September 12th, 2009


Trailer & Stills From Takers

Image and video hosting by TinyPic has received four exclusive shots from Takers, opening in theaters February 2010.

Takers, directed by John Luessenhop, revolves around a notorious group of criminals (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and Michael Ealy) who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low in between heists. But when they attempt to pull off one last job with more money at stake than ever before, the crew may find their plans interrupted by a hardened detective (Matt Dillon) who is hell-bent on solving the case.


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mabel 2

Video Premiere: Fever Ray: "Seven"

Fever Ray's self-titled debut has been a constant fount of sinister music video greatness this year, and the new clip for "Seven" continues that diabolical legacy. (The "Seven" single is out October 5 in the UK courtesy of Rabid/Cooperative.)

I honestly have no idea what the video's feeble, half-crazed old woman is doing in a barn filled with cows and sheep (and a burly weirdo bodyguard with an out-of-control beard), but it makes for some seriously creeped-out, edge-of-psyche viewing.


Great video. Very creepy, mysterious, and beautiful.
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early Jennifer's Body reviews are... not so good.

Variety says:
While not exactly lifeless, "Jennifer's Body" sure could be fresher. Even with Megan Fox ideally cast as a sharp-fanged succubus with a lusty appetite for young male (and sometimes female) flesh, this high school horror romp tackles its bad-girl-gone-really-bad premise with eye-rolling obviousness and, fatally, a near-total absence of real scares.

Box Office says:
That is not to say that Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody's latest is not original—she has so many random ideas floating around in this story of two BFFs whose relationship is ruptured when one of them becomes a man-eating demon that it does have a style of its own. It is not nearly as funny or clever as Cody and Karyn Kusama evidently think it is and it telegraphs its intentions too bluntly to be scary.

Cinematical says:
Jennifer's Body substitutes hipster credibility for emotional currency, confuses pop-psychology insight with substantive social commentary, and measures terror on a scale that ranges from the word boo to a dead spider; in short, Jennifer's Body just does not work.

Hollywood Reporter says:
The film will most disappoint those who hoped "Juno" had introduced a writer with a fresh point of view about young people in today's world. Horror fans, however, will get a kick out of this absurd yarn of a high-school hottie-turned-psycho cannibal, who feasts on all those boys dying to get into her pants. And there is enough of those arch, self-conscious comic lines to remind us this is a Cody screenplay.

Screen Daily says:
Despite its selling points, however, Jennifer’s Body can’t help but feel unsatisfying. Part of the problem comes from the filmmakers’ noticeable superiority to the genre they’re working in. Jennifer’s murderous acts lack tension and are shot rather perfunctorily, as if Kusama is contemptuous of horror movie conventions but is unsure how best to parody them. And while Fox certainly has the physical attributes required to be every young man’s object of desire, she doesn’t have the truly witchy demeanour needed to make Jennifer despicably arrogant about her looks. The rest of the cast do their best with equally underdeveloped roles, but Adam Brody shows real comic flair as the local band’s cocksure frontman.

sources: Rotten Tomatoes, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Henry Rollins and Sons of Anarchy SPOILER photos

Henry Rollins Live Chat 9/15 3pm est
thought you might like to know... has teamed up with Fancast to bring you a live chat discussion with HENRY ROLLINS. Henry Rollins will be on our forums live to chat and answer any questions you have.
Join the forums NOW and dont miss out.

The Live chat will be at:

photos under cut

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wanna earn 1 million? help solve the mystery of stolen warhol paintings.

Ten Warhol paintings stolen in LA
Multimillion dollar collection was taken from businessman Richard Weisman

LOS ANGELES - A multimillion dollar collection of Andy Warhol artwork depicting famous sporting figures was stolen from a West Los Angeles home, police said Friday.

The 10 pictures, each 40 inches square, were taken from businessman Richard Weisman’s home sometime between Sept. 2 and 3, said Detective Mark Sommer of the Los Angeles Police Department’s art theft detail. A $1 million reward was being offered for information leading to the return of the artwork.

The pop art paintings were on display in Weisman’s living room and his house was locked up. It wasn’t clear exactly when the silk screen paintings were taken or how the thieves got into the home.

The theft was discovered by the family’s longtime nanny who arrived at the home to find the large paintings missing from the walls. She immediately went to a neighbor’s to call police, Sommer said.

“This was a very clean crime,” Sommer said. “(The home) wasn’t ransacked.”

The stolen pictures include images of O.J. Simpson, Muhammad Ali, soccer star Pele and tennis champion Chris Evert. It wasn’t known exactly how much they were worth but Weisman tried to sell the collection in 2002 for $3 million.

Weisman’s home contained other valuable artwork but this was untouched.

“For some reason they had an interest in this collection,” Sommer said.

A neighbor saw a maroon van in the driveway of Weisman’s home around the time of the robbery, and police are seeking more information about that, Sommer said.

Weisman declined to comment about details of the case when reached by The Associated Press on Friday.

another source.

to me this reads like a Nancy Drew story. So many ~suspects, the owner, the neighbour, the nanny... lol
Christian Bale


Caster Semenya withdraws from race in South Africa

Athlete Caster Semenya has pulled out of her return to competitive sport amid growing fears over the psychological impact of rumours about her sex.

The 18-year-old withdrew from a cross-country race in South Africa tomorrow after it was widely reported that a leaked sex test reveals she is a hermaphrodite. Her coach, Michael Seme, said she will not run because she is "not feeling well".

South Africa condemned the international media reports as an invasion of the teenager's privacy and threatened a "third world war" if the women's 800m champion is disqualified from athletics.

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Jewel Julie

Bipasha Basu Tops Maxim India's HOT list!

From The Hindustan Times:

Bong bombshell Bipasha Basu has proved that she is the hottest of all!

The hottie has topped Maxim magazine's Hot 100 celebrities, beating last year's hottest celebrity Deepika Padukone. She appears on the cover of magazine's latest Indian edition.

"I find it a huge compliment to be in the No 1 position in Maxim's Hot 100 especially as it has a worldwide circulation," tells Bipasha to a Mumbai Tabloid.

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I'm so glad she beat out Deepika Padukone! Bips is a great actress and sexy! I'm really looking forward to that cross-dressing movie Pankh!!

Sources: 1 and 2

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Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen, better known as Little J, sat front row at Erin Wasson x RVCA. We got a chance to catch up with the stylish rock chick and her gang after the show for a quick interview.
Glam: What did you think of Erin’s collection?
Taylor: It was great! It was awesome. There are a couple things that I would wear. I love the leather leggings. What else did I like? I liked a couple of the tops and the little dress with the beads on it. The little peach dress was cute.

Glam: What can’t you live without while hopping from show to show?
Taylor: Lipgloss, water, and heels.

Glam: Who are you wearing tonight?
Taylor: I’m wearing Erin of course!
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Jay-Z's 'Answer The Call' 9/11 Concert

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yesterday was an important day because of Sept 11th, and it was a day that was spent paying homage to the victims of the 9/11 atrocities. 2001 was such a catastrophic year because as well as 9/11, Mariah Carey had a public breakdown on TRL and one of my favourite singers that goes by the name Aaliyah also died. Again, music was bought to the forefront last night to pay homage to that very tragic year. Mary J Blige, Beyonce and Rihanna all took to the stage at Madison Square Garden in New York City for Jay-Z’s ‘Answer the Call’ 9/11 charity concert:

Run This Town {Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West}

Other acts who attended and took to the stage included Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, John Mayer, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, Santigold, Kid Cudi. Rihanna joined Jay-Z and Kanye West on stage for ‘Run This Town’, whilst Beyonce performed ‘Diva’ from her latest album ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’. Mary J Blige also joined Jay-Z for their oldskool classic ‘Dont Knock The Hustle’. This was Rihanna’s first performance in front of a large crowd since getting beaten up by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and she absolutely smashed it.

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and Beyonce’s mother Tina who was spotted throwing up the Roc sign.
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matthew lewis

Friday Box Office

I didn't realize Whiteout was being released this weekend when I made the poster, I'll include Kate Beckinsale in tomorrow's.

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If you want to talk spoilers in a movie released this weekend, here is the HTML code for white font (ty to sellotape for the textbox):
Cut and Paste from:

ONTD - Tell us what to see tonight!

DOLLHOUSE stars in Self magazine preview

DOLLHOUSE star Eliza Dushku breaks a serious sweat in the new issue of Self magazine, which hits stands September 22. The actress, who grew up in Watertown, does a multi-page fitness feature with her costar Dichen Lachman. The "Dollhouse" duo are photographed doing palm pats and belly busters. Says Dushku: "I’m addicted to endorphins: good, clean, healthy and free!"

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DOLLHOUSE star Dichen Lachman at the GLEE premiere event.

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Live Review: Julian Casablancas

His official solo debut it may be, but Julian isn’t firing on all cylinders. Shibuya Duo Music Exchange, Tokyo, Monday, August 31

It’s beyond us why Julian Casablancas would waste a golden opportunity like this: when someone asks you, Jules, where you want to make your official solo performance debut, you say ‘Casablanca’. Not bleeding Tokyo. Of all the venues, in all the towns, in all the world, why here? No offence to the world’s most futuristic city or anything: perhaps he saw it as a chance to test material from ‘Phrazes For The Young’ in front of a loyal and forgiving audience, some 7,000 miles from home?

Is it because the man just seriously can’t get enough sushi? Or is the real purpose of his trip the star-studded private party he played for fat-walleted fashion brand Opening Ceremony two days earlier? Hmmm...

Whatever the motivation, the young audience tonight have forked out 6,000 yen (£40) with nothing more to go on than the short video preview on Jules’ website of Ratatat-style, electro-tinged, prog-poppy sounds. Rather than offering a new machine-tooled dance vision, though, the songs unveiled tonight are born from timeless country, blues and AOR – albeit with some very strange sonic architecture on top.

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1D - Niall the hipster

give this man more rum

Pirates 4 Gets Stranger Title, 2011 Release Date

Johnny Depp stormed Disney's D23 Expo Friday in Anaheim, Calif., riding a giant pirate ship, wearing full Jack Sparrow garb and bearing big news:

The fourth film in his huge swashbuckling series will be called Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. And it'll storm theaters summer 2011.

This was a surprise appearance, of course, Depp's favorite kind, and made minutes after Kermit and Miss Piggy popped in to promote the new Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made (to be written by Jason Segel).

"I'm looking for a talking Frog," Depp mumbled to the crowd of 5,000 or so fans assembled for the expo. "I like frogs."

And then he sailed off.

The Pirates movies have grossed more than $1 billion in the United States alone.

SOURCE: eonline

Paul Bettany speaks out, defends his wife in TIFF controversy

Bettany defends wife Jennifer Connelly after media exec publicly disses her by tearing up her photo at the after party for their film Creation....

Paul Bettany has defended his wife Jennifer Connelly in response to Astral Media Executive John Riley, who made a public show of tearing up a photo of the actress when she left his after party for her film "Creation" early, saying "this was my former favorite actress." Connelly tearfully apologized at yesterday's press conference, explaining that the day marked the one year anniversary of her father's death. Her husband, Brit actor Bettany, has now explained that he made the decision to leave the party early:

“We really enjoyed ourselves as much as one can on a day like that,” he said. “It was also my decision. I thought it was enough smiling for her. She’s been up smiling for a long time that day, and the film had started an hour late. And it was 11 o’clock and we turned up to do the press (on the red carpet) and she’d had no time to think about herself and what that day (meant).

“Anniversaries are big things and first anniversaries are huge, so you need to have time to think about those things. And then the day had run away with us and robbed her of it, and I wanted her to get a little bit of that back. And so I said, ‘I don’t think we should stay at the party. I think we should get home, and let you be on your own. And take your heels off.’ And we were advised that was absolutely fine as long as we came to do the press line and turn up at the party.

“I think she’s devastated that she might have caused any offence. That’s a big thing for her to say (publicly). She’s an intensely private person. She would never sort of reveal the meaning of it (her absence), except she thought she had caused offence at TIFF and to the host of the party.”


lord byron

This is a Dandy Motherfucker Post

Two new clips from Bright Star

A little heavy handed thar Fanny...

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Abbie Cornish and her fierce homewrecking self was there in spirit~


p.s - There will be screenings of Bright Star in NYC this Monday and Tuesday - Jane Campion will be present, ya'll. Also, At 7:00 PM on Monday at the Paris Theater in Manhattan, Vanity Fair will be hosting the New York premiere of the movie - BEN WHISHAW WILL BE PRESENT. I WILL TRY TO GET A PICTURE/AUTOGRAPH/KISS/GAY OR STRAIGHT CONFIRMATION/ONTD SIGN YA'LL.
conan white teeth
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Coco Loco

Ice T and Coco at Raekwon’s Album Release Party
Ice T and Coco and the Indashio Fashion Show

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Also, in case you're seeing this post at some other blog. This was posted at

(I just saw my coco post from the other day reposted at another blog word for word, even hotlinking from my album. UGH is there anything we can do about this????)
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It's Official (again), Gisele is Brady's new Baby Mama

Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen and her husband, New England Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady, are expecting a child in December, he was quoted as saying on Friday.
It had been rumored for several months that Bundchen was pregnant but Brady confirmed the news in an interview to be broadcast by ESPN on Sunday, the station's website ( said.

"I told her no Sundays," said Brady, who joked he would participate in Lamaze childbirth classes with his wife.

Lamaze is a nonprofit organization promoting a natural, healthy and safe approach to pregnancy and childbirth.

"It couldn't be harder than training camp, so I'll be prepared," added Brady. "The women are the ones who have to do the work, we just have to be there to support them and so it'll be nice to do that."

The 29-year-old Bundchen has been named by Forbes as the world's highest paid model with the financial magazine saying she earned $25 million in the past year for appearances in various advertising campaigns.

Brady, 32, who is expected to make his return on Monday from a knee injury that kept him out of nearly all of last season, has a child born in 2007 from a previous relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan.

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Anna Friel looking cute leaving rehearsals and performances of Breakfast at Tiffany's this week

ANNA Friel has done it again after stepping out in London in yet another effortlessly chic getup.
The 33-year-old Breakfast At Tiffany’s star was caught off-duty last night as she left London’s Theatre Royal looking fabulous in a plain white t-shirt and dungarees.

Although she’d just endured over two hours on stage in her role as Holly Golightly, the actress looked stunningly fresh-faced and effortlessly cool – a look she has managed to pull off night after night since being in the capital.

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she looks so fresh and beautiful
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Songstress and Cultural Icon Returns to the Stage

Mariah Carey kicked off her 4 shows at Pearl- Palms Casino in Las Vegas last night!

It was alla bout glitz, glamour and high notes as Mariah Carey performed at the Pearl Theatre at the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas last night (September 11).
After kicking off the sold out show in frilly princess dress, the 39-year-old songstress stripped off the chiffon to reveal a sexy curve-hugging minidress as she sang her hits.
The concert was the first of a limited engagement which includes three more shows, the next on September 12, with the last two on October 9 and 10.

The set list included Mariah’s biggest hits, classics, and new material from her upcoming album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, like Always Be My Baby, Honey, Obsessed and We Belong Together. She even debuted her brand new single, the Foreigner cover I Want To Know What Love Is.

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More Pics at Pics/Text Sauce

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"no flashing ever took place in Forsyth, GA"

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

EXCLUSIVE: Vampires Gone Wild Part Two! Photographer In Vampire Diaries Stars Flashing Scandal Takes On Cops

The alleged flashing incident involving four young female stars from the CW Network's new smash hit The Vampire Diaries has taken a new twist.

Fashion photographer Tyler Shields - who was taken to the police station and forced to post bond along with the hot young stars - is demanding an apology from law enforcement and a refund of the $6,000 bond he put up to get them out. His representative also told that a lawsuit against authorities is being "investigated" in connection with the incident.

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Lily Allen Post.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lily Allen was named Woman of the Year by the UK version of GQ.

The British singer was so excited she took off her clothes for the accompanying photo shoot in the October issue of the lad mag. There are actually three covers for the magazine, the other two feature Take That and Mickey Rourke. Which would you buy?

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Thankless, classless, graceless...

From Michael Bay's official site:

Nelson here...

I received this letter from crew members who've worked with Michael on Transformers. Below is their response to Megan Fox's recent comments in which she hurled insults at Michael Bay.



This is an open letter to all Michael Bay fans. We are three crew members that have worked with Michael for the past ten years. Last week we read the terrible article with inflammatory, truly trashing quotes by the Ms. Fox about Michael Bay. This letter is to set a few things straight.

Yes, Megan has great eyes, a tight stomach we spray with glycerin, and an awful silly Marilyn Monroe tattoo plastered on her arm that we cover up to keep the moms happy.

Michael found this shy, inexperienced girl, plucked her out of total obscurity thus giving her the biggest shot of any young actresses' life. He told everyone around to just trust him on his choice. He granted her the starring role in Transformers, a franchise that forever changed her life; she became one of the most googled and oogled women on earth. She was famous! She was the next Angelina Jolie, hooray! Wait a minute, two of us worked with Angelina – second thought – she’s no Angelina. You see, Angelia is a professional.

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Megan Fox >>>> Michael Bay. IDGAF. Hot bitch is hot and crazy. (Yeah this is my first post etc)


MASH writer Larry Gelbart dies at 81

M.A.S.H. Writer/Producer, Larry Gelbart, Passes Away at 81 Years

Larry Gelbart, one of the most iconic comedy writing minds of his generation, has passed away from cancer at the age of 81, according to CNN Entertainment. His wife, Pat, reported that her husband had died in the couple’s Beverly Hills home. He had been diagnosed with cancer back in June and he managed to survive until this morning. Gelbart had over 60 years of writing & producing experience, which included credits as a writer and producer for the legendary M.A.S.H. television series.

He possessed film-writing credits for, “Tootsie”, “Oh, God!” and “Blame it on Rio” during his illustrious career. Not only did Gelbart leave an eternal influence on the film and television industries but he also received a Tony Award for his writing of the Broadway musical, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”, which has withstood the test of time to become one of the longest-lasting musicals in history.

Gelbart’s other Broadway credits include, “City of Angels”, “Mastergate” and “Sly Fox” and he had received an Edgar Award and a Drama Desk Award for his musical writing contributions during his career. According to Baltimore’s Broadway World, Larry Gelbart is survived by his wife, Pat, two children, six grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and six stepchildren.


ty: muffintiem

american butterfaces wish they had it this good

Gisele Bundchen was out on her patio in Boston earlier today, rearranging deck furniture with the help of husband and hot, athletic daddy Tom Brady as well as another friend. Even with her growing bump — which is exciting to see more clearly! — it looked like Gisele was in charge of the operation. Gisele and Tom have been in Massachusetts awaiting their Winter arrival and gearing up for his upcoming football season, which means some lovely walks around town for pregnant Gisele.

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save all your dumb comments for someone who cares, like your therapist or your mom

D.A That Dismissed Tila Case Is Major Advocate Against Domestic Violence

From her biography:

"In 1998, DA Dumanis was elected to the San Diego Superior Court. During her tenure on the bench, DA Dumanis again was the driving force behind another innovative program called Domestic Violence Court. This project has been proven to reduce recidivism among perpetrators. Her ideas about stressing accountability and treatment for the batterers have received statewide recognition. Throughout her career, DA Dumanis has been recognized as a team builder and organizational strategist."

The rest of the tl;dr biography at the source

Officers' training to focus on domestic violence

SAN DIEGO — The county's 5,000 law enforcement officers will receive new training on how to handle domestic violence incidents that could arise more frequently during tough economic times.

The District Attorney's Office has seen a slight increase in domestic violence prosecutions over the past few years, according to District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, and authorities fear it might worsen as the recession creates stress in already violent households.

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District 3 Supervisor Pam Slater-Price and DA Dumanis team up against Domestic Violence

"Still, some are afraid to take the first step. In order to give those victims a place to start, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and I helped set up the domestic violence hotline (1-800-DVLINKS) back in 2003.

Since then, the hotline has received nearly 29,000 calls for help. The overwhelming majority of those calls are from women with children seeking immediate shelter away from their abusers.

Last year, District Attorney Dumanis and I teamed up again on another program to reach domestic violence victims – through their beauty salons. This national program, called CUT IT OUT, trains salon professionals how to spot possible signs of domestic violence and discreetly refer clients to services. "

Rest of article at the source

You would think that if anyone was able to recognize/verify the signs of a true domestic violence case, it would be this women. She's an expert in this field and if she really thought Tila was abused and/or beaten, she'd be all over Merriman.
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Marvel plans to continue catering to its white male fan base

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Seemingly lost amid the news of Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Comics was this post by Marvel Executive Editor Tom Breevort, where a question about non-American comic-book leads yielded this rather candid response:
Because we’re an American company whose primary distribution is centered around America, the great majority of our existing audience seems to be white American males. So while within that demographic you’ll find people who are interested in a wide assortment of characters of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds, whenever your leads are white American males, you’ve got a better chance of reaching more people overall.
Boom! Studios head Mark Waid commented on the issue at Comic Book Resources:
In the original post, Tom makes it abundantly clear that he’s not sure he has an answer, isn’t sure he knows THE answer, but that he’s hazarding a guess. And while Tom’s syntax following that is a little blunt…man, I wish it were wrong, but it’s not. Every comics publisher ever, including BOOM!, can tell you maddening tales of retailers who, even now, in the 21st century, are hesitant to order books with non-white, non-American leads because their community won’t support them. It’s absurd, it’s crazy-making, I don’t know what it’s going to take to change that other than time…but like it or not, it is an unfortunate truth of the time in which we live.

Needless to say, there’s a few layers to this discussion. But rather than try to wrap it all up into one post, I figured we’d start by getting your take on the matter. Is it a matter of “not supporting” POC superheroes, or the industry that creates them? Is it a case of creative and business inertia? What do you think?


george jetson

VH1 wants less love, more redemption

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Can you have too much love?

That's what VH1 is starting to wonder. The Viacom-owned cable network, whose top five shows this year all have the word "love" in the title, is reassessing its heavy reliance on dating and relationship shows. Although the network says it was already in the process of plotting a new direction, the shift has taken on greater urgency since one of its reality show participants, Ryan Jenkins, apparently killed himself after becoming the lead suspect in the murder of his ex-wife.

VH1 has canceled both "Megan Wants a Millionaire" and "I Love Money 3," which Jenkins had appeared on. It is also reevaluating its reliance on 51 Minds Entertainment, the production company behind the two programs, as well as several other reality hits on the network over the last several years.

"This is not what I signed up for," said VH1 President Tom Calderone in his first interview since Jenkins' body was discovered Sunday in a British Columbia motel room. Calderone added that VH1 was "trying to get together" with 51 Minds to figure out where the vetting system went wrong and "fix this problem and never ever let this happen again."

Calderone also wants to bring some new producers into the mix. "We always want 51 Minds to be part of our arsenal and stable of creativity, but the only way VH1 will survive and be healthy is to have several different voices and production partners," he said.
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george jetson

Costar: Kissing Chace Crawford Is ‘Everything You Could Imagine and More’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
When Gossip Girl’s Joanna Garcia needs a sexy inspiration, she doesn’t look further than her costar Chace Crawford.

“This role is a little bit of a departure for me because I’m used to playing characters in funny roles,” Garcia told PEOPLE at the launch of the Gossip Girl-inspired Anna Sui for Target line Thursday. “This is a lot sexier, so it’s definitely nice to have a good partner in my scenes to make me feel sexy and desirable.”

Garcia, 30, will play Nate’s on-screen love interest Bree for four episodes in the upcoming fall season, which premieres Monday on the CW (9 p.m. EST).

Of kissing Crawford, Garcia says, “It’s everything you could imagine and more.” But, she points out, Crawford is even more gorgeous “when you get to know him.”

“He’s such a nice guy and a total dude,” Garcia told PEOPLE. “He’s ready to have a cocktail and kick back and watch sports. And as beautiful as he is on the outside, he’s ten times more beautiful on the inside.”

Does she have anything to say to the millions of jealous fans who wish they could be in her place? “They’re always asking me what it’s like [to kiss Chace],” Garcia says. “And I’m like, ‘Well, it’s not like I slip my tongue down his throat every day.’”

tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Elton John says he wants to adopt Ukrainian baby

British singer Elton John, visiting Ukraine with his AIDS charity foundation, said on Saturday he wanted to adopt a 14-month-old boy from an orphanage in the east of the country.

Ukraine has the fastest rising HIV rates in Europe. Two years ago the singer gave a free concert on the main square in Kiev attended by tens of thousands people to raise awareness of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS.

Elton John's AIDS Foundation collaborates with the Ukrainian Anti-AIDS Foundation of Olena Franchuk, daughter of former President Leonid Kuchma.

He performed 'Circle of Life' for children at the orphanage -- some there because their parents had died of AIDS. Later he and partner David Furnish, who had a 14-month boy called Lev on his knee, were asked whether they thought of adopting.

"David and I have always talked about adoption," Elton John replied. "David always wanted to adopt a child and I always said 'no' because I am 62 and I think because of the traveling I do and the life I have, maybe it wouldn't be fair for the child."

"But having seen Lev today, I would love to adopt him. I don't know how we do that but he has stolen my heart. And he has stolen David's heart and it would be wonderful if we can have a home. I've changed my mind today," he said.

John said the death of his long-term keyboardist, Guy Babylon, had also helped change his mind.

"Last week I lost one of my best friends ... It broke my heart because he was such a genius and so young and has two wonderful children. What better opportunity to replace someone I lost than to replace him with someone I can give a future to."

tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Windsor marries Peep Show actress

Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, has married actress Sophie Winkleman in the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace.

The bride, best known for her role as Big Suze in TV's Peep Show, admitted she "wept throughout the whole thing."

About 400 guests, including Princess Eugenie, Lady Annabel Goldsmith, Jane Asher and singer Bryan Adams attended.

Lord Frederick Windsor, 30, 31st in line to the throne, proposed to the 29-year-old actress on Valentine's Day.

Senior members of the Royal Family, including the Queen and the Prince of Wales, were unable to attend, but the Duchess of Cornwall's daughter Laura was there with friends.

Other guests included journalist Eve Pollard and her broadcaster daughter Claudia Winkleman, the bride's half-sister.

The chapel, where Henry VIII married Catherine Parr in 1543, was decorated with white and pale pink flowers, including roses and jasmine garlands.

The bride wore a dress designed by Roza Couture, with a three-metre (nine-foot) train. The groom was dressed by Hardy Amies - a favourite designer of the Royal Family.

The couple, who have been together for two years, fly to Los Angeles on Sunday - not for a honeymoon, but in time for the bride to start work on a new television series.

A spokesman said the couple turned down a "life-changing" amount of money from a celebrity magazine offering to cover their wedding, opting instead for a more intimate celebration.

A family spokesman said: "It's been a beautiful day - perfect English weather and a couple deeply in love."

Lord Freddie was educated at Eton and Oxford University and now works for JP Morgan's private banking division.

Prince Michael is a cousin to both the Queen (through his father) and the Duke of Edinburgh (through his mother). He married the then Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibnitz, in 1978.

She was a Catholic who refused to convert to Anglicanism and Prince Michael, eighth in line to the throne at the time of his birth, lost his place in the succession.

Their children, however, retain their rights of succession.


Paris Hilton is the new Oscar Wilde

Paris Hilton quote featured in Oxford Dictionary of Quotes

Paris Hilton has found a place in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. The socialite's remark, "Dress cute wherever you go, life is too short to blend in," has been included in the updated edition of the dictionary.

The 28-year-old hotel heiress, infamous for being a party animal, has been listed alongside Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde.

The new 30-pound edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations has 20,000 new entries including words of wisdom and wit by President Obama, scientist Stephen Hawking and late jazzman Humphrey Lyttelton.


LOL. This world is fucked.

Star Tours 3-D and Disney World Fantasyland to Double

Announced at D23, Walt Disney World's Fantasyland is going to double in size, due by 2013. Star Tours is also going to be released in 3-D.

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ngl, I'd go just for the sights and because I kind of love Star Wars. I'm going to Disney World (even none of this will be done) in May bbz! So excited!

EDIT: Go HERE and look at those AMAZING PLANS that they have!!! From Sleeping Beauty to Gaston to URSULA!!
Ballet: Nela my queen also the Black Swa

Say what you want, Taylor Hanson is a DILF

Taylor Hanson on Papermag

As it goes, Taylor's been getting some on the side, too. In 2006, after years of batting around ideas with his friend Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, Taylor says, "we started talking about doing this straight-ahead live-guitar record and kicking me out to the front of the stage without an instrument, just to be a singer."

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PS: The ONTD Breakup Gate soundtrack is my jam omg you guys!
terry richardson

Lindsay Lohan is self-aware, opens up about being a media target

Lindsay Lohan is coming to terms with life in the public eye, and in particular, life under the glare of paparazzi lenses.

“I know that I’m a target and I know that I’ve given people a lot of reasons to kind of run with things that have been said,” Lindsay told Access Hollywood. “But I no longer intend on doing that … I’m not perfect.”

Lohan said her life in front of the lens was inspired by another star.

“The second that I decided I wanted to be in front of the camera I kind of, I think I’ve always kind of, you know … I aspired to be like Britney Spears in the tabloids,” Lohan revealed. “So it’s kind of something you sign up for in the beginning and if you really want it … that comes with it.”

The 23-year-old continues to be a tabloid hot topic, brought on most times by her behavior, but Lohan claims she is in a no-win situation.

“I’m really numb to it,” she said. “There are times when it does effect me, when I’m having a bad day or dealing with something personal but they’re going to spin it anyway,” Lohan said. “If I make the wrong face and I’m having a really great day they’re going to say something negative anyway.”

Lohan’s relationship with mom Dina is still strong and Lindsay is very protective when it comes to her 15-year-old sister, Ali.

“I’m really tough with her when I need to be but she’s, she’s, she’s not stupid. … She’s a tough cookie,” Lohan said of her sis. “I think she’s seen what I’ve gone through a lot so she knows a lot more of what not to do.”

And sometimes, younger sisters have it easier.

“I don’t know about easier with my past,” Lohan noted. “I haven’t exactly paved a clear slate for her but … she’s a really good girl.”

As for Lohan’s tumultuous relationship with her dad, Michael Lohan, that’s another story. So is his newfound friendship with Jon Gosselin

“I don’t really engage with any of that … my dad is who he is,” she said. “What my dad does is none of my business. I’ve seen enough of it in the past and I no longer want to deal with any of that.”


i'm glad she's honest, and despite all the tabloid hype and negativity constantly surrounding her, she seems like a really good person who means well, she just ends up making bad decisions every once in a while. i support her and will always be a fan of hers!
Laughing Sam

Jamal&Latika post!

Slumdog Millionaire stars (and real-life couple) Freida Pinto and Dev Patel attend the launch party for the Liberty & Hermes pop-up shop on Monday (September 7) in London, England.

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Leaving a Fashion's Night Out event at prestigious jewellery store Asprey in Bond Street, the Slumdog Millionaire co-stars were all smiles as they held hands.

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Dev is one gorgeous guy.
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25 memorable slasher starlets

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In this week's Sorority Row, the sexy starlets got us thinking about slasher-genre scream queens past, present and future. Why they're cast is a no brainer -- they're cheap, they look good, they can act a little and scream in terror a lot. Why they take the roles is similarly easy to answer -- most slasher movies find an eager and devoted audience and get actresses exposure. But what happens next depends on how well they play their 15 minutes of fright fame. Sometimes, it leads to enduring popularity and even Oscars. Othertimes, to obscurity. And as we'll see, being the "final girl" alive isn't always an advantage.

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mlb: panic

Green Day Play Impromptu Concert During VMA Rehearsal

Green Day Play Impromptu Concert During VMA Rehearsal

If you were one of the few dozen stagehands, producers, technicians or reporters who just happened to be working in Radio City Music Hall on Saturday night (September 12), well, then you must be feeling pretty good right now. Because you were lucky enough to witness a very special, very off-the-cuff concert by Green Day.

In part to break the monotony that comes with Video Music Awards soundchecks - a process that could best be described as repetitive — and partially as a kind gesture to the men and women who have been working day and night to get Radio City ready for the big show on Sunday, Green Day decided to let loose onstage,, working their way through a high-energy set of hits both old and new.

And yes, it was pretty amazing.

"For us to get used to a stage, we just have to play for a long time ... and there were a lot of people, and it seemed like they were just tired, they'd been working here all day, getting the production together," Billie Joe Armstrong told MTV News after rehearsals. "So we ran through 'East Jesus Nowhere' a couple times and then we were like, 'The hell with it, let's just jam.' So we played 'Longview,' 'Murder City,' 'Holiday,' 'American Idiot,' 'Know Your Enemy.' We just kept going, and I got up dancing, so it was pretty cool."

At set's end, the assembled crowd stood and cheered, clearly grateful for — and amazed by — what they had just witnessed. And Armstrong seemed equally energized, grabbing the mic stand and screaming, "Now there's a vibe in here! It feels like a Green Day concert!"

Of course, a bit later, he tried to downplay the whole thing. Green Day were here to rehearse, he reasoned, so that's what they did. But that was just modesty; this kind of thing rarely happens at rehearsals, where bands usually look like there are about a million places they'd rather be. Not Saturday, though.

"That's what we're supposed to do, you know? Play," Armstrong said. "We've had a lot of happy accidents. I think most of the stuff we do onstage was probably due to too much alcohol and then something happens. So we end up with these three-hour sets of just, like, shooting a toilet-paper gun at people or something. [We do it] just to have fun. It just works that way for us."


Jennifer Aniston to take a break from acting

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Jennifer Aniston is an in-demand actress, but the downside of that is that she's not getting enough "me" time.

The "He's Just Not Into You" star says that she's planning to put acting on hold, at least for a little bit, reports FOX News.

"I'm going to go on an adventure, take myself somewhere. I won't start another job until at least January," says Aniston. "I want to take time off. I'm going to throw myself into [my production company] Echo and just keep plugging away."

Aniston, who turned 40 this year, has just wrapped shooting "The Bounty" opposite Gerard Butler and is making the rounds to promote her new romantic film "Love Happens."

When she returns to work, Aniston will have plenty on her hands. She already has quite a roster of films to produce: "The Baster," about a woman who turns to a turkey baster to inseminate herself; "The Goree Girls," a musical set in the 1940s that centers around a group of incarcerated female country-and-western performers; "Holler," based on a true story of a bi-racial teen being barred from a segregated prom; and "Pumas," about thirty-something women who unexpectedly find romance while courting younger men at a ski resort.


dr. frank-n-furter

This is a Bruce Campbell post!

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Spider-Man 4” will start shooting in January 2010, Bruce Campbell told Access Hollywood at his “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” premiere on Saturday.

The actor, who has a long relationship with director Sam Raimi via his lead role in the “Evil Dead” trilogy, made memorable cameos in the first three “Spider-Man” films.

However, he may have a bigger role this time around. Bruce told Access that in the next installment in the superhero franchise, he’s been told he has a major part – but didn’t yet know anything about his character.

The villain – or villains — for the movie have yet to be revealed, though some fans have speculated that Bruce could take on the role of Mysterio – the master of illusion.

The film, the follow-up to 2007’s “Spider-Man 3,” is due in May 2011.


btw, Evil Dead>>>>Evil Dead 2



MTV preparing behind-the-scenes documentary of MJ VMA tribute

Source: Janet-Xone, Zap2it

MTV is creating a half-hour documentary titled "Making Of MJ VMA Tribute," which will go behind-the-scenes of the production of tomorrow night's tribute to Michael Jackson at the VMA's and will air on the station next weekend.

According to the TV listings at, this documentary will air at the following times on MTV:

Sat 9/19, 12:30-1:00pm
Sun 9/20, 12:00-12:30am
Sun 9/20, 6:30-7:00am
Sun 9/20, 5:30-6:00pm

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tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Serena Williams gets loud with a linesperson @ the US Open

A hot-headed Serena Williams' temper got the best of her as she lost her U.S. Open semi-final in stunning fashion Saturday night.

As a result, Kim Clijsters moved on to the finals Sunday.

The incredibly boorish behavior by Williams took away from a superb performance by Clijsters, who outplayed Williams much of the match.

Williams' problems started in the first set, when she angrily slammed her racket onto the court and broke it as she lost 6-4.

That was her first code warning.

Then, down 6-5 in the second set, and with Clijsters needing just two points for the victory, Williams was called for a foot-fault on her second serve.

Williams exploded, moved in menacing fashion toward the line judge who had made the call, with her racket extended. Williams reportedly yelled obscenities at the female judge.

The foot fault put Williams at match point.

But suddenly, her abusive behavior toward the line judge became Williams' second code warning of the night.

And, just like that -- with the lost point being match point -- Williams had lost the semifinal and Clijsters had won.

ETA Serena's post-match presser

article, video & presser

Sorry for the bad quality video, I'll switch it out if a better quality one surfaces. Apparently Serena tells the linesperson "I swear to God, I'm going to take this fucking ball and shove it down your fucking throat."