February 23rd, 2010

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Cyndi Lauper & Tori Amos – “Why Don’t You Love Me?”

“Why Don’t You Love Me?” is a duet featuring Cyndi Lauper and Tori Amos. It is taken from the collaboration album by David Byrne & Fat Boy Slim titled Here Lies Love, out April 6, 2010 on Todomundo/Nonesuch Records.

The album is about the life of former First Lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos, and her childhood servant Estrella Cumpas. It features vocals from Tori Amos, Cyndi Lauper, Steve Earle, Nicole Atkins, Sia, Martha Wainwright, Santigold, St Vincent, Florence Welch and more.

Listen to “Why Don’t You Love Me?” below!


30 second previews of the entire album are also available here

Geez don't get your panties in a bunch he was only joking.

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JAMES MCAVOY has been slammed by executives at a leading Scottish charity after he joked about plans for his assassin character in the WANTED sequel to suffer from an eating disorder. The actor had to bulk up his frame for the first film, in which he starred alongside Angelina Jolie, and he recently revealed he isn't looking forward to returning to the gym to regain his muscled physique.

He said, "I might go skinny for the next film - he's a bulimic assassin, he vomits after killing... No matter what the script says, I think I'm gonna play the second film like he's in dire need of therapy. And I think he might've stopped eating." But his comments have provoked outrage from officials at the Centre for Eating Disorders in his native Scotland.

Spokesperson Grace Coia says, "It is a sad misrepresentation which could lead people to think bulimia is socially acceptable."

tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Unattainable Beauty in Fashion

(CNN) - Fashion legend Diane von Furstenberg says there should be no censorship of images in magazines and advertising - despite calls in some countries for legislation to label fashion photographs that have been digitally retouched.

"The pictures, the snapshots that you take of your family - you crop them, you take something away. That's just part of what we do automatically," von Furstenberg told CNN's Christiane Amanpour.

While von Furstenberg, who is president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, does not believe such legislation is necessary, she said it's vital for the fashion industry to promote health as a vision of beauty.

"Beauty is health - health, beauty," she added. "My whole philosophy in life and in my work and everything is to enjoy the woman that you are and to believe in it."

Furstenberg was responding to calls by a French lawmaker, Valerie Boyer, for legislation that would require all photographs that have been retouched to be labeled as such. French fashion watchers say that means 99 percent of all fashion photographs would carry a disclaimer, if the legislation is passed.

Boyer, who has two teenage daughters, says the fashion industry bombards people with images that may encourage anorexia.

"Today, we are forced to imitate bodies that do not exist, and this affects people, especially women," Boyer said.

Von Furstenberg, though, said the fashion industry is taking steps to discourage the use of stick-thin runway models. "We emphasize that we do not hire people who are clearly anorexic," she said.

Elle magazine's creative director, Joe Zee, agreed, saying, "We want girls to look healthy, and that is an ultimate goal. So we don't use girls that are too young, we don't use girls that are too thin. We want them to look beautiful."

He said retouching is not a new concept.

"This has existed way back into the 1950s. You know pictures you've seen of Marilyn Monroe have been retouched, albeit by hand in a different way."

Von Furstenberg pointed out that retouching has always happened, even in paintings.

Both von Furstenberg and Zee emphasized they would never allow retouching that went too far.

"I would never put a picture or print a picture in our magazine where we drastically altered anyone," von Furstenberg said.

"I would never drastically alter someone's body, change their hair color, move a neck, or whatever it is. It's really about cleaning up skin tones and looking beautiful," Zee said.

He added he would never feature anyone who is "deathly thin," because there's nothing glamorous about that.

The two also said the fashion industry is always changing, with von Furstenberg saying she believed there will be a return to models who look "a little bit more real."

Zee said there is a return to athletic bodies in fashion images. "Fashion is not about clothes," von Furstenberg said. "Fashion is a reflection of your time. And things change and mood changes, and you can't really understand why and nobody really decides it."

natalie dormer

Steinbeck's 'East of Eden' to be remade because Hollywood is original


Tom Hooper is set to direct the big-screen adaptation of John Steinbeck's novel "East of Eden" for Univerdal Pictures and producer Brian Grazer.

According to Variety, Christopher Hampton is on board to write the film, a retelling of the Cain and Abel story. The trade says "the multigenerational story focuses on the Trask brothers and a woman who comes between the siblings."

Studios became interested in Steinbeck's book when it jumped to the top of bestseller lists in 2004. Ron Howard was originally attached to direct the film, but he recently dropped out.

Hooper most recently helmed HBO's acclaimed television event "John Adams," which won four Golden Globes. As for Hampton, he penned the screenplay for "Atonement" and "The Quiet American."

Hooper told Variety, "There is an opportunity to show the sex, violence and darkness of Steinbeck's work, along with the optimism and celebration of love."

"East of Eden" is scheduled to head into production later this year.


Article is old, but still, I cannot believe they are remaking  this classic. It's like making a copy of the Mona Lisa- it will never be as good as the original. Why can't they just leave it alone?

Only Oprah Could Make A Room Entirely of CHOCOLATE!

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The only thing not edible in this picture?  Oprah's hair.

Oprah next week will be auctioning off items from her closet. But forget that -- I wanna see the auction of pieces from today's set!

The entire set of her talk show today was edible -- and made of chocolate. Chocolate seats, chocolate tables, a chocolate chess set, a chocolate grandfather clock, chocolate wall coverings, chocolate flowers in a chocolate vase ... on and on. The set, created by Larry Abel, even includes a chocolate fireplace. (Warning: Do not light a real fire in there.)

Part promotion, part wow factor, the set was created with nearly 7,000 Godiva chocolate bars and 2,400 Godiva truffles. There's a chandelier made from 1,500 pieces of chocolate.

See more photos of the delectable set here. Plus here's a video on how it was made -- over 1,400 hours!


what's your favorite candy?  mine is gummi, bears, worms, tarantulas, IDGAF

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Cecil B. Demented

Kstew & Dakota photos by Floria Sigismondi + TL;DR Joan Jett interview


In the four years that they were together, the quintet of teenage girls that made up The Runaways cut a swath of hard rock, harder kisses, and, eventually, scary-hard drugs through the legendary glam scene of 1970s Los Angeles. Their exploits-and exploitation-are the stuff of legend and now of The Runaways, the debut feature film from photographer and video director Floria Sigismondi. Based on trouble-doll lead singer Cherie Currie's 1989 autobiography, Neon Angel, Sigismondi hones in on the relationship between Currie and the band's co-founder, songwriter, and guitarist Joan Jett (Currie's book, written with Tony O'Neill, is being published in an updated version this month by HarperCollins). Dakota Fanning plays the beautiful, damaged Currie; Michael Shannon steals the show as the evil genius svengali Kim Fowley; and Kristen Stewart plays Jett, all black-leather attitude and sex appeal-Elvis plus estrogen.

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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Coffee and Crepes

Hayden Christensen takes his girlfriend Rachel Bilson for a walk around downtown Vancouver, Canada on Saturday (February 20).

The 28-year-old Canadian actor is a local Vancouverite, who showed Rachel where to get some good coffee and crepes.

Hayden attended the the hockey game between Canada and the USA on Sunday, and got nervous when his country was down 3-2 going into the third period. “Beyond nervous,” he said, dressed in a Canada home-white jersey and sporting a black-and-red-trim Team Canada while sitting in Section 117, Row 23. “It’s been an amazing game but I don’t like the score right now…It’s incredible, such a treat for all of us to have the Olympics in our city.”

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nmtb  | simon amstell

Canadian gold exposes dance divide

Canadian gold exposes dance divide

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Finally Canada owned the podium and in this instance at least, the Americans were happy to let them have it.

As Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s hometown heroics came under scrutiny with controversy raging over ice dance’s complicated judging system, the Canadian team’s primary source of support came from south of the border.

“Tessa and Scott did an incredible job,” said Tanith Belbin, who finished fourth with Ben Agosto. “It is very exciting for them and for Canada to win a gold medal at home and there aren’t many people who deserve this more.”

There was somewhat less graciousness from other athletes, including Italy’s Massimo Scali and Russia’s Maxim Shabalin.

“When you compete in your home country the crowd goes crazy and it can help the skaters,” said Scali, who placed fifth with his partner Federica Faiella. “I hope that it does not affect the judges.

“I don’t agree with the system. They [Virtue and Moir] are not real dancers. They are very technical and don’t really ‘dance’ on the ice.”

Bronze medalist Shabalin, who along with partner Oksana Domnina finished third in Monday’s free dance, also questioned the result, but there was nothing but support from Belbin and Agosto, and runners-up Meryl Davis and Charlie White, also Americans.

“The Canadians are our friends and it is an incredible achievement for them to win a gold medal,” White said. “The atmosphere of the crowd was amazing and they reacted to them. They are worthy winners.”

Virtue and Moir captured the hearts of the Pacific Coliseum audience with a sensational performance, which clinched victory by just under six points from Davis and White.

It was a perfect Monday night for Canada, rousing hopes of a big second week for the host nation after some difficult times in the early days of the Winter Olympics that threatened to make a mockery of the Own the Podium campaign.

The Canadians had a movement and elegance and a togetherness that comes from competing with each other ever since Moir was 8 years old and Virtue was 6. It also was an emotional night all around and Moir raised the nationalistic fervor by pumping the air and leaping into the crowd like a hockey star who had just clinched a shootout victory.

While Davis and White are in the infancy of their careers and have a bright future ahead of them, this is likely to be the end for Belbin and Agosto, the Torino silver medalists who came so close to more hardware.

Shabalin and Domnina, the European champions, won’t be in Sochi, Russia, in four years time either, and clearly felt their final chance had been taken from them.

“We skated the best performance and we have a bronze medal,” Shabalin said. “What can you do? We did everything we could.”

The tantalizing prospect of a home success lit up an ice dance program that might otherwise have lacked the excitement of the individual figure skating competitions.

Virtue and Moir are a golden couple, and cemented a place in Canadian sports history with their performance. Ice dance is an odd sport, heavily subjective, and many of the factors that lead to victory will never be understood by the average fan.

But no one cared about that in Canada on this night, as the chance to flex those dwindling muscles of national pride was more than sufficient to keep the locals content.

- Source

Seriously? Seriously? Did they meet up with Plushenko and trade notes on how to be sore losers or something? They won because they were better than you. Get over it.


Some dude buys first copy of Superman comic for $1 Million.

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A rare copy of the first comic book featuring Superman sold Monday for $1 million, smashing the previous record price for a comic book.

A 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1, widely considered the Holy Grail of comic books, was sold from a private seller to a private buyer, neither of whom released their names. The issue features Superman lifting a car on its cover and originally cost 10 cents.

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Hmm, I thought it'd go for more than just a mill.


Rpatz Admits I Am Dating Kristen

The mystery of their relationship status has been driving fans of the vampire saga loopy.

Brit actor Robert carried on with the secrecy at Sunday's Bafta bash - then admitted they were a couple at the post-do dinner.

The pair at first went to ludicrous lengths to avoid being seen together by devoted fans.

They arrived separately and did not sit together during the ceremony at the Royal Opera House in London's Covent Garden.

But as soon as they were out of the glare of the public, they were all over each other.

According to Robert the cloak-and-dagger stuff is just to avoid attention.

He said: "It is extremely difficult but we are together, yes.

"We can't arrive at the same time because of the fans. It goes crazy. This was supposed to be a public appearance as a couple but it's impossible. We are here together and it's a public event but it's not easy.

"We have to do all this stuff to avoid attention."

Kristen, who picked up the Orange Rising Star award, arrived at the dinner with six security guards.

tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Suspect in Natalee Holloway case confesses

Dutch suspect Joran van der Sloot has confessed to disposing the body of missing American student Natalee Holloway while on the Caribbean island of Aruba, a Dutch newspaper reported on Tuesday. He made the statements in front of an RTL television camera.

The statements by van der Sloot follow a similar confession more than two years ago during an undercover operation by Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries, which prosecutors said did not constitute new legal evidence.

Natalee Holloway went missing on May 30, 2005 during a high school graduation trip to Aruba. The case received international media attention, but her body was never found.

The prosecutor's office, which reportedly confirmed Monday's report, did not immediately respond to inquiries left by BNO News as its officers were closed.


i know this isn't exactly celeb news, but this was all over the news a few years ago and if the missing metallica girl warrant a post, i figure this does too.

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

I generally cringe when I watch "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All" episode, since it is often uncomfortable and just a little bit embarrassing for a few women. But tonight was scandalous!

No need to get into the standard trash talking — the real guts of this show were all focused on Rozlyn Papa, the woman who notoriously left the show due to an "inappropriate" relationship with a producer, who was fired as a result.

Chris Harrison asked the other girls to share what they witnessed. (Meanwhile, Rozlyn was backstage). The most damaging testimony was from Jessie, who claimed to have seen Rozlyn and the producer "making out" on the back stairs while everyone else was out by the pool. She notified producers, and Rozlyn left the following day.

When Chris ultimately brought Rozlyn to the stage, he was gracious and basically set her up to admit the truth. But Rozlyn provided some lame excuses: She spent time with the producer privately so she could use his phone to call her son. (False: Ella and Valishia were allowed to call their children regularly). Because there is no video footage, it clearly didn't happen, but Chris and the girls pointed out that there aren't cameras and/or microphones 24/7 nor everywhere in the house — all producers know this and would know how to work around it. (Funny bit: As she continued to deny the accusations, Chris made a joke about how, when his son is telling tall tales about unicorns and leprechauns, he suggests the truth is a much easier tale.)

So, even using "on my child's life" as a means to deny Jessie's allegation, she seemed to realize she was looking foolish. So what did she do? She lashed out at Chris — kind and somewhat-by-the-book Chris Harrison, who is married to his high-school sweetheart. This was the moment of the show, and sadly, it came at his expense. Chris mentioned it was difficult to fire the producer (who had been with the show for several seasons) because they were friends. And Rozlyn fired back, "That's news to him; he didn't get a friendly vibe when you were hitting on his wife last year in New Zealand!"

Chris responded, "I am not going to dignify that with a response." Then he wished her well and hoped that she learned something from this experience.


this is my first post!! i'm so excited about it haha. the whole rozlyn section of the show shocked me. i personally don't believe her, but that's just me.

Cupid's chokehold

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LINDSAY LOHAN refuses to rule out a reconciliation with ex-girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON - because she still loves the DJ.

The couple's tumultuous on/off romance came to an end last year (09), but despite a public argument with her former lover earlier this month (Feb10), Lohan admits the pair may get back together.

And the Mean Girls star insists Ronson will be the only woman she ever dates, because she's never had an interest in same-sex relationships.

She explains, "I never really thought about women before - it kind of just happened with Samantha. It surprised me. We're still in touch... If I wasn't with Samantha, I would probably be with a boy next. She's the only woman I've been attracted to. We love each other. We might reconcile the relationship, maybe. I don't know."

And Lohan has blamed the glare of the spotlight for amplifying their arguments: "Everyone has ups and downs - it's normal. But in front of the public eye they're going to take the downs and make it seem like they're a million times worse. That comes with the territory. It was a big deal for me because I've never had a relationship as public as that, especially being with a girl for the first time. That was really scary for me. But I didn't care because I love her."

I'm allowed to drink OK!
mblaq: lee joon sunflower

Hamill and Weir Talk Olympic Image

Johnny Weir’s critics suggest the skater’s flamboyant costumes and in-your-face attitude paint a bad image for the winter games. But Weir sat down with Olympic Gold medalist Dorothy Hamill to says he pays no mind to the French sportscasters who said "we should make [Weir] pass a gender test at this point."

“Every little boy should be so lucky as to turn into me,” he told Hamill. “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

Hamill looks visibly upset when repeating the sportscaster’s comments to Weir. The Quebec Council of Gays and Lesbians filed a complaint against sportscasters Claude Mailhot and Alain Goldberg of the RDS network over the weekend for their comments.

Weir placed sixth in last week’s long form program. Had he placed fifth, he would have skated to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” in the post competition gala this coming Saturday. Gaga had promised Weir she would attend.
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Joohyuk - Snuggle

Coldplay to Release New Album.

will release a new album in 2010, according to Chris Martin.

The band are currently at work in their own studio, thought to be a converted church, in London. Speaking in a video interview with Globo.com - which you can watch by clicking below - Martin said he wants to release the album "hopefully this Christmas". He added that the band are being extra security-conscious to make sure their new material doesn't leak online.

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Adam's new BB

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The new girl Adam Brody has been hanging out with lately is talented screenwriter Lorene Scafaria, JustJared.com can exclusively reveal.

Lorene (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) is part of “The Fempire,” which is a screenwriting trio that also includes Diablo Cody (Juno, Jennifer’s Body) and Dana Fox (What Happens in Vegas). These screenwriting BFFs write together in the same room and bounce ideas off each other.

It’s likely that Adam and Lorene met on the set of 2008’s Jennifer’s Body, which starred Adam. “Jennifer’s Body [is] easily (and unbiasedly) in my top five of the year,” Lorene, who is also a singer/songwriter, has said. Next up for Lorene is Man and Wife, the story of an immigration officer.

Adam and Lorene were first publicly spotted together in November 2009 on the New York set of his new movie, The Romantics. They also passed through LAX airport together in Los Angeles on Sunday (February 21).

COP OUT interview

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Sauce jj,justj

Jeff Buckley Musical! WUT

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Buckley's 'Goodbye' tunes up: New musical aims to bow in 2010-11 season

"The Last Goodbye," a rock-tuner adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet" featuring the songs of Jeff Buckley, is gearing up to preem during the 2010-11 legit season.

Show is the first to be authorized by and created in conjunction with the estate of the late Buckley, the singer-songwriter who has attained a cult following since his 1997 death at the age of 30.

Show weaves Buckley tunes -- including "Lover, You Should've Come Over" and "Eternal Life" -- into Shakespeare's story of star-crossed lovers, with dialogue takendirectly from the Bard play.

Michael Kimmel conceived, adapts and directs the show in collaboration with Mary Guibert, Buckley's mother and the executor of his estate, and Jeff Buckley Music.

Although the musician recorded only a single album in the studio -- "Grace," released in 1994 -- further material, including studio and demo tracks for his unfinished second album, has been released posthumously following his accidental drowning [in 1997].

Buckley also got a recent profile boost when his version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" was performed by a contestant on "American Idol" in 2008, helping to push the song onto Billboard and iTunes digital charts.

A concert version of "Last Goodbye" was seen last year at Joe's Pub at the Public Theater, where three dates sold out quickly thanks in part to the support of Buckley's fans.

An upcoming developmental reading in Gotham is in the works, with a full production out-of-town soon to be finalized. A couple of commercial producers also are eyeing the property.

Kris Kukul is music director and arranges Buckley's rock songs for the stage. Lauren Fitzgerald is credited as creative consultant.


I love Jeff so much ;( Let's get James Franco crackin on that Jeff Buckley biopic, yeah?
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Mighty Boosh Interactive Video Chat
Time: 6:00PM Thursday, February 25th

Join the Mighty Boosh this Thursday (6pm UK time) for the Mighty Decider interactive video chat hosted on http://www.facebook.com/MightyBoosh

Noel and Julian will be armed with The Mighty Decider iPhone app (http://www.mightydecider.com) and will be ready to answer all of your questions during a live, online video chat.

What colour tweed should I wear? Which Miles Davis record should I listen to? Do these pants make me look fat? Should I ask Jessica or Jordan to dinner tonight?

Post your questions on the event wall now and The Mighty Boosh, with aid of this amazing new application, will answer your quandaries and many more.


Prince to Debut New Song This Friday Morning

Eclectic rocker, Prince, will debut a new song called "Cause and Effect" this Friday morning at 7 am on local Minneapolis radio station 89.3 The Current.

Collapse ) I copy and pasted the cut text directly from The Current's blog.  The song will be streamed online. 

Source: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/collections/special/columns/music_blog/archive/2010/02/new_prince_song.shtml

ETA: mods, why isn't there a prince tag yet?  

Whitney Houston struggles through first concert

POP diva Whitney Houston has struggled through the opening night of her first Australian tour since 1988, raising questions about the remainder of the concert series.

The 46-year-old actress and singer got through two songs at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Monday night before appearing breathless and exhausted, taking a break and then carrying a towel with her for the next few songs.

After half a dozen songs, during some of which she coughed, she left the stage to take a break, bringing on her brother, Gary Houston, to sing.The band and backing singers then performed an energetic version of Queen of the Night, from The Bodyguard soundtrack.

When she returned to the stage in a white pants suit, she settled down into a chair for a gravelly voiced acoustic version of some of her hits from the 1980s and 90s.

But the multi-award winning singer appeared disoriented and failed to properly name some of her backing band as she introduced them to the audience.
Houston had the audience on its feet with an impromptu gospel-infused tribute to the late Michael Jackson, two of whose cancelled This is It tour dancers are in her entourage, singing The Way You Make Me Feel and Wanna Be Starting Something.

But the final act, a string of groove-laden dance numbers and ballads, faltered at the finale when she croaked her way through I Will Always Love You, pausing to get a drink and towel off just as she was about to hit the song's epic high note, which she turned into a soft coo.
More at the source:
Peggy Blink

Brighton Beach Reality Show a la Jersey Shore?

Vladimir "The Situation" Putin, Milla "JWOWW" Jovovich, Catherine "Snookie" the Great, DJ Ivan Drago

Okay, let’s start by saying that we have no idea if this is real. However, a website popped up five days ago claiming to be the application page for a future reality television show based on Jersey Shore – but Ruskie-fied.

Guess what it’s called… go on, guess…

Brighton Beach! And no, there won’t be one bit of stereotyping of Russians as vodka-downing, kalbasa-munching, techno-blasting party fiends. Oh… wait… here’s the description for the casting call:

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Living in Brooklyn and dating a Ukrainian man, this is just so lol-worthy and I sincerely hope it's for real.

Source is from a Brooklyn neighborhood blog called Sheepshead Bites.

ETA: SB wanted me to update y'all on this stuff -

They are, apparently, for real, yo.

Director Campion makes India sexual harrasment complaint

Oscar-winning New Zealand director Jane Campion is embroiled in a major scandal after complaining to authorities that she was sexually harassed at an Indian film festival. Campion - who won the best screenplay Academy Award for The Piano - claims the husband of the festival organiser harassed her and made lewd advances to other women in New Delhi in December.

Police are investigating the claims, which are being widely reported in India. One media website described the complaints as a major scandal. The man, Bhaskar Deb, has denied the allegations. "I haven't even met Campion. She came on the 15th and disappeared to Jaipur on the 16th."
The Times of India reported Pakistani director Ayesha Arif Khan's allegations that she was "repeatedly mauled by a drunken Bhaskar and constantly offered alcohol".
The newspaper quoted Saugata Roy, the Minister of State for Urban Development, as saying: "We have received complaints from two women who attended the film festival, Jane Campion and Ayesha Khan. The matter is now under investigation."

Campion also reportedly described the India International Women's Film Festival as a scandalous fraud, saying she only attended because organisers told her it was being backed by the Ministry of Urban Development.

"I am not the only filmmaker to be badly treated. Many other women experienced rude and even lewd advances from the husband of the festival director and all felt shocked and angry that such a brazen fraud could be allowed to proceed unimpeded by the Indian authorities," Campion reportedly wrote in her complaint.
Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=10628130

Emilie de Ravin's Interview with Aol Television

Aol Television
's recent interview with Emilie de Ravin:

If the end of the third episode of this season of 'Lost,' titled 'What Kate Does,' made your jaw drop a little, you're not alone.

Just the sight of Claire Littleton -- our long lost 'Lost' friend -- was enough to inspire cheers. But Claire with a rifle, some old fatigues and seriously ratted out hair? Yikes.

I caught up with Emilie de Ravin on the set of 'Lost' in Oahu to find out how Claire is doing, mentally, this season on the Island. She also spilled a bit about her new furry friend, her old deceptive friend Locke (who we now know lovingly as Smocke) and the incestuous, Drive Shaft-filled twists and turns to come before the end.

Hey -- anything's possible on this show, right?

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Source: Aol Television.


I was one of the very few normal folk who attended the ‘Cop Out’ movie premiere last night in NYC. With my appreciation for Kevin Smith, Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis aside, the film was actually surprisingly hilarious and overall awesome. Being a native Brooklynite, the movie also won me over with not one, but TWO scenes at my favorite B’klyn pizza joint, “L&B’s Spumoni Gardens.” Oh, and I was sitting next to Steve Guttenberg.

P.S. - As much as I wanted to whip out a makeshift “I <3 ONTD” sign, I refrained from being that person (some may say I 'copped out'... badum-ching) and just decided to take in the entire experience like I was part of the mothafuckin’ crew (Adam Brody, eat your heart out.)

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Picture Source

Want to get tickets to advanced movie screenings in NYC? Join: http://www.mymoviescreenings.com!
combing his hair!

John got a new haircut. Why wont Brad follow her lead?

Brad Pitt and two of his children, Shiloh and Zahara, were photographed in a Parisian clothing store early Tuesday, and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive pics of Shiloh’s new look.

Shiloh, 3, with her newly-cropped hair and neat outfit, looked almost like a cute little boy as she browsed the threads at the French store.

Zahara was adorable in a pink shirt, and dad Brad was his usual handsome self, albeit with a layer of Bohemian scruffiness covering it up.

Mom Angelina Jolie, as seen in photos right here on RadarOnline.com, is busy filming her upcoming movie, The Tourist, in the City of Lights.

Pitt and Jolie have looked like one big, happy family on their European travels the past week. Jolie made headlines Sunday after reuniting with her long-estranged father, Jon Voight.

More pics here


Tuesday’s Lot List: Filming Locations for ‘CSI:NY’, ‘Mercy’,'Gossip Girl’ & more!

Los Angeles:
The Forgotten is filming at 500 W Temple St, Los Angeles, 5:00 A.M. 2:00 P.M.
CSI: NY is filming at 506 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, 12:00 A.M. – 8:00 A.M.
Dark Blue (the new TNT series) is filming at 590 S. Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles.

We have two reports for FlashForward: There was a report they were filming at 828 Butler Ave, Lynnwood, CA, BUT, we also heard (from a reliable source) they were filming at Disney Studios today instead.

NYC and Vicinity:
We also have two reports for Gossip Girl: Residents around Riverside Drive & 116th St, NYC received a notice saying they would be filming Gossip Girl in the area all day Tues., BUT, we also got an anon tip they were actually back in studio Tues. and will be on location around Riverside Dr on Wed. Update: We’ve confirmed Gossip Girl is not filming on location, they are in studio today. (Thanks Sara!)

Two for Black Swan too: Our usual source confirmed they wrapped last week, BUT, an anon source let us know that signs are still posted on Eastern Parkway and Washington Ave in Brooklyn through the 19th.
Mercy is filming at St. Mary’s Hospital in Passaic, NJ again. (Thanks Mary!)
FYI: Just found out SVU is filming in their NJ studio again today.

Soul Surfer is filming on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii (probably around Pipeline).

Flashpoint (CBS series) is filming at York University in Toronto. (Thanks Julie!)
Dream House, starring Daniel Craig, also continues filming in Toronto as does
Red, starring Bruce Willis.
source: http://www.onlocationvacations.com/2010/02/15/tuesdays-lot-list-filming-locations-for-csiny-mercygossip-girl-more/comment-page-1/
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Bristol Palin to guest star on 'Secret Life'


Sarah Palin tested her comedy acting chops during the presidential primary with a guest appearance on "SNL" and now daughter Bristol Palin is following in her mama's TV footsteps and testing her dramatic acting chops.

Bristol, arguably the most famous teenage mom in America, will appear in an episode of ABC Family's drama, "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."

"I am thrilled to be on this show and to be a part of a program that educates teens and young adults about the consequences of teen pregnancy," says Palin in a statement to Zap2it.

The 19-year-old mother will be playing herself, as one of Amy's (Shailene Woodley) friends at a music program for teen mothers.

The Dish Rag wonders if the show will highlight any hot tips on how to get child support out of an alleged deadbeat dad... perhaps Levi Johnston could make himself available for a guest appearance?

The episode is set to air this summer during the series' third season on ABC Family.


DM; all
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TV Ratings Monday

With continued coverage of the winter Olympics in Vancouver, NBC’s victory was never in doubt, but its results and margin of victory weren’t as impressive as the previous Monday. NBC was down 25% versus last Monday’s 7.2 adults 18-49 rating in primetime and down 21% versus the same night in Torino four years ago.

Last night’s schedule was exactly the same as last Mondays, where the only new programming besides the Olympics was The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love and 24, plus the CW’s lineup of One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected.

Viewing was down at ABC and for the CBS repeats too. Though The Bachelor held up well it was down 5% versus last week (though apparently it was a special “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” episode).

24 improved slightly versus last week’s 2.7 preliminary rating for adults 18-49, rising to a 2.8.

One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected were up as well. Though they were flat with adults 18-49, it was up in the demos CW cares more about, having its best performance with women 18-34 (1.7 rating) in three weeks by matching its ratings from February 1. Life Unexpected was up 20% in adults 18-34 from last week and One Tree Hill was up 27% in adults 18-34


What did you watch ONTD?

Ily Canadian ice dancers

Guy Patterson on Scottish Conan Guy

Tom Everett Scott on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

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- Brief mention of Southland finale, beware spoilers I don't watch the show but the spoiler is fairly obvious
- Tom is actually Satan
- No one likes the Red Sox
- Tom is not on any social network sites
- Tom talks about his 5 year old son...who is essentially a Karate Kid PIMP
- World famous "Craig Ferguson Awkward Pause"


Should I watch Southland? I love Ben McKenzie and Tom but I watch 43975342 other shows...:/
conan o&#39;bobo

Michael Urie interview+NYPost Review of 'Becki and Michael IS Broadway'

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Back when he was another bright-eyed hopeful training at the famed Juilliard School, Michael Urie had one “impossible dream”: to land a leading role on a successful TV series filmed in New York City. He got his wish with ABC’s Ugly Betty, the comedy starring America Ferrera and Vanessa Williams set in the snarky world of a high-fashion magazine called Mode. What Urie never dreamed is that he’d end up juggling his dream gig with a leading role off-Broadway, a test of endurance the actor’s been pulling off as star of The Temperamentals for much of the past year.

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"Ugly" Duo Pretty Good

If there's any solace for "Ugly Betty" fans since ABC decided to pull the plug after this season, it's that its talented cast is now free to pursue fresh opportunities.

Case in point: Becki Newton, who plays the sexed-up Amanda, and Michael Urie, better known as the conniving Marc St. James.

They made their cabaret debuts Sunday night in what they called a "shameless" bid to land jobs on Broadway, and if there were any casting directors in the audience, it'll probably work.

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More Producers Tapped For Upcoming Britney Album! JUNE 2010!!!!

If Brit-Brit's too-brief appearance at the Grammys wasn't enough to whet your "Toxic" appetite, then get ready to chow down on some new music from Spears this June.

For all those Circus freaks out there, you'll be stoked to hear that Britney is re-teaming with K. Briscoe, part of The Outsyders production team, who penned Spears' comeback hit "Womanizer." Plus, our pop princess is also hooking back up with Corte Ellis from Soul Diggaz, who previously worked with Britney on the songs "Naked" and "Get Back" off Blackout.

Finally, color us flattered that Spears took our advice and decided to collaborate with our fave new French hitmaker DJ David Guetta on new tunes. Ooh, la la!

Briscoe, Ellis and Guetta join a heap of producers who have already been tapped for the project—like Danja, Max Martin, Darkchild, Sean Garrett. Guess it's just a matter of time until we hear whose tracks make the final album cut. Hope we don't blackout from anticipation! (Get it? Blackout? Blackout? I'll be here all night, folks.)


omg, queen of pop is back bi*ches!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ask 'Remember Me' Stars (& DIrector) a Question for Moviefone Unscripted!

Moviefone is looking for fans to submit questions for an upcoming Unscripted for 'Remember Me' with Rob Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan and Director Allen Coulter. If you haven't seen Unscripteds before they are when stars of a movie interview one another with questions sent in by fans:

On Saturday, Feb. 27, we will be interviewing the entire cast of 'Remember Me,' including Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper and, of course, Robert Pattinson. So if you're wondering what it was like for Emilie to film with the media frenzy surrounding Robert, or if Brosnan ever experienced the same reaction from his lady fans, now's your chance to ask them for yourself!

**NOTE: All questions must be submitted to the original Moviefone post HERE (or click on the pic above).**

Source: Moviefone
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Cheryl back in the UK, Ashley has moved out of the house

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Cheryl Cole flew back to Britain today after a week-long visit to America and will find herself returning to an empty house.

The singer arrived at Heathrow from Los Angeles this morning mere hours after her husband Ashley made a hasty exit from their marital home in Surrey. The Chelsea star, who is nursing a broken ankle, cleared out of the Hurtmore mansion early this morning.

A chauffeur-driven car was pictured leaving the property - his crutches were clearly visible and he is thought to have been hiding in the back seat.

Mrs Cole, flanked by two police officers, wore large black sunglasses and a trilby hat as she was ushered through a side exit in the arrivals lounge where a number of photographers were waiting. She was not wearing her wedding ring. She quickly darted into a silver Mercedes which sped away.

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Shakira making a difference in Washington DC 2/22

She’s always been a big supporter of charitable causes, and yesterday (February 22) Shakira was spotted making a difference in Washington DC.

The “Hips Don’t Lie” songstress teamed up with the World Bank to launch The Early Childhood Initiative: An Investment for Life.

The Early Childhood Initiative is a $300 million program designed to expand development programs for young children in the Caribbean/Latin America.

Shakira told press, “If we want to build a better world, we have to give children the chance to improve their lives, no matter where they are born or how difficult their circumstances. By giving every child a fair start in life, we are improving our collective future.”

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She looks so good.
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Pitchfork reviews the new Joanna Newsom record, I wish I was rich

Joanna Newsom
Have One on Me
Drag City; 2010]


It was a little disturbing at first to hear that Joanna Newsom's full-length follow-up to the ambitious and polarizing Ys would be a triple album. Where 2004's The Milk-Eyed Mender was an unusual record with its share of quirks (her squeaky voice and fondness for arcane language, the harp), it also had its simple pleasures. Most of the tracks were short and the sound was spare; you pretty much liked it or you didn't based on how you felt about Newsom's sound and her ability to put a song together. Ys, on the other hand, was unapologetically dense. The five songs averaged more than 10 minutes each, and through them Newsom sang continuously; Van Dyke Parks' arrangements were similarly relentless, seeming to comment upon and embellish almost every line. It was a rewarding album-- filled with memorable turns of phrase and impressive storytelling. Many were enthralled, and almost everyone at least admired it. But in comparison to Milk-Eyed, Ys took some serious work to crack. So when I heard that Newsom would be following it with a 3xLP set called Have One on Me, I had troubling visions of 25-minute songs with lyrics that stretched to 5,000 words.

As it turns out, Have One on Me is a "triple album" in the vinyl sense, in the same way that the Flaming Lips' Embryonic is a "double album," even though it fits onto one CD. There are 18 songs here, and they total about two hours.

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I edited it, someone tell me if it's fixed?

'Noop Dogg is a bitter betty

Anoop Desai's advice for the Top 24: 'Don't expect to win!'

When asked during an interview with NYPost.com's PopWrap if he had any advice for the current "American Idol" contestants, Anoop Desai offered up some "helpful" suggestions.

PopWrap: The Top 24 begins performing for America's votes tonight, what advice would you give them?

Anoop Desai: Don't expect to win. I know that sounds bad, but what I mean is you have to formulate a gameplan. I assumed record companies would be knocking down my door after I was on TV every week in front of 30 million people. The fact is, anything you want in this industry, you have to do yourself.

PW: As someone who's doing it right now, how difficult is it to go from "Idol" contestant to full-fledged recording artists?
Anoop: We're in a unique position, we start our careers on top and that's not an easy place to leave. Throughout the process of recording my album, I've had no help from any of the labels that would have been happy to sign me while I was on "Idol." So right now, I'm trying to get back to the top.

Whole IV under the cut -- weighs in on Cowell vs. Stern and talks about his new single (yes, he's recording!) 

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Honey! What's this!? What's happening!? What's going on here!?

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Lindsay Lohan was busy re-enacting the second time that she got pulled over by police for drink-driving and possession of cocaine (but with less glamour) and has revealed to a tabloid how drink and drugs are killng nearly killed her....

Lohan, who hosted a successful evening last week to raise money for Haiti (if Bianca Gascoigne and Calum Best hadn't been the only guests to turn up), told The Sun:

"I'm now healthy and happier.

"I learnt from my mistakes. I was terrified of cocaine, but I tried it because I was stubborn, stupid and I wanted to see what it was like."

She also added that drugs nearly killed her and that she took so many prescription pills that she hallucinated, and found it hard to say no to people (i.e Calum Best). Perhaps she's still so off her face that she's talking in the past tense...
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Depp defends West Memphis Three

Johnny Depp may have fallen through a rabbit hole. To promote his movie version of "Alice in Wonderland," he's advocating the release of three men convicted of murdering three boys in a suspected satanic ritual.

Depp will appear on CBS's "48 Hours Mystery" (wat.) on Sunday to call for reopening the case of the West Memphis Three -- convicted as teenagers of beating three 8-year-olds to death in 1994 -- because he believes they never got a fair trial.

Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley were sentenced to life in prison, and Damien Echols, who is on death row, have all spent 16 years behind bars. But Depp joins such supporters as Eddie Vedder, Metallica, Winona Ryder and the Dixie Chicks in arguing they were convicted because they were devotees of heavy-metal music, Stephen King novels and the occult.

Famously private Depp's agreement to appear on the "mystery" news documentary show even shocked CBS workers, with one staffer telling us last night: "Johnny Depp on '48 Hours' -- are you joking?"

But Depp, who'll also be on "The CBS Early Show" Thursday to promote "Alice," his new Disney movie produced by Tim Burton, says Echols is running out of time.

He says on "48 Hours," "I firmly believe Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley are totally innocent. It was a need for swift justice to placate the community. Damien Echols is on death row to be killed by lethal injection."

The "48 Hours" investigation will highlight supposedly crucial new DNA and forensic evidence which could potentially clear the trio, as well as alleged juror misconduct that contributed to the convictions.

A rep for Depp -- who plays the Mad Hatter in the 3D "Alice" being released March 5 with Helena Bonham Carter, Crispin Glover and Anne Hathaway -- did not return calls or an e-mail.
ny post
haters will say its photoshop

TELEPHONE Music Video Update

As if the news of Gaga's whorism wasn't enough, more bad news falls upon little monsters.

GAGADAILY.COM reports: “Telephone” video will NOT premiere this week and was never supposed to, Lady Gaga probably got the dates wrong. It will be released on the first week of March. I’m sure the video is worth the wait!

The release delay seems to be mimicking that of the "Bad Romance" music video release. Let's hope this video is just as much worth the extra week of anticipation.


this is BAVATAR

By now, Jim Cameron’s struggle to realize the crazy vision he’d been nurturing in his head for the better part of two decades is the stuff of moviemaking legend: years of stalking hospital nurseries, showing up unannounced in OB/GYM waiting rooms to pose as a suspiciously strong-jawed woman with an endless list of detailed questions about the magical inner workings of the uterus, haunting the stalls of the Ecuadorian baby-black-market, where he could snap up every available orphan for study.

He needed to understand babies, everything about them, from their oft-unintelligible cries to the bafflingly diverse array of color and consistency of their poops, to make his dreams real. He needed to obsessively sketch six-legged rocking horses until he could imagine himself sitting on one, lost in the simple pleasures of untainted youth. He needed to be a baby. And once he finally understood — felt the vaguely rubbery, downy-soft give of their omgsoooosquishy! cheeks every time he gently stroked a finger across his own, rough jowl, and mastered the entirely reconstructed language of coos, subverbal spit bubbles and watery burps he commissioned from a world-renown Stanford linguist — he was ready to perfect the once-unthinkable colic-capture technology that would make it all possible. He built the hangar-sized nursery to house the hundreds of newborn actors, their fleshy bodies covered in hypoallergenic sensors that would digitize the very essence of baby, who would crawl through an entirely computer-generated adult world replete with the precious Unobgerberum they needed to survive. He got to work.

And the fruit of that labor — so to speak — is finally here.

It’s Bavatar, and it’s the game-changer we’d all been promised, but in our skeptical hearts, never allowed ourselves to believe could happen.

Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Matthew Goode Auditioned For Bilbo Baggins In 'The Hobbit'!

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Over the weekend, BAFTA Awards winners were honored in London. And as with any major awards ceremony, the event brought stars out from all corners of the entertainment game. As a result, interview opportunities were flying around everywhere.

One such interview was with Matthew Goode, whose "A Single Man" co-star Colin Firth was up for (and won) the Leading Actor award for his performance. Goode sat down for a chat with the UK newspaper Telegraph and he dropped a very interesting tidbit about a possible upcoming trip to Middle-earth in "The Hobbit."

Apparently, Goode met with "Hobbit" director Guillermo del Toro sometime in the recent past. To audition. For Bilbo Baggins. Yes, that Bilbo Baggins.

There's not much news to report beyond that. Goode thinks that his size will be a big check mark against him in the race for the lead role in the two-part Tolkien adaptation. "Look at the size of me for Christ’s sake!" he exclaimed. But he also said that he'd find it very difficult to refuse the role if it were offered to him.

I'm not terribly familiar with Goode, having not seen "A Single Man." He was solid enough in "Watchmen," which was by most accounts -- mine included -- an okay-not-great movie. He's certainly tall, but so is John Rhys-Davies, who played the gruff dwarf Gimli in the "Lord of the Rings" series. Anything is possible with the magic of filmmaking. I'm not so sure Goode looks the part for Bilbo, but again I refer back to filmmaking's magical powers before passing any judgment.

Fans who are familiar with del Toro and "Rings" franchise producer Peter Jackson should trust them to ultimately make the right choice. For now, let's all debate the merits and drawbacks of Goode-as-Bilbo.

Is Goode a good choice Bilbo? Is there someone you'd rather see in the role?

Now he’s a father, Goode doesn’t even like travelling that much. But just before we met, he’d auditioned for the role of Bilbo Baggins in Guillermo del Toro’s two-part film of The Hobbit. As he is the first to admit, he’s not an obvious choice – ‘Look at the size of me for Christ’s sake!’ If he got the part, he would, he says, find it almost impossible to refuse – despite the fact that it would involve him spending several months in New Zealand.


I still haven't seen Leap Year. I would honestly be willing to pay $10 for that trainwreck just to ogle his pretty face.

best & worst oscar speeches

Best: Vivien Leigh

The Award: Best Actress in a Leading Role for Gone with the Wind

The Speech: Before all the screaming and crying and hysterics, Vivien Leigh showed us how it’s done with a poised, eloquent acceptance speech.

“Please forgive me if my words are inadequate in thanking you for your very great kindness, if I were to mention all those who showed me such wonderful generosity through Gone With The Wind, I should have to entertain you with an oration as long as Gone With The Wind itself.

So, if I may, I should like to devote my thanks on this occasion, to the composite figure of energy and courage and very great kindness, in whom all points in Gone With The Wind meet, Mr David Selznick.”

Then she leaves the stage. No tantrums, no air-punching. The 2010 candidates would do well to study Vivien Leigh.

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Ric Flair's Wife Arrested for Domestic Violence

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The wife of professional wrestling legend Ric Flair has been arrested for domestic violence, TV Guide is reporting, claiming Flair suffered minor injuries at the hands of Jacqueline Bains Beems after the two had "an unfortunate disagreement."
While we'd certainly never make light of a domestic violence situation, we will note that Flair's catch phrase was "to be the man, you've got to beat the man." Apparently, it seems Bains Beems took that a bit too literally.
According to Flair's agent, Melinda Morris Zanoni, "Ric and his wife had an unfortunate disagreement [Sunday], which led to his wife being arrested and charged with assault."

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I don't appreciate this article's 'humour.' Violence is violence & it's bullshit regardless of who is committing it.
go go disco!


Malinda Williams and D-Nice Headed for the Big "D"

Successful photographer and DJ Derrick Jones (b.k.a D-Nice) has officially confirmed his separation from wife, actress Malinda Williams. The couple amicably separated in October of 2009 and is currently going through the process of divorce.

D. Nice says: “I ask that our privacy be honored during this extremely personal time. I thank my family and fans for their endless support.”

Malinda and D both have children from previous relationships. She was married to Mekhi Phiffer a few years back, too. Damn, homie.

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Cheryl Cole Officially Announces
Separation from Ashley Cole

The announcement came just hours after the X Factor judge arrived back in the UK from Los Angeles to face the ongoing rumours about her marriage.

The singer went to the US following tabloid allegations that her Chelsea and England player husband had been unfaithful.

The pair, who live in a £3.5m mansion in Surrey, met in 2004 and married two years later.


From her PR Company's Twitter.

I'm sad for her but we all know it's the right decision.
He shitted on her too many times.

combing his hair!

well this is random

Bar Refaeli and The Situation together for a photoshoot


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of Jersey Shore fame had the pleasure of joining Bar Refaeli recently on a shoot for Interview Magazine. He went on Facebook to share the photos, which feature him showing off his namesake abs in a pair of briefs while Bar does her usual thing in a bikini. She's currently off wearing a similar two-piece in Mexico, though Mike's in NYC getting the word out about his show's second season with an appearance today on The View.

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Cast of Jersey Shore hits up The View; Joy is not pleased

Snookie says she knew "from birth" that she was going to be famous because of her personality and looks. The Situation refuses to show his abs, but says he'd like to try acting in the future, then spouts some cliched bullshit about shooting for the moon, etc. Sammie and Ronnie are still fucking. Sherri thinks J-Woww has nice tits.

Part 1

Part 2

Sherri: Why are people obsessed with you?
Snookie: I dunno, I guess, just look at me!


So it's decided, Russell Brand is a mix of Jesus, Jim Morrison, Charles Manson and Elvis Presley ...

There aren't many women who would admit their boyfriend reminds them of a serial killer, but that is exactly how Katy Perry has described her fiancé Russell Brand.
The singer says the comedian's look is like jailed cult leader Charles Manson, mixed with Doors musician Jim Morrison, Jesus and Elvis Presley.

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How much Fame could you handle?

The demands for autographs and other favours are virtually endless, and being out in public is hard work. 'I don't know how he keeps it up day after day after day,' his brother says.
For perhaps 30 seconds it looks like Wayne Gretzky will have peace from the autograph-seekers and the cameras.

He is about to sidle down a narrow muddy alleyway between a security fence and a portable generator hidden behind the Ontario Pavilion. Flanked by private security, he's just broken clear of a thousand screaming fans and he's trying to make his way forward to another side door where he can dutifully greet more.It is the only way he can get there, and he steps out of the pavilion toward the alley.

Suddenly someone jumps out of nowhere and asks him to sign a wedding invitation. Who knows whose invitation it is. Gretzky, unperturbed, his face frozen in a perpetual half-smile, hauls out a black Sharpie and with a flourish practised hundreds of thousands of times, signs his name across the bottom.
Off he goes down the confined alley and the owner of the invitation turns and bears away another infinitesimal piece of The Great One.
Later, after Gretzky has wedged his way through a surging crowd of camera-bearing fans at a "wine tasting" in the pavilion where he could no more raise a glass than he could have bent down to tie his shoes, he is ushered back out that side door again so that he can quickly duck next door to the Molson Canadian Hockey House.
But before he can get down the stairs, he is asked by two giddy-faced RCMP officers in red serge uniforms to pose for a personal photo.
There, in the back of the pavilion, against the backdrop of a mobile refrigeration trailer and next to some garbage cans, he claps the two officers on the shoulders, puts on a pleasant face he's practised a hundred thousand times more, and holds the pose for the camera.
Then he's off again and the two constables bear away another infinitesimal piece of Canada's most recognizable man.

Many faces, many facets
There are probably many faces and many facets to Wayne Gretzky. A hockey icon. A loving father and doting husband. A bona fide Canadian hero. A man afraid of heights. A Hockey Hall of Famer. The final torchbearer in the opening ceremony. A person who lets his kids come to the first week of the Olympics but sends them home for the second because he doesn't want them to miss too much school.
But as far as the public is concerned, there is really only the one Wayne Gretzky that Wayne Gretzky allows us to bear away. That is the one of the permanent semi-smile we see on peoples' mantles and the Sharpie signature, the one you can buy on eBay for $25 on a picture and $300 on a jersey.
The rest of it, the light in his eyes, the genuine grin on his face, the relaxed, engaged man who can let his guard down when he's with friends who expect nothing of him other than his friendship -- well, that's something he has learned to keep to himself.
His true smile is gone
Sportswriters who followed Gretzky's career in the National Hockey League first as a player with the Edmonton Oilers and the Los Angeles Kings and later as coach and part-owner of the Phoenix Coyotes have noticed a difference in him over the years.
"The smile went out of Gretzky's face years ago," said Vancouver Sun sports columnist Cam Cole. "You should ask him if he feels comfortable being Wayne Gretzky in Canada any more."

more at the source: http://www.vancouversun.com/life/Wayne+Gretzky+smiling/2601019/story.html

Barenaked Ladies - You Run Away music video

This is the first single off their first album without (co)lead singer/guitarist Steven Page who parted with the band in February of 2009. The album is called All In Good Time and will be release March 23rd in Cananda and March 30th in the U.S.

Barenaked Ladies also is a founding member of Green Music group and if you go to http://www.greenmusicgroup.org/ you can sign up and get a free song featuring Maroon 5 The Roots, Dave Matthews, and Guster.


~Classic BNL~
This band will always be my #1 and I was so sad when I heard Steve was leaving (Tomorrow is actually the one year anniversary since he left :[ ) but I think they sound good with or without him so far and I can't wait for the rest of the album. Kevin better do a good job because he has some big shoes to fill but at least this way they aren't replacing Steve with someone else so Steve can come back (fingers crossed lol).
flopped for our sins
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Indian man dares you to watch his movie... with a reward

NEW DELHI - A BOLLYWOOD filmmaker has issued a lucrative challenge to horror movie fans: a US$10,000 reward for anyone who can watch his latest supernatural thriller, alone, in a cinema until the closing credits.

Ram Gopal Varma's Phoonk 2, a sequel to his 2008 film of the same name, is about an evil spirit that traumatises a family. 'Anyone who says the movie cannot scare him is going to be put in a theatre by himself,' Varma told reporters in Mumbai at an event to promote the movie.

Varma said the film fan who steps up to the challenge will be wired up to a heart monitoring machine as well as a camera that ensures they keep their eyes open during the whole movie.

Readings from the machines will be shown live on a screen outside the cinema, Varma said, and if the contestant succeeds, they will win 500,000 rupees (S$15,250).

Varma issued a similar challenge ahead of the release of the original Phoonk but the promotional contest was withdrawn after allegations the selection process was rigged.

Varma said the contest winner ran out 30 minutes after the film started, but newspaper reports said a film fan in the southern Indian city of Bangalore booked an entire cinema to prove the director wrong and watched the film alone with a doctor on call and security personnel stationed outside.

Source, Trailer

tbh the picture of the director scared me more than the trailer

Sneek Peek of tonight's 16 and Pregnant episode. The inside scoop on Nikkole

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
16 and Pregnant Season 2 Episode 2 features 17-year-old Nikkole Paulun of Monroe, Michigan. Though not quite as verbose as her 16 and Pregnant counterparts Ashley Salazar and Jenelle Evans, there is enough information online to piece together a little background info on Nikkole.

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Does anyone think this chick kinda looks like Paris Hilton in the face? Anyone? Buller?
And while I doubt she's going to be Maci 2.0. she looks like a vast improvement from last week monstrosity that was Janelle, thank God.

T.I. Makes First Public Appearance Since Prison, Remains Sexy While Doing So!!

On Monday night, T.I. made his first public appearance since prison, stepping out with fiancée Tameka "Tiny" Cottle in support of her Alzheimer's research fundraiser "For the Love of Our Fathers" at Atlanta's Opera venue. The event was also filmed for Cottle's BET reality show, "Tiny & Toya," which chronicles the lives of Cottle and Toya Carter, Lil Wayne's ex-wife and the mother of his first child.

"I am very well, very happy to be seen," said T.I., who joined Cottle onstage at the end of the benefit, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

T.I. is still serving the remainder of his sentence on a gun-possession charge in a Georgia halfway house. He's also recording tracks for his forthcoming album in a private studio. MTV News chatted with T.I.'s manager and Grand Hustle label partner Jason Geter to see when Tip's post-prison album is slated to hit shelves.

"We did a deal with the film studio Screen Gems for the movie 'Takers' with T.I. Both the album and the film are coming out at the end of the summer," Geter said. "So, yeah, we have a release date."

"Takers," a film about a bank heist interrupted by a detective, stars Zoe Saldana, T.I., Chris Brown and Hayden Christensen and hits theaters August 20.

"As for producers, we've been working with DJ Toomp and Lil Cee, who's one of our in-house Grand Hustle producers," Geter told MTV News. "We worked with Danja, the Runners, and we tried out some stuff with these new guys called the TrackSlayers. We're actually working with a lot of new guys. At this point, you don't really chase names. It's about the quality of the material. As for features, we did a track with The-Dream, and Trey Songz is on another hook."

The-Dream told MTV News that his collaboration with T.I. "sounds great. He's sounding beautiful. His spirit is really good. He's got the eye of the tiger."

Regarding the direction of the album, Geter said the Atlanta MC is still figuring that out. "There's no theme as of yet," Geter said. "The sound is definitely not a bunch of samples."

In May 2009, Tip started a 366-day jail term stemming from his October 2007 firearms-possession arrest. For much of 2008 and early 2009, Tip performed more than 1,000 hours of community service. Tip has 500 more hours of community service to perform once he is released from the halfway house in the coming months.


16 Upcoming TV Shows That Could Save Small Screen Sci-Fi

Is science fiction doomed on television? Hell no! Here are 16 TV series in the pipeline that could recharge your love of the fantastical, including alien invasions, dinosaurs, superheroes, time travel, super-spies, government conspiracies, zombies and changelings. Minor spoilers ahead.

There's no doubt things are tough. Most SF/fantasy shows are in danger of cancellation this time around. And in the wake of several high-profile failures, networks aren't giving science fiction/fantasy shows much of a chance any more. V had its first batch of episodes shortened to just four episodes, with a string of hiatuses and changes of showrunner behind the scenes — even though it turned out to be a hit. NBC preemptively slashed Day One from a series to a miniseries to a TV movie, and Fox did the same with Virtuality.

It seems a fair bet that Fringe will be back on Fox, V will probably return on ABC, CW will still have Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and probably Smallville, and NBC will have Chuck. On cable, there are still True Blood, assorted Syfy shows, Batman:B&B and Clone Wars, plus Futurama is coming back. Beyond that, what is there to look forward to?

Here are sixteen shows in the pipeline that we think could bring science fiction and fantasy back to their place of preeminence on your TV set.

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DNW "Being Human" or "Torchwood" remakes because they will inevitably suck compared to the originals, but some of these have potential.


CBS fights '04 Jackson 'wardrobe malfunction' fine

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After six years of legal wrangling and one Supreme Court review of Janet Jackson's infamous Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction," CBS argued anew Tuesday that it should not be held responsible for the half-second of nudity.

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia had thrown out the FCC's $550,000 fine against CBS as arbitrary, only to have the U.S. Supreme Court kick it back down for review.
The Supreme Court pointed to its ruling in a Fox Television-led challenge, when it said the FCC could threaten fines over the use of a single curse word on live TV.

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I'm really surprised this hasn't been settled yet. If the FCC is quietly changing it's standards and yet still demanding a fine be paid, that's kind of shady.

Parker Posey on Scottish Conan Guy

Parker Posey on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson


- Parker talks about a sexy dream involving sheep
- Parker talks about a barn that she is building
- @CraigyFerg pimps out his snake mug for the 34935734th time
- @CraigyFerg lets a guest handle the snake mug for the 1st time EVER
- Parker remains quirky


Parker is kind of a brunette Elizabeth Banks, y/n?

Boner on Bonnie

Matt Boner on the Bonnie Hunt Show this morning

- talks about creating a Baywatch-style snowmobile cop show
- does an adorable Texan accent
- tells a joke that no one gets
- gives Bonnie mittens
- clip from tonight's episode of 'White Collar' at the end in which Peter and Neal are amazing

(he is so awkward, i kind of love it)


So long, Farewell, Auf wiedersehen , Goodbye!!!

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Having recently spent time overseas in London, Lindsay Lohan sounds as if she’s leaning towards a permanent move to the UK.

The “Mean Girls” starlet, who returned back to the States over the weekend after attending a few London Fashion Week events, tweeted of her plans, “Moving to the UK is in my near future.”

Giving her reasoning behind the desired change of scenery, LiLo explained, “Better dj’s/music and Paris is just a Chunnel away!”

The talk of heading off to live in London comes after Miss Lohan took over headlines with a new interview about her past drug use and love of ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, who she dubbed “the only girl for her”.

Source Source2
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Sandra Bullock, Mo’Nique, Morgan Freeman to Attend NAACP Image Awards

Sandra Bullock, Mo’Nique, Morgan Freeman set for NAACP Image Awards

It’s going to be a starry cast for the NAACP Image Awards, which air at 8 p.m. Friday on Fox.


But here’s a major draw for TV fans: If you’ve missed Anika Noni Rose of “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency,” by all means tune in. She will be co-host with Hill Harper of “CSI: NY.” (Rose is shown at Fashion Week last week in this photo by Jason Kempin of Getty Images.)


You’ll also see Oscar nominees Mo’Nique and Gabourey Sidibe (”Precious”), Morgan Freeman (”Invictus”) and Sandra Bullock (”The Blind Side”).


Also scheduled to appear are Jamie Foxx, Lenny Kravitz, Regina King, Taraji P. Henson, Myrlie Evers Williams, Adam Rodriguez, Sherri Shepherd, Alfre Woodard, Mariah Carey, Mekhi Phifer and Tatyana Ali

Tyler Perry will receive the Chairman’s Award, and Wyclef Jean will get the Vanguard Award

Outstanding Motion Picture

  • "The Blind Side" (Warner Bros. Pictures)
  • "Invictus" (Warner Bros. Pictures)
  • "Michael Jackson's: This Is It" (Columbia Pictures)
  • "Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire" (Lionsgate)
  • "The Princess and the Frog" (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture

  • Denzel Washington – "The Taking of Pelham 123" (Columbia Pictures)
  • Idris Elba – "Obsessed" (Screen Gems)
  • Jamie Foxx – "Law Abiding Citizen" (Overture Films)
  • Morgan Freeman – "Invictus" (Warner Bros. Pictures)
  • Quinton Aaron – "The Blind Side" (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture

  • Anika Noni Rose – "The Princess and the Frog" (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
  • Gabourey Sidibe – "Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire" (Lionsgate)
  • Sandra Bullock – "The Blind Side" (Warner Bros. Pictures)
  • Sophie Okonedo – "Skin" (Jour De Fete Films)
  • Taraji P. Henson – "Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself" (Lionsgate)

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Yes, the NAACP Image Awards nominates and honors white people. Examples include Dakota Fanning, Angelina Jolie and Al Gore.

Desus and Mero

Oh shit Raaaaaandy is aaaaaaangrry!

Aziz Ansari (aka Raaaandy) drops some Ether on Rappers that didn't send verses for his mixtape.

Aziz Ansari AKA RAAAAAANDY was hard at work on a mixtape with Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio, but the two will not meet the date in the above promo image. The reason? Bitch ass rappers aren’t sending in their verses. RAAAAAAAANDY names names in this scathing diss. Think “How To Rob” 2010, but with verses.

Rappers getting called out:

Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Drake, RZA and GZA from Wu Tang, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Clipse, MF Doom, Mos Def, Kanye West.

Yo for some jokes, some of these cut close and are very true (Jay, Drake, MF, Clipse, 'Ye). But Jesus, this shit is funny as hell, especially if you know these rappers. Mad Quotables on this. And *dead*@ RZA at the end

tv (generation kill) your dearest pal

Bruce Timm Talks 'Batman: Under The Red Hood,' Potential 'Green Arrow' Animated Feature

The animated "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" film finally arrives in stores today. And while the latest "Justice League" movie has barely been released, animation legend Bruce Timm is already dropping hints about the next DC Animated film: "Batman: Under The Red Hood."

"It's really good," Timm told Comic Book Resources. "That's about all I can say about it at the moment. It really is. We actually have the footage coming back from overseas, literally as we speak. We have two acts out of four, and it looks really, really solid. It's a really cool story. It's pretty darn dark but at the same time, it's fun and emotionally involving, so I think it's going to be a really terrific movie."

Timm also elaborated on why Bruce Greenwood and Jensen Ackles were cast as Batman and the Red Hood, respectively.

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Sources: 1 / 2
Jensen should have been Batman, he already has the voice /jk But seriously, this looks pretty amazing!
Ina Hanging On Like FG


NBC, 8:00 PM ET

You know what to do...

Current Medal Standings:


Have fun!

JUST IN: Did you see American figure skater Mirai Nagasu's nose bleed at the end of her short program tonight? [CLICK HERE] for an in-depth investigation as to the cause.

Since tonight is the beginning of women's figure skating, I thought I'd share a couple of funny videos from the pairs and men's competitions. For a compilation video of the pairs falling on their asses, [CLICK HERE], and for one of the men falling on their asses, [CLICK HERE].

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie: Katsuya Couple

Kicking off their week with a romantic dinner date, Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie were spotted out at Katsuya restaurant last night (February 22).

The newly-engaged couple looked blissful as they made their exit, with Hilary proudly sporting her massive engagement ring.

Rumor has it that Comrie dropped a pretty penny on Duff's rock- one source told press the 14-karat princess-cut sparkler ran him a cool million dollars.

Mike proposed to Hilary during a recent trip to Hawaii and now the two are close to purchasing a $10 million home in Beverly Hills.
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Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Rostam Batmanglij: Interview with a Vampire

In the spring of 2006, Columbia University senior Rostam Batmanglij was entertaining literary society parties with his fledgling postmodern Afro-pop band, Vampire Weekend, and wondering if he could pull off life as a professional musician. By the spring of 2008, he was playing the band’s runaway hit single, “A-Punk,” on Saturday Night Live. Vampire Weekend’s self-titled debut had been out only a few months, but fans and critics had been clamoring over it for most of the year. After months of feverish blog hype and the release of an EP that only stoked the fires, the band landed on the March 2008 cover of Spin, which annointed them the year ’s Best New Band before their album had even come out -- a first in the magazine’s history. Looking back, it still seems insane that a bunch of cerebral schoolboys in pastel cardigans could go from cramming at the library to performing on SNL in the span of a couple of semesters. But according to Batmanglij -- the band’s producer, co-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and sole gay member -- Vampire Weekend was meant to be huge. “We all had a strong feeling about the band from the early days,” he says. “We had this opportunity to be really out there and avant-garde, but also commercially successful.”

Born in Washington, D.C. in 1983, Batmanglij is the youngest son of Iranian immigrants. His mother is the noted Persian cookbook author Najmieh Batmanglij, his father is a publisher, and his older brother works in film. Art was a big part of life in the Batmanglij household. “We used to have a family portrait contest,” the singer recalls. “We would each draw all four members and then we all had to judge.” As a kid, Batmanglij nurtured twin creative passions, sketching and dreaming up paintings, but also dissecting and reassembling pieces of music. He mastered recorder, flute, then guitar, and by the time he was a teenager he was arranging intricate compositions with Pro Tools.

Once at Columbia, it seemed obvious that he should major in music, so Batmanglij did. But something about the whole young-composer-with-quill-in-hand vibe didn’t suit him. “I don’t associate the term composer with exciting music today,” he says dryly. “As a songwriter and producer in our band, I get to be the composer I always envisaged for myself. I get to sample M.I.A. There probably are a bunch of contemporary composers who wish they could do that but don’t have the balls.”

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There's also a non-embeddable video interview at the source.

Angelina Jolie on the set of 'The Tourist'

Angelina Jolie looks stunning as she films on location for her new movie The Tourist at the Place Colette on Tuesday (February 23) in Paris, France.

The 34-year-old actress arrived in the city of love yesterday after spending quality time with her family in Italy.

The new film also costars Johnny Depp and centers around an American tourist who is used by an Interpol agent, played by Angie, to help capture a criminal she once had an affair with.

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george jetson

Fefe Dobson interview

Ever since glimpsing Fefe in her Rock and Roll High School riff “I Want You” (playing the world’s prettiest outsider) we’ve been dying to get to know more about the reinvention of Fefe. The Toronto girl, who first came on the scene as a teenager, has had a moment to go back into the lab and emerge happier, more powerful, but still a whole lot rock ‘n’ roll. We caught up with Fefe in NYC as she’s gearing up to release her third album, Joy. The title, she says, is a comment on her current state of mind. An accomplished vintage hound in her own right, she took us shopping at Malin Landeaus Vintage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a brilliant mash-up of treasures from decades past. We came, we conquered, we drank tea and scarfed vegan treats (thx, Malin—delicious!). All in all, a rocking Sunday afternoon.


America Ferrera on 'Ugly Betty' Finale: 'I'm Staying in Denial for Now'

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America Ferrera is saying goodbye to the character that made her a star as Ugly Betty nears the end of its run on ABC. Meanwhile, you can catch Ferrera in a more grown-up role in Our Family Wedding, playing a Mexican bride-to-be whose decision to marry her African-American boyfriend creates a race-fueled family feud.

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george jetson

Tim Gunn On Celeb Fashion: "The Kardashians have an absence of taste"

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Wonderwall: What do you think of Jersey Shore style?
Gunn: Ugh! Oh! Don’t even get me started. It is not a style to emulate. I know that the show is hugely popular. I will tell you it pains me when I hear 12-year-old girls say it’s their favorite show. You shouldn’t be watching it! And it’s so incendiary that New Jersey is no longer permitting it to be taped in New Jersey.

WW: That’s why they’re going to film in Miami.
TG: Yeah, so what does that say?

WW: Nothing good.
TG: It’s like throwing people to the lions in ancient Rome. I don’t get it.

WW: J-Woww is launching her own line.
TG: Preposterous! Preposterous! Sorry.
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{Revenge} - Victoria &amp; Daniel

Desperate Housewives - 6x17 - Chromolume #7 - HQ Promotional Photos


Julie Benz Guest Stars

"Chromolume #7" - Gaby and Angie head to New York in search of Danny and Ana, on ABC's "Desperate Housewives," SUNDAY, MARCH 14 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET). While in the Big Apple, a chance encounter with supermodels Heidi Klum and Paulina Porizkova leads Gaby to an unexpected revelation about herself. Meanwhile, Lynette and Tom are in for a big surprise when Preston returns from Europe; Mike is determined to show Susan what a man he is after feeling emasculated; Bree discovers a shocking connection to her new employee, Sam; and Katherine is confused over her feelings for Robin.

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Source: http://desperatefans.org. Click on the thumbnail to go to the gallery HQ.
george jetson

The-Dream Reveals His And Christina Milian's Baby's Name

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On Monday, R&B singer-songwriter The-Dream chatted with MTV News about his and wife Christina Milian's forthcoming baby, and also about his new album and videos.

"The baby will be here Sunday, no later than Sunday!" The-Dream (real name: Terius Nash) said excitedly. "The baby already has a car, I got a house just for the baby — Christina can't get in the baby's car. I'm giving all my attention that I usually give to Christina to the baby, all the flowers I usually give Christina, I'm giving them to the baby.

"It's a girl, Violet will be her first name,"
he revealed. "I'm not telling you the middle name, you gon' get me in trouble." Still, with all the excitement a new couple experiences with their first child, Dream said it's business as usual in the Nash household.

"I've been working like a regular person works in America. They have jobs whether someone's pregnant or not," he laughed.

The singer says he's finished recording his upcoming album, Love King, (the title track of which recently leaked), and said the song isn't about being a ladies man, like many believe.

"On 'Love King,' I'm talking about those girls that like my music and how they're everywhere," he said. "They're the girls in church, girls in the club, in Miami — my music's everywhere. I don't mean that I have girls everywhere; it's not literal, but women do gravitate to my songs."

The-Dream is currently preparing to shoot two clips for his single, the original version featuring Def Jam labelmate Young Jeezy followed by a remix with Ludacris.

"We're shooting the videos in two weeks," he said. "The remix to 'Love King' with Ludacris which is crazy, it sounds like a '90s Jodeci remix, with their type of big harmonies on the hook. You'll get what I'm saying when you hear it. It's the swing."


Dear Generation X: Get the fuck out. Love, MTV.

Tidbit from the HRTS rubber-chicken luncheon over in sterile Century City: MTV Networks president Van Toffler reiterated the network's devotion to millennials (a.k.a Generation Y), but also made it clear that Generation X shouldn't let the door hit them on the way out.

"We're pushing Generation X out," Toffler said. "We're slaves to our different audiences, for MTV that's millennials, who are vastly different than Generation X; they're definitely less cynical -- they're more civic minded."

As evidence of the fine taste of this benevolent new generational breed, Toffler cited ... "Jersey Shore."

The network president said, "Millennials are really about authentic reality and family" and that MTV "played up the camaraderie and family elements [on 'Jersey Shore']" to appeal to them.

Hear that Gen X? You're too cyncial too appreciate the civic-minded wholesomeness of "Jersey Shore."

reedus. terry
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Oy with the poodles already!

Lauren Graham looking fabulous at the premiere screening of Parenthood held at the Directors Guild Theatre in West Hollywood on Monday (February 22).

The 42-year-old actress posed with executive producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer at the screening.

“I had planned all sorts of next moves, and I didn’t necessarily think about playing a mom again,” Lauren told the New York Times. “But since Gilmore Girls ended, I’ve read hundreds of scripts. Honestly, this was the first thing I liked.”

Parenthood premieres next Tuesday (March 2) at 10/9c on NBC!

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Lauren is wearing Gwyneth Chandelier Earrings and Infinity Pod Bangles by Melinda Maria and 42″ Long Beaded Strand Necklaces by Kara Ackerman Designs.