November 12th, 2009


The Queen and Paul McCartney Get Back-To-Back Specials

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If you couldn’t catch Beyonce on her I Am… tour this year or see Paul McCartney at Citi Field, now you can!

B and Paul have signed on to star in back-to-back specials on ABC this coming Thanksgiving.

Both artists will appear in one-hour specials with “candid conversations and exclusive concert footage” from recent performances.

Hear how Beyonce got her start and how Paul remembers Beatlemania on Thanksgiving (November 26) at 9/8c on ABC!


And here's the audio of the I AM...YOURS acoustic/ballad version of "Sweet Dreams". GUUUUURL! She is singing to my soul right now

Sweet Dreams (LIVE ) - Beyoncé

Ashlee Simpson(-Wentz) dyes her hair black

Darkening things up as the winter season nears, Ashlee Simpson showed off a snazzy new jet-black hairdo while out in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (November 11).

Giving a big smile for the paparazzi as she strolled along with a gal pal, the “Pieces of Me” singer was out for a visit to a local medical building for a doctor’s checkup.

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Dina Lohan TERRIFIED of ex-husband, claims he's DANGEROUS

Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina is so terrified of her ex-husband Michael, she has hired armed guards to protect her at all times.

Turbulence within the Lohan family was fuelled after patriarch Michael began leaking phone conversations with Lindsay and Dina he secretly recorded - and now the Lohan mum is worried her ex might turn their war of words into a violent physical confrontation.

Dina, who accused Michael of beating her before they separated for good in 2005, has even resorted to recruiting security to live with her family to ensure their safety.

And she insists the authorities are on her side, too.

She tells, "The D.A. (District Attorney) and the law enforcement are watching his (Michael) every action, and the family court, because he is also six months arrears in child support, which is through the support collection unit in New York.

"They've already taken his license, they're going to take his passport. The noose is getting tighter with law enforcement and we just have to keep his feet to the fire. Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, is obviously talking to the D.A. there and I speak with her on a regular basis.

"We're scared. I have security in my house. Actually, I've had security living in my house (since) he was first incarcerated for a year - armed people in my home because we were so frightened. He's dangerous and the scary part is, when this all unravels and his little plan doesn't work, we're afraid he's going to spiral out of control, which he obviously already is."

And Dina claims her eldest daughter isn't the only Lohan child whose life has been disturbed by Michael.

She adds, "He has no visitation (with any of his children). My daughter Aliana's phone was just blocked because he was threatening her on her cell phone. My son's up in college - he actually gave the tabloids my son's phone number at school, which is ridiculous. And my little guy is just 13 and he has to go to school every day and hear this."

Michael Lohan has been imprisoned three times - he was most recently put behind bars in 2000 after violating an order of protection banning his from seeing his four kids.

He claims his daughter is hooked on prescription pills and he is releasing taped phone conversations in an effort to force Lindsay into rehab.


bonnie wright looking a mess at the new moon london event.

Bonnie Wright attended tonight's UK fan event for The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

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more of this disaster at the source.

To promote the release of the DVD sets in December, a new behind-the-scenes feature on the very tangled loved lives of Hogwarts' Gryffindors in Half-Blood Prince has been uploaded on iTunes. In it, new on-set looks at Harry and Ginny's kiss, Ron and Lavender's kiss, and numerous sequences throughout the film are featured, as well as new interviews with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Jessie Cave, and producer David Heyman.

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{stock} windy

More News on Bones Guest Stars

this is actually a photo from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy premiere. Zooey is in the yellow dress and Stephen Fry is behind her.

Bones, the darkly amusing cult hit crime drama, is welcoming back Mr. Stephen Fry in his guest role of Dr. Gordan Wyatt on the show.

Fry is not the only actor to be guesting on the show. In December, Zooey Deschanel joins her sister Emily on-screen for the very first time (Thursday 10th December at 9pm) in "The Goop on the Girl".

In "The Dwarf in the Dirt" (Thursday 19th November 9pm), Booth is still suffering some lingering effects from his brain surgery and has to get re-certified for FBI marksmanship. Unfortunately he's not the accurate shot he was before going under the knife and seeks help from Dr. Gordan Wyatt (Fry) at his new restaurant.

And a special holiday-themed episode welcomes Emily Deschanel's sister Zooey to Bones in "The Goop on the Girl". Zooey Deschanel plays Margaret Whitesell, a distant relative of Brennan. When Brennan's father, Max Keenan (guest star Ryan O'Neal), makes contact with Margaret, he invites her to spend Christmas with him and his daughter.


chris brown continues his apology promo tour

Chris Brown taped an episode of “106 & Park” yesterday and it airs today (10/12) at 6 P.M. est on BET. Interviewed by co-host Rocsi Diaz, Chris discussed the steps he’s taking to move forward; the domestic abuse that occurred in his home and how his fans are responding to him now.

Here’s what Chris had to say:

On understanding the extent of what happened: “…with the situation…it’s not something you could take lightly and not something you could push under the rug…it’s a really serious situation and it’s something that I regret and I wish I didn’t do it.”

On being questioned about his sincerity in previous interviews: “…I just feel like at the end of the day I’m human…I can only tell you how I personally feel…I can’t make everybody love me, but I can just try… and I can honestly say that I am sorry.

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Ashley Jensen welcomes a son

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It's a boy for Ashley Jensen and her husband, actor Terence Beesley!

The Accidentally on Purpose actress welcomed son Francis Jonathan Beesley – he's already going by the nickname of "Frankie Jack" – on Oct. 20, her rep confirms to PEOPLE, adding that mother and child are home and doing well.

The couple, who eloped in January 2007 after seven years together, announced the pregnancy in July.

Jensen will be returning to work soon on Accidentally on Purpose, which airs Monday evenings at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

I like the name. And Monday's episode of AoP was hilarious.

kamber out in rome + c-error leaving the salon

We haven’t seen much of Kanye West since he canceled his tour with Lady Gaga, but he was spotted with girlfriend Amber Rose in Rome, Italy on Wednesday. According to paps, they visited the Vatican and Saint Peter’s Square.

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Ciara was spotted leaving the Warren Trecomi hair salon on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon.

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A Julian Casblancas Post

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Some of us were worried that Julian Casablancas had pulled a Dave Chappelle and disappeared from rock 'n' roll forever. The lead singer of The Strokes, a band who defined underground New York cool for half a decade, vanished from the spotlight after the band's third album. Although never officially disbanded, other Strokes band members began releasing their own solo projects and most of us thought it was all over. (For the record: apparently it's not. Apparently the Strokes are still just on hiatus.)

Now out of nowhere, after three years of mysterious absence, a newly sober Julian Casablancas has emerged in LA of all places with a brand new solo record, Phrazes for the Young. And get this, it's upbeat. It's got synths. It is...dare I say it...downright perky. We caught up with Casablancas last night to ask him a few questions about the state of the Strokes, his new town, and his solo debut. Here is some of what was said.

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I saw Julian last Friday and it was one of the best concert experiences I've ever had. Besides helping a drunk British guy in front of us find his lost wedding ring, realizing Parks & Recreation was filming next door, having our picture taken by LA Weekly, and Julian singing a rare Strokes song, everyone in the theatre saw Fabrizio Moretti, Albert Hammond Jr, & Devendra Banhart up in the balcony before the show and during intermission. Everyone was kind of freaking out. It was very exciting. We missed The Strokes. :(

For those that love movies where there are sick kids and worried parents...

Here's the trailer for Extraordinary Measures

From his working class roots, John Crowley has finally begun to taste success in corporate America. Supported by his beautiful wife Aileen and their three children, John is on the fast track. But just as his career is taking off, Crowley walks away from it all when his two youngest children, Megan and Patrick, are diagnosed with a fatal disease. With Aileen by his side, harnessing all of his skill and determination, Crowley teams up with a brilliant, but unappreciated and unconventional scientist, Dr. Robert Stonehill. Together they form a bio-tech company focused on developing a life-saving drug. One driven to prove himself and his theories, the other by a chance to save his children, this unlikely alliance eventually develops into mutual respect as they battle the medical and business establishments in a fight against the system and time. But, at the last minute, when it appears that a solution has been found, the relationship between the two men faces a final test - the outcome of which will affect the fate of John's children.

Release date: January 22nd, 2010

Starring: Brendan Fraser, Keri Russell, Harrison Ford

Trailer source

Synopsis source

50 most despicable Oscar snubs of the 2000's

Before any of you get all optimistic about this year’s awards race, I decided to utilize this week’s column to remind you of how horribly wrong things can turn out. As the end of this decade approaches, and you start considering your favorite films and performances, you may or may not be surprised (though I’m guessing “may not”) to find that many of them - if not the majority - failed to receive any recognition from ye ol’ Academy. From “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” to Uma Thurman’s work in the “Kill Bill,“‘s to a seemingly endless batch of foreign language favorites, it’s a frustratingly long list. Attempting to narrow it down to 50 was no small feat, and I’d expect there’s going to be some disagreement. But let me first explain where I was coming from.

Essentially, I focused on only nine of the most often discussed categories: best picture, best director, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best original screenplay, best adapted screenplay, and best foreign language film. I realize that the remaining categories offer a plethora of angering exclusions - from “Far From Heaven”‘s costume design to “Requiem For A Dream”‘s original score to the truly obscene absence of original song, “America, Fuck Yeah” from “Team America, World Police,” not to mention the list-in-itself that is the best documentary feature category (“Grizzly Man,” “The Gleaners and I,” “The King of Kong,” etc, etc, etc) - but one can only take on so much.

I also figured there should at least be some theoretical chance that the “snub” could have been nominated. One might argue that including the likes of John Cameron Mitchell’s work in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” or Christian Bale’s in “American Psycho” goes against this idea, but I beg to differ. Mitchell - if you can believe it - got a Golden Globe nomination for “Hedwig” (it seems Ricky Gervais ain’t the only thing the HFPA has on the Oscars). I mean more along the lines of suggesting Michael Haneke’s “The Piano Teacher” as a snub for a best picture nomination or Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung as snubs in the acting categories for “In The Mood For Love.” Ridiculously deserving as they were, those weren’t snubs. They were complete impossibilities. I can however, bitch about how both those films were shut out of the foreign language film category. And speaking of which, another “rule” - I didn’t include foreign films that weren’t submitted by their countries, as that wasn’t totally the Academy’s fault (though their pesky rules are somewhat to blame).

I’m sure I missed loads, and I encourage thoughtful use of the comments section to offer your own choices, and to make predictions about some potential 2009 non-nominees that might warrant a slot on an updated list some day in the future… Paul Schneider in “Bright Star,” anyone? Or how about Michael Stuhlbarg in “A Serious Man”?

So for what it’s worth, here are my picks for the 50 most despicable Oscar snubs of the 2000s (though it’s actually more like 70 given some of the “grouped” snubs), in descending order for your anticipatory pleasure. It’s meant mostly as a fun exercise for both myself and (hopefully) you, and as a little reminder as we begin to enter the depths of Oscar season: Only a small percentage of the truly great performances, scripts and films actually end up participating in it.


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What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Who was left off the list? Personally, numbers  12, 13, 14, 19, 24, 34, 36, 48, and 50 are the biggest slights.

Carrie Prejean, filming yourself at 17 was inappropriate.

Carrie Prejean threatened to walk off Larry King Live Tuesday night, in the middle of her interview with Larry King. Prejean's threats came after King asked the former beauty queen about the reasons behind her recent settlement with the Miss California USA pageant. King asked Prejean why she agreed to strike a deal with the Pageant and drop her claims of libel, slander and religious discrimination. "Why settle since you had a fight to carry on?" King pressed. Prejean demurred. King asked again: "You can't even say why you settled?"

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New Moon EW Outtakes + Interview




NEW YORK – In the Twilight sequel New Moon, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are at each other’s throats over Kristen Stewart. Off screen, all three are loyal friends. In a candid interview with this week’s Entertainment Weekly, they share thoughts on rumors, fans, moviemaking – and hair.

Below is a portion of the Q&A: 

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guti WEAH

Don't Mess with the HBIC that is Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Stops Brad Paisley From Praising Taylor Swift

Did Carrie Underwood pull a Kanye West at Wednesday's Country Music Association Awards?

After Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year -- the night's highest honor -- cohost Brad Paisley began praising the singer.

"How 'bout that? Nineteen-years old...Congratulations, Taylor. What a night. I can't even imagine a better...."

Underwood, 25 (who lost out of Swift in the Female Vocalist of the Year category), then quickly interrupted: "And how were we? We were awesome!"

Ha! Brad lost to her and was pure class but ngl if I were Carrie and Taylor had beat me i'd be pissed too. The CMA's gave it all to Taylor.
also did anyone notice Taylor's fake crying when she wont Entertainer of the year? not a single tear yet she was all "emotional"
Party Monster Writing

Kill Hannah's Curse

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Chicago nu romantics KILL HANNAH woke up on the eve of wrapping their fall tour with Jet, Papa Roach and Morningwood to a find their 15-passenger van and 14-foot trailer stolen. Taken between 4am and 11am today, Wednesday, November 11 from the front of the Holiday Inn on 900 Packer Ave, Philadelphia, PA—the same location that rock trio Mae had their van stolen from just a week earlier—the band lost over $120,000 in gear and merchandise, including one-of-a-kind vintage custom guitars and vintage custom effects. The theft comes just over a year after a devastating fire in Europe destroyed everything on the band’s bus.

Lead singer Mat Devine says, "We’re devastated and speechless. We've been touring so hard around the world for the past seven years and this is the most evil thing we've witnessed. Special Crimes say this was a coordinated heist.”

The band regretfully has to cancel their remaining tour dates, scheduled for the Electric Factory in Philadelphia tonight and the Nokia Theatre in New York City tomorrow. Their seventh annual “New Heart For Xmas” weekend of shows and events are still scheduled in Chicago on December 18 at Reggie’s Rock House and December 19 at Metro.

Specific gear stolen include:

* Epiphone Elitist Riviera Custom Shop SN#T301722
* 1992 Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray Bass
* Pair of matching vintage 1968 Fender Bassman Heads Custom Shop
* Gibson ES-135 RED
* 2003 Gibson Firebird WHITE
* Marshall Triple Lead Stack

For any leads on the van, trailer or missing gear, please contact Bethany Watson/DAVIS ARTIST MANAGEMENT:


Rising out of Chicago’s underground over a decade ago, KILL HANNAH still maintains the romance and ferocity that has always defined them. The band introduced their fifth album, the self-produced and deeply personal WAKE UP THE SLEEPERS, to their stalwart fans this fall with a determined eye focused on new converts. KILL HANNAH hold tight to their relentless D.I.Y. attitude with the new release, teaming with Original Signal Recordings--an independent label that fosters true partnerships with each artist on their roster and embraces a progressive, long-term outlook. From the driving pulse of first single “New York City Speed” to the euphoric rise of “Strobe Lights,” the album blends dance infused electronic beats mixed with captivating vocal melodies and guitars that feature both powerful and delicate moments to create its unique rock sound.

Lead singer Mat Devine has also found a huge following with his personal advice blog for fans on called “The Raccoon Society.” The blog features a number of celebrity guest bloggers and can be read at:

KILL HANNAH press contacts:
Shazila Mohammed, MSO
818.380.0400 x238,
Danny DaSilva, Original Signal Recordings


dw | carbon prevails

TV Ratings: CMA Awards dominate with Taylor Swift, Glee returns strong

The 43rd annual CMA Awards dominated the night for ABC leading it to victory in all the major advertising demographics averaging a 5.2/14 (rating/share) with adults 18-49 and 16.85 million viewers. It was the most-watched CMA Awards since 2005, and the biggest audience for an ABC Wednesday (excluding sports) since 9/21/05. It was also ABC’s best Wednesday night with adults 18-49 (excluding sports) since 11/17/07.

Taylor Swift collected multiple awards, including “entertainer of the year” and displayed a good sense of humor about her experiences earlier this year at the MTV VMA Awards.

“I want to thank every single person here tonight for not running up on stage during this speech,” Swift said as she accepted the award for best female vocalist.

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Elliot needs to be kicked in the balls again. lol, I'm also glad Reid didn't know what Twilight was.

Glorious Gaga Is 'Honoring' Fans With Cheaper Fame Monster

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Lady Gaga has always said she owes a lot to her fans, so to insure they can all afford to buy The Fame Monster on November 23, the singer is releasing three versions of the disc, two deluxe versions that include parts of her original Fame album and a standard version will contain only new songs.

"In the midst of my creative journey composing The Fame Monster, there came an exciting revelation that this was in fact my sophomore album,"
she said in a statement. "I would not add, nor take away any songs from this EP. It is a complete conceptual and musical body of work that can stand on its own two feet. It doesn't need The Fame."

She went on to say that by releasing a lower-cost version of the album (priced at $9.99 on her site), she is showing her appreciation of her followers. "We may have an economy, but music has no economy," she continued. "I will release four or more singles from The Fame Monster, tour the world with the Monster Ball Tour and most importantly, I insist on honoring my fans with an affordable new album, an album that is as loyal to them, as they have been me."

Of course, Gaga is also making sure that if you're new to loving everything Gaga, then The Fame Monster Deluxe Edition (out November 23, $18.98 on her site) and the Super Deluxe Fame Monster Pack (out December 15, $99.98) will provide a newcomer with everything they need to bring some Haus of Gaga into their lives. The super-deluxe pack even includes a lock of her hair.

"For those who do not have my debut album, there are a series of collectible double-disc editions that include both albums and artwork conceived by the Haus of Gaga in collaboration with our mentor, Hedi Slimane," she said. "Hear the music, see the show, live and love yourself ... Lady Gaga."

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Contestant suffers stroke, dies while performing stunt in ABC’s Wipeout

The Wrap reports a contestant died last week after suffering a stroke while performing a stunt on ABC’s Wipeout two weeks ago:

Tom Sparks, 33, a recent graduate of the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, was rushed from the northern Los Angeles set of the show to a local hospital two weeks ago. Sparks later was transfered to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, where doctors performed several brain surgeries.

But doctors ultimately decided there was too much brain damage, and he couldn’t be saved, according an email sent to alumni by an Annenberg faculty member.

Sparks died Nov. 5.

Much more on The Wrap

TV by the Numbers

Oh shit, did anyone watch this show?
george jetson

Asked and Answered | Miss J of ‘Top Model’

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J. Alexander, better known as Miss J on “America’s Next Top Model,” is a well-loved figure. We were in Savannah, Ga., together a few months ago for the SCAD graduation fashion show, and when we sat down at a quaint little ice cream parlor at least 10 people came up to our table, fumbling for cellphones to get a picture with the modeling coach diva. (He does not allow pictures taken with phones, only with cameras, thank you.) With the debut of his first book, “Follow the Model,” we are sure all those fans will be eager to learn a bit more about the man who modeled in drag in Japan, loves cake and hates the word “fierce.”

I saw you on 14th Street the other day and called out, “Miss J!” and you sashayed away. Are you over people calling your name?
If you yell my name, I may keep on walking! Because if I stop and look for who is calling me I may see someone hanging out a car window asking to be on the show. Sorry, I was probably just in my zone and running my errands.
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  • seishin

Twitterverse 'Dollhouse' cancellation reaction

At 3:20 pm ET Wednesday, reported that Fox had canceled Joss Whedon series Dollhouse. The news isn't shocking - it faced challenges since its debut, from being relegated to a Friday night slot to constantly struggling in the ratings.

Although it didn't come as a complete surprise, the news still stung for the series' loyal fanbase. Within moments, Twitter was slammed with reactions, and 'Dollhouse' reached the Top 10 Twitter Trending Topics thirty minutes later. By 4:30 pm ET, it was the second most talked about subject.

Twitter wasn't just a forum for dismayed fans. The people behind Dollhouse also shared their feelings on the cancellation in 140 characters or less.

The first person from the Whedon camp to make a statement via Twitter was Dollhouse writer Maurissa Tancharoen (@MoTancharoen), who confirmed the news. "Yes. Cancelled. Sad but true."

Dichen Lachman (@Dichenlachman), Dollhouse's 'Sierra', followed suit, and encouraged fans to stay with it until the end.

"Keep watching guys Fox is still showing all 13," then added, "Feel sad though. Joss told us this morning."

Lachman had delivered a powerhouse performance last month in 'Belonging', arguably the finest episode in Season 2 so far.

Actor Fran Kranz (@frankranz), aka Dollhouse programmer 'Topher Brink', later tweeted, "It’s hard. I’m sad. But they will air the rest and they are going to be great. Thanks for being great fans and giving us all a 2nd season."

Jane Espenson (@CapricaSeven), writer/producer extraordinaire, commented it was a "sad day for television." She was a consulting producer on Dollhouse, and has been part of the Whedonverse since Buffy.

Other TV industry folk chimed in as well, including Bones executive producer Hart Hanson (@HartHanson), who tweeted his thoughts on the demise. "Agh. Dollhouse! It’s always a bummer when one of your neighbors on the lot gets Grim Reapered. The cold chill of mortality."

Based solely on the strong Twitter response, you'd think ratings would have been the least of Dollhouse's problems. @kryptonsite summed it up best: "I find it interesting that Dollhouse can trend on Twitter yet can’t get huge ratings."

The series was always a hot topic in the online world, but a significant online presence and solid DVR numbers were not enough to save it.

Following the news, Whedon gave a statement, saying: "I’m off to pursue internet ventures/binge drinking. Possibly that relaxation thing I’ve read so much about. By the time the last episode airs, you'll know what my next project is. But for now there's a lot of work still to be done, and disappointment to bear."

The only consolation is there are 9 more episodes yet to air, and Joss Whedon is being given the opportunity to end the series properly.

Dollhouse will be "sent to the attic" on January 22nd, with the following air schedule:

December 4 - (2 hours)
December 11 - (2 hours)
December 18 - (2 hours)
January 8 - (1 hour)
January 15 - (1 hour)
January 15 - (1 hour / series finale)

Source: Fancast

For those still butt hurt over Dollhouse getting renewed over Terminator,

Fox did not own the the production rights for T:TSCC, Warner did. Therefore, Fox wouldn't see a DIME from any future DVD sales on the show. However, they did own the rights for Dollhouse. So which one do you think Fox would renew, the show where they'd see no future profit, of the show that had the potential of making money in the future? In the end, its ALL about the money.

Get over it. I barely watched either show. Im just tired of the whining.

Love and lollipops,
Me :)

There's an actual plot in the live action Monopoly movie?

A Monopoly movie? When word first spread about Universal's plan to make a film based on the venerable board game, it wasn't hard to predict the smirking suggestion from every skeptic within arm's reach of a computer keyboard: "Do not pass go, do not collect $200 ... "Then came word that Ridley Scott, of all people, was interested in directing the project and, well, observers just didn't know what to think. Why on earth would the filmmaker behind "Gladiator," "Alien" and "Blade Runner" be interested in the dapper little cartoon-capitalist called Uncle Pennybags?

But Frank Beddor, a pivotal figure in the project's odyssey, says doubters should remember that a film's core concept is merely a starting place, not the whole ride. "Everybody reacted the same way when they heard that there was going to be a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie -- and I did too."

I talked to Beddor for a Los Angeles Times Calender cover story on "The Looking Glass Wars" his reimagining of Lewis Carroll's classic characters -- Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, etc. -- as players in a dark fantasy epic of royal intrigue and magical battlefields. Our conversation turned to his interesting role in the Monopoly enterprise and he revealed quite a bit about the premise that lured Scott into the project.


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Lady Gaga in December 2009 issue of FLARE

Fashion saved Lady Gaga's life and gave her confidence.

In a sea of fashion-oblivious pop starlets who wear predictable, stylist-prescribed outfits, Lady Gaga is changing the world one sequin at a time. In fact, this is the 23-year-old singer’s mission statement—one she repeats in almost every interview. Just keeping track of the amount of blogs, vlogs and tweets debating on whether she is a couture original or a fleeting faux pas is, in and of itself, a full-time job.

Yet, behind the web-induced fashion frenzy that is El Gaga, lays a spirited trajectory fit for a Hollywood biopic. Formerly known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, the New York–native has become the third artist in history to have three No. 1 singles from a debut album on the Billboard chart. Her first disc, suitably titled The Fame, has made her a fortune, selling four million copies worldwide and reaching triple-platinum status in Canada. The monster success of her debut even prompted Gaga to head back into the studio to record eight more tracks for its re-release, a two-disc affair re-titled The Fame Monster.

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Source (Sorry mods, forgot! First post jitters~)

I have no fancy .gifs, but I do have this issue sitting on my desk with my boss's name on it. DO I SNAG GAGALUPE FROM HER ONTD?!, no I will not. But I shall read it while she's at a conference all week and then sneak it on to her desk.

Another Bad Remake

The massively popular UK teen drama
Skins is being remade for American television and casting for the new series is about to begin in New York and Toronto.

US cable network MTV is to create an American version of hit E4 teen drama Skins and has promised to “preserve the authenticity” of the UK version, which included graphic scenes of drug taking, drinking, swearing and casual sex.

Viacom-owned MTV landed the rights to develop the drama – which regularly pulled in more than 1 million viewers during its three series on Channel 4’s digital channel E4 – “after intense competition” over two years, according to the US broadcaster.

In a bid to maintain the original production’s successful model of bringing in new young writers, MTV will also draft in teenagers to write and star in the series, which will be set in Baltimore, Maryland. []

The Skins USA Open Casting Call will take place on November 15, 2009 at University Settlement (273 Bowery at Houston, New York, NY) from 10AM – 4PM. They are looking for teens aged 15-18, actors and non-actors are welcome.

Here’s a little more about the casting call from the flyer:

No acting experience necessary, we are seeking brave, charismatic, genuine, edgy teens. All ethnicities are encouraged to attend.

Skins is a comedic drama that follows a group of teenagers from Baltimore, Maryland as they grow up. Skins deals with the personal struggles, issues of race, religion, drugs, sexuality and eating disorders.


Is anybody besides me going to go to this? 

ryan wade

balloon boy's parents plead guilty

DENVER (BNO NEWS) -- The parents of the so-called "Balloon Boy" will plead guilty in court on Friday, his lawyer said in a statement on Thursday. A copy of the statement can be found below.

"November 12, 2009

Re: The Heene Case

Guilty Pleas

On November 13, 2009, at 8:30 a.m., Richard and Mayumi Heene will enter pleas of guilty in Larimer County Court.

Mayumi Heene will plead guilty to False Reporting to Authorities, a class 3 misdemeanor (the lowest level misdemeanor in Colorado law) with a stipulated sentence of probation.

Richard Heene will plead guilty to Attempting to Influence a Public Servant, a class 4 felony. The prosecutor has stipulated to a sentence of probation.

The stipulations carry the possibility of up to 90 days in jail for Richard and 60 days for Mayumi along with the probation.
After pleas are entered the sentencing will be continued for approximately one month for the preparation of pre-sentence reports.


Mayumi Heene is a citizen of Japan. As such, any felony conviction or certain misdemeanors would result in her deportation, even though her husband and children are Americans. Because Mayumi, while being questioned by law enforcement made certain statements which the prosecutor could use against her to possibly obtain a felony conviction and thus, her deportation by the federal government, she is avoiding that possibility with this plea.. Unfortunately, the prosecutors insisted upon a package deal where Richard would have to fall on his sword and take a felony plea despite the fact that he made no incriminating statements to law enforcement and Mayumi's statements could not be used against him. Given the marital privilege it is doubtful Mayumi could have been called as a witness against Richard and the rules against hearsay would have prevented the showing of the videotaped statement she made against Richard. Upon reviewing the evidence, arguably, Mayumi could have possibly ended up being deported and Richard could have proceeded to trial and had a good chance at an acquittal. This, however, would have put the family at grave risk of seeing a loving, caring, compassionate wife and mother ripped from the family and deported. That was not an acceptable risk, thus these pleas.


It is supremely ironic that law enforcement has expressed such grave concern over the welfare of the children, but it was ultimately the threat of taking the children's mother from the family and deporting her to Japan which fueled this deal. Threatening to stretch what is essentially a low level misdemeanor into a felony prosecution followed by deportation upon conviction simply to make a point shows a complete and utter disregard for the true best interests of these children."

source via their twitter @BreakingNews

Rated R Sampler

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1. Mad House (0:00 - 0:30)

2. Wait Your Turn (0:30 - 1:00)

3. Hard featuring Jeezy (1:00 - 1:30)

4. Stupid In Love (1:30 - 2:00)

5. ROCKSTAR 101 {Feat. Slash} (2:00 - 2:30)

6. Russian Roulette (2:30 - 3:00)

7. Fire Bomb (3:00 - 3:30)

8. Rude Boy (3:30 - 4:00)

9. Photographs {Feat.} (4:00 - 4:30)

10. G4L (4:30 - 5:00)

11. Te Amo (5:00 - 5:30)

12. Cold Case Love (5:30 - 6:00)

13. The Last Song (6:00 - 6:30)

Collapse )Collapse )

I predict a lot of hating and/or complaining about to go down. I won't make any judgments until I hear it in full but I'm a little upset I don't hear not one "Disturbia
am; succexy

Kate Walsh on Letterman

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kate Walsh arrives at the Ed Sullivan Theater for the Late Show With David Letterman and changes into a stunning blue dress and Christian Louboutin heels in New York City on Wednesday (November 11).

The humble 42-year-old Private Practice talked a little bit about her blue dress on the show.

“I look like I came from the future to serve cocktails on a plane,” Kate joked with Dave.

The actress also shared about what life was like before her acting career took off.

“I had nothing,” Kate shared. “I was so broke I had 3 dollars - it was either a subway token home or a beer.”

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Sources: Just Jared YouTube

Just so you know, Kate will be on Jimmy Fallon's show tonight!

Robert De Niro Can Do No Wrong

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Robert De Niro is very happy that it took him a little while to become a star.

“I think it’s important to have had at least a few years of obscurity, where people treat you like everybody else,” he says. “Then it goes crazy, and all of a sudden people behave differently toward you, they’re agreeing with you all the time, they’re not telling you no.”

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Levi Johnston picks up the Porn Crossover Award at the 2009 Fleshbot Awards at NYC hotspot The Box on Wednesday (November 11).

At the sex-oriented event, the 19-year-old father of Sarah Palin’s grandchild showered reality TV dad Jon Gosselin with praise. He told People, “He’s a good guy. He’s kind of in the same situation I am right now. He’s a good dad and he gets a lot of bad press. He’s getting the same bad image as I am and it ain’t true. I can relate to that.”

Levi and Jon have so much in common!

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Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

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Kevin McHale on 'Wheels,' Madonna & Artie's penis!

You must have seen last night's episode to read this since Kevin talks with PopWrap about a lot of the big reveals, but it's a "Glee" must read!

My faves parts of the Q&A:

PopWrap: It's an amazing line.
Kevin: It just kind of sums up "Glee" -- you have this sweet story and then I say, "but I still have full use of my penis." That's like a metaphor for our show. It was a really hard scene to shoot because it was at the end of a long day and Jenna [Ushkowitz, who plays Tina] and I were dreading it because we couldn't do it with a straight face. So all day I would keep turning to her and saying, "I still have full use of my penis" just to get it out of the way so when it came time to shoot the scene we wouldn't laugh.

PW: Good thing you guys don't have HR departments on set.
Kevin: [laughs] Oh yes, we're a very open cast!

PW: Which was more shocking Tina's fake stutter or Artie's reaction?
Kevin: Well, we kind of figured her stutter would go away, but we never know what to think on that show. So I'm going to say Artie's reaction was more shocking. At first I couldn't figure out why he was being so dramatic. But I really think Artie fell for Tina because they were set apart by their disabilities. They're already kind of outcasts being in glee, but within that group they shared a connection. So he based their whole relationship on that and when it went away, Artie didn't know what to do.

PW: How long can he stay mad?
Kevin: I don't know, we haven't shot it yet. But we have our ideas of what should happen. I like Artie and Tina together because Jenna and I are best friends anyway. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

PW: Or another cast that could handle a wheelchair dance so well!
Kevin: [laughs] That was great because if you give us a prop, we really jump on it. There's another number in episode 11 with a huge prop. It's really funny because no one else had used a wheelchair before, so Amber [Riley] fell off the ramp, Lea [Michele] had a demon wheelchair and everyone was dying.

PW: But you must be finding lots of unexpected fans -- does not being in the wheelchair help you stay incognito when you go out?
Kevin: There's been a few times where it's gotten surreal. But when we were all going out in NYC, we always got spotted because we were with Cory [Monteith], who sticks out like a sore thumb. The guy's like eight feet tall, so fans will yell, "It's Finn!" Then they look down around his waist and say, "Hey Artie!"

PW: And what about with the remaining episodes, what's to come in the final four?
Kevin: Well our show likes to take care of things and not leave you hanging. So look for a bunch of big answers about the huge storylines. Plus, we've got sectionals coming up, so we'll see that too!

LMAO at the Cory/Kevin atuff -- whole IV lies within

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Preview Trailer for SYfy's "Alice" in Wonderland

Syfy’s Alice will debut in less than a month, on December 6th, but Pop Culture Zoo got a first-look at the series, as well a chance to join an interview panel featuring Mark Stern, director Nick Welling, and actors Caterina Scorsone (Alice) and Matt Frewer (who plays the White Knight). Four clips of the mini-series were shown, proving that the network has found a way to tell a story about more than a dumb girl that simply falls down a hole.
This version follows a twenty-something Alice into a parallel-universe Wonderland after a back-alley confrontation with a gang of ‘Suits’, led by the White Rabbit. She enters a trippy casino-world where captive people’s memories are erased and their emotions are drained and bottled (leaving them mere “Oysters”), under the rule of the Queen of Hearts.

Willing’s Alice is set in a very modern Wonderland, with a very independent, proactive Alice (who also knows martial arts) at the story’s center. During the panel interview, director Nick Welling offered his take on what separates this Alice from others:

“This is the Wonderland that’s 150 years on from that Wonderland that you read about as a children’s story…. Just as we have evolved 150 years, so to has Wonderland. And not all for the better.”

Looks interesting, and Kathy bates look likes she is having fun with this..

ComicsAlliance: "The Stephenie Meyer Comic Book: So Much Worse Than 'Twilight'"

ComicsAlliance broke down The Stephenie Meyer Comic Book --- Twihards/Meyer fanatics, proceed with caution...

Yesterday may have seen the release of Grant Morrison's "Batman and Robin" and Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon's "Punisher," but the new comic release we've been looking forward to the most was the "Female Force" biography of "Twilight" creator Stephenie Meyer!

We've been excited about this one since we saw the trailer for the motion comic last week, and now that it's out, we've forced -- er, asked ComicsAlliance contributor Chris Sims to give us his review of the shameless cash-grab series and its latest attempt to stay only one step behind the cultural zeitgeist!

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New bombshell allegations that may cost Jon Gosselin his legal war with TLC AND custody of his beloved children as well!

Jon Gosselin's day in court could end with him losing his children - due to a sex tape scandal and allegations of cocaine use!

Jon's bodyguard Thomas Meinelt has been subpoenaed to testify in TLC's lawsuit against Jon, and The ENQUIRER has learned Meinelt claims he saw Jon snort cocaine many times, and that he's watched Jon's secret sex tape!

"Tom told me that Jon was secretly videotaped having sex with a woman in Los Angeles in October, and he's seen the tape!" said Stephanie Santoro, Jon's former flame and family nanny.

"Tom said people close to Jon put a camera in his hotel room, and paid a girl to flirt with Jon and have sex with him.

"He also told me that he saw Jon snort cocaine on more than one occasion, and that the more Jon got into partying, the more cocaine he used!"

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, sources say Jon's on-off GF Hailey Glassman sold and used cocaine while in college.


MTV's new series: Jersey Shore

Christmas is coming twice this year! The first Christmas will be held on December 3rd when MTV debuts the greatest piece of guido art since True Life: I Have A Jersey Shore House called JERSEY SHORE! It's fitting that this is premiering in December, because the baby Jesus would have definitely wanted one of the Three Kings to bring him a copy of this amazingness.

I was already sold on this from the beginning, but that guido's pit stain pretty much confirmed to me that I need to propose marriage to this clip. And to the guido in the black t-shirt, I'm already the lead graveyard shift supervisor of HATING. Fist pumping!


i'm from jersey and trufax no one around where i'm from acts like that. smh no wonder jerz has a bad rep :|
  • zulkey

The 30 best TV series of the ’00s

1. The Wire (HBO, 2002-08)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Taking full ad vantage of the generous breadth of the television format—and HBO’s commitment to ambitious, form-expanding programming—The Wire unfolded like a great American novel, trusting viewers to pick up on the intricate connections between seasons, characters, and myriad details. Starting as an impressively scrupulous, evenhanded depiction of the Baltimore drug trade, the show opened up into an ever-expanding portrait of a city, one weakened institution at a time, from the unions to the schools to the newspaper business. At every turn, Simon and his crack team of writers (including crime novelists George Pelacanos, Richard Price, and Dennis Lehane) revealed how the corrupt and often grossly incompetent acts of the powerful consistently preyed on the city’s most defenseless residents. Rooted in Greek tragedy, this grim series was mitigated by moments of profound redemption, a penchant for gallows humor, and an abiding respect for the quietly heroic men and women who try to make a difference.
Essential episodes: “Bad Dreams,” “Final Grades,” “Late Editions”

2. The Sopranos (HBO, 1999-2007)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The depiction of evil in storytelling has been complicated ever since Lucifer became the breakout character in Milton’s Paradise Lost. It would be a mistake to say all 86 episodes of The Sopranos are a commentary on the relationship between storytellers and their wicked characters, but that was definitely on the mind of show creator David Chase. Over the course of its six seasons, the series followed the misadventures of Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), a charismatic multiple murderer who uses psychotherapy to help him balance his relationships with his wife and children, and to deal with the stress of his position as a powerful figure in the New Jersey mafia. Chase and other writers used Tony’s dual life as means to examine consumerist culture, the lasting impact of violence, Italian-American identity, and dozens of other themes. With a strong cast anchored by Gandolfini’s brilliant leading turn, each season served up soap opera, mob intrigue, and surrealist digressions, all tied together by the main character’s quest for self-realization. The dark inevitability of that quest’s end will be forever debated by fans, but one lesson is clear: having sympathy for the Devil doesn’t make him any less monstrous, no matter how much we might wish otherwise.
Essential episodes: “Employee Of The Month,” “Whoever Did This,” “Made In America”

3. Arrested Development (Fox, 2003-06)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
As Ron Howard explains at the beginning of every Arrested Development episode, “This is the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together.” That’s a deceptively simple way of explaining Arrested Development, but the complexity of the show’s writing is what kept fans enamored. In short, AD not only makes viewers laugh, it makes them feel smart. What other TV comedy so richly rewarded a vigilant audience with inside jokes, subtle callbacks, and long-form farce? Of course the spoiled, obnoxious characters (especially those played by Jessica Walters, Will Arnett, and David Cross) are entertaining as they are, but the writing around them makes the show a classic. Arrested Development’s gags run the gamut from puns (Sunday brunch places named “Skip Church’s” and “Miss Temple’s”) to the sweet (George Michael’s homage to Charlie Brown) to the nearly profane (the word “cunt” is referenced a surprising number of times for a network TV show) to the ridiculous (“Bob Loblaw’s law blog”), yet it all ties together. The series demands attention and repays it with bits that don’t even register until the second, third, or even fourth viewing. And the telltale sign of Arrested Development’s greatness: it looks like it was fun as hell to make.
Essential episodes: “Pier Pressure,” “Mr. F,” “Righteous Brothers”
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Find the other 20 at source

What do you think ? What was left off and do you agree with the order? Feel free to become hysterical with rage and/or agreement


Wynonna: "Too Soon" for Taylor Swift to Win Entertainer of the Year

On Wednesday, Taylor Swift became the youngest artist ever to win the Country Music Association Awards' top honor: Entertainer of the Year.But Wynonna Judd doesn't think Swift, 19, is ready for such a top honor.

"You want my honest comment? It’s too much too soon," the singer told
USA Today before the show. "Time is God’s way of keeping everything from happening at once. It’s just too much of a good thing too soon."

Judd, 45, added: "My thing is, being a home-school mom, I want kids to earn it, and I think some time ... 'cause mom and I rode in a car for the first year of our career to visit radio stations. There was a making of the star, there was a rising up, and the fans went with us.

"Now it’s over coffee breaks, the success, almost," she added. "You have to play catch up ... It's like the girl who wins an Oscar and she's under 20. What do you do from here?"


What do you think ONTD? Was this too much? I have mixed feelings; I'm a fan, but last night's CMA's was kind of dedicated to kissing Taylor Swift's ass (winning all the awards she was nominated for and 2 performances). She's had a great year with her crossover success, but I still think she has a lot of room to grow vocally and as an artist in the country world before she was ready for this. At the same time I'm happy for her bc I am a fan...idk, like I said, mixed feelings!


Analeigh Post-ANTM

Hosted by
Campus Girls USA was founded in 2006 and in three years has become a nationwide phenomenon that gives college girls a once in a lifetime modeling opportunity while simultaneously working with them to raise money for breast cancer research.

Founded by Los Angeles photographer Trevor Debth, Campus Girls USA has become synonymous with high quality, hard work and industry leading images. Shooting over 475 girls over the course of three months in cities across the US, Campus Girls USA is the largest, highest production value operation of it's kind.

Every girl that models in the Campus Girls USA calendars plays an integral part in the fundraising efforts of the company. They commit themseleves to selling calendars in the fall, of which 100% of the profits then go to benefit breast cancer research.

For the 2010 calendars Campus Girls USA undertook it's most ambitious effort yet, shooting hundreds of girls in over 35 states over the course of just three months. The conferences covered in the 2010 line are the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, Pac 10 and the SEC.

Campus Girls USA is dedicated to bringing their customers the highest quality product, the most beautiful girls and raising as much money as possible for a great cause, breast cancer research.

I mean really, it's just a bunch of girls in scantily dressed girls. 

Collapse )Analeigh's Gallery Source
Info Source

crustine pickle

just when you thought it was safe to back in the water... (a 1/5 girls aloud post)

St. Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold soundtrack tracklisting
1. Banned of St Trinian's - St Trinian's Theme
2. Sarah Harding - Too Bad
3. Banned of St Trinian's - Up And Away
4. The Saturdays - Lose Control
5. Banned of St Trinian's - We Got The Beat
6. Florence + The Machine - Kiss With A Fist
7. Sarah Harding - Make It Easy
8. Noisettes - Saturday Night
9. Banned of St Trinian's - I Can Get What I Want
10. Girls Can't Catch - Keep Your Head Up
11. Sarah Harding - Boys Keep Swinging
12. Dragonette - You're A Disaster
13. Banned of St Trinian's - Jump Off
14. Girls Aloud - I Predict A Riot (Live At Wembley)
15. Cast of St Trinian's - St Trinian's Theme

omgggg i hope Sarah's tracks were produced by Xenomaniaaaaaaaaa
Mary-Kate: You&#39;re In Big Trouble Mr

Sting Calls X Factor "TV Karaoke"

Rock star Sting has called the X Factor "televised karaoke" and said judges like Simon Cowell have "no recognisable talent apart from self-promotion".

The singer, 58, told London's Evening Standard that the Saturday night show was "a soap opera which has nothing to do with music".

He added: "I am sorry but none of those kids are going to go anywhere, and I say that sadly."

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&lt;lj user=&quot;aeromnous&quot;&gt;
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Melrose Place 1x10 , 90210 2x10 promos + Clips of both episodes

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1, 2, 3, 4

Can Amanda's comeback PLEASE spice shit up on MP? Because even I think it's boring now... and I like everything. I hope she brings the whole bitchy, catfighting, pyschotic female characters thing that the 90s MP had going on. I'd love to see Katie Cassidy slapping Heather Locklear or viceversa.

Foster, Mazzie, Damiano, DeGarmo, Ranson, Doyle and More Set for Carrie Reading

Tony Award winner Sutton Foster and Tony nominees Marin Mazzie and Jennifer Damiano will take part in the industry presentation of the 1988 cult musical Carrie.

As previously reported, Stafford Arima (Altar Boyz, Tin Pan Alley Rag, Somewhere in Time, London's Ragtime) will direct the 29-hour Equity reading that will take place in Manhattan Nov. 20.

According to the official website for Carrie, the cast will feature Foster (Shrek, Thoroughly Modern Millie) as gym teacher Ms. Gardner, Mazzie (Passion, Ragtime) as Ms. White and Damiano (Next to Normal, Spring Awakening).

Also revealed are "American Idol" finalist Diana DeGarmo (Hairspray, The Toxic Avenger), Molly Ranson (August: Osage County), Matt Doyle (Spring Awakening, Bye Bye Birdie), John Arthur Greene (West Side Story) and Philip Hoffman (A Catered Affair).

Source 2

Solange Knowles Covers Dirty Projectors!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If Solange Knowles isn't sampling Boards of Canada or getting Jay-Z and Beyoncé into Grizzly Bear, she's jamming out to Dirty Projectors. She's been bumping DP so much, in fact, that she decided to go ahead and cover the Brooklyn band's Bitte Orca standout "Stillness Is the Move", which always sounded like a monster R&B track in disguise anyway.

This cover is rooted in "Bumpy's Lament" by Soul Mann & the Brothers, which was sampled by Dr. Dre on "XXplosive" and Erykah Badu on "Bag Lady".

There's currently no official release planned for the cover-- Solange just really liked the song. Listen and download after the jump:

Listen to the cover at the source because I don't think there's a way to embed it:

LOL well apparently it's been taken down by request of Universal Records, but you can find the song in the comments. I guess this well be an anti-Solange/anti-Dirty Projectors post then


Here's the amazing original version:

What do you think of the cover? I like Solange (or at least I like reading her tweets) and I fucking love Dirty Projectors. I saw them on Halloween & now they are pretty much my favorite new band I've listened to this year. Their album 'Bitte Orca' is fantastic.

Another HBP DVD feature clip released.

Likely to be seen on the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD (or possibly during the ABC Family special), a new featurette for the sixth film titled "The Pitfalls of Teenage Love" has been released on iTunes.

The 3 minute, 52 second video includes many interviews with various cast members about the relationships in Half-Blood Prince. Lots of new behind-the-scenes footage can also be seen.

Wow, the acting in this film sucked. Everything is just painfully awkward. Especially the Dan/Bonnie chemistry. I like Yates telling her the most important thing is just to ~connect~ with Dan.

  • rossfan

Lauren Conrad enjoys a night out and the sweet taste of Post-Hills Success

Lauren leaving the launch of Assassins Creed in LA last night

Meanwhile, her new line at Kohl’s which was launched in limited release to 300 stores, is set to rollout to all Kohl’s store ahead of schedule in the wake of strong sales.

Kohl's has benefited from its expansion of exclusive brands like Dana Buchman, Simply Vera Vera Wang, and LC by Lauren Conrad, which launched in October, as well as cost-cutting.

"We continue to experience improvement in inventory management and increased penetration in 'Only at Kohl's' brands," CEO Kevin Mansell said in a statement.

He added that the company is accelerating the rollout of the LC by Lauren Conrad label from the 300 stores it occupies currently to all 1,059 stores nationwide in March, from an earlier goal of by next fall.

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Hills fans, don’t forget to swing by Borders to pick up your copy of Heidi’s new novel Compton Cookie!

Pic Source

Article Source

Exclusive: Kardashian Sisters Join the NOH8 Campaign

Celebuzz reveals that the Kardashian sisters are the latest celebs to join the NOH8 Campaign, the silent photo protest created with the goal of ultimately overturning Proposition 8! Prop 8 is a topic Kim, Khloé and Kourtney hold near and dear to their hearts and all were very honest and outspoken about the topic.

Khloé stated, “There should be no limitations as to who we choose to spend our lives with [...] If someone had told me that I couldn’t marry Lamar, I would have told them to go F themselves!"

Kim exclaimed, "What I love about the NO H8 campaign is that it symbolizes more than just people's desires to bring down Prop 8... it's about promoting love in general! Stop the H8, people!"

Kourtney said, “I want my son to grow up in a world where love conquers hate. It's crazy to me that in today's modern world, the fight for same sex marriage is even an issue.”

Full Story:
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Polls: Best '80s Concert Performance?

Looks like my picks for the top concerts of the '70s made it to the top 10 in the Vote Down to the Greatest MSG Show of All Time! Led Zeppelin and Springsteen have made it to to Round 2 and now it's time to vote for the Best of the '80s featuring top concerts from Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen to Madonna, Whitney Houston, and many more.

So far Culture Club is in the lead - THE INSANITY!!! Michael Jackson and Whitney are close behind so it's time to start getting some votes up!

Polls for the '80s decade, Round 1 End on Monday, November 16th. Who's your pick for best '80s show? Click on the source below to vote and see who else made the lineup.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Mike Tyson arrested after media scuffle

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport, police confirmed on Wednesday, after he was reported to have punched a photographer.

Police said the troubled 43-year-old had been detained following an altercation at the airport's terminal seven.

No further information was immediately available.

The Los Angeles Times reported on its website that the boxer, who once styled himself "the baddest man on the planet" was held after an "altercation."

Local broadcast reports said Tyson had struck a paparazzi photographer.

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Not goona lie. I LOVE it when paps and such get punched!

planet terror//it&#39;s go-go not cry-cry

Lou (HBIC) Reed talks about his photography, cousin, hatred of boats, cameras and his upcoming book

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lou Reed may be a rock legend, the founding member of the Velvet Underground, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a man so cool that fans keel over in the reflection of his mirrored shades. Yet he has an alter ego, a solitary figure, a man who retreats quietly into nature to observe the light and make elegant, romantic photographs, far removed from his life at the heart of New York City. The process could not be more different but there are parallels between his music and his photographs. Putting together a book of photographs is, says Reed, like sequencing a CD. It is intuitive, an indefinable way of working where things happen not through planning and preordained ideas, but because they feel right. He approaches photography with the qualities of a musician. "The response is emotional. That's all I want; they are taken with emotion and put together with emotion, equal emotion," he says.

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What's your favorite Lou Reed song or album, ONTD?
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John Mayer TV Concert on Tuesday

Fuse TV is airing John Mayer's Beacon Theatre concert live and in HD this Tuesday night. Starts at 9. I tried to get tix for this but it was wayyyyy too much money, so at least I can watch it on TV. ALSO, during the live broadcast, if you use the hashtag #mayeronfuse in any tweets you send out about the concert while it's happening, Fuse is gonna check them and put the best tweets on TV live as it happens. SWEET.

Here's a new interview of him talking about the live concert:


The CW Gives 'Life Unexpected' a 'Gossip Girl' Boost

OMFG: The CW is making plans to boost buzzworthy new drama "Life Unexpected" by slotting it in the "Gossip Girl" timeslot.

"LUX" will inherit the "GG" 9 p.m. Monday timeslot on Jan. 18, industry insiders confirm. What's unclear, however, is how long it will stay in that slot.

"GG" is expected to take several weeks off from the schedule, but it is not moving to a new night. That could mean that after a few weeks in the 9 p.m. Monday slot, "LUX" will shift to a more permanent slot-- though just where on the CW's schedule it's headed remained unclear Monday afternoon.

It would make sense to rest "GG" for several weeks so that the show could air with a string of uninterrupted episodes in the spring. Erratic scheduling last year slowed momentum for the series.

And when "GG" does return, the CW could decide to rest "One Tree Hill" for a couple of months, slotting "LUX" into the 8 p.m. Monday position.

In any case, the Monday move is the strongest sign yet of the CW's confidence in "LUX," which network insiders believe could be a transformative drama for the network in the vein of "Gilmore Girls" -- a series critics kvell over and viewers embrace.

a couple of months?! oh hell no
Marilyn Monroe
  • trechic

Michael Jackson is furious he's not buried next to Marilyn Monroe', claims medium on live TV seance

Michael Jackson is annoyed he was not buried alongside Marilyn Monroe, according to a medium.

Derek Acorah claims he was contacted by the star during a televised seance and reduced fans to tears with his account of the singer adapting to spiritual life.

Acorah said the singer wished he had been laid to rest by his icon Marilyn Monroe.

He claimed Michael Jackson was speaking through him and said: 'I wished to lie alongside her. I suppose it's of no consequence.'

He then told fans around the table that Jackson felt it was 'paramount' to receive their love.

Later, the medium, who has previously attempted to contact figures such as Guy Fawkes, said Jackson was spending time with his grandparents.

He said: 'I'm only now starting to adjust to my spiritual life'.

One fan on the Sky1 show said: 'I looked into Derek's eyes and it was him.'

A Twitter seance on Hallowe'en also claimed to have contacted Jackson, who died aged 50 in June.

Psychic Jayne Wallace claimed Jackson was singing Heal the World when he was contacted and that he was sorry he had let down fans by not carrying out his This Is It tour.

Pictures of Neverland released shortly after the singer's death were said to feature a ghostly figure which some fans claimed was the star himself.

Jackson had a statue of Monroe, who died in 1962, in his home and was said to have been fascinated by celebrity tragedy.


How many of you believe in this sort of stuff? I like to believe this stuff can happen, but watching that clip made me LOL. Has anyone watched Dead Famous? even if it is not real, it TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT
1D - Niall the hipster


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Burger King announces New Moon meal and swag

Good news for all you grease-loving Twihards out there. Burger King is here to satiate your appetite – both literal and metaphorical. They’re doing a huge “New Moon” promotional tie-in that features all sorts of kids’ meal-esq products – but for adults. That means water bottles, to those of you hoping for a 32 cent Edward Cullen action figure. They’re also doing special New Moon crowns, New Moon-emblazoned gift cards (so you can buy the Meat’Normous omelet sandwich and other non-New Moon items while still looking at New Moon cast members), and six pack of BK Burger Shots that come with collectible cards featuring “stunning imagery from the film.” Stunning.

Here are your options:

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For the Janelle Monae Fans: Monae Reveals Deatils on New Album!

If you're a fan of Janelle Monae like we are, then you've been waiting on her full-length debut album for a minute now. In this clip, Janelle sheds some light on the project with SoulCulture, right before this performance. Suites 2 & 3 from Metropolis will be coming out together as a "self-realisational" album entitled, The Ark Android. Watch below as she explains the concept behind it. No word yet on the release date.


'Paranormal Activity' Becomes Top Grossing "R" Thriller Of Past Decade

'Paranormal Activity' Crosses $100M Cume: Top Grossing "R" Thriller Of Past Decade

So say my Paramount insiders about the $15,000 thriller that's been in national release for only 5 weekends and began its distribution being shown at midnight only in a handful of college towns. This pic is one of the biggest entertainment stories of 2009 for sure. “What is truly amazing about PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is the depth of commitment from fans who demanded to see it,” said Paramount Pictures Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Brad Grey in a statement to be released later today. “Adam Goodman, our head of production, believed in the film and championed it from the very first screening. This box-office milestone is also a testament to Oren Peli’s considerable talents as a filmmaker. All of us at Paramount are proud to have been involved with his revolutionary project.” Directed, written and produced by Oren Peli, Paranormal Activity stars Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat. The film was produced by Jason Blum. Steven Schneider served as executive producer.


Just like The King would have wanted it: Michael Jackson estate settled: Janet paid for funeral cost

I'm going to put two Jackson related posts in one :)

First: It's official -- John Branca and John McClain have been named the executors of Michael Jackson's estate. That was settle today in court - which means: Joe Jackson, Jermiane Jackson and Randy Jackson can't really go whining in court demanding any money anymore. Their not entitled to it. I can't upload this file (won't let me) so you can read the PDF court papers over here:

Second: Janet Jackson wants Michael's Estate to pay her back for paying for her brother's funeral services. In the docs, it shows Janet signed an "initial contract with Forest Lawn for mortuary services in the amount of $103,578.50" and paid $49,372.50 of the bill up front.

According to the docs, the special administrators of Michael's estate were granted permission to pay Janet back the $49k and to pick up the remainder of her outstanding tab.



Wash down a Slim Jim with a 'full-bodied' 7-Eleven wine.

What goes well with Slim Jims and Slurpees? 7-Eleven wine, naturally.

The convenience store chain is getting into the value wine business, releasing two in the United States and Japan. Sold under the Yosemite Road label, the California wines, a chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon, will retail for about $3.99.

Adding wine ties into two economy-driven trends -- a demand for affordability coupled with more people eating at home, said Thom Blischok of Chicago-based IRI, a market research company.

The chardonnay is described as zesty with notes of apricot, peach and honey, and the cab as full-bodied with "juicy plum overtones."


'Leap Year' trailer + pics (aka A MATTHEW GOODE POST)

Summary if you care:
LEAP YEAR follows one woman's determined quest to get married to the perfect guy. Investing in an Irish tradition that allows women to propose to men on leap day, Anna (Amy Adams) decides to follow her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) to Dublin and get down on one knee herself. But airplanes, weather and fate have something else in store. Anna meets Declan (Matthew Goode) while stranded on the other side of Ireland and soon discovers that the road to love can take you to very unexpected places.

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ps: he needs to make another movie with ben whishaw y/y?
Desus and Mero

Guess some of you were out and about last night....

Crazy Lady vs. Chris Brown

As Chris Brown left Footaction last night in Times Square, he caught an earful from “some drunk woman”. Perhaps he should’ve brought her back to the crib. On second thought, maybe not.

Bonus: Breezy's Twitter (LMAO!)

-lol@ the 2 dudes getting the girl all aggy.

Source via Harry's douche factory
Breezy's Twitter

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Gerard Butler in London

Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!

Gerard Butler leaves his hotel in London to appear on The Jonathan Ross Show on Thursday (November 12).
The Scottish actor, who turns 40 tomorrow, spoke with STV about his birthday week plans.
‘’On my birthday itself I am going to have a party in London, which is great because I don’t get to spend a lot of time there anymore,” he shared.
‘’The next day I am going up to Glasgow, where I am having a shared birthday party with my 11-year old niece,” Gerard shared.
‘’I might even have something in L.A. as well, but I am not going to have any big parties, just little fun ones.’’
Happy early birthday, Gerry!!
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He looks kind of tired here. I hope he gets some R&R for his b-day. Anyways, I'm so excited to see him on Jonathan Ross!
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Rihanna's “Russian Roulette” music video stills + Behind The Scenes video of the album photoshoot

Yes, Rihanna dies… The music video will be released tomorrow night on 20/20!

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I hope this makes up for the album only having 4 good tracks. It looks promising and she doesn't look like an idiot with animalistic hair in these caps.

LOL @ Rihanna calling everyone a bitch in that video and @ the cat attacking her.
Britta pussy hat

The hottest couple on TV right now behind the scenes with TV Guide

This is a behind the scenes video of The Mentalist's Owain Yeoman (Rigsby) and Amanda Righetti (Van Pelt) at their photoshoot for TV Guide's "Hot List" issue. You can get it on news stands now.

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Woah! I've never seen Owain in anything else so I had no idea he wasn't American! His sex factor just went waaay up.

P.S. How fucking adorable are they in this?
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WTF have YOU been smokin' ?

Don't ya just love it when you're laughing uncontrollably and you have no clue why and you don't care...or why you have a moustache drawn on your face when you wake up?

DanRad high as a fucking kite on a windy day? Hell yes, please. That shit requires video and photographic evidence for the pure, hardcore LULZ it would bring!

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe smokes spliff at party

Exclusive by Clemmie Moodie 13/11/2009

Harry Potter idol Daniel Radcliffe laughed his head off as he smoked pot at a party.

Dopey Daniel, 20, even wandered about the house-warming bash, babbling to other party-goers: “I love weed.”

And the star – who has spoken about shunning drugs – was so out of it he let a girl scrawl all over his face with a pen.

Guest Wadia Tazi, 26, also at the London party, said: “He looked spaced out and didn’t look like he knew what was going on.”

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