February 2nd, 2010

this is what you get when you mess w/us

An article that tells us what we already know

Jennifer Beals is Overall Better at Life Than You, Prettier, More Holistic

Jennifer Beals was featured in natural-living publication Viva Magazine, sharing her secrets to perfection. The intro is a bit odd:

Long before Jennifer Beals was crowned the unofficial spokeswoman for same-sex partners by starring as Bette Porter on The L Word, a Showtime drama about lesbians and their relationship woes, before graduating from Yale with an honours graduate degree in American Literature and before becoming mom to her four-year old daughter, came a small 1983 movie about a small-town dancer you might have heard of — Flashdance.

And from there on out, Beals essentially continues to encourage speculation: is she a real person, or a Supreme Being created by some higher power to bless the human race? Evidence that Jennifer Beals has special magical powers:

1. “I found if I can give birth without any drugs, I could get through a triathlon.”

2. She travels with a brown bag that she received from her acupuncturist, where she keeps magical holistic tea which “helps maintain a balance in the body so it can heal itself.”

3. Her dermatologist wanted to remove a potentially cancerous mole but Beals was shooting that week, and instead just cured it by taking vitamins.

4. Her family doctors are TCM practitioners and homeopaths.

5. She meditates regularly.

6. She fixed her energy-zapping Epstein Bar disease by cutting sugar, wheat and caffeine from her diet.

7. She eats only organic foods, and teaches her daughter “eco-friendly” living. In fact she recycles SO MUCH that she worries her neighbors must think they never “keep anything.”

You know how sometimes we rant about how the casual popping of pharmaceuticals, general overmedicating of our everyday lives, copious alcohol consumption and other coping mechanisms of modern life wouldn’t seem so necessary if we all had the time & money & support to truly take care of our bodies, get sleep & excercise, eat healthy foods, read books, get lots of fresh air and do work that we love? Jennifer Beals is proof.

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Where in the World Is the Cast of 'Jersey Shore'?

Where in the World Is the Cast of 'Jersey Shore'?

Producers of MTV's "Jersey Shore" are scouting cities all over the country and may even take the show out of the USA.

Our MTV sources say they've already scouted 10 cities in the U.S. for a place Snooki, Pauly D and The Situation can call home. We're also told the network has expanded it's search to other countries. Producers have called cast members to make sure they have valid passports.

Taking the ferry to Staten Island doesn't count as "overseas travel."


They Cast minus Ronnie was on the today show this morning! They said they could possibly start filming in two weeks.

ps I say they go to Australia! Summa time! 

“The Princess & The Frog” Finally Breaks $100 Million After 10 Weeks (Uh-Oh?)

So, after all that hoopla about this being Disney’s first animated feature with a black princess, and after about 2 1/2 months in release, Disney’s Princess and the Frog finally limped across the $100 million mark over the weekend, mustering up an additional $800,000. It’s domestic box office take now stands at $100,309,000, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.

Surprised? I’d like to believe hopes were high for this one, and that the folks at Disney aren’t too pleased with the results. 10 weeks to reach $100 million? And just barely making it over the number?

I think it’s safe to suggest that it’s not going to make much more than what it’s made thus far – maybe it’ll cap out somewhere between $105 million & $110 million. For a film of its ilk, that’s just not very impressive, especially at a production budget (not including marketing) that’s stated at around $105 million.

Compared to other high-profile Disney animated feature releases, this one currently ranks 24th, far behind other Disney animated “Princess-type” features like Beauty & The Beast ($267 Million), Pocahontas ($198 million), & The Little Mermaid ($191 million) – all adjusted for inflation, by the way.

The film enjoyed an 83% fresh rating via RottenTomatoes.com, so there was certainly enough critical acclaim and buzz behind it.

I certainly hope that Disney doesn’t use this as a reason to avoid producing animated features with black characters in abundance, in primary roles.

I know that box office receipts shouldn’t be the sole measure of a films worth nor success; but, unfortunately, in this industry, it’s of significant importance.

Overall thoughts on all this? Did any of you even see it? I didn’t, but Sergio did. Read his positive review HERE.


White ppl why couldn't you do this one thing for me? Now there'll never be a crappy sequel in which Tiana and Naveen finally get a duet.

Conan O'Brien Bucks Up for Screwed Crew

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Conan O'Brien is shelling out his own cash to some ex-staffers who didn't get jack from that $7.5 million separation deal from NBC.

According to sources close to production, Conan's stagehands from "The Tonight Show" were not covered by the NBC severance plan. But we're told Conan is stepping up -- promising to pay his nearly 50 person crew at least six weeks severance out of his own pocket.

Conan's people had no comment.

The union for his former crew -- IATSE Local 33 -- says all the members who worked with Conan are "very happy" with the way he handled the whole mess.
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Playboy talks to Natalie Portman

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She was amazing in Leon, terrible in The Phantom Menace but thankfully great again in pretty much everything since – particularly Closer (for the pole-dancing scene alone) and, of course, new flick Brothers, out this week.

Playing a war wife who seeks comfort from her brother in-law after her husband goes AWOL in Afghanistan, the 28-year-old is back on top form (i.e, she’s no longer sporting the bald look she debuted in V for Vendetta). However, it’s not all about looks with Nat – the Harvard graduate is a bit of a boffin too, although, as she tells Playboy, she’s not so hot on politics right now – luckily the elfin beauty is quite happy to chat about intimate moments with her co-star and her gripes with Hollywood though…

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For Jacques Audiard and/or 'A Prophet' fans on ONTD

Jacques Audiard discusses how previous personal afflictions have shaped his distinctive filmmaking style.

Directing isn’t an especially glamorous job. It involves long days and lots of stress, sometimes for little reward. Most directors started out as regular film fans, but with the passion and talent to take it a step further. So they tend to look like regular film fans. Even Spielberg spends most of his time looking like he’s just wandered on to the set from the nearest blue collar bar.

But not Jacques Audiard. Oh no. Audiard is different. Gloriously, splendidly and defiantly different. He is, of course, French, which probably accounts for some of it. But even by the standard of his compatriots, Audiard exudes an exemplary air of artistry. Pretentious? Him? Well yes, and why not?

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Malik El Djebena tyfyt

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Eight Reasons to love Cillian Murphy

8. He can play creepy.
Let’s get this one out of the way first. If I had a nickel for every time I heard or read the word “creepy” (or worse, “BUT he’s so creepy!”) associated with Cillian Murphy, well, I’d have a hell of a lot of nickels.

If you’ve only seen him in Red Eye or Batman Begins, then I must agree. Unlike some actors, though, when Cillian Murphy is creepy, there is not a shred of humanity to be found. For example, the look of dispassionate disgust on his face in Batman Begins when confronting Carmine Falcone in the psych ward is positively chilling, with or without the weaponized hallucinogens and burlap mask. He’s even scarier than Ra’s Al Ghul because you can’t tell that there’s a human being behind those icy blue eyes.
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BAH HAHA New Couple???

From the looks of her Twitter page Amanda Bynes seems rather smitten with one of yesterday’s disappointed GRAMMY nominees. The actress has been twittering away about her new love interest in the last few days. While she stops short of declaring them a couple or naming him publicly it seems like there is a pretty good chance she’s talking about a certain Canadian rapper. Look under the hood for the evidence.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Among Amanda’s many lovesick tweets:
“i hope the guy im into KNOWS who he IS!!!!”

“the guy i love is the most talented person ever!!!!!!”

“He inspires me to be better! *heart* awww we should get married “

“i’d say his name if we’re an OFFICIAL couple and we AGREED to tell people"

everybody i am NOT engaged! Stop asking me please!! Lol. i’ll let you all know when it happens one day He’d have to be my boyfriend 1st!

Pre-Grammy tweets:
*heart* wishing someone good luck today!!!

if a certain somebody doesn’t win i’m gonna be pissed!:)

Post-Grammy tweets:

“ummmm i’m irritated that a certain guy didn’t win certain awards.”

“He deserved them!!!”

“but he won my heart!!! everybody say it with me on #! 1…2…3…awwwwwwwww *heart* haha “

Amanda’s Twitter page reveals a few things in common with Drake — including at least one mutual friend — and several Canadian buddies among her very diverse little crew of pals. Now we’re not saying he’s chopping it down — YET — but from the looks of things ‘ol Maxim girl is ready to be the next poster child for a BOSSIP swirl post.
Oh and just a thought, celebrities… if you want your privacy and would like to put an end to rumors, maybe you should stop Tweeting about your personal lives!!! It’s not that hard to connect the dots. Then again, what are we saying, most of you are ATTENTION WHORES anyway.

Learn How To Shave With blink-182's Mark Hoppus and Gillette

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Gilette.com has an "Uncut" music film series on their web site. The series takes a look at four musicians (Will.I.Am, Tim McGraw, Mark Hoppus, and The All-American Rejects and goes behind the scenes of their pre-show rituals.

Here are some highlights from blink-182's Mark Hoppus series. All series and more can be seen here.

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Roslin {colonial one}

Kick-Ass' Matthew Vaughn Wants to Direct The Sandman

The director of the highly anticipated comic adaptation Kick Ass would like to bring Neil Gaiman's epic graphic novel series to the silver screen.

Kick-Ass has yet to be released in theaters, but that hasn't stopped Matthew Vaughn from expressing interest in tacking other comic book projects. Over the past few weeks, Vaughn has expressed interest in helming the Spider-Man reboot for Sony and The Avengers with Marvel Studios. Now he lets fans of Neil Gaiman's epic masterpiece The Sandman that he would jump at the chance to bring the story to life:

"I think Neil deserves to have more stuff made. I think it's weird that hardly any Neil Gaiman stuff has been made. The idea that no one has made Sandman yet is weird.

Gaiman's Sandman series tells the story of Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, the anthropomorphic personification of dreams themselves. At the start of the series, Morpheus is captured by an occult ritual and held prisoner for 70 years. Morpheus escapes in the modern day and after revenging himself upon his captors he sets about rebuilding his kingdom, the Dreaming, which has fallen into disrepair during his absence. The series introduces audiences to Morpheus' brothers and sisters the Endless, the personifications of Death, Despair, Delirium, Desire, Destruction and Destiny. The story lines primarily take place in the Dreaming, Morpheus's realm, and the waking world, with occasional visits to other domains, such as Hell, Faerie, Asgard, and the domains of the other Endless.

Gaiman himself has summarized the plot of the series (in the foreword to Endless Nights) as "The Lord of Dreams learns that one must change or die, and makes his decision."

When Vaughn was asked if he was interested in taking control of the project he said, "You know what, I would love to do Sandman, but I think it's stuck in development hell. But that could be like a Lord of the Rings – just a huge movie."


Those are the nominees? Really?

Has ABC, the network that will air the Oscars on March 7, prematurely announced the nominations on its website? It certainly looks that way! A simple search of the word "oscar" on ABCNews.com brings up a long list of results titled "2010 Oscar Nominations." Are these just the best guesses of over-eager editors? Maybe. But also, maybe not. And in that case we'd like to be the first to say congratulations, It's Complicated!


Shah Rukh Khan On The Cover Of GQ India (February 2010)

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Today Shah Rukh Khan was one of the first Indians to ring the Nasdaq bell. Here he is pictured on the cover of newest cover of GQ India.

The cover alludes to Khan's latest film "My Name Is Khan". "My Name Is Khan" is slated for global release in theaters on 12 February 2010. You can view the trailer for the film here and here for cinema info.

Grumpy Jamie

Ols School Meets New School

Weird Al posted this photos on his Twitter (alyankovic):

with the comment, "Okay, it's settled - I'm the new member of The Lonely Island."


Whether or not he was joking, that would be pretty cool! I looooove Weird Al. Everyone I knew growing up hated him. I once had a chance to see him live at Great America (lol) but no one would go with me. :(

Trio talks DH!

France's One magazine released a new interview with actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows set. Dan spoke about filming the Seven Potter scenes and how confusing it got; Emma feared having to kiss Dan for the fantasy Harry and Hermione sequence; and Rupert revered Dan for his hard work, even whilst sick.

Daniel Radcliffe
"In the Deathly Hallows, you'll see Harry as you've never seen him before! For example, I shot a scene where I'm entirely naked. When I read the script, I thought that I would have underwear but no! I've already done it for Equus so it wasn't so difficult. I'm wondering how people will react, even if any things will be hidden on the screen!"

"Recently, we've finished a scene in which I had difficulty. It's the 7 Potter's scene! We had to shoot a take where I was a different Harry instead of the other actors. It was fun, but very hard, because sometimes I forgot who I had to be ... That made me crazy!"

Emma Watson
To kiss Rupert in front of cameras will be the strangest experience for me since I've played in Harry Potter. He and I are frightened about this scene, and would like to do it quickly. But the hardest is coming ... I have to kiss Dan ! It's a scene where Ron imagines a kiss between Harry and Hermione."

"We haven't filmed the epilogue yet, in which we can see the future of Harry, Ron and Hermione 19 years later. At the beginning, producers would'be liked to replace us, but they finally kept us. We will look like 40-year-olds. I'm very impatient to see that !"

Rupert Grint
"We shot a lot of physical scenes. For Daniel, filming was very complicated. But he never complained ... When he became sick because of filming conditions, he was okay and he never complained ..."

What Would Meryl Do?
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2009 Academy Award Nominations Announced

Nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards were announced this morning by Academy President Tom Sherak and actress Anne Hathaway. They revealed the ten nominees for Best Picture, as well as contenders for Director, Animated Feature, Foreign Language Film, and the writing and acting categories.

Congratulations to Meryl Streep for her record sixteenth Oscar nomination!

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Kate Beckinsale Confirmed for 'Underworld 3D'

Hiding within an article over at Variety our scoop from last August(!) was confirmed reporting that Kate Beckinsale will in fact be starring in Underworld 3D, assuming she can't work her way out of the deal. What do I mean? Well, sources tell us she's trying to find a way out of the film -- or at least have a smaller role in order to "pass the torch" to one of her kindred (yes, she has not one, but two daughters at this point). With a plan to release the film in theaters on January 21, 2011, production needs to commence soon. Who will helm? The Variety article states Len Wiseman will once again go behind the camera.



Over a hundred metal-starved fans were arrested in Santiago, Chile, last Tuesday night after 2,000 ticketless people attempted to crash the gates at a Metallica concert. The show was the metal gods' first in Chile in 10 years, and drew a paying crowd of 55,000 to the Club Hípico horse-racing track.

While concertgoers rocked out inside the venue, a swarm of people intent on gaining entrance trashed the streets and clashed with Carabineros, the Chilean militarized police, who doused the rioters with water and made arrests for drug possession, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness. One police officer was injured in the process.

Chilean newspaper El Mercurio reported the scene inside the venue was fairly peaceful, with even a 76-year-old grandma in attendance. Metallica headed to Argentina after the show and are currently wrapping up the South American leg of their tour in Brazil before heading to Central America and then Europe.

This isn't the first time Metallica has been connected to fan aggression. In 1992, Metallica and Guns N' Roses played a disastrous show in Montreal, where both sets were cut short -- Metallica's because of second-degree burns sustained by James Hetfield due to a faulty pyrotechnic effect, and Guns N' Roses' because of problems with Axl Rose's voice. Angry fans at Olympic Stadium set off fires, smashed windows, destroyed seats, and looted a souvenir shop in response.


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Post-Cancellation Michael Urie Interview+Promo pics for Ugly Betty 4.13

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Like millions of other fans of the popular ABC series, Ugly Betty, I was shocked when I got the news of the show's impending cancellation. I had to find out exactly what went down and how the cast was taking it. Fortunately, I knew exactly who to call upon, funny man, Michael Urie who plays, Marc St. James.

Michael, were you shocked when you got the news?

Not shocked, but still saddened. Secretly hoped we had one more move in us, back to one of our former time slots.

How did your fellow cast members take the news?

Everyone is sad, but still enjoying each other and the material. We are very lucky to have a solid two month period to savor every last moment. It's a lucky thing to know when the end is, many shows do not.

Now that the show's been cancelled, what's next for you?

"Becki and Michael is Broadway" at Feinstein's (Feb. 21) and The Temperamentals off-Broadway (opens Feb. 28). Other than that- the world is my oyster! And I like cocktail sauce!


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Q: Is that RuPaul? A: Yes.

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Lindsay & Sam back together again

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*video won't embed so CLICK

Lindsay Lohan just can't make up her mind -- because two weeks after she was seen sucking face with a dude, she was spotted back out with her ex ... the female Samantha Ronson.

The two were seen out at Teddy's together, but left separately -- Linds taking off in the passenger seat of Sam's car while Ronson's sister drove.

No word if Sam and LiLo met up after.

This should end well

*rolleyes at the commentary*

Kim Kardashian didn't have a nose job *side eye*

Kim Kardashian has denied claims she has had a nose job.

The 29-year-old socialite - who recently embarked on a new healthy eating and fitness regime after unflattering photos of her appeared on the internet - insists the rumours she has gone under the knife are false.

She said: "There was this thing on the cover of a magazine in the States saying that I'd had my nose done, but that's probably one of my biggest insecurities and what I'd want done. It's all made up."

However, the brunette beauty wouldn't rule out having cosmetic surgery in the future if she felt she needed it.

She said: "Maybe one day I'll have something done. I don't think I'm the type to say no, but I haven't had butt or cheek implants like lots of people are saying."

Kim recently spoke out to deny she wore butt-boosting pads to increase her famous derriere at a Miami party.

She said: "It was a beautiful and elegant event and I chose this gorgeous black and white dress by Rami Kashou. But sorry to disappoint you, no butt pads here! That dress was so tight, butt pads wouldn't have even fit!


UK Charity Single "Everybody Hurts"

Here's "Everybody Hurts" - the new UK charity single for Haiti. Features vocals from Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole, Mika, Michael Buble, Joe McElderry, Miley Cyrus, James Blunt, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jon Bon Jovi, James Morrison, Susan Boyle, Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes, Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Kylie Minogue & Robbie Williams. The song will able for download next Sunday.


It's a little boring, imo
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International Kick-Ass trailer + poster

This is a bit different from the trailer released a couple of weeks ago, to what I’m calling THE 2010 film that I have to see. Released by MSN UK, this is more looks at Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass, the comic book series from Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. Also today, Empire released a new international poster.

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We got the final U.S. one-sheet last week, and have had a previous trailer which features awesome scenes with bad ass Chloe Moretz’s Hit Girl! Kick-Ass is set to hit theaters on April 16th, 2010 and stars Moretz, Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Nicolas Cage. It’s directed by the aforementioned Matthew Vaughn (he produced Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and directed and produced Stardust and Layer Cake).


James Van Der Beek is Richer Than You

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James Van Der Beek's career may have stalled post-Dawson -- but according to new divorce documents, his salary is anywhere but up a creek.

According to James' Income and Expense Declaration, filed last month in Los Angeles Superior Court, his average monthly salary is $49,343.

Also worth noting: He only pays $250/month eating out and drops $4,100/month on charity.

We don't want yer life ... just your bank account. [We kid ... great line from "Varsity Blues."]


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Madonna And Jesus Break Up


Madonna has split from her boytoy lover Jesus Luz, according to a new report.

The Material Girl is said to be single again after the Brazilian underwear model called off their relationship, citing their age difference and busy schedules, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The newspaper alleges, "It not only was totally amicable, but it was Luz who initiated the split. Apparently, the 23-year-old Brazilian realized their age difference (she's 51) and overall lack of mutual interests nixed a long-term relationship."

Madonna began dating Luz after they met at a December 2008 photoshoot for W magazine - just weeks before her divorce from director Guy Ritchie was finalized.

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‘Boston Legal’ actor Justin Mentell from Waukegan, IL dies in Wisconsin crash

DODGEVILLE, Wis. -- An actor from the TV show "Boston Legal" has been found dead near his crashed Jeep in rural Iowa County.

The sheriff's department says 27-year-old Justin Mentell of Waukegan, Ill., was killed when his Jeep went down a steep embankment off Highway 39 near Blanchardville and hit two trees. The crash was discovered by a passer-by about 8:30 a.m. Monday.

Mentell portrayed attorney Garrett Wells on "Boston Legal" from 2005 to 2006.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports Mentell was also a promising speed skater during his high school days in Waukegan and competed in the Junior National Speed Skating long track team.


This Is Our Moment--NRDC PSA

This week, NRDC’s Action Fund launched a web-based video in which Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Norton, Justin Long, Emmy Rossum, Forest Whitaker, Jason Bateman, Chace Crawford, Felicity Huffman, and Cornell West urge people to tell their senators to support clean energy and climate legislation.

We are hoping the video will appeal to young people, not only because they are the bread and butter of the climate movement, but also because they have a powerful role to role in the mid-term elections.

We want senators running for reelection to know that if they want young people to vote for them, then they need to pass the clean energy and climate legislation that will secure a safer, cleaner future for this generation.

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Leo will never cease to be hot.
mabel 2

Rumor: New Radiohead Album Completed??

Brace yourselves Radiohead fans, things just got real (we hope).

We stumbled upon a blog entry detailing a Radiohead recording wrap up party from last night.

“Dear ——–,

Bryan helped transform a house in the Hollywood Hills into a recording studio and spent the last three weeks there recording Radiohead with Nigel Godrich. On Saturday, we waded through a driveway full of Priuses and Minis to get to the wrap party. I was giddy seeing Beck, Selma Hayek and Danger Mouse chatting around the same pool where Dean Martin and the Rat Pack used to hang out. I marveled at the hair on one rock star that resembled one of those fuzzy boom mic covers. How exactly did he describe what he wanted to his hairdresser? I guess it was just proof rock stars can get away with stuff regular folks can’t. Thom Yorke periodically toyed with the iPhone that controlled the speakers. Usually he skipped forward to a Rolling Stones song. The band wanted to record in L.A. to get away from the dismal English winter. Nigel said they were probably lolling about too much in the sunshine when they first arrived. When it started pouring down, they realized someone up there was telling them to get on with it. If their last album was “In Rainbows,” I guess they could call this one “In Rainstorms.”

The blog, Postmark Here, is run by Jia-Rui Cook (check her Twitter here), a NASA Jet Propulsion Lab media representative and LA Times contributor.

After doing a bit more digging, it appears that the Bryan in question is Bryan Cook, a music mixing engineer based in Los Angeles. We pulled up his Twitter account and were delighted to see this tweet:

For this to all emerge in the midst of the emergence of official Twitter accounts from Radiohead and Thom certainly raises some alarms.

Take from this what you will, the wrap party was most likely just for the LA recording session, not the entire recording of the album. They might just get up and return to their studio in London and continue recording there, maybe even scraping this new session entirely. What we know for sure though is that progress is being made.

I have a feeling that we’ll have this album in our hands sooner rather than later.



Ani: Amazon Warrior

(no subject)

A new reality show produced by television channel NatGeo, will show celebrity contestants visiting some of Colombia's most famous landmarks and tourist hotspots.

The show, called "The Experience of a Lifetime," involves television stars from all over South America visiting and completing tasks in locations around the continent, then publishing their thoughts on what they have seen on internet blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other online social networks.

In the Colombian leg of the journey participants had the opportunity to visit some of the country's most spectacular locations. Stars were invited to dine in Bogota's most traditional restaurants, dance in Cartagena's clubs and take in the famous natural beauty of the Zona Cafetera.

One of the show's participants, Brazilian actress Hada Luz Angel, was so impressed by what she had seen in the country that she decided to move to Colombia once filming was over.

The first episode of "The Experience of a Lifetime" will air on February 9 on NatGeo.


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Girls Aloud star paid a visit to the Radio 1 studios wearing a pair of sheer pop socks that would be more apt for pensioner than a 24-year-old lady.

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Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts backs under-18 sunbed ban

A Welsh MP's bid to ban under-18s using tanning salons following two high-profile burning incidents in south Wales has received support from the government and a celebrity.

Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts put her weight behind Cardiff North MP Julie Morgan's private members bill.

The red-headed star said that pressure on young women in working-class areas meant many disregarded health advice and used sunbeds despite the risks. She said that legislation was particularly needed to stop children using unstaffed tanning salons.

Source / Source

Whitney Port Kisses Strangers at In-N-Out Burger

Whitney Port took to her blog to share a photo of her locking lips with an unsuspecting and probably very confused In-N-Out customer as a task for a family scavenger hunt.

Whitney wrote, "One of the tasks on the list was to kiss a stranger. If you kissed them on the cheek you got 10 points, but if you went all out and kissed them on the lips you would get 15 points! There was no way that we were going to let anyone beat us by those 5 points so I stepped up to the plate!!!"

Full Story
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You are the baby's father!

Beyonce has a new sister!

A snitch just told MediaTakeOut.com that Alexsandra Wright, the woman who filed a paternity suit against Mathew Knowles months ago, recently gave birth to a daughter.

And word is DNA tests just came back - confirming that the child is, in fact, a Knowles. As we reported earlier, Beyonce's mom Tina OFFICIALLY filed to divorce Mathew in November.

No word yet on the baby's name. Wonder if she can be the next member of Destiny's child.

*Sidenote for those that may not know: The picture posted is Matthew with grandson, Solange's son, Julez when he was a baby.

The most credible SOURCE
flopped for our sins
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"Avatar" breaks $2 billion at worldwide box office

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – "Avatar" ventured further into rarefied territory at the worldwide box office during the weekend, surpassing the $2 billion mark days after it broke the record held by "Titanic."

James Cameron's 3-D sci-fi spectacular has grossed $2.039 billion after seven chart-topping weekends of release, distributor 20th Century Fox said on Sunday.

The film last Monday smashed the $1.843 billion record set in 1998 by the filmmaker's "Titanic."

The News Corp.-owned studio declined to forecast where the film would end up, since it expected Tuesday morning's Oscar nominations to spur a new wave of interest.

It did predict that "Avatar" would break "Titanic's" North American record of $601 million by Wednesday. The film moved to $594.5 million after a $30 million weekend in the United States and Canada.

The foreign total stands at $1.45 billion after a $95 million weekend from 120 countries. It remained No. 1 in many of them, including France (sales to date: $134 million), China ($126 million), Australia ($84 million) and Brazil ($43 million).

The one caveat to the "Avatar" records is that sales are not adjusted for inflation, or for the fact that ticket prices were considerably higher for 3-D screenings.


Two days old but surprisingly this wasn't posted yet
1D - Niall the hipster

'we are the world' recording session

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Singers and producers of 'We Are The World 25 Years for Haiti' pose for a group picture following the recording session held at Jim Henson Studios on February 1, 2010 in Hollywood, California.


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combing his hair!

Say it isn't true, Snooki!

It looks like the ladies from Jersey Shore can’t keep their clothes on when there’s a camera around!

RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that nude photos AND video of Snooki are for sale and being shopped to various media outlets.

Just recently, RadarOnline.com discovered (and saw) nude photos of J-WOWW (Jenni Farley) that were being offered for sale.

Now Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi, is featured in self-snapped nude photos and video that are for sale.

Snooki spent the first season of MTV’s surprise hit looking for love (or as she says, Snookin’ for love). Now it appears she’s supplied a self-taken photographic preview of what a potential boyfriend could be seeing.

The stills and video leave nothing to the imagination, as she is wearing only a smile. In one photo she is in her bedroom, on her knees, with one hand on the ground and the other holding the rail of the bed frame. She is looking at the camera with her head tilted slightly. Her spot-it-anywhere fingernail polish is plainly visible. Another shot is too graphic to describe.

And if it’s not Snooki in the photos then she has an identical twin!

Radar Online
*edit* Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Bette; smoke

Ryan Gosling says he's not in love

Ryan Gosling was in Park City last week for the Sundance premiere of Blue Valentine, an emotionally turbulent, dual narrative of a relationship’s charmed beginnings and its devastating demise. Gosling, who stars alongside an excellent Michelle Williams, sat down with West Coast editor Krista Smith to talk about how Blue Valentine tends to cause uproarious fights between couples who see it, complain that people often confuse him Ryan Reynolds, and admit that he’s not in love.


if anybody has any Gosling gifs, please break them out in the comments. i've lost all mine.

Sandra Bullock: I Wasn't Expecting That Phone Call

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
She didn't set an alarm clock last night. In fact, she wasn't even sure she'd left the phone ringer on.

After a long career that has taught her to be wary of raised expectations, Sandra Bullock slept like a baby on Monday night – and was awakened early Tuesday by her publicist, who informed her that, yes, she'd secured her first Academy Award nomination, for best actress in The Blind Side.

The call barely woke Bullock's slumbering husband, Jesse James. "He literally rolled over in the dark and he said, 'Congratulations,' " – and then pointed out that she'll "forever" have an Oscar-related prefix attached to her name, the actress, 45, told PEOPLE just after getting the good news.
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David Beckham having fun without Victoria 2/1

Soccer hunk David Beckham appears to be having a great time without the wife and kids in Italy at the moment.

Just last night Goldenballs was seen leaving a Milan restaurant with actor James Corden.

Becks, 34, ate at Ristorante Da Giacomo with James and, who knows, maybe the pair were discussing a role for the sportsman in one of James' next projects.

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cat - RIP your career

Get into bed with Alexander Skarsgard

Since becoming the hottest piece in town, there isn't a woman I know who wouldn't give the left side of her closet to spend 7 minutes locked inside of one with Alexander Skarsgard. Well, now the ginormous star (I mean that literally, he's 6' 4" but feels like 6' 9") has taken to the pages of Glamour Magazine to thin the potentials a little bit.

Inside the magazine he breaks down what kind of lady catches his eye. "I don't go for really dressy woman," the "True Blood" star says. "My family has a small cottage in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. It has no phone, TV or shower. You have to swim in the lake to wash. I love it. Taking a girl there is a good indicator of whether she's right for me."

So if you pack high heels for camping trips or if you can't live with your industrial strength hair dryer, you best look elsewhere. But crunchy chicks, keep on keepin' on.

virgo bold

Matthew Good Band Co-Founder and Bassist Geoff Lloyd Passes Away

Matthew Good Band co-founder and former bassist Geoff Lloyd passed away this weekend. The cause of his death has not been publicly announced, though a Facebook posting states he had been “fighting his inner demons for a number of years, and they finally got the better of him.”

Lloyd served as bassist for the Vancouver, BC-based Matthew Good Band from 1995 to 1999, during which the band released both their debut, Last of the Ghetto Astronauts, and their hit follow-up, Underdogs. In more recent years, he fronted his own band, the Slipjacks, and was instrumental in re-opening the now-defunct Vancouver punk venue the Cobalt in 2006.

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Flashback 15 Years: *First* Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue - April 1995

Inspired by yesterday's post - Vanity Fair's New Hollywood...

It all began in 1995 with 10 alluring beauties on a three-page foldout cover.  
The idea embedded in the title was that these were fresh careers, and they were only going up, up, up by 2000.


In order of famous/relevant to least famous/relevant in April 1995:

Jennifer Jason Leigh, Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman, Patricia Arquette, Linda Fiorentino, Gwyneth Paltrow,Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianne Moore, Angela Bassett, and Sandra Bullock

Jennifer Jason Leigh, 33, -- the crouching focus puller, was already quite famous. Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Single White Female and Shortcuts were behind her (amongst many others)

Uma Thurman had been enjoying the spoils of fame since she was 18 when she had pulled off her nightgown in Dangerous Liaisons and stood naked like Venus on a shell in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. When this cover image was released she was 25 and full of fame adrenaline from that needle plunge in Pulp Fiction which had just brought her her one and only Oscar nomination.

Nicole Kidman was 28 and most famous for being "Mrs. Tom Cruise" though she had already made Dead Calm and Flirting (pluses in the 'take me seriously as an actress' column) and a few dumber Hollywood pictures. To Die For, the career changer, was just months away

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ONTD, how do you think 1995's first cover compares to subsequent covers? More hits than misses?
Why was Gwyneth the only one wearing a gown?
A-Seyfried >> Classic Beauty

Amanda Seyfried Sings for Channing Tatum's "Post The Love" Project

Channing Tatum is about as gushy as his new movie Dear John. The hunk has started a new website (which went online yesterday) called Post The Love and he wants his fans to create posts of videos, songs, words, or whatever expressing their love for the important people in their lives. For Channing’s project, his Dear John co-star Amanda Seyfried wrote and played an original love song.

Hey y’all, this is something Amanda wrote on the plane while we were touring promoting Dear John. I filmed it while we at lunch in the hotel room. I think it’s a perfect expression of love.

Source + Source

Celebrities flock to Muppet Compound On behalf of Haiti

Yesterday afternoon, a quick strip of La Brea Blvd was all a mess with interest as stars flocked to the former A&M Recording Studio at the Jim Henson Company where the original "We Are The World" single was recorded.

A new rendition of the song is in the works. This time around, the proceeds will benefit Haiti relief efforts.

We caught several stars heading inside to lend their vocal talents, including Katharine McPhee, Enrique Iglesias, India Aire, Musiq Soulchild, Robin Thicke, Vince Vaughn, will.i.am, and Ann and Nancy Wilson.

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The 'Noose releases another single from "Have One on Me"

"Good Intentions Paving Company"

Photo by Annabel Mehran

Have One on Me, the new Joanna Newsom triple album, is due February 23 from Drag City, and we're slowly finding out more and more about it. And now the Drag City website is streaming another new track from the album, the stripped-down, country-inflected, seven-minute "Good Intentions Paving Company".

Last week, when Drag City premiered the album track "81", the resulting wave of web traffic overloaded their website, so hurry up and click on this one while you can!

Posted by Tom Breihan on February 2, 2010 at 11:55 a.m.

do your ears and your souls a favor and listen

this song is so beautiful and sooooo different from anything i've ever heard from joanna before. my expectations for this album just keep getting greater and greater. she's grown sooo much.
Margot Gold

Sienna Looking Flawless

Sienna Miller leaves Jude Law’s place in London on Tuesday (February 2).

The 28-year-old actress got an escort outside - Jude walked her to the door and the two chatted before Sienna went out to her car.

On-again-off-again couple Sienna and Jude, who broke off their engagement back in 2005, reportedly reunited over the holidays, spending time together on the beach in Barbados with Jude’s children.

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DM; all
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Hey Paul!

Duncan Sheik, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to Write "American Psycho" Musical

Duncan Sheik will write music and lyrics, and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa will pen the book for a musical version of Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho. A timeline, along with casting and a creative team, for the project will be announced at a later date.

Ellis' 1991 novel centers on a Wall Street banker who is also a serial killer. The book incorporates multiple references to the popular music of the 1980s, the era in which the story is set, and it is expected that Sheik's original songs will reflect the period in a production that will also use hits from the era.

Sheik won a Tony Award for the score for Spring Awakening. His new musical Whisper House recently opened at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. His musical Nero received a developmental staging at New York Stage and Film in Poughkeepsie in 2008.

Aguirre-Sacasa, a writer on the HBO series Big Love, has written such plays as Based on a Totally True Story, Good Boys and True, and Dark Matters.


I have to return some video tapes..
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Sandra Bullock Thankful for RAZZIE and OSCAR Nominations

USA Today

Sandra Bullock: You have to enjoy Razzies and Oscars

"I'm awake now," says Sandra Bullock, who is getting used to having the title "Oscar nominee" attached to her name for the first time - for her work in The Blind Side.

One topic has been carefully sidestepped: Her third film this year, All About Steve, which earned her some of her worst reviews ever. Now it is up for several Razzie honors, including worst actress.

"Thank God, that film is finally being recognized for something," she says. "They don't get it now but in 10 years it is going to have a cult following. If I win, I am so showing up. I have to enjoy that as much as getting an Oscar nomination. It is the great balance in our business."

As for being in the eye of the awards storm, "I am more used to presenting or watching these shows on TV. It's best if you enjoy each moment for the party it is and the party you get to see. And to see everyone, everyone I've not met. The actors are just happy to be there. You sit down and see Matt Damon and say, 'Dude, your career is awesome. How are your kids?' That's feeling it from the inside out. It's more calm and humbling."

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Taylor Swift takes a step back from the spotlight after awards

For the past five months, Taylor Swift has been everywhere. From the VMAs to the CMAs to the Grammys, she seems to have performed on every awards show — and come home with an armful of trophies.

Tabloids have chronicled her every casual date. Now, with Sunday's top-album win for Fearless and three other Grammys, Swift's handlers are concerned that the young singer could be overexposed.

Heading to Australia for a tour that starts Thursday might help.

"The Australian dates had been planned all along, but it actually worked out great," says Scott Borchetta, who runs Big Machine Records, Swift's label.

"The next time you see her will likely be on the ACM (Academy of Country Music) awards show" in April, Borchetta says. "During that time, we're going to have a new video, but as far as the talking head of Taylor Swift, that one's gone into hiding for a little bit, at least on this continent."

Avoiding overexposure isn't the only issue the 20-year-old faces. Critics have panned her recent live TV performances as pitchy. The Grammy duet with Stevie Nicks was no exception. "Now, everybody knows that Taylor Swift can't sing," influential blogger Bob Lefsetz wrote after the performance.

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The Awesome Jeremy Renner Reacts to his Oscar Nomination

First-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner was waiting on the "Today" set when the Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday morning.

Renner, along with "Hurt Locker" director Kathryn Bigelow and costar Anthony Mackie, were waiting for a post-nomination interview, but the cameras were rolling and caught Renner dive into a bear hug, with a huge grin on his face, when he found out he got a Best Actor nomination.

After a commercial break they played the hug and joy, seen below, before talking to the three about the nine nominations their film received.

Renner has some stiff competition. He's up against George Clooney, Morgan Freeman, Jeff Bridges and Colin Firth.

As he told Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer, "I've gotta break some serious leg!" He added, "It's awesome."



Lady Gaga on the cover of IN New York magazine February 2010

In an exclusive cover story in the February issue of IN New York magazine, a 23-year-old diva explains how Stefani Joanne Germanotta became Lady Gaga.

With all her recent accolades and rise to pop superstardom, the young musical sensation admits she wasn’t always so popular. "I was a bit insecure in high school…I used to get made fun of for being too provocative or too eccentric…I didn't fit in, and I felt like a freak."

The Manhattan native, who got her name from a hit song by Queen, has come into her own over the past year. Gaga says she was born to perform. "I was always an entertainer…I was a ham as a little girl and I'm a ham today." But the fame hasn't gone to her head. “I’m a songwriter, performance artist, daughter and sister, but I'm also an Italian girl from New York.”

For Bob Cannon's complete article, titled "The World's Gone Gaga", visit innewyork.com or pick up a complimentary copy of IN New York beginning February 1—found in-room and at concierge desks of the city's finest hotels and residential buildings, on New York Water Taxi boats and Amtrak trains and at leading NYC retailers and information centers, including the Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s Visitors Centers, the NYC & Co. Visitor Center, the Times Square Alliance Information Center and the Visitor Information window in Grand Central Terminal.

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I really love the photos they chose.
ct; jules

Demi Lovato @ The Grove

Demi Lovato stripes it up in a red and white sweater as she walks around The Grove with her bodyguard in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (February 1).

The 17-year-old singer just returned from London where she was promoting her new single “Remember December” off of her sophomore album, Here We Go Again.

Demi and BFF Joe Jonas will be performing a private concert at Epcot Theme Park next week on February 11th.

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Matthew is moving to the country

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Matthew Fox tells Us magazine that he has no plans to return to television after "Lost" wraps in May.

"I've done two, six-year shows, about 300 hours of television," said Fox. "I'm done with that."

The actor, 43, doesn't plan on giving up his craft completely, but wants to focus more on his family.

"I'm either going to make movies with filmmakers I want to work with or I'll be doing something else entirely... My family will move to Oregon, back to the country I love," he says of relocating his family from Hawaii. "I miss the four seasons climate. We're building a house up there and I'll be closer to my brothers and my mother. Our kids will be closer to their first cousins."

Aside from starring in six seasons of "Lost," Fox is best known for his starring role as the older brother Charlie Salinger in "Party of Five."


light fantastic

zac plays the papz

ZAC Efron has been busy punking the paparazzi!

While out jogging around Runyon Canyon in LA, the HSM star found himself surrounded by a group of snap happy celebrity photographers.

So he stopped dead in his tracks, waved at another runner just disappearing over the hilltop and yelled, “Hey, Robert… ROBERT!”

Laughing as the puzzled paparazzi looked at the disappearing figure, he said: “You guys are taking pictures of me? You just missed Robert Pattinson.” The photogs then bolted in search of “Pattinson”.

“When they caught up to the the runner and saw they’d been duped, the photographers ran back for Zac — but he’d hopped in his car and split,” a source told the National Enquirer.

LOL it does sound like something Zac would do, but would anyone really believe rpattz running in Runyon Canyon?

Other rumors of the week:

Zac Efron And Shia LeBeouf Feuding Bitterly (LULZ)

And OK Magazine (based off of Daily Star) says Zac is the next Spider-Man, Vanessa is the next MJ and the project has magically switched studios from Columbia/Sony to Universal.

The MJ/Universal stuff is silly, but Zac as Spider-Man is not out of the realm of possibility and it would make his comic book nerd dreams come true...

all of these sources are amazing and full of truthiness: 1, 2, 3
jane fonda

Meh-ryl Streep is Overrated, Sky Remains Blue...

Young Film Audiences Don't Get Meryl Streep

For moviegoers born after 1979, all that Meryl does is not magic.

By Daniel D’Addario

According to the oldest of old schools—those stodgy Academy Award voters—Meryl Streep is unquestionably the greatest actress of all time. They’ve just given her a record 16th Oscar nomination for her role as Julia Child in the sprightly comedy Julie & Julia. Streep has already won the Golden Globe for the film, and she could well take home her third Oscar next month (though Katharine Hepburn would still have the record with four). All this as her other 2009 film, It’s Complicated, is still playing to huge audiences of older female viewers. (As opposed to her other other film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is more popular with younger fans.) At this rate, Str
eep could keep getting nominated until her On Golden Pond period.

But when it comes to younger viewers, those who weren’t born when she received her first Oscar nomination in 1979, Streep’s not nearly so golden. The Onion recently ran a piece in which it had “Streep” write an op-ed about herself. Her conclusion? “Great actress, okay movies”. “Have you actually watched Sophie’s Choice lately? Boy, talk about a movie that has not aged well,” “Streep” writes. “And for those of you who want to say The Devil Wears Prada? Please. I don’t need your charity.”

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source: http://photo.newsweek.com/oscar-roundtable/2010/young-film-audiences-dont-get-meryl-streep.html

<3 for the author citing Sigourney Weaver! Holla!!

btw, ONTD, I actually wrote the anti-Streep article that was posted here a few weeks back. Thanks for the traffic!!
sandra oscar

Bridges, Bullock Tabbed as Early Oscar Favorites

Oddsmakers picked Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock as early favorites to win Oscars in the top acting categories at the Academy Awards.

"Avatar" is considered the favorite among 10 nominees for best picture.

Wynn Las Vegas race and sports book executive John Avello tabbed Bridges as a 2-3 favorite to win best actor for his role in "Crazy Heart." Avello has Bullock at even-money for best actress for "The Blind Side."

America's Line chief Benjamin Eckstein also favors Bridges, Bullock and "Avatar."

The odds are just for fun. Nevada casinos don't take wagers on contests where the outcome is known beforehand.

Ladbrokes, a British company that accepts bets online, lists Mo'Nique and Christoph Waltz as heavy favorites to win for their supporting roles.


make room for the new oscar queen
Rorschach - Watchmen

Calvin & Hobbes! New postage stamp + interview with the reclusive Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson, creator of beloved Calvin and Hobbes comic strip looks back with no regrets

by John Campanelli, for The Plain Dealer
February 01, 2010

Bill Watterson is shown in this 1986 file photo. There are no current photos of him.

This marks the 15th year since "Calvin and Hobbes" said goodbye to the comics pages. Creator Bill Watterson, who grew up in Chagrin Falls and still makes Greater Cleveland his home, recently answered some questions via e-mail from Plain Dealer reporter John Campanelli. It's believed to be the first interview with the reclusive artist since 1989.

With almost 15 years of separation and reflection, what do you think it was about "Calvin and Hobbes" that went beyond just capturing readers' attention, but their hearts as well?

The only part I understand is what went into the creation of the strip. What readers take away from it is up to them. Once the strip is published, readers bring their own experiences to it, and the work takes on a life of its own. Everyone responds differently to different parts.

I just tried to write honestly, and I tried to make this little world fun to look at, so people would take the time to read it. That was the full extent of my concern. You mix a bunch of ingredients, and once in a great while, chemistry happens. I can't explain why the strip caught on the way it did, and I don't think I could ever duplicate it. A lot of things have to go right all at once.

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We finally get a taste of what’s to come on American Idol winner turned reality star Fantasia’s anticipated third studio album.

The new track, “Even Angels” produced by The Stereotypes and written by Heather Bright, was featured on her hit VH1 series, Fantasia For Real. There is no solid release date, but the album is set to drop sometime at the top of this year.

Fantasia will perform the track on February 3rd (TOMORROW) on an Oprah special, titled Stars of Reality TV: Fantasia’s Comeback and Ruby’s Revelations.

gaspard jacket

Stars Converge for “We Are the World”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Music stars including Kanye West, Pink, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion have re-recorded the 1985 charity hit We Are the World to raise money for Haiti.

More than 75 singers gathered on Monday to record the track together at Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood, the same studio the original was made.

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thanks to: rawrr_babyy

Picture Source 1
Picture Source 2
Article Source - BBC
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Jordan Marries Some Dude in Vegas

[OP note: sooooo not my wording here, peeps and tweeps]


Last time she said “I do”, it was a lavish, Cinderella-themed wedding – but the fairytale ended in tears.

So Katie Price wasn’t going to make the same mistake again in her quest to be happy ever after. The model, aka Jordan, married her cagefighter lover Alex Reid in a hush hush wedding in Vegas last night.

The newlyweds jetted off to Sin City in the early hours of yesterday morning and checked in to the five-star Planet Hollywood hotel on Sunset Strip.

They freshened up and enjoyed champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries before being driven 500 yards to the marriage chapel at the Wynn Hotel.

Katie and Alex were expected to arrive by 3.30pm Vegas time for a quickie 22-minute ceremony that started at 4pm – watched by a select group of family and friends.

Guests included Katie’s publicist, Diana Colbert. Oh, and, of course, the TV cameras.

After they were pronounced man and wife, Kate, 31, passionately kissed Celebrity Big Brother winner Alex – a moving moment caught by the snappers of a glossy mag.

Less than half an hour after entering the rose-strewn chapel, the couple left holding hands and beaming – clutching a marriage licence. Then they returned to their $10,000-a-night penthouse honeymoon suite

Our source tells us: “Kate was incredibly excited. She had the idea while Alex was in the Celebrity Big Brother house and decided to just run with it.

“She loves Alex, and he is great with her three kids, so she thought she’d go for it.

“They may have secured a lucrative deal for the rights to their wedding, but their love is genuine. Alex worships the ground she walks on and Kate, fancies the pants off him.”

The only delay in their quickie wedding was finding the bride a suitable dress.

Our source adds: “They wanted to have the ceremony as soon as they got to Vegas, but the bridal stores weren’t open so she couldn’t get a dress.

“She had her fashion team trawling all over town for a gown. In the end she just had to make do.

“It was nothing like last time when she’d spent months designing her perfect dress. Her last wedding – with all her celeb pals and a huge fuss – ended in disaster.

“Kate wanted a no-nonsense do this time, with just her nearest and dearest. She’s a savvy businesswoman and decided she may as well get paid to get married.”

The couple are believed to have secured a £1million deal for exclusive pictures of their wedding – which comes less than a year after her split from Peter Andre.

Let’s hope this time Katie gets her fairytale ending...

[ hawt sawce ] [ ETA: i changed the locale of the photo to prevent yellow frogs. ]
guti WEAH


Juan Carlos Silva SHOT: ANOTHER Mexican Soccer Shooting

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MEXICO CITY — A teammate of the Paraguayan soccer star who was shot last week in a Mexico City bar has been shot during a robbery attempt.

Officials for the Mexican team Club America said Tuesday that Juan Carlos Silva was in good condition and the gunshot wound to his buttocks was not life threatening. They said the attack took place Monday night in Mexico City in an attempt to steal Silva's vehicle.

The violence follows the Jan. 25 shooting of Salvador Cabanas. He was shot in the head and is recovering at a Mexico City hospital. He has begun to eat and talk with family members.

Cabanas was to have played for Paraguay at the World Cup this June.

WTF is going on?? the news say that it's come drug cartel that went after Cabanas and my guess is that some cartel is after America players.

Sam Worthington Down Under

Sam Worthington lands in Australia with his girlfriend Natalie Mark and shops for a phone in Bondi Beach in Sydney on Tuesday (February 2).

The 33-year-old English-born actor, who was raised in Perth, Western Australia, comes back home before going on the road to promote Clash Of The Titans.

It looks like everyone’s hopping on the 3-D Avatar train. According to the
NY Times, Clash Of The Titans was supposed to be released on March 26 but was delayed to April 2 so that the film can be converted into 3D.

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[paul rudd] rainbow

Snubs & Surprises From The 2010 Oscar Nominations


Alright, the 2010 Oscar nominations are in and obviously "Avatar" and "The Hurt Locker" are going to go toe to toe at the ceremony with 9 nods a piece, and it's made juicier by the fact that the two directors, James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow were once married. Be sure to expect a lot of Battle of the Sexes/Exes/Lovers crap from the lesser media (TV, bloggers who will engage in such nonsense, etc.).

There weren't myriad surprises this year, a lot of it was set in stone a long time ago, but it wouldn't be the Oscars if there weren't some curveballs thrown our way.

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FUCK Diane Kruger. What about my bb Melanie?!

Sad Bollywood News :'(

Aamir Khan's father Tahir Hussain passes away

It's better to burn out than fade away...
...said the famous personality Neil Young. Well, this couldn't have been more true today as superstar Aamir Khan lost his father Tahir Hussain today. Life (or is it death?) just cannot be more cruel than this one. While on one hand, where Aamir khan was riding sky high on the success of the massive hit flick 3 Idiots, on the other hand, tragedy strikes the Khan household and how!

Aamir Khan's father Tahir Hussain suffered a massive heart attack. Aamir's brother Faisal Khan and mother are at the star's residence, while, Aamir and his wife Kiran Rao, who are in Los Angeles, will be coming back to Mumbai tomorrow afternoon. The funeral is likely to be held tomorrow evening. For the uninitiated lot, the legendary Tahir Hussain has produced films like Hain Rahi Pyar Ke (1993), Anamika (1973), Caravan (1973) and had directed the Aamir-Juhi starrer Tum Mere Ho in the year 1990. It's a little known fact that he had also acted in a couple of films like Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai (1998), and Pyar Ka Mausam (1969).

With the passing of Tahir Hussain, Bollywood has lost yet another gem of a personality. We at Bollywood Hungama pray that his soul rests in eternal peace.


So sad that Aamir was away when it happened. :( So, in other Aamir-related news, I have yet to see 3 Idiots; is it really as amazing as everyone says?! But first and foremost, My Name Is Khan, bb!!
queen regina

Gisele Bündchen Says Giving Birth Wasn't Painful

Gisele Bündchen is beautiful, successful and famous. Now, women everywhere have another reason to be jealous. She says giving birth to her newborn son Benjamin didn't hurt at all!

It "wasn't painful, not even a little bit," the supermodel, 29, says in an interview with the Brazilian TV show Fantastico. "The whole time, my head was so focused – every contraction, the baby is closer, the baby is closer. So, it wasn't like, 'Oh, what pain.' It was, 'With every contraction, he is getting closer to me.' "

Bündchen – who had a water birth on December 8 at the Boston condo she shares with her husband, quarterback Tom Brady, 32, – also didn't use serious pain medication. "I wanted to be conscious and present for what was happening," she says. "I didn't want to be anesthetized. I wanted to feel."

Her recovery was also remarkably quick. "The second day, I was walking, I was washing dishes, I was making pancakes in the kitchen," she says with a laugh.

The only thing that was difficult was choosing a name. She and Brady spent more than a week trying to pick something that would work well in English and Portuguese – the Brazilian-born Bündchen's native tongue.

"I adore David [pronounced Davi], but he didn't like David," Bündchen says. "I liked Joaquim, but he thought it wouldn't be good ... We called him Benjamin. For me, there is no name. He is my benzinho [translation: my beloved]."

Asked if the boy will be raised to be bilingual, Bündchen was unequivocal. "Certainly he won't stop being Brazilian," she said. "He's also Bündchen, he's not just Brady."

Whenever I hear these stories, I always become hopeful that I'll be one of the lucky ones when I have kids, too, but alas, my ability to tolerate pain is, like, nada. :(
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John Terry's lover ~upset~ about ~hurting his wife's feelings~


The French model at the centre of claims surrounding England captain John Terry's alleged affair was "upset" by thoughts of how his wife might be feeling, publicist Max Clifford said today.

Vanessa Perroncel, the ex-partner of Terry's England and former Chelsea team-mate Wayne Bridge, is at the heart of a media bidding war and has been offered £250,000 to tell her side of the story. (I TRIPPED, FELL, LANDED ON HIS DICK)

But Mr Clifford said today the underwear model was unhappy about the impact the alleged affair could be having on Terry's wife Toni and on Bridge.

"She's obviously upset because of the kind of way that Toni must be feeling and she's not happy really that the fact that a close friend of hers, possibly - I'm hoping today to find out who it is - has betrayed her nationally in such a horrible way."

Sauce for this hot mess: www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23801355-john-terrys-lover-upset-about-hurting-his-wifes-feelings.do#readerComments

I have an idea, Vanessa. Why don't you and Max go fuck each other in hell, FOR MONEY?


Leonardo DiCaprio for 'The Beautiful and the Damned'?

Actress Keira Knightley will be on location in Croatia in 2010 in the part of Zelda Fitzgerald in The Beautiful and The Damned, the latest biopic of the life of author F Scott Fitzgerald, media in Zagreb said.

Movie website imdb.com listed Zagreb and Opatija as filming locations. The director was named as John Curson.

Leonardo di Caprio has been rumoured for the part of the author himself. The author-as-character has been played in various films by notable actors including Jeremy Irons in Last Call in 2002. Timothy Hutton played him in 1993 in Zelda, opposite Natasha Richardson as the title character.

Ani: Amazon Warrior

Shakira to sing at NBA All-Star game

Colombian star Shakira will spend Valentines Day not with her boyfriend, but serenading basketball fans at the American NBA All-Star game.

Over 80,000 spectators will hear the Barranquilla-born singer perform hits including "She Wolf" and "Give It Up To Me," both tracks from her new album "She Wolf."

The 33-year-old pop star and philanthropist will have to cancel any plans to spend Valentines Day with her boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua, son of former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua. Maybe that will persuade him to set a date - the couple have been together for nearly ten years now, and engaged for eight, but have not as yet announced any imminent plans to marry.

Shakira will share the NBA stage with the singers Alicia Keys and Usher, in front of the biggest crowd ever to attend a basketball game.


Lady GaGa lookin for Love

Looking for the right person to share her adventure, Lady GaGa is ready to settle down.

The “Bad Romance” singer, also known as Stefani Germanotta, is feeling empty and sad with no man in her life.

“Lady GaGa is a character she hides behind,” a close friend told the National Enquirer. “When the show is over and she’s just Stefani; she’s not comfortable being herself. There’s no one really close to her heart right now.”

GaGa dated entrepreneur Speedy after meeting him on the set of her “LoveGame” video. The couple was together for four months then decided to split.

“She finally found someone she could relate to,” the source said of Speedy. “GaGa has trust issues. She’s afraid to expose her true self. Over the last year she has become a machine who just throws herself into her work. At this point, it’s really all she has.”


What? That is not all she has, she has her little monster's.

also calling b.s on this

“Lady GaGa is a character she hides behind,” a close friend told the National Enquirer. “When the show is over and she’s just Stefani; she’s not comfortable being herself. There’s no one really close to her heart right now.”

Dr. Conrad Murray Meets with Lawyers Before Surrender

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Dr. Conrad Murray will be meeting with his defense team today, in preparation for his surrender tomorrow in connection with the death of Michael Jackson. We're told Murray will meet with his California lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, who told TMZ just a few minutes ago, "I don't know what's going on."
Dr. Murray is also meeting with Ed Chernoff, his Houston lawyer, and others on his team. Sources tell TMZ involuntary manslaughter charges will not be filed today but if Murray surrenders on schedule it appears the L.A. County District Attorney will file charges first thing in the morning and Dr. Murray would be arraigned in downtown L.A. criminal court.


Rot in jail, jerk.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season Premiere Highlights!

RuPaul's Drag Race is the television show you don't know you already love. Not many people have LOGO, the one and only gay cable network, so it's no surprise that many missed out on the show's brilliant first season. There were showgirls snapping their fingers, weaves flying off bald heads, and ridiculous amounts of "charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent."

And this season promises to be even more outrageous. Not only have the new batch of contestants had the advantage of watching the first season and tailoring their inner divas accordingly, but the show's success has afforded for a larger budget this time around (last season's contestants stayed in cheap hotels during filming and suffered through Dollar Store challenges).

Just in case you are one of the unfortunate souls who has yet to see this show, let me break it down for you. The concept is best described as the bastard child of Project Runway, American Idol, and America's Next Top Model (minus Tyra's bloated ego, of course). The twelve ladies must sew their own outrageous costumes, work it on the runway, and "lip-synch for their life" if the judges aren't adequately convinced by their transformation. This lip-synch death match to decide who will "shantay you stay" or "shantay away" is often the highlight of the show, featuring aggressive wig flipping and overblown miming to gay classics (Madonna, Cher, Beyonce, et al.).

With the draggiest straight woman alive, Kathy Griffin, as guest judge, and a challenge to make a look out of drapes a la Scarlet O'Hara, the second season premiere did not disappoint. Watch the premiere's best moments:

More at the SOURCE!
Film - The Old Guard

Johnny Depp to Direct a Keith Richards Biopic

The Rolling Stones have collectively been the focus of some great music documentaries (Gimme Shelter; Shine a Light; Sympathy for the Devil). Now it's time for the band's guitarist, Keith Richards, to go solo with his own doc. And none other than Johnny Depp will direct it, according to The Playlist. They got the info from a Serbian website featuring an interview with the actor, who was apparently in Drvengrad last month for the unveiling of a statue in his image, the ceremony for which opened this year's Kustendorf Film Festival.

It's been 13 years since Depp last went behind the camera for the Native American drama The Brave, but in a translated statement Depp said that he's wiser now and ready to direct again. He noted that while he was in Serbia, his editor was going through "kilometers" of footage of Richards. That was a few weeks ago, so the actor has likely now joined in on the process, which will surely be very different from the fiction filmmaking involved with his directorial debut. He also said that he's "very touched that Keith agreed to show up in front of my cameras." Whether that means Depp has already shot Richards or if filming is commencing soon is unclear.

Depp and Richards, of course, have worked together before. After Depp admitted to basing his performance as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies on the legendary guitarist, Richards joined the actor on screen for the third installment, At World's End, in which he played the part of Sparrow's father, Captain Teague. It would be cool if the duo were united onscreen in this new film. I'd probably pay to see two hours of them just going out for a burger together or something. Whatever the doc is like, though, I hope they remember to provide subtitles for whenever Richards speaks.

Oh, dear Lord, this could be epicly awesome or epicly tragic. Did anyone else see The Brave? It's flawed, but sort of beautiful. (And I heard someone once say that RS photoshoot looked like wedding photos. HEE.) 14 MINUTES 'TIL LOST HFS
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Forget Top Model—RuPaul's Drag Race is Way More Fierce

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If you've ever tuned into RuPaul’s Drag Race (which airs Mondays at 10pm on LOGO), you might have noticed it bears a few similarities to another reality TV show hosted by another glamorous supermodel. And if, like me, you got sick of America’s Next Top Model’s tired formula many seasons (excuse me, “cycles”) ago, I recommend getting hooked on RuPaul's Drag Race now and not bothering with Top Model later this season. Drag Race has the allure of a modeling competition, but with a lot more extravaganza eleganza; here are six more reasons why RuPaul's spectacle puts Tyra's show to shame.

1. The challenges are harder.
It happens time and time again on ANTM: The girls learn four lines for a Cover Girl commercial, forget them, and cry. Tyra's gals should try being drag queens for a day: They have to apply their own (serious) hair and makeup, sew their own clothes, dance and perform gymnastics in stilettos and do it all with their gentlemen parts tucked away.

2. The girls are more fun.
While there have been a few standouts on ANTM (I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Jade), most of the girls pass through the show’s history with a hope and a dream and a bland personality. It’s maybe an unfair advantage that RuPaul’s Drag Race starts off with a cast of characters already accustomed to demanding an audience’s attention. But beyond over-the-top lipsynching and wig tossing, there’s an openness between the contestants you don’t see on other reality shows. The drag queens are the first ones to compliment each other on their beauty and attitude, yet won’t shy away from confrontation (one of my favorite quotes from Monday's episode: “I don’t start drama: I end it.”) The willingness of the girls to get real, real fast, leads to great yet strangely genuine reality TV about people with alternate personalities.

3. There is actual diversity!
Anyone who’s familiar with Top Model knows the routine. Each cycle features one or two “plus sized” models intent on breaking the mold and representing (cough) “real girls” (cough) everywhere. Then (except in one case) they get eliminated. I stopped watching when Tyra Banks began her grand experiment of featuring petite models on the show: She should have just retitled the series “America’s Next Top Pretty Girl.” RuPaul's Drag Race, on the other hand, doesn't need a special season for short girls or one for plus sized girls. The drag queens come in all colors and sizes and speak several languages. Plus, we'll probably never see a bald top model.

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Tiffany Thorton is engaged

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Sonny With A Chance actress Tiffany Thornton is engaged!

The 23-year-old starlet, who wore a new diamond ring on her ring finger to the premiere of Dear John last night, will wed a man from Arkansas, according to J-14, but there’s no word on what his name is yet!

Tiff’s friend Leven Rambin tweeted her congratulations earlier today.

Congratulations, Tiff!! Can’t wait to meet your fiance!

Congratulations! I love Sonny With A Chance.

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Victoria's Secret Model Miranda Kerr Shopping At...Victoria's Secret With Pet Dog.

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