January 1st, 2010


Taking The Stage returning for a 2nd season on Jan 28th

Taking the Stage is back for another season to capture all the drama, competition and relationships in the lives of the talented students at Cincinnati's famed, School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Last year's junior dance star, Tyler, returns for his senior year and is challenged by a whole new crop of talented hip hop rivals. Also new to the school is an aspiring rapper, a pop country singer and a brand new singer songwriter who steps into the shoes of the now graduated, Mia. We'll follow all of these kids as they balance the pressures of high school life while pursuing their dreams of becoming stars.

lmao i go to this school and yes, yes it is soooooooo fake.

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Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2009

Winkleman, Brooker, Mitchell.. UNF.

Why was Christian Bale so angry in January? What made NASA so happy in December? And which scandal prompted President Obama to call Kanye West a "jackass" in September?


The biggest, fattest and funniest quiz of the year returns with a stellar line-up including David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, Claudia Winkleman, Rob Brydon, Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross.

Jimmy Carr does the quizzing, Peter Andre drops in for a surprise visit and as usual there's a glittering host of A-listers popping up to ask questions about the year's events.


Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross reunited for first time after Sachsgate

Russell Brand has reunited with Jonathan Ross for the first time since the infamous Sachsgate affair.

The two were paired together on the same team for yesterday's recording of Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

Brand broke the news via his twitter page saying, "Did Big Fat Quiz of the Year yesterday - on a team with Jonathan. So that'll be no bother then."

Brand and Ross haven't appeared publicly together since October 2008 - when they left a series of lewd messages on actor Andrew Sachs' telephone during Brand's Radio 2 show.

There was a media outcry following the incident which lead to the resignation of Brand and a 12-week suspension for Ross.

Wossy is Sowwy (Yeah, I did it.)

george jetson

Rihanna's revealing New Year's outfit

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Rihanna's take on 'covering up' for her New Year's Eve show in Abu Dhabi left little to the imagination.

The singer, 21, was having trouble deciding what to wear to ring in the New Year with the added pressure of having to dress conservatively so as not to offend revellers.

Rihanna went with an all-black ensemble, balancing her cut-out striped tights with a glitzy jacket with statement shoulders.

She used a belt to hide most of her midriff though her push-up bra-style top was far from demure.

But party-goers were more interested in her hits and Rihanna didn't leave them disappointed, belting them all out before closing with her signature tune Umbrella.
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Katy Perry's new henna tattoo

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Katy Perry got inked up in time for the New Year while on holiday with boyfriend Russell Brand in India.

The singer couldn't resist updating her Twitter account with a picture of her henna tattoo mid-inking.

The swirling design runs up her left palm and onto her forearm, twisting itself around her existing wrist tattoo that reads 'Jesus'.

Posting the picture Twitter, Katy wrote: "I'm typing this with one hand... Isn't it lovely? It's Henna! (sic)"

Katy and comedian Russell have been holidaying in India to celebrate purchasing their first home together.

She rang in the New Year by posting a message to her friends in the US: "Just so you guys in LA that are about to experience 2010... It's noon on Jan 1st here in the future, let me tell you 2010 is BUMPIN!"
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Adult Film Company to Parody ‘Jersey Shore’

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MTV’s Jersey Shore has really made an impression. An adult film entertainment company announced its plan to film a porn parody based on the controversial reality show.

Writer/directors Spock Buckton and Brian Bangs of Zero Tolerance Entertainment are collaborating on the porn parody project
, Gawker reports.

It seems like it won’t be to difficult to spoof on the stars of Jersey Shore.

In the current issue of OK!, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi dished on her boobs (they’re real), drinking at work, and looking for some guido lovin.

The pint size guidette also filled OK! in on her next step.

“I want a dating show, Snookin’ For Love. I want to find my prince. I’d have 27 guys: guidos and juice heads. That’d be heaven. Every time I’d pick a guy, I’d give them a pickle and we’d eat the pickles at the end.”

ok, pic source
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Style News

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Long hailed as the Sexiest Woman Alive, Angelina Jolie can add yet another honor to her name: Beauty Icon of the Decade. In a poll commissioned by British brand Superdrug, in which 3,000 people were questioned, Brad Pitt’s leading lady was named number one on their list of the top 20 beauty icons of the decade. “Angelina Jolie is not a conventional beauty but her strong character shines through her fabulous features to give her a unique standing in the beauty world,” Steve Jebson, Commercial Director for Superdrug, tells the UK’s Telegraph. Also making the top five are Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Minogue, Catherine Zeta-Jones and British star Cheryl Cole. Check out all the stars who made the list here and then tell us: Do you agree that Angelina Jolie is the beauty icon of the decade?

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While there remains no shortage of Hollywood starlets whose stick-thin frames continue to appear in magazines and on the red carpet, it seems now more than ever ordinary women are tiring of the look — and the possible extreme measures it takes to achieve that near-impossible standard. A recent survey, which polled 2,000 women aged 18 and over, found that stars with curvier, healthier figures were more desirable, reports the UK’s Daily Mail. Topping the desirability chart is Kate Winslet, followed by Halle Berry and Beyonce. Also making the list: Megan Fox and Lily Allen, while svelte Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss tie for last place. Could the era of too-too-skinny starlets be coming to an end? Tell us: Who do you think has the best body in Hollywood?

1, 2

Cher and Christina to present at the GOLDEN GLOBES AWARDS

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Christina Aguilera's New Year's resolution isn't new at all.

"To continue having the best life ever" is her resolution for 2010, she said while hosting a New Year's party at Tao Las Vegas Thursday. "I paved the way for the work this year [2009].

Her 2010 is shaping up to be extremely active, with a new album on the way and her movie [Burlesque], costarring Cher, set to be released. The two of them will also be presenters at the Golden Globes on Jan. 17.

"The album is done, the movie I'm [still] filming," she said. "Doing film is a whole different animal … The schedule is grueling, but it's been really amazing and an incredible learning experience."

Of all the moments in 2009, the one that most sticks out, she noted, was seeing son Max, who turns 2 Jan. 12, celebrate Christmas – which she considers the highlight of the year.

"That was the best memory, his face and seeing his everything come to life with Santa," she says. "It was really amazing."

Source: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20334092,00.html


I know you're ready ONTD!!!
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Tom Arnold stages emergency intervention for a friend

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Tom Arnold rushed to help his drug-using friend Jason Davis and convinced him to go into drug rehab, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Arnold, who battled his own addiction problem but has been clean for more than 20 years, is dedicated to helping addicts recover.

He was tipped that Jason was in trouble, and took Jason's brother Alexander to stage an emergency intervention on Wednesday.

Jason's mother Nancy Davis released this statement to RadarOnline.com: "My son Alexander and Tom Arnold went to help my son Jason, who is an addict, to help save his life."

Tom first called LAPD to let them know what he was doing and then arrived with Alexander at a luxury high rise where Jason was holed up. Both Tom and Alexander were convinced that Jason would die from drugs if they didn't get him help immediately.

t wasn't easy but they finally talked Jason into going into rehab. And although people close to the situation are skeptical about Jason remaining in rehab, even for a short while, Arnold and the Davis family was happy just to get him there.

So consider Tom Arnold one of the true good guys in Hollywood!

Good for Tom! That makes me think of him a little better.
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Michael Urie & Becki Newton Interview Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Warm Hearts

In a new edition of the Ugly Betty Vodcast, Michael Urie and Becki Newton interview Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is making a guest appearance on the show's big Wednesday premiere January 6th. They also do some other stuff, like discussing the value of a stolen gift, using the term "heaven for hookers" and boosting the confidence of grade-schoolers.


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Ugly Betty returns on WEDNESDAY, Jan. 6th @ 10:00.

Peter, Paul & Mary

Since it's a slow day

Jonas Brothers Headed to Splitsville?

Oh, our teenage hearts are shattering into a billion little long-haired pieces! With one brother married and the next planning on becoming the next king of pop, an impending Jonas Brothers split may be in store for 2010. But what about the children?!

Someone call tween 911 -- there is trouble with a capital 'T' in Jonasworld. "Joe sees the writing on the wall for the group," a family insider tells me. "Kevin's heart is just not in the group anymore. His wife Danielle is his number one priority, especially after their wedding night!" (Hubba, hubba!)

But before poor Danielle gets the Yoko Ono treatment, let's remember that there are plenty more talented Jonas kids floating around. Besides, isn't it really all about adorable Nick?

And therein lies the rub.

"Nick sees himself as the next Justin Timberlake and brother Joe knows it," a friend tells me. Nick already has a solo album out February 2 and a 14-city tour. Nick insists this is something that can definitely co-exist with the Jonas Brothers ... which reminds me of what Diana Ross told the Supremes!

Oh, how we love some good teen dreamboat drama in the morning! But seriously, best of luck to the Jonas boys, wherever they wind up.

I am disappoint that my first post is a Jonas Brothers post. But it is a slow day here on ONTD.


Forget the Ball, Kathy Griffin Drops F-Bomb on New Year's Special

Never-subtle comedian Kathy Griffin stunned her TV co-host Anderson Cooper on CNN's New Year's Eve special by dropping something other than that famous Times Square ball: a certified F-Bomb.

While Griff and Coop were chatting about the top stories of the year and got to Falcon "Balloon Boy" Heene, the funnywoman decided to give viewers a present and fumble the kid's first name. Even though the CNN host had already said "Falcon" to her, Griffin asked: "Fal ... Fu--ing? Falcon? How do you say it?"

Cooper's response to Griffin? "You're terrible. Really terrible." Watch:


Forgot the source the first time, sorry dudes.

Fierce Bitch to Watch for in 2010: Maluca

The Makings of Maluca = INTERVIEW

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Natalie Yepez’s dream almost never came to fruition. A bad case of stage fright kept her downtown’s little secret for years. A chance meeting with Diplo while singing karaoke led to her becoming Mad Decent’s first lady and MadeMe’s new obsession.

We swapped emails with the “half Dominican, half pain in the ass” to see what Maluca Mala is all about.
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Trio Trio

somewhere shippers are rejoicing .

Kristen Heads to the UK to Meet up With Robert!

One Twilight fan got lucky in the UK recently — she ran into both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson outside a grocery store somewhere in England! Robert had been spotted last week outside his family's London home with his sister, and it looks like Kristen joined him during their holiday fun. While some stars preferred to ring in 2010 with exotic beach vacations, it looks like your favorite couple of 2009 got together for something a little more low-key.

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Happy 2010 ONTD :-)
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Jon Gosselin is shaking & crying right now

Who wants to date Kate Gosselin? Calling all suitors!

Reality star Kate Gosselin reportedly may be set to star in her own reality dating show, following the canceling of her previous show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, according to Popeater.

The 34-year-old single mother of eight was seen walking around in a bright pink outfit on Wednesday (December 30).

WHAT DO YOU THINK about a reality dating show with Kate Gosselin - YAY or NAY?

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Oh. Rush is fine. The World Goes on.

Honolulu, Hawaii (CNN) -- Tests that were performed on Rush Limbaugh after he was admitted to a Hawaii hospital for chest pains "found absolutely nothing wrong," the conservative talk show host said Friday.
"It was a blessing," Limbaugh, 58, said at the Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, where he was admitted Wednesday.
Doctors gave Limbaugh an angiogram Thursday that revealed no evidence of arterial or coronary disease, he said.
The cause of his pain -- which he called "real" -- has not been determined. He said one possibility is a spasm in an artery.
He was discharged from the hospital Friday.
Limbaugh said his ordeal started Wednesday afternoon, when he began experiencing pain in his upper left chest "like I've never experienced before."
He praised the care of the medical staff and called their work "confidence-inspiring."
"The treatment I received here was the best that the world has to offer," he said. "I don't think there's one thing wrong with the American health care system. It is working just fine."
Limbaugh said the experience was a good lesson as he approaches his 59th birthday January 12.

"It takes things like this in life to prepare you for the eventuality that you are getting older," he said. "You're not as young as you were and not as invincible as you once thought you were."
He urged anyone who experiences heart or chest pain to seek medical help immediately.

eh source
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Posh Shares Her Highlight of the Past Decade With Us

Victoria Beckham has said that the Spice Girls reunion was her highlight of the past decade.

The former singer said that she was delighted to get the chance to reunite onstage with fellow band mates Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel C and Mel B in 2008.

In an interview with Heat magazine, she said: "It was such a big opportunity to celebrate the past and thank our fans.

"The boys were the main reason for doing it - so they could see what I used to do. Normally it's all about David, but the boys were really proud."

There are rumors that there could be a second reunion of the band. Speaking in an television interview earlier in the year, Geri said: "Right now, we are gathering information and thinking about possibilities."

Nancy Cry

ooh geez... Tiger Woods The Movie...

Hollywood races to make a film about Tiger Woods' womanising

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Tiger Woods’ womanising has seen the golfer fall from grace in the public eye, but now his antics could be made into a film. Hollywood producers are keen to tell the story of the married father-of-two, who has been linked to 14 different women in the past two months, in a made-for-TV movie.

Jerry Maguire star, Oscar-winning Cuba Gooding Jr, 41, is said to be one of those being lined-up to play the golfer.

Woods' clean-cut family man’s image was shattered after he crashed a car outside his luxury Florida home in November. Since then, numerous women, ranging from a waitress to a porn star, have come forward to claim they had an affair with the golfer.

Woods, 34, has been keeping a low profile. However, his wife Elin Nordegren, 30, has reportedly filed for divorce – allegedly seeking half of his £600million fortune.

A source in Los Angeles told the Daily Star: ‘It will make a great movie as people love to see someone fall from the top and try to pick up the pieces of their life.

‘Tiger’s scandal just proves the world’s biggest sportsman is human.

‘Now the race is on to make the film while the public is still interested in the story.’

Reports in the U.S. claim Woods was spotted holding hands with his alleged first mistress, Rachel Uchitel, 34, during a party at a Palm Beach mansion, after revelations of his infidelities broke.

The alleged affairs are claimed to have cost Woods millions, after he was dropped by major sponsors, including phone giant AT&T. However, Nike, Woods' biggest backer, has said that it will stand by the golfing star.


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Emmett Cullen parties with JJ on New Year’s Eve .

Kellan Lutz gives Just Jared a lift during JustJared.com’s New Year’s Eve bash held at Klutch Nightclub on Thursday (December 31) in Miami Beach, Fla.

While dining with friends at Shoji Sushi, the 24-year-old Twilight actor chuckled when he told me he was wearing “Calvin Klein, of course.” (Chuckle, chuckle!)

Also seen toasting their champagne glasses as the clock struck midnight: Project Runway’s Christian Siriano (with boyfriend Brad Walsh), musician Gavin DeGraw, and a-morir eyewear designer Kerin Rose.

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hetfield WELLITY

Own the 'Back to the Future' DeLorean and Be Awesome

Someone spent a loooooooot of time building a near exact replica of the DeLorean from Back to the Future and now they're hawking it on eBay for you, or someone with more money than you, to purchase. I actually saw this very DeLorean at a car show in Culver City, CA this past Summer, and I have to say it's a pretty amazing contraption. The only downside is it doesn't come equipped with a flux capacitor, arguably the coolest part of the DeLorean in the film, and the interior smells like the remains of Christopher Lloyd's career. That stuff's like cigarette smoke, it just doesn't come out.

So far there's been one bid on Doc's DeLorean and it's currently at $59,000.00 with the reserve price unmet. If you choose, you can also purchase the car at the current "Buy It Now" price of $89,000.00.

Check out all the stats at the eBay page and see a few more pics of the souped-up DeLorean after the jump.

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Considering it is New Years Eve/New Years Day depending on where you are in the world, I thought I would ask the question - Is there a moment in history or in your own life that you would like to go back in time for? Would you change that moment?

I have unintentionally watched the Back to the Future trilogy backwards (3,2,1) jsyk
scott evans
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Gaga Draws Young Hollywood to New Year's Gig

At Lady Gaga's New Year's Eve poolside performance at Miami Beach's Fontainebleau Hotel, the outlandish performer wasn't the only star on display: A gathering of single, Young Hollywood types were in attendance – with some as mesmerized with each other as they were with the singer.

According to an eyewitness, Hayden Panettiere, 20, "was dancing, front and center" with Kevin Connolly, 35. The two were "chatting in the VIP lounge at the pool during the concert, and at the afterparty at LIV [nightclub at the Fontainebleau], they were sitting together. They were chatting all night, and they were very close to each other all evening."

The pair even shared a classic date food: Domino's New Pizza slices together poolside, says the eyewitness.

Lady Gaga performed four songs, including "Bad Romance" from her current album, Fame Monster. Others in the audience included Chace Crawford ("He was singing to Gaga's songs," says a source), blogger Perez Hilton (sporting a head-to-toe floral ensemble), former Desperate Housewives actor Shawn Pyfrom, The Hills' Frankie Delgado, former boybander J.C. Chasez and actress Stacy Keibler.

After her set, Gaga "and over 20 of her dancers and production crew ate Domino's New Pizza. She spent over three hours backstage after the concert with her dancers. She thanked everyone individually for everything they had done in 2009," a source tells PEOPLE

The performer then headed to her 3,000-sq.-ft. penthouse where, a partygoer says, "the afterparty raged on until the wee hours of the morning."

As for the setting, the $35 million penthouse rents for $15,000 a night. "Lady Gaga has four bedrooms, a kitchen, whirlpool and amazing balcony overlooking the ocean," a source tells PEOPLE.

At the afterparty at LIV nightclub, in addition to Panettiere and Connolly, celebrating stars also included rappers Chris Brown, Bow Wow and Akon, who showed up via Diddy's private dinner party on the tony residential community of Star Island. A source says, "Chris was in great spirits, but once he was inside, he stuck to drinking bottled water. He pretty much kept to himself, hanging out with Akon."

Source: People.com

Hayden and Kevin Connolly? Is that a new thing, or have I just been sleeping on that? Also, Chace WOULD know all the words to Gaga's songs, if you know what I mean.

ETA: More pics from the Fontainebleau. Thanks to imbehindthseyes for uploading them.

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Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew: Season 3 Premieres January 7, 2010

dr_drew_interview.jpg dr.drew image by davidtennant123

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew is returning to VH1 for a third season on Thursday, January 7 at 10PM ET/PT. Dr. Drew, counselor Bob Forrest and house resident Shelly Sprague will be taking a new group of celebrities who suffer with drug and alcohol abuse on a 21-day detoxification program at The Pasadena Recovery Center.

As announced in the press release, the season 3 cast will consist of: One Day at a Time star Mackenzie Phillips; former “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss; actor Tom Sizemore; former NBA star Dennis Rodman; country singer Mindy McCready; ex-Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr; and former Playboy Playmate Kari Ann Peniche.

There are even some reality TV stars in the cast for you - former America’s Next Top Model fifth-season contestant Lisa D’Amato and former The Real World Hollywood cast member Joey Kovar.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew news and information. For more on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, check out SirLinksALot: Celebrity Rehab.




Lil Bow Wow You Just Don't Know

The Artist Formerly Known as Lil' Bow Wow, who partied with Brown and Akon last night at LIV nightclub at the Fontainbleau in Miami, posted a message to his Twitter page just past midnight that read, "Face numb im whippin the lambo. Tispy as f*k. Just left @livmiami."

A few minutes later, Mr. Wow wrote, "Im f**ked up!!! Ohhhh damn. Y i drive the lambo. Chris might have to drive after next spot."

BTW, the tweet isn't enough for cops to make an arrest.

UPDATE -- Bow Wow has since taken down the aforementioned tweets and apologized, saying, "Apologize for that tweet. it was stupid and immature. not a way i want to kick my #2010 year off. i got too much good stuff lined up. my bad."


TLC's Daycare Divas Need a Time Out

TLC's latest docu-drama follows two friends as they open a daycare - the first business either of them has ever run. Leslie is single and is leaving a teaching career to go out on her own. Christine is a former teacher who has been a stay-at-home mom for the past ten years.

Needless to say, their teaching styles don't match and that, of course, is what TLC was hoping for. What's a docu-drama without the "drama."

The first two half-hour episodes (premiered December 25 at 10:00) cover a four day test run that is supposed to help the women decide if this is something they want to keep doing. It's also a trial run for the audience.

Right away, we find out from the confessionals that Leslie doesn't feel that Christine is pulling her weight and -- well, she isn't really. She arrives late on the second day and on the third day she's completely distracted by phone calls from home which turn out to be her husband wanting to make sure she'll be back in time so he can go out.

Christine tries to work with the kids but her ideas are a bit grandiose for 4 and 5 year olds. Leslie, on the other hand, is a little uptight. They would make a good team if only they can find a meeting ground between them.

The kids are cute - that's kind of their job on this show. I have to wonder, though, what kind of parents drop their kids off to an unlicensed daycare that's being filmed for TV. They have to know that the producers are going to do what they can to keep the days from running smoothly because there's no show if there isn't any trouble.

I'm a former teacher and a mom, so I was very interested in seeing this show, but the two half-hour episodes left me wanting less. It's 15 minutes of shouting - and the rest is filled with commercials, teasers for the next segment and the catty confessionals of the two women.

I just don't see how they're going to get a weekly series out of this. Is it nap time yet?


JFC I pray for these kids.

Vampire Diaries' girls not drawing attention at all

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Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola show off their bright bikinis on Miami’s South Beach on New Year’s Eve Thursday (December 31).

Nina, 20, spoke to MTV and talked about what’s next for Vampire Diaries, saying, “My character gets into a extremely big car accident, she hits someone and you’re left hanging. You don’t know what’s going to happen, so we’re going to pick up right from there and you’re gong to see what happened and what happened after that!”

Where's Bonnie!?!???


Cudi puts the music industry on blast.

Kid Cudi has never been a rapper that finds it necessary to bring down another rapper in order to promote himself. He is, however, a man that apparently believes in respect and will immediately shut down those that choose to not show him such courtesy.

During a show at the House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the Man on the Moon spoke on his recent activity involving the assault on a fan that resulted in him being ejected from Lady Gaga's tour.

The media has found many different angles and spins to place on the incident so Cudi has found no other alternative but to provide a little clarity and defend himself.Collapse )

It's time to grow up and sweep all of the children out of a grown man's business.

The video:


Best part of all this is the comment on Youtube warning about ~*~the illuminati~*~ hip hop take over. Oh boys. With that said, this recent outburst of Scott's ridiculousness is kind of making me adore him a bit more.

Hayden Panettiere and her new daddy in Miami

Hayden Panettiere cozies up to Ukrainian heavyweight boxer, Wladimir Klitschko, while showing off her bikini body in Miami, Florida on New Year’s Eve Thursday (December 31).

The 20-year-old Heroes hottie enjoyed lunch poolside together with the bruising boxer while bodyguards stood nearby. The pair appeared to be holding hands and flirting all day! Klitschko, 33, currently is the IBF, WBO, IBO, and Ring Magazine world heavyweight title holder.

Quick fact - Hayden is 5′1″ while Wladimir is listed as 6′6″! Wow! That’s a 17 inch difference!

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Interview with Stephen Lang aka sexy badass grampa

Those who have seen Avatar know that the screen is constantly ripped apart by the warmongering Colonel Miles Quaritch, due to the impeccable delivery of seasoned actor Stephen Lang.

You think the dialogue is on the nose? Stephen Lang will bite your nose off.

A jack of all trades, Lang dabbles in film (Public Enemies, Men Who Stare at Goats), theater (he has written/starred in a one-man show about war veterens called Beyond Glory), and general ass kicking. But Lang helped me to realize, you can't whoop your enemies without using your brain. I assume this means "more headbutting."

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Shania Twain carries Olympic torch

Thousands cheer as Twain carries Olympic flame into Hollinger Park.
Not even the most frigid temperatures could keep Timmins from showing off its community spirit as the Olympic flame made its way through the city on its way to Vancouver.
Thousands waited in Hollinger Park as country singing superstar Shania Twain made her way on the torch's final 300 metres of the Timmins leg. They all cheered as the precious flame lit the Olympic cauldron on stage.

Officials estimate anywhere between 7,000 and 9,000 people attended the celebration on New Year's Day. Many others lined the torch's route from Porcupine through Timmins.
The crowd erupted as Twain made her way into Hollinger Park toward the stage. She proudly carried the torch and lit the cauldron, before taking a few moments and speaking to the crowd, as her son Eja, looked on, waving from the front of the crowd.

"This is so fantastic, it's pretty overwhelming," Twain said. "I know we could have probably had warmer weather, but in a way it just feels really beautiful to be back up North in the cold.
"I know that sounds crazy, but it wouldn't be Timmins if it wasn't 40 below with the wind chill."
Twain went on to say that the fact that all those people stood out in the crowd in the freezing weather only proves the spirit people from the North have.

She wished luck to all Olympians, and said how happy she was to be back in her hometown.
"I'm honoured," said Twain. "I'm extremely proud and it's a highlight of my life to be able to be here to carry the torch."

When asked how she felt about the Olympics themselves being held in her home country, Twain said that no matter where she has travelled in the world, Canadians are much loved, and that is something Canadians should be proud of. She also had some words of encouragement for all those out there in Timmins, both young and young at heart.

"I say go for your dreams, never lose hope and hold on to spirit," she said. "Not just of your hometown, although Timmins has a fantastic home spirit, of course it does, and I think I carry that with me everywhere I go."

For an awesome photo feature on the torch run across Canada see the Boston Globe Big Picture:

source: http://www.timminspress.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2243870
actors - aaron paul - kisses

b-horror movie releases a bunch of posters...creepy time ensues.

Six Character Posters for 'Blackout'

Starway Pictures has reached an agreement with Phase 4 Films (formerly of Peace Arch Entertainment) to distribute The Blackout in all media in the United States. The first one sheet created some debate here on BD as it's a blatant rip-off of the Feast poster, with the second creating some solid interest. Now, we've got our hands on six character one sheets that can be viewed below. Also check out the two trailers that premiere before AFM. Robert David Sanders' creature-feature begins when an apartment building's lights go out mysteriously, all of the tenants put aside their problems and band together to get to the bottom of the city-wide blackout. Deep in the basement of the high-rise, a hideous breed of monster hatches and begins to wreak havoc. Everyone must find a way to kill the blood-thirsty creatures and survive the darkness before it destroys the world.  

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Trailer for the movie


Can't find these posted anywhere. Bloody-Disgusting just posted them yesterday.

An excuse to pass judgement on Draco Malfoy's half-naked body

title or description

Being a successful movie actor isn't always the dream life it appears to be.
As Harry Potter star Tom Felton discovered on his winter break in Miami, Florida this week.
The 22-year-old, who plays villainous Draco Malfoy, is currently taking a break in warmer climes, but unfortunately he is not allowed to soak up too much of the sun in the Sunshine State.
Blond-haired Tom revealed that he will resume filming on the latest film instalment of the hugely popular film series next week and, as a result, must avoid getting a tan.

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Sources: feltbeats & dailymail

Better than I was expecting, tbh

Look How Beysus Rung In The New Year + Chris Brown & His Bottom Bitch

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Last night, Beyoncé brought in the new year along with her husband Jay-Z, singer Usher, Def Jam boss LA Reid and Jon Bon Jovi in St. Barts. The 28-year-old singer also took to the stage and performed in the French Caribbean Islands. She is said to have been paid two million dollars for doing so.

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And down in Miami, Chris Brown and his friend Bow Wow brought in the new year at the Fountainebleau Hotel. After leaving the nightclub Bow Wow tweeted that his “face was numb” and that he was “tipsy as f*ck”. He claims to have been intoxicated and behind the wheel of his Lambo. As a matter of fact, he was so bladdered he wrote that “Chris might have to drive after next spot”.

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They're actually...sort of cute.

Wearing flower garlands and sandals, Katy Perry and Russell Brand should fit right in on their romantic Indian holiday.
But if they'd wanted to blend in to the background, maybe they should have left the essential A-list sunglasses behind.

The couple spent the final day of 2009 touring the Amber Fort at Jaipur, stopping at a market for some holiday trinkets before heading back to their luxury hotel.

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I don't like or hate them, but I oddly find them to be a really cute couple.