March 9th, 2010

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Tron Legacy Trailer is Finally Here

The trailer for Tron Legacy has finally appeared online. It played in select cities last month as part of a viral marketing game and this weekend in 3D attached to prints of Alice in Wonderland. Now it’s available online to watch on a loop.

It begins with Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner from the 1982 original) telling Sam Flynn (Garett Hedlund) he received a message from Sam’s father, Kevin (Oscar winner Jeff Bridges). Curious, Sam drives over to the old arcade where he finds a secret room and is transported into the digital world where there are lightcycles, disc battles, and a sexy-looking Olivia Wilde.

First time feature director Joseph Kosinski shot with the 3D format in mind and five scenes will expand to fit the IMAX ratio, like in The Dark Knight.


I guess I should rewatch the first one since I remember zip about the plot.

LOST Encyclopedia to be Released August 24

Featuring more than 400 pages and over 1500 images, the LOST Encyclopedia will be a comprehensive guide to the characters, items, locations, plotlines, relationships, and mythologies from all six seasons of the landmark series aired on ABC-TV and produced by ABC Studios. Created in full collaboration with ABC Entertainment and ABC Studios, this will be the first and only fully licensed and comprehensive reference to all things LOST, and it includes a foreword by executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

US readers can pre-order this encyclopedia here.

OMG! This is EXACTLY what I was waiting for!!!! Let's dance, ONTD!


Shaun White: Partying With Patriotic Pants

my boatShaun White attends the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by editor Graydon Carter wearing a pair of ‘Rex Kwon Do’ patriotic pants at Sunset Tower on Sunday (March 7) in West Hollywood, Calif.

It looks like the 23-year-old Olympic gold medal winning snowboarder will be coming out with a new line of shoes.

According to USA Today, Shaun will be teaming up with Target and launch his own line of shoes. Shaun White Shoes are styled for skateboarders and will hit stores in the Fall.

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Sean Hayes Covers 'The Advocate' April 2010

my boat
Sean Hayes, former star of Will & Grace, opens up to The Advocate about being gay in their April 2010 issue.

Here’s what the 39-year-old actor, who’s set to make his Broadway debut in the first revival of Promises, Promises, had to share:

On his sexuality: “I am who I am. I was never in, as they say. Never.”

On his personal life: I spend time with a special someone in my life. That’s it. That’s all I need. I don’t need events. I don’t do a lot. I live my life like an 85-year-old man. I’m just quiet. It’s fantastic.”

For more from Sean, check out!

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Oscars Swag 2010: It Gets Weird

The Oscars aired this Sunday, and we know what that means: Celebrities in safe gowns, long teary speeches, and…swag. While the heyday of the Oscar swag bag is over–thanks to an IRS crackdown in 2006–free stuff for celebs is still an indelible part of the awards show season. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences no longer gives presenters and nominees gifts because of the tax liability for celebrities. (Because, you know, they really can’t afford to pay taxes on free stuff.) However, various PR companies have stepped in, organizing gifting suites for selected attendees.

These suites are buzzing at most major entertainment industry events. Sundance constantly fights for its indie cred in the face of ridiculous gifting suites at the film festival. And at the Golden Globes this year, one of the gifts was a miniature $5,000 pig.

This season, the Oscar loot ranges from pretty darn posh to plain old weird.
For example, the condolence gift bags–which will be given to the nominees who don’t win in their respective categories–are worth about $85,000. (Update: The company who put together the bags, Distinctive Assets, says that it’s now worth $91,000.) Included in this extravaganza:
  • $45,000 African safari trip complete with personal chef at the Lions Sands Game Preserve in South Africa
  • $14,500 stay at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel in Monaco
  • $7,000 rustic getaway at the Winvian Luxury Hotel in Connecticut
  • gourmet chocolate from Chocolatines by Sweet Endeavours (including Chocolate-dipped bacon)
  • personal training sessions and a one-week all inclusive fitness bootcamp
  • online shopping cards
  • Tiffany cat collar and “designer dog toys”
  • WooLoot sport watches
  • iFLY indoor skydiving experience
  • HGTV “Green Home” mattress by Serta
  • The Pig Board
  • personal security alarm
  • 1 year supply of Altoids Smalls

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Synopses for Marvel’s Captain America, Thor

Now that Marvel has missed the March 1 deadline for a Captain America casting announcement, who knows when we’ll hear the big news. Will it be John Krasinski (WTF?), or some other rising television actor? While we wait, here are two plot synopses that have been making the rounds for each of the Marvel comic book films set for Summer 2011.

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'Desperate Housewives' scoop: A happy ending for Katherine and Robin?

News that ABC is looking to transfer Desperate Housewives‘ Dana Delany to a new procedural next season would seem to suggest that her late-in-life-lesbian alter ego, Katherine, is headed straight off Wisteria Lane. But that may not necessarily be the case.

First off, Delany’s deal to join the cast of Body of Evidence is still not done. And second, even if the Emmy winner does sign on the dotted line, there’s no guarantee the pilot will become an actual series. “You never know with pilots,” Delany shrugs. “Many of them never get off the ground, so all this talk could be rendered [pointless]. But I am realistically hopeful. I love the [Evidence] character, so I hope it all works out.”

Delany’s ideal scenario has her headlining Evidence next season and making occasional guest appearances on Housewives. “[Series creator] Marc Cherry [promised] he would not kill me off and told me I was always welcome to come back to the Lane,” she says. “I would love for Katherine to pop into town and say hi to the gang every once in awhile.”

In the meantime, Delany remains focused on finishing out this season of Housewives. Does she think Katherine’s big gay awakening will stick? “This might actually be her thing,” she says. “It may make her happier than she has ever been. She does not have the best track record with men to begin with.”

Coincidentally, Delany’s current on-screen squeeze, Julie Benz, also landed an ABC pilot — the super-powered drama No Ordinary Family. For her part, Benz hopes the simultaneous bookings will result in a happy ending for Katherine and Robin. “I love the idea that those two may ride of into the sunset together.”


I don't know how I feel about this. Dana's talent has been wasted since the end of Season 4, so I'd love to see her get her own show. But this is happening just as the writers seem to be digging Katherine out of the hole they made for her when they paired her up with Mike and completely changed her character. If Dana moves onto Body of Evidence, I hope the guest appearance route is viable.
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Tila Tequila Blogs. Remains Delusional as Fuck...

Ok I just had to write this to share with everyone because it's really funny, yet sad at the same time(haters that is). Ok as you all know(MY FANS) that there are a TON of these haters who have made at least 7 websites all dedicated to every minute of my life, making false allegations, calling me a liar, saying I am stealing people's money for my charity, that I am not pregnant, etc, etc, etc. Soooooo here is the funny part, I had my lawyers send out C&D letters to ALL THOSE WEBSITES who are TRYING SO HARD TO CONVINCE PEOPLE THAT I LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING! Well guess what?? Due to the fact that THEY ARE THE ONES LYING, once they received the C&D letters from my very powerful lawyers, they(haters with no life) shit their pants!

So they do all this talk, so hardcore hiding behind their internet screen, making FALSE ALLEGATIONS ABOUT ME, so once they got the C&D, they go so scared because THEY ARE THE ONES LYING, NOT ME! With that said, all those hater websites that they have spent all their days and nights building, instead of doing something productive, they now have a disclaimer on those websites now saying "THIS WEBSITE IS STRICTLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES! NOTHING ON HERE IS AFFILIATED TO TILA TEQUILA, NOR IS IT FACTUAL INFORMATION! THIS WEBSITE IS PURELY A PARODY WEBSITE AND IS NOT INTENDED TO BE FACTUAL INFORMATION"

A! CAN WE SAY "PATHETIC?" These losers literally spend their entire days and nights fixated on every move on my life, then they try to convince people that I am lying, and then they straight up make FALSE ALLEGATIONS against me which I CAN AND WILL SUE THEM BIGTIME FOR DOING SO!!!!!!!! SUch idiots!

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I have to admit that I love Tila posts. There was a moment there when I felt sad for her because she's obviously batshit cray cray...but I got over it quickly.

In Bitch Are You Fucking Kidding Me News

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The world revolves around Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan is suing the financial company E-Trade, insisting that a boyfriend-stealing, "milkaholic" baby in its latest commercial -- who happens to be named Lindsay -- was modeled after her. And she wants $100 million for her pain and suffering
, The Post has learned.

The actress filed a lawsuit yesterday in Nassau County Supreme Court over the commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl this year.The ad -- part of a series starring babies who play the stock market -- features a boy apologizing to his girlfriend via video chat for not calling her the night before.

"And that milkaholic Lindsay wasn't over?" the baby girl asks him suspiciously.
"Lindsay?" the boy replies, just before a baby girl sticks her head into the frame and slurs, "Milk-a-what?"
Lohan's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, said the actress has the same single-name recognition as Oprah or Madonna.
"Many celebrities are known by one name only, and E-Trade is using that knowledge to profit," Ovadia said.
"They used the name Lindsay," Ovadia said. "They're using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn't they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody's talking about it and saying it's Lindsay Lohan."

Ovadia wants an injunction to force the spot off the air, and the Lindsay camp wants every last copy of the commercial.
Chris Brown, a spokesman for Grey Group, which produced the spot, is throwing cold milk on the controversy, saying it "just used a popular baby name that happened to be the name of someone on the account team." Ovadia said E-Trade has violated Lohan's rights under New York state civil-rights law and used her "name and characterization" in business without paying her or getting her approval.

The lawyer said that since the spot was seen by hundreds of millions of people watching the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics finals, the firm has garnered great profits. She says Lohan is owed $50 million in exemplary damages, plus another $50 million in compensatory damages. E-Trade could not be reached for comment.

Source, video


so who will be in Rhode Island this weekend and have nothing to do?

Emma Watson Takes On New Role At Brown

Harry Potter star Emma Watson's latest role is of a different kind of cachet. Watson will be performing in a student-directed production of Anton Chehkov's Three Sisters at Brown University, where she is a freshman.

The play is being produced by the school's Production Workshop, a non-profit student theater founded in 1960. Watson, with an ensemble cast of 13 other students, will perform six shows from March 11-15.

Unlike her other projects, this one won't be bringing a sizable payday for Watson: Admission to the play is free.


*adding this gif because it is so fucking adorable


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Liam Hemsworth (upcoming The Last Song) has been cast in director Chuck Russell's action-adventure Arabian Nights.

Written by Russell and Barry P. Ambrose, the 3D period epic centers on a young commander (Hemsworth who, after his king is murdered in a coup, joins forces with Sinbad and Aladdin to rescue Queen Scheherazade.

Inferno Entertainment's Bill Johnson is producing with Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray of Mayhem Pictures. ROAR also is producing.

Filming is targeted for an end-of-summer start.

Liam's brother is Chris Hemsworth, who is now shooting Marvel Studios' Thor.


"Prisoner" who's not allowed pens buys herself a 150k car

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Sam tweeted: No dave,haven’t read lynnes book “through the storm”, the 99cent store stopped carrying it. I’d rather wait till Britney writes her own book.

Courtney’s Reply: @SamLutfi is Brit Brit even allowed a pen and paper we know shes not allowed computers tv phones or counsel; shes not allowed pens come ON!

Britney with Lynne picks up her new Maserati in Beverly Hills
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Trio Trio

Fetus Post.

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Stepping out for a promotional appearance, Justin Bieber was spotted at Q102 radio station in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania yesterday (March 8).

The “One Less Lonely Girl” singer did a meet and greet with fans while promoting his new album My World 2.0, sporting a black ensemble with blue sneakers.

The female object of affection in Justin’s “Baby” video, Jasmine Villegas, told press that they’re not dating, but rather just great friends.

She explained, “Those are all rumors. We’re not dating. We’re just really cool friends. When I’ve hung out with him, it’s always been with a bunch of people. He’s super-talented, very nice and very down-to-earth.”

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D'Angelo responds to allegations

D’Angelo was arrested over the weekend for allegedly offering an undercover policewoman $40 for oral sex. The Grammy winner’s manager issued a statement on Monday (March 8) in response to the allegations.

“We know there is a lot of speculation in regard to the arrest of D’Angelo in New York City this past weekend. We would like his fans and the public at large to know that D’Angelo has pled not guilty—and is contesting the allegations made against him. Also know that, he is in good health and extremely excited about his forthcoming new album.

D’Angelo would like to personally thank all of his fans for the outpouring of concern, and appreciates if all would allow the American justice system to resolve the matter before jumping to any conclusions.”

Lindsay Guion,
Worldwide Manager for D’Angelo

how does it feel ?
smiley fish

Anna Faris and Chris Evans to Star in R-Rated Comedy 'What's Your Number?'

Anna Faris and Chris Evans are set to star in New Regency and 20th Century Fox's R-rated comedy "What's Your Number?" Filming begins in May with Mark Mylod ("Entourage") directing.

"Number" is based on Karyn Bosnak's novel "20 Times a Lady." Here's the book's synopsis from the Harper Collins website:

How many men does it take to find true love?

Delilah Darling's magic number was supposed to be twenty. She always thought she'd find the perfect guy by the time she'd slept with twenty of them. But when she wakes up naked in her disgusting boss's bed after a drunken night out, she's filled with regret -- and realizes she's hit her self-imposed limit. Unwilling to up her number but unable to imagine a life of celibacy, Delilah does what any girl in her situation would do: she tracks down every man she's ever slept with in a last-ditch effort to make it work with one of them.

Faris, who has starred in films such as "The House Bunny" and the "Scary Movie" series, currently has the feature adaptation of "Yogi Bear" in the works, while Evans, best known for the "Fantastic Four" movies, will be seen next in "The Losers," opening in April.

Source: Variety

So what's your number, ONTD???

ETA: LOL By "number," I meant "sex number." That's what the title is referring to.
[conan] - HP

conan makes life awesome, what else is new

Conan O'Brien may seem like an unlikely fairy godmother – but he has made one Michigan woman's dreams come true.

Two weeks ago, the late-night comedian decided to follow a stranger on Twitter. That person is 19-year-old Sarah Killen from Fowlerville. "I've decided to follow someone at random," O'Brien tweeted. "She likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs."

Killen hasn't been the same since.

"He's changed my life," she tells PopEater.

Most importantly, she can now have her fantasy wedding, thanks to all the attention O'Brien has drummed up for her.

"It has really helped," Killen says. "I'm getting married on September 25, and we didn't know if we would be able to afford it. Now I'm getting custom made shoes and a dress from Kelima in New York … We're getting a limo, Classic Creations is giving us wedding bands and there's a vineyard in California sending us wine. We've got it all covered now."

Killen says O'Brien is invited to her wedding.

"My fiancé wants Conan to be his best man," she says. "That would be really cool. And hey, if he wants us to come on his show, we'd get married on there. That would be fantastic."

I'd have the masturbating bear the ring ~bearer GET IT??

people has yo source
love this bitch and his daily tweet
DM; all

TV Ratings Monday

CBS took the night with adults 18-49 and overall viewers, and FOX won the night with the younger adults 18-34. ABC took third. NBC was dead last among the major English language broadcasters.

Chuck dropped a tenth of an adults rating point versus last week to a 2.3. But it’s the least of NBC’s problems. Trauma cratered at 9pm, and that didn’t help Law & Order much at 10pm.

House returned strong at 8pm with a 4.8 rating for adults 18-49, though that was down about 6% from its last original episode on February 8. 24 improved from last week’s 2.5 rating for adults 18-49 in the overnight numbers to a 2.8 rating.

Two and a Half Men hit a season high in adults 18-49 with a 5.8 rating at 9pm.

A new episode of Life Unexpected at 8pm outperformed last week’s new episode at 9pm by a 10th of an 18-49 ratings point and about 100,000 viewers, it’s largest audience since February 8 while Gossip Girl returned at 9pm with new episodes.


House and Castle for me. What did you watch, ONTD?


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Somehow Tila Tequila was invited to a gifting room suite for the Oscars on Sunday and every con artist knows nothing gets free tchotchkes like a fake pregnancy. Sure she appears to be showing and is a little fatter in the face, but c'mon, she's three centimeters tall. She probably cored out the center of a burger then ate her way out. "Ma'am, you have mustard in your hair." "DON'T TALK 'BOUT MY BABY LIKE THAT."
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it's miley ya'll

Miley Cyrus Covers 'Teen Vogue' April 2010

Miley Cyrus says “bonjour” to Paris on the cover of Teen Vogue’s April 2010 issue, on newsstands Tuesday, March 16!

The 17-year-old actress posed for Patrick Demarchelier in Paris, France and spoke to Teen Vogue about The Last Song with her co-star - and boyfriend - Liam Hemsworth! Here’s what Miley (in a Versus dress on the cover) had to share:

On her first impression of Liam: “He’s really tall. I thought, Either I’m going to have to be in heels or standing on something for this entire movie! He definitely showed chivalry: I remember him opening the door for the director, and I was like, Wow.”

On her future in music: “The more I make music that doesn’t truly inspire me, the more I feel like I’m blending in with everyone else. So after this next album, I’m taking some time off.”

On her chemistry with Liam: “I think we’re both deeper than normal people—what they think and how they feel. He’s very grateful for what he has, but he doesn’t let it go to his head. I’m like that too.”

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she looks weird for some reason :/
george jetson

Megan Fox can't dress up like Rihanna

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Hollywood siren Megan Fox does not like wearing attention-seeking clothes while going out as she hates people recognising her.

The Transformers beauty, who is regarded as one of the world's sexiest women insists she can't don "interesting" outfits, Contactmusic reported.

"If you wear anything interesting, you become instantly noticeable. I have this gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana white trench coat for winter, but I can't wear it without drawing attention to myself. And I try to hide. I want to be unseen," Fox said.

The 23-year-old star admits that she is a big fan of singer of Rated R superstar Rihanna but could not dare to dress-up like that.

"It would be nice to be like Rihanna and go to Burger King in six-inch heels and a mini-dress. It's admirable. But I don't have the motivation. I have lots of casual clothes and one side of my wardrobe is oddly grown up: pencil skirts and Prada turtlenecks for when, once in a while, I feel like going in that direction," Fox said.

Unemployable Hollywood Nobody Becomes Recurring Guest Star


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“Precious” Oscar® Nominee Joins Stars Laura Linney & Oliver Platt

LOS ANGELES, CA – (March 9, 2010) – Oscar® nominee Gabourey Sidibe will make her way from the mean streets of ‘80s Harlem in Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire to the cushy, modern-day Connecticut suburbs in the new SHOWTIME dark comedy series, THE BIG C. Sidibe, who guest starred in the pilot episode, just signed on as a recurring guest star in the half-hour series, which is headlined by multiple award-winner Laura Linney as Cathy, a repressed suburban wife and mother who reclaims her life after a terminal cancer diagnosis. Oliver Platt (2012) stars as her immature, but well-meaning husband. Sidibe will play a smart-alecky student in Cathy’s class.

THE BIG C, which will begin shooting 13 episodes in May for a late summer premiere, is created and written by Darlene Hunt, who will serve as executive producer, along with Linney, Neal H. Moritz and Vivian Cannon. It is produced by Original Film in association with Sony Pictures Television. Acclaimed writer/director/producer Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) directed the pilot.

george jetson

Lady Gaga Makes Her Debut On Rock Band With A Hot Four Pack!

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Harmonix and MTV Games today announced that a four pack of songs from pop sensation Lady Gaga, as well as a special Lady Gaga cover by Comedy Central’s South Park’s own Eric Cartman will be added next week to the Rock Band Music Store of downloadable content for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Wii.

Lady Gaga joins the more than 400 artists currently available through theRock Band platform.

“Lady Gaga Pack 01” will include “Bad Romance,” “Just Dance,” “Monster” and “Poker Face” and will be available for purchase as “Lady Gaga Pack 01” as well as individual tracks on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 system, and as individual tracks only on Wii.

MTV Networks is celebrating Lady Gaga’s debut inRock Band across its television channels, including the following:

MTV: “Bad Romance” video rotation during music hours, 30-minute Lady Gaga video blocks on MTV Hits, the debut of Lady Gaga’s new video “Telephone,” a collaboration with Beyonce, and an airing of the Lady Gaga episode ofAmerica’s Best Dance Crew March 16 (also on MTV2)

Palladia: Airings of Lady Gaga performance specials including,London Live (airing March 10, 13, 16, 21 and 24),VFest (March 20 and 26) and the2009 MTV Video Music Awards (March 19 and 20)

Logo: An airing of London Live and NewNowNext PopLab Lady Gaga Edition (March 16)

george jetson

Tina Fey Plans To Fix Justin Bieber's Bangs For 'Saturday Night Live'

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In what seems like the perfect pairing for the "Saturday Night Live" stage, Tina Fey will be back to host the April 10 show, and she'll be joined by teen phenom Justin Bieber, who's been tapped as that week's musical guest. While Fey didn't reveal any skit plans to MTV News on the red carpet at the Academy Awards on Sunday, she did reveal some of her grooming plans for the young singer.

"I'm gonna pick him up like this," she said, swinging her arms as if she were holding a baby. "And I'm gonna push those bangs out of his face like this [licks her finger], like a mother."

All joking aside, Fey is looking forward to working with Bieber. "No, I'm excited," she added. "I like people who can really sing and I think he can really sing."

Meanwhile, Bieber tweeted that he'd like a certain action hero to join him on the show, writing, "Me and Chuck Norris should do SNL together. That would be good. Very good." For her part, Fey wouldn't confirm or deny that she'd re-emerge on the "SNL" set as Sarah Palin. "Well, I'm sure we'll try," she speculated. "We always try at 'SNL.' You have read-throughs and you have dress [rehearsal] and we'll see if anything sticks."

Perhaps Bieber and Fey's Palin could meet up in a digital short. Bieber seems liked he'd be down to do anything in one of those. He tweeted, "Shoutout to @BieberOnSNL and all the other fans who support me. It's happening! SNL in APRIL!! Digital Short Music Vid??"

george jetson

What Would Ne-Yo 'Telephone' Lady Gaga About?

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Ne-Yo is a dapper guy. So when he was asked what he would call Lady Gaga about, not surprisingly he chose a fashion topic.

"I would call her and ask her how dangerous is it to wear some of those outfits she wears," Ne-Yo confessed to MTV News about Gaga's eccentric sense of style. "I saw her with this thing ... it had, like, spikes on it and it was like a big ball. I was like, 'If you turn wrong and that thing smacks you in the face, like, that could probably be really bad for you!' "

So is Ne-Yo, known for his more gentleman-like sense of style, going to start dressing like Gaga?

"Probably not," he said. "No, spikes aren't very gentlemanly. Plus, I'm clumsy!"

The treatment for the "Telephone" video, which also features Beyoncé, reportedly finds B breaking Gaga out of prison for what has been described as a Quentin Tarantino-inspired clip that even features the truck that Uma Thurman's character drove in Tarantino's "Kill Bill." When Gaga and Beyoncé collaborated on B's "Video Phone" clip, there were visual nods to Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs."

"I feel so bad for the 'Bad Romance' video 'cause the 'Telephone' video's so much better," Gaga told Phoenix's KISS-FM last month. "[Beyoncé is] really a great friend of mine. We have a lot of fun working together. We're so very different in our approaches, but somehow when we come together it's really magical. I'm very excited for everyone to see the video."


Spoils of War: An Oscar for The Hurt Locker

When I saw The Hurt Locker back in August, I thought, "Finally a grunt's-eye view of the war in Iraq. And not so gung-ho either." Leave it to my staff of thousands to straighten me out.

Bill Osborne wrote in an e-mail message, "I thought it was a subtle form of American war propaganda that could work as a kind of perverse, macho recruiting film." He cited Hurt Locker screenwriter Mark Boal's acceptance speech, dedicating his Oscar to the troops, at last night's Academy Awards:

His statement lets the cat out of the bag. It's a war movie that glorifies the macho stupidity of war while disguising its agenda with a kind of fake depth and dimension. It could easily fall into the category of "Pentagon movies." [The Defense Department dropped its official support for the movie during filming.]
When will there be a movie that makes it clear that we invaded Iraq to steal their resources and strategic position and that the soldiers there are not a citizen's army but essentially mercenaries? The best that we can say for them is that at least most of the grunts don't know what they are really doing. Whatever happened to artists telling the truth?
Osborne isn't alone in thinking of the movie as a recruiting tool.

Tara McKelvey, reviewing it in The American Prospect, wrote:

The Hurt Locker sets itself up as an anti-war film. It opens with a quote, "War is a drug," from [pacifist] Chris Hedges, a Nation Institute senior fellow and author of War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning. Yet for more than two hours, the film imbues Baghdad's combat zone with excitement and drama. ... The fact that the war itself seems to have little point fades into the background. For all the graphic violence, bloody explosions and, literally, human butchery that is shown in the film, The Hurt Locker is one of the most effective recruiting vehicles for the U.S. Army that I have seen.
As to the troops in Iraq being "too stressed out ... to reflect on larger questions about what they are doing there," as one rave review put it, Osborne says, "Well, hell, what a convenient little coincidence." And as to the large number of National Guard soldiers who didn't really volunteer for the war but who were essentially drafted into it, he says:

Those poor folks were suckered. They sort of made a pact with the devil, and then were called to pay the price. They didn't really know what they were doing. The government likes it that way. The military uses a lot of tricks in recruiting. It even uses threats and forms of financial blackmail to bully its way into our schools, where high school kids -- children really -- are manipulated into signing up. Preying upon children to find cannon fodder has to be one of the most evil things our government does.
"When the draft was ended," he adds, "I thought it was the beginning of an entirely new and more just world. What a delusion!"

The government and military had already seen in Vietnam that a citizen army is not well suited for imperialist war. History shows that Americans step up to the line when the cause is just. But the government saw that it needed soldiers more along the lines of mercenaries, people who are in it basically for financial reasons and don't really consider the moral implications.
Above all, the "hypocrisy of our society" is to blame:

When the going gets tough we expect those young people from the lower stratas of society to do their "service." At the same time, we conveniently forget that when the government becomes immoral or misguided it's supposed to be we artists and intellectuals who take the risks and step up to the line to help chart a better course.
Those young people, mercenaries or not, wouldn't even be over there if we hadn't abdicated our responsibilities. That might not justify being a mercenary, but it shows where the larger responsibility lies when a society drifts so far away from telling the truth. A cinematic storyline that hides essential parts of the truth is a perfect example of that kind of moral abdication. I guess it shows what an Oscar really counts for.
OK, I'm willing to consider it a mere souvenir among the more significant spoils of war.
source: huffington post

still think it's sad this is the movie bigelow will be remembered for winning best director, when it's anything but a memorable film.
gerard 3d

Deftones premiere new video

"Rocket Skates" is the first single off of their new album "Diamond Eyes" to be released May 18th.

This is after scrapping an album they had previously recorded with bassist Chi Cheng who is in a minimally conscious state due to a car accident in 2008.


Perfection. These guys are always right on the mark. They get better with every release. While I completely and totally understand and respect their decision to go back and record a new album, I hope to someday hear the stuff they recorded with Chi. I bet it's just as good.

That Indian guy from Heroes is moving to USA


"Heroes" co-star Sendhil Ramamurthy is joining USA Network's new drama series "Covert Affairs" as a regular.

The spy drama centers on Annie Walker (Piper Perabo), a multilingual CIA trainee unexpectedly promoted to field operative while reeling over a mysterious ex-boyfriend who appears to be of particular interest to her agency bosses.
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combing his hair!

Alexander McQueen's Mesmerizing Finale

PARIS — With a pattern of angel wings undulating over her shoulder blades, the model walked through the gilded salon in one of Alexander McQueen’s final creations before he chose to leave this world.

The private show that took place Tuesday, to the classical music Mr. McQueen had been listening to as he cut and fitted the 2010 autumn collection, was a requiem for a great designer. His vision of Gothic glory, with a world bathed in religious symbolism, was translated not just with immense subtlety and beauty but also with the urgent futurism that was the essence of his spirit.

So the abstractions of Hieronymus Bosch paintings were not just printed on the sensuous and shapely outfits, where a taut bodice grew out of a multifolded hipline or emerged from soft fabrics flowing around it. Instead the images, with a focus in the British royal heritage of lions rampant or Grinling Gibbons’s wood carvings, were screened, manipulated and digitally woven. This was part of the designer’s exceptional reach from historic past to cyberspace future.

But the anger and energy that had always driven Mr. McQueen to his finest work had turned to a mesmerizing calm for this 15-piece collection, which he completed before his suicide last month. The medieval headdress no longer had the wild, joyous madness that it had when Isabella Blow, his friend and mentor, wore one for a 1990s photo shoot. Everything in this collection seemed to be distilled from last season’s short and taut dresses balanced on animalistic footwear.

Here sandals wreathed in gilded roses matched the salon’s ornate decoration, while the mirrors reflected the models’ golden feather Mohawks. The intense workmanship was of couture quality, which is the way Mr. McQueen had been moving his signature line.

There were damp eyes among the small audience and sobs backstage — both from personal grief and at the scale of the loss to fashion of this singular designer. In this collection Alexander — Lee — McQueen showed his sensitivity to history, his powers of research, his imagination, his technical skills and his love of women, often misinterpreted or misunderstood, but here evident in every fold and feather.
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Article | Pics

Lady GaGa raises prices of concert tickets, makes fans not happy

Lady GaGa's tour promoters have defended the prices of tickets for her UK 'Monster Ball' doubling despite an outcry from some fans.

The singer recently announced details of new UK gigs for May and June and rescheduled two shows. Tickets for initial dates on her tour, which kicked off in Manchester last month, started at £27.50. Tickets for the newly-announced shows cost between £50 and £75.

Some fans had registered their disappointment with the price hike, posting messages on the official forum at the singer's website, Now Arthur Fogel, chairman of global touring at Gaga's promoters Live Nation, has defended the move.

"Ticket prices for the previous dates were set long before the current Monster Ball show was developed," he told BBC News. "Ticket prices are comparable and fair."

Lady GaGa had scrapped the live set-up she used for previous US shows, revamping for the UK audience. "What was a small arena/theatre production is now a massive, first rate arena production," Fogel said


What do you think ONTD is it a bit too soon or is it reasonable?

Fake Bitch Says Biggie Smalls Inspired Her To Move To New York

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Well, he talks about New York in his work, and it seemed like New York was such an inspiration to him that I thought, I need to go here. Like, it's kind of necessary to experience it."

"My Life as Liz" star Liz Lee, talking about how late rapper the Notorious B.I.G. inspired her to move from her home in Burleson, Texas to New York City (at least partially). Lee said goodbye to her hometown on Monday night's season finale episode of "My Life as Liz," and she happened to be paying tribute to Biggie Smalls on the sad anniversary of his death (her favorite song is "Juicy," by the way).

guti WEAH

Evan Lysacek and His Medal On Lopez Tonight

Talked about the Vanity Fair Party with Very Wang and meeting Quintin Tarantino
Talked about DWTS and how he's hurting Anna since he's tall
Showes his superhero costume from when he first starting figure skating.
Didn't to the west side sign like Sandra Bullock did because he didn't know what it

nice to see he wasn't orange and dull for a change.

conan o'bobo

'View' Post: Guest Host Vanessa Williams & The Ladies (Minus Whoopie & Sherri) Talk "The Blindside"

"The View" had an Oscar-themed episode this past Monday. Filling in for Sherri Shepard was guest co-host, Vanessa Williams.

When the subject of "The Blindside" comes up, Williams tries to express her exasperation with the premise of the film to the gaggle of white ladies. Cue a defensive Barbara Walters.

britney long hair

Johnny Weir drops out of Worlds

Johnny Weir, Olympic figure skater and star of Sundance Channel reality series Be Good Johnny Weir, has announced that he will not take place at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Torino, Italy later this month, saying he will take a short break from competition to “rework his technique.”

Weir issued the following statement this afternoon: “I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support during the recent Olympic Games. The 2010 Olympics will be a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I feel that I skated two of the best performances of my career, making my coaches, my family and above all myself very proud. But I would not have been able to skate the way I did without the encouragement of my fans worldwide. “And while I am still embracing my Olympic memories and have the momentum to move forward, I have decided that it is not advantageous at this time for me to partake in the World Championships in Torino, Italy. After my sixth place finish in Vancouver, I believe that I must take time to reassess my strategies and goals. While I understand the importance of competition, I feel that a short break at this time would be personally beneficial to me. I know all may not share my stance, but I can assure everyone that I will be re-energized after I’ve had time to rework my technique. I want to be a better competitor and win medals for my country and I hope everyone can respect my decision to take this time off.

“Once again, I want to thank everyone who supported me this season. Specifically, I would like to thank my coaches Galina Zmievskaya, Viktor Petrenko, Nina Petrenko, Priscilla Hill and David Wilson for helping me make my Olympic dreams a reality. I would also like to thank my family and friends for their never-ending support. Finally, I want my fans to know that I love them and I work every day to make them proud. I will continue to work hard and I hope my work for next season will be the most exciting of my career.”


go ah ra doesn't get it


Harry Shum, Jr. might be one of the lesser known supporting players on "Glee," but he's hoping that will change.

The actor who plays New Directions member Mike Chang opens up to Zap2it about working on the hit FOX show and then shares a few choice tidbits about himself that his fans might not know.

"You'll see a little more of [Mike]," Shum says. "They're starting to build our characters a little more. There's more room to now that the regulars are more established."

He also has hopes of showing off more of his dance skills on the series. Shum was at the Oscars Sunday night (March 7) to watch his handiwork in action. He had helped choreograph the routine for the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD), highlighting the nominated film scrores.

"They're trying to work it in ['Glee,']" he explains. "They're definitely really open to that, trying to use everyone's talents and utilizing them the correct way. There will be some numbers with a little more dancing and other numbers where it's scaled back."

As for romance, Shum is amused when he hears that "Glee" fans want Mike Chang and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) to get together.

"Some Asian love? I don't know," he says with a laugh. "There's some possibilities of a couple love interests but that's up to [creator Ryan] Murphy."

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"Glee" returns to finish up its first season on Tuesday, April 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.




Deluxe Expanded Editions Of “Heaven and Hell”, “Mob Rules” and “Live Evil” Release date: 5th April

“Heaven And Hell” was the first album to be released by the new Black Sabbath lineup of Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, in 1980. It remains one of the most important and influential of Black Sabbath’s releases and the deluxe expanded edition comes with a bonus disc of live material.

1981’s “Mob Rules” featured largely the same lineup, although Vinnie Appice replaces Bill Ward on drums. The deluxe expanded edition, again, features a bonus disc of live material.

1982’s “Live Evil” caught a band at the height of their powers. The classic lineup of Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinnie Appice giving a flawless performance.

The full track listing for all three deluxe editions is as follows.

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The Deluxe Expanded Editions of “Heaven and Hell”, “Mob Rules” and “Live Evil” are released through Universal Music catalogue on the 5th April 2010. It will be available on deluxe cd.

source:Email from Division Promotion.[]

Any ONTDers want to be the next Dragonforce Singer?

DragonForce audition for new singer after splitting with ZP Theart

Dragonforce have split with their singer ZP Theart, the band have confirmed.

The band are now looking for a replacement, and are inviting fans to audition for the position.

In an email message to fans the metal group blamed the parting on "insurmountable differences of musical opinion", though they wished Theart luck for the future. They added that the remainder of the band have now started writing their new album, though they are also looking for a new vocalist to replace Theart.

"We are looking for a powerful, melodic singer to write a new chapter of DragonForce with us," guitarist Herman Li explained.

Anyone wishing to audition for the position should apply via

DragonForce's last album, 'Ultra Beatdown', was released in 2008.

ONTD: Any aspiring video-game-inspired power metal singers out there??? Put down your Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers...we'll call it  Heavy Metal Idol!


tv (generation kill) your dearest pal

Jude Law says Sherlock Holmes 2 may film this year

With $469 million at the worldwide box office, Robert Downey Jr. pulling out of Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens and Guy Ritchie deciding not to direct Lobo , we began to wonder whether a sequel to Sherlock Holmes may go into production at some point this year. While on the rounds promoting Repo Men Jude Law spoke about Sherlock Holmes 2, and hinted that he may be keeping his scedule free for a late summer start.

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YAY!!! :D
i say


Over a period that spanned many years, Wayne Coyne and his compatriots in The Flaming Lips made a movie called Christmas on Mars. The film is a weird psychedelic adventure that isn’t for all tastes, but you have to respect it for at least one thing: Coyne wanted to make a movie, and proceeded to collect junk that he turned into sets in his back yard. Christmas on Mars was born of a simple desire to make a movie, and Coyne saw it through.

Now he says that there is another film planned, and that he wants to recruit a load of famous guest stars. First target: Justin Timberlake.

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By ???


Viggo Mortensen Replaces Christoph Waltz in David Cronenberg’s The Talking Cure

Back in December we got word that David Cronenberg would in fact shoot The Talking Cure, an adaptation of the Christopher Hampton play about Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung that was floated as a possible Cronenberg project back in 2007. At the time, he seemed to have a fantastic cast lined up: Christoph Waltz as Freud, Michael Fassbender as Jung, and Keira Knightley as Sabina Spielrein, the patient with whom both men have a relationship of sorts.

Now, sadly, Waltz has dropped out. But Cronenberg’s recent go-to actor, Viggo Mortensen, has stepped in to replace him.

Deadline Hollywood reports on the deal, saying that Waltz had to drop out in order to do Water for Elephants, the Depression-era circus romance being directed by Francis Lawrence. (In which Waltz replaced Sean Penn.) The Talking Cure is scheduled to begin a ten-week shoot in mid-May, which will overlap with Water for Elephants.

Deadline describes Knightley’s character Sabina as “a disturbed young woman brought to see Jung by her father.” Jung and Sabina have an affair, and amid the dramatic fireworks, the article reports the film will feature “lots of spirited sex.” Hopefully it was the schedule and not the sex that put off Waltz, though it sounds like Fassbender and Knightley will do most of the physical work. So nix that worry altogether, and just focus on the sex.

The actor’s departure reportedly threatened the production entirely, but Viggo Mortensen, who has previously worked with David Cronenberg in A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, stepped in to fill his shoes. He’ll be more than able to carry off the role, I would expect, but I admit that I was really looking forward to seeing Waltz and Fassbender have scenes together. At the same time, given the cast, the story and the fact that David Cronenberg is in the director’s chair, I’ll take it, no questions asked.


Fuck! I was looking forward to seeing Fassy and Christoph together again.

'Spartacus' delayed as star Andy Whitfield undergoes cancer treatment


Sad news: Andy Whitfield, who’s currently starring in the Starz drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand, has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and will begin treatment immediately in New Zealand. As a result, production on the second season of Spartacus — which was scheduled to get underway later this month — has been delayed.

Whitfield’s cancer was detected early and his prognosis is good. “I’m receiving excellent care, and am feeling strong, positive and determined with an army of support behind me,” said Whitfield in a statement.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy,” said Starz president Chris Albrecht. “His health, of course, is our primary concern. He has our complete support during this difficult time.”

Spartacus’ first season concludes April 16.

Episode 4/Season 2 of MTV's "How do I used Condom"

Meet Chelsea Houska from 16 and Pregnant Season 2!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Another week, another episode of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant with SERIOUS baby daddy drama!

Episode four features Chelsea Houska and baby daddy Adam Lind of South Dakota and judging from the preview clip it’s going to be slacker boyfriend number four!

Here’s the 411 on Chelsea:
Full name: Chelsea Anne Houska
Age: 18 (17 when pregnant)
Daughter: Aubree Skye ??? (Don’t know if it’s Lind or Houska) wtf is this shit? It's almost as bad as Nevaeh
Aubree’s birthday: September 7, 2009
Hometown: Vermillion, South Dakota
Baby daddy: Adam Lind of Hartford, South Dakota
Dad: Randy Houska, a dentist (divorced)
Older sisters: Emily, Angie and Melissa
Grade: Senior in high school
Favorite Movie: Step Brothers
Favorite Cereal: Fruity Pebbles
Favorite Actor: Bradley Cooper
Tattoos: 1 on my hip (love in cursive), 1 on my wrist (blessed in cursive) 1 on the back of my neck (2 tiger lilies)
Favorite Colors: Orange and pink
Car: Orange Volkswagen Beetle convertible
Relationship status: SINGLE!

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I doubt this chick is going to impress me much but I don't want to punch her in the face yet, which says something, imo.
juno temple

Juno Temple replaces Ellen Page/Alison Pill in 'Jack and Diane'

Bloody Disgusting has learned that Juno Temple (Year One, Wild Child) has been cast alongside Olivia Thirlby in Bradley Rust Gray's sensual werewolf movie Jack & Diane. Temple will be replacing the previously announced Alison Pill.

In the film Jack (Thirlby) and Diane (Temple), two teenage girls, meet in New York City and spend the night kissing ferociously. Diane's charming innocence quickly begins to open Jack's tough skinned heart. But, when Jack discovers that Diane is leaving the country in a week she tries to push her away. Diane must struggle to keep their love alive while hiding the secret that her newly awakened sexual desire is giving her werewolf-like visions.

Shooting begins this May in New York.


This project has been stuck in development for a while, though I'm glad that Juno's attatched. Girl is amazing and deserves all the attention that's she's been getting of late.

Kell on Earth News: Sex toys for all

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Kelly Cutrone's visit to sex-gadget shop Babeland on her Bravo show "Kell on Earth" -- where she bought sex toys and Proper Attire condoms for her doctor's receptionist -- was supposed to appear only online.

But after seeing a preview of the clip, Cutrone called the network and had producers edit it into last night's full-length episode. "It was important to me that we spread the message that shopping for sex toys is OK," the p.r. honcho tells us. "I thought it was perfect. This isn't something we should be ashamed to discuss."


Link to the show:
Maggie Gyllenhaal

Walking Post: Emma Watson

Pursuing her higher education aspirations, Emma Watson was spotted heading to class on the campus of Brown University yesterday (March 8).

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Haters to the left, I love this bitch. Her acting may not be great, but it's much improved since Goblet of Fire, and I like that she's dedicated to her education. Plus, people say she's really sweet. I'll take her any day over our Disney stars here in America, kthx.

Source: Accio!

Victoria Beckham Walking Post

Victoria Beckham was spotted leaving the Bouchon restaurant in LA last night after enjoying a "meal"…
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According to the DailyMail, "Victoria Beckham got Gerard Butler's goat [Sunday night at the Vanity Fair Party] when they both arrived at the party at the same time.  The Ugly Truth actor saw Victoria posing for photographers at the entrance to the hotel and turned to a friend and muttered: 'Oh, I'll be here for half an hour, let's go in.'  Oblivious to the hold up she was causing, Victoria kept on posing and posing and posing.  An impatient Butler turned tail and headed straight into the party."

Picture Source
*rolls eyes*

In Today's News: Do the Hurt Locker guys hug too tightly?? Story at 11

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During Monday morning's Today show Oscar coverage Meredith Vieira pointed out the hugs between Hurt Locker co-stars Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner from the time the film was nominated to Oscar night, and asked if it was something she needed to be "worried" about.

VIEIRA: "You hugged him pretty tight, I must say, in the moment. There was a lot of man lovin' goin' on last night. Do I have reason to be worried?"

MACKIE: Not from me. No reason.

VIEIRA: "Okay, you're fine? Yeah?"

Al Roker expresses astonishment at the line of questioning.

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Really?! I cant even...
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Zoe Saldana Loves Sex

She’s shot to worldwide fame thanks to her role in “Avatar,” and
Zoe Saldana says she’s a big fan of getting her freak on.

The 31-year-old actress told press, “I love sex.  Love it, love it, love it… Can’t live without it.  I love skin.  I don’t believe the body is something to hide.”

Given her high sex drive and strong personality, Zoe also revealed that she thinks she should’ve been born a man.

“I have a very strong character and I like to be challenged. Men’s clothing makes me feel empowered so I often wear a man’s suit. Sometimes I think I should have been born a guy! I wear black a lot and I like solid colors. Like me, they’re independent, bold and decisive.”



gerard 3d

Alkaline Trio Auctioning off guitar for West Memphis 3

An alternative punk band continues to join the fight to free the West Memphis Three.

Alkaline Trio will be auctioning an electric guitar used in recording their latest album, to raise money for the defense fund of Damien Echols (who is on death row), Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley, Jr., who were convicted of murdering three eight-year-old boys in 1994.

The special Japanese manufactured guitar is a black 2009 Fender HH Jaguar with a Gibson '57 Humbucker in the bridge used on most of the recording of THIS ADDICTION and is featured in the photos within the album and has been used (until now) at almost every show thus far on Alkaline Trio's THIS ADDICTION tour.

The guitar is signed by all three-band members; Matt Skiba (vocals, guitar), Derek Grant (drums), and Dan Andriano (vocals, bass).

The auction will last for 17 days, from March 22 to April 8th, one day for each year the West Memphis Three have spent behind bars. June 3rd will mark the 17th year anniversary that Echols, Misskelley, and Baldwin have been behind bars.

The starting bid for the instrument has been set at $999.

“It is my hope that through Skeleton Key Auctions, both funds and awareness will be raised about the travesty perpetrated on these three innocent men,” said Anje Vela, president of Music4Life. “Cases like the West Memphis Three’s are a blemish to our justice system. No innocent man or woman should be left to rot in prison without recourse, just because they lack the financial resources for a fair fight. Skeleton Key Auctions is grateful for bands such as Alkaline Trio who have generously donated to this cause.”

Click here for more information about the guitar and to place a bid when the auction opens on March 22nd.


This case has a pretty lengthy list of celebrity supporters. I wish I had a spare couple grand laying around somewhere. Haha. I'm already jealous of whoever manages to snag this, plus it's for a good cause. I hope these guys aren't punished for a crime they didn't commit.
guti WEAH

Wanna Spend St. Patrick's Day With The Script?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

The Script will be performing a private show on Wednesday, March 17 in NYC at PC Richard & Son Theatre for iheartradio, and you could win tickets! The show is invite only, so visit right now for your chance to win.

If I were living in the east coast i'd totally go to this.
This band is my latest obsession. such good songs

Robin popcorn

BREAKING SOAP NEWS: Scott Clifton is Fired // Farah Fath Declares War on Message Boards

Today Scott Clifton (Schuyler, One Life to Live) confirmed via Twitter that he's been canned at OLTL and his onscreen love interest, actress Farah Fath (Gigi, OLTL; ex-Mimi, Days of Our Lives) decides that instead of fearing for her job as her story was just fired and her onscreen sister was also fired a few months ago, it was time to declare war on the anonymous posters of the message board world. Oh lawd.

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Adriana has a message for boyfriend stealing skanks.


Fox cancels '24'

20th Century Fox TV and Fox have decided to end the long-running hit after this season, the show's eighth.

Move is not a huge surprise -- but still reps the end of an era for Fox.

The cost of producing "24" has continued to increase, while ratings have dipped. Studio considered shopping "24" to other nets -- but given the thriller's age and price tag, it's believed that the interest from other outlets would have been limited.

What's more, Sutherland and the "24" team have been keen on turning the show into a movie franchise -- but such a move into the features world was considered impossible while production continued on the TV series. (Daily Variety, Feb. 8.)

Twentieth Century Fox's film side recently hired scribe Billy Ray ("State of Play," "Flightplan") to pen the script for the feature version.

Ray's pitch, which takes Jack Bauer to Europe, was a hit with Fox execs and producers of the high-concept television series.

Script is said to have come through "24" star Sutherland, who's also an exec producer on the series -- and is said to be eager to turn the long-running TV skein into a feature franchise.

Feature would be produced by the TV show's key exec producers, including Sutherland. Series was created by Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow, while exec producer Howard Gordon runs the show through his Real Time Prods. banner.

Brian Grazer's Imagine Entertainment, which produces the show along with 20th Century Fox TV, also would be involved.

This season's "24" takes place in New York. Howard Gordon, Evan Katz, David Fury, Manny Coto, Brannon Braga, Brad Turner, Alex Gansa, Kiefer Sutherland and Brian Grazer are executive producers.

Andy Richter co-hosts Regis & Kelly, discusses failure at NBC

Andy Richter filled in for Regis on this morning's Live, and Andy discussed his annoyance with NBC and Jay Leno, since he is allowed to speak out on TV, unlike Conan. He is respectful throughout, but it's clear that there is still some bad blood. He also hints towards the rumored live tour.

He starts really discussing the controversy at about 4:30 or so.

I've really missed Coco, but this made me realize how much I missed Andy too :(

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carter arrested

jkras joining "something borrowed"

John Krasinski is in negotiations to join Ginnifer Goodwin in Alcon's romantic comedy "Something Borrowed."

The script centers on a Manhattan attorney (Goodwin), the consummate good girl, who falls in love with her best friend's fiance on her 30th birthday.

The project is based on a series of novels by Emily Giffin. Alcon also picked up rights to the second book, "Something Blue," with a plan to develop a sequel.

Krasinski's deal is rare in that it is a two-picture deal for a role -- he will play Goodwin's friend and confidant -- more supporting in nature in the first movie but which evolves into the male lead in the second one.

Luke Greenfield is directing the first pic, now eyeing a spring start.

Alcon heads Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson are producing with 2S principals Hilary Swank and Molly Smith. Aaron Lubin and Pamela Schein Murphy of Wild Ocean Films also are producing.

The CAA-repped Krasinski, best known for his work on NBC's "The Office," is slowly building a career in features through key roles. He gained favorable notices for his performance opposite Meryl Streep in "It's Complicated" and recently tested for the lead in "Captain America."



Logan Lerman is ~dazzled~

Logan Lerman
joins the ranks of many in admitting his crush on the lovely Rachel McAdams.

The 18-year-old Percy Jackson star shared, “My dream girl is Rachel McAdams. I saw her in a restaurant once and it was the first time I’ve actually frozen up around a girl. I couldn’t even look in the direction of where she was sitting! I’m a huge fan of hers.”

For more Logan and more Percy Jackson, pick up the new issue of M mag — out on stands NOW!


lol M Magazine


Michael Jackson Remakes? Quincy Jones Is Off His Trolley!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So it’s been reported here that Quincy Jones is looking to re-hash one of the classics from the legendary Michael Jackson’s career, we’ve already seen a bunch of people butcher ‘We Are The World’ and now it seems they’re going to do exactly the same with another Michael classic and the first collaboration I heard of was none other than the annoying T-Pain and Robin Thicke (whose latest album is cack, yeah I said it) taking to the microphone on ‘P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)’. You just know that T-Pain will bring that awful Auto-Tune with him and destroy the song completely. You also know there’s going to probably be a million and one other silly names on the project who are big commercially in music, but offer nothing to the industry as a whole regarding talent and would never come close to what Michael is within music, a legend.

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sir ian

Stress, paranoia and pain: Michael Jackson's inner circle of bodyguards lift the lid

He was one of the world's most famous performers, and being in the limelight had quite an effect on Michael Jackson as his bodyguards explained on U.S. TV today.

The three men - Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon "BJ" Beard - revealed that the late star's life was full of "stress, paranoia and pain."

They also said the star had two girlfriends during the time they worked for him and insisted he was NOT a child abuser.

Appearing on ABC's Good Morning America the security team, referred to as The Inner Circle, were asked if they believed Jackson was a paedophile, to which all three emphatically replied 'No.'.
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Julie Cooper in the CIA?!?

Melinda Clarke and Aaron Stanford have joined the CW's "Nikita". In "Nikita," about the training of a new assassin (Maggie Q), "The O.C." alumna Clarke, repped by Innovative and Benderspink, will play a division operative. Stanford ("X2: X-Men United") will play a computer specialist.


Man, the CW sure loves Melinda at the moment, first the guest role on Vampire Diaries, now she's cast in Nikita.

taylor momsen: hxc nonconformist, elvis costello-listening bada$$

Taylor Momsen: 'I've Never Really Fit In Anywhere'

Taylor Momsen is doing just fine in primetime on the CW's Gossip Girl, playing Jenny Humphrey, a Brooklyn girl who is realizing her dream of becoming Queen Bee at a pricey prep school on New York City's Upper East Side.

But the 16-year-old is just as determined to score as a singer with her band, The Pretty Reckless. Momsen told's Jeanne Wolf why music is the love of her life and what to expect when Gossip Girl returns tonight.

Jenny will still be Jenny.
"Jenny gets in a lot of trouble -- what else is new? I'm not really sure what I'm allowed to say or what I'm not. I don't want to give anything away because I don't watch the show every week. But Jenny gets involved with a couple of different guys and there's lots of drama. As I said, it's Gossip Girl, so would you expect anything different?"

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Does Kim want more attention then she already gets?

Just returned from a romantic Costa Rican getaway, Kim Kardashian was spotted shopping it up in West Hollywood, California on Tuesday afternoon (March 9).

Joined by a gal pal, the E! reality darling made her way to Robertson Blvd as she loaded up on wardrobe additions at the Intermix boutique.

Making sure to keep up on her fitness routine, Kim hit the gym earlier in the day, tweeting, “On my way 2 the gym! Listening to Power 106! Love Liz! Big Boy and Tattoo!!!”

Looking to maintain her gorgeous appearance and, more importantly, her health, Kim later wrote to her faithful fans and followers, “I’m going to start eating better, what are some good no carb snacks?”

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Shopping on Robertson I think so.

Sandra Bullock out in Seal Beach, California March 9th

Still basking in her Oscar glory, Sandra Bullock was spotted spending time with family while out in Seal Beach, California on Tuesday (March 9).

The “Blind Side” beauty accompanied her husband Jesse James’s daughter, Sunny Lindemulder, as they popped into a local toy store to pick up a few presents for the little one.

Just two days removed from winning Best Actress at the 2010 Academy Awards, Miss Bullock received praise from her West Coast Choppers CEO hubby.

Talking to Us magazine, James said, “I’m so proud of her. She deserves it more than anybody. I got teary eyed when she won. I’m so happy.”

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Sexy sixty-something duo from the sixties, Simon and Garfunkel, announce tour

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Beginning in Vancouver on April 29, the majority of the dates will be in Canada, bringing the pair to multiple cities for the first time in many years -- and several others for the first time ever -- in addition to selected dates in the US.

The pair recently performed a heralded set at the 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert. "Simon and Garfunkel walked onstage together to a rapturous standing ovation," said Rolling Stone, and "ended with a jubilant "Cecilia" that had everybody in the Garden singing along." The Times of London said simply: "one of the most extraordinary jam sessions in the history of rock'n'roll."

For the upcoming shows Simon & Garfunkel will perform a set of timeless songs from their catalog, in addition to highlights from Paul & Art's solo careers -- each night a journey through an awe-inspiring musical legacy that has proven to be the soundtrack for generations.

Simon & Garfunkel North American Spring Tour 2010 - Confirmed Dates
Date Day City Venue On Sale
24-Apr Sat New Orleans LA Jazz & Heritage Festival
29-Apr Thu Vancouver BC General Motors Place
1-May Sat Edmonton AB Rexall Place
2-May Sun Calgary AB Pengrowth Saddledome
4-May Tue Saskatoon SK Credit Union Centre
5-May Wed Winnipeg MB MTS Centre
7-May Fri Fargo ND Fargodome
8-May Sat St. Paul MN Xcel Energy Center
9-May Sun Madison WI Kohl Center Arena
11-May Tue Detroit MI TBA
12-May Wed Toronto ON Air Canada Centre
14-May Fri Ottawa ON Scotiabank Place
15-May Sat Montreal QC Bell Centre



I was full on obsessed with these two from about 2002-2007.