomplished.

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If you look closely, you can see Lisa Marie Presley's picture frame with a vase of silk sunflowers inside it. The inscription on the vase seems to read: "I will always love you. Eternally, L"

Sources: 1, 2

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It's going to be one year in a month. :(

A Charlotte Casiraghi post

Charlotte Casiraghi wears equestrian outfits designed by Gucci to the Global Champions Tour in Spain earlier this month Photo: REX

It’s one of the world’s most famous luxury brands, renowned for its sexy spin on fashion; she’s the glamorous, world-travelling granddaughter of Grace Kelly: now, in a union guaranteed to up the style stakes of the equestrian world, Gucci is designing the equestrian wardrobe of the horse-mad Charlotte Casiraghi and her show-jumping team.

Not content with being fashion royalty, the 23-year-old, whose mother is Caroline, Princess of Hanover and Hereditary Princess of Monaco, is also a talented rider and made her Gucci-clad debut on the first leg of The Global Champions Tour in Valencia, Spain, earlier this month.


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pink flowers & a book

Emma Bunton shows glee over Glee!

Emma Bunton has revealed she loves Glee.

The Spice Girl, who will be hosting Don't Stop Believing - Five's new competition to find the UK's best glee club - admitted she often watches the award-winning show with son Beau.

"(I'm) a huge fan and Beau's a big fan of Glee as well, but we're fans of all those kind of shows out there - The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent," she said.

"It just shows we're enjoying that side of musical and dance and we all love to get our hairbrushes out, have a sing-along to the newest track. When I was at theatre school I kind of loved the whole singing and the dancing side, and I did bits of acting."

She added: "Beau, my little boy, is kind of obsessed with Justin Bieber and Beyonce at the moment and we kind of do their songs in our own way."

Emma, who attended theatre school as a child, advises it's not easy to become a star.

"It's very hard work - sometimes it's scary along the way - but it's the best thing just being on stage and performing to an audience and just having fun with it," she said.

Groups are invited to apply to the show by signing up to

"It's going to be modern songs and old songs but they're going to be able to perform them the way they want to perform them," Emma said.


I particularly enjoy the part of this article when she talks about getting out the hairbrushes and singing along to new tracks. EXACTLY what me and my bffs did back in the 90s with the Spice Girls tracks. Ah, memories.
hectic like a smoke bomb

Huffpost blogger sez: Don't hate Megan Fox because she's beautiful

Why Do We Care About, Let Alone Hate, Megan Fox?

News broke yesterday that Megan Fox would in fact not be a part of Transformers 3, which is set to be released on July 3rd, 2011. Before any real details could be articulated, the media at large jumped on the idea that Fox had been fired by Michael Bay in relation for various statements that Fox had made over the last several months that appeared to criticize Mr. Bay. Needless to say, word soon spread, via HitFlix and People, that Fox had actually chosen not to return to the rampaging-robots franchise of her own accord. I have no idea which version is true, and I imagine we'll know in the coming weeks. But the sheer outpouring of joy that greeted the allegation that Fox had been canned for trashing Michael Bay in public was more than a bit obnoxious. The same geeks and entertainment columnists who called co-star Shia LeBeouf honest and gutsy for criticizing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) were basically applauding the idea that Fox had been fired for basically doing the same thing. Why do so many people hate Megan Fox? Why do they even care?

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I agree with some parts, but it's always kind of loltastic when a man sits down to tell women how they should feel about something. Also he doesn't really address the really dumb things she's said about bisexuality or mental illness. I still love her though, sigh. Picspam plz?
Kimba Simba :)

So lovely and perfect - Cheryl Cole at Cannes

British pop star Cheryl Cole is taking the cut-out trend to a whole new level.

The Girls Aloud singer made her Cannes Film Festival debut in a white-hot Versace number slit all the way up the leg, revealing plenty of skin between the crisscrossing side panels.
Cole was able to pull off the daring look - thanks in part to a barely visible beige body stocking, protecting her from any potential wardrobe malfunctions.

After walking the red carpet for the premiere of the Algerian film "Outside the Law," Cole skipped the movie in favor of dinner with friends and a party with close pal of the Black Eyed Peas, according to the Daily Mail. The rapper has reportedly referred Cole - who recently split from her soccer player husband - as the "most beautiful woman in the world."

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touch me I'm sick

Let's have some cute Mila Kunis, ONTD

Mila Kunis: 'Friends with Benefits' with Justin Timberlake!
DISCLAIMER: Justin Timberlake is not in this post

Mila Kunis and a friend leave a nail salon with fresh pedicures on Thursday (May 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress and her friend finished Starbucks frappuccinos on their way out of the salon together.

Mila recently joined the cast of Friends with Benefits with Justin Timberlake! The situation was a little strange, EW explains - Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher are working on an Ivan Reitman project of the same name (which will now be changed)!

NBC is also developing a sitcom called Friends with Benefits. Confused yet?

10+ pictures inside of Mila Kunis and a friend leaving a nail salon…

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lol at "friend", are we sure that's not her mom? Anyway she looks stunning and pissed at being photographed
It's a terrible terrible tide

Diane Kruger and Ludivine Sagnier at Cannes

Diane Kruger: CANNES with Ludivine Sagnier!

German actress Diane Kruger and French actress Ludivine Sagnier make an appearance on the Canal+ TV show Le Grand Journal in front of the Martinez Hotel during the 2010 Cannes Film Festival on Friday (May 21) in Cannes, France.

The co-stars, both in Giambattista Valli, promoted their new movie Lily Sometimes (Pieds nus sur les limaces), which won the Art Cinema Award at Cannes Directors Fortnight 2010. Diane and Ludivine play very different sisters with a strained relationship after their mother’s death.

Diane looks perfect!

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Love Diane Forever. And Ludivine is so beautiful, I only sat though The Swimming Pool in hope that her and Charlotte Rampling would make out
[random] posh is major

Davey Becks in Afghanistan (now with article & pictures!)

David Beckham hails 'amazing' troops on visit to Afghanistan

David Beckham paid tribute today to the "amazing" work of British troops in Afghanistan during a visit to the country.

The footballer posed for pictures and signed autographs for troops in Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, where around 9,000 British soldiers are based.

In temperatures hitting 45C the player was shown round the camp and even given a lesson in how to handle weapons.

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Feel like playing Pac-Man? Go to Google.


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In honor of the video game's 30th anniversary, the search engine has turned its logo into a real video game. Go to and use your mouse to play.

While Google has long altered its home-page search-engine logo to reflect holidays and other commemorations, CNET reports that this is the first interactive and playable doodle.

Kurt and Sue
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"You're a slut, Will. You're a slut. You're a slut, you're a slut, you're a slut."

Matthew Morrison has claimed that fans are unhappy with his latest storyline on Glee.

The actor's character Will Schuester has recently been dating a number of women following his split from his wife Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig).

"A lot of people were kind of upset by it because he's so wholesome," Morrison explained. "They don't want to see Will's reputation tarnished."

However, Morrison revealed that he is enjoying exploring a new side to his character.

"Will is in a confusing place in his life," he said. "I mean, this is the first time he has been single in 15 years. There's a rediscovery of yourself and who you are as a newly-single person... I do [like this storyline]."

Morrison added that he believes Will belongs with guidance counselor Emma (Jayma Mays) but continued: "I don't think we want to get into that too soon. I think she needs to get over some issues and needs to work on herself a little bit."



Ace Attorney Announced for iPhone

Phoenix Wright's first cases will soon be available on Apple's platforms.

Capcom announced today that the Ace Attorney series will soon be making the leap from its traditional place on Nintendo's consoles to the iPhone.
Phoenix Wright on the iPhone looks to be a port of the original Nintendo DS release, which itself began life as a Game Boy Advance game. Interestingly, the release promises "all five of the GBA classic cases," despite the original's fifth case being exclusive to the Nintendo DS.

The port promises a "flick interface" that takes full advantage of the touchscreen, enabling players to easily organize items. It will also be used for investigating crime scenes and presenting evidence.

No word on pricing or release dates. Expect to see it soon.

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Video Game Post: Fable III, Fallout: New Vegas, Gears of War 3

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Fallout: New Vegas PC Games Interview

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Gears of War 3 Trailer: Ashes to Ashes

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Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4

Fable III seems like it's going to try to copy the typical BioWare "gathering a team" storyline even though there's no way it will hold a candle to a BioWare game. But I'm glad that they're going to incorporate more action and pick a focus because the previous Fable games don't have enough character/plot development to be RPGs and they don't have enough action to be action/adventure games.


Paula Abdul May Return for American Idol Season Finale

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Nearly a year after her last appearance on American Idol, Paula Abdul may return.

A network source told it's likely that the former judge will return for Idol's Season 9 finale to help bid farewell to Simon Cowell. Fox declined to comment on the report, which originated in People.

Cowell is leaving the singing competition to focus on his upcoming series The X-Factor, which is scheduled to debut on Fox come fall 2011.

Despite their on-camera bickering over the years, reports earlier this year indicated that Cowell may recruit Abdul for his new series. Abdul left Idol in August after eight seasons.

The Season 9 finale of American Idol — featuring finalists Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze — airs Wednesday at 8/7c on Fox.

Jack Chloe
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GQMF Kiefer Sutherland being adorable on The Chin

CHLOE! aka Mary Lynn Rajskub was also on The Chin on Wednesday. Videos for her are under the cut.

-Mother fucking BAD ASS montage you don't want to miss
-Funny ski story
-Bauer ruins honeymoon for couple...and feels proud about it
-We find out the answer to the mystery of why he was wearing so many suits. AND NO IT WAS NOT FOR A COURT APPEARANCE
-Kiefer almost loses voice talking about the end of 24
-Chin remains unfunny

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Oblig 24 gif
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According to new data – which hit our inbox this morning courtesy of Famecount – Lady Gaga could easily outdo both Ashton and Britney Spears to be crowned Twitter’s number one.

Last week we reported that Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher were head-to-head in the race to hit 5 million followers. Britney Spears currently has 4,908,674 million Twitter followers, but is growing at a much faster rate – having added 159,891 over the last month alone.

However, if Britney Spears does become top of the Twits, Lady Gaga may steal the pop princess’ crown to become Twitter queen. The emerging star currently has 4,074,517 Twitter followers having added an incredible 1.5 million followers in the last 4 months.

Fame Across Multiple Social Media Channels

In terms of aggregated fame across the entire social Web, Britney is already slightly ahead of Ashton, with 2.9 million Facebook fans, 4.9 million Twitter followers, and 208,000 YouTube subscribers, giving her a Famecount index of 83.7%.

Ashton Kutcher has a Famecount index of 81.7%, with 3.4 million Facebook fans, 4.9 million Twitter followers, but just 10,000 YouTube subscribers.

Lady Gaga is ahead of both stars across the wider social Web with a Famecount index of 97.7%, making her the second most popular social media star in the world after President Obama.

“It’s interesting when you look at the relative tweeting rates of these two stars,” said Daniel Dearlove, Founder of “Ashton Kutcher has tweeted more than 5,000 times during his time on Twitter and tweets regularly about his life several times throughout the day. Conversely, Britney Spears is much less active – tweeting only occasionally alongside her manager Adam Leber, and having only sent 377 tweets in her entire time on Twitter. It highlights the degree to which loyal fans will follow existing celebrities online just because of their existing notoriety – Britney has built up a following quickly and emphatically.”

scott evans

Pocket Idol Performs His Latest Single Acoustic

Season 8 "American Idol" winner Kris Allen performed an acoustic version of his latest single, "The Truth," at a radio event in Boston yesterday. He'll appear at Kiss 108's concert today, along with fellow Season 8 Idol Adam Lambert.


Great performance of a great song. It sucks that they're releasing the version with the Train guy on it, but I still hope it's a big hit for him.

Alicia Keys at Radio 1's Big Weekend

Ummm. Right about now, you couldn’t pay us to say that Alicia Keys ain’t pregnant. According to that chick’s belly, we’d say that she is about four and a half to five months along. Alicia performed on day 1 of Radio 1’s Big Weekend on May 22, 2010 in Bangor, Wales.

Don’t try to hide it…embrace it!! Congrats mama!!

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There is NO denying it now!


David Krumholtz is married

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Numb3rs star David Krumholtz and actress Vanessa Britting were married on Saturday at The Plaza Hotel in New York City, his rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

The couple, who were engaged July 2008 in Paris, tied the knot in a non-denominational ceremony in the historic hotel’s terrace room in front of 180 guests – including groomsmen Seth Rogen and James Franco – as well as Krumholtz’s Numb3rs costar Rob Morrow.

"They wanted a classic Manhattan wedding," says wedding planner Michelle Rago, who designed a Midsummer Night's Dream-inspired celebration for the couple featuring pale pink and blue spring flowers, branches, butterflies and hundreds of candles.

The bride wore a wedding gown by Rivini as she walked down an aisle decorated with 7-foot tall candelabras, garden roses and vines. After the 30 minute ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed cocktails on a terrace before entering the hotel’s grand ballroom for the reception.

After a three-course dinner, the 14-member big band Jimmy Valli kept the newlyweds and their guests on the dance floor until after midnight.

"They're a perfect compliment to each other," says Rago of Krumholtz and Britting. "You can tell they're old souls. They have incredible mutual respect and make all decisions as a couple. I predict they'll be married for ever and ever."

Yay! I'm happy for him.
Kourtney OK

ONTD's favourite hipster couple broke up.

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Doctor Who star Matt Smith's brief relationship with model Daisy Lowe has come to an end already, according to reports.

Smith, 27, was recently pictured kissing the 21-year-old British model at the Coachella Festival in California.

But a source later told UK newspaper the Evening Standard that the pair have since parted company, while pals of the actor added that the two haven't made plans to see each other in the future.

A source said: "They had met a few times before Coachella, but let's just say there were people in Daisy's camp who made very sure that she bumped into him again. It has certainly raised her profile."



Matthew Gray Gubler on Criminal Minds finale

Like the skilled chess player Dr. Spencer Reid is, Matthew Gray Gubler was thinking ahead when he cut his hair last month (and he didn't do it himself this time).

"Every year, they do these cliff-hangers, so it's like, if you want to change anything, you have to predict it and do it beforehand," the Criminal Minds star tells "[The haircut's] pretty good. I like it. It's summer fun."

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madge frozen

(no subject)

From Cannes to Bangor: Cheryl Cole jets back to the UK to play to a royal audience at Radio 1's Big Weekend

It's been a busy week for Cheryl Cole.

After enjoying film premieres at the Cannes Film Festival in France, Cole jetted back to the UK to play at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Bangor, Wales.

And going from showbiz royalty in Cannes to actual royalty in England, Cole had the opportunity to perform in front of Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton, who made the most of the sunshine at the event.

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his presence is almost staining her perfection...

(source 1) (source 2)

Zac Efron walking post

After a flight from Vancouver, Canada, Zac Efron and his on-screen love interest Amanda Crew arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday (May 22).

The day before, Zac, 22, and Amanda, 23, shot additional scenes in Vancouver’s Indian Arm for their new movie, Charlie St. Cloud.

Charlie St. Cloud hits theaters on Friday, July 30th!

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Knife's Karin behind iamamiwhoami?

The Knife brother-sister duo Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer are back in the studio, but whatever the fruits of their labour, new songs might not be released under their former alias.

We caught up with Karin at Coachella festival last month, where she was performing with her solo outfit, Fever Ray.

She said after the US dates she would begin recording with her Knife bandmate again and continue to look into “new projects”, adding to speculation that she could be behind the anonymous band iamamiwhoami, which has surfaced online.

“Olof, my brother, he's in Stockholm now,” she told 6 Music News. “We will start to work a little bit as well and we'll see what happens.”

Never giving too much away, she was as cryptic as ever, when we asked whether that work would be bundled into a new Knife album, their first since the acclaimed Silent Shout in 2006.


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Prince and Beyonce Cover Each Other

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Well this is interesting, here's the audio of Prince and his group covering Beyonce's "Suga Mama" live at the 3121 Jazz Cuisine at The Rio In Las Vegas in February, 2007. For those who don't know, Beyonce did a cover of a song by Prince, during the  "I Am ... Yours" stint but contractual problems and labels prevented her from including it on the DVD.

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Although filming already is under way on the third season of BBC’s international hit Merlin, audiences in the United States are only now enjoying Series 2 on Syfy.

And Merlin, not unlike the wizard himself, is growing stronger. Last week’s episode set season-high standards for total viewers (1.54 million), adults 25-54 (835,000) and adults 18-49 (621,000).

One cast member not surprised by the show’s U.S. success is Angel Coulby, who plays Gwen — or, as she will eventually be known in Arthurian legend, Queen Guinevere.

Coulby, who said playing Gwen is like a real-life fantasy, shared with Spinoff Online some hints about what’s ahead for the Once and Future Queen.

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george jetson

A RiRi remix: Rihanna reveals why life is sweet again

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It’s difficult to calculate exactly how many people there are in Rihanna’s entourage on the day we meet. Two huge grey people carriers with tinted windows have drawn up outside the location for the YOU photo shoot, and out of them a crowd of people (of varying sizes and ages) gradually emerges. Swooping into the building first come several men in dark suits, a tall, tanned, tattooed bodyguard, four or five women pulling large cases on wheels full of make-up and clothes, and a couple more carrying bags of food. After a pause of a few minutes, four more women climb out of the second car, offering protective cover to Rihanna who stands head and shoulders above them.

Five years ago when Jay-Z
– then president of Def Jam Records – first auditioned 17-year-old Robyn Rihanna Fenty, he commented that he signed artists because they either had swagger or talent and that, unusually, she ‘had both’. Now 22, internationally famous and rather more worldly wise, Rihanna still possesses ‘swagger and talent’, walking tall in perilously high heels.
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