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Britney Will See Kids Again

Los Angeles (E! Online) - Britney Spears still has at least 10 days of quality time in the psych ward of UCLA Medical Center.

But, according to an insider closer to Spears' custody battle with Kevin Federline, the "Gimme More" singer's successful completion of her hospital stint would put her on track to regain visitation rights with her children after her discharge.

"It will be monitored visitation, of course," the source tells E! News. "But still, she'll get to see her kids. They are just looking for signs that she's stabilized. But look, if she continues to take whatever medication she needs and sees her doctors regularly, they won't keep her kids from her."

Federline, 29, is aware of the possibility and isn't opposed to the visits.

"As long as she in a stable place, mentally, and there's a monitor there, he's okay with it," the source says.

Spears, 26, hasn't seen sons Sean Preston or Jayden James for more than a month. She is scheduled to remain hospitalized through Valentine's Day. The next hearing in her custody case is Feb. 19.

Separately, the K-Fed camp took a shot from Spears' side on Monday. Michael Sands, the spokesman for Federline lead attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, was the latest person to be subpoenaed in the long-playing custody clash.

Spears' legal eagles at Trope and Trope served Sands Monday, compelling him to submit to a deposition.

While Sands is not commenting on why Team Britney want to talk to him, his attorney, Randolph Wright, offers that they might be trying to press his client on what he knows about Kevin Federline's lifestyle.

"That would make sense," Wright said. "Why else bring in a top media consultant hired for Kevin's case and try to depose him? It seems to me they are trying to find out about the relationship between my client and Kevin Federline."

But Wright added that he suspects Trope and Trope will gain very little by grilling Sands.

"My guess," said Wright, "is that is will be a very short deposition."


i think this calls for a celebration

suck it k-fed
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