January 4th, 2010


Chris Brown Is Having A Whole Lotta Fun…

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…In Miami. Throwing Yacht parties, after parties at Play Nightclub…and feeling on them booties…
By the way, the girl on the left is model/actress Karlie Redd and she wants you to know that she’s so not his new play toy. She’s better than me.
I would have went on ahead and let ya’ll nosy azzes talk about me being the new “boo” but to each it’s own…

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Hollywood’s biggest egos

The following celebs get bonus points for taking their self-love to a whole new level

We may chastise certain celebrities for their mammoth egos, but secretly it's half the fun of following the famous. Let's face it, nobody wins if Mariah decides to go make-up free or Miley suddenly shuts her trap.

While most celebs have exposed their swollen heads at one point or another during their careers, the following stars get bonus points for taking their self-love to a whole new level.Collapse )

Christmas Day Lakers Game

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On Christmas Day the Lakers played the Cleveland Cavaliers so of course I had to go and support my baby! It wasn't the Lakers' best game, but you win some you lose some. LOL. Either way, we still had a lot of fun! Just wanted to share a few pics :)

Happy early New Year's everyone!!! What are you doing to kick off 2010?
~Khloe Kardashian

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Our Kardashian Kristmas Eve Party

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Every year my mom throws a huge Christmas Eve party -- she's been doing it since Kourt was born and it's our main holiday tradition. The party starts early around 5pm or so and all of our friends and family come. My mom has carolers, elves, and Santa even comes to hand out presents. It is amazing.

This was the first Christmas Eve party in our new house and it was truly so special! Everyone was there -- Kim, Kourt, Scott, Rob, Kendall, Kylie, Brody, Burt, Brandon, the twins...seriously our entire family!!! And this year we had baby Mason and Lamar. Two new peps to bring into our tradition. My mom goes all out. It's so amazing!!!

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DJ & Blake

Cam Gigandet: Washington Home for the Holidays!

Cam Gigandet takes his girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff and daughter Everleigh Ray in Hollywood on Sunday (January 3).

The 27-year-old actor has been busy shooting his new movie, Burlesque, alongside Kristen Bell, Stanley Tucci, Eric Dane, Alan Cumming, Peter Gallagher, Christina Aguilera, Julianne Hough and Cher. Cam will continue to film through February.

The Gigandet family flew to Washington (Cam’s home state) to celebrate the holiday season.

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Jay-Z to perform at Robbie Williams' wedding?

Jay-Z has offered to help plan Robbie Williams' wedding to girlfriend Ayda Field – and even proposed that he sing at the bash. Despite Williams not actually confirming his plans to wed yet, Jay-Z has invited him round to his and Beyonce's house to discuss the entertainment for the do, which he says thinks should be held at the Dominion Republic (also the location for Jay-Z's recent 40th birthday party).

"The entertainment at my party was all hot and if Robbie wants my help he should come over for dinner and Bey and I can help him out. She is great at organizing parties, she loves it," Jay-Z said. "I don't know what Robbie's entertainment plans are but, as a wedding present, I would get up after the speeches and do a little set".


East Meets West

Korean pop sensation, SHINee, cover Lady GaGa's "Just Dance"

For the "who the fuck are they" crowd:

Sources: Video 1
                 Video 2

P.S. I never said it was good and I know they and lipping it in Konglish. I am a bit biased though, as I have been in Korea for 4+ months now. I love SHINee! ;)

ETA:  SHINee Wiki

Key invites you in!! Via yellyell 

dw | carbon prevails

TV ratings: David Tennant's final Doctor Who watched by more than 10m

More than 10 million viewers watched David Tennant regenerate into Matt Smith in Doctor Who on New Year's Day.

Part two of Tennant's swansong, The End of Time, averaged 10.4 million viewers, a 36% share of the audience between 6.40pm and 7.55pm. It peaked with marginally more – 10.6 million – between 7.30pm and 7.45pm, according to unofficial overnight figures.

Doctor Who predictably had the better of an ITV1 lineup that included the ITV News, with 5.8 million viewers and a 21% share between 6.40pm and 7pm, and Emmerdale, which brought in 7.3 million viewers and a 25% share between 7pm and 7.30pm.

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The Guardian

I wonder how it did on BBC America on Saturday.
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Ke$ha’s time is up

Say what you will about last year’s big bubblegum anthems - from Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA’’ to Lady Gaga’s string of pop confections - but compared to “TiK ToK,’’ those songs are practically masterpieces written by Bob Dylan and produced by Phil Spector.

“TiK ToK’’ is the new radio hit from Ke$ha, a blond party girl who came out of nowhere to become 2010’s first breakout act. The 22-year-old Nashville native was hungry for stardom wherever she could find it; she recently told The New York Times that she had tried country, rock, and electro-pop before throwing some “rap’’ into her music.

It’s hard to remember the last time an album so flat and vacuous generated such a buzz. That dollar sign in Ke$ha’s name tells you everything you need to know about her debut, “Animal,’’ a shallow hodgepodge of 2009’s tried-and-true formulas. She’s done her homework, copping some of Lady Gaga’s beats (“Your Love Is My Drug’’), Ryan Tedder’s way with a thumping ballad (“Hungover’’), Katy Perry’s bratty mischief (“Party at a Rich Dude’s House’’), and a lot of T-Pain’s Auto-Tune studio sorcery (“Blind’’).

Even though Ke$ha supposedly co-wrote all of these songs, her personality is completely missing from them. Reaching for attitude, she ends up sounding vapid and faceless, as if she doesn’t even believe what she’s singing. Does she really toss a guy aside if he doesn’t look like Mick Jagger? Um, does she even know who that is?

Like the sound Ke$ha’s hit single references, you can almost hear the clock counting down her 15 minutes of fame. Tick, tock. (Out tomorrow) JAMES REED


From the annals of bad timing...

Tiger Woods pumps iron shirtless on the February 2009 cover of Vanity Fair, captured pre-scandal by celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Inside the mag is a full portfolio of never-before-seen photos of a raw, unguarded Tiger.

Pulitzer Prize winner Buzz Bissinger, author of “Friday Night Lights”, reflects on Tiger’s downfall and what his future may hold: “In the end it was the age-old clash of image versus reality…. He deluded himself into thinking he could be something that he wasn’t: untouchable. The greatest feat of his career is that he managed to get away with it for so long in public, the bionic man instead of the human one who hit a fire hydrant.”

Read the full article at VanityFair.com!

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george jetson

Howard Stern’s Wife Cuts Sugar, Loses Weight

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Beth Ostrosky Stern has unlocked the secret to weight loss. Just say no to sugar!

Although her regular routine once included eating 15 Tootsie Rolls before a long run and Swedish Fish, Starburst and Hot Tamales were mainstays in her diet, Beth has noticed a huge difference by nixing it all.

“I decided to cut out all sweets in my diet when I ran the marathon on behalf of North Shore Animal League,” the blonde beauty, 37, tells me. “Literally from that moment, my body has completely changed. I dropped six pounds in the first week. I’m doing my training, and I’m eating so much more food. I’m consuming so much more food, and it’s real food instead of sweets. I think my body’s the best it’s ever been.”

She adds, “I’m telling all my friends and everyone who’s asking what the secret is … I say cut out sweets and exercise. That’s the key.”

What does she eat instead?
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george jetson

Rob Kardashian Cheated On Adrienne Bailon

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Calabasas silver spoon Rob Kardashian has confessed that he cheated on former Cheetah Girl and 3LW singer Adrienne Bailon, leading to the couple’s split last March. She blesses the guy with panty pics and this is the thanks she gets?! Rob — the younger brother of socialites Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe –dropped the bomb on Sunday night’s episode of E!’s reality docusoap, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Adrienne’s devotion to her career and Rob’s hectic school schedule have also been cited as mitigating factors causing the breakup. Adrienne created quite a stir in November 2008, when nude photographs she snapped for Rob were splashed on the Internet. Despite rumors of a leak, the singer claimed innocence, insisting that the photographs were taken from a laptop stolen while she was coming off a flight at New York’s JFK Airport.

Rob, 22, did not provide any details on who he was unfaithful with, although he was romantically-linked to adult film star Lisa Ann (of Nailin’ Paylin fame) as recently as November. Adrienne, for her part, has moved on. The 26-year-old New York native is currently dating an unidentified man, who she was seen texting throughout last night’s show.


The Kardashians Spend Khristmas with the Osbournes????


The Kardasian's spent Christmas eve with family and Kelly, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne at Bruce and Kris Jenner's house.  Kelly even took her pomeranian to get his hair done for the festivities.

Kim wrote on her blog: "I had the best Christmas Eve this year! The whole family gathered at my mom's house, which she had beautifully decorated, as she does every year. It was so great to have everyone together... all of us sisters, Rob, baby Mason, Brody, Burt and Brandon, Lamar... just perfect! We had so much fun messing around together and catching up.

Check out Kelly's pomeranian! She had its hair styled like a lion!! So adorable!"



Ellen Pompeo brings some groceries home

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Ellen Pompeo comes home to her place in Los Angeles after a grocery run to Whole Foods on Saturday (January 2).

The 40-year-old actress will have a new permanent co-star on Grey’s Anatomy - after being a recurring character on the show, Kim Raver will join as a regular at Seattle Grace, THR reports.

Kim, who plays Teddy Altman, a cardio surgeon, will appear in all but one of the rest of this season’s episodes.
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Gregory Itzin: They Can Still See You

Could not be more ridiculous

There isn’t even any black tulle under Cyndi Lauper’s business skirt. I just say. Behold the cast of season 3 of The Celebrity Apprentice, premiering Sunday, March 14 on NBC. Starting all the way on the left with the lady you don’t recognize, we have comedian-writer Carol Leifer, Sinbad, WWE wrestler Maria Kanellis, former Illinois governor and karaoke failure Rod Blagojevich, Sharon Osbourne as Dr. Evil, track and field Olympian Michael Johnson, Joe Combover, chef Curtis Stone, gift from heaven Cyndi Lauper, WWE heavyweight Bill Goldberg, famed rightfielder Darryl Strawberry, sex bomb Bret Michaels, lingerie model Selita Ebanks, swimmer Summer Sanders, and actress-children’s book author Holly Robinson Peete.

Blago vs. Sharon Osbourne could be funny, but I’m a bit underwhelmed by the cast. This is probably okay. I mean, we didn’t expect “whore pit viper” to enter the lexicon the moment Melissa Rivers was cast alongside her mom and Annie Duke, and look how that turned out. Also, I don’t mean to brag, but I am a lot more familiar with this cast than everyone else, because my childhood bedroom wall featured those two-page insert glamour shots you found in the middle of Sports Illustrated for Kids for both Summer Sanders and Darryl Strawberry. It follows that Celebrity Apprentice season 3 will finally force me to confront one of my life’s most puzzling quandaries: Knowing that I only hung up Darryl because I like strawberries and at the time was desperate for a ninth poster to complete my tacky 3×3 display, why did I never bother to replace him with gymnast Dominque Dawes? So weird. It’s something I’ve been meaning to deal with for a long time.

Your thoughts on the season 3 Celeb Apprentice cast? If Bret Michael suffers a diabetic coma, will Cyndi wake him up with “Time After Time”?


this show is my guilty pleasure

A-Seyfried >> Beautiful Alien

More "Chloe" Stills: Now with more Liam Neeson!

Catherine (Julianne Moore), a successful doctor, suspects her handsome music professor husband David (Liam Neeson) is cheating on her. To lay her suspicions and fears to rest, she hires an irresistible young woman, Chloe (Amanda Seyfried), to test David ’s fidelity. Chloe’s torrid tales of her encounters with David take Catherine on a journey of sexual and sensual re-discovery. But by opening the door to temptation, she puts her family in great danger…

Atom Egoyan directed the movie from the script written by Erin Cressida Wilson which is based on Anne Fontaine’s story. The drama thriller is a remake of the French 2004 “Nathalie…” both written and directed by Anne Fontaine starring Gerard Depardieu, Fanny Ardant, Emmanuelle Beart. “Chloe” premiered at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival is scheduled to be released on March 19, 2010.

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New Tyler Shields Video/Pictures

"The 2009 video what can I say about this… Took a year to make this, all the footage was shot in 09 and man everyone stepped up there game this year thank you to everyone who is a part of this it is so amazing to me to be able to do what I do and I am very thankful! There are a lot of people in this video this is the best go at in order of appearance I can give you haley bennett, robert fiely, juno temple, tyler shields, breane, josh hutcherson, colton haynes, zelda williams, bobby campo, candice accola ,zachary quinto, alison brie, brittany snow, ryan rottman, anna kendrick, simon curtis, jamie lynn sigler, summer glau, janet montgomary, hadley klein, matt dallas, allan hyde, leven rambin, haley ramm, simon rex, sean faris, debrah ann woll, alessandra toresonni, the mouse, eric mcintire, shannon woodward, jordon fink, stana katic, shiloh fernandez, thomas dekker, jessica stroup, brie larson, jaimie alexander, toby hemingway, geoff clark, elena satine, dakota johnson, and alex meraz also there are more people in the flashes maybe some more unreleased footage… Thank you again to everyone!!!!!! There are a lot of hidden shots in the flashes you may want to watch this one more then once to see everything and everybody. Also I do make a few cameos in this video can you spot them?"

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eta: for those who don't know him, he's a photographer, he does video sessions with some of his subjects, and each year he compiles them into one video
mabel 2

Thom Yorke Pens Three New Songs for Tibet Documentary

Director Dirk Simon has spent the past 7 years filming and interviewing for upcoming film When The Dragon Swallowed The Sun, a documentary about the ongoing, and seemingly endless, plight of the Free Tibet movement, but all his hard work is about to pay off brilliantly, as
this truly epic project is set to include not only an all-star cast of interviewees (Dennis Haysbert, Richard Gere, the 14th Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, etc.), but also new music from Thom Yorke, Damien Rice, and Philip Glass.

Thom Yorke wrote three new songs for a particular chapter of the film, Simon revealed to TwentyFourBit.
Take that, New Moon (they only got one song from the Radiohead frontman). But that’s not all: Damien Rice has also written a song for the documentary (his first new original composition to come out in quite a while) and composer Philip Glass has penned the main theme for the film, including a piece for a key “grand finale” sequence.

Those details alone should place this project into the “Best Documentary Soundtrack” category, but that only accounts for the new music to be featured. Simon also told us that
Björk, Eric Clapton, UNKLE, DJ Spooky, and Rob Dougan, aka Rob D, have also contributed existing music for the score.

We’ll keep you updated as new details emerge, but in the meantime, check out the trailer and official site here.


Also, they mention that Bjork is contributing "existing" music. Is that existing music we haven't heard before or...?
It would be pretty epic if Thom contributed vocals to a new Bjork song (again) or vice versa.
take shelter
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Six clips from the season premiere of Big Love!

I'm overexcited right now! Links under the cut, all of them obviously contain spoilers.

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* Yes, you should watch this show instead of whatever silly reality show you are thinking of giving your eyeballs to.
* Teeny is apparently still around, but she'll be played by a different actress, Bella Thorne, this season.
* There are only 9 episodes. :-(

Nicki thanks you for your time.

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Michael Cera and DJ Pauly D: What Is Happening Here?

In today's BEST PICTURE EVER, we present to you Michael Cera and DJ Pauly D (known for hairgel use, hardcore fist-pumping, dancing by air-fighting in Jersey Shore!), two people who obviously have lots of reasons to be hanging out together.

Pauly D tweeted this picture after informing fans, "in NYC filming a skit for Michael Cera's new film "Youth in Revolt"...this is going to be hilarious."

It already is, Pauly. Also, who knew Cera would look so sweet with four gallons of hair product all up in his emo-fro?

SOURCE: celebuzz

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[yyy] karen o o o


"Jersey Shore XXX" vs. "Jersey Shore": A (Pictoral) Comparison

Let's be honest, everyone is obsessed with MTV's "Jersey Shore." We certainly are; ever since we heard Pauly D has a penis piercing, we've been waiting for him to whip it out. Well, the wait is over.

Taryn Thomas began organizing production for this spoof last November, but the cast last only recently came out. As always, we couldn't resist putting the tanned specimens beside their pornificent dopplegangers for a little comparison. What do you think?

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In addition, if you (yes, you!) are a "Jersey Italian who's positive you can fuck like a porn star and party like a fist pumpin' Guido," then Taryn wants you in her movie. Check out her site for details.

This is another Jersey Shore porn spoof, but this time they've cast the actors. What's your favourite porn spoof, ONTD?


Hot Sauce (site NSFW)

Singer-songwriter Lhasa de Sela passed away

MONTREAL — Globally acclaimed singer-songwriter Lhasa de Sela, who grew up as a semi-nomad in a travelling school bus and ultimately made Montreal her home, has died after a battle with breast cancer at age 37.

The Mexican-American musician was known for her trilingual lyrics and folk songs infused with fantasy, magic and fairy tales.

She died in Montreal on New Year's Day.

"Old stories, adventure tales - although they can be very violent and scary - they don't traumatize me the way modern stories do," de Sela told American National Public Radio in 2005, explaining how she grew up with fairy tales, and developed a lifelong love affair with their styles and imagery.

De Sela was born in 1972 in Big Indian, a small town in the Catskill mountains in New York State, to an American mother and a Mexican father.

Her early life was spent criss-crossing the U.S. and Mexico in a converted school bus. The experience instilled in the singer a wanderlust that led her around the globe.

At 13, she began singing Billie Holiday classics and Mexican tunes a cappella in San Francisco cafes, where she developed her voice and singing style.

She moved to Montreal in the early 1990s, playing in bars for about five years and developing songs for her debut album, the Spanish-language 'La Llorona'.

In a 2004 magazine interview, she recalled her early years in Montreal's watering holes.

"I had to work hard to be heard," she said. "I learned in those years how to reach people, even people who were there for beer and conversation."

Those lessons ended up garnering de Sela critical acclaim in 1998 for her debut album, which won a Juno for best global album that year.

But burned out from two years of touring - including time with the Lilith Fair festival - she fled to France where she joined her sisters' travelling circus, performing as a musician and helping assemble and dismantle the big top.

It was in Marseilles, where she later settled for a period, that the groundwork was set for her second album, 'The Living Road,' recently named by the Times of London as one of the 10 best world albums of the decade.

In her brief career, the singer was named best artist of the Americas by the BBC's World Music Awards in 2005, and she received a slew of Quebec and Canadian awards.

A multilingual artist who sang in English, French and Spanish, she collaborated with Montreal musician Patrick Watson, U.K. indie band the Tindersticks, and French performer Arthur H.

Her final album - simply titled 'Lhasa' - was released last year.

De Sela postponed her European tour and a string of concerts this past summer as she battled breast cancer.


I'm still in shock, i cant believe this, i loved her soo much, i had no idea she had cancer :(
kitty gwen

Joan Rivers "Held Hostage" in Costa Rica

Joan Rivers claims she was "held hostage" by airport security in Costa Rica yesterday -- all because of a name from her past.

The drama unfolded after an airport official checked out Joan's passport and became suspicious when he noticed it read "Joan Rosenberg AKA Joan Rivers."

Joan claims she tried explaining her late husband's name was Ed Rosenberg -- but the official found the whole thing fishy and gave away her seat on a flight back to Newark. Joan was pissed.

We're told police were called to the scene -- but Joan never got her seat back.

Rivers claims she was forced to put herself up in a hotel overnight to wait for another flight out this morning.

We're told the passport situation was eventually resolved and this morning Joan got on a plane -- but as you could imagine ... she ain't happy about it.

george jetson

Tiger Woods Once Made "Profane" Digs About Black Athletes, Lesbians

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The public shouldn't be so surprised by the Tiger Woods sex scandal, says Pulitzer Prize winner Buzz Bissinger.

In February's Vanity Fair, Bissinger recalls a 1997 GQ interview that Woods gave when he was 21. The golfer, now 33, made a "series of profane quips" about women, sex and athletes that now provide "a sustained glimpse of the real Tiger Woods," writes Bissinger, who refers to Woods as a "sex addict."

At one point, Woods said during the tape recorded interview: "What I can't figure out is why so many good-looking women hang around baseball and basketball. Is it because, you know, people always say that, like, black guys have big dicks?"

Bissinger notes that during a photo shoot -- "where four women attended to his every need and flirted with him as he flirted back" -- Woods told a joke. He rubbed the tips of his shoes together and then asked the women, "What's this?" Woods then replied. "It's a black guy taking off his condom."

Woods also cracked that lesbians are "faster" at sex than gay men because women "are always going 69,"
Bissinger notes.

Bissinger writes that the interview "was the only honest and open one Woods has ever given. After that the steel wall of insulation came down, spearheaded by I.M.G.," his agency.

Joe Logan, a co-founder of a Web site called MyPhillyGolf.com, tells Vanity Fair that Woods -- who has an estimated net worth of $600 million -- fraudulently created an image so he could earn as much money as possible through endorsements.

"He held himself out to a higher standard he created and built and cashed in on," he tells the magazine. "Everyone feels duped and betrayed. It's not like some guy who got drunk and jumped in the sack with some waitress."

george jetson

Jillian Michaels Worries About Biggest Loser Contestants

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It turns out that tough-love trainer Jillian Michaels has a softer side — and it includes genuine concern for the medical safety of the contestants on The Biggest Loser.

“The contestants keep getting bigger and bigger,” Michaels tells Ladies’ Home Journal in its February issue. “As the trainers we have no say over the challenges. We worry about them too.”

Executive producer Todd A. Nelson says, “We all worry,” but adds that the show is learning how to safely manage the medical conditions of the heaviest contestants, “and this allows us to fine-tune the process and reach out to a heavier population.”

Michaels says she loves the show, which returns Tuesday (8 p.m. EST) to NBC with its biggest edition ever, but that it’s a whole lot more work than anyone sees on TV. “You never see what’s going on in its entirety,” she says. “For every 10 minutes we’re on the show, acting like insane people, there are a hundred hours of training you don’t see. The stretching, the icing. Nobody wants to watch that.”

The 35-year-old fitness guru has come a long way since her days as an overweight and angry teenager. “I lived on junk food,” she tells the magazine. “I had no direction. Once I punched a hole in our wall. Another time I stole a car.”

In the end, she turned to exercise as a way to repair both her physical and emotional self. “I’m passionate about helping people rebuild their lives,” she says. “When someone feels strong physically, they feel strong in every aspect of their existence. If they have endurance and achieve in the gym, then I can redefine their entire self image. I can wipe away years of negativity.”

A-Seyfried >> Classic Beauty

Eno, Karen O, Burnett Not Eligible in Oscar Score Category

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Apparently, it’s not a good year to be a pop musician trying to win consideration from the Academy’s music branch. As usual, several prominent scores have failed to qualify for or opted out of the original-score Oscar, with this year’s victims including Brian Eno, Karen O and T Bone Burnett.

Others whose music is ineligible include Carter Burwell, Erran Baron Cohen and moonlighting actor Jason Schwartzman.

Collapse )

Overall, only 81 film scores qualified, giving the category by far the smallest field among the 15 categories for which ballots went out last week. By comparison, 274 films qualified for best picture, best film editing, best cinematography and the two sound categories.

Source (includes a list of the 81 eligible film scores).

Lenny Kravitz sets the record straight about MJ leaked track

Lenny Kravitz posted this video up today setting the record straight and basically confirming that indeed it was Micheal on the track "Another Day" and that the idiot DJ's who talk throughout the song had nothing to do with the song (like we didn't know that already lol) Lenny says he has no idea how the song got into these people's hands.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Celebs out with their Kids

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and their two gorgeous girls - Violet Anne, 4, and Seraphina ('Sera') Rose Elizabeth, 11 months - were spotted leaving Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday (January 3).

Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie take their adorable daughters - Sadie, 3, and Sunny, 1 - to breakfast at Montana Cafe on Sunday morning (January 3) in Brentwood, Calif.
The California fare from the eatery takes inspiration from all over the world.
Looks like Sadie just came back from ballet class with her tutu! Adam wore his support for the New York Jets on his t-shirt.

Ryan Phillippe out with Ava and Deacon in LA. He brought them out to the Byron and Tracey salon, with Ava looking exactly like a mini-Reese with her bag, boots, and glasses.

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Because Nick Jonas just reminded me of my ex Johnny, who was hot, lame and humble at the same time

I'm ashamed to say I'm 21 and actually making a JoBros post.
But Nick Jonas just did his 2nd solo show in Dallas, and from the videos I've seen of them - he's actually kinda ... cool.
Like decent cool.

I myself would fly over there and attend one, but I wouldn't want to get near all those tweens freshly creaming their pants when I just sit back in my rocker and trust the Youtube.

From the account of a fan:
At the first concert, Nick tried to tell a joke but couldn't think of one.

So, my friend met him today and gave him a joke book at the meet and greet. During the concert, he read a couple of jokes and he pointed to us and said 'There's the jokebook girls.'

Cover of 'The Way You Make Me Feel', 'Fireflies' & 'Use Somebody' under.

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Haters to the left or granny's gonna getcha!
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' jules
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Casey Johnson dead [BUT WHO WAS COMA]

Johnson & Johnson Heiress Dies

Casey Johnson, an heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, has died .. TMZ has learned.

She died in L.A. We're told the body was discovered this morning.

She was 30 years old. Her father is Woody Johnson -- owner of the New York Jets.

Johnson was arrested in November for grand theft -- the alleged victim was a former girlfriend.

Johnson was reportedly engaged to Tila Tequila. UPDATE! We spoke with Tila a few minutes ago. She says they were fighting last week and that Casey stayed at Tila's house on the 28th. Tila tried contacting Casey on the 29th because Casey had left her dogs behind. Tila says Casey's phone has been shut off since the 29th and she was not able to make contact.

Johnson -- who tweeted frequently -- last tweeted on December 29 at 1:13 AM.

The cause of death is undetermined.


This is her Twitter:

Tila Tequila last updated 2hours ago and hasn't mentioned it NM screencap via maskedcunt

Orig post about their engagement here



"PEOPLE" SAYS SHE'S FOR REALSIES DEAD THOUGH. And this is confirmed by LAPD sources. So yes... she's probably dead... except in Tila's alien world.

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thank you roxi9

Ludacris Boo’d Up…

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Between running a successful restaurant, music label and foundation in Atlanta, working on a new album and promoting “Conjure”, Ludacris has somehow found time to snag a Bad Bitchie. I’ve never seen him boo’d up before (….or have I? hmmm Gabrielle Union don’t count) but it’s definitely a good look .
In other news, Luda was in the studio last night drumming up some heat with Trey Songz. His new album “Battle of the Sexes” is scheduled for release sometime this year but I hear Shawnna has been removed from the project after a recent fallen out. The album will now feature a list of female rappers that include Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim and Eve.

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Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha jogging in Hollywood

Ashley Olsen and boyfriend Justin Bartha go for a run in Los Angeles, California. The couple were seen taking a morning jog with Justin leading the pace. Unfortunately for Ashley, she had to take several walking breaks before resuming with a grueling uphill run. Justin seemed to be sprinting and then would stop to wait for Ashley to catch up. The two were then seeing walking back home looking quite sweaty after a good hour of excercise.

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Not gonna lie...I'm jealous.

Australian model/tv personality Jennifer Hawkins (Miss Universe 2004) has appeared on the cover of Marie Claire (Australia, February 2010) naked and un-retouched to encourage positive attitudes to body image and support the Butterfly Foundation.

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Wank will no doubt continue. Personally I think she looks great, but it doesn't help females who already have body image issues (ie most).

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george jetson

SPOTTED: Chris Brown & His New Mystery Woman

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While the model chick groupies were around him during the Holiday weekend in Miami, Chris Brown brought this mystery girl to every party with him as well. The two were spotted around the city jumping in and out of his private SUV and looking very much like a budding couple. And paparazzi sources confirm the two stayed at Chris’ mansion he rented for the time he’s there for the Holidays. She must be something serious to him. Or at least his winter boo. Arm and arm action isn’t a “just a friend” thing if you ask me. We’re also told Chris tried extra hard to hide her from the flashing lights. What’s there to hide Chris? We’re all pretty damn happy you’ve moved on. And Rih’s got her baseball boo keeping her warm at night. Sounds like a win win to me.
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I Guess Su Casa Es Su Casa

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We've learned that the house Lamar bought for his bride -- per their prenup -- is held in his name alone.

TMZ obtained legal docs -- an Interspousal Transfer Grant Deed -- in which Khloe acknowledges their home is Lamar's "sole and separate property."

As we first reported, Lamar plunked down nearly $4 mil for the 8,347 square foot home in Tarzana, CA.

As the saying goes, what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine -- at least according to Beverly Hills divorce lawyers.


Lol 'bought for his bride' but in his name. I guess Kris didn't teach her the fundamental rules of gold digging.
Say Anything

Vince Vaughn Gets Married!

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He's a swinger no more.

Vince Vaughn married Kyla Weber in a small private ceremony before family and friends on Saturday outside of his hometown of Chicago, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Vaughn, 39, proposed to Weber, 31, a Canadian real estate agent, last Valentine's Day. "They could not be happier," a friend tells PEOPLE. The wedding took place at an historic mansion.

Vaughn told PEOPLE in September that after years as a bachelor he was ready for his life "to be about other people and other things" – even diaper duty. "It's the first time that I really want to have kids," he said.

The is the first marriage for Weber and the star of Swingers and Couples Retreat. Vaughn had previously dated Jennifer Aniston.

george jetson

Keri Hilson flipping off Beyonce stans?

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We posted photos over the weekend of Keri Hilson partying it up at a New Year’s Eve party in Miami, but word on the internet and twitter is that things got kind of heated between her and a a couple of Beyonce stans / fanatics.

Everyone knows that a lot of Beyonce supporters dislike Keri because of the whole “Turn’ Me On” remix song that came out early in ‘09, where she was rumored to be taking jabs at Bee & Ciara. She tried to clear it up during a radio interview, but that damage was already done.

The singer/songwriter is pictured above reportedly responding to some aggressive ‘Beyonce stans’ who were shouting and yelling obscenities at her during the party. Keri tweeted about ‘Beyonce stans going crazy’, but erased the tweet and shortly after, posted this new tweet:

“Twas real, Miami! But I can’t b held accountable 4 anything u found out about me on NYE while intoxicated. Footage, pics, tweets. #PeachOUT

vicki-a family van
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Jessica Szohr Covers ‘2Magazine’ January 2010

Jessica Szohr holds her hand to her head on the January 2010 cover of 2 Magazine.

The 24-year-old Gossip Girl actress describes her co-star (and real-life boyfriend) Ed Westwick as “a wonderful guy, extremely handsome, and has an accent.”

As for the luxurious lifestyle of some of the characters on Gossip Girl, Jessica admits that a brief escape to this world isn’t such a bad thing. She shared, “In Wisconsin, we had to pay for our cars, we didn’t have champagne at our proms. During the show, you get a few moments to not think about your own life, it offers a fantasy as well as real relationships.” Source

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Ke$ha: ‘I Wouldn’t Say I’m Gay or Straight’

Ke$ha opens up to Out in a new interview, speaking about her musical background, her sexuality and working with Katy Perry.

Here’s what the 22-year-old “TiK ToK” chart-topper had to share:

On her musical background: “My mom wrote country music, so I listened to a lot of country, and my brother listened to punk, so he gave me Fugazi records. To rebel, I started listening to dance!”

On her sexuality: I like people. I wouldn’t say I’m gay or straight - I don’t like labeling things anyway. I just like people.

On appearing in the “I Kissed A Girl” video: “I had no idea it was going to be such a massive hit!”

Check out the rest of the interview at Out.com


Weekly Spoiler Chat Returns!

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This just in: Leighton Meester is the worst gossip giver ever!

We ran into the Gossip Girl goddess at the opening of Klutch nightclub in Miami and she seemed to spill some very big beans on what's ahead on her CW show:

"Someone is pregnant!"

After searching high and low, near and far, and in every imaginary OB/GYN office on the Upper East Side we have concluded: That mischievous little minx was talking about freaking Dorota. Yes, Dorota! You know, Blair's hired hand? And this wouldn't be such a letdown if we didn't already know this info ages ago when it was revealed on the show.

Nicely played, Leighton. We'll leave the real gossip-giving to Kristen Bell.

The good news? Even though the holidays are sleepytimes in the TV biz, we still have a few scoopy morsels to share, including the latest on Gossip Girl, Lost, Chuck, Grey's Anatomy, 24 and some other favorites...

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Why didn't anyone tell me Heroes was back

RIP Eunice Johnson

CHICAGO – Eunice Johnson, the widow of Ebony magazine founder John Johnson and a fashion maven who ran thousands of traveling runway shows aimed at black audiences, has died. She was 93.

Johnson died Sunday of renal failure at her Chicago home, said Wendy Parks, a spokeswoman for the Chicago-based Johnson Publishing Company Inc., on Monday.

Johnson had been the director and producer of the Ebony Fashion Fair since 1961. The traveling high fashion charity event that showcases black designers and models is staged in nearly 200 cities each year. Ads for the show have featured singer Aretha Franklin, and actor Richard Roundtree made his debut as a model with the show.

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1D - Niall the hipster

miley & the dude who made her quit twitter

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Miley Cyrus was spotted enjoying a day on the beach with boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, and his family. Wonder how Miley got along with Liam’s family? I’m sure they loved her.

I’m not sure the exact date this was taken, but it is from her trip to visit Liam in Australia. I’ve heard rumors she is attending the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday, January 6. I would guess if she is attending the show she would be returning to the United States very soon.


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Trio Trio


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He’s been out of the spotlight for the past several months, but now Kanye West is ready to get back in it.

The “Jesus Walks” rapper took to his Web site earlier today (January 4) beginning with, “First of all, I want to thank everybody for their constant love and support over these past six years!”

And then, “I will bring you the best I have to offer with the same dedication that Kobe [Bryant] has on the court.”

Later jumping into prayer mode, West wrote, “Let us look past headlines and deal with just a bit of reality in this new decade. We have our own outlets now. We don’t have to believe everything anymore. Now I’ll figure out a way to make that rhyme. LOL!!!”

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Glee cutie Dianna Agron

Glee’s head cheerleader, Dianna Agron was spotted shopping at American Rag in Los Angeles earlier today. They must have had an awesome post Christmas sale or something because homegirl walked out with her hands full of bags!!

The 23-year-old chatted with Woman’s Health Magazine for their January 2010 issue where she discussed how being a dancer helped her cope with rejection.

“Having a dance background, I became used to rejection at an early age,” she said Dance is very competitive, especially for a sensitive person like me. But I realized it’s better not to take it so seriously,” she says. Adding, “If you beat yourself up, it’s hard to keep going.”

The cast of Glee are up for four Golden Globe Awards including “Best TV Series – Comedy or Musical” category, as well as three acting nods for its stars Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, and Jane Lynch.

If you are not already following Dianna on Twitter, what are you waiting for?!

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Pre-glee gifs:

tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Protesters target Israeli tennis player

Protestors are again targeting Israeli tennis player Shahar Pe'er who is in Auckland for the ASB Classic women's tennis tournament.

The group Global Peace and Justice has sent her a letter asking her to withdraw from the tournament because of Israel's policies towards Palestinians.

Spokesman John Minto acknowledges they are asking Pe'er to make a significant sacrifice as she makes her living as a professional tennis player.

However he says greater sacrifices are being forced onto Palestinians.

The New Zealand protest group Global Peace and Justice earlier Tuesday said it had written to the 22-year-old Peer asking her to withdraw from the tournament "as a demonstration of your commitment to peace."

Global Peace and Justice also wrote to Peer and protested her presence at last year's tournament. The group said it opposes Israel's treatment of Palestinians and advocates a sports boycott of Israel.

The letter sent to Peer on Tuesday said her withdrawal from ASB Classic, a WTA Tour event, would be a "significant sacrifice."

Global Peace and Justice said sporting boycotts were "more visible than a trade or investment boycott and can have an important psychological impact. We saw this with the successful sports boycotts against apartheid [in] South Africa."

Pe'er has not responded to the letter but last year said she was disappointed to be singled out by protesters.

Protests against Israeli players is not new. Pe'er was subjected to a similar protest at last year's tournament, as well as a controversy at the 2009 Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships when the Dubai government refused to grant her a visa, preventing her from playing in the tournament. The men's Israeli Davis Cup team also suffered protests from anti-Israeli groups prior to their quarterfinal tie against Sweden, leading the Swedish tennis association to ban all spectators for the matches.


Stuff like this really makes me angry =/ She hits a fuzzy ball with a racquet, how is that hurting anyone? She doesn't control her government or what it does and she can't help where she was born. This is why politics and sports should not mix :(

The Beek Joins Some Show Called Mercy

The doctor is in, and he… ZOMG it’s Dawson Leery!

Dawson’s Creek grad James Van Der Beek is joining the cast of Mercy in the major recurring role of Liam West, the hospital’s new ICU chief, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Cocky, womanizing, and manipulative, Dr. West will frequently clash with Sands, Harris, and the nurses. But beneath the alpha-male swagger lies a brilliant MD whose primary goal is to make Mercy Hospital money. The new doc is also hiding a deep, dark secret.

Word has it that Van Der Beek could become a series regular if the character clicks.

That raises the question: Do you think the character will click?

Kelly LeBrock

Nicole Kidman Celebrates New Year’s Eve with Family

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban take their cutie pie daughter, Sunday, to a New Year’s Eve party with their family and friends in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (December 31).

Earlier that day, the 42-year-old actress and Sunday, 2, fed giraffes together at the zoo!

Nic will head stateside soon - she was recently added to the list of presenters for the 2010 Golden Globes with other big-name celebs like Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston! The show airs January 17.

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Xtina Single News

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First off, the album is officially titled Bionic, and as previously reported it will be out this Spring. According to Marie Claire the first single will “most likely” be a song called Glam, which is described as a “poppy, hip-hop-inflected throwback to Madonna’s Vogue.”

The magazine also mentioned another song, the “addictive electronic” title track Bionic, and a ballad called Lullaby which reportedly had the interviewer in tears.

Mary-Kate: You're In Big Trouble Mr

Chelsea's Ashley Cole Found Guilty Of Speeding

Cheryl & Ashley Cole

LONDON (Reuters) - Chelsea and England defender Ashley Cole faces a driving ban after he was found guilty of speeding on Monday.

Police recorded Cole driving his black Lamborghini Gallardo sportscar at 104 mph in a 50 mph zone on the A3 highway in Kingston, Surrey, on November 17 last year.

Cole, 29, told officers when he was stopped just after midday he thought he was travelling at 80 mph and was being pursued by paparazzi photographers, the Press Association reported.

"Can't you do anything about those idiots who keep chasing me?" he told the officers, Kingston Magistrates Court heard.

Cole was not present at the hearing, where his lawyers argued unsuccessfully that the police speed gun might have been faulty.

Prosecuting lawyer Richard Lomax said evading the press was no defence for the offence of speeding.

Magistrates' chairwoman Judith Jewell said she and her colleagues were satisfied that the speed equipment was working properly and that Cole was indeed travelling at 104 mph.

She said Cole may be banned from driving. The footballer, who is married to model and presenter Cheryl Cole, will be sentenced on January 29.