May 20th, 2010


Trailer to Trey Songz "Yo Side of the Bed"

R&B crooner Trey Songz sure is feeling the massive void in his bed when his wife (played by Keri Hilson) goes off to war. You can check out a sneak peek of his new music video which serves as the sixth single to be lifted from his gold-certified album ‘Ready’. The full video is set to premiere next week.


Can't believe there's an actual storyline this time.

Musician Kina Grannis Covers Justin Bieber, Releases New Album, Announces Tour

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Three years ago, a girl named Kina Grannis joined YouTube.

One year later, Kina made a music video and entered herself into a contest. The contest resulted in her video being aired during the Superbowl during a Doritos ad. After her successful Superbowl ad, she walked away with a record deal.

Now in 2010, she has released her first album, a music video, covered Justin Bieber, and is doing a tour.

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Justin Bieber

If you look at Kina's YouTube channel, you'll notice she often posts covers. She recently covered Justin Bieber's "Baby".

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stunning. flawless. etc.
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Simon Cowell show off British boyband JLS to Ryan Seacrest

Just after Tuesday's "American Idol" performance show where Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze and Casey James competed for a spot in the finale, Simon Cowell invited Ryan Seacrest and cameras into his secretive two story trailer for the first time. Inside they discovered Simon's latest music import, boy band JLS, and Simon hints at Ryan filling his soon-to-be empty judge seat on next season's American Idol. The boyband show Seacrest what they can do by singing their hit UK single "Everybody in Love" in acapella.

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Heidi Montag To Replace Megan Fox? Yes Please.

After the news that Megan Fox had been dropped from the 3rd Transformers film, global superstar Heidi Montag reached out via her twitter account to let Michael Bay know she would be willing to take over as leading lady,

Heidi is very qualified as she has starred in 6 Seasons of The Hills, thats 94 episodes!
Heidi has been quoted in the past letting her millions of fans know about her future pans!

"I'm so excited The Hills is finally over and I can now become a full time motion picture actress, There is no better training [for an actor] than being in front of the cameras 24-7."

”I want to be blonde tomb raider. I’m better with guns then both Angelina (Jolie) and Megan Fox put together!”

I for one really beleive she has a shot at this, she is sexy famous and shes rich!
I will pray that she gets the role and keep her and all you fans in my thoughts

How Excied Are You?

Dedicated to lowbudgetbitch!

CBS thinks they can fuck with Señor Chang?

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Behold one of the benefits of Twitter: the producers of television shows can now react immediately and publicly to every twist and turn of the television season.

As Decoder reported Wednesday morning, a comedy competition is in store on Thursdays this fall. CBS is moving its hugely popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” to 8 p.m. that night and scheduling the new show “Bleep My Dad Says” at 8:30 p.m., right up against NBC’s sitcoms “Community” and “30 Rock.”

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Community and Parks&Rec FTW, who even watches The Big Bang show?!


Chris Pine THE SELENA OF VAGINAS shares a laugh with friend Sorel Carradine (ISN'T SOREL A KIND MUSHROOM? WHATEVER I'M CALLING HER PRINCESS TOADSTOOL) as they do some shopping together on Wednesday (May 19) in Silverlake, Calif.

The two have been friends for quite a while - Sorel and Chris attended the premiere of Just My Luck together back in 2006!

It was announced today that Chris will be leading the production of The Lieutenant of Inishmore at L.A.’s Mark Taper Forum from June 30 until August 8! (FYI HE MIGHT MISS A FEW OF THOSE IF OPERATION: ROOFIE COLADA SUCCEEDS. I'LL LET YOU KNOW THE DATES HE MIGHT BE CHAINED TO MY BED.) Pick up tickets at

FYI: Sorel recently acted opposite Orlando Bloom in The Good Doctor! (GOOD FOR YOU PRINCESS TOADSTOOL!!!EXCLAMATION POINT!!)

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Meet Riley from The Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE!

There's a new Twi-guy in town, and ladies, he's quite the bad boy!

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" introduces new villain Riley (adorable Aussie Xavier Samuel). The character doesn't have a huge part in Stephenie Meyer's third novel, but it looks like he's getting a bigger part in the movie adaptation. Riley is spotted a handful of times in the film's second official trailer, and he was in one of only two character photos that director David Slade shared on Twitter (in case you're wondering, the other photo was of Taylor Lautner as Jacob). Now Riley has his very own "Eclipse" poster. All this exposure for the character begs the question: Who exactly is Riley?

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according to his IMDb he's also going to be in Breaking Dawn...

My National TV Debut!!!

I was in LA for a week a couple weeks ago with kyla89 and went to Universal. We saw a photobooth that said "Free Photos" so we though, why not!? Turns out is was one of those hidden camera pranks for the Tonight Show with Leno (yes I know, I'm Team Coco too, but I've always wanted to be on one of those prank things). We were with some guys from our trip and we totally thought they would use their bits and not us, but they used us!!!

If you don't want to watch the whole thing, you can FF to 4:10 to see us. I'm the one on the right with the sunglasses on. I get amused really easily, as you will be able to see.
We're also on the thumbnail!!!

(The video should work for people outside the US, because I'm in Canada and I was able to watch it on the NBC site.) if the embed doesn't work, click on the source and you'll be able to watch it directly on the nbc site


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CANNES — Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams share a naked shower scene in their profound, emotionally rigorous film Blue Valentine, a Cannes Film Festival entry which debuted on Tuesday. But it was no fun, no romp, and it was not sensual.

“That shower was intense,” Gosling said Wednesday in an interview about the eight hours it took to shoot the sequence.

“Leading up to it was like doomsday. We knew we were going to have to get totally naked in front of each other and we’d both been putting on weight (deliberately, for the aging of their characters), and it wasn’t going to go well. Just tons of rejection and it was going to be awful. And I didn’t expect the hotel soap to be so ... harsh! But we were just there all day and started getting rashes.”

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Ryan Gosling's rep has denied reports that the actor is anything more than friends with co-star Michelle Williams.

The pair are both starring in the new movie Blue Valentine, and reports in the US claim they are dating off-screen.

In the flick, Gosling and Williams, both 29, play a couple who are trying to save their dying marriage.

PEOPLE claims that the twosome were recently spotted holding hands before the premiere of the film in Cannes.

They were then allegedly seen looking cosy at an after-party.

However, the actor's rep said to PEOPLE: 'He is cosy with everyone!'


Looney Tunes Returning to Theaters & TV

Warner Bros. is bringing back the Looney Tunes in a big way this year.. starting out in theaters and then back to the Cartoon Network.

Looney Tunes began as a series of cartoon shorts that played in theaters before the main feature between 1930 and 1969, before becoming popular television favorites. Warner Bros. is returning to the tradition by releasing the first of three 3D shorts, “Coyote Falls” featuring Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, which will play in front of their 3D family sequel Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, when it opens theatrically on July 30.

The first short will act as a lead-up to a new 26-episode half-hour series called The Looney Tunes Show, which will air on Cartoon Network this fall featuring Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck as roommates with the other classic Looney Tunes cartoon characters as their neighbors.


Coco in Chicago.

Hello ONTDers!

I went to the Conan O'Brien show last night in Chicago and got a few pictures and 2 videos of the goings on! Since we are (seemingly) Team Coco I thought I'd share! I had nosebleed seats (evident in the videos when I'm not zoomed in right away) but I have the best camera known to man kind so things evened out. :) Feel free to share the pictures/videos (although I don't know if the videos will get removed but if they do I can reupload).

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Cameron facing 'Avatar' lawsuit

Cameron facing 'Avatar' lawsuit

James Cameron is facing a lawsuit from an author who alleges the filmmaker stole his idea for blockbuster movie Avatar.

Writer Kelly Van alleges Cameron based the movie, which became the world's highest-grossing film earlier this year, on his online book Sheila the Warrior: The Damned?

Cameron insists he's never seen the story, but Van has filed papers alleging both the director and movie studio 20th Century Fox plagiarized his plotline and character details.

Van claims the "demeanor", "attire", "motions" and "powers/rituals" of the Na'vi characters, as well as the "settings" and "scenes" are based entirely on her work.

But a spokesperson for Fox, Chris Petrikin, has slammed the lawsuit, saying in a statement, "It's absolutely baseless. Jim Cameron's treatment for Avatar was written before Ms. Van alleges she even started to write her book."

Cameron reportedly completed Avatar's script in 1998, but Van's attorney Kevin Mirch insists: "We did a lot of research, and the copyright says Avatar was copyrighted on April 1 of 2007. The date of (Van's) creation was in 2000, and it was published on the Internet in 2003. Avatar was done much later.

"It's just contrary to what they said to us - which they did in a very rude manner. (Cameron's) lawyer wrote us a letter saying they would go after our law firm and our client if it wasn't dismissed immediately. To have letters that say they're going to sue us and they're going to bankrupt us is bad business."

In March, a court in China dismissed a lawsuit from writer Zhou Shaomou, who claimed Cameron had copied the plot from his 1997 novel, The Legend of the Blue Crow.


Come on guys, stop trying to sue him. It's not a very original plot anyways.
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Counting down to the release of the official video to Robyn’s new single ‘Dancing On My Own’, take an exlusive look behind the scenes on the shoot with Robyn, Max Vitali the Director and Choreographer Decida, below.

Check back tomorrow for the official video or join the mailing list, the Facebook Page or follow @robynkonichiwa on Twitter to hear first!

To hear ‘Dancing On My Own’ in full, along with the remixes head to Robyn’s music pages here.


Tom Welling: Season 10 might not be Smallville's last!

News that "Smallville" would be ending next season broke yesterday, breaking fans hearts in the process. But even a CW press release touting the tenth and final season wasn't enough to keep star Tom Welling from telling PopWrap at The CW Upfronts this morning that 2011 might not be the end of Clark Kent's journey.

PopWrap: The network announced next year will be "Smallville's" final season -- bittersweet?
Tom Welling: That’s the funny thing. I’m really excited we have a season 10 – and I don’t want to jump to the sadness of it maybe being the last one. But we actually don’t know. We’ve lasted this long because the of the fans, who knows, if enough people watch this year ... eleven sounds pretty good too!

Tom also talks about bringing back Lex, Lana and papa Kent

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Bench Warrant Issued for Lindsay Lohan

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A judge just issued a bench warrant for Lindsay Lohan's arrest, after she failed to show up in court this morning ... and the judge says she has reason to believe Lindsay has a drug and alcohol problem.

Judge Marsha Revel was tough as nails this morning, scoffing at the notion that Lindsay's "someone-stole-my-passport excuse" was a justification for missing court.

Judge Revel set bail at $100,000 and said Lindsay can post bail and remain free until the next court hearing, IF she does the following:

- drink no alcohol
- wear a SCRAM bracelet
- submit to random drug testing at least once a week

Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told the judge the story TMZ broke -- that Lindsay claimed her passport was stolen and she tried getting on a flight to make it on time but was turned away.

At one point Holley said, "I don't know what else to tell you."

But the judge didn't buy Lindsay's argument, saying "Actions speak louder than words." The judge felt Lindsay could have gotten a replacement passport and made it back on time.

Holley said there was no reason to require drug testing, but the judge noted that Lindsay was charged in 2007 with being under the influence of cocaine.

Judge Revel said Lindsay knew she was going to jail if she violated probation and knew she needed to get court approval before missing her alcohol ed classes.

The judge said there is probable cause to believe Lindsay has violated her probation. If the judge determines Lindsay did indeed violate probation she could be jailed for 180 days.

I have reason to believe the sky is blue.

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Lindsay Lohan Didn't Report Stolen Passport & Will Be Stopped at Customs

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Cops in Cannes, France tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan did NOT report her "stolen" passport to them ... contradicting what LiLo's lawyer said today during the hearing.

According to French cops, they have no record of any police report filed by Lindsay as far back as Tuesday, when the passport mysteriously and allegedly went missing.

During the court hearing this morning, LiLo's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley said LiLo reported the missing passport to authorities.

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Lindsay Lohan's last moments of freedom are going to be on the airplane ride home ... this according to a rep for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection who spoke with TMZ.

The rep says, "Anyone who enters the country who has an active warrant in the law enforcement database will be detained by their office and local authorities will be called."

Law enforcement sources in L.A. tell us either the Los Angeles Airport police or the LAPD would then take Lindsay into custody and book her.

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Scarlett's mom adopts Ethiopian baby

Scarlett Johansson's Mom Adopts a Baby Girl

Scarlett Johansson's mom, Melanie Sloan, has adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia, a source tells

Sloan missed her daughter's Iron Man 2 premiere because she was en route to the African country to pick up her daughter, Fenan, who is 19 to 20 months old. (Johansson also has a older brother, Adrian, a twin brother, Hunter, and an older half-brother, Christian, from her father’s first marriage.)

Sloan was stranded in Germany for several days while traveling to Ethiopia because of the volcano ash cloud.

"The volcano put the whole adoption process in jeopardy due to time constraints," a source tells Us. "But it worked out in the end."

A rep for Johansson, 25, had no comment.

The actress and husband Ryan Reynolds, 33, may soon be following in Sloan's footsteps.

"I have every intention of adopting at some time," Reynolds -- whose older brother is adopted -- told UK Glamour last summer. "I'm very grateful for having my brother in my life. I couldn't be more pro-adoption. There are plenty of kids in the world that need it."


Her mom could get it
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Madonna, Malawi and Gays

Two years ago, Madonna, who is often seen as a role model among gay, lesbian, bi and transgender communities, produced I Am Because We Are, a touching documentary about the poverty and difficult conditions of people living in Malawi and children growing up in a country deeply affected by HIV/AIDS. The primary mode of HIV transmission is unprotected heterosexual sex and mother-to-child HIV transmission is the second major mode of the desease transmission.

Madonna fans of all sexualities around the world, were deeply touched by the portrait and images of this desperate country but apparently court judges in Malawi are not that concerned by this plague spreading through "natural acts" but are more worried of "protecting" the people of Malawi from people like Steven Monjeza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, a couple of men sentenced to 14 years in prison with hard labour for simply loving one another in what they define as an "unnatural" way.

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Reports Matthew Rettenmund (Madonna fan and blogger): ..I would say that while Madonna is not the Queen of Malawi, her silence (so far—I've heard rumblings a statement might happen) is the African elephant in the room. Certainly she should think twice before asking her LGBT fans to support her Raising Malawi charity, though it could be argued that punishing the youth of a country for one draconian law and one outrageously barbaric sentence might not be the best plan of attack.

sauces 1 and 2

Emma Watson visits Wizarding World of HP

Universal has released a photo of Potter stars Robbie Coltrane, Emma Watson, Matthew Lewis, and James and Oliver Phelps visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park!

You can see the funny photo at this link.

They visited the park this morning and will be getting a tour throughout the day. We've heard that they'll also be filming some promotional material in the park today


The Vilcek Foundation Celebrates LOST


Just in time for the finale, fans in NYC will have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the mystical, time-traveling island of LOST.

The exhibit, spotlighting international talent from both in front of and behind the camera, will feature original portraits taken on the set of LOST, as well as biographical profiles of immigrant and first-generation members of the cast and crew.

The portraits will be set against a collection of iconic props from the award-winning series. Read James Ford’s childhood letter to Sawyer; check the expiration dates on some Dharma food; and take the Dharma VW Bus for a spin.*

*Just kidding.

The profiled individuals hail from all over the world, such as South Africa, the Netherlands and Brazil, as well as work across a wide range of departments - from acting and costume design, to editing and lighting.

Participants include cast and crewmembers such as Carlton Cuse (Executive Producer), Jorge Garcia ("Hurley"), Melinda Hsu Taylor (Writer), John Bartley (Cinematographer), Yunjin Kim ("Sun"), Nestor Carbonell ("Richard Alpert") and many others.

The exhibition is presented in collaboration with the ABC Television Network and will feature original photos by Peter Hurley.

We couldn't be more excited about this exhibition. Come join us in celebrating LOST!


Also, it's free to the public! Yay I now have birthday plans!
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New Duggar article from People magazine

Scans under the cut.

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tl;dr version -- Josie is doing well overall, but continues to suffer from pretty serious digestive tract problems. At the end of the article, the interviewer asks Michelle if she's pregnant again and she doesn't confirm or deny the question! They're going to be on the Today Show on Monday 5/24 ... is there going to be another "special announcement?!"


Christina Aguilera & Eminem to appear on Jonathan Ross together!

The the UK talk show, hosted by Jonathan Ross, will have Christina Aguilera and Eminem on June 4th!

The BBC updated his upcoming guests:

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

Friday 4 June, 10.35pm. Jonathan Ross is joined tennis star Andy Roddick, hip-hop icon LL Cool J, and there's chat and music from Christina Aguilera. Plus an additional music performance from Eminem.


* I can't wait to see the green room footage of the two.

If you recall, Eminem and Christina have a bit of history. In 1999, in an MTV episode called "What a Girl Wants" Christina spoke out against Eminem's song that glorified violence against women. Eminem heard about this and wrote a diss song about Christina (and lots of other stars including Britney Spears). This "feud" went on for several years until during a backstage meeting at the 2002 Video Music Awards, Christina and Eminem had a chat where Eminem apologized for the diss song and Christina hugged him.

This appearance on Jonathan Ross will be the first time the two are seen together in public.


ItsKingsleyBitch (BIG Britney/Christina fan) goes IN on PerezGaga in new video:



Glasgow-based posi-core proto-rock six-piece DANANANANAYKROYD return to live ears next week with three super low-key shows around the UK.

Having spent the past six months holed up in Scotland writing songs for their as yet unnamed second album, the band hit London, Cardiff and Manchester to play the material, before performing at a few select festivals and recording the long player.

Singer Calum Gunn said of the shows, "we wanted to play our new songs to people and get a great feel for them before recording them in a studio atmosphere."

"We had the benefit of a couple of years feeling our way through the songs on the first album, so we thought playing a few shows under a different name would be a great way to play a set of new ones, rather than a 'proper' Dananananaykroyd set."

Dananananaykroyd's festival appearances include the main stage at this year's Rock Ness, and a headlining slot on the Rock Sound stage at brand new Tunbridge Wells-based event, Hevy Festival.

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Diddy stalled hopping on his Last Train to Paris to spend a little time with XXL. The hip-hop mogul appears in XXL magazine’s upcoming June issue and it’s his very first time being featured on the publication’s cover.

In the comprehensive interview written by Thomas Golianopoulos, Puff gives insight into his ubersuccessful business mind, his new album, Last Train to Paris and he reflects on his grind to the top to become hip-hop’s number one mogul.

He also looks back at his overall impact on the industry and culture. “I am the champion of hip-hop” Diddy says in the story. “Hands down, undisputed, I’m the undisputed heavyweight champion of hip-hop. We are going to have to deal with those facts. There is nobody that can fuck with me with what I do, which is getting busy. We are going across the board, as an entrepreneur, innovator, motivator. Who was there first? Who traveled to Europe first? The first. The first. The first. The first. I was the first.”

In addition to the P. Diddy story, the June issue features an in-depth reported piece on the untimely death of rap legend Guru of Gang Starr. Speaking with family members, friends, his former group mate DJ Premier and close friend/business partner Solar, XXL tries to make sense of the beloved lyricist’s final days, while also exploring the mystery behind his last days.

The magazine also pays homage to the 20th anniversary to the making of Ice Cube’s classic solo debut, AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and gives a detailed guide to hip-hop’s plethora of reality shows.

XXL’s June issue will be in stores nationwide on June 1, 2010. The May issue, which features Young Money artists Drake and Nicki Minaj, is on stands now. —XXL Staff

Diddy? Nicki? Drake? They wasted dead trees on these fools? Commence side-eyes.


Miley Cyrus New Lindsay Lohan?/ Miley Will be Performing on G-A-Y bar

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Movie bosses are worrying that Miley Ray Cyrus is going to be the next Lindsay Lohan. A Hollywood casting agent spilled: 'Everyone in Hollywood is worried that Miley is on the path to becoming the next Lindsay Lohan. It’s the oldest story in showbiz, when a child star grows up and loses his or her entire fan base. For every Jodie Foster that exists, so does a Gary Coleman.'

A source close to Miley revealed, 'she is sick of being seen as squeaky clean Hannah Montana and can’t wait to be more like her real self, while noone in Miley’s inner circle, including both of her parents, dares warn her about such an extreme reinvention.' Do You think Miley is the next Lindsay Lohan?



Miley Ray Cyrus will be performing @ Heaven. Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 10:30 PM End Time: Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 5:00 AM Location: Heaven Street: Under The Arches, Off Villier Street City: London. She Can’t Be Tamed She’s Been Partying In The USA.

Now After selling 15 million records worldwide & 5 chart topping album, The PARTYING In The USA Stops & The Partying @ G-A-Y. Saturday 5th June Put The date in your diaries for a UK Exclusive Performance MILEY CYRUS How apt to release her new album & single Can't Be Tamed at the same time of performing at G-A-Y. I Can Almost See It, That Dream I Am Dreaming, But There’s A Voice In My Head Saying MILEY CYRUS is at G-A-Y. Main Floor: Commercial POP. Star Bar: Commercial RnB. Pop Room: 80s & 90s. Dakota Bar: Showing High School Musical 2 Source Via AnythingDisney.


Source 2

The story behind the Travoltas' "replacement" child

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It's a cruel term -- the replacement child -- that suggests a parent wipes out the agonizing grief of the death of one child with the birth of another.

This week actors John Travolta, 56, and his wife Kelly Preston, 47, announced that they were expecting a child, just one year after the loss of their 16-year-old son Jett, who died after having a seizure at their vacation villa in the Bahamas.

Jett was autistic and had endured a lifetime of such seizures.

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Bret Michaels suffers warning stroke, has hole in heart (!!!)



Bret Michaels was readmitted to the hospital this week after suffering numbness on the left side of his body, predominately his face and hands which doctors described as a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or warning stroke. While MRI and CT scan tests were being conducted, Michaels also received a Doppler Ultrasound of his legs and lower abdomen looking for blood clots and most importantly an Ultrasound Bubble Test of his heart was conducted which proved positive for a Patent Forum Ovale (PFO), a hole in the heart Dr. Zabramski (Bret’s neurosurgeon), Dr. Becker (who ordered the test), Dr. Cook (who conducted the test) and Dr. Frey (Director, Outpatient Stroke Program) all confirmed the results.

Dr. Zabramski states "There is no doubt that the positive Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) is devastating news to Bret and his family. The good news is that it is operable and treatable and we think we may have diagnosed the problem that caused the Transient Ischemic Attach (TIA) or warning stroke; however we feel it is highly unlikely this is connected to the brain hemorrhage he suffered just a few weeks earlier. Once again it is great that he quickly reacted to the severe numbness and got to the hospital immediately."

Dr. Zabramski continues, "I realize Bret wants to make a full recovery so that he can be active with his family, attempt to attend the finale of Celebrity Apprentice and especially get back on the road to continue making music. Without a doubt he is very determined to get healthy and make a 100% recovery. Medically speaking it is a fantastic attitude both mentally and physically for him to have. However, Bret's brain and body are not quite 100% yet, especially with the hole found in his heart. Further tests will be conducted throughout the week and I will have more information next week as to how this Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) will be treated. For now, Bret will be treated with outpatient care which includes a daily injection of Lovenox (a blood thinner to reduce the chance of blood clots) and blood tests."

Bret's rep, Janna Elias, states "Bret wants everyone to know he cannot thank you enough for all of the well wishes, prayers, and good vibes you have sent his way. Even though these last few months have been tough on him and his family, especially this most recent setback, he is in good spirits, great medical hands and is positive and hopeful that everything is going to be OK. He is up, walking, talking, continuing his daily rehab and very happy to be alive but he has made it clear he is sick and tired of being in the hospital and is ready to rock again."

Source: Bret's Facebook

Dude this poor guy, seriously. He looked so tired and thin on Oprah yesterday. I hope he pulls through, I love him sfm. He's like the ultimate gentleman-dirtbag hybrid.

ANTM Winner Now Gets Vogue Italia

courtesy of powerplants

From NY Post:
Every week Tyra Banks rattles off the "fabulous prizes" that the winner of "America's Next Top Model" receives -- a modeling contract, six-page spread in Seventeen Magazine and a Cover Girl contract. But for the upcoming fifteenth(!) cycle, that package is getting a Tyra Banks-worthy makeover.

It was announced today that the winner will now grace the cover(!) of Italian Vogue -- thank you Andre Leon Talley. "It's so major and makes the pressure huge," Jay Manuel told PopWrap at today's CW Upfronts. "When we announced it to the girls, we couldn't stop them from screaming." Suggestion, this.

"It's so incredible that we've grown the show to a point where the fashion industry takes us seriously. Cycle one was this little show that could -- Tyra wanted to give people this back door glimpse and cycle fifteen feels like a rebirth," Jay added, hinting at further changes for the new season.

Somewhere "Seventeen" editor and camera hog Ann Shoket is crying into a dozen cupcakes.

Goddess Oprah Wants You To Have your OWN SHOOOOOOOOOW!!

Silver Spring-based Discovery Communications and its newest partner and star Oprah Winfrey met with advertising and media executives in New York Thursday to outline upcoming programming for Discovery's channels, including shows planned for the new OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Among shows planned for OWN is "Your Own Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star," to be produced with reality TV heavy hitter Mark Burnett. A Discovery news release describes the show as "a nationwide search to discover television's next big star."

There are two ways to audition for OWN’s new competition series, either online or in person. From May 14 to June 26, contestants (who must be 21 to participate) can make a three-minute audition video and upload it to A user-friendly editing toolkit, as well as tips and techniques from celebrities, Lisa Ling and Peter Walsh, will help contestants enhance their audition video. Online submissions will be voted on by the public and the five individuals who get the most online votes will be flown to Los Angeles to audition for Mark Burnett Productions. Audience voting takes place at where the public can watch contestants’ videos and vote for their favorite.

Discovery (NASDAQ: DISCA) also announced several other programs that will air on OWN, including "Why Not? with Shania Twain" and "Gayle King Live!"



Omg This is the best Audition Video Yet! I can't stop laughing!



Bringing Up . Swingin' Door Suzie

First Pic of Matt Smith as Christopher Isherwood

Doctor Who star Matt Smith looks just like, er, Doctor Who in his new BBC drama.

We revealed how the Timelord is playing gay writer Christopher Isherwood in Christopher and His Kind for BBC2.

The 1930s film sees him raid the dressing-up box again for an outfit that looks very much like the kind of natty ensemble his time-travelling alter ego might wear.

Lindsay Duncan - who starred in Who adventure The Waters Of Mars last year - plays his mum.

The drama is set in Berlin.

[Gator] Gators Gonna Gait

New Nike ad for World Cup

The time has come for players to carve their name in history. One touch, tackle or free kick could crush a nation's hopes or cause them to build a statue in your honour. Drogba, Rooney and Ronaldo are ready to Write The Future.

Source 1

So excited, just a few more weeks!!

Edit: Someone asked in ontd_football about who the director was:
The commercial, filmed by Alejandro G Inarritu, the director of the films 21 Grams and Babel, marks the start of the sportswear giant's global marketing blitz ahead of the World Cup in South Africa next month.-

Source 2

Megan Fox: getting her coffee bean on without transformers 3

Megan Fox looks quite content while enjoying a cup of coffee with boyfriend Brian Austin Green in Studio City on Wednesday (May 19).

The 24-year-old former Transformer star will not be a part of the third installment of the series. Various reports are conflicting whether Megan was dropped by Paramount or whether she chose to leave. A rep for the actress reports to People that, “Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3. It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

WHO DO YOU BELIEVE - Megan or Michael Bay & Paramount?

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this is my first post be nice

Lady Gaga Submits Resume to Philip Treacy, Prepares to Make Coffee

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Just to show she is completely serious, pop icon Lady Gaga has just submitted her resume to London milliner Philip Treacy as part of her bid to intern for him this summer.

A spokesperson at Philip Treacy said the resume was serious but also "pretty funny" -- and that though there are many requests from media outlets to see what's on it, for now, Mr. Treacy, who makes Lady Gaga's hat,s is staying mum. (Gaga's real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and she is 24).

Getting an internship with Treacy, 43, is no easy feat. "You need to have experience, and be very, very quick," explains a spokesperson.

Gaga's experience is obviously not of the conventional kind -- her college major at New York University's Tisch School was in music not fashion -- but no matter. "She really wants to learn fashion" says Treacy's PR agent.

Is the London milliner worried that the internship could damage their friendship? That there might be a "blow-up" between two highly creative people?


"We'll see."

Gaga has agreed to take an intern's wages -- namely nothing for one month -- and she is said to be "very very keen to learn the craft of making hats."

"After all, Coco Chanel started out making hats," the Philip Treacy spokesperson reminded me.


But did Coco Chanel ever make the coffee? Apparently coffee-making is definitely on Gaga's list of duties while under Treacy's employment.


Mods this wasn't posted yet. there was speculation of her doing the internship but she submitted her resume today.
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Emily Blunt Brightens Up amfAR Fete

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Wowing the crowd in a red dress, the “Devil Wears Prada” actress looked super hot as she posed for pictures before heading inside for the event.

In other news, Ms. Blunt has been hard at work alongside Matt Damon on a sci-fi thriller called “The Adjustment Bureau.”

27-year-old Blunt stars as a ballerina who Damon’s character (a US politician) falls in love with. The flick is set to be out on September 17.

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Nicole Kidman in Hong Kong

Nicole Kidman is looking lovely as she visits Hong Kong on Thursday (May 20)!

The 42-year-old actress is in town for “A Night with the Stars,” a charity gala presented by Omega, to raise funds for UNIFEM! Nicole has been an Omega ambassador since 2005.

also told reporters that she’s focused on her family. “I think I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve slowed down a lot, so it’s not difficult. My priority is very much keeping my family together and not being away from them,” she told the AP.

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there's no need for a civil war

Nicole Kidman talks about being married to me (I wish)

Nicole Kidman's Marriage Rule

HONG KONG — Nicole Kidman says she and her husband, country singer Keith Urban, try to never spend more than three days apart in an effort to maintain a loving marriage.

The Oscar winner, whose marriage to Tom Cruise ended in divorce lol wtf does that have to do with anything, told reporters in Hong Kong on Thursday that her focus has shifted from career to family. She and Urban have a 1-year-old daughter.

Kidman said: "I think I've reached a point in my life where I've slowed down a lot, so it's not difficult. My priority is very much keeping my family together and not being away from them."

The Australian actress was in Hong Kong to open a luxury watch store and attend a fundraising banquet for the U.N. Development Fund for Women.

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source, source 2 way more pics at the second source

Why the FUCK is tinypic using captcha now? RAGE
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new western 'hell on wheels' coming to amc

AMC is looking tackle a new genre: historic drama/Western. The cable network has greenlighted Hell On Wheels, a pilot from writers Joe and Tony Gayton revolving around the construction of the transcontinental railroad during the 1860s.

The project is from reality powerhouse Endemol USA which has been making a push in scripted television under senior vp Jeremy Gold. Gold is serving as an executive producer on Hell on Wheels along with Joe and Tony Gayton and Endemol USA president-CEO David Goldberg.

The rail line, considered one of the biggest achievements of the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, was completed on May 10, 1869, forever changing the American West. It accelerated the populating of the West by white homesteaders and freed slaves, while greatly contributing to the decline of the Native American culture in the regions it served. The railroad, considered by some to be the greatest technological feat of the 19th century, was constructed by two private companies: the Union Pacific Railroad, which built the line westward, and the Central Pacific Railroad, which built eastward.

Hell On Wheels marks the sixth pilot for AMC. Four of the first five, period drama Mad Men, dark meth drama Breaking Bad, political thriller Rubicon and comic book adaptation Walking Dead went to series, with the fifth one, murder mystery The Killing, still in production.


i'm a huge nerd and fan of westerns and trains so i'm pretty fucking stoked!



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A paid escort reveals her hotel sex romp with TV funny man GEORGE LOPEZ and shares their sexy text messages in a bombshell ENQUIRER exclusive!

GEORGE LOPEZ's wife saved his life by giving him one of her kidneys, and The ENQUIRER was told by a Tampa Bay hooker that he returned the favor by cheating on her with prostitutes!

A professional escort, "Tiffany", told The ENQUIRER that Lopez, 49, even tried to set up a threesome with himself and two hookers!

"I had sex with George Lopez for money, and so did a friend of mine.

"He wanted a threesome and texted me . . ."

FOR The FULL STORY with all the details including the text messages - pick up the new ENQUIRER - on sale NOW!

D.A. Down With Warrant to Arrest Lindsay

The L.A. County District Attorney wants the judge in the Lindsay Lohan case to issue a warrant for her arrest this according to well-placed sources in the D.A.'s office.

It's solely up to Judge Marsha Revel, who has already made it clear she will issue a bench warrant if Lindsay doesn't show up for her probation progress report tomorrow and as we first reported, Lindsay will not be there.

Lindsay claims her passport was stolen and she's getting a replacement tomorrow.

We're told Lindsay will not be arrested when she lands at LAX it's a misdemeanor warrant and she'll almost certainly be allowed to turn herself into the court.

Our D.A. sources say the prosecutor in the case will scoff at Lindsay's excuses for not completing her alcohol ed classes and for not appearing in court. As one source said, "She needs to feel the consequences, and jail could end up being a good thing for her."


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LOL hayley

Empire Strikes Back, The 1950 Production

What would The Empire Strikes Back have looked like if it had been released thirty years earlier in 1950?

Quick refresher: The Empire Strikes Back, like me, was released in 1980. Explains the haircuts. And the whole "Luke" thing. If it had been released in 1950, however, it would have looked a little different.

Believe it or not, aside from the on-screen graphics this footage is all from real movies, including instalments from the Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers series, The Phantom, Captain Midnight, Forbidden Planet and Devil Girl from Mars.

It's not hard seeing where guys like George Lucas and artist Ralph McQuarrie got some of the visual cues from for the Star Wars trilogy, especially the little things like the Rebel pilot's helmets.

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I need a job at the CW

Young Hollywood, we have some very important dating advice for you: snag a part on a CW show STAT. If you're a young, single, impossibly gorgeous actor looking for love, there's no better place to be. With the news of "Supernatural"'s Jensen Ackles and "One Tree Hill"'s Danneel Harris getting hitched this weekend, Hollywood Crush decided to conduct a very scientific survey (seriously, stop laughing — it was very technical) to see if CW actors ever date anyone but each other. As you can see by this list of 10 CW-riffic couples, we were totally onto something.

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Poll #1567085 Jessica/Ed

Who's the winner in this relationship

Love them both equally

demi - pretty

Miley candids post

Miley Cyrus rushing into a Santa Monica recording studio yesterday (May 19th). Miley was asked to be in the Lilith Fair Tour, but declined because she's busy. Sarah McLachlan told E! News: 'She was big on my list. I actually think she's really talented and my daughter [India] loves her. It's all about Miley.'

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and a video of her with Lil Jon

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People Pleaser Katherine Heigl Gets Real

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Now that she's a married mom of an adopted daughter, the outspoken Katherine Heigl is learning to think before she speaks. Plus, check out our Katherine Heigl cover shoot and her best red carpet moments.

Katherine Heigl is at home in Los Angeles's Los Feliz neighborhood, pulling cheese after cheese out of her fully stocked fridge.

"This is for us," she says, beaming as she loads crackers onto a plate. Then she kisses her 18-month-old adopted Korean daughter, Naleigh (a combination of Nancy, for Katherine's mother and longtime manager, and Leigh, the middle name of her adopted sister, also Korean). "Mommy has to do an interview," Katherine tells her. "And eat some cheese."

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Article & Pictures

Note to mod- The entire article was not posted, just a clip of her talking about her kid. The photos weren't posted either.
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Harry Potter Stars Tour Universal's Wizarding World

Stars of the popular Harry Potter film series got to tour the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which is set to open to the public in June.

When the stars got their first look at Universal’s newest attraction, they say they were blown away by what they experienced.

“A film set has a cut off point. Being here was actually moving and emotional,” said Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the movie series.

Other stars visiting the park included Robbie Coltrane who plays Hagrid, Jamie and Oliver Phelps who play the Weasley twins, and Matthew Lewis, known on-screen as Neville Longbottom.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is set to open to the public on June 18.


Someone filmed a few things when they got to attend the preview and the videos are below (the embedding is disabled, so you'll have to click the link):

Source: HERE

I got hired today (I get to rock the Hogwarts school uniform, OH YES)! One of my friends was working when Emma came in and said she was a lot prettier IRL.
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Lily Allen awarded three Ivor Novellos for songwriting

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A tearful Lily Allen led a changing of the guard today when she claimed three prizes at the Ivors, the annual awards for British songwriting.

The 25-year-old led the field, winning best song musically and lyrically, most performed song for The Fear, and the overall title of best songwriter. But the best album and best contemporary song awards also went to young performers in Paolo Nutini and Natasha Khan, aka Bat for Lashes.

"Really, truly, from the bottom of my heart, it's the songs I'm most proud of", said Allen after composing herself. "This song [The Fear] is so much about feeling lost in a lot of ways. All of a sudden, this has made me feel found".

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Eliza Dushku picture post

Eliza Dushku and boyfriend Rick Fox spent some quality time together last night by taking in a Lakers game. Rick previously played for the Lakers from 1997 to 2004.

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Plus some recent Eliza twitpics!

@elizadushku: Dude, I LOVE being a student again! Just got my midterm back w/ a big circled 'A' on it- FIERCE! I studied w flashcards, people. Framing it.

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Boyzone singer Ronan Keating Splits From Wife

Shock as Ronan Keating and wife Yvonne announce their separation after 12 years of marriage

Ronan Keating and his wife Yvonne have separated, they have announced.

The pair, who married in 1998, have three children together.

The star – who first found fame with Irish boyband Boyzone before forging a solo career with chart-topping hits like Life Is A Rollercoaster – lived together in a luxury house just outside Dublin.

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Lindsay Won't Be Arrested, Bail Posted

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TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan will not be arrested, because she has already posted bail and the arrest warrant has been recalled.

Earlier today the judge set the bail at $100,000. We're told Lindsay's people promptly plunked down $10,000 (the standard 10%) to secure the bond and the judge then recalled the warrant -- meaning Lindsay will not be arrested when she returns to the U.S.

We're told Lindsay and her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, will be in court on Monday at 8:30 AM. The judge will then set a date for a probation violation hearing.

Judge Marsha Revel said this morning there was probable cause to believe Lindsay has violated the terms of her probation.


Your Daily JLS

The hot piece Brit boy band JLS were accused of being drunk after video of the boys singing Usher’s Can You Help Me–badly–on a tour bus hit the interwebs on Friday. They just finished playing a gig in San Diego with Justin Bieber, Usher and Ke$ha. Frontman Aston Merrygold even ripped his shirt off whilst feeling spirited during the impromptu performance.

But the boys took to their Twitter page to assure fans that they weren‘t drunk, they were on something else. They wrote: “We were coming back from a show and were on a vibe!”

Drunk? Probably not. I’d just say they were MARY, not MERRY. Besides, did you see their babysitter in the background? If he’s anything like Lou Pearlman, he’s responsible for giving them a titty rub every night and makes sure there’s no booze or girls around.

This post brought to you by my bb Marvin eating a banana..

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That is all. Sorry forgot the cut the first time.
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Madonna, White House, Condemn Sentence of Gay Malawi Couple

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Reactions to the conviction of gay Malawi couple Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, who were sentenced to 14 years in prison with hard labor for "gross indecency" and "unnatural acts" for having an engagement ceremony in late December, came today from Madonna and the White House.

Madonna's official statement :
"I am shocked and saddened by the decision made today by the Malawian court, which sentenced two innocent men to prison.
"As a matter of principle, I believe in equal rights for all people, no matter what their gender, race, color, religion, or sexual orientation.
"Today, Malawi took a giant step backward. The world is filled with pain and suffering; therefore, we must support our basic human right to love and be loved.
"I call upon the progressive men and women of Malawi—and around the world—to challenge this decision in the name of human dignity and equal rights for all."
And the White House released a statement through Press Secretary Robert Gibbs:
"The United States strongly condemns the conviction and harsh sentencing of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga in Malawi. The criminalization of sexual orientation and gender identity is unconscionable, and this case mars the human rights record of Malawi. We urge Malawi and all countries to stop using sexual orientation or gender identity as the basis for arrest, detention, or execution."

ALSO: A petition has been launched calling for the couple's immediate release.

link to the petition against their imprisonment started by Mia Kirshner:

sauce 1 & 2
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Former French TV heart-throbs look unrecognisable on the red carpet after too much plastic surgery

Cosm(et)ic: Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff were barely recognisable at the Chopard 150th anniversary party

Thirty years ago they were the heart-throbs of French television with their own primetime series on science fiction.

Now Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff look more like the alien life forms they used to report on.

The twin brothers have had so much plastic surgery they are barely recognisable.

Posing for pictures as the 150th anniversary party for luxury jeweller Chopard, the pair - now aged 60 - looked freakier than ever.

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Colin Mochrie

'They call it the double football hold': Modern Family actress shows snap of her breastfeeding twin

Actress Julie Bowen shows off a photo of how she saves time - by breastfeeding both of her twin babies at the same time.

The American star of comedy show Modern Family lets one-year-old brothers John and Gus suckle from her simultaneously.

Speaking on U.S. late night talk show Lopez Tonight, 40-year-old Bowen quipped: 'It's like two little liposuction machines on you.

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Kurt and Sue
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PTC Takes Aim At '$#*! My Dad Says'

Like a flag waved in front of a bull, CBS' just-announced new Twitter-based show, $#*! My Dad Says, has the Parents Television Council seeing red.

The group, which helped push the FCC to crack down on fleeting profanity and nudity, fired off an e-mail release Thursday (May 20) saying it would "wage an unrelenting campaign" against every advertiser on the show and challenge the license of every affiliate that airs the show or a promo for it before 10 p.m. (the beginning of the FCC's "safe harbor" for indecency).

The show is currently slated for Thursday nights at 8:30.

“CBS intentionally chose to insert an expletive into the actual name of a show, and, despite its claim that the word will be bleeped, it is just CBS’ latest demonstration of its contempt for families and the public," said PTC President Tim Winter.

PTC also said it would amend its court filings on various indecency cases to argue that the show indicates CBS' intent to air such fare.

PTC pointed out that CBS announced the show the same day it filed a brief in the ongoing Janet Jackson Super Bowl halftime show reveal case indicating it did not intend to air any breast-baring.

"The program is inspired by the wildly popular Twitter phenomenon, which now has more than 1.5 million followers and also has spawned a best-selling book of the same name," said CBS in a statement. "It will in no way be indecent and will adhere to all CBS standards. Parents who choose to do so will find the show can easily be blocked using their V-Chip.”

Colin Mochrie

Courtney Love says she had lesbian fling with UK model Kate Moss

COURTNEY Love, widow of Kurt Cobain and occasional attention seeker, has claimed she had a lesbian fling with supermodel Kate Moss.

The widow of Nirvana star Kurt Cobain alleged she bedded supermodel Kate in Milan, Italy, The Sun reports.

And she added: "I hope she doesn't get mad that I outed her about it."

The 45-year-old singer of rock band Hole had dropped hints weeks ago about a tryst with a female pin-up, whom she claimed chased her round a room, leading to a sex session.

She has now claimed: "It was Kate Moss. She doesn't care."

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Genuine Smile
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Noteworthy People Stare at The MoMA

For years, Marina Abramovic was one of those radical artists who make their wildest peers seem tame. As one of the great pioneers of performance art, her medium was herself, and she played fast and loose with it. In a piece called "Rhythm O" from 1974, the year before she fled to the West from her native Yugoslavia, she set out 72 objects and implements, from an ax to a red rose, and invited her audience to apply them to her body. In a nerve-wracking performance from 1980, she held a bow so that its arrow pointed at her heart; facing her, a fellow artist named Ulay, her boyfriend and collaborator, drew the bowstring that put her life at risk. In a piece from 1977, less risky but in some ways more unnerving, Abramovic and Ulay stood nude, facing each other on the two sides of a doorway and leaving barely enough room between them for someone to pass through. Anyone who wanted to enter or leave the gallery had to brush against their naked body parts.

Those wild years have passed. In "Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present," her retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art -- the first comprehensive show she's had in the United States -- Abramovic, now 63, has let herself become a work of art like any other. The museum has tamed her. From 14 March to 31 May 2010, a major retrospective and performance recreation is underway at the Museum of Modern Art. During the run of the exhibition, Marina Abramovic is performing "The Artist is Present" a 600-hour static, silent piece, in which she will sit immobile, while spectators are invited to take turns sitting opposite her. She sits at a table in the open atrium, waiting for visitors to sit down and gaze into her eyes. Considering that her other performances have included cutting herself with knives, having guns pointed at her, and lying in a ring of fire, this is a drastic change of pace for Abramovic. Even this, however, will challenge her with her longest performance yet, an 11-week run of staring at strangers. Beyond her performance, the upstairs exhibit has videos and photos from her career, plus five other performances going on with handpicked performers acting out some of her pieces.

The queue is a dynamic unto itself. The line starts (or ends) with a little waist-high sign at the entrance to the performance space, wraps around behind a wide square pillar, and then continues down the next side of the square. Some waiters stand, some sit. There are no stanchions or wires to demarcate the line from the rest of the atrium, and the exhibit guards — jovial types, and extremely protective of Abramovic — do not intervene in its organization. Because galleries branch off from the atrium, not to mention MoMA's bookstore, foot traffic is heavy, and it can be hard to tell at a glance who is really waiting, and who is merely pausing to take in the action on her way to the café or the Picasso show.

When Marina Abramovic concludes her piece, on May 31, she will have spent 716 hours and 30 minutes sitting down opposite a succession of more than 1,000 people, and counting. Where she sits, in the atrium on the MoMA's second floor, has to be the most overlooked area of the whole museum: while I waited, faces appeared, paused, and then vanished on balconies and at windows on each of the floors above. It goes something like this: Marina looks at you, you look at Marina, and hundreds of other people look at you and Marina looking at each other. The guy ahead of me in line, a burly, bearded man in a flannel shirt and work boots so unscuffed I took them for a fashion statement, had come to the MoMA four times and never succeeded in sitting down with her. (That day he'd cleared his schedule.) We talked about how we so rarely look at each other in daily life. When two adult strangers make eye accidental contact, we hasten to look away. "It's like we're scared of connecting," he said. It's a hard thing, to really see another person, and to be scrutinized yourself in return.

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all the images are uploaded to this flickr (click if you want to see a lot of old/ugly people/hipsters(ugly people))
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Cheryl Cole ‘Stalling On X Factor Contract’

Cheryl Cole is stalling before signing her contract for the next series of the X Factor, according to a report.

It’s claimed the star is keen to find out who will cover Dannii Minogue’s maternity leave before she commits to the show.
‘An insider’ told the *stink lines here* Daily Star *stink lines here*: “It's getting very close to the start of the X Factor auditions and Cheryl has not yet signed on the dotted line. It would ruin her X Factor experience not to have another 'girly girl' like Dannii to laugh and joke with and gang up with against the lads.

SO ADORABLE. i didn't know they were that close <3
btw, she better sign that contract. x factor wouldn't be the same w/o chavyl!

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New Television Series "Hellcats" Megapost

Hellcats is an upcoming American television cheerleading comedy-drama series being developed for The CW. The series stars Alyson Michalka and Ashley Tisdale and revolves around a college girl from the wrong side of the tracks who, after losing her scholarship because of budget cutbacks and her mother's chronic irresponsibility, joins the Hellcats, the college's competitive cheerleading team. The potential series is described as "Election meets Bring It On". The show is based on the book Cheer: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders by journalist Kate Torgovnick. - Wikipedia.

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Ask Jake Gyllenhaal a Question

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a man of action this Memorial Day weekend in his new film, The Prince of Persia, where he plays a muscle-bound street urchin-turned-hero. Soon the hunky star will be talking to PEOPLE to answer your questions.

So, what do you want to ask Jake? Curious how he got those abs of steel? Want to know what it's like to attend the Oscars? Wondering what qualities he looks for in a woman?

Send your question to (be sure to include your name and hometown, too) and you could see it featured in an upcoming issue of PEOPLE!

See what other readers have to say about this story – or leave a comment of your own


lol no we're not curious about how he got those abs, it's been only asked about a million times.i hope they pick some interesting questions and not