November 27th, 2009


Whitney Port: Voyeur Vixen

Enjoying a night out on the town, Whitney Port was in the clubbing spirit as she stepped out in West Hollywood on Wednesday (November 25).

The MTV reality cutie headed on over to Voyeur, partying with the likes of Samantha Ronson at the popular Los Angeles nightspot.

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Miss Port happens to be among the many celebs dishing out their “Thankful” lists during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

She tells on her Web site: “Hi everyone. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to make a list of the top 10 things I’m thankful for this year!!!"
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Zac Efron at LAX (Nov 25)

Zac Efron tugs on his black bag as he arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (November 25).

The 22-year-old actor, wearing a Bruce Lee tee, just returned from premiering his new flick, Me & Orson Welles in New York City.

Zac even got flustered at the premiere by another Zac — Posen. He shared with the NY Daily News, “Wait … is that Zac Posen? Wow. Amber Rose is here? I just can’t believe she’s here.”

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Film - The Shining

And now here's something we hope you'll really like: Rocky and Bullwinkle turns 50

Fifty years ago, Jay Ward's animated moose and squirrel duo, "Rocky & Bullwinkle," debuted on ABC, forever changing the way the world looked at animated television.

His daughter, Tiffany Ward, continues her father's legacy as executive producer of the feature films "The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Dudley Do-Right" and "George of the Jungle," and Cartoon Network's (sister channel to CNN) new "George of the Jungle" animated TV series.

"My dad was a true eccentric," Ward said. "His studio was a wonderland for me. It had a soda fountain, ice cream sundaes, a snow cone machine, a popcorn maker and candy bars everywhere."

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This show OWNED my childhood. I even have S1 on DVD. ♥ Any other fans here, ONTD?

Jon and Kate News (Seperate News)

Hailey Glassman Tells World Jon Gosselin Lied, Calls Him Ridiculous
He Tweeted that he was going to his "grandma's" for Thanksgiving but his girlfriend Hailey Glassman says he lied.
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"LOL-U are in Utah snowboarding w/"friends"-lol-ur redic," Hailey shot back.

So what is going on with these two, anyway? Are they on a "break," as Jon likes to say, or is it something far more permanent.

At least we know where Kate Gosselin really is -- at her home, with her kids, and best friends, the Steve Neild family.

NEW PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Spends Thanksgiving With Bodyguard Steve Neild & His Family

Kate Gosselin spent Thanksgiving with her eight children, plus bodyguard/best friend Steve Neild, his wife Ginaand their kids.
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This is Kate's first Thanksgiving in a decade without soon-to-be-ex husband Jon, and she's estranged from her brother Kevin Kreider who reconciled with Jon last month -- follow that? -- so who better to share turkey with than the Neilds? The festive dinner took place at the Gosselin's Wernersville, PA home.

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Reggie and Anna's Tea Party for St. Jude's

Kim Kardashian blogs:
You might remember Reggie shot a PSA for St Jude's Children's Hospital with this adorable and brave little girl called Anna. This video really touched me and I think today especially we should all really think about what we are thankful for and let those around us know how much we love them, and how thankful we are to have them in our lives.

Thanks to all the wonderful people at St Jude's who do such an amazing job caring for so many kids. I'm thinking of you this Thanksgiving, Anna!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

New York City Ballet Season Opening

Who were they wearing Fashion Edition
commentary from: Source

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Natalie Portman arrived at the New York City Ballet opening night gala this week wearing a Vena Cava Spring 2010 navy and white printed dress.

I would’ve thought going to a ballet required a look more regal and elegant.
This look could just as easily have been worn to run errands in.

I love the dress, but not for this occasion.

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Sandra Bullock's Chola Makeover

Baby Smiley continued her mission of turning all of us into chola beauties by taking her Sharpie to Sandra Bullock's eyebrows on Lopez Tonight last night. Sandra agreed to the chola makeover, because she said she wanted to become "more Latin." I was waiting for my abuelita's chankla to hit her and George Lopez in the mouth after that was said.

When Sandra came out as "La Nalgona," an oldies song didn't play in my head and I didn't flinch like a hot razor was about to slice my cheek open. You know, Sandra's canvas just doesn't have what it takes to pull off the chola look. Sandra looked more like a deflated Michaela Romanini.

And if you can't look like a chola who can give a ten-week hickey in five seconds, then you might as well look like Michaela Romanini. So Sandra should keep up the makeover.

Below is a clip of Sandra's transformation from a plate of boiled watercress to the homegirl version of Michaela Romanini.

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Courteney Cox Returning to Cougar Town Set


Cougar Town is getting back its Realtor.

The ABC show, which stopped filming briefly last week so star Courteney Cox could attend to a "family matter," resumes production Nov. 30 following an already-planned weeklong break for Thanksgiving, the network says.

The nature of the family issue wasn't disclosed. But Cox's reps confirm to PEOPLE the actress and her family are fine and that she'll be returning to work following the Thanksgiving hiatus.
Cox's costar Busy Phillips wrote in a Twitter message Monday that Cougar Town was "only down one day" and that "we're back shooting after Thanksgiving. I'll pass along the love to CC."

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J.J. Abrams to produce "Samurai Jack" film

STAR TREK director J.J. Abrams will be joining former Hanna-Barbera president Fred Seibert to produce a feature film version of the hit Cartoon Network animated series SAMURAI JACK. The $20 million film will use a combination of traditional cell animation and stereoscopic 3-D.

Seibert revealed the news on his blog while explaining how his company Frederator Films came to acquire rights to the series as their first film project.

SAMURAI JACK is the creation of Genndy Tartakovsky, whose other animated projects include DEXTER’S LABORATORY, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS and STAR WARS: CLONE WARS.

The series centers on the title character (voiced by Phil LaMarr), a Japanese samurai on a quest to defeat an evil shape-shifting wizard named Aku (voiced by Mako). He is transported far into the future at the beginning of the series and discovers that Aku is now the supreme ruler of all. Jack battles Aku’s minions while attempting to discover a way to return to his own time in order to stop Aku from taking over the world.

The series originally aired from 2001 through 2004. It was widely praised by critics and viewers, in part for possessing a strong cinematic visual style that successfully drew inspiration from a variety of film genres including Spaghetti Westerns, kung fu, chambara, and sci-fi.


Helllll yeaahhhh

Polanski Heading To Luxury Ski Resort

Roman Polanski is set to spend his house arrest at a luxury Swiss ski resort, with officials insisting his imminent release from jail will be handled quickly and discreetly.

The shamed filmmaker has been in prison in Switzerland since his arrest in September on an international warrant relating to a 1977 charge of unlawful sex with an under-age girl. Polanski pleaded guilty to the crime but fled the U.S. in 1978 before he could be sentenced.

The director was finally granted bail on Wednesday, after his three previous bids for freedom were rejected, and he is now being prepared for release after Swiss officials waived their right to appeal the decision.

Polanski's sister-in-law, Mathilde Seigner, admits she is delighted the star will soon be free, telling French newspaper Le Parisien, "I am very happy and relieved. We're going to drink a nice glass of champagne and toast together."

Authorities in the country have refused to announce when the 76 year old will be released, but a statement from the Swiss justice department on Thursday reveals preparations are underway. The statement reads, "Polanski will be released from custody as soon as bail has been transferred, ID and travel documents have been lodged, and the electronic monitoring system has been installed and tested."

While Ministry spokesman Folco Galli tells the Associated Press the release will be handled quietly, "We don't want to show him off like an exotic animal."

Polanski will reportedly be transferred to his luxury ski chalet in the resort of Gstaad, where he will remain under house arrest until the Swiss government decides whether to allow an extradition request which will see him sent back to the U.S. to receive his punishment.

Source: IMDB


People's Top Celeb OOPS of 2009!



At the MTV VMAs, Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift's best female video acceptance speech to announce that Beyoncé should have won. The backlash starts instantly: Everyone from Kelly Clarkson to President Obama, who calls the singer a "jackass," chastises West for his bad behavior.

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SORRY, No Top Celeb Quotes of the Week provided by People. Looks like they took vacation! I can't believe that they're already compiliing "Best-Of" Lists...

Happy Friday ONTD!
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Daul Kim’s company reveals suicide as cause of death

update of this post

The company of late top model Daul Kim speaks up officially about her death.

Kim SoYeon, representative of Esteem Model, said on 24th November, “Kim Daul has hung herself at her home in France Paris on 19th November.”

“Her body was found at local time 9.30am on 19th November, we cannot confirm the time of death. A memorial will be held for her on 23rd November by family and friends.”

And about the reasons for Daul Kim’s suicide, the representative said, “This girl has started out modelling at a very young age, and she felt the intense anxiety and uneasiness about the rest of her life. In addition, she was not able to live the normal life like any girls at her age. We suspect that she had felt confused and lost, after experiencing the difference in anticipation before and after she has reached the top of her career.”

“The reason why we did not come out to announce her death officially is that we do not want to further cause hurt to her soul.”

Source + YouTube Source

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Here's The Series 2 Trailer Screened At The 'Inside The World Of Merlin' Event. This was attended by the entire cast and this trailer has some very interesting but also very spoiler heavy scenes for those of us who have not seen season two yet or have not been able to see it by other means necessary.

Since it is indeed spoiler filled and likely to cause massive fandom speculation ( also thought I caught a glimpse of the Dragon Slayer in this one as well who reminds me of a certain main star in this show ) I will post it under the cut.


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Tiger Woods BOOED At Stanford (VIDEO)

Tiger Woods received an unexpected wave of boos at Stanford on Saturday. Woods, who was an honorary captain at Saturday's Big Game between Stanford and Cal, delivered a quick halftime speech to mark his induction into the Stanford Athletics Hall of Fame. During the talk, however, a group of Cal fans let loose a series of boos, surprising the golfing great. Things didn't go much better the rest of the game, as Cal upset then-No. 14 Stanford, 34-28.


Robbie Williams proposes to lover on Sydney radio

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IN news that will break hearts all over the world, Robbie Williams could officially be off the market for good after proposing to his model lover on Sydney radio today.

During a chat with Kyle and Jackie O, Robbie talks about the most romantic things he's ever done, and then he topped it all by pulling out a ring and proposing to his long term girlfriend Ayda Field who was next to him in the interview.

He started off by saying "is there anyone you want to get married to? Ayda Field I love you so much....".

Ayda and Robbie met after friends set them up on a blind date, but it turns out that he didn't like the actress that much for the first twenty minutes when they met. "She came to the house and I thought, I've got to get her out!" but then they fell in love on the sofa instead!

Robbie also talks about spending time his ex-bandmates "There's a lot of love there...I've always wanted to be in a band ever since I left Take That...I fancy a bit of that myself." So, could his latest solo stuff be the last we hear for a while? We hope not, but we would love to see those boy band dance moves again!


CNN interviews James Cameron about Avatar


+talks about the pressure of the movie's release
+how the actors stunts, expressions and everything else transfer exactly from
real life to the aliens
+inspiration for pandora- scuba diving
+talks about how some filmmakers need to prove a point/ be preachy and he just wants to entertain
+"everyone has an imagination, everyone likes beauty and action"
+is relieved at all the doubters of the movie and the 'blue people'
+watching the movie is like stepping into an alternate reality
+essentially the movie is about a man looking for his place in the world

-don't even bother commenting "wah the cgi sucks this movie will fail' etc if you don't even bother to watch the clip. go whine somewhere else!


Past Mistress Camilla Condemns Beyonce and GaGa for Loss of Values in Youths
The Duchess of Cornwall yesterday spoke for the first time about the way youngsters are sexualised by explicit rap videos. Camilla was taking part in a discussion with victims of sexual violence during a visit to a rape crisis centre when the topic turned to how music videos affect teenagers today.

She told an audience of women that children thought they could get away with things because teachers failed to punish them. Referring to the images children are exposed to, the Duchess said: 'A lot of those videos are terrifying. I am sure they trigger a response in some of the young people. I can never understand how they can get away with making those things.'

The Duchess has until now avoided speaking in public on social issues. Her stance has been in marked contrast to Charles' first wife, Diana, Princess of Wales, who was renowned for the way in which she tackled controversial issues.

Yesterday the Duchess made clear her concern that youngsters are already becoming immune to such images of sex and violence. She said schools needed to become involved in teaching both male and female schoolchildren 'the value of respect for each other'. During the discussions, the subject turned to a controversial video by pop singer Beyonce, who is particularly popular with young girls.

In the promotion for the single Video Phone, which also features the outlandish singer Lady Gaga, Beyonce provocatively dances in a series of increasingly skimpy outfits and holds a toy gun to the head of a bare-chested man who is hooded.

'It has happened too quickly, values have changed so much,' the Duchess said. 'I suppose it's peer pressure, that's the problem. You don't want to look the odd one out. But it takes a strong person to show that they don't approve, especially at that age. It's a breakdown of discipline. There doesn't seem to be any punishment for such behaviour. The teachers are too kind.'

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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Propofol Still An Option

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Dr. Conrad Murray has absolutely no restrictions on his ability to administer Propofol -- the drug that killed Michael Jackson.

We did some checking ... Dr. Murray still has full privileges to practice and operate at Doctors Hospital Tidwell in Houston. We're told Propofol is available for Murray's use.

As for ordering the drug ... no problemo. Dr. Murray can, if he chooses, get bottles of Propofol without special limitations.

As we previously reported, Dr. Murray -- who is seeing patients again -- is being investigated by the DEA and the LAPD in connection with Michael Jackson's death. The Texas Medical Board is also taking a look at the good doc.


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Remember Rock Star: Supernova?

Singer Dilana rocks new album and movie

It's funny that rocker Dilana is not a fan of "American Idol."

The 37-year-old singer [who prefers to go by her first name] who herself participated on a musical competition reality show, admits that she has never liked Idol nor is she a fan of the song choices available to the contestants.

But she is nevertheless connected to the popular Fox show.

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Victoria Justice talks about her new show

Victoria Justice takes a break on the set of filming the first Victorious music video to chat with Access Hollywood about her new series.

The 16-year-old shared about the show, “It’s basically about this girl, Tori, who gets thrown into this crazy world of performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts and there, she finds out about her new talents — singing, dancing and acting — and she gets to meet all these crazy kids who go to the school. It’s about expressing yourself and not being afraid of who you are.”

When asked about the striking similarities between her and starlet Nina Dobrev came up, Vic shared, “I know what you’re going to say — I look like Nina Dobrev. I get that all the time. There’s a poster up here for Vampire Diaries and people come up to me and say, ‘Congrats on the poster, Victoria.’ I’m like, ‘What? That’s not me!’ I think you’re beautiful Nina, so it’s a compliment to me. It was funny because she actually came up to me at the Scream Awards and she said that people always tell her that she looks like me too. We bonded over that.”

Victorious premieres on Nickelodeon in early 2010.
I love how peppy she is.

Glee: Kurt *OH!*

The Mighty Boosh's Noel Fielding says that 'Kids are frightened of me'

“Kids are immediately frightened of me, then get obsessed,” Fielding says.

Would Fielding like to become a father himself — odd as it is to imagine his silver spandex-clad, platform-booted, rarely-up-before-lunch self pushing a buggy?

“I love kids. I would like kids at some point. But apparently you need a girlfriend for that.”

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A-Seyfried >> WinkWinkNudgeNudge

Attend a Special 'Dear John' Premiere Benefiting Carolina Autism

Although Channing Tatum's highly-anticipated romantic drama 'Dear John' will have a traditional premiere in Los Angeles prior to it's February 5th release next year, Sony has graciously allowed Charleston-based Carolina Autism to hold a special premiere benefiting the organization, and the cool part is that fans will be able to attend.

Carolina Autism is a charitable agency that treats children with autism for free, and they also worked on the set of 'Dear John'. Because of the current economic conditions and the high unemployment rate in South Carolina, many families are unable to get treatment for their children with autism. The makers of 'Dear John' generously offered to have this premiere in Charleston for the benefit of those children through Carolina Autism's "Push for Kids" program.

All the money raised during the charity event will go to help children from around the state of South Carolina like Braeden (a very talented and autistic child who stars in the movie with Chan) to get the treatment they need.

Sony Pictures is working to make sure that Chan, his co-star Amanda Seyfried, and the rest of the film's stars are able to attend the event that will be held on Sunday, January 24, 2010, and Carolina Autism told me that "Dear John" author Nicholas Sparks is going to also try to be there, as well as the director Lasse Hallström.

The movie will be shown at the Hippodrome Theater on the Charleston waterfront, and the after-party will be held in the adjacent South Carolina Aquarium where movie goers will be exclusive guests in an after hours wonderland.

Tickets can be purchased online with no administration or processing fees, so every dollar goes to treat children with autism. Fans can learn more and purchase tickets at

Source + Source

I'm so tempted to buy a ticket and just road trip over there but I'm also so ridiculously broke. fml. :'(
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Pop Quiz: David Archuleta

David Archuleta, the doe-eyed runner-up from the seventh season of "American Idol," appears Monday at the Warfield in support of his new album, "Christmas From the Heart." The 18-year-old singer's second release this year features his golden-voiced takes on a handful of seasonal standards such as "The First Noel" and "O Holy Night," as well as a new song called "Melodies of Christmas." He called us last week from his family's home in Murray, Utah, to talk about his career so far, holiday plans and dream about Bob Dylan.

Q: Are you already over this whole Christmas thing?

A: Christmas isn't here yet.

Q: I know, but you've had to think about it since October when the album came out.

A: Oh, yeah. I've actually been celebrating Christmas since the summer because we had to start recording in July. But it's been good. It's helped me really think about what Christmas is all about.

Q: Was it hard to go in the studio and sing "O Holy Night" while you were wearing flip-flops and shorts?

A: It was interesting, to be sure. In some studios we had the Christmas lights up just to get in the mood.

Q: What's the one Christmas album your family listened to every year?

A: My mom was a big fan of Celine Dion, so that's probably the biggest. She's such an amazing singer. There's so much power in her songs and her voice. She's a big part of my Christmas memories.

Q: Your album came out the same day as Bob Dylan's "Christmas in the Heart." Do you think any of your fans accidentally picked up his album and wondered what happened to your voice?

A: I know, they almost have the exact same title, which is pretty funny. I hope not. Bob Dylan was actually in my dream last night.

Q: What was Dylan doing in your dream?

A: I think he was singing Christmas songs. I don't really remember my dream. It was snowing and his Christmas music was going on. I don't know why. I guess he was on the back of my mind yesterday. I should Tweet about that.

Q: This is your second album this year, also your second tour, and you're in the studio working on your next album. Why so fast?

A: It's going fast, but that's how you grow. It pushes you out of the comfort zone and what you thought you could do. You don't think you can do it, but you get through it and you realize it's all part of the growing process. Sometimes the business can get tough, but you have to be willing to handle it and take that challenge. It reminds you that it's always worth it in the end.

Q: What's the one thing you want for Christmas?

A: I don't really want anything. Just to be home and not worry about anything. As long as I get a few days to just relax and not have to do something, I'll be happy.



Wednesday isn't Lostday anymore, but could it now be Psychday?

The latest info from USA Network paints an interesting schedule where USA Network apparently looks to compete with The Jay Leno Show with scripted programming as often as possible by having White Collar, Burn Notice and Psych all air at 10pm on different nights, with White Collar on Tuesdays (beginning January 19), Psych on Wednesdays (beginning January 27) and Burn Notice on Thursdays (beginning January 21).


Earlier in the month The Futon Critic reported that its sources had confirmed that White Collar would be paired with Burn Notice on Thursdays. I posted The Futon Critic’s version. The Futon Critic apparently heard directly from USA Network PR that what it was reporting hadn’t been confirmed, but TFC stuck with its sources.

I heard from the folks who run Internet outreach for USA Network. They’re very nice folks, and the ones who supply all the awesome prizes for our “guess the ratings” contests featuring USA Network shows that the info was wrong and should be pulled down from our site.

I protested that I was only carrying the TFC info. He protested back that the info was wrong. I was stubborn. Now it looks like I shouldn’t have been so stubborn!

The Futon Critic is not exactly saying “Oops!”, but they are at least linking to advanced listings from USA Network that paint a different schedule than TFC originally reported earlier. Of course those advanced listings are subject to change and there is almost two months between now and then.

Though I can see the benefits of trying to couple White Collar with Burn Notice (to the benefit of improved exposure for White Collar), I also like Burn Notices chances at 10pm on Thursdays better than 9pm during the regular broadcast television season. I think the bumping Burn Notice to 9pm and pairing it with something else at 10pm (as it did with Royal Pains) makes more sense in the summer.

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John Mayer now rumored to be dating Rashida Jones

I’ve been hearing rumors about this alleged hookup for about a month now, but never anything solid. Allegedly, John Mayer is only having affairs with Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston in the tabloids - in reality, he might be quietly dating Rashida Jones. Rashida, daughter of Quincy Jones and ex-girlfriend of John Krasinski, actually seems like a half-decent match for Mayer, in my opinion. She’s a television actress, she’s cute, she’s family with the music industry, and she seems to have a thing for goofy white boys. I mean that in a good way, seriously. I also think Rashida is less likely to use any romantic relationship to get press or a career boost, which must be a new thing for Mayer. Anyway, Page Six is reporting that Rashida is “staying mum” on her relationship for now. Good for her:

Rashida Jones is staying mum on her rumored relationship with John Mayer. At the other night’s charity event for Peace Games at the Limited’s pop-up store in SoHo, the “Parks and Recreations” star deflected questions about the singer, with whom she’s been spotted around town since the end of October, and said she’d only talk about the charity. Jones did mention that she’d be staying in town for Thanksgiving and going shopping on Black Friday for the first time.

[From Page Six]

The last thing I heard about Rashida was that she was quietly dating Jon Favreau, President Obama’s chief speechwriter. But I think that relationship probably ended, likely because of the whole bicoastal thing. The Huffington Post even reported that Favreau went solo to this week’s state dinner. Hm… state dinners with a speechwriter or O-faces with Mayer? I know what I would choose.

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Roger Avary: How Twitter ruined my DUI vacation

Roger Avary, the screenwriter who shares the Oscar with Quentin Tarantino for "Pulp Fiction" and who wrote "Beowulf" and directed "Killing Zoe", was busted by the LA Times for pretending to tweet from jail. He killed a friend, Andreas Zini, and injured his own wife, Gretchen, last January while driving drunk. Avary pleaded guilty to manslaughter. His wife recovered from her injuries. Avary was given a sentence of one year and five months and then was allowed to serve that sentence in a work furlough program. He was serving his sentence in a converted Air Force hangar while tweeting about his horrifying experiences. During the day Avary was allowed to leave the hangar to "work" and would return to furlough facility for nights and weekends. Mark Milian from the LA Times became suspicious about how this was actually happening.

His tweets, forwarded by Neil Gaiman and Roger Ebert as gritty slices of life of an artist in prison, seemed to show a grim picture of repression of the inside of a jailhouse. The trouble is that he actually wasn't in jail until very recently. The LA Times revealed the truth about the work furlough program and Avary has been "rolled up" (transferred from work furlough to the Ventura County Jail) as of yesterday. The police will not comment as to why this was done specifically, but it isn't hard to suppose that it has something to do with Twitter. His last tweet was a whining note about him being punished for exercising his 1st Amendment rights. In those tweets he refers to himself as #34.

#34 is "rolled up" to a higher security facility for exercising his first amendment rights. The truth he has discovered is too dangerous

SOURCE Guardian Background, Artist in Prison

SOURCE LAT tweeting from jail?

SOURCE LAT Guess not!

SOURCE AVARY twitter page

UPDATE: Roger Ebert @ebertchicago linked this post on twitter and yes, he used OMG in his tweet.

ebertchicago twitter status

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

@AVARY's tweets are now private

Top 10 Movie Flops of the Decade

Step into a list of actors getting Oscar-winning salaries for sub-TNT Afternoon Movie productions!
Oddly enough, Nicholas Cage does not get a single mention. You escaped this time, buddy.

* Release date: December 25, 2008
* Estimated cost: $60 million
* Domestic gross: $19.8 million

Frank Miller, the man who created the comics "300" and "Sin City," and who redefined Batman and Daredevil for the modern age, directed this adaptation of Will Eisner's comic-strip hero. Starring Samuel L. Jackson and a bevy of beauties, it may have looked good on the page. But onscreen, the heavily stylized, nearly black-and-white results were disastrous. The expensive movie was killed by comic fans, who wanted Miller to go back to comics, and critics, who trashed the movie's over-the-top tones and aesthetics. Consequently, the partners at the company behind the production, Odd Lot Entertainment, parted ways after 23 years together. It even killed plans for a Miller-directed version of "Buck Rogers."

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Yoga Diet for Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams needed to do lots of yoga to fit into her 'Sherlock Holmes' outfit.

The actress had to wear a lot of tight-fitting corsets for her role as Irene Adler in Guy Ritchie's new movie about the British fictional detective and admits it was a struggle to get them on.

She says, "I wasn't allowed to take that corset off! I had to rely on yoga exercises! Don't get me wrong, I'm such a girly girl, I was in heaven being dressed in these incredible costumes. But it was like something out of 'Gone With The Wind'. I'm holding onto the trailer door trying to eek out just a little bit of space so that I can speak properly. Each morning, they tried to make me laugh and on the laugh they'd yank - that's how they managed to squeeze me in every day."

Rachel also joked she was so desperate to be in the film, she had to beg Guy for her part. "I hunted Guy down and camped on his doorstep until he relented! OK, no, we had a chat in a garden and it went from there... Fortunately, it worked out for me."


"Louboutins" single cover

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Check out Jennifer Lopez looking sexy in a lace jumpsuit for the single artwork for her latest single, “Louboutins.” And of course, J.Lo is wearing Christian Louboutin heels!!!

“If the females get behind [the song] and they really get into the lyrics of what she’s saying and the metaphor, I think it could be a really, really big hit for her,” producer Tricky Stewart tells Vibe. “Anytime you work with an artist whose platform is so high and she’s gonna get exposure, we’re just hoping there’s a connection with those lyrics coming from her.”


judge me ontd, i kinda like the song now. shit is super catchy
mabel 2

Lupe Fiasco Samples Radiohead's "The National Anthem" on New Mixtape

Back in 2007, Kanye West dropped his Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape, featuring Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell, aka CRS, on a mashup between the three rappers and the title track off Thom Yorke’s solo album, The Eraser. The mixture of styles/genres on that song, “Us Placers,” worked out brilliantly, but Fiasco is back for some more samples from Yorke and company and this one doesn’t work quite as well.

Fiasco released his first in a series of upcoming mixtapes yesterday entitled Enemy Of The State: A Love Story, in which he spits brand new rhymes over tracks by the likes of Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Clipse, Slaughterhouse, Timbaland, and Radiohead. I’m not sure what it is about Fiasco’s freestyling over Radiohead’s epic Kid A track “The National Anthem” that I’m not feeling, but I’ll let you be the judge:

Download the full mixtape here (via 2dopeboyz) or grab just “The National Anthem” here.

I DO NOT LIKE THIS. It's kind of sloppy.
Also, those links up there were provided by the source, an official music news website (so it's legal, I assume.)

ETA: If you don't want to download anything, you can listen to the track on youtube. Thanks for the link, atoned :)
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Snoop Dogg Wants to Be the Next Oprah


Oprah isn't planning on retiring until 2011 but celebrities are coming out of the woodwork ready to fill shoes that can possibly never be filled.

The front runner to fill in Oprah's slot so far is Ellen Degeneres, but other stars like Paula Abdul, Tyra and even Elisabeth Hasselbeck are in talks to replace the queen of talk shows.

But one star that thinks he can do a better job than all of those gals is rapper Snoop Dogg. He claims he is the ideal candidate to take over Oprah.

He said: “I’m trying to proposition the networks right now. If you’re wanting a nice, black, exciting young male who wants to turn the TV world right up – get at me.

“I heard Oprah Winfrey is leaving and there’s nobody who can do what Oprah did but, ahem – hello! Hello!”

Snoop would also make his talk show a family affair. He added: “I can bring my wife on so we can have the women and the men on there discussing things.”

Snoop as a talk show host? Maybe he should just stick to his day job. Who do you think would be the best candidate to replace Oprah?

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Victoria Beckham Having Foot Surgery


Victoria Beckham is rarely photographed without wearing heels. And although she may look great, years of standing tall has finally taken its toll on her.

According to Ok! UK, Victoria is having foot surgery to remove bunions that have grown on her feet as a result of wearing heels all the time.

She has reportedly been advised by specialists to undergo a procedure to ease the painful condition - a deformity of the bone and joint, which affects the big toe.

Victoria has supposedly tried avoiding the procedure by doing exercises and had corrective insoles put into her shoes. The surgery would mean she won’t be able to wear her signature high heels for months.

Just recently Victoria expressed her deep dislike for flats, saying, She said: “I beyond hate ballerina flats. I can't walk in them. Unless they're on a ballet dancer doing ballet, I just don't get it. I love heels. I hate my feet - they are the most disgusting thing about me.”

We think it’s time she said tata to her Louboutin’s for a few months and suck it up!


SyFy's Alice Promo and Stills

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Kathy Bates, Tim Curry, Andrew Lee Potts (YAY PRIMEVAL !), and Caterina Scorsone star in SyFy's television miniseries "Alice".

The miniseries is a reimagining of the classic Lewis Carroll stories Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, with science fiction and additional fantasy elements added.

Alice Hamilton (Caterina Scorsone) is an independent twenty-something who finds herself in Wonderland after the man she loves is kidnapped by the White Rabbit. Alice falls into a New style of Wonderland. However, the Queen is not very happy about Alice’s arrival. In the course of her adventure, Alice enlists the help of an array of characters including the resistance fighter Hatter (Andrew-Lee Potts), resistance leader Dodo (Tim Curry) and the White Knight (Matt Frewer).

The series will be four hours long, split into two parts, and will premiere on Sunday, December 6, 2009.

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Jennifer Aniston Spend Thanksgiving in Morocco

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Jennifer Aniston jetted to Morocco Thursday, joining a slew of other high-wattage celebs, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom, Adrien Brody and Salma Hayek at the lavish gala for the reopening of Marrakesh's famed La Mamounia hotel.

"It's sad to be away from America on Thanksgiving," Aniston, who stopped in London before arriving in Marrakesh, told PEOPLE. "But I actually had my meal last week in L.A. with friends." She added, "I was last here 10 years ago, so I am happy to be back."

As Aniston, who wore a gown by Celine, approached La Mamounia's red carpet, a throng of photographers knocked over a large lamp, giving the actress a bit of a scare. She later joked, "What am I thankful for? After that, I’m happy to be alive!"
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Steven Seagal : Lawman

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Steven Seagal has never sought publicity for his work with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. However, over a span of almost two decades, he has regularly gone out on patrol and worked major cases.

In November 2008, A&E announced that they have begun filming Steven Seagal: Lawman, a reality show that follows his on- and off-duty work in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

Seagal stated that "I’ve decided to work with A&E on this series now because I believe it’s important to show the nation all the positive work being accomplished here in Louisiana—to see the passion and commitment that comes from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in this post-Katrina environment."

The show airs on December 2nd on A&E.

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Robbie Williams Proposal Possibly a Joke

LONDON (Reuters) - British singer Robbie Williams "proposed" to his actress girlfriend, Ayda Field, live on Australian radio on Friday, but his spokesman then said it was a joke.

Adding to the confusion, Williams' mother Jan later told British radio that the 35-year-old star intended to marry Field "in the not-too-distant future."

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Downton - Mary

Cheryl Cole's new music video for "3 Words" feat. Will.I.Am

"Honestly, we were getting a bit sick of Fight For This Love. It's not that we don't like it, but there are only so many times in the space of two months that we can repeatedly hear "fight, fight, fight fight, fight" every time we flick between music channels.
So we're jumping for joy now that Cheryl Cole has brought out a brand new video! 3 Words, featuring Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas, is a bit more mellow than the last track, but undoubtedly it'll be a hit.
The video features Cheryl and Will in a pretty creepy scenario. With masked figures laying on the floor, we see the lady herself just chilling out on a chair, with her big hair extra extra voluminous! But don't expect to keep seeing the same thing from her throughout.

Big hair, peroxide blonde hair, and a short choppy 'do!
Blimey Cheryl, that's a lot of wigs going on. We wonder if the shorter choppy hair is what her locks really look like without all those hair extensions? Hmmm."

The split screen layout is really confusing at times and even though I quite enjoyed it, I still prefer the FFTL video :)

Let the GIF party commence!

What do you think of it ONTD?

For anyone wanting to watch the HD version on YouTube click
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Lady Gaga Says She Prefers Guys In Bed

When it comes to getting down in the bedroom, or wherever it is Lady Gaga decides to get down, she's made it known that she likes the ladies and the gentlemen. But it turns out that maybe she does have a slight preference.

She is quoted by website as saying: “In love there are no rules or boundaries. But I separate love and sex. I just love the male sexuality. Men have something that I miss but that I really appreciate.”

The openly bisexual "Bad Romance" singer has always been adventurous when it comes to sex and showing off her body

Lady G., real name Stefani Germanotta, left her father Joseph Germanotta shocked when he came to see her dance in a gay bar.

“I was a burlesque go-go girl in a gay bar in the Lower East Side of New York," she said. "One evening my father came into the bar because he wanted to see as what I worked there. When he saw me dancing in a leather thong he turned around and went home."

britney outrageous

my two favorite people in one post

Dita Von Tesse meets with fans and signs copies of her latest book “Dita: Stripteese” at Europe’s largest bookshop Waterstone’s Piccadilly on Friday (November 27) in London, England.

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Bitney wears a blonde bob wig in Brisbane on Tuesday night

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I'm so upset that I can't make it to dita's florida book signing. it's on the day of my finals =(

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Cast of the newest installment of “The Real Housewives" crashed the state DINNER

Just when we thought only the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” were full of posers and foolery, “The Real Housewives of D.C.” is off to the same start! At the White House’s first State Dinner last week, two people popped up in the mix–taking pics in front of the media and with extrememly powerful politicians–and they were NOT invited. How’d they get in? Secret Service is still trying to determine. But they are now facing charges because they were not on the guest list nor seated at a table.

The couple in question, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, are actually casted for the newest installment of “The Real Housewives of D.C.” And they decided to CRASH the state dinner like it was some club or some ish. D.C. and the White House is going nuts trying to figure out how some random people got so close tot he President and the Prime Minister of India (the honoree) and the other politicians like Governors, mayors, and VP Biden. The Salahi’s actually posted ALL the pics they took with these politicians at the party on their Facebook page, and that’s how they got caught. Smh.

This is reportedly not the first time this couple has crashed a very high powered and tight security party. It’s also well known that Tareq’s family business 9a winery) has been facing several financial problems. The couple’s friends have even told the media they believe the Salahi’s are embezzling money from their own “charity organizations” they founded just to keep their business afloat. Michaele’s hairdresser says they got a call hours before the event and when they asked homegirl to see the “White House State Dinner” invitation she kept talking about, she refused to show it. Womp. A film crew was also spotted filming the couple getting out of their SUV and walking up to the White House. And Mrs. Salahi had a makeup artist fluff her up before getting out the car.

Unfortunately, Secret Service is placing blame on Desiree Rogers, the White House’s first black Social Secretary. They say it’s the Social Office’s responsibility to guard who’s in and who’s out list-wise. And despite reports saying the couple never got close to President Obama, the Huffington Post just reported today that is untrue. the couple indeed met with Obama at the event. So now this is a major security threat.

While Bravo has not OFFICIALLY confirmed their D.C. cast just yet, it’s pretty well known, their “lawyer and publicist” (yes, they already have one) have put out this statement:

“At this time the Salahis’ will not make any formal comments regarding the rumors and media speculation surrounding the White House State Dinner (Tuesday November 24). Their counsel, Paul W. Gardner Esq. states emphatically that the Salahis’ did not “crash” this event. We look forward to setting the record straight very soon.”
DW: 10: the doctor up

Doctor Who air dates

Air dates and times confirmed for the final two Doctor Who specials:

David Tennant's final two episodes of Doctor Who will air on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, the BBC has confirmed.

Provisional schedules for the Christmas period will see 'The End Of Time, Part One' air from 7.30pm to 8.30pm on BBC One on Christmas Day, sandwiched between episodes of EastEnders.

'The End Of Time, Part Two', in which Tennant's Doctor will regenerate into a new incarnation played by Matt Smith, will air on New Year's Day. The hour-long episode will go out at 7.30pm, again sandwiched between episodes of EastEnders and also ahead of the last ever episode of Gavin & Stacey.


Who else is going to be bawling?


Tiger Woods: Injuries Caused by Wife, Not SUV

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Tiger Woods did not suffer facial lacerations from a car accident. They were inflicted by his wife, Elin Nordegren -- according to a conversation Woods had Friday after the accident.

Tiger has yet to be formally interviewed by the Florida Highway Patrol -- that should happen this afternoon. But we're told Tiger had a conversation Friday -- with a non-law enforcement type -- detailing what went down before his Escalade hit a fire hydrant.

We're told he said his wife had confronted him about reports that he was seeing another woman. The argument got heated and, according to our source, she scratched his face up. We're told it was then Woods beat a hasty retreat for his SUV -- but according to our source, Woods says his wife followed behind with a golf club. As Tiger drove away, she struck the vehicle several times with the club.

Tiger WoodsWe're told Woods became "distracted," thought the vehicle was stopped, and looked to see what had happened. At that point the SUV hit the fire hydrant and then hit a tree.

We're also told Woods had said during the conversation Friday he had been taking prescription pain medication for an injury, which could explain why he seemed somewhat out of it at the scene.

Beatles Legend Paul McCartney Says George Harrison and John Lennon are on Stage With Him

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Paul McCartney has revealed he still feels like a member of The Beatles, almost 40 years after he, George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr split.
Paul McCartney has had a staggeringly successful career as a solo artist and with Wings, but the Beatles - George Harrison, John Lennon, Ringo Starr - are at the forefront of his mind whenever he performs. Macca admits: “I still think I am in The Beatles – it is something you don’t want to lose.
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For the TL;DR Crowd:
-Paul Talks about the Beatles, singing songs for George, John, and Linda
-Watches X-Factor, Liked Jedward
-New album/DVD Good Evening New York City

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Blake Lively Fought For Mature 'The Town' Role


Gossip Girl star Blake Lively had to fight for her role in new Ben Affleck movie The Town - because casting directors were convinced she was too young for the part.

The actress, 22, was turned away when she first expressed interest in playing mother-of-one Krista Coughlin in the upcoming crime drama.

But she refused to give up hope and jumped on a train to Boston, Massachusetts to seek out Affleck, who stars in and directs the film, to audition for him personally.

Her tactics worked - and scriptwriters were forced to rework the screenplay to suit Lively.

She tells Us Weekly magazine, "My part was supposed to be a 37 year old. I was like, 'I have to play this.' And they're like, 'No, you're not 37.'

"I took a train to Boston and auditioned for Ben and fought for the role, and he gave me the job on the spot. They rewrote it so I'm 29."

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Diddy Wants '30 Rock' Guest Spot


Rap mogul Sean 'Diddy' Combs is eager to test his comedy credentials with a cameo role on hit series 30 Rock.

The hip-hop star loves the Tina Fey-created show and has become pals with 30 Rock funnymen Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer.

And he's been lobbying the stars for a guest spot on the program.

McBrayer says, "He is a big fan of 30 Rock and he's like, 'Can I be in the show?' and I was like, 'What if we played best friends?'"

Combs has previously showed off his acting skills with roles in 2008 TV movie A Raisin in the Sun, based on the play by Lorraine Hansberry, and a two-episode stint on TV crime drama CSI: Miami earlier this year.

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Mariah Carey Planning 2010 Pregnancy?


Mariah Carey's New Year's resolution is to start a family with husband Nick Cannon - the superstar singer has hinted they will clear their hectic schedules in 2010 to have children.

The Hero hitmaker married rapper/actor Cannon in the Bahamas last year after a whirlwind romance and she admits they've been making family plans.

But Carey insists they're holding off on having kids until at least the New Year when work commitments and Christmas celebrations are out of the way - because she wants her children to have their parents' full attention.

She tells U.K. talk show This Morning, "We've definitely discussed it (having kids). The only thing is that at this particular moment, it's almost Christmas. He's doing his work and I'm promoting and doing all this stuff. Right now is not the moment. My parents were divorced and it's not like, 'Oh, woe is me!' A lot of people's parents are divorced but I would just like to have a nice, normal life for that moment."

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The Ballad Of 'Black Dynamite' And How A Film Got Lost


In October 2009, a modestly budgeted blaxploitation send-up called "Black Dynamite" launched onto screens and stayed there for about a week. After an opening weekend gross of roughly $131,000, averaging out to about $1000 per screen, the film's distributor quickly pulled it from theaters despite it gaining positive buzz in the press. Thankfully, however, the film's quick stint in theaters will be rectified by an expedited February release on DVD, and its internet buzz is growing stronger despite the studio's complete lack of effort in advertising the film. The story behind the making and release of the hilarious "Black Dynamite" is a harrowing tale of niche appeal falling flat on its face, which, oddly enough, sealed its fate towards becoming a cult classic.

Cecil B. Demented

12 clips from Cracks featuring Eva Green, Juno Temple, Maria Valverde, and Imogen Poots

In an austere and remote all girls boarding school, the most elite clique of girls are the illustrious members of the schools’ diving team. Di, Lily, Poppy, Laurel, Rosie and Fuzzy are the envy of their fellow pupils who watch on as the girls compete for the attention of their glamorous teacher Miss G (Eva Green).

Miss G in turn thrives on the attention she receives from her girls and believes it is her role to teach them the ways of the world. As Team Captain, Di is closest of all the girls to Miss G but her position is challenged when a beautiful Spanish girl, Fiamma, arrives at the school and joins the diving team.

Di pulls rank as team captain and lays down the rules in an attempt to assert her position but Miss G is spellbound by Fiamma’s beauty and maturity and becomes obsessed with her new favourite girl…

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Gerard Butler and his bloody eyeball go out in London

Gerard Butler enjoys a night out at London’s Groucho Club on Thursday (November 26).
The 40-year-old Scottish actor, who is town to promote Law Abiding Citizen, says he’s not entirely comfortable with his reputation as a womanizer.
Gerry said, “I think it does do your reputation harm if this is happening every week. It gets to the stage when you want to go, ‘Don’t come near because then we’ll be having a thing! Stay over there and we maybe can shout to each other’.”
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According to The Daily Fail, he was there with Natalie Imbruglia and Kimberly Stewart. There are pics of them but none of them with Gerry.
conan white teeth
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David Hasselhoff Rushed To Hospital After Seizure

David Hasselhoff Rushed To Hospital After Seizure

David Hasselhoff was rushed to a hospital by ambulance Friday after suffering a seizure, has learned exclusively.

Hasselhoff's neighbor Christian (he asked that we not use his last name), told that he saw the ambulance arrive at Hasselhoff's home. "I asked one of the paramedics how David was doing and he told me his eyes were rolling back into his head, he was drooling and that he'd had a seizure." Unfortunately, said Christian, "this isn't the first time this has happened to him."

Hasselhoff, who has a long history of alcoholism, had been drinking in the past two days. Sources also tell that the former Baywatch star has been on anti-seizure medication.

He was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after the seizure. A source on the scene said it was David’s daughter Hayley who called 911.

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Ewan McGregor Refuses 'Trainspotting' Sequel Role


Ewan McGregor is holding up the sequel to the movie that made him famous, because film bosses don't want to go ahead without his participation.

Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle is reportedly reteaming with author Irvine Welsh to take the writer's novel Porno to the big screen - 13 years after Trainspotting made the moviemaker and McGregor household names.

McGregor snubbed the picture earlier this year, insisting he didn't want to be part of a "poor sequel", and, as a result filming, has stalled.

And that has annoyed Andrew Lowry, who played Begbie in the 1996 movie - because he's keen to resurrect his character.

He says, "I've always said that I'd do it. Apart from long-running television, I've never played another character twice, but, with Begbie, there's mileage there, with this character there's another place to go. It can confirm what I was trying to do originally with the part, so I would certainly go again.

"It's entirely up to Ewan, but I think it's sad. I think there's more mileage not just in that character, but in the ensemble. And, to have that as a companion piece 12 or 15 years later from that (Trainspotting), it'd be an amazing thing, seeing these characters."