May 18th, 2010


College Humor parodies Ke$ha

Ke$ha hasn't been around very long but people are already starting to ask why she's famous. She claims not to use autotune, but her combination of talking and singing in the song "Tik Tok" seem to say otherwise. Well, the jig is up. College Humor is on to her half-singing, half-rapping ways, bringing us this "Tik Tok" parody. "Sing Talk" details her plans to become a singer without any musical talent. Just by speaking whiny pop lyrics into her MacBook Pro, she made it to the top of the charts sounding "like a bitchy, gay robot." (via College Humor)

Just something funny I thought you guys would like.

faraday is cold



SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to watch tonight’s House finale, stop reading now. I repeat, if you have yet to watch tonight’s House finale, stop reading now. For the last time, if you have yet to watch tonight’s House finale, stop reading now. Everyone else, onward and downward…

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Kourtney OK

Perfect couple take their son shopping.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Venturing out for a weekend ending family shopping session, Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and baby Mason were spotted out at Cross Creek in Malibu on Sunday (May 16).
Also joined by Kourtney's little sister Kendall Jenner, the happy family strolled along with Miss Kardashian pushing baby Mason along in his comfy stroller.

In related news, recent rumors tell that Kourtney has been listening to offers to televise a wedding for her and Scott. With nothing being confirmed, insiders tell that she's been offered around $500,000, but is holding out in hopes of a higher payday.

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André Leon Talley Confirms Return to ANTM Cycle 15, Reveals Plans For a One-Man Broadway Show

André Leon Talley was at the Fashion Institute of Technology last night to talk with Valerie Steele as part of the The Museum at FIT's Fashion Culture series. A crowd of more than 300 stood in long lines and were require to pass through metal detectors, which were on site due to the presence of PETA activists. To the audience of fans and fashion-lovers, Talley did not disappoint. He had the crowd laughing out loud for most of the talk.

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In terms of future plans, the editor and now television star would like to hit the Broadway (or off-Broaway) stage and says he has been working for years on a one-man show. We're certain his adoring fans (including us) will be happy to fill those seats.


Here's Day One, the Expensive Series So Bad Even NBC Wouldn't Air It

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As NBC celebrates the birth of several new series at today’s upfront events in New York City, a few Peacock henchman are simultaneously tossing one of their most expensive shows into the East River. And unlike Heroes and Law & Order, which lived relatively long, full lives, this project — heralded at last year’s upfronts as addictive apocalyptic event television (with explosions!) — Day One never made it to air.

You may remember that Day One started out as a post-apocalyptic pilot from Jesse Alexander, executive producer of Lost, Alias and Heroes, and was expected to replace Heroes after the 2010 Olympics this spring. The Peacock announced a midseason premiere and a thirteen-episode season before slashing the season to four installments, scheduled to air as a miniseries, and then slashing it even further until it was just a two-hour TV movie. At that time, NBC’s primetime entertainment president Angela Bromstad explained that there was “concern about sustaining the show’s mythology.”

Apparently the mythology was so faulty that the network scrapped the expensive project entirely, as Bromstad confirmed at today’s upfronts. Let’s not forget, too, that NBC was so starved for programming this season after the Leno debacle that they briefly un-canceled Trauma and aired programming like Who Do You Think You Are? and Minute to Win It; how dire must Day One have been that it couldn’t even penetrate that schedule? But before it sinks to the bottom of the river — and the recess of our brains reserved for cataloging NBC failures — let’s take a moment to remember NBC’s Day One via its original trailer:


i knew i'd heard about this show! i was kinda looking forward to it, in fact i thought 'the event' was just a re-titled version of this.  but wow this must have really been shit.
Xtina: QT Glasses

Queenlena, university student or movie star?

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Selena Gomez has time for everything. TV, movies, world tours and now she wants university. After graduating from high school,Selena Gomez, the handsome star of Disney is thinking about her next steps academics and think it is possible to study journalism or drama.

The singer and actress announced 17 days ago in Facebook: “I passed my exams and I have my diploma.” The singer must decide whether to continue her career in film and TV and start studying at university, must make a decision before September.

Also knew that Selena Gomez would be going to Northwestern University in Chicago, if she chooses to pursue higher education. Since it has a drama department offers courses in journalism.


I'm so glad she's strongly considering furthering her education :')

Jesse Metcalfe reminds us he's alive... oh. And Cole Hauser is there too.

esse Metcalfe is looking to leave his days as Desperate Housewives' resident shirtless gardner John behind him with a very different role in new NBC drama Chase.

The series - unveiled yesterday as part of the network's 2010-11 lineup - is all action, with a capital A (Action!). Jesse stars as one of a group of US marshals who track down the country's most dangerous fugitives.

Chase, which, by the way, comes from Jerry 'CSI' Bruckheimer, also features a kick-ass female lead in the shape of Annie (Kelli Giddish), as our two preview clips below show:

Actually... they wouldn't let me embed. Show looks pretty good. It could be worse. Videos at source.

On The L

ABC Announces Fall Schedule

We are pleased to announce that the ABC 2010/2011 Fall Primetime schedule will be unveiled later today. We will be introducing ten (10) new series this season, including seven (7) new dramas and three (3) new comedies. This includes the debut of two (2) new procedural dramas in the 10:00 PM time period on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Returning series include; “20/20,” “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” “The Bachelor,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “Castle,” “Cougar Town,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Middle,” “Modern Family,” “Private Practice,” “Supernanny” and “V.”

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source: my work email

David Blaine: The Message In The Bottle

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Illusionist/endurance artist David Blaine has revealed that he is contemplating being set adrift in the middle of the ocean inside a life-size bottle as his next stunt.

Blaine, 37, who has done stunts like holding his breath for over 17 minutes and spending 44 days without food suspended in a Perspex box in London, said he is trying to work what he had seen in a dream into becoming reality.

“What am I working on next? It started because I had a dream one night that I was in a life-size bottle in the middle of the ocean,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted him as saying.

“That’s where it started, and now I’m trying to work out how to make that into a physical reality - into a real physical feat,” he added.


1st "Battle Royale" Film to Get 3D Conversion

The Japanese studio Toei is planning to convert the original 2000 live-action film adaptation of Koushun Takami's Battle Royale novel from 2D to 3D for a re-release in theaters on November 20. Kenta Fukasaku, the son of the film's original director, the late Kinji Fukasaku, is overseeing the 2D-to-3D conversion in Tokyo through his production company, Fukasaku-Gumi. After his father's death in 2003, Kenta Fukasaku took over as director for the film's sequel, Battle Royale II: Requiem. As with the original movie, the 3D version will carry an R-15 rating.

The story follows a class of delinquent high school students who are forced to play a game on a deserted island. There, they must hunt each other down, and the last classmate left alive wins. Viz Media published the Takami's original novel in North America, and Tokyopop released Masayuki Taguchi's manga adaptation.


I hate 3D, but ngl I would definitely see this.
American release someday soon, please?

Kate Gosselin: A Walk Down Memory Lane

When he was arrested on drug charges in 1999, Robert Downey, Jr. offered these words to the arraigning judge: "It's like I have a loaded gun in my mouth and my finger's on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gunmetal." In the long, uneventful weeks since Kate Gosselin was booted from Dancing with the Stars, we've all become a bit like the Iron Man himself (before he found yoga and sobered up). Like hillbilly heroin, Kate is toxic and, in large doses, almost always lethal; we know that she's poisonous and yet we can't quite bear to live in a world (or the world of a reality TV show) without her. Let's face it friends: DWTS was kind of more fun when Kate was around.

But look on the bright side. In the five weeks that Kate stomped around the dance floor like a bull in a china shop, she filled our hearts with precious memories that will last a lifetime. Let us fondly remember those five fabulous weeks of Mambo magic, and reminisce about Kate's not-so-glorious dancing days of yore.  Collapse )


Prince Jams with Local Minneapolis Band at First Ave.

Prince dropped by on Saturday night at his old haunt and Minneapolis club favorite, First Ave. to check out new local band Gayngs.  He brought his own guitar and jammed side stage with the intention of joining the group.  "He jammed to the tunes side stage," reported manager Nate Vernon. "He wanted to play with us, but after watching for a while he told Conrad that we 'had it covered.' "

The Purple One even showed up without *gasp* MAKEUP!


Celebrities without Makeup!

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From Celebslam:

"I wanted to feature Clay Aiken in this gallery, but I couldn't find any pictures of him without makeup. Oh well. Click around, gallery features a 'with/without' picture of 10 celebrities (Jessica Biel above without makeup). But be warned: there's a picture of Katherine Heigl that will make you question the very existence of God."

+20 more pics at the source

Collapse )Katherine Heigl without makeup
Collapse )Janice Dickinson with makeup
Collapse )Janice Dickinson without makeup
Collapse )Kelly Clarkson with makeup
Collapse )Kelly Clarkson without makeup
Collapse )Maria Shriver with makeup
Collapse )Maria Shriver without makeup
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jesse; plaid

hey girl, it's a ryan gosling post

Ryan Gosling wraps his arm around co-star Michelle Williams at a photocall for Blue Valentine at the Palais des Festivals on Tuesday (May 18) in Cannes, France.

The 29-year-old actor is in town for the 2010 Cannes Film Festival! The film is up for the Prize Un Certain Regard, which recognizes young talent and provides the winning film with a grant to help pay for distribution in France.

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Megan Fox and BAG arriving/leaving lakers game/Clips from interview in allure about Kassius etc

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more at just jerad

Megan Fox and BAG's son Kassius


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Megan Fox on interviewing
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both these stories were on the same page

EDIT:Megan Fox on Plastic surgery and OCD


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wanted to edit in the part about plastic surgery bc that seems to be all anyone can talk about

DM; all

Lots of CBS Cancellations

After handing out the good news yesterday, CBS is bringing the bad today.

In a surprise move, Eye has opted to ax "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and "Ghost Whisperer," both of which were previously expected to return.

Among bubble shows, CBS is only picking up comedy "Rules of Engagement" and drama "Medium," which it grabbed last year from NBC.

That means shows axed by the Eye include "Christine," "Ghost Whisperer," "Cold Case," "Miami Medical," "Gary Unmarried" and "Accidentally on Purpose."

On the "Old Christine" news, Warner Bros. TV execs are now expected to shop the show to ABC, which has shown interest in the Julia Louis-Dreyfus starrer in the past.

"Rainy day brings gloomy news with 'Cold Case' and 'Miami Medical' not being renewed," Bruckheimer TV prexy Jonathan Littman wrote on Twitter.

Neither were expected to return, and Bruckheimer TV still has reason to be upbeat this season, having landed newbies "Chase" on NBC and "The Whole Truth" on ABC. But the production shingle's execs were disappointed that "Miami Medical" didn't get more of a shot -- and got lost in the midseason shuffle.


Aol TV's Outside the Box: 'Lost' w/Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson, Emilie de Ravin & Daniel Dae Kim

In celebration of the series finale, we invited Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson, Emilie de Ravin and Daniel Dae Kim on our Outside the Box to talk about 'Lost.'

The four 'Lost' co-stars discussed the mysteries they are most anxious to have answered, the most shocking moments from the show and what they do when the cameras aren't rolling.

They gave us personal insights into their characters and how they've deal with what's happened to them over the course of the series. In this clip, O'Quinn reveals what he would've changed about Locke.

In addition to burning questions regarding the series and its impending finale, the cast retold stories of the camaraderie behind the scenes. From a funny story about Daniel swinging from a vine to the touching image of the cast joined in song, we got the sense that this group of actors will be friends for years to come.

For bonus clips, go here

Source: Aol TV/TV Squad
TaySnl &quot;as if&quot;

Walking sex out and about in Hollywood .

Enjoying some down time, Taylor Lautner was spotted out and about in Hollywood earlier today (May 18).

The “New Moon” stud showed off his hunky form in a form-fitting t-shirt along with a pair of jeans and black shoes as he walked through a parking garage.

And it sounds like Taylor will be immortalized in a comic book- a 32-page work called “Fame: Taylor Lautner” due out in August.

Bluewater Productions Prez Darren Davis told press, “The Twilight series has become a pop culture phenomenon. It's transformed previously unknown actors into superstars. It seems that the same thing is happening with Taylor Lautner."

“We at Bluewater are happy to bring Taylor's story to his fans, and hope that his comic helps introduce these readers to the joys of graphic storytelling.”

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source at 10: Top 10 Stage Superstars of the Decade

In the same way that Angelina or George Clooney can “open” a movie, a very short list of theater actors have the star power to attract producers (and audiences) on the strength of their name and talent alone.’s tenth anniversary is the perfect time to pay tribute to 10 stage superstars of the past decade—and to thank them for their loyalty to the Great White Way.

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Trio Trio

Taylor Swift: NARM Artist of the Year

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She’s going to have to get a larger mantle above her fireplace to display all of her awards! Taylor Swift was named Artist of the Year by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers last night (May 17).

The “Should’ve Said No” songstress attended the NARM 2010 Awards Dinner in Chicago, Illinois to accept the honor, looking fabulous in an olive green dress.

In related news, Taylor’s “Valentine’s Day” director Garry Marshall recently sung her praises while doing an interview with MTV.

"Taylor [Swift] was quite good in the movie and Taylor Lautner too. Taylor Swift is quite competitive. I said, 'You know there's a prize for best kiss? ... So we might as well try for it.' And Taylor Lautner kind of hid at the craft-service place. He didn't want to get involved. Anyway, he went along with it. We did one in the movie, which was pretty good, but then we did a whole shot of a best kiss that was pretty good."

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HBIC joins Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry just picked up one heck of a souvenir in New York City. The producer just phoned me to share the exciting news that he met with Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams last night and earlier today closed a deal for Miss Wilhelmina Slater to bring her wonderful wickedness to Wisteria Lane next season as a series regular.

“I’m a big fan of Vanessa’s work and I’m so excited that she’ll be moving into the neighborhood next season to cause trouble in all the ladies’ lives,” says Marc. But don’t expect Vanessa to be at the center of next season’s big mystery. “I think our mystery is going to involve Paul Young [returning cast member Mark Moses].”

And here’s some extra dish. While there are no plans just yet for Paul’s son Zach (Cody Kasch) to return, the show will be casting a name actress to play Paul’s new wife.

Won’t dead old Mary Alice have fun narrating that development?

Franco returns to Port Charles

Watch out, Port Charles: James Franco is back.

After a two-month stint last fall on General Hospital, the actor returns next month, continuing his "obsessive vendetta," leaving a "tangled web of clues" for his pursuers and taking townspeople on an alliterative "wild ride of mystery, music, murder and mayhem."

"The hospital," producers say in a statement, "will be in peril."

Which is just fine for the Pineapple Express star. "Working on General Hospital was a great experience," he tells PEOPLE. "I love the cast, writers, directors and producers. They have become a new family for me. I can't wait for the work we will do this summer. – Zach Haberman,,20386076,00.html

Lena Katina will meet her fans in Los Angeles

Before her debut show at the Troubadour (cute show poster below), Lena Katina &her band will have a special picnic and will meet her fans that are coming from many US cities to support her.

When? The fan meeting is gonna be on May 29th and the concert May 30th
Where? The fan meeting is gonna be at "The trail" 2333 Fern Dell Dr Los Angeles, CA 90068 and the concert at "The Troubadour"
Time: May 29 at 4pm and May 30 at 8 pm

Great opportunity to talk to Lena and have something signed.

Anybody going?

source and source and source
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Cameron Crowe is BACK!

Let's hope it's better than Elizabethtown...

Cameron Crowe hasn’t made a film since 2005’s Elizabethtown. For most, Elizabethtown was easily Crowe’s weakest effort. It wasn’t bad but it just really wasn’t good. I mean, Crowe hasn’t written and directed Jerry Maguire, Say Anything and Almost Famous. We’ve come to expect a lot from the guy.

Wait no more, Crowe fans! He has signed on to re-write and direct We Bought a Zoo, based on the memoir by Benjamin Mee. The story follows Mee, who garnered together his savings and family to buy and restore a dilapidated zoo in the English countryside. The family tried to get the zoo back together while also caring for Mee’s dying wife. Sounds pretty heavy. But Crowe likes to juggle heavy and sentimental with touching and humorous. This story sounds like it’s right up his alley.

The script was originally written by Aline Brosh McKenna but Crowe is touching it up to make it more in tune with his vision. That probably means the kids will be cuter (Jonathan Lipnicki anyone?) the music better and the life lessons stronger.

Fox is releasing the film and wants a big A-lister to play Mee’s character. Crowe has no problem grabbing big stars for his films so I’m expecting we’ll get a strong, possibly Oscar-nominated performance from whoever steps up to the part. The film is planned to be released December 2011, just in time for Christmas! Let’s just hope Fox doesn’t push the cute animal aspect of the film too much. Also, no Orlando Bloom please.

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James Franco’s Latest Avant-Garde Role...

Drag-ish Torch-Song Duets

James Franco, big-time Hollywood actor turned avant-garde Waldo, showed up last night at the Bowery Hotel for a lavishly naughty party celebrating Campari's 150th birthday. Amid the imported mixologists and hard-looking burlesque dancers stripping down to their pasties, the highlight was supposed to be drag-ish performance artist and Guggenheim fellow Kalup Linzy, who came out onto the makeshift stage in what appeared to be a studded gold lamé wetsuit — bare-armed, barefoot, with a flower in his hair, singing gorgeously before a six-piece band. A couple of songs in, after the Voguers did their mirroring strut, Franco got up in a tuxedo, his hair slicked back, looking a little like Christian Bale in American Psycho: assessing, aloof, addled. Plopped onto a red velour wing chair in the middle of the small stage, clutching a microphone, his role in the performance was to stare with arrogant fascination at Linzy's ample ass, as the singer performed torch songs about bad men. Franco looked sleek, game, and sincerely confused, and sang badly on their duet, which was Nicolette Larson's "Lotta Love." Much of the crowd didn't seem to know who he was.

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Source Source 2

Toby Young is a blowhard; the Pope is Catholic

Praise Jesus, that fatuous dipstick Toby Young will not be on Top Chef in D.C. next season. So who's replacing him?

This silver fox:


He will be a recurring guest judge on the show and also in my dreams.

The real reason I am making this post is to share with you a flame war Jay Rayner (who is charming and also British and serves as a judge on Top Chef Masters) had with Toby Young in a comment section of a review of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. In this review, Toby Young makes it all about himself.

To read the rest of this catfight, please Collapse )

The Guardian
Some dumb Hamptons blog

Dio's death causes spike in eBay listings

According to, eBay is flooded with hundreds of pieces of memorabilia — much of which are autographed — from legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW), who died this past Sunday (May 16) after a six-month battle with stomach cancer. There looks to be at least a dozen autographed guitars, numerous autographed prints and photos, signed CD and albums, as well as a signed drum head. The most expensive items look to be the guitars, which are being listed for up to $999.99 right now. However there are also two Ronnie James Dio signed "Tournado" box sets, which start at $699.99 and $750. As of now there are over 1,100 items that show up on eBay for sale or auction when you search for Ronnie James Dio, many of which seem to be from his years with BLACK SABBATH.

This eBay pattern is quite common — when someone famous passes away, hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of memorabilia go up for auction or sale.

Autographed photo below is being auctioned at this location.


RIP I am still devastated :'(

AXL ROSE Claims Former Manager Tried To Sabotage GUNS N' ROSES

According to, GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose has filed a countersuit against his former manager Irving Azoff, claiming Azoff tried to strong-arm Rose into a reunion tour with the original members of GN'R. When Rose nixed the idea on the heels of the "Chinese Democracy" tour last year, Axl claims Azoff did everything he could to screw the singer. Among other things, Rose claims Azoff tried "devising and implementing a secret plan to set up Rose and the band for failure so that Rose would have no choice but to reunite with the original GUNS N' ROSES members."

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Sources: 1 & 2

Best American Rock Band You Probably Never Heard Of Announces New U.S. Tour Dates

My Morning Jacket will be headlining new US Tour dates this coming August. The dates will begin in San Diego on August 11th, will include a slot at the Mile High Festival, dates supporting Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and will conclude in Philadelphia on August 28th. Avi Buffalo will support the band on their San Diego and Los Angeles dates. Tickets for the shows will go on sale beginning this coming Friday, May 21st.

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Jesus Yames Christ finally heard my prayers and is bringing MMJ over to California again! BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER. I highly suggest you guys check them out, they are AMAZING live, here's proof:

*fixed with source mods
combing his hair!

FIRST LOOK: Rihanna's Rock Star

Take a lesson from Rihanna: Being a rock star means being able to strut your stuff while wearing a sexy, slick bodysuit, fierce stilettos, and a fiery red wig.

At least that's the lesson coming out of her new video for "Rockstar 101," her fourth single off of her album Rated R. PEOPLE has a sneak peek of the new video.

The singer, 22, does already knows a thing or two about rocking out: Travis Barker taught her how to play the drums, and Slash plays guitar on the new song.

In July, Rihanna kicks off her "Last Girl On Earth" North American tour, where she'll be joined by Ke$ha. –Joey Bartolomeo


KISS Pays Tribute To RONNIE JAMES DIO At Geneva Concert

KISS paid homage to legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio during last night's (Monday, May 17) concert in Geneva, Switzerland. Fan-filmed video footage of the moment can be viewed below.

KISS was one of a number of rock and metal artists around the world paid tribute during the last 48 hours to Dio, who died of stomach cancer on Sunday (May 16) at the age of 67. The singer, who performed with BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, ELF and his own solo band, was widely hailed as one of the most influential voices in heavy metal, not to mention one of the most down-to-earth, friendly and giving personalities in the music business.

"We mourn the tragic passing of the great Ronnie James Dio," KISS said in a statement. "In addition to his powerhouse vocal ability, Ronnie was a true gentleman who always emanated great warmth and friendship to us and everyone around him. We will miss him."

I don't even like Kiss but this was pretty cool.

a few things I think you need to look at

Lindsay denies new girlfriend rumors

Lindsay Lohan Dating 36-Year-Old 'Cougar Lesbian Lover'? Not So Much

Well, that was a quick relationship. We all thought Lindsay Lohan was dating photograper Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, who the New York Post dubbed the star's "cougar lesbian lover." The two met during a photo shoot last fall, and Indrani stoked rumors of a courtship with an incredibly suggestive statement published on Tuesday.

"We have been spending a lot of time together," Indrani told the Post. "I have never had a relationship with a woman before, but Lindsay is just somebody who I find fascinating, gorgeous and extremely smart, as well as super-hot. Lindsay gets a lot of bad press, but she's a really strong, creative woman and is trying really hard to get her life in a good, positive place."

Now, although that statement makes it sound like the two are dating, Lohan has already shot back to deny the affair, telling, "No, no, no... In NO way am I dating her."

Lohan, 23, recently dated 32-year-old British DJ Samantha Ronson. LiLo told The Sun: "I never really thought about women before, it kind of just happened with Samantha. If I wasn't with Samantha, I would probably be with a boy next. She's the only woman I've been attracted to."

Indrani, born Julia I. Pal-Chaudhuri, is half of photography duo Markus Klinko and Indrani. Klinko told the Post he's "seen them making out" and that "Indrani is a good influence on Lindsay."

Klinko said his colleague is "the opposite of a party girl -- a Princeton graduate, she's into art and is a philanthropist -- not what you'd expect the typical girl for Lindsay to go out with. When they are together, they talk about art and the deeper meaning in life."


Well, damn.

A really cute girl talking to a REALLY annoying woman

You might think being a global ambassador for Herbal Essence would include awesome perks ... and you'd be right. Leighton Meester of 'Gossip Girl' explains the benefits of being a spokesperson for the hair product line on 'The Rachael Ray Show' (weekdays, syndicated).

According to Meester, her role entitles her to shampoo for life and allows her to travel all over the world touting the merits of the brand. And, if there's any doubt how Meester got the job, she breaks out a casual hair flip that awes Rachael Ray.

hectic like a smoke bomb

Jane Lynch talks upcoming marriage

Jane Lynch Will Not Be a Bridezilla

As cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on Glee, Jane Lynch is a major pain – but don’t expect her to become a bridezilla as she prepares for her upcoming wedding.

"I’m very excited!" Lynch tells PEOPLE about her nuptials to psychologist Lara Embry. "It’s a great and wonderful thing at the tender age of 49 to have finally found somebody that I want to be with. I’m so lucky."

Lynch admits that she does share some personality traits as her alter ego, Sue, but says wedding planners have nothing to worry about.

"I can be aggressive like her. One of the things Sue Sylvester is – she’s a warrior," Lynch said at the 69th Annual Peabody Awards in New York on Monday. "She’s always looking for a fight, and I go through stuff like that. With the wedding plans and even when I got to my hotel here in New York, I was looking for everything to be wrong and I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm doing my Sue Sylvester.' "

But the comparisons to her character end there – and she won't be bringing any of her other Glee qualities to the nuptials, either. "I will not be singing and don’t expect any track suits at my wedding," she says with a laugh.

So what is the most exciting aspect of marriage for Lynch? "I'm looking forward to spending every day with this woman all the time," she says, "and we're making that happen."


So sweet
Stan and Roger, American Dad!
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ESPN interviews Ty Burrell about the Modern Family finale

"Modern Family's" Ty Burrell hugs it out with Kobe Bryant for a scene in Wednesday's season finale.

Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol may have played big roles in Monday's Game 1 thrashing of Phoenix, but they'll play a much smaller part in their next performance: guest appearances in Wednesday's season finale of ABC's "Modern Family."

The new comedy follows three families through the ups and downs of parenting in 2010. Page 2 caught up with Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy -- the show's dorky but hilarious dad -- to talk about the episode.

What's Wednesday's show about?

Without giving too much away, my daughter Alex [Ariel Winter] and I go to a Lakers game with my step-mother-in-law Gloria [Sofia Vergara] and her son Manny [Rico Rodriguez]. Let's just say that Gloria and I end up sharing a very awkward moment on the Kiss Cam.

What was it like to film at the Staples Center?

Well, nobody knew I was at the Staples Center because I was there with Sofia Vergara. Essentially, I was like a floating shirt next to her.

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According to
this article, Gasol's part was cut from the episode.
wf. vessels of a donor look

Off The Map Post

After "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice," ABC has brought on another Shonda Rhimes-backed medical drama, but this time it's going international.

"Off the Map" stars Caroline Dhavernas ("Wonderfalls") as the idealistic Dr. Lily Brenner, who begins work at an understaffed medical clinic in "la ciudad de las estrellas," a tiny town in the South American jungle.

Along with fellow doctors Mina Minard (Mamie Gummer) and Manny Diaz (Enrique Murciano), they aid the legendary Dr. Ben Keeton (Martin Henderson) in treating patients with whatever they have at hand, under challenging circumstances.

We're not entirely sure if we need another medical drama on the air, but this is no typical medical drama as seen by this first clip. It's rather refreshing to see this kind of action outside of our own frame of reference.


Collapse )

It doesn't look totally awesome, but it has Caroline Dhavernas. And she is perfect. So I'll be watching. Apparently it will be taking over the Brothers & Sisters 10 PM Sunday slot in midseason, if anyone's curious.


Jessica Biel is going to Broadway

Jessica Biel is preparing to show off her musical talents on Broadway - the actress has signed up to star in a stage show based on Spanish movie "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown". The "Illusionist" star took secret singing lessons in 2009 to prepare for a role in a one-off production of "Guys & Dolls" in Los Angeles last summer.

And now she is set to grace the New York stage for a run in a musical version of Pedro Almodovar's 1988 comedy film, which starred Antonio Banderas. Almodovar reportedly confirmed the project to the New York Daily News during an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

In related news, Jessica Biel is tapped as a presenter at 2010 MTV Movie Awards on June 6 alongside Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Cosgrove, Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Steve Carell, Shaun White and P. Diddy.
combing his hair!

Chanel Iman & Mark Teixeira launch VS Pink Major League Baseball Collection

The California girl debuts a new baseball-themed collection.

A Major League baseball player usually belongs in one of two categories: either he’s a rookie or a veteran. Applying this terminology to the world of supermodels, Chanel Iman is definitely the latter. At 20, she’s already walked the runway of every designer we can think of, plus a dozen more. Not to mention the countless magazine covers…

Today she’s at Victoria’s Secret Pink’s Soho location, helping to introduce the latest additions to their MLB collection. Wearing a navy studded Yankees jacket and holding a “blinged- out” baseball bat, Chanel chatted with us about her Yankee pride and DJ boyfriend.

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I know everyone is going to say 'she's too skinny,' but I think she's gorgeous and seems really fun.
Christian Bale

Wachowski siblings to make Abu Ghraib even gayer

Wachowskis Shopping Script for ‘Hard-R’ Gay Iraq War Drama

In December of last year, we got word that the Andy and Lana Wachowski were putting together a film “about the Iraq War, from the perspective of the future.” The source was a set of comments and photos from Arianna Huffington, who seemed to be taking part in a shoot related to the project. At the time, we heard that she was involved in test shoots to help their next project take shape.

Now there’s word that the Wachowskis are sending around a script that does cover the Iraq War, to some extent, but from a rather different angle.

Deadline describes the story as featuring “a ‘hard R’ homosexual relationship between a US soldier and an Iraqi.” As we’d heard before, the story does start in the near future, but then moves back in time to tell the bulk of the story, part of which includes the current Iraq War. Deadline describes the stylistic apprach as ‘cinema verite-style,’ which would be a significant departure from anything the siblings have made in the past, and specifically from the heavily processed Speed Racer.

Further comments say that the script is done and that the Wachowskis want to direct. The fact that it is being sent out suggests that this could be a move away from Joel Silver and Warner Bros., which would be as significant a change as the move to cinema verite. But given the relative underperformance of Speed Racer and the fact that Iraq War movies don’t sell at all, no surprise that the Wachowskis might need to find new partners.

Remember, too, that Jesse Ventura said about two months ago that he had done some work on an Iraq-related Wachowski project, describing it as:

Wait til you hear what they did. They brought me, and they brought Arianna Huffington in after me. Arianna was there, and they had her looking like cleopatra. What they did… Do you remember what John Travolta looked like in that horrible film Battlefield Earth? They put multicolored dreadlocks on me all the way to here. They gave me this crazy beard that was hanging down pointed, looked like Travolta, right? And they put a third eye in the middle of my forehead. Because what this is, is this is a hundred years in the future, and they wanted me to talk about the current war in Iraq and how I felt about it. And so I got to vent, looking like this maniac in this whole outfit.

I’d love to know more about the Ventura / Huffington footage. Is it test material, part of a pitch, raw footage for this project, or something else?

24 Jack yellow
  • andi88

OMFG Jack Bauer lost it last night and it was SOOO GOOD

24: It Seems Jack Bauer Has Some Anger Management Issues

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is just a guess, but I'm starting to think Jack Bauer skipped out on last year’s anger management seminar at CTU.

And be that as it may, I am caught between two reactions to last night’s 24. My namby-pamby side struggles with the idea that Jack Bauer, for so long a hero grounded in a sense of duty, justice, and the greater good, has turned into a rage-fueled killing machine of the “vengeance is mine” school of thought.
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Oblig Jack Bauer gif
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James Franco

Sarah Jessica Parker: "You Don't Want to See Me Topless"

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Sex and the City has never shied away from showing skin—especially breasts. But don't ask Sarah Jessica Parker to join in on the nakedness… "You don't want to see me topless," Parker, 45, told me with a laugh from New York City, where she's been promoting Sex and the City 2. "You really don't."

Even though many of her costars haven't had any qualms about it? "Maybe they're more equipped to do so," Parker laughed again. "And it's all been voluntary. There was never any pressure. Never once. It's too progressive of a community here to have anyone pressured into doing that."

One thing SJP definitely does do when it comes to SATC is…worry! "I'm excited," she said of the May 27 release. "But this is also the period when I tend to be very nervous and I worry and I fret and overthink. I'm in a state of turmoil."

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Source | E! Online
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Mimi extinguishes electrical fire in Egypt

Mariah Carey was on hand for a private concert at Egypt's Pyramids Panorama on Monday, May 17, but the songbird was forced to deal with a quick electrical snafu before taking the stage.

Just a few minutes before she was scheduled to perform, an electrical fire sparked backstage, but instead of calling for help, Mimi decided to take matters into her own hands. Carey quickly extinguished the fire, before tweeting to fans about the incident. "In Egypt getting ready to go on stage and suddenly there was a surge of power and an electrical fire started under my feet! Wtf?!," Mariah wrote. "Naturally my emergency instincts kicked in and I put out the flames w/a towel. Lol (yet true)."

The fire didn't seem to rattle Carey at all, as she continued to joke with fans about the incident. "The funny thing about this ish is an ol' skool radio station in the other room started playing "aww freak out!" @ that exact moment!" she wrote, before poking fun at her friend for not showing more concern. "Appalled U didn't' tweet to see if I'm ok after the fire incident in Egypt! (Said in my diva theatrical accent)" Carey jested.

After saving the night, Carey went on to perform in front of a crowd of 3,000 people.


Clap for Ms. Mariah

Bronx-Mowgli Wentz Involved in a Car Accident today!

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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson's 1-year-old son was involved in a minor car accident today in Los Angeles -- but don't worry, we're told the kid is fine.

According to a rep for the Fall Out Boy band member, 1-year-old Bronx Mowgli Wentz was riding with his nanny in a black Lexus SUV earlier today when the car was involved in a "very minor fender bender" while driving in Coldwater Canyon. We're told Pete immediately rushed to the scene to check on his young son.

Pete's rep claims everyone involved in the accident was "fine."


Get well soon, baby!
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John Travolta and Kelly Preston are expecting a baby!

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John Travolta and Kelly Preston, who have lived through the tragedy of losing a son, can now announce the best news they've had in years. Preston, 47, is pregnant, the family tells PEOPLE.

"It’s impossible to keep a secret ... especially one as wonderful as this," they say in a statement. "We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family. Love, John, Kelly and Ella

Travolta, 56, and Preston are also parents to Ella Bleu, 10. Their 16-year-old son Jett, died, of a seizure in January 2009.

The family also shared the news Tuesday on Travolta’s Web site and Preston's site.


Scorsese Prepping George Harrison Documentary for 2011 Release

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By  Daniel Kreps
May 17, 2010 10:02 AM EDT
Director Martin Scorsese has completed filming his upcoming George Harrison documentary, now titled Living in the Material World: George Harrison. The filmmaker broke the news at the Cannes Film Festival, where he and George's widow, Olivia Harrison, are shopping the documentary to potential distributors. Living in the Material World, which is currently being edited by David Tedeschi, will likely be released in 2011, though no definite date has been set, Variety reports.
The documentary borrows its title from Harrison's revered 1973 album Living in the Material World, and both Scorsese and Olivia Harrison said that George's search for the balance between the physical and spiritual inspired the film's title. "I grew up a Roman Catholic and wanted to become a priest, so it is a subject matter that has never left me. The more you're in the material world, the more the search for serenity," Scorsese said. The documentary will track Harrison's legacy from his Beatles days to his solo career. According to Variety, Olivia Harrison spent hours going through George's never-released notes, cassette tapes and photos for the film, which will also feature new interviews with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton, Phil Spector and more of the Beatles' contemporaries.
Living in the Material World continues Scorsese's long tradition of balancing out his incredible cinematic career with journeys into the rock world. The Taxi Driver director's filmography includes the Band's final star-studded concert The Last Waltz, deemed by some as the greatest rock & roll movie ever made, as well as the Bob Dylan documentary No Direction Home, the "Feel Like Going Home" segment of the 2003 documentary The Blues and the Rolling Stones' all-star 2006 Beacon Theatre performance Shine a Light. Scorsese also helmed Michael Jackson's "Bad" music video. He previously used Harrison's "What is Life" in his film Goodfellas.


Aghhhhh I'm so excited for this
I nearly forgot all about it because I have Bieber Fever, yes not all Bieber fans have crap taste in music...

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweetheart

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Kate Bosworth enjoys lunch with her boyfriend, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, and a few friends at Medborgarplatsen Square’s Kvarnen Cafe in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Monday afternoon (May 17).

Kate, 27, has been meeting all of Alex’s pals. “They spent the whole weekend hand-in-hand and Alex seemed very excited about showing Kate around his hometown,” an eyewitness tells People. “Alex proudly introduced Kate to his best friends and everyone seemed to love Kate.”

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Megan Fox claims she has a Mental Sickness

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Hollywood hottie Megan Fox has revealed she is unable to use restaurant cutlery or public toilets because she has a mental "sickness".

The 24-year-old star made the claims to a magazine saying she suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which prevents her from using cutlery in restaurants or using public toilets.

“This is a sickness, I have an illness - this is not OK anymore," she explained in an interview with Allure magazine.

"Every time someone uses a bathroom and they flush, all the bacteria is shot into the air.

“Putting my mouth where a million other mouths have been, just knowing all the bacteria that you carry in your mouth? Ucch!"

The Transformers actress, who is engaged to Brian Austin Green, claims she can survive a week without food.

Fox claims her culinary skills are so bad, she would rather “starve to death” than attempt to make herself a meal.

“I’ll starve to death before I’ll cook for myself. I think I could survive a week without eating,”
she said.

As well as claiming she can cope without food, Fox also insisted she wouldn’t mind going for lengthy periods of time without any human contact as she prefers her own company.

"I could go days, weeks, without talking to another human being," she said.

"I hate receiving compliments; I hate being told I'm talented or people think I'm going to be a movie star

"I always feel that it's forced and fake."


It's a Bollywood Post!

Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori at Kites Premiere

NEW YORK: Pounding bhangra beats resonated across neon-lit Times Square, nicknamed The Crossroads of the World, as a gleaming stretch limo delivered Hrithik Roshan and his co-star, Mexican actress Barbara Mori, to the red-carpet premiere of the Hindi version of Kites.

The Kites stars were fashionably late for the screening at the AMC Empire in Time Square, but the crowds had enough distractions — Karan Johar in a black bandhgala, director Mira Nair in a flowing kurta and other film royalty. “Two and a half years of blood and sweat, two and a half years of heart and soul finally boils down to two and a half hours of entertainment,” mused Hrithik Roshan, as the lights were dimmed for the screening of Kites, made at Rs150 crore.

yes he's the one with the two thumbs:

Sorry. I don't know why comments are being screened. I disabled the comment screening but it still won't show all the comments.   : (

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Tila thinks she has a stalker! Who could it be?

Dear Higher Upper Shhhhhh!

Yes, ‘Tis I, Miss Tila. I know you have been following me for a while. I know you have been watching me very closely. I know you have done a lot to shush me up, but now is the time I call you out and we meet face to face. So how about it? If anything, you have the wrong people. If anything, I have all the right people you need, that you want, that you work oh so hard to get to. Yes. I have them at the tip of my fingers, all by my little self.
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A crack pipe must be glued to this bitches mouth. She is so fucking insane, I love it

Tony Award nominee at some event

Scarlett Johansson looked radiant as she attended the 61st Annual New Dramatist’s Benefit Luncheon at the Marriot Marquis in New York City today (May 18).

The big screen beauty was on hand to honor two-time Tony Award winner Julie Taymor with the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award. Johansson, a Tony Award nominee this year, has said:

"It has been a dream come true to be a part of the Broadway community. I am deeply honored to be nominated and so proud to have been part of this extraordinary production."

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LOST finale now 1 hr 40 minutes; ABC continues to play with my emotions

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I'm missing tonight's episode and the finale thanks to being in another country....JEARS UP IN THIS BITCH

ETA: It's okay y'all, senkig has assured me that we're not really being swindled out of any LOST by ABC. On average hour-long dramas are really only 40 minutes of actual drama and twenty minutes of commercials.
So it adds up fine. 40 + 40 + 20 = 100

ALL PRAISE senkig!

Alicia Keys Is Engaged To Swizz Beatz And Living Together

Alicia keys and swizz beatz

Swizz Beatz reportedly bought Alicia Keys a 7.5 carat engagement ring according to Mashonda Dean’s lawyer, Bernard Clair. In a statement release to the press defending Mashonda’s decision to sue Swizz Beatz for missing court ordered payments, Bernard Clair confirms that Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys are engaged, and have purchased a $14.5 million penthouse together.

Dean’s lawyer, Bernard Clair, called the nonpayment “particularly troubling” because of reports that Beatz bought a seven-carat engagement ring for Keys earlier this year and that they’re moving into a $14.5 million duplex penthouse on Crosby Street


Cry Moar

'Heroes' Creator Tim Kring Comments On The Show's Cancellation By NBC

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And 5 Lessons TV Could Learn From Heroes Epic Failure

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NBC finally canceled Heroes, a move early adopters of the ultimately underwhelming superhero show probably saw coming soon after Season 2.

But all is not lost. Heroes‘ meteoric rise and ignominious fall leave behind much residual data for those looking to build faster, stronger, smarter and more resilient programming. Here are five ways upcoming NBC show The Cape — or any other superhero series knocking around television executives’ heads — can avoid an early demise.

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