January 19th, 2010


Exclusive Pics: Lauryn Hill Attending Her “Middle School Reunion”

It’s pretty rare that we see Lauryn Hill spotted, but we came up on these pics of L-Boogie at her middle school reunion back in August of 2009. (SMH at having a “middle school reunion”)

Lauryn grew up in the South Orange New Jersey school district and we bet her peers were happy she made a cameo.

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Kathy Griffin: tiiiip iiiiit

The Most Hated Comedians of All Time

Jay Leno has become the most hated comedian in America. But he's not the only one! These comedians are also hated because they're unoriginal, obnoxious, and out of touch. But one theme ties them all together: they're not funny.

Jay Leno

Why he's hated: He's poisonous prune juice.

Jay Leno is the inspiration for this list. He is everything a comedian shouldn't be. His material hasn't been funny for years, it's is dumbed-down for a crowd that doesn't want be challenged intellectually, and in the brotherhood of comedians, he betrayed his brethren by selling Conan down the river. Jay Leno is the runaway winner on this list.

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Marvel Comics Movie Adaptations Continue to Remain Awesome

Variety is reporting that actor Clark Gregg ("The New Adventures of Old Christine") will reprise his role as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Coulson in the upcoming "Thor" movie, directed by Kenneth Branagh. Gregg made his first appearance as Coulson in the first "Iron Man" movie, and appears in the sequel as well.

Gregg's character is the latest to appear in multiple Marvel movies, as the studio gears up for the eventual production of the superhero teamup, "The Avengers." The proposed flick, due in 2012, will unite the characters of Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America all in one pic.

In other "Iron Man" news, it was announced by Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment that "Iron Man 2" will be simultaneously released in conventional and Digital IMAX theatres on May 7, 2010.

Sources: Variety.com, IMAX.com

I laughed everytime he was onscreen in the first "Iron Man" because all I could see was his "New Christine" character, who is a goofy idiot. I love how they're tying all the movies together though. Also, I find his strangely sexy for some unknown reason. Fun facts about Gregg: he is married to Baby herself, Jennifer Grey from "Dirty Dancing," and co-wrote the screenplays for "What Lies Beneath" and "Choke."

Will Kick Ass Creator's Next Movie Out Dark Knight Dark Knight?

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Is it possible that the movie version of Nemesis, the new comic from Wanted and Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar, could be the most star-studded superhero movie ever? An admittedly-drunk Millar is suggesting it'll be so.

Writing to fans on his Millarworld message board, he said,

Okay, am pretty drunk. I downed many Guinnesses as my gang re-watched Spidey 2 tonight (a master-piece, btw) and am now weirdly wide awake. But have spoken to three directors about the Nemesis movie in the past seven days, none of whom have read the scripts and all of whom are basing our chats entirely on the visuals and high concepts you guys have seen.

Anyway, as you know I don't want anyone to see this until the whole series is written and that's at least into next month. THAT SAID, the director I got hooked up with early this evening is literally one of the best in the biz. He's someone I totally trust in terms of movie-making and he knows his comics too. We chatted about the property for an hour and his ideas were insane, the stuff that had me buzzing being his notion of DiCaprio as Nemesis versus Daniel Day-freakin-Lewis as America's best cop.

Yes, just maybe the two greatest actors in contemporary cinema.

He's friends with one of these guys, reckons we could be in production by the end of the year and the movie out possibly as early as 2012, which is just insane. My plan was to hold off til March and take advantage of the Kick-Ass movie hoopla, but to be honest it doesn't get much better than this. I love movies and I love comics and this guys speaks our language. I'm wasted and ready for bed, but also v excited at the prospect.

The idea of Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis taking the lead roles of any superhero production would be impressive if it was true. Although, with Millar - a man known for throwing out wild speculation and complete fabrication in order to hype his projects - it's very possible that the Guinness and Hype Machine were doing the talking this time around.

SOURCE: http://io9.com/5450923/will-kick-ass-creators-next-movie-out-dark-knight-dark-knight
Hey Arnold; Arnold & Helga

Castle "The Third Man" 2.14 promo

Mysteries abound when a family returns from vacation to discover a dead man in their daughter's bed. Thinking they're investigating the murder of a squatter, Castle and Beckett soon find themselves unraveling a multi-million dollar heist. Meanwhile, Castle tries to keep Beckett from finding out that they've been romantically linked when he's featured as one of New York's 10 most eligible bachelors.


Beyonce Covers Allure

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Beyonce is fierce as ever in a Roberto Cavalli silk tulle dress and Cesar Paciotti sequined leather booties in the February 2010 issue of Allure, on stands January 26. Here’s what the 28-year-old superstar shared:

On her plans for a family with husband Jay-Z:
“I definitely want to have a child, but I know from my nephew [Juelz] it’s a lot. I hope that those things will just happen naturally. I still haven’t had time to relax.”

On her addiction-playing spades online:
‘I play with everybody, and they curse me out when I make mistakes, and kick me out of the room. I love it, it’s really fun because no one knows it’s me.”

On her alter-ego Sasha Fierce: “The thing that’s interesting is I don’t need Sasha Fierce anymore, because I’ve grown, and I’m now able to merge the two. I want people to see me. I want people to see who I am.”

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fuck the mcu

Grammy countdown: Can Phoenix best the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Depeche Mode?

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Pop & Hiss will be handicapping the major Grammy categories leading up to the Jan. 31 telecast. Read our picks, and vote for your own, below. (poll @ the source)

The category: Best alternative album.

The field at a glance: The best alternative album field has, in recent years, featured some of the more adventurous picks from Grammy voters. In 2009, the title went to Radiohead's "In Rainbows"; in 2008, the field was arguably more varied than the general album of the year showcase category.

With releases from Björk, the Shins, the Arcade Fire, Lily Allen and the White Stripes represented at the 2008 awards, the best alternative album category lacked only hip-hop in providing a snapshot of the year in music. In a year when Herbie Hancock's "River: The Joni Letters" took top honors, there were far more risk-taking offerings over in best alternative album.

Some of that holds true this year. Phoenix's "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" melds ambient, electronic and pop sounds, bringing added textures to its already warm pop and disco tendencies. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "It's Blitz!" turned the guitar into an atmospheric tool, and the band moved between club-ready ecstasy and late-night vulnerability. David Byrne and Brian Eno's "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today" was a winning pairing of two music legends, with folksy, just slightly off-kilter melodic orchestrations.

In rounding out the category this year, voters got a little lazy. Death Cab for Cutie EP "The Open Door" doesn't make much sense, as it's a five-track effort that complements rather than expands on the work of 2008 full-length "Narrow Stairs." Likewise, Depeche Mode's "Sounds of the Universe" pleased longtime fans, and was Depeche Mode being rather good at playing Depeche Mode.

And the Grammy goes to: Pop & Hiss is going to bet on Phoenix. The album, the act's fourth, was a breakthrough for Phoenix, and single "1901" has become a budding hit, thanks largely to the ubiquitous car commercial that the song scores. The album is still on the charts -- at No. 88 currently -- and has sold 277,000 copies to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The sales are solid, and the band has been in front of voters, going back to a high-profile placement on "Saturday Night Live" in early 2009.

Depeche Mode has the name recognition, and "Sounds of the Universe" is a competent effort, (um, rude) but in a category that has recently awarded Radiohead, the White Stripes, Gnarls Barkley and Wilco, Grammy voters will likely go with the younger, on-the-rise act.There's a chance that Phoenix and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs could split the vote, but Phoenix has been a much-buzzed-about act for much of 2009.


It's not my favourite album of theirs, but FUCK YEAH DEPECHE MODE.
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Folk Singer Kate McGarrigle (Rufus and Martha Wainwright's Mom) Has Died

Canadian folk and roots music singer Kate McGarrigle, best known for her work with her sister, Anna, as the McGarrigle Sisters, has died at age 63.

McGarrigle, born in Montreal, died Monday night after battling a rare form of cancer, confirmed her brother-in-law, journalist Dane Lanken.

The mother of musicians Rufus and Martha Wainwright through her previous marriage with American singer-songwriter Loudon Wainwright III, McGarrigle is a music industry icon in her own right.

The McGarrigle sisters recorded 10 albums in French and English, and their songs have been covered by artists such as Linda Ronstadt, Billy Bragg and Emmylou Harris.

In 1983, McGarrigle was made a member of the Order of Canada.

Reports that McGarrigle was critically ill surfaced over the weekend after her son, Rufus [Wainwright], cancelled his tour of Australia and New Zealand, scheduled to begin in February, to be with her.

-Source (this entire article is a direct quote)

Poor Rufus, Martha, and Anna. I noticed a few days ago on Rufus's MySpace that he had postponed his tour. I'm so sorry that this is the reason. RIP Kate. We'll miss your beautiful heart and your talent.

My favorite of her songs:

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Torchwood heading to FOX????

Fox readying U.S. version of 'Torchwood'

Exclusive: Huge news for sci-fi fans: Fox is developing a stateside version of the U.K. hit series “Torchwood.”

The project is from BBC Worldwide Prods., with original series creator Russell Davies writing the script.

A more straight-faced spinoff of “Doctor Who,” “Torchwood” is about a covert group that investigates and fights alien activity. Two series aired domestically on BBC America as well as last year’s well reviewed stand-alone miniseries, “Children of Earth,” which broke all ratings records for the network. (If you're a fan of serious sci fi such as "Battlestar Galatica" and haven't seen "Children of Earth," rent it. You don't need to know anything about the series. And I know the previews for "Torchwood" can look silly. Trust me, it's terrific. Like "24" with aliens).

Unlike U.S. adaptations that have gone awry, “Torchwood” fans can take comfort that the original producing team is on board. In addition to Davies, exec producers include Davies’ producing partner Julie Gardner (former head of drama at BBC Wales for the show’s first season) and Jane Tranter (another BBC vet, now exec VP programming and production at BBC Worldwide Prods. in the U.S.).

Also, some of the current cast — most likely John Barrowman, who plays the immortal Capt. Jack Harkness — might star if Fox orders “Torchwood” to pilot.

As for the new show’s plot, the U.S. version will contain a global story line compared to the more localized sensibility of the first two BBC seasons.

Tranter might try to reboot “Doctor Who” for U.S. audiences while departing “Doctor Who” star David Tennant stars in NBC’s pilot “Rex Is Not Your Lawyer.” “Torchwood” (which is an anagram of “Doctor Who”) debuted in 2006 on BBC 3 and set ratings records, then was moved to BBC 1. Russell also reinvented “Doctor Who” in 2003 and was writer-creator of the series “Queer as Folk

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Great, the network that loves killing off its sci-fi shows. I'm excited, but cautious....it'll get put in the 'Friday Night Death timeslot' and then the execs will wonder why it tanks. D:
1D - Niall the hipster

in ur telethon, being all sparkly~

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Robert Pattinson Signs on for Haiti Telethon

Robert Pattinson is on board.

I just got word that the Twilight star has signed on for Friday's Hope for Haiti telethon. As of right now, it looks like Rob will be the sole presenter in London with performances by Jay-Z and Bono.

Stateside performers — some announced and others not — will include:

Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Shakira and Bruce Springsteen are among those who will perform live during the two-hour benefit, which will air on all the major television networks (including our very own E!).

Other mega-celebs who will present and/or help in the phone banks are Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt, Anna Kendrick, Sandra Bullock, Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, Renée Zellweger, Chris Pine, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Colin Farrell, Jon Hamm, Gabby Sidibe and Emily Blunt, among many others.

No word yet on Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, but as I was the first to tell you Hollywood's hottest vampire movie trio is a very wanted group for the telethon because of the impact they would have with young people.

Also on organizers' wish list are — no surprise — Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie.

Clooney is set to host from Los Angeles with Wyclef John in New York City and CNN newsman Anderson Cooper in Haiti.


You spilled something Dina

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From Celebslam.com:

"Church boutique held a private party last night in West Hollywood and, of course, Lindsay Lohan was there. She's like a bloodhound when it comes to sniffing out parties. Lindsay's little sister Ali and mom Dina also attended, because why wouldn't you want to party with your daughters, one a self-destructive alcoholic and the other underage? As Dina was leaving, she was seen with a strange white powdery substance all over her leggings. I knew it! When Lindsay and her locked themselves in that dressing room for 10 minutes, they were baking chocolate chip cookies, weren't they! The ol' Lohan sweet tooth strikes again! I bet the reason Lindsay's pupils are so dilated in this picture is because the cookies were so darn big."

Source: http://celebslam.celebuzz.com/2010/01/dina-lohan-cocaine-pants.php

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No American figure skater is more engaging than Johnny Weir or more acutely balanced on that thin edge between art and sport. He clearly wants to be a star. The question is, can he still be a champion?

“You have to be a champion to be a star,” said Brian Boitano, the 1988 Olympic champion.

Wearing a touch of fox on his shoulder, Weir made the Olympic team for next month’s Vancouver Games despite an oddly passive and stumbling long program, which brought third place Sunday at the United States Figure Skating Championships.
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you go at the olympics bb

who watched ~be good johnny weir~ last night

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Britney Spears Continues As Face For Candie's Girl In 2010


Iconix Brand Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ICON)
announced today it has renewed its exclusive partnership with international
icon, Britney Spears for its Candie’s brand, which is available only at
Kohl’s Department Stores (NYSE: KSS) and Kohls.com. Spears will appear in
the Candie’s only at Kohl’s marketing campaigns throughout 2010.

Commenting on the partnership, Britney Spears stated,“I had a great experience working with Candie’s and Kohl’s last year and I am thrilled to be asked to sign on again for a second year. We're planning some very cool photo shoots and I can't wait for my fans to see them."

Dari Marder, chief marketing officer, Iconix stated, “We had such a successful year with Britney in 2009 that we wanted to keep the momentum going and offer our Candie’s customers new, exciting campaigns with Britney in 2010. Britney has been a great partner, truly embracing the brand, and we know her fans worldwide will love what we have coming next.”

Julie Gardner, Kohl’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, stated, “We are excited to have Britney Spears represent the Candie’s brand for another year and are confident this year’s campaign will be another success. Our customers embraced Britney as the face of Candie’s and know they can count on the brand to deliver quality and style at a great value.”

Details on the spring 2010 Candie’s Only at Kohl’s marketing campaign will released next month.

During her 10 year career, Britney Spears has had 5 albums debut at the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, as well as 23 Top 40 hits on the Billboard Pop Singles chart. Worldwide, Britney Spears is one of the top-selling artists of the last decade, constantly topping charts with her albums…Baby One More Time (1999);  Oops!... I Did It Again (2000); Britney (2001); In The Zone (2003); Blackout (2007) and Circus (2008). Worldwide she has sold over 63 million albums. Spears recently became the first artist in over three years to debut No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart
with her latest song, “3.”

Britney Spears recently wrapped her world tour, “The Circus Starring Britney Spears”, which Candie’s and Kohl’s were associate sponsors. “The Circus Starring Britney Spears” tour started in Britney’s home state of Louisiana in March 2009 and was the # 4 highest grossing tour of the year bringing in a total of $83 million.




Jersey Shore Cast Partying Hard @ Club Greenhouse

They're definitely big fans of swanky soirees, and last night (January 18) the cast of "Jersey Shore" was spotted tearing it up in New York City.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, DJ Pauly D, and friends invaded Club Greenhouse in Downtown Manhattan for a sex-charged night of dancing and drinks.

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100% trash, 0% class. not even like 1% okay.

lol omg

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Paul McCartney: 'I nearly joined Them Crooked Vultures instead of John Paul Jones'

Paul McCartney has revealed he asked about joining Them Crooked Vultures on bass, only to be told by Dave Grohl that John Paul Jones had already beaten him to it.

McCartney said he was first told about Them Crooked Vultures by Dave Grohl when the two went out to dinner together after playing together at last February's Grammys ceremony.

"We went out for a bite to eat afterwards and Dave told me he was starting this band with Josh [Homme]," he told the Daily Mail. "I asked him who was playing bass and he rather sheepishly told me he'd approached John. So you read it here first; Paul McCartney was nearly the bass player in Them Crooked Vultures."

McCartney also admitted that he was in two minds about whether to appear on The X Factor last year.

"When the offer came through it polarised a lot of people. Lots of my friends told me not to do it and it's not exactly [Later With…] Jools Holland. It's a pop show. But what turned me around - apart from the huge audience - was the fact that it's a family show, and so many kids I know are obsessed by it."

He went on to say that if the talent show was good enough for Beyonce, "it should be good enough for me".

mabel 2

Thom Yorke at Coachella: Why he's officially billed as 'Thom Yorke????'

The third night of this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival promises to be particularly excellent, with headlining cartoon primates Gorillaz supported by acts including a reunited Pavement and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke. Or, as the official festival poster released today identifies him, “Thom Yorke????”

What’s with all the question marks? No big mystery. Yorke is definitely playing Coachella on Sunday, April 18. His reps tell the Music Mix that he intends to perform with the same backing band he assembled for a handful of Los Angeles dates last fall (pictured) — Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, producer Nigel Godrich, and seasoned session hands Joey Waronker and Mauro Refosco. Yorke never got around to naming the new band back then, resulting in some mysterious marquee displays around L.A., and now he’s decided to stick with the same question marks to indicate those guys’ presence.

The timing of the announcement is interesting, considering that Radiohead were reportedly planning to get back to work on their eighth album right about now. (His reps wouldn’t say anything about how those plans are progressing.) Dare we dream that he might have some more new Radiohead material to debut by April? Either way, I just hope Yorke — with or without the question mark gang — books a date a little closer to the East Coast soon. I’m going crazy over here!

Any other diehard fans feeling the same way? Or are you lucky enough to be seeing Thom Yorke???? at Coachella this spring?

So, those question marks represent Flea and Co.
pussy avengers
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NY Times Thinks Christina Hendricks is Fat

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By yesterday evening the Paper of Record published not one, but two takedowns of women — somewhat unsurprisingly, both centered around weight and penned by the fairer sex. The stage for the scrutiny was the Golden Globes red carpet, which many an actress strolled down on Sunday night.

The first piece, written by Andy Port (yes, a woman), declares that Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and workout queen Kate Hudson have all "put on a little weight." Though she says they are "sporting sexier curves" she then goes on to say it's concentrated in their upper arms.

Then, Cathy Horyn decides to take down the gorgeous Christina Hendricks — the Mad Men actress known for her sexy curves... which are decidedly not concentrated in her upper arms. In her piece she writes, "Not pretty Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano’s exploding ruffle dress. (As one stylist said, 'You don’t put a big girl in a big dress.')" Whether you agree or disagree (you disagree, right?), it should be noted that the photo running with Horyn's piece was most definitely distorted, possibly to (falsely) illustrate her "point." Check out the side-by-sides above. We've contacted Horyn for comment and we'll update when we hear back.


What do you think, ONTD? Strike 3 for the NY Times?

ETA: The Times has since replaced the picture and stated that the picture was distorted due to "routine processing." Suuuure.
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Actor Wahl helping out with cat abuse case

Retired Hollywood actor Ken Wahl is joining the effort to find whoever glued a cat to state Highway 60 in southwestern Minnesota.

Wahl said Tuesday he is offering to the reward fund the Golden Globe award he won for the 1980s TV show "Wiseguy." He said he is appalled by the animal abuse and worried that whoever did it could be dangerous.

Travelers found the cat on Dec. 18 and brought it to the Second Chance Rescue Center across the South Dakota border in Sioux Falls. The 7-month-old orange tabby had been glued to the road by its feet and nose, and it died five days later.

Rescue Center Director Rosey Quinn says donations coming in from across the country have pushed the reward fund to about $12,000 for information leading to a conviction in the case, which originally had been reported to have happened on Interstate 90.


By request: Ke$ha at the MOD Club in Toronto!

So I went to Ke$ha's Party Sunday night at the MOD Club in Toronto, and I know some stans wanted to know about it, so here it is!

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Source: Me and my camera.

Mods, I hope pictures linked from my fb are good enough. I don't have any kind of photoshop program to resize the pictures without them getting distorted and fb is the only thing keeping them smaller without screwing them up. Otherwise, they're HUGE. Please accept! It took forever to get the coding to work for some reason and people really wanna see it!

Tim Burton To Tell Maleficent's Story?

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Ain't It Cool News is reporting that Alice in Wonderland director Tim Burton might be adapting another classic tale soon, but this time from the point of view of the villain.

The site says that Burton is interested in making a live action feature based on Maleficent from Disney's 1959 adaptation of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Burton's Dark Shadows is "stumbling," according to AICN, so Maleficent could possibly be his next project.


JK I was thankfully wrong

VGBB not moving in with Lemon

VGBB's rep has dismissed rumors that the actor is planning to move in with girlfriend Renée Zellweger.

The pair, who are believed to have started dating in August last year, were reported to be planning to live together after purchasing a $5m (£3.1m) property in Pacific Palisades, CA.

However, a spokesperson for VGBB has since shot down the speculation.

They told Gossip Cop that the Hangover star purchased the three-bedroom house for himself alone.

pink flowers & a book

your weekly SPICE GIRLS post has arrived

Emma Bunton has confirmed that the Spice Girls are working on a new project together.

In an interview with Fabulous, the singer said that she is not yet able to announce what the iconic girl group have in store for the future.

Bunton commented: "We are always creative when we get together and come up with ideas. Sometimes they surface, sometimes they don't. We're not at a point where we can say what."

Asked directly whether anything is currently in the pipeline, the star replied: "Absolutely, a new venture of some sort."

The band have previously been tipped to reunite for a special World Cup project later this year. Meanwhile, other reports have suggested that they are planning a stage musical based on their rise to fame.


Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God... *SQUEE*
Baby I'm Sorry

Lady GaGa breaks another chart record, remains a free bitch while doing so.

Another week, another milestone chart achievement for Lady Gaga!

The singer’s “Bad Romance” sets the record for most weekly plays registered in the 17-year history of Billboard’s Pop Songs radio airplay tally, as the cut logged 10,859 plays in the tracking week of January 11-17.

Airing on all 130 reporters monitored for the chart, “Bad Romance” received an average of 84 plays per station last week, or one spin every two hours on each panelist. “Bad Romance” reigns for a third week on Pop Songs, which, along with all Billboard charts, will be refreshed Thursday.

Lady Gaga’s smash passes the sum of 10,665 plays totaled by Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” on the chart dated May 17, 2008. Here is a look at the titles that have notched the highest weekly plays totals on Pop Songs, a list that includes two tracks by Gaga:

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (10,859)
Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love (10,665)
Pink – So What (10,495)
Timbaland feat. OneRepublic – Apologize (10,394)
Lady Gaga – Poker Face (10,379)

Two weeks ago, Lady Gaga became the first artist to send her first five singles to the Pop Songs summit when “Bad Romance” ascended to No. 1.

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Red-Band Trailer for 'MacGruber'

Only one American hero has earned the rank of Green Beret, Navy SEAL and Army Ranger. Just one operative has been awarded 16 purple hearts, 3 Congressional Medals of Honor and 7 presidential medals of bravery. And only one guy is man enough to still sport a mullet. In 2010, Will Forte brings "Saturday Night Live's" clueless soldier of fortune to the big screen in the action comedy "MacGruber."

In the 10 years since his fiancée was killed, special op MacGruber has sworn off a life of fighting crime with his bare hands. But when he learns that his country needs him to find a nuclear warhead that's been stolen by his sworn enemy, Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer), MacGruber figures he's the only one tough enough for the job.

Assembling an elite team of experts--Lt. Dixon Piper (Ryan Phillippe) and Vicki St. Elmo (Kristen Wiig)--MacGruber will navigate an army of assassins to hunt down Cunth and bring him to justice. His methods may be unorthodox. His crime scenes may get messy. But if you want the world saved right, you call in MacGruber.

Video Source
Synopsis via ComingSoon.net

Oh Val Kilmer, what the fuck happened to you?? You used to be hot!!

Oh yeah? Then how do you explain Europe?

'True Blood' Exclusive: Sam to get frisky with Bill!

If you’re one of the (many) True Blood viewers who suspected there might be fallout from Bill “donating” blood to save Sam’s life in the finale last September, go ahead and give yourself a gold star. The show’s boss, Alan Ball, tells me that in season 3, the hunks will forge “not just any connection, an erotic connection.”

How erotic? Ball wouldn’t say. But at least he was more forthcoming with regard to another upcoming same-sex couple-to-be: Lafayette and his new love interest Jesus (played by Southland’s Kevin Alejandro). Bon Temps’ resident V peddler “is very guarded, and Jesus is a guy who is willing to knock down some of those guards,” he says. “[Though] it’s not an easy relationship, they have a lot in common. They’re both shamans of sorts, healers, so there’s a reason they get brought together.

“But,” he emphasizes again, “it’s not going to be easy.”

fuck the mcu

Bollywood looks chaotic: Sendhil Ramamurthy

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mumbai: He is India’s newest sensation abroad. She is one of the biggest names in Indian television. And when they get together for a project, it is sure to generate a lot of curiosity.

Sendhil Ramamurthy (of American TV series Heroes fame) has just signed television czarina Ekta Kapoor’s movie Shor. In a chat with DNA, they exchanged views about their respective industries and even asked each other some very candid questions.

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Top Catwalk Models of the DECADE

Top Catwalk Models of the Decade

Vogue Paris has celebrated the end of the decade, by compiling a list of the 30 top models of the last ten years. Although it's a difficult task to round up an entire decade, the list is well balanced with lesser known names (outside of fashion) like Anja Rubik, Daria Webowy and Freja Beha Erichsen sitting comfortably next to big name stars like Gemma Ward, Agyness Deyn, Gisele Bündchen, Lara Stone, Natalia Vodianova and Lily Cole. And before you fret that Kate Moss does not feature on the list, fear not: Kate scored her very own list featuring her top ten Vogue Paris covers.

30. Maryna Linchuk

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So, what do you think, ONTD? Agree/disagree? Who do you think should've made the list but didn't?

New Taylor Swift song

From the upcoming movie "Valentine's Day" which she stars in alongside everyone else in Hollywood.


Idc, she's cute and harmless. That being said, I fully expect a post of ontd hate for her.

ETA: The song hit iTunes at midnight and it's already at #3. If you hate her, at least root for the song to knock Kesha's song off the top spot :)   Nevermind, it's #1 already. :)

Julianna Marguiles flies out of LAX

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Riding high on her Golden Globes win, Julianna Margulies was spotted catching a flight at LAX International Airport yesterday afternoon (January 18).

The “ER” actress was joined by her husband Keith Lieberthal as she made her way through the terminal with a big smile on her face.

On Sunday night, Julianna garnered the Best Actress in a TV Series/Drama at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards, and she credits former costar George Clooney with helping her keep it together as she accepted the trophy.

“I didn’t know where to go and all of a sudden I hear, ‘Hey’. I turned and (George’s) beautiful face was right there and it was very heartwarming. He could have a plastic bag over his head and be beautiful. We both kissed each other. He was happy for me.”

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combing his hair!

I hope they photoshop her titties

Get ready for more -- a lot more! -- of one of the stars of Real Housewives of New York.

After months of speculation, a rep for Playboy magazine confirms exclusively to UsMagazine.com that Kelly Bensimon will pose in its March issue. Bensimon, 42, "will be featured on the cover and in a 6-page nude pictorial in the March issue," the rep tells Us.

The photographer who shot the star au naturel knows her well: it's her ex-husband Gilles Bensimon, a famed fashion photographer.

Bensimon is the first NYC Housewife to be featured in the magazine -- but she's not the first among them to go naked before the cameras. Her castmate Bethenny Frankel posed nude for a PETA billboard unveiled in NYC's Times Square in mid-December.

And, Jeana Tomasino (now Keogh), a castmember from Real Housewives of the Orange County, was Miss November in 1980.


Sugababes Wear My Kiss (Video Premiere)

Here’s the full music video for Sugababes new single “Wear My Kiss” which finally premiered on 4Music.

Also, Amelle Berrabah has promised that there will be no further changes to the band’s lineup. Speaking to The People about Sugababes’ future, Berrabah has now declared:

“Nobody will be leaving and we won’t be getting anyone new. We’ve got the perfect lineup. I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls.

Jade Ewen and I went on holiday together and we had the best time. We’re like sisters.”

‘Sweet 7’ is expected to be released in March.


Jamie Oliver reduced to tears as America's fattest city resists his latest healthy eating crusade

Resistant Residents of Huntington, West Virginia, didn't react well
to Jamie's advice

Television chef Jamie Oliver was reduced to tears during his latest efforts to convert an Amercian community to healthy eating.

The usually upbeat good food crusader broke down after he met serious resistance while shooting scenes for his new series, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.More than half the residents of the country's fattest city, Huntington, West Virginia, are obese but most were blatantly uninterested in the chef's advice.
He sobbed as he said: 'They don't understand me. They don't know why I'm here.
A production source told the Sun: 'His tears was the lowest we've ever seen Jamie.
'He is normally so upbeat but the scale of this challenge got to him. Everywhere he turned, he was face with obstacles.People were outwardly hostile to some of the ideas he put forward.

He felt so alone and thought at times of packing the whole thing in.Some members of the local press warned him to steer clear of their community. One radio presenter blasted: 'We don't want to sit around and eat lettuce all day.
I don't think Jamie has anything that can change this town. He can try all he wants.'

Jamie was also left flabbergasted after he asks a group of school children to identify vegetables, mistaking tomatoes for potatoes.

The programme, which will air on America's ABC network, is based on his British series Jamie's School Dinners.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1244158/Jamie-Oliver-tears-residents-Americas-fattest-city-resist-healthy-food-crusade.html#ixzz0d6gybEi3

Jeff Conaway in Surgery After Fall, Fears for His "Final Days"

Jeff Conaway has fought a lot of battles for his health. This one may be his biggest.

The Grease and Taxi star, and two-time participant in Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, has suffered extensive injuries after falling down a staircase in his Los Angeles home.

The actor's girlfriend, Vikki Lizzi, has a dire prognosis.

"Jeff thinks these are his final days," she tells E! News exclusively. "The story is very complicated, which is why I have to tell it."

Manager Phil Brock adds that Conaway "is undergoing surgery on his hip right now."

Despite earlier comments from Conaway’s agent, Jay Schachter, about the 59-year-old actor suffering a brain hemorrhage and broken neck, Brock tells E! News he can only confirm that Conaway suffered the broken hip. (When informed of Brock's remarks, Schacter recanted his prior statement.)

Brock also says that he understands Conaway’s fall took place in his kitchen and that it is his second recent accident.

“This is the culmination of four months of health problems. He fell four months ago and has had trouble with stability and walking since,” Brock says.

Meanwhile, a source close to the actor tells E! News that Dr. Drew Pinsky has once again been involved in treating Conaway in recent weeks.

Get well, Kenickie!


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Japanese "Glee" Commercial Features Singing Sumo Wrestlers

GLEE took home a huge honor in the 67th Golden Globe awards for Best Television Series-Comedy or Musical. But even that heavy hit does not tip the humor scale the way former Japanese Sumo Great Akebono did in his hilarious musical tribute to GLEE's Japan debut. In a TV promo the singing giant comes to the aid of a bullied Japanese sumo kid.

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How to Know When Gay Rumors Are True, according to Gawker

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are all up in our grill again. This must have something to do with those gay rumors. Every famous male gets them at some point, but how can you tell whether or not they're true?

This is the second time the gossip pages have been burning with the idea that these two are hot for each other. We think this has less to do with any actual tingling in the nether regions and more to do with the fact that they have a movie coming out and they both have image problems to work out: that Jen is a sad lonely loserpants that no one loves and that Gerard is a big old 'mo (and fat). Even though Butler's supposed "I'm bisexual" quote was proven fake, the rumors still won't die and the Aniston ruse isn't really fooling anyone.

But since we hear that just about every star likes boys at one time or another, how do we know when the gay rumors are true and when are they just the most delicious kind of malicious gossip? Here are some easy rules to judge for yourself.

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LOL wow. ok.

First Still for Inception and some info about the movie

Christopher Nolan tells the Los Angeles Times that Inception “is the biggest challenge I’ve taken on to this point.”  But what exactly is Inception? Even after two trailers filled with folding cities, trains crashing through crowded streets, characters being submerged into tubs of water, and plenty of shifting hallways, details still remain foggy. “Is it an international thriller? A story of madness and lost love? Or Hollywood’s very first metaphysical heist movie?” According to Nolan, Inception is “all of the above.”

“I grew up watching James Bond films and loving those and watching spy movies with their globetrotting sensibility,” said Nolan. “We get to do that here, not just geographically but also in time and dimensions of reality as well. We get to make a movie that’s expansive, I suppose you’d say, in four dimensions.”

After the worldwide success of The Dark Knight, developing a project of this magnitude seemed a logical step.  But Producer Emma Thomas, Nolan’s wife, revealed that this was not necessarily the case with Inception. “It’s something that we had been talking about on and off for seven or eight years,” Emma explained.  ”Coming off of the The Dark Knight, the only thing we really knew is that we wanted to do something more personal. It seemed like the right time to do this. The fact that it’s really just an enormous movie — that wasn’t ever really a factor in the decision. This story lends itself to a movie of this size.”

With The Dark Knight, Nolan aimed to create a film larger in scale than he had done before, a trend that continues with Inception.  “We’re trying to tell a story on a massive scale, a true blockbuster scale – the biggest I’ve ever been involved with. We tried to make a very large-scale film with The Dark Knight and with this one we wanted to push that even further.”

In six months we’ll be able to see if all of Nolan’s efforts paid off to deliver a blockbuster film that truly feels personal. Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, and Michael Caine.  It opens in both standard and IMAX theaters July 16th.

Source & Source

I'm really excited to see this movie.

Man Dies During Avatar

Taiwan man dies after watching 'Avatar'

Tue Jan 19, 1:34 am ET

TAIPEI (AFP) – A 42-year-old Taiwanese man with a history of high blood pressure has died of a stroke likely triggered by over-excitement from watching the blockbuster "Avatar" in 3D, a doctor said Tuesday.

The man, identified only by his surname Kuo, started to feel unwell during the screening earlier this month in the northern city of Hsinchu and was taken to hospital.

Kuo, who suffered from hypertension, was unconscious when he arrived at the Nan Men General Hospital and a scan showed that his brain was haemorrhaging, emergency room doctor Peng Chin-chih said.

"It's likely that the over-excitement from watching the movie triggered his symptoms," he told AFP.

Kuo died 11 days later from the brain haemorrhage, and the China Times newspaper said it was the first death linked to watching James Cameron's science-fiction epic "Avatar".

Film blogging sites have reported complaints of headaches, dizziness, nausea and blurry eyesight from viewers of "Avatar" and other movies rich in 3D imagery.


First pictures from Victorious!

Check out the first shots from the upcoming Nickelodeon series, Victorious!

Starlet Victoria Justice revealed to press during the TCA Winter Press Tour about her new show, “Victorious isn’t about being famous. The goal isn’t to become the next Britney [Spears]. The kids who go to the school go because they love to sing.”

The new series, from creator Dan Schneider, is set to premiere on Saturday, March 27!

Victorious, also starring Daniella Monet, Ariana Grande and Avan Jogia, centers on a girl who’s talent for singing is discovered by chance, landing her a spot among the diverse group of kids who attend Hollywood Arts, a performing arts high school.

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rdj head shake GIF

Robert Downey, Jr. drug addict by accident

Robert Downey Jr. became a drug addict by accident.

The ‘Iron Man’ star – who was arrested and attended rehab several times between 1996 and 2001 – insists he had always promised himself he would never try class A narcotics and only realised he had a problem when he used drugs to get rid of his “flu”-like symptoms.

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Beauty and the Beast in 3D postponed, More Disney News

Disney's Beauty and the Beast in 3D has been postponed until 2011, so that the release will coincide with Beauty and the Beast's 20th anniversary.

(*The article came out in Oct 2009 but the news has just surfaced, so anything about next year in the article is meaning 2010*)

Studios are shoring up their 2011 slate with tentpoles.
"Transformers" will return that summer, with Paramount dating the third installment of the franchise on July 1, 2011, with Michael Bay once again at the helm. Meanwhile, Disney has moved the 3D update of its hand-drawn classic "Beauty and the Beast" from 2010 to 2011.

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Fourth Pirates Filming in Hawaii

Aloha, Captain Jack.

The fourth installment of Disney's popular "Pirates of the Caribbean" series will be filmed in Hawaii.

Johnny Depp will return to his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," which will begin shooting this summer on Oahu and Kauai and be released in 2011.

The film is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Rob Marshall.

The announcement was made by Gov. Linda Lingle, who recently met with Disney President and CEO Bob Iger.

Lingle's office estimates the production will generate $85 million in spending in Hawaii.

"Pirates" is the latest of three big-budget films being shot in the islands this year.

Copyright 2010 The Associated Press.


Matt Morris and Justin Timberlake preform on Ellen

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Who is Matt Morris?
- He was in the cast of The Mickey Mouse Club from 1991 to 1995 (Seasons 4-7).
- His songs have been recorded by artists including Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, and Christina Aguilera, the latter two scoring top ten US hits. Morris and Aguilera co-wrote five songs on her Stripped album, including the hit “Can’t Hold Us Down”; they also wrote Kelly Clarkson’s hit, “Miss Independent.”
- Most recently a song of his appears on Reba McEntire's Reba: Duets album, which McEntire sings with Justin Timberlake.
- He is currently signed to Tennman Records (JTs record label).
- His debut album When Everything Breaks Open, was released on January 12th, 2010.

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Julia Roberts - $20 Million to be Face of Lancôme

Julia Roberts' Lancôme deal worth $20 million

Julia Roberts' promotional deal with French luxury beauty brand Lancôme will earn her a whopping $20 million
, reports Radar Online.

In late 2009, Lancôme announced Roberts' appointment as their 2010 global brand ambassador. The deal was Julia's first as a beauty company brand ambassador.

Julia, 42, will feature in Lancôme Spring 2010 advertising campaign and is set to jet off to Paris for its photo shoot. Her husband, Danny Moder, will accompany her on the week long trip that will mix business with pleasure. 

The couple will leave their three children - seven year old fraternal twins, daughter Hazel Patricia and son Phinnaeus "Finn" Walter; and 2-year-old son Henry Daniel Moder - in LA with family.

Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, Juliette Binoche and Clive Owen have endorsed specific Lancôme products, but Roberts is Lancôme's first spokesmodel for the entire brand.

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Marc Webb will direct SPIDER-MAN reboot.

Ever since Sony announced that Raimi/Macguire were out of the SPIDER-MAN films and they were going to do a reboot of the whole franchise, the big question has been, “Who’s in?” Last week there was a big rumor floating around that Marc Webb got caught in the web of future SPIDER-MAN films. Now it’s being confirmed by NY Mag that Webb is in fact the future of SPIDER-MAN cinema.

According to Vulture, Sony will soon announce that the (500) DAYS OF SUMMER director will direct the reboot, along with two additional films for SPIDER-MAN, primarily focusing on Peter Parker’s private life.

Columbia chairman Amy Pascal stated Webb has been a long-time favorite of hers, almost hiring him to direct MONEYBALL, which eventually went to Bennett Miller (CAPOTE). There are two reasons why Webb is up for this deal: 1) He has a very unique style of filmmaking that’s supposed to appeal to this new generation of people, and 2) He’s a hell of a lot cheaper than Raimi. Webb will be getting paid $10 million for the first film with bonuses added if the film reaches a certain box-office number. When Raimi was on board, he was getting a percentage of the films gross, which as you know, was a lot.

So far this is Sony’s offering to Webb. At this time, no official press release stating him as the director has been issued yet. Stay tuned, as that’s sure to follow.


ETA: Right after I submitted this the source came out with this:

"UPDATE: It’s 100% official. Just a few minutes ago, the official Sony Pictures twitter account posted this: 'Marc Webb, the Golden Globe nominated director, will helm the next chapter in the SPIDER-MAN franchise, set to hit theaters summer 2012.' I also changed the title from 'Marc Webb to direct three SPIDER-MAN films?' to the current. The press release doesn’t say anything about a three picture deal, although Vulture seems to be 100% accurate. Just wanna stay on the safe side for now."

A-Seyfried &gt;&gt; *sigh*

More awkward interviews with Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried Shows a “Ridiculously Opposite World” in Chloe
It’s going to be a busy season for young star Amanda Seyfried. In addition to her work on the hit HBO series Big Love and this month’s big screen debut of the Nicholas Sparks tear-jerker Dear John, Seyfried will be seen in Atom Egoyan's thriller Chloe and the romantic drama Letters to Juliette. It’s an impressive roster and when we spoke with the actress recently she talked about what a diverse list it is. She’s especially excited that audiences will see her in the uncharacteristic role she plays in Chloe.

Exclusive TV-Wire Interview with Amanda Seyfried
Exclusive from Hollywood, California via TV-Wire, Staci Layne Wilson in an exclusive sit-down 1 on 1 interview with "Dear John" actor Amanda Seyfried. This exclusive to YouTube video is part of the TV/cable broadcast segment that TV-Wire aired domestically on 1.14.10. Amanda talks about working with animals, autism and... Dear John.

Source + Source + Source

I love Amanda, but she give some really awkward interviews. :S
It's like she doesn't know when to just stop with an answer, so she goes on and on and on.
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Donatella Versace vs. Christina Aguilera

Which blonde bombshell wore it best? Designer Donatella Versace was spotted in the show-stopping gown back in October when she attended the Whitney Museum Gala. 'Burlesque' star Christina Aguilera chose to wear the same style when she presented at the Golden Globes this past weekend.

Source: www.etonline.com/gallery/celebbattle/2010/01/83048/index.html

You can vote @ the source!

iCarly,' 'Rush' set records

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A grand Monday night for Nickelodeon saw "iCarly" become the cabler's most-watched broadcast ever and new series "Big Time Rush" its highest-rated live-action series premiere.
Beating its previous high by more than 25%, "iCarly" drew 11.2 million total viewers at 8 p.m. for its "iSaved Your Life" episode. By comparison, CBS' "How I Met Your Mother" won the timeslot for broadcast networks Monday with 10.5 million viewers.

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It’s not a stretch to say comics are everywhere on the pop culture landscape — movies, television, books and beyond. These colorful heroes are a part of our daily lives, and we’re proud to unveil something very cool — and by “cool,” I mean something special, that we’ve never done before on THE SOURCE.

As most of you know, BLACKEST NIGHT writer Geoff Johns has done his fair share of Hollywood work, including but not limited to working with SUPERMAN director Richard Donner. He’s also written episodes of SMALLVILLE. The most recent, titled “Absolute Justice” features the television debut of some of his — and your — favorite DCU heroes, including Hawkman, Stargirl and Dr. Fate.

In other words, the Justice Society of America. The first superhero team in history and one that holds a special place not only for Geoff, but for fans everywhere.

So, needless to say, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it here. We’d be doubly at fault if we didn’t corral Geoff himself to share a few words, too. Take it away, Geoff:

“It’s the first live action Justice Society of America. Hawkman, Doctor Fate and, my personal favorite, Stargirl. But don’t expect them to be the one ones you see. Look closely in this episode. There’s more cameos and easter eggs than Green Lanterns.”

Oh, and did I mention we have an exclusive clip from the episode, courtesy of the fine folks at The CW? Click below to view. Enjoy!


Smallville' exclusive: Martha Kent returns

Martha Kent is winging it back to Smallville, and word is it’s not to dispense motherly advice.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Annette O’Toole has inked a deal to reprise her role as Clark’s mom later this season.

Producers are still working out the exact timing of Martha’s reappearance, but a Smallville insider tells me it’ll most likely fall during May sweeps. That same source hints that the mother-son reunion will be rocked by an “unexpected surprise” or two.

O’Toole last appeared in season 6 when Martha moved to Washington to become a U.S. senator.

Thoughts? Have you missed Martha? Do you hope she’ll stick around for more than one episode? Care to guess what the “unexpected surprise” is? Sound off below!


Ever since the news broke that Pam Grier will be playing DC Comics villain Amanda Waller on ‘Smallville,’ I’ve been busting to know what her storyline will be, and if she’ll share any scenes with my favorite gal, Miss Lane. Any details? – Becca
Finally, Becca, an answer! As I Tweeted the other day, The CW’s synopsis for the February 5 “Absolute Justice” movie is out. In addition to revealing that the two-hour event is set in motion by Icicle’s murder of Justice Society member Sylvester Pemberton (aka Star-Spangled Kid) and Chlark’s investigation of same, “Lois receives a package from a mysterious agency called Checkmate, run by Amanda Waller.” My question: Why would a covert organization be reaching out to a news reporter? Hmmm.

Is ‘Smallville‘ showing “Disciple” and “Warrior” back-to-back? – NadiaCosta via Twitter
Legit question, seeing as ‘Smallville’s return has been pushed back a week (to January 29) by this Friday’s networks-wide “Help for Haiti” telethon. The CW, though, is instead opting to air “Warrior” slightly out of order – on February 12, a week after “Absolute Justice.”

Source:DC Universe - The Source   AUSIELLO   

Mary-Kate: Smile

Chezza's Mum: She's not going to America as "The X Factor" judge

Joan and Cheryl

CHERYL COLE is about to leave SIMON COWELL feeling as flat as his barnet - by turning down an offer to join him on his new American X Factor show.

I'm told the golden girl prefers to stay in chilly Britain to keep her hubby ASHLEY warm - and maybe even start a family.

News that the 26-year-old won't be booking her upper-class ticket to the States comes from her closest confidante: mum JOAN.

She confessed to me that, despite her daughter's boss Cowell begging her to join him on the judges line-up for the new show, she has voted herself off the project.

When I pressed Joan about Chezza's plans for the US X Factor she told me: "No, she's not going to America, she's staying here. She will not be going there for that."

Cowell, 50, has made no secret he wants to take his X Factor sensation to the US and help her crack the States.

He admitted last week: "I think she'd be great over here, Cheryl's a star."

But despite being able to earn more money than her loaded footballer husband, who pockets £80,000 per week, she has pledged her future to the UK and at the same time wiped the pearly white smile from Cowell's face.

Joan, 50, who was partying - minus her daughter - at London's Mahiki nightclub on Wednesday, remained tight-lipped about Cheryl's reasons for wanting to stay but I hear the main one is because she's so loved up with Chelsea star Ashley.

The pair are looking forward to having a family and, while Cheryl is determined to be a working mum, she thinks it will be impossible away from Britain. I'm told: "Cheryl is really in favour of working mums but knows this would be quite hard to do in America.

"She also wouldn't be able to bear leaving Ashley for too long - not because she's worried he'll cheat but because she doesn't like not being with him."

1D - Niall the hipster

sharkboy living the dream dream dream dream dream dream~

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Are you so famous now that you don’t even have to feed yourself, Taylor?

Taylor Lautner wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth (we think), but since beefing up and becoming the highest-paid young actor in Tinseltown, the 17-year-old star is certainly reveling in some serious Royal treatment.

Twilight’s teen werewolf didn’t even have to FEED himself at the Weinstein Company’s post-Golden Globe party Jan. 17, sponsored by Martini & Rossi, where we spied the muscled boy-man getting finger (and spoon) fed by a pretty dark-haired brunette. And no, before you ask, it was NOT his ex-girlfriend Sara Hicks.

Taylor had his own table at Bar 210 inside the Beverly Hills Hotel, where his hot bod was presided over by a bodyguard, several handlers and a handful of male pals. We’re pretty impressed by the maturity of Tay-Tay’s posse too – when the female in question started popping appetizers in his mouth, the guys didn’t make fun of him.

No wonder the actor – who split with country cutie Taylor Swift back in December – seemed so happy at the bash: he could have his cake, eat it – AND have someone else serve it too!

Film - The Old Guard

Desplat confirmed for Deathly Hallows part one

Early this morning we reported a rumor claiming composer Alexandre Desplat was to score Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.

We've looked into the matter, and after speaking with the folks who originally reported the story on Film Score Monthly, we now know that this piece of info is confirmed by Desplat's agent.

Desplat has composed such recent films as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Julie & Julia, The Golden Compass, and The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

No word yet on who will compose Deathly Hallows, Part 2. What do you think of Desplat getting the reigns for Part 1?

NOOOOOO. :( I like him, but he's not John Williams. I am disappoint. (Also, that poster is totes fake; I just Google Image-searched.) I would assume they'd have the same person for both parts, too...sad, sad panda.

Marion Cotillard pairs up with Franz Ferdinand

Obscenely jolie Parisian actress Marion Cotillard (she of the 2008 Best Actress Oscar and red-carpet mermaid-enhood) has paired up with arch Scottish post-punkers Franz Ferdinand on a new original song.

“Eyes of Mars,” created to promote a perfume for the French label Dior, can be streamed here at ladydior.com.

Cotillard, bless her coeur, is not really a chanteuse, her two numbers in the star-stuffed Nine notwithstanding; but she works out the sort of breathy, “zut alors! I am far too sexy for pitch control” coo that revered Gallic pop lizard Serge Gainsbourg coaxed from his own movie star muses in the ’60s and ’70s.

el source-o

Jeff Zucker On Late Night Shuffle: "We've Made the Right Business Decision"

NBC Universal President and CEO Jeff Zucker said Monday the company has made the right business decision in bringing former Tonight Show host Jay Leno back to his former 11: 35 timeslot, even as the move paves the way out for longtime NBC late-night personality Conan O'Brien.

"We think that Jay — who was the ratings champ in late night for almost 15 years — will go back to 11:35 and be successful," Zucker said on Charlie Rose. "What Conan decides to do obviously is up to Conan. We don't wish him any ill will at all."

Leno: Don't blame Conan (or me)

Close to two weeks ago, NBC first proposed that The Jay Leno Show move from prime time to 11:35 and that The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon move back half-hour each, to 12:05 and 1:05, respectively. Unfortunately, O'Brien did not approve of the change of the show and released a lengthy and emotional statement expressing such last week. Since then, O'Brien and NBC have begun discussing a possible settlement that would allow O'Brien to leave the network and launch a new show somewhere else.


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Picture Source:

Why "Up In The Air" should win Best Picture

Let’s be honest here. If 2009 were a normal year, I wouldn’t be writing this article. People wouldn’t be tripping all over themselves to criticize Up In The Air. George Clooney’s latest would be a generally well-received borderline Oscar contender, prophesized to get three or four nominations, maybe surprise experts and win one. The movie just has that feel about it. It’s really beautiful in a lot of subtle, underwhelming ways, and upon its initial release, most cinemagoers seemed to agree. But 2009 was not a normal year.

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Parineeta, Saif, train

You now can legitimately study shirtless Shahrukh Khan... with other academics...

At Vienna, a session on Shah-Rukhology

Many conferences on Bollywood are held in the West but the one being organised by scholars at the University of Vienna will be different in one crucial respect — it will focus solely on Shah Rukh Khan.

The conference, which is called Shah Rukh Khan and Global Bollywood, recognises that he is not only the undisputed king of the Hindi film industry but probably also has more pulling power than any movie star that can be put up by Hollywood.

“We have invited Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar for the opening ceremony,” said the conference’s principal organiser, Elke Mader, who is professor of anthropology and vice-dean in the faculty of social sciences at Vienna University.

In many ways it seems, while Hindi films are merely enjoyed by some Indians, European scholars consider them worthy of serious scholarship.

Contrary to opinion in America, Europe and some other parts of the world, “Hollywood does not dominate (the global cinema scene),” Mader told The Telegraph.

What she found impressive about Shah Rukh was “his ability to do different types of emotion within one movie. He is the global hero of Hindi cinema. For new European audiences, he is the central figure.”

When Shah Rukh turned up for the unveiling of his wax likeness at the Grevin Museum in Paris in 2006, the majority of the screaming “I love you Shah Rukh” fans outside were young white Europeans.

The conference from September 30-October 2 will bring together anthropologists, sociologists, cultural historians and other scholars from across Europe and seek to analyse what Oscar Wilde would probably have called “the importance of being Shah Rukh Khan”.

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If all celebrities on planet Earth had to have a symposium on them, whose would you attend? Why?


Courtney Love believes it is important to keep ''the stupid part of yourself alive'' and deliberately dumbed down lyrics on her new album.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Hole singer says she rewrote one of her new songs, 'Skinny Little B***h' because it wasn't stupid enough and she is always afraid of the consequences of appearing too clever.

She said: "I went to the site of the World Trade Centre at 3am and rewrote the song so it wouldn't be clever-clever. It's just completely visceral, kind of stupid. And it's really, really important to keep that stupid part of yourself alive, otherwise you start getting all smart and growing stupid facial hair. Including me. I shave every day."

The group are preparing for the release of long-awaited LP 'Nobody's Daughter', and Courtney admits she is still unhappy with the record but doesn't think it will ever get release if it is delayed until it reaches her required standard.

She told NME magazine: "I'm a crazy perfectionist. I'm never ever gonna put this out unless it comes out. So I'm putting it out."

SOURCE: http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/story/courtney-love-staying-stupid_1128873

MTV's The Buried Life Interview

Kim, from Dean-Kelly.Com, recently hung out with Ben and Duncan from MTV’s exciting new show, The Buried Life, in New York. The Buried Life follows a group of friends and their own film crew who set off in a purple bus, named Penelope, with a list of things that they’ve dreamed of doing. On their exciting journey, the guys not only try to fulfill their own dreams. They also try to fulfill the dreams of others. The guys told us that the show was inspired by a poem they had read in English class, that was over 150 years old.

Do you feel inspired by the guys’ show? You can also help a good cause, and all you have to do is login to your Facebook. Yes! Helping is that easy! Go to the show’s Facebook page, and become a fan of the show. Once they reach 75,000 fans MTV will fund a soccer camp in Uganda for Duncan’s charity. It’s an awesome cause, and we look forward to helping Duncan with his charity.

The Buried Life airs Mondays at 10:00PM, on MTV. Let us know what you think of MTV’s exciting new show!

Source: Dean-Kelly.Com
danny smirk

Music for Relief, Download to Donate

Music for Relief, [founded in 2005 by Linkin Park] has brought together an incredible album of artists who have all generously donated original songs to support the Haiti relief effort. Artists include: ALANIS MORISSETTE, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, HOOBASTANK, KENNA, LINKIN PARK, LUPE FIASCO, PETER GABRIEL AND SLASH.

Now, we need your help: you can join in support of the immediate relief and long-term recovery process in Haiti by downloading songs at musicforrelief.org and making a donation in any amount. Then, EMBED THE WIDGET on your Facebook or MySpace page, your blog, or your website…wherever you can spread the word. Every little bit helps.

100% of funds received will go directly to the Haiti efforts. In partnership with the UN Foundation’s Central Emergency Response Fund, Habitat for Humanity, and Dave Matthews BAMA Works Haitian relief efforts, Music for Relief is working to support immediate relief with food, water and emergency medical supplies as well as long-term sustainable housing solutions for the people affected by this catastrophic natural disaster.


It's all original, unreleased material and you can listen to it at the source site before you download it.  More songs and artists are being added still, so if you download it and they add more, you'll get an email with the additional tracks.

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Is 'Avatar' on its way to becoming this season's 'Slumdog Millionaire'?

Last year at this time, "Slumdog Millionaire" was such a prohibitive favorite that at some point all the other contenders seemed to take the rest of the season off.

This year hasn't been nearly as predictable, nor as uniform. Favorites have had a shakier hold on their categories, and no movie has spread as widely across ballots as "Slumdog" did. Which has gotten pundits (at least until recently) excited about the prospect of a left-field phenomenon.

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My ~15 years of experience~ in lipreading tells me he said 'I could win.'


This post is brought to you by the Na'vi Anti-Defamation League.
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Former "Angel" Actress Sarah Thompson Kane Goes Bollywood...

American actress Sarah Thompson Kane, best-known for her role as Eve in the hit TV series Angel, and for her part in Cruel Intentions 2 with Amy Adams, debuts in Bollywood in Rajneeti. She plays the part of Ranbir Kapoor’s American girlfriend - “an innocent who wanted nothing, but lost it all.”

In the movie, Ranbir abandons America to return to India to pursue his political ambitions. The movie, which also stars Ajay Devgn and Katrina Kaif, is about a political election and the tricks that the candidates will stoop to in order to achieve their goals.

Probably Sarah’s best film to date was The Pink Conspiracy with Bradley Snedeker in which Dave, the hero, stumbles across what he believes is a conspiracy in which all his previous girlfriends have joined together to drive him crazy (most men also suspect this is happening). Now, if only he could prove it...

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(HD) Animated
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WIN a Blu-ray/VHS Player with a Copy of 'House of the Devil on VHS!!

What a way to kick off the week... I hope you consider yourself lucky, because we've got one heck of a prize from Dark Sky Films. Welcome to our "The House of the Devil high-def/low-def giveaway"! What's so special? Well, beyond the break you'll learn how to enter to win a Blu-ray/VHS combo player, along with a copy of Ti West's 80's period piece on Blu-ray and the infamous limited VHS!!! Read on NOW!

"Set in the 1980s and based on true, unexplained events, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL stars the sexy Jocelin Donahue as cash-strapped college student Samantha Hughes, who takes a babysitting job in a remote mansion with her good friend Megan (Greta Gerwig, BAGHEAD).

She’s desperate for money and the pay is good, but something feels wrong, and Samantha quickly realizes that the girls are trapped. As a lunar eclipse darkens the night sky, Samantha finds that her employers—cult favorites Tom Noonan (MANHUNTER) and Mary Woronov (ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL)—don’t have a baby at all, and have something truly terrifying in store for them."

The DVD and Blu-ray special features will include: 5.1 English Audio;English and Spanish subtitles; feature-length commentary with writer-director-editor Ti West and actress Jocelin Donahue; feature-length commentary with writer-director-editor Ti West, producers Larry Fessenden and Peter Phok, and sound designer Graham Reznick; “In The House of the Devil”; “Behind the House of the Devil”; Theatrical Trailer; Deleted Scenes.

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"My Life as Liz" Celebrates ~special snowflakes~-except not

Once upon a time, we were introduced to a series about a smart, overtly sardonic, and extremely pessimistic upper-middle-class teenage girl dealing with day-to-day life in her American suburban town. Her name was Daria Morgendorffer and she ruled. Over a decade later, we are given the same synopsis, but instead of cartoons, we get real people who have maybe been cast, who may read from scripts. I'm talking, of course, about MTV's My Life As Liz.
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If I see one more status update that says ~oh my god i'm just like liz~ i'm gonna scream
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Tarantino, Bigelow, Daniels, Reitman, & Cameron To Form Justice League; Fight Crime In Spandex

Nearly every director who's ever worked anywhere near Hollywood makes compromises. But many directors also have a defining moment when they drew the line and clung tightly to their principles. For Quentin Tarantino it was declining to cut a potentially graphic scene over Harvey Weinstein's protestations. For Jason Reitman it was insisting on shooting in multiple locations when a studio was asking he shoot only in one. Hear what they and others on our roundtable did to elevate themselves from hired hands to artists.


ATL Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Has Been Shot...but he ain't dead y'all

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Word is breaking that the rising rapper in Gucci Mane’s crew Wacka Flocka Flame was shot at an Atlanta gas station earlier today. An attempted robbery transpired before the shooting, but the homie Miss Info says Wacka was not shot in the chest as rumored. He was, though, shot in the arm/shoulder.

The “O, Let’s Do It” rapper also is not in critical condition–supposedly–and is expected to make a full recovery.


I'm still confused on what the hell a wacka flacka is

Tim and Eric present "For Your Haiti" benefit

Dr. Brule Breaking News: For Your Haiti!
For Your Haiti!:  A benefit show for Haiti featuring full episodes of the new Adult Swim series “Check it Out with Dr. Steve Brule” and the new season of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job”
Tuesday, January 26th 8pm
Silent Movie Theater

611 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90036

Buy tickets here
Be the very first  to see two new episodes “Check it Out with Dr. Steve Brule” and “Awesome Show” Season Five.  Afterwards stick around for  Q & A with Tim, Eric and John C. Reilly moderated by Richard Dunn!
$20 - all proceeds go to help the people in Haiti:  http://www.pih.org/where/Haiti/Haiti.html
There are a limited amount of seats in this theater. Tickets will go very quickly. get yours today!!

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Put on your dancing shoes, there's one thing on your mind...


Nigel Lythgoe is judging alongside Arlene Phillips from Strictly Come Dancing, Cat Deeley is still presenting. The top ten was recently announced. The show is being broadcast on BBC1.

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Anybody watching this? I really love some of the West End choreographers they're getting in, but the dancers don't seem to be as good as the American version.... What are your favourite SYTYCD dances, ONTD?

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Kelly Rowland Signs a New Record Deal with Universal Motown Records

Kelly Rowland has just inked a deal with Universal Records.

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According to our source Kelly was in the Motown Records office last Thursday and she left with a new record deal. No word on when her album is dropping or how much she got for the deal but this is a step up from Mathew Knowles and Music World. Hopefully she’ll be on the come up in no time.

“Lopez Tonight” - Jennifer Lopez Appearance

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I’ve been slowly fallen out of love with Jennifer Lopez’ style as it has a tendency to revert back JLo circa Puffy Daddy.

Rhinestone jumpsuits does not make a stylish diva.

Last night she made an appearance on “Lopez Tonight”, a late-night television talk show hosted by comedian George Lopez.

Her opening line was “Welcome to ‘Lopez Tonight, where nobody gets fired…they just get replaced by a bigger star with the same last name!”

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3rd Annual BET Honors

Fashion Edition

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Gabrielle Union was one of the few at this event that didn’t bore me along with Taraji.

Gabrielle wore a figure hugging nude strapless gown with silver detailing. Nice dress, shame about the hair.

Taraji P. Henson also opted for nude Alberta Ferretti gown which was gorgeous against her skin, but the hunched shoulders really bother me.

There’s something very dated and home-made about Mya’s red strapless gown with a jeweled detail.

She obviously wanted to stand out on this red carpet - which she does - but for all the wrong reason.

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Queen Latfiah continue to her slide into boringville.

Her LBD is nice enough, but in she needs to bring back the colour.

Something tells me I’ve seen Mary J Blige wear this one-sleeved dress before.

This is the best I’ve seen Tichina Arnold in a long while. Her black gown with a feathered skirt doesn’t often me.

This has to be one of the most boring and poorly dressed red carpet events of the year.

The BET Honors airs on February 1 at 8 pm on BET.

Paramore's Hayley Williams Tells You Which Bands You Need To Check Out

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Get out a pen and paper folks ! In this post, you will be exposed to some of the hottest bands to listen to in 2010.

That's right ! Hayley Williams of the greatest group ever, Paramore, is sharing her picks of her favorite bands of 2010.

The Swellers — "These guys are new to our label, Fueled by Ramen. They crashed on my living-room floor once and, unknowingly to me, slapped one of their bumper stickers on my infamous car. I've loved them ever since, particularly their song 'Sleeper.' A bit of trivia: They are the only band that FBR signed in 2009. That's 'cause they rule."

Fireworks — "Met these guys with some friends at a show they played in Nashville in early 2008. We all ended up hanging out till 6 or so in the morning. We do, in fact, have a side project called 'Tomahawk Beat.' ... There are no songs or anything. It's actually more like an elite club. P.S. The video for their song 'Detroit' is up on mtvU.com so go check 'em out!"

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ONTD :: What are your music picks for 2010? Please donut say Ke$ha. Who are some of your favorite music acts ?