February 4th, 2010


Scarlett Designs a Range of Handbags for Haiti

To help raise funds for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, international actress and MANGO spokesperson, Scarlett Johansson has designed an exclusive handbag with all profits being donated to OXFAM.

The Haiti handbag will be exclusively available in more than 1390 MANGO stores worldwide, retailing for $29.90. The print on the handbag represents the ancient cartography of Haiti, and contains the message "Supporting the people of Haiti" written and signed by the actress.

Scarlett Johansson said, "I'm thrilled to be collaborating with Mango to promote conscious consumerism and to benefit Oxfam's Haiti Earthquake Response Fund. By purchasing this bag, which I specially designed, you are helping to provide life saving assistance like clean water to the people of Haiti."

gaga smize

kelly cutrone talks about 'the gays,' her assistant, etc.

At the premiere party for Kell on Earth at the Tribeca Grand Monday night, Kelly Cutrone's assistant, Andrew, was busy getting his picture taken. "I think he’s so funny, because his iPod charger ran out of batteries and he had the Bravo publicist running around looking for a charger," Cutrone told us. "I was like, 'Wait, a minute — you have this totally wrong, you’re my assistant, you’re supposed to have a backup charger, you don’t ask other publicists to go and get you a charger.'"

"He has the power to entrance me," she admitted. "But all my gay boys in the office — they’re my favorite. They like to be called 'the gays' now — they’ve asked me to only refer to them as 'the gays.' But, they bring all the love and humor and fun. The girls — we’re the worrier girls, we bring all the drama." Where her new Bravo show may be inaccurate is in depicting who yells at whom. "It’s not like me, just demeaning people, you know? They pick on me all the time. There’s a lot of reciprocity," Cutrone explained. "I get yelled at probably more. And then they treat me like I’m grandma in the corner."


Lindsay Lohan spotted with 'prescription drugs'

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Stepping out of her SUV for a night on the town, Lindsay Lohan was all smiles and doe eyes as she played up to the papparazzi.
But a closer look inside her car revealed an open handbag - and what looked suspiciously like prescription pills.
The image of the tablets inside the bag - nestled among her lipstick, hairbrush and wallet - has raised fears the star may be slipping back to her old ways.

In October, Lindsay's father Michael said he was 'terrified' his daughter would suffer the same fate as Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson and die from a prescription drugs overdose.
He told the U.S. website Radar: "I hate it when people talk about illegal drug abuse, because it's not just drinking and illegal drugs that kill you. Prescription drugs can destroy and kill a person and are sometimes harder to stop. Look at Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson.'
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Christie's celeb-studded Earth Day auction

Ever wanted to help protect the environment — by spending your money on VIP tickets to a Christina Aguilera concert? Come April, pop music fans and fine art collectors alike will be able to do something along those lines by bidding in the first green charitable auction put on by art business Christie’s International.

Christie’s International, the world’s leading art business, announced “A Bid to Save the Earth” Green Auction. This first-of-its-kind charity auction will take place on April 22, 2010 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. The Evening Sale event will be held at Christie’s, Rockefeller Center, New York and be carried live globally via Christie’s LIVE™.

Proceeds will be split up between four esteemed environmental nonprofits: Conservation International, Oceana, Natural Resources Defense Council, and The Central Park Conservancy. All four beneficiary organizations are 4-Star rated by CharityNavigator.org, its highest rating for not-for-profit organizations.

A Bid to Save the Earth has two parts: A month-long online auction and a one-night, star-studded evening sale event on Earth Day. The Evening Sale will be a star-studded event with top celebrities serving on the Green Auction Host Committee that includes: Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, Tobey Maguire, François-Henri Pinault, Salma Hayek, Bob Fisher, Candice Bergen, Ed Norton, Evelyn Lauder, Alec Baldwin, Zaha Hadid, Brooke Shields, and Matt Lauer

Won’t be at that glitzy event? Watch it live online at Christies.com, or participate in the online auction at ABidtoSavetheEarth.org, which will also feature some celeb experiences — like premier tickets to Cameron Diaz’s new movie The Green Hornet, lunch with Vera Wang, and a private cooking lesson with eco-chef Alice Waters at Chez Panisse in Berkeley — as well as major works from artists including Keith Tyson, Maya Lin, Subodh Gupta, and Olafur Eliasson.

Christie’s is even waiving its cut, so all proceeds will go to the eco-nonprofits. Bidding for those items begin April 8 and will run through May 6; sign up for the green auction’s email list for a reminder to bid closer to date.

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By the way, charitybuzz currently has a 'Heal Haiti' auction going on that has a ton of interesting celebrity memoribilia, you can check it out here:

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Zaijian pandas

U.S. zoos sending pandas to China

Two beloved giant pandas are leaving the United States for China on Thursday.

Three-year-old Mei Lan will depart Zoo Atlanta in Georgia, officials said. Her 4-year-old male cousin, Tai Shan, will leave Washington's National Zoo.

"It's very bittersweet. We love him. We love having him here," said Erika Bauer, curator at the National Zoo in Washington.

The pandas, considered on loan from China, are being repatriated to help replenish the endangered species' numbers. They will eventually take part in a breeding program in China. The National Zoo estimates that 1,600 giant pandas are left in the wild.

Kathleen Ryland of Highland, Maryland, brought her children to say goodbye to the Washington giant panda.

"We watched him as he grew up, and it's kind of sad to see him go," Ryland said.

A panda breeding center that one of the pandas is heading to was preparing, according to the newspaper China Daily.

Officials at the center were already searching for a mate for Mei Lan, the paper reported.

They were also searching for a Chinese language teacher so that Mei Lan could be taught to understand when she is told in Chinese to return to her cage.

"Mei Lan has been living in the United States since she was born, and she must be unfamiliar with Chinese, especially the Sichuan dialect," Huang Xiangming, a director of the breeding center told the paper.

Tai Shan is headed to a different facility in Sichuan province.


PANDAS ARE CELEBRITIES, also it's early in the morning, whatever

here is a picture I took of...one of them next to some poop.
It's a terrible terrible tide

Perfect woman does something

Heather Graham fulfills Cirque du Soleil dream on her birthday

By Robin Leach (contact)

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010 | 11:28 a.m.

Actress Heather Graham, from the blockbuster comedy The Hangover filmed here in Las Vegas, overcame her fear of heights to fulfill a longtime dream to fly with the acrobats and aerialists of Cirque du Soleil.

It was a surprise birthday gift from her boyfriend, film director Yaniv Raz, that only the artists of Cirque du Soleil could pull off. Yaniv first put together a secretly planned overnight trip here for her weekend birthday celebration.

The couple stayed in an exclusive villa at The Mirage and enjoyed a birthday dinner at Japonais, but unbeknownst to Heather, it was all in preparation for a surprise visit to train onstage with the cast of Ka, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary at MGM Grand this week.

All Heather knew was that she had to forget the glitzy gowns and sexy dresses and just wear workout gear. She admitted that she was overwhelmed and amused as she started her special day with a Pilates warm-up in the Ka training room with the show’s head coach. Heather didn’t know yet that the main part of her surprise gift awaited her in the theater.

Celebrity photographer Denise Truscello was at the theater to capture Heather’s extraordinary day as a Cirque performer with these memorable photos.

Sufficiently warmed and limbered up, she walked out to discover the 50-foot high wall, a harness and a joystick waiting for her. (I got a harness and a joystick waiting for you honey) Our story and photos yesterday detailed the amazing fun facts that comprise Ka’s intricate machinery and equipment.

For the next hour, Heather got a first-hand idea of what it takes to perform in the Ka Battle scene by two performers, Emma Nicholson and Jason Biltz. They put her through a workout of walking, running, racing, jumping and sliding down face first on the vertical stage.

Heather told them: "This was a blast, even though I’m slightly afraid of heights. It was always my dream to fly onstage with Cirque du Soleil, and you’ve helped bring my dream to life."

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lol @ the byline. All I can think of is this

obligatory: she's nuts, love her so much, would pound her into unconsciousness, etc.
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Series Creator Hart Hanson Wants Conan O'Brien on 'Bones'

Not surprisingly, everyone wants a piece of Conan O' Brien. The short-lived host of The Tonight Show, who was recently embroiled in the NBC-Jay Leno controversy, is now a hot commodity as more and more TV shows are showing interest in hiring the 46-year-old comedian.

"I would like Conan [O'Brien] to come and write on the show," Bones series creator Hart Hanson tell Zap2it.com.

Though Bones is a crime procedural series, the idea of O'Brien working on Bones doesn't really seem that far-fetched. After all, word on the street is that FOX is developing a late night show for O'Brien as soon as his NBC contract is up this fall.

Of course, Hanson isn't also ruling out a possible cameo.

"Maybe we could find the world's tallest skeleton," the Bones producer said. "Flash back to [it being] Conan... His entire body was oppositely scalped. The only thing left is the [red] hair."

Meanwhile, Hanson isn't the only producer who wants O'Brien on his show. Kurt Sutter, the brains behind FX's Sons of Anarchy, has also revealed last month that he would love to have O'Brien play a part in an IRA storyline for season 3.

Me in Hawaii.

Self-help speaker self-kills people

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Months after authorities focused a homicide investigation on James Arthur Ray, the motivational speaker was indicted on manslaughter charges that could land him in prison and topple his self-help empire.

Ray was arrested Wednesday in Prescott, Ariz., on three counts of manslaughter for deaths of participants in a sweat lodge ceremony he led in northern Arizona last year. He was being held at the Yavapai County jail in Camp Verde on a $5 million bond, with his first court hearing planned Thursday.

Ray's attorneys quickly called the charges unjust and said they were confident he would be exonerated in court. If convicted, he faces a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 12 1/2 years on each count.

"This was a terrible accident, but it was an accident, not a criminal act," Ray attorney Luis Li said. "James Ray cooperated at every step of the way, providing information and witnesses to the authorities showing that no one could have foreseen this accident."

Ray has built a multimillion-dollar empire as a self-help superstar who teaches people about financial and spiritual wealth, and uses free seminars to recruit followers to more expensive events. He soared in popularity after appearing in the 2006 Rhonda Byrne documentary "The Secret," and he later was a guest on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and "Larry King Live" to promote it.

The Oct. 8 sweat lodge ceremony was intended to be the highlight of Ray's five-day "Spiritual Warrior" event at a retreat he rented near Sedona. He told participants, who paid more than $9,000 each to attend, that it would be one of the most intense experiences of their lives.

About halfway through the two-hour ceremony, some began feeling ill, vomiting and collapsing inside the 415-square-foot structure. Despite that, Ray urged participants to push past their physical weaknesses and chided those who wanted to leave, authorities and participants have said.

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Bruce Springsteen sues NYC bar

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bruce Springsteen is showing a midtown bar who's The Boss.

The rocker slapped Connolly's Pub & Restaurant on W. 45th St. with a copyright infringement lawsuit Wednesday.

He claims the bar hosted a band on Aug. 9, 2008, that performed three of Springsteen's hits - and charged customers a cover fee.

Venues that host live performances are supposed to pay an annual licensing fee to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, which doles out royalties.

Springsteen had no comment, but ASCAP officials said the point of the action was to protect all songwriters.

"It's not about him as a recording artist," said Vincent Candilora, ASCAP senior vice president for licensing. "In this instance, he's simply a songwriter with rights."

The band, which was not identified, allegedly played three songs that night: "Growin' Up," "Because the Night" and "You're No Good," which was written by Clinton Ballard Jr., a co-plaintiff in the case.

Connolly's, which did not return calls for comment, could face a $30,000 fine for skipping out on what would have been a $2,700 licensing fee, Candilora said.

He said the suit was aimed at leveling the playing field for other bars in New York that do pay the licensing fee, which is based on occupancy.

"We had been after them [Connolly's] for complying for over two years, so it's not so much about who or where," Candilora said.

"Why should those places that are complying with the law be at a competitive disadvantage?" he said.

Joe Cumia plays guitar in the band 2U, a U2 tribute band that has rocked out at Connolly's many times.

"I think any venue that makes money from live music should be paying the artist in one way or another," he said.

But he said he also thinks a lawsuit might not be the best way to make that happen.

"It's absurd for him [Springsteen] to go after a little pub when he's selling records and making dough," Cumia said.

"Bruce doesn't need the $8 a month that he'd get from this band playing at Connolly's."



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NASHVILLE, Tennessee — The head of Taylor Swift's record label is fired up and ready to defend his superstar from people who are criticizing her Grammy-night performance.

"She is the voice of this generation. She speaks directly to (her fans), and they speak directly back to her," said Big Machine Records CEO Scott Borchetta in a phone interview. "This is not `American Idol.' This is not a competition of getting up and seeing who can sing the highest note. This is about a true artist and writer and communicator. It's not about that technically perfect performance."

Borchetta first responded to the backlash in The Tennessean. Asked by The Associated Press why he felt the need to defend Swift, he said because the criticism was "just over the top."

"It's that classic thing that critics do of building something up and then wanting to tear it down," he said.

Swift rehearsed her performance and duet with Stevie Nicks two different times at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in front of a crowd of people. Critics were nicer then. Entertainment Weekly wrote of the rehearsal, "The two women's voices complimented each other nicely on the harmonies of `Rhiannon ...'"

But on Sunday night's Grammy show, Borchetta said Swift had a technical issue that made her worry about her performance.
(Attempts to reach The Recording Academy for comment went unanswered.)

"We had a volume problem in the ear. So, she was concerned that she wasn't able to hear everything in the mix," Borchetta said. "That's just part of live TV. ... So you're going to have difficulties on occasion. Unfortunately, on one of the biggest stages, we did have a technical issue. She couldn't hear herself like she had in rehearsal."

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Karlie Kloss || You are one stupid bitch

Really though....?

So who at NBC thought it would be a good idea for the special today to be, among other things, fried chicken, “in honor of Black History Month”?

Because, spoiler alert – it wans’t a good idea at all. And now NBCU employee Questlove is bringing it to the attention of his 1 million plus Twitter followers.

Questlove, the band leader and drummer for The Roots (the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) tweeted this picture from the NBC Commissary at 30 Rock, with the comment: “Hmm HR?”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
No really, who thought this shit was a good idea?

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Joe Jonas Craves Brownies for Valentine’s Day

We’ve found out the secret to becoming Joe Jonas‘ girlfriend — BROWNIES!

The 20-year-old musician dished to People mag about how a girl can win him over, “[One of my girlfriends] baked me brownies and showed up and surprised me on tour. [They were] so amazing” that he ate the entire batch.

Joe is still craving those brownies. He continued, “I’m still friends with this person and I still tell her, ‘Make me brownies.’ I’m like, ‘Can you please make me brownies?’”


Jenny A. wants a bidness man

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Jennifer Aniston, 40, is through with famous men, says an insider, who notes that the actress was left "really messed up and heartbroken" by singer John Mayer.

"She wants to be set up with a wealthy businessman, not a celebrity," the insider says in the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.

Though her rep says Aniston "does not place restrictions on the people who may come into her life," the insider says pals like Courteney Cox are hoping she'll settle with an "older, mature man.

Still, one pal doubts the resolution will stick: "She always ends up drifting back to actors and musicians. Her friends want a normal guy, but she's drawn to the attention."


The bitch is back

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She's baaaack!!!

Tila Tequila launched her all-new Twitter page early Thursday, jumping headfirst back into the world of micro-blogging her random thoughts for all of cyberspace to enjoy.

EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila's Former Bodyguard Claims Her Baby Daddy Is High School Sweetheart

The reality TV star abruptly cancelled her original account on Tuesday, after becoming one of the most vocal presences on the popular Web site, saying her time “on Twitter has run it's course!” before deleting the page.

She seemed to have a change of heart by Thursday, Tweeting: "Damn Twitter was f***ing BORING without me huh? I would be bored as hell if I were U and I wasn't on twitter anymore! hahhaha jk xox."

She then Tweeted: "Did ya;ll miss me?? I see all the OG's here! YAY! No more filthy haters and Media peeps following! Secret page! xox

"So many famew****s on my tail & would do ANYTHING to get fame by name dropping me!" she Tweeted. "LOSERS!"

Tila, who says she's pregnant, made headlines earlier this year when her fiancée, Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, was found dead at 30. In the weeks following Johnson’s death, Tequila would often spend the entire night Tweeting non-stop about her lost love.


Anderson Cooper's Casually Outed in Haitian Adoption Tale

The National Enquirer says Cooper and his boyfriend will adopt a baby. Even crazier than that, the National Enquirer is talking about Cooper's boyfriend on the front page. Even your mom is gonna see that at the grocery store!

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Source -- gawker.com/5463561/anderson-coopers-casually-outed-in-haitian-adoption-tale


Aww...that's cute!

What's Next For District 9 Creators? Stone Monsters And Gritty Worlds

We checked in Oscar-nominated writer Terri Tatchell, the day after District 9 picked up four Academy nods. She talked about District 9 director Blomkamp's new project, her next scifi movie, and why this nomination is such a mystery to her.

District 9 is currently in the running for the Academy Award for Film Editing, Visual Effects, Writing [Adapted Screenplay] and the most buzzed about category Best Film. We had to congratulate Tatchell on her Screenplay Adaptation nomination, and tell her to congratulate co-writer, director and spouse Neill Blomkamp as well.

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I only realized she and Neill are together when Sharlto referred to her as 'Neill's partner (and co-writer)' in his Facebook /slowpoke
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Cory Monteith and Taylor Swift are not dating

Taylor Swift & Cory Monteith: So Totally Not Dating

Taylor Swift
and Cory Monteith may sing together on Glee someday, but they are not—we repeat, not—making sweet music together offscreen.

While the two may have dined together at Jerry's Deli in L.A. on Friday, they are "just friends," sources confirm to us.

In fact, Mr. Monteith was spotted later that same night, looking quite cozy at West Hollywood hot spot Voyeur with a mystery blonde...

"Cory showed up to the club with a girl who definitely looked like his date," an eyewitness tells us. "Mark Salling showed up with the two as well, but Cory spent the evening attached to the girl at the hip."

We're told Monteith and his lady friend spent most of the night holed up in a corner, where the Glee star gave the gal cute kisses on her forehead throughout the evening. "They looked like they were into each other and having fun," our spy says. 

We're told the two left the club and hopped into Monteith's black Honda Civic (lol) at about 1:30 am.

Even so, one of our sources close to Monteith tells us the TV hunkster is "not exclusive with anyone at the moment."

And while we don't know if he has any plans to ask a lucky lady to be his Valentine, we have a feeling it won't be happening. Monteith has made it perfectly clear that he's no fan of the heart-filled holiday.


DM; all
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Merlin added to SyFy lineup

Merlin Joins Syfy Primetime Schedule in April 2010

New York, NY — February 3, 2010 – Syfy has acquired the basic cable rights from FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) for all 26 episodes (both seasons) of the critically acclaimed series Merlin, including the United States television premiere of Season Two, which has never aired on American television. Merlin joins the Syfy primetime lineup in April 2010.

Thomas Vitale, Executive Vice President, Programming and Original Movies, Syfy, said, “A viewer favorite after only one season, Merlin will be a strong addition to our schedule this spring. We expect its enthralling imaginative vision, engaging young talent, and rich production values to resonate with our audience.”

FME’s Lisa Honig, SVP Program Distribution, North America commented, “Merlin has been a great success internationally with fans in more than 180 countries. Partnering with Syfy to continue that engagement in the US after a successful first series is a win-win for everyone.”

Season One of Merlin aired on NBC (Summer 2009). Both seasons 1 and 2 aired on BBC One in the UK (2008-09). BBC has commissioned a third season which will air in September 2010. FME also handles brand licensing and home entertainment for Merlin.


'Celebrity Fit Club''s Kevin Federline on Being Called K-Fat

Back when Kevin Federline was dating and then married to Britney Spears, he was known as K-Fed. More recently, he ballooned up to more than 240 pounds and was meanly re-nicknamed K-Fat. Now the former dancer talks to ET's Kevin Frazier about turning his life around with the help of VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club."

"I went through a lot of things and I definitely say that those things contributed to me gaining weight for sure," says Federline, referring to all the media scrutiny he underwent as a result of his much-publicized split from ex-wife Britney Spears.

Federline says that when he saw the much-published photo of himself on the golf course, at first he thought it had been altered.

"When I saw this picture, I did not think that I was that big," he said. "I thought it was Photoshopped. You know? And, then I realized that I was just letting myself go."

Federline attributes his weight gain to getting older and his metabolism slowing down, not dancing anymore and his love for pizza and pasta. So when the call came from "Celebrity Fit Club," he recognized it as a great way to shed the pounds -- and his kids were a big part of that decision.

"I still ran around with them a little bit but not as much as I do now," Federline says. "It was easier to eat more when they were younger because they weren't as active. Now all of them want to play sports, hit the T-ball and run around the backyard and ride bikes. I could barely make it up the hill on the side of my house."

Federline is looking good these days, but he can't reveal how much weight he has lost. To find that out, folks will have to watch "Celebrity Fit Club," premiering Monday on VH1.

And, oh yeah, Federline's ex Shar Jackson, with whom he has two kids, is also on the show. How awkward was that?

"There is a little bit of stuff you will hear between me and Shar," he says, "but, I mean, I really went there focused on my weight and my health for the sake of me and my family."

Federline adds that there isn't a lot about Britney in the series, but he tells Kevin, "Me and Brit are good. It's … you know ... everybody knows we've had a tough road but I'm happy where we are at."

"Celebrity Fit Club 7: Boot Camp" premieres Monday, February 8 at 9 p.m. on VH1.

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Beyonce's a "Traitor to her own people?"

Thursday February 04 2010

The virtual clean sweep enjoyed by Beyonce at the Grammys was proof of one thing -- modern music is in bad shape.

Okay, a white, 30-something Irish bloke probably isn't the exact target market for a black woman who purveys a blend of soulless, poptastic R&B and while, in fairness, some of her songs are infuriatingly catchy, let's get real -- we're not exactly talking about Ella Fitzgerald here.

But she seems like a pleasant enough modern pop creation who is careful not to say anything that would alienate her fanbase.

So, you would think that after her success at the Grammys, she is an inspiration to black women. But you would be wrong. And quite possibly a racist as well.

Beyonce had blonde hair at the awards and this prompted black commentator Teshima Walker of National Public Radio to fume: "I know that blonde hair is associated with white women and beauty. I saw how men respond to girls and women with golden hair ... But now I think maybe black stars should help African-American women release the hold that blonde hair has had on us."

So y'know those Destiny's Child and Beyonce albums you have at home? Run home and throw them all out. Otherwise, you're simply supporting the actions of a race traitor -- and you wouldn't want that, would you?


Irish Independent

Michel Gondry Teases Top Secret Project with Bjork

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Michel Gondry and Bjork aren’t exactly strangers. The two have worked together for several of Bjork’s music videos, and Gondry initially wanted her to star in The Science of Sleep. but she refused to return to acting after her miserable experience with Lars von Trier in Dancer in the Dark. Now it seems that the two are working on some sort of secret project — but don’t hold your breath for a film.

The Playlist was first to point out that Gondry teased the project in a recent EW feature, where he said “It’s very undefined, so it’s hard to give more precision.”

By “undefined”, Gondry probably means it’s likely not going to fall into any categories that we’d normally expect — so it’s probably not another music video, or a feature film. I’d wager its somewhere between the two. I also wouldn’t mind if he gave us some sort of concert feature with Bjork like Dave Chappelle’s Block Party.

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Will we ever see a female-led film franchise?

It's all well and good for the ladies to don the lycra and strut their stuff in a superhero flick. But can they pull off the serious stuff once the series is over?

We live in an era of film franchises. Major studios seem interested only in films that cost the price of a small nation, boast an array of dazzling futuristic gadgets, and can spawn not just other, bigger films, but a video game, a happy meal, and a shelf full of dollies.

Robert Downey Jr is the current franchise king. He's Iron Man and now he's Sherlock Holmes too – both multi-million dollar successes with endless possibilities ahead. Harrison Ford hasn't done too badly with Star Wars and Indiana Jones, while Ben Stiller is still forging ahead with his Meet the Parents three-quel (Little Fockers is due out at Christmas) and Night at the Museum series.

Other actors who've notched up healthy franchise business include Stallone (Rocky and Rambo), Matt Damon (Ocean's and the Bourne movies) and Will Smith for the Men in Blacks and Bad Boys. And let's not skate over Avatar – it may have taken James Cameron a decade to make, but Avatar 2 is already in the works, as is Terminator 5.

These films are the Royal Mint of movies – almost literally a warrant to print money – but, as is evident in that list, franchises are traditionally male-centric. Where does this leave our female talent? Can a franchise be a natural home for a female actor in Hollywood? And can they still play more cerebral, difficult and, yes, award-winning parts after the cat suit has been sent to the dry cleaners?

Evidence suggests it's difficult for women to scale the heights of franchise success and survive to win respected awards because they are traditionally the sidekick or the sexy appendage. Halle Berry's Catwoman was a huge flop (although to be fair, she'd already bagged her Oscar and X-Men revived her franchise fortune) but Linda Hamilton failed to transfer to heavier roles after The Terminator, even though Sarah Connor is arguably the most kick-ass female character in a franchise ever.

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Behind the Scenes of Bey's Style Savy Game

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes video of Beyonce as she shoots a commercial for Style Savvy, a new game for Nintendo DSi.

“I get to be a stylist and take over my own boutique and store!” the 28-year-old entertainer said. “That’s so much fun for me.”

As for the dressing room feel of the commercial, B shared, “I feel like I’m giving the fans the opportunity to see what I’m really like and what I really do in my spare time!”

B’s line, House of Dereon, will have clothing available for download in the game in the coming months.

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conan o'bobo

Ugly Betty 4.14 "Smokin' Hot" Promo

Betty is assigned to cover a low-priority show during Fashion Week, where she discovers a new designer, Marisa, whom she promotes as one of the 10 Designers to Watch- but Marc steals all her thunder. Meanwhile, Amanda is impressed by Helen's sewing skills and teams up with her to start a new line, but cannot convince Marc or Betty to lobby Wilhelmina on her behalf. Claire's son Tyler comes to New York to find her, and Daniel gets seduced into modeling. The fashion and the feelings are smoking hot, but the real flames are at the Suarez home, which mysteriously catches fire, on "Ugly Betty," WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10


And here's a clip from last night's episode setting up the Marc/Amanda/2-Time-Emmy-Award-Winner Kristen Johnston spin-off:

[stock] gummi worms

Casey Johnson's Death due to Neglect

Casey Johnson
died because she simply did not take care of herself ... sources connected with the autopsy tell TMZ.

The L.A. County Coroner says the cause of death was "Diabetic Ketoacidosis" and the manner of death was "natural."

But our sources say the Coroner's findings clearly show Johnson -- who died at 30 -- was not taking her insulin shots, was not exercising, did not follow her strict diet and was not taking other medicines she needed.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a technical term for lack of insulin, which often leads to a diabetic coma. We previously reported where Johnson was hospitalized for diabetic comas at least twice before her death

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz0eahUccpX




conan o'bobo

Ausiello: 'Betty' Boss Promises Big Changes As End Draws Near

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Talk about deadline pressure. ABC’s decision to not only cancel Ugly Betty but to reduce the show’s episode order from 22 to 20 has left producers racing to tie up four years’ worth of story lines in just a handful of episodes. The first order of business: straightening out Betty’s unresolved dental issues.

“The braces are coming off,” reveals series creator Silvio Horta of the March episode, which will find America Ferrera’s Betty being whisked off on an It’s a Wonderful Life-esque journey. “There’s a big fantasy element to it. We’ll ask the question, ‘What if Betty had perfect teeth?’”

Change will also come to Betty’s professional life via a new job opportunity that “may take her away from Mode,” teases Horta. “We’re going to see how that impacts the people she works with as well as her family.”

Elsewhere, questions surrounding Justin’s sexuality will be addressed (spoiler alert: he’s gay!), Wilhelmina’s first love (played by Tony winner Brian Stokes Mitchell) resurfaces, and, as I previously reported, a major character will get hitched in the series finale. In possibly related news, rumor has it Christopher Gorham has been approached to reprise his role as Betty’s ex-love Henry — something Horta would neither confirm nor deny.

For his part, co-star Michael Urie (Marc) is of the opinion that his onscreen frenemy should end up single. “I don’t think the right guy has come along yet for Betty,” he offers. “Besides, I don’t think [fans] would be truly satisfied if she ended up with anybody.”

Do you agree? Do you think Betty should chose no one? What does your perfect Ugly Betty ending look like? Share your hopes and dreams in the comments section!


New Dead Weather Album Almost Finished

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Jack White says the Dead Weather's new album could be released as early as April.
"We're finishing recording the last couple of songs," he told Australian radio station Triple J earlier this week. "I'm gonna start mixing in the next two weeks." He also promised that the as-yet-unnamed album will be "bluesier and heavier than we ever thought."

The quartet -- which also includes singer Alison Mosshart (The Kills), bassist Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs), and guitarist/keyboardist Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) -- has been working on the new record since last fall. It has been a quick turnaround from the July 2009 release of their debut, Horehound, which SPIN named one of the 40 Best Albums of 2009.
White also revealed that he'll be stepping out from behind his drum kit to handle lead vocals on the album's first single, "Blue Blood Blues."
The band just announced a 13-date spring tour that includes a stop at April's Coachella in Southern California. Tickets for the tour go public tomorrow, but members of The Vault, the online subscription service from White's Third Man Records, can nab seats now.
Updates for White's other projects -- the White Stripes and the Raconteurs -- have been minimal, aside from the upcoming March 16 DVD release of the Stripes documentary, Under the Great White Northern Lights.

Tbh I'd just like some new White Stripes stuff.

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Seiko Matsuda Joins Bones Cast

Singer-actress Seiko Matsuda (47) has landed a role on the popular U.S. drama series "Bones," it was revealed yesterday. She plays the part of a Japanese journalist in series 5 of the Fox show, set to air from April. The series 4 box set is to go on sale in Japan next month and the Seiko connection is sure to help boost the show's popularity here. Producers say they were looking for a Japanese actor who would bring acting ability, English ability and name recognition to the role. In the U.S. Matsuda is seemingly referred to as the "Japanese Madonna," presumably based on her huge popularity in the 1980s. She made her U.S. recording debut in 1990 and had some modest chart success. She has since landed some small roles in Hollywood features, including the 1998 blockbuster "Armageddon."

Matsuda is said to have prepared for the Bones role while on a Japan tour at the end of last year, and went to the U.S. for two weeks' filming in early January. She follows in the footsteps of other domestic stars who have recently appeared in top U.S. dramas, such as Sanada Hiroyuki ("Lost") and Takeuchi Yuko ("Flash Forward").


lol the 80s
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future Oscar winner Sandra Bullock Loves Her Three-Legged Pooch

Sandra Bullock takes her three-legged Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix dog, Poppy, out for a walk at a Los Angeles park on Wednesday (February 3).

The 45-year-old Oscar and Razzie nominee seems to be a big dog lover and has a few dogs at home.

Sandra adopted the special needs dog back in 2005. The Blind Side actress also later adopted two-legged Ruby with her husband Jesse James.

10+ pictures inside of Sandra Bullock walking her adorable three-legged dog…

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Andrew on a train.

Zoe Saldana, Emile Hirsch, & Michelle Rodriguez host "Have a Heart for Haiti"

The “Avatar” actress gets all potty-mouthed! while encouraging friends to donate at a Haiti benefit!

Put up or shut up, that’s basically what Zoe Saldana told friends who showed up to the Have A Heart For Haiti benefit Wednesday night at Palihouse in West Hollywood. The Avatar star, 31, gently persuaded her buddies the only way a determined friend knows how – by dropping a couple F-bombs! “Give whatever you can, but f–king give something, I know we can do it” she told the crowd as they cheered on her impassioned speech.

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Lindsey Vonn Sports Illustrated cover sparks debate

Lindsey Vonn is hoping the Sports Illustrated cover jinx doesn't cross international borders. America's great Winter Olympic hope is featured on the front of SI's Winter Olympic preview issue, which hit newsstands Wednesday.

Vonn's semi-provocative pose has drawn the predictable ire from those who claim that it objectifies her. She's an athlete, not a sex symbol, the chorus inevitably reminds us. They have a point in taking issue with SI; the magazine rarely features women athletes on the cover and its annual swimsuit issue has been a focus of protests for decades. But Vonn's cover is different.
The pose at least resembles the tuck stance skiers like Vonn take when barrelling down the hill. It's exaggerated, of course, but not gratuitously so. It's not as if SI put her in a bikini in a Whistler hot tub.
Also, this is Vonn's moment. If she wins multiple golds in Vancouver, Vonn has the potential to become a major crossover star. She'd be like Michael Phelps, only with better looks and an actual personality. Landing on the SI cover is a good way for her to start the Vonn saturation campaign. It's as important for her as it is the magazine. The pose is suggestive, sure, but it's not objectifying. The headline reads "America's best woman skier ever", for Jean-Claude's sake! Why can't she be both the best skier in the world and really, really attractive too? Tom Brady's a great athlete and a handsome dude and I don't hear people whine when he's shirtless in GQ.
Most importantly, this cover is almost identical to the one that ran on SI's Winter Olympic preview in 1992. That one featured a gentleman named A.J. Kitt and I'm pretty sure nobody was complaining about that one being too provocative.

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Janet Sings Michael's Lines...Kids Recite Poem for We Are the World Remake

February 03, 2010, - Michael Jackson's three children - Prince, Paris and Blanket - recited a poem as introduction to the new version of 'We Are the World' recorded in aide of the earthquake relief effort in Haiti.

"They wanted to put a special message on the song - a message that echoes everything their father wanted for the world," an insider told UK's Sun.

Michael and Lionel Richie wrote the song in 1985 for the USA for Africa appeal. The track was co-produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian for the album We Are the World.

The new version of the song was recorded on February 1, 2010 in Hollywood, California and includes vocals by many contemporary performers including Barbra Streisand, Kanye West, Toni Braxton, The Jonas Brothers, Celine Dion, Akon and Wyclef Jean.

Janet Jackson has sung Michael's lines in the new version.


Feud between LAPD & D.A. Deepens over Murray

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Scratch disagreement ... a feud has erupted over the Dr. Conrad Murray case between the LAPD and the Los Angeles County District Attorney ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, the LAPD was ticked that the D.A. kept top cops out of the loop on the subject of charging Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson.

We told you that yesterday members of the D.A.'s Office met with the LAPD and everyone agreed that cops would take Dr. Murray into custody, book him and deliver him to the courthouse for his arraignment on involuntary manslaughter charges.

But this morning, the feud has intensified and it's now at the top levels of both the LAPD and D.A. The fight is bitter and ultimately the D.A. could do an end around the PD and just have Dr. Murray show up in court tomorrow.

One law enforcement source tells TMZ relations between the D.A. and the LAPD have "totally deteriorated" over the Murray case.


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Lady Gaga was interviewed by JJ on Z100 New York this week.
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She talked about the Grammy Awards, her new music video for “Telephone”, the upcoming arena tour and her fans. Check out the audio below! LISTEN HERE


Lady Gaga is setting the record straight about those rumors that she was supposed to be a part of the re-recording of “We Are The World.”

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According to reports by a host of Web sites, including Rolling Stone’s, Lady Gaga was one of the many artists who were reported to be a part of the historic re-recording to aid Haiti – reports that later proved to be premature.

And on Thursday, Lady Gaga explained to Billy Bush for Access Hollywood and “The Billy Bush Show,” why she wasn’t in the LA studio laying down a track earlier this week:

“I’ve actually been in rehearsal for my new tour, but I was never supposed to do ‘We Are The World.’ So that’s a rumor.”

The pop singer extraordinaire explained she was asked, but she’s actually been very involved in raising money for the earthquake-ravaged nation already.

“I believe that they may have asked, yes, about it, but I was unable to do it. And I’ve been working on my own charity projects for Haiti. We’ve raised over half a million dollars for Haiti already and we like to work specifically with charities that are based in Haiti itself.”

And Gaga has dug deep, not only donating her own take from one of her shows on her current “Monster Ball Tour,” but also hosting Haiti-benefiting sales on her Web site.

“I donated all of the proceeds from one show worth of ticket sales as well as all the of the merchandise from that show and for 24 hours we had a ‘Gaga for Haiti’ day where everything that was bought on the Web site… every dollar went to Hait. We’re continuing to work on more projects and we’re supposed to go to Haiti later this year for a show, which is very exciting.”
guti WEAH

Who Wants To Play Dress Up?

Doctor Who costumes to go under the hammer
Outfits worn by Kylie Minogue, David Tennant and Billie Piper among items up for sale as well as Cybermen

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Monsters and villains which have sent generations of Doctor Who fans fleeing for the safety of the back of the sofa will go under the hammer this month.

Costumes worn by Kylie Minogue and David Tennant and Billie Piper are also included in the sale at Bonhams.

Daleks and several Cybermen have avoided extermination to make it into the sale room.

Among the highlights are Minogue's waitress costume worn when she played Astrid Perth in the 2007 special Voyage of the Damned. It is expected to fetch up to £3,000.

From the same special, 10th Doctor Tennant's two-piece Paul Smith dinner suit is also valued at the same amount.

A jacket worn by Piper's character, Rose Tyler, is expected to raise up to £700 while a pair of the character's pyjamas and dressing gown could fetch £250.

Various garments worn by the Doctor's assistants, Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) are also up for auction.

Stephanie Connell, entertainment memorabilia specialist at Bonhams, said: "Doctor Who is without doubt one of the most important and best-loved British television programmes and we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer some of the most iconic costumes and props from the show."

Fans can also snap up their own Cyberman costume, with various designs and sizes from the 1980s on offer from £1,000 to £3,000.

Two Imperial Daleks from 1988 are also in the sale. One, altered for exhibition purposes, could raise £3,500, while the other is set to raise up to £7,000.

Also under the hammer will be examples of Kroll squid, Mandrels, Nimons, Foamasis, Tractators, Mogarians and Vervoids and a Brontasaurus spanning the tenure of Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy at the helm of the Tardis.

A collection of armour from an episode from the 1980s is expected to raise about £400 while several "robot clown" costumes from the same era could go for about £300.

A Sea Devil Warrior from a 1984 episode has been valued at up to £2,500, while a Time Lord velvet robe worn by Baker in 1976 could raise £650.

As well as monsters and costumes there is also a selection of vehicles up for auction – including Captain Jack's Torchwood Range Rover and a black cab from The Runaway Bride episode aired in 2006.

The sale takes place in Knightsbridge, west London, on 24 February.
If I had money i'd get Capt. Jack's Ranger Rover and 10's suit.
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Shah Rukh Khan ain't backing down for no one.

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has stood firm over expressing his disappointment that no Pakistan cricketers were picked for the 2010 Indian Premier League.

Khan owns IPL cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders and his comments angered Hindu hardline party Shiv Sena.

The party subsequently tried to disrupt showings of the actor's new film My Name is Khan in Mumbai (Bombay).

"I have no idea what I am supposed to apologise for," said Khan. His film is due for global release on 12 February.

"If I am in wrong I would like to apologise but someone needs to explain to me what is wrong," he told reporters in London.

"So many people's futures rely on (My Name is Khan). I just request everybody to leave the film alone and deal with what I have said as an individual."

Effigies of Khan have been burned in India and he has apologised to those associated with the making of My Name is Khan.

"I won't comment on this on a larger scale because it's not nice for a Hindi film hero who is thought of as a hero to say this, but it scares me to say anything now because the stakes are very high," he added.

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For the tl;dr crowd, SRK owns an Indian Premier League cricket team, the Kolkata Knight Riders. Pakistani players were "allowed" to participate, but were ultimately not picked because of the ongoing political issues between Pakistan and India. SRK, in his capacity as an owner, basically said that's jacked - we should include those players because they're good. The conservative Shiv Sena party has basically called for SRK's head on a platter. His wife and kids are in hiding, and, due to obligations in promoting his new movie, he can't be there with them. Now Shiv Sena is tearing down his new movie posters and boycotting the movie.
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Claudette Ortiz talks about Robbie's Intervention episode

Sheis...: Why did you feel the need to speak out about the A&E Intervention special & how you've been portrayed in the media since that special aired?

Claudette Ortiz: Initially I wasn't going to say anything... & I think that stemmed from fear because of the relationship I had with Robbie... it was an abusive one. He portrayed it like it was a "lovely romance" & it wasn't. I just want to move on & put things behind me. Other people may be in the same position I was in... & if you don't eventually stand up for yourself it can carry on for the next 12 years... like in my case. It was time to tell the truth... the truth that he so conveniently left out in the intervention.

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Lauren Conrad Continues her New York tour

Lauren has been in NYC the past couple of days to promoting her new book Sweet Little Lies—the second in her 3-book LA Candy Series. She’s also been doing her part to combat dating abuse.

Lauren Conrad’s already helped raise over $400,000 to stop dating abuse, see what she’s doing now.

Lauren Conrad and mark launched their newest accessory to benefit m.powerment by mark, an initiative to stop the cycle of dating abuse and partner violence. Lauren, a mark spokeswoman collaborated on the design of the new Have a Heart bracelet. $11.01 of each purchase of the $12 bracelet will go directly to the m.powerment foundation which, since its inception in Sept. 2008 has already raised over $400,000.

“I decided to get involved with this initiative because it is something that unfortunately affects so many young women my age,” Lauren says. “Through this partnership with mark, I’ve been able to take a stand and show my commitment to help break the cycle of dating abuse and partner violence even before it begins. I am committed to leading the charge to raise awareness and encourage others to get involved.

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The Female Ausiello: Will Betty End Up Being Miss Independent? And Other Spoilers

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All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me! Especially, um, if your name happens to be Betty Suarez.

Despite previous reports that the writers have been trying to decide whether Betty will end up with Gio, Daniel or Henry, I'm now told that, although nothing has been set in stone, they're leaning toward a Kelly Taylor-esque, "I choose me" ending that may end up sending Betty (America Ferrera) to a foreign land for a fabulous new job. She may even end up with an old friend there.

But wait a minute, what about all those cute boys we thought she'd end up with? After all, Betty ended up with Daniel (Eric Mabius) at the end of the original series.

"They probably aren't going to have Betty end up with Daniel," says one inside source. "Some key people do not want that to happen."

So then who's in this wedding we're hearing of? I'm not at liberty to say, but I can tell you that someone other than Betty will get hitched. Someone you'll be very happy to see get a happy ending.

Also according to inside sources:
* Betty will get her braces off.
* Justin will kiss a boy.
* Amanda will hook up with Daniel's half-brother.

Clearly, if you're an Ugly Betty fan, there is plenty to tune in for in the final episodes. So check 'em out, Wednesday nights on ABC.

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Teen Mom Check up with Dr Drew : Recap and Pics HOLLA!

Our girls got the star treatment. They were flown to MTV studios in NYC to preside in front of a fawning teen audience. Way to reward teen pregnancy MTV!

Unfortunately, Dr Drew- self-appointed expert on everything was the moderator. He reminds me of a poor man’s version of Anderson Cooper only Drew is less hot and slightly less gay. Drew is a complete quack. Every time I turn on the TV he is on some channel offering “expertise” to people on every possible dysfunction—drug addiction, sex addiction, plastic surgery addiction, menstrual cramps…etc. Put a camera on him and he’ll play expert. It was painfully obvious he had not bothered to watch Teen Mom as faithfully as ONTD. His advice wasn’t even armchair psychology—it was beach fold-up chair psycho-babble. But I digress…

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Parks & Recreation photo bomber!

Keep those eyes peeled while watching your favorite show -- there is a chance "Parks & Recreation" star Aubrey Plaza is mulling about in the background. Taking the photobombing trend to the next level, Aubrey revealed in a new interview that she's started sneaking onto the sets of other TV series in hopes of getting caught in the background.

"I told the [producers] I wanted a bike to ride around the CBS lot because I used to steal the transpo guy's bike and try to sneak into shots of other TV shows. I think I rode through a 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' scene once. So the producers gave me my own bike -- it's a little girl one with tassels and a basket," she told NYPost.com's PopWrap. "I think it's called photo bombing ... I'm the bike bomber."

Whole IV under the cut, she adorably talks about upcoming P&R stuff (ditching the gay boyfriends!) and the worst job she ever had


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Opinion: On Important Things With Demetri Martin Demetri Martin is a fox. Off Important Things With Demetri Martin Demetri Martin isn't a fox (he is still handsome and lovely all the same but Comedy Central is putting something in the water for those episode recordings).

Fact: Important Things With Demetri Martin returns for a second season tonight on Comedy Central.

Suggestion: Watch!

Clarification: Watch because he is funny, not because he is a fox.


P.S: Sarah Silverman returns too at 10:30PM.

P.P.S: The Office is new tonight.

P.P.P.S: Conan O'Brien is still off air making Thursday night comedy a little less complete.
combing his hair!

Personally, I think it would be better off the air.

ABC wondering if 'The View' would be better in the afternoons

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Would "The View" be better in the afternoon?

That's what the folks at Walt Disney Co.'s ABC are wondering. With Oprah Winfrey leaving daytime television in September 2011 to focus on OWN, the cable network she is partnering on with Discovery Communications, there's a lot of jockeying for her position going on in television-land.

Winfrey's show is syndicated, meaning that it is not tied to a network and instead is sold to individual television stations across the country. But her show is carried on ABC's big-market TV stations, including WABC in New York, KABC in Los Angeles and WLS in Chicago and lots of ABC affiliates across the country. In other words, it is ABC, its stations and affiliates that are most concerned about filling the void that will be created by Winfrey's exit.

While there has been a lot of attention surrounding Ellen DeGeneres and whether her distributor Warner Bros. would try to move her show to ABC stations in big cities (it currently plays on NBC stations in the top markets, including KNBC in Los Angeles) when Winfrey hits the road, another scenario making the rounds has ABC trying to move "The View" into Winfrey's time slots.

This would be incredibly complex for myriad reasons. First of all, "The View," which airs in the morning, is a network show, meaning it is only carried on ABC stations. If ABC wanted to move "The View" to the afternoon in Winfrey's time slots as a network show, it would need to persuade its TV stations to give back an hour of time that they currently control.

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Basically, it says ABC is looking at moving 'The View' to either Oprah's time slot, or General Hospitals to get more viewership and more money.

LA Times
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Thom Yorke Guests on New Flying Lotus Album 'Cosmogramma'

In an interview last month, Los Angeles beat mangler Flying Lotus told us a little bit about Cosmogramma, his forthcoming album: "I'm finally getting to the point where I can make the kind of records that I want to make-- that I wanted to make when I was younger, things that I dreamed about making. It's this fusion-y kind of thing where all the elements of the music that I love are there."

Warp will release Cosmogramma in the U.S. on May 4 and a day earlier in the UK. And hey, look who's on there! Some guy named Thom Yorke.

Yorke sings on a song called "...And the World Laughs With You".
Other guests include vocalist Laura Darlington, who sang on previous FlyLo album Los Angeles, and jazz sax great Ravi Coltrane (who is Flying Lotus's cousin).

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NEW THOM YORKE!!! omg omg yes please

This bitch is crazy...

First she pops off on Poprah...

Danger Detained By Police In A Fire Investigation

According to TMZ, she may have attempted to set her apartment on fire.

TMZ has learned Danger – one of the stars of the VH1 show “For the Love of Ray J” — is currently being detained by police in an arson investigation after officials responded to a fire in her Hollywood apartment.
We’re told the L.A. City Fire Department received a 911 call around 2:15 PM PST today from Danger’s complex. When cops arrived, the fire had already been extinguished — but arson investigators were called to the scene.
After checking out the situation, authorities decided to detain Danger –whose real name is Monica Leon — pending further investigation.

She’s going to hurt herself and other people if someone doesn’t get this girl some help fast! SMH…


In Danger's Honor...


Michael Jackson Estate to Joe: No, No, No

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Lawyers for Michael Jackson's estate have filed legal papers opposing Joe Jackson's attempt to get his son's UCLA medical records -- records Joe wants in order to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Estate lawyers say there are three reasons why Joe is not entitled to medical records.

1. Joe was not a dependent of Michael Jackson and therefore not legally entitled to sue for the wrongful death of his son.

2. Joe has filed his request for medical records in connection with his attempt to get an allowance from the estate, and an allowance has nothing to do with wrongful death.

3. There is a physician-patient privilege that bars Joe from getting the medical records.

am i dead?
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War. War never changes. [Fallout: New Vegas Teaser Trailer]

Fallout®: New Vegas™, the next chapter in the critically-acclaimed Fallout franchise, will be available in Fall 2010. The game is currently in development at Obsidian Entertainment for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, and Games for Windows. This first trailer, which provides new insight into the game.

Fallout: New Vegas, the follow-up to Fallout® 3 the 2008 Game of the Year brings this beloved franchise to a location only Fallout could do justice: Vegas. Fallout: New Vegas takes all the action, humor, and post-apocalyptic grime and grit of this legendary series, and raises the stakes.

I cannot WAIT for thiiis ommmgggggg
tv (generation kill) your dearest pal

Steven Spielberg Interview HBO’s THE PACIFIC

Executive producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are following up their highly successful 2001 mini-series Band of Brothers with the epic 10-part The Pacific, premiering on HBO on March 14th.

The mini-series tracks the intertwined journeys of three U.S. Marines — Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale), Eugene Sledge (Joe Mazzello) and John Basilone (Jon Seda) — of the 1st Marine Division, which is the oldest and largest active duty division of the U.S. Marine Corps.

While Band of Brothers followed the experiences of one company of Amy paratroopers in the European Theater of Operations, The Pacific depicts the war a world away in the Pacific Theater of Operations, which encompassed most of the Pacific Ocean and its islands, including the Philippines, the Netherlands East Indies, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. With the support of their fellow Marines and comrades in the Navy, Air Force and Army, the 1st Marine Division was at the forefront of many of the hardest-fought campaigns of the Pacific War.

Over the span of 10 hours, The Pacific takes an unflinching look at the experiences of these men and their brothers in arms, which is nothing less than what is expected from the man responsible for the personal looks at war that he brought audiences in both Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers.

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TL;DR So excited for this!
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Julia Roberts & Shirley MacLaine Think "Valentine's Day" Co-Stars are Too Thin

Shirley MacLaine Asks ‘Valentine’s Day’ Ladies How They Stay Slim

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

Shirley MacLaine “went there” today — asking some of Hollywood’s slimmest stars how they stay so lithe.

MacLaine went from actress to journalist after taking over the microphone at a press conference for the Garry Marshall ensemble rom-com “Valentine’s Day” on Wednesday and asked some of her co-stars about their food consumption habits.

“I would like to ask all the [women] up here what they eat?” Shirley asked, according to AOL’s PopEater. “I’d like to have a rundown. Do you diet all the time? You’re looking so fabulous. Is it worth it?”

After a brief bit of silence, Julia Roberts reportedly spoke first, turning the attention on some of her younger co-stars.

“You girls are slim,” Julia said.

Eventually, Jennifer Garner reportedly also spoke up.

I’m nursing,” the mom of two said. “As soon as I’m done I’ll puff right back up.”

“I’ll stay tuned for that,” Julia responded.

Other slim stars of “Valentine’s Day” include Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway.

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Studio quick to respond, Logan Lerman NOT in talks for Spider-Man

Despite strongly implying that he and Columbia have been talking Spider-Man, Logan Lerman has no actual connection to the Spider-Man reboot yet other than being on a list of potential actors.

From Heat Vision:

Logan Lerman is not in talks to play Peter Parker in the "Spider-Man" reboot.

Both Columbia Pictures and the actor’s camp have denied that Lerman, who stars as the title character in “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” is the lead candidate for job. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Lerman reportedly said, “There have been a few discussions; it’s definitely something I’m looking into.” That has led to reports that Lerman is the new Parker.

While a “wide net” is being cast, according to a studio spokesman, “No offers have been made, nor have any business discussions been made with Lerman.” The actor’s camp also confirms no business discussions are being held at this time.

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Hope he learned his lesson which is you don't talk about projects in that manner until you've signed on the dotted line. Roles have been lost for less Perseus Jackson!
serious fish
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Reese Moves from One Gay Guy to Another

Reese Witherspoon and Bradley Cooper are attached to star in the romantic comedy, "This Means War," for 20th Century Fox. McG ("Terminator Salvation," the "Charlie's Angels" movies) is in talks to direct.

"War" tells the tale of two best friends, inseparable since childhood, who fall in love with the same woman (Witherspoon). The two men's bond disintegrates and their ensuing battle escalates to mammoth proportions, with New York City demolished in their wake.

Fox picked up the script back in 1998, with the project seeing its share of producers, directors such as Gore Verbinski and stars such as Martin Lawrence come and go. With McG taking the director's chair, it seems as if the long-gestating project is finally on track to getting made.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

It sounds like "Bride Wars," but with dudes and without a wedding. Also, I can't imagine Witherspoon playing a woman two men fight over. It was cute in 2002 in "Sweet Home Alabama," but not so much now.
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Something Corporate returns to the studio and plans to release "best of" album

We have more good news for fans stoked about seminal Orange County alt-pop act Something Corporate reuniting for the first time in five years to headline the second day of Bamboozle on March 28. The band, which blew up in 2002 with the smash "If You C Jordan," spent last week in a Santa Monica recording studio.

"We basically went back with this idea that we would kind of revisit a couple of demos that we never really ended up putting on the first two [Something Corporate] records but that we still loved and that we always wanted to get to," says piano-playing front man Andrew McMahon. "So, there's a song by Josh [Partington], my guitar player, called 'Wait' that we played acoustic before but went in and figured we'd do a full band version.

"We did 'Wait' and then did an old song of mine called 'Letters to Noelle,'" he continues while seated on a metal folding chair at the rehearsal space for his other band, Jack's Mannequin, in Mates Studio of North Hollywood. "We went back into the studio sort of with the idea that we wouldn't be bringing in brand new material so we could get it done quickly and not have to do a bunch of pre-production and stuff. We just hung out in the studio for a week. First time we had been in a studio together in, God, probably four or five years."

The demo versions of "Wait" and "Letters to Noelle" originally appeared on the super obscure Galaxy Sessions EP, which McMahon gave away to members of Something Corporate's mailing list who sold more than five tickets to the band's May 11, 2001, show at House of Blues Anaheim. Something Corporate became the first unsigned OC band to sell out the venue.

The freshly recorded versions of "Wait" and "Letters to Noelle" will appear on an as-yet-untitled Something Corporate "best of" compilation scheduled for release in late April or early May on Universal Music Enterprises. "We just did those two songs for the record," McMahon says. "We're working on possibly a couple of remixes, too, that are still kind of up in the air. I think there should probably be three or four tracks--whether people have heard them before or not I don't know--but that will be the new recordings, or new mixes."

MaMahon and Universal are still debating a single or double disc release. "Yeah, we're still going back and forth on the double album," he says. "I'm sort of having trouble reconciling the fact we only actually put out two full-length records, how do you put out a two record best-of when you only put out two full-lengths?"

The 27-year-old singer/songwriter wrote much of the material for the upcoming compilation as a teenager. Not one to sit around and listen to his own tunes, McMahon had not listened to Something Corporate material in years. "It has been a long time," he says. "It was definitely a trip down memory lane. Definitely a lot of, 'Oh my God I can't believe I said that.' You definitely have those moments but, I think, for the most part, it has been a celebration for us in a way. To have the four of us back together and just interacting on that level and putting things together for a record and getting ready to do a show. It's been exciting. It's been fun. It's been a good way for us to kind of, I think, in some ways, mend some fences from the time when we didn't completely reconcile."

sorry mods, i accidentally posted it while i was trying to add the source!

source: http://blogs.ocweekly.com/heardmentality/breaking-news/something-corporate-new-recordings-andrew-mcmahon/#more
so seductive
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New Couple: Amanda Bynes and Drake (or kid cudi)?

From the looks of her Twitter page Amanda Bynes seems rather smitten with one of yesterday’s disappointed GRAMMY nominees. The actress has been twittering away about her new love interest in the last few days. While she stops short of declaring them a couple or naming him publicly it seems like there is a pretty good chance she’s talking about a certain Canadian rapper. Look under the hood for the evidence.

Among Amanda’s many lovesick tweets:
“i hope the guy im into KNOWS who he IS!!!!”
“the guy i love is the most talented person ever!!!!!!”
“He inspires me to be better! *heart* awww we should get married :)
“i’d say his name if we’re an OFFICIAL couple and we AGREED to tell people :)
everybody i am NOT engaged! Stop asking me please!! Lol. i’ll let you all know when it happens one day :) He’d have to be my boyfriend 1st!

Pre-Grammy tweets:
*heart* wishing someone good luck today!!!
if a certain somebody doesn’t win i’m gonna be pissed!:)
Post-Grammy tweets:
“ummmm i’m irritated that a certain guy didn’t win certain awards.”
“He deserved them!!!”

“but he won my heart!!! everybody say it with me on #! 1…2…3…awwwwwwwww *heart* haha :)


sources: twitter/bossip


Charlie Sheen Will be Charged With Felony

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Charlie Sheen will be charged with felony menacing in connection with the Christmas Day incident with his wife, Brooke Mueller, in Aspen ... this according to law enforcement sources.
We've learned in addition to the felony, Sheen, who stars in "Two and a Half Men" will be charged with misdemeanor assault.

We're told the criminal complaint will be filed either late tomorrow or first thing Monday morning.
Charlie Sheen is set to appear in court Monday for an arraignment, though we're told he is not expected to enter a plea.
In addition to the arraignment, the judge will hear arguments from lawyers for Brooke and Charlie to relax the protective order prohibiting any contact between the two.
Charlie Sheen's lawyer had no comment.

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Guess Which Office Star Was a Real-Life Student of...Mr. Jon Hamm?!

Did you know that several years before Jon Hamm became an award-winning TV star, he was teaching drama at John Burroughs High School in St. Louis?

And did you also know that one of The Office's finest was one of his students?

Turns out, long before Jon was kissing Tina Fey and January Jones, all the high schoolers wanted to kiss him. "He was a heartthrob!" the mystery gal gushes of her former teacher turned Mad Men megastar. "All the girls would sign up for his class…for a good reason!"

So who is it? Here's a hint: She has brownish-hair, has played the receptionist, and has been one-half of one our favorite will-they-won't-they couples (which we're also giving dish on here)...
Supercute new receptionist, Ellie Kemper!

"In addition to being really handsome, he was an excellent teacher," Ellie tells us. "He taught me drama work, mostly improvisation, which I did a lot of in college and in New York. It's my favorite thing to do." It's nice to know Jon's not just another pretty face, but brilliant in the classroom, too.

We discovered this connection from Mr. Hamm himself, who told our Ashlan Gorse at Sundance: "One of my students is actually Ellie Kemper, who's now on The Office. It's really cool to see them blossom and find their own way in." Awww.

combing his hair!

Late Show Adds Female Staff Writer!

Ending what had been a somewhat embarrassing drought at the big late-night comedy shows, CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman” has added a female writer to its staff.

She is Jill Goodwin, a longtime staff member on the show who was most recently the writers’ assistant for the writing team, a job that often leads to a promotion to a full-time writing position.

The writers’ rooms on several late-night shows — including Mr. Letterman’s, Jay Leno’s and the one for Conan O’Brien’s “Tonight Show” — were described as male enclaves in recent reports about the male dominance among comedy writers. At the time, all the shows noted that they had had women on writing teams in the past and were always seeking to add them.

For some time, Ms. Goodwin has been considered to be next in line for a writing job at “Late Show” as soon as there was an opening, a spokesman for the show said. She has been on the staff since 2001, having previously worked as an assistant to the executive producers.


Wait no nevermind

Bruce Springsteen demands his name is removed from lawsuit against midtown bar Connolly's

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Someone pulled a fast one on The Boss.

Bruce Springsteen demanded Thursday that his name be removed from a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against a Midtown bar.

"Bruce Springsteen had no knowledge of this lawsuit, was not asked if he would participate as a named plaintiff, and would not have agreed to do so if he had been asked," his publicity firm, Shore Fire Media, said in a statement.

As the Daily News reported, a suit listing Springsteen as the plaintiff was filed Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court against Connolly's Pub & Restaurant on W. 45th St.

The suit alleged that the bar collected cover charges from customers to hear a band that performed at least three Springsteen songs - without paying a licensing fee to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

A call to the lawyers listed on the suit was referred to ASCAP, which said that although the suit was filed on behalf of Springsteen, the intent was to protect the rights of all songwriters.

But Bruce, long seen as a champion of the little guy, apparently wasn't too keen on his name being used to go after Connolly's for a $2,700 annual ASCAP fee.

"Upon learning of this lawsuit, Bruce Springsteen's representatives demanded the immediate removal of his name from the lawsuit," the statement said.

Lawyers for ASCAP could not be immediately reached Thursday and calls to Connolly's owners were not returned.

it's monday

From the department of "I got an A in everything else!"

Brittany Murphy's Husband: She Didn't Seem That Sick!

Brittany Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, says his wife was "not that ill" whe she died on Dec. 20 in the Hollywood Hills home they shared with her mother, Sharon.

Monjack told PEOPLE he was "ridiculously upset" on Thursday – the day the L.A. coroner released findings saying Murphy died primarily from pneumonia, with multiple drug intoxication and "iron deficiency anemia" as contributing to her accidental death. No illegal drugs were found in her system.

"Everything [surprised me and Brittany's mom about the report]," he told PEOPLE. "I expected [the cause of death] to be her heart."

Monjack and Sharon Murphy have said they believed Brittany's death was due to a congenital heart murmur, and denied rumors that the actress used illegal drugs or suffered from an eating disorder. They added that Murphy's heart condition was diagnosed in her teens, but said she had received proper treatment for it.

Monjack said Thursday that Brittany didn't seem very sick on the day she died. She was "not that ill," he said. "She wasn't coughing up. I've had pneumonia and coughed up handfuls of spittle. So yeah, everything surprised us, everything."

Asked about the coroner's assertion that his wife's death could have been prevented if she'd just gone to the doctor sooner, Monjack said, "I don't know what he said so I don't want to comment on what I haven't seen."

For him, a chapter has ended. "Case closed," said Monjack. "As the coroner said, there's no foul play."

Regarding concern from Murphy's friends that Monjack should be investigated, the coroner's Assistant Chief Ed Winter told PEOPLE: "He was never considered a suspect. No one's criminally liable here because this has been ruled an accident."


Jackie Gleason says, "AND AWAAAAAY WE GO!"
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Supernatural 5x14 "My Bloody Valentine" Preview

Castiel (Misha Collins) helps Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Ackles) hunt down Cupid (guest star Lex Medlin) on Valentine’s Day after townspeople start to kill each other for love. However, after Cupid tells them he’s innocent, they discover Famine (guest star James Otis), one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, has arrived in town.

mabel 2

Radiohead rumor control: Their next album is NOT finished

We Radiohead fans have a way of getting all hyper-ventilate-y every time the slightest shred of news, gossip, or implication slips out regarding our beloved band. (No offense meant. I can say this of Radiohead fans because I most fervently am one.)
So when a rumor got out today that the band threw a wrap party in L.A. last weekend to celebrate the completion of their eighth studio album, quite a few people got very excited.

Only one problem:
It’s not true
. I just asked Radiohead’s publicist whether the band had indeed finished recording LP8. “FALSE,” came the reply within minutes.
As for the so-called “wrap party,” their rep couldn’t confirm or deny whether that happened — but if it did, it presumably had nothing to do with completing an album.

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for the new album that guitarist Ed O’Brien promised us in 2010. Oh well. Fellow Radiohead worshippers, you may now return to your regularly scheduled activity of listening for the thousandth time to the unbelievable B-sides from Amnesiac, and I will do the same.



Did Nick Jonas disrespect Bob Dylan?

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I’ve watched this clip of Nick Jonas’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel twice now, and I still haven’t figured out if Nick Jonas was being disrespectful to Bob Dylan. Jonas was being asked about his part in the new “We Are the World” recording, and he says that the producers asked Lil Wayne to sing the part originally done by Bob Dylan. Jonas quotes Lil Wayne as saying “I can’t sing.” To which Nick Jonas replied, “And I’m like, ‘exactly. Perfect.’” Kimmel underlines the point saying “Nick Jonas says Bob Dylan can’t sing.”
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Film - The Old Guard

The Ugly Art of De-Gaying

We may get shows like The L Word and love out actors like Neil Patrick Harris, but we can't seem to rid the homophobia from Hollywood's marketing system, let alone politics. Sure, there's always been a disconnect, where trailers and box covers make bad films look good and good films look like utter crap, but the marketing disconnect is absolutely rampant when it comes to gay themes, and it looks like there's no slowing of this absolutely ridiculous trend.

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herp derp john cho.

KStew does jury duty.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kristen Stewart's civic duty involved sex, prostitutes and an undercover cop -- and the guy on trial even got a happy ending.

TMZ has learned Stewart was a member of an L.A. jury this week -- in a 3-day case involving a man accused of trying to pay an undercover cop for some temporary lovin'.

The defense argued that their client was innocent because he doesn't speak English very well and the whole sex solicitation thing was just a case of lost in translation.

In the end, the "Twilight" star -- along with her peers -- agreed with the defense and found the man not guilty.

After the trial, we're told Stewart was so proud of her contribution to society that she asked if she could keep her juror badge ... and they let her.

i will never understand why tmz chooses the pictures they do.

James Franco talks HOWL at the Sundance Film Festival

James Franco has had quite the diverse filmography in his young acting career. From playing Spidey's best friend/foe, Harry Osborn, to dealer of the dopest dope, Saul Silver, to the rebel without a cause himself, James Dean, and even Franco, a "General Hospital" resident. No matter of the genre or role, James Franco has the reputation of getting lost in his characters. The case is no different with HOWL, as the actor dons the black rimmed spectacles and guttural speech patterns of Allen Ginsberg, the iconic poet of the Beat Generation.

Check out our interview with the actor, as we discuss the challenges of playing legendary, real life figures, as well as his varying approach to Ginsberg versus Dean, both eccentric figures of the 1950s.

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Bomb Scare at 30 Seconds To Mars Event

A Los Angeles event featuring AP cover stars 30 Seconds To Mars is currently on hold due to a bomb scare at the location--the Hive on Melrose Avenue. Beginning around 8:30 p.m. PST, tweets from the Hive said: "Evacuating Due to Bomb Scare. WE WILL UPDATE," "The police are blocking off the streets around The Hive for about 4 Blocks. Stay Tuned "

Reports have said that a man arrived at the event with a box and made threatening remarks. Frontman Jared Leto and guitarist Tomo Milicevic allegedly carried the man from the venue. Fans were gathered to watch 20 minutes of the band's upcoming documentary.

A comment below from a fan at the event paints Leto as a hero. Ozzylove wrote, "So we're all in sitting, waiting to watch 20 mins of their documentary. I was at the the back by the door. Jared came in to introduce the film and then there was a BANG on the front door (right next to me). Some dude came in (young guy with a lit cigarette in his mouth) carrying a big box wrapped in gold paper, and... See More with a big stack of $20s taped to the top. Weird. Everyone in the room watched him walk toward Jared. Jared said "someone stop him" 3 or 4 times, but no one did. The guy got to Jared, dropped the box on the floor and started to give a speech. Jared grabbed him by the shoulders and basically drug him out the back door."

At about 9:30 p.m., the Hive account said that the bomb squad had arrived and that the event would go on if possible after the location was secured.

Tweets from 30 Seconds To Mars indicated that nobody has been injured.


Jews in Oscar films: Are they vile throwbacks to Jewish stereotypes?

Three of this year's Oscar best picture nominees have something unusual in common -- they have leading characters who are open, self-proclaimed Jews.

Think about it: It's almost impossible to find any goyim in the Coen brothers' "A Serious Man," a slyly satiric look at the Jewish community in a 1967-era Midwestern town. A big chunk of Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" revolves around a raucous band of Nazi-scalping Jewish soldiers who've been assembled to go after the Fuhrer and his high command. And Lone Scherfig's "An Education," costars Peter Sarsgaard as an unscrupulous young Jewish real-estate speculator who woos a 16-year-old British schoolgirl eager to see the world.

You'd think this might be cause for celebration, or at least a show in pride, in the Jewish community, especially since you can often go years at a time without seeing openly Jewish characters in Hollywood films. But are Jews happy? As my grandfather (who spoke Hebrew with a Southern accent) used to say: Not in a million years. In fact, the Jewish Journal just ran a provocative cover story entitled: "Realism or Anti-Semitism: Negative Depictions of Jews Raise the Age Old Question."

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Are you in Asia and want to join The Amazing Race (Asia)?

Or do you just want to get up close with Allan Wu?

Well fear not! Asia's biggest mactorfest  reality show The Amazing Race Asia is now casting  for its 4th season. You don't actually need to be Asian to apply; as long as you currently live or work in Asia, you're good to go.

All interested participants are to submit their applications in teams of two, and must be living and/or working in Asia (excluding Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East). All contestants are required to be aged 21 and above, must speak English, as well as possess both a valid international passport and an international driving licence.

If you are interested, be sure to submit your videotapes by 6pm, 22 March 2010 (GMT +8)!

For full application details, click here: www.axn-asia.com/tara

Sources: http://www.axn-asia.com/tara, http://survivorsucks.com/topic/64620

Will this series ever regain the heights of the 1st season? Will Marc & Rovilson from season 2 die horribly? Will the eventual season 4 winners be as good as the rest, or will it be as abortional as those on the US seasons?
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Gerard Butler: Support Artists for Peace and Justice

Gerard Butler shows his support for Artists for Peace and Justice, a fundraising effort dedicated to ensuring peace and social justice around the world, in this 30 second spot released today.

The organization sponsored three schools in Haiti this past year and continues its goal of successfully rebuilding schools in Port-au-Prince.

Over the past month, Gerry has attended several benefits for Haiti through APJ and has given back to those who need it most.


Haters gon' hate. I think it's great he's doing this.

Man obsessed with Eliza Dushku is homeless after plans to meet her go wrong

Man obsessed with Eliza Dushku is homeless after plans to meet her go awry, now only mission is to save the canceled "Dollhouse".

A Shoreview man obsessed with TV star Eliza Dushku drove to California with plans to deliver four scripts he had written to her at a charity benefit. The scripts, written over many months, were for her canceled science fiction drama "Dollhouse". The charity event was canceled and the man was reported missing but later found somewhere in L.A.

Tore Simonsen, 37, was a successful lawyer until he took off to L.A behind his family's back. He was flown home by his sister however his car is still somewhere in L.A. with the scripts still in the trunk. The man now lives in a homeless shelter in Minneapolis and has made it his mission to save Eliza Dushku's show "Dollhouse".

He is currently involved in some legal drama as he sought an order against Catholic Charities homeless shelter -- they wouldn't allow him to hand out Dollhouse fliers or to take their picture. Catholic Charities requested a continuance, which the judge granted, so the judicial hearing is delayed until Feb. 11.

The man has a "Save Dollhouse" fansite, Tore Loves Eliza, where he blogs about his attempts to save the show, and has made his scripts publicly available.
Britney Spears- Allure Magazine

Jennifer Garner Doesn’t Want to Stop Breastfeeding!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

JENNIFER Garner is worried she’s going to get fat once she stops breastfeeding.

The actress is currently nursing her 13-month-old daughter Seraphina and fears she may pile on the pounds once she gives up.

“I’m nursing,” said Garner, who also has a four-year-old daughter, Violet, with husband Ben Affleck.

“As soon as I’m done I’ll puff right back up.”

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