March 6th, 2010

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the housewives won't stop anytime soon

Bravo Sets Record Ratings with Finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County And Premiere of Real Housewives of New York City

Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County and New York City kicked it up a notch last night earning record ratings for both series with 2.45 million people tuning in for the Real Housewives of Orange County finale and 2.04 million total viewers for the season three premiere of Real Housewives of New York City, according to Nielsen Media Research. This was the highest-rated season finale of the OC series ever among all key demos with 1.81 million adults 18-49 and the highest-rated New York City premiere ever among all key demos.

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LuAnne turned into the hugest bitch and Bethenny continues to get more annoying.

Shippers rejoice, Ten and Rose reuniting to star in a 'murder thriller'.

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Billie Piper and David Tennant are being reunited on the big screen.
The Doctor Who stars are in discussions to appear in a big-screen thriller that will be directed by Piper's husband, the actor Laurence Fox.
The movie, Love On The Murder Mile, will also star Mackenzie Crook and Matthew Rhys, the Welsh-born, LA-based actor.

Rhys, who portrayed Dylan Thomas in Edge Of Love opposite Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller, is one of the main cast members on U.S. television drama Brothers & Sisters.
The plan is for him to shoot his scenes in Love On The Murder Mile during the summer break from his TV show.
Piper and Tennant were a mammoth success as the good doctor and his assistant Rose.
The script, by Johnny Glynn, is set in London and the story is described as an urban thriller.

Robin Fox, the film's producer (and brother of Laurence), said negotiations were still ongoing and that not all the cast were officially contracted.
He said his brother had 'always had this ambition to direct'. Meanwhile, Laurence has withdrawn from the play Eigengrau, which opens at the Bush Theatre in West London next Wednesday.
He did ten days of rehearsals but withdrew 'gracefully', after deciding that his part had changed. He has been replaced by Geoffrey Streatfield.


These two are my OTP on Doctor Who and in real life, so this news makes me very happy indeed, I don't even care that the film sounds rubbish.

3rd Annual Pre-Oscar Hollywood Gala – Camilla Belle

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When it comes to the red carpet on current form NO ONE can compete with Camilla Belle in terms of consistency of fabulous looks.

At the 3rd Annual Pre-Oscar Hollywood Gala in LA she hit another fashionable home-run wearing a black Valentino Pre-Fall 2010 gown.

Her black gown had an open back, a bow detail on the shoulder and an embellished strap.

Her look was paired with stunning silver jewels and a sequin clutch.

J’Adore from head-to-toe.

This was her second red carpet look of last night. That alone is worth admiring.

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Louis Vuitton’s ‘Glamour’s Most Glamorous’ Dinner

Featuring Anna Kendrick:

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Before Anna Kendrick’s big Oscar night she attended Louis Vuitton’s ‘Glamour’s Most Glamorous’ dinner in LA last night.

Anna wows me when she’s wearing gowns, I’m yet to fall in love with her wearing a cocktail dress.

Even though she does look cute in this Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 mini dress her look confuses me.

The dress says sexy and edgy, whilst the hair tells a less adventurous story.

A council estate face-lift would have been more appropriate with this look. (a tightly pulled back ponytail).

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The actress arrived wearing a Louis Vuitton Resort 2010 3/4 length sleeve wrap coat, which I hate to say looks like a bathrobe on her.

Let’s pray she doesn’t bomb on Sunday night.

Holly Valance working on new album!

Ex-Neighbours star Holly Valance is relaunching her music career... with the help of Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner.

The new BFFs revealed they're working together at the Warehouse Utility launch party - with Jase styling the Aussie beauty. We're told: "With his help, Holly's determined to make a name for herself. She wants a whole new image - think Gaga."




Today’s eye candy would be the smokin’ hot Beyonce and her fantastic photoshoot results for House of Dereon, Spring 2010 collection. Bey posed for her mother’s clothing line in Brazil and she’s looking fantastic with beautiful flowy dresses, just perfectly portraying a goddess in Brazil’s amazing scenery. Gotta love the turban look!

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Nicole Richie is one busy girl. According to recent entries in her diary, she was just in Paris yesterday. She wrote: “My stay in Paris was absolutely magical. Thank you to everyone who came out to support me. It was a dream come true.” She was introducing her shoe line for House of Harlow, as her label has expanded into a full-on accessories line, and now includes sunglasses and shoes, also an apparel line called Winter Kate.

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In a recent interview with, Richie talked about her footwear line, among other things, and here’s the excerpt:

FN: What is appealing about designing footwear?

NR: Shoes have really become the accessory that women pay attention to. When you’re putting together a footwear collection, [you know] that shoes can make or break an outfit or totally change a look.

FN: The shoe collection ranges from moccasins to sky-high heels. What was your approach to blending comfort and fashion?

NR: Comfort is extremely important to me, but that doesn’t mean you need to wear flats all the time. I wanted a really great pump that wasn’t impossible to wear [and] was extremely inspired by Christian Louboutin and the [platform toe he incorporates] to make his shoes so comfortable. [If you get it right], you can have a super, super high heel that is actually very comfortable.

Richie also hinted a handbag line in the making, and also her personal preference when it comes to fashion:

FN: Beyond House of Harlow, what are your favorite footwear brands and looks?

NR: Right off the bat, Christian Louboutin. I have more pairs of his shoes than anyone else. I also really love Balenciaga and have a bunch of YSL sandals. … I [have no idea] how many pairs I have, [though], because my feet haven’t grown in 10 years, and I never throw shoes away. You never know if they’re going to come back. I’m not someone who’s going to buy a neutral pair of shoes. I really like them to make a statement because I’m such a jeans-and-T-shirt person.

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Conan O'Brien to Perform Live Show

It’s true! Conan O’Brien has cleared his busy schedule of Twitter brain trusts and dolphin meet and greets to perform a live show in April, fulfilling Megan Mullally’s prophecy that Coco will “have the last laugh”. TMZ broke the story an hour ago, with confirmation of one show from Ticketmaster.

While the Tickemaster page does not say what exactly the show will be, it says that the event will be held Friday, April 30 at Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. Tickets will go on sale on March 8 at 10:00 MST, with ticket prices ranging from $36.50 to $76.50.

As reported previously, a comedy tour is a clever way to skirt the clause in Conan’s exit deal from NBC which stipulated that the comedian could not appear on television before September. As of two weeks ago, Conan’s representatives at William Morris Endeavor were still trying to secure dates for the show. No other dates have been announced.



dior beauty dinner (attendees include olivia wilde hbic of life and mini hbic-in-training lucy hale)

Lip gloss had premium currency at Dior Beauty’s annual dinner at Chateau Marmont Thursday night, which drew a slew of starlets from Lily Collins, Lucy Hale, Alexis Dzeina and Ginnifer Goodwin at one end of the table, to Kate Walsh, Angie Harmon, Bryce Dallas Howard and Odette Yustman at the other. “I forgot mine, so this is actually exactly where I want to be. And, this is much nicer than my old one,” said Hale, who dove into her goodie bag for the gloss.

Meanwhile, Olivia Wilde chatted with Dior perennial Emmy Rossum about the ups and downs of Hollywood. “People don’t realize that some of us actually have to go on auditions, and that sometimes, you don’t get the job,” she sighed. As the more experienced actress at her end of the table, Goodwin counseled Collins and Dzeina on the finer points of the business. “I went to a clown class once. It did nothing for my career. Skip that one,” she told them.

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sources: WWD and Zimbio

"Orgy scene"? brb...road trip.

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KENT NEWS: The trustees of an old pump house which is being used to film a steamy orgy scene with Twilight heart-throb Robert Pattinson said they had no idea the shoot would be so raunchy, writes Chris Murphy.

Film company Redwave Films is taking over the Crossness pumping station in Erith for three days of filming next week.

Pattinson is starring in Bel Ami, and plays lothario reporter Georges Duroy who sleeps his way to the top of the business and seduces wealthy women.

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I've read the script, and it's a bar scene, not an orgy, but that wasn't as fun for the newspaper's headline writer, or for me on ONTD.

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Alicia Keys on Oprah

Yesterday’s taping of ‘Oprah’ saw multi-platinum selling artist Alicia Keys promoting her latest new album ‘The Element of Freedom’. During the interview segment, the 29-year-old gave us a sneak peak look at her ‘Put It in a Love Song’ music video with her triple-threat rival Beyonce. The Melina-directed video is slotted to premiere this coming Monday on March 8th.

The singer is currently embarking on her ‘Freedom’ world tour which kicked off this week in Canada. In addition to giving an interview, she took to the stage for a live intimate performance of her latest single ‘Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart’.

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The sneak peek starts at the 2:56 mark. I like how "Put It In A Love Song" has had one premiere date and has stuck to it.

Numb3rs - Promo and more for the series finale

"Cause and Effect" - After Charlie and Amita get married and begin preparations for their London adventure, they put a slight hold on their wedded bliss when they assist the team in helping Don track down the whereabouts of his gun after it goes missing, on the sixth season finale of NUMB3RS, Friday, March 12 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Lou Diamond Phillips returns as Agent Ian Edgerton.

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I squealed when I saw the promo. I'm so excited to see Friday's episode, even though I'm sad the show is most likely ending.

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Taylor Momsen is not your regular teen starlet. The actress best known for her role as Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl is not old enough to drink alcohol, drive a car or buy cigarettes (even if she does smoke them) but she's got the ambition and attitude of a showbiz veteran - not surprising given that she has been acting since she was three. Yes, you read that right, people. Three.

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In fact, just one look at her CV is enough to give even the most accomplished child genius an inferiority complex. She may be sweet 16, but she has already made her name in one of TV's most popular teen dramas to date, is a lead singer in a punk rock band and has been feted as Hollywood's hottest fashionista, with designers falling over themselves to dress her. They know that what Taylor is pictured wearing today will become tomorrow's latest trend. So it makes perfect (style) sense that fashion's latest muse fronts our new-season special.

But not everyone is a fan of Ms Momsen's edgy look. Some conservative types have lambasted Taylor's love of long socks, grungy tops and barely-there skirts, saying she's a poor role model for her teen fans. Not that she's bothered.

"Clothes are a form of self-expression. I don't care what other people think," she says. "I've had lots of people say I'm disgraceful because I should act like a role model for other young kids but I'm not a role model. I'm an actress, I'm a singer and I don't want to be a role model. If you like me that's fantastic - but if you don't, stop giving me a hard time."

When we finally catch up with her (it's taken five days to pin her down) it's in the back of her chauffeur-driven car in New York en route from a Gucci fitting to a night out with friends from her band, The Pretty Reckless.

"I've always been into my own look and love what I wear," she says. "I'm not like a lot of other actresses. I don't use a stylist and mostly do my own hair and make-up. When I get dressed up I always wear what I want to. Fashion is a big part of me but I always believe it's not what but how you wear clothes."

"I'm not some cute girl that's been stamped out of a Disney studio and I'm proud of that. Some people like me for it, others hate it. I'm used to that. I've had it all my life."

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the gender-segregated oscars

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MANY hours into the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony this Sunday, the Oscar for best actor will go to Morgan Freeman, Jeff Bridges, George Clooney, Colin Firth or Jeremy Renner.

Suppose, however, that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented separate honors for best white actor and best nonwhite actor, and that Freeman was prohibited from competing against the likes of Clooney and Bridges. Surely, the academy would be derided as intolerant and out of touch; public outcry would swiftly ensure that Oscar nominations never again fell along racial lines.

Why, then, is it considered acceptable to segregate nominations by sex, offering different Oscars for best actor and best actress?

Since the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929, separate acting Oscars have been presented to men and women. Women at that time had only recently won the right to vote and were still several decades away from equal rights outside the voting booth, so perhaps it was reasonable to offer them their own acting awards. But in the 21st century women contend with men for titles ranging from the American president to the American Idol. Clearly, there is no reason to still segregate acting Oscars by sex.

Perhaps the academy would argue that the separate awards guarantee equity, since men and women have received exactly the same number of best acting Oscars. And the academy is not alone in this regard: The Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild, the British

Academy of Film and the Independent Spirit Awards all split acting nominees by sex as well.

But separate is not equal. While it is certainly acceptable for sports competitions like the Olympics to have separate events for male and female athletes, the biological differences do not affect acting performances. The divided Oscar categories merely insult women, because they suggest that women would not be victorious if the categories were combined. In addition, this segregation helps perpetuate the stereotype that the differences between men and women are so great that the two sexes cannot be evaluated as equals in their professions.

Today, the number of female-run production companies, female directors and great roles for women continues to increase. Four of the five films represented in this year's best actress category center on strong female characters.

As women gain more influence in Hollywood, even the term "actress" is disappearing. Just as stewardesses are now called flight attendants, many actresses now prefer to be called actors. The Screen Actors Guild has eliminated the term "actress" in the presentation of its awards, instead using "female actor." Perhaps, as the term "actress" falls further out of favor, the award-granting organizations will be forced to acknowledge that male and female actors do indeed have the same occupation.

Collapsing two major categories into one would have the added value of reducing the length of the awards show, a move that many viewers would laud. But if the academy wanted to preserve the number of acting awards, it could easily follow the lead of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which has, since 1951, offered genre-based Golden Globe honors, for best performances in dramatic, and comedic and musical roles.

For next year's Oscars, the academy should modify its ballots so that men and women are finally treated as full equals, able to compete together in every category, for every nomination. And if the academy insists on continuing to segregate awards, then it should at least remain consistent and create an Oscar for best directress.

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Nuhdeen needs to eat something

Has the diet gone too far? Girls Aloud's Nadine Coyle shows off her shockingly thin legs.

She was always one of the more curvy members of Girls Aloud.

But as Nadine Coyle stepped out in London yesterday the 24-year-old looked shockingly slender.

The Irish singer covered her frame with a loose black blazer and shift dress. But there was no disguising her pin-thin legs as she met record producer William Orbit.


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Has she taken the dieting too far? Nadine Coyle looked incredibly slender as she walked through London's West End yesterday.

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hyacinth bucket

Tim Gunn > Kardashians!

"Project Runway" host Tim Gunn appeared on CNN's "The Joy Behar Show" and was less than kind when discussing the fashion taste of the Kardashian family.

When Behar asked Gunn about comments he had made about not being a fan of the Kardashians' "look," Gunn responded with a question of his own, "Oh, Joy. Who is? I mean, who is?"

Apparently not you, Tim Gunn.

Considering the ratings for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," plus the media attention that surrounds the family -- particularly Kim Kardashian -- apparently, there are people who do like the family's look.

Gunn did offer a faint hint at Kardashian fashion praise when he conceded, "It may have some sexiness to it." But, Gunn made it clear that sexiness alone does not warrant praise. He continued his take-down, saying "I find it largely vulgar. I find that it has a cheapness and a tawdriness."
It's not lost on Gunn that his comments may have repercussions, as he jokingly explained to Behar, "Now I'm going to worry about the Kardashian sisters attacking me."

Concerns of a violent retaliation aside, Gunn wasn't finished. He explains that not only does he not approve of their fashion, he doesn't particularly approve of their lifestyle in general, adding, "I'm not exactly a fan of how they navigate the world -- to be perfectly honest."

Perhaps the whole family was too big of a target. Gunn soon narrowed his focus to a single sister, Kim Kardashian. Again offering some faint praise as long as the most famous sister keeps perfectly still, "She's pretty but she's a poser. I find that when she's static and still, she has an attractiveness. I find that when she's moving, it all goes away for me."

Tim Gunn began his battle with everything Kardashian back in February during New York Fashion Week. In February, Gunn commented, "I just think the Kardashians have an absence of taste and I don't think that that should be perpetuated. I'm sorry I'm sounding like an old farty snob, but it bothers me."


Stupid commentary here- but his reaction is great.
film: the edge of love

Zach Condon and Owen Pallett work on film score for Cary Funkunaga

We might be closing in on the musical for people who don’t like musicals (which will do until we find an outright cure for their curious condition).

Over the last couple of years, Sin Nombre director Cary Funkunaga has been working on “a musical or an opera of some kind” with Zach Condon and Owen Pallett. Condon is a member of the band Beirut and was a contender to score Sin Nombre, while Pallett is a member of the amazingly named Owen Pallett (okay, they used to be called Final Fantasy, so I get the need for a name change) and has also been one of the many members of Arcade Fire. Pallett has also written music for John Cameron Mitchell’s upcoming Rabbit Hole. (Aw, he left the project- I'd still like to hear this unfinished music though. He's being replaced by Abel Korzeniowski) Pallett and Condon have already made music together, but I don’t know it - critiques in the comments would be welcome.

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Fringe is renewed for a third season!

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Sci-fi fans who may be concerned about the state of the genre on network TV (we’re looking at you, V and FlashForward) have at least one reason to rejoice: EW has learned exclusively that Fox has picked up Fringe for a third season. Though the show isn’t exactly blowing the roof off of Nielsen — it’s been averaging just 7.6 million viewers and is ranked No. 50 in the all-important adults 18-49 demographic this season — it managed to survive in a tough new time period on Thursdays. The show returns with new episodes — and the promise of more visits from Leonard Nimoy and to the parallel universe — on April 1.


Kat Dennings Exclusive Interview - Talks DEFENDOR, THOR, Twitter, DAYDREAM NATION, More

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This may be one of the best interviews I’ve ever done. Steve is the interviewing master and has done way more than me, but I’m really proud of this one because it eventually turned into a conversation. It helps that Kat Dennings is a ridiculously cool chick. I spoke to her because she co-stars in the new movie Defender, which hit theaters in limited release a few days ago.

Usually, the interview is the standard Q&A and later I judge how badly I did (my apologies to Diablo Cody/Ellen Page and to Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost). But Dennings has certified geek credentials and while I had to bring up Thor because she’s in it, she knew her comics and grew up with them. It’s clear that it’s not just being in a big blockbuster movie, but being in the Marvel Universe. All she could tell me was that her character is not from the comics and they haven’t shot her scenes yet.

We also talked about comics in general, her upcoming movie Daydream Nation with Josh Lucas, her involvement in social media and how she’s switched from keeping a blog (that she started back in 2002) to Twitter (I recommended that she follow Roger Ebert), among other topics. Hit the jump to read our conversation and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed having it.

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Joanna Newsom performs "Soft as Chalk" on Jimmy Fallon

Joanna Newsom can be described in many ways: unique, mysterious, reclusive, and insanely talented are a few words that come to mind. Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon all these characteristics and more were on display, as Ms. Newsom took to the late night program on an evening where few were watching (thank goodness for YouTube!) to support her jaw-droppingly good third LP, Have One On Me, by performing “Soft as Chalk”, a song in which few in the mainstream world would either understand or appreciate.

Of course, the end result was nothing less than brilliant. Dressed in red and accompanied by her piano, Newsom carefully balanced simplistic piano strokes with delectable vocals for five straight minutes, an exhaustive taste for sure and one which accurately exemplifies Newsom’s appeal. Take note of J-Fal’s reaction after all! He’s giddy as a schoolboy.

i was so pleased with the wonderful job she did abridging this song. it's one of my favorites, and i think it translated beautifully to television and in a shorter version. it sounded amazing, and she looked adorable. maybe she made some new fans!

hey mods, the last one i posted had a video that seems to not be working. this one is more accurate:)


Joel McHale Continues to Remind Us He Regularly Goes to the Gym

Last week's episode of NBC's Thursday night comedy "Community" featured a naked billiards match (it makes sense in context) between star Joel McHale and veteran character actor Blake Clark (best known for his roles in various Adam Sandler flicks), guesting as a physical education teacher. McHale had another opportunity on the show that funny guys with a great sense of humor are hot...especially when they're as hardbodied and toned as he is.

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Patrick Dempsey's Need For Speed

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Doing what he loves the most, Patrick Dempsey was spotted at the Miami Grand Prix on Saturday (March 6).

The “Grey’s Anatomy” stud was all smiles as he played his guitar while signing autographs for his fans just before gearing up and taking his bright yellow Mazda RX 8 race car for a spin.

Of his passion for racing, Dempsey told press, “I really love it. I love the challenge. It’s constantly pushing me to get better and better physically, mentally, and the camaraderie. It’s great to be around the drivers.”

The hunky actor doesn’t just race for himself, he also races for charity. This weekend, Homestead-Miami Speedway has partnered with the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer, Hope & Healing and the Seattle Children’s Hospital on a special ticket package and fund-raising effort. Dempsey created his charity after his mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
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5 Reasons The Oscars Matter Even Less Than You Thought

5 Reasons The Oscars Matter Even Less Than You Thought
By Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts

The Academy Awards are like Hollywood's Super Bowl (what with the betting pools, the bean dip, the coma-inducing length) but with one important difference: Super Bowl rings are actually awarded on merit.

You can't say the same about the Oscars. In an effort to shade the pageantry with a modicum of perspective, we'll be taking a look at the Academy's playbook of fuck-uppery. This is a gentle reminder to you, the discerning reader, that if you treat the Oscars as some sort of authority on what makes a film great, you're doing it wrong.

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Vampire Diaries post

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We were a bit hard on The Vampire Diaries when it debuted in the fall of 2009, thinking it was going to be another sub-par teen drama, but with fangs – a Twilight for TV. But since then, we've been happily proven wrong as the series, helmed by executive producer Kevin Williamson (of Scream and Dawson's Creek fame), has churned out quality storytelling week after week. In fact, while we still adore HBO's True Blood for all its dirty messy goodness, we think that this little CW series might actually be the true successor to Buffy that we've been looking for. Here's why...
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Desus and Mero

You on point Phife? Once again Tip...

 First Clips from Beats, Rhymes &  Fights, The Tribe Called Quest documentary.

Late in 2008, it was reported that Nas and actor Michael Rappaport would be producing a documentary on the legacy of A Tribe Called Quest, which included footage from their 2008 reunion on the Rock the Bells tour that summer and Phife's search for a Kidney transplant.
With the finishing touches being done now and the documentary dropping this summer, here are some clips (comments from Ludacris, Common, The Beastie Boys, DJ Red Alert and Too Short) and the newly opened website for this documentary after the cut.

Collapse )Bonus throwback:

Tribe's family tree of Hip-Hop probably rivals NWA in terms of influence and people they personally brought in the game. What's everyone fav tracks from them?


lol......... Bawbwa's Only Regret in Life


Barbara Walters has one regret—asking singer Ricky Martin if he’s gay, she reveals in an interview with Toronto paper The Star. On Sunday the iconic interviewer will end 29 years of her famed Oscar-night specials, in which she sits down for incisive sit-down chats with popular celebrities, with interviews of nominees Sandra Bullock and Mo’Nique. With numerous interviews during her lengthy career, Walters has misgivings about only one question she asked.

"In 2000, I pushed Ricky Martin very hard to admit if he was gay or not, and the way he refused to do it made everyone decide that he was,” Walters tells The Star.A lot of people say that destroyed his career, and when I think back on it now I feel it was an inappropriate question."

Martin, a single father of twin boys, has never commented publicly on his sexuality.


She didn't even push him that hard... She was just telling him like it is. But whatever Bawbwa, do you. My fanclub already knows my opinion on that.~

Quote Of The Day: Tim Burton

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“I’ve seen things and felt things. I think most people do. I think it’s just how much you suppress it. I don’t go out and say, ‘Oh, my god, I was abducted by a UFO,’ or, ‘I’ve seen these ghosts.’

“You feel an energy.”

“Most people say about graveyards, ‘Oh, it’s just a bunch of dead people; it’s creepy.’ But for me, there’s an energy to it that is not creepy or dark. It has a positive sense to it.”

“I think anytime you try, it ain’t gonna happen. It always seems to occur when you’re sort of open but not thinking about it. I’ve never held a seance.”

-- Tim Burton speaking to Interview Magazine about believing in Ghosts.

Fess up. Do you believe?



The Poprah Shows You The Wonder of Life

Anytime I want to show off my new television, I whip out a Blu-ray disc from Discovery’s Planet Earth series and let the high-def, gorgeous visuals of Mother Nature produce “oohs and “aahs” from my friends. The 2006 series, narrated by David Attenborough in the UK and Sigourney Weaver stateside, has become a modern classic in the nature documentary vein. Disneynature even rehashed a version of it for their cash-cow EARTH that hit theaters last year.

Looking to follow-up on the success of Planet Earth, Discovery Channel is prepping the launch of LIFE — an 11-part series more than four years in the making and focusing on the planet’s living things and their spectacular, bizarre and fascinating behaviors. All of this will all be presented in delicious high-definition — and with a few new filming tricks too.  Lending her voice to the narration of the series will be Oprah Winfrey.

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New Music Video, just released, from that kid from My Sister's Keeper

Thomas Dekker (John Connor, My Sister's Keeper, Nightmare on Elm Street) just released his music video...

Debut music video of Thomas Dekker's title track and single from his first album "Psyanotic". The album is available on all music downloadable sites including Itunes and Napster. Dekker also directed the video, which corresponds with the album cover and is inspired by the 1982 cult film "Liquid Sky". The video was made in December of 2008.

source *twitter*

Paris Fashion week

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Stepping out for a swanky event, Lindsay Lohan was spotted at the VIP Room Theater in Paris, France last night (March 5).

The “Mean Girls” starlet looked cute in a dress with black heels topped with an animal-print fur coat as she stopped and posed for pictures for the on-hand press.

Earlier in the day, Ms Lohan – who’s in Paris for fashion week – got all dolled up to attend several shows, including the Dior show.

Making her rounds to check out all the latest trends, the actress later tweeted, “Viktor&Rolf was AMAZING! What a brilliant show! I love fashion&fashion week in Paris!!!!!”

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Producer Focus speaks about Xtina & BIONIC!

You've also got Christina Aguilera's new album Bionic coming up - how did you get involved with that, and what are you doing on it?

The greatest thing about that is that we share one of the greatest engineers in the US, probably in the world, his name is Oscar Ramirez - I believe in him that much. He's been a cohort in my career for years, and he's been her vocal engineer and mixing engineer for years. And it just so happens he was like, “She's doing an album and I'll get you a connection.“ So I did it, she took some tracks and it was amazing. We did a song and an interlude together - it's called 'Sex for Breakfast'.

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GOD just give me this album NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Halle Berry & Nahla Aubry: Park and Play!

Halle Berry takes her adorable daughter Nahla Aubry to a park for some playtime in Beverly Hills on Friday (March 5).

Last Wednesday, on the Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special, Halle, 43, reflected how she felt after she won the Academy Award for her work in Monster’s Ball.

“When I won an Academy Award I remember feeling this enormous amount of pressure because now I had this award and I felt like I had to live up to it,” Halle said. “…So I felt a dilemma for a while. I felt like, how am I going to navigate my career now with this pressure that’s sat down on me? So I decided to kick it in the face and laugh at it and say, ‘You know what, I’m not going to live up to it, I may never win another one but you know what, you can’t take away the one I have.’"

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Magneto puppet
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The Muppets do The Wicker Man

Now this is a great Muppet caper. British comics creator Paul O'Connell has blessed the world with A Muppet Wicker Man, a fumetti in which the heads of Kermit, Gonzo, Miss Piggy et al are superimposed on the bodies of Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland and so on for a re-enactment of director Anthony Shaeffer's 1975 horror classic The Wicker Man.

If you've ever seen the movie, you already know it's one of the greatest, and strangest, fright films of all time. Now imagine it with Muppets. Yes, I think it's safe to say the Internet has lived up to its promise at last.

Note: Assuming grainy topless shots of Miss Piggy aren't workplace safe, this is NSFW. But who needs a job when you have A Muppet Wicker Man?

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Shaun White's Top 10 Fave Songs for Shredding

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Getting massive air requires major riffs. If you look closely at a tape of Shaun White's gold medal-winning run at the Vancouver Olympics you'll see he's wearing headphones, as many snowboarders do, to get musical inspiration for halfpipe-bending twists and flips. Wondering how he gets big air? It must be a side product of the classic rock licks. During his recent run to introduce the spellbinding Double McTwist 1260 trick he was cranking Guns N' Roses' "Paradise City."

After hearing that, we asked for Shaun's list of his favorite songs for shredding. In the midst of promoting the Team USA Soundtrack he gave us a top 10 list that includes Razorlight's "In the City," The Doors' "Riders on the Storm" Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" and the Rolling Stones' "Play with Fire." While the Team USA Soundtrack (available at ITunes) doesn't have those tracks, it does include a couple of numbers by Honor Society and Mariah.

Here, in no particular order, are the rest of his board-bangers.
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Source: here.

BRITNEY.COM confirms new Britney album.


"Y'all have been bombarding me with questions about Britney's mysterious seventh studio album... but I don't really blame you. I CAN'T WAIT EITHER! Rest assured that an album IS in the process of being recorded, and it's going to be sick. But a release date has not been confirmed or officially announced. As I always say, if it's not on or, take it with a grain of salt. I'll give you new music details as soon as I can. For now... I'm dying to hear your thoughts. What would you like to see/hear on B's next album? xx♥"


*Mods I checked and this hasn't been posted and it comes from one of her official sites.

Charles B. "In over his head" Pierce has passed away

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Black Power
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Charles B. Pierce, an independent filmmaker whose inexpensively made “The Legend of Boggy Creek” made him something of a legend himself, has died at the age of 71.

Wayne Anglin of Anglin Funeral Home at Dover, Tenn., said Pierce died Friday at Signature Care nursing home in Dover. A cause of death could not be obtained.

Pierce, a native of Indiana who grew up in Arkansas, made his films mostly in Arkansas, including the cult hit “The Legend of Boggy Creek,” released in 1972.

He grew up at Hampton, Ark., and as an adult lived in nearby Texarkana, where he ran an advertising agency
"And I won't be calling again"
Good night, sweet prince.
For those you confused, this guy directed The Legend of Boggy Creek 3 2: The Legend Continues, which was on a episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Here's a part of the episode of his movie. Watch it in his honor. It's also hilarious

Britney Spears- Allure Magazine

Star React to Mo’Nique Open Marriage

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Oscar nominee Mo’Nique made headlines this week, not for her work in “Precious,” which has earned her several awards already this year — but for her open marriage.

And now, the stars are weighing on Mo’Nique’s openness about allowing her husband, Sidney Hicks, to stray, if he wants. She can too, but has said she doesn’t.

“I think each person should be able to live their life according to what they believe in,” Common told Access Hollywood at the third annual Essence Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon on Thursday. “If that’s what she chooses for her relationship then you got to support that, you got to respect that… So whatever choices and whatever things they agree to should be held in honor and respect.”

Gabourey Sidibe, Mo’Nique’s “Precious” co-star only learned about it when Access asked on Thursday on the red carpet at the Essence event.

“She has an open marriage? OK… I imagine that with any marriage, you should be able to tell the truth,” Gabby said. “It’s not really news to have an open marriage and open communication marriage.”

But “View” co-host Sherri Shepherd said an open marriage isn’t something she personally, could handle.

“Do you think you could do it?”
Access asked on Thursday.

“Heck no! What?” Sherri exclaimed. “Apparently you don’t know why I got divorced.”


*ONTD- What are YOUR thoughts on Open Marriages?

Blind Items I guess you guess

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1. Which A-list actress has a habit of politely excusing herself for cocaine binges between interviews at press junkets? The actress, with lustrous blonde hair extensions, indulged so much at one recent event, the rest of the day had to be canceled because her extensions were falling out and her nose was bloody.

2. Which epic movie director specializes in fucking make-up artists in his trailer on set? "He leaves the windows open so everyone can hear him," said one colleague. "It's the most macho bullshit." The stunt backfired on a recent movie set because his squeeze was married.

3. "This actress has had interesting relationships with more than one celebrity. Now, though, she appears to be getting much more serious about her hunt for a long-term mate. Meeting her requirements isn't easy. Whenever she receives an offer to be fixed up on a date, the first thing she asks is, 'How much money does he make?' She refuses to go out with anyone who makes less money than she does. Considering that she is probably one of the 50 highest-paid actresses in the world, the number of men who fit into that category must be quite small. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the second question she asks is 'How tall is he?'"

4. "This former A list television actress is now a struggling C lister. She has tried absolutely everything to recapture the fame she once had. Nothing works and when she can find a job like her last television movie it bombs louder than a Nicole Kidman film. At this point she is so desperate she has basically abandoned her husband and child/ren and will go anywhere or talk to anyone to get some publicity. Over the past two months she has spent about two nights at home with her family despite not even doing any actual movie or television work

5. "Which nominee's plastic surgery is the subject of much laughter at this week's pre-Oscar parties?"

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movies // parveen

Gerard Butler: Pre-Oscar prep

Gerard Butler gets pampered and ready for the Academy Awards by getting his hair done at Chris McMillan Salon and then heading to a tanning salon on Friday (March 5) in Beverly Hills.

The 40-year-old Scottish actor is one of many actors expected to present in tomorrow’s Academy Awards.

During last Wednesday’s Artists For Peace and Justice event, Gerry also shared who his date will be for the big event.

“I’m not taking a date — unless I have a serious girlfriend, which probably a lot of people know is very rare,” Gerard told Extra. “There are enough rumors about what’s going on in my life without sparking another one.”

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Pics from the Oscar rehearsals were released. Looks like G.Butts is presenting with Bradley Cooper.

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when i was in harvard i smoked weed everyday i cheated every test and snorted all the yay

As a straight-A student at Harvard, Natalie Portman obviously didn’t smoke weed every day, but her newest film will show audiences that she isn’t biased against women having a little fun with their friends and a plant named cannabis.

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high / jesse

Six sneak peek videos of Breaking Bad Season 3

Anticipation is building for the Breaking Bad Season 3 premiere, now less than a month away, and with it comes six new sneak peek videos, including more new close-ups of Walt's Season 3 nemeses and a hip-hop homage to Jesse Pinkman's erstwhile crew.

It's all leading up to the Breaking Bad Season 3 premiere on Sun., Mar. 21 at 10PM | 9C.

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only 2 weeks to go!
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Merlin gets iPhone app

BBC drama Merlin is getting its own iPhone app role-playing game, courtesy of distributor FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) and German games developer Intentum.

The Adventures of Merlin game will be available from Apple's App Store in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian from April in the run-up to Shine TV-produced Merlin's third season debut on BBC1 in the autumn.

Players will be able to take on the role of either the wizard or Prince Arthur as they travel throughout Camelot taking on villains and monsters, solving riddles and putting magic to good use.

FME has been stepping up its activity in the app space over the past year, having invested in Canadian games developer Ludia, which has launched several on its behalf for shows including The Price Is Right, American Idol and Family Feud.

This time the firm is working with Intentum, however, which is behind a variety of casual games including Insider Story: The Stolen Venus and Vicky & the Vikings. " Partnering with Intenium enables us to offer Merlin fans everywhere an additional way to connect with the brand," said FME EMEA CEO Mel Alcock.


Colin and Bradley are very emotional about this news

Honestly, I don't even have an iPhone so I don't particularly care about this, but I thought we could all benefit from a post containing cute British boys, yes? Basically, I want this to turn into a GIF party

psst...mods! resubmitted sans hotlinking :)

This dude tweets too much.

For seven seasons on PBS, award-winning chef-restaurateur Rick Bayless has been introducing us to fabulous Mexican cuisine, and at the same time, bringing us inside his home, most of the more than 100 episodes so far were shot in his own kitchen in a two-story home in Chicago.


Chicago’s Rick Bayless is set to open his first restaurant outside the Windy City with the April debut of RED O on Melrose Avenue.

The restaurant will combine Bayless’ signature Mexican cuisine with lighter “California-style” menu items and an extensive tequila list. Bayless, author of six cookbooks and host of the PBS show “Mexico: One Plate at a Time,” said he will create new menus seasonally, train the kitchen staff and oversee the beverage program.

“I’m flattered that they would want my food and culinary vision in Los Angeles,” he said.

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What's the best thing to eat late at night, ONTD? Also, name your favorite restaurant.
a life less ordinary

The Calling's Alex Band releases video for 'Tonight'


The day has finally come! I just arrived here in FL to meet up with my new RV bus to start the long American Radio Promo Tour. This promotional tour is scheduled to go through May when the album finally gets released here in the US and then I will most likely be making my way to Europe to do promo and shows there as well. I'm pretty sure the single will come out in Germany first, with the other Countries in Europe following close behind. I don't know yet when Asia and South America will fall in to place, but don't worry, it's only a matter of time! You can expect tour diaries from the road starting this week and lots of little videos of what I'm up to each day!

The first single, "Tonight", is officially released to radio here in the US next week. I want you all to see it first and I can't wait to hear your feedback! Let's spread this video EVERYWHERE and I will definitely also be needing your help to call radio stations all over the nation to make this song HUGE! I will get a list of radio stations you will be able to request the song at with details of which ones are most important very soon, so stay tuned. My temp website at will be up very soon and the fully redesigned one will be launching late April to coincide with the album release. Thank you all in advance for your help and support, I couldn't do it without you! I can't wait to see where this year takes me and I hope you are all just as excited as I am that the wait is over! 5 years in the making and today is the day;)! See ya on the road!.....

All the love, Alex Band

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yes I know this was a while ago...but I figured a little more promotion wouldn't hurt ;)
Edit: It really is Alex Band and not Aaron Carter in that pic lol.