April 28th, 2010

So apparently, here is the story of David and Kate.

You might not know David.
David Thorne is an infamous, popular Australian author aka. serial online prankster, who is recognised widely for trying to pay a $233 bill with a picture of a seven-legged spider.

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Kate was just an ordinary muggle. And she was having a little party.
So Kate created an event on Facebook, aptly named, 'Kate's Party'.

One little tweet from David to his several thousands of followers:

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freaked our precious Kate out.

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Colombia: Big Flag

Shakira to fight Arizona immigration law

Shakira is set to meet Phil Gordon, the mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss plans to oppose a controversial new law that requires immigrants to carry documents verifying their status, reports AZ Central.

Under the law, police officers will be required to question people regarding their status in the country if there is suspicion that they may be illegal, according to CBS news.

"She is in town to talk the mayor about the harmful effects of this bill," said Debra Stark, Phil Gordon's chief of staff.

Following the meeting, the Latina "She Wolf" will be shown around the Arizona capital by Vice Mayor Michael Nowacowski, the city's only Hispanic councilman.

The Colombian singer will have the chance to meet with families who will be affected by the new law before heading to the state Capitol, where protests have been constant since the bill was signed last Friday.

Stark said that Shakira was behind the mayor's plan to file a lawsuit to try to stop the immigration law.

"Shakira supports the mayor and likes his message about the bill," Stark said.


Herbalife: We Didn't Mean to Pay the Hiltons

As if the Hilton family wasn't filthy rich enough ... a global weight loss company claims it's been paying Paris Hilton's parents huge chunks of money for no reason whatsoever.

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Herbalife International just filed a lawsuit against Rick and Kathy Hilton, claiming the couple has been "erroneously" receiving royalties for several weight loss products for roughly 8 years.

Long story short -- Herbalife says in 1992, the couple provided services to the company to get a line of products off the ground ... products containing ephedrine that were discontinued in 2002 -- mostly because ephedrine was banned by the FDA.

Herbalife claims despite 86'ing the line .... it has still been paying the Hiltons royalties. According to the suit, there have been ongoing but futile discussions about how much, if anything, the Hiltons should return.

Helena Mattsson Nipple Slip Can Defeat Iron Man

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"Okay, so I wrote this whole post before noticing that there is a Helena Mattsson nipple slip in the very last picture. So I'm changing the title from "Helena Mattsson is the Hottest Woman Alive" to "Helena Mattsson Nipple Slip Can Defeat Iron Man." It only seems appropriate. Here is the original post:

It's official, I have just declared it, Helena Mattsson is the Hottest Woman Alive. Or Most Beautiful Woman Ever. Or the Hottest Most Beautiful Woman Who Has Ever Been in the History of Ever and the Universe. But really, you try arguing this after seeing these pictures of the Swedish-born Helena Mattsson (and her cleavage!) at the Iron Man 2 premiere. Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Olivia Munn were all there, and while they are still some of the hottest women around, they couldn't hold a candle to the glory that is Helena Mattsson. And no, I've never heard of her either."

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The Return Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In recent months we’ve heard reports of remake films being planned for the big screen that run the gamut from the very cool (ie. Thundercats) to the very lame (ie. Smurfs) and today we learn that another remake is being planned to try and cash in on our childhood memories. Apparently, plans are in the works to bring back the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in live-action form (which, some of you may recall, already happened in the early 80’s with the films Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze) and here is the reported first look at the turtle characters may look like:

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Looks like the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is going in the rebooted Batman Begins direction. Because these rumored prototype turtle-heads really do look like the end result of rolling a turtle around in a can of ooze. Not that that’s a bad thing! Latino Review has the exclusive first look at a possible mask for the new live action TMNT movie. Last we heard, the new movie, from Legendary Pictures, is set to come out in 2011, and promises to be very similar to the original comic book exploits of the TMNT. We really hope this is the real thing, because it’s about time since we had some good old fashioned monster make-up that didn’t disappoint. The tip came from an anonymous source, so your guess is as good as mine. But that being said it still looks bad-ass. Head to Latino Review for more details.

Japan Gets Some Sex

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They're going global!

Japan's Harper's Bazaar has gathered all the ladies from Sex and the City and nicely photoshopped them all together on the June cover.
Honestly, SJP kind of ruins it with her trying to be edgy face while the others are forcing sporting a smile.

VOGUE Korea May 2010: Hyori Lee x Jeremy Scott for adidas

Previously you’ve seen Korean pop star Hyori Lee featured in the adidas Originals Women’s Spring/Summer 2010 Video Lookbook, now she rockin’ Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals by Originals in a VOGUE Korea editorial. Love the shoot, she looks fabulous! Still waiting for some of the Jeremy Scott for adidas stuff to hit the stores, no luck just yet!

More pictures @ source


Robert Downey Jr. as Hefner film project not completely dead

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Hugh Hefner Thinks Robert Downey Jr. is a Playboy

Hugh Hefner is a superhero in his own right, so why not have Robert Downey Jr. play him in a movie?? Hugh has been in talks to get his own biopic about his life, and there’s been a lot of chatter about RDJ slipping on a smoking jacket and slipper to play him.

Hollyscoop caught up with Hef at the Iron Man 2 premiere, and we asked him about the rumor. Hugh told us it’s a “definite possibility.”

As for how he feels about Downey taking on the role of the man who created Playboy, Hefner says it’s all about the script. “We need a good screen play,” he explained.

But Hugh did admit Downey is a good choice. He said, “ I couldn’t do better than Robert.”

But when it comes to superheroes, Hef still thinks he’s got it in the bag. We asked him who he would be if he could choose one, and he told us, “I think I want to be Hugh Hefner.”

Fair enough!



ONTD, does a picture of a younger Hugh Hefner make you hot?

Sandra Bullock Is A Single Mother

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In public, Sandra Bullock has been through the best and worst of times this year – from winning her first Oscar to enduring the breakup of her marriage. In private, she was quietly keeping a joyful secret – his name is Louis, and he is her newborn son.

Bullock reveals exclusively in the new issue of PEOPLE that she is the proud mother of Louis Bardo Bullock, a 3½-month-old boy, born in New Orleans. Bullock, 45, and husband Jesse James, 41, began the adoption process four years ago and brought Louis home in January but decided to keep the news to themselves until after the Oscars. Their close friends and family – including James's children Sunny, 6, Jesse Jr., 12, and Chandler, 15 – were essential in keeping the adoption a secret.

Then, just 10 days after the March 7 Oscars, Bullock and James separated following reports James had cheated. Bullock says she is now adopting as a single parent.


Sandra Bullock Has Filed for Divorce
It's official: Sandra Bullock wants out of her five-year marriage to Jesse James.

"Yes, I have filed for divorce," the actress, 45, tells PEOPLE in the latest issue, in which she also reveals she has adopted a son, 3½-month-old Louis.

A rep for Bullock confirms the star filed legal papers seeking to end her marriage, but declines to specify in what jurisdiction they are filed. Says Bullock of her decision to divorce: "I'm sad and I am scared."

It was a cheating scandal that rocked the couple's marriage, with several women claiming to have had illicit affairs with James, 41.

The motorcycle mogul, who has publicly apologized to Bullock and his three kids, recently returned home after a 30-day stay in a treatment facility where he sought help for "personal issues."


I don't even know what the fuck ...O_O

"How To Destroy Angels" - new collaboration project?

From ze source

Let’s playing a guessing game: Earlier today, we received an email from a major publicity company. The subject simply read, “HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS”, and upon opening it, we were met with the following details:

Self-titled 6-track EP out this summer.

Exact date TBA.

More details to be announced as they become available at http://howtodestroyangels.com/

Intrigued, we then clicked on the aforementioned link and were greeted by only the image you see to your right and the 40-second video embedded below. As you’ll see, the clip doesn’t reveal much other than “How To Detroy Angels” involves a lot of ambient, electro-heavy noise.

Of course, the aforementioned publicity company isn’t providing any other details, and clicks to the project’s MySpace and Facebook lend zero information. So, it looks like we’re dealing with one of those super surprise thingamajigs. Thoughts? Guesses? Answers? Etc?


I totally think it's Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen. If you look at the promo pic on the website, it's totally her. And the music? Click the Vimeo below and it's AWESOME. First post, btw bbs~

01 from How To Destroy Angels on Vimeo.


So since the picture is basically Mariqueen Maandig Reznor, it's safe to say that it IS Trent and the wifey. And the fellows over at Echoing The Sound (a NIN fan-forum associated with theninhotline.com) did a cool lineup picture thingy that won't load!

So, I'm doing a half-assed job at trying to simulate it here below the cut:

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george jetson

Lady G GaGa For Baby Food?

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Lady Gaga's epresentative has dismissed reports that the Poker Face singer is on a dangerous baby food diet in order to stay slim.

According to Heat magazine, GaGa's dramatic weight loss was due to the singer allegedly living off baby food, causing friends to fear for her health as the singer battled on through gruelling live performances on little energy.

A friend told the gossip mag: “Everyone is really worried about GaGa. She’s not eating healthily at all. She’s substituting meals for jars of baby food.”

Lady G, who recently claimed she wants the best body in showbiz was said to have stated that the diet is doing wonders for her body but pals of the Telephone singer were debating intervening in the singers eating habits if she continued eating baby food.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon have also reportedly tried the diet, which is said to lead to rapid weightless but the side effects can be damaging.

However, despite these allegations, a spokesperson has laughed off the claims, telling GossipCop.com that it is 'not true.'

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george jetson

'Pretty Wild' Chick Accused of Club Theft

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Alleged Burglar Bunch hottie and E! reality star Alexis Neiers is being accused of trying to steal some cash -- only this time from an ordinary peon.

Alexis and her sister, Tess Taylor, hosted a party at Primal nightclub. Sources close to the girls (and multiple club employees) tell TMZ during the course of the evening, the "Pretty Wild" sisters went to the employee lounge several times to use the bathroom. At the end of the evening, the girls were stopped by security and their purses were searched.

We're told security found the ID of a female employee and around $200 cash (allegedly belonging to the employee) in Alexis' purse. Cops were called.

Sources say Alexis told the Atlanta PD she had no idea where the ID came from and that the cash was hers. But, to avoid an incident, we're told she gave back the ID and the money. The cops let the girls go. No charges have been filed.

BTW -- Alexis is due in court this week for the Burglar Bunch's alleged greatest hits.

Primal nightclub just gave us this statement, saying Alexis and Tess "were in no way for certain involved in anything illegal or any other type of misconduct."

george jetson

Jesse James’ Message To Sandra Bullock: ‘I Love Baby Louis And I Can Be The Best Father Possible’

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Here is what Jesse told People magazine:

“My whole life has been full of hard decisions. The decision to let my wife end our marriage and continue the adoption of Louis on her own has been the hardest. The love I have for Louis cannot be put to words. Not having him around to love and to hold has left a huge hole in my heart.

Sandy is the love of my life, but considering the pain and devastation I have caused her, it would be selfish to not let her go. Right now it is time for me to beat this addiction that has taken two of the things I love the most in life.

I have always taken great pride in proving people wrong. That time has come once again to show that I am not what everyone says I am. I know in my heart that I can be the best father possible to my four children and the mate Sandy deserves, and realize that this is an incredible mountain to climb. But I believe that the steps I have taken in the last 30 days are the foundation for making this happen. The lifelong commitment I am making is what being a real husband and father is all about.

I ask that you please do not judge Sandy for the things I have done. She has done no wrong. She played no part in any of this. She has been an amazing wife, mother and best friend for the over six years we have been together.”


Christopher Mintz-Plasse Interview

So THIS is the kind of porn you watch?

Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s career kicked off with the role of the loveably dorky Fogell in Superbad, which earned him instant recognition and shouts of “Hey, McLovin!” And though he followed that film with a similarly nerdy turn in David Wain’s Role Models, his role in the new Kick-Ass shows that Mintz-Plasse is slowly shedding that McLovin moniker. He plays Chris D’Amico, the son of a mob boss desperate for his father’s attention: When dad wants to lure rogue superhero Kick-Ass out from hiding, Chris eagerly adopts the persona of another ostensible crime-fighter, Red Mist, to set the trap for Kick-Ass. Mintz-Plasse’s bad-guy turn is a departure from his previous boyish roles, which include a petulant Isaac in Year One and voices for How To Train Your Dragon and for Marmaduke, due out this summer. The A.V. Club sat down with Mintz-Plasse during the Kick-Ass opening-day festivities at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo to discuss the violence in Kick-Ass, leaving McLovin, and why he won’t always take pictures with fans.

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Robots, Boobs and Explosions: Part 3

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Reel Chicago reports that Michael Bay's Transformers 3 will start filming in Chicago on July 4th. The filming in the Windy City is expected to take seven weeks. Here are some excerpts:

Chicago Film Office director Rich Moskal calls the upcoming big-budget shoot “a blockbuster in every sense of the word; in terms of economic impact, stunts and special effects.”

They will shoot along Michigan Avenue and throughout the Loop.

Starting May 10 "T3" will work out of Chicago Film Studios Chicago (the Ryerson steel plant), occupying 300,000 sq. ft. for offices, stages, construction, wardrobe, transportation, etc., according to studio manager Alex Pisseos.

"T3" will shoot in six other world cities in the continuing saga of the admirable Autobots and dastardly Decepticons, who disguise themselves by transforming into everyday machinery.

Transformers 3, starring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Kevin Dunn, Julie White, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich and Ken Jeong, is scheduled for a July 1, 2011 release.


shaking and crying rn, ngl

Aol TV's Exclusive New Poster for 'True Blood'!

Bloodsuckers, fangbangers, shapeshifters -- what more could you ask for in a show?

'True Blood' fans have been anxiously awaiting the premiere of season 3 (Sun., June 13, 9PM ET on HBO) to be reunited with all their Bon Temps pals. In the meantime, new images, funny minisodes and viral posters -- as well as the first official poster released yesterday, above, that'll soon be wallpapering billboards and buses near you -- will just have to satisfy the cravings.

Here's one more clever new poster for season 3, exclusively on AOL TV, which gives a little wink and a nod to what a zoo full of wild animals this show has become. Is this a hint that we'll be meeting more shapeshifters soon? We'll have to wait and see.


Higher Res @ the Source: Aol TV

Ricky Gervais to host Golden Globes next year

Ricky Gervais will return to host NBC's telecast of the Golden Globes again next year.

The Emmy winning comedian will host the 68th Annual Golden Globes on Jan. 16, 2011. “I can’t believe they invited me back after awful things I said,” Gervais said in a statement. “Let’s see how far I can go this time.” 

This year's telecast hosted by Gervais was up 12% from the previous year (17 million viewers, 5.5 rating in the demo), though critics were mixed on his performance. Despite Gervais' quote above, some  thought he was surprisingly tame. Still, Gervais always brings the expectation of the unexpected, which is more than one can say for most awards show host candidates.

“As viewers discovered with our last awards telecast, Ricky’s surprising and unpredictable humor is a great fit for the Globes which will continue as a live event across the nation," said Paul Telegdy, president of alternative at NBC. “He’s a true force of nature with a wicked sense of humor who always keeps everyone on their toes waiting for the unexpected.”

As a reminder:

Article source

Video source
Trio Trio

Kristen and Taylor arrived in Vancouver

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner arrived together in Vancouver yesterday to begin a few days of Eclipse reshoots. Lautner, looking lean in a leather jacket, was accompanied by his dad. What a difference a year makes. Just over a year ago, he was a boy trying to convince the world he could be a bigger boy, and Stewart and Nikki Reed were holding hands with him on the street, their new baby brother/pet, working together to try and secure his position pro bono promotion styles. Now?

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Honey, What is This, What's Going on Here, Who Told You This Was a Good Idea?

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Christina Aguilera sticks out her tongue and gets down on all fours for this new promo shot from her upcoming video, “Not Myself Tonight.”

The 29-year-old singer squeezed into a shiny pair of high-waisted PVC pants and sleeved gloves. Watch the clip below!

FYI: Christina is wearing a sexy black-and-gold leotard from designer duo The Blonds. She liked the piece so much, she ordered four other pieces in different variations!

Today, Aussie singing sensation Kylie Minogue is meeting with The Blonds.

Yesterday, Christina danced in lingerie — at church!

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planet terror//it's go-go not cry-cry

Olga Kurylenko to star in "Empires of the Deep" + conceptual artwork

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It seems that an international production has just signed on a new actress. Screen Daily is reporting that actress Olga Kurylenko has joined the cast of Empires of the Deep.

The 3D production has already begun shooting in China, with the $100 million film making history as the largest 3D production in China film history. The fantasy film is being co-directed by Michael French and Jonathan Lawrence, from a script by Randall Frakes and Jiang Hongyu.

The story revolves around a young man's journey through a mythical underwater mermaid kingdom, where he is trying to rescue his father, while encountering some of the most ferocious creatures the sea kingdom has to offer.

Kurylenko will portray the Queen of the Mermaid Empire
and stars alongside male lead Steve Polites and Liang Yanfei. It was also said that Avatar's virtual camera operator Anthony Arendt has come aboard the film as well, as a stereography consultant for the film's 3D.

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source one
source two

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I think this sounds amazing, tbh. I'm glad my bb is getting more work.
Trio Trio

Robert Pattinson Is On His Way To Vancouver!

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Robert Pattinson looked gorgeous and scruffy as he arrived at Heathrow Airport this afternoon in his cap, sunnies and jeans.

He had his guitar case for company, but will no doubt be reunited with Kristen Stewart and the rest of the Twilight gang as the cast gather in Vancouver for Eclipse reshoots. We’ve already seen Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner make their way from LAX to Canada so it was only a matter of time until beautiful and rich Robert joined them.

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at last they heard the time-bell ring

Amanda Peet makes first post-baby appearance, has to deal with stupid headline

Amanda Peet Steps Out 8 DAYS After Baby


Amanda Peet stepped out for a premiere Tuesday night at the Tribeca Film Festival, just eight days after giving birth to daughter Molly June Benioff in New York on April 19th.

Molly is her second daughter with husband David Benioff.

Peet, along with costars Catherine Keener, Rebecca Hall, Sarah Steele and Oliver Platt, was at the premiere of 'Please Give.' Scroll below the photos for a trailer.

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I am SHOCKED that a woman would dare to venture out in public after giving birth. She is UNCLEAN and cannot be permitted to walk amongst us! Anyway she looks stunning, shut up about the wrinkles, I like my women naturally aging, thank you. Catherine and Rebecca also look hella hot.
tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

China stripped of medal; gymnast found to be underage

The International Olympic Committee on Wednesday stripped China of a bronze medal in the women's team event at the 2000 Olympic Games after finding one of the team's athletes was underage.

The United States will be awarded the bronze medal instead, the IOC said in a news release.

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) in February decided to cancel all results obtained by gymnast Dong Fangxiao at the Sydney, Australia, Games.

"The FIG conducted an inquiry which showed that the athlete was only 14 years old during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games," the IOC said. Under FIG qualification rules, athletes must be 16 in the year of the Games in order to compete.

The IOC's executive board on Wednesday decided to reallocate the results of the events that Dong participated in. She had placed sixth in the women's individual floor exercises and seventh in the women's individual vault.

Dong has been disqualified from all the events she participated in, which also included the women's individual uneven bars, the women's individual all-around and the women's individual balance beam.

Cam bb w/dnw

Cam Gigandet: Family Fun in Beverly Hills

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Taking some time off from his busy career, Cam Gigandet was spotted out in Beverly Hills for an afternoon of family fun yesterday (April 27).

Joined by his lady Dominique Geisendorff and their daughter Everleigh, the “Twilight” stud grabbed lunch at the Kings Road Café while nearby paparazzi snapped up pics.

Mr. Gigandet and Ms. Geisendorff hit up the Newport Beach Film Festival last week to promote his new movie “Five Star Day.”

As for upcoming gigs, Cam will be appearing with singer Christina Aguilera in “Burlesque” on November 24th, 2010.

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Not Precious to Co-Host The View

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Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe and former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will appear on ABC's "The View" next week.

The network announced Wednesday that Sidibe will mark her first time as guest co-host of "The View" next Tuesday. She made her acting debut in the critically acclaimed film "Precious: Based on the Novel `Push' by Sapphire."

Then on May 7, "Iron Mike" Tyson will sit down with host Barbara Walters for the first time since her memorable interview with Tyson and then-wife Robin Givens in 1988 on ABC's "20/20."

"The View" features Walters and her co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd. It airs at 11 a.m. EDT.


OMG TV Rumors


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I hear ABC is considering a two-season renewal for Desperate Housewives that may mark the end of the successful ABC dramedy. There have been indications that ABC may go for a straight two-year pickup, including making deals with key writers on the show. Creator/executive producer Marc Cherry already has a deal in place with producing studio ABC Studios for three more years. If Desperate Housewives indeed ends its run after eight seasons, he is expected to focus on development in the final year of his deal. ABC brass has been anxiously awaiting a new project from Cherry, who flirted with development this year with two projects, a dramedy and a half-hour, but couldn’t devote time on them with his attention on running Desperate Housewives. In 2008, Cherry had said he envisioned Desperate Housewives ending after nine seasons. The core four actresses on the show, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Eva Longoria Parker and Marcia Cross, have deals through next season. They have been approached by ABC Studios about agreeing to options for two more seasons but there has been little communication between the actresses and the studio on the matter.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Meanwhile over at Grey’s Anatomy, which recently saw original cast member Katherine Heigl exit, the key cast members, including Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey also have deals through next season. I hear that at least Dempsey may not want to continue on the show beyond that. Of course, as an ensemble medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy may reinvent itself and continue with new central characters the way ER did through a series of cast departures. Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy, both of which launched during the 2004-05 season, are down in the ratings by double digits this season but continue to be ABC’s top scripted series along with departing Lost, also from the 2004-05 freshman class.


lol grey's anatomy doesn't have a tag.

Ninja Turtle Mask is Not Prototype for Movie!

From Gamma Squad:

Not surprisingly, that cool Ninja Turtles mask from yesterday turned out to be fan art (more pics below). It was made by a 20-year-old student in Pittsburgh, who made the animatronic for a class. It can open and close its eyes and blink. He posted it at an online forum a couple weeks ago, and has responded to all of us bloggers who thought it might be a real movie prop:

Funny thing is i didn’t even hear about this from the board. Someone saw me today at Savini, and put their iphone in my face with one of those sites up and said “Hey, isn’t this your sculpt?” And i was just FLOORED! Not to mention kind of honored. To think general TMNT fans would think my sculpt is a true representation of what they think could be in a TMNT MOVIE!? Talk about the ULTIMATE compliment for a guy like me. Not gonna lie. I’ve had some fun coming up with idea’s for a plot involving this design. But it was all in good fun. Haha, Some day! [EricZervo]

Well, I had my doubts, but it really does look like Michael Zulli's version of the TMNT. So I get to be wrong about another thing. I’ll add “Ninja Turtle mask” to the list of my mistakes, between “minidisc player, purchase thereof” and “putting Baby in the corner”.

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ngl I was kinda looking forward to a Ninja Turtle movie that looked like this.


m.i.a. album news

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When M.I.A.'s music video for "Born Free' premiered on Monday, just about every Internet outlet stamped it with a "viewer discretion advised" tag. The graphic, 10-minute video, directed by controversial visionary, Romain Gavras, left many viewers stunned and was pulled from YouTube for its violent imagery. Soliciting such a heated reaction, some might find it ironic that the concept started off as a joke.

"We [had] been talking about [the idea] since the start of the year, [but] I didn’t think she'd actually do it," says Christopher "Rusko" Mercer, M.I.A's lead producer for her as-yet-untitled third album. "It was one of those joking ideas where people would beat the shit out of me because I was ginger [a natural redhead]. It has a whole double meaning. The gingers are kind of anyone who’s been oppressed. She’s so deep and crazy political."

The English producer also explained to VIBE that the video's shock-value mirrors that of M.I.A.'s forthcoming album. "Her record is going to scare people I think. We went a bit crazy - really, really, really left. But then again if you’re an M.I.A. fan, you want to be surprised and be like 'Whoa, what the hell is that?'"

Rusko, who says he and M.I.A. wrapped up the album in Hawaii, shared details on what fans can expect sonically.

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Also, you can listen to a short interview here where she discusses the upcoming single XXXO, with a video directed by Hype Williams (...smh). It starts at the 34 minute mark.
paul newman gif

This is a 10 Things I Hate About You post.

Promo/Sneak peaks of the next episode of 10 Things I Hate About You 

1x16 Too Much Information 
Kat is worried about Patrick’s odd behavior and recruits Cameron to help her spy on him. The plan backfires when Patrick catches them and gets angry. Meanwhile, after watching the reality show “The Biggest Poser”, Joey wants to be a cast member, but then Bianca starts to worry that this goal may be leading to an eating disorder.


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I was also going to post some cast interviews but the people who run the 10 Things Youtube channel disabled embedding. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, how rude.

This post has been brought to you in part by Gregory Peck's DNA.


HP-Palm deal proves Bono not hot as an investor

Elevation Partners, the bicoastal private-equity firm famous for sort-of-rockstar investor Roger McNamee and actual rockstar Bono from the band U2, will probably see only a modest $25 million gain on its $460 million investment in Palm, according to the terms of an acquisition announced by HP on Wednesday afternoon.

PEHub chief Dan Primack estimated the sale price of Elevation’s shares in Palm at $485 million. That’s a 5 percent return, hardly a success in Silicon Valley.

The Elevation fund, created in 2004 to invest in online multimedia “to help media and entertainment businesses develop and market great content,” as its founders claimed at the time, was deemed a disaster by sharp-tongued blog 24/7 Wall St in March.

24/7 called Bono “the worst investor in America,” an exaggeration that mostly speaks to the high hopes Sand Hill Road had for the overachieving singer and activist. Elevation manages just shy of $2 billion. But the company has failed to pick a hit. Its investment in Forbes Media stalled, with McNamee resigning from Forbes’ board of directors last year as industry-wide loss of revenues dragged the company down with most of the rest of big media.

All you really need to know about the state of Elevation’s investment in Palm is: U2’s current world tour is sponsored by BlackBerry.

source: http://venturebeat.com/2010/04/28/hp-palm-deal-proves-bono-not-hot-as-an-investor/
Daisy Shimmy

Peaches Geldof models for The Cobra Snake.

A month after she was dumped as the face of Miss Ultimo lingerie, socialite Peaches Geldof has scored another modelling job. Currently trying to rebuild her career after her naked pictures scandal, the 21-year-old has posed in new shots for her friend Mark Hunter's Los Angeles vintage store The Cobra Snake. While the new images will give Geldof some non-scandalous publicity, the gig is unlikely to land her a payday anywhere near her reported £100,000-a-year contract for Miss Ultimo.

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it really, really could happen, really

Celebrity Rehab shoots for the stars

"Celebrity Rehab" is getting both presumptuous and audacious by trying to sign some big fish.

Sources connected to the show tell TMZ .... the casting department has set its sights on Lindsay Lohan, Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller. Surprise ... none of them have signed up.

As for Lindsay, we're told the show recently offered her $1 million to appear on "Celeb Rehab" as well as "Sober House" and a third possible spin-off. Show sources say they were told Lindsay had no interest, partly because she doesn't think she has a problem and partly because she wants nothing to do with Dr. Drew.

Show sources say they were shut down with Heather Locklear as well -- again, the show sources say they were told Heather doesn't have a problem.

And, the sources say they were shut down by Brooke Mueller.  Undaunted, they say they're now going after Charlie Sheen -- perhaps hoping he'll have time on his hands if he doesn't re-sign with "Two and a Half Men."

And the casting crew was shut down quickly by Jenna Jameson.

They better pull a rabbit out of a hat, because filming starts May 10. 


sorry mods, uploaded the pic.

Aol TV's Exclusive 'Lost' Collector's Vintage Prints

There are only five hours remaining in one of the greatest TV sagas in history, and fan consumption of all things 'Lost' has reached an all-time high.

To feed the need -- because, believe me, we have it too -- ABC has given us the exclusive sneak peek at their new vintage portraits from the 'Lost' pilot gallery. Titled "The Candidate Collection," the retro images of the Island's remaining six candidates will be sold as 11"x14" custom prints on fine art, museum quality rag photo paper with deckled edges.

Besides being gorgeous shots of Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Jin and Sun, there will also be a hidden Easter egg in each print (in typical 'Lost' fashion), making these true collector's items.

Each print costs $49.99, or you can buy the complete collection of six for $249.99. Set your reminders now: The prints will go on sale Thursday, April 29 at 9AM PT at www.officialLostphotos.com ... and we don't expect them to last long.

Feast your eyes on these:

Rest of the prints at the source [Aol TV]

Doctor Who Mid-Week News

Doctor Who star Matt Smith is to play a gay writer in a new BBC2 TV show.

Smith, 27, who is currently starring in his first season as the famous Doctor, is to take on the role of Christopher Isherwood in a movie following his early life

Isherwood wrote the novel A Single Man in 1964, which was recently turned into a movie by fashion designer Tom Ford and starred Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Nicholas Hoult.

The new show will be called Christopher And His Kind and will detail how Isherwood left England behind to live in Berlin.

A source told UK newspaper The Sun: 'This is a world away from what Matt's fans will expect. He's really excited and can't wait to get stuck in.'

Source: Monsters and Critics


Colin Farrell would return to British TV should an offer be made. He says "Truthfully, I have never had any offers. Doctor Who would be great, of course. I'd consider it, for sure."

Source: My eyes and 28th April 2010 Metro page 15.




Kids subvert Disney,Male fairies enter Pixie Hollow

Attention Disney fans! You may now create male fairies in Pixie Hollow, the online gaming/social networking site hitherto occupied only by Tinkerbell and female cronies. I went to sign up to check it out, but am apparently already an 'existing fairy!' Nope, no recollection at all! Here's Salon on how the kids forced the company's hand:http://www.salon.com/entertainment/movies/disney/index.html?story=/mwt/broadsheet/2010/04/28/disney_boy_fairies

Children are pretty resourceful little gender warriors. The open secret around the Hollow has long been that if you make your fairy tall, with short hair, and give her an ambiguous name like Jamie, she can pretty quickly establish a reputation as a he. Hey, Mom and Dad, we've got your rigid gender roles right here.

Nonetheless, Disney appears to have taken some measures to prevent the most obviously interesting forms of thoughtcrime. For example, male fairies aren't called fairies, but "Sparrow Men."

King K

beyonce outdoes whitney

After "Telephone," by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce, topped Dance/Club Play Songs in February, "Video Phone" returns the superstar duo to the chart's top spot. The list's new leader credits the pair in reverse order: Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga.

"Video Phone" marks Beyonce's 14th No. 1 on Dance/Club Play Songs and Lady Gaga's sixth topper. With the coronation, Beyonce passes Whitney Houston, who's collected 13 No. 1s between 1987 ("I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" and last November ("Million Dollar Bill").

Here is a look at the artists with the most No. 1s since Billboard's Dance/Club Play Songs chart launched in 1974:
1. 40, Madonna
2. 19, Janet Jackson
3. 15, Mariah Carey
3. 15, Kristine W
4. 14, Beyonce
5. 13, Whitney Houston


ontd: which would you rather keep on top of the charts: gaga, whitney, janet, mariah or beyonce?

Shia LaBeouf Gas Station Altercation

Shia LaBeouf filling up his Chevrolet Silverado pick up truck at a local LA gas station. After realizing he was being photographed Shia charged a photographer and allegedly said, 'if you follow me all day I am going to f*** you up.' 
After the altercation the photographer switched on video which triggered another confrontation. Shia then charged again but did not attack. The photographer wished him the best for the day but Shia responded with more profanities and slammed his gas tank cover shut before speeding off

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None of the pics show it taking place
Colombia: Hand

Ricky Martin, Eva Longoria, George Lopez Speak Out on Racist Arizona Law

A new law passed in Arizona that allows the police to question members of the public they suspect could be living in the United States illegally and it also requires legal immigrants to carry their registration documents at all times!

Ricky Martin is one of the Latino stars voicing his opinion on his Twitter! He Tweeted:
"Equality is understanding that we all come from the same place. Racial profiling should never be tolerated, in the U.S. or anywhere in the world. We're moving backwards. Scary."
Eva Longoria Parker echoed his sentiments by re-Tweeting the message. And George Lopez added:
"Arizona. George Lopez is coming… Oops… I just got pulled over… apparently I fit the profile… Gacho!!"


Before She Had the FAME

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Before Lady Gaga skyrocketed to fame with her first single, the pop hit, Just Dance, she was known as a shy, metal loving go-go dancer - and RadarOnline.com can bring you the never before seen photos.

In the pictures Gaga (who was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is seen go-go dancing at New York’s Club Le Royal and at The Beauty Bar back in 2007.

Barely recognizable with her brown hair, Gaga was more into metal than the dance music she is now known for.

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Trailer #2 For Controversial "Splice"

Starring: Adrien Brody & Sarah Polley
Synopsis: Elsa and Clive, two young rebellious scientists, defy legal and ethical boundaries and forge ahead with a dangerous experiment: splicing together human and animal DNA to create a new organism. Named "Dren", the creature rapidly develops from a deformed female infant into a beautiful but dangerous winged human-chimera, who forges a bond with both of her creators - only to have that bond turn deadly.


Jesus take the wheel

Katie Holmes is Jackie Kennedy in New Miniseries

Katie Holmes is set to play First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in History Channel’s new eight-hour scripted miniseries, The Kennedys.

The 31-year-old actress would play the on-screen wife of Greg Kinnear, who has signed on to star as President John F. Kennedy .

According to Variety, Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan) will play Robert Kennedy and Tom Wilkinson (John Adams) will appear as family patriarch Joe Kennedy Sr..

The Kennedys will air in 2011 on The History Channel.

FYI: It was also recently announced that Rachel Weisz would also be playing the role of Jackie Kennedy in a full feature film.

Who do you think portray a better Jackie Kennedy - Katie Holmes or Rachel Weisz?

Magneto puppet
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Rico Rodriguez on the Rachael Ray Show

He's just 11 years old, but Rico Rodriguez is already stealing scenes - and hearts - as the wise and romantic Manny Delgado on the hit ABC show Modern Family. Rachael asks him how close he is in real life to the suave character he portrays. "Far, far away!" Rico laughs. "He likes to write poems; he likes to do all the stuff that I don't. He's so mature and I can be mature [maybe] a little bit."

Rico's mother on the show is played by the sexy Sofia Vergara, and the young actor is well aware of how men find her attractive. "The guys that come up to me who like the show, they don't say, 'Oh you're good on the show,' or 'How's it working on set?' The first thing that they say is, 'How's it working with your mommy?'"

I can't embed it, but you can view a video from the show over at Rachael's website. There's also a video of Rico backstage over on the facebook page.

And for those who don't know, tonight's Modern Family episode is a new one.
miguel  ⁄ ⁄

Interpol comback news!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I got an e-mail earlier with a message asking me to go to Interpol's official site. It's been updated. There's a new animation/logo and it asks you to put in your birthday and e-mail to get a new song called "Lights"

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so excited! and 2 days before my birthday, irl shaking and crying

source| my e-mail, and interpolnyc

SQUEAKY-clean MILEY CYRUS is set to become a lusty sex symbol after getting an X-rated makeover

It's sure to please all the dads forced to take their kids to the teen singer's shows.

The US star, who has sold 15million albums, releases her third collection, Can't Be Tamed, in June and will unveil her new image shortly.

A source said: "It's Miley Mark II for the new album. She's been the clean teen queen too long.

"The new look and attitude will shock a lot of people but it's something Miley wants to do."

this is probably a crock of shit since it's from the sun, but i wouldn't put it past her.  u betta werq gurl !!

the sun

Miley Cyrus 'happy' for romance to be public knowledge.. won't rule out doing a nude scene

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has said she's happy for her relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth to be public knowledge.

The pair play the romantic lead roles in new film The Last Song and the 17-year-old has no problem with it being in the spotlight.
"I think it makes it easier," she said. "I've been in relationships before where people don't want people to know because it's bad for their career (but) I'd rather not sneak around - it's so much more drama than is necessary.

"It's like, 'Yes, we're together. Let us live our lives'. It's easier because you're not trying to sneak around, otherwise it's news everytime you're seen together."

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'Agora' Star Rachel Weisz Talks CGI And 'Edgy Sex Scenes'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
'I don't believe there was any green screen,' actress says of the Roman epic.

In the midst of a summer movie season predictably filled with 3-D explosions and CG creations comes "Agora," part art-house indie, part sweeping epic. Directed and co-written by Alejandro Amenábar, "Agora" stars Rachel Weisz in a film based on the story of Hypatia, an astronomer/philosopher in the time of Rome's fourth-century collapse whose task is to save the wisdom of the ancient world. That's the art-house part of the equation, you might say.

Amenábar has also delivered a swords-and-sandals epic, complete with the panoramic landscapes and large-scale battle scenes that remind us of old-school blockbusters like "The Ten Commandments" and "Ben-Hur." As part of MTV News' Summer Movie Preview Week, Weisz gave us a call to talk about filming on huge sets, being terrible at math and the film's "perverted and edgy sexy scenes."

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"The Conspirator" - First Look

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Any grade-school student can tell you the story of the 1865 assassination of Abraham Lincoln in Ford's Theater at the hand of John Wilkes Booth.

But what happened next?

Robert Redford's new film, The Conspirator, follows the race to hunt down the small band of Confederate sympathizers who helped plot the attack.

Think of it as Law & Order: Civil War Unit.

James McAvoy (Atonement) stars as a decorated Union soldier who reluctantly agrees to defend one of the accused, boarding-house owner Mary Surratt (Robin Wright), whose son was the lone conspirator to escape the manhunt.

"There was a question of whether she was complicit, guilty by association, or even more guilty," says Redford, who directs but doesn't star in the movie. "The lawyer that defended her didn't want to defend her. He was a Union soldier who became a lawyer." His contempt for the suspect gives way to a fear that she is being prosecuted solely to bring her fugitive son out of hiding.

The Conspirator is independently financed and doesn't yet have a distributor. It's the first project made by the American Film Co., which plans to create historical dramas.

Redford says he didn't want to simply re-create Lincoln's assassination and deals with that mainly as setup. "All the President's Men was very similar, because you had this big historical event taking place, but what people didn't know was what these two reporters did, digging in under the radar. You didn't need to show Nixon a lot," he says. Redford starred in that 1976 film about the fall of President Nixon.

Surratt was tried by a military commission instead of a civilian court, and with attorneys who represent accused enemies of the state still finding their integrity questioned, The Conspirator may strike present-day nerves.

"I don't want to hit that too hard because then it sounds like agit-propaganda," Redford says. "I don't think Americans respond to well to that. But you can show them something and let them decide."


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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"Scream 4" Teaser Poster, Interview with Craven

It’s been 10 years since his last appearance in Scream 3, but Ghostface is back for more, as is the original Scream team of director Wes Craven, screenwriter Kevin Williamson (The Vampire Diaries), and the acting trio of Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette. Dimension Films gave EW.com the first look at the final teaser poster for Scream 4, which will hit theaters April 15, 2011. Horror movie maestro Craven, who’ll start shooting the new sequel this June, kindly set aside a few minutes to chat about the fourth entry in his memorably meta series.

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not who you think i am

Confirmed: Oscar-winner Bill Condon directing 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn'

As reported earlier, Summit Entertainment has found its next "Twilight" filmmaker and now formally locked up Oscar-winner Bill Condon to direct "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn." While none of the stars have signed deals yet, the entire cast including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are expected to return. This is possibly one reason the studio has not confirmed whether, as rumored, there will be one or two "Breaking Dawn" films.

“I'm very excited to get the chance to bring the climax of this saga to life on-screen. As fans of the series know, this is a one-of-a-kind book - and we're hoping to create an equally unique cinematic experience," said Bill Condon.

more @ source www.hitfix.com/articles/2010-4-22-confirmed-oscar-winner-bill-condon-directing-two-the-twilight-saga-breaking-dawn-films
Colin Mochrie

A bunch of reviews of Jonah Hex! Things aren't looking up for the gunslinger... Quelle surprise!

Jonah Hex: Early Reactions & Reviews

It might be that we’ve found the duffer of the year if early reactions to Jonah Hex are anything to go by.

Uh-oh. All does not seem to be going well in the world of Jonah Hex.

Besieged by news of reshoots earlier in the year, very little has actually been seen of the film, which, given how we're being bludgeoned to death with footage from pretty much every other summer release, is something of a worry. Jonah Hex, after all, is heading into US cinemas in June, and the first trailer for the film isn't even arriving until tomorrow. All we've really seen of it are some stills of Josh Brolin, and photos of Megan Fox.

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george jetson

Rihanna post - "Rated R: Remixed" album cover/fan joins her on stage in Geneva

Rihanna remixes the cover of Rated R for Rated R: Remixed, a collection of 10 songs from her fourth album reworked by dance remixer Chew Fu. The May 25th release should hold fans off until her next project, on which she is working with Rico Love, Timbaland, and Sean Garrett, among others. The “Rude Boy” singer is currently on tour in Europe, where she will shoot a video for “Te Amo” in Paris with director Anthony Mandler.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


george jetson

Farrell Spends $150,000 On Gaga's Lollapalooza Stage

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Lady Gaga will perform on an impressive stage at this year's Lollapalooza festival - the event's founder Perry Farrell has commissioned a custom-built set costing $150,000 for the star.

The Jane's Addiction frontman has invested the cash after signing the Poker Face hitmaker up to headline the August festival in Chicago, Illinois.

And Farrell's convinced she's worth every cent.

He tells Britain's Daily Star, "We're bringing in a special stage for her, investing like a hundred grand to house what she's doing. That's massive.

"Only Lady Gaga could step in and say 'I'm a headliner'."

george jetson

“Glee” star Chris Colfer talks to NY Post about Kurt’s boyfriend, the GaGa episode and more!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
PW: Speaking of costumes, yours reach epic proportions in the Lady GaGa episode.
Chris: Oh those shoes – I’m looking at them right now, they’re on top of my fridge. No one knows I have them. I stole them as memorabilia. But you can print it, I don’t care [laughs]

PW: How difficult was it to master walking in them?
Chris: They’re very dangerous, they’re like stilts -- 10-inch platform heels and I could not have been higher. They actually gave me a pair to practice in, which was a very tough process – cleaning my house and making dinner in these 10-inch heels, praying no one knocked on the door because I couldn’t get out of them quickly. Since I have big feet – I’m a size 11, borderline 12 – they had to go to a cross-dressing store to get these. So underneath all the silvery and sparkly beads, they’re bright red hooker boots. Apparently I’ll be wearing them on tour as well, so I have to get more used to them because we dance in them during that episode.
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The Countess on Bethenny and Jill: "I Don't Know If They'll Ever Be BFFs Again"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We'll get to Countess Luann de Lesseps' new dance single in a moment, but first let's get to that ongoing feud between fellow Real Housewives of New York City stars Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin.

If you haven't been following the hit Bravo series this season, suffice it to say there's some mighty bad blood between the former besties, stemming from the time Zarin's husband, Bobby, was diagnosed with cancer. In short, Jill was pissed that Bethenny texted instead of calling or visiting to see how Bobby was doing.

Will they ever kiss and makeup?

"I think there's a certain sadness to the whole situation," de Lesseps said of the feud. "I don't know if they'll ever be BFFs again, but I think they will be cordial to each other." (FYI: de Lesseps is definitely Team Zarin. They became fast friends soon after the falling out.)

Now about that music. De Lesseps says she can handle the criticism that's being hurled her way. "Darling, I'm a brave adventurous soul," she says. "That's why I'm doing a reality show…I just hope people kind of tip their hat to me for doing it."

De Lesseps shot a music video for the tune last weekend at New York nightclub Covet. One of her first performances will be at the end of May at Splash, a gay bar in New York City. And her rep just told me that she's decided to donate proceeds from the song's publishing rights to a children's cancer charity.

She's also in the studio putting together her follow-up single, "Chic, C'est la Vie." "It's about gems, jets and silhouettes and champagne in the sky, fine premieres and fireworks every single night," de Lesseps says. "It's a really fun song."

She insists that her kids aren't embarrassed by mommy's musical endeavors: "They're so over it, because I've been in entertainment for a long time…Nothing really surprises them."

Even her new boyfriend, French wine distributor Jacques Azoulay, says he is impressed. "He thinks it's great," de Lesseps says. "He's very proud of me for getting out there and flying by the seat of my pants."

We assume those would be designer pants.

Kourtney OK

Kourtney Kardashian attends Beach Bunny opening, lets her sisters tag along.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After some midday shopping, Kim Kardashian joined up with sisters Kourtney and Khloe for a night of promoting in West Hollywood on Tuesday (April 27).


The E! reality stars all looked dazzling as they hit up the Grand Opening Party for Beach Bunny Swimwear at the Beach Bunny Swimwear store on Robertson Blvd.

Tweeting about the outing and dishing on her outfit, Kourtney wrote, "Heading 2 beach bunny store opening.Wearing 1of the fab dresses from our kardashian 4 bebe summer collection!Its white and screams summer."

Meanwhile, the E! reality beauties also kept focused on the important Game 5 LA Lakers win in the NBA playoffs, with Khloe rushing off to watch hubby Lamar Odom compete in the contest.

After the big win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kim tweeted, "Alright let's go Lakers! We need this!!!!" with Khloe adding, "Yay for the win!"

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Sources: 1 and 2

Claire Saunders

Happy Town Mega Post (PREMIERE TONIGHT!)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


ABC has been heavily promoting the new serial drama Happy Town during Lost this season, touting it as “from the network that brought you Twin Peaks.” Let’s face it, there will never be another Twin Peaks, but the Happy Town premiere is intriguing enough to keep my interest. It boasts a town mystery and some quirky characters, but the comparisons to Twin Peaks should stop right there. Happy Town is more accessible to mainstream audiences, though it still throws enough oddities in the mix to satisfy the more serious television fan.

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Joss Whedon's Movie Gets a Rating/Amy Acker Interview

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We're still waiting for an official synopsis beyond "a twisted and unusual take on the familiar 'cabin in the woods' formula, but thanks to the MPAA we now have a little bit more of an idea of what to expect when Joss Whedon's The Cabin in the Woods hits theatres next year.

Collapse )

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Amy Acker's no stranger to Joss Whedon's universe. And now, after stints on Whedon's Angel and Dollhouse, the fan-favorite actress is gearing up for her first big-screen foray with the genre auteur -- Cabin in the Woods. We caught up with Acker at this weekend's WonderCon 2010, where she was promoting the upcoming ABC-TV show Happy Town. But we made sure to ask her about collaborating with Whedon on what's arguably -- alongside Ghostbusters 3 -- the most anticipated horror-comedy on the horizon.

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"High School" Teaser Trailer

Starring: Adrien fucking Brody, Michael Chiklis, Colin Hanks, Mykelti Williamson, Matt Bush, Sean Marquette, Michael Vartan, Curtis Armstrong
Synopsis: A random drug test coincides with a high school valedictorian's first hit of pot. With his college scholarship at stake, he enlists the school's biggest stoner to help nullify the results of the screening - by getting the entire student body high.


This movie has been getting good buzz and Adrien Brody's in it!

AMERICAN IDIOT Unveils IDIOT-Themed Windows at Bloomies

Yesterday, April 27, cast members from AMERICAN IDIOT helped unveil the IDIOT-themed windows at Bloomingdale's on 59th Street. The Nudie denim line sold at the superstore is partnering with the production. The window displays honor the cast and celebrate the show's recent opening on April 20, 2010.

The windows, which are a blend of AMERICAN IDIOT and Nudie denim were unveiled at 4:15pm. Following the window presentation there was a poster-signing event with cast members John Gallagher Jr, Tony Vincent, Stark Sands, Michael Esper, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Mary Faber and Christina Sajous.

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5 Clips from NOES

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here are 5 clips from the Platinum Dunes produced redo of A Nightmare on Elm Street arriving in theaters April 30th. Directed by Sam Bayer, a group of suburban teenagers share one common bond: they are all being stalked by Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley), a horribly disfigured killer who hunts them in their dreams.

Hello Nancy

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Simon & Garfunkel Reschedule Tour, Break My Heart

The Simon & Garfunkel tour originally scheduled for April - May is being postponed due to a vocal strain recently sustained by Art Garfunkel. In an effort to provide the highest quality performance for their audience, Paul & Art decided it would be best to move the scheduled concert dates. The dates have been rescheduled to allow for an adequate period of rest and rehabilitation, after which Art is expected to make a complete recovery.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Both Paul and Art regret any inconvenience this has caused their fans and are looking forward to seeing them at the rescheduled shows.

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So disappointed, I was supposed to see them tomorrow night. But I want them to be in tip-top shape, and I can't complain because at least the concert isn't cancelled. Feel better Artie~
george jetson

Real Housewives of New Jersey on Regis & Kelly

- Danielle was invited to do press with them but she declined
- Regis mistakenly calls them the housewives of New York
- Halloween clip is played of Regis and Kelly reenacting scenes from the show
- Regis' Jersey Shore name is 'The Package'
- they talk about how they were cast
- Regis doesn't believe in reality shows, thinks it's scripted

Claire Saunders

Next Week on "Happy Town"

Shaken by a grisly murder at the local pond and his father's bizarre, self-inflicted injury, Deputy Tommy Conroy reluctantly accepts the title of Sherriff bestowed on him by town matriarch Peggy Haplin. However Tommy's shocking discovery of Jerry Friddle's murderer forces him to keep yet another of the town's secrets with mixed emotions. Meanwhile, Henley appears to know a lot more about Haplin's dark side than she's letting on - drawing Merritt Grieves closer - but she's determined to get access to the forbidden third-floor room of the mysterious boarding house, no matter what it takes.

Pride & Prejudice: Escape

"tell me T, how the f*** do you get an audition?"


Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott get into an explosive argument in a clip from next week's episode of "Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood."

In the clip, the couple argues about their work, specifically acting versus Dean's motorcycle hobby. Dean yells at Tori, "I'm not trying to fix anything, what the f*** do you think I'm trying to fix? Look, you have all these things on your plate that I'd switch with you in a second! In a second."

Tori replies, "You know, I've been trying to have all these things. It's pilot season right now, babe, you're not even trying!"
"What the f*** am I supposed to do with pilot season to try?" Dean responds. "Aren't my agents and managers supposed to be getting me meetings?"

"You know, I work at this. Do you think it just happens to me, it just comes to me?" Tori reacts. Later in the heated conversation, Tori accuses, "I don't think anyone thinks you want it, babe. I think they think you're a full-time motorcycle racer!"

Watch the clip above for more, and tune in to "Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" next Monday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen.