December 11th, 2009


Hilary Duff Has Reduced The Usage of Gay Slurs

*Mods the article discusses what Hilary Duff and Wanda Sykes' PSA'S Have done! So, it is celeb related...if you still don't think so, sorry for wasting your time!

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According to the Ad Council, high recognition of the "Think Before You Speak" campaign among teens (41% of teens aged 13-16 nationwide reporting that they have seen or heard at least one PSA) has translated into significant shifts in key attitudes and behaviors regarding the use of anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) slurs like "that's so gay." For instance, findings from a recent survey conducted by the Ad Council in 2008 and 2009 of teens aged 13-16 suggest that a higher percentage of teens in 2009 think that people should not say "that's so gay" for any reason (38% in 2009 vs. 28% in 2008) and a higher percentage also report "never" saying "that's so gay" when something is stupid or uncool (28% in 2009 vs. 18% in 2008).

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Posh Sandiego

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Posh Spice stomped through Paris yesterday trying not to be noticed by wearing an outfit only Posh Spice would wear outside of a "dress as your favorite cartoon character" S&M party. I lie. Detective La Toya also wears an ensemble like this when she's out pounding the cobblestone streets while in pursuit of the TRUTH. Speaking of, where has Det. La Toya been hiding lately? Wait just a cum shot minute. Maybe this isn't Posh at all? Maybe this is Detective La Toya in disguise? Damn, she really is good.

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Ciara Dressed Like a Trophy Whore of the Day

When viewing these pictures of Ciara dressed like some kind of Trophy whore you’d win from the escort agency for being the customer of the year because your awkward ass made a lot of money in software in the 90s and your skills at getting pussy never quite matured past the age of 12 letting or some shit, but motherfucker’s bank account did and since then he’s gone through a different whore every second night, some more wholesome than the next, never quite questionning the authenticity of their pussies, always just assuming shit was always an integral part of the girl and not something she modified in her later years….remember she was most likely born with a cock…not that that would stop you.

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Chris Brown Has Hang-Ups

Chris Brown was instantly yanked off a live radio interview early this morning when the DJ decided to stray from the promotional questions for a more salacious topic -- Rihanna.

Chris spent several minutes promoting his new album on the "Wake Up Show" on Seattle's KUBE 93, when the topic turned to Rihanna. Brown deflected the first question saying, "I'm really done talking about the whole situation ... I'm just moving forward."

But the DJ wasn't done yet -- and blurted out, "F**k that, did Rihanna throw you under the bus or what?"

Before Brown could even respond, his handler tells the DJ, "alright guys" -- and hangs up on the station.



What's Her Best Hair?

See the stars' latest cuts and color changes – and then vote on which do suits Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and more

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Bye-bye curls, hello bangs! The country star turned out in N.Y.C., replacing her signature ringlets with long straight hair and a shaggy fringe that got you buzzing.

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Katy just keeps amping up the glamour, adding wavy inches and blunt bangs to her raven hair.
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First 'AVATAR' Reactions AND Reviews

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Avatar screened last night in London for members of the press and US screenings started this morning. I saw the film first thing today, and embargo keeps me from saying anything about it. Twitter has been fairly quiet, with those who’ve seen it abiding by the embargo so far.

But some UK outlets don’t care as much about the embargo, and there is already a full-fledged review in The Sun and some useful comments in The Guardian.

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UPDATE: according to this guy the embargo has been lifted, reviews are up!
UPDATE 2: Rotten Tomatoes rating is up!


Michael Jackson to be awarded 'Lifetime Achievement' Grammy

Michael Jackson to be awarded 'Lifetime Achievement' Grammy Award on Jan. 30, 2010

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Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, will be the King of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, which is to be held on January 31, 2010. Michael Jackson will be awarded a Grammy Award for 'Lifetime Achievement'.

Jackson, along with Bobby Darin, Leonard Cohen, Loretta Lynn, and Andre Previn will be honored at a special ceremony, and will be presented with the awards, the day before the Grammy Awards on January 30, 2010.

E Online reports: "It will be the 14th Grammy of his storied career. (And it might not stop there: The soundtrack to This Is It will be eligible for the 2011 awards.)"

Do you think MJ is destined to receive 15 awards if he is nominated in 2011?

LL Cool J mentioned that he thought a Billie Jean performance should be what is done for MJ's planned Grammy tribute. He said that's what he thinks 'would be hot.' Neil Portnow, the Recording Academy President/CEO said: "Michael Jackson is important to us. Michael is iconic."


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Yea, Mike, go baby!
Mary-Kate: You're In Big Trouble Mr

Snooki's Attacker -- Guilty of Assualt

The episode hasn't aired yet -- but the man who punched a female "Jersey Shore" star in the face has already been run through the justice system for the attack.

It's all over an incident captured by MTV cameras, in which Snooki -- aka Nicole Polizzi -- gets socked in the face by a man at the Beachcomber Bar & Grill in Seaside Heights, NJ on August 19.

The man, if you want to call him that, Brad Ferro -- was arrested and was eventually found guilty of simple assault. Ferro was fined $500 and given a 6 months suspended jail sentence -- which is essentially hardcore probation.

The worst part -- the attack was all over a drink. We're told Ferro tried to take Snooki's cocktail -- and when she yelled at him for it, he retaliated with his fists.

The episode showing the attack is scheduled to run next week -- MTV says they will run a public service announcement about violence during the episode.



I wonder if ecctv would get this...

Thirty Seconds to Mars performed tonight on Conan and well, if you haven't heard, the band has basically a shitload of people gracing the cover of their latest album, "This is War", including this little gem right here:

The band performed their latest single, "Kings and Queens" with the help of StreetDrum Corps and fans. Jared, Shannon, Tomo (and Tim, if I must say so) KILLED IT:

Here are some real crap Blackberry pics from rehearsal, thanks to Tomo (aka the croatian, non-leto part of the band):


Jared "fuck you like the devil" Leto said he loved ONTD on Loveline the other day (someone called and mentioned ONTD and he said he sent his love and that was it, Dr. Drew killed our momento)... and he basically admitted he has a huge dick. Happy Y/Y? ;)

Sources: video, pics, gif
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Top 10 Actors to Watch in 2010

The end of 2009 is near, and a new batch of actors are gearing up to take over Hollywood. Next year you’ll see plenty of big budget films and long awaited sequels headlined by unfamiliar faces. To keep you in the loop we’ve created a list of the top ten actors to watch in 2010. With stakes this high, 2010 will be the make or break year for everyone involved, so sit back, relax, and take a look into our “Krystal” ball.

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Jane Leeves to guest star on Desperate Housewives

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Tom Scavo is finally getting professional help for that nasty mid-life crisis of his.

Desperate Housewives has inked a deal with Frasier’s Jane Leeves to play Tom’s psychotherapist in at least two episodes, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Leeves, whose arc kicks off in late January, isn’t the first Frasier grad to pass through Wisteria Lane. Harriet Samson Harris, who played Frasier’s brash agent Bebe, recurred in Seasons 1 and 2 as Felicia Tilman. And former Frasier showrunner Joe Keenan serves as a consulting producer on DH.

Tom won’t be the only Wisterian getting psychiatric attention in early ‘10. Word has it Katherine will also have her brain examined by a shrink in the new year. Better late than never!

Rpattz // Rpattz approves

There is a god!

Judge halts Jon Gosselin's media appearances

Jon Gosselin's media tour comes to an end.

A judge in Maryland on Thursday ruled in favor of TLC, granting a preliminary injunction ordering the reality TV dad to stop making appearances, according to the Associated Press.

The cable network argued that Gosselin's paid and unpaid media appearances -- including hosting a party in Las Vegas -- violated his contract with the network.

A trial in the case has been set for April 19.

TLC issued a statement saying they were "pleased" with the ruling.

"The Court has validated our view that Mr. Gosselin has a valid, binding contract and that he has breached it repeatedly. Step one -- getting the court to order Mr. Gosselin to comply with his contractual obligations -- has been accomplished," TLC said. "Any further breaches going forward will be violations of a court order. We look forward to the next phase of the litigation, which is to pursue our claim for damages resulting from Mr. Gosselin's numerous breaches."

The star of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" was a no-show at the hearing, but his attorney Mark Heller has vehemently denied the reality dad has done anything wrong, calling TLC's suit as "baseless action."

TLC's Chief Operating Officer Edward Sabin testified Thursday that Gosselin's behavior was "embarrassing," TMZ reported. Noting Gosselin's appearance at a Las Vegas pool party, Sabin said, "Jon surrounded by scores of bikini-clad women is inconsistent with the image of our show."

Gosselin's attorneys did not present any evidence at the hearing.


Thank you TLC, thank you.


Michelle Duggar has baby number 19 via emergency c-section

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Michelle Duggar gave birth to baby #19 last night after the reality star was rushed to the operating room for an emergency c-section.

TMZ spoke with a rep from TLC who told us, "Michelle, who has been in the hospital recovering from a gallstone, was taken to the OR for an emergency c-section.

At 6:27 PM, Michelle and Jim Bob welcomed their new daughter, Josie Brooklyn ... who weighed in at 1lb., 6 oz.

We're told Michelle is resting comfortably and the baby is "stable" -- although she's in the neonatal intensive-care unit at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

The rep added, "The most important thing right now is for Mom and baby Josie to get as much rest as possible. The family is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes during their recovery."

I hope they're both okay.

Ryan Phillippe definitely looks drunk

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From Celebslam:

"You really can't blame Ryan for being drunk. He's leaving a bar in West Hollywood (on Wednesday night). I'm just glad he didn't fall into the trap that so many other stupid celebrities fall into and drive home. It's probably because he has two kids. A family has a way of maturing a man.



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Is Tila Tequila's Ladylove Engagement Bogus?

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It may be time for Tila Tequila, Casey Johnson and their mutual ex-girlfriend Courtenay Semel to check into The Bad Girls Club.

Within hours of Tequila and Johnson announcing at the Famous Stars and Straps party in L.A. that they're engaged to be married, Semel came out blasting them as frauds.

"They don't even speak," Semel told us yesterday. "Casey can't stand Tila. They've only spoken once, and they're doing this as a publicity stunt to get back at me."

But what about that rock that the Band-Aid-empire offspring supposedly proposed with?

Semel says the ice is fake and is a meaningless accessory that Johnson grabbed from her jewelry box.

Besides, Semel claimed, Johnson isn't exactly living the heiress lifestyle these days.

"Casey can't even fill up her gas tank," Semel said. "She doesn't have a penny to her name. Her parents have cut her off completely. I have texts from her saying she's broke and can’t even afford to meet me for dinner."

Tequila says Semel doesn't know what she's talking about.

"Casey and I are very happily engaged and excited to plan our wedding in Massachusetts, where we can be legally married," Tequila tells us. "And as for Courtenay, we hope that she minds her own business and stays classy."

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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Pucker Up in Paris

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get caught up in the moment as they stroll along the Champ-Elysees in Paris on Thursday evening (December 10).

The Last Song costars have been romantically linked since they shot the family drama earlier this year in Tybee Island, Georgia.

Miley insisted to Ryan Seacrest during a recent interview, via US Weekly, about her relationship with the Aussie actor. She answered, “I’ll neither confirm nor deny.”

Hmmm, looks like it’s more confirm than deny to us.

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alessandra ambrosio hits the beach for a photo shoot

Alessandra Ambrosio hits the beach at St. Barts in the Caribbean during a photo shoot for the newest Victoria’s Secret catalog on Wednesday (December 9).
The 28-year-old model did some yoga poses and showed off workout-ready gear for VS photographers.
Despite being a seasoned pro on the catwalk, Ale told the Chicago Tribune that being the first one to come out at the VS fashion show was nervewracking!

“I was so nervous!” she said. “I don’t remember anything.''Collapse )

Source --

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Ashlee Simpson to Appear in Nicole Richie Sitcom


Didn't Nicole Richie get the memo? Ashlee Simpson doesn't exactly bring in good ratings.

Word on the block is that Ashlee, who was fired from the CW's Melrose Place, was casted in Nicole Richie's new sitcom as a supporting character.

“Nicole adores Ashlee, and she truly believes in her talent,” says a Richie informant, who spilled the dish in the Dec. 21 issue of The National Enquirer.

With few other job prospects on the horizon, Ashlee — who desperately wants to establish herself as an actress — was feeling down until Nicole stepped up and promised: ‘I’ve got your back. What are girlfriends for?’”

We didn't even know these two were friends. Hopefully Ashlee will be playing herself in the sitcom because she isn't really the best actress.

She's doing so great playing Roxy Hart, maybe she should stick to musical theater. Just a thought. What do you guys think?

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Mischa back to booze


Misha Barton doesn't seem to be using her "sober coach" anymore. The actress, who was given a chaperone to control her partying while working on her now-canceled show, "The Beautiful Life," was at SoHo eatery Mexican Radio earlier this week with a group of friends, knocking back shots and drinking margaritas. "They all looked like they were having fun," a source says. "She looked healthy and in control."

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Ricky Gervais 'not proud' to be rich


Call it false modesty, but mega-wealthy Ricky Gervais swears he's uncomfortable with the bundles he's made from his smash hit, "The Office." The Brit comic was so proud of the show that, when the first check came in, "it ruined it a bit," Gervais tells Lesley Stahl on "60 Minutes" this Sunday.

"I am not proud of being rich." Gervais, who was raised poor in a UK housing project and now has a $6 million London home a $2 million New York pad, cracked that he still fears being called out by wealthy British society: "I still think they are waiting for me to pick up the wrong fork."


I’d hit it
george jetson

Kelis Speaks on Rihanna and Lady Gaga

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On Lady Gaga
“She’s a youngin. I appreciate it. It’s interesting actually. I appreciate her visually. I really appreciate her visually. I say this all the time, being pretty is exhausting and it’s boring. I think that when you are not afraid to not be pretty and just kind of go there… and I’m not saying that she’s not pretty but I’m saying that as far as the choices she makes fashion wise… That’s what’s fun. She’s separate from it because she’s white. As a black female I always say, “Look at us”. The ones that they let in, we pretty much all look the same at the end of the day. We are all the same complexion, same color hair, same’s like “where’s the variation?”. And its because what’s safe and what’s acceptable..and what’s pretty. Pretty is annoying and it’s boring. You don’t get any credit for being pretty because it’s what your parents did and what God did so if you can actually do something creative and do something that’s not always easy on the eye, I can appreciate it.

On how she feels about Rihanna Jacking Her Style
“You know what. Listen, it’d be totally ridiculous for me to not acknowledge it if someone asks. The reality is, what is she like 20? I mean, what else is she supposed to do? I mean honestly. I don’t have any animosity at all whatsoever. That’s what she’s supposed to do.”

Ani: Amazon Warrior

Winning campaign becomes marketing mess for Gillette

When Gillette rolled out its biggest sports marketing campaign in 2007, it had what seemed to be an advertiser’s dream team: Swiss tennis champion Roger Federer, French soccer star Thierry Henry, and - perhaps the most famous of them all - American golfer Tiger Woods.

The unbeatable lineup is now giving Gillette razor burn. In September, Federer threw a temper tantrum at the US Open finals, which he lost in an upset. Then, last month, Henry set off an international furor when he illegally touched a ball with his hand to set up a winning goal in a World Cup qualifier between Ireland and France.

And now Woods has captured headlines with his mysterious Nov. 27 car crash in front of his Florida home and alleged extramarital affairs with 13 women, including a porn star and a cocktail waitress.
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over shoulder

Paris Hilton to Perform at Casino in Mahnomen, MN-- $10 tickets!!!!

Members of the White Earth Band of Chippewa won't always have Paris, but they'll have her for one night next month.

Paris Hilton, that is.

The band announced today that Hilton will appear at its Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen,MN on Jan. 30.

Better known for a notorious sex video than any of her creative accomplishments, Hilton is being billed as the host of a "Brrriffic Beach Bash" that night.

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Islanders Players Now Fighting Cars

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Winless in their last five, including new head coach Peter Laviolette's first two games, the Philadelphia Flyers would have welcomed any sort of lucky break to end their current slide. They came close to getting that break when New York Islanders defenseman Brendan Witt(notes) was hit by a Yukon in Philadelphia while on his way to Starbucks on Tuesday morning.

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DM; all
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TV Ratings Thursday

Against an all-repeat ABC line up, CBS won every hour and dominated the night’s adult 18-49 ratings. Both CBS and NBC were buoyed on Thursday by no ABC original competition.

CBS‘ entire line up increased from its last original airings, Survivor: Samoa was up 10%, CSI was up 17% (vs. 11/19), and The Mentalist was up 3%.

NBC also got nice boosts vs. ABC repeats, Community was up 5% vs. last week, Parks & Recreation was up 10%, The Office was up 7%, 30 Rock was up 17%, and The Jay Leno Show was up 27% from last Thursday. Jay beat a repeat of Private Practice.

Bones was up 7% from last week to a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating which was a season high. Fringe slipped back 0.2 ratings points from last week to a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating, which is still slightly above its season average of 2.2.


What did you watch, ONTD?


Last week was a busy dealmaking time for GE.

The company not only closed its long-awaited $37.5 billion merger agreement with Comcast to create an enlarged NBC Universal but also quietly signed a new three-year contract with NBC Universal president and CEO Jeff Zucker to keep him at the company through 2013.

Last week, Comcast and GE said that Zucker will be CEO of the new joint venture, which is 51% owned by Comcast and 49% by GE, reporting to Comcast COO Steve Burke.

Because the Comcast deal is expected to take up to 18 months to clear regulatory hurdles, Zucker's new pact would allow him to run the new NBC Uni for at least another year and a half.

A long-term contract in Hollywood is rarely an employment guarantee (NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly famously was ousted three months after signing a new three-year deal at the network), but securing Zucker, who has run NBC Uni since 2007, could provide stability during the transition period and first key months of getting the combined company off the ground.

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Robert Trujillo was understandably stoked when he was selected to be the newest member of Metallica in 2003. But at the same time, the process of becoming a part of the veteran thrash metal band felt a little strange and discomforting for the down-to-earth bass player.

After all, Trujillo's initiation into the superstar band took place while film cameras were rolling. What was subsequently presented in the 2004 Metallica documentary "Some Kind of Monster" was a band in the state of personal and interpersonal flux. Vocalist-guitarist James Hetfield was struggling to beat alcoholism. Metallica had also hired a life coach to help the members improve inter-band communication and understanding through group therapy.

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Metallica's Kirk Hammett finally finds buyer for his Pacific Heights home

Another day, another rock star finds a buyer for his mega-mansion. In this case it really is a mega-mansion. But Metallica's lead guitarist Kirk Hammett has been trying to shift his Pacific Heights house for, literally, years.

The home, at 2505 Divisadero St, has now snagged a purchaser, according to The Front Steps, and is being marked as "Sale Pending". The pad, which includes the requisite sound studio and party room, originally went on the market for $12.5 million but its latest asking price was $8,995,000.

The "weathered brick", 9,057 sq ft home has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms and three half baths, and a two-car garage in the original carriage house. It was designed by architect Edgar Matthews in 1899 for Clinton Jones, general agent for the Rock Island Railway -- who no doubt would never have imagined a day his home would be inhabited by a thrash metal guitarist who collects cat and dog skulls in his spare time.

For a full gallery of photos of the house, visit the listing website here.

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Rest in peace, Lester

Mark Ritts, who played Lester the lab rat on the children's science series "Beakman's World" and also operated and voiced the puppet co-host Kino on the PBS children's show "Storytime," died of cancer Monday at his home in La Cañada Flintridge, Calif., said his wife, Teresa Parente.

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You can leave condolences in the Guestbook at his official website

for those folks who don't remember or never saw the show, here's a couple of YouTube clips:

Lester and the Eggs Test ( credit to iamnac )

Lester of Arabia ( credit to rse506 )
Ani: Amazon Warrior

Preview of ABC's "The Deep End"


I'm not sure I could ever watch this show because I am in law school... and I worked in a BigLaw firm for two years and this just not how things operate. Just like my Mom can't stand things that happen on medical shows because she's a nurse. Everything in BigLaw is a lot more subtle -- if someone is sleeping with another staff member, it's not out in the open like that. And partners don't say things like, "I'm litigation partner, so I'll do what I want" - it's more a silent power struggle. But since that doesn't make good television, I knowww.

Anyways the best thing about this I think is Tina Majorino is a major character! She was the little girl in Waterworld, Corina Corina, When a Man Loves a Woman. Her IMDB profile is
here. She's playing the Addy Fischer character!
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Elton John and Judy Garland voted greatest gay icons of all time!

Elton John and Judy Garland were yesterday voted the greatest gay icons of all time.

The 62-year-old rock star - who wed David Furnish in 2005 - emerged as the most respected man among the gay community.

While Hollywood star Garland - who played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and was hugely popular with gay men during her lifetime - topped the list of women. A spokesman for, which carried out the survey of 5,000 gay men and lesbians, said: "Interestingly only one of the men on the top 10 list of male celebrity gay icons isn't gay - David Beckham. And yet most of the women put on a pedestal by the gay community are straight.

"It just shows that to advocate a certain way of living, you don't have to live the lifestyle but simply be more accepting of those around you."

Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, who died of an Aids related illness in 1991, was second in the male list while comedian Stephen Fry came third.

Fry once said of his sexuality: "My first words, as I was being born... I looked up at my mother and said, 'That's the last time I'm going up one of those.'"

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Source plus Google Images

Kylie loves it!

To clarify: This is a list from a British website voted on by British gays and lesbians. Therefore, some individuals on this list may in fact be British and unknown to those living outside of the United Kingdom. If you're not sure who they are or why they're on the list just google it.
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Michael Jackson Exploited by Scientology

Michael Jackson’s estate lawyers won’t be amused to hear this: Jackson’s likeness and music are being exploited by Scientology.

My colleague Guy Adams of the U.K. paper The Independent came across this invite to a December 6th Scientology event in Britain:

THE OT COMMITTEE CC LONDON CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO a spectacular evening celebrating one of the greatest artists of all time Michael Jackson in true Celebrity Centre style.

· Get briefed by a Senior Executive from Celebrity Centre International on the plans for CC London.

· Enjoy entertainment in honour of the King of Pop with dance troupe ‘Malfunktion’ and singer supreme Anton Lorien!

· Find out what the OT Committee is all about and what their plans are for the Ideal CC London!

Sunday, 6th December – 7.00pm
Fitzroy House, 33-35 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 6DX
Refreshments will be served.

A spectacular evening that you will NOT want to miss!


© 2009 Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc. A non-profit organisation incorporated in South Australia. Registered Office 24-28 Waymouth Street, Adelaide, South Australia. Registered in the UK under company number FC9154. Registered agent in the UK: P D Hodkin, 42/44 Copthorne Road, Felbridge, East Grinstead, RH19 2NS. OT and CELEBRITY CENTRE are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission.

Michael was many things, but he was NOT a Scientologist. Of course, he was married to one — Lisa Marie Presley — but he resisted the sect’s charms — and hers apparently too.

smiley fish
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Mimi Goes on Tour to Support 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Album'

Mariah Carey, who hasn't toured in over three years, will embark on a national "Angels Advocate" trek beginning Dec. 31 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and wrapping up on Feb. 27 at The Pearl Concert Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada. Presale tickets will be available for Honey B. Fly, the official Mariah Carey Fan Club, members for all show dates. Tickets for the majority of the tour will go on sale on Dec. 19. Visit Carey's official website,, for more details.

The eight-week, 19-city tour will feature opening act RydazNrtist, a new R&B group signed to Carey's husband Nick Cannon's label, NCredible Entertainment.

"Angels Advocate" tour is in support of Carey's latest album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," which has sold 344,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

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Taylor Lautner Cover Repeats the Same Old Lines

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Even though he kept his shirt on, Taylor Lautner's December cover for Men's Health is generating heat. It's hard to miss the glaring similarities to the magazine's October 2007 cover, which featured Jason Statham. When it comes to 1,293 ways to eat better, six-pack abs, dressing for more sex, and the ultimate cardio plan, it seems we've seen it all before. No, really, we have. Compared side-by-side, cover lines like "Gain Muscle, Lose Pounds" are exactly the same, word for word, and appear in exactly the same spot.

The magazine's editor tells Mediaite that the recycling is an intentional stunt, and that they sent an alternate cover to subscribers. "Rest assured-it's this originality and reporting rigor that's made us the biggest men's magazine brand in the world," says editor-in-chief David Zinczenko. He added in an interview with The New York Post that "it was part of overall branding strategies."

So maybe they really did just want to make us look. But then wouldn't Lautner alone have done the trick?

george jetson

Bill O'Reilly lashes out at 'Law & Order' executive producer

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly lashed out at "Law & Order" franchise creator/executive producer Dick Wolf Thursday night. The bombastic host, upset over how he was recently characterized on the long-running NBC drama, called the "far left" Wolf a "despicable human being" whose show is "out of control."

Sparking O'Reilly's ire was an episode of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" that aired earlier in the week, in which a crazed anti-immigration activist set out to murder the children of illegal immigrants. In one scene, a character named Randall Carver, played by veteran actor John Larroquette, is sitting on a park bench talking to Fin, the detective played by Ice-T. In defending the actions of the man who killed the immigrants’ children, Larroquette's character says, "Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly, all of 'em, they are like a cancer spreading ignorance and hate...They've convinced folks that immigrants are the problem, not corporations that fail to pay a living wage or a broken health care system..."

After playing the clip of the "defamatory and outrageous" scene, O'Reilly slammed Dick Wolf as a "coward" and a "liar" before playing a montage of clips demonstrating his past defenses of "poor people who only want a better life." O'Reilly went on to explain that his "beef" isn't with illegal immigrants themselves, but rather with the federal government for doing little to control immigration and the "violent aliens who wreak havoc once they get here." He concluded by chastising Wolf for "distorting and exploiting" the issue of illegal immigration.

When contacted by Yahoo! News, a representative for Dick Wolf declined to comment on O'Reilly's accusations.

movies // parveen

Rowan Atkinson has a Mr.Bean Moment as his car catches on fire

Rowan Atkinson's romantic night out with his wife Sunetra came to an abrupt end yesterday when his vintage car burst into flames.
The comedian, 54, had been driving home from a private dinner at Asprey's in Mayfair when the engine of his 1952 Jaguar racing car started smoking.
In scenes reminiscent of the bad luck which befalls his Mr Bean character, Atkinson tried to put out the flames with an extinguisher, before calling the RAC.

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TBH, I always imagine Rowan Atkinson driving one of these:

Parineeta, Saif, train

First images from Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan's post 9/11 opus "My Name Is Khan"

"My Name Is Khan" is the highly-anticipated movie (well, okay, highly-anticipated in the Indian and South Asian diaspora) that pairs Shahrukh Khan with his best leading lady, Kajol (from "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.")

This movie tells the story of an Indian man with Asperger's syndrome who is taken in by the TSA at an airport for suspicious behavior. Its supposed to chronicle life as a South Asian in American post-9/11.

Ironically, Shahrukh Khan was held by the TSA for a couple of hours at Newark Airport in August when he was working on this film here in the USA. (He was detained because his name resembled some known terrorists, he called it racial profiling.) There was a big to-do about it.

Shahrukh Khan on left, and Karan Johar, director.

Shahrukh Khan, leading lady Kajol, and Karan Johar, director.


Can I tell you that it sucks travelling and being South Asian? Because it does.

Also, I can't wait to see some TSA agent singing a song to Shahrukh about why he is not able to board his plane.*

*I have been informed that this movie is SRS BSNS, and there are no music interludes, but I'd still like to see a singing TSA agent.

The White Stripes want you to shell out $229 for their box set

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jack and Meg White have been cagey about when fans will finally get their hands on the seventh White Stripes album, but they’re offering up a special release in the interim: a limited edition box set, built around the band’s Canadian tour documentary The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights. As Rolling Stone previously reported, the trek featured gigs in unlikely locales like a Winnipeg transit bus and a Prince Edward Island fishing boat. The movie debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Relive the tour with our White Stripes’ Canadian Adventure photo gallery.

The set will boast an extensive collection of DVDs, the band’s first-ever live album on CD, along with a 108 gram vinyl version of the live disc, a 208-page book with a foreword by filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, and other assorted goodies, like a silk screen print. The box will also contain a live 7-inch with “Icky Thump” and “The Wheels on the Bus.”All of this will come at a hefty price for Stripes fans: A whopping $179, so long as you pick it up before the start of 2010. After that, it’ll cost you $229.

Rolling Stone caught up with Jack White last month in New York, when he told us the Dead Weather were hitting the studio to work on the follow-up to their debut, Horehound. “We can’t tell you that much about it except that it’s gonna be really expansive, and I use that word loosely in a scientific sense, meaning that I’m just using it to distract you,” he said. Last May, he said the next Stripes disc “won’t be too far off.”

Rolling Stone named White one of eight key Artists of the Decade in our new issue, on stands now

pink flowers & a book

Mel C on Spicing Up London's "Blood Brothers"

After several decades, you might think the British musical Blood Brothers had long ago lost the capacity to surprise, but that denies the thrill being generated at the Phoenix Theatre by the legitimate stage debut of onetime Spice Girl Melanie C (actual last name, Chisholm), who took over in November as the hapless Mrs. Johnstone, mother to twins, one of whom she is forced to give away. The erstwhile Sporty Spice has received a spate of (deserved) five-star reviews for her musically rich, emotionally raw performance in the same year that has seen her give birth to her first daughter, nine-month-old Scarlet. (The father is her partner Thomas Starr.) Early one recent evening, she was in utterly down-to-earth, undiva-ish mode when caught up with her backstage while the 35-year-old Liverpudlian discussed the joys of a supposed exercise in stunt casting that has after 19 years living in London made Melanie C a West End star.

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LOVE that she says she'd jump at the chance to work with the other Spice Girls again! Yay!

Let the nostalgia commence!
dw | carbon prevails

Battlestar Galactica, Mad Men, Damages, Rescue Me, True Blood Top % Increases From DVRs In 2009

Battlestar Galactica topped the list of shows getting the biggest percentage increase in viewership from DVR viewing for the year, and 8 of the top 12 shows were from cable networks.

We typically don’t see lists by calendar year, nor do we see DVR ratings any longer for cable shows, so this is an interesting comparison of cable and broadcast programming. I’m surprised that there are so many cable shows since they are typically rerun multiple times after their original airing.

TV by the Numbers

Sometimes I wonder what I would do without my DVR. I rarely watch my cable shows live.
guti WEAH


Tiger Woods taking 'indefinite break' from golf
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(CNN) -- Tiger Woods says he's taking "an indefinite break" from professional golf, according to a statement on his Web site Friday.

"I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children," Woods said in the statement. "I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I've done, but I want to do my best to try."

The 33-year-old golfer, who tops the sport's world rankings, has been mired in controversy since he crashed his car outside his Florida mansion late last month. The crash prompted authorities to cite him for careless driving and fine him $164.

Woods was not required to talk to police about the wreck, and declined to talk with investigators on several occasions.

In the week following the crash, Woods apologized for "transgressions" that let his family down, on the same day that gossip magazine US Weekly published a report alleging that Woods had an affair with a 24-year-old cocktail waitress named Jaimee Grubbs.

Like i've said before, this whole thing is a personal problem. it's not like he cheated in the sport

And the award for most random sequel of 2010 goes to...

'Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore' trailer comes out

I’ll be honest: I never saw 2001’s Cats & Dogs even though I have a stuffed Mr. Tinkles from the film in my office. That said, I’m kinda into the sequel, which, in addition to cats and dogs working together to stop the evil (and naturally hairless) Kitty Galore, features 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer (!), former Grey’s Anatomy veterinarian Chris O’Donnell, and SNL’s Fred Armisen in the flesh. Suck it, G-Force.

Who else hates to admit they’d totally watch this?
fuck the mcu

Brosnan hopes Polanski case ends quickly

Pierce Brosnan Pictures, Images and Photos

The moviemaker, who is currently under house arrest in Switzerland, has been living in exile in Europe since fleeing to France on the eve of sentencing in 1978 after he pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl at a Hollywood party in 1977.

His attorneys made another attempt to have the criminal case dismissed on Thursday (10Dec09), telling a three-judge California appeals court that Polanski's treatment by the state's justice system is "a really remarkable, astonishing record of misconduct."

And Brosnan, who appears in Polanski's upcoming film The Ghost, is backing calls for the case to be closed in a speedy manner, so the director can move on with his life.

He says, "There's a sadness to the whole situation. What happened was wrong in every way, but I just wish the man well and closure for this time in his life, at this moment in time. He's a magnificent director. He's iconic in the world of cinema. I think we've made a good film, the cast is really top class and I just hope that justice will be served with some dignity and compassion, and swiftly.

"We had dinners, we talked, I met him before and we got on very well together, but I don't know the man. I certainly knew the history of the man, and my heart goes out to his family, to his wife and to his children, and, as I say, I hope this chapter can be closed quickly."

The judges in California are expected to make a decision whether to dismiss the case within 90 days.

Polanski, who was arrested in Zurich in September (09), will be held in Switzerland while officials in the country decide whether to extradite him to the U.S.



So Axl Rose hit a paparazzi the other night at LAX. Why you ask? because Axl is bipolar and fucking crazy? No. the pap hit his mom

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source:, LJ user jigglemypuff.

tbh I am surprised that the pap went THIS low. Axl is bipolar and it is known, and this is the first time he has come out of his house in 3 years. And they do this? stay classy, paparazzi.

Jersey Shore's ratings double; Alyssa Milano's butthurt about it

The cast of MTV's Jersey Shore may seem oblivious to the outside world as they party, pump their fists, and work out, but viewers are taking note of them: The show's second week ratings were up 50 percent in its second week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jersey Shore nabbed 2.1 million viewers, a big boost from the 1.3 million viewers that tuned in for the show's debut. The series follows eight twenty-somethings living together in a rented beach house in Seaside Heights, N.J.It has gotten widespread attention in part because of objections from Italian-Americans who say it portrays their culture in a negative light.

Among the critics: Italian-American actress Alyssa Milano.

"My husband actually showed me the trailer on YouTube last night, and I got upset," Milano, 36, told Us. "It upset me. I was like, 'Turn that off!' So no, I don't think I'll be watching that!'";_ylt=AvFtEIn8EK29OPlER6UlmmWs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFpZGl1YWs3BHBvcwMzBHNlYwN5bl9wcm9tb3NfZW50ZXJ0YWlubWVudARzbGsDamVyc2V5c2hvcmVw

Halle Berry with her Daughter Nahla at Bristol Farms Supermarket

Gorgeous! Halle Berry and her beautiful daughter Nahla, 20 months, were pictured at Bristol Farms Supermarket in Beverly Hills on Thursday (December 10). Nahla was smiling at the paparazzi and even waved goodbye as mom put her in the car. What a cutie!

The 43-year-old Academy Award-winning actress has denied that she is pregnant with her second child, blaming burgers for the bump: "I was getting a complex! Because I was like, I've got to stop with the burgers or something!"

Nahla's father is Halle's partner, French Canadian male model, Gabriel Aubry.

Nahla takes a sneak peek, before waving goodbye to the photographers trailing her:


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Trio Trio

4th important member of the Cullen Clan.

Gearing up for a flight out of town, Kellan Lutz was spotted toting his luggage as he walked through the Burbank Airport on Thursday afternoon (December 10).

The Emmett Cullen stud was decked out in all-black, laughing and chatting with his friends while briefly stops for a squirt of hand sanitizer before boarding his outbound flight.

In related news, Kellan recently chatted with press about the “Twilight” saga, confessing that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are the keys to the series’ success.

“The rest of us, we could suck, probably,” Kellan told Zap2It. “It’s Rob and Kristen who have the amazing chemistry. Without those two keystones, ‘Twilight’ could have flopped. It really could have.”

As for rumors of “Breaking Dawn” being split into two parts, Lutz tells, “They haven’t told the rest of us actors yet. I have read that they are talking to Rob, Taylor and Kristen to negotiate to make ‘Dawn’ into two movies. I’d love for it to be two films.”

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'The Black List' -- Top 11 unproduced screenplays of 2009

Last December, we introduced you to Franklin Leonard and The Black List, the list of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood. Since then, Leonard (pictured, inset) has been named by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the top 35 executives under 35 working in Hollywood and his list has gained even more prominence. This year’s list consists of 97 scripts with 311 people contributing to the ranking — up from 260 in 2008. The top 10 (actually, 11, thanks to a tie in 10th place) is filled with mostly up-and-comers, with the exception of Aaron Sorkin and David Scarpa. All of the scripts are in some stage of development around Hollywood, with two of them currently in production. Take a look and beginning stages of what will be coming to a theater near you, some day.

1. The Muppet Man

By Christopher Weekes
What it’s about: The life and times of the late Jim Henson (pictured), the man behind Sesame Street and The Muppets.
What it’s like: The Andy Kaufman biopic Man on the Moon, but with puppets. This moving story depicts the life of a creative genius, with occasional surreal appearances by the likes of Kermit and Miss Piggy.
Status: Set up at The Jim Henson Co.

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Sam & Zoe at the Avatar Premiere

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam Worthington shows off his scruff at the premiere of Avatar at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on Thursday (December 10).

The 33-year-old Australian actor brought along his girlfriend, Natalie Mark, and posed for photos with director James Cameron and co-stars Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver, who planted a kiss on him!

Sam recently told The Mirror how he landed the role of Jake Sully:

“James Cameron phoned me up and I was having my breakfast,” Sam said.

“He said, ‘Do you want to work with me?’ And I went, ‘It’s about time you asked! Do you want to work with me is more to the point.’

“And he said, ‘Yep. How quick can you get out here?’ I said, ‘I need a week. I’ve got to fix the brakes on the car.’ He laughed and said, ‘That’s my boy.”

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Trio Trio

New Stills of The Runaways & WTTR

Kristen Stewart’s upcoming movie The Runaways will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January as well as her other film Weclome to the Rileys. Here are new photos and synopsis of both.

Of all the bands to come out of the 1970s Los Angeles music scene, The Runaways are by far the most uniquely fascinating. This is partially due to their music but more so to the fact that they were teenage girls whose wild and reckless lifestyle was the stuff of legend.

Focusing on the duo of guitarist/vocalist Joan Jett and lead vocalist Cherie Currie as they navigate a rocky road of touring and record-label woes, the film chronicles the band’s formation as well as their meteoric rise under the malevolent eye of an abusive manager.

Acclaimed video artist Floria Sigismondi directs from her own script and her luscious camerawork captures every sweaty detail—from the filthy trailer where the women practiced to the mosh pits of Tokyo. What really makes the film cook are the sizzling performances by Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. Not to be missed, The Runaways is an ode to an era and a groundbreaking band.

Run time: 105 min.


Trauma transforms us. Years after their teenage daughter’s death, Lois and Doug Riley, an upstanding Indiana couple, are frozen by estranging grief. She isolates herself in their immaculate suburban home. He philanders with a local waitress, anesthetizing pain with easy passion. When he loses his mistress to cancer, Doug, beset by further heartache, escapes to New Orleans on a business trip. Compelled by urgencies he doesn’t understand, he insinuates himself into the life of an underage hooker, becoming her platonic guardian. Meanwhile, Lois summons all of her remaining force to overcome agoraphobia and venture south to reclaim her marriage.

Exacting performances from three consummate actors (James Gandolfini, Melissa Leo, and Kristen Stewart) infuse this emotionally raw, gently humorous drama with penetrating humanity. Director Jake Scott’s debut refuses to flinch from uncomfortable moments or tie neat bows around its characters. Instead, it reveals how taking risks and leaving our comfort zone can become a profound path to healing the human heart.

Run time: 110 min.

Christian Bale

Sophie Monk Pumps It

It must be tough being jobless nobody Sophie Monk, if she ever gets pregnant or even gains a few pounds, that’s it, back to obscurity. In the mean time, here she is braless pumping some gas in a little white tank top. If there was ever a good time for a frat boy with a pitcher of water to show up this is fucking it.

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Britta pussy hat

Kim Kardashian sucks at acting.

Next week Vanessa Minnilo and Kim Kardashian are going to be on CSI: NY.

Here's some sneaks peeks to show you how bad it will be.

And for the short bussers: these are sneak peeks so there are spoilers.

The vids won't embed on LJ for some reason but you can watch them at the source.


~You're so wrong. Good God CSI: NY your stunt casting is getting ridiculous!

MODS: I tried embedding the videos but it just won't work for LJ. :/
  • sasa418

A Duggar baby update - why Michelle delivered early

Michelle Duggar's 19th baby was born prematurely at 1 lb., 6 oz., because Michelle suffered a rare condition during pregnancy that causes high blood pressure, her doctor says.

The condition, preeclampsia, which affects 5 to 8 percent of pregnancies, was discovered when Michelle was admitted to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to evaluate pain related to a gall bladder problem, says Dr. Paul Wendel, director of the hospital's Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

"The obstetrical and neonatal teams reached the collaborative decision [Thursday] that Mrs. Duggar needed an emergency C-section to ensure the blood pressure problem would not be detrimental to her or the baby," says Wendel.

Daughter Josie Brooklyn was born at 6:27 p.m. Thursday and is in stable condition in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

"Michelle is recovering well from surgery," Wendel says.,,20326804,00.html
Trio Trio

the most viral video of 2009 .

Well, at this point, the trend is pretty hard to miss - The Twilight Saga: New Moon has undeniably become a pop culture figurehead feature of the year 2009.

Apparently, in the viral video viewings department, New Moon sits in the lead of viral sensations of 2009 - mostly joined on the top ten list by popular musicians for their music videos.

Flanked by mega-hits like Beyonce's "Single Ladies," Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," and even Susan Boyle's Britain's Got Talent audition video, the New Moon trailer took its rightful places as the most viewed viral video of 2009 with 592,049,402 views, according to Music Week.

Others videos on the top ten list for the year are Michael Jackson's "Beat It," Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body," Lady Gaga's "Just Dance," Miley Cyrus' "The Climb," and Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat."

The very first New Moon teaser, issued back in early summer during the MTV Video Music Awards, was notoriously one that hit up the viral circuit with millions of views coming in by the day.

fuck the mcu

Ugly truth of 'Lovely Bones': Tough to film for Tucci, Ronan

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

LOS ANGELES — Some characters, Stanley Tucci will tell you, you take home as an actor. Others you can leave on the set.

Then there's George Harvey, the child rapist and murderer at the center of The Lovely Bones, which opens Friday.

That guy, Tucci says, "you try to go home, take a shower to wash him off you and have a drink. That was the hardest character I've ever had to play. I think because it was such a departure from anything I am or believe in."

Based on the 2002 best seller, Bones was a departure for many involved with the $64 million film.

For director Peter Jackson, Bones marked an exodus from the fantasy worlds of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong. Set in 1973 small-town Pennsylvania, Bones takes an unblinking look at a family dissolved by a murder (though Jackson concedes he gets a little trippy with his heaven sequences).

For Saoirse Ronan, a knowing 15-year-old Irish girl already drawn to adult dramas, the movie is her grimmest yet – and she was in Atonement. "This was the first time I felt like a grown-up and really absorbed the material," she says.

And for Tucci, the 49-year-old who lost his wife, Kate, to breast cancer in April, Bones was a test of how dark he could take a character and not let it invade a personal life already set on its ear. "I've seen the finished movie," Tucci says. "But to tell you the truth, I'm not sure how many times I'll be able to see it again."

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Knope 2012

Parks and Recreation Named GQ's Sitcom of the Year!

With all due respect to fans of Modern Family, The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm, when ?uestlove of The Roots wrote last week that Parks and Rec is the Wu Tang of Comedy, he nailed it. This, no doubt, comes as a shock to people who dipped their toes in last season and left disappointed. We know. We understand. The first six episodes blew. The creative team has said that run last spring was really one extended pilot. That's true—and a shame. Because it turned off a lot of viewers

But while no one was watching, the focus changed. Amy Poeher's parks commissioner Leslie softened. The limp romance between Mark (Paul Schneider) and Ann (Rashida Jones) moved to the background. The true lunatic weirdness of the show—from Chris Pratt's pit-dwelling, shoe-shining, Deal Or No Deal-auditioning Andy to Nick Offerman's lover of brown haired ladies and breakfast food Ron Swanson—started to emerge. It's got the deepest bench on TV. (Aziz Anzari = brilliant. Aubrey Plaza is our biggest entertainment crush right now.) The best guest stars. (LouisCK, Megan Mullally, Fred Armisan.) And, of course, Amy Poehler, whose warmth and willingness to totally humiliate herself confirmed what we always knew: she's one of the best comedians working today.

For all that, though, the real star of the show is Pawnee. Unlike The Office, which exists in a hermetically sealed lucite box of sadness that hits WAY too close to home these days, Parks and Recreation pulls back the lens and lets the town become a character. Just off the top of my head, here are a few details of what we've learned about Indiana's finest city. It has...

–An anti-semitic past that is celebrated in mural form
–A library department that is a group of "punk ass book jockeys" and the "worst group of people ever assembled"
–Raccoons that aren't nocturnal and tend to attack children
–A sewer department overrun with floozies
–A gay bar and a strip club and a nipple factory and a restaurant named The Jurrasic Fork
–And, of course, a giant pit that the government can't seem to get filled

Reminds you of something, doesn't it? Springfield. And while we know that any comparison's to the Golden Age of The Simpsons is heady praise that borders on sacrilege, it's deserved. Parks and Recreation is absurd. Hilarious. Packed with polished jokes, unexpected turns, and boasting real heart. Simply put, this is the funniest show on television right now. America, start watching. You're missing something special.


This show is awesome! I'm so glad it has really taken off this season.
ANF (Halsey)

Everyone can relax now, Bronx Wentz finally is wearing shoes

Pete looks like a regular dad on the street doesn’t he? Intensely focused, a little dazed, perhaps sleep deprived.

Pete and Bronx checked out the sights of New York in the wintertime.

The family is spending some time there while Ashlee is performing on Broadway in “Chicago.”

I wonder, if Bronx were to stand up, would his arms stick straight out to the side.


Yes, I am posting this to show that the child is wearing shoes.
Christian Bale

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Flee to Sweden

The pair reportedly is making their way to Nordegren's native Sweden in order to escape from possible worse media scrutiny due to his infidelity.

In the wake of Tiger Woods' infidelity and career hiatus revelation, a new report emerges that he and wife Elin Nordegren are planning to move out of their Florida mansion and head for her native Sweden to escape further media scrutiny. A close friend of the former model tells ABC News, "Tiger is going to Sweden with his wife, and they want to leave as soon as possible."

Official confirmation is yet to be made by Woods, Nordegren, or their people. Nevertheless, it was reported recently that Nordegren might have purchased a $2.29 million house on an island near Stockholm last week by herself. At that time, the 28-year-old mother of two children was accompanied by her twin sister Josefin. Woods was nowhere to be seen.

In the meantime, more and more women step forward to claim alleged affairs with the avid golfer. And instead of making direct confirmation if he had flings with any of those women, Woods prefers to play it coy, simply admitting to an "infidelity", which he says has caused disappointment and hurt to so many people, most of all his wife and children. Nordegren herself hasn't made a single comment on her marital woes though.


Kylie Bisutti Bikini Pics.

You would be forgiven for not knowing who Kylie Bisutti is. After all, until about a week ago, no one knew who she was. But then she won the contest to become the latest Victoria's Secret model, and well, now we know who she is. I tihnk they should have just named it the find a Marisa Miller clone contest, because that's who all the contestants looked like, but whatever. Anyway, here are some Kylie Bisutti bikini pictures. Not a bad introduction, I'd say.
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Nancy Cry

I get it. It f—-g kills me, too. I finally found someone I connect with

Vice Queen: I set up Tiger's £25,000 orgies with 15 girls

CHEATING Tiger Woods splashed out £25,000 a weekend partying with high-class hookers, a notorious Hollywood madam told a US website last night.

Michelle Braun said that she sometimes provided Woods with ten to 15 girls at one time. Braun told E! News the golf star would call her to arrange meetings with girls as he left wife Elin Nordegren, 29, at home. And she told a US newspaper his favourite was stunning Playboy model Loredana Jolie. Braun claimed Woods would spend £10,000 a time to meet Loredana, 26, in Manhattan.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But Loredana said only that she received "a ring, a pair of diamond studs and a watch" from Woods. She added: "He came off as being a really nice person. He had manners."

Braun also alleged two of the other women to have romped with Woods - porn star Holly Sampson and lingerie model Jamie Jungers - were on her books. Furious Jamie denied the claim. She said: "That's 100 per cent false. I have never had anything to do with prostitution and never will." And Holly's lawyer said he had no knowledge of the fetish flick star working for Braun.

Braun said her girls told her Woods was "wild and a lot of fun".

She added: "He liked girl-on-girl. He had sex with them together. He was tough to keep up with - days at a time on a booze and sex bender." Braun claimed Woods called her from different cities to organise girls.

She said: "He had a pretty big appetite for girls. Never just one girl. He would want to set up a whole weekend of partying and have ten or 15 girls 24/7.

"Mostly young, college cuties. In an average weekend in Las Vegas he'd probably spend $30,000 or $40,000."

Last month Braun was sentenced to three years' probation for money laundering and transporting a prostitute over state lines.

Rachel Uchitel - the first woman named as an alleged mistress of Woods - has threatened to sue after a TV host joked that she was a "hooker". Her lawyer Gloria Allred is representing another of Woods' alleged mistresses, a woman in her 40s.

Yesterday his lawyers won a High Court injunction banning the UK publication of nude photos or sex tapes featuring him. It came after a woman called a Florida radio station last week claiming to have snaps of him naked.

Woods has been in hiding since crashing his car two weeks ago. But he was thought to be about to surface last night as his staff prepared his luxury yacht at North Palm Beach, Florida.


Santigold and Lupe Fiasco to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro With Jessica Biel

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Back in April, we reported that Lupe Fiasco, Justin Timberlake, and Neptunes associate Kenna were going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in the fall in in an effort to raise awareness for the worldwide water crisis through a program called Summit on the Summit.

Bad news: It didn't happen this fall. Good news: The trek is now set to go down in January. Bad news: Timberlake can't make it anymore. (Via Pop Sugar.) Good news: Santigold and Jessica Biel are now on board.

Can someone please tape this and make a reality show out of it? I hope nobody gets eaten.

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Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet Interview

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you've ever read PopWrap or been within a 300-foot radius of me when confronted with a clown, you know that I'm not a fan. So it says a lot that I not only watched all of "Modern Family's" clown-centric episode, but laughed my unpainted face off.

It's a true testament not only to my adoration of the show, but also to the tremendous talents of Eric Stonestreet (who plays clown-loving Cameron) that I wanted to watch despite my trembling soul. Tonight "MF" returns with a (thankfully) red nose-free episode that focuses on Christmas spirit (this is from yesterday), something Cam will undoubtedly have shooting from his fingertips.

I recently chatted with Eric about (shudder) clowns before quickly changing the subject to the pressures of playing gay, what it means to be a part of this "Modern Family" and who his on-screen dream mother is.

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Queen Francoise

"The Wolfman" news

'The Wolfman' gets R-rating from MPAA

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Universal Pictures has announced that their movie "The Wolfman" has got an R-rating from Motion Picture Association of America. The movie, which is going to be released around the Valentine's Day in 2010, is rated R for "bloody horror, violence and gore."

Despite the negative financial consequences that can go along with it, the studio seems happy with the R-rating. This is possible considering the fact that the latest news is not as bad as several problems happened to the film along the way, like delays, reshoots, composers Danny Elfman's leave, and editing changes.

A remake of the 1941 classic of the same name, "The Wolfman" is following Talbot who is lured back to his family estate after his brother vanishes. He finds out that a nightmarish beast has been terrorizing the town but while investigating, Talbot discovers a horrifying destiny for himself.

Benicio Del Toro plays the major character, Lawrence Talbot, while Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt star as Talbot's father and love interest respectively. Originally slated for 2009 movie, "The Wolfman" is scheduled to be released in the U.S. on February 10, 2010.

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source: 1 2 3
idc if it's cheesy as fuck. i just want to watch these two get it on:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
1D - Niall the hipster

she's the one they made me talk to when they found out I was keeping that bird in my locker

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

'Glee': Source says there are plans to release original content during hiatus

I know these last few days since the Glee fall finale have been tough, fellow Gleeks. Personally, I watched the “My Life Would Suck Without You” performance about six times, not wanting to let the show end. Glee is not scheduled to return with new episodes until April 13 (the cast and crew will begin shooting the back nine episodes in early January) but EW does have some info that will hopefully help you handle your withdrawal: sources close to the show say that there are plans to release original content during the hiatus (similar to how clips and music were released this past summer between the May preview and the season premiere) and that an episode marathon is being discussed prior to the series returning. While nothing is official yet, Gleeks, your best bet is to check out the series twitter and Facebook pages for updates.

Meanwhile, Fox says it’s not concerned about Glee’s four-month long hiatus. “If I were ABC, I would be concerned about FlashForward because those shows are ending in a downward cycle—Glee’s ending in an upward cycle,” says Preston Beckman, Fox’s EVP of Strategic Program Planning and Research. “The best news of all is that when it returns it’s gonna be sitting behind American Idol. So it’s not like we’re putting it in a time period where it’s gonna have to fight.”


Ebert Reviews James Cameron's 'Avatar'

Watching "Avatar," I felt sort of the same as when I saw "Star Wars" in 1977. That was another movie I walked into with uncertain expectations. James Cameron's film has been the subject of relentlessly dubious advance buzz, just as his "Titanic" was. Once again, he has silenced the doubters by simply delivering an extraordinary film. There is still at least one man in Hollywood who knows how to spend $250 million, or was it $300 million, wisely.

"Avatar" is not simply a sensational entertainment, although it is that. It's a technical breakthrough. It has a flat-out Green and anti-war message. It is predestined to launch a cult. It contains such visual detailing that it would reward repeating viewings. It invents a new language, Na'vi, as "Lord of the Rings" did, although mercifully I doubt this one can be spoken by humans, even teenage humans. It creates new movie stars. It is an Event, one of those films you feel you must see to keep up with the conversation.

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all you premature haters can be quiet now...

TV-Themed Holiday Gift Guide 2009

For the TV addict, there is no better present than the next episode of our favorite show. But a close second would be opening a holiday gift box containing swag that offers hours of pleasure outside the television set.

Luckily, there are a whole lot of choices for every kind of television fan. Here are some great finds:

Fang-tastic Beverage

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On True Blood, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) keeps Fanta on hand for his human guests. But he might consider ordering the human version of Tru Blood from the HBO website as well. Served in the same bottles featured on the show, this drink is actually blood orange, carbonated soda.
$16 for a four-pack.

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Katie visiting Tom on set with Suri and Isabella

Getting quite the cheering section, Katie Holmes took Suri and Isabella to visit Tom Cruise on the "Knight and Day" set in Sevilla, Spain on Friday (December 11).
The happy family found the perfect perch to watch the "Top Gun" stud run through a few stunt scenes on a motorcycle, after which he walked over to spend a little off-time with his three lovely ladies.

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you go ro coco

Rene Charles Got His Hair Did Y'all....


I know most of you fools up on here bitched every single time a picture of this kid was posted about how ridiculous his hair was so this post is for you. Even though I see absolutely nothing wrong with boys having long hair...

Since apparently some of you people have no idea what the offspring of the great singer alive looks like here's who his mother is...

Unbrella - PoTC

Zachary Quinto and Noah Walking Post!

I’m trying to decide who is the cutest thing in the photo, Zachary Quinto or his best buddy Noah? I was so worried there would be a lack of Quinto in my life over the holidays now that Heroes is on hiatus. But thank GOD for Noah!! He does have to go on walks after all.
The duo strolled through Los Felices, California with an unidentified female companion. Over on they questioned if the girl in the background was his girlfriend. Lol!

Zach is set to be a special presenter at Spike TV’s 2009 Video Game Awards being held on December 12th in Los Angeles. His former co-star Kristen Bell is also set to make an appearance tomorrow.

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New Southland Promo‏ from TNT

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: TNT's New 'Southland' Promo!

TNT's saturation promotion of "Southland" has begun-- and the man in black is playing a key role.

During the past week, the cable network has started airing a striking 60-second spot touting the return of the John Wells drama cancelled by NBC. The background music, appropriate for such a dark show: Johnny Cash's haunting "God's Gonna Cut You Down."

TNT aired the "Southland" promo several times during the highly-rated premiere of "Men of A Certain Age" and has been airing it frequently on the network. The series bows with a commercial-free presentation of its pilot on Jan. 12.

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Nick Hogan Says John Graziano "Wanted To Kill Homos"

There was a jaw-dropping surprise on Thursday as Nick Hogan testified in a lawsuit stemming from his 2007 car crash that left a pal badly injured, is reporting exclusively.

While giving a deposition, Hogan was probed by lawyers for the plaintiffs about dysfunction and “issues” in the Graziano family. Nick had told the lawyers that there was violence in the Graziano family and the Hogans talked about having his pal John Graziano move in with them.

When a lawyer asked about what type of issues John had Nick told them that John had hatred for some people, a source close to the situation told exclusively.

The lawyer kept probing and asked what type of people. Nick responded: “Homos. He wanted to kill homos.”

The room grew silent and one lawyer put his head in his hands, the source told

Graziano is a veteran of the Iraqi war and his father Edward sued the Hogans after the 2007 car crash. Edward was arrested on charges of trying to kill his wife and recently had his home foreclosed on.


iCarly Season 3 Promo Pics + Highest Ratings EVAR (no European FunGuys included)

NEW YORK, NY—Nickelodeon's "iCarly" — the number-one show on all TV with kids 2-11 year to date—is this week's basic cable champ as the Saturday prime-time special ("iQuit iCarly," December 5, 8-9 p.m. ET/PT) topped all kid and tween demos (K2-11, K6-11 and T9-14).

"iCarly" set a new record as "iQuit iCarly" scored its series' best-ever performance among kids 2-11, 6-11, tweens 9-14 and total viewers.

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In 5...4...3...2...1

Sorry guys, no Gibby.

Trio Trio

Squints doing her thang ! Edition 2

Hitting the stage for another performance, Taylor Swift rocked out at Z100’s Jingle Ball 2009 at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday night (December 11).

The country darling dazzled the packed house, joining a lineup including John Mayer, Miranda Cosgrove, Justin Bieber and Adam Lambert.

In related news, Miss Swift recently chatted with ABC News about her ultra-successful year and the growth that has accompanied her good fortunes.

She tells, “I do a lot of reflecting. I’ll be driving down the streets I used to drive down in Nashville and my song will come on the radio or I’ll pass my high school and something will remind me of how my life was before all of these crazy dreams started coming true. We wished for this, my parents and I, every single day without actually believing it would come true.”

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