March 5th, 2010

I'm a pistol packin' papa

Diane Kruger is angry, could hit me with the heel of her shoe and I would like it

Diane Kruger Has Almost Been Arrested!

Diane Kruger hates authority.

The Inglourious Basterds star confessed she has come close to being arrested more than once because she gets so argumentative around people in power.

“I have a real problem with authority,” she said. “I’ve nearly been arrested so many times.

“Airports are the worst — you go through security, you only have one item, one tube and they tell you to put it in a plastic bag. I’m like, ‘But it’s one f***ing item! A plastic bag isn’t going to make it any more secure.’ ”

The 33-year-old German actress — who had a strict religious upbringing — believes the problem stems from her youth when she was an “angry child” who despised school.

“I was always arguing,” she said. “Unless someone could explain and it made sense to me I just couldn’t accept things.

“I think everybody has childhood problems, issues, whatever. I was angry when I was a teenager. I just really hated school and the Catholic bit was part of that. Just the suppression and everything being so proper."

Former model Diane struggled to find an outlet for her anger, so focused all her passions on ballet as a way of exorcising her frustrations.

“I didn’t see myself as an academic,” she said. “I wasn’t happy so I loved to be able to express my anxiety or passion or whatever you feel by dancing.”


She could order me around and make me rub myself against the floor until I chafed and I would thank her for it, as long as she put the heel of her shoe on my neck.

In recent events:

Vera Wang Store Launch – Mila Kunis In Vera Wang
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Mila Kunis was one of the many who attended Vera Wang’s LA boutique opening party.

She was the best dressed at the event imo, looking absolutely gorgeous in her black strapless Vera Wang Fall 2010 dress.

Normally not a fan of the side ponytail but I do love how very simple, elegant and stylishly it fits with her look.

Her two-tone strapless black dress which she pairs with black strappy sandals, has a gathered detail on the bodice and tulip skirt.

Looking at the runway model, I wish she’d worn that stunning necklace too.

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Jay-Z & Beyonce stop by the Obama's house

Jay-Z took advantage of his time in the Beltway on Wednesday to visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. "I just came from the White House," he told the audience at the Verizon Center on the Washington, D.C., stop of his Blueprint 3 tour. According to The Washington Post, Hov made the remark during the last minutes of his concert.

Officials confirmed to the Post on Thursday (March 4) that President Barack Obama had indeed met with the Brooklyn MC and the pair chatted briefly. In an interview overseas last month, Jay-Z revealed that when he once called President Obama, he heard BP3 playing in the background.
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Fame destroyed Lindsay Lohan


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan's Lost Sweet 16 Birthday Footage

It’s almost heartbreaking to watch. Vintage footage of Lindsay Lohan, taken at her sweet 16th birthday party, smiling and giggling happily as she and her family arrive in Miami to celebrate the big day. has exclusively obtained the video, shot in July of 2002. Lindsay, now 23, looks healthy and appears delighted to be with her then married parents, Dina and Michael Lohan, and her three siblings, Michael Jr., Ali, and Cody.

The video, shot like a home movie, begins with the entire Lohan family arriving at Miami International Airport where they get into a limo to take them to their hotel. The cameraman asks Lindsay what she plans to do in Miami and she answers innocently, her freckled face beaming, “You know, lay in the sun, go shopping, do some singing.”

Later at the hotel, the family is milling around the lobby when Lindsay suddenly goes, “Where’s my dad?” She spots him at the concierge desk checking in and says, “Oh, there’s my dad!” before bounding over to where he is.

At the time, the other man in Lindsay’s life was teen sensation Aaron Carter (brother of Nick Carter). The two were dating at the time.

Aaron attends Lindsay’s party and the two adorably switch off between looking awkward with each other and cuddling in the corner.

It’s quite a different picture of the woman Hollywood has seen Lindsay evolve into.

Over the last 8 years, her parents have divorced and pitted her against each other in a bitter feud that’s been played out ruthlessly in the public. Then there are the DUI arrests, her shrinking weight, the decreasing movie roles and her father’s outspoken comments about Lindsay’s alleged prescription drug habit.

When asked to comment on the poignant video, Michael told

“While I feel I have exhausted almost every avenue with hope of getting through to Lindsay and my other family members, I still hold hope and will not give up. It is by faith that I believe things WILL change. Notice the clarity, her demeanor, the closeness, the light in her eyes and the happiness. Notice what she-- and things were like BEFORE!”

“To Lindsay and my family, please realize how sorry I am for the mistakes I made. People can say what they want, but each and every one of us knows the truth. Things have, and will continue to change for the better. You will see that. But along the way, if I have to make sacrifices, be the scapegoat or suffer the consequences for the mistakes I or anyone else made, I will! Because that's true love and I love all of you!”


(cant embeed)


What did the NPR crowd pick for Best Picture?

For Best Picture, the NPR Audience Picks...

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by Trey Graham
March 5, 2010

We have to say, we're not the least bit surprised: The NPR crowd is a famously sober, serious-minded bunch of upstanding citizens. So it was practically a foregone conclusion that the winner in our audience-driven Oscar-alternative contest for the Most Accomplished Film of 2009 would be Collapse )


Amanda's 'Hall Pass' revoked?

"Earlier, it was reported by reputable entertainment websites and news sources and Amanda herself, that she'd been cast in the comedy Hall Pass. Now, Amanda's tweets are telling a different story."

From today:

Before those two tweets, Amanda said: " Everything happens for a reason! =) "

"It seems that Amanda was either replaced, her character was written out of the script, or she backed out herself. This is NOT confirmed, but something fishy is defintely going down! Maybe Amanda is too cool for school!"


Earlier: Google's cache of tweets she's now deleted


Lloyd Dobler allegedly dating former Baywatch babe


John Cusack is dating Bruce Willis' former fiancee, "Baywatch" star Brooke Burns, according to a U.S. report. The "High Fidelity" actor has been romancing the 31-year-old beauty, who split from Willis in 2004, since the beginning of 2010, reports Life & Style magazine.

A source tells the publication, "They've been going out seriously for more than a month. She's super sweet and definitely has a type - she dates older men." The 43-year-old actor has never wed, while Burns was previously married to "NIP/Tuck" star, Julian McMahon, the father of her nine-year-old daughter. After their 2001 divorce, she was later engaged to Willis, but the pair called off the engagement in 2004.

Professionally, John Cusack will be seen starring opposite Gong Li, Ken Watanabe, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chow Yun-Fat in upcoming movie "Shanghai". In the drama film, he plays Paul Soames, an American who flies to Shanghai to find his friend recently murdered. The movie itself is set to be released in the U.S. later this year.


Kind of a slow news night.  But I find it interesting that this article, in mentioning Cusack's upcoming films, named Shanghai, which doesn't even have a definite release date, and not Hot Tub Time Machine, which comes out this month.  Are they trying to imply that Hot Tub Time Machine is somehow not legitimate?  LOL

Atia {bed}

It's James Marsters On 'Caprica'

If you liked that British accent James Marsters had during his time on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Torchwood," get used to the real Marsters. That is, the actor willing to wrap his arm in (prop) barbed wire and show his full allegiance to the one true god.

Marsters makes his debut on Syfy's "Caprica" Friday in an episode that will have you talking until next week.

"Know Thy Enemy" introduces Tomas Vergis, who demands a meeting with Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz) following the pilot episode theft of a chip that makes the U-87 Cylon work.

Vergis whirls up a publicity storm that steals the heart of the Caprican public, and surprisingly serves up a friendly offer to Daniel that could save Graystone Industries. But there's a catch to his proposal that could haunt Daniel for years to come.

Sister Clarice (Polly Walker), panicked that off-world STO leadership has been backing a rogue named Barnabas Greeley (James Marsters), steps up her plans to acquire Zoe Graystone's (Alessandra Torresani) avatar program ... and may find her answer through befriending Amanda Graystone (Paula Malcomson).

Meanwhile, wanting to fulfill her own promise to Zoe, Lacy Rand (Magda Apanowicz) goes with Keon (Liam Sproule) to meet Barnabas, opening herself up to a new world of danger.

"Caprica" airs Friday at 9 p.m. on Syfy.


I don't want Marsters around for long, ngl. Though if it means more Sister Clarice I may rethink that.

How many BSG fans are actually watching this? Thoughts so far?
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Grace Jones to Perform at Elton John's Oscar Party

Elton John has a reputation for bringing up-and-coming musical performers to his Oscar night bash—recent acts have included Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters and Raphael Saadiq—but this year he'll be veering off that course. Grace Jones will perform for guests at the 18th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation party on Sunday at the Pacific Design Center.

Jones's predictably unpredictable performance is likely to begin around 10 p.m., after the celebrity-heavy viewing party and dinner portion, which begins at 5 p.m., after a cocktail hour. The gala will have production by Virginia Fout of V Productions and design and flowers by Antony Todd. (Preview: Expect a modern look for the party space, with punches of bright orange.)

“Grace Jones is not only an amazing performer, but a dear friend and a fellow activist in the fight against HIV/AIDS,” John said in an announcement. “Without a doubt, Grace will put on a show for our guests that will have them talking for years to come. It is an absolute honor to have Grace as part of this evening that means so much to the foundation.”

ru feelin me



The new track, a remix, and forthcoming dates are up on their MYSPACE
Their new LP "Total Life Forever" is out May 10th.



Shaking & Crying

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Britney Spears was nominated for a JUNO which is Canada’s version of the Grammy Awards. Britney has been nominated for “International Album of the Year”. Congrats, B!
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“Britney Spear’s seventh album CIRCUS, a follow up to her critically received 2007 barnburner, BLACKOUT, was released December 2, 2008. In Canada, CIRCUS debuted at NO. 1 and spent 41 weeks on the Neilsen Soundscan Top 200 sales chart. The lead single “Womanizer” (produced by the up-and-coming Atlanta production team The Outsyders) created a frenzy amongst Britney fanatics and was fully embraced by radio stations and media alike – underscoring Britney’s reign as one of the Queens of pop. In Canada, “Womanizer” spent four weeks at No. 1 CHR Radio and sold 15,756 tracks on iTunes Canada in its first week, making it the highest digital sales debut in SONY BMG (CANADA) INC. for 2008 (or in history?). Britney Spears is one of the top-selling artists of the last decade, and to date has sold in excess of 67 million albums worldwide. Her releases include: BABY ONE MORE TIME (1999); OOPS!…I DID IT AGAIN (2000); BRITNEY (2001); IN THE ZONE (2003) and BLACKOUT (2007). Beloved by her legions of fans, Britney Spears continues to be one of the most talked about, searched for, and sought after pop stars in the world.


Observations: Kristen Stewart's musings from the Twilight zone

Before the first Twilight movie in 2008, I was a much more open person. Now I spend a lot of time looking at the floor in public in an attempt not to get noticed. It can get a little boring. But whatever sacrifices I've had to make as a rising star, my job makes up for it a hundredfold.

I won the Orange Rising Star Award at the Baftas last week. As I stood on stage at the Royal Opera House, I felt overwhelmed – in front of all these industry people, whom I don't just admire, but who are the foundation of what I want to do. It's hard to explain how it feels being in the same room as Kate Winslet. Perhaps it's similar to how a Twilight fan feels on seeing me in person.

Some people say I'm anti-Hollywood, but I'm really not at all. I just think it's pretty weird to show up at things that you have no reason to go to. To go out just for the sake of it is plain ridiculous.

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Lindsay's latest jump off

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It's official! Lindsay Lohan is back into boys again – and she’s bagged herself a new bloke to prove it.

The bisexual singer, who had a stormy two-year on-off romance with Samantha Ronson, is dating British DJ Gareth Geno.

And she’s clearly got it bad. At Sketch nightclub in central London on Wednesday, the 23-year-old Mean Girls star was all over him.

Gareth is not the only Boy to have turned her head.

Earlier in the day, Lindsay bumped into Boy George at the ITV studios after filming Alan Carr’s Chatty Man show. They really hit it off, comparing tattoos and headgear. Boy George almost knocked Lindsay out with his huge yellow titfer, but it seems to have inspired her. Later at Sketch, she had put on a black Trilby, a skintight top and see-through leggings which showed a distinct lack of pantyline (tut, tut).

A glum-looking LiLo had been invited along to spin some tunes. She only perked up when Gareth – who says on his Facebook page he’s still single – held her hand, fed her chips and sorted out her playlist.

When Lindsay eventually got on the decks, he whispered in her ear for moral support. If it was meant to placate her, it failed miserably.

Everyone in the club stopped and stared, and started flashing their Nokia X6 camera phones in her face. An infuriated Lindsay flipped out big-time. She started yelling: “Dance! I feel like I’m in a f***ing zoo!”

She and Gareth then ducked behind the decks, giggling and flouting the smoking ban. Naughty...

Lindsay had also lost it earlier when she got revellers, including singer Daisy Dares You, turfed out of the VIP lounge. We heard her ordering bouncers to “get them out” as she marched in.

She got cosy with DJ Geno until it was his turn to hit the decks. Then, after requesting Cyprus Hill’s Insane in the Membrane, she was overheard telling him, “See you in a bit, baby” before heading off to Bungalow 8. When Gareth joined her there later, she practically leapt on the poor bloke.

“I have to move to London,” Lindsay said. “He’s so cute.”

We do hope he knows what he’s letting himself in for.

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Chloe Sevigny covers UK Elle, attends an event

CHLOE Sevigny is looking better than ever - and says it's all down to her rampant sex life. Fashionista Chloe Sevigny, who looks trim and toned in these brand new pictures, says her sex life is better than ever at the moment. Asked how she manages to look so good she exclusively told Elle Magazine: "I’ve just started doing yoga three times a week. "I feel strong and limber, and my sex drive is through the roof!" But although the 35-year-old is happier than ever, she still hasn't cracked the whole man thing. She revealed: "‘Men are intimidated by me. "My friends say, 'You have to find someone more famous and successful than you, or someone who’s so happy with their own life they can handle the attention you get.' "I want to be worshipped and adored, but then again I also love to be ignored. Hurgh! It’s the same old, same old." So is she worried about getting older?

"Getting older doesn’t bother me at all. Well, other than the baby pressure. I do want to have a baby," she said.

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The world according to Gaga

In the contemporary fashion dialogue, no celebrity is paid more lip service than Lady Gaga. Such is her reach that the Global Language Monitor recently revealed that “Lady Gaga” topped the list of the most searched fashion terms, with “no pants” a close third. The Moment recently caught up with the fashion plate du jour, who was surprisingly candid and dressed in mufti — an outfit of checked shirt, black tights and vertiginous heels that brought to mind Mary-Kate without the grande nonfat latte — to talk about everything from her new gig as a mouthpiece for M.A.C. and its AIDS fund to her constantly referring to herself in the third person.
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The Moffatts get turned into creepy baby dolls; remain completely irrelevant while doing so...

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Have you ever wanted a baby Moffatt of your own without having to trap and shotgun-wed one of them a la Taylor Hanson actually fondle one of the band members?! WELL HERE'S YOUR CHANCE!

Someone (presumably a fan) had baby pictures of '90s Canadian band, The Moffatts, turned into ReBorn Dolls.


(This one creeps me out the most, because it looks JUST.LIKE.HIM.)

Clint and Bob (identical twins):


One website specializing in these dolls charges $700+ for a custom doll, which means we can assume the fan paid over $2,800 to have the four dolls made. (Hi, could you use that money to pay off my student loans instead, please?)

*Scott is not for sale*

Source (All that hard work, and yet in pics you can see that "Moffatt" is spelt wrong on the twins' hospital ID bracelets...LOL.)
matthew lewis

Mickey Rourke: "14 girls in one night" (yes, sexytimes)

The Wrestler star, 57, said the marathon night of passion took place in London before he met current love, 24-year-old Russian model ANASTASSIJA MAKARENKO.

He added: "Forget Ashley Cole, his behaviour has nothing on a film star. WAGs get an easy time - they should try living with Hollywood hellraisers. I once spent a weekend in the UK and had 14 women in one night. British footballers have got nothing on us when it comes to women."

"If you WAGs knew what Hollywood's stars get up to you'd think you were married to pussycats."

He is a regular at London clubs and was caught chatting up 18-year-old PIXIE LOTT - unsuccessfully - at Mahiki last year.

He also tried to bed ABI TITMUSS after last year's Baftas and approached married Brit actress THANDIE NEWTON.

He went on a five-night bender in London in September and was seen with a variety of different women.

Would You Hit It?

Yes, I bet he gets harder than a sponge
Yes, I'd take him on in the boxing ring
Yes, with a baseball bat

The Sun, take it with a grain of salt

Oh Really?

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Jonathan Winters, George Lopez, Katy Perry and Alan Cumming are joining Neil Patrick Harris in Sony's live-action/animated The Smurfs.

Winters, who voiced multiple characters on the long-running Hanna-Barbera cartoon version of "Smurfs," will play Papa Smurf. Perry is in talks to portray Smurfette, Alan Cumming is taking on Gutsy Smurf and George Lopez is onboard as Grouchy Smurf.

Harris will play the lead live-action character.

Raja Gosnell is directing the Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation film from a screenplay by David N. Weiss & J. David Stem and Jay Sherick & David Ronn.


The Chick From G.I. Joe Will Be Conan's Girlfriend

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Latino Review has confirmed an IMDb posting that said Rachel Nichols (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Star Trek, "Alias") will play Tamara in director Marcus Nispel's Conan at Lionsgate. The film will be based on Robert E. Howard's mythical conqueror Conan the Barbarian.

Nichols is joining a cast that includes Jason Momoa, Mickey Rourke, Bob Sapp and Leo Howard, who co-starred in "G.I. Joe" with Nichols.

The following is how the casting breakdown described character:

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Firth played gay professor in A Single Man to go nude before 50

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Colin Firth says he decided to step into the shoes of a gay professor for his Bafta award winning role because he wanted to go nude before turning 50. Firth's role in A Single Man has not only won him much critical acclaim and a best actor Bafta but also got him a nod for the 82nd Academy Awards.

"I pick up the script and it says, 'Naked man lies on bed.' And then a few pages in, 'Naked man jumps in ocean'...'Well,' I thought. 'It's time. One more push against gravity before I turn 50 and it's all downhill'," says Firth.

Talking about his Oscar nomination, he adds: "I'm not very hopeful, I'm afraid. "It's just nice to get the nomination, frankly."


Kate Gosselin Discovers Life Without Micropenis

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Kate Gosselin and her dance partner Tony Dovolani attend the premiere of Discovery Channel’s Life at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on Thursday (March 4) in New York City.

At the premiere, the 34-year-old reality star mom explained why she joined Dancing With The Stars. “I am all about new challenges, facing my fears - this is like the hugest fear ever because I have never ever danced in my life,” she said.

Kate also had high praise for her partner Tony Dovolani. “He’s a great teacher, because this is not analytical thinking, this is not books, this is not schedule planning, this is like all that other art stuff and he’s very good at explaining what I need to do.” she told ET.


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At least her hair looks better than this....

ONTD, Do you want kids? How many?
Poll #1534256 You and Jon ?

How many kids do you want?

Jon and Me +8
Duggar size me!

LAPD Sets Up Morbid Exhibition; Manages to Piss off Kennedy and Tate Families

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LOS ANGELES – The son of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy said he was "horrified" when he learned earlier this week that clothing that his father was wearing when he was assassinated in 1968 was being displayed at an exhibit in Las Vegas.

Maxwell Taylor Kennedy criticized the Los Angeles Police Department in a commentary prepared for Friday's Op-Ed page in the Los Angeles Times.

Maxwell Kennedy, a former assistant district attorney who lives in Los Angeles, called the display of his father's clothing "part of a macabre publicity stunt" and "a cheap bid for attention."

After a complaint from the family, the LAPD removed the items from a display at a homicide investigators conference in Las Vegas.

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Leno and Palin both hacks: Sky is blue

Leno's Tonight Show Reality Hacking, adds Laugh Track to Sarah Palin Appearance

It's my opinion that audio portions of Sarah Palin's March 2nd appearance on Jay Leno's Tonight show were added or amplified, edited before broadcast to make it appear that Sarah Palin was more welcome than she was.

I know. I was there.

They added laughter where there was none during uncomfortable portions. Well, there was some laughter. Mine, of derision. During those pregnant pauses in her performance I was laughing long and loud, couldn't help myself as much of what she was saying was utterly surreal, ridiculous, hypocritical - nonsense, spewed platitudes, pushed buttons. I was seriously thinking of leaving as it was getting hysterically unfunny.

After sitting through the taping of the show in the studio I can recount many portions where there was little or no laughter or response, but at the later broadcast they are smoothed over with applause and laughter that WERE NOT THERE at the taping. Groans, hoots, grumbling, or just dead silence - all missing.
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Celebrities come together to film PSA for Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

PSA to help the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe featuring Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, Booboo Stewart, Gil Birmingham, Julia Jones, and more.

South Dakota's Lakota Sioux- Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe 2010 Crisis

  • February 1st, 2010 Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has declared state of emergency after severe ice storm devastates reservation
  • Storm topples more than 3000 power poles
  • 13,000 people without power, heat and water
Find out how you can help here:
DM; all

TV Ratings Thursday

American Idol’s 6.5 adults 18-49 rating was enough to swamp the rest of the competition on Thursday night. It was down 8% from the comparable Thursday night last season (2/26/09). Overall, American Idol is down just 5% in adults 18-49 so far this season. Kitchen Nightmares slipped just a bit (3%) from last week to a 3.3 rating.

A special one hour The Office put an adults 18-49 beatdown on the competition at 9pm, up 27% over 2/11 to a 4.7 rating. That likely gave The Marriage Ref a nice boost, as its regular timeslot premiere scored a 3.4 rating, winning the 10pm hour. Earlier in the night, Community (2.3 rating) and Parks & Recreation (2.3 rating, matching a season high) were both flat vs. their last originals on 2/11. Besides Winter Olympics weeks, it was NBC’s top 18-49 rated Thursday of the season.

At 9pm, Grey’s Anatomy was up 8% (vs. 2/18) to a 4.0 rating, likely as some Olympics viewers returned, but Private Practice may have been hurt more by Marriage Ref, it fell 4% to a 2.7 rating, it’s lowest original episode rating on a Thursday.

Free of competition from the Olympics, Survivor recovered a bit (+3%) to a 3.8 rating. CSI got a big bounce, up 16% (vs. 2/4) to a 3.7 rating. The Mentalist also seemed hurt by Marriage Ref, falling 14% (vs. 2/11) to a 3.2 rating.


What did you watch ONTD?
Trio Trio

Squints In Concert.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Continuing her domination of the pop music industry, Taylor Swift was in Tampa, Florida to kick off her Fearless tour last night.

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what is with that "13" on her fucking hand ?

"I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first #1 song had a 13-second intro," she said. "Every time I've won an award I've been seated in either the 13th seat, the 13th row, the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter."
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H.B.I.C coming through .

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Stepping out for a fun-filled evening, Rachelle Lefevre was spotted at the 3rd Annual Women in Film Pre-Oscar Party last night (March 4).

The “Twilight” hottie was all smiles as she posed outside a private Bel Air residence, sporting a low-cut black dress with peep-toe heels.

In career news, Rachelle has scored the lead role in a new CBS medical drama, playing a young and competent doctor.

Previously, Miss Lefevre has been best known for her work on the “Twilight” and “New Moon” films, playing the role of Victoria.

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dead-ric 2

Rob on set of Bel Ami this morning.

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Robert Pattinson was on the London set of Bel Ami this morning, dressed in his old-timey costume and strolling behind the scenes with a mug of tea.

He's home in England again after a whirlwind week of promoting Remember Me in NYC, with many interviews surrounding his big Monday night premiere with Kristen Stewart. He left town on Tuesday evening, but we just got a behind-the-scenes peek at him and Kristen having fun with his family at the screening's afterparty.

His film doesn't hit the big screen until next Friday, but for now Rob seems fully occupied working on his period piece with Uma Thurman.

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Hey Arnold; Arnold & Helga

Ausiello: 'Castle' Spoofs NBC's Jay/Conan ruckus... and kills in the process

Heads-up to Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien: Be sure to DVR the April 26 episode of Castle.
In a rare ripped-from-the-headlines detour, the hit ABC dramedy is prepping an episode inspired by NBC’s recent late-night kerfuffle — and The Powers That Be are mixing in a cheeky bit of ABC cross-promotion while they’re at it.
Sources confirm to me exclusively that Dancing with the Stars emcee Tom Bergeron has signed on to guest as Bobby Mann, a late-night talk show host who gets permanently shut up by… Well, the prime suspect is his would-be successor, a rival chatterbox (played by Bill Bellamy) who’s long coveted the victim’s timeslot.
In addition to Bergeron and Bellamy, the episode’s eclectic guest cast also boasts TV vet Fred Willard as Bergeron’s sidekick, 3rd Rock From the Sun’s French Stewart as a Pellicano-esque investigator, and The Simpsons‘ Yeardley “Lisa” Smith as a comedy-club owner.

Kirs not amused

oh, it's just a Taylor Momsen post, Carry on.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Exploring her musical side, Taylor Momsen was spotted at the BMI Industry Insider Series: “How I Produced the Record” event in New York City last night (March 4).

The CW cutie looked punked-out as usual, sporting a black Rage Against the Machine t-shirt with distressed jeans and plenty of eyeliner.

In a recent interview, Taylor explained that while she’s aware of her high visibility to young girls, she doesn’t want to be a role model.

“To be honest. I don’t f***ing care. I didn’t get into this to be a role model. So I’m sorry if I’m influencing your kids in a way that you don’t like, but I can’t be responsible for their actions. I don’t care.”

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Amanda Seyfried walking post.

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Keeping on top if her dog owner duties, Amanda Seyfried was spotted out with her pet pooch in Los Angeles on Thursday (March 4).

Looking cute in a green top with black pants, the “Jennifer’s Body” actress smiled as she scooped up her canine companion from an appointment with the local groomer.

Sticking with the topic of dogs, Miss Seyfried recently chatted with press about an experience she had with a pup during a run-in with the always-present paparazzi.

“I was trying to get this photographer’s dog to come over and I thought, ‘Well, maybe if I stick my tongue out he will [come over]’ because dogs love to lick people’s mouths,” she said. “So I had my tongue out and the dog was licking it and I thought I’d be grossed out, but I wasn’t!”

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dedicated to pineapple_s0da <3

Charlize, Jared And A Happy/Sad Lilo Check Out Dior Show

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Keeping up on the latest looks, the stars were out for the Christian Dior Autumn-Winter 2010/2011 ready-to-wear collection show in Paris, France on Friday (March 5).

Leading the pack was “Mean Girls” actress Lindsay Lohan, who swapped in and out of a few different outfits as she readied for the Paris Fashion Weekcatwalk display.

Also on hand, was Oscar winning beauty Charlize Theron, who snatched up a prime front row seat alongside Bernard and Delphine Arnault.

Not to be forgotten, “30 Seconds to Mars” rocker Jared Leto also turned up for the fashionable affair, chatting with his French model and actress pal, Lou Doillon.


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Conan Pledges to Change One Woman’s Life… on Twitter.

Sarah Killen loves gummy dinosaurs, coke syrup, peanut butter and now Conan O’Brien. The Michigan gal — not a fan of Russell Bigos, her sister-in-law’s treadmill singing or cleaning — happens to be the only person that the jilted late night personality follows on Twitter.

Conan, who up until minutes ago wasn’t following a single person, decided to change Sarah Killin’s life by following her and her alone. Conan announced the news via Twitter — likely with the help of his Twitter army). The tweet in question reads:

As you can imagine, Killen’s Twitter following is now rising fast. She’s gone from meager follower counts in the hundreds to more than 3,750 followers at the time of this post. We’re not sure if Conan plans to gift Killen with more than just Twitter followers, but his tweet certainly leaves the door open.

Congrats Sarah. Our only advice to you is: Now that the eyes of the Twittersphere are upon you, you might consider leaving full names out of your tweets.

In case you're wondering, her twitter is @LovelyButton.
s o u r c e
Glee: Kurt *OH!*

Warning: tl;dr

  When you and Julian are finished touring or filming, can you not wait to get away from each other, or do you guys hang out?

We used to a lot more, but we work so much together now that we don’t tend to hang out. We did when it was all fresh and new, but now we’re like an old married couple. We just hold hands, and we don’t have sex any more. That said, that is after six months straight on tour. If you saw your girlfriend or your wife as much as us, you’d want a break.

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Lara Bingle sells her "story" to Women's Day for a cool $200K, aka an Aussie Attention Whore post

Follow up to this post.

Lara Bingle. Fevola. The shower. That photo. Everyone has dipped their nibs into the inkwell of shame.

Alongside the usual tabloid tosh, you can count bogan with a blog Mia Freedman, football hardwoman Caroline Wilson and public relations expert Sue Cato. They’ve all swallowed it.

Bingle, in the space of five days, has transformed from onetime home wrecker/cricket WAG/bikini babe turned fashionista into the cowed victim of media villain and Brisbane Lions star recruit Brendan Fevola.

The major players — Woman’s Day, celebrity agent Max Markson, Channel Nine and Bingle herself — have given the amateurs a lesson in how to turn a grainy three-year-old mobile phone pic into rivers of cash.</p>

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Salacious source
Additional reading

For the TL;DR crowd - Aussie cricketer WAG previously famous only for being a WAG and bikini/Maxim model is vanishing slowly from spotlight. She abruptly fires long-time publicist and hires an infamous "celebrity" PR. Only a few days later later WAG suddenly gets shoved into spotlight due to a 'leaked' topless photo that's been floating around for two years (I can actually vouch for that). Everyone pities her because of the "invasion of privacy" and she makes loud noises about her intent to sue footballer even though they both know the picture's been around the block and back for years. WAG decides to sell ~her side of the story~ for $200,000 to the same magazine that 'leaked' the photo in the first place and which previously consistently ran negative stories about her affair with said married footballer and portrayed her as a homewrecker.

Lesson: Footballers who sleep around outside their marriages are fucking dicks, but nothing stops a famewhore either. "Poor Lara"? Not any poorer than a Karadashian.

New Kim Photoshoot

Always up to something, Kim Kardashian recently squeezed her famous curves into a new line of workout gear for a sexy ad shoot.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” beauty showed off the new VATA Sports collection from Bravada International/Muscle Flex after becoming a partner in the company.

Of the effort, Kim said: “Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you can’t look good and feel great.”

The collection is designed by Danny Alex, creator of new US reality TV show ‘The Complete Package’ - which sees thousands of women of all shapes and sizes competing for a $100,000 prize and is described as “merging Victoria’s Secret style and attitude with ‘The Apprentice’ business savvy.’”

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Comedian BILLY EICHNER has finally done another Man on the Street video! This is the Oscar edition!!!!! Real New Yorkers, real drama!!!! WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!

This guy consistently makes me pee my pants.
If you enjoyed this video, you may also enjoy...
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Anna Kendrick's Red Carpet Survival Playlist

Take it from someone who has camped out on countless red carpets, there is nowhere more chaotic, intense or deafening. I've often wondered how celebrities prepare for the onslaught of flashbulbs, screaming fans and microphones that lie in wait with any premiere, party or award show.

To answer that question, we turned to "Up in the Air" Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick, who has walked her fair share of red carpets this year. As Anna prepares to strut her stuff down the world's most famous piece unfurled fabric at Sunday's Academy Awards, she revealed to PopWrap that music is her salvation -- in particular, this playlist, which has helped her get through award season in one piece!

PopWrap: What song helps you relax after a day of trying on countless dresses?
Anna Kendrick: "Fire Department" by Be Your Own Pet. Not actually a relaxing song, but I play it as loud as I can when I get frustrated with the vanity aspects of the whole process.

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I really like her picks -- not a Top 40 song in the bunch!

george jetson

What Do Basement Baby and Zooey Have in Common? They’re Rimmel’s New Faces!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kate Moss is about to be in some gorgeous company. Rimmel London has tapped Solange Knowles and Zooey Deschanel, along with model Alejandra Ramos Munoz, to join the British supermodel as the beauty brand’s newest faces. So what set the women apart from the beauty crowd?

“These three strong, successful and uniquely beautiful women will help ensure that Rimmel London’s image continues to be modern and globally relevant,” Renato Semerari, president of Coty Beauty, which owns the Rimmel brand, tells WWD. While additional details are yet to be released, Zooey, Solange and Alejandra will represent different collections within the brand in print and TV campaigns.

Tell us: What do you think of Rimmel’s newest celeb faces?

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Kim Zolciak: I Don’t Have a Female Lover

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
So you’re officially with Big Poppa?
We’re doing great. He’s fantastic. It’s been so on and off in the last two years, but the entertainment industry is really difficult and takes a toll on relationships. People are so fascinated with any part that has to do with my personal life. And it’s just that. You want to talk about my kids, I’ll do it all day long. You want to talk about my wig line, I’ll do it all day long. But this stuff … it just really makes me laugh.

Is he divorced yet?
He’s not legally divorced yet, and I haven’t told anybody that, so there you have it. He doesn’t live with his family like people think.
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60 seconds with Kendra Wilkinson

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Q: The new season of Kendra begins March 14, and you recently moved in to a new house. Are you excited to show it off?
A: Yeah, it's so fricking amazing. It's in Tarzana, L.A. I'd never heard of it before, but it's almost better than Hollywood. I can't wait to show the house off on TV. Five bedrooms, like, seven bathrooms, a pool, a grotto-type thing.

Q: Sounds a little like the Playboy Mansion.
A: Yeah, now we have our own mansion.
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What's Next for Dexter?

Is it September yet?

With six months standing between now and the season five premiere of Dexter, I tried to pry some serious scoop out of Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter and the rest of the gang—begging didn't work and neither did bribing! And while they were tight-lipped, I did manage to learn a thing or two about what's to come while moderating the show panel at Paley Fest Thursday night.

We also learned how Michael's health is now, and watched him and his real-life wife, Jennifer, answer a question about their marriage for the first time...

*** Spoiler Alert! If you still haven't seen the Dexter season four finale, please look no further. All of what you'll see after the jump will definitely ruin it for you. ***

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Rihanna's Hot Body at the Center of a Legal War

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Rihanna's incredible physique is the subject of a nasty legal battle -- and it's all because the singer allegedly didn't pay her personal trainer for a few days worth of work.

The trainer -- Cindy Percival -- filed the lawsuit against Rihanna in L.A County Superior Court last week, claiming the singer owes her $26,144.14 in unpaid wages from 2009.

In the lawsuit, Cindy claims she was hired to perform "exclusive personal training services" for Rihanna for $1,500 per day -- but never got a check for a couple of weeks of work between September and October.

Cindy is also asking for $2,644.14 in travel expenses -- because she claims she had to travel all over Europe to meet up with Rihanna ... to make her bend, stretch, pump and sweat in person
... which really should be payment enough.

No comment from Rihanna's people.

george jetson

Chris Brown's new beat? R&B star to read at Harlem school, despite conviction for beating up Rihanna

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Controversial R&B star Chris Brown has a surprising new gig - reading to kids at a Harlem charter school.

Despite his conviction for beating up Rihanna at a pre-Grammy party last year, the "Run It" singer was invited to Sisulu-Walker Charter School's annual "Family Read Night."

"I extended an invitation to all celebrities and politicians, and we had an acceptance by him,"
said principal Dawn Cejas, who added the evening was geared to encourage students to read.

Brown pleaded guilty to a felony and was sentenced last August to community service along with a year of domestic-violence counseling for his attack on the "Umbrella" singer.

Olubunmi Sonubi, a mother of Sisulu-Walker fifth-grader Ishola, said she was okay with a "second chance" for Brown.

"He can come even though he was arrested,"
she said. "He's coming to read to the children. He apologized on TV. Sometimes in real life we make mistakes."

A spokesman for Brown didn't return a call for comment.


orly? momitis can cause suicide apparently

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The suicide of british designer Alexander McQueen just a few days after he twittered that his mom, Joyce,had passed away has awoken controversy about how "momitis" or oedipus complexa may become so destructive and, in extreme cases, lead to suicide.

For the designer, the death of his mother was something devastating. Which indicates he had established a destructive and codependent relationship. (YEAH SURE. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FACT THAT SHE WAS HIS MOM. OK)

His mom's death added to some problem McQueen may have had, leading him to suicide.

McQueen may have created a destructive codependency, not a simple admiration, but his mom becoming his everything, his support, what gave him value, the only thing that motivated him to be alive. So then he opted for death as a way out because of the belief that his life may become impossible to handle after the death of his mom, says neuropsichologyst (sic?) Guillermina Gonzales.

In coloquial language, the designer had a severe momitis ( I c its a srs disease now) He could not separate himself from her in an emotional way. 

The designer may have presented an oedipus complex as a consecuence to emocional necesities not accomplished satisfactoriously in childhood, this complex happens normally with most human beings between 3 and 5 years old, and may reappear in puberty.

It is weird that a 40 year old individual with an apparent full life and fame, and with no economic necessities may opt for suicide, but the emotional void can weight too much on the negative side of the scale.


LMAO ok AOL latino. i think he did have a depression but come on he didnt commit suicide
JUST because his mom died. be srs. what do you think, ontd? did mcqueens oedipus complex drive him to death?
I translated this by myself from the site, so sorry if there's grammar mistakes


Michelle Trachtenberg on the “Gossip Girl” set March 5th

Showing off her sexy blonde locks, Michelle Trachtenberg was hard at work on the set of “Gossip Girl” in New York City on Friday (March 5).

Hitting Grand Central Station for the day’s shoot, the Georgina Sparks actress strutted around the set as the show’s stars including Penn Badgley, Taylor Momsen, Kelly Rutherford, and Matthew Settle watched on.

Meanwhile, you can catch the “Gossip Girl” gang in action when an all-new episode titled “The Hurt Locket” airs on The CW on Monday, March 8th at 9/8C.

A synopsis of “The Hurt Locket” via the CW Web site reads: “Nate (Chace Crawford) and Serena (Blake Lively) decide to explore the boundaries of their friendship. Blair (Leighton Meester) suspects that Chuck (Ed Westwick) is having problems forgetting about the woman (guest star Laura Harring) he saw at his father’s grave. Jenny (Taylor Momsen) agrees to accompany Damien (guest star Kevin Zegers) to a State Dinner but is unaware that he needs her help with a drug exchange. Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) and Dan (Penn Badgley) attempt to move past the awkwardness of Dan’s confession of love. Rufus (Matthew Settle) returns from a ski trip and tries his best to avoid Lily (Kelly Rutherford).”

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She looks so much like Avril in a lot of pics, kind of scary.
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Angelina Jolie slept with Mick Jagger and Ralph Fiennes

The two Hollywood stars Angelina was sleeping with when she met Brad, how she won Brad from Jen, the truth about their sex life...and more! Author of the shocking new tell-all book talks ONLY to LIFE & STYLE revealing the juiciest secrets about Hollywood's hottest couple.

"Hollywood will be rocked by these revelations about Brad and Angelina" - The book's author, Jenny Paul, to Life & Style

Ever since split rumors exploded following their widely reported meeting with lawyers in January, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have seemingly done everything in their power to prove their love is unshakable. But fighting the split rumors will pale in comparison to their next big battle. Life & Style has exclusively obtained details from a shocking new tell-all book on the couple -- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: The True Story. One of the most shocking revelations in the tell-all -- Angelina was sleeping with Hollywood star Ralph Fiennes and ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller when she met Brad in 2004! The book also reveals that Angie slept with Mick Jagger (then married to Jerry Hall) around the time she appeared in the 1997 Rolling Stones video for "Anybody Seen My Baby." And in March 2003, the two were seen going back to his room at the Oriental hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

"This [book] will answer all the questions Brangelina fans have yet to have answered," the book's author, Jenny Paul, tells Life & Style. Paul, who spent the past six years investigating the notoriously private couple, spoke to those closest to them, including Angelina's late mother's former boyfriend Bill Day and Angelina's old confidant, rock singer Texas Terri.

The tantalizing tell-all offers a fascinating blow-by-blow of the genesis of the couple's romance."Brad told Angelina just weeks into filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith that his marriage to Jen was over in every way apart from on paper and had been for more than a year," says Paul, who spoke to an insider who detailed Brad and Angie's secret trysts, which began soon after. According to the book, Brad told Angelina that he and Jen were just good friends and were waiting for the right time to officially end their marriage.

Life & Style has also learned that the book reveals Brad and Angelina's plan to have 13 children. "Some will be adopted, some will be biological," Paul tells the mag. And when they'll have those kids may be up to Brad -- because he's the one calling the shots these days. "The power base in the relationship has changed," Paul reveals. "Angelina wore the pants first, but now Brad's the one wearing them."


Didn't she say she only slept with the men she married? 
BTS - agust d

Big Ben likes to molest the ladies

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual assault by a young woman in Georgia, TMZ has learned.

The alleged incident occurred early this morning at Capital City -- a club in Milledgeville, Georgia.

According to law enforcement sources, the alleged victim -- who has already been interviewed by police -- was treated at a local hospital and released.

We're told in addition to the alleged victim, witnesses are being interviewed -- and one law enforcement source says they will attempt to interview Roethlisberger.

In addition to the Milledgeville Police Dept, we've learned the Georgia Bureau of Investigations is also investigating.

As we previously reported, Roethlisberger is being sued by a Reno woman, Andrea McNulty, who claims the QB sexually assaulted her in 2008.

UPDATE: We're told Ben Roethlisberger has already been interviewed by police. We're also told no formal charges have been filed at this point.

UPDATE 3:30 PM EST: A rep from the Steelers tells TMZ, "We are gathering information on this incident - until then we have no further comment."

UPDATE 5:10PM EST: According to the report, Ben's reps, "wouldn't comment as to whether Roethlisberger was in fact accused of sexual assault, just that the allegations were untrue and the events in question did not happen."

UPDATE 6:05 EST: The Milledgeville Police Department has announced it will hold a news conference to discuss the Ben Roethlisberger investigation at 3:30 PM PST.

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I feel obligated to report this since I live in Pittsburgh.

ETA - He was in the town for some golf thing apparently. Or so saith TMZ Live.

Source deux
Source trois
Source four

Beyoncé Being Classy and Charitable

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Beyonce unveils the Beyonce Cosmetology Center at the Phoenix House in Brooklyn, New York on Friday (March 5).

The 28-year-old singer’s new center will offer a residential substance abuse treatment program that will teach men and women how to prepare for a career in cosmetology.

Beyonce has worked with the Phoenix House charity before. According to Forbes, the actress donated her acting salary from her 2008 film Cadillac Records to the non-profit substance abuse service organization. In the film, Beyonce played Etta James who struggled with drug addiction in the past.

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Victoria's Secret Angel replaced the 'skinny' models in Milan.

Everyone cheered when the bombshell Victoria’s Secret Angels replaced the skinny runway models at the Prada show in Milan on Feb. 25. So we wanted to hear what the A-List angel Alessandra Ambrosio thought about it!

“I think most women relate more to models that have healthy curves which are also very sexy and feminine,” Alessandra tells EXCLUSIVELY. ”Walking the Prada runway was such a great opportunity, and I had a lot of fun doing the show. I applaud Prada for doing something different and I hope other designers will follow the trend.”

So, how does Alessandra keep her healthy, sexy, figure? “I try to eat healthy but sometimes I do indulge a little. I do yoga and pilates whenever I can and I workout with my trainer Leandro Cavalho,” says the stunner, who is currently promoting the new Victoria’s Secret ’I Love My Body’ line.

The model even confesses how she learned to love her own body. “In the beginning of my career I really felt the pressure to be thin — but one thing I always said was that if I had to stop eating to work then I would have to switch careers,” she confesses. “Compromising my health to be a model was never an option for me.”

Alessandra tells us, “I feel really lucky to work for a brand like Victoria’s Secret that really appreciates the body I was born with.” Plus, she gets to wear the products she models! “Body by Victoria is the most comfortable collection of bras ever!” she gushes. ”If I had to choose one bra to wear every day it would be a Body by Victoria bra!”

And while the lingerie model tells us the most beautiful trait in a woman is “confidence” she agrees —
“putting healthy looking models on the runway is a great start” towards helping women love their healthy figures.


Pierce Brosnan talks to a hobo...

Artist on Artist with Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan

Artist on Artist | MySpace Video

For tl;dw: They're promoting "Remember Me".

Pierce is cool, calm, suave and perfectly groomed as always. Robert is the total opposite, as always, but I love the awkward dude so idgaf.

Also, Rob says happily that he's done with Twilight after the fourth movie since there are no more books. Pierce mentions that it never stopped the Bond producers, since Fleming only wrote seven Bond books. Rob's clearly horrified.


Xbox Live Code of Conduct changed to allow terms regarding sexuality in bios and Gamertags

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The times, they are a-changin'. In an open letter to Xbox Live members, Microsoft's Marc Whitten has announced that the Xbox Live Code of Conduct has been altered to allow members to "more freely express their race, nationality, religion and sexual orientation in Gamertags and profiles." Looking over the updated code, it appears that the major change directly affects references to sexual orientation. Specifically, the terms "lesbian," "gay," "bi," "transgender" and "straight" are now allowed in both Gamertags and user profiles. According to Whitten, the change has been made as the result of customer feedback.

Early last year, something of a controversy erupted when an Xbox Live user was allegedly banned from Xbox Live for identifying herself as a lesbian in her Xbox Live profile. The report brought to light an ongoing conversation on the matter between the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and Microsoft. At the time, Microsoft claimed that it didn't allow users to express any form of sexual orientation -- including heterosexuality -- in an effort to prevent player harassment.

Obviously, Microsoft's stance on the matter has changed, though the company is still wary of possible harassment. Whitten states as much in his letter, noting that the new Code of Conduct also includes "increased stringency and enforcement to prevent misuse" of the newly allowed terms. Whitten concludes his letter by stating, "I truly believe that our diversity is what makes us strong: diversity in gaming and entertainment options, and diversity in the people that make up this amazing community."

This can't end well
guti WEAH

Dr. Drew Wasn't The Only One Who Was Being Stalked

Dr. Drew's Alleged Stalker Targeted Radio Station
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Dr. Drew Pinsky is not the only one targeted by his alleged stalker. We're told the personalities at the radio station where Dr. Drew works were also allegedly harassed ... this according to sources who spoke with TMZ.

We're told Charles Pearson -- who was arrested yesterday in L.A. and booked on felony stalking -- has been sending emails to the flagship stars of KROQ, Kevin and Bean. We're told Pearson felt KROQ -- which runs Dr. Drew's show "Loveline" -- implanted a chip in his body and used the chip to speak with him.

KROQ employees learned of the arrest when TMZ broke the story last night.

As for Pearson, we're told he was arrested in the library at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA.

Look I know Kevin and Bean are hated but still c'mon.
Why hate on Dr. Drew douchebag? He's just trying to make the world a better place


Jenna Elfman welcomes second son

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In a case of life imitating art, Jenna Elfman has delivered a baby boy – just before her Accidentally on Purpose character Billie is due to give birth to her own child.

The actress and husband Bodhi Elfman welcomed a second son, Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman, at 7:53 a.m. Tuesday in Los Angeles, Jenna announced on Twitter Friday. Her rep confirms the birth to PEOPLE, adding that Easton weighed in at 7 lbs., 12 oz.

"He's an impressive sleeper (thank god!) & I'm his biggest fan," says the star's tweet.

Bodhi also took to Twitter Friday writing, "Shazaam! Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman. Born March 2 @ 7:53AM. Triple Word Score, Grand Slam, Royal Flush! Digging this guy big time."

Easton joins big brother Story Elias, 2 ½.

Jenna, 38, admits the pregnancy was planned around her show's shooting schedule.

“It was like an afterthought perk. I thought, 'Well, if the show gets picked up that could be cool. I can have my next kid and I won't have to hide it.’ You know, I'm not in my early twenties so I got to get busy.”

The Elfmans, who recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, announced the pregnancy in Sept.

Can't wait until AoP comes back!

Adam Lambert Releases New Song, 'Voodoo'


'American Idol' runner-up tweets that spacey track will appear on upcoming For Your Entertainment remix EP.

Adam Lambert is under someone's spell in his new song "Voodoo." The track, which appears on international versions of Lambert's debut album For Your Entertainment, should be released in the U.S. soon, according to his Twitter account.

Lambert announced the song's release to his fans late Thursday, writing, "Song will be released soon in US on WWFM & FYE Remix EP! Check out VOODOO! Bonus track co-written w Sam Sparro appearing on international release of FYE. Turn it up."

"Voodoo" has a spacey feel that is reminiscent of the For Your Entertainment cover art. (Co-writer Sparro has penned tracks for "Star Trek" and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." With its throwback, new-romantic vibe, it feels like it could have easily been recorded by Duran Duran during their 1980s heyday.

The song opens with last year's "American Idol" runner-up singing "Moon shine/ On the bayou/ Love shrine/ Break the taboo/ I want to know what's/ In your potion/ Bound by total devotion." Before long, Lambert is singing about his lover's "voodoo" and being under a spell.

Lambert, who is currently on an international promo tour, is planning to hit the road in the U.S. in support of For Your Entertainment. He recently told MTV News that he hopes to show off some next-level looks on stage. "I hate the term, 'Oh, I couldn't ever pull that off,' " he said. "I let that go when I was about 20. I try to aim to pull anything off that comes my way."

guti WEAH

Excellent News For You KROQ Listeners

Stryker Returns To Afternoons At KROQ
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Stryker has signed a new, multi-year contract extension with CBS Radio, and effective today, returns to afternoons at Modern Rock mainstay KROQ/Los Angeles. Stryker originally joined KROQ in 1999, and was previously hosting afternoons at sister CBS station 97.1 AMP Radio.

Additionally, CBS Radio announced that Michelle Boros will join 97.1 AMP Radio for middays, also starting today (March 1). Most recently, Boros was PD/afternoon host for XM 20 on 20. With Stryker joining KROQ, Booker will take over afternoons at AMP Radio.

"I grew up in Los Angeles and growing up in LA means listening to the World Famous KROQ," said Stryker. "Both my passion for music and my career started with KROQ, and it’s exciting to be coming home."

"Stryker is a star in any format, but his true passion lies with KROQ," said Kevin Weatherly, SVP of Programming for CBS Radio and PD for 106.7 KROQ, 97.1 AMP Radio and 93.1 JACK FM. "He’s done an outstanding job helping us launch AMP, but as we talked about his future over the past few months we both agreed his return to KROQ was the right move for him, the station, and the listeners who have come to know him through his more than 10 years in the market."

Weatherly continued, "And with the opportunity to bring Michelle on board at AMP the timing couldn’t be better. Michelle has it all - she’s talented, creative and passionate. She is a dynamic personality and a music junkie."

"I’m thrilled to join 97.1 AMP Radio, alongside such an amazing lineup with Carson Daly, Booker, and McCabe," said Boros. "AMP is an exciting station, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with Kevin Weatherly and his talented team. I can't wait to get started!"

LORD I've missed Stryker and I tried listening to AMP just for him but I just couldn't do it AMP BLOWS!
Glad that Styker and his tail are back at KROQ where he should be


I can sleep easier at night knowing J-Kwon has been found!

Well, that was quick. Rapper J-Kwon has surfaced just a couple days after the news broke that he was missing, according to his manager Dorian Washington. Washington told news outlets yesterday afternoon that J-Kwon sends a “sincere apology to his friends and everyone who showed concern this week” and that the “Tipsy” star was “taking some time to himself as he sometimes does, not realizing that people would start to worry after a while.”

You see what you’re doing to us, J-Kwon? You’re giving us grey hairs! Just call every couple of days and let us know how you’re doing, that’s all we’re asking. Even if nothing’s going on, we still want to hear your voice.


how can you be lost if no one is looking for you?

NBC renews The Office, Community, and 30 Rock for another season

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Good news, America. Our awesome Thursday-night comedy block on NBC is safe for another season! NBC just announced that it's giving out early pickups to Community, The Office and 30 Rock. The network had already announced that Parks & Recreation was coming back for another year, so yay for keeping two straight hours of excellent comedy programming on our calendars for the time being.

Community will be returning for season two, P-Rex will be back for season three, 30 Rock will be back for season five and The Office will be back for season seven.

Story developing...

Yay for The Office! I freaking loved last night's episode.
Trio Trio

psh, bitch please !

Taylor Swift Still Digs Taylor Lautner

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

They had a short-lived romance after hooking up on the set of “Valentine’s Day,” and now it sounds like Taylor Swift may be second-guessing her breakup with Taylor Lautner.

During a recent interview, the “Love Story” songstress confessed she’s definitely still attracted to the “New Moon” hunk. When asked who she considers hot, Taylor simply answered, “Um, well… Taylor Lautner.”

Miss Swift, who just kicked off her Fearless tour last night, also shared that she’s glad to have steered clear of some of the pitfalls of her peers.

“I’ve had countless opportunities to do some really bad things. And then people start combing through everything I do trying to find the next mistake and misperception, which leads to more scrutiny.”


PART 2 of R.Pattz and Emilie de Ravin on Rough Cut.

* Clams up talking about his relationships.
* Rob says he was looking for a supporting role.
* That he hopes he's growing as an actor.
* "Remember me" casting was a quick process.
* Emilie had a "fire" about her.
* Rob says that he is no longer rebelious.

I like the fact that he himself brings up his "flat head" thus owning that criticism.... now maybe he should do the same with the looking like a foot thing.

Magneto puppet
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Interview with Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson

New York Post's PopWrap did an interview with Jesse Tyler Ferguson (warning, there are a few spoilers).

PopWrap: Now that you've been playing this role for almost a full season, what do you like best about playing one half of this couple?
Jesse Tyler Ferguson: I think they could have cast these roles a million different ways, and they chose to go a little more middle of the road as far as how Eric and I look. We aren't what you typically see on TV representing gay men -- look, I go to a gym in West Hollywood, I certainly feel out of place there. But we represent a large quantity of gay men so it's refreshing to portray the gay man that I am in real life on TV.

PW: Sometimes it seems like Mitchell and Eric are more like roommates than partners. Have you noticed that?
Jesse: A lot of people don't think we show enough affection to each other. But I feel like they're struggling to be new dads, so this shows how a relationship can suffer when you have to redefine your priorities. I don't think it has anything to do with ABC being nervous about "showing the gays being intimate," but Eric and I have been pushing the writers to remind the audience that we are a couple in a loving relationship, so we try to inject intimacy into our scenes, whether it's with a touch of the hand or a pack on the cheek.

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serious fish

Is My BF, Soap Star Scott Evans, Leaving 'One Life to Live'?

According to soap opera columnist Nelson Branco's Suds Report, rumors are circulating that actor Scott Evans, who plays gay cop Oliver Fish, could possibly be leaving ABC's "One Life to Live." Evans, one half of the popular soap couple known to fans as "Kish," reportedly tested for a CBS pilot called "Reagan's Law." He also posted a message on his Twitter earlier this week that he "has some pretty big decisions to make" and that things were "definitely going to change."

However, today he posted another message on his Twitter claiming that his time on "One Life" is anything but finished. "I have no plans to leave OLTL everyone," he tweeted. "It's not even really in my hands!"

Kish fans can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Source 1 and 2


Universal greenlights 'Midnight Run' sequel, doesn't yet realize it's not 1991

Universal and Robert De Niro are getting ready for another run.

The studio is developing a sequel to "Midnight Run," the 1988 action comedy that starred De Niro as a bounty hunter who must bring back an embezzler, played by Charles Grodin, across the country.

Timothy Dowling, the writer behind Universal's comedy "Role Models," is being brought on board to pen the script that would bring back De Niro's character, Jack Walsh, and pair him with a younger comedic foil.

"Run," while not a huge hit, was well-recieved by critics, even as it pushed the f-word count to new heights. The movie is also a touchstone for execs on road movies as well as thriller-comedies.

Although several made-for-TV movies were made as sequels -- without the original stars -- De Niro began to seriously consider a sequel during his recent "Little Fockers" shoot.

De Niro will produce with Tribeca Films partner Jane Rosenthal.

Dowling, repped by CAA and Mosaic, also worked on the upcoming comedies "She's Out of My League" and the Tom Cruise-starrer "Knight and Day." Dowling broke into the biz by penning the satire short "George Lucas in Love."
Parineeta, Saif, train

Further proof that crap entertainment goes beyond America's borders...

Stallone, Denise Richards up for Bollywood Razzies

Sylvester Stallone and former Bond girl Denise Richards' Bollywood debuts have been panned by critics - they have both received nominations for worst movie performance at India's annual Golden Kela Awards. (OP's note: kela means banana.)

The American stars appear together in Kambakkht Ishq (Incredible Love), alongside Superman Returns actor Brandon Routh and Bollywood regulars Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor.

But their performances have failed to wow Hindu movie critics and the 2009 romantic comedy has landed them dishonours for the Bollywood equivalent of the Razzies.

Stallone and Richards will compete for the Have you gone crazy? category, while the movie itself, directed by Sabir Khan, is up for a total of eight awards, including Worst Film.

Meanwhile, Aussie singer/actress Kylie Minogue has been mauled for her performance of Chiggy Wiggy, which she sang in the movie Blue. The track, written by Abbas Tyrewala, has been named in the Most Atrocious Lyrics category.

The stars' nominations have prompted religious scholar Rajan Zed to call for movie executives to concentrate on producing "quality" films, instead of just attaching big names to the projects to pull in big bucks at the box office.

Zed, who is the president of Universal Society of Hinduism, says, "Both Hollywood and Bollywood should focus on quality rather than quantity. Quantity, mixed with mercantile greed, resulted in them ending up in Razzies and Golden Kelas."

The Golden Kelas will be handed out in Delhi on March 12.


If you want to vote for the Golden Kela Awards, go to

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Billy Corgan: Jessica Simpson Is 'Worth Loving'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Billy Corgan is no John Mayer.

When asked by Rolling Stone about Jessica Simpson, the former Smashing Pumpkins frontman riffs on relationships in general but remains discreet about Simpson in particular.

"If I go, 'Oh, we're just friends,' then it's like, 'Did they go out, did he dump her or she dump him, what happened?' It has nothing to do with any of that."

Instead, he says, "Sometimes people just like being around each other, and good things come out of that. My goal in life is to love whoever I think is worth loving, and I think if people knew her like I knew her, they would love her like I do. It's really simple."


Allison Miller cast in "Betwixt"

BETWIXT (The CW) - Allison Miller ("Kings") is the first to be cast in the drama pilot, about three teenagers who discover their lineage has granted them special abilities which they use to fight evil. She'll play one of them, Celine Halstead, an "ethereal beauty." Meanwhile, Christian Duguay ("The Beautiful Life") has been tapped to direct the pilot, which is being co-produced by CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Television. Elizabeth Chandler penned the hour based on Tara Bray Smith's young adult novel of the same name. Carol Barbee is also on board to supervise the project alongside Paul Stupin.


I'm actually excited about this, I'm a big fan of all the CW's supernatural shows, so hopefully this one will be as good as Smallville, Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural. :)
Joohyuk - Snuggle

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir in Hello! Canada


Scott: "Tessa and I grew up together and have a very special relationship, so while it is intimidating, Tessa's part of who I am, so the girl I end up with is going to be good friends with Tessa and love Tessa as much as I do. My girlfriend is in the sport so she understands. It's not always easy, but if you get jealous of that, you've got bigger problems."

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  • kb134

Brooke Burke the new co-host of DWTS?

Exclusive: Brooke Burke Gets DWTS Hosting Gig

Dancing With The Stars has hired a new co-host for Tom Bergeron! Insiders tell Star exclusively that Season 7 champ Brooke Burke will replace Samantha Harris who hung up her mic at the end of Season 9.

As Star previous reported, Brooke posted a message on her Twitter account back on February 16 saying, “Btw, the news about me hosting 'DWTS' is true. I am screen testing next week for the job, fingers crossed! It would be amazing 2 be back!"

Then a few days after Brooke auditioned for the part, the former Wild On anchor was overheard bragging around town that she had the job in the bag and it was only a matter of time before she landed the role.

Looks like she was right!

Dancing With The Stars kicks off its 10th season on Monday, March 22, on ABC.


ABC will announce the new co-host on 'Good Morning America'  - Monday, March 8.

Tom Hanks Video Offending Kelly Ripa, Says ‘Kathie Lee’ on Regis and Kelly Show

Wow. That is all I have to say. Tom Hanks, one of the most famous movie stars in the world comes onto the Regis and Kathy Lee… I mean, “Regis and Kelly Show” and accidentally references it by the old name. And Kelly sure does let him know about the mistake!

It isn’t like Tom Hanks meant to say “Kathie Lee,” or was poking fun at the morning show celeb. He was being as friendly and polite as ever, and telling a story – when he accidentally let slip the old title of the show, which featured Kathie Lee Gifford alongside Regis Philbin.

Hanks said, “You have the finger on the pulse of the media,” while complimenting the show. “It was at Live with Regis and Kathie Lee that I saw myself on the cover of TIME Magazine for the first time.” Kelly Ripa immediately gives a snippy reply, “It’s live with Regis and Kelly now… I’ve been here for 9 years now… it’s OK.”

I really don’t care for the way that Kelly responded to Tom Hank’s mistake. I think it was really rude, and disrespectful to the star that decided to come onto their show. Tom Hanks asked, “You’ve been on the show for 9 years?” Kelly Ripa responded, “9 years, but you’ll catch on eventually.” Then when discussing the Oscars from last year she says to Tom, “Oh, I guess… well, you didn’t win last year – right?”


they're two of my favorite people!  i'm confused and conflicted right now, i need a crisis hotline.

this t. hanks comment from that site has me shaking and sobbing!

"I met Tom Hanks when he was making Dragnet. I was with a bunch of kids from a religious school that helped special needs kids. They bought him a yo yo he came over too say thank you and ended up being so rude to the kids and stormed off saying to one little girl star struck by him saying “wow he’s real” Hanks replied I don’t have time for this and turned his back and walked away. I had to explain to the students he was just a rude man and I have no respect for this man I can’t believe he had any respect after how he treated those kids. He is a good actor."