October 7th, 2009

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Prepare to be Disturbed

Do you see what Brit Brit's influence has on the children of the world!? A 9-year-old girl from Peru pretty much copied Brit's "Toxic" video shot-by-shot, outfit-by-outfit and move-by-move (insert THIS FACE here).

The thing is, she didn't do it with just a camcorder in her parents' garage. This had a bigger budget than Brit's "Gimme More" video. This shit is expensive! My guess is that homegirl's parents paid the bills for this mess. Or maybe Roman Polanski is making music videos now? Really, I can't.

And when you get to the part with the boy on a motorcycle, just shut down your computer, pull the power cord out of the wall and go weep in the dark. Actually, you'll probably start weeping right at the beginning.

Well, at least she lip-synchs better than Brit. Okay, back to weeping.

Source: DListed

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Billy Ray doesn't approve y'all.

Miley Cyrus and her father are reportedly clashing over the 16-year-old's alleged new boyfriend.

Miley's romance with The Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth is believed to have upset dad Billy Ray and caused "conflict in the family", as he believes that the pair are moving too fast in their relationship.

"Billy Ray is worried that their relationship is going too far, too fast," a source told Chicago Sun-Times. "It's causing a lot of conflict in the family."

While Miley has so far denied any rumours that she is dating the Australian actor, Hemsworth's ex-girlfriend is convinced that the Hannah Montana star is the cause of their break-up - while last month, a source claimed that the pair were romantically involved.



Nipples Hit the Runway - nsfw?

Supermodel Naomi Campbell recently grabbed eyeballs at the Paris Fashion Week after she exposed her nipples in a see-through bustier. The supermodel looked uber-glamorous on the runway when she made a surprise guest appearance during Russian designer Igor Chapurin’s show earlier in the day, reports Daily Mail.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Naomi Campbell strutted her stuff on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. Donning a stunning black head dress with a racy sheer black corset and tiny beige skirt, the 39-year-old easily stole the show from her younger rivals. The hottie's nipples were apparently visible in the sexy dress.

Meanwhile, the super model will receive Fashionista gong at the Black Girls Rock! Awards in New York for her fashion sense. The event will take place later this month. Last month, the model reclaimed her runway crown during London Fashion Week when she made a rare appearance modelling for the Issa show. source

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Ashley Greene posting her own pictures on the web..

She recently dealt with a nude photo debacle, and now Ashley Greene once again finds herself the center of attention after the release of a few sexy bikini pictures hit the Web.

While not much info is available, there’s no doubt that the “Twilight” beauty will be adding a few new fans to her base with the latest round of steamy shots. As for Miss Greene’s current doings, the Alice Cullen cutie revealed that she just dyed her hair while tweeting to her followers yesterday.

She wrote, “Got impulsive and dyed my hair. Almost went red, but settled on something that won’t make my agent cry. Good thing I wear a wig at work. I actually walked all the way to a wig shop first and it was closed, so naturally dying m hair was the next best thing.”

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Creepy (Russ and Julie Henderson in Miami on Monday)

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From Celebslam:

"Russell owns something incriminating on her, right? Like she hit and killed a homeless man when she was 19 and Russell has two minutes of security camera footage locked in his safe. I'm just trying to make sense of this relationship. Money can only take you so far when you're that damn ugly."

Source (+a bunch more pics): http://celebslam.celebuzz.com/2009/10/russell-simmons-model-girlfrie.php

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movies // parveen

Gerard Butler Premieres Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler is in a jovial mood at the premiere screening of Overture Films’ Law Abiding Citizen held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Tuesday (October 6) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 39-year-old Scottish stud said at the premiere that, “sometimes I get really worked up before these premieres, but today I’ve been really relaxed, because this is my movie. I produced this, and I’m in it, and I’m so excited and I want to just enjoy it,” Gerard told ET on the red carpet.

Gerard is currently supporting The Elephant Project, an organization to raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Mmmm looking good again, Gerry. Remember: Jay Leno show tomorrow, Craig Ferguson on Friday and then SNL on the 17th.

Prince Flashes a Little Chest Hair

Prince is on a whirlwhind tour of Paris this week including sitting in on a few of the most prestigious Paris fashion shows.  He was seen at the Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent shows yesterday.  Here he is seen arriving at the Fendi party with his current ~protege~ Bria Valente.

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ontd we need a prince tag!

source: http://prince.org/msg/7/320686/Prince-arrives-at-Fendi-party-in-Paris

ETA: Prince is rumored to be playing a show this weekend in Paris.
ETA: Concert is being confirmed on a Parisian website.  Will be this Sunday at the Grand Palais.  He will play two shows. more here: http://prince.org/msg/7/320714/Two-Prince-concert-s-annouced-on-RTL2-Sun-11th-Grand-Palais

Jennifer Lopez "Fresh Out The Oven" {Feat. Pitbull}

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Jennifer Lopez joins R&B singers Beyonce and Ciara with the alter ego direction (Sasha Fierce and Super C). The sexy Latina is riding hard under the new name of Lola and has even debuted a brand new single called ‘Fresh Out The Oven’ . The track also features rapper Pitbull. The Neptunes-produced song is believed to be the first single from her forthcoming new album, which has production from Danja, Darkchild, Jim Jonsin, Stargate, Rock City and supposedly, Red One.
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flexin tepps.

West 32nd on dvd october 13

All right. It's finally here. After a solid film festival run, and then languishing a bit in distribution limbo, Michael Kang's Korean American gangster drama West 32nd, starring John Cho, Jun Kim and Grace Park, finally gets a DVD release next week from Pathfinder Pictures. Here's what it's about:

    When John Kim, an ambitious young lawyer, takes on a pro bono case to exonerate a fourteen-year-old boy from a first degree murder charge, he finds a world he never knew existed in the underbelly of Manhattan - the Korean underworld. Infiltrating the knotty and complex realm of Korean organized crime to search for clues, he meets his match, Mike Juhn, a rising soldier in the syndicate. Recognizing John's determination and daring, Mike brings John into his confidence, furtively drawing him into his scheme to re-shuffle the Korean underworld. Though they become fast friends, they just as quickly end up trying to outfox each other as they discover they'll both do anything to win.

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this post has been brought to you by this beautiful, talented man.

le source: http://www.angryasianman.com/2009/10/west-32nd-on-dvd-october-13.html
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Michael Vick's fiancee speaks out

THE YOUNG MAN and young woman caught each other's eye from across the room, smiling and flirting for all to see in a Hampton, Va., restaurant.

Finally, a friend of the man's walked over to the young woman, Kijafa Frink, then 21. " 'Do y'all know who that is over there?' " Frink recalled him asking. She didn't.

It was January 2001 and the buddy told her that the young man was Michael Vick, a standout football player at Virginia Tech.

"I was like, 'Who is Michael Vick?' " Frink said.

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Newspaper SOURCE

I had no idea he had a fiancee and that she's from Philly. Also, they say she's from North Philadelphia and then later Yorktown, those are two very different places.
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She doesn't look enough like his mom I guess

Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf: Lovers’ Spat at An Education Premiere
At last night’s premiere of An Education, burgeoning star Carey Mulligan was shining in all her chic, cute glory — until her liquor-swilling boyfriend, Shia LaBeouf, picked a lovers’ spat! Earlier in the night, Mulligan had mused longingly on the suburban gentlemen in her sixties period piece: “I love the way the men dress [in the film],” she told us. “They just look so chivalrous. It’s so nice to have a door held open for you. And they do it when they’ve got their hats on. In real life they don’t always do that.” No, it appears they don’t, as LaBeouf — who wouldn’t talk to us, even though we were all excited to ask him if he’s ever had an affair with an old person, like his girlfriend’s character in the film — was drinking his own whiskey at the wine bar.

Outside the party, seemingly hidden from the view of paps (but not Intel!), LaBeouf cornered Mulligan and did all sorts of arm-raising and angry-facing before storming off into the night. Watching the spat, we wondered if this will be one of those moments Mulligan looks back on when she wonders where if their relationship went awry. The night he picked that fight at my big premiere, she’ll think. Anyway, Mulligan — who remained composed throughout the talk — patted her dress down, held her head high, and walked back inside the premiere party. We can see what Anna Wintour likes about this girl.

Shia Labeouf rejects photos with fans, but grabs a second glance
Shia Labeouf ( 23 ) is known by fans for not having time to take a picture with them. Even those who have patiently waited for Shia to finish filming the on location shots for Wall Street 2, before politely asking him if he would be so kind and take a picture with them, have been turned down by the Hollywood hunk. Many have thought that this was because he is afraid of the reaction of his girlfriend, who must be pretty annoyed at all the pictures of Shia and the female fans, but think again. Witnesses say that Shia has a wandering eye. “Shia was blatantly ogling a pretty brunette, and his girlfriend was standing right next to him!” marveled one witness. “What a dog!”

As it turns out the hunky Transformers actor checked out some ladies who were hanging out in the Chelsea area hoping to catch a glimpse of their idol. Shia was there shooting a scene for his new movie Wall Street 2, with his new off-screen (and onscreen) love interest Carey Mulligan, but that apparently didn’t stop him from letting his eyes linger just a little too long on fans of the opposite sex.

A piece of advice Shia, if you are going to reject a fan who wants to take a photo with you, please don’t stare at their female curves at the same time, it just makes you seem like a fool.

Carey, girl, you deserve better. Dump LaDouche
NY Mag and OLV

Jon and Kate Plus 'Law & Order'

Even the venerable Law & Order is not immune to the — well, “charms” isn’t the word, is it? — the mess that is Jon & Kate Plus EightKate Plus Eight, or the current talk-show saga I call Jon & Kate Against The World.

On Oct. 16, Law & Order will air an episode entitled “Reality Bites,” in which a ripped-from-the-headlines couple are divorcing and, according to reports, the Kate-like figure is murdered, with the Jon-like character a suspect.

Law & Order has been having a great season so far. (Did anyone catch its season premiere, with Sam Waterston taking on government officials who sanctioned torture?) I’m going to get an advance peek at the Oct. 16 episode soon, and will report back.

Do you think the Gosselins are a torture even the great Waterston cannot handle?


Ina Hanging On Like FG

Betty White Meets the Quween

The Golden Girl and the Quween!  

You might have been wondering why your clock stopped ticking for a few minutes this afternoon. No, that secret joint hit you had at lunch wasn't messing with your brains. Time stopped because Mama Betty Rock and the Quween on the Scene exchanged words on the street.

Actually, Quween has protected Betty from the posarassi before, so they go way back. They were just sharing a laugh over pictures of them giving lap dances to drunk frat boys at the strip club and beating on bitches who were trying to eff with their dudes. You know how Betty and the Quween do it.

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Get Ready for a New 'Vacation'

New Line is developing a sequel of sorts to 1983's "National Lampoon's Vacation," with David Dobkin ("Wedding Crashers") attached to produce and possibly direct.

New Line is meeting with writers to write the script but the take is already developed: the story focuses on Rusty Griswold, the son of Clark Griswold, the protagonists of the initial movies and portrayed by Chevy Chase. The younger Griswold is now a father in his own right and takes his family on a road trip vacation.

The characters would acknowledge that first trip, making the movie more of a sequel than a reboot. Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, who played the mom in the original movies, will have room to make appearances as grandparents, providing a sense of continuity, though no deals are in place.

National Lampoon is not involved at this stage, as Warner Bros. controls the characters and the title.

New Line is taking meetings with writers this week, hoping to make a movie that skews more towards “Planes Trains and Automobiles” or “Little Miss Sunshine” than “RV” or “Are We There Yet?”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

I honestly did not realize until now that Johnny Galecki, aka David Healy from "Roseanne," was Rusty in "Christmas Vacation." I can't believe I never put that together. Anyway, the only way this will work is if Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo come back. DNW this movie without them. And it would be awesome if they got Anthony Michael Hall to star as Rusty also.

Barbra Streisand #1 on Billboard Chart

Barbra Streisand fans are certainly a devoted bunch. Today they’ve put Babs atop the Billboard 200 with a healthy 180,000 copies sold of her jazz standards album Love Is the Answer, according to Nielsen SoundScan, beating a host of new releases by buzzier artists. By way of comparison, that’s equivalent to every one of the die-hard fans who attended Barbra’s recent gig at NYC’s Village Vanguard club going out and buying 1,800 copies of her new record. Not bad at all.

This week’s list of distinguished also-rans begins with Paramore, whose pop-punk star will no doubt continue to rise now that they’ve taken No. 2 on the chart by selling 175,000 copies of their acclaimed brand new eyes. At No. 3, it’s Mariah Carey, with 168,000 copies sold of Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. That result might be the most noteworthy thing on this chart, actually — 168K is a nice number, to be sure, but I wonder how Mariah must feel about coming in third place to Paramore and Barbra.

Pennsylvania rock dudes Breaking Benjamin bowed at No. 4 with 134,000 of the painful-sounding Dear Agony. Alice in Chains rounded out the top 5 with 126,000 copies sold of Black Turns to Blue, their first album in 14 years and their first with a new lead singer to replace the late Layne Staley. Madonna landed at No. 7 with 72,000 copies sold of her greatest-hits set Celebration. Nashville star Miranda Lambert found 66,000 volunteers to join her Revolution at No. 8. Disney’s Selena Gomez & the Scene nearly tied her with Kiss & Tell, making it to No. 9 with a slightly smaller number that also rounds to 66,000. No. 12 went to AFI, who sold 52,000 of Crash Love. Adult Swim spin-off band Dethklok scored a No. 15 finish with 45,000 of Dethalbum II. The Avett Brothers‘ Rick Rubin-produced I and Love and You won No. 16 with 40,000. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s God & Guns snuck into the top 20 at No. 18 with 34,000.


so much for that post yesterday claiming Paramore was #1
guti WEAH

Douche Alert Douche Alert

We just got a pissed Papa Gosselin in NYC, where he actually whipped out his BlackBerry and read a new e-mail from Kate aloud -- one saying she refuses to see him and wants to limit his time with the kids on Thursday to only two hours. Jon says the duo had originally planned to have a party together, but according to the e-mail, Kate now believes "Due to recent events, it'll be too stressful." Jon called her demands "ridiculous," adding "I can stay as long as I want ... and I will."


Kevin Jonas: I’m The Groom Who Wants To Plan My Wedding


Newly betrothed Kevin Jonas caught up with CTV on the Canadian set of his upcoming DCOM, Camp Rock 2 and chatted about his upcoming nuptials to Danielle Deleasa. Check out what the 21-year-old musician had to say:

On what he and Danielle have to still plan: “We’re in between a bunch of things right now like choosing dates and things like that but we’re just trying to figure everything out and we’re enjoying it, we’re having a blast. I’m definitely into the planning process, a lot of guys you know are like just go ahead take it all but no I definitely want to be a part of all of it, as much as I can of course. It’s fun and brings us together and we get to make a lot of decisions together.”

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source: http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/10/06/kevin-jonas-groom-wants-plan-wedding/#comments
my father and his family struggled

NOW blasts Letterman over sexual affairs with staff

NOW calls David Letterman's behavior inappropriate in the workplace

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The National Organization for Women has sharply criticized comedian David Letterman, accusing him of promoting a hostile, uncomfortable work environment.

David Letterman's behavior with employees has created "a toxic environment" in the workplace, NOW says.

"The latest Letterman controversy sheds new light on the widespread objectification of women in the workplace," NOW said in a statement Tuesday. "Most women can attest to the fact that many workplaces are plagued with inappropriate behavior by men in power."

The "Late Show With David Letterman" host admitted last week on his CBS program that he had sex with unnamed employees and had testified about those liaisons before a New York grand jury as part of an alleged extortion attempt.

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I think he should invite them on the show.

How many of you have cheated on your SO's, ONTD? I haven't but I've been awfully tempted a couple of times.

Tim Gunn to guest star on How I Met Your Mother

Maybe you didn't think Barney Stinson could be any more awesome.

You were wrong.

In the upcoming 100th episode of "How I Met Your Mother," Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) will call upon the sartorial skills of none other than "Project Runway's" Tim Gunn.

In the episode, which will air around the mid-point of the CBS comedy's fifth season, Gunn will act as a "personal tailor/ fashion consultant as Barney tries to fix a major league 'Suit Catastrophe,'" according to "HIMYM" co-creator Craig Thomas. "Tim is basically like Barney's ER physician for a serious suit emergency."

For Barney, a man-about-town who takes his suits very seriously, it's "life or death stuff," Thomas jokes.

But wait, that's not all: Episode 100 will also have a guest appearance from Rachel Bilson of "The O.C." and a big musical number as well. We know from his well-received turns hosting the Emmys and the Tonys that Neil Patrick Harris can pull off the musical showstoppers like nobody's business. He will no doubt, as Tim Gunn would say, make it work.

"We're really excited to have Tim on the show, and, with Rachel Bilson cast as a Ted love interest and a huge musical number to boot, it's gonna make Episode 100 even more fun and special," Thomas said.

Come on, you know I have to say it. It sounds like this milestone episode of the enjoyable Monday-night comedy is going to be legen -- wait for it! -- dary.

Alphabeat OTP

Yes, him again

Jon Gosselin: Cara Upset Over Divorce, the Others Didn't Care

Jon Gosselin says he knows his eight children weren't "wailing and sobbing" when they were told their TLC reality show was ending, as his estranged wife Kate claims.

"You know why? Because when we told them we were going to get divorced, the 5-year old said, 'What's for lunch?' The only two people who really cared with [9-year-old twins] Mady and Cara," Jon says in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight. "Cara broke down and Mady said, 'Oh, I saw this coming.'"

When breaking the news to them about the reality show ending, Jon, 32, said Kate, 34, probably told them: "'Oh, daddy's put a halt on filming. Your friends are going to go away.'"

Added Jon, "She probably worded it in a way that's a violation to them, or their sense of security."

In a separate interview with The Insider, Jon stressed again his need to end the show.

"I don't care if [my kids] hate me, because I know what is best for my kids," he said. I will pull them off [the show]."

Not everyone is buying it.

CNN Headline News anchor Nancy Grace lashed out at the reality dad, telling him on The Insider, "For years, Jon, you had your children on TV, on a reality show. But suddenly when it's no longer Jon and Kate Plus 8, it's Kate Plus 8, you suddenly have a problem with that? I don't believe that."


I love Mady's response.
Film - The Old Guard

New Usher song inspired by his divorce

When life hands you divorce ... turn it into a hit song?

That seems to be Usher's strategy with his still untitled new album. He's taking an equally adversarial tone in his lilting first single, "Papers," in which the R&B star sings that he's ready to move on.

The tune, which premiered online Monday, references pivotal moments in Usher's personal life, including his decision to fire his mother as his manager. "I gave my heart and turned my back against the world 'cuz you were my girl," he sings, continuing, "I done damn near lost my mama/I done been through so much drama/I done turned into the man I never thought I'd be/I'm ready to sign them papers."

The singer filed his divorce petition in June after weeks of rumors, though sources told PEOPLE at the time that Usher, 30, and Tameka Foster Raymond had been living separate lives for months. The couple have two sons, Usher Raymond V, 22 months, and Naviyd, 9 months.

The couple's marriage was filled with drama from the start. The couple canceled their July 2007 wedding on the morning of the big day. At the time, sources blamed their differing ideas for the event, as well as family matters: Usher's mother, Jonetta Patton, did not approve of Foster Raymond (who was pregnant at the time), said a source.

Usher's sixth album will be released on December 8.

This is so like him. (P.S.--there's totally a good opportunity for a "fall of the house of Usher" pun here. I never get to use my Poe material.)
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Bat For Lashes to release special edition of album in US

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bat For Lashes will release a Special Edition version of her critically acclaimed album 'Two Suns' in the US on 3 November 2009.

Encompassing both an expanded CD and a bonus DVD, the new version of 'Two Suns' is packed with rare and unreleased studio gems, cover versions, stunning live tracks, demos, exclusive remixes, and a revealing long-form documentary titled 'Two + Two'.

'Two + Two' is a 48 minute long film which follows Khan on the intense personal journey she undertook to create 'Two Suns', allowing intimate insight into her artistic process and following her across the globe, from the her native UK to the Western landscapes of California, documenting her behind-the-scenes in the studio, to the making of her striking music videos.

mabel 2

RADIOHEAD: We ARE making a new album

As Thom Yorke plays his first full solo shows in LA, Ed O'Brien reveals it won't be long before his main band start recording again...

Forget the rumours, we can confirm there will be another Radiohead album, and that's according to... the band themselves.

Following online comments from frontman Thom Yorke back in August it looked like they band were giving up the 'traditional' release format. However, Ed O'Brien has confirmed that they are not only interested in recording more albums, they are actually making one right now.

The guitarist told NME that with sessions planned this winter the band would "definitely" be releasing a full album physically next year.

"We were misquoted," claimed O'Brien of Yorke's comments, loudly adding, "WE WILL BE MAKING AN ALBUM!" Although he said the band hadn't decided how it would be released, he said the album would come out on vinyl and CD whether it first arrived as a download or not.

"We love the artwork; that's really important, the physicality," he explanied. "And we all like vinyl. That's not going to go away. I still like CDs as well. I got the Speech Debelle CD the other day - I nearly downloaded it from iTunes but I thought, 'No. I want the physical thing.'"

O'Brien wouldn't be drawn on specific tracks, but suggested that recent free download 'There Are My Twisted Words' was not a marker for the album.

"It's a kind of one-off," he said of the song. "It could have been a darker side of 'In Rainbows' - it's got that autumnal vibe, we're leaving the summer and going into the darkness."

He added that with Radiohead set to reconvene in their Oxfordshire studio this winter, the season might similarly affect the new songs. "Typical Radiohead," he laughed.

"We're going into the studio in winter. It's always miserable! Are we at the whim of the seasons? We are! When you're in a studio in the countryside, the music you make is definitely affected by what season it is."

Article typed up from this NME article scan - aka, source! - Scanned and transcribed by penna (from Radiohead AtEase)
Holy crap! This is glorious news! The gods of music are smiling upon us today.
Helloooooooooooo Nurse!

Feeling Strangely Fiennes (Esquire Oct 2009)

In one of the biggest of the big new TV shows, FlashForward, Joseph Fiennes plays an FBI agent investigating a global conspiracy in which people catch a glimpse of the future and all hell breaks loose. It's a Lost-like puzzle of intersecting narratives and slow-creep paranoia, yet of all the mysteries presented to the audience, none are quite so troubling as the one surrounding the man at the center of it all: Where the hell has Joseph Fiennes been all these years? Seriously: The guy gives a performance for the ages in Shakespeare in Love and then proceeds to drop off the scene for the better part of a decade. What happened? With FlashForward, the thirty-nine-year-old actor is back in the thick of things — press junkets, billboards, the sides of city buses — and here, speaking to us from his temporary home in Los Angeles, he clears up a few things.

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Source: Esquire
I just want him to bat those mile-long lashes at me. I think I'd get an instaboner.

More spoilers from the New Moon Movie Companion.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

**Final word from Chris Weitz "This movie, for me, has been redemptive. I had a difficult go on my last film, where I felt the movie was kind of taken away from me. This movie has been a joy in comparison and I've been able to make use of everything I've learned up to this point, and I've gotten the chance to work with some extraordinary people. Going in, I didn't realize the enthusiasm of the fan base, and that was also inspiring. As Peter Lambert and I sat in the editing room, it gave me an added incentive. I don't think anyone knew there would be this degree of enthusiasm and that there would be this cyclonic snowball effect of books and films feeding on one another to make this amazing cultrual moment."

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matthew lewis

Mad Men's Bryan Batt (Salvatore Romano) Not Getting Married This Year

Follow-up to THIS post.

Mad Men actor Bryan Batt is not getting married to partner Tom Cianfichi, at least not any time soon, contrary to reports that cited the National Enquirer claiming Batt and Cianfichi, an event planner, were planning a Christmas wedding in Vermont. There are "currently no plans for the couple to get married at this time," Batt's rep said in a statement.

"Their goal is to eventually marry, but the time has yet to be determined and will not happen this year," the statement read. "There must have been miscommunication in reporting the story that ran in the October 12th issue."

Batt, who owns a home decor and furnishing store called Hazelnut with Cianfichi, has been in a relationship with Cianfichi for nearly 20 years. Both are strong supporters of gay marriage and are registered domestic partners in the Mad Men actor's native New Orleans.

Source via Towleroad

Heidi Klum checks into the hospital to give birth

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ready to add to her already sizable brood, Heidi Klum has checked into the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

According to breaking reports, the sexy supermodel went to the hospital overnight as she prepares to give birth to her fourth child.

Meanwhile, Heidi’s mother, Erna, has been lending a helping hand - as she dropped her daughter’s three children off at school this morning before picking up a few healthy provisions.

The Victoria’s Secret beauty’s mom then dropped the supplies off at the hospital in preparation of the big arrival, which will be Heidi’s third child with hubby Seal and fourth overall.

Heidi Klum Checks In for Child Birth
Yay! I can't wait to hear Baby Girl Samuels' name.

Trash Behaving Like Trash

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you walked into KFed's house and didn't see ciggie butts on the floor and spit on the walls, you'd probably be pretty damn shocked. So it's not surprising that KFed is being accused of completely trashing a house he was renting. The owners of the house want KFat to fart up $100,000 (of Brit Brit's money) to pay for all the damages he allegedly made the house in Tarzana, CA. They also say that KFed rolled out of there without paying rent for 6-months. Here's a list of the damages:

Gutters full of cigarette butts and empty beer bottles
A broken beer dispenser on the barbecue island
Permanent spit marks on exterior paint
Broken light covers
Bent light posts
Broken tiles
Dead trees and plants due to failure to water
Drawings all over the walls
A room that was turned into a studio (without the owners' permission)
Broken dishwasher ... with broken baskets
Dismantled smoke detectors
Front driveway oil-leak damage
Master bathroom windows tinted (without owners' permission)

TMZ also has a ton of pictures of the damages. My guess is that KFed didn't mean to mess that place up. Most of the damage was probably caused just by him walking around. Dude can make the earth move. And when he farts? Forget about it. Light posts will bend and smoke detectors will burst.

The most disturbing part about all of this is that KFed had a recording studio in his house. That is some terrorist shit right there. Haven't we been through enough?!

jason oh not this shit; true blood

The Hills post

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Debuting their pooch pals, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt introduced their new puppies, Dolly and Ninja, while out in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday (October 6).

Making her way around town on what was a pleasant day, Audrina Patridge was spotted dropping by a flower Store in West Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon (October 7).

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"He's another psychotic viking."

Dolph Lundgren talks about his character in THE EXPENDABLES!

Dolph Lundgren recently sat down with Chase Whale of Gordon and the Whale.com at Fantastic Fest and talked about his role in Slyvester Stallone's THE EXPENDABLES. In this clip, he gives us a little insight on his character, “Gunnar Jensen.” He describes Gunnar as “very entertaining, very violent,” and “the guy on the team that goes a little haywire and starts working for the bad guys.”

Dolph talks THE EXPENDABLES' Gunnar Jensen from Gordon and the Whale on Vimeo.

Check out another interview with Dolph where he discusses his role in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: A NEW BEGINNING after the cut!

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Source: Gordon and the Whale.com

Hey mods! I haven't seen this posted and I knew a few people were interested in the movie/Dolph! :D :D

New stills from ‘The Continuing And Lamentable Saga Of The Suicide Brothers’

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Everyday at two o'clock the two brothers named Bourbon and Barath go out to the shed to kill themselves. They try a different method everyday but each day they fail. They are forever overlooking the presence of their frustrated fairy godmother as they carry on with their clockwork routine. Rupert Friend and girlfriend Keira Knightley appear in the film. The Suicide Brothers will show at the London Film Festival on October 15th and 18th in a collection of seven shorts entitled People Are Strange.

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FINALLY! Jay Sean Knocks Black Eyed Peas Out of #1 on the Hot 100

Jay Sean will put an end to the Black Eyed Peas' record reign atop the Billboard Hot 100 as his "Down" will move into the top slot on the chart to be released tomorrow morning. The Peas had held steady at No. 1 for 26 straight weeks with "Boom Boom Pow" (12 weeks) and "I Gotta Feeling" (14 weeks), smashing the prior mark of 19 straight No. 1 frames earned by Usher with a pair of his tracks in 2004.

For Sean, his debut single becomes his first Hot 100 No. 1. The track also climbs to the top of Hot 100 Airplay with a total of 115 million listener impressions and rises 5-3 on Hot Digital Songs, where is has moved 1.5 million downloads since its release.

Source: Billboard.com

I'm a chart geek who checks Billboard every week, and I was so tired of seeing the Black Eyed Peas at #1. Thank goodness they didn't break Mariah's record of having the most weeks at #1 with one song (16 weeks for "One Sweet Day" with Boyz II Men). Via Wikipedia, here's a list of songs that have spent more than 10 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100:

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Also, Jay Sean is a hot piece, Y/N?


guy ritchie: madonna is "retarded"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Director Guy Ritchie recently sat down for an interview with Esquire magazine to promote his upcoming "Sherlock Holmes" film, and, my, was he feeling chatty. But in between his pontifications on fighting, fatherhood, and the finer points of 19th century detective work, Ritchie also felt compelled to solve a bigger mystery: How does he really feel about his ex-wife, Madonna, in the wake of their hyper-publicized divorce?

Well, he starts out nicely enough:

"She’s a manifester, if there ever was one. First-rate manifester. Madonna makes things happen. Put Madonna up against any 23-year-old, she’ll outwork them, outdance them, outperform them. The woman is broad."

Hey, compliments! Way to keep things classy, right? But wait, a few sentences later, all the compliments suddenly become somewhat back-handed:

"And, of course, here you go: I still love her," he says. "But she’s retarded, too."

Yikes. He just couldn't stop himself from insulting both an international superstar and people with genuine mental handicaps, could he?

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Lauren Graham Contemplates 'Parenthood'


"Gilmore Girls" alumna Lauren Graham is in negotiations to join NBC's upcoming drama series "Parenthood," taking over the role played in the pilot by Maura Tierney.

Helen Hunt was originally approached to step in for Tierney, but a deal could not be made.

On "Parenthood," a contemporary take on Ron Howard's 1989 movie, Graham joins an already strong cast.

The UMS/Imagine TV series, created by Jason Katims, revolves around four adult siblings (Peter Krause, Erika Christensen, Dax Shepard, Graham) and their parents (Bonnie Bedelia and Craig T. Nelson).

Tierney pulled out of "Parenthood" in September to focus on her breast cancer treatments.

"Parenthood," exec produced by Katims, Howard and Brian Grazer, was slated for a fall launch but pushed to midseason after Tierney's illness was discovered in July.

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Method Man wants to set the record straight about his taxes

Mr. Tax Evasion... AKA Method Man talks to Big Tigger about his recent legal woes...


"You know, when you don't file [your taxes], that's what happens," Mef explained. "So that's the lesson I learned. I think it was four years and after three years that's when it's a problem. It's not a money thing because I paid it when they did that thing with the truck and contrary to everyone's belief, the truck wasn't repossessed. It's different when the government comes and takes a truck, they want their money. I took the black people route. I took the ghetto route. [laughs] But you know, you can't be waiting 'til the last minute and stuff like that. If it's not right there in your face, then these things happen...It's my fault totally. I just don't like things to get blown outta portion and I'm glad that you gave me the option to speak my peace...The government is not playing, Uncle Sam pimp slapped me and it's a lesson learned and I'm gonna take this and learn from it. Everybody [in jail] was cool, I live in Staten Island so it was nothing."


Jenna Jameson At Center of Major UFC Pay Per View Controversy!

A war of words has erupted over UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman pulling out of UFC 106, and the words are not coming from former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz, but his babymama, the world's most (in)famous retired porn star Jenna Jameson.

When Mark Coleman’s manager, Mark DiSabato, went on the attack yesterday many MMA fans were anxious to see what Tito's response would be. However, Tito never said a word. Instead, word came from his globally-famous XXX girlfriend-for-life.

Jenna posted five Tweets regarding the controversy last night.

“i am sad to see that Mark Coleman must rely on his mouuthpiece to do his cleanup work for dropping out…”

“he feels that taking personal stabs at my character, will help hom get a payday with Tito…”

“lets keep it in the octagon, Coleman…. shall we?”

“I chuckle at the fact that Titos apponents are so desperate, that they need to say terrible things about me… go ice you knee, mark”

“its a sad day in MMA, when a fighter and his “manager” attacks a new mommy in order to get attention. – wish him luck with rehab…”

Tito kicked off the war of words Monday night when he Tweeted that Coleman was a “sissy” for pulling out of their UFC 106 fight. That caused DiSabato to go on the attack yesterday, calling out Tito and Jenna.

Disabato stated that Coleman had no choice but to withdraw after he tore his MCL, however they wanted to reschedule for a later date, possibly UFC 108 in January.

It looks like Tito and Jenna are happier with the controversy.

Jenna has been looking for a new controversy for a while, and now she found it.

Photos of Tito and Jenna (well, mostly Jenna during her heyday) here: http://heymanhustle.craveonline.com/articles/news/21353-is-that-really-?start=2


Source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/268135-jenna-jameson-causes-major-ufc-controversy?just_published=1
light fantastic

Me and Orson Welles Full US Trailer

And Zac will be in London for the Me and Orson Welles premiere on November 18th (@Empire Leicester Square) and apparently will also be filming another episode of Graham Norton (probably on 11/19) when he's there, YAY!


Oh and if you want to talk to Orson Welles, he is now on twitter, lol:

eta: Since he's kept a pretty low paparazzi profile in Vancouver and it's been a bit of a drought on the Zac Efron front, I thought you guys might like some of the fan pics that have made their way online from his whole time up in BC:

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megan for cosmo

the real megan

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Remember back when we asked if the real Megan Fox would please stand up? Ya know, aside from the hot looks and unstoppable mouth, we wanted to know what the brunette was really like behind closed doors.

Well, according to some workers on the set of Transformers, the real Megan is nothing but a nasty be-yotch, and that's putting it nicely.

Yesterday, we ran into someone who also dwells behind the scenes in Hollywood, and has worked with Miss Fox. So is she as terrible as we hear—and some of you hope—she is? And what's the latest guy situation Meg has found herself in?
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Beastie Boys’ Yauch Updates Fans on Health, Status of Group’s LP

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Beastie Boys‘ Adam “MCA” Yauch e-mailed fans today with an update regarding his recovery from salivary gland cancer, saying he traveled to India to seek advice from Tibetan doctors and attend a “three-day teaching” led by the Dalai Lama. “I’m feeling healthy, strong and hopeful that I’ve beaten this thing, but of course time will tell,” MCA writes.

“I’m taking Tibetan medicine and at the recommendation of the Tibetan doctors I’ve been eating a vegan/organic diet, which surprisingly enough was harder to do in India than it is now that I’m back home. Here I can just shop for the right food and cook… a lot easier than depending on restaurants,” Yauch adds. “When I was in India I visited an ani gompa (a nunnery) called jamyang choling. They did a puja (religious ceremony) for me to help me get well. One nun said to me ‘we do prayers and then you are better.’ So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.” It’s nice to see cancer hasn’t dulled Yauch’s ability to make kickass Caddyshack references.

As Rolling Stone previously reported, the Beastie Boys were forced to cancel all their tour dates and push back the release of their new album The Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 1 as Yauch recovered from the cancer treatment. “We have not set a new release date for the record yet, but I’m hoping it’ll be in the first half of next year,” Yauch said, adding in closing, “Thanks again for all of the well wishes and prayers, and the letters were great too, brought a smile to my face reading them.”

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Actor Douglas Campbell dies

Douglas Campbell, the Glasgow-born actor who was a stalwart of the Stratford stage and a pioneer of Canadian theatre, has died. He was 87.

Campbell died Tuesday at Montreal's Hôtel Dieu hospital of complications of diabetes and heart disease.


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RIP :( This makes me want to go to Stratford this year.

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Gabrielle Union Reveals Her Character's Vision on "FlashForward" + Clip

may have plateaued suspense-wise during its second episode, but the show will likely accelerate again following Gabrielle Union’s arrival on the series as Demetri’s (John Cho) fiance Zoey. Union spoke with Movieline about working with Cho and the plight of her character, who’s “flashforward” of April 29, 2010 seems to conflict with what we think we understand about Demetri.


The 36-year-old star of Bring It On and Love & Basketball confessed that Zoey’s psychic vision of April 29, 2010 has Demetri in it, which means that he might be misinterpreting his ominous-seeming “flashforward.”


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As for her TV husband, she says finally meeting Cho in person — after knowing him from the cheetah rides of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle — proved refreshing.

“I pretty much knew him from American Pie and Harold & Kumar,” she said. “He’s so smart, so funny, so in love with his wife and baby. It’s actually really endearing. People usually come to work and they complain, and he comes to work and just gushes. It’s a nice little surprise.”


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dont worry, there's more to this than kaga bs


Fans are still questioning exactly what derailed the Fame Kills tour featuring Kanye West and Lady Gaga that was set to launch next month (is it possible not enough fans wanted to see Gaga’s outrageous outfits?). Sometimes shows are called off for obvious reasons (an artist’s injury) but often the excuses are more fuzzy (the always-reliable “exhaustion”). Here’s a rundown of other big-name events that were suddenly squashed:

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of course, i searched google news for anything gaga related, don't be silly


15 TV Characters Who Never Came Out Of The Closet (But Should Have)

Let’s face it, only in the last few years has society found it acceptable to portray homosexuals on TV. Of course it’s only safe when they show the approved stereotypes, such as the quirky and well dressed funny ones. It’s a giant step considering what we had to see years ago. Stuffy awkward people who we just assumed enjoyed being single. TV would have been much different, if they weren’t suppressed.

There were many characters on television who could have led a much better life if they could have just come out of the closet. Who were these poor souls? Here are 15 TV Characters Who Never Came Out Of The Closet (But Should Have).

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Colombia: Heart

Shakira to perform at MTV Latin America awards in Bogota

Colombian singer Shakira is to perform at the MTV Latin America Awards on 15 October, but from Bogota.

Although the live broadcast of the event will be held on Thursday 15 October, some of the show will be prerecorded, with local awards being held in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles and Bogota.

Shakira, who is launching her new album She Wolf, will be in Bogota from Sunday 11 October to prepare for the show, reports music news website Vive.in.

Nelly Furtado and Residente from band Calle 13 will host the event, which will be broadcast on MTV Latin America and MTV Tr3s in the United States.



terry richardson

Lohan's Father Takes Legal Action Against Perez Hilton

Lindsay Lohan's father has launched legal action against celebrity blogger Perez Hilton over lewd images the Internet gossip draws on photos of his daughter.

Born-again Christian Michael Lohan has had enough of posted scribbles of penises and suggested incontinence on pictures of his daughter and he has sent Hilton, real name Mario Lavandeira, a cease and desist order, demanding that he stops.

Lohan staged a press conference on Tuesday and insisted he's not going after the blogger to defend his daughter - he wants Hilton to stop posting all "obscene" images on his popular gossip website.

The determined dad said, "I'm taking legal action against Perez Hilton with, first and foremost, a cease and desist letter, so that he stops with the pornographic and the obscene material that he has on his website."

Lohan isn't the only celebrity furious with the blogger; Demi Moore threatened to take legal action against Hilton last month after he posted provocative shots of her 15-year-old daughter Tallulah on his website.

Moore took to her Twitter.com page to vent her anger about the pictures, accusing the gossip of flouting child pornography laws.

She fumed, "Expect another letter from my attorney, kitten," adding, "Clearly Perez Hilton isn't taking violating child pornography laws very seriously. He might not but there are a lot of people who do! Anyone who advertises follows or supports Perez supports violating child pornography laws!

"Let me ask all of you, what is it called when someone is telling people to look and focus on a child's 'boobs & a**' while providing photos? (It's) child pornography! Or just being a general pervert/creep. Disgusting! This is not a game. Children should not be exploited. They must be protected."

Hilton has already responded to Moore's comments, calling them, "libellous, defamatory, inaccurate and stupid".

bird dj

(no subject)

In recent years an ongoing debate has brewed over advertisers and fashion magazines using photographs, particularly photographs of women, that have seemingly been altered, or "retouched," by airbrushing and photo editing software such as Photoshop. The latest such image to cause an uproar is one featured in a new Ralph Lauren advertisement that shows a model, Filippa Hamilton, so emaciated that her waist actually appears to be smaller than her head.

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Filippa Hamilton with a normal sized waist:


Tila Tequila, Just Getting Attention on Twitter?

Tila TequilaSinger, model, and television personality Tila Tequila recently wrote on her official Tila Twitter account what seems like frightening dark messages and suicide tweets. These messages are entirely different from her usual mood, which is outgoing, positive, and loud. However, she is not staying quiet through this ordeal and has been responding with her fans over the social network stream. It leads fans, the media crowd and those just curious about Tila's plans for the future. This comes not long after her apparent choking by San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman in early September, as according to CNN's article NFL's Merriman arrested, accused of choking Tila Tequila.

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'New Moon' Soundtrack gets an A from EW

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On a good day, film soundtracks enhance the moviegoing experience. At their best, they transcend it. The latest sonic accompaniment to Twilight's inescapable teen-vampire juggernaut — a swooning conveyance of girl-meets-undead-boy romance, delivered by some of the best established and emerging names in the indie stratosphere — may sway even the most committed Twi-loathers.

After the success of the first installment, music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas (Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy) gets her pick of the alt litter here, with each contributing original, previously unreleased material: From the opening chords of Death Cab for Cutie's dusky guitar rapture ''Meet Me on the Equinox'' to the spooky robot-ennui of Thom Yorke's ''Hearing Damage'' 
 and Grizzly Bear's gorgeous folk-pop pastoral ''Slow Life,'' New Moon rarely falters. A peacocking remix of Muse's shamelessly operatic ''I Belong to You'' becomes a Bowie-esque glam-rock stomper. In its wake, Bon Iver and St. Vincent quietly unfurl ''Rosyln,'' a duet of hushed, almost church-like beauty.

Moon (due in stores Oct. 20) yields several happy revelations from its lower-marquee names: Nordic songstress Lykke Li's nearly a cappella ''Possibility'' is a lovely little Swedish snowflake, and jokey rockers OK Go achieve an impressive sort of Flaming Lips-y quirk-gravitas on the sprawling, cinematic ''Shooting the Moon.'' Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's acoustic campfire lament ''Done All Wrong'' segues seamlessly into the jaunty, Strokes-ian guitar fuzz of Hurricane Bells' ''Monsters.'' Think of New Moon as a sort of survey course in new-now-next rock: a mixtape with teeth. A

SOURCE: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20310793,00.html#

Is There an Indie Rock Dance Party in Twilight: New Moon?(& Meet me on the equinox vid)

(Full video.I love the song and hate the fact that it is basically pimping out the movie)
ETA: Soundtrack gets an A from EW

We’re aware of how thirsty Twilight fans are for the upcoming release of the film, New Moon, but now it seems music fans may be … hungrier. If you’re both a lover of indie music and of Stephenie Meyer’s four-part teenage vampire saga, then you must be positively aching for the impending release of the movie’s soundtrack, on October 20.

When Atlantic Records released the New Moon soundtrack listing on September 22, indie kids were both shocked and delighted to see many of their favorites contributing new, exclusive material. Big name, arena-filling artists like Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Washington darlings Death Cab for Cutie are on the roster, but so are smaller acts such as Sea Wolf, OK Go, Bon Iver, and St. Vincent, who are staples of the club circuit.

We spoke to three of the bands on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack about their song contributions, moody lyrics, and whether they’re Team Edward or Team Jacob.

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actresses // nicole

Nicole Kidman is the Alpha and the Omega

Omega ambassador Nicole Kidman visits the Omega flagship boutique on Wednesday (October 7) in New York City.

The 42-year-old Aussie actress is a possibility of the three to four celebrities Omega (the official 2010 Olympic timekeeper) will bring as guests to Vancouver and Whistler during the Games next year.

Other possibilities include George Clooney, Daniel Craig, Cindy Crawford, Michael Phelps, Sergio Garcia and Michelle Wie.

Phelps seems like a shoo-in!

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Just looking at her hair is making my scalp hurt!

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Levi Johnston extends his 15 minutes of fame to Playgirl

Levi Johnston is getting ready to bare all.

"Team Levi is in the process of preparing for his Playgirl appearance," his lawyer Rex Butler tells
Usmagazine.com. "He is in the gym six days a week for the next three weeks."

Butler said he wasn't aware of any "particular issue" in which the photos would appear, but the issue should be out "probably before the end of the year."

previously reported that the 19-year-old Johnston -- who welcomed a son, Tripp, last December with Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol -- wasn't sure whether to show "the front or the back."

In the meantime, Johnston - a high school dropout who quit his oil field job - can be found in a new TV commercial for the Wonderful brand of pistachios.

As Johnston cracks open a nut, a voiceover chimes in, "Now Levi Johnston does it with protection."


Post about his commercial 2 days ago

Drew Carey pledges to donate a million dollars to charity if he gets a million twitter followers

Ashton Kutcher did it for Malaria No More. So did Hugh Jackman for Charity: Water and Operation of Hope. Drew Carey, aka @DrewFromTV, is now the latest celeb to jump on the philanthropic twitter wagon and he's upping the ante.

In an exclusive sit-down interview, the host of CBS's "The Price Is Right" told me that he will donate $1 million to Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong Foundation if he gets 1 million followers by midnight on December 31, 2009.

The Internet buzz began on Saturday after Carey tweeted out that he would bid and donate $25,000 to Drew Olanoff, who currently owns the twitter name @drew and has been raising money for LiveStrong since he was diagnosed with Cancer in May. Along with raising money, Olanoff has also become popular in the Twitterverse for creating the viral hashtag #blamedrewscancer where people can tweet and blame his cancer for anything.

Carey then quickly raised the bar, tweeting that he would donate $100,000 if he could up his followers to 100,000 by November 9.

In just three days since his Twitter announcement, the comedian has gone from around 13,000 to just under 50,000 followers. If his fellow celebs are any indication, Carey should be able to reach his 1 million mark. If he doesn't, he can always #blamedrewscancer.

So what do you think? Will you follow @DrewFromTV?

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Hilary Swank Covers Marie Claire

Hilary Swank, the star of the upcoming film based on the life of Amelia Earhart, graces the November 2009 cover of Marie Claire magazine, on newsstands October 13.

On people assuming she can get any role she wants because of her two Oscars:
“So not true. I really chase the things that I want. I don’t audition anymore, but I do go after things that I believe in. Someone will say, ‘Oh, I don’t see Hilary in that role because she’s not really that funny to me.’ So I’ll say that I want to sit down with them so that they meet the real person behind the characters. I usually get roles that are not the conventional beauty.”

On her way of relaxation:
“My relaxation has always been my animals—going to the dog park with them, going to the beach. I always try to carve out time in my day to be with them. On the last set I was on, I would just get a bike and ride around the studio with my dogs chasing me. It just gets me out of my head, you know what I mean?”

On people assuming she’s a loner:
“For a long time, I was a loner because [my ex-husband Chad Lowe] was my best friend, and we were really happy just hanging out, he and I. I think it was maybe five years ago that I realized how important my friends were to me, and I realized they were a big part of my letting go. When I got divorced three years ago, I needed them more than ever. I have really good girlfriends. Mariska Hargitay is my best friend.”

Brazen Flight (White)

Jon Blows Out Kate's Candles

I knew she was lying based on the fact that she made little mention of the money situation earlier. Nice trying to get sympathy Kate.

ET's Mary Hart sits down Jon Gosselin in an all-new interview -- and TV's most controversial dad shoots down claims made by his estranged wife Kate that he withdrew more than $200,000 from their joint bank account.

"I have the proof right here that I only took $22,000, which is my paycheck," Jon reveals to Mary.

The dad of eight says it's "absolutely not" true that he has made it difficult for Kate to pay her bills -- going on to claim that she has 11 bank accounts and made $1 million from her book.

Also in the revealing interview, a visibly-tense Jon tells Mary that he has been locked out of a room that holds important records, saying, "banking, financial, safe, everything is in that room. My clothes are in that room. I just want access to that stuff."

Watch the video to hear Jon's side of the story -- including whether or not his kids were moved to tears when they heard that Jon was trying to stop production of their TLC show.

This is also the one with "What's for lunch?"

Gee, why wasn't this posted? Oh right, daddy issues.

TEAM SNORLAX BITCHEZZZZ. Actually I'd like to see them both DIAF but if I had to choose, I would choose his fat sloppy ass over lies and manipulation cunt rags any day.




FOX is a TV whorehouse, in case you didn't know that already

If Fox is a seedy nightclub, who's on the pole (video)

Bold new Fox "redband" ad that brings together their characters to nightclub. This sort of thing has been done before -- HBO, ABC and Syfy have combined characters into single ads. But if Fox were a shrink's patient, its doctor would have a field day that the network envisioned its fantasy environment as a strip club, with one dancer putting the moves on "Fringe"'s Anna Torv ...


Joe Jonas is a Cooker & is trying to save the world with his brothers


Joe Jonas intently listens to a friend as they pick up some groceries at a local Whole Foods Store in Toronto on Tuesday afternoon (October 6).

The 20-year-old musician recently caught up with JJJ and revealed that he’s getting really into cooking as of late. He shared, “I want to make a pasta - that’s our next goal. I’m excited - I’m going to make it tomorrow night, probably. I think it’s going to be fun.”

Joe continued, “I made fish tacos and that was a big hit - it was the first time I’d cooked for more than myself and people kind of freaked out, they loved it! It was really exciting for me so that was really cool to see that they liked it.”

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source: http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/10/07/joe-jonas-camp-rock-cooker/#comments
source: http://www.norwichbulletin.com/casinos/entertainment/x1128400788/Jonas-Brothers-to-raise-money-for-foundation-with-exclusive-event

Marlon Wayans To Play Richard Pryor

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Funny man Marlon Wayans is in advanced discussions to play one of comedy’s most iconic figures in the biopic Richard Pryor: Is it Something I Said for Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Prods. and Sony Pictures. The project has been written and will be directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls). Eddie Murphy was originally attached to star in the project, but he dropped out over conflicts with Paramount Pictures, which was previously on board to finance the film.

While Wayans is primarily known for his comedic roles in Wayans Bros.’ movies such as Dance Flick and White Chicks, he received critical acclaim for his dramatic turn in 1999’s Requiem for a Dream. Sources tell EW.com that Wayans fought for the role, blowing the producers away with a 13- min screen test where he “transforms into Pryor.” The movie depicts Pryor’s controversial brand of comedy and his battle with drugs and is currently budgeted at $20 million. Chris Rock, Pryor’s widow Jennifer Lee Pryor and Mark Gordon are also lined up to produce. Producers are still working out the terms of Wayans’ deal, and other major aspects of the overall project have not been finalized. Sony did not respond to requests for comment.


No Simpsons 2

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The creators of "The Simpsons" have ruled out making a sequel to The Simpsons Movie, at least not until the TV series finally wraps.

According to Variety, Matt Groening and showrunner Al Jean said that making the series and producing the movie was so exhausting that a sequel remains a distant prospect.

"It took 18 years to get around to doing the movie," Groening said. "We got very frustrated. We thought it would take two years but it ended up taking four. Some day maybe we'll do another one -- but don't hold your breath."

Both Groening and Jean have no idea when the series may end.

kc is my hero
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kelly clarkson at hammerstein ballroom last night

Kelly Clarkson brings everyone together: the young, the old, the gay, the straight, the hipsters, the teenyboppers, the Glamberts, the Allen Nation. The proof was at her All I Ever Wanted New York City tour stop Tuesday night, where a sold-out crowd of 2,500 concertgoers representing all walks of life collectively screamed their heads off for more than 90 minutes.

Predictably, the Hammerstein Ballroom exploded into a giant karaoke party every time Kelly tore through one of her mega-hits — and she passionately tackled them all, even "Miss Independent," from her debut album. But the crowd was just as happy when Clarkson visited the deep cuts of her latest album, All I Ever Wanted. In fact, Kelly announced that she just had to include "Impossible" on tour because the fans demanded it.

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SOURCE (rest of mtv article & more photos)

NY Post
entertainment weekly
rolling stones
spin magazine

what is she wearing
"... not flattering clothes for her body type"
y u so fat
in b4 fat wank
blah blah blah

Juno, Maeby and someone else team up for HBO pilot

Ellen Page to pen comedy at HBO

Film star Ellen Page is adding a TV writer-producer credit to her resume.

Page has teamed with HBO for "Stitch N' Bitch," a single-camera comedy she will write with two other young actors, Alia Shawkat and Sean Tillmann. 

The trio will executive produce the project, which follows two painfully cool hipster girls as they relocate from Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood to Los Angeles' Silver Lake enclave in hopes of becoming artists -- of any kind.

Page, Shawkat and Tillmann might also star, but a decision about them acting in "Stitch" will be made later.

The three worked together on the Drew Barrymore-directed "Whip It," which is in theaters. Page plays the lead and Shawkat co-stars. Tillmann has a small role.

Page, an Oscar nominee for her breakthrough role in "Juno," is filming "Inception" opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. She is repped by WME, manager Kelly Bush and attorney Kevin Yorn. 

"Arrested Development" alumna Shawkat, repped by UTA and Kipperman Management, recently wrapped "The Runaways" and co-starred in "Amreeka." 

Tillmann also is a musician who goes by stage names Har Mar Superstar and Sean Na Na.


Did tonight's South Park go too far...y/y?

'South Park' season premiere: 'I see dead celebrities'

The ceaseless flow of bad taste that South Park emits like lava from a volcano erupted again on Wednesday night. And what I mean by that is, I laughed until I choked at the season premiere’s highly irreverent salute to “celebrities that died over the summer.”

Poor little Ike whimpered, “I see dead celebrities,” and so did we: South Park-ed versions of Billy Mays, David Carradine, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Walter Cronkite, DJ AM, and Michael Jackson, among others, were said to be trapped in purgatory, waiting impatiently to enter heaven.


It was Mays and Jackson who obsessed Trey Parker and Matt Stone the most. Billy Mays’ spirit was intent on pitching a new product, “Chipoltaway,” which helped folks who’d eaten too much spicy fast-food remove stains from a certain item of clothing. (That’s a combination of not wanting to be a spoiler and not being able to bring myself to type out the excellent gross joke.) “Make Billy Mays go away!” yelped Ike, over and over.

As for Jackson, well, his spirit took possession of a comatose Ike. The Jackson impersonation was first-rate (”Let’s climb a tree, hee-hee!”), and the solution to freeing Ike’s body from Jackson’s spirit resulted in a ruthless parody of child beauty pageants. Once again,South Park managed to hit a shotgun-spray of pop-culture targets with deadly, devillish accuracy.

Did you watch South Park? Am I a bad person for finding it so funny?


love is to weak

time for a million black eyed peas comparisons

N.E.R.D. are taking a page out of the Black Eyed Peas playbook. They're adding their first female member, turning the R&B/Hip-Hop trio into a foursome.

MTV News reports that the "Everyone Nose" are adding singer Rhea to the line-up. She'll first appear on the band's upcoming fourth studio album, titled "Instant Gratification," set to be released in 2010. The Toronto-raised singer of Guyanese descent, introduced to the group by a mutual friend, auditioned via Skype with a rendition of "His Eye Is on the Sparrow." She soon found herself joining the trio, composed of Neptunes producers Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, and Shae.

The 5"4' beauty has already started performing with the group. They debuted new songs from their upcoming album at a Miami Beach performance over the weekend. The material doesn't find them going anywhere near B.E.P.-style radio friendly territory. "The music is very three-dimensional. We're just really excited," Pharrell told MTV News. "We feel like N.E.R.D. has always been the punks of hip-hop and the outcasts of alternative music, just a little different. But this time, we're taking no prisoners."

While Pharrell's falsetto has taken them to soaring heights on cuts like "Love Bomb" and "Happy" from their critically-acclaimed 2008 album "Seeing Sounds," Pharrell says that new member Rhea will take them to new heights. "Now you have this little Tinkerbell that's just stepped in and has been amazing. It's made it a fun process," he said. "We can go in so many more directions, because we have the vocal support."

The new N.E.R.D. line-up is set to join Jay-Z as support for his tour in support of "Blueprint 3," which kicks off October 9th at University Park, PA.

Chuck - Need You to Be Awesome

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin to Guest Star on Chuck

Chuck fans have a long wait until the new season, but today they got news of a big guest star coming up.

This season of ‘Chuck’ will see a visit by former WWE Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin.  He will be appearing in episode 5. His character’s name is Hugo Pancer.

How will Chuck deal with The Texas Rattlesnake?
Tune in this winter when Chuck returns to NBC.



A Reading from the Book of Tyra

1 In the beginning Tyra created the heaven and the earth.

2 And the earth was without a runway, and void of all fierce colors and outfits; and improper lighting caused darkness upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Tyra worked the runway upon the face of the waters, striking fierce poses at each step of the way.

3 And Tyra said, Let there be lighting: and there was lighting, and stage hands, and production assistants.

4 And Tyra saw the lighting, that it was good, minimized her imperfections, and made her eyes smile: and Tyra divided the light from the darkness to ensure fierce day and night photos.

5 And Tyra called the light Tyra, and the darkness she called Naomi. And the evening and the morning were the first days dedicated to the Spirit of Tyra.

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Review of Comedy Central's 'Secret Girlfriend'

Comedy Central, like any good targeted network with a young male audience, is constantly asking itself, What do guys like? Guys like comedy. Guys like the Internet. And guys like point-of-view porn and Girls Gone Wild videos. Ahem, so I'm told.

The channel has combined these great tastes together in a fascinatingly bad comedy debuting tonight after South Park. American dudes, meet your Secret Girlfriend.

The premise of Secret Girlfriend is that the protagonist is You. The lead character—a guy, somewhere in his twenties, with a couple of nutty friends—is played by the camera.

As the action of the pilot plays out (dude goes to a party, makes a beer run, meets a new girl and has lots of makeup sex with his hot, crazy ex), the other characters speak to, are looked at and, in the case of the women, um, act upon the protagonist by addressing the camera. If the young Jay McInerney had worked at Maxim instead of the New Yorker, and shot a web video series, this is what he would have made. (The show is actually based on a series of web shorts from Atomic Wedgie TV.)

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this was probably the worst show i've ever had the pleasure of watching. the concept seemed original and interesting enough, but it was JUST SO DAMN AWFUL. it premiered tonight after the new south park(which was funny) did any of you guys watch it??

here's the redband trailer for the show:

Secret GirlfriendStarts Tonight 10:30pm / 9:30c
Red Band Trailer
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