May 1st, 2010

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the most beautiful reality show star, both inside and out

The Hills star poses for the newest issue of H Magaine

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Her iphone app with PETA is also available on iTunes:
For pet lovers and gadget users, the searchable database sorts by brand, manufacturer, or product category so that iPhone, iPad or iPod consumers can be informed while making decisions on purchasing makeup, hair products, household cleaners, and even dog treats.
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Bust of Richard Burton reduces Elizabeth Taylor to tears

It is more than three decades since she divorced him - for the second time - and more than 20 years since he died.

But Dame Elizabeth Taylor's feelings for Richard Burton have clearly not faded with time.

When confronted with a bust of her late ex-husband last night, she began to weep.

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Dame Elizabeth, 78, was attending a gala evening at Buckingham Palace to mark the 60th anniversary of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

The bust of Burton was made to stand in the foyer of a new theatre at the college in Cardiff, which is to be named after him.

Arriving in a wheelchair after touching down from Los Angeles, Dame Elizabeth presented Prince Charles with the work, saying: 'Richard would have been so deeply touched by this great honour, as am I.

'It's wonderful to be here and join in this celebration, along with many others who remember and respect Richard with so much love in their hearts.'

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they were so fucking fierce together. please spam me with your favorite Burton/Taylor pics, ONTD, i am so in the mood for it right now....

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Legend of the Seeker renewal campaign

The fans of syndicated cult-fave fantasy show Legend of the Seeker are campaigning for it to be renewed, after Ausiello unofficially confirmed the show is to be cancelled by ABC/Disney after two seasons.

The fans have launched a Save Our Seeker campaign complete with almost by-the-hour Save Seeker blog posts on everything happening in the campaigning 'verse. The rumbling has been heard in the far corners of the entertainment world.
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Sources 1 2 3

There is no justice in the world if hotness like this show is taken from our screens. That's all I can say.


MJ's Cirque Show -- The Elvis Connection

Some serious progress is being made on the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil project -- TMZ has learned two Executive Producers have been selected ... and one of 'em has a tie with Elvis.

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The powers that be at Cirque have tapped one guy to run the permanent Vegas show and another guy to E.P. the traveling arena show.

The guy in charge of the tour is Charles Joron -- the same dude who oversaw that awesome Elvis-themed Cirque du Soleil show.

As we first reported, the tour will begin in the Fall of 2011 and travel throughout North America.

E! Star's Topless Bong Pics -- Advertiser Fallout

In response to this post:

Not everyone is high on the newly surfaced topless bong-smoking photos of "Pretty Wild" star Tess Taylor -- in fact, one advertiser is trying to pull their spots off the show in the wake of the scandal.

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TMZ has learned the dating website has reached out to E! -- after the risque photos appeared on

A rep for eHarmony tells us the company's ads were appearing on "Wild" because they bought unspecific advertising space with the E! network -- and that's simply where they ended up ... but not anymore.

The rep says eHarmony is now requesting that their ads never run during the show again because they "do not endorse its content."

A rep for E! had no comment on the sticky icky situation.
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Slow Saturday post: Sharlto Copley was an A-Team fanboy

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Sharlto Copley was a howlin' mad 'A-Team' fan: 'We even had "A-Team" gangs at school'

Here's more Hero Complex coverage of "The A-Team" from Chris Lee's visit to the set in Vancouver in December.

Just like those prawn aliens in "District 9," Sharlto Copley has a strange, long-hidden secret in his South African past: It turns out the actor may have been the biggest "A-Team" fan in his native country.

“It was my favorite show when I was a kid," Copley said of the NBC commando series that is now the basis of a feature film opening June 11 with Copley as one of its stars. "For the first two years it was on, I wasn’t allowed to watch; my parents thought it was too violent. “But I sneak-watched a few episodes. And I used to tape record the audio."

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Some pics he looks hot but in others, not so much.
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TMZ: Sandra Bullock Bought New Orleans House in June 2009 as 'Big Easy Bebe LLC' aka Baby

Sandra Bullock's Biggest Adoption Hint

Originally posted Apr 30th 2010 12:45 AM PDT by TMZ Staff


Sandra Bullock dropped a big adoption hint when she bought her New Orleans home in June 2009 -- but no one noticed.

Sandra formed a corporation on June 5, 2009 that purchased the $2.25 million Victorian home a few days later.  The name of the corp -- Big Easy Bebe LLC.  It's an educated guess, but we're thinkin' "Bebe" is slang for baby.  (Sidenote: Bebe is 'baby' in French and Spanish.) We doubt she named the corporation after a clothing store. Sandra says the process of adopting bebe Louis took four years  ... so when she bought the house she was nearing the finish line.

Sandra Bullock's Connection to New Orleans

In addition to donating $1 million to the American Red Cross in 2005 to help with Hurricane Katrina relief, in Austin, where Sandra Bullock has two charitable foundations, a local grassroots effort, Katrina Help Austin, got off the ground with the actress's help. She provided transportation to get evacuees from the Austin Convention Center to new housing. "Within an hour after Sandra got involved, we had five SUVs and a truck," says organizer Nick Papatonis, who says Bullock paid for the rented vehicles and unlimited gas and then her manager handed over the keys to organizers.

Bullock has become a major patron of Warren Easton, the first public high school for boys in Louisiana. The school, which dates to 1845 and survived going co-ed and desegregating, was having trouble opening after Hurricane Katrina because the storm caused $4 million in damages at the brick Canal Street building where it has operated since 1913. 

Since then, Bullock has donated several hundred thousand dollars to the school, helping to renovate the school's auditorium, buying new Fighting Eagle band uniforms, chipping in for scholarships and helping to fund a new health clinic. "She liked what she heard. That's how it all started," Hardy said.

In being inducted into Warren Easton's hall of fame in May 2009, shortly before buying the house,  Bullock said she was "embarrassed" by the federal government's slow response after Katrina and felt compelled to help the city. Bullock has called her donations to Warren Easton "the best investment I ever made." She said she wanted to invest in a school, and Easton's history and architecture caught her attention. "This school is an architectural gem. It gives the kids a sense of pride."


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combing his hair!

Gabriel Aubry is sad.

Gabriel Aubry Sad About Split from Halle Berry

Although Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry have split up, the model says he has nothing but love and respect for the actress, with whom he has a 2-year-old daughter.

“While I will not comment on all of the wild inaccuracies being speculated about in the media, I am sad to say that Halle and I have decided together to separate at this time," Aubry, a model, confirmed Friday in a statement to Access Hollywood released through his agency, Wilhelmina Models.

Reports of the couple's break up first began circulating widely on Friday. Berry’s rep couldn’t be reached for comment.

Aubry says of his Oscar winning ex, "She is, and will forever be, one of the most special and beautiful people that I have ever known, and I am certain that we will continue to have only love and respect for one another."

The couple are putting daughter Nahla first, according to the model. "Her happiness and well-being are the most important thing for both of us," Aubry says. "Please respect our privacy during this very difficult time."

Berry, 43, and Aubry, 34, had been together four years. They first met at a Versace store opening in Manhattan in February 2006.


I hope, after realizing they're made for each other, they get back together and have another baby
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Zoe Kravitz attends a couple of events

Actress Zoe Kravitz showed her face at the Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Dinner in support of the Tribeca Film Festival Artists Awards Program last night (Wed. Apr 28) at Odeon in New York City. Fashion designer Rachel Zoe walked the red carpet of the event as well, and posed for pictures with Zoe.

Earlier in the day, Zoe was also spotted at the opening of the Fifth Avenue Sunglass Hut flagship store at the Sunglass Hut in NYC.

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Nicole Schersnoasifng New Photo Shoot

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Former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger is currently the odds on favorite to win ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and has so far admitted that the ABC show has consumed most of her time. However, it did not stop the 31-year-old beauty from participating in a brand new photo shoot recently. Here is the fabulous result of her photo spread with photographer Troy Jensen.

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Can't even lie, she looks good here.

(RED): The Lazarus Effect PSA

(RED) is introducing The Lazarus Effect Campaign, intended to increase awareness for its efforts to fight AIDS in Africa.

The campaign, directed by renowned photographer Brigitte Lacombe, has celebrities rattle off items that could be bought for 40 cents (the value of one day’s worth of life transforming antiretroviral medication).

Celebs featured: Bono, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Julianne Moore, Claire Danes, Iman, Hugh Jackman, Orlando Bloom, Lucy Liu, Gabourey Sidibe, Kerry Washington, Bryan Cranston, Jane Lynch, Michelle Rodriguez, Gwen Stefani, Hayden Christensen, Don Cheadle, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ludacris, Common, Benicio Del Toro, Dakota Fanning and Christy Turlington.

The Lazarus Effect documentary will air on May 24 on HBO with director Spike Jonze as executive producer.

all my life I've been talking fast

lol cultural appropriation

Gwyneth Paltrow Raps With Jimmy Fallon

Who knew Gwyneth Paltrow could rap?

The actress, who has sung in movies like 'Duets' and on SNL, showed off her skills with Jimmy Fallon Friday night while promoting 'Iron Man 2.'

Jimmy and Gwyneth looked back at videos from their imaginary 80's rap duo Shazzazz. She would make good friend Jay-Z proud.


commence secondhand embarrassment
it was not an unreasonable offer

Hollywood's Top Five Strong, Scorned Women

Sandra Bullock has proven once again why people love her.

Not only is she bouncing back from her cheating husband, Jesse James, but she's doing it with grace and poise. Instead of badmouthing him, the Oscar winner is moving on with her life to focus on her number one priority: son Louis Bardo.

With that in mind, here's a list of some scorned women who have risen above their personal and public turmoil to become stronger than ever...

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The last one was a surprise

'Real Housewives' Amazon-gate: Jill Zarin Continues Fall From Grace

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was one of the first to report that a scandal was brewing around "Real Housewives of New York City" star Jill Zarin on Now, new details shed light on Zarin's role in Amazon-gate.

Members had launched a grassroots investigation after one "Susan Saunders" replied angrily to a negative review of Zarin's book, "Secrets of a Jewish Mother."

Written to Alana Chandler, the No. 1 ranked reviewer on Amazon, the comment called the reviewer anti-Semitic and "jealous of Jill." "Saunders" even suggested that Chandler's pet should be taken from her. Chandler has since claimed that "Saunders" also followed up the comment with a "threatening email."

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Link to the amazon review in question

Lance Armstrong's fetus baby has a Twitter.

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Lance Armstrong is to become a father for the fifth time, he announced today. And the champion cyclist even set up a Twitter page for his unborn child, his second with girlfriend Anna Hansen. Lance, 38, made the announcement about the pregnancy on his page of the social networking site today.

He wrote: 'Getting ?s today about someone I'm following, a certain @cincoarmstrong. What to say? Yet another blessing in our lives. I cannot wait!.' And he kept his followers guessing as to the sex of the baby, its page, which is is called Cincoarmstrong, has the name Jack Olivia Armstrong on its profile details.

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Merlin Had Change Of Plans In Series Two

The second series of the BBC’s Merlin was originally intended to end slightly differently, reveals Angel Coulby in the new issue of SFX (on sale next Wednesday). But she can’t go into too much detail, as the events in question have now been moved to season three.

“It’s always just a pleasure to get the next set of scripts,” she says. “We get three scripts at a time and we’re always really excited to learn what’s going to happen next. If they have time the producers will sit down with you and give you a story arc, but things can change. Like the way series two ended. All I can say – in vague terms – is that some things that were going to happen with Morgana have been pushed on into series three. And that was a bit of a surprise.”

Read the full interview – and a few more hints about season three – in SFX196, on sale 5 May.


I thought with the way the final episode was written that a lot of the plot had suddenly changed and that the writers were winging it through most of season two, so hearing that the Morgana plot was indeed not completely forgotten deliberately and was originally there is nice and that Angel herself was surprised.  Happy also to hear more and more that Morgana will be a more central focus in season three as she was in season one as well, so hopefully some cool Merlin and Morgana angst and confrontations coming down the line soon asap.

LEAKED: Trina 'Amazin'

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1. Amazin’ Intro (not included)
2. That’s My Attitude
3. Million Dollar Girl {Feat. Keri Hilson and Diddy}
4. On Da Hush {Feat. Shonie}
5. Dang a Lang {Feat. Lady Saw and Nicki Minaj}
6. I Want It All {Feat. Monica}
7. White Girl {Feat. Flo Rida and Git Fresh}
8. My Bitches
9. By Myself
10. Always {Feat. Monica}
11. Currency {Feat. Lil Wayne and Rick Ross}
12. Make Way {Feat. Lyfe Jennings}
13. Let Dem Hoes Fight {Feat. Kalenna} (not included)
14. Showing Out
15. Capricorn

That’s My Attitude

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tv (generation kill) your dearest pal

'Sherlock Holmes' Sequel Going To Paris, Switzerland, Maybe 3-D

One of the surprise successes of 2009 was "Sherlock Holmes." Not because it wasn't any good (it was great) or because it featured a cast of unknowns (Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law anyone?). No, "Sherlock Holmes" was a surprise success, to the tune of $515 million in worldwide ticket sales, because it came out a week after and went up against the record-shattering blockbuster juggernaut that was James Cameron's "Avatar." So it shouldn't come as any surprise to hear Downey, speaking to MTV's Josh Horowitz at the junket for next week's surefire summer hit "Iron Man 2," talking about the coming sequel.

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Source + video (it won't embed, sorry)


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The 38-year-old actor will soon present at the 2010 NHL Awards, but today he’s making headlines for claims he made that he turned down a role in Brokeback Mountain on the advice of his parish priest.

“I met with Ang Lee on that movie, I read 15 pages of the script and got a little creeped out,” he’s quoted as saying. “It was very graphic, descriptive — the spitting on the hand, getting ready to do the thing. I told Ang Lee, ‘I like you, you’re a talented guy, if you want to talk about it more…’ Thankfully, he didn’t…I didn’t rush to see Brokeback, it’s just not my deal… Obviously, it was done in taste — look how it was received.”
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Isn't Ang Lee Asian? I'm suprised he didn't take his eye out with a hook.
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Gladiator meets Galactico

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Cristiano Ronaldo welcomes a Real star to Madrid as Russell Crowe drops in for training

Real Madrid welcomed another Galactico on Thursday when film star Russell Crowe visited the club's Valdebebas training ground.
The Kiwi had his photo taken with former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo and chatted with fellow Bernabeu stars Alvaro Arbeloa, Pepe, Guti and Raul during a visit to promote his new film Robin Hood.

Crowe is more used to the oval ball as owner of Australian rugby league club South Sydney Rabbitohs, but insisted he was well up to speed with the race for La Liga.

'Whenever I look at the Spanish League table, I look at where Barcelona and Real Madrid are,' said the 46-year-old.

'I have a rugby team in Australia it's always interesting to see how other clubs work, especially the biggest in the world.'

Crowe had earlier revealed on Twitter that it was his plan to get Ronaldo to wear a Rabbitohs hat and the Portugal winger was happy to oblige.

'Mission accomplished Christiano (sic) Ronaldo proudly wore the running rabbit,' he later Tweeted after also wearing a Rabbitohs hoodie when posing for photographers.

source | Crowe's Twitter
Daisy Shimmy

Sexy Jew Post

GQ Reviews Mark Ronson's New Album.

Mark Ronson looks good and sounds better. Today GQ.COM heard for the first time one of the most eagerly anticipated records of 2010. Ronson himself was in fine form, joking about it being "time to leave the horns behind" and that, if he had a glass of champagne, "this will turn into a Liza Minnelli playback".

The LP is entitled Record Collection and not only has the performer/producer/DJ/designer moved on from the retro deep-soul sound of his last album Version, he's discovered, through working with Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes, an intense love of synths.

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Newly Shorn Adrian Grenier Gets Shot Down

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Adrian Grenier recently cut his famous curls, but is it affecting his luck with the ladies?

The Entourage actor was at the Creative Coalition's Salute to Arts & Entertainment in D.C. last night, and was trying to chat up an attractive brunette using the ultimate Hollywood pickup line.

"You should be on my show," he told the girl, according to an eyewitness, to which the brunette replied...

"What show?" Ouch!

Maybe she didn't recognize Vinnie Chase with his new 'do.

Luckily, Grenier wasn't put off by the snub and enjoyed the rest of the evening, happily posing for pictures with fans and sipping Martini & Rossi Prosecco.

Source: HERE.
Gemma red lipstick

Who's The Best Batman?

Michael Keaton: Best Batman the Man
Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992)

Michael Keaton was the original, and he brought the most humanity to the character of Batman. He was the man you wanted to get to know as Bruce Wayne more than just as batman. He inspired people to think that everyday citizens can be superheroes too.
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I figured with the announcement of a Dark Knight sequel that this was appropriate.
britney outrageous

Info on Britney's next album

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According to information obtained by StarStufs, the new album of new songs for Britney Spears should be scheduled for release in October 2010. According to the source, an agent of Contact Music have participated in a meeting with label executives from Britney, the Jive Records and he would have revealed some information about its release.

"Yesterday we were in a meeting with the production of Britney Spears and they commented that the new CD is already recorded 70% and that the plan is that he be released on Halloween, since the concept of it is very unclear and subliminal. Also spoke of a tour that is discarded at this time and finally we talk about dates for release, which are : the album to October and the first single in late August." -Told the agent to the site.

Just this morning Gossip News that Britney Spears and Adam Leber, one of his employers, tireram recently met with executives from MTV. Surprises come?

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nothing's been confirmed yet by her label, so take this with a grain of salt.



DKMS’ 4th Annual Gala: Linked Against Leukemia – Whitney Port

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It looks like the Jennifer Lopez’ Lanvin high bun is catching on, as Whitney Port sported a similar hairstyle at the DKMS’ 4th Annual Gala in New York last night.

In keeping with her boho maxi dress style, Whitney opted for a Zac Posen Spring 2010 print dress with flowing long sleeves.

The dress was paired with stunning Everlon Diamond knot pendant earrings and a Giuseppe Zanotti black clutch.

I really like this look.

It’s very much what I would expect from Whitney, but I would like to see her wearing her own collection more often.

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Marley Shelton Arrested for DUI

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

TMZ has learned actress Marley Shelton was arrested last night for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Cops tell TMZ Shelton was pulled over at around 10:30 PM in Hollywood. She was given a field sobriety test (which didn't go so well) and was taken into custody.

Shelton -- who appeared in "Grindhouse," "W," and "Women in Trouble" -- posted $5,000 bail and was released early this morning.

(no subject)

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The release date is set. The buzz is growing. And now M.I.A. has chosen the lead single from her eagerly-awaited album.

The “Paper Planes” rapper, who recently returned to the U.S. after visa problems, has selected “XXXO” as the first single from her as-yet-untitled third album. The catchy electro-pop song will be available on iTunes May 11, has learned.

“I just feel like ‘XXXO’—it is what it is,” she told Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1. “It’s kinda [about] being disconnected in L.A. and not having cell phone service or just not being able to kinda leave there for 18 months.”

While she does not appear in her controversial video for “Born Free,” which has been banned from YouTube, she will soon go in front of the lens to shoot the visuals for “XXXO” with famed director Hype Williams.

M.I.A. had everyone looking up when a blimp flew overhead Jay-Z’s set at Coachella to announce her June 29th album release date.


I bet this is the track with the singing Verizon workers.

whoops forgot the tags
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Could Scott Pilgrim Vs the World be the next Kick-Ass?

Last month, Kick-Ass rewrote the comic-book movie rulebook, proving that an R-rated, ultra-violent film based on a graphic novel whose final issue had only just been published could top box offices on both sides of the Atlantic and pick up spectacular reviews. I've already suggested that the movie, with its on-button references to MySpace and YouTube, is in danger of making life difficult for studios trying to bring older, hokier figures such as Captain America to the big screen. How do you get the kids interested in Spandex-sporting types who've been around for 80 years when the whole concept of superheroes has been so expertly satirised (albeit in a loving fashion) in a movie which nevertheless has more spills and thrills than 100 Fantastic Four films?
The answer may just lie in plumping for more modern comic-book fare, which is good news for Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, a film that is shaping up nicely to pick up where Kick-Ass left off. Based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's Toronto-set comic about a slacker bassist who must defeat his new belle's seven evil exes in order to continue dating her, the movie stars Superbad's Michael Cera as Pilgrim, with Death Proof's Mary Elizabeth Winstead as his girlfriend, Ramona Flowers.


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I'm a sucker for stylised violence and action sequences. That's why I love Tarantino and heartily enjoyed Kick-Ass. So I'm pretty excited for this.

BTW Ann is in the movie. George Michael and Ann will be reunited once again!

Masha | cute

Olivia Wilde on the set of 'Butter'

Olivia Wilde was on the set filming scenes from her new movie ’Butter’ in LA. on Wednesday (April 28). Wilde will portray a tattooed stripper with a ‘Betty Page’ hairdo in the Jim Field Smith directed film.

Joining the ‘House’ actress in ‘Butter’ are Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone, Ashley Greene, Ty Burrell and Jennifer Garner, who is also producing the film.

The story follows an ambitious Midwestern woman (Garner) trying to win a local butter-carving contest. Also, it’s a satire of the Clinton/Obama showdown in the 2008 Democratic Primary.

Olivia Wilde will also be filming Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens during her summer hiatus from ‘House’.

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Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse Collaboration Gets An Official Release Date

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's been over a year since rumors started buzzing about the mysterious collaboration between Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse, and now the result, Dark Night Of The Soul, is finally getting an official release on July 13 via Capitol. The album, which features a distinguished roster of guest performers including the Flaming Lips, Gruff Rhys, Julian Casablancas, Black Francis, Iggy Pop, James Mercer and the late Vic Chesnutt, was originally due out last year alongside a book of photos by David Lynch. But the release was cancelled due to a dispute between EMI and Danger Mouse and the album was then leaked online.

The happy occasion of Dark Night's much anticipated official release is shaded with sadness following the recent deaths of Sparklehorse musician Mark Linkous, who took his own life last month, and guest contributor Vic Chesnutt, who passed away in December. The album will, therefore, act as a de facto tribute to the beloved artists.

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Here's the Julian Casablancas song :)
George pray

Finally an excuse to make an Oded Fehr post: "HYBRID" goes 3D!

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Pop quiz, hotshot - Your movie about a psycho car has been finished forever, but you cannot get it out of the proverbial garage. What do you do? What DO you do? You go the 3D conversion route, that's what. Yay.

Word broke today that Eric Valette's Hybrid starring Oded Fehr and Shannon Beckner is getting the now all too familiar "make this look like a pop-up book" treatment. Excited? Come on! You know that you are!

A mysterious car is brought into the Chicago police impound garage after a deadly traffic accident. The garage's female mechanic, Tilda, and her young, hip fellow mechanics soon discover the car has a mind of its own: It morphs into different cars to confuse them, and instead of needing an engine to run, it breathes. It's a killing machine that is capable of outrunning and outwitting humans. In a high-octane fight to the death, it's our group of determined humans versus the car in this supernatural action-adventure in the vein of Stephen King's Christine and Transformers.

But in fake 3D. Joy.


Homme Magazine – Greece

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When his face was shown on screen in Greek cinemas ,teenage girls let out cries of hysteria. Last time something like that happened, when Beatles were performing, that is, the 24 years old British guy wasn’t born yet. But he seems to know already how things work. When all the world is watching every move you make, then only one choice is left: to ignore it.

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New Charisma Carpenter Interview

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Charisma Carpenter, best known as sharp-tongued Cordelia Chase on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, is still keeping company with people who could kick your ass. Together with Lou Ferrigno and Erik Estrada (pictured), she’s now a member of The Butterfinger Defense League, a trio that will teach us how to ward off people who want to lay a finger on our Butterfingers. They do this through individual training videos (Carpenter’s alter ego “Sassy” has killer hips) and a group remake of a certain Sir Mix-A-Lot hit (“I Like Big Butterfingers”). Watch her in action after the jump. She also plays Jason Statham’s fiancée in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables, which hits theaters in August. She stopped by my office last week to chat about which episode of Angel she showed Sly to help nab her role, the joys of working with an army of sassy puppies (that would be the Butterfinger gig), why she’s a cool mom (her son, Donovan, is seven), and what she’d like to do next (Broadway!).

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The sexy, sensuous Justin Bieber wants to play high school football

When the Biebster heads to public school next fall, he definitely won’t be joining the glee club: he’s all about playing ball!

If you’re the Thousand Oaks high school quarterback, you better watch your back! Justin Bieberis heading to your school, and he’s gunning for your job!

Sources tell us that the 16-year-old singing sensation wants to fit not one but TWO sports into his already busy schedule when he attends Thousand Oaks high school in the fall.

“Justin wants to play football AND basketball,” an insider tells exclusively. “He’s eager to be a part of the different teams. His favorite sport is hockey, but he really wants to branch out and try something new.”

So, ladies, if you’re not already a cheerleader, might as well get a head start and sign up now! But we’re sure there will be plenty of “Let’s Go Bieber” chants to go around!


BRB transferring schools


She was supposed to be the woman to tame him after the collapse of his 29-year marriage and the exposure of his drink problem.

But Mel Gibson has dumped his girlfriend just six months after the birth of their daughter after she accused him of cheating and going back on a promise to marry her.

The actor, 54, split from 39-year-old professional pianist Oksana Grigorieva after a huge row.

So what is a hot actor such as Mel Gibson meant to do to get dates after all this ? Put pics of himself taken on his iphone online for all to see of coarse. But the difference between Movie Glam Mel and Want To Hook Up ? Mel is quite astounding tbh.

He went from this -


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Stark Sands learns to rock out in Broadway's 'American Idiot'

Among the grungy, bed-headed cast members of Broadway's "American Idiot," there's a clean-cut young man whose wholesome good looks and white-bread innocence stand out like a Sunday school teacher in a mosh pit.

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i partly make these posts because i love green day, & partly because i love the comments in posts involving stark sands.
Beyoncé - omgah

king and queen to relocate to pennsylvania? well, probably not.


Jay- Z and Beyoncé have been reported to be moving to Pennsylvania.

The couple are speculated to be purchasing a multi-million dollar mansion in Schuylkill County that is located in a secluded area, according to Global Grind.

Sources claim that a black limousine has been spotted in the county, generating rumours that the couple have been considering a move to the state.

Last month, Beyoncé was reported to have been concealing her stomach when being photographed.

mods feel free to not post this as it's pretty much a non-story based on rumours, i just wanted to post it in case anyone else did. i'm lame and sad. sorry.

Ani: Amazon Warrior

New Chuck Promo for Monday's Episode (Chuck v. the Role Models)

Chuck and Sarah are assigned to train under Craig and Laura Turner a married CIA team who, despite their impeccable record, hate one another. The Turners stormy relationship forces Chuck and Sarah to wonder if theyre doomed with the same fate. Meanwhile, Casey must train the newest member of the team—Morgan.


yay I'm so excited! plus I can watch it guilt-free b/c I just finished my second year of law school yesterday!

Mickey Rourke doesn't know what Iron Man 2 is about

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
IRON Man 2 star Mickey Rourke admits he hasn’t got a clue what the film is about.

The hellraiser, who plays evil Whiplash, reckons he only paid attention to learning his own script.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star Sunday, Rourke said: “I read my character. I didn’t read a lot of the other stuff too clearly.

“I have no idea what’s in the movie or what it’s about, to be honest with you.”

He added: “I kind of don’t want to know what’s going on. It’s like in life. I like to leave a little room open for the unexpected.”

But Rourke, 57, does recall the tough training he had to go through to wear Whiplash’s body armour.

He said: “We got on a treadmill, put it on an incline, with a 40lb vest and then did that for a half-hour, going uphill.

“I got in shape to wear the vest, because it was leather and metal and quite heavy.”

The film, starring Robert Downey Jr, is now showing in British cinemas.
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Courtney Love: I Had Sex With Gavin Rossdale; Gwen and Gavin Respond

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On the Howard Stern show yesterday, Courtney Love didn't just reignite her fight with Billy Corgan - she also claimed that Gavin Rossdale cheated on Gwen Stefani with her.

Courtney said that she and Gavin had an eight-month affair and she had a "vision of marrying Gavin Rossdale one time... We were like, 'Let's go spend our rock star money.'"

Courtney described Gavin as "lovely" and said she knew that he was with Gwen.

"Everyone gave me so much s--- because Gavin sounded like a lot like Kurt...." she said. "But man, he was such an Adonis in his day! He got good in bed ... something happened. Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know."

"You mean he was having sex with you while he was with her?" Stern asked.

"Everyone ... yeah ... and a few other people," Courtney said. "We didn't have a lot of pressure on each other, but we did like each other quite a bit."

Gavin and Gwen were married in 2002 and have two sons together.


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Oh Courtney, the things you decide to talk about when you need to promote an album....
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Pics from the photocall for the upcoming film 'Anonymous'

Celebrities at the 'Anonymous' Film Photocall at the Studio Babelsberg in Potsdam, Germany April 29, 2010.

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Synopsis of 'Anonymous' from IMDb: A political thriller about who actually wrote the plays of William Shakespeare-- Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford-- set against the backdrop of the succession of Queen Elizabeth I, and the Essex Rebellion against her.