January 26th, 2010

"What's it like to be married to a rapist?"

Roman Polanski's wife Emmanuelle Seigner chalks her husband's rape of a 13-year-old girl up to a "crazy time." It's a terrible excuse — but I can't bring myself to hate her.

In an interview with French Elle, Seigner said, "I am not a super-liberal person who thinks that nothing is that serious. I also think that at the time people didn't live and react in the same way." She added, "It was a crazy time. The attitude to drugs was not the same, nor was the attitude to sexual liberty and permissiveness." Of her relationship with Polanski, who may now be sentenced in absentia to time served, she said, "My personal truth is that Roman is a marvelous husband and man. He is an impeccable man and I have nothing to reproach him for."


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‘Jersey Shore’ Party a Dangerous Situation

The MTV reality series “Jersey Shore” isn’t broadcasting any more new episodes, but it still finds ways to trouble its home state. On Friday night a party at a nightclub in Montclair, N.J., where the “Jersey Shore” cast members were scheduled to appear, drew an unexpectedly large crowd, resulting in fights among clubgoers hoping to catch a glimpse of Snooki or the Situation and forcing the police to close the adjacent street temporarily. The Star-Ledger of Newark reported that the event at the nightclub, the 501 Lounge, drew an estimated 2,000 fans to the 800-person-capacity club. “They had crowds much larger than they could control,” David P. Sabagh, the Montclair police chief , told The Star-Ledger. “They had 600 upstairs, 200 to 300 downstairs and 400 outside.” He added, “There were fights inside and fights outside.” Chief Sabagh said that four people had been arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and drunken driving. On Thursday night the season finale of “Jersey Shore” was watched by 4.8 million people.


I need new episodes NOW. I guess I'll watch Archer on Thursday nights now instead..

Who Wants To Be A Late-Night Host?

Now that there is a free slot in the NBC late-night line-up (Jay's old show), under the cut is a list of individuals who could be the future face of late-night. From musicians to comedians to former-daytime hosts, these people have the skills to take a seat behind a desk. Are you on the list?

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ONTD : Who would you like to see host a late-night talk show ?
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'Gremlins 3D' will hate my lazy eye!

According to Bloody-disgusting, a sequel to 'Gremlins' is in development, and is planned as a 3-D film! (Ugh! people with a lazy eye can't even watch 3D) But that’s all they really say, and that Joe Dante, director of the first 2 movies, also mentioned development of a third Gremlins film, and confirmed he wouldn‘t return as director. Blah blah blah! I hope it isn’t all CGI’ed gizmo and gremlins. I also hope that Phoebe Cates and Zach Galligan kind of return… somehow, but they‘re all old now… I used to be so in love with Zach Galligan it was sick!


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Yates on Deathly Hallows, Part 2: "a big opera, a great big epic, with huge battles"

The latest issue of Total Film Magazine has a new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows set preview, where the trio and director David Yates talk about Parts 1 and 2.

Snitch Seeker got a copy of the magazine and reports (via Harry Potter's Page):

Yates called Part I a road film, saying it was dynamic, adrenalised, and visceral. He continued, “It’s a refugee story about three kids cut off from everything they know and everybody they love, being pursued relentlessly by people who want to murder them.”

He then pondered about the split and how one should go about splitting one story to make it two distinct stories. “Do you break it with a moment of suspense or one of resolution?” he asked aloud.

He also called Part II, “A big opera, a great big epic, with huge battles.”
Emma said she felt she was on a different film as this film doesn’t have the structure that the previous films had. She explained, “The others have this structure. You know, we come into the Great Hall and there’s the opening talk. And that’s gone.”

Screenwriter Steven Kloves gave a bit of a hint about the split, saying it was the most sound creative decision on where the split occurs. He also stated that the split will give a proper send-off to certain characters, “It should allow us to stretch a bit with the characters and give them the proper send-off.”

Source - http://www.mugglenet.com/app/news/show/3205

IDK if I will even see DH 1 or 2. I didnt see HBP in theaters since I did not like the book and I have mixed feelings about DH as a whole as well in book form so am undecided at this point.

And I miss Harry as he was in POA era.


New Massive Attack - "Saturday Come Slow" (Feat. Damon Albarn)

As reported time and again, Massive Attack's forthcoming Heligoland features a monstrous cameo list with the occasional side dish of NSFW porn confessional. The track with Tunde is out there, and in step with Damon's recently revealed Gorillaz jam comes this collab with the Bristol duo on "Saturday Come Slow." It's a Heligoland high water mark for Massive Attack's restrained, pitch-perfect production and Damon's weary, wrenching delivery. Don't miss:


I'm digging it.

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Jessica Alba Rocks The Fake Fur At Sundance

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With freezing temperatures reaching as low as -13C at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday, you can't blame Jessica Alba for wanting to keep warm.

But wrapping herself in an unattractive two-tone fake-fur coat will do little to endear her to fashion followers.

The actress at least managed a smile for photographers as she soaked up the atmosphere in freezing Park City, Utah. As well as the coat, Alba's was kitted out in woollen leggings, black biker boots and a green beanie hat.

The $575 coat is from Opening Ceremony. It was inspired by Carol from Where The Wild Things Are and was a collaboration with director Spike Jonze.


I love anyone who avoids real fur.

Obligatory anti-fur video(warning-graphic): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_8Ko-9uKRs
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~surprise surprise!~ Korean group plagiarize Rihanna?

Looks like we might have another case of plagiarism on our hands: everyone’s been tuning in to SNSD’s recent chart-topping hit track Oh!, and some eagle-eyed (err, bionically-eared) netizens have noticed an uncanny similarity between Oh! and popular American artist Rihanna’s Shut Up and Drive.

Obviously both tracks have different lyrics & different instruments, but with a bit of tweaking…

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Definitley not the first time this happened...

Please, don't even

Taylor Swift and John Mayer Do Dinner in Nashville

They've already made sweet music together, and now John Mayer and Taylor Swift are going to dinner together, too!

But we don't need to think of a cute couple moniker just yet.

Although Cabana restaurant in Nashville confirms that John and Tay did indeed have dinner together there Sunday night, it wasn't a romantic date à deux...

"They were with a big group," a rep for the restaurant tells E! News. "They just seemed to be friends."

John's in town to film an episode of CMT's Crossroads with Keith Urban, while Taylor shot a new video today.

Whew! We don't need mastubation muser John spending too much time around innocent Tay-Tay. It's cool if they want to record singles like they did on Half Of My Heart, but here's hoping they keep things purely professional.


Hmmm yeah right. I hope it keep like that too. AND LOL @ ~masturbation muser John~


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T.I. Sued For Copyright Infringement

Clifford Joseph Harris, better known as the rapper T.I., is being sued for copyright infringement by Nathan Filby, known as rapper Motoe Blizzid.

Filby- who is being represented by One LLP, an entertainment and intellectual property litigation firm known for handling high-profile copyright infringement suits- is taking issue with the rapper’s 2006 Grammy-award winning song What You Know. Filby says the song uses substantial portions of his 2004 track entitled Reverence.

Filby has performed with Ice-T, Snoop Dogg, and Ludacris among others and says he distributed Reverence to industry insiders including an agent at Relentless Management who works with T.I.

He says the musical evidence is irrefutable from their “same rate of harmonic range” to their “virtually identical core harmonic progression of descending 4ths” and “nearly identical instrumental melodic lines in terms of pitch, shape, and rhythm.” Filby even added illustrations in the court documents showing the two songs’ similar melodic similarities.

Filby is requesting a jury tail and seeks any damages and disgorgement of all profits derived from the song. T.I. Is currently at a halfway house in Atlanta from a federal weapons charge.



Michael Jackson dolls to hit UK shops

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Standby for the great new hit toy for Christmas 2010 - Michael Jackson dolls. At least that's what The Character Group, which has previously had hits with Dr Who, Peppa Pig and Go Go Pets, is hoping.

It has won the UK licence to distribute the four Jackson dolls "in some of his most memorable iconic poses" made by Playmates Toys.

The dolls, two of which will launched in August and two more before Christmas, will be primarily aimed at the collectors' market. Each doll will be individually numbered and sold in commemorative packaging.

Richard King, chairman of The Character Group added: “Michael Jackson's persona and performances were legendary and it is fantastic to be involved with an inspirational figure who entertained millions with the great music he created.

“We are confident that the dolls will be highly sought after by fans and collectors alike, and we look forward to launching the full range in time for Christmas sales this year. These sales will be mainly reflected in our 2011 financial year.”


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How Miranda Kerr Creates Inner Beauty

Instead of celebrities and “who they’re wearing” on the outside, we thought it might be a nice change to take a look at the inside and see how celebs create well-being in their lives. And the first person I thought of was Miranda Kerr. She always looks amazing and is the poster girl for zen living, so let’s take a look at her tips:

Buddhism: Miranda and boyfriend Orlando Bloom practice a Japanese form of Buddhism, which she began studying at a very young age. She explains, “I practice Nichiren Buddhism, chant regularly, meditate and do yoga regularly. Inner peace and inner beauty is very important to me. I don't like to talk too much about it, but what I will say is that it is very grounding and really centering.”

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The 2010 Pirelli Calendar!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From Celebslam.com:

"I've been posting bits and pieces of the 2010 Pirelli Calendar over the past few months (here and here). Now here's the whole thing, featuring such crowd favorites as Miranda Kerr's tits and Ana Beatriz Barros' tits. This totally beats the calendar I have hanging in my office of dogs dressed like people. Golden Retrievers aren't supposed to be doctors. What kind of shit are you trying to pull Hallmark! I'm onto your little game."

Posted some pics after the cut. You can see all the uncensored pics (there's ~30) at the source site: http://celebslam.celebuzz.com/2010/01/nude-supermodels.php

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Trio Trio

The Stew back in L.A .

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She spent some time in the chilly climate of Park City, Utah at the Sundance Film Festival as of late, and yesterday (January 25) Kristen Stewart was spotted arriving back in Los Angeles.

The “Twilight” babe looked to be in good spirits as she hung out with a group of friends after flying back into LAX International Airport.

As for her upcoming release “The Runaways,” Kristen confessed that while many audience members may be looking forward to seeing her kiss Dakota Fanning, it wasn’t a big deal for them.

“It’s just something we did. In this story, it’s so not a romantic thing. It’s just something that they just do. We had so many other really crazy things that we were intimidated by, like, we had a performance that day. So when that came up on the schedule we were like: ‘Whoa!’ But then ‘Alright, whatever.’ It was sort of just like another thing.”

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fuck the mcu

Everyone's calling Christoph Waltz these days

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LOS ANGELES — It has been a glourious year for Christoph Waltz.

The Austrian actor, for three decades an unknown presence toiling mostly in German television, is suddenly, well, waltzing off with a pile of statuettes for his turn as voluble, deadly and quick-witted Nazi Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantino's World War II fable Inglourious Basterds (out on DVD).

On Saturday, Waltz won the Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance. Earlier this month, he picked up Golden Globe and Critics' Choice awards. He's nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Award, and he's on the short list for an Oscar nomination.

"It's lovely to be appreciated to that degree, and I'm extremely grateful," he says. "This is the most incredible part written. It's the best thing I've ever done — I don't mean the result, but the process. It was the most rewarding for me."

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fuck the mcu

'Avatar' Junkies Explain Their Fandom: 'It's A Spiritual Experience!'

When it comes to James Cameron's mega-hit, some Pandoraholics don't know when — or how — to call it quits

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Box-office bean counters haven't had much time to sleep in the six weeks since the release of James Cameron's epic "Avatar." The potent combination of effusive word of mouth and critical praise helped the film glide right past "The Dark Knight" this past weekend to capture the #2 spot — behind Cameron's "Titanic" — on the list of all-time top-grossing domestic releases.

So who's driving these intergalactic numbers? While casual moviegoers certainly play a huge role, "Avatar" junkies make "Titanic" devotees look like a regional fan club. And these are by no means closet cases: Coaxing Pandoraholics to dish about the movie's merits requires as much prodding as asking Lady Gaga fans why they love her.

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Teeny Little Super Guy

Hope For Haiti Now telethon ratings, charts, and total raised

Friday night’s "Hope For Haiti Now" telethon raised more than $61 million for the victims of the devastating earthquake that struck the Caribbean island two weeks ago, Reuters reports. An average of 24 million people watched the entire two-hour special, while an astounding 83 million total U.S. viewers tuned in at various points of the telecast and an additional 5.8 million streamed the special online. As Rolling Stone reported in our live blog, "Hope For Haiti Now" featured memorable performances by Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris, Madonna, Neil Young and Dave Matthews, Beyoncé, a collaboration between Jay-Z, U2’s Bono and the Edge and Rihanna and more.

While the song "Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)," performed by Jay-Z, U2 and Rihanna, was the big story heading into "Hope For Haiti Now," the performance that has drawn the most charity downloads on iTunes internationally has been Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris’ duet on Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah." In fact, as of press time, JT’s "Hallelujah" continues to top U.S. iTunes Top Singles chart, beating out Taylor Swift’s "Today Was a Fairytale"; it’s also the lone “Hope For Haiti Now” performance on the iTunes Top 10 songs chart. The entire Hope For Haiti Now album currently sits at Number One on iTunes’ Albums Chart, and is all but guaranteed the top spot on tomorrow’s Billboard 200 chart.

According to Reuters, organizers will continue to collect money from "Hope For Haiti Now" for the next six months. Despite the ongoing recession, the telethon raised more than the Hurricane Katrina special "Shelter From the Storm," which pulled in $40 million. In fact, "Hope For Haiti Now" wound up in the same impressive ballpark as American Idol’s two "Idol Gives Back" specials, which raised $76 million and $60 million in 2007 and 2008.


Yay for all ONTDers who watched the telethon and donated, either through Hope for Haiti Now or any other charity! And I'm so glad that the Hope for Haiti Now album is #1 on iTunes.


Keith Richards Gives Up Booze

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

by Music-News.com - January 26 2010

Hell has frozen over. Keith Richards has given up alcohol.

The Rolling Stones guitarist – who is known for his hellraising lifestyle – hasn’t downed a drink in four months, despite previously claiming he would never become teetotal.

A source close to the 66-year-old musician said: 'There’s no guarantees that he’ll stay off it – but he’s doing really well so far.

'He has always quite enjoyed the fact that he seemed to be able to carry on drinking as much as he liked with no real negative impact on his health.'

It is believed Keith decided to quit booze after seeing his bandmate Ronnie Wood start drinking heavily again and eventually split from his wife of 23 years Jo to run off with 21-year-old cocktail waitress Katia Ivanova, who Ronnie is also now separated from.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: 'He has watched Ronnie fall well and truly off the wagon last year and he doesn't like what he sees.

'Plus he has started to feel for the first time like it might do him some good to give up the booze for a while.'

Four years ago Keith suffered a brain haemorrhage after he fell out of a tree while partying on the Pacific island of Fiji, but made a full recovery.

Beksinski - Face
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James McAvoy & Anne-Marie Duff Expecting a Baby

Actors James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff are expecting their first child, they have announced.

The couple's spokesman, Rupert Fowler, said they had no further comment or information at this time.

Duff, 39, who starred in the BBC4 film Margot as prima ballerina Margot Fonteyn, recently spoke about wanting to become a mother.

"I would love to have a baby. I'm not putting it off but unfortunately bodies don't work that way," she said.

McAvoy has starred in several Hollywood films including Atonement, Last King of Scotland and the Narnia Chronicles.


PEEN POST (but he's ugly as fuck)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Disney chicks and R&B starlets aren’t the only ones snapping naked flicks of themselves in the bathroom mirror and hitting SEND. Portland Trailblazer Greg Oden decided to do the same thing. View the vid to take a glimpse at his nakedness he was sending to one of his jumpoffs. It’s clearly him as he’s wearing the same white band in every shot and has the exact same body.

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I'm pretty sure you're going to open this just because it says nsfw but save yourself the time and don't...his face is too unfortunate to care about his size.
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TV Ratings: FOX Wins Night; Castle Sees Highs, Chuck Steady

With CBS in repeats and FOX having an all-new night featuring House, FOX won the night with adults 18-49, adults 18-34 and total viewers, with House leading in each category for the night. 24 was down 8 percent from the 9p-10p hour last week (3.3 vs. 3.6) with adults 18-49 (last week 24 ran from 8p-10p).

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TV by the Numbers

Please Heroes, continue your epic ratings decline for I can dance on your grave come Upfronts. (However, now that I said that, NBC will renew the program for two more seasons.)

Dollhouse: (Briefly) The Best Show on Television

A PopMatters.com writer argues that, despite a slow beginning, Dollhouse has become an absolutely brilliant series.

Suddenly, though not entirely unexpectedly, Dollhouse has become the best show on TV.

Let me repeat that: Dollhouse is—albeit briefly—the best show on TV.

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Just a reminder that the Dollhouse series finale, "Epitaph Two: Return", airs this Friday, an hour earlier than usual!

Dollhouse Series Finale Trailer - S2E13


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"Avatar" is the winner and new worldwide boxoffice champion.

After six rounds on the foreign circuit, "Avatar" is now the biggest-grossing film of all time.

Distributor 20th Century Fox says the James Cameron mega-budget blockbuster's worldwide cume -- excluding Puerto Rico -- was through the weekend $2 million shy of "Titanic's" global boxoffice record of $1.843 billion. (Boxoffice in Puerto Rico, though generated offshore, is considered by Fox as part of domestic total.)

The distributor confirmed that "Titanic's" historic benchmark fell as of early Monday.

The James Cameron mega-budget blockbuster rolled up an overseas cume through Sunday of $1.292 billion, exceeding by $50.1 million "Titanic's" 13-year international boxoffice record of $1.242 billion. The foreign record actually fell Saturday, as earlier predicted.

Avatar's domestic cume through the weekend stood at $551.7 million, still $49 million shy of "Titanic's" record $600.8 million.

The latest No. 1 weekend overseas tally was $108.3 million grossed from 11,925 screens in 111 markets. It was the sixth consecutive weekend that "Avatar" grossed more than $100 million on the foreign circuit.

Among the key territories on the weekend were: France (cume: $124.8 million), Germany ($95.8 million), the U.K. ($93.2 million), South Korea ($79.7 million), Japan ($77.7 million), Australia ($77 million) and Spain ($76 million). "Avatar" is now the biggest-grossing film of all time in China, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong and Chile. It is the biggest Hollywood film ever to play in India.

The latest gross numbers underscore yet again the importance of the foreign circuit playoff to "Avatar's" success. Nearly 70% of the film's worldwide revenue come from overseas. That's about the same as the 67% slice of "Titanic's" worldwide total gross that originated abroad.

Peculiar to "Avatar's" success is the latest wave of exhibition technology. At least 65% of its overseas boxoffice and nearly 80% of its domestic earnings derive from 3D venues, which charge the equivalent of several dollars more than conventional theatrical sites. Imax locations worldwide playing "Avatar" have rolled up $134 million in 38 days with ticket prices of about $15 each.

Big contributors to "Avatar's" foreign success are China and Russia, two key territories that were not significant boxoffice factors when "Titanic" played overseas. On the weekend, "Avatar" secured $12.5 million in China, boosting the market cume to $103 million. In Russia, the weekend tally was $4.8 million for a market cume of $96.3 million.

Then there is the inflation factor. According to a formula developed by the department of U.S. Labor Statistics, "Titanic's" 1997 worldwide gross is currently worth at least $2.5 billion on an inflation adjusted basis, or $805 million domestic and $1.664 billion foreign.

Still champ is "Gone With the Wind," which grossed $400 million worldwide in 1939, now worth at least $6 trillion -- yes, that's trillion with a T -- in today's dollars. One dollar in 1939 is the equivalent of $15.43 today.



eta: fwiw i dont think the thing about gone with the wind is true

not according to box office mojo anyway

@ all of u

we win already, WHY WONT YOU LET US BE GREAT

Brad Pitt buys a cave to hide from skeletor

Brad buys £700,000 bachelor pad (complete with its own cave) to 'get over split from Angelina'

Brad Pitt has secretly purchased a bachelor pad to help him sort out his split from Angelina Jolie, it was reported yesterday.

The 46-year-old Ocean's Eleven actor has spent £700,000 on the house, complete with a cave, in the Hollywood Hills.

'The house oozes character,' said a source. 'Brad has had his eye on it for some time but he decided now was the right time to buy because he wanted a place to call his own.

'He needs somewhere quiet that doesn't have memories of Angie and where he can be alone and think about what he does next.'

Built in 1920 and originally on sale for £1.3million, the property has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a bar area. The cave is built into the foundations.

It was reported yesterday that Pitt's mother Jane has stepped in to try to save his relationship with Miss Jolie.

She plans to use the skills she learnt working as a family counsellor when she meets the 34-year-old actress in Los Angeles next week.

The 70-year-old has apparently become close to Miss Jolie thanks to their joint work in setting up a cancer centre.

She has however always favoured her son's ex-wife, the actress Jennifer Aniston, 40.

Pitt and Miss Jolie are already believed to have enlisted lawyers to negotiate the division of their £205million fortune and custody of their children.

slimandsexxxy source

Joe Jonas Debunks Hilary Duff Dating Rumors

Joe Jonas cleared up rumors that he and friend Hilary Duff were dating this morning on Ryan Seacrest?s radio show. Joe told Ryan on KIIS FM that his family is neighbors with Hilary in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The rumors began to circulate after Joe was seen walking across Hilary?s front law.

He told Ryan that he went a different way out of the house, so when photographers were waiting for Hilary, who is in a long-term relationship with NHL star Mike Comrie, to leave her house, they thought Joe was leaving from her place.

It seems to be a neighborhood filled with former Disney stars. Miley Cyrus also lives down the street.

"My parents are her next door neighbors. I was leaving my parents garage, [photographers] must have been waiting for Hilary Duff. Their garages are right next to each other. So as I'm walking out, they take a picture of me, saying I'm leaving Hilary Duff's house. Nick was like 'I'm going to ruin this rumor for you' and I was like 'No, no let it ride for a while.' "



People actually thought they were dating? lol

New York Mag Thinks Ben Whishaw Is Straight -- But Is He?

In a conversation titled "Dancy and Whishaw, Heterosexual British Actors, Sometimes Hug," in the latest issue of New York Magazine, Ben Whishaw and his co-star Hugh Dancy are asked, "You're both straight. Did you have any hesitations about taking explicit gay roles?"

While this might seem like a typical enough way to start an interview with two young, handsome actors starring in The Pride, now playing at NYC's Lucille Lortel Theatre, about the contrasting experiences of gay men in 1958 and 2008, there's one small problem: Ben Whishaw has never explicitly stated that he is straight.

In fact, in our February feature story the 29-year-old actor, who has previously starred as Bob Dylan in Todd Hayne's I'm Not There, as poet John Keats in Jane Campion's Bright Star, and just finished up playing a man who takes a break from his boyfriend only to fall in love with woman in Cock at London's Royal Court Theater, eschews labels all together.

"Maybe it's subconscious, I don't know," he told writer Gareth McLean. "It's intriguing to me that these parts come along. Of course the choices you make express something about you to the world, and of course the work I do is all about me, but rather than me standing up and making statements about myself and things, I'd prefer to let the work do the speaking."

When McLean asks Whishaw about the importance of young gay people having positive role models, the actor's ambiguous stance lifts a bit: "I really agree with that, and I feel in my heart that it's important, but I don't quite know yet the way to go about that. Maybe that's the transitional thing I feel I'm in the middle of at the moment. It's something I think about, but it's important for me to do it at the time that's right for me. And I'm not there yet."

So the verdict is still out (or not) -- and yet -- while maybe it's inappropriate to claim Whishaw for our team at this time, from where we're standing and after hearing what he's had to say, we certainly wouldn't call him "straight." But this is just one more example of the choppy, complicated channels young actors (and old ones, too) are forced to navigate when trying to live their lives in and out of the spotlight in a world where admitting you're queer can cost you everything. We hope that those who've made the leap and came out and lived to tell about it will provide inspiration for those who are still worried about what it'll mean for their futures and their bank accounts and we look forward to a time when the assumption that an actor is straight isn't left unrefuted because the alternative is too scary and, ultimately, too destructive.

To read our full story on Ben Whishaw, head to Out.com.





- An anonymous poster calls a model 'a skank' online ...
- A judge orders Google to turn over information ABOUT THE ANONYMOUS BLOGGER, WHO IS NOW IDENTIFIED AS



Since a US judge ordered Google to hand over the email address of a woman calling another a "skank" in a blog, those who have been anonymously slagged off in blogs have some hope of fighting back

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Blind item

This C List Male Reality Star hooked up with a B list film actress. He bragged to our source that he took pictures of their night together on his cell phone. He didn’t show them off, but hopes to hook up with her again. Right now she is not returning his calls so he is threatening to use the alleged pics as leverage. If she refuses to see him, then he’ll release the pics. Oh, by the way, the actress is married.

Not an MTV star.

Parineeta, Saif, train

Behold, words of wisdom from Bollywood's elder statesman.

I don't know why he is contemplating goldfish in this picture, but they are the luckiest goldfish in the world.

Just a minute with Amitabh Bachchan
Bollywood's reigning king talks about India's media and 'Rann'

MUMBAI -- Interviewing Amitabh Bachchan is an event in itself. You go over your questions several times, make sure the recorder has backup batteries and reach the venue early.

Once inside, you will notice the two video cameras that will record every word because the 67-year-old actor records every interview.

It does get a bit unnerving but once you start the conversation, all that fades away as
Bachchan talks about his relationship with the media, his upcoming film "Rann" and how sad endings work for him.

Q: Your new film "Rann" deals with the world of news and media.

A: "'Rann' is about the fact that the media has got the title of the conscience of the nation, but the media is also a business and sometimes to run a business, you compromise with your conscience or vice-versa.

"It is a battle that goes on in the mind of one individual, which is my character, Vijay Harshvardhan Malik. He has a voice, he has an opinion and when he talks, the nation believes him. How he then gets involved in the politics of the nation, the competition that exists in the news media, issues in his family, issues with industrialists and how he either comes out or succumbs to it."

Q: In the past, you've had quite a tumultuous relationship with the media. How do you look back on those years?

A: "Well, it wasn't tumultuous; it's just that certain understandings that went wrong. The media accused or assumed that I was responsible for press censorship during the time of the emergency, which was completely wrong and false and therefore they banned me. And when they banned me, I reciprocated and that's how that relationship went."

"But you know I have friends in the media and everything is eased out now. And I said they have a certain responsibility, they have certain formats to follow. We are public personalities, we will be written about and we have to learn to live with that. Of course, if it goes beyond a point then you have to talk to them or now, give a clarification through some other medium."

Q: So does the fact that there are other mediums now available, like your blog which is so widely read, diminish the need for the media in a way?

A: "I don't know. If there are so many mediums available then obviously there will be a lot of dilution taking place. Yes, it's an asset, advantage that we can directly go (to them) without another medium and that's a lot of fun I think. And it's immediate. You get an immediate response and you can respond to that response, so I think it's marvelous."

Q: You record all your interviews, you save every message you get from the media. Is there an element of mistrust there?

A: "That is just in case I don't get misquoted and then I have an opportunity to tell you or correct you. And also for my own record."

Q: What's been the reaction of the media to the "Rann"?

A: "They find it very interesting. They have seen the promo and they are very curious about it. I haven't really shown it to many people but Barkha (Dutt of NDTV) and Aroon Purie who is a personal friend, were all very keen to see it.

Q: The director of this film, Ram Gopal Varma, is a man who has been called everything from mediocre to brilliant. You have stood by him in spite of that. Why?

A: "Well, it isn't like you are married to someone and you have to stand by them no matter what. I enjoy working with him, the roles that he gives me, even the ones that didn't work. There is a certain creativity and respect for each other, he presents me very well, so I enjoy working with him."

Q: You career could be divided into two phases, during the 'angry young man' phase and now. Which would you say has been creatively fulfilling?

A: "That's because of my age. I can't be playing leading men any more. Even in the early part of my career, I was doing things that were very fulfilling and the same is happening now. I cannot differentiate because I would be being dishonest if I were to differentiate between a phase of my creativity."

Q: Your last film "Paa" was very well-received and is sweeping all the awards. That must be very satisfying.

A: "Yes, it is very satisfying. I am happy that a lot of people appreciated the film and that they were able to see something different and still patronize it. It shows that the audience, as we always believe, is never ignorant and they are the most intelligent people. If we test them you will find that they are very vocal and very knowledged (sic) about what is meted out to them and we must never ignore that."

Q: You've also done television shows recently. Do you enjoy that medium?

A: "It's a very different medium, a very challenging one and it is not as easy as it looks. I am in great admiration of the amount of labour that goes into putting up these shows. I have had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how it works and it's a massive operation and it is all handled by youngsters.

"In fact, I think that is the trend everywhere. I was on a flight to Delhi yesterday and the pilot came out to meet and take autographs and they looked like kids out of college (laughs). They must have great acumen to handle such responsibility at this age."

Collapse )

Parineeta, Saif, train

ABBAWORLD theme park opens in London

LONDON (AP) -- Mamma Mia! How can they resist ... ABBAWORLD?

The Swedish pop group ABBA is the subject of a theme park that opens Tuesday in London — ABBAWORLD.

ABBA has sold 400 million records since its 1970s heyday and spawned the hugely successful stage and film musical "Mamma Mia."

Swedish organizers say the theme park will be "a place for total interaction" with the band.

The exhibition tells ABBA's story in 25 rooms, displaying costumes, a recreation of the band's Polar Studios and even the helicopter on the cover of the 1976 album "Arrival."

The four former members of ABBA support the project and have donated memorabilia as well as recording interviews for the exhibition.

Source: http://music.msn.com/music/article.aspx?news=454348>1=28102

brb, booking my tickets to London... I love this group SFM.
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It's procreating; run for your lives

Tila Tequila -- Baby for Sale

Tila Tequila says she's pregnant and she's willing to confirm it -- for a price.

We've learned Tila is shopping an ultrasound around she says proves she's having a baby.

As for who the father is ... God only knows.

UPDATE: Tila tells TMZ, "I hope it's a boy but I'm not gonna find out 'cause I don't wanna know. But if it's a boy the name is Jayden. A girl - it's Violet."

She says the baby daddy is "a Swedish man - gorgeous."
you go ro coco

Howard Stern Says Brad & Angie Are No More!

While listening to Rosie Radio this morning Howard Stern popped in for a little surprise talk and they got on the subject of Brad and Angelina. Howard said that they are no longer together and Rosie asked Howard if he actually knew that or was just going off of the tabloids and Howard said the he knows that. Rosie asked how and he said that he knows people and knows things and that he can pretty much say for sure that they are no longer together.

Howard said that even though Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen that Brad should have known better since Billy Bob Thorton, a man who has a fear of antiques and only eats orange food, said that she had too many problems for him.

So there ya go. Howard Stern is a pretty honest guy and I believe pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth.

source = my Sirius radio.

Lets remember the good times kids..
culkin megamix

Macaulay Culkin may join Big Love; I may start watching Big Love.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Macaulay Culkin is rumoured to be joining the cast of HBO series Big Love.

The former Home Alone star has reportedly been spotted on the set of the show visiting with cast member Chloe Sevigny and co-creator Will Scheffer.

Scheffer told TV Guide that he and the programme's other producers are "interested" in writing a role for Culkin.

"He watches the show and we can see him fitting into either the compound or the Mormon world," he said.

Scheffer added that Culkin would be "an interesting person to add to that mix".

Culkin, 29, apparently shares the same agent as Big Love actress Sissy Spacek.

Big Love star Bill Paxton has said that the actor would "make a great young evangelist" on the show.


This is oddly fitting, since my biggest fantasy is for Mac to become a polygamist and marry both me AND Mila Kunis.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
culkin megamix

Kevin McAllister returns to Central Park; Pigeon Lady myseriously absent.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

“The Park,” a sumptuous new original series from Tyep, we have those, see our T Takes — debuts next Monday. Directed by Poppy de Villeneuve and set within the majestic bounds of Central Park, the five-episode series stars Macaulay Culkin, Q’orianka Kilcher, and the vaunted stage actress Mary Beth Peil, who plays Chris Noth’s mother on “The Good Wife.”

“It’s about five very simple interactions with people — taking very ordinary moments and just highlighting how funny, and strange, and even important, some exchanges can be,” says the British-born photographer and filmmaker, who caught Central Park on that atmospheric hinge between autumn and winter. “We were very lucky,” she says. “Just after we shot, the last leaves fell.”

source (with preview.)

This "T" they're talking about is apparently The New York Times? ...channel? Online? I don't know, I don't get it, someone please explain.

They won't let me embed the preview (which for some reason features extensive credits) but Macaulay's got some long David Spade-esque hair in it.
its physics
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Best known for her wild partying and her foul mouth, the queen of MTV’s Jersey Shore Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi will be taking the red carpet by storm as a correspondent at the Grammy awards. In an exclusive interview with her agent Scott Talarico, RadarOnline.com learned that Snooki will soon unleash her reporting talents on music’s biggest names come Sunday.

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woman glasses
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Martha Stewart leaving syndication for cable

'Martha Stewart Show' Moves to Hallmark Cable-TV Channel


Martha Stewart is moving her TV talk show to the Hallmark Channel on cable, where the domestic diva's company hopes it can make money.

"The Martha Stewart Show," a chat-and-lifestyle show hosted by Ms. Stewart, has been airing for more than four years on a variety of local TV channels, under a distribution deal with General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal.

Ms. Stewart hasn't had the same level of success as Oprah Winfrey, another talk-show host who is moving her show to cable television.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc., the company Ms. Stewart founded, doesn't make money on "The Martha Stewart Show," but uses it to promote the company's magazines, merchandise and other brands. The show has pulled in lackluster ratings, and Martha Stewart Living has warned it may have to discontinue production of the show in its current form.

Martha Stewart Living Executive Chairman Charles Koppelman said he expects the company will make more money out of the Hallmark Channel deal than it does from its existing deal with NBC Universal.


NBC Universal declined to comment.

Unlike its existing arrangement where TV channels decide when to broadcast "The Martha Stewart Show," Hallmark Channel will air the show at 10 a.m. each day, and rerun it multiple times, giving extra opportunity to sell commercial spots.

Hallmark Channel, owned by Crown Media Holdings Inc., will start airing "The Martha Stewart Show" beginning in September, after the current NBC Universal distribution deal winds down. The companies said Tuesday they also expect to create other shows together, including an extra daily show featuring personalities other than Ms. Stewart, and holiday specials.


this is what you get when you mess w/us

Animal Collective return to offend people who don't like music that's all weird.

Watch the Trailer for Animal Collective's Movie

Plus screenings announced
Watch the Trailer for Animal Collective's Movie

Animal Collective and director Danny Perez's abstract visual phantasmagoria ODDSAC premieres at the Sundance Film Festival tonight. But if you can't make it to Utah, the guys are offering some solace in the form of a 30-second trailer for the film-- which looks dark and weird and features a dude running through the woods with smoke coming out of his head. Watch it below.

ODDSAC is also set to screen in New York and Chicago in March. Check the movie's official site for more info.


Remains Found of Missing Metallica Girl

In response to this ONTD post

Police 'fairly certain' remains are student missing from Metallica concert

(CNN) -- Police tentatively identified remains found on a remote farm as the Virginia Tech student who disappeared in October during a Metallica concert.

Morgan Harrington, a 20-year-old education major, went to the concert at the University of Virginia's John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia, on October 17. She was separated from her friends and was the subject of repeated searches.

Police said skeletal remains were found in a hay field on a 700-acre farm with no public access point.

Collapse )


So sad. :(

This post might hurt like satan...

Why Does Everyone Want To Kill Jared Leto?

Jared Leto has starred in many films, but he hasn't made it through many of them alive. Whether he's shot to death, hit in the head with an axe, lit on fire, or having one or more limbs amputated, the characters he plays suffer terrible fates. Even in the films where you don't see him die, it is implied (In "Prefontaine" he dies in a car crash, In "Girl Interrupted" he is sent to Vietnam). Either Leto's agent is trying to drop a serious hint, or the actor has masochistic tendencies. Here, we take a look at Leto's most gruesome roles to date.

Collapse )

BTW, on totally unrelated news, Jared Leto and Thirty Seconds to Mars had an auction going on with proceeds going to the emergency relief efforts in Haiti. The winning bid:

YES, $100,100.00 as in ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND. (that's fucking insane, but nice).


Show Leto some love y'all, as he is definitely team ONTD. He bitched @ Perez for posting a fake story (which he stole from some other site, btw... classy) about him in Sundance. Hung like a horse AND team ONTD? Fuck yeah.

Aol TV's Outside the Box for 'Lost' with Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway!

This interview is with Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway of 'Lost' interviewing one another for Aol TV's Outside the Box with questions sent in by fans (similar to Moviefone's Unscripteds).

Highlights include: Josh talking about what he would write if he could make his own ending for his character, what Jorge thinks is the most outrageous fan theory that he's heard about the numbers mystery, Evageline/Josh's thoughts on why everyone thinks Jack and Kate should be together, whether they will take anything from the set once the show is over, what they would have been "voted most likely too..." in high school , etc....

Source: Aol TV
BBT: ♥

Love by the Book

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Poet-memoirist Nick Flynn, indie star Lili Taylor, and their 2-year-old, Maeve, divide their time between a Cobble Hill co-op and a Hudson Valley barn. Taylor (as “Inez”) is a central figure in Flynn’s second memoir, The Ticking Is the Bomb, which is partly about choosing one woman over another in order to start a family. (His first book, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, deals with his mother’s suicide and his father’s homelessness.) 


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(no subject)

From the New Look Facebook

We're delighted to announce that Taylor Momsen is the face of our SS10 collection! We're so excited! Check out these exclusive images of her modelling the latest looks and adding her individual, edgy, rock chic style to the collection!

Not all the looks are available yet but we thought you'd appreciate a sneek peak at whats to come for New Look in 2010....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Breton stripe Tunic £10 @ http://bit.ly/6DvuM5
Over the knee sock £4 for 2 @ http://bit.ly/4XIlG3
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John Travolta to cure Haiti with his Xenu Rays

John Travolta is sending a plane full of medical supplies and "volunteer ministers" from the Church of Scientology to help with relief efforts in Haiti. While the medical supplies are helpful, Gawker takes a look at some of the procedures these "ministers" will perform on earthquake victims:

"Locational Assists": After traumas, people sometime's forget where they are maybe? To remind earthquake victims that they are still stuck in Haiti, volunteer ministers will be performing this vital medical procedure, quoted here verbatim from the Scientology Handbook:

5. Continue giving the command, directing the person's attention to different objects in the environment. Be sure to acknowledge the person each time after he has complied.
For instance, you say, "Look at that tree." "Thank you." "Look at that building." "Good." "Look at that street." "All right." "Look at that lawn." "Very good." You point each time to the object.
6. Keep this up until the person has good indicators and a cognition. You can end the assist at this point. Tell the person, "End of assist."

Maybe instead of making people who've witnessed catastrophic death and carnage look at a fucking tree until Thetans stop stealing their memories, the Church of Scientology could actually do something useful by getting Tom Cruise down there. No, really, the man's extremely small and there's still a lot of folks trapped under rubble. Some of whom I'm sure are naked men, and wow, he's already in his jet. GO, TOM, GO!


Ya! Who? -- It's Jonte!

The man behind Beyonce and Janet Jackson's moves stopped by Out magazine to chat about his upcoming album, what inspires him, eating McDonald's in Japan, and why for him, gender ain't nothing but an expression. He's also performing in NYC this Thursday.

Here are two videos and a bit from the interview (the rest is at the source below):

Performing some of his trademark moves to his single "Ya! Who":

In the press I’ve read about you, you’re often referred to as a drag queen or a tranny. How do you think of yourself in terms of your gender presentation?
I’m just an androgynous male. That’s it. I look good in women’s clothes so I might as well wear them, you know? That’s what it is. I’m really not a drag queen. Although I love drag queens, that’s really not me.

Totally -- I just wanted to hear it from your mouth. People love to label stuff --
Of course. I just don’t get it. But Gaga’s opening that door.

I saw her last night. What’s your opinion?
I haven’t seen the concert yet but I think she’s amazing because people are starting to open their minds a little bit about… looks. I hate to say it, but in this industry everything’s about a look. They look at you first and then decide if you’re good or not. It’s sad. But I’m thankful for her -- that she’s opening the doors for people who look different.

How does gender play and gender manipulation manifest themselves in your act?
You know I don’t even focus on gender at all. I make it very neutral: I am what I am and that’s it. When people come see my show they don’t even think “gay” or “faggot,” they just think it’s amazing. And that’s how it should be -- it shouldn’t be anything about sex. Because once they think sex then they think “you’re this,” or “you’re that.” It should just be about the art. I am the art.


Lohan Donating Leggings Profits to Haiti

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lindsay Lohan is doing her part for the Haiti relief effort - she's donating proceeds from the sale of her leggings range to benefit a children's charity.

The Mean Girls star is using her 6126 collection website to encourage fashionable fans to purchase a pair of metallic leggings, named The Fame, which were recently reduced from $90 (£56.25) to $65 (£40.60).

All profits from the sale of the items online will be donated to Save The Children to help kids left devastated by the 12 January earthquake.

In a note on the site, Lohan writes, "It is truly horrible what has happened to the people and children in Haiti.

"I believe every company should do their part to help by donating what they can. Please help us do our part for the Children of Haiti by purchasing this 6126 legging.

"I am proud to announce that we are giving 100 percent of the proceeds to Haiti’s children through an organization I am passionate about, Save the Children."


Deathly Hallows in 3D

Warner Bros. will release the next two “Harry Potter” films in 3D.

Early 3D-conversion tests on Warners’ remake of “Clash of the Titans” have gone so well that -- combined with boosted enthusiasm for 3D in the wake of the “Avatar” tsunami -- the Burbank studio has decided to release not only “Titans” but also the two-part “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” in 3D.

Warners refused to confirm the decision Tuesday, but an announcement on “Titans” is expected by week’s end, and official word on the “Potter” pics surely will follow.

Conversion expenses have been coming down, so each film will cost just $5 million to convert into 3D.

Warners also will absorb an additional $5 million expense per pic to pay for 3D glasses for exhibitors handling the movies.

In a related move, Warners will push back the release date of “Titans” one week to April 2. “Deathly Hallows: Part I” is set to unspool on Nov. 19, and “Part II” is slotted for July 15, 2011.


Preview of season 2 of MTV's "How is babby formed. How girl get pragnent"

That's right folks. 16 & Pregnant is back!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Can't wait! This is seriously my crack atm. And is it just me, or do these girls seem 10x times more skanky and trashy than the original six.
And on a a completely random note, the black girl in the trailer is gorgeous


Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie Presley Marriage Certificate Sold for $70,800

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Proxibid, the world’s largest provider of live auction webcasting services, today announced that the original marriage certificate issued to Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley sold online for $70,800 during a live auction webcast hosted through its live online bidding platform. Bidding took place during Philip Weiss Auctions’ January 23 auction which included rare books, autographs, and rock and roll and sports memorabilia.

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...Why wouldn't they just give it to Lisa Marie or Michael's mother? This is creepy and wrong.

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zoe saldana photoshoot in mexico

Zoe Saldana headed to Cabo yesterday, though the tropical getaway was for business — the Avatar star was decked out in a bikini later in the afternoon to do a photo shoot. It's been a whirlwind few months for Zoe in the wake of her blockbuster film's success, as it remains at the top of the box office for the sixth week in a row.
more pics at the source

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I hope this is for Vogue or some shit. and it looks like she's put on some weight since filming.. :)
Colin Melooooy

Joanna Newsom does shit with her harp! Listen!

On February 23, Drag City will release Have One on Me, the highly anticipated new album from Joanna Newsom. (Australians will get it a little earlier; Spunk will release the album on February 19.) UPDATE: According to Drag City, it will be released worldwide on February 23.

Well, now we can reveal a little more about Have One on Me. For one thing, it's a triple album. You read that right: Have One on Me will take up three CDs and three LPs. Ambitious!

One song from the album, a bare-bones harp-and-voice track called "'81", is streaming on Drag City's site; click here to listen to it. Click here to see the simple, utilitarian cover art, a far cry from the fancy portrait that adorned Ys. Can't front on Joanna Newsom's font selection.

lol pitchfork.

I really enjoy this song. Her voice has grown a lot since The Milk-Eyed Mender.

Timbaland: "I love Nickelback"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hip hop and R&B producer Timbaland has joined a small group of music hitmakers who have publicly pledged support for one of the world's most-maligned bands, Nickelback.

Coldplay's Chris Martin raised some eyebrows during an interview in 2008 when he said he had "nothing but respect" for the Canadian band and added, "I think they're great."

Now Timbaland has praised the band that so many music fans have condemned.

Despite Nickelback's stellar track record of CD sales, and a recent "band of the 2000s" honour bestowed by Billboard magazine, the group continues to get little respect from critics and music aficionados.

But when Timbaland - whose real name is Timothy Mosley - drew up a short list of artists he wanted to work with on his latest album, "Shock Value II," he thought of Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger.

The album also includes collaborations with fellow Canadians Drake and Nelly Furtado and other music superstars including Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus.

Timbaland sought out Kroeger for the track "Tomorrow in the Bottle" and got a "very easy" yes, he told The Canadian Press in a recent interview before a show in Toronto.

"I just love Nickelback's music," he said. "That's why I reached out to Chad."

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we all just wanna be big rock stars
Conan Gunn

NPR's 50 Greatest Voices: Iggy Pop

(Follow-up to this post)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Iggy Pop isn't the first name you'd expect to see on a list of great voices. Great performers? Absolutely. The godfather of punk was among the first to launch his body into the audience. He would disappear beneath the writhing mass and emerge to be lifted high above the crowd's heads.

He would also easily make a list of the icons of rock 'n' roll. His work in the late '60 and early '70s with The Stooges brought a raw simplicity to music that would fuel the punk revolution for years to come. But a great singing voice? And yet here he is — a little surprising for a man who could barely hit more than a few notes on his first album.

But when you think of voice in the broadest sense of the word — a person communicating an idea with an audience — then Iggy Pop more than holds his own. He's proved that a voice doesn't have to charm or seduce someone; it can provoke. Collapse )

NPR's 50 Great Voices - nominations
sir ian

Jersey Shore's Vinny Considering Law School at "Yale or Harvard"

If Vinny Guadagnino's career as one of MTV's Jersey Shore guidos doesn't pan out, he has a fallback plan.

"I took the LSAT," Guadagnino, 21, told UsMagazine.com at the 16th birthday bash for Sean Combs' son, Justin, at New York City's M2 nightclub Saturday.

"My score was decent. I had a plan that if my score was really well [sic], then I might of just went to Yale or Harvard... But it was just mediocre. I can get into law school," he added. "I had a 3.9 GPA, Latin Honors, but I'm doing this right now. Law school is always on the back burner."

But he's happier fist pumping at the beach.

"To tell you the truth, man, [being a] lawyer isn't something I wanted to do. Nobody wants to be a lawyer -- it's hard work. But it was kind of my academic route," he says, adding that if he were to practice, he'd go into "business or corporate law."

Guadagnino says he's enjoying the fame from appearing on an MTV reality show, watched by 4.8 million viewers during last week's finale.

"I was always humble and I was the person on the couch watching this and never even imagined it would happen to me,” he told Us. "And now I'm suddenly right there in the front row being interviewed, so just the whole experience is a dream."

The cast is currently in salary negotiations to return for a second season.

SpikeTV's Hottest Ultimate Fighter Hustles Controversy

Brock Lesnar is back in the news today, and this time he's pairing up with a familiar troublemaker. Brock's anger over the health care reform being proposed in the United States has created a major controversy, including a scathing editorial by Jim Rome on "Rome is Burning."

Brock has enlisted Paul Heyman, the noted creative genius who was Lesnar's on-air wrestling manager but also his behind-the-scenes writer and producer in World Wrestling Entertainment, to help spread the word that Lesnar is not going to shut up regarding his feelings on health care, both in the United States and Canada.

In a brilliant blog posted on The Heyman Hustle this afternoon, Lesnar (who is a staunch hardcore Republican) and Heyman (a well known liberal) both defended Lesnar's right to discuss his health care concerns.

Heyman wrote: "You can't undo a major surgery. If the doctors in Canada had decided to amputate one of Brock's arms or legs, the damage they would be doing to his career would be the same as the surgery they wanted to perform."

In the exclusive interview, Lesnar commented: "I'm not some dumb meathead fighter. I have something to say. I still have my career today because of the United States Health Care System. Does it need some fixing? Absolutely. But the changes I'm hearing about don't sit well with me, and I'm exercising my rights by speaking my mind."

A really fascinating look into the health scare Lesnar faced, with some really strong comments from both Lesnar and his former television mouthpiece. Highly recommended. 


Source: http://captainhoagie.com/images/lesnarufc.html

24's Jack Bauer to get an Apple tablet?

On Wednesday afternoon, the internet will stop to monitor every word of Steve Jobs' Apple keynote in California, where he is due to deliver the specs of his company's hotly anticipated new tablet computer. Reports are out that media and book publishers have been playing and testing the iTablet/iSlate/iPad for some time now, but a new beta tester may be in the running to beta test Jobs' new toy: 24's Jack Bauer.

Tastyslate.com has picked up on a couple of Twitter messages by Rodney Charters, the director of photography on Fox's 24:

Hmmmm looks like we may get an iSlate into Jacks hands for Ep 20 getting giddy with excitement
Got a bit too excited probably more likely Episode 22 but Apple provided fingers crossed

Giddy with excitement? Perspective might dictate a reminder; after all, this is just a glorified product placement.

Source: http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/theampersand/archive/2010/01/26/24-s-jack-bauer-to-get-an-apple-tablet.aspx#ixzz0dlsxznrm
  • jkc800

Sneak Peek: Christina Aguilera & Muhammad Ali's PSA for Haiti!

Sports icon and global humanitarian Muhammad Ali is joining forces with vocal powerhouse and multi-Grammy winner Christina Aguilera for a new Haiti relief effort.

Appearing together in a new public service announcement, the duo are teaming up to raise funds for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Haitian relief effort. Donations will go directly to WFP's efforts to get food to survivors of Haiti's devastating earthquake.

The PSA urges viewers to donate $5 by texting FRIENDS to 90999 or visit www.fromhungertohope.com. Your donation of $5 will feed 20 hungry children in the earthquake-ravaged country, according to the WFP.
Aguilera is also the spokesperson for Yum! Brands World Hunger Relief, the world's largest private-sector, hunger-relief effort that is underwriting the PSA.

"I'm devastated by the toll that the earthquake has taken, and as a mom, I am especially heartbroken by the children and families affected," Aguilera said. "My goal for the PSA is to inspire as many people as possible to donate to the World Food Programme so they can continue to feed the survivors in Haiti and move them from hunger to hope."
"The earthquake and the aftershocks in Haiti are among the worst tragedies of our lifetime," Muhammad Ali said of the tragedy. "I urge people from around the world to open their hearts and give anything they can to help the World Food Programme's relief efforts in Haiti."

To see the entire PSA featuring Ali, tune in to Wednesday night's Entertainment Tonight.

Source: www.etonline.com/news/2010/01/83341/

Watch the video at the source!!
  • degele

'My Life As Liz' Star Liz Lee Is 'Proud Of' The Show

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Recently the world was introduced to MTV's newest it girl, Liz Lee, via her show "My Life as Liz," airing Mondays on MTV. Fans seemed to connect with the alternative star who, week by week, must deal with fending off mean girls, crushing on a classmate and just generally trying to make her way through her senior year of high school.

"The show is kind of like 'Daria' meets 'Juno' — without the whole pregnant factor — meets 'My So Called Life' meets 'Revenge of the Nerds' ... like 'Freaks and Geeks,' sort of," Lee told MTV News. "The show is pretty dead-on when it comes to portraying my life accurately. It's pretty on point."

However, watching herself on the show as she trades barbs with popular girls like Taylor Terry and forges the beginnings of a romantic relationship with Bryson isn't that easy. "It's almost awkward watching myself on camera. It's like ... have you ever heard a recording of your voice? It's almost awkward. It almost makes you feel uncomfortable at some points," she explained. "It's almost painful because they're, like, really vulnerable points in my life — getting picked on and bullied. It's sometimes also embarrassing, but also I feel like it gives the show a little bit of charm and realness of the happy and the painful parts of growing up as a teenage girl in Texas."

With a couple episodes now under her belt, Liz admits that she is happy with the way the show is shaping up. "I really actually enjoyed the first episode. I felt like they did a pretty good job of editing and I felt like it was shot really pretty as well," she said. "I'm proud of it. I'm proud of all that work."

Tell me this grody bitch did not just compare her show to "Freaks & Geeks".

Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1630451/20100125/story.jhtml
vanderpump slap
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, the film that accompanies Califone’s new album of the same name, will be making its world premiere TONIGHT at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah! Written and directed by Califone frontman Tim Rutilli, Funeral Singers is Rutilli's debut feature length film.

The film tells the captivating story of Zel, a fortune teller who lives among the ghosts and spirits of her Grandmother's old house. Starring Angela Bettis of MAY and GIRL, INTERRUPTED and featuring appearances by Califone and an all original soundtrack by the band, this is a film not to be missed. Check out the trailer below:

Califone will be performing a live soundtrack alongside All My Friends Are Funeral Singers at the opening screening TONIGHT as part of Sundance's 2010 New Frontier program. After it's run in Park City, the film will be available from IndiePix Films in April of 2010.

For more info, screening times, and exclusive mp3's, head on over to the main website at www.funeralsingersfilm.com.


I guess this means more Sally Field overacting

I bet I know what the hot topic will be at the next Walker dinner party: Where the hell is everyone?!

On the heels of news that Rob Lowe is leaving Brothers & Sisters in May, sources confirm to me exclusively that his TV spouse, Calista Flockhart, will be working a reduced schedule next season.

An ABC spokesperson declined to comment except to say that Flockhart will remain a series regular. In other words — and this is just me speculating — she’ll most likely appear in at least 13 of next season’s 22 episodes.

Meanwhile, a Brothers & Sisters insider confirms that Flockhart’s lighter workload was a contributing factor in Lowe’s decision to flee. The West Wing alum already felt his role on the show had become diminished. The prospect of his TV spouse appearing in fewer episodes would’ve only increased his sense of marginalization.
It’s all starting to make sense!

Reaction? Relieved Flockhart isn’t making a permanent exit like Lowe? And does all this bode well for MIA sib Balthazar Getty, who has made no secret of his desire to return to the show full-time? 

strangelove with gaga


In 1966, John T. Elson posed a dangerous question. The Time magazine editor, in a now-legendary essay, asked: Is God dead? "It is a question that tantalizes both believers, who perhaps secretly fear that he is, and atheists, who possibly suspect that the answer is no," he wrote.

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didn't see it poasted, y'all. tried to bold for u


Adam Lambert photoshoot for VMAN Magazine

(Click for extra huge)

Adam will be featured in the upcoming issue of VMAN Magazine's "How-To" issue, featuring five of the hottest pop stars, including tween sensation Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance and Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship. The photos were taken by Mark Abrahams and will feature styling by Ilaria Urbinati.

The general theme of the issue is "How To Dress Like A Pop Star" and features superstars who "wear their songs on their shirtsleeves." VMAN #17 hits newsstands on January 28, 2010.

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pop ate my heart (three is a charm)

Lady Gaga And Kanye West Are 'Pushing' Boundaries, Jon Hamm Says

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After playing a lawyer representing American counterculture hero and beat poet Allen Ginsberg in the new biopic "Howl," Jon Hamm has realized that in today's world, there aren't many people pushing the boundaries with their artistic voices.

The "Mad Men" star told MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival that today's pop-culture heroes only make big moves in order to garner press, not because they actually have something to say.
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And that’s my commandment you ain’t gotta ask Moses.

Anne Hathaway chosen to announce Oscar nominations

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Actress Anne Hathaway will be among the first to learn who's up for an Oscar this year.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says the 27-year-old Hathaway will join motion picture academy president Tom Sherak to announce Academy Award nominees on Feb. 2.

Sherak and Hathaway will reveal nominations in 10 of the 24 categories at an early-morning news conference at the academy's Beverly Hills headquarters.

Hathaway was nominated for an Oscar last year for her leading role in "Rachel Getting Married." Her other credits include "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The Princess Diaries."


This is a short article, I know, so tell us who you want to see nominated for the 2010 Oscars, ONTD! Which 10 movies deserve Best Picture noms, who were the year's best actors, what movie had the best costumes, makeup, cinematography, screenplay, etc etc
combing his hair!

Let's take a break from the break up rumors, okay?

Angelina Jolie and her brother make a touching tribute to their late mother

Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven have joined forces to release a video tribute to their late mother Marcheline Bertrand -- featuring home movies from 1981 ... when Angie was just 6-years-old.

The video, which shows the family messin' around during a trip to Hawaii, ends with a message that reads, "We Miss You Mom ... With Love, Angelina and James."

Wednesday marks the 3-year anniversary of Marcheline's death.

TMZ has confirmed that Angelina and James were behind the posting of the video.


My Minx Enraging Parents, Lampooning Celebrity Culture

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My Minx, a recently released web game, allows young girls to create celebutante-esque avatars, hit the clubs, have a virtual shagfest and take a morning-after-pill the next day. However, the game is drawing attention for allowing virtual adoptions from Haiti.

Here's how the game imitates life (and adds in a healthy dash of stereotype) to an uncomfortable degree:

The adoption clinic in a virtual Style City features girls called Pax and Maddox and a boy named Zahara after Angelina Jolie's children.

The virtual youngsters have the same nationalities as Jolie's with Maddox, three, said to be Cambodian and a fan of eating cockroaches.

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"It's going to hurt."

Merlin: DVD to be released in the US, second season will air on Syfy

Warner Home Video has announced that the first season of the BBC’s Merlin will finally be available in United States on DVD on April 20, 2010. Here’s a look at the box art:

merlin dvd

Additionally, it has been revealed that the second season of Merlin will have its premiere on Syfy April 2, 2010 after an encore run of the first season in March.

The Merlin Season 1 DVD is 5 discs and features over 2 hours of special features. Pre-order your copy!

Film - The Old Guard

Tim Burton Named Cannes Jury Prez

This is really Tim Burton's year: first with his MoMA exhibition, then the March release of his 3D Alice in Wonderland, and now the announcement that he will head up the Cannes Jury panel. Granted, the Cannes Jury Prez doesn't actually choose the movies that will be seen at Cannes -- tant pis! -- but his presence will surely affect what prizes are given out, whether for better or for worse. The real question is what he will lean towards, which will become even more a topic of discussion once the festival films are announced.

As Guy Lodge at InContention notes, "Following this announcement, some will try to draw convenient conclusions about what type of films now have an advantage in this year's competition. But while the jury president can certainly exert a lot of influence on the race -- it's widely assumed Isabelle Huppert tipped the balance towards her former collaborator Michael Haneke last year, while Tarantino openly favored Fahrenheit 9/11 in 2004 -- a safer rule of thumb, particularly when a filmmaker is in charge, is that the winning film will have little in common with the president's own oeuvre."

Meanwhile, the festival president Gilles Jacob told Variety, "He's a magician of visual delights who turns the screen into a faery wonder. We hope his sweet madness and gothic humor will pervade the Croisette, bringing Christmas to all. Christmas and Halloween." So perhaps we can hope for a little strangeness among the bronzed beauties and paparazzi this year.

Either way, this is a real feather in the cap for a filmmaker who was once an introverted artist growing up in ultra-suburban Burbank.

Haters can suck it; I will love him forever. ("Tant pis!" means "too bad!")

15 Year old Nikki Yanofsky And Sarah McLachlan Launch Two of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Theme

Reaching for greatness is the theme of the Vancouver 2010 games theme song.
Composed by Toronto native Stephan Moccio the song is a collaboration of Moccio and Glass Tiger front man Alan Frew.
Frew who wrote the lyrics for the song tells 570 News he wanted it to be a song that speaks to everyone, not just Olympic athletes. He says it was inspired by the passion and dedication it takes to become an Olympic athlete, but he wants it to inspire everyone from musicians to taxi drivers, doctors to single mothers.
"I Believe" will be featured throughout the games. It was recorded in several different formats including an english, french and instrumental version. The english version is performed by 15-year-old Canadian singer Nikki Yanofsky
Frew, a five-time Juno Award-winner and Grammy nominee says it was his dream to have the song performed by youth and Yanofsky's powerful voice does the song justice.
Sarah McLachlan is showing her Olympic pride. The award-winning singer-songwriter will have her new song, "One Dream," featured during the NBC broadcast of the 2010 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, and Countdown to the Vancouver Olympics at 7 p.m. PT on Sunday night.

The song, which McLachlan said was inspired by the athletes striving to achieve their Olympic goals, will be part of NBC's marketing campaign for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.
Expect to hear it often during the figure skating competition, which is McLachlan's favourite event

source: http://www.570news.com/news/local/article/20650--vancouver-games-theme-song-written-to-inspire
george jetson

What’s on Rihanna’s iPod?

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Rihanna knows a pop hit when she hears one—just check the Billboard charts. So what is the sexy songstress listening to these days? iTunes got a peek at her playlist, which includes a couple songs from her “bro” Jay-Z, a guilty pleasure by a teen sensation, and a newcomer’s mixtape smash that she considers one of the best hip-hop songs of the past decade.

1. “Best I Ever Had” – Drake
2. “Closer” – Kings of Leon
3. “Young Forever” – Jay-Z feat. Mr Hudson
4. “Venus vs. Mars” – Jay-Z
5. “Meet Me Halfway” – Black Eyed Peas
6. “La La La” – LMFAO
7. “Throw It in the Bag (Remix)” – Fabolous feat. Drake and The-Dream
8. “Party in the U.S.A.” – Miley Cyrus
9. “Thinking of You” – Katy Perry
10. “Umbrella” – Rihanna feat. Jay-Z
11. “Russian Roulette” – Rihanna
12. “Sweet Dreams” – Beyoncé
13. “Waiting on the World to Change” – John Mayer

george jetson

Kevin Federline: Depression Led to Overeating

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For Kevin Federline, the very public struggles came with a private pain, as his 2006 divorce from Britney Spears triggered depression and overeating.

"Once you get depressed, you don't really feel like doing anything," Federline, 31, tells Access Hollywood. "You're kind of discouraged about yourself and then the weight gain too, or that makes me more depressed. I mean, it's a combination of all of those things."

The difference for Federline was that his troubles played out on a public stage.

"Everybody knows what happened with me and Brit," he says. "I'm not going to say that's the total cause of it but, I mean, just not being happy with myself was probably the main part of my depression."

Now slimmed down thanks to his work on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp, Federline says his life is turning around, and that he now can be friends with Spears, 28, with whom he has two boys.

"I think as time goes on, it keeps getting better and better and better," he tells Access Hollywood. "I mean, I'm really happy the way that my life is going right now, I really am. I think, you know, I have come a long way. All of us have…my whole family. It's gotten so much better from where we were."

With Spears touring again and her affairs under the control of her father, Federline says, "I'm really happy for her. I'm very happy for her."


Britney & Jason see a Movie 1/25

Britney Spears goes out to see a movie with BF Jason Trawick on Monday (January 25).

The 28-year-old pop princess perked up after she saw a little girl smiling at her and gave her a big hug as they left the theater.

Brit, who asked photogs not to capture the moment on film, made the little girl’s day - she ran back to her mother saying, “Britney Spears just hugged me!” So cute!!

In other Brit news, she was granted permission by a judge to auction off one of her 2008 VMAs dresses to support Haiti relief!

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george jetson

‘Jersey Shore’ Star Snooki’s Secret Diet Weapon: Cookies!

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Since Jersey Shore made a huge splash on MTV, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has gained instant fame and a legion of fans that have embraced her signature pouf as much as her feisty personality. But the one thing that’s changed in her life which Snooki isn’t happy about? She’s packed on a few pounds.

“When I was at the shore I didn’t eat the right things, I drank a lot,” Snooki told PEOPLE at the Shrine Lounge and Nightclub at the MGM Grand Foxwoods. “I was definitely out of shape.”

Now focused on “getting in shape again” and dropping one dress size, the spunky 4′9″ star has started on the Cookie Diet—a weight loss program that consists of eating six cookies a day made with natural hunger-suppressing ingredients such as oats and a healthy dinner. “Instead of having steak for meals, I just have a salad,” says Snooki, 22, who also goes to a cheerleading gym and hits the treadmill several times a week.

And for those nights she still wants to go out and have a good time? “If you want to go out,” Snooki suggests, “just drink a light drink.” (Her personal fave: The bubble gum cocktail)

Despite her new focus on her figure, the Marlboro, N.Y. native is determined to remain healthy in Hollywood. “I know I’m in the limelight but I’m not going to be one of those girls who is a stick like everyone else,” says Snooki, who recently revealed she suffered from an eating disorder in high school. “I’m not copying anybody else. I’m just being myself and I’m happy.”

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Corinne Bailey Rae announces North America tour dates

English singer/songwriter Corrine Bailey Rae has plotted her first North American tour in three years as she supports her brand-new album, "The Sea."

The Grammy-winning artist will start the trek April 9 in Vancouver and work her way along the East and West Coasts. The 13-date club and theater outing currently finishes up May 14 in Baltimore. Rae releases her sophomore set, "The Sea," today (1/26) on Capitol Records. The 12-track album includes songs influenced by the 2008 death of her husband, Jason Rae.

"I feel like I've been playing music and writing and using music to help me with all the different emotions that I've been feeling," Rae explained in a recent interview with NME magazine. "When I started writing ['Are You Here'] I was thinking, 'I don't really want this song to go into the world, 'cause it's so naked...' But I had to."

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Le Source

I'm excited, I think she's fantastic and she looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm definitely going to be at the Boston date.
Kanye >> GUUUURL

Mel Gibson Interview Turns Nasty

Starts @ 1:29
Mel Gibson was left fuming during a recent US TV interview when the actor was quizzed over the alleged anti-Semitic rant he made when arrested for drunk driving in 2006.

When Sam Rubin, a reporter for KTLA 5 Los Angeles, suggested to Gibson that: "Some people will welcome you back, some people will say you should never come back." Gibson became irate and demanded to know why, to which Rubin replied: "Because of what happened before. The remarks that were attributed to you."

The 54-year-old actor, director, and devout Catholic then appeared to make reference to Rubin being Jewish by asking: "I gather you have a dog in this fight? Do you have a dog in this fight? Or are you impartial?"

Gibson also seemed to suggest that his comments at the time were misrepresented saying: "I didn't necessarily make those comments."

A leaked Police report at the time of his arrest alleged that Gibson remarked "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world" and that he had gone on to verbally abuse a female officer. The resulting outcry caused Gibson to apologize, quit drinking, and take a temporary hiatus from acting.

He is currently promoting 'Edge of Darkness,' a thriller co-staring Ray Winstone, and later on in the year will be seen in 'The Beaver,' a Jodie Foster directed film about a man with a toy beaver on his hand who treats it like a living creature. No, honestly, he really is.

What do you think? Is Gibson overreacting? And how do you feel about him being back on our cinema screens?


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rosie: "lesbians stay connected after divorce"

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O'Donnell's split from longtime partner Kelli Carpenter was smooth and drama-free because neither partner wanted to fight and lose touch with each other.

The "A League of Their Own" star insists women can always find a way to split graciously because they always want what's best for everyone involved. O'Donnell split from Carpenter in 2008, and it was over a year before news of the break-up hit the headlines. The former chat show host puts that down to the fact both she and her ex wanted to work it all out amicably.

She says, "We tried very hard to make it work in different configurations. ... It's not really the same paradigm as heterosexual divorce. It's different. I'm not trying to say it's (lesbian divorce) better. ... Women usually, in relationships, that emotional connection is really the most intense, and so when they break up, I have found, they stay connected.

"Every woman I've ever been with, besides one, is still in my life."

Appearing on "Oprah," O'Donnell revealed she split from Carpenter because the two were drifting apart. "What you want and need at 30, which is when I met Kelli ... is very different to what you want and need at 40 and 45, and in some ways we both came back to our authentic selves and who were were ... wasn't as great of a match."

ontd_lesbians ? true?

another avatard post...one for the people who liked the movie

Academy Award-winning writer/director James Cameron, the maker of Titanic and the creator of the Terminator series, has been crafting Avatar for over four years.The Art of Avatar, the companion book to this epic 3-D action adventure, explores the developmental and conceptual art used by the creative team to create the original world of Avatar.

With over 100 exclusive full-color images including sketches, matte paintings, drawings, and film stills, The Art of Avatar reveals the process behind the creation of set designs for the imaginative vistas, unique landscapes, aerial battle scenes, bioluminescent nights, and fantastical creatures. Interviews with art directors, visual effects designers, animators, costume designers, and creature makers bring insight into this creative process. The Art of Avatar brings readers behind the scenes of this unprecedented moviegoing experience.

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RDJ - Ent Week Dec 2009

Casting choices for Sherlock Holmes' not-so BFF

Casting Call: Professor Moriarty
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
May the best (most evil and genius) Moriarty win the arch-villain role in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes sequel.
Christine Champ, Jan 26, 2010; Film.com

Now that Robert Downey Jr. and Guy Ritchie have given Sherlock Holmes a 21st-century rebirth, and a sequel (and the dawn of a blockbuster franchise) is nearly certain, one nagging question remains. Who will play Moriarty?

His creator, author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has described him within his Sherlock Holmes series as the "Napoleon of crime," a "spider in a web" of Godfather-esque evil, a genius of good breeding and excellent education, a former professor with phenomenal mathematical capabilities and mental powers turned to dark purpose by the diabolical strain in his blood. And as far as looks go: tall, thin, gray hair, domed forehead, clean-shaven, sunken eyes, and a reptilian shiftiness. Of course, Ritchie, as he did in 2009's Sherlock Holmes will certainly exercise his right to artistic license in interpreting the character -- which I imagine will include an extra dollop of wit.

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Hugh Laurie should be on this list. But, screw typecasting: Monsieur Waltz! Yes to Gary too, and maybe Depp just because RDJ/Depp together = explosions.

Harriet the Spy tries to do sexy

Cover week! Yesterday we unveiled our Drake cover story (click here if you missed it), and now we’re ready to reveal the sexy side of our February/March 2010 issue. The girl behind the mask is none other than Michelle Trachtenberg, the star of Gossip Girl, Mercy and next month’s Kevin Smith comedy Cop Out (formerly known as A Couple Of Dicks). Yep, shorty from Buffy is all grown up!

The issue officially hits stands on February 8, but we’re giving you the chance to check out Michelle’s cover story, extended gallery, and behind-the-scenes video now. Between the red-hot photo shoot and hilariously honest interview, we think you’ll agree that Michelle is one of the baddest chicks in Hollywood. Stop sleeping!

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The source has the full interview and behind the scenes video
Man, Don't Have A Cow

Kiefer Sutherland roped into alleged cattle scam

STOCKTON, Calif. – Actor Kiefer Sutherland was among cattle customers roped into an alleged scam that netted more than a million dollars.

Prosecutors say Michael Wayne Carr of Linden had agreements to buy steers in Mexico for his customers and sell them for profit in the United States. Carr allegedly took $869,000 from Sutherland, star of the Fox TV show "24," and $177,000 from a New Mexico couple.

Prosecutors say there's no record Carr ever bought the steers.

They also say Carr sold steers that didn't belong to him.

Carr is charged with 12 felonies, including grand theft, forgery and embezzlement. He was scheduled to be arraigned Monday, but a judge postponed it to Feb. 8 after his attorney was removed.

If convicted on all charges, he faces 18 years in prison.