March 25th, 2010


Uncomfortable Book Excerpt Time: Elvis Presley, Priscilla, and A Lot of Fuckery

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The marriage of the king of rock’n’roll seemed a fairytale romance but, according to a new book, behind the glamour lurked a womaniser obsessed with teenage girls.

High in the annals of American cultural mythology is Elvis Presley’s courtship of a 14-year-old doll-faced schoolgirl who later became his virgin bride. As a modern fairy tale, spanning the awkward transition between 1950s puritanism and the hedonism of the 1960s, it had something to appeal to every fan.

True, Priscilla Beaulieu was a mere child when she was introduced to the 24-year-old rock god, then doing his military service in Germany. But Elvis, for all his dangerous pelvic gyrations, was a good old-fashioned Southern boy at heart: never once, he claimed, did he take advantage of her, even after her parents allowed her to move in with him.

The pictures of their May 1967 wedding, eight years after they met, became a defining image of the decade — not least because of Priscilla’s extraordinary appearance. The massive bouffant of black hair and Cleopatra eyeliner would not have seemed out of place on a streetwalker, yet her tiny pinched face and demure white wedding gown — a loose-fitting affair that covered her neck, arms and bust — suggested that every propriety had indeed been observed.

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A lot of stuff that was already known, but there's still some new info that's...yeah.

in which asians kneel before their white saviour

By Kevin Coll • March 24, 2010

Youtube had another trailer for M. Night Shymalan’s The Last Airbender that showed up online today. The trailer is now been taken down but we have it for viewing pleasure down below.

The trailer is not that dissimilar from the one that was released back in February but it does have some scenes never seen before. Fans of the series will really like the new trailer as they get some cool things from the show they will know and love. Also it appears to have the first lines spoken by Noah Ringer who plays the hero of the film Aang.


Not!Katara's acting sucks.

Also...the gAang didn't start the rebellion. That's why Katara and Sokka have an absentee father. Wtf Shyamalan.
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Matt Bomer Has Anna Faris' 'Number'

Matt Bomer, star of USA's "White Collar," and Ari Graynor ("Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist") are in negotiations to join Anna Faris in the romantic comedy "What's Your Number?"

"Number" centers on a woman (Faris) who treks through her sexual past to find Mr. Right, exploring the idea of sexual quotas and whether such numbers matter. Jennifer Crittenden and Gabrielle Allan wrote the script based on Karyn Bosnak's book.

Bomer will portray Faris' dream guy, and Graynor will play her sister, whose wedding serves as a backdrop to much of the proceedings. The movie, which also counts Chris Evans in its cast, shoots this spring. The movie's makers are hoping to populate the cast with high-profile cameos.


I thought Chris Evans was going to drop out because of "Captain America," but hopefully this means he's still doing this movie. With him and Boner, there's going to be a lot of man candy in this movie. Also, I love Anna Faris and thought Ari Graynor was hilarious in "Nick and Norah," so the cast so far is giving me high hopes.

I asked this the last time I posted about this movie, but it was in the afternoon and people barely responded, but we all know ONTD gets sluttier late at night...


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Bryan Singer not directing X-Men: First Class

HitFix has exclusively learned, from multiple sources, that Bryan Singer may not be directing “X-Men: First Class” despite recent press reports to the contrary, and that 20th Century Fox is actively searching for directors to step in and helm the film, with discussions with at least two other filmmakers as recently as last week.

The filmmakers that they’re approaching now about directing “X-Men: First Class” are good names, guys who either have real experience in the comic book movie medium or who have heavy credibility with fan audiences. Names that would make fanboys happy from the first moment they’re announced. I’m curious to see who else they meet with in the next few weeks now that their first few choices have passed. Those meetings, exclusively reported by HitFix, make it seem like no matter what public face they’re putting on things, Fox is making plans as if Singer will not be free.

Singer is already scouting locations for "Jack The Giant Killer." He's deep into pre-production on the picture now, and it would seem almost actionable if he were to drop out at this point. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are counting on Singer to deliver this big-budget fairy-tale, and the earliest he's going to be free to start work on another large-scale picture will be 2012. There's no way Fox wants to wait for either "X-Men: First Class" or "Wolverine 2" for that long, so my guess is that Singer will be involved in those films as a producer of some sort, but not directing either one.

It sounds like "X-Men 4," the next full adventure of the original cast, is going to be the earliest place in the story arc where Singer's going to be able to get behind the camera again, which raises the question of why they sat for this story and what games are being played here. It's interesting... when Singer was waiting for Fox to make his deal on "X-Men 3," a process that took over a year due to some hardball negotiation, Warner Bros. took advantage of that and dangled the "Superman" in front of him. It was an awkward moment for Fox and led to some seriously difficult feelings between Singer and the studio. I'm sure Fox would be happy to undercut Warner on a big fantasy film by stealing Singer away, but this is not the same situation. Singer's already signed and in process on "Jack The Giant Killer," and I would hope he stays to see that one through before running back to the studio that treated him with such powerful contempt at least once before. Fox may be whispering sweet nothings to him now, but this is the same studio that had him thrown off the lot over "X-Men 3" a week before they had to allow him back on the lot to make the "House" pilot.

Source: HitFix
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Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Argue on Twitter

There is a feud going on the web between rapper Soulja Boy and R&B performer Chris Brown. The Soulja Boy started the rift on Twitter by giving a remark that he has more followers than the ex-boyfriend of Rihanna.

"#ListenBitch add @ChrisBrown & @BowWow followers together and you still aint half way fuckin wit me lol," Soulja wrote.
In response, Chris noted what he has achieved in music industry, "@souljaboytellem and @bowwow what yall make in a show i make for an hour at an afterparty... jus sayin."

While Bow Wow seemed to ignore the backlash, Soulja tweeted another post apparently making a reference to his previous message, "#ListenBitch if my last tweet offended you I won." Then, he shot down Bow Wow once again, "lol @bowwow there you go. fuck bank accounts. fuck followers. let's see who new album sell the most 1st week."

Soulja Boy is scheduled to release a new album "The DeAndre Way" on July 28. Bow Wow has also worked on his new record but hasn't announced its release date. As for Chris Brown, he has dropped his first mixtape "In My Zone" on Valentine's Day.



The Hills Is Ending

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After six seasons of sex-tape rumors, Les Deux drama, and couture-filled trips to Paris, MTV and the producers of The Hills have decided it’s time for the sun to set on the reality phenom. “I think we’ve told the story of struggle and of finding yourself in L.A.,” creator Adam DiVello tells EW. “A lot of these kids have found themselves and have certainly embarked on different careers and different paths.”

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Hills Gifspam plz? Here's one of my favs

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fringe: olivia- breathing in a memory;

just when you thought it was bad, shit gets worse.

Can Sandra Bullock Get Custody of Stepdaughter?

Reports are all over the place on what exactly is going on at Casa de Bullock. Camp Sandy is insisting the Oscar winner isn't seeking a divorce—yet. But as for the kids, Bullock has said she has a very tight bond with Sunny, the 6-year-old daughter of Jesse James and his porn-star ex, Janine Lindemulder.

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imho, she needs to ditch the bastard immediately, and go get those divorce papers and the gurl
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50 Cent wants to have unprotected sex with Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna...

also thinks 'Telephone’ highlights sexism against men in the music industry.

The ‘Candy Shop’ rapper has a crush on all three singers and would love to settle down and have children with the stars.

He said: "I would kiss Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. I would marry Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna in Africa, I’d have 3 wives! And I would avoid wearing condoms and have really big families."

While he is a big admirer of the pop beauties, 50 is furious about Beyonce and Gaga’s video for their single ‘Telephone’ as he believes it highlights sexism against men in the music industry.

The hip-hop star – real name Curtis Jackson – told MTV News: "I think the video is hot. But there’s a shot in the video in the diner that’s just breasts. And it looks great, but if I shot the same shot in my music video, they would make me edit that immediately.

"Even if I had someone who was recognisable female talent that was part of the project, they wouldn’t allow that to go. They would think it was you taking advantage of a girl for marketing purposes or whatever.

"It’s their personal perception of your intentions of how you utilise it. Like ‘It’s Britney, bitch’ nobody has a problem with that. But if I say, ‘It’s 50, bitch,’ everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god! You got to edit that.’"

marina † primadonna

Octuplets mom accepts PETA spaying ad offer

Octuplets mother Nadya Suleman, with 14 young mouths to feed and a mortgage to pay off, accepted an offer to use her lawn to promote responsible pet ownership in exchange for cash and food, her lawyer said.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent Suleman's lawyer an offer to pay for placement of a sign in the yard of her La Habra, California, home. The sign would read: "Don't let your dog or cat become an 'Octomom.' Always spay or neuter." The ad features a litter of kittens nursing with their mother.

The offer is intended to call attention to the dog and cat overpopulation crisis, PETA spokesman Amanda Schinke said.

"Every year, 6 to 8 million animals enter animal shelters, and roughly half of them are euthanized because of a lack of good homes," she said.

The unmarried Suleman already had six children when she gave birth to octuplets in January 2009. All 14 were conceived through in vitro fertilization.


Jersey Shore Book Deal in the Works

Who knew Ronnie and J-Woww could even read? Not us, but both Jersey Shore stars apparently signed a book deal! - and talk about a page-turner!

Never Fall In Love At the Jersey Shore, a Guido's guide to how to maintain the oh-so distinctive Jersey Shore look and attitude, brought to you by two of the show’s degenerate houseguests, J-Woww and Ronnie, is due out sometime this year.

And you wonder by the publishing industry is in decline. Then again, Lauren Conrad wrote a New York Times best-seller, so you never know, right?


Hayden Talks About Her Dad Boyfriend

Hayden Panetierre has opened up about her relationship with Dad boxer boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko for the first time - branding their union "an exciting experience".

The Heroes actress, 20, has been dating the 33-year-old Russian Dad since December, but has kept quiet about their romance.

She says, "I've never had an Dad athlete as a Dad boyfriend before, and it's an exciting experience. I think it's awesome that he's so athletic, but I'm most fascinated with his intelligence. He's unbelievably clever...Dad"

"Even though I'm small, I can dish it out too. But I have to admit, I feel really protected with such a strong Dad man by my side. Now, whenever someone's bugging me, I say: 'Look out, my Dad boyfriend is a boxer!'"



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Long gone are the days when celebrity stylists hide behind the celeb’s wardrobe. Today, celebrity stylists become what they are: celebrity stylists. Meet Rachel Zoe, the woman who’s responsible for the legging and boho craze popularized by Nicole Richie -and other Hollywood A-listers, who now became a reality star in Bravo’s ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’. She worked with QVC last year on her clothing line and this year she returns with the new spring collection. The difference is, this season Rachel concentrates on accessories. Here’s an exclusive sneak preview on her upcoming accessory line.

The items of Rachel Zoe Project collection in QVC is quite affordable, ranging from $89 for the trench coat, $125 necklace, $75 rings and handbags. Rachel Zoe stated:

“I envisioned everything in the line to be diverse and easy to wear. One glance at my Geometric Necklace and my mind is spinning with outfit ideas!”

Is your head spinning with outfit ideas after checking out what Rachel Zoe has in line for you?
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The L Word’s Daniela Sea on Being the New Hot L Girl

There’s something wickedly sexy about Daniela Sea. Perhaps it’s the fact that she has been a nomadic world traveler, her wanderlust taking her from her Southern California roots to as far away as Kurdistan and India, where she spent eight months passing as a man.

The child of hippie artists and intellectuals, Sea was just 3 years old when her father came out as a gay man. A mere three years later, after her mother remarried, Sea took to the surf under the tutelage of her stepfather, a former Motown exec who moved the family to Hawaii to catch more waves. By the age of 12, Sea had taken a job at a biker bar, serving pitchers of brew and dreaming of getting her own car, and by 16, she had moved to San Francisco to join the punk artist feminist collective Gilman Street Project (which was home to Green Day and Miranda July, among others).

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But You Said He's Just A Friend

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Angela Simmons and her “friend” Robert Kardashian were spotted getting joint mani-pedis at Nail 2000 salon in Beverly Hills Wednesday afternoon.

And Angie tried to go incog to avoid the paparazzi and avoid even more rumors that she and Rob are a new couple. On a video a few days ago, Angie confirmed that she’s very single and that she’s not kickin’ it with Rob. But I’m sure these pics are going to cause more rumors.

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ABC’s “Wife Swap” is charged with ruining teen’s life

Manhattan, NY ( - A teen beauty and honor student has filed a $100 million lawsuit against ABC and Disney, claiming the show “Wife Swap” was falsely scripted and skewed to make her look like a spoiled brat, as reported by New York Daily News. The girl claims she now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts as resulting from the airing of the show.

Alicia Guastafarro, who was 15 when the show aired in 2008, claims the defendants acted “with malice towards [her], with the intent of embarrassing and emotionally harming plaintiff as a mode of entertainment, to their own profit.”

Guastaferro, now 18, claims she has received death threats and even been assaulted. The stress from the fall-out has also resulted in her now failing grades, according to the plaintiff. She claims that since the airing she has had to face public ridicule and scorn and irreparable damage to her reputation.

The lawsuit claims those involved with the scripting and shooting instructed her to act the way she did, and to not dispute her actions as a false portrayal in later television appearances.

The show was initially broadcast on January 2, 2008, with a viewership of 8.5 million. It is now syndicated internationally, according to the complaint.


Hmm, I wonder if the lawsuit has anything to do with this...

Common Sense Has No Place in Hip Hop

Anyone know who BigPage is? Apparently he's got it out for Drake for doing what any normal person would and reported to the police being robbed at gun point. You gotta love how rappers continuously try to set black people back a hundred years with general coonery. Fuckery under the cut!

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Source 2:

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Ugly Betty 4.18 "London Calling" Promo

Betty gets an assignment to cover London Fashion Week, accompanied by Amanda, and she brings Hilda along as a bachelorette party treat. She reconnects w/Christina (Ashley Jensen) and also runs into Gio (Freddy Rodriguez) unexpectedly. Willie joins AA to get closer to Tyler and to double-cross Claire and Daniel, and Bobby can't figure out why Justin is spending all his time with Austin -- until he can.

Ugly Betty airs Wednesday, March 31st at 10:00pm.

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Trailer: 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'

The trailer is out for "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World." I admit I was skeptical that Michael Cera could break out of his milquetoast demeanor and do battle, even Scott-esque battle, against anyone -- but it appears Edgar Wright is hitting the right tone overall. "Arrested Development" fans will love Cera's showdown with Mae Whitman (yes, her) as one of Scott's foes -- the seven exes of his new girlfriend, Ramona Flowers. But even with the trailer's "Batman" TV series-style SMAKs and KPOKs, I'm not convinced all the humor of Bryan Lee O'Malley's books will be there.

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Seems like fun :D
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"Not Myself Tonight" to have radio premiere worldwide

Below are the final radio premiere times. The single will now premiere LIVE everywhere around the world. Previously, there was a slight delay in the times when you'd be able to hear the song locally on radio. This is in a bid to have the new song on radio and other media at the exact same time no matter where you are in the world.

Here's a brief timezone rundown of when you listen to hear the new single.

New York, Z100 - World Exclusive premiere. Tuesday, March 30th @ 6pm (local time).

Los Angeles, Kiis FM - Tuesday, March 30th @ 3pm (local time).

London, Radio One/Capital FM/Kiss100 - Simultaneous premiere. Tuesday, March 30th @ 11pm (local time).

Paris. Wednesday, March 31st @ 12am midnight (local time).

Australia. Wednesday, March 31st @ 9am (local time).

Auckland, NZ. Wednesday, March 31st @ 12pm (local time).

India. Wednesday, March 31st @ 3:30am (local time) (local radio to premiere at 6am)

For other timezones you'll need to convert them yourself. These timezones are just a guide.




JANET: Not focusing on album yet

Janet Jackson may have two songs in rotation — “Nothing” and her Pitbull team-up “Heartbeat Love” — but fans anxious to hear her follow-up to 2008’s Discipline have a long wait ahead of them: Jackson tells Rolling Stone she’s not currently working on an album.

“There was a time where I was actually in the studio and I was recording, but I’m not working on an album,” she says. “There have been a lot of record labels that have asked me to sit down and talk with them, but I don’t know if I want to do something completely independent, or go with a major.” Discipline was Jackson’s first disc on Def Jam after she left her longtime label Virgin.

So what about the new songs? “Nothing” is a one-off she co-wrote and co-produced with Jermaine Dupri for the new Tyler Perry film Why Did I Get Married Too?, and the lyrics reflect the tensions and turmoil between characters, like Angela’s trust issues with Marcus (”You can even have the password to my phone”), as well as her own character Patricia’s guilt and regret over Gavin (”We should cherish every moment like it’s the last”). As for the second song, Jackson said she did it as a favor for Rodney Jerkins, for “fun.”

When Jackson does return to the studio, she’s not sure whether she’ll work toward a classic pop album (as “Nothing” might indicate) or do something more dance club-oriented (like “Heartbeat Love”): “I haven’t decided on exactly where I want to go or what I want to do.”

DM; all

TV Ratings Wednesday

With American Idol up 4% with adults 18-49 versus last week, its 7.1 rating and 21 million viewers were easily enough to lead FOX to a nightly win, despite Human Target dropping 13% at 8pm. Due to NCAA basketball coverage, Human Target had to take on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

Survivor easily won the 8pm hour with a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating and nearly 11 million viewers. At 9pm American Idol dominated, though Modern Family was still strong with a 3.6 rating for adults 18-49. At 9:30p, Cougar Town dropped down to a 2.6.

At 10pm, against a repeat of CSI: NY, NBC won with Law & Order: SVU scoring a 3.3 rating with adults 18-49. With new episodes of the 9pm comedies, Ugly Betty rose 55% with adults 18-49 from last week’s Wednesday lows to a 1.7 rating with adults 18-49.

The premiere of Fly Girls on the CW failed to take off, and with that as it’s lead-in, things were low for High Society.


I watched Sabres hockey and Modern Family. What did you watch, ONTD?
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Amy Lee Jr. + Band Have A New Music Video

What do you get when you cross former members of Evanescence with a past 'American Idol' contestant? We Are the Fallen, of course. Featuring Carly Smithson on vocals, We Are the Fallen released a remastered version of their debut single, 'Bury Me Alive,' featuring an orchestral outro last month. Today, Noisecreep premieres the official video for 'Bury Me Alive.' The video treatment was conceived by director Kyle Newman and his actress wife Jamie King. Members of We Are the Fallen say the concept was kismet.

I liked Carly during Season 7 but this is going nowhere

Michael Fassbender's dad defends his son.

Irish actor Michael Fassbender's father has revealed he is shocked at the allegations made against his son.

Reports claim that Fassbender's ex-girlfriend has applied for a restraining order against him - alleging he broke her nose in a drunken rage.

The Sun reports that Sunawin Andrews said she is "in fear of her life" and wants the 'Inglourious Basterds' star kept at least 100 yards away.

In court documents, she alleges that the attack took place after a film festival in 2009.

However the actor is currently filming 'Jane Eyre' in England and according to his father Josef has spent most of the last six months there.

Speaking to The Irish Sun, he said: "I don't know where she is getting this story from, Michael is the most gentle man you could ever meet."

When asked about the fact that she had filed for a restraining order, a surprised Josef said: "Is she? Michael has been in England for the last six months. I don't know how anything like that could have happened."

Andrews filed her petition in Los Angeles and also wants €15,000 to cover medical bills.



Beck Enlists Liars, St. Vincent, Os Mutantes To Cover INXS Kick

So far Beck and a rotating cast have tackled Skip Spence, Leonard Cohen, and the Velvet Underground. When St. Vincent Tweeted about collaborating with Mr. Hansen, Os Mutantes, and Liars on an upcoming Record Club, I’m assuming nobody thought they’d be undertaking INXS’s 1987 blockbuster Kick. I’d actually jokingly guessed it’d be Suicide’s ‘77 debut. I mention it because Michael Hutchence’s 1997 death, which was ruled a suicide, does bring a darkness to the album and the proceedings that wasn’t there when we first heard “Devil Inside,” “Need You Tonight,” “Never Tear Us Apart,” etc. It’s a collection full of hits and the band starts where it starts with the more-percussive-than-I-remembered “Guns In The Sky.” The Angus Andrew handles lead vocals and Liars’ fingerprints are all over it.

Record Club: INXS "Guns In The Sky" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.


The original album is one of my favorites. Please do "Need You Tonight" justice.

Rob talks about writing music, his movies and why Twilight matters to him

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Here's an interview with Tú. Basically all your standard Remember Me questions, but he also talks about writing music, how he does it, is he doing it right now, will he ever write for another movie, etc. also, he's seen the trailer for Eclipse, obviously. It's a very good read.

The scans can be found here, nothing entirely new in them, and the full interview is after the cut.

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TaySnl "as if"

UGH!!! I dont even . . .

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Though their short-term romance didn't last, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift continue to hold up their friendship - as the twosome were spotted out on a lunch date in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (March 24).

Also joined by Miss Swift's mom, the pair visited The Farm before jumping in the back seat of an SUV together and heading directly to a Beverly Hills hotel.

As previously reported by Gossip Center, Miss Swift spent the prior night bowling with gal pal Selena Gomez and "Glee" star Cory Monteith.

Of the outing, a source told press, "Taylor and Cory definitely looked close - they spent most of the night chatting together and had a long hug before saying goodbye - but their separate exits seemed quite deliberate so people wouldn't think they were an item."

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Robward glittering / digusted face

LOL of the day .

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He’s a larger-than-life celebrity and now Robert Pattinson has been immortalized in wax, thanks to Madame Tussaud’s craftsmen.

The “New Moon” stud has his very own wax figurine in the world famous museum, located in London, England.

And the wax Pattinson looks amazingly life-like, complete with his messy hairdo and a white v-neck/black blazer combo.

Now Robert’s fans can get an up-close and personal moment with the star- or at least the next best thing.

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mariah stan

Its not a birthday, its an ANNIVERSARYSend

  Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Send your anniversary wishes to Mariah, fellow lambs!

"I came to have a party!" It's almost time to put on your favorite ensemble, pop open a bottle of Angel Champagne (only if you're of age and aren't making any speeches!) and migrate to the flantastic celebration that only happens once a year.

On Saturday, March 27, our one and only diva Mariah Carey celebrates the anniversary of her 12th birthday! MariahDailyJournal cordially invites you to join us in wishing Mariah the most spectacular and, of course, festive anniversary ever!

Please take a moment to submit your special anniversary message to Mariah. We've dedicated a forum in the MDJ Message Board for everyone to leave their greetings.

open up that barcadi, feelin so hot tamale

Lindsay Lohan - Stuck (Clip/2010)

Another source says it samples Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson... even though according to the comments here, Tainted Love is by Soft Cell and that's really important to this post.

No info on the new album or possible release date, but I'm celebrating this leak by listening to RUMORS!!

Moviefone's Giving Away Tickets to Advanced Screenings of 'Clash of the Titans'!

In honor of Moviefone's relaunch of the Moviefone Movie Club podcast, they are giving away tickets to ADVANCED screenings of 'Clash of the Titans' in 14 different cities. (And if you're in the LA area, the screening is the actual movie premiere!) Here's the list of cities:

Los Angeles (screening will be the movie premiere)
New York
San Diego
San Francisco

To qualify to win one of the passes, leave a comment [on the original Moviefone post], using a valid email address, specifying the city where you'd like to attend a screening. These screenings will be held Monday through Wednesday, March 29 to 31 -- so clear your schedule for those dates and hurry, as this contest will close at 12:00PM ET (noon) on Friday, March 26.

Please note that these are tickets to just the screenings --- not providing transportation or any of that.   So make sure you read all the rules.

Go here to enter (or click on the pic above)

Source: Moviefone
Trio Trio

In other news, Kellan was spotted walking .

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Stepping out to run the day's errands, Kellan Lutz was spotted making his way over to a federal building in Westwood, California on Wednesday (March 24).

Clad in black denim jeans, a black t-shirt and a baker boy cap while toting a messenger bag, the Emmett Cullen stud busily read a book as he ventured past the always-present paparazzi.

The sighting comes just after it was announced that Mr Lutz has been cast to star in a new film called "War of the Gods".

Taking on the role of Poseidon, the Tarsem Singh directed drama is slated to begin production next month.

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george jetson

'Idol' singer Sanjaya cited for speeding

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The Washington State Patrol says former "American Idol" star Sanjaya Malakar was caught speeding 110 mph on Interstate 405 outside of Seattle at Kirkland.

He was stopped about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday and given a $411 ticket.

Trooper Dan MacDonald told The Seattle Times there was no one else on the freeway at the time so Malakar does not face a reckless endangerment charge.

The 20-year-old singer from Federal Way gained fame four years ago on the "American Idol" talent show.

guti WEAH

Ba Barbarian Ba Ba Barbarian

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Wonder if he’s filling his car up with regular redheaded — we mean, regular unleaded… Former Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien wore a big grin on his ginger-bearded face while pumping gas in L.A. on Wednesday.

He’s got every reason to be happy, as he recently announced he’ll be hitting the road with his very own comedy tour — that doesn’t involve even a minute of TV on-air time!

Although his parting deal with NBC won’t let him show that flame-haired mug on TV any time soon, Coco found a way around that with his series of live performances throughout the U.S., starting in Eugene, Ore. on April 12.

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I hope and Fox sign a deal soon. I've missed Coco on my tv
Capt. Fine

LaQueento Is Not Pleased By This

Seth Rogen Doesn't Regret Kissing, Getting Punched by Chris Pine

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

"I just kissed Chris Pine. It was awesome. I kissed him hard and I kissed him strong. He punched me pretty hard. Do I regret it? Not one bit."

• Seth Rogen's sense of humor helped set the tone – and the stage for presenter Pine – at the 18th Annual "A Night At Sardi's" event benefitting the Alzheimer's Association in Beverly Hills

Bar talks Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli have one of Hollywood's most private relationships, but she opened up about their romance in a recent interview. She revealed what really happened during their six-month split, and even addressed the persistent engagement rumors. She said:
On their six-month break: "It was a half year for which I am very grateful. I needed it. I came to understand a lot of things about myself. . . I worked on myself [and] I grew up. I didn't know what 'alone' was like. Today I know that a relationship can work only if you know you can be alone and you are not afraid. Today I’m not afraid of being alone."
On the engagement rumors: "I'm not thinking about getting married. I'm still young, not yet 25."
On no PDAs at basketball games: "No one needs to know how we kiss."
On skipping the red carpet: "I am there for him and I am at all the events. . . I just don't walk in hand-in-hand with him. I don't see any reason. I don't need to strike poses with him in front of the cameras."


rihanna picture post + "rude boy" still #1

arriving @ dinner in la:

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 @ tour rehearsals w/ travis barker.  riri has stated that she is learning the drums.  omg, i can't wait to see her play.

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rihanna remains atop the hot 100

Rihanna maintains her No. 1 standing on the Billboard Hot 100 as "Rude Boy" holds at No. 1 for a second week. The track earns the Airplay Gainer award for a fifth straight frame, the longest streak since Black Eyed Peas had an equal run with "I Gotta Feeling" in July/August 2009.
1, 2, 3
ANF (Halsey)

Patrick Stump is making a solo album to play drums again, ironically has bad timing

At South By Southwest, Patrick Stump unveiled songs from his much-discussed solo project (the one you're not supposed to refer to as a "solo project"), and now he's sitting down to talk about those songs and the album from which they'll come.

Much like his SXSW show, the album (which is still untitled) will feature Stump — and no one else. He's playing everything on it and it will feature no guest stars. The decision to go it alone was a multifaceted one, in part due to his desire to get the songs in his head onto an album, and part due to the fact that he's just not that good at working with others. And feel free to infer what you will from that last statement.

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Eventually my ONTD sign post will be made once my friend with the pictures gets them uploaded. Also, Patrick needs his own tag now. Just sayin.
guti WEAH

Donny Osmond Slams Lady Caga

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Donny Osmond has slammed Lady Gaga and Beyonce for including "profanity, sexual exploitation, nudity, and graphic violence" in their Telephone video, insisting he's "upset as a parent."

The singer admits he was shocked to see the saucy scenes in the new promo, in which Gaga is stripped naked by prison guards and groped by a woman, before dancing while wearing a thong.

The video also shows Beyonce act out a poisoning scene -- killing a man by lacing his food with a toxic substance.

And Osmond is worried young fans will be subjected to the explicit images.

He says, "I'm all for freedom of speech and against any form of censorship, but all I know is that I'm a parent and I'm upset about this. Unlike 20 years ago, in today's modern, viral world in which content becomes instantaneously available irrespective of age, I wonder whether the music industry might need to rethink its marketing policies with regard to making an explicit music video containing profanity, sexual exploitation, nudity, and graphic violence available to anyone with Internet access.

"I wouldn't want my child to watch this video. Would you? What do you think? Should these two extremely gifted female role models for millions of young girls, maybe, have given a little more thought to the effect it might have on their core audience?"

Osmond is not the only public figure to take issue with Gaga's latest project. A member of Australian parliament accused the diva, who recently brought her Monster Ball tour down under, of over-sexualizing young women.

the solution is simple, parents should monitor what their kids see on the internet.
and Gaga isn't' a role model to kids isshe?

kacey musgraves

More info on the Forbidden Journey ride @ the HP theme park

More Forbidden Journey details: new video, the ride storyline, John Williams involved in ride's score, more
Early this morning, we told you that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park will be opening on June 18th. We also gave you a first look at the queue for the Forbidden Journey. After reading the report, you'll see the that the queue is like a ride in itself!

Just now, Universal has released new information about the Forbidden Journey ride. And the details are exciting:
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This sounds so awesome, I wished I lived in Florida. :c I also heard that the portraits DO move and talk with each other, and also go into each others portraits.
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Chloe Sevigny attends first Hockey Game in 3D Viewing Party

We’re in a bit of a hurry right now so we have to make this quick, but we just wanted to let you know that Chloë Sevigny was photographed yesterday at the First Hockey Game in 3D Telecast Viewing Party in New York City. We’ve updated the gallery accordingly with our first 7 medium-res photos — as always, more will be added as we find them. Enjoy!
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Matt Kemp moving into Rihanna's house

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In the latest newsstand issue of Star Magazine, the tabloid reports that when Matt Kemp returns from Los Angeles Dodgers Spring Training in Arizona in a week, he’ll move in to the L.A. home of his girlfriend, Rihanna:

Rihanna is getting a new roomate! The singer, 22, invited her L.A. Dodgers star beau, Matt Kemp, to move into her Los Angeles home, an insider reveals.

“He had boxes of his things brought over in mid-March. He’s training in Arizona now, but when he’s back he’ll be at her place.”

Still the slugger, 25, is playing it safe. “He’s keeping his house, to see how things go,” adds the insider. “But they are so in love.”

george jetson

Lady Gaga's designer to launch capsule line for Forever 21: Police tape for everyone!

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Just when you thought Lady Gaga’s fashion was unattainable, inaccessible, or prohibited from being worn in many public places, one of the designers who helped shape the wacky yet fabulous look of her Tarantino-tinged “Telephone” video has made the art of Gaga possible for the rest of us.

L.A.-based designer Brian Lichtenberg, who crafted the now-famous crime scene tape number that Gaga donned in the video, is creating a line of graphic tees for Forever 21, making it the mega-chain’s first designer collaboration.

His designs have also found fans in Beyoncé and Rihanna, though the avant-garde factor will presumably be tamed down a bit for the mass market. But even with some dilution, I’m expecting cool prints and cut-outs, and hopefully a few nods to his celebrity work. The line sounds like it’d be the perfect weekend option — just cross your fingers that you don’t cross paths with a 12-year-old rocking the same tee.

What do you guys think of the design collaboration? Are you going to get a piece of Gaga for yourself?


Banners + Long Ass Interviews for The Losers

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Opening April 23, the Sylvain White-directed action thriller stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, Idris Elba, Columbus Short, Holt McCallany, Oscar Jaenada, Jason Patric and Peter Macdissi.

An explosive tale of double cross and revenge, The Losers centers upon the members of an elite U.S. Special Forces unit sent into the Bolivian jungle on a search and destroy mission. The team--Clay, Jensen, Roque, Pooch and Cougar--find themselves the target of a lethal betrayal instigated from inside by a powerful enemy known only as Max. Presumed dead, the group makes plans to even the score when they're joined by the mysterious Aisha, a beautiful operative with her own agenda. Working together, they must remain deep undercover while tracking the heavily-guarded Max, a ruthless man bent on embroiling the world in a new high-tech global war.

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'The Hills' Stars Reveal What They'd Like To See On Final Season

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Now that it's been announced that the new season of "The Hills" will be its last, some of the show's stars are discussing what they'd like to see happen in the final 12 episodes, kicking off April 27. Will Lauren Conrad come back? Will Kristin Cavallari stir up some more relationship trouble? Will Speidi finally start a family? It seems like anything is possible as the cast bids a fond farewell.

"I've had the best time," Cavallari told MTV News about her return to reality TV at the season-finale party in December. So what does she foresee happening in the new season? "In two weeks, so much can go on. Already, it's like night and day to what's happen[ed]. So I have no idea. In the 'Hills' world, so much can happen in one day, so I have no idea."

Castmate Lo Bosworth, who entered the reality-TV world alongside Cavallari on "Laguna Beach," said she'd like to see a little less drama for the show's final season, though it feels like that might be an impossible dream.

"I wish for a happier season next time," she said in December. "I would like a little return to normalcy, actually, sort of like previous seasons. It was a little more — not naive, but had more charm to it, just 'cause we didn't really know what we were doing."

And while last season was Lauren Conrad-free after she left the show to pursue other interests, does her bestie Lo ever think she might make a cameo? "Highly doubtful," she said. "I think she's very content."


Another skank sleeping with Sandra Bullock's douche husband

Story quoted from TMZ:

"Brigitte Daguerre -- a Los Angeles photographer -- claims Jesse hired her in 2008 to do styling work for a West Coast Choppers photo shoot. She says the two emailed and texted each other for a year, but claims they only had sex four times before she cut it off.

Daguerre has 195 text messages between her and Jesse (the cell phone numbers sync up) ... many of them extremely graphic. Among the milder, Jesse says, "I'll be your monkey."

Throughout the exchanges, Jesse repeatedly asks Daguerre to send pictures and set up rendezvous. In one exchange, Daguerre complained that Jesse wasn't letting loose. He explains, "I'm texting you in secret."

Read more:

Here is the "classy" "lady":

We're now up to 4, including one who just lawyered up with Gloria Alred today, according to Lainey.

Source: TMZ. Jesse James' Alleged Mistresses -- #3 Surfaces

awesome band geting sued?

The guys from Green Day are getting sued by an artist who is accusing the band of stealing a facial feature he created.
The image in question shows a frightened, fang-toothed face -- which was plastered on the Green Day website in 2009, featured in a music video and displayed at concerts (left).

Artist Dereck Seltzer claims he created the face years ago (right) and even got it copyrighted -- and Green Day never got his permission to use it, so he filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles federal court.

Green Day's lawyer, Don Passman, tells TMZ, "Green Day received Mr. Seltzer's image from a responsible company and was unaware that there could be any copyright or other issues."
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16 Candles’ singer Johnny Maestro dies

16 Candles’ singer Johnny Maestro dies
By Associated Press

NEW YORK - Singer Johnny Maestro, who performed the 1958 doo-wop hit "16 Candles" with The Crests and enjoyed a decades-long career with The Brooklyn Bridge, has died of cancer. He was 70. Collapse )

& Me (I got a call about this last night because my uncle was friends with him)

Sorry mods! This one has tags and a cut!
m.e.e.-thos, methos

Universal Studios Orlando 03/25/10

First: the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been announced.

JUNE 18th, 2010!!!

Here's what you can see of Hogwarts Castle/Hogsmeade as they are today.

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Second: there are sets going up at Universal Orlando CityWalk for an upcoming taping of two Ellen shows.

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Source: me, I was in Islands of Adventure/CityWalk this morning.
Also and More info about the Ellen taping.
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YouTube Begins to Kill Off Video Download Tools

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When we wrote about YouTube's paid download initiative, currently being tested, it should have been obvious that there are plenty of ways to download YouTube videos for free, so why would anyone pay for this? Thing is, when we wanted to download a video earlier, the downloader I tried didn't work. Uh, oh.

When asked why our tool was being disabled, A YouTube spokesman referred us to this portion of the site’s Terms of Service:
Part B. You may access User Submissions for your information and personal use solely as intended through the provided functionality of the YouTube Website. You shall not copy or download any User Submission unless you see a “download” or similar link displayed by YouTube on the YouTube Website for that User Submission

It's not surprising that YouTube would begin cracking down. In fact, I wasn't aware of that ToS clause listed above. So will downloading YouTube videos now become as frowned upon (to put it mildly) as BitTorrent? Hard to believe that YouTube could close all the holes to downloading (there are so many ways, and many of them free, and still working, when we tried recently).

SRC. So, ONTD icon/gifmakers, we're no longer allowed to download from Youtube. :( Will you start paying for downloads?
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Plus-sized models depress women.

Plus-Size Models in Ads Cause Low Self-Esteem, Study Claims

The red-hot curvy-girl revolution is taking a major wallop thanks to a new study claiming that ads featuring plus-size models make women suffer from lower self-esteem, ASU News reports.

Since when did Kate Moss get her PhD?

The study, conducted by Arizona State University, Germany's University of Cologne, and Erasmus University in the Netherlands, measured the effect that larger models have on female consumers of various sizes and found that curvy bodies make women with normal and high body-mass indexes (BMIs) depressed, according to the paper.

Picking up from previous studies showing that underweight models have a negative impact on women's self-esteem, the research team reportedly factored in the size of the consumer as well.

While consumers were still negatively influenced by stick-thin models, participants also reportedly experienced low self-esteem when shown ads depicting fuller-figured models.

Curvier women with high BMIs experienced a dip in self-esteem while looking at both thin and plus-size models, because they saw themselves as different from the thin, "perfect" types and similar to the overweight ones, the paper reports.

Meanwhile, those with normal BMIs reportedly reacted strongly to the ads, feeling good when looking at a thin model they related to, then getting down when looking at a larger model because they worried about being similar and being overweight.

By contrast, thin, low-BMI women had no negative impact, because they identified with the slim models and saw themselves as different from the plus-size models, according to the study.

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Legendary rock photographer Jim Marshall has died

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Legendary rock photographer Jim Marshall has died at the age of 74.

Rolling Stone reports that Marshall passed away during his sleep last night.

Well-known for taking pictures of the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and The Who, his pictures of Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar at the Monterey Pop Festival and Johnny Cash's middle finger salute at San Quentin have become iconic.

Due to take part at an event at New York's Morrison Hotel Gallery tonight (March 24), the show will now instead be a memorial of his work.

Collaborating with artists on over 500 album covers, Marshall worked late into his life, taking portraits of people like John Mayer, Ben Harper, Lenny Kravitz and Velvet Revolver.

Publishing five books during his life, including 2009's Trust, Marshall was passionate about his work up until the end, saying: "I have no kids, my photographs are my children."


Katherine Heigl Admits She Sounded Like an Ungrateful B*tch

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That statement, and the one you made on Letterman, combined with the fact that you’re leaving the show before your contract is up, have fostered a perception of you as an ungrateful diva. Are you aware that this is how some people view you?

HEIGL: Yes. The ungrateful thing bothers me the most. And that is my fault. I allowed myself to be perceived that way because I was being whiny and I was griping and because I made these snarky comments. So much about living life, to me, is about humility and gratitude. And I’ve tried very hard to have those qualities and be that person and I’m just so disappointed in myself that I allowed it to slip. Of course, of course I’m grateful. How can I not be grateful? I have been afforded such a wonderful life. And to have come this far and to have this kind of success and the freedom and the choices it allows me… The fact that I could even have Naleigh in my life — adoption isn’t cheap — is something to be so unbelievably grateful for. I am disappointed in myself for allowing that perception to exist… There’s nothing more gross than [the idea of] somebody in my position being ungrateful… And I hope that in the coming years I can change people’s minds about that. The six years [I spent on Grey’s] were important years, and I don’t want them to be demeaned. And that’s another reason why I’m so annoyed with myself. I let myself demean something that was actually very beautiful and very important. Like any job, there are ups and downs. But I don’t want to demean what that experience was. I don’t want it to become about this negativity that I’ve spewed.

more @ the SOURCE and this week's EW

and i know they said "diva", bitch just sounds better. 

Sweet, cruel irony: Sandra Bullock on Tiger, Elin: 'I would have kept hitting him'

So here's some audio of Sandra Bullock at the People's Choice Awards, giving Elin Nordegren some unsolicited advice on what she should have done on that fateful Thanksgiving night when Tiger Woods crashed his SUV into a defenseless tree. Hollywood Life first pointed this out, as Niecy Nash of The Insider asked Bullock what she would have done if Tiger had cheated on her. This was before Bullock discovered her own husband was cheating, so, Irony noted. Excerpt:

"If I were Elin ... man, I would have hit a lot more than she did ... I would have kept hitting! ... I'd get the baseball bat."

Audio here (not embeddable)

Of course Bullock had no way of knowing that her own husband, Jesse James, was also involved in extra-marital shenanigans (perhaps at that very moment) with an ever-widening string of women.


Swing, batta, swing!! But I've got a better idea!

Reese Witherspoon out with her new B/F

Reese Witherspoon and her new boyfriend Jim Toth pick up some wine and groceries on Wednesday (March 24) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Happy belated birthday Reese! The Legally Blonde actress turned 34 on Monday and it looks like she’s enjoying the new love in her life!

The pair was seen holding hands during a weekend getaway in Ojai, Calif. over the weekend.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt to star in Lifetime movie

Lifetime is gearing up for production on an original movie headlined by "Ghost Whisperer" star Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The film, tentatively titled "The List," was penned by "Frasier" alumna Suzanne Martin. maker
Set in a small Texas town, it centers on a former beauty queen (Hewitt), now a married mother of three, who faces certain foreclosure on her home after an injury sidelines her husband from working. Convinced that no one as pretty as her deserves to be poor, she takes a job at a massage parlor, only to learn that the clients expect more than a rubdown.

Eric Laneuville, who has directed more than a dozen episodes of CBS' "Ghost," is set to helm "List," which is being produced by Jaffe/Braunstein. Hewitt will executive produce with Dannielle Thomas, Michael Jaffe and Howard Braunstein. Production is slated to begin in the spring in Vancouver for a premiere this year.

Hewitt stars in and executive produces "Ghost," now in its fifth season. She is also set to make a cameo in NBC's romantic dramedy anthology pilot "Love Bites."


Wolfgang Petersen Develops Live-Action "Paprika" Film

Neverending Story helmer already has script treatment from screenwriter

MTV's Splash Page blog reports that director Wolfgang Petersen (The Neverending Story, Troy, Poseidon) is developing a live-action film version of MADHOUSE's 2006 Paprika anime film. Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent) based his Paprika anime on Yasutaka Tsutsui's surreal 1993 novel of the same name. Petersen told MTV News that a young writer has given him a script treatment, and the writer will develop a full script if he receives a go-ahead. Petersen adds that writing the possible script "will go very fast because the treatment is already very detailed. So I'm very excited about that. I would say it's on the fast track."

Petersen notes that his representatives first introduced him to the story through Kon's anime film: "And I saw it and bingo, I thought this is fantastic. This is a great piece. That will be a very very interesting movie." Although he plans to make the story a little more accessible for a mainstream audience, he compares the story to The Matrix in its scope.

The original story revolve around the Institute for Psychiatric Research's psychotherapist, Atsuko Chiba, and her unrestrained alter ego, "Paprika." Chiba uses an experimental device to enter people's dreams, and Paprika is her exotic persona during these journeys. However, complications arise when a newer device blurs different people's dreams together and brings the fragile walls between dreams and reality crashing down.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released Kon's anime version in North America in 2006. The British publisher Alma Books then published the original novel in English last year. Ever since 2007, Kon has been working on a new anime feature film called Yume-Miru Kikai (Yume Robo or literally, "The Dreaming Machine").


trailer for the original movie

Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo post

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A month ago we saw the first Stella Luna Pompeo pic in the Ellen Degeneres show. Yesterday, Ellen went out for a lunch in West Hollywood with Stella, so now, we have all these pictures of Ellen with her daughter.

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It was back to blonde for Katherine today, as she was spotted on the set of action comedy "Killers" with Ashton Kutcher in Los Angeles. The duo were busy preparing to reshoot scenes from the movie which originally wrapped last July in Atlanta. Katherine, who recently switched to brunette in preparation for her role as Stephanie Plum in the film adaptation of the Janet Evanovich novel "One For The Money" was wearing a wig for the reshoot. At the end of the working day, Katie departed from the set.

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Whitney Port gets sued

Designer: Whitney Port Jacked My Style

Whitney Port
is not the driving force behind her own clothing line -- this according to the designer who claims she did most of the work ... but got a raw deal financially.

According to a lawsuit filed Friday in L.A. County Superior Court, "Whitney Eve" -- which is advertised as Whitney Port's clothing line -- is mostly the work of designer Adrienne Baravetto.

In the court documents, Baravetto claims she met with Whitney Port and her father in 2007 to create a clothing line for women called Eve & A.

According to the suit, Baravetto claims she never signed an official contract but there was an oral agreement between both parties -- and she was promised an $80,000 annual salary plus 25 percent of the company.

Once the line got positive media attention -- and was purchased by several high-end retailers like Fred Segal -- Baravetto claims Whitney and her dad changed the name to "Whitney Eve" and cut Baravetto out of the deal.

Baravetto wants everything she says she was promised, plus punitive damages.

UPDATE: According to Whitney's rep, Baravetto's lawsuit is "baseless and without merit."

Passion Play raises passions in Texas

Photo from the NYC 2008 Revival of "Corpus Christi"

A college student's production of a play in which Jesus is portrayed as the "King of Queers" has outraged residents in a Texas town that fancies itself the Cowboy Capital of the World. Just in time for Easter, Tarleton State University is playing host to a student performance of Terrence McNally's 1998 play, "Corpus Christi," which depicts a gay Jesus performing a same-sex wedding for two of his apostles.

And though Jesus washed the feet of his disciples in the traditional biblical narrative, his character (called Joshua) in the play shows Judas the full extent of his love, kissing the son of perdition at Pontius Pilate High School's senior prom. It's all too much for some residents of Stephenville, Texas, who say there's far too much passion in this Passion play. They are pressuring the university to call off the Saturday performance, which has already been moved ahead eight hours to an 8 a.m. start time to help head off protests.

After receiving threats from the local Christian community, a college performance of Terrence McNally's Corpus Christi has been moved to 8:00. In the morning. A private audience of invited guests and relatives of the cast will be the only people allowed to watch the play, the school said. Critics say the Terrence McNally play, which premiered in 1998 in New York, is blasphemous. The TSU statement says the school "has a responsibility to provide a safe and secure educational environmental for students, faculty, staff and visitors." Stephenville is about 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth.


That's a very handsome Jesus ;) Ashame about the censorship, but what else would you expect from near Fort Worth Texas, honestly?

Vampire Diaries returns tonight!

Stills from episode 16: There Goes The Neighborhood & cast twitpics
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A NEW START — Anna (Malese Jow) brings a surprising guest along when she pays a
visit to Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley)
go on an awkward double date with Caroline (Candice Accola) and Matt (Zach
Roerig), but Stefan and Matt find they have some common ground. Jenna (Sara
Canning) reunites with her old friend Kelly (guest star Melinda Clarke), and
Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) relationship with Anna takes an unexpected
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you dont worry


Ever since the IAMAMIWHOAMIIDONTKNOWOMFGAMIXTINA stuff started, people have been thinking and talking more about SALEM--3 kids, Jack John Heather, from Chicago, who make menacing, dark, dirty, haunting music. Like cough syrup chopped and screwed that got killed in a woodshed. That's why you should care. Also, everyone who has the internet has heard this band and has no idea what to think.

SALEM don't really do interviews, but when they were in Austin, TX for the annual South By Southwest music festival, soldout got them to sit the effe down for a video interview, where they talk about not being goth, how they hate Lil Wayne (ONTD LISTEN UP! THEY AIN'T GONNA FREE WEEZY), and how Gaga makes "that popular song that's popular". That interview, plus some SALEM hate from Fader, Collapse )
Cecil B. Demented

'The Reader' director Stephen Daldry a candidate to direct 'Breaking Fail'

EXCLUSIVE: Add this name to the list of high-end auteurs who are being considered for the director's chair on "Breaking Dawn": Stephen Daldry.
Yep, that Stephen Daldry, the man who directed such Oscar fare as "Billy Elliot," "The Reader" and "The Hours."

Daldry joins a list that includes Sofia Coppola, Bill Condon and Gus Van Sant, all of whom have been approached about taking on the fourth film in the "Twilight" franchise. Like those three, there are not yet indications Daldry would actually take the gig, but the fact that Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the films, has reached out to him suggests where its intentions lie for the fourth film.

By this point nothing should surprise us about the names Summit is considering. (Well, James Cameron would surprise us. But he's pretty much the only one.) The fourth book contains more complicated material as the story opens up (warning: spoiler alert), with part of the novel written from werewolf Jacob's perspective and Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan carrying a child.

Having already gone indie with Catherine Hardwicke, polished/commercial with Chris Weitz and genre auteur with David Slade for the franchise's first three movies, Summit clearly wants a high-end prestige filmmaker to handle the fourth picture.

DaldryStill, even by those standards, Daldry stands out. He's been nominated for three Oscars, more than any of the other directors on the short list. In fact, Daldry is the rare filmmaker who's been nominated for a best directing Oscar for every feature he's made.

Those credentials make taking on a global teen phenomenon seem unlikely, though there are reasons to think it could work. The director is well-versed in depicting forbidden love (a "Twilight" staple) with "The Reader" and "The Hours." And he's adept at themes of family alienation, also a franchise fixture, which ran under "Billy Elliot." Also, like most of the others, Daldry doesn't yet have a new film.

The fourth "Twilight" movie -- which will likely take only a piece of "Breaking Dawn" as the film is split into two -- will in all likelihood be shot in the fall. That gives Summit a little more time to comb through high-end directors. Academy Award winners, take note: Vampires and werewolves are coming for you.


brought to you by THE HOURS DANCE REMIX

IAMAMIWHOAMI - "b" now available to purchase on iTunes. Plus iPhone app?

I have a US itunes gift card that I hadn't used so I said to hell with it and bought it. I assume this is legit because this sounds like a much better & mastered version than the song on the Youtube clip. So...maybe more songs under the pseudonym to come?

Additional info: it's been up on iTunes for the last week, and if you search IAMAMIWHOAMI on iTunes it also turns up an iPhone app. I don't have an iPhone though so I couldn't tell you what it does.

Link to download:
ontd // dirty dancing

Brendan Benson with Ashley Monroe at a Lake Fever Session

We here at Lake Fever Sessions make no attempt to hide the fact that we sometimes get a little giddy working with some of our favorite artists. So when our crew over at American Songwriter asked if we had any interest in a session with Brendan Benson, we knew we were in for something special. Ever since Brendan first moved to Nashville with The Raconteurs, Jason Bullock and I have been kinda pipedreaming about getting him into record with us at Lake Fever. Finally, it was going down and we couldn't have been more.... well, giddy.

Collapse )

source + bonus video

Saw Brendan in concert twice this past year (it was amazing), but I am really liking this collaboration so far. I hope they decide to tour if/when a cd is released. mods, this is about a month old, but I guarantee it wasn't posted.

Ice Cream Cone-Shaped Man on @CraigyFerg

Jonah Hill on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

- Jonah talks about How to Train Your Dragon for less than a minute
- Jonah plugs the movie "Greenberg" more than his own movie
- Craig and Jonah play with action figures of their characters from the movie
- Jonah misses a prime opportunity for "big weapon" jokes
- Craig misses a prime opportunity to have the action figures do an awkward pause

Collapse )


Shrek Forever After Banners

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yahoo! Movies has debuted these two new character banners for Shrek Forever After, opening in theaters on May 21st. The Mike Mitchell-directed sequel is voiced by Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas, Jon Hamm, Kathy Griffin and Kristin Schaal.

In the fourth installment, Shrek is feeling over-domesticated. He has lost his roar. It used to send villagers running away in terror. Now they run to him and ask him to sign their pitchforks and torches. To regain his ogre mojo, he strikes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin. The pact goes awry and Shrek must confront what life would be like in Far Far Away if he had never existed. That translates into Donkey being forced into cart-pulling duty, fat and lazy Puss in Boots trading his sword for a pink bow and the underhanded Rumpelstiltskin ruling the kingdom.

Collapse )
[Actor] Henry Cavill

A nobody's guide to the Oscars

You know you're not going to win. You're seated in second-class. You've trodden on someone's dress. Author Neil Gaiman on what it's like to be invisible at the Oscars.

There were authors grumbling about not going to the Oscars. I heard about it from friends. "So why are you going?" they asked.

I had written a book called Coraline, which the director Henry Selick had transformed into a stop-motion wonderland. I'd helped Henry as much as I could through the process of turning something from a book into a film. I had endorsed the film, encouraged people to see it, mugged with buttons on an internet trailer. I had also written a 15-second sequence for the Oscars, in which Coraline told an interviewer what winning an Oscar would do for her. I'd assumed that would get me into the Oscars. It didn't. But Henry, as director, had tickets and could decide where they would go, and one of them went to me.

Collapse )


Coming to Comedy Central: "Patrice Oneal's Guide to White People"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Comedy Central is teaming with comedian Patrice Oneal for a pilot presentation and stand-up special.

The semi-scripted comedy/reality presentation, titled "Patrice Oneal's Guide to White People," will star Oneal as a professor of whiteness teaching a Whitey 101 class at an adult school
that is designed for foreigners as well as Americans who want to learn "what white people are about and how to get along with them," Oneal said.

He said he got the initial idea after interjecting into a conversation between two white guys about guitar riffs. The men were stunned when Oneal's commented about how great he thought the riff in Eagles' "Hotel California" is.

"I thought it would be a great idea if we just did the show from that angle: I'm a guy who tries to learn about white folks," he said. To do that, in the reality portion of the show, Oneal will get on the street to learn about things white people love, like vintage clothing.

Ish Entertainment is producing the presentation, with the company's Michael Hirschorn executive producing along with Oneal, Gino Tomac and Oneal's manager, Jonathan Brandstein.

Oneal's stand-up special for Comedy Central will shoot this year.

Paradigm-repped Oneal is a familiar face on Comedy Central. He was one of five regular guests on the network's "Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn" and appeared on "Premium Blend," "Chappelle's Show" and the animated stand-up series "Shorties Watchin' Shorties." He also fronted his own comedy special.

Oneal also had a recurring role on NBC's "The Office."


There is so much weird in this news that I can't put it into words

Tracy Morgan and Juliette Binoche are in final negotiations to join the ensemble cop drama "Son of No One," being directed by Dito Montiel.

The pic, coming from Nu Image/Millenium Films and Hannibal Pictures, is lining up quite a cast, which is led by Channing Tatum, who plays a young cop assigned to a precinct in the working class neighborhood where he grew up, with an old secret surfacing and threatening to destroy his life and family.

Al Pacino, Ray Liotta, and Katie Holmes are also in the cast.

Morgan, the "Saturday Night Live" comedian who has broken out with his work on "30 Rock" and "Cop Out," is coming off his first major movie and is stepping into the shoes vacated by Terrence Howard, who was originally set to co-star. Morgan will play Vinnie, a friend of Tatum's.

Binoche, who spends her time toggling between French movies and English-language productions (her last American movie was "Dan In Real Life"), plays a reporter.

Holly Wiersma is producing the pic, which begins shooting next week in New York.

Morgan is repped by UTA and 3 Arts Entertainment while Binoche is repped by CAA and Untitled.
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Taylor Lautner to be directed by John Singleton in 'Abduction'

Twilight star Taylor Lautner’s upcoming star turn in Abduction will be directed by John Singleton, according to The thriller, about a man who finds his own baby picture on a missing persons website, is Lautner’s first real headlining role. Singleton’s last big screen feature was 2005’s Four Brothers. The film is slated to begin shooting in July.