March 23rd, 2010


Take care of your VaJew-Jew ladies.

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Amy Winehouse is backing a new campaign that's encouraging women to take better care of their genitals.

The makers of a new feminine hygiene product called the Mooncup have launched a survey of women around the world, in a bid to break the taboo surrounding the intimate area.

To promote their product, Mooncup bosses are asking ladies to log onto and reveal the nicknames they use for their vaginas.

And Winehouse is leading the way — the Jewish star reveals, "I call it my little VaJew-Jew."

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Rosie O'Donnell Talks New Talk Show, Sandra Bullock

Rosie O'Donnell spoke out Monday night in New York City about her new talk show, headed to airwaves in 2011, and she also expressed support for Sandra Bullock.

Calling the format of her new show, "laughter and love in the afternoon," O'Donnell said that the program will be "a single topic, hour-long show about life, love and laughter." She said there will be "no desk" and "no celebs promoting movies," but that there "may be a few giveaways."

"It's gonna be a lot different because I'm a lot older, you know. It'll be a dozen years since leaving my own show when we go back on the air and I've grown a lot and I think that it's time," O'Donnell said.

Explaining why the time is right to return, she said, "A lot of companies have asked in the few years that I've been gone, since 2002. ... Now all my kids are in school and I've got my days free, and with Oprah leaving there's a huge void in daytime."

O'Donnell also had words of support for Sandra Bullock, whose husband Jesse James allegedly had an affair. "She's an amazing woman, Sandra Bullock, one of the finest actresses and greatest human beings," O'Donnell said. "And I have tremendous admiration and respect for her and think that she's a good girl in every way."

O'Donnell made the comments at the premiere of HBO Documentary Films' 'A Mother's Courage: Talking Back to Autism.' Kate Winslet narrates the doc, which follows an Icelandic woman who travels to the U.S. in order to get help for her autistic son. The documentary will air starting Friday, April 2 on HBO.

Anyone else remember Rosie's rant about stingy celebrities after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in NYC? Rosie said that she called a bunch of celebrities and encouraged them to make a donation to a relief fund. She said that everyone but Sandra (who donated $1 million) said "no", yet those same stars appeared on the 9/11 telethon begging working-class Americans for money. She didn't call names, but Rosie was angry. Angry Rosie is the best.


OMG, you look just like Shakira! No no, you're Catherine Zeta!

Actually, her name's Marina.

Marina unveiled the artwork for her new single I Am Not A Robot due April 15th.
The Family Jewels will be released in the States on May 25th.

According to Marina, ;The song was me singing to myself and basically saying, 'stop being so ridiculous, you can't let having a fear of failing hold you back'."

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Anna Nicole Smith Estate Takes Another Hit

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Someone wants a posthumous piece of Anna Nicole Smith.

The State of California has filed a $45,308 tax lien against Smith's estate for a 2008 delinquency. She died in 2007.

It's been a tough week for Anna Nicole's estate. Last week a United States Court of Appeals shut down the estate's claim that she was entitled to $300 million from the estate of her late husband, J. Howard Marshall.

Calls to estate reps have not been returned.
you made me a shadowboxer baby

Florence and the Machine Using Science on Second Record

Florence Welch is hitting the books for her sophomore album. In a recent interview with NME, Welch says that she's busy working on the next Florence and the Machine album, with "science" informing the new song 'Strangeness and Charm.'

"I was having a conversation with my father and he was talking about this thing -- strangeness and charm," Welch told NME. "It's actually the name of the two smallest particles that there are when you split the atom, so I wrote a song around it. I even managed to fit the word 'hydrogen' in there. Isn't that a nice thing for scientists to call them though? It's so unscientific and human."

Welch also reveals that she's working with producer Paul Epworth (Bloc Party, Kate Nash) and is working the guitar into the mix, presumably more than the lush, jangly arrangements of her Brit Award-winning 2009 debut 'Lungs.' But don't think that the runaway success of 'Lungs' has changed her perspective; if anything, it sounds like she's even more determined to make sure round two of the machine doesn't sputter. As she told BBC 1 Newsbeat back in January, "life hasn't changed. I still get the bus. I have no cash cards so I'm pretty much broke and borrowing money still. My phone's broken; I'm still exactly the same."

She added to this sentiment with NME, saying, "The second album feels like a release -- I've got new ground to cover -- whereas the first one was really scary. The next year is really just me moving on and creating something new."

Florence and the Machines are currently gearing up for a US tour, kicking things off on April 5 at Philadelphia's Theater of the Living Arts. From there, she'll trek across the US en route to a slot on Coachella 2010's final day, April 18.

Sweeter than heaven, louder than hell.


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Been a long time since we last hear about pop star Madonna in the fashion business, and finally she decided to go retail. Madge teams up with Iconix Brand Group Inc. and formed a joint venture called MG Icon LLC, which will kickstart multiple fashion-related projects to retailers across the US of A and around the world. Expect to see a juniors’ line called “Material Girl” in Macy’s which will be launched in August. Madonna gave a brief statement:

“Joining forces with Iconix to bring my fashion ideas to consumers is very exciting for me. I look forward to working closely with Neil and his team to create and translate my vision and ideas for MG Icon.”

Madge would not only be tending her fashion line, she’s also open to endorse other Iconix brands such as Ed Hardy or Danskins.

The Material Girl clothing line that’s aimed for 13 to 25 year olds will consist of apparel, footwear, handbags and jewelry, with prices ranging from $12 to $40. In 2011, the brand is projected to expand into beauty and fragrance. Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes(13), is the muse of the line, a source of inspiration for what’s about to come.

Here’s to hoping that there will be no cone-shaped bustiers. What do you think about Madge’s new venture?
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'Scream 4' Set for Release on April 15, 2011

Dimension Films has greenlit "Scream 4" to shoot this spring with a release date of April 15, 2011 -- more than a decade after "Scream 3."

Wes Craven's directing and Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox Arquette are reprising their roles along with a group of young actors.

Dimension said its 2011 slate focuses on continuing its most successful franchises. The original "Scream" grossed more than $170 million worldwide in 1996; "Scream 2" also took in more than $170 million and "Scream 3" topped $160 million after it was released in 2000.

Craven helmed all three "Scream" pics with Campbell, Arquette and Cox Arquette starring.

"'Scream' has been such an integral part of Dimension's history, and I look forward to continuing the franchise," said Bob Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Co.

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Princess of Pop Cheryl Cole voted Most Inspirational Woman of the Decade.

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Cheryl Cole has been named the 'Most Inspirational Woman of the Decade', according to the results of a recent poll.

Cosmetic treatment review website The Good Surgeon Guide presented a pre-selected list of names and asked 1,178 women across the UK "Which of the following women has inspired you the most in the last decade?".

The Girls Aloud singer and X Factor judge topped the list, with 51% of those voting for her reportedly doing so because of her "success" and 29% doing so because of her "beauty".

Cole was followed by Dame Helen Mirren, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston and acid attack victim Katie Piper in the top five, with the top ten completed by The Queen, J.K. Rowling, Sharon Osbourne, Kylie Minogue and Amy Williams.

Website owner Christiana Clogg said: "It is great that the results show these women as inspirational for a variety of reasons.

"Success is something that most women aspire to have, not necessarily success in the public eye, but success on a personal level."

Model Jodie Marsh was named the least inspirational woman, followed by Tara Palmer Tomkinson, Kerry Katona, Amy Winehouse and Amanda Holden. (LOL at Amanda Holden!)

The top ten 'Least Inspirational' list was rounded out by Rebecca Loos, Camilla Duchess Of Cornwall, Lady Isabella Hervey, Chantelle Houghton and Helen Flanagan.

Cheryl was also recently named the the most photogenic woman in the world EVER.
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"The Lion Inside" Cast Grows

'Lion Inside' cast grows

Rhys-Davies, Rotibi, Jean-Louis eyeing Africa tale

By Gregg Kilday

March 22, 2010, 10:32 PM ET

John Rhys-Davies, Sammi Rotibi and Jimmy Jean-Louis are in negotiations to join the cast of the environmental actioner "The Lion Inside," which ECO Films will shoot this summer in Africa.

Billy Boyd and Peter Mullan are starring in the film, set against the backdrop of illegal logging and wildlife poaching in Central Africa, written by Jim Branchflower and directed by Richard Jobson. ECO Films' Branchflower and Jeff Rodgers, Kalahari Pictures' Michael Murphey and Marker Entertainment's Paul Emami and Chad Hawkins are producing.


from their facebook page: Set against the backdrop of illegal logging and wildlife poaching in contemporary Central Africa, The Lion Inside is an environmentally-conscious, action-adventure about a former British Army officer who, with the assistance of a ragtag group of ex pat mercenaries, must rescue his kidnapped wife from a transnational logging conglomerate.

Pippin, Gimli and the Haitian from Heroes all in one movie! I'm really excited for this movie! lotr ♥
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Celebrities and Twitter: Celebrity Health Care Tweets

Jim Carrey, Ashton Kutcher, Pink and others Use Twitter to Tweet About Health Care Bill

For those who follow these sorts of things it seems celebrities are reacting to the passage of the health care bill by leveraging Twitter to Tweet their opinions on health care reform.
Some Celebrities like many every day people have been closely following the health care bill as it winds its way through the halls of government - a bill that has proven to be divisive but so far most of the celebrities that have Tweeted seem to support the health care bill.

Here is what Jim Carrey Tweeted:
Wow...It appears as if, despite the heartless and inept, something might actually get done in Washington! GOBAMA! GOBAMA! GOBAMA!

Here is what hip hop artist Ray J had to say on Twitter
We need health care! Help America continue to make history!

Here is what Ashton Kutcher posted on his Twitter account.

Health care has been reformed. I'm gonna quit my job. :)

Alyssa Milano who is dedicated and thoughtful Twitter user posted two tweets back to back

10 immediate benefits you'll get from health care reform:....Change has come!
House passes the senate Health Care Bill 219-212 (CNN)

Singer Jewel seemed disenchanted with both Democrats and Republicans when it came to the health care debate.
reading ur tweets re Health Care. Glad 2 c we can air opinions & b civilized. watching all the news/politicians-BOTH sides r making me glum

Singer Pink took a swipe at popular talk show host Rush Limbaugh. At one point Limbaugh had said he would move to Costa Rica if the health care bill passed.
RT @ThisIsRobThomas:didn't rush limbaugh say that he would leave the country if health care bill passed?will gladly purchase him ticket now.


Feel free to share any ignorant or enlightening status updates on the health care reform bill that you've seen on your feed in the last 24 hrs.

This ain't Betty White's fridge....

(Jesse James' Skank) Michelle Bombshell's refrigerator:

TMZ just released this photo which is 'allegedly' Michelle "Bombshell" McGee's refrigerator door. Arranged in children's magnet blocks are the words "Go White Power".

It seems the white power fanatic also enjoys her Mexican beer...


This bag of crabs just bleeds ignorance.

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Bar: in ELLE Russia

Well, these are some sexy fucking pictures. Bar Refaeli topless pictures are basically what I'm living for at this point, and while it's true that she is covering up in the topless shot, there is that other shot in which her top is really see-through. So see-through, in fact, that you can totally see Bar Refaeli's nipple! But seriously, we need some proper Bar Refaeli topless pictures, like yesterday.

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NSFW for minor nip in sheer top.
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combing his hair!

It's not like he was going to propose to her.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Headed to Splitsville D:

The romance between reality TV vixen Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush is apparently on the rocks -- again, has learned.

The high-profile couple split temporarily last week, as Kardashian flew to Miami to shoot her sister's reality television show, while Bush spent time in New York, shooting a calendar. But sources say the separation could be more serious.

An insider on the set of the 2011 Calendar Guys shoot last Thursday confirmed Bush was complaining about the troubled on-again, off-again romance.

"It was a two hour shoot and Reggie spent most of it texting on his phone," the source said. "In between photos and costume changes, everyone on the set could tell something was going on. He became a little tense, at one point.”

Our source said that at one point, Bush disappeared into a nearby office "to use his cell phone in private." The source told that after that heated phone call, Bush openly complained about his relationship with the world famous socialite.

"Reggie had a friend with him and I could hear them talking," added another source.

Later that night, Bush was spotted at hip New York City nightspot 1Oak, at Robin Thicke's 33rd birthday party where "he was flirting up a storm," according to an onlooker. He spent the majority of the night with an unknown brunette and talked for an hour straight, said the source. Bush remained in New York for the weekend.

On Saturday, after a lunch date with his agent at the upmarket restaurant Serafina, the NFL star told waiting paparazzi that he did not know where Kardashian was. (She was scantily clad on a yacht in Miami, at the time.) When asked if they were still an item, Bush said "no more questions."


Stephanie Seymour Bikini Pictures [NSFW]

The other day we brought you Stephanie Seymour nipple slip bikini pictures, and today we have more, and possibly even sexier Stephanie Seymour bikini pictures than are also slightly see-through. The Supermodel and super sexy MILF is still enjoying the beach in St. Barts, and I know I'm still enjoying pictures of her at the beach in St. Barts. And yes, in that first row of pictures, she is sticking her hand up her top and rubbing her breasts. You're welcome.

UPDATE: Found a couple new pics, including another Stephanie Seymour nipple slip and a nother shot of her groping her own breasts. Awesome.
^ lol egotastic

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Jessica Alba In Short Shorts Is Wow!

Here’s Jessica Alba prancing around LA in a pair of short shorts and looking like a freaking hottie while doing so. Wow! I’ve waited months years to say that about Alba without any restraint or doubt, but it looks like the scorching hot Jessica Alba we all fell in love with years ago is officially back and here to stay (fingers crossed). And an even more reason to celebrate her glorious return, is that she’s flaunting her hotness every chance she gets, which is a far cry from the prude Jessica Alba who covered herself from head to toe for the last couple of years. Anyways, the point is that we can finally drool over Jessica Alba photos without a fuss, so… enjoy!

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Summer-Bennett by melissa_pbfan

Is Dakota Fanning Growing Up Too Fast? a tl:dr article about child actors

While playing '70s rocker Cherie Currie in 'The Runaways,' Dakota Fanning shot scenes where her character gets high, struts around a stage in a corset and stockings, has sex in a backstage dressing room, and shares an intimate kiss with bandmate Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart). A few months later, Fanning turned 16.

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I think she'll be fine. What do you think, ONTD?

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New Lady Gaga Radio Interviews

Today, Lady Gaga was interviewed on “Hamish and Andy”, a radio show in Australia.

Lady Gaga also called the Ryan, Monty and Wippa show on Nova FM to answer some questions from the fans.
She talked about her upcoming music video for “Alejandro” and confirmed that it’s not the continuation of “Telephone”.

Listen to the interviews HERE. (Can't get it to embed, sorry.)


Thank goodness for that.

Lindsay Lohan is a Bag Lady

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To pursue her goal of creating the world's ugliest clothing in every design category known to man, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in talks to launch a line of handbags with Ed Hardy.

A source exclusively reveals to us that Linds is in talks with the L.A.-based clothing company to launch a new line of handbags...

"Lindsay and the design team at Ed Hardy have mutual friends, and they knew she was interested in looking for a handbag license and partner," our source says. "They thought she'd be a good fit and so did she."

So far, it sounds like the collaboration is running smoothly. "As of last week, there are three collections in development and numerous more are expected," our source says. "Lindsay is very directly involved with the project, and she's always pulling things online and from magazines for ideas."

This isn't Lohan's first involvement in the handbag business. In 2007, she was the celeb face of Jill Stuart handbags, and in 2004, she did the same for Dooney & Bourke.

She currently has her own line of leggings, labeled 6126, and self-tanning products called Sevin Nyne. In a less successful venture, she was canned earlier this month by Emanuel Ungaro after serving as its artistic director for just one horribly received collection.

No word yet on when the Lohan-Ed Hardy collaboration will be released.



DM; all

TV Ratings Monday

Dancing With the Stars waltzed up over last year’s spring debut, leading ABC to a big nightly win. DWTS scored a 6.3/17 (rating/share) with adults 18-49 and 23.89 million total viewers in the overnights between 8p-10, boosting Castle to a win at 10pm with a 3.6 rating (likely to drop a bit if there was any DWTS overrun). Last night was much improved compared to last fall’s DWTS premiere on September 21, 2009 when it averaged a 4.1 rating with adults 18-49 between 8p-10p.

Chuck was flat versus last week with a 1.9 rating but last week’s numbers were down significantly so flat isn’t really a good thing.


I watched RuPaul's Drag Race. What did you watch, ONTD?

Courtney Love doesn't understand social networking

Courtney Love doesn't seem to know how Facebook works. The loopy rocker recently posted a rambling 6 a.m. message on the Facebook wall of Untitled Entertainment founder Jason Weinberg -- and included her cellphone number. "I'm in Austin and I'm the queen of it (Google me)," Love wrote from the SXSW festival. "I just left a message for [CAA honcho Bryan Lourd]. I can't do this full time . . . Call me. I hope to God you're in NYC tomorrow [her number, which we mercifully will leave out]. Love you and see you on set."

I'm pretty sure she's been hitting the sauce. Hard.

Sorry, no screen cap D:

Sandy B lawyers up against the Nazi banger.

We're told Sandra's reps have been in touch with several high-end divorce lawyers. Our sources say Lance Spiegel, who handled divorces for Charlie Sheen, Heather Locklear and Michael Jackson, is the frontrunner.

As for Jesse, we're told his business people have contacted several lawyers as well, but he will not be initiating the divorce. We're told his reps are asking the attorneys "if they'd be interested in taking the case" if Sandra files.

As for whether a divorce petition will be filed, one source simply said, "Something's happening.


Karen Elson debuts album in NY

Jack White's wife Karen Elson showcases her debut album in New York

Despite rumours the White Stripe failed to make an appearance

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Jack White's wife Karen Elson made her solo New York debut last night (March 22), with an intimate all-seater show at Manhattan's Le Poisson Rouge.

Backed by a five-piece band, Elson played acoustic guitar for the majority of the hour-long set, which was made up of soulful country ballads taken from her forthcoming debut album 'The Ghost Who Walks' (due out on XL/Third Man records on May 25).

Despite rumours, Jack White failed to make an appearance during the show, even though The White Stripes man produced and played drums on the album.

Elson seemed nervous with her in-between song chatter, but the Oldham-born model still took the opportunity to explain the inspiration for some of the songs. Revealing that 'The Truth Is In The Dirt' was inspired by her reading a quote from Eartha Kitt in an obituary, she also recalled how the idea for 'Cruel Summer' came from Nashville's frequently violent summer thunderstorms.

Closing the set with her debut single 'The Ghost Who Walks', Elson also performed her reinterpretation of the song 'Milk And Honey', which was originally by folk singer Jackson C Frank, but covered most famously by Sandy Denny and Nick Drake.

Karen Elson played:

'Pretty Babies'
'The Truth Is In The Dirt'
'Stolen Roses'
'Cruel Summer'
'100 Years From Now'
'A Thief At My Door'
'The Birds They Circle'
'Last Laugh'
'Mouths To Feed'
'Milk and Honey'
'The Ghost Who Walks'


New Moon DVD Sales Surpass Twilight DVD Sales

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First Weekend DVD Sales of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON Surpasses First
Weekend Sales of TWILIGHT in 2009

Los Angeles, CA March 23, 2010 Summit Entertainment announced today
that the home entertainment release of the studio’s action-packed, modern
day vampire love story THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON sold just over 4
million DVD units in its first weekend of release. The tally surpasses
the first weekend sales of TWILIGHT in 2009 which sold 3.8 million DVD
units, and went on to be the top selling DVD title of the year with 9.2
million units sold. The DVD launch of NEW MOON commenced this past
Saturday morning with 7,000 retail locations nationwide taking part in
events at midnight giving fans their first chance to obtain a DVD of the

Thousands of TWILIGHT fans across the nation participated in the ‘NEW MOON
at Midnight’ event and some were treated to surprise appearances by
members of the cast as well as the film’s director. Fans saw actors
Justin Chon who plays Eric, Christian Serratos who plays Angela, and
Michael Welch who plays Mike in Salt Lake City; director Chris Weitz and
Nikki Reed who plays Rosalie Hale in Los Angeles; Peter Facinelli who
plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in New York; Edi Gathegi who plays Laurent in
Pittsburgh; and Liz Reaser who plays Esme Cullen in Phoenix. Other cast
members of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON made appearances nationwide
including Kiowa Gordon and Tinsel Korey in Cincinnati; Charlie Bewley in
Denver; Chaske Spencer and Tyson Houseman in Atlanta; Daniel Cudmore in
Houston; and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg in Seattle.


Bruce Springsteen buys two houses because he can, then sells one

Bruce Springsteen kisses some $$ goodbye in Wellington real estate

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When it comes to real estate, rocker Bruce Springsteen ain’t The Boss.

The singer of Born in the USA and My Hometown last week sold the first home he bought in Wellington’s horse country — and lost a quarter mil, give or take a couple bucks.

A source close to the transaction told me Springsteen barely ever lived in the 8,000-square-foot, five-bedroom house because he decided to buy a second crib next door three months after his original purchase.

So Springsteen has owned adjacent homes at 3561 and 3581 Ambassador Drive at the Equestrian Club Estates for a year and a half.

Now, it’s just 3581, a smaller (6,600-square-feet) but better appointed house.

Through his Stone Hill Trust, Springsteen last week sold 3561 for $2.95 million to moneyed New Yorkers Daniel and Ellen Crown. Daniel is an heir to the General Dynamics fortune and a cousin of beloved Palm Beach philanthropist Barry Crown, who died in 2006.

Springsteen and wife Patti Scialfa purchased the place in June 2008 so they could watch as their daughter, show-jumping up-and-comer Jessica, trained and competed at the nearby Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. They plunked down $3.1 million, cash.

But by September 2008 their neighbors’ house, which Springsteen’s family had been ogling for months, suddenly became available. Springsteen paid $4.6 million for it, and moved in.

As for 3561, real estate sources say Springsteen didn’t do that badly, even if he sold it at a loss of $150,000 plus fees. And even though it came on the market earlier this year at $3.95 million!

“There are places all around him that have lost 50 percent of their value from a few years back,” one said.

joel mchale

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Casting Update

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Look Real Familiar

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The roving "Real Housewives" rich-lady reality-TV series is going to an
appropriate place — posh Beverly Hills — and E! News has announced the cast. Not
surprisingly, given the location, some of these ladies might sound a bit
familiar: the upscale L.A. edition of the Bravo TV franchise will have
connections to everyone from Paris Hilton to Kelsey Grammer.

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floating doll

Jerry Springer hosts new GSN dating game show

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Jerry Springer is reinventing himself again, this time as host of a dating game series.

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"Baggage," debuting next month on the Game Show Network, gives three contestants the chance to win the eye of a prospective date. The hitch: Contestants have to reveal their faults and foibles.

Players will carry suitcases onstage to represent the baggage they'll confess to and defend, GSN said Tuesday. Among the planned suitors: a shoplifter, a woman who gets advice from psychics and a control freak.

Springer called "Baggage" a family friendly show that's "just fun and lighthearted. There's no life-changing issues."

"I'm like the crazy old uncle," he said. "People feel comfortable telling me their secrets, that I won't be judgmental."

After the three contestants are pared down to one, the potential date must own up to a fault of his or her own.

Springer, 66, whose varied credits include his long-running talk show, "The Jerry Springer Show," as well as "America's Got Talent,""Dancing With the Stars" and a Broadway turn last year in the musical "Chicago," was to begin taping "Baggage" this week.

"I just keep finding jobs," said Springer. "I'm really lucky and I know that. ... Being a host is what I'm comfortable doing. I've been doing it forever, joking around with guests, having fun."

The half-hour series debuts April 19. It will air at 6:30 p.m. EDT Monday through Friday.


Lloyd Dobbler on @CraigyFerg

John Cusack on The Late Late with Craig Ferguson


- Hot Tub Time Machine is a stupid title
- Drinking yourself sober
- Epically long 3 minute awkward pause in the middle of the interview
- John is addicted to awkward pauses
- John and Craig's movies come out on the same day...more awkwardness
- John likes to box, Craig is scared
- Amazingness all around

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Fun interview. I'm so glad Craig is back this week
sir ian

sum more blind itemz

1. "This actress is C list through and through. She does movies and has been in some huge ones and she has done television and been in a huge series. Not the star, but not just a one line thing either. You would recognize her but probably wouldn't know her name. Anyway, last week she called the fire department to her home. An actual home because she has family money. She told the department that someone had dropped a cigarette in the sofa and it caught on fire. When the results didn't match what she claimed, she finally admitted she and two friends had been freebasing coke and that is what torched almost her entire living room." [CDaN]

2. "This aging celeb had a lot of work done, so much so it would rival the likes of Heidi Montag. The problem is, even though this celeb is being photographed and showing off the work, they are EXTREMELY unhappy about it. You wouldn't know it because the celeb can't show a decent emotion. The plan to fix it entails getting even more work done, and we suspect the celeb will be unrecognizable when it's all over. Not Melanie Griffith." [BuzzFoto]

1. rachel bilson?
2. meg ryan?
sir ian

Betty White 'furious' at Jesse James for allegedly cheating on Sandra Bullock with 'some floozy'

She may have a sweet exterior, but Betty White is one tough cookie on the inside.

The "Golden Girl" alum, who co-starred with Sandra Bullock in last summer's romantic comedy "The Proposal," is fuming mad at the actress' biker husband Jesse James, who allegedly had an 11-month affair with a tattoo model, according to

White is reportedly very protective over Bullock, who has recently pulled out of attending the London and Berlin premieres of her film "The Blind Side."

"Betty wants to kick Jesse James' a--," a source close to White explains. "Betty is furious and just cannot understand why he would be so stupid.

"He had everything. A beautiful, talented wife who adored him, an amazing daughter that Sandra treats as her own, and he has thrown it all away for some floozy."

The 88-year-old actress is said to be so upset, she apparently cannot say James' name without cursing. However, that hasn't stopped her from expressing her affection for Bullock.

"I love her with all my heart," White told "Entertainment Tonight" in an interview airing Tuesday. "[She's] one of the greatest human beings on the planet."

"We're all deeply, deeply saddened," she added. "At such a high point in her life, it's tough, but I think the less other people have to say about it and let her work it out ... the better."

As Bullock has remained in seclusion since news of the purported affair broke last week, it is unknown whether she will fly to New York to support the veteran actress when she hosts "Saturday Night Live" on May 8.

The insider told PopEater that White understands the difficult situation, explaining, "Betty wants Sandra to spend some time focusing on herself."

With her highly-anticipated "SNL" hosting gig coming up, White will at least have plenty of opportunities to translate her anger into comedy by taking a few jabs at James.


Kelly Osbourne: Injured Flyer

Showing off her recently injured arm, Kelly Osbourne was spotted all slinged up at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday (March 23).

The reality star fractured her elbow after trying to end a fight between her mom’s dogs in Malibu over the weekend.

She Tweeted: “I fractured my elbow this weekend and it is hands down the most painful injury I have ever had! To cut a long story short I was trying to stop the dogs from fighting at my mums and managed to fracture my radial head!”

Meanwhile, before the doggy drama, Kelly spent that day with her father Ozzy as the two treated themselves to a pleasant afternoon out on the town.

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Anna Friel and Joseph Cross at the Grove in LA 3/22/10

ANNA Friel has been snapped with Joe Cross again after being caught kissing him in December.

The actress, who is in a long-term relationship with David Thewlis, was papped out and about with her former Breakfast At Tiffany's co-star in LA yesterday, despite denying a relationship at Christmas.

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Fitness Personality (lol) Susan Powter Takes on Gabourey Sidibe's Weight, aka Weight Wank Post!!

Famed workout expert Susan Powter took to YouTube warn Gabourey Sidibe about her weight, in a rant that expressed her concern for the actress.

"Let me tell you something, Gabby, because Gabby's the only one who matters here, your weight is going to affect everything in your life -- from every breath you take, because a human body carrying that much fat is under the burden," she explains in her video.

"Your weight, child, is going to affect every moment of your day, certainly your career. You are in an industry where you're going to be judged microscopically," the 'Stop the Insanity' guru adds.


don't let me down, ONTD

miguel  ⁄ ⁄

Strokes Recording Tracks Without Julian Casablancas

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Strokes are working on their fourth studio album, their first since 2006's First Impressions of Earth, but singer Julian Casablancas is keeping his distance from his bandmates in the studio.

In an interview with ABC's Dan Harris, Casablancas admitted that the band was tracking songs without his input. Why? "I'm pretty opinionated," the singer admitted. "I'm not pushy to the point where it's my way or no way. I felt if I wasn't in the room, and wasn't saying that, they could spread their wings, if you will."

Instead, Casablancas is adding lyrics and vocals later in the recording process for the album, which is expected in September. "It sounds more like the last record, but I might try to funk it up a little bit," he said.

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i read the headline on spin and thought something had gone wrong/they weren't getting along but that doesn't seem to be the case.

source: spin, twitter, b

M.I.A.'s New Album Is 'Weird' And 'Heavy,' Says Diplo

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Producer thinks Kala follow-up could come out in July.

On Monday, blogs began noticing M.I.A.'s growing slate of summer festival gigs, which seemed to lend credence to earlier reports that she'd be releasing the follow-up to her Kala album in the coming months.

And according producer Diplo, who worked on the album, that's very much the case. Though it's looking more like the record will see the light of day in July, rather than June as had been speculated. But that's not all he told MTV News when we caught up with him last weekend in Austin at South by Southwest.

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Shannen - Recent

Brenda Walsh/Prue Halliwell/Shannen Doherty on Dancing With The Stars

I thought she did really well, considering her nerves and her paralyzing fear of live audiences. She showed a very sweet side to her personality and it's very clear that she loves her father so much. She won all of my votes via computer and two different phone lines.

Booo at Bruno telling her she looked like a primate swinging its arms. WTF rude.


Hilary Duff Edmonton Airport With Fans+Fiance

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hilary Duff arrives at Edmonton International Airport on Monday (March 22) in Canada.

After waiting at the airport for over 20 minutes, the 22-year-old newly engaged actress was picked up by Edmonton Oilers hockey player Mike Comrie.

While at the airport, the Duffster adorably posed for pictures with some young fans and later tried to hide in a corner while waiting for Mike.

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This post is brought to you by:

mabel 2

A chat with ... 'Runaways' stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning

After months of anticipation, last week The Runaways finally opened in select cities.

As you know, I saw the flick and loved it. (Bring your girlfriends! Bring a flask!) When the cast came through Austin for South by Southwest, I got a few minutes with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning to chat and, mainly, ask them your questions.

Before we hop to it, perhaps I should set the scene:
This conversation took place in a hotel conference room, where the two stars were brought in by several publicists and bodyguards. Stewart spent much of the time doodling an octopus on a legal pad.
After eight minutes, they were escorted out of the room.

Our chat is below. Kristen took her octopus on her way out.

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She listens to Radiohead, Metric, and Camera Obscura? I think I like her now!
jesse pinkman

The Ascent of Jesse Pinkman

"I pictured Jesse as an average-looking guy, you know, a 25-year-old snot that cooks meth. On the spectrum of life, he’s a loser,” says Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. So when Aaron Paul walked in to audition for the role of Jesse Pinkman in 2007, he had a severe handicap: He was too handsome. That may seem counterintuitive in Hollywood, especially given that the character was part of a new show on the then ratings-starved AMC, but Gilligan was committed to as bleak a vision as you’re likely to find on TV. Still, once Paul started reading his lines, “I knew he was the guy.” It took some persuading—AMC executives were similarly perplexed by his attractiveness—but Gilligan got his way and cast the 30-year-old Idaho native as Jesse, the drug-dealing sidekick to chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston). “When folks rise to the occasion and make themselves indispensable,” Gilligan says of Paul, “your perception of your own show changes. Funny how that works.”

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Source via aaronpaul_fans

Lohan launching handbag line with Ed Hardy

A source exclusively reveals to us that Lindsay Lohan is in talks with the L.A.-based clothing company Ed Hardy to launch a new line of handbags...

"Lindsay and the design team at Ed Hardy have mutual friends, and they knew she was interested in looking for a handbag license and partner," our source says. "They thought she'd be a good fit and so did she."

So far, it sounds like the collaboration is running smoothly. "As of last week, there are three collections in development and numerous more are expected," our source says. "Lindsay is very directly involved with the project, and she's always pulling things online and from magazines for ideas."

This isn't Lohan's first involvement in the handbag business. In 2007, she was the celeb face of Jill Stuart handbags, and in 2004, she did the same for Dooney & Bourke.

She currently has her own line of leggings, labeled 6126, and self-tanning products called Sevin Nyne. In a less successful venture, she was canned earlier this month by Emanuel Ungaro after serving as its artistic director for just one horribly received collection.

No word yet on when the Lohan-Ed Hardy collaboration will be released.



Last night Jimmy Fallon continued his quest to reference every single thing that happened in the 90s in a bit where he and his staffers dressed as Rockapella from the Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? game show. The sketch was actually very funny, because after the traditional introduction ("Do it, Rockapella!") the band just repeated the "mmm-bop" opening of the Carmen Sandiego theme for two minutes.

1 2

guy in the red is REALLY feelin that groove
Grumpy Jamie

Ode to She & Him...

She & Him, Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward's band, have released their new album, "Volume Two" today. The newsletter I received this morning contained the following:

The wait is finally over! The new She & Him album is in stores today! Get your copy now on Amazon, iTunes, and grab the vinyl at the Merge Records online store.
"What makes the album so distinctive isn't just the sound of her voice, the quality of her songwriting, or even the resourcefulness of his arrangements, but their joint insistence that these old sounds have as much to say nowadays as they ever did."
- Pitchfork, on Volume Two
Tracklist / 01 Thieves / 02 In The Sun / 03 Don't Look Back/ 04 Ridin' In My Car / 05 Lingering Still / 06 Me And You / 07 Gonna Get Along Without You Now / 08 Home / 09 I'm Gonna Make It Better / 10 Sing / 11 Over It Over Again / 12 Brand New Shoes/ 13 If You Can't Sleep

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Tune in this Wednesday morning: She & Him will be performing live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15AM PDT. In Los Angeles, you can hear the broadcast at 89.9FM, and for listeners everywhere, on the web at

A number of recently announced shows (including nine new North American shows in May and June 2010) are on sale now! Make sure to click here to visit and see the latest tour information as it becomes available.
Thursday, March 25 @ Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theater - Sold Out
Saturday, March 27 @ Savannah, GA - Savannah Music Festival - Sold Out
Monday, March 29 @ New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom - Sold Out
Tuesday, March 30 @ New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom - Sold Out
Thursday, April 15 @ Pomona, CA - The Glass House - Sold Out
Friday, April 16 @ Indio, CA - Coachella - Buy Tickets
Sunday, April 25 @ Barcelona, Spain - Sala Apolo - Buy Tickets
Monday, April 26 @ Madrid, Spain - Joy Eslava - Buy Tickets
Thursday, April 29 @ Paris, France - Alhambra - Buy Tickets
Friday, April 30 @ Berlin, Denmark - Lido - Buy Tickets
Saturday, May 1 @ Copenhagen, Denmark - Loppen - Buy Tickets
Monday, May 3 @ Stockholm, Sweden - Kagelbanan - Buy Tickets
Tuesday, May 4 @ Oslo, Norway - Cosmopolite - Buy Tickets
Thursday, May 6 @ Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg - Buy Tickets
Friday, May 7 @ London, UK - KOKO - Sold Out
Saturday, May 8 @ Minehead, UK - ATP Festival - Buy Tickets
Friday, May 28 @ Santa Cruz, CA - Rio Theatre - Buy Tickets
Saturday, May 29 @ Oakland, CA - Fox Theatre - Buy Tickets
Sunday, May 30 @ Bend, OR - Les Schwab Amphitheatre - Buy Tickets
Monday, May 31 @ Quincy, WA - Sasquatch Music Festival - Buy Tickets
Friday, June 4 @ Milwaukee, WI - Verge Music Festival - Buy Tickets
Saturday, June 5 @ Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue - Buy Tickets
Sunday, June 6 @ Royal Oak, MI - Royal Oak Theater - Buy Tickets
Monday, June 7 @ Chicago, IL - Millennium Park - Free
Wednesday, June 9 @ Toronto, ON - Phoenix Theater - Buy Tickets
Thursday, June, 10 @ Clevland, OH- House of Blues - Buy Tickets
Friday, June 11 @ Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo Music Festival - Buy Tickets
New website! Visit


I can't wait to listen to this. Stupid changed the date they're sending the pre-orders to April 5th. So I'm currently downloading it. I'm also seeing them in London - Yay!! The video is great!

ETA: Listening now, and I'm really liking it. Definitely think her voice is like Marmite - you either love it or hate it. I love it.

"Spy Kids" Receiving a 3-D Reboot in 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dimension Films has scheduled an August 19, 2011 release for Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World 3D.

Rodriguez told us in December that this new "Spy Kids" movie would be a reboot. "It's different kids, not the old kids," he said, adding, "That one's really cool. I'll probably do that in the early part of next year. March or April."

Rodriguez is producing the upcoming Predators as well.

The only other release scheduled for that date is Screen Gems' Skank Robbers, in which Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence reprise their roles of Sheneneh and Wanda.


A (3-D) Videogame Post

Nintendo reveals 3DS

Nintendo has announced a new version of its DS handheld system that will support 3D games. The 3DS will play games with 3D effects "without the need for any special glasses", according to the Japanese company. It will launch during its coming fiscal year, meaning it could arrive any time between April 2010 and March 2011.

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Interesting video on how 3DS will be 3D without glasses
malaika firth

Chezza on Radio 1: shoots down Nuhdeen's duet plans, concedes she is too Geordie for Yanks

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cheryl Cole has shot down Girls Aloud bandmate Nadine Coyle's hopes of a duet together, dismissing the idea as 'a bit weird'.

Nadine, who is following in the footsteps of Cheryl by launching her own solo career, said earlier this month she had written a track she would love to share with The X Factor judge.

However, during her performance on the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge with Fearne Cotton today, Cheryl said she was only prepared to sing with all four bandmates.

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mods, ignore previous submission
faraday is cold

90210 POST

Embarrassing Confession: We Kinda Love 90210 These Days...and What's Next Will Blow You Away.

Would you think less of me if I told you that the best TV screeners I've seen all month were for the upcoming episodes of the CW's 90210?

If so, pretend I'm talking about Lost or The Office or something, and try to read on even if you're not a fan, 'cause although 90210 got off to a slow start, it is kicking some serious (Brazilian butt-lifted) gluteous maximus in its current second season. And it's only getting better.

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If you're not watching 90210, consider it. It's no Lost or Glee, and might just be soapy, CW fluff, but it's fun and witty and reminds us of the glory days of the WB's best teen dramas.
Christian Bale

Tila Tequila wants to work with Lady Gaga

Tila Tequila, in her neverending quest for fame, fortune, or whatever, has sent a message to Lady Gaga on Twitter, stating that she would like to work with her on a song. Tila tweeted, “@ladygaga hey whore!!!!!! U know what’s epic? Do a song with me, you sing while I eat your vag and spit some hard lyrics for ya! LADY TILA!”

Gross. I couldn’t even picture this ever happening. I hope Lady Gaga doesn’t even know who she is, let alone respond to that nastiness.

So trashy.

wf. vessels of a donor look

Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Gulliver's Travels to be in 3D

Earlier today, a rumor started circulating the internet that 20th Century Fox will release both The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Gulliver's Travels in 3D this December. has confirmed through our source that it is indeed the case - the studio will be adding a third dimension to those two holiday films.

The Michael Apted-directed third installment of the "Narnia" franchise is scheduled for a December 10 release, followed by the Jack Black-starring fantasy action adventure Gulliver's Travels on December 22.

It will be a 3D-filled holiday season, which kicks-off with DreamWorks Animation's Megamind on Nov. 5. Disney will then release the Rapunzel film Tangled in 3D on Nov. 12 (wide release Nov. 24), followed a week later by Warner Bros.' Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 on Nov. 19. The other 3D release scheduled for December is Disney's Tron Legacy on the 17th, right in between "Narnia" and "Travels."

TBH I'm just glad we're getting Dawn Treader at all. Thanks Fox! Mods: tagged!


My Newest Boo (and his dog) Go For A Run

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kellan Lutz goes for a morning jog in Los Angeles on Tuesday (March 23).

The 25-year-old actor brought along his mixed breed rescue dog, Kola, for some exercise in the sun!

Yesterday, it was announced that Kellan will be portraying Poseidon in the forthcoming film War of the Gods. He’ll join Henry Cavill and Freida Pinto on the big screen.

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The Kardashian Sisters get the "PERFECT SKIN" Look


In yet another faux-celebrity turned endorsers it looks like Khloe, Kourtney and Kim will all be the face of the skincare line "Perfect Skin"  There aren't any actual products that have been launched officially (Surprise surprise) Kim swears that it's the only skin care line she uses and nothing else has come close to being as effective.  The line debuts this spring but no word yet on where it will be sold.

According to a statement released by Dr. Ron DiSalvo, Senior Scientist at Perfect Skin Labs, the skincare system is perfect for all three of the women (despite their different skin types). 

ONTD Would you use a skin care line endorsed by the Kardashians?

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Monica: The Underdog

R&B singer Monica has been apart of our music landscape for a decade and a half and she is Still Standing strong. Dubbing her self the Underdog, Monica has been through more test and trials than people twice her age. Always the one to look forward, Monica is in a place where she feels gracious, while making the music that brought her into our households. Get to know why Monica will be around for decades to come…

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90s R&B royalty, recognize

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Her album "Still Standing" is out today.

Some shit from 16 & Pregnant that no one probably cares about

Catelynn and Tyler's advice to Lori
Many Season One viewers connected to teen parents Catelynn and Tyler and their struggle to come to terms with making an adoption plan for their baby. We reached out to the couple to share their courage, strength and experience with Lori, who agonized over making the same decision on last week's "16 and Pregnant." Below, check out Catelynn and Tyler's reaction to seeing Lori's episode and read their special advice to her.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
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Girlfriend Fears 'Inglourious Basterds' Star

The actor who plays the British Lieutenant in "Inglourious Basterds" allegedly broke his ex-girlfriend's nose after a night of heavy boozing ... and now she wants protection from a judge, and stat.

Michael Fassbender
's ex -- Sunawin Andrews -- filed a petition for a restraining order against him earlier this month in L.A. County Superior Court.

In the documents, Andrews claims Michael hit the bottle hard during a film festival in July of 2009 -- and after he woke up in a puddle of his own urine, he became violent and "threw me over a chair breaking my nose."

Andrews also says Michael allegedly dragged her alongside their car one night after they had an argument about one of her ex-boyfriends ... causing her to twist her left ankle, blow out her left knee cap and burst an ovarian cyst.

Andrews says she fears for her life and wants to keep Michael 100 yards away from herself and her two children -- and wants over $20,000 to help her pay her medical bills from the injuries he allegedly caused.

Repeated attempts to reach Michael's agent were unsuccessful.


I..I don't know what to make of this :(
Pretty Conan//???

Conan O’Brien To Fox Virtually Confirmed

FOX will announce during their fall/spring upfront on May 17th that they have signed Conan O’Brien to a contract and will join the network once his contract with NBC expires. According to a report by, O’Brien left a date open from his nationwide tour to be present at the upfront presentation.

As previously reported here on, American Idol producers wanted O’Brien to appear on their “Idol Gives Back” special, but NBC banned him from appearing because he still has a contract with them until the end of the season.


Miley Cyrus to quit music

"I have a record coming out in June and that's going to be the last thing I do in music for a while. I just want to do films 'cause I like being someone else. My music is kind of like my diary. I'll always do that ... I just feel like the music industry isn't as positive as I'd like it to be."

-Pop superstar and "The Last Song" lead actress Miley Cyrus, discussing her future in both of the industries that made her a tween icon. Cyrus was a guest on Monday morning's (March 22) episode of "The View," where she discussed her new film, her life in music and her boyfriend Liam Liam Hemsworth (who is also Cyrus' co-star in "The Last Song"). "Well, I like him very much ... I love him. He is a great person," Cyrus told the hosts of the show. "He's someone I'm holding onto because we very much connect and were both very ambitious and have some of the same goals. My mom loves him and thinks he's wonderful."

Cyrus first made a name for herself as Hannah Montana on the Disney series of the same name, but her songs allowed her to perform for thousands of people all over the world. Cyrus' last full-length album, 2008's Breakout, sold over one million copies and scored hits with "7 Things" and "Fly on the Wall." The 2009 EP The Time of Our Lives scored Cyrus an even more monstrous hit with "Party in the U.S.A." Clearly if Cyrus decides that her forthcoming album (which will feature her cover of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn") is her last, it would mean that the star would exit at an absolute peak.

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Snoop Dogg Has 'No Problem' With Competition From Justin Bieber

Tuesday (March 23) marks not only the release of Justin Bieber's My World 2.0, but the drop of Snoop Dogg's More Malice, a reissue of an earlier album with a fresh collection of tracks. So, is Snoop stressing about going head-to-head with the platinum-selling 16-year-old?

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I posted this just because I saw Justin on 106 today and I wanted to post that picture. lol. And yeah he looks kind of cute sometimes


Megan Mullally quits upcoming Broadway play weeks before opening

Megan Mullally is exiting the Roundabout Theatre Company’s Broadway production of Terrence McNally’s Lips Together, Teeth Apart, I’m told. The reason? Mullally simply had had enough of the abrasive manner of director Joe Mantello, who is gearing up for an April 9 opening at the American Airlines Theatre.

While he’s one of Broadway’s proven hitmakers with Wicked and others to his credit, Mantello can be confrontational with his actors. Mullally decided yesterday that she’d seen enough. The Emmy-winning Will & Grace star has appeared on Broadway in Grease! and Young Frankenstein.

She was going to star with comedian Patton Oswalt (in his Broadway debut), Lili Taylor and David Wilson Barnes, in a drama that takes place on the deck of a Fire Island beach house, where two couples celebrate Fourth of July and face uncertain futures.
Mantello can be one tough bitch (just ask Kristin and Idina), but this sounds super juicy
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Kelis says working with Will.I.Am on Flesh Tone 'Felt right'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kelis' funky musical style and the Neptunes' quirky production always seemed like the perfect fit, as evident on hits like the sprightly "Caught Out There" and the rumbling "Milkshake." But the singer parted ways with Pharrell and Chad Hugo on her last album, 2006's Kelis Was Here.

For her forthcoming offering, Flesh Tone, Kelis has hooked up with a different super-producer: the Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am. The pair worked together in the past, but now, Kelis is signed to Will's label through Interscope Records.

"Will and I worked on my last album together, and I love the fact that — a lot of producers don't know music. They might know the genre that they're doing, but he's great because he has a really vast knowledge of music," Kelis told MTV News about her new boss. "There's not a song you can mention or an era of music that you can mention that he doesn't know about or doesn't understand what made it that [successful]. I think that's the key in trying to do something fresh."

As a result of the lead Pea's musical knowledge, Kelis described their union as "comfortable" and said it "felt right." So far, Kelis revealed she's been working with producers Free School, who are also signed to Will.I.Am's label, on an uptempo collection of tracks slated for Flesh Tone.

Late last year, Kelis hinted that her next album would feature a "futuristic disco" sound. Recently, she spoke to MTV News about her latest single, "Acapella," which topped the Billboard Dance & Club Songs chart.

Kelis said the feedback for the David Guetta-produced electronic number has been welcome. "I knew that I loved it, and I felt really good about it," she said. "It's exciting to see that people feel what you feel. That's always encouraging. But I had no idea that that would happen that quickly like that. I just knew that the song felt really real for me."


SHOCKING GENERAL HOSPITAL RECAST: Drew Garrett OUT as Michael Corinthos!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Breaking news: General Hospital is recasting the role of Michael Corinthos. Drew Garrett will be exiting the part of Sonny and Carly's son, and actor Chad Duell will be taking over the role.

ABC issued the following statement on the recast: "We are recasting the role of Michael Corinthos Jr., the son of Sonny and Carly, with actor Chad Duell. His first airdate is Tuesday, April 20th. The continuing storyline will have viewers on the edge in the weeks leading up to May sweeps as Michael and his father frantically try to hide the truth that he murdered his stepmother Claudia.

We want to thank Drew Garrett for his time with General Hospital and wish him well in all his future endeavors."

Drew Garrett took over the role in April 2009, when Michael woke up from a nearly year-long coma.

Chad has appeared on shows such as The Wizards of Waverly Place and The Suite Life on Deck.


well okay
Master Mirror [Witcher 3]

Happy Birthday, Twin Peaks!

Twin Peaks: How Laura Palmer's death marked the rebirth of TV drama

Twin Peaks was a sensation from the moment it first aired… and still, 20 years later, the influence of David Lynch's groundbreaking series can be felt in TV drama, from The Sopranos through to Lost. Here we relive its surreal appeal and ask six veterans of the show for their memories

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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I Wonder If She Referring to Us? LOLHAHAHAHAHA

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

************************************************** ***** To be clear: India Arie ************************************************** *****

I woke up this morning to the news that my Great Grandmother who was 99 years old, made her transition. She was a courageous and Noble very intelligent Bold spoken women. I was going to write this ANYway, but now, I have added incentive. Life’s to precious to live it for anybody else.

So let's clarify one good time, for myself, for my fans and friends, and anyone attempting to disrespect me, twist my words or intimidate me.

To be clear, I made the mistake of thinking that I could have a conversation about current events with a mass group of people, of course that NEVER works, because obviously there are too many people who think too many ways to keep it to a simple debate and sharing of ideas.

BUT I speak to mass groups of people through my music, I write songs of social commentary, so, I continue to speak my heart and mind. I never intend to disrespect any one if it ever comes across that way, it’s a misperception of who I am and intend to be.

Sadly, not surprising that some kids will be THAT disrespectful...LOL! I have to laugh to keep from crying. It scares me for our kids. I know were better than that. No one can make you be a kinder person, but why not be kinder for yourself? Being Crude and vulgar is such a waste of time and mind. I see all of that type of talk as childish games. If you really want to communicate with me be eloquent and respectful. I enjoy debate and understanding other points of view. Anything other than that is just bad childish jokes, I haven blocked you yet because I find it astonishing and curious... I'm scared for our youth, we gotta be better than that.
And to GROWN people saying little slick stuff... This internet anonymity syndrome, where people say mean things ONLY because they know they won't have to be held responsible for it ... Sad sign of the times man.

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source via this

update on this post:

Apparently she was getting death threats on twitter. :( I'm glad she is able to speak her mind again. Link fixed btw

Audrina hits the beach

Audrina Patridge
hits the beach on an overcast day on the beach to take part in a volleyball photo shoot on Monday (March 22) in Venice, Calif.

The 24-year-old TV reality star was one of many celebrities who ran the 26.2-mile marathon from Dodger Stadium to the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, Calif. Other celebrities who ran the marathon included Shia LaBeouf, Hell’s Kitchen star and chef Gordon Ramsay, Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin and The Bachelor’s Andy Baldwin.

Audrina recently blogged in order to get the word out about a new type of skirt. “I wore this adorable and comfy skirt from and they are going to donate 5% of the sales to The Sunshine Kids! Join me in supporting this wonderful organization that benefits children in cancer treatment across North America by purchasing the purple plaid running skirt that I wore yesterday on their website.”

But...What is this?

Comedian Chelsea Handler Does the Bikini Pose on Shape’s (orange, much?) Cover… and she confesses that her diet used to consist of vodka and Doritos. From Monsters and Critics:

The stand-up comedian and TV personality shows off her slimline body on the cover of the US fitness magazine, wearing a tiny red bikini and a big smile. The Chelsea Lately host revealed that she hired a nutritionist once she decided to get serious about being healthy, after years of yo-yo dieting.

‘I was born with a French-fry in my mouth,” she said and admitted that she grew up munching on Doritos in between meals. Now the late-night chat-show host has swapped junk food for healthier options and is feeling better for it. But despite all her efforts to shape up, Handler revealed that her family thought she had actually packed on the pounds when they tuned into her chat show.

She said: ‘I went home to visit my family after my show first started and my sister said to me, ‘Oh, you look good. We were going to say something about your weight because you look so big on TV’.

‘And then I looked at their TV and I realised they had it on wide-screen. I’m like, ‘Of course I look big. Take it off wide-screen you losers!”


That cover is an abomination.

Nikki Blonsky is 'HUGE'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Hairspray" star Nikki Blonsky will play the lead in ABC Family's upcoming series "Huge."

Two TV stars' offspring, David Hasselhoff's daughter Hayley and James Eckhouse's son Zander, also have been tapped to star on the series, along with Andrew Caldwell.

"Huge," based on a book by Sasha Paley, was written by "My So-Called Life" creator Winnie Holzman and her daughter, Savannah Dooley.

Described as "Glee" meets "Ugly Betty," the series revolves around six teens and the staff at Wellness Canyon, a weight-loss camp. It centers on Will (Blonsky), a funny, opinionated overweight girl sent to the camp by her wealthy parents who own a chain of fitness centers, and Amber (Hasselhoff), a curvy teen who is the skinniest and hottest girl at the camp but who considers herself too heavy.

Eckhouse, repped by Main Title and attorney Arik Betesh, will play a college student working as an assistant fitness counselor who becomes attracted to Amber. Caldwell will play the leader of the thinner, popular boys among the overweight camp population.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Also cast as teens attending the camp are Harvey Guillen, Ari Stidham and Ashley Holliday.

Blonsky is repped by Innovative.

"Huge," which received a direct-to-series 10-episode order, is slated to start production in April for a premiere in late June.

Alloy Entertainment is producing, with Leslie Morgenstein and Bob Levy executive producing. Holzman will serve as an executive producer on the pilot, segueing into a consulting role for the rest of the episodes. Dooley will be a producer on the series.

Ani: Amazon Warrior

'Chuck' Star Ryan McPartlin Promises A Season Finale That 'Blows Up'

For all of the questions in the past over whether or not it would continue, "Chuck" is a great TV series. It follows an average gamer/geek named Chuck Bartowski who is inadvertently drawn into the shadowy world of global espionage when an series of events end with him having a CIA supercomputer stuck in his head. Best described as a drama/comedy, the show follows Bartowski as he attempts to juggle his personal life with the spy game, which has been an increasing presence in his life through three seasons.

I spoke last week with Ryan McPartlin, who plays Chuck's brother-in-law Devon -- aka Captain Awesome -- on the show. This season has been an interesting one for Devon, as he's the first in Chuck's circle of family and friends to learn of his secret other life. McPartlin is just about to wrap shooting on this third season. During our interview he refused to spill any of his fictional brother-in-law's secrets, but he did promise that something big will go down.
"All I can is, a lot of s--t goes down." That's it. Interview over.

I kid, I kid. Of course there's more.

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Kid Sister ft. Cee Lo - Daydreaming VIDEO!

This is my least fave song on the album, but still good enough. They released it cause Cee-Lo's on it and it is quite commercial. The video looks like it was shot in England, cant explain it. She looks cute and commercial which im not liking..where's her juking style?! (refer to my icon)

Downtown need to step up and release "54321"!!!!! Or Step...but I cant stand Estelle....

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Gaslight Anthem streaming their new album

March 24th, 2010 - The Gaslight Anthem has unveiled the cover art and track listing of their forthcoming album AMERICAN SLANG (SideOneDummy Records). AMERICAN SLANG is set for release in the UK on June 14th.

Here is the cover of AMERICAN SLANG, as well as the album's track listing:

1. American Slang

2. Stay Lucky

3. Bring It On

4. The Diamond Church Street Choir

5. The Queen of Lower Chelsea

6. Orphans

7. Boxer

8. Old Haunts

9. The Spirit Of Jazz

10. We Did It When We Were Young

The first single off the album, the title track "American Slang", is also currently streaming on the band's Facebook and MySpace pages.

Sue Sylvester Ain't Feelin' Those Sneaky Gays

Jane Lynch, who plays one of the coaches on the hit FOX series Glee, has something hilarious to say about those sneaky gays. Check it out below in a special Sue’s Corner moment!

Don’t forget that on Monday, April 5, the Glee cast will be performing at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. And on April 7, they will be in Chicago for an all-out Glee-themed episode on The Oprah Winfrey Show!

Stay tuned as we look forward to a new installment of Sue’s Corner next Monday!

ETA: YouTube version and latest Glee promo.

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