February 5th, 2010

Two Door Cinema Club post ('Undercover Martyn' MV + album cover + other singles)

It's that time when all the Next Big Things of the year start churning out material full steam ahead... Northern Irish indie/electro band Two Door Cinema Club, who made BBC's Sound of 2010 longlist, have just released the video to their latest single Undercover Martyn.

Undercover Martyn comes out on Kitsuné Music 22 February. Their debut album, Tourist History, is released on 1 March.

More MVs after the cut.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/twodoorcinemaclub
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Rating Jack Donaghy's girlfriends

Tonight on 30 Rock, SNL's Jan Hooks will be taking over the guest star role and relieving the lovely Julianne Moore—a talented woman whose work I almost always enjoy but whose appearance on 30 Rock left me cold. Basically, she fell short of some of the truly outstanding women who've loved Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy. So let's rank them, shall we? Here are Jack's past loves, in order of ascending awesomeness:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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I pretty much agree with the organization of this list. I loved Elisa, I LOVED CC and adored Bianca (I quote the "it makes me want to sit on a knife" thing on the reg). I'd love to see more of her. The only one I truly hated was Phoebe. And, well... Nancy is getting to that point too. She needs to be gone ASAP.

But I mostly made this post so we can talk about tonight's episode. I just finished watching it, and loved it -Jan Hooks is my favourite female SNL cast member so I loved seeing her again. And Liz standing in one place while she slept ate slayed me. What did everyone else think?
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LAPD/D.A. Feud Derails Dr. Murray Arraignment

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The scheduled arraignment Friday for Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson will not take place as scheduled because of the feud between the L.A. County D.A. and the LAPD over Dr. Murray's surrender.
As we first reported, the LAPD was bent out of shape -- and that is an understatement -- because the D.A. had kept cops in the dark and had been working with Dr. Murray's lawyers to arrange a voluntary surrender in court at the time of the arraignment.
The plan as of this afternoon -- Dr. Murray's lawyers would drive him to the L.A. County Sheriff's Office at the Airport Courthouse in L.A. at 5:30 AM Friday, along with a bail bondsman. Dr. Murray would be booked, post bail and then walk into court without handcuffs or chains.
We're told the LAPD so vehemently objected to the plan ... the D.A. finally backed off. The LAPD wants to arrest Dr. Murray, book him and bring him into court in handcuffs and/or chains -- something that is fairly standard in homicide cases.
The plan has fallen apart and we're told ... as of now ... there will be no arraignment tomorrow.
It's starting out shaky, folks.


Of course.

Rihanna Touches Down For Pepsi Fan Jam

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Rihanna performs onstage at the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam on Thursday (February 4) on Miami Beach, Florida.

The 21-year-old Bajan beauty went through a playlist including Wait Your Turn, Disturbia, Russian Roulette and Hard. Rapper Young Jeezy performed Hard alongside Rihanna.

Justin Bieber, Timbaland, Jojo and Keri Hilson also performed at the Super Bowl Music event.

FYI: RiRi’s sick shoes are Alexandre Vaultier.

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Mary-Kate: Smile

Aussie model joins campaign to save red-faced banker

A top Australian model has backed a growing campaign to save the job of a banker caught viewing risque shots of her on live TV, in footage that has caused an Internet sensation.

Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr said she would happily sign a petition urging Macquarie Bank not to fire David Kiely, who is under internal investigation after the incident this week.

Kiely was shown clicking on semi-naked pictures of Kerr, apparently unaware that a colleague behind him was being interviewed for Australia's Seven Network about interest rates.

Video of the gaffe generated hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube and inspired several Facebook pages supporting the banker, as well as a popular "Save Dave" campaign by London-based business website hereisthecity.com.

"I am told there is a petition to save his job and of course I would sign it," Kerr told reporters in Sydney on Thursday.

Macquarie, which marched Kiely out of its trading room on Tuesday afternoon, is understood to be considering his position within the bank, The Australian newspaper said.

Support for Kiely has been growing on the Internet, with the membership of the "Macquarie -- Don't Fire David Kiely" Facebook group swelling to 755 people by Friday afternoon.

The site says Kiely provided the human face of banking when he "did what any other person in his shoes would have done -- took some time out from his busy day to look at some harmless photos someone emailed him".

"What a legend. I love this guy," wrote one member.

Another wrote: "Even my Mum reckons you shouldn't lose your job and she's really harsh about lotsa stuff!!"


And here's the original YouTube video that started it all...

(the pics pop up at around 1:05)

People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!


"I think every day should be a day of romance. Then, on Valentine's Day, you should get to tell whoever you hate that you cannot stand them. There would be one day of hating, and 364 days of love."

– Valentine's Day star Ashton Kutcher, on how he'd rework the holiday, to Parade magazine

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2010 Predictions Via Pyschic Nikki


Last year Nikki predicted Sarah Palin would write a tell-all book, the split between Avril Lavigne and her husband, Jennifer Hudson would win a Grammy, that Kate Winslett would be nominated for an Oscar, and the Late Heath Ledger would also be nominated for an Oscar. Nikki predicted the plane crash over the Hudson River in New York City, the Monorail accident at Disneyworld Florida, Robin Williams' health problems as well as she predicted the passing of Ted Kenney, Unice Schriver, Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze and Michael Jackson. Here's how Nikki sees 2010

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P.S EDGE 102.1 in Toronto brings Psychic Nikki in every Friday if you're interested in listening. You can also LISTEN ONLINE

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Chris Meloni of Law & Order SVU hands in his badge

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ONE of TV's best-loved crime fighting couples will part ways within the year with Chris Meloni confirming he would walk away from the role of Detective Elliot Stabler after season 12 of Law & Order SVU.

The decision already has led to tears, with castmate Mariska Hargitay breaking down when discussing how she and her character Detective Olivia Benson would cope with losing Meloni.

The pair has fronted Law & Order SVU since it spun off from Law & Order in 1999.

They survived a bitter contract dispute early last year which, at one point, led NBC to threaten to dump both actors from the show.

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Courier Mail

Joe Simpson Crashes Nick Lachey's Miami Super Bowl party

OK! has exclusively learned that Dadager Joe Simpson is partying it up in Miami and even stopped by the bash hosted by his former son-in-law Nick Lachey.

Joe casually walked into Nick's event at the Hotel 944 at Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach. "Nick doesn¹t know I¹m here!" an eyewitness at the party heard Joe confess.

"I was so confused because I thought they hated each other," the eyewitness tells OK!."

Joe had been rumored to be one of the reasons Nick and his daughter Jessica Simpson split in 2005.

"Nick was late for his event because Vanessa took forever to get ready, a source close to the couple tells OK!. "Joe went up the elevator to the party before Nick, and tried to slip in unnoticed."

When Nick learned his former father-in-law was at his party he looked shocked. "I haven't talked Joe in years," Nick told OK!. "So be it."


Charlie Sheen's SUV Stolen ... Crashes

Charlie Sheen reported his SUV was stolen this morning, and hours later it was found on its side at the bottom of an L.A. cliff near famous Mulholland Drive.

Law enforcement tells TMZ Sheen reported the truck stolen from his house early this AM. We do not know if Sheen knew the suspect.

Cops tell us the fire department is on scene, looking to see if there's a body near the wreckage.

The suspect is not in custody.

Police are investigating.



Charlie Sheen got one hell of a wake up call this morning -- when an operator from an OnStar-like service called to inform him that his SUV had crashed.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sheen got the call around 4AM when his remote diagnostics company received an alert that the car had been involved in a wreck and the airbags had deployed.

We're told Sheen alerted his security team -- who inspected the home and confirmed that the car had been stolen.

Cops later found the wrecked SUV 100 feet down Mulholland Drive.

We're told the L.A. Fire Department used an infrared scanner to search for any victims, but the search came up empty.

Cops are still hunting for a suspect.

Massive Attack "Splitting the Atom" video

Following the Gorillaz-infested "Saturday Come Slow," this chilly, claustrophobic Edouard Salier-directed video for the long-traveled "Splitting The Atom" clearly fits the track's slinky atmosphere and up-close How The Grinch Stole Chrimas vocals. The mostly black and gray ballistics tour of a Sci Fi-torn city has some pretty moments, but isn't as compelling as the The Devil In Miss Jones confessional created by Georgina Spelvin in [NSFW] "Paradise Circus." That's the difference between real blood and a 3-D videogame.

Heligoland is out 2/8 via Virgin.

Sources: 1 & 2

BBT: ♥

SATC Actor Willie Garson Finalizes Son's Adoption

Actor Willie Garson is officially a father – after having begun the process of adopting his 8-year-old son, Nathen, a year ago.

The adoption, fostered by The Alliance for Children’s Rights and Westside Children’s Center, was finalized in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the Sex and the City actor, who currently stars on the USA Network's White Collar, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"From the first time I met him, I said, 'That's my kid,' " says Garson, 45. His biggest challenge so far as a single parent? Helping Nathen with his homework.

"He’s in third grade, and I'm in the third grade," jokes Garson, who reprises his role as Stanford Blatch – the best guy pal of Carrie Bradshaw– in the upcoming Sex and the City 2, which hits movie theaters May 28.

Max looking like a fucking angel


The Behind the Scenes of the Glamour UK shoot part 2.

The men include Jim Sturgess, Matthew Goode, Henry Cavill, Luke Evans, Alex Pettyfer, Tom Sturridge, and Eddie Redmayne.

Henry Cavill BTS Glamour UK photoshoot from ps_tw lj on Vimeo.


It's essentially the same video, but the guys introduce themselves this time. Dunno if it'll actually get posted.</div>


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The Diamond Princess and Diddy on set of Trina’s “Million Dollar Girl” video shot on location in the M.I.A. The 2 Million Dollar peeps break it down as to how big the record is and has the potential to be once the official visual drops."Million Dollar Girl" is the first official single off of Trina's 5th album, Amazin', out May 4th, 2010!!

Sources: OH TRINA!, Vimeo
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OTP Gael x Diego reunion delayed indefinitely

Gael García Bernal Paternity Drama Denied

Gael, Dolores and rumored third wheel Ortega

Gael García Bernal's latest role? Starring in a slew of online rumors claiming that he split from his girlfriend and may not have actually fathered his 1-year-old son, Lázaro. But sources tell PEOPLE there's no truth to the accusations.

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Gael’s Twitter

Lindsay Lohan Threw a Drink In Samantha Ronson's Face..........Allegedly!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Treating herself to a gourmet meal, Lindsay Lohan was spotted arriving at Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood last night (February 4).
The “Mean Girls” actress looked to be in a good mood as she walked past, text messaging on her mobile phone and sporting a furry grey coat.

In related news, it seems LiLo was in the mood to mess with her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson while out at Crown Bar earlier this week.
An eyewitness revealed, "Sam was working her usual weekly gig DJing at Crown bar. Lindsay turned up around 11 pm and she was in the mood for trouble! Lindsay was drinking straight out of a bottle of vodka and I saw her take an orange prescription bottle out of her bag and pop a couple of pills that she said were Adderall, she even offered some of the pills to a friend that was with her.”

"Lindsay was trying to get Sam's attention, but she was working and studiously ignored Lindsay. You could see Lindsay getting more and more worked up the more Sam didn't pay her any attention. At one point Lindsay was dirty dancingwith this really pretty girl right in front of Sam, obviously to try and make her jealous.” "Sam just got sick of it all in the end though and started taunting Lindsay about her being all drunk and messed up. She said to Lindsay, ‘Why don't you just have another drink?’ and even told her, ‘You're a disgrace.’”
"That made Lindsay just totally flip out on Sam. She picked up a drink and threw it straight in her face! Sam was absolutely furious and picked up some DJ equipment that was by her and threw that at Lindsay. It was crazy!”

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Hollywood Hunks Pose for About Face

To create About Face, over 100 celebrities and male models -- including Sex and the City's Jason Lewis, True Blood's Ryan Kwantem, Antonio Sabato Jr., and Jerry O'Connell -- posed for photographer John Russo. The resulting limited-edition book of portraits, shot using the soon-to-be-extinct Type 55 Polaroid film, represents a labor of love for Russo, who spent over four years capturing his subjects -- many of whom were photographed before their first big break.

Proceeds from the book will benefit the charity Smile Train, which performs free cleft lip and palate surgeries to children around the world.

To purchase the book, visit PixiePressWorld.com, Amazon.com, or the Minotti showroom at 8936 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

For more information about Smile Train, or to make a donation, please click here.

you go ro coco

Why hello there Ronan Farrow....

Rosie O'Donnell is good friends with Mia Farrow. Mia emailed a recent picture of her 23 year old son Ronan to Rosie and Rosie posted it on her blog...

For those who aren't aware Ronan is the only biological child of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. At age 11 he became the youngest student to attend Bard College at Simon's Rock in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. After receiving his A.A. degree, Farrow transferred to Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, where he moderated in the biology department and ultimately completed his senior thesis project in political science and philosophy. He went on to become the college's youngest ever graduate at age 15.

At age 16, Farrow was accepted into law school at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He deferred his admission until the fall of 2006 to work as Special Assistant to Richard Holbrooke, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, and for additional work with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).
Rosie's Blog.
Ronan's Wiki.
Mia's Wiki. (Which is insanely interesting btw.)

I can't believe that something so gorgeous was produced Woody Allen. Here's one more picture just for fun..

young folks

Wednesdays. Better.


Since  Five Keys to Saving Better Off Ted the save Better Off Ted campaign, fans have gathered almost 7,000 petition signatures and have sent boxes of Veridian Dynamic custom keychains with the logo and "Wednesdays. Better." to Stephen McPherson, President ABC Entertainment in an effort similar to the one used by fans of Friday Night Lights.


Fingers crossed...we can't have another Arrested Development on our hands. Portia de Rossi curse?

Fox Searchlight Picks Up 'Betty Ann Waters' Starring Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell

Fox Searchlight has announced that they have will be distributing the Hilary Swank-starring biopic “Betty Anne Waters” in the fall.

The film, directed by Tony Goldwyn ("The Last Kiss," lots of TV stuff), is based on a true story of Waters, an unemployed single mother, whose brother (Sam Rockwell) was convicted of both robbery and murder in 1983. Waters then went on to pursue a law degree for ten years and eventually proved her brother’s innocence thanks to DNA evidence. The cast is rounded out by Melissa Leo, Juliette Lewis, Clea DuVall, Minnie Driver, Bailee Madison & Peter Gallagher.

We’re surprised that Fox Searchlight would pick up another Swank film so soon after the box office and critical bomb of “Amelia,” last fall in addition to Goldwyn’s spotty track record as a director. Given the fall release date, we suspect Fox Searchlight is hoping for awards season contender, but considering the subject matter and those involved, the film could easily end up falling into Hollywood biopic schmaltz territory.


idgaf, I love Hilary. Also, yay Sam Rockwell :D

conan o&#39;bobo

Michael Urie Post

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Michael Urie and the rest of his castmates (including Henry Fool star, Thomas Jay Ryan) were out promoting their off-broadway play "The Temperamentals" on Feb 4th.

After two critically acclaimed engagements Off-Broadway in 2009, The Temperamentals will begin performances of its commercial Off-Broadway run on Feb. 18.

"The Temperamentals" tells the story of two men - the communist Harry Hay (Ryan) and the Viennese refugee and designer Rudi Gernreich (Urie) - as they fall in love while building the first gay rights organization in the United States pre Stonewall. The play weaves together the personal and political to tell a relatively unknown chapter in gay history.

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Taylor Swift → Wildest Dreams
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Kourtney Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kourtney appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote the current season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She was so cute and funny! She talked about how she used to tease Kim when they were younger, it’s hilarious LOL! Conversation also turned to Scott aka “Super Douche” (their words, not mine) but Kourtney handled it really well and was able to laugh it off. Watch the interview below :)

part 1:

part 2:

source: http://www.kourtney-kardashian.net/jimmy-kimmel-live-feb-09/

Kstew's genorosity to fans backfires

Kristen Stewart's generosity with fans has backfired on her - a court worker faces losing his job after the Twilight actress posed for a photo with him while on jury duty.

The 19 year old was in Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this week to serve jury duty and was happy to join a security guard and his pal for an impromptu snap.

But the picture has landed the unidentified guard in trouble, after it was posted online by his pal's wife.

She hastily removed the photo from the web, stating, "Cancelled because unfortunately the photo that went up from Kristen in court was stolen and put on several blogs and got to the media (the press) and reached the ears of the court. Right now my husband and the security guard are in trouble for it having gone up and second because it is confidential when celebrities are in court."

Kind-hearted Stewart is hopeful the picture leak won't land her fans in trouble - but fears the worst.

She says, "Now I feel bad... I am really scared, because I think it is possible that they could lose their jobs."


that sucks. it's not her fault :/

Jamie Lynn Spears and her baby daddy split

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jamie Lynn Spears has dropped her baby daddy — and is dating an older man.

In the Feb. 15 issue of Star, on sale now, we report that the 18-year-old has moved on from Casey Aldridge — the father of her 19-month-old daughter, Maddie — and is dating 28-year-old James Watson, a well-to-do businessman, whom she met about a year ago.

"They started dating last December," a source tells Star. "I don't think James cares at all about who she is; they really seem to like each other."

So who is Britney's sister's new man? James — who's based in Hammond, La., about 35 miles south of the Spears family estate in Kentwood — owns a company called Advanced Multimedia Partners. "He installs communications equipment and high-definition TVs for large corporations," the source says. "James enjoys making money — and enjoys spending it too."

Locals are hardly surprised that Jamie Lynn's been stepping out with a new man — while Casey, 20, has been spending most of his time in his family hometown of Liberty, Miss. "Even when she was pregnant, she didn't really see a future with him," a friend tells Star. "She only gave the impression of staying with him so long because it looked better in the eyes of the public."

cat drawing picture

Miley's dog take its first steps!

With her Australian boyfriend otherwise occupied, Miley Cyrus turned to another loyal companion to accompany her to the recording studio yesterday - her puppy Mate.

The Hannah Montana star, who was dressed down in tracksuit pants and a vest, turned up for a session in Hollywood with the white German shepherd in tow.

The 10-week-old dog's name was inspired by her current love, Melbourne-born actor Liam Hemsworth, who got her hooked on the using the word.

Mate was a gift from her parents, who wanted her to have a dog just like one her father Billy Ray owns.

The 17-year-old says she was 'stoked' by the fluffy present.

On her official blog Miley wrote: 'It's so great that Mate is a puppy so I can take him everywhere. But it won't be long until he's his full size!'

She then joked that it would be 'a bit more difficult to fit him in my Prius' when Mate is fully grown, as he could weigh up to 125lbs (9st).

Miley met Hemsworth, 19, on the set of the coming-of-age drama The Last Song, which is set for release in April. 

Just last week Miley sparked rumours of engagement after she stepped out wearing a sparkling ring on her left hand. 

But her spokesperson denied the pair have plans to marry.

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Masha | cute

Anne Hathaway out in LA

Anne Hathaway hangs out with a friend donning a purple dress and purple sunglasses at Sunset Towers in Los Angeles on Thursday (February 4).

The 27-year-old actress helped announce the Oscar nominations on Tuesday and is now busy promoting the star-studded Valentine’s Day, hitting theaters on February 12.

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Lady Gaga on Hunger Strike Because of Skarsgård?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Say it ain't so!

We all totally heart Lady Gaga and her ridiculous ways. It's why she's music's saving grace right now! But according to members of Gaga's inner circle, the Hollywood pressure is really starting to take its toll on the once rebellious gal.

But could it all be 'cause she's crushing on that dude we're all crushing on?

Otherwise known as Alexander Skarsgård? Looks like it.

To back up a bit, a source deep inside Camp Gaga tells us people have been on her ass (no pun intended) to lose weight, to begin with. Supposedly, Gaga's "Paparazzi" video shoot last April is when things started get touchy on the subject of weight.

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I don't believe the stuff about Alexander Skarsgård, but I do believe that there was pressure on her to lose weight. She didn't need to lose any, but she still looks good now.
Masha | cute

Olivia Wilde In Talks To Join 'Cowboys and Aliens'

"House" actress Olivia Wilde is reportedly in negotations to star opposite Daniel Craig in director Jon Favreau's adaptation of the sci-fi western comic "Cowboys & Aliens."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wilde is up for the role of Ella, a young woman who teams up with Craig's "mysterious gunslinger" against the alien invasion. Wilde's previous movie experience includes "Alpha Dog," "Turistas," "Year One" and the highly anticipated "Tron Legacy" which is set to be released in December.

Back in October, Wilde told MTV News about her desire to portray Wonder Woman when she was a young girl. If Wilde signs on to "Cowboys & Aliens", it will be her first comic book movie.

"Cowboys & Aliens" is based upon the 2007 graphic novel of the same name by writers Fred Van Lente & Andrew Foley and artists Dennis Calero & Luciano Lima. The concept was created by Platinum Studios' Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and is being adapted by "Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof and "Star Trek" screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Last month it was revealed that "Iron Man 2" star Robert Downey Jr. had dropped out of "Cowboys & Aliens", leaving the door open for Daniel Craig to step into the leading role.

"Cowboys & Aliens" is expected to begin shooting in July and may be shot in 3D to capitalize on the phenomenal success of "Avatar."


Snooki gets booed

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

While most of the nation is captivated by the phenomenon of “Jersey Shore,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi actually received the cold shoulder in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania today.

The 21-year-old guidette showed up at the Wing Bowl eating contest at the Wachovia Center and was heckled and booed by the crowd when she stepped out onto the stage.

Always a good sport, Snooki took the criticism in stride and didn’t let it get to her. When asked about the negative reaction, she simply said, “It’s Philadelphia,” and gave them the middle finger.

After her appearance, Snooki tweeted, “Wingbowl is insane! Wish they had this in NY! Flyin to chi town tonight for manor! Wheww.”

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Kate Walsh gets divorced: looks fantastic while doing so

We got this video of the Private Practice star leaving court late yesterday with her lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser. Walsh and Young were in court all day hashing out the settlement.

Here's what TMZ knows: Alex wanted several million bucks but ended up with $627,000 for his share of the community property. Alex wanted spousal support but was shut down by the judge. Kate gets the house. They split the artwork and furniture.

Alex also gets half the residuals for the Grey's Anatomy and Private Practe episodes Kate filmed while they were married.

There are mutual restraining orders prohibiting each from harassing the other.

Mind you ... they only lived together as husband and wife for 14 months.

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source 1 & 2
A-Seyfried &gt;&gt; Classic Beauty

Amanda Seyfried on The View

Amanda talks about the revealing dress she wore for the LA premiere of Dear John, her anxiety attacks, being ill during the shooting of the Vanity Fair cover and the controversy about it (awkward), the Mamma Mia!-Dear John connection, her opinion on long distance relationships and her on screen relationship with Channing in Dear John.

This is the full interview (sorry about the Letterman post, I didn't realize that it was incomplete). I hope this video doesn't get deleted so quickly D:

The Real Situation Is Right Here

Carrot Top, the Thundercats version of Jacqueline Labofish Stallone, summoned the panty pudding at Fred Segal in Santa Monica yesterday by lifting up his shirt and exposing his freckled MAN DOWN CODE 10 situation and split buns.

Why don't you give your froat a break today, and let your genitals do the dry heaving while looking at these pictures. Carrot Top will bring the carrot stick and you bring the ranch dressing!

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Kendra Wilkinson Blogs: Lil' Hank Will Look Better in His Colt's Jersey Than Most of the Players


Kendra can’t contain her excitement about Sunday’s game and the fact that her and lil Hank will be there! 

 She just blogged:

“This weekend is a HUGE one for me and my family…A lot of big firsts for the lil man…first plane, first time away from home, first football game! It’s pretty incredible that his first football game experience just happens to be the SUPERBOWL!!! Not many people can say that lol.  He’ll obviously be rocking his Colts jersey and to be honest I think he’ll probably look better in it than most of the players hahaha.

I can’t wait to watch my hubby on the field with our lil angel in my arms! What could be better?!? GO COLTS!!!!!”

Source: http://kendrawilkinson.celebuzz.com/2010/02/superbowl-here-we-come/


Carrie Underwood To Make Big Screen Debut In "Soul Surfer"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood has scored her first supporting role in the upcoming film "Soul Surfer," the story of Bethany Hamilton, who, at 13, lost her arm to a tiger shark bite, vowed to continue surfing and went on to become a champion surfer.

The inspirational story was the subject of a documentary, 2007's "The Heart of a Soul Surfer," directed by Becky Baumgartner, and a bestselling book, "Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family and Fighting to Get Back on the Board," which will serve as the basis for the screenplay. The feature film version stars AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany with Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid playing her parents. Carrie's character is Sarah Hill, a church youth leader.

Filming starts this month. On Sunday, Carrie will perform the national anthem at Super Bowl XLIV.


she did a good acting job in temporary home

(no subject)

A new all-star cast of celebrities, featuring Bobby Brown, Nicole Eggert, Kevin Federline,and in a shocking twist, Kevin's ex, and baby mama, Shar Jackson, arrive at CFC to experience the most brutal celebrity workout on television. Jay McCarroll (Project Runway) surprises himself by reaching new heights as Tanisha Thomas (Bad Girl's Club Season 2) gets up Drill Instructor Harvey's grill... big mistake. Plus, an emotional weigh-in ceremony reveals the extra pounds and emotional baggage the cast hopes to shed at Fit Club.

LAWL kfed calling himself a pregnant man.

Alex Meraz on Taylor Lautner's Valentine's Day

New Moon Wolf Packer Blasts Taylor Lautner, Valentine's Day

He's not a member of a wolf pack for nothing.

Alex Meraz
's Twitter teeth are sharp and he's out for blood…namely, his costar
Taylor Lautner's blood.

See, Alex (the packer on the far left of the photo) doesn't think too highly of our favorite 17-year-old's upcoming movie Valentine's Day, which also stars that other Taylor,
Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Dempsey, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper and a whole bunch of other Hollywood bigs.

"Sorry Taylor but the movie Valentine's Day looks lame and desperate," the New Moon star writes. "It cries out, 'look we have all the biggest starz in 1 movie pleez watch!' "

Sound like sour grapes? Read on!

Alex sorta realizes he might be stepping on some rather hefty toes with that statement, so he
tweets again to clarify his thoughts. It doesn't really help.

"P.S. it has nothing to do with the talented actors in the movie. I just don't like the producer & Directors' 'get rich quick skeem' nuff said."


We totally started to think the poor guy's account had been hacked, but an hour later he
tries again. This time he's starting to get it.

"Talk about biting the hand that feeds me...but I'm a wolf for crying out loud! I'll be careful next time I spill twitter all over everyone."

Something tells us Taylor and his V'Day pals aren't crying over spilled Twitter, but Alex may have some groveling to do.



I was hiding under your porch because I love you.

Pixar's Up Gets Honored and Screwed by the Academy Awards

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

No one thinks the Academy Awards are perfect. Except maybe the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences; they probably think they do a bang-up job year after year. Every now and then, however, they do end up throwing the right kind of love to the right kind of movie, and this year's unquestionably worthy tip-of-the-hat went to Pixar's Up by way of a nomination for Best Picture. And by accounts both quantitative (8.4 rating on IMDb; a 98% Fresh consensus on Rotten Tomatoes) and qualitative (it has anyone with a soul hooked by their tear ducts 20 minutes in), it absolutely deserves the recognition. There is one tiny, nagging little catch, though: Up was also nominated for Best Animated Feature.

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Emma Watson's $30 Million For Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 Leaves Her As The Highest Paid Actress In The World

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Last year was a big one for Emma Watson.

She had her final teenage birthday, she started university - and she managed to become the highest paid female star in Hollywood.

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New YACHT Video Tour Diary from São Paulo

Lets see.... Brazil....

Well it was definitely a whirlwind little tour; we only had four days to see São Paulo, but we certainly made the best of it. I think we'll all be returning there in the future, soon enough. In documenting the trip, we met up in Houston and flew down to South America for the first time ever. YACHT had just toured around South East Asia, and all-in-all couldn't miss the opportunity of experiencing a whole new continent, especially not a thriving city like São Paulo....

Smirnoff was obviously a great help in all of this, and provided all the imaginable support in bringing together a rowdy São Paulo that night. Thank you Brazil!!!

We were able to capture some of the performance, and it's all featured in part two, which will be featured tomorrow at some point. Stay tuned! - Jona and Claire (YACHT)

The rest of the video tour diaries are here.

* I like this little series, seeing their off-stage personalities make them that much cuter to me!

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Cam Gigandet on the set of "Burlesque" - Feb. 4

Cam Gigandet grabs his camera and snaps pictures while filming scenes for his new film Burlesque in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday (February 4).

The 27-year-old Twilight actor’s film will be delayed due to the new 3-D movie trend.

Cam’s new action movie, Priest, will be delayed from the original August release date to January 14, 2011 as it undergoes 3-D conversion.

Sony also announced that it will be delaying Cam’s other movie The Roommate from September 17 to February of next year.

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Delish. I'm hoping for some Xtina/Cam intimate scenes.!

Anderson Cooper NOT Going to Adopt

Anderson Cooper and his boyfriend will not be adopting a Haitian orphan. 

I reached out to Anderson Cooper for response following a report in the National Enquirer that he had adopted a Haitian orphan after being moved by the suffering there following the devastating earthquake.

Said Cooper to Towleroad: "While the plight of children in Haiti has touched us all, and I continue to cover the situation there closely, stories about me adopting a baby are false. I am not adopting a child, Haitian or otherwise."


See the earlier post about Anderson adopting here

he doesn't deny the whole BF thing though...
veronique 2

MUST WATCH: James Cameron's Long-Lost Video Starring Ex Kathryn Bigelow as a Sexy Cowgirl

The minds at Movieline are reeling today after a tipster sent us a collaboration between Oscar-nominated exes James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow that we never knew existed: a 1988 music video called “Reach” that Cameron directed for Bill Paxton’s short-lived rock band Martini Ranch (!), in which he cast imminent wife and future Hurt Locker director Bigelow as a sexy, Wild West gunslinger. Look, we know that description alone is enough to whet your appetite, so do you need me to say that this INCREDIBLY, DELICIOUSLY 80’s music video also features “credited whistler” Judge Reinhold, lady-bodybuilder beefcake, a capuchin monkey, anachronistic computers for some reason, and cameos from Lance Henriksen, Paul Reiser, Jenette Goldstein, and Adrian Pasdar? Just watch and be blown away:


Oh, THAT's where that fug-outfit was from:

Runway To Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam - Rihanna In Victoria’s Secret

Big thanks to Clara who identified the errr…jumpsuit Rihanna wore last night when she performed at the “Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam”.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Her look was from the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which are never used to seeing off the runway.

I’m not surprised at the look, I’m more surprised Rihanna opted for a black version.

Your thoughts please.
sir ian

Howard Stern tapped to replace Simon Cowell on 'American Idol'

Shock jock Howard Stern has been offered Simon Cowell's seat on the "American Idol" dais, a new report says.

The New York Post's Page Six claims that Stern is in negotiations to replace the critical Brit in 2011 when his Sirius XM contract expires. He's hinted at mulling the gig on several occasions on air.

"It's one of the few shows that could compete with Stern's $100-million-a-year Sirius contract, and 'Idol' bosses think he'd be even nastier than Simon," an "Idol" source tells the Post.

Compete it might, but whispers in Stern's camp say he's not thrilled about touring the country auditioning talent, nor is he excited about the amount of time he'd spend in Los Angeles for performance and result shows.
"I was approached by a major TV network to take over a TV show and leave here and do that next year -- and I did turn it down ... I'm not even sure if I want to be working. I'm waiting to see what happens," Stern recently said on his show.

This doesn't mean the Fox ratings juggernaut is ready to give up.
"They know he would be great TV and would clash with the other judges such as Ellen DeGeneres and the contestants. 'Idol' will do what it takes to sign him," the show source added.

A Stern source echoed to Page Six the belief that "this is a ploy to make Sirius pay up and keep him on his huge contract. But if Sirius can't pay him the money he wants, he may negotiate to film 'Idol' on the side."

Stern would join newly tapped daytime queen DeGeneres, songwriter Kara DioGuardi and producer Randy Jackson.


I Can't Wait!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Alicia Keys and Beyoncé will shoot the music video for ‘Put It In A Love Song’ on February 9th, as confirmed earlier today. The video will be shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is the third single to be lifted from Alicia’s latest new album ‘The Element of Freedom’.

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I know most of you hate Alicia and can't stand the song but Beyonce is the only reason I like this song and I'm just ready to see the wig whiping action she'll attempt for this video


Chris Brown wants the whole world to know he is such a freak. One of the tracks that he previewed from his upcoming mixtape ‘In My Zone’ is ‘I Invented Head’, which is the remix to Trey Songz’s ‘I Invented Sex’.

Listening to pre-pubescent vocals talking about how magic he is with the tongue doesn’t sit well with me at all. It just sounds like a little boy trying to prove his grown man status, and failing. As a result, I’ll pass or better yet, just stay jamming out to the original, which is miles better.

Breezy’s ‘In My Zone’ mixtape is scheduled for a Valentine’s Day release on February 14th.

sir ian

Kate Moss demands a special smoke zone

Supermodel Kate Moss has demanded a designer smoking area at a up market department store when she launches her range of bags for Longchamp their later this month.

However, Moss has infuriated Selfridges bosses with her demands, Daily Mirror online reported.

"It's Kate Moss - she can ask for what she likes and they'll probably bend over and give it to her," a source told the newspaper.

"Longchamp are spending a fortune on the sponsorship deal to boost the label. But it'll look more of a promotion for brand Moss. The outside area is a bit of a problem. Her people want couches, cushions, tables, heaters and candles to make it comfy for her to have a cigarette," the source added.

"But she's only due to be there for an hour. They don't want to pay out lots for her to mingle with selected guests, only for her to hide in her VIP room drinking champagne with her pals," the source said.

Moss, who is dating The Kills rocker Jamie Hince, is famed for her love of smoking. It has previously been claimed that she makes her personal assistant
leave a packet of her favourite Marlboro Lights on every table in her home before she goes to bed.

"Kate has five coffee tables spread between her living room, kitchen, office and bedroom so that's a lot of cigarettes. She also has a special tennis ball with holes for cigarettes to stick out from so visitors can relax with a smoke," the source added.

Fall Out Boy didn't really break up (any real fan already knew this)

(02-05) 15:39 PST MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) --

Pete Wentz says talk of Fall Out Boy's demise has been blown out of proportion — but he isn't sure when the rock band will performing together again.

Earlier this week, lead singer Patrick Stump told Spin.com that the group was done after Wentz tweeted that he didn't see a future for the platinum band.

But on Friday, Wentz said band members are just doing things apart and it's not clear where their future lies.

"We just haven't had the time to say anything. All I have been able to do is say, 'Man, I miss doing Fall Out Boy,' and I got to a better place hanging out with my son," the bassist said of his infant son Bronx.

"Now I'm OK if Fall Out Boy comes back or doesn't come back. Like, if it's fun for everyone to do again, we're going to do it ... I just want it to be authentic when we come back," said Wentz, in town for Super Bowl festivities.

Though he was at a Venus Williams rooftop party to DJ on Friday afternoon, he said he couldn't see himself doing music seriously on his own: "I don't know that I'm really cut out to be a solo artist. It's never really been an aspiration of mine."

Wentz said he has e-mailed Stump and the two are still cool with each other.

"We just wanted to talk about how blown out of proportion it's gotten. It's to the point where we're gonna make 'I Quit Fall Out Boy' T-shirts, just goofing around about it," he said. "We don't want any animosity about it at all."


Haha I already knew the rumors weren't true because their drummer cleared them up on his forum. Suck it haters, the band isn't officially over yet. Still stoked for Patrick's solo work whenever he actually gets it out.
Christian Bale

'Dunno Y . . . Na Jaane Kyun' To Give Bollywood Its First Gay Kiss

India may confront one of its longest held taboos this year, as the film "Dunno Y ... Na Jaane Kyun" threatens to present Bollywood with its first gay kiss.

Due to the film's focus on a gay relationship, many have begun to compare the film to "Brokeback Mountain," and are hoping that the film will challenge prejudice in a similar manner. Despite its size, Bollywood has long been unusually conservative - until recently even heterosexual kissing was considered shocking.

"Dunno Y ... Na Jaane Kyun", which translates as 'Don't Know Why," was made last year after a High Court overturned a law outlawing homosexuality. The full legalization of homosexuality is expected but still must pass India's Supreme Court.

With the film due for release in May, posters for the film showing two naked men embracing have begun to be shown around Indian cities. While bound to cause controversy, the film's director, Sanjay Sharma, says he's confident that censors will approve the film for release. As Sharma recently told the BBC."At the moment I'm not thinking about any political or censor problems."

Recent Bollywood movies such as "Dostana" and "September 11" have begun to challenge stereotypes. In "Dostana", a heterosexual couple have to act as a gay couple in order to convince their landlord to let his attractive daughter live with them. "September 11", a film based upon the 9/11 attacks, was the first Bollywood film to show male buttocks.

Dunno Y, however, goes further than that, telling the story of a male model who goes to Mumbai to make his fortune, and the sexual relationship with another man that awaits him.


Hilary Duff making a trip to a hair salon 2/5

Hilary Duff does her best to stay dry and makes a trip to a hair salon in Los Angeles on Friday (February 5).

Next up for the 22-year-old actress and singer is the premiere of her latest movie, Provinces of Night.

In the film, Hilary plays Raven, a beautiful Southern girl who tries to make it on her own after leaving her drug-addicted mother. She later meets Fleming, a handsome boy from a broken family. The movie also stars Val Kilmer and Kris Kristofferson.

The movie will be playing at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this weekend.

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She looks really good here

Matt Morris Performs on Lopez Tonight

Justin Timberlake's protegee, Matt Morris is getting a lot of attention thanks to he and Justin's cover of “Hallelujah" at the Hope for Haiti telethon. He performed “Love” from debut album When Everything Breaks Open, and according to Idolator, the song was written by Matt about his husband...yup, you read that right.


Score one for the gays
tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Puppy Cam 2.0: The Shiba Inu Pups Return!

In October 2008, a San Francisco couple set up a live Webcast of their Shiba Inu, Kika, and her puppies, initially to monitor them while at work. But the video went viral and millions of people around the world tuned in daily to watch her and her litter of puppies roll around, sleep and play.

The couple—who remain anonymous—have collected thousands of dollars through Puppy Cam donations and calendar sales, all of which has been donated to various Shiba Inu rescue organizations.

The site grew so popular it won a 2009 Webby award and was even featured on CNN, because showing clips of puppies apparently attracted more viewers than, you know, covering the news.

Now, much like “The Real World” — except with a far more interesting cast — Kika is back with a new litter of puppies born on January 16. Five balls of fluff are the stars of this season’s show, three boys (Bonsai, Bento and Byakko) and two girls (Bella and Beni-Bara) known as the B-team

You can follow their every move here. But be warned, you may never stop.

Film - The Old Guard

Fox Developing Daredevil Reboot (officially)

In order to keep the movie rights to Marvel Comics' "Daredevil" under their belt, 20th Century Fox and Regency are looking to develop a reboot of the sightless superhero with News Corp VP Peter Chernin producing and David Scarpa (The Day the Earth Stood Still) writing a script, according to Mike Fleming at Deadline Hollywood.

The original movie directed by Mark Steven Johnson and starring Ben Affleck in the title role (and his current wife Jennifer Garner as Elektra) was released almost exactly seven years ago and grossed $179.2 million worldwide.

This probably shouldn't come as too big a surprise as there has been talk of some sort of reboot ever since Disney bought Marvel last year, but this is the first confirmation that one is being actively developed.

OMG YAY. I actually liked the first one, but a more faithful adaptation would be good. Anyone else a fan?
rdj head shake GIF

ryan reynolds or arm pitt to star in gunsmoke remake

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Hollywood’s remake obsession refuses to die, with their latest victim being the popular Western, Gunsmoke. That’s right, I’m referring to the television series that ran from 1955 – 1975 that took place in infamous Dodge City, Kansas. A lot of people grew up on that show, and now some genius in a studio boardroom wants to bring it to the big screen.

Over at the Los Angeles Times, they’re reporting that CBS Films is looking to cast the primary role of Gunsmoke’s Marshal Matt Dillon (no, not the actor). Dillon was the main character and the big lawman on the show, and we’re hearing that Brad Pitt is up for the role. The actor has worn his fair share of cowboy boots and hats during his career, but he can’t be Dillon, can he?

Dillon is the Western hero charged with maintaining law and order in a period Kansas town filled with colorful vagrants, misfits and desperadoes. He carries on in these adventures with the help of town physician Doc Adams and tavern owner Miss Kitty Russell.
If Pitt wasn’t strange enough, there’s also word that Ryan Reynolds is a candidate to play the character, which is funny because who ever thought these two would be in competition with each other one day. In the past year or so Reynolds has become a force to be reckoned with at the box office and the studio might lean towards him as a cheaper alternative for the part.

A director hasn’t been hired as of yet, but CBS Films is actively looking for one while casting. They hope to capitalize off the name recognition of the Gunsmoke property, as well as the actors used to bring it back to life. The big question is whether or not audiences will have a renewed taste for Westerns by the time the film’s released. Only time will tell.

combing his hair!

Regardless of what you've heard, Kanye was happy with his buisness class seat!

Kanye gave his CAPS KEY the day off today to share with us that the rumors of him flipping out in business class are nonsense.

I feel bad that people believe this kind of stuff or any random rumor that is taken as fact because ‘it’s on the internet.’ This rumor is particularly ironic because I was actually happy with a business class seat and was offered a seat in first class. A friend of mine was sitting in coach so asked if they could bump him up to business instead of putting me in first. There was absolutely no altercation in any way. There’s been many a time where I’ve given someone in coach my business or first class seat in order to sit next to a friend I bumped into. I really could care less about where I sit on the plane. It’s hard to deal with the rumors sometimes. As a good person with a warm heart, it does bother me. I’m not bigger than feeling pain, embarrassment, stress and worry. Have you ever been lied on??? How does it make you feel??? You wanna tell everybody it’s not true right? Thank you to all my fans who still love and support me even though it’s not the trend right now! I’m sleeping in the studio and I won’t let you guys down!

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Why can't you let him be great!

White Collar / Matt Boner post

On the next All-New White Collar, Peter and Neal find themselves on the trail of an elusive femme fatale who is stealing pieces of a valuable collection. Don't miss the premiere of Home Invasion as White Collar continues on its new night: Tuesdays at 10/9c!

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The Nifty 50 | Matt Bomer, Actor

This month, T celebrates the Nifty 50: America’s up-and-coming talent.

Clothes maketh the con man. Just ask Matt Bomer, the criminally handsome actor who plays Neil Caffrey, the master scam artist turned F.B.I. consultant on USA Network’s breakout dramedy, “White Collar.”

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1 & 2

First look at new show Victorious

Here is your first look at the much anticipated Nickelodeon show Victorious. Set to premier on March 27th right after the Kid's Choice Awards, the show stars Nick regular Victoria Justice (Zoey 101, Spectacular) as Tori, an aspiring singer who attends a performing arts high school while getting into wacky screwball situations on a daily basis. The show will feature plenty of original music performed by the young cast. Nickelodeon has ordered 20 episodes for the first season of the show.

The show is being produced by Dan Schneider, who has a very successful track record, having previously produced Zoey 101, iCarly, and Drake & Josh.

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Developer says conventional towns in particular are difficult to render in high-def, part of the reason FFXIII is more linear than most.

This is a taste of what they could do but can't be arsed -

No, Square Enix isn't working on a Final Fantasy VII remake right now. They apparently have their reasons for ignoring a potential mountain of cash though, starting with this one -- it would be hard to make.

In a recent interview with Ultimania magazine (via Lost Gamer), producer Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama noted that part of the reason Final Fantasy XIII lacks towns is that they are difficult to design for high-definition graphics.

"It is a result of considering HD graphics will be the mainstream. Considering the amount of work to make graphics that deserve HD, it is hard to make towns in the conventional style," Toriyama said.

"In the limited period of development time, to convey the the great story that deserves the name of Final Fantasy, and to convey the battles that entertain players enough, we condensed each element."

Kitase added that this same problem applies to any potential Final Fantasy VII remake, "It is very hard to make games on PlayStation 3 in the same style as the games in that era had. Making graphics will take enormous time."

Rumors of a Final Fantasy VII remake started with the famous tech demo above, which was created to show what was possible on the PS3 before it launched. Square Enix has denied such rumors on numerous occasions, but they persist to this day.

At the moment, Square Enix is preparing for the release of Final Fantasy XIII, with FFXIV to follow sometime soon. Once those games are out of the gate, maybe we can start thinking about an FFVII remake.

SOURCE - http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3177829
gaga.   {book of gaga}

Lady GaGa looking normal

Pop star is left holding the baby as she indulges in some retail therapy with a mystery male friend.

Apparently she's named after the famous Queen song, but looking at these pictures she could have been christened in baby talk.

Lady 'goo goo' GaGa took on an altogether different persona to the one we're used to seeing, parading around in wacky outfits, when she hit the shops in California with a baby.

The 23-year-old singer was dressed down, and probably as normal looking as we'll ever see her, for the shopping trip at a mall in South Gate, California.
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Slash: Solo Album's Artwork/Track Listing Revealed

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In what will be his first true solo album, rock icon Slash announced his CD, Slash, will be released in April, 2010.

The album features an all-star roster of guest musicians including Ian Astbury, Chris Cornell, Rocco DeLuca, Fergie, Dave Grohl, Myles Kennedy, Kid Rock, Lemmy Kilmeister, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Duff McKagan, M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, and Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother.

A major undertaking for Slash, he enlisted services of producing partner Eric Valentine (Queens of Stone Age, The All-American Rejects) and compiled a rhythm section of bassist Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction) and drummer Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails). Slash handled the majority of arranging and songwriting duties and hand-picked each guest artist. The album's guests worked collaboratively with Slash to round out the song.

"The idea was really simple in the beginning," said Slash. "These are all artists I wanted to work with – that I thought it would be amazing to do something creative and collaborative. And I was so impressed with what everyone brought to the table. They were all so committed to doing a good job. And we had a lot of fun making these songs."

Slash Track Listing:
01. Ghost (Ian Astbury)
02. Crucify The Dead (Ozzy)
03. Beautiful Dangerous (Fergie)
04. Promise (Chris Cornell)
05. By The Sword (Andrew Stockdale)
06. Gotten (Adam Levine)
07. Doctor Alibi (Lemmy Kilmeister)
08. Watch This (Dave Grohl/Duff McKagan)
09. I Hold On (Kid Rock)
10. Nothing To Say (M Shadows)
11. Starlight (Myles Kennedy)
12. Saint Is A Sinner Too (Rocco De Luca)
13. We're All Gonna Die (Iggy Pop)

combing his hair!

Russell Crowe and Beyonce lined up for "A Star is Born" Remake

A Crowe is born? Gladiatorial one likely candidate for 'Star' remake

With a new remake of "A Star Is Born" gaining momentum at Warner Bros., the studio could be closing in on, well, a star.

Russell Crowe has emerged as the front-runner to take the lead male role of an aging, alcoholic musician who mentors/is schooled by -- and then finds romance with -- a younger female star. While it's not believed there is a formal offer yet, the studio is very high on the 45-year-old actor, who in turn is said to be keen to take the role.

St The female part would likely be played by Beyonce, who has long been associated with the role and has recently elevated her interest in it.

The three previous iterations of "A Star Is Born" have alternated between settings in the film and the music worlds. The most recent one, the 1976 version from Warner Bros. that starred Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson as doomed pair Esther Hoffman and John Norman Howard, was set in the music world.

Nick Cassavetes has recently entered talks to direct the reboot of the drama, which has spent years in development with various writers (including "Ali's" Stephen J. Rivele and Christopher Wilkinson) taking a crack at it, before getting a new boost with a draft from young screenwriter Will Fetters. Jon Peters, Basel Iwanyk and Billy Gerber are producing. Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr. had been some of the names said to be considered by the studio before Crowe emerged as the front-runner.

If it comes off, a Crowe-Beyonce pairing would serve as one of the most prominent onscreen interracial romances since 1992’s “The Bodyguard,” which teamed Kevin Costner with the female singing sensation of the day, Whitney Houston.

A Crowe casting would also mark a return to the dramas of earlier in his career. The New Zealand-born actor has taken his career in the direction of high-end thrillers lately; starring in an international espionage thriller ("Body of Lies), domestic political thriller ("State of Play") and a jail-break thriller (the upcoming "The Next Three Days") -- something of a departure from awards bait such as "A Beautiful Mind" and "The Insider" that marked the earlier part of his career. He'll next be seen in Ridley Scott's interpretation of "Robin Hood.”

Crowe has also signed on with “Slumdog Millionaire” writer Simon Beaufoy and Maria Bello to produce a new HBO series, “Emergency Sex,” based on the true-life experiences of a trio of expatriate non-governmental workers overseas.

LA Times

I'm all for Interracial couples on the big screen, but just not this couple...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs release limited edition "Skeletons" single.

Be one of the lucky 500 to get your hands on a very special limited edition Skeletons 7". Pre-Order is on now via Rough Trade and RecordStore.co.uk. Order up, or miss out!

For those who prefer bytes to wax, the digital single is avail now on US itunes and UK itunes.



Skeletons performed at T in the Park with some special guests...

Oscar nominations that are for the people

The expanded best picture category includes selections that appeal to everyday filmgoers, not just movie buffs.

They are precisely the kinds of movies hardly ever nominated for the best-picture Oscar -- a tear-jerker sports film, a space-alien thriller and an animated feature with a flying house and talking dogs -- but the populist pleasures "The Blind Side," "District 9" and "Up" all made the final cut for the top Academy Award.

Concerned that a steady stream of challenging, often little-seen art movies were dominating the Oscars and deflating TV ratings, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences doubled this year's best-picture race to 10 contestants, and the results Tuesday were exactly as intended: the inclusion of movies that have sold a boatload of tickets.

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Kellan Lutz Visits Teen Homeless Shelter, Brings Pants


Kellan Lutz visits a youth shelter and talks about why his own experience as a teen led him to support DoSomething.org and Aeropostale's Teens for Jeans campaign, which benefits homeless teens in the US, Canada and Haiti.


I was actually there for this...he was so genuine about this cause and stayed over an hour after the news crew left to hang with the kids.
And here is Kellan from two weeks ago dropping off a basket of his own jeans to the effort at an Aero store:

kstew smoke

stew post

Kristen Stewart fans making waves with potential 'Welcome to the Rileys' distributors

Deadline Hollywood came out with a story about the fact that Kristen Stewart's fans were e-mailing potential distributors for her film Welcome To The Rileys, encouraging the company to pick up the project.

Of course, it all started when the film's social networking got fans going.

@Welcome2Rileys was using Twitter (and Facebook) as a thermometer of interest, issuing messages such as the following:

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Democracy Wins, Thanks To One Very Badass Sexy Man

Thackeray does U-turn on SRK

With mounting criticism of its tirade against Shah Rukh Khan, the Shiv Sena it seems is buckling under pressure.

The Sena has now announced that it will not oppose SRK's upcoming movie My name is Khan.

In his editorial in Saamna, Sena patriarch Bal Thackeray has said that Shiv Sainiks will not disrupt the screening of My name is Khan.

This is in sharp contrast to earlier Sena stand that it will not allow SRK's upcoming movie to run in theatres.

The Sena had launched a vicious campaign against the Bollywood actor for his comments favouring Pak players.

But Thackeray's editorial also reiterates his earlier allegations that SRK has the support of Congress.

Referring to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul, the sena patriarch writes that SRK can go ahead with the support of Italian lady and her son.


Huzzah, Shiv Sena can go DIAF! \o/

New Zealand DJ Gets Nickelback's Chad Kroeger Tattooed On His Ass

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now, we've seen some pretty heinous tattoos in our time, but this one should probably be submitted to ugliesttattoos.com straight away.

Jason Mac is a New Zealand radio DJ for The Rock FM. He unfortunately lost some kind of bet which meant he had to get Nickelback singer/guitarist Chad Kroeger tattooed on his right ass cheek.

That sounds bad enough in itself, but when you consider Kroeger is holding a penis instead of a microphone, it becomes even worse.

We think the dick microphone replacement is pretty appropriate, though, considering Nickelback are constantly ridiculed with the "cock rock" label and Kroeger's pretty obsessed with the wang as it is.

There's video of Mac getting the tattoo done over at The Rock FM.

The only tattoos I think might actually be worse are this World Trade Center one, and these tats of a vagina on some dumbo's neck and a butterfly with a penis for its body. Gross.

In case you're curious, here's what Mac's tattoo looks like in its full glory:
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Car accident claims Brendan Burke.

title or description

Brendan Burke was the son of Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke. A few months ago, the sporting world found out he was gay in a story published on ESPN that you can read here. There was an ONTD post about that, so I thought this was prudent. RIP.

Brendan Burke, the youngest son of Leafs president Brian Burke, is dead after an accident in Indiana.

A brief statement from the Leafs indicated that 21-year-old died of his injuries from the accident which happened earlier on Friday.

The family has asked for “privacy at this difficult time,” the statement said.

Brendan and his friend, Mark A. Reedy, 18 of Michigan, were in a two-car accident at about 2:50 p.m. Friday in Wayne County, according to local police.

Brendan was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee when, witnesses say, the vehicle slid sideways into the path of a Ford truck.

The roads were treacherous with heavy accumulation of snowfall at that time, police said.

The fatal accident was one of 35 crashes reported in U.S. Friday.

Burke and his son Brendan were featured in a Toronto Star story in November 2009 after the younger Burke came out and said he was gay. He’d told his dad at Christmas 2007.

Burke, who has five other children, had told the Star’s Damien Cox that Brendan was very special. "People trust him immediately. He has a very sweet side that I envy because I don't have it," Burke had said.

"I just wish every parent could experience having a child like him."