May 11th, 2010

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Treats, the debut album from the electro-rock duo Sleigh Bells, is a thrill ride: It's aggressive but not macho and smart without losing its sense of fun. Most of all, it's somehow both an aural assault and a piece of pop candy, albeit one in a overblown wrapper. In Sleigh Bells, Derek Miller is responsible for the excessively compressed beats and abrupt guitars, while singer Alexis Krauss provides a melodic counterpoint, with a sweetness that can turn fierce.

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i love this band. what's your favorite song ontd? i danced on a table to ring ring one time.

Roger Ebert Attacked by Right Wing Internet Trolls

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Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Film critic Roger Ebert is never shy with his opinions, be they about movies or otherwise. But after criticizing five California teens who chose to wear clothing bearing the American flag to their high school on Cinco de Mayo, Ebert has faced a particularly angry backlash.

On his Twitter account, Ebert, whose battle with thyroid cancer has disfigured his appearance and taken his voice, wrote the following:

@ebertchicago Kids who wear American Flag T-shirts on 5 May should have to share a lunchroom table with those who wear a hammer and sickle on 4 July.

Ebert's words set off a firestorm with several right-leaning Twitter users. Caleb Howe, a blogger at RedState, fired off a series of jabs at Ebert, including the following:

You know, @ebertchicago, I'm not as expert on flag etiquette as you. Tell me, which do I fly when you die of cancer?

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Cecil B. Demented

First still of Helen Mirren in Julie Taymor's 'The Tempest'

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Prospero has become one bad mother.

Shakespeare's exiled sorcerer from The Tempest — once an old man stranded on a tropical island, protecting his beautiful daughter — has been recast as a woman for a new film starring Oscar winner Helen Mirren.

The movie, planned for release in December, is from stage and screen director Julie Taymor (Across the Universe, Frida), who previously adapted The Bard in film with 1999's Titus, starring Anthony Hopkins as the bloodthirsty Roman general.

Performed in many ways since the 1590s (including two previous stage versions by Taymor), The Tempest is more than ready for Prospero to become Prospera, she says.

"I wanted to do it because there are actresses like Helen Mirren who never get to play these fantastic parts because they were not written for women," Taymor says. "We changed the role. It's one of the few plays where it not only doesn't hurt the play, but enhances the play."

In the original, Prospero is the Duke of Milan, so preoccupied with his library of magical books that he fails to notice his brother's plot to usurp him. Set adrift at sea with his baby daughter Miranda, he finds himself trapped for years on an island, only to get a chance at revenge years later by stirring a magical storm.

But as Taymor puts it: "If Prospero wasn't paying attention to business, did he deserve to be the duke?"

In the new version, Prospera is more overtly wronged. As the wife of the duke, she is accused of witchcraft after his death by brother Antonio (Chris Cooper), so he can cast her off and claim her title.

"She had her whole life taken away from her because she was a woman," Taymor says. Prospera, a woman scorned, wants to save her daughter from the same fate.

Disney is distributing the film through its Touchstone division, taking over from the now-defunct Miramax.

The film was shot around volcanic areas of Hawaii, and "Prospera is a volcano herself, about to erupt," Taymor says. "And you know Helen Mirren. When she invokes the black powers, she's got the rage. She's got it all."

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Michelle Williams looking perfect, as usual.

Michelle Williams is all smiles as she walks with a friend in New York City’s Tribeca on Friday (May 7).

The 29-year-old actress sported a cute new - and blonder - cropped haircut!

Michelle is gearing up for a new indie dramedy, Take This Waltz, this summer. She’ll star opposite Seth Rogen as a woman who realizes her constant cheating in relationships may be because she only loves the honeymoon period of each fling.

According to Variety, Sarah Silverman is also attached to the project, which will shoot in Toronto.

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More (and bigger) pictures at the source.

She can do no wrong in my eyes, even when she wears denim on denim.

Salary dispute holding up 'Twilight 5' announcement

By Matthew Belloni
EXCLUSIVE: Summit Entertainment is working furiously to close the talent deals required to split Stephenie Meyer's fourth "Twilight" novel into two films. But an unlikely roadblock is holding up an announcement -- and could even lead to cast changes for the series' final installment.
The studio is close to finalizing agreements with leads Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, all of whom will get big raises to return for a fifth installment of the vampire romance saga. And director Bill Condon is already signed to film two "Breaking Dawn" movies, which would be shot back-to-back starting in the fall and released in November 2011 and summer 2012, respectively.  

But Summit is having a harder time locking in some of the franchise's secondary characters. Deals for Peter Facinelli (who plays Carlisle Cullen) and Billy Burke (Bella's father, Charlie Swan) are done, but we're told the actors who play the Cullen kids (especially Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene) are trying to sink their teeth into bigger paydays that, at least at this point, the studio behind the billion-dollar franchise is unwilling to provide.
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Elin & Hank Leave Tiger!

His coach, Hank Haney is done with him too! Source

TMZ has learned Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are trying to strike agreements on child custody and division of assets ... and then quietly and quickly file divorce papers to end their marriage.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the most important thing for both Tiger and Elin is keeping the terms of the divorce confidential. We're told Tiger has a team -- partly based in NYC -- that is working on the division of assets. But ... as TMZ first told you ... the key player is West Palm Beach lawyer Thomas Sasser, an expert in child custody agreements that involve more than one jurisdiction.

Sources say one of the options is to actually file for divorce in Sweden -- Elin wants to move there with the kids and Tiger would have to submit to the jurisdiction of the court. Wherever the divorce is filed, the plan is to keep the custody and property settlement
agreements out of the court file. We're told the quicker and quieter the divorce, the better.

The big issue, we're told -- Tiger wants either custody or visitation, and assurance that he can go into court and enforce the agreement if Elin violates it. We're told Tiger wants the option to go to either a Swedish or American court to enforce the custody agreement.

And sources say ... the couple has not reached agreement on any of the major issues ... at least not yet.


You suck Baskin Robbins

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"The Apocalypse is upon us: Jersey Shore has gone mainstream. Pauly D is now a spokesman for Baskin Robbins. I know, dumb. But I do have some good news. Mention this post at any participating Baskin Robbins and receive 20% off their newest smoothie flavors 'Date Rape Raspberry,' 'Forced Abortion Apple-Cinnamon,' and 'Unprotected Sex Strawberry-Banana.' "

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Christina Applegate tries not to stress or self-pity

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Since her brave battle with breast cancer, Christina Applegate has learned to focus on feeling good.

"Stress isn't something I really allow into my life. It creeps in but that's a huge thing, changing my diet, changing my want to make everyday the best that I can," Applegate, 38, told PEOPLE over the weekend at the Entertainment Industry Foundation's annual Revlon Run/Walk in Los Angeles.

The actress and her support system – which includes her mother and fellow breast-cancer survivor, Nancy Priddy, friends and 20 crew members from Samantha Who? – were part of the group of 40,000 people who turned out at the event to help raise money for women's cancer research.

While Applegate, who under went a double mastectomy, admits she's not immune to negativity, she tries to talk herself out of it. "I fall short. I get into self-pity and all of those things you do ... but at the end of the day, this is the day that I'm living and I need to rejoice in it," she says.

At the moment, Applegate is rejoicing in her role as the future wife of musician Martyn Lenoble, whom she called her "best friend."

"This chapter of my life is bigger, better, more exciting. I'm looking forward to everything my life has to offer," she says. "I feel incredibly grateful."

Also, she's not about to let the stress of wedding planning get to her.

"We don't even know when [the wedding will be]," she says. "We're just living right now."

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KRow dismisses rivalry rumours with Beyonce

The two old band mates do actually still get along...

Rumours claim that When Love Takes Over hit-maker Kelly Rowland has fallen out with her old band mate Beyoncé. The apparent rivalry between the two former Destiny's Child band mates formed when Beyoncé's new song Why Don't You Love Me came out just days after Kelly’s new track Commander was released.

But Rowland insists that the media has blown this way out of proportion and that a feud doesn’t exist between the two.

Kelly told Hip Hop Hollywood: "We all came out at the same time and it really doesn't matter. I think there's room for everybody. There's B [Beyoncé], there's Ciara putting something out and [Lady] GaGa putting something out, but, because we started out together, people are going to say things like that. But I really don't care, I love her 'til our dying days and that's all that counts."


Lmao... like C-Error is in the same league as Beyonce and Gaga. And lol at MTV thinking that [Lady] was even necessary. I call shenanigans, bitches hate each other.
I will talk to anyone

Yikes-o: 25-yr-old golfer dead

Erica Blasberg DEAD: LPGA Golfer Dies At 25

Erica Blasberg, an LPGA golfer since 2005, was found dead Sunday in Henderson, Nev. She was 25 years old.

According to the Associated Press, Blasberg's agent would not divulge details about the cause of the golfer's death, and it is unclear whether foul play was a factor. Henderson police are currently investigating.

Golfweek reports that Blasberg won six tournaments in two years while in college at the University of Arizona, where she won Pac-10 Player of the Year. The publication named her Player of the Year in 2003.

In a statement, Blasberg's agent said, "We are devastated to learn of the passing of Erica Blasberg. To most of the world, Erica was known as a professional golfer, but she was more than that. She was a loving daughter to her parents and a compassionate and loyal friend. Erica had a good heart, was extremely kind and very thankful for what she had in her life."


Update: "At first glance it looks like she might have taken her own life, but at second glance, something is very, very strange about it," said Erica's father, Mel Blasberg, by phone from Nevada. "We're waiting for the police to make an investigation, it's a pending investigation.
a sad communication

Try to restrain yourselves, ONTD

Cynthia Nixon Describes Her Fiancee: 'A Short Man With Boobs'

Cynthia Nixon, who is promoting 'Sex and the City 2,' cover's June's 'Advocate,' and in the interview she opens up about coming out, cancer and life with her fiancee, Christine Marinoni.

On her attraction to Marinoni:
"She's basically a short man with boobs. A lot of what I love about her is her butchness. I'm not saying I fell in love with her in a sexually neutral way. I love her sexuality--it's a big part of what I love about her--but I feel like it was her. It wasn't something in me that was waiting to come out. It was like, This person is undeniable. How can I let this person walk by? Christine would probably kill me for saying this, but my daughter said one time that if you really had to break this down, [it looks like] she would be butch and I would be femme...but really once you get to know us it's really the opposite."

On her former publicist, who didn't want her to come out:
"He just kept saying, 'It's your life, and it's private, and that's it.' And we kept asking, 'That's the whole thing? We never move past that? We're at the playground with the kids, and pictures are taken of us, and we say, 'No, she's my friend?'"

On her evolving sexuality:
"I identify as gay as a political stance. If anybody, prior to my meeting and falling in love with Christine, had asked me about what I think about sexuality, I would have said I think we're all bisexual. But I had that point of view without ever having felt attracted to a woman. I had never met a woman I was attracted to [before Christine]. And maybe if I'd met her when I was 20, I would have fallen in love and only dated women. But maybe if I'd met her at 20, I wouldn't have responded at all. Who knows?"

On her son's reaction to her new relationship:
"His teachers were just so great about it, because they were the first people that started referring to 'Charlie's moms,' which is so lovely, and we really hadn't done that yet. So Charlie came home one day and he said [to Marinoni], 'You're my mommy too!'"


I think they're adorable. Let's try to maintain a sense of decorum through this one, huh?
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this is the crisis I knew had to come

And. Here. We. Go!

Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne: Best Frenemies

It's America vs. Canada in a young celebrity showdown, as word of a bitter battle between Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne is spreading throughout the entertainment world. As rumor has it, Lindsay had a blowout with the Canadian rocker-actress at the infamous Chateau Marmont in Hollywood -- a hotspot for ridiculous celebrity shenanigans. Apparently, the rivalry began when Lavigne blasted Lohan for being "fake" and "a loser" when the 'Mean Girls' star tried to approach her table.

"I don't like false people. Stay away from me and my friends," Lavigne reportedly yelled at an inquiring Lohan, according to the New York Post.

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I'll just say this:

fascist dead hate the mess

Time for that TMZ red siren of exclusivity

'Charlie's Angels' Star -- I'm in 'Financial Ruin'

Kate Jackson -- one of the original stars of "Charlie's Angels" -- claims she's now in "financial ruin" ... and she's blaming it all on a guy she met through Farrah Fawcett.

The 61-year-old actress has fired off a lawsuit against her financial advisor -- claiming the dude has screwed her out of more than $3,000,000.

According to a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Jackson claims Fawcett's former business manager, Richard B. Francis, knew about Kate's "extremely close relationship" with Farrah and used that information to get Kate as a client.

In the docs, Jackson claims Francis told her she was worth roughly $5.4 million -- and she could live off of the interest from her accounts ... at least $300,000 per year.

But Jackson claims she was sorely misinformed and discovered she was actually worth considerably less -- only about $3 million. Jackson claims she learned the truth about her finances when she agreed to buy a home in 2008.

According to the docs, Francis pressured Jackson into buying a home for $2,011,000 in an area he called the "Golden Strip" in Santa Monica ... promising the property would never lose value.

Kate claims Francis knew she couldn't afford the home, but he drained her savings account in order to pay for it anyway. Kate also claims Francis knew she was grossly overpaying for the property.

Kate is now suing for more than $3,000,000 -- claiming she has "suffered financial ruin at the hands of the very person she entrusted with her finances."

Francis says he's been in the business for 50 years and has an impeccable record with several celebrity clients. He added, "This case will end at the deposition stage. It will never go to court."

Magneto puppet
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"I make good eggs."

Kevin Durand, best known for his villainous turn as a cold-blooded mercenary on ABC’s “Lost,” is in negotiations to book back-to-back roles in a pair of DreamWorks sci-fi movies.

The actor is set to first play the alien heavy in “I Am Number Four,” then, if dates can be worked out, he will segue to playing a promoter of robot boxing in “Real Steel.” DreamWorks is shooting both movies this summer, with “Four” starting principal photography later this month and “Steel” in June.

D.J. Caruso is directing “Four,” which adapts the upcoming young-adult science fiction book by James Frey and Jobie Hughes. The story centers on one of nine aliens (played by Alex Pettyfer) who escape their home planet before its annihilation by a rival species and hide out on Earth disguised as high school students.

Durand is playing the commander of the aliens who are hunting the survivors down on Earth.

“Steel” sees Shawn Levy directing Hugh Jackman in the tale set in a future in which robots fight it out in the boxing ring. Jackman is a former boxer-turned-manager who reunites with his estranged son to take his fighter to the championships.

If a deal can be worked out, Durand will play the Texan promoter of robot boxing.

Durand plays Little John to Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood in Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood,” but the actor is best known for his work in “Lost.” Durand, who also played Blob in last year’s “Wolverine” movie, recently signed with WME and continues to be repped by Alchemy Entertainment and attorney Dave Feldman.


Entire Jersey Shore Cast to Be Replaced for Third Season

Fist pump while you can.

The Jersey Shore's casting director admits to Blackbook magazine that the entire cast will be replaced for the third season.

Snooki, The Situation, JWOWW, Pauly D, Sammi and Ronnie reportedly demanded a big pay raise after the first season became MTV's highest-rated series. reported the group received a $10,000 signing bonus and $5,000 per episode for season 2, which premieres July 29.

One castmate who won't be too bummed to be off the show: JWOWW, who "cried her eyes out" when she found out the series had been renewed.

"She doesn't want to be on the show anymore," a source told Us Weekly. The problem? Her castmates. "She isn't friends with them," the insider says. (Another source counters, "She and Snooki are really close.")

tv (doctor who) basically... run

'Iron Man 2's Robert Downey Jr. confirms plans for 'The Avengers', 'Iron Man 3'

Iron Man 2's leading man Robert Downey Jr. says the team behind the film, fresh off a weekend box office success, is already looking ahead to more sequels and spin-offs.

"Nothing is for sure, but our plans are to do Avengers and then Iron Man 3," said Downey Jr., who plays billionaire Tony Stark, aka the superhero Iron Man.

Downey Jr. made his comments to KABC Television,'s parent company, at an appearances at the Midnight Mission’s 10th Annual Golden Heart Awards on Monday in Los Angeles, which honored actor Anthony Hopkins for his philanthropic work with the homeless community.

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culkin megamix

Nicholas Brendon checks into rehab; Buffy fans sigh in relief.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon has checked into rehab, has learned exclusively.

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The actor says alcohol and the sleeping pill Sonata were to blame for his confrontation with police in March, an incident that ended with Brendon tased and arrested.

Nicholas says he was looking for his dog and knocked on his neighbor’s door the evening of March 17, a source close to the actor told exclusively. “She (the neighbor) said ‘Go away,’ the source says. But Nicholas kicked her door and she dialed 911.

Our source says Nicholas suffered a blackout and doesn’t remember fighting with police. The only thing he remembered was being tased, which he described to our source: “Being tased is like being punched in the side by Rocky Balboa, the pain is so bad it runs up your spine,” he told the source.

Brendon, who played Xander on the popular TV vampire series, told our source “They realized who I was, but I didn’t get any special treatment.”

He was charged with felony vandalism and released on $20,000 bail. Recognizing he had a problem, the 38-year-old checked himself in the SOBA Recovery Center in Malibu.

“I’m feeling lucky because alcoholism effected my money management decisions and they are helping me,” Nicholas told the source, adding that he feels “really grateful.”

“I was in treatment in 2005 and unfortunately I had a relapse. In the back of my mind, I always knew I had a problem but it became clear to me when I got arrested,” he told the source.

Brendon also told the source about another up side to the recovery program: “they have acting classes that focus on recovery.”

Brendon is focusing on his recovery and his work on the hit CBS show Criminal Minds and two animated films.

The source

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You go, Nickie Brendon! I have been patiently waiting for this news.

Also, LOL @ the tasing description. I watched video of my brother being tased during his police training, and it looked RIDIC awful. I thought it would be funny, but it really wasn't.

p.s. How is there not a Joss Whedon tag? For pete's sake.


Kylie Minogue & RENT's William Baker at Work on Bway Musical?

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Australian singer Kylie Minogue is rumored to be collaborating with London's RENT director William Baker on an untitled Broadway project. This is not Minogue's first encounter with Baker; he was the creative director of her 2008 tour, 'KYLIEX2008.' The new musical project will be the story of her extensive musical career and incorporate the best of her musical library. The piece will reportedly be in the style of Mamma Mia, according to William Baker on an untitled Broadway project. This is not Minogue's first encounter with Baker; he was the creative director of her 2008 tour, 'KYLIEX2008.' The new musical project will be the story of her extensive musical career and incorporate the best of her musical library. "

Writes, Minogue recently said of the project: "I'm comfortable because it's not my life story; it's about the interpretation of my music."

While Kylie's musical is said to be in the works, it is apparent that her career shows no sign of slowing down. “I guess I’m a thrill-seeker. I certainly don’t always take the safe option.”, the singer told 'Elle' magazine. Her upcoming album, entitled 'Thrill Seeker,' will be Minogue's 11th album.

Kylie Minogue is a 41 year-old singer/songwriter. A survivor of breast cancer, Minogue continues to receive worldwide acclaim. Her countless hits include "I Should Be So Lucky", "Got to Be Certain, "The Loco-Motion", "Hand on Your Heart", "Tears on My Pillow, "What Do I Have to Do?", and "Boombox". Minogue's latest album, 'Thrill Seeker' will be released this June.


sorry for forgetting tags :(

Michael Jackson 'Is Alive And Posed As Burns Victim On Larry King'

Members of a Michael Jackson death hoax forum claim the King of Pop is alive and well and once disguised himself as a burns victim on national television.

The website,, attracts over one million hits per day and is used by fans to discuss theories about whether the King of Pop is still alive.

It's claimed that on Larry King's talk show on September 3rd last year, Jackson disguised himself as Dave Dave - a 33-year-old burns victim who befriended Jackson when he was a child.

Dave Dave suffered horrific burns when his deranged father set him on fire when he was six-years-old in an act of revenge over custody.

As a child, his mother wrote a book about his ordeal and took him on a trip to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch where they became close friends.

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Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed Track Listing

Can't Be Tamed track listing [?], according to MileyPhilippines. They said their source was MCA Music, the Philippine distributor of Hollywood Records.  Part of Universal Music Group.

1. Liberty Walk
2. Who Owns My Heart

3. Can’t Be Tamed
4. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
5. Two More Lonely People
6. Forgiveness and Love
7. Permanent December
8. Stay
9. Scars
10. Take Me Along
11. Robot
12. My Heart Beats For Love


He's expressing Joy
it's monday

Just make up your own jokes, folks

Amanda Seyfried Explains Her 'Vagina' Tattoo To Chelsea Handler

Amanda Seyfried has the word "minge" tattooed on her foot (scroll down for photo) and she explained its meaning to Chelsea Handler on her show.

"It means vagina and kind of proud of it," she said. "It's my nickname. You can't see it, but it's called Minge and it's slang in England. It has something to do with your pubic hair in the dictionary." defines minge as "vulgar term for a woman's pubic hair or genitals." According to Urban Dictionary, "The minge is not the actual vagina, but the hair surrounding the area. On the labia majora and the pubic mound. Loose, shaggy hair that is not neatly trimmed, and may be a little fragranced with 'girl perfume.'"

Amanda also told Chelsea about her love scene with Julianne Moore, 49, in 'Chloe.'

"I don't know how old she is, but damn, she's amazing," she said. "She kind of takes my breath away every time I see her."

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Video won't embed, go to the source
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Tiger Woods's Coach Resigns Via Text Message

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The upheaval in Tiger Woods's life continues, as his coach Hank Haney resigned Monday night. How'd he do it? Via text message.

"I believe at this time that it is in both of our best interests for me to step aside as Tiger's coach," Haney said in a statement to The Golf Channel, according to "I will always look back upon our past half dozen years together as my best days in professional golf."

Haney did not give a particular reason, saying it was just time to move on. He told KTCK-AM sports radio in Dallas on Tuesday that he had resigned via text message.

"I texted him last night [that I was leaving], and he texted me back," Haney told the station. "We went back and forth for a while, but he had his kids last night and couldn't talk. We are going to talk later today."

Haney insisted he wasn't fired. He also predicted that Woods will return to top form after his sex scandal. "As we all know, Tiger has been through a lot in the past six months," he said, "and I really believe that given the chance, mind free and injury free, we will all see Tiger Woods play once again like we all know he can.",,20368278,00.html

another Tay tay post!!!!

Taylor Momsen is currently in London promoting her band “The Pretty Reckless”.

She was spotted today making her way to BBC’s Radio 1 studio’s in Central London to appear on Fearne Cotton’s show.

The 16 year old appears to have grown tired of trying to impersonate Debbie Harry and has moved onto John Lennon with the round glasses.

I hate to sound like a fuddy duddy, but when did it become expectable for a 16 year old girl to walk the streets wearing nothing but a silk lingerie and stockings?

Where are this girls parents?

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go on living our own way of living

A bit of a reach

Another Boyfriend, Another Headache for Anne Hathaway

Can't Anne Hathaway -- one of Hollywood's most angelic and seemingly nice young actresses -- just find a guy without some sort of criminal implications?

The 'Alice in Wonderland' starlet is again grabbing headlines thanks to a significant other, as her new boyfriend Adam Shulman allegedly took off with part of a painted mural. Unfortunately for Shulman, someone else claims the mural is his property, and is going to press charges unless it's returned.

According to the New York Post, H&H Builders president Ken Hart claims the artwork painted by infamous New York City street artist Mr. Brainwash was taken from him by Shulman -- but in true forgive-and-forget fashion, Hart promises that "if he brings me back the art, it's over ... But if he doesn't, I'm going to the police to report it stolen!"

For Hathaway, this must be a blatant reminder of past romantic woes. She previously was in a long-term relationship with Raffaello Follieri, who is currently serving jail time after pleading guilty to fraud charges. Follieri was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for bilking investors out of nearly $4 million in a real estate scam.

Just how did he scam all that money? Follieri told his investors that because he had ties to the Vatican, he could easily secure church property for well below market value.

Hathaway has kept mostly mum about Follieri since splitting with him months before his sentencing. She did reference him in an Independent interview, saying, "The worst thing that happens to you can be the best thing for you, if you don't let it get the best of you."

She even joked about her dating record while on 'The Late Show With David Letterman.' After being grilled by Dave about Follieri, Hathaway joked: "You do have to give me credit because as far as relationships crashing and burning goes, c'mon, I did pretty great. I mean, scorched that earth!"

Here's wishing Miss Hathaway a happy and drama free future with whoever her man of choice is.


She's so adorable, she needs to just drop these useless beards and come out. Can we get some picspam up in this piece?
lana shoot won't stop harassing our bb Cheryl is doing nothing to quash rumours he’s got a thing for Cheryl Cole, saying he thinks it would be “crazy” to cheat on the Geordie beauty. has already branded Ashley Cole “stupid” for allegedly doing the dirty with several other women behind Cheryl Cole’s back, but now he’s showing his love for her AGAIN by admitting she’s the “most beautiful girl in the world.”

Gushing over his protegee, he said: “I just still can’t believe Cheryl was ever cheated on.

“I mean, what has to be going through your head to cheat on Cheryl?

“She’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Once you have her, a man can’t do any better. It’s just crazy.”

He went on: “She ain’t even the sort of girl that’s out there flaunting it or anything like that, she’s a real good girl.

“When you get a girl like that, you do everything you can to keep her, you don’t go out fooling around.

“To get a girl that knows how to conduct herself is a rare thing and you’ve got to be stupid to jeopardise that.”

Our girl Chezza is currently supporting the Black Eyed Peas on the European leg of their tour, and – who produced her debut solo album – has vowed he will be there for her when their time on the road ends.

He pledged: “After all she’s been through, she needs rescuing. It’s crazy the way she was treated and she knows I’m here whenever she needs me.

“If she’s in New York, I’ll get on a flight to see her, if she’s in Los Angeles, I’ll get on a flight to see her – I’ll even come to London. If she needs me she knows I’m there, no excuses.”



A video of Miley Cyrus giving producer Adam Shankman a sexy lap dance is going around

A video of Miley Cyrus giving producer Adam Shankman a sexy lap dance is be shopped to media outlets, reports RadarOnline:  'The video was taken about seven months ago at a wrap party for The Last Song. The worst part is that there were little kids at the party and the dancing between Miley and Adam was so dirty that some of the parents actually left the party..'

..and took their kids home.' The video, which Radar has seen, shows Adam on the dance floor with a drink in hand grinding up against Miley's sexy backside while she grinds back. At one point Miley turns around and seductively opens the top layer of her shirt, teasing Adam with her flirty dance moves.

Adam reportedly said the dancing was: 'very inappropriate & Miley is heading down the same path as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.' Billy Ray and Tish were not present at the controversial party.


Another Miley post for  iheartfamke     

Can't embed but here's the link to the video
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Kelis - Flesh Tone album sampler.

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Kelis released her last album in 2006, and at some point in the four years since it's safe to say that she discovered dance music. "Religion, science fiction, technology – everybody's dancing," she chants in opener 22nd Century, introducing an album that dabbles in New York house, industrial techno and Euro electro.

It's an interesting move for a singer who has always stayed close to the edge of mainstream R&B, thanks to her continuing collaboration with progressive production team the Neptunes. But this time round she's opted for a production unit consisting of French hitmaker David Guetta, German DJ Tocadisco and Fidget house producer Boys Noize.

I think it pays off; Flesh Tones sounds like Kelis is coming into her own. The events of her personal life in recent years – including the birth of her first child, her divorce from rapper Nas, a public spat with Peta and arrest for disorderly conduct – have meant that she has been more read about than listened to. These gossip-worthy incidents highlight the felicity of her new album, not just in its raised BPM but in the boldness and euphoria of the song titles (4th of July/Fireworks, Brave, Emancipation) and the sense of personal awakening in songs such as Acapella (inspired by being a new mother).

Flesh Tones isn't the sound of a singer searching for a new trend, but of Kelis finding a voice within a genre that shows off her apparently sparkling state of mind. We teamed up with free music streaming site We7 to give you an exclusive sneak preview (full tracks for UK users only, sorry), let us know what you think.


i'm so excited to hear these in HQ but the opening line of this write up got on my goat. she "discovered" and dabbled in dance music from day one, LAZY JOURNO


Pomp + Circumstance

Chris Colfer.
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GLEE star.

And brother, to a girl who suffers epilepsy so severe, she gets over 50 seizures an hour ...

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EDIT: ONTD'ers ... just wanna say I'm real proud of you all, just from the comments.

And it's also brought to our attention that alot of our members suffer from epilepsy/seizures themselves.
PLEASE, for the sake of their health, DON'T post flashing gifs in posts or comments that may put them at risk.
Let's look out for each other here :)


kelis talks about rihanna and lady gaga.

Rihanna and Lady GaGa have taken the fashion world by storm with their bold sense of style, but before them was Kelis. While the “Bossy” singer’s influence on today’s female pop stars remains a hot topic of conversation, Kelis is sounding off to about her impact on music’s leading ladies.

When asked whether she had heard the Internet chatter comparing her style to that of Rihanna and Lady Gaga’s, Kelis responded, “Yeah. I tried not to see, but it’s noticeable.”

Although it may ruffle her fans’ feathers, the “Acapella” songstress says she’s flattered by the comparisons and attributes the similarities to her peers’ ages. “They’re really young. What else are they supposed to do?”

Kelis explains that this is not the first time an artist has been accused of “swagger jacking.” Borrowing fashionand recycling trends has occurred many times before her. “I’ve been around for a long time and that’s what artists do; we take from each other and we recycle,” she states. “And quite frankly, it may not even be them. It might be stylists that have been around as long as I have and are like, ‘Hey, let’s recycle this on these younger artists.’”

But she shrugs off the controversy. “I’m not offended by it. I don’t really have much feeling about it, honestly. It just keeps me on my toes and allows me to continue moving forward, so it’s cool. I really don’t see it as a bad thing. I guess it means I’m on the right track.”

While she has no beef with her fellow fashionistas, you won’t find her listening to their music on her iPod “I can’t say that I do. I’m familiar with it, like I know it. I don’t live in a hole. If I’m at a party and they play it, I enjoy it. I get it.”


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Fashion is not safe for Apple


Apple is censoring Madonna's nipples... and all fashion spreads.

A British fashion magazine has reportedly dubbed its iPad issue "the Iran edition" due to the requirement to remove nipples and other body parts to get content on Apple's tablet computer. Call this the "Apple chilling effect."

An insider at style magazine Dazed & Confused  told the website Shiny Shiny that "the mag's iPad edition has been nicknamed the Iran edition by the people putting it together, given the parallels between censorship in the Muslim theocracy and the iTunes store." Just imagine the stress staffers would be under if they also had to slip some political cartoons or gay travel guides into the magazine, as well. Or bikinis, heaven forbid. While Apple CEO Steve Jobs might not like the Axis of Evil comparison, he does have one thing to be happy about: When people start censoring themselves, it saves Apple the trouble and hassle of doing the work.

Magazines planning to launch iPad editions for the Apple's glossy e-Reader device will have to censor themselves to make into Apple's No Porn app store, I heard yesterday. And we're not just talking about Nuts; "edgier" fashion magazines like Dazed & Confused and Vice will have to seriously cut back on nudity in photography and fashion shoots. New fashion bible LOVE famously launched a first edition with a naked photo shoot of Beth Ditto. That would not be alright with Steve Jobs.
A D&C insider revealed that the mag's iPad edition has been nicknamed the Iran edition by the people putting it together, given the parallels between censorship in the Muslim theocracy and the iTunes store.
Every week there have been complaints about apps removed from the iTunes store - usally small-scale soft porn stuff, but it throws the Apple policy into relief when art or fashion magazines have to start censoring themselves.
It's even more ironic because the iPad has been billed as the saviour of the magazine industry and also given Apple's reputation as a maintstay of the creative industries.

source 1, 2, 3
David Bowie

Farrell, Cotillard to star in Cronenberg pic

Colin Farrell and Marion Cotillard are attached to topline David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis," an adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel.

Gregoire Melin's Paris-based Kinology has picked up international sales rights and is presenting the project to buyers for the first time at the Cannes market.

The $20.5 million film is penned by Cronenberg and produced by Portuguese producer Paulo Branco's Alfama Films and Cronenberg's Toronto-based Antenna, in association with Kinology.

The thriller follows a multimillionaire on a 24-hour odyssey across Manhattan. Farrell will play the asset manager who loses all his wealth over the course of one day. Cotillard will play his wife.

Lensing will take place from March to May in Toronto and New York.

"Cosmopolis" will be Cronenberg's follow-up to "A Dangerous Method," which starts shooting this month in Germany with Keira Knightley and Viggo Mortensen.

DeLillo's acclaimed works include "White Noise" and "Underworld."

Branco last produced "Ashes and Blood," directed by Gallic thesp Fanny Ardant.

At Cannes, Kinology is also launching sales on Finnish fantasy "Rare Exports,"directed by first-timer Jalmari Helander. Melin's sales slate includes Kirsten Dunst-starrer "Upside Down," a $50-million sci-fi romance that is currently shooting in Montreal.

conan o'bobo

Jackson and Urie Rip Newsweek Article

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Actors Cheyenne Jackson and Michael Urie ripped into a recent Newsweek article that claimed out actors cannot play straight characters convincingly, calling author Ramin Setoodeh an “ass-#!%” at a talk-back after a Monday performance.

The piece, written by gay journalist Ramin Setoodeh, has drawn the ire of respondents including actress Kristin Chenoweth, who blasted Setoodeh for his assessment of her Promises, Promises costar Sean Hayes.

According to, at the talk-back in New York City Monday, “When asked to comment on Ramin Setoodeh's recent article about how openly gay actors can't convincingly play heterosexual roles, Cheyenne Jackson and Michael Urie straight-out called the Newsweek entertainment writer an ‘asshole' who's ‘unconscionable.’”

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ABC Responds to Cam and Mitchell's Lack of Kissing

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There has been a lot of talk since last week's episode of Modern Family as to whether or not the show was purposefully keeping Cameron and Mitchell from showing the same level of affection as the show's two heterosexual couples. A Facebook page was even started urging ABC to let the gay couple kiss.

Such concerns had been floating around for a bit for, but we never quite saw it that way since none of the couples seemed overly affectionate, not to mention the fact pretty much every other aspect of Cameron and Mitchell's relationship has earned nothing but raves from most of the gay community, including

Still, we also noticed in last week's episode that when Phil reunited with Claire at the airport, it was with a kiss while Mitch and Cam only hugged. Curious we went to ABC to ask about the issue and just received this exclusive statement from the show's producers.
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We passed along word a couple of weeks ago that Fox's Modern Family - The Complete 1st Season - starring Ed O'Neill (Married...with Children), Ty Burrell (Back to You) and Julie Bowen (Ed, Boston Legal, Weeds, Lost) - is coming to home video. We know this because is taking pre-orders for the title on both DVD and high-def Blu-ray Disc formats, even though the studio hasn't formally announced the title yet! We're still waiting on that, so info is still limited to what Amazon shows on their entries. So far that's been limited to pricing ($59.98 SRP for DVD and $69.99 SRP for Blu-ray), but now the listings have been updated to show package art, too! Our thanks to reader "Matt" for the heads-up about that.


Sammi allegedly punches girl in face for talking to Ronnie

Seeking out justice, Kristen DeMinco and her lawyers were spotted at a press conference outside the Miami Beach Police Department on Tuesday afternoon (May 11).

Showing off her shiner, Miss DeMinco alleges she was chatting with Ronnie Oritz-Magro from "Jersey Shore" at Club Dream on South Beach when she was punched in the face by Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola.


Describing the incident, Kristen's attorney Tom Pennekamp told press, "One of the male cast members approached my client and they started talking, and then Sammy "Sweetheart" Giancola came over and punched her in the face and head."
Looking to get a little cash for her hardships, Pennekamp added, "We're going to file charges today and we plan to file a civil suit as well."


Ari Graynor

Perry Cheats On Brand, Lands Top Spot on List

Katy Perry Tops Magazine's 'Hot 100' List

Katy Perry tops the list. Katy Perry is probably one happy "California Gurl" this week. The Maxim Magazine annual "Hot 100" list came out today, and the pop singer beat out the likes of Sports Illustrated swimsuit bombshell Brooklyn Decker and "Avatar" star Zoe Saldana for the top spot. Billed by Maxim as "The definitive list of the world's most beautiful women," the annual contest is a fierce competition between actresses, models, singers, reality-TV stars, and even the girlfriends of celebrities.

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ABC Pulls "Happy Town" after 2 episodes

Variety’s Michael Schneider tweets that ABC’s Happy Town will be pulled from the schedule after this week’s episode and sent to burn off its remaining 5 episodes in the summer, beginning on June 2.

No surprise there. Its ratings started badly and got worse.

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This program was originally scheduled for Wednesday, May 19, but was replaced by “PRIMETIME: What Would You Do?.” It will now air on Wednesday, June 2, with the remaining four episodes of “Happy Town” airing on consecutive Wednesdays through June 30.


Can Larry Rudolph Pull a Britney For LiLo?

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has a new person in her life -- the man who erected, then resurrected Britney Spears' career.

Multiple sources tell TMZ Lindsay approached mega-manager Larry Rudolph several weeks ago and asked him to resurrect her career.

We're told Rudolph has been working with Lindsay and her people, but is not "fully committed" to helping her. Our sources say Rudolph does not want in unless he's convinced Lindsay will make a serious effort to help herself.

"He's not 100% in yet," one source said. But another source adds, "If Rudolph feels Lindsay is ready, he's onboard."

But it's ironic -- Larry Rudolph took a famous conservatee and produced more hit records and a successful concert tour ... and he's now working with someone in similar desperate straits.

Rudolph did not return our call.

Stay tuned

bird dj

'Spartacus: Blood and Sand': Season 2 begins in January as a prequel series

Fans of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" will be happy to hear that star Andy Whitfield, who has been battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma, will return to Starz in January. "Spartacus" will return in a prequel series, starring John Hannah and Lucy Lawless, the Chicago Tribune's Watcher blog reports.

Contrary to rumors, the role of Spartacus will not be re-cast.

According to Starz, Whitfield is "responding well" to treatment and will appear as Spartacus in 2 out of 6 planned episodes. The prequel series will focus on the rise of the House of Batiatus, the gladiator academy, and will revolve around the relationship between Lawless' and Hannah's characters, Lucretia and Batiatus.

"The prequel story maintains the excitement and entertainment value of the first season of 'Spartacus,' giving audiences the engaging experience they've come to expect," Starz President and CEO Chris Albrecht said in a statement released Tuesday, May 11.

"Fortunately, Andy is responding to his treatments, and will be able to be part of this prequel in a limited capacity."

When Whitfield is able to get back to work on a more regular basis, the "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" story will continue where it left off. In the meantime, Starz is casting a new character, who preceded Spartacus and Crixus as the top gladiator at the House of Batiatus.

Aside from Hannah, Lawless, and Whitfield, fans can expect to see more familiar faces among the prequel's cast members. Returning favorites include Peter Mensah (Doctore), Manu Bennett (Crixus), Antonio Te Maioha
 (Barca), Nick E. Tarabay (Ashur), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Naevia). Production will begin this summer in New Zealand.

Jupiter's Cock!
[ltm] cal/gillian

be cool, honey bunny - this is a Lie to Me post!

Lie to Me returns on June 7th! Fox is finally doing its damn job running promos, and I've posted them here for your enjoyment.

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No, the show has not been canceled; it's been on a hiatus for six months, but it's still on! The new episodes begin airing on June 7th at 8/7c on Fox.

Kelli Williams and Tim Roth!

Sources: 1 2 3

who's excited? I love this show. It'll be nice to see Tim Roth and hella hot Kelli Williams on my television screen again.

Rihanna is Expensive

If you ever wondered how much a girl like Rihanna makes in one night, you’ll be shocked to find out that the Barbados-born singer earns more in one single hour than most of us do in a year. Trust me, you don’t want to do the math to see how much it amounts to per night. It’ll make you sick. While on tour in the British city of Liverpool, Rihanna was invited to make an appearance at Club Bamboo, a posh night club that caters to the rich and famous in that area. Rihanna agreed to, but for a price. It was then that the club owners agreed to pay her $45,000 for just one hour.

The singer of Stupid In Love showed up at Club Bamboo that night and stayed exactly 60 minutes. She then hopped on her tour bus and headed for London. Not bad for an hour’s work… not bad at all!


Twihards are crying?

Oh Robsten, don't you know we have eyes everywhere?

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, and Taylor Lautner all taped an episode for The Oprah Winfrey Show earlier this week, to air May 13.

While some fans were treated to a special screening of Eclipse, the good stuff happened with the cameras weren't rolling.

Like when Rob and Kristen confirmed to Oprah backstage they are in fact dating:

"We were all briefed before the show how to handle the talent," says our source who works for the Big O. "Part of what we were told was that Rob and Kristen are dating."

Come again?

So here's how it went down:

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Read more: 3Pe

Let's Get Betty White on Dancing with the Stars!

It's official: right now, Betty White is the most sought-after person in the world. Immediately after a  grassroots Facebook campaign successfully managed to land her a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live (which garnered the show's highest ratings in years, natch), two separate Facebook groups have popped up seeking to make Betty host of the Oscars and Emmys, respectively. And as if the 88-year-old didn't have enough on her plate, we're hearing whispers that show insiders want Betty for the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Our thoughts on the matter can be boiled down to four little words: let's make this happen. Here are the main reasons why we'd love to see Betty's Cha-Cha-Cha:

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Tom Colicchio: I'm on Team Bill!

This just in: "Top Chef" judge Tom Colicchio is a huge "True Blood" fanatic. That's how he ended up contributing a True Blood companion cocktail for the season two DVD special feature, Vampire News with Victoria Davis. "I've been into 'True Blood' from the very beginning," he tells PopWrap. "They called me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to do the segment. It was a blast!"

As for the actual faux-segment -- which serves up a cocktail humans can enjoy while their cold blooded buddies sip on the show's signature beverage -- Tom helped craft the script and recipe. One that you absolutely can replicate at home.

"It was funny because I didn't plan to taste it. I remember it was a lot of beet juice and I just thought, 'oh this thing is going to be disgusting' but it actually tasted pretty good."

The question remains, which "True Blood" character would Tom choose to knock a few back with? "Vampire Bill all the way! I just like that he's trying to go against nature. It's more interesting, which makes him a great character."

Considering Tom's obvious HBO connections (he also appeared in last week's episode of "Treme"), what are the chances we'll see the "True Blood" cast belly up to "Top Chef's" judges table in season seven? "We finished up shooting, and it didn't happen, but that would be fun. Maybe next season!"

video won't embed, is at source
Forever Young

Mischa Barton Magazine Scans

Mischa in Spanish Magazine "Hola"- March 2010 issue. (but has not been posted yet.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
"Many people think I'm on holiday, which is not true. Working on The OC was difficult for me because I was very young. I became famous at seventeen, which was something I could not control."

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Mel B And Eddie Murphy Call A Truce For The Kids

Eddie Murphy and Mel B may have had some hard times in the past, but the former couple have gotten past it because of their 3-year-old child, Angel Iris.

Now that Eddie admits Angel is his daughter, they have no problem being in the same room. Mel B attended a party at the actors house last week. And the reunion was planned by Eddie’s ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell.

“Eddie’s ex-wife Nicole helped them reconcile their issues. Angel is Eddie’s youngest child, and Nicole wants her children to know her. That helped Eddie to come around and get past all the animosity he had towards Mel,” divulged an insider.

Mel’s hubby Stephen Belafonte and Angel also joined in the festivities, along with Eddie’s other seven children and his former girlfriend, Shaun Robinson.

“They’ve both said some really nasty things about each other to the press. So needless to say, some guests were shocked,” continued the insider.


Ryan Murphy Calls For "Newsweek" Boycott

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Glee creator Ryan Murphy has issued an open letter, urging people to boycott Newsweek until it apologizes for a now-notorious article about gay actors playing straight roles. The Newsweek article states that Glee star Jonathan Groff seems like a “theater queen” on the show. The article also says of Sean Hayes’ performance in Broadway’s Promises, Promises: “It’s weird seeing Hayes play straight.” Hayes’ costar, Kristin Chenoweth, has also condemned the article, which Murphy calls “damaging, needlessly cruel and mind-blowingly bigoted.” is the first to obtain Murphy’s open letter (read it in its entirety after the jump):

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Anne Hathaway's boyfriend acts like a 'thief'-- Pictures and witness account

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Anne Hathaway's boyfriend, Adam Shulman (pictured in the top photo, with the actress Thursday), and a pal were spotted yesterday walking off with a huge chunk of a Meatpacking District mural.

The artwork featured an Alfred Hitchcock-like man in shades holding a sign that said "Happy Mother's Day."

At around 4 p.m., Shulman, a bit-part actor, and his pal walked up to the painting fastened to a construction-site barrier on Ninth Avenue near Little West 12th Street, witness Frank Ross told The Post.

"They showed up with screwdrivers in hand," Ross said.

"One started unscrewing the mural from the top," Ross said.

"Then the other helped by unscrewing the bottom."

"Once it was removed, it looked very heavy, but they took off like a ball of fire."

Ross said the two then took the mural into a nearby loft building on Greenwich Street.

***Man, must be nice to be a white man, you can steal shit in broad daylight no need for ski masks or fear. cray cray.

Masha | cute

Betty White To Host Oscars Thanks To Facebook?

Betty White may have Facebook to thank again.

Over the weekend, the 88-year-old former Golden Girls star brought in Saturday Night Live’s best ratings all season long. The campaign to get her on the show all started with Facebook!

Now, a new Facebook group has popped up to get Betty to host the 2011 Oscars!

If Betty’s just half as funny as she was on SNL, it’d be a success!

Help Betty become host of the Oscars at!


I love Betty, but give her a break. Homegirl is 88. That's too much imo.
drunk bey

Fierce bitch finally releases Cosmic Love video

'Cosmic Love' - The Video

Right now on the website video player, you can feast your senses on the 'Cosmic Love' video. It is, we think you'll agree, utterly epic. 'Cosmic Love' will be the final single to be taken from 'Lungs', so don't miss out - it can be yours on the 4th of July. Stay tuned for more info, and don't forget to let us know what you think of the video...


Sorry, mods, I forgot a source in the first post.

This video is a million times better than the Dog Days remake and the Hurricane Drunk video. Hopefully this song will be as huge as it should be.

Uh Oh....

'Hurt Locker' Producers About to Sue an Army of Pirates

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*I know it's not celebrity news/gossip but I thought it'd be relevant to our interests.

EXCLUSIVE: The war against movie piracy is getting downright explosive. We've learned that the producers of the Oscar-winning "The Hurt Locker" are preparing a massive lawsuit against thousands of individuals who pirated the film online. The case could be filed as soon as tomorrow.

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Could you be one of the thousands they come after?
Cecil B. Demented

Baroque Nerd Rage Post: Biel to play Vivaldi's girlfran

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Jessica Biel and Luke Evans are in final negotiations to topline "Vivaldi," a period romance being produced by Raffaella De Laurentiis.

Patricia Riggen, who directed and produced Fox Searchlight's foreign film release "Under the Same Moon," will helm "Vivaldi."

The project, written by Kevin Lund and T.J. Scott, centers on a forbidden romance that develops between composer, priest and violin virtuoso Antonio Vivaldi and his protege, singer Anna Tessieri Giro, leading him to write his enduring masterpiece "The Four Seasons."

Giro was Vivaldi's favorite prima donna and part of his entourage. Vivaldi at the time denied any romantic relationship, and most modern scholars believe that to be true.

Michael Mosca also is producing the project, which will be selling at the Festival de Cannes.

[bbm] ennis - smoking

Jake Gyllenhaal to play Joe Namath?

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Jake Gyllenhaal about the workout regime he kept for her upcoming actioner, Persia of Persia: Sands of Time.“It was intense,” the 29-year-old actor told Extra. “What I did was ride a camel in L.A. and rode it around for15 hours a day, and I’d eat twigs and berries and any kind of fibrous material, and drink water from the sewers. With that, [I got into shape] very quickly (laughs).”

Jake is also trying to play football star Joe Namath in an upcoming movie.“I would love to play Joe Namath,” Jake admitted. “I’ve been working on it for a long time, trying to develop that story. We got to get it right, got to get the extraordinary story perfect if we’re going to do it. But it would be a dream to play him.”

As for being single, Jake says, “Would it be strange if I said no, I’m not looking? Yes, I’m looking. I have two eyes.”

Prince of Persia opens everywhere on May 28.


i'll watch anything Jake's in but i hope this never happens.sports (bio)pics are mostly boring, especially when it's about American football.(lol sorry, i don't understand that game)
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Who was that singing with Jay-Z on 'Saturday Night Live'? Meet Bridget Kelly
by Simon Vozick-Levinson

Jay-Z had some help on the “Empire State of Mind” portion of his Saturday Night Live medley this past weekend. Did you recognize the singer belting out the song’s chorus in place of Alicia Keys? That was Bridget Kelly, 23, a graduate of N.Y.C.’s arts-focused LaGuardia High School and an early signee to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation imprint.

Kelly has filled in on “Empire State of Mind” at numerous recent Jay-Z gigs, including last fall’s “Answer the Call” charity show and this spring’s Coachella festival. Hers is a crucial role: “Empire State of Mind” is a smash that concert attendees expect Jay to play, and it just wouldn’t work without a big, clear voice to sing that hook. Luckily, Kelly has been present and up to the task.

What did you think of Bridget Kelly’s big SNL moment? Are you looking forward to hearing her upcoming debut album?

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guti WEAH

Together 4Ever

The Saturdays singer Frankie Sandford reunites with McFly boyfriend Dougie Poynter

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

It was only two months ago they called time on their relationship, blaming their busy work schedules.
But it appears absence has made the heart grow fonder for The Saturdays singer Frankie Sandford and McFly bassist Dougie Poynter as they have decided to give things another try.

Last night, the couple made their first public appearance together since reuniting as they attended the Sony Radio Academy Awards in London.

Sandford, 21, had been invited to present The Sony DAB Rising Star Award to former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker for his BBC6 Music show and brought along Poynter as her date.
The girl band singer looked stunning in a cream asymmetrical dress, while Poynter, 22, was a bit more laid back in jeans and a navy blazer.

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Frankie proved to be such an idiot on Nevermind The Buzzcocks.
idgaf "All About You"is still a badass Mcfly song


Mac Goes Gaga In Tokyo.

Gaga-koh! Watch VIVA GLAM Spokesperson Lady Gagas electrifying live performance in Tokyo. The global superstar helped launch VIVA GLAM in Japan with a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring show performed on a custom, VIVA-GLAM inspired piano designed by artist Terrence Koh. The Tokyo crowd of 900 was left speechless. Remember, every cent from the sale of M·A·C VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass goes toward helping women, men and kids everywhere living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.


Racist Flight Attendant Gets Out Of Pocket With Don Cheadle, Then Mistakes Him For Tim Meadows

Despite being an Oscar nominated actor who also just happens to be featured in this weekend’s biggest blockbuster Ironman 2  Don Cheadle was just another “black man trying to sneak into first class” to some out of pocket flight attendants he recently encountered.

On his way back to Los Angeles from a concert Cheadle encountered rude airline staff who thought he was trying to sneak into first class to sit next to his partner Bridgid Coulter.
He recalls, “We get up to the ticket counter and we’re trying to get our seats together. As we walk up to the counter there’s a crowd and we hear, ‘Everybody just back off! Just back off!’ So I walk up to her (airline worker) and say, ‘Don’t you mean back up?’ And she goes, ‘Yeah, you’re right. Back up and back off!”
Cheadle decided to try a different approach and ask a stewardess when the couple boarded the aircraft – but he was shocked to find she was even ruder.
He explains, “I go up to a flight attendant on the plane and say, ‘Ma’am, we’re seated in different seats…’ and she says, ‘Well I can’t change seats on the plane.’ I said, ‘No, I’m aware of that,’ and she goes, ‘What you (sic) want me to do about it?’ (I said) ‘Nothing, that’s fine.’
“So later I go up to her (again) and ask her what was the problem. She went, ‘Well, what did you want me to do about it?’ So I said, ‘I just wanted you to attend, help me.’ So I turned around (to sit down) and she goes, ‘Don’t you turn your face to me. I will get you thrown off the plane.’ The woman had to be on some drug, I imagine! So I used a colourful expression to her and kept moving to my seat…”
The flight attendant finally came to her senses and apologized to Cheadle: “Right before the end (of the flight) she puts two bottles of Courvoisier (cognac) between our seats. I said, ‘What is that? Why are you giving it to me?’
“She said, ‘I’m sorry, this is my way of apologizing. I was told there was a black guy with a hat on sneaking into first class and I thought that was you.’ So that’s just racism? That’s cool!”
Cheadle said the airline crew member also mistook him for comedian Tim Meadows.


Franco in staring contest

The latest famous face to sit in front of Marina Abramović at MoMA was none other than James Franco, who got up bright n' early this morning to be first in line to sit across from the performance artist. (Though we're guessing that celebrities get to cut the line—we hear Hans Gruber was first yesterday.) Wonder if Franco lasted longer than Lou Reed's 9 minutes...


Professor Chaos

Newsweek Idiot Blames You For His Idiocy

A picture paints a thousand words.

Our inbox has been flowing with questions along the lines of, "How is Newsweek's Ramin Setoodeh attacking actors who are gay when he's gay himself?" Indeed, we've been hearing "Setoodeh is gay himself" line for months; we thought it was an accepted fact, but today my editor emailed him to ask him to confirm his sexuality, since he seemed an expert on how members of the gay community are interpreted by mainstream audiences. (He didn't respond.) And in his web-only follow up to that terrible piece about Sean Hayes being too gay to play straight, Setoodeh confirms he's playing for our team. Not that it's going to save him from the lions.

Of which Queerty — and Cheyenne Jackson and Michael Urie — is among (see previous post).

Collapse )Professor's 2 Cents:
I could put a link to this asshats whole article in response to his hatemail but I think he is getting way too much of exactly what he wanted in the first place. Attention. He wanted to be controversial in his original article by spewing this crap and sure enough we responded. The best way to ward off the attention whores is not to give them any at all. I'm pretty sure newsweek won't do a damn thing and I don't see a boycott working because people like to rubber-neck to horrible trainwrecks more than they look away. There isn't much more to his article other than crying "I'm the victim" saying he was likened to that Succubus Anne Coulter and people made fun of his hair cut. Someone tell his mom to get his pacifier already.
Collapse )Also I realize this would be the 3rd post about this today but somehow I think this is more interesting to talk about and has more relevancy than the Lohan, Bieber and Kardashian mega posts I get in my mail everyday.

And now I'm off to watch the the episode of Lost I've been looking forward to for 6 years.


So....Is she pregnant?

I happened upon pics/video of Alicia Keys on tour. She looks like she might be expecting...

Please watch on mute, y'all know she can't sing.

Bossip (hate them, but whatever) posted the following:

Alicia Keys was performing in the Netherlands on the 8th and some new pictures were released of her performance showing a protruding tummy. We guess that she couldn’t hide it anymore and that is why the scoop came out last Friday that she was carrying a Gut Full Of Swizz.


She looks it to me....thoughts?
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Interpol's new song "Lights"

Dear fans,

As some of you have surely heard, Interpol has completed it's new album.

It was recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York, and mixed with Alan Moulder at Assault and Battery, London.

The four of us poured our collective heart into this music and we are very proud and excited to share it.

It's a heavy record. But we're feeling limber; and we're going to carry it all around the world for you.

Touring begins this summer, so check here soon for announcements and show dates.




French people post

Guillaume Canet set to make American debut

Guillaume Canet’s excellent thriller Tell No One was so well received that it’s getting the now-typical US remake. And now he is too – or at least, he’s working on his first English-language film, Rivals.

He’s teamed up with American director James Gray on the script for the film, which, according to Variety, has been loosely adapted from Jacques Maillot's 2008 thriller Les Liens du sang, which tracked two brothers, a cop and a former prisoner.

While some elements will be similar - the setting switches from France to Philadelphia while retaining the ‘70s period, the new movie is taking more from the true story that Maillot’s film used as inspiration. “Rivals is not really a remake, it's a completely different story, set in a completely different environment," says StudioCanal’s chairman Olivier Courson.

Since Gray and Canet have yet to finish the script, there’s no word on when it might start shooting. And the title might change. But according to the director, “there looks to be some beautiful female parts.” He’s been dating Marion Cotillard for a few years, so put your own joke here.

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This is a cat post.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have bought a cat together.

The animal-loving couple already have two feline pets between them but have added a third to their menagerie, who they have called Krusty, an amalgamation of the 'I Kissed a Girl' star's first name and the comic's nickname Rusty.

Alongside a picture of the kitten, Katy posted on twitter: "rustyrockets and I would like to announce the birth of our 3rd child, KRUSTY! Not the chachka, the kitten :) PROUD (sic)"

It was recently claimed that Russell had sought out a therapist to treat his cat, Morrissey, after the animal started behaving strangely.

A source said: "Morrissey keeps weeing all over the house and scratching everything. He's gone bonkers."

The 'Get Him To The Greek' star was left amused when the animal behaviour specialist told him his pet was acting out of character because he was jealous of his relationship with Katy, whose own cat is called Kitty Purry.

The source added: "He thought it hilarious. Only he could have a cat fighting for his attention."


Katy's posted another picture of Krusty over here.

Someone's making Superhero porn movies on a regular basis

Following on the heels of their widely viewed (SFW) "Batman XXX" porn parody trailer, Vivid Entertainment announced today that they are launching an entire superhero-themed porn imprint called Vivid-Superhero, which will parody other famous superhero characters including Marvel and DC A-listers like Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and even the non-Big Two hero Green Hornet.

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Sources: 1 2 3

Batwoman porn plz <3
RDJ - Ent Week Dec 2009

Robert Downey Jr. wears normal clothes, helps honor Tony Hopkins

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(video is behind the cut)

The Midnight Mission's 10th Annual Golden Heart Awards was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA and honored actor Anthony Hopkins for his philanthropic work with the homeless community.

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source | source

Pics from this haven't been posted and this is a longer video which includes Hopkins being interviewed

Delusional Twi extras ask for $8m each

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It’s no surprise that salary negotiations would be the key stumbling block to splitting the fourth and final Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, into two movies. (The actors’ contracts cover only four movies. This would make it five.) But who could have guessed it would be the supporting actors, not the stars, who would go to the mat for more money. As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, co-stars Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are taking a hard-line approach to negotiations, while Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are close to signing their deals for both films. Director Bill Condon has already done so.

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tl;dr: Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, and Nikki Greene started to negotiate together, but Nikki caved and hung the others out to dry. They were asking for $4m each per film for two films.

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bb RPattz does not approve.